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Royal Match App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Royal Match app received 164 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Royal Match? Can you share your negative thoughts about royal match?

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Royal Match for Negative User Reviews

Changed for the worseHad this game from the start and completed it all. Updated everytime new levels was available all good, until the last update! They have changed the format so when you used to get your bonus of x2 for 30 minutes, this is now 15 mins. When you complete the levels you gain coins and they built up pretty quick which was handy if you got stuck on a level and ran out of moves then for 900 coins ( or if you didnt have enough you could purchase 900 coins for £1.99 ) you could get an extra 5 moves. Now this has changed to 1900 coins. They have cut the number of moves on every level to virtually 20 moves per level in a way designed that it can not be completed unless you purchase coins. Just another money spinning racket that started off decent but now it has all its followers its time to rinse everybody. No thank you app Deleted!.Version: 18037

It’s only fun for so longSo fun and addicting to the start and constantly feels awarding. The further you get into it though, the more you’ll learn that the only means of passing a level is predetermined at the beginning of the match by what’s available to you and what falls onto the board going forward. Most of your “super hard” marked levels are pretty easy and can be gotten through after a few tries. Same with the “hard” levels. However the standard levels for some reason are set up so the odds are against you and if you don’t make the right move at the beginning you will fail the level and lose the Super Light Ball powerup you just unlocked. If I could change anything about this is for the game to allow us when to use certain things like unlimited hearts, or the super light ball instead of just making you use it right away. The super light ball is something I would pay a small sum to have in every game with me and stand a chance at progressing in these later levels without the fear of losing them right away. It would increase the longevity of the game and my willingness to commit to it at a time. Instead you’ll spend upwards of 20 hearts just trying to get past 1 level that’s not even marked as “hard”..Version: 18983

CHILL!!!!Ok, ok, ok. Yes, I know, I haven’t even played this game yet, but I just need to put this out here. THIS GAME IS THE ONLY AD I SEE. AND WHEN I TRY TO GET OFF THE AD, LITERALLY, I CANT- I press done and it’s like 💀 get memed lol, which makes me SO FRICKING ANGRY BC I LITERALLY HAVE WATCHED LIKE SEVERAL OR DEFINITELY MORE 60 SECOND ADS TO GET LIKE A PRIZE ON A GAME, AND ROYAL MATCH COMES UP AND IM LIKE OH GOD, ITS ROYAL MATCH. YOU'VE HACKED IT, SO PEOPLE CANT GET OFF. SO THEY HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO DOWNLOAD IT (or just get rid of the tab) WHICH IS SO SELFISH OF YOU! HONESTLY, JUST LET PEOPLE FIND IT OUT BY THEMSELVES. IM SERIOUS. ME AND MY FRIEND MILLIE HAVE ADMITTED THIS IS THE WORST AD. Ok. I’m sorry. It’s just you know what you’re doing. And so do I. I just get so angry at this ad because at this point -and I’m not even joking- honestly this is THE ONLY AD I see. I’m serious. So, please stop. Maybe it’s just my iPad, but it does it on no other ad that I rarely see anyway, so how could I know. Stop. Now. I am genuinely-I’m sorry.. I just want to put it out there. So, if a random person is getting this and reading this, please title your review To Oakley_Trees. Thank you so much..Version: 17302

Worst case of false advertising I've ever seen. So blatant!So, I play a bunch of Angry Birds games, some which bribe me to watch ads, seems like most are for this game. Now, the one honest thing about them is depicting this as a Match 3 game. But Match 3 games got old and tired with the first Bejeweled clone, and it seems like a favourite game type to make into tiny kill-some-time games, so I always pass. But this... They would show a King in some perilous situation - the most common being a slowly moving wall of spikes closing in on the trapped King - where a Match 3 obstacle lies between him and safety - in this case the King has the spikes on one side and the Match 3 field on the other, you have to clear columns away for him to move away from the spikes. Or he needs to escape over a bridge, but a Match 3 field is rising under it, raising the bridge. Now THIS seemed like an interesting variant! And they often show a collection "which one is next", all thumbnails showing the King in danger next to a Match 3 field. But, a Match 3 rip off implies dishonesty, I didn't want to add this to my iOS account (once "bought", forever owned, I can never remove it from my account), and they always have incompetent morons playing, clearly meant to annoy you into "I can do better", but actually communicates to me "This game is probably no fun, just frustrating and annoying, you'll get harder puzzles which will frustrate you like this guy". So I got it for a virtual phone, in BlueStacks, to check my suspicions. What we ACTUALLY get is a boring standard Match 3 game, no King in sight. And they slowly add more and more annoying complicated functionality, thinking that the challenge makes it more fun when it only makes it more frustrating and annoying. (This item you have to match next to it. This one you need to match next to it twice, THIS one you must attack with supers, meaning you have to hope and pray the game gives you the combinations to earn supers, especially when you have almost no normal spots with which to earn them. Hope and pray? Where's the strategy in THAT? The APPEAL of this style of game is strategically figuring out when and where to make combinations to not mess with future combinations). And it's timed (or rather, you have to finish levels in a certain amount of moves). Limits adds stress to playing. NO FUN! Eventually they compound the annoyances - sorry, they probably consider them "challenges". You have to destroy (match) 100 green pieces - not ANY pieces, only green - to lift a blockade of pieces you can only attack with powerups. Or they put a challenge out of reach, meaning you need rockets or helicopters, then always get rockets facing the wrong way and helicopters target the easy targets. And do ALL that matching in under 30 moves, so impossible you use powerups faster than earning them. This soon becomes Pay To Win: you run out of moves then have to pay disgusting amounts of in-game coins to get a measly 5 more moves - more with each continue - until you run out of coins and need to buy more with real money. Then, once in a rare while THERE'S the King! In a bonus level. But, oops, his peril has about nothing to do with the Match 3 field. And bonus levels are usually light easy fun. Nope, instead of the quite manageable challenge that offers satisfaction from the ads, you get "Match 100 of this one piece we hardly placed any of (again, hope and pray the game doesn't screw you with providing enough pieces and close enough) in 1 minute". King is isolated, like in a burning room above the game field, no contact or interaction. If you actually beat the exceedingly annoying challenge, it gives you a fire extinguisher, which magically douses the room, and the King looks happy. Whoopee. Lately, some ads include puzzles connecting water pipes, some with no Match 3 field at all! I never saw any such puzzles, no water pipes, and I'm pretty sure I got past Level 200, before I ground to a halt on Pay To Win levels! I'm curious to try these levels! The game in the ads looks interesting, I want to play the game in the ads! I'm happy several reviews have mentioned the same thing, I'm disappointed a ridiculous number of people 5-starred this garbage so its score doesn't properly reflect what a piece of crap this is. If only they knew what they were missing. I downloaded this finally just to leave this review - shame we can't review apps we know anyway without getting them - then delete it. PLEASE mark Helpful all reviews mentioning the false advertising so they become more visible to alert newcomers!.Version: 12491

ROYAL SCAM!!It only gives you a certain amount of coins when you win a round. That is WHEN the game lets you win a round! It’s not often the game does let you win a round. You can be stuck on 1 round playing it over and over for days and the game still will NOT let you win!! You HAVE to spend money to buy coins to add moves so you can win the round and then go to the next round. You get so many free coins but not enough to get anywhere in the game. The ads say it’s free but the only thing free about this game is downloading it. Everything else you have to buy and you will have NO CHOICE but to buy coins because the game is a ROYAL SCAM!! You can be on a team and it won’t mean anything because there are so many inactive players on so many teams because many of them got tired if the SCAMMING game so they quit playing it!! When they quit playing, the team leader don’t always kick them off the team so it makes it much harder for that team to win anything. It’s hard to find a good team because the teams with all active players are full!! You have to spend coins to create a new team. As I said THIS GAME IS A SCAM!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME TRYING TO PLAY!! IT WILL MAKE YOU LOSE AND BE STUCK ON A ROUND AND THEN MAKE YOU SPEND YOUR MONEY ON THE GAME TO GET OAST THAT LEVEL!! YOU WILL CONTINUE TO HAVE THIS PROBLEM WITH HAVING TO SPEND YOUR MONEY ON THIS GAME!! IT’S DEFINITELY NOT WORTH YOUR TIME OR MONEY TRYING TO PLAY THIS SCAMMING GAME!!.Version: 19869

Not like the ads showIt's a pretty standard match 3 game like many others. Has some fun and interesting gameplay mechanics and so more frustrating ones that quickly get left behind after their section is over (thank goodness). Many of the more difficult levels are dependent on having powerups. The game is fairly generous with powerups and if you join a good team you shouldn't be lacking in them. However if you do run out you will be stuck on certain missions for ages. They make them just possible enough that they can be beaten without spending money but you have to get insanely lucky with the RNG. If you're willing to whip out your wallet then you're in luck! No matter how little or how much money you spend the game will reward you by making the levels trivially easy for a short time period. I was stuck on a "very hard" level for ages, attempting it at least 100 times with and without powerups, I purchased 1 USD worth of coins and my next attempt I beat it with more than half of my attempts left. For about an hour after that the game pretty much played itself, dropping combos in a cascade never seen before purchasing those coins. I would beat levels in 3 turns out of 30! Exact same scenario happened the next time I was stuck on a level and purchased 1 USD worth of coins. So if you're ever stuck just remember to whip out the old wallet and you'll be rewarded with free wins..Version: 16209

Not at all what was advertisedI know we’ve all seen the millions of advertisements,all talking about how you have to constantly save the King, well that’s not true. The game is fun and challenging, yes, but I got it thinking every game would be solving puzzles and saving the King from danger, but it only happens every once in maybe 50 plays. You only play the matching with a limited amount of moves and that’s it. Saving the king only comes once in a while and is labeled as the kings nightmare, which ends as soon as completed only to come around again in another 50 years. However the game is good and no ads is an added bonus. Just wish they would stop false advertising.Version: 18983

Not as advertisedWhere are all the “save the king” challenges. I’ve played 300 games and not come across one 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️.Version: 12491

I Feel Guilty When King Robert DiesI mostly play Black Desert Mobile and Star Trek Timelines but I also like this game. Been playing only a couple weeks. The graphics are pleasing and gameplay is fun. But I hate that you are limited on moves and you can’t clear the board. And you can’t play long before you run out of lives. I have yet to get to saving King Robert. Which brings me to why I’m mentioning Star Trek. I’m often watching ads in it for freebies and the ads I see most are for Royal Match and every few it has a try me where I try to save King Robert. About half the time I fail and what really frustrates me is that the one with the pipe and water pops up iTunes Store in the middle of the tryme and it’s timed so poor King Robert is doomed! It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just that I wasn’t fast enough but it really kills me that this error kills him! Shame on you, Developers! Please fix this! After reading the comments I’m thinking about deleting but that won’t help me in Star Trek because I like the freebies. I’m 65 years old and I rarely have money for in game purchases so I’m just playing a bit and I put it aside rather than spending money on game currency. I’d be much more interested in game currency if you would quit with the ridiculous life limit..Version: 16638

False advertisementI saw the ads for this game and what appealed to me was rescuing the king challenges from danger. I see nothing of the sort and it’s more like candy crush. This was a waste of time to me..Version: 18369

False advertisingI just downloaded the game after seeing it in an Ad. It looked so exciting with time limits required to save the “King” but instead it is just a game with a match board where you must match pieces of the same colour to clear different objects from the board. I was very disappointed that there is no time limit or “King” I’m trying to save. It is very similar to Homescapes and Gardenscapes except there is no designing of a house..Version: 19619

$$$Well designed game with good graphics, but the rewards that are required to keep playing the game are incredibly stingy. No, I’m not going to pay 15 bucks to move colourful blocks around my screen for an hour, I can’t even imagine the kind of person who would. I understand that these apps (like everything in the 21st century) are made with the sole purpose of creating passive income for app developers, but 5 minutes of gameplay before you hit a paywall is a rort. I’d rather pay 10 bucks for the app, but I guess the whole point is to create a separation and mystique around the money that you’re spending. Bless up.Version: 9801

Good but …The ads don’t reflect the game play, how tedious. The ads all show a time based game rescuing the king, but I have only played that a few times in nearly 200 levels. Lots of freebie gifts to start, which is great. And so the game is fun until it isn’t.. At about level 150 the freebies dried up and run out and suddenly you have to play every game about 6 times to win. Which feels very contrived. And clearly they want you to spend money, wouldn’t mind that if the game was a bit more winnable. However, constant difficulties , why bother..Version: 16638

False advertising, real game is okThe ads portray scenes, gameplay, and game mechanics which simply don’t exist in the game. The actual game is just a match-3 with power ups. There are no mini-games with different game mechanics. It can still keep you occupied up to lvl 1,000 or so even without paying..Version: 12647

Not what you signed up forI started playing based on an ad during another game. The actual game is nothing like what was in the ad. You’re not actually saving a king. I’m on level 828 and I can count on one hand how many levels there were to “save” the king. Very disappointing. The game isn’t terrible and has a nice concept. I appreciate varying levels of difficulty. The power ups and coins are terrible for the amount you need to play to get them. It takes 900 coins to buy a power up and/or new lives but you’d have to play almost 4 levels to get that many coins saved up. Also once you buy one power up, a second one in same game will cost you 1900. I did buy the Royal pass, waste of money and won’t be buying it anymore. It’s not worth the rewards you get and each day of pass you need to pass the equivalent number of levels to move on. For instance day 3 is 3 levels but to get to 25 you need to finish the first 24 days plus an additional 25 levels. I paid for this, it shouldn’t be that hard. The power up rewards isn’t worth it either. 2 bombs for 22 levels is ridiculous. Also the life regeneration takes wayyy too long. 30 minutes to wait for a new life is ridiculous. Make this game better…I’m one competition from removing it completely to play other games that offer more and are more true to what they represented in the ads..Version: 5355

Not enough lives when you reach harder levelsAwesome game until you reach the higher levels, I love that it gets harder but the game gives you a pitiful 5 lives to try and complete the puzzle with, the lives do re-load but takes 2 and a half hours to reload to the full five lives again. 5 lives is no where near enough to complete the harder puzzles (despite their claims) and I find I just get frustrated having to wait such a long time to try again. The game is gearing towards trying to make you purchase more coins and lives. Im slowly not playing this game as I’m sick of waiting for lives to reload-I will eventually uninstall as it’s no longer enjoyable..Version: 8054

Most frustrating ads… everI won’t ever re download…because the ads in other games are nothing like the actual game, are extremely frustrating to watch (idiotic!) and go on forever having to click a million times to get rid of them!.Version: 12647

Not like advertisedIt’s an alright game. Pretty much ToonBlast. Saving the king is not a constant thing. It’s a special level that you are able to skip if you want. It doesn’t happen often. It’s very disappointing..Version: 16209

READ THISOk, the 1st reason why I downloaded this game was because the graphics, they seemed movie-worthy! But I was disappointed to see the crappy animation that this game actually is, 2nd of all, the plot, I thought this would be a cool game, like saving the king from plunging into acid, and to help him build a path to escape a monstrous snake, but I was also SO disappointed to see this was just another knock-off candy crush with occasional “king’s nightmares”, where you have to kind of save the king, but it’s NOTHING like the ads. Then the groups, anyone can join any group, and for all you know, a little kid can join a group of sketchy people, one time, I accidentally joined a group of other people talking about rather inappropriate stuff, the app editors should THINK ABOUT THIS, there should be age requirements to join specific groups, then the profile pictures, I hate that you have only an ugly duck, a fat pig and a weird polar bear as your only options if you don’t have facebook! Another thing I don’t like is that if you run out of lives, you can’t play unless you play or you ask your teammates, who most likely will ignore you. Otherwise, this is a pretty good app for being free, no ads, and not needing internet. But if the game was to be what is shown in the ads, I would gladly play it..Version: 18983

UPDATE: no interest in game anymoreThis game was good at first but the higher you go the more I’m seeing the same crap that made me lose interest in Candy Crush. Power ups aren’t created when they should be, funny business with what SHOULD happen when you make a move (moves opposite direction). Never happened in lower levels. But they count on you thinking oh I must have done something wrong. Ok so after enjoying playing for a long time I may have to quit because the billing is often wrong. I request the 1.99 stuff twice and it shows up billed as 2.99. NOT COOL!!!! I am in the mid 3500 level but will have to delete game because of this. SO DISAPPOINTED !!! I have noticed that the game does NOT create the expected power ups when it should. Mostly with the ones created with 5 in a row but also the rockets. What’s up with this? I am currently on level 1071 A game that is fun and not frustrating! At first it seemed like it was going to be too easy but it has been getting more challenging. Good graphics and not slow. And enough extras to keep it interesting. And NO ADS! Thank you! BTW, what level do I have to get to before I get my castle with areas completed built for real? :-).Version: 16209

It ain’t what it looked like, and that upsetting.I really thought this was just so boring and it didn’t even say what it says in the ads. I started in like idk January. And so I wanted to play those “save the king” games. But it doesn’t even have that. It’s basically just that game where you swipe these icons thingies. I’m pretty sure it’s like the game sugar rush or something. I’m telling you, if you wanna play that one game even though you can literally get the other ones that are obviously better, sure you get this app. But if you wanna play the actual game like it said in the ads, then don’t even try installing. It may just be me, but either way, the game that you can actually play is still extremely boring. No entertainment at all. It doesn’t get harder or anything like that. I literally look like a serous scientist, that’s literally how bored I look. Completely forgot about the ads. That’s literally the one problem I see in all the other reviews. I’m literally not joking, the first ad I saw almost made me throw up. I know it when it says choose your age and all, and I obviously choose the option saying 15 & younger. But as soon as I press that the ads are just disgusting. 🤮 It had things I never wanna see, not only me but literally everyone else. Those are my recommendation(and argument).😒.Version: 19619

Good but you are set up for failureThis game is great, the fact that there are no ads is very refreshing. However, you are set up for failure if you do not have any additional power ups available and are forced into purchasing extra coins to gain power ups in order to move forward- the game is configured to be impossible to complete without them which is very disappointing..Version: 13310

DisappointedThe advertising sucks you in believing you are playing nothing but puzzles to save the king when in fact those are maybe 1% of the actually game. What we see in the ad is mini games and shows you many levels when in fact that is much of the game itself. So disappointed. Developer needs to understand we are not dumb people and shame on them for fake ads..Version: 19155

DisappointmentI did not get what was advertised!!!M.Version: 12303

Just another run of the mill match gameNothing very special - more of the same old hat match it play. Uninstalled after playing a while and seeing none of the cool mini game style shown in their ads. This commonly used false advertising has gotta stop..Version: 4902

Good but 30 minutes for a lifeI like the game. Play it a bit. But 30 minutes for one life?! That’s a bit excessive. And what happened to the levels where you save the king’s life? That’s what I see advertised a lot but haven’t played one since the beginning..Version: 5502

Good but not GreatThis game is good and I must admit I’ve spent maybe $10 all up (something I try not to do) but I got to level 201 and can’t get any further and really don’t want to get into a habit of spending money so think it’s time to give it up. It’s fun up until about level 180ish.Version: 5502

Pretty Good But Nothing Like VidsThis game is a slight variation of C Crush. The nightmares (what the ads about this game show) are levels that pop up VERY rarely and are never like the videos they show in these ads or screenshots. I’m in the 2,000 levels and have had the “kitchen on fire” nightmare almost every time. There was two other times it was a different nightmare, but nothing like they appear in their gameplay videos. And I’ve noticed level rankings are way off, or they’re fixed to prevent a player from doing too well. I unlock bonuses and start going on runs and hit a regular level (not a varying level of hard) and the easy level will be almost impossible, losing the bonuses that I had unlocked (as they disappear after the 1st level fail). Then retries of the easy level fail over and over, as if to force people to spend money to advance using gems. I’ve gone days before finally passing the level playing for free. And it’s a pattern of this happening, so no way it’s coincidence. If you have patience to advance about 5 to 10 levels a day and then be stuck on a level for days, no matter how hard or easy it is, with intentions to play for free, and not expect anything like the cool videos of gameplay they show you, then you might be okay with playing this game to kill free time or whatever..Version: 19619

Good game BUT!!!Update: DON’T LEAVE A BAD REVIEW IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE PLAYING. Have been stuck on the same level for a week now since leaving my review, so congratulations Devs you just lost another player!! The game itself is good BUT as you only get 5 lives it takes 20 sometimes more tries to get through one level UNLESS you’re prepared to pay, it gets pretty frustrating pretty fast, you can join a team to get more lives but even then it still takes waaaaay too long to advance even 1 level. Pretty disappointing. Be prepared to pay A LOT if you want to advance. They devs say you don’t need to pay or use busters to get through a level, but even using boosters you still won’t get through without playing the same level over and over and over again..Version: 6526

Click BaitI downloaded this app because of how it was portrayed in ads. Out of 11 levels, only 1 level was similar to what I watched during ads. Because of this reason I have decided to uninstall the game..Version: 16638

How Rude!The game server is absolutely not stable. Keeps disconnection over and over. I play it for probably 6 months now and it was always disconnecting like that since I started. Today I disconnected during tournament game which to be fair is the only fun part of the game and couldn’t log in for 15 minutes despite the fact I tried WiFi and data and restarted app multiple times. Lost my sandal and clan points and it made me really disappointed. Went on theirs FB page and commented under theirs post about it with screenshot provided. Theirs answer was copy past message (exactly the same like under every other comment complaining about discrimination issue) saying “we are aware of the issue and are working on it” so I commented “aware maybe but “we are working part is questionable” “ and *drums* got banned from the page 😅 How childish is that as for the owners of a game where rewards cost like £25 for ONE card! Am I now getting banned in game too? Go for it I am not gonna cry, game is much unplayable anyway as server keep disconnecting over and over 🤭 conclusion? I wouldn’t bother unless you are looking for a game that you can’t really enjoy with the staff that removes you from theirs social medias whenever you point the true out..Version: 15982

It’s true, no ads…You’ve seen an ad for this game surely, rescue the king during some fun looking mini puzzles. And then another ad told me it was ad-free. Is it irony that I found out about this ad-free game from another (now uninstalled) game riddled with ads..? So I tried it. Unfortunately the “rescue the king” puzzles are few and far between match three gameplay. It’s one of the more fun match three games I’ve played though. But at higher levels you can’t seem to progress without relying on multiplying the boosters and hitting up your teammates for more lives to retry a failed level. It’s not the game I wanted to play so I’ll be uninstalling. If you are hoping for the game you see in its ads, you’ll probably end up uninstalling as well..Version: 18730

GameI downloaded this game because I thought it looked fun trying to save the king. But you only get that until level 100. After that you never get to save the king again. That was the only reason I downloaded this game. Not keep8ng it.Version: 4902

Totally Boring after just a few weeksTo proceed through the levels they just want you to keep buying add ons! Otherwise you get to a point that you just keep attempting the same level over and over! I refuse to buy anything so I’ve ground to a halt playing at one level. So boring I got rid of the app..Version: 12647

Another game designed to frustrate you into buying stuff to succeedRoyal Match is basically another Candy Crush-type match game that tries to frustrate you into spending money so you can move forwards in the game. I was quite enjoying it for the first few days, so I decided I would pay for a “pass” that gave me an increased number of extra lives and a bunch of additional “rewards” that help clear the levels. It’s now apparent that the pass runs out after 30 days and you have to buy another one, and another one, and… I suppose they need the money to pay for all those ads with Simon Cowell and Dermot O’Leary, but I think I will delete the game. I could not have reached the level I have without the benefits from the pass, but I’m not prepared to keep on paying. I get much better value from my monthly Apple Arcade subscription..Version: 17302

It’s okay at first…Once you’ve played so many levels it starts to get hard. I’m around level 670, it’s been great fun and yes I’ve spent a little money on some lives and extras. That’s fine. However, now it’s getting hard. Impossible at times actually! It can take all my lives, twice over before I get a lucky win. So I basically spend time waiting for my lives to refill because I refuse to pay to beat every level up to 5000 (or however many there are). I don’t want to join a group to gain lives etc, I already struggle to keep up with my social life 😆 Anyway, at some point soon I’m going to stop playing, which is sad because it’s a great game but it’s not relaxing anymore I just get stressed. And of course now it makes sense, that’s why there are no ads, they don’t need to if we are spending money! 👎🏻 such a shame!.Version: 14166

Not GreatThis game would actually be great if it wasn’t for the fact that it is not what it was advertised. Totally different. And when you run out of lives you have to wait half an hour just to get one life to try and maybe clear a level that can be really hard. I don’t mind losing, but having to wait to play is just ridiculous. Why would you punish people that want to play your game? That is the dumbest thing a developer can do. Why would I not uninstall it now instead of having to constantly wait for more lives? Punishing people that want to play is exactly how you lose players/customers. I hate when devs do this, are you guys stupid or just a holes? It has to be one of those and my guess is you are stupid..Version: 12893

ClickbaitClickbait ads.Version: 18369

Advertising is not indicative of the gameI’ve been playing this game for a few days but I’ve decided to delete it. Too many match 3 colours puzzles and barely any of the games which are shown in the advertising. Also, when I achieve extra time it seems to disappear if I can’t continue playing - it doesn’t remain there for me to use later. Update - Oct 2023. Just tried playing it again and it’s nothing like the ads. Disappointing. I haven’t got the patience to trudge thru the levels to get to the interesting levels. Also, not interested in building castles etc. Why can’t a game be as it is advertised?.Version: 17549

Do Not Get, Ada are Fake!The ads for the game show you saving a fellow from a trap, but the game is nothing like that! It’s just another build some type of environment scene, eg, add castle, add fountain and such. Boring!.Version: 18730

Total liars!I recently downloaded it and oh my goodness!! This game doesn’t even have any of those levels of saving the king! So these ads about saving the king has got nothing to do with the actual game. There were so many ads about royal match and like I said I thought to try it out and there you go, there are absolutely NO need of saving the king. I waited for weeks for the levels and Nothing happened. And these ads were bugging me for weeks, like seriously first some grown up people are advertising and lying about a game that is wrong and secondly shouldn’t those grown people have other things to do? And thirdly, seriously be for real about what you are showing on the internet and ads! Total waste of time! 😡😡😡.Version: 19371

Annoying and repetitive advertising. Not recommended.This game isn’t bad, but the thing that made me annoyed is the ridiculous amount of ads I get about the game. I usually don’t mind it, but the developers are REALLY trying to make people install their game by making like 20 different ads for both royal kingdom and royal match. It’s starting to get on my nerves. I can’t get through a single day of my life without hearing, ‘HEY! IT’S TINA!’ At least 10 times. Stop with the repetitive advertising and if you want to advertise properly, invest in 1 or 2 ads so it reaches out to more people rather than the same game reaching out to 1 person with 20 different versions of ads. I have no interest for these kind of games. If you do like these kind of games, go ahead. But they are really repetitive and I don’t recommend getting the game if you don’t want ads coming your way about more games that use this so called tactic. Overall, not that bad of a game but stop making long, annoying ads and actually add more things for getting far in the game. Thanks..Version: 17549

Fun but it’s not like the adsI like match three games. When I saw the ads depicting match three challenges to save the jig from some kind of demise, I thought it would be a different twist on the puzzles I enjoy. I’m at level 218 and I haven’t seen anything that compares to the video samples in the ads. Either change the game or change the ads!!!.Version: 5502

Not as advertised in your adverts.Why do the ads have you save the King from the different perils, eg falling off the waterfall, sliding down the tube to get away from the snake, not being able to reach the rising lever, etc? I see that most people have said about the false advertising. What is the point in advertising one thing when in fact it is entirely different to the actual game that you download? Also I wish to say, it is getting rather irritating keep seeing your ad repeatedly popping up in other games that I play. All the developers do is post a computer generated message and not address what the consumers want. I only downloaded this so that I could also leave a comment. I also wish to mention, why is it whenever I want to close the app, it keeps taking me to the App Store? I do find that really annoying. All I want to do is close the app, not keep being redirected the the App Store. Why is that even allowed to happen?.Version: 13973

Fixed GameThe better/further you do/get the worse the game is for stitching you up. I was top of both leader boards in weekly & new levels for a period of time ( Not world leagues by the way). I was ahead by long distance, suddenly I can’t win a game. Took me 5 days to complete 1 level & then a further 4 days the next. By this time I was overtaken & well down the league. Seeing those at the top still winning loads of levels while it takes me hours & days to get by each one, proves it’s fixed for certain groups/players. There was even a time when my game kept crashing if my phone alarm went off losing all money & equipment earned. Contacted support who said was my phone causing this. Couple days later an update came out & never had problem since. What started off fun has become a horrible frustrating game that cheats it’s way for you to lose & spend days trying to win a level. Not no more as the fun game has gone & it will be deleted off my phone!!!.Version: 10875

Daily rewardThe game is great, but I haven’t had a daily reward in 3 days, which makes it so annoying as I don’t have that 1 hour fee for playing and have to rely only on my team giving me 5 lives every 4 hours… please fix it!.Version: 19371

Fun at firstSo it’s true there’s no Ads! It’s one of those games where you match gems like candy crush or bejeweled. And I had so much fun at first playing this. It’s actually pretty fun but I just deleted it. Why? Because the game will screw you over so that you can’t win levels. Sometimes it’s like raining down combos and power ups but then that stops happening. Then it becomes obvious that the game will decide if you’re gonna win or not. What I mean is the way gems will come down won’t line up for power ups any more. And they won’t line up in a way that’s advantageous to you. You’ll get three blue gems in a row but it’s off to the side and not in a spot that’s good for you. The levels become such that you simply don’t have enough moves to complete no matter what you do. So you have to buy coins so that you can get another 5 moves. Yes it’s hidden but it’s a pay to win game. But you don’t notice it at first, they get you hooked by making it easy for a little bit. Then it gets impossible to win. It’s sad because it was really fun for the first 50 or so levels. But it’s gets so ridiculous that it’s honestly not worth your time. You spend the rest of your time wishing it’s was as fun as when you started, but it never will be again. It’s like a drug. Don’t even start the game in my opinion.Version: 20184

DisappointedI have seen a lot adds of this game and in the adds, it shows something completely different! In the adds, it shows that the king is in trouble and he needs saving in different ways, like there are rocks and than we have to solve the puzzle to get the rocks to fall so the king can cross to the other side but in the actual gameplay, there is nothing like that. I mean, yes, the game is nice and fun and all but if it is not like that in the actual gameplay so you shouldn’t show it in the adds😡😡😡! I am very disappointed with all of this and if this your idea of making money through fake adds then it is better if you shouldn’t because it is 100% not nice at all. I said all I wanted, now the choice is up to you guys. If you listen, it is better, but still, you are free in your decisions😤😤😤.Version: 18983

Can be funCan be a fun game but expect to fail a lot of levels because they want you to make microtransactions. Sometimes you wont get enough moves to pass a level and have to purchase more moves with gold which is hard to save up..Version: 18983

No mini gamesIf you are getting this app for the mini games you saw in their ads - forget it! The developers will tell you they appear as you progress through levels, but that’s a lie! I’m at level 600 and I played 2 mini games within the first 20 levels and haven’t seen one since..Version: 6081

Very hard to progress without spending moneyA good game and quite addictive. Good graphics and no adds which is great but to progress after the initial stages you need to buy coins otherwise you get bored to death repeating the same level over and over. Only 6-8 lives is annoying as well. I think King games are better. No advertisements there either but you can progress up levels easier. I can’t see myself ever getting to the high levels here as I have in the Candy Crush family of games. Quite disappointing as I initially enjoyed this game..Version: 16638

Semi fake adI am close to level 700. The game in the ad came up twice in the first 200 levels then never again. This is just an easier version of candy crush. If you like match 3 games then this is ok, but the ad is meaningless..Version: 4647

Your ads backfiredI used to like this game and played it a lot. But the ads for this game that pop up in OTHER games are so annoying they made me dislike this game. Let me repeat: The advertisements had the opposite of their intended effect. They made me stop playing this game. That is seriously the only reason I stopped playing this game. The game itself is fine. However, I feel disgust at the thought of this game now. All because of how annoying its advertising is. Not the fact that the ads interrupt other games; pop up ads are a fact of life. It’s the content of the ads, and the fact that they have to be closed at least four times to get them to go away, but not before they exit you out of whatever game you’re playing and take you to the App Store. That’s just unnecessary. It’s a toss-up as to what’s most annoying, but possibly the D- list actors that act like I should know who they are and care about what they think are at the top of the list. I actually feel sorry for them. I have second hand embarrassment for them. Unfortunately deleting this game from my phone won’t get rid of the ads for it, so on the very slim chance that someone involved in the advertising for this game sees this review: your advertising is actively driving people AWAY from this game. Please come up with a different advertising strategy..Version: 16209

Doesn’t match adsGame is a good fun match 3 genre game. However the adverts for it show interesting and novel kinds of gameplay that are not present in the app until level 625!!! And then only in a rare mini-game. False advertising is becoming a real problem..Version: 15160

False ads and bad gameOkay first of all the ads say this game is about rescuing the king but no and it’s like evrey other game why this one I downloaded this game because I wanted to save the king in different levels but it’s not Evan that and the amount of money I’m spending is ridiculous it’s so annoying Install this game to uninstall this game.Version: 17854

3-5 starsThe game is frustrating there is a couple of levels i cant even get through without 3 hearts or boosters. Depending on ur level thats how hard it is, i currently haven’t played in months over a i just started playing again and i’m still struggling. the game is not to bad its just i don’t really like it (thats an opinion btw) and some people are good and some are bad like me, When I first got the game I was very happy until a level i couldn’t pass. i got really mad, disappointed, and sad over a level. Im looking forward to get better at this game but sometimes the levels are challenging to the point where it takes 2-5 hearts/lives, And thats really annoying i have to keep using boosters for little levels that u can pass really easily and I don’t wanna keep doing that. So please when new people join can u give 5 free boosters because some levels are difficult to the point where u just give up and want to restart the whole game. Thats also not an option, All of your progress saves and i thought it didn’t because when u delete a app it says “all your data will be removed” i’ve never left a bad review on anything but i’m really annoyed and disappointed..Version: 6960

Not accurate“Saving the king” game isn’t even an option..Version: 19155

FustratingDecided to redownload it after a few months of deleting it still the same been stuck on 1 level for the last 2 days. Do not recommend downloading as they should give free boosters after awhile of not being able to beat a level.Version: 7888

ADS ARE SO WRONGI deleted this game last year but the ads are still affecting me. When it’s not “celebrities” who I’ve never heard of singing it’s praises because you paid them to, it’s the amazing king’s nightmare levels which you basically never get and are mostly made for those ads which legally isn’t false advertising because you can get them in the game very rarely. Now, I am doing this review entirely because of those issues with the ads but I might as well add some things about the game. I found a bit of a cheat in the game: If someone on your team buys a team infinite life package (as a rule I never use in-game purchases. If it’s compulsory then I delete the game for claiming to be free) then you give as many lives as possible to your team-mates and they can get them later and you get 15 coins per life given. But this is nowhere near enough for me to get through the game without paying,so a) no way is this game 4+ and b) keeping with the thing I mentioned earlier I deleted it. But, as I mentioned at the start, I’m still affected by the ads. In fact, I see them more than any other..Version: 14166

Misleading addsYet another game that lures you in with ads showing completely different gameplay than the real game..Version: 12893

…You need wifi / mobile dataChaps my kaki’s 🤨 To have full function of the game ie: progress in a mini tournaments / request lives from your team members (if you’ve joined a team) then you need wifi or mobile data to view/request 🙄.Version: 17302

Royal MatchGood grief. I can’t believe no one has written about how deceptive the adds are about this game. Unbelievable how much lying there is going on. Every single add shows only the mini games which are not at all like they show. Lame. I hate how you lie to people..Version: 12491

Great boredom buster but …Beware of the additional buy options as they seem to be double charged often. You can dispute the charges but it is annoying and sometimes the dispute is rejected. I’ve stopped buying extras..Version: 19619

Royal LieThe only thing royal here is the misleading of the ads. Sad click bate. The game is lame too :/.Version: 13245

Watch out!If you haven’t downloaded, don’t. There is a lot of psychology that goes into this game…limited time offers, sales, timed contests and mini games to earn prizes, teams you join and can help with free lives which builds a “team player” mindset, bright colors and engaging graphics, and on and on in order to manipulate a brain into becoming “addicted”. When I started playing, I recognized right away the game psychology embedded in its design, I should have deleted right away, but then I got hooked. I would never waste money gambling, yet here I am wasting money to play a silly game to buy the “Royal Passes”. What is wrong with me!?! Well, now they have upped the cost of game coins to 1900 in order to get 10 extra moves. It used to be 900 for 5 moves. The problem? You need to pass levels to earn coins. You can’t pass levels when you get stuck on a level because you don’t have enough game coins. You can’t get game coins because you are stuck on a level. And on and on it goes. Well, either people are going to pay real money for coins or they are going to finally get so irritated they will quit playing. I’m guessing the latter will happen. I quit playing Candy Crush years ago out of frustration at the game. I’m heading in that direction now with Royal Match. That’s one way to break game addiction!.Version: 18037

Way too easy, average mobile adsI know you guys are getting bloated with ads on this game recently, and while some of the things they show and say in the ads are true, it’s not 100% accurate. believe it or not there aren’t any ads, usually when mobile ads say this it’s lying. The game is in fact a matching game as well, on the false side though, this game has NOTHING to do with saving the king from fire or drowning and what not, almost EVERY mobile ad has this concept of being stressed out trying to save the king and what not, and it’s a really interesting concept, but no mobile games actually stand true to it. And I really don’t know why, are liquids just too hard to program? If half the people download your game because of this stressful concept, why not just make it the actual game? Also I don’t how this game makes revenue if it doesn’t have ads, maybe I didn’t poke around the game long enough to notice any in app purchases but whatever. Another thing that they said in the ads that wasn’t true was how hard it was, no it is not hard at all, the special match things are way too broken and easy to get. Overall I feel like mobile games now a days have 0 creativity and no unique ideas, and they are all the same, royal match isn’t a “unique” “difficult” or “stressful” experience, it’s your average matching game, would not recommend!.Version: 16439

It good but annoying to play for a long timeQuite a mindless fun game which is good but you can’t skip all the things you win each round, sometimes it just takes too long so you go to another game! I don’t need to watch a bomb win just put it in my tally!.Version: 5122

Totally fake adNot what you see in the ad at all. Just a simple candy crush rip off. You do not save the king ever as demonstrated in the ads. Don’t download if that is what you are looking for. Another example of developers making bogus ads to help downloads..Version: 12893

WORST PHONE GAME TO EXISTThis game is garbage. You win when the game wants you too 0 skills is involved to play this it’s all luck.Version: 12491

Typical False AdvertisementGames like these truly give a bad rep to other mobile games, as with its fishy approach, Royal Match features a game that is mostly replicated from Gardenscape and Candy Crush, however, like Gardenscape, spams ads that are prevalent in other mobile games like Beatstar which advertise a completely different game. I believe this type of false advertising should be made illegal, and if this kind of game is advertised to entice an audience, why not make a game like what is shown? After playing till Level 6, I realised this game was never intended to be in alignment with the ads it presents. Truly a disappointment, from cringe false advertising to downright awful gameplay, this game is pathetic..Version: 18369

Startled off fun… but thenIt started off loads of fun, I’m on level 750 now, but ready to delete it. It gets harder and harder as you go further. It wants you to pay to pass a level. Then finally gets to the point you just can’t pass a level for days, when it seems you’re not going to pay it may let you win in hopes you may pay for help further on. Think I’m done. Sorry guys. Great game but don’t think it’s a long term one if you don’t want to pay anything. Maybe give us the choice of ads or no ads.Version: 18037

False advertising, Candy Crush knockoff.Alright, with quite a bit of gaming experience, I know whether a game is good or not. This game is definitely on the lower part of the spectrum. For the false advertising, let’s start with the this that they got right. First, the game is something where you swipe little blocks and match them up. Another correct thing they got right was the no ads thing. There are in fact no advertisements. However, the ads show the king in life-threatening situations like being in a room with acid, being in a room with lava flowing in, or freezing to death. In the game, this never happens. I wanted to see the king in danger to give me some sort of motivation to go faster. But like I said, the king is never shown to be in any life-threatening situations. Finally, for the Candy Crush knock-off part, it’s pretty self explanatory. For one, the premise is to swipe blocks into a shape, making them disappear. That’s literally candy crush. Second, the blocks are the same thing compared to candy crush being that they need to be all broken in order to complete the level. Finally, even the power up’s are copies. For example, the sphere with colored sprinkles/ lights around it is one of the them. I don’t have the energy to write a fitting conclusion to this, but use this knowledge to not get this game..Version: 15864

There is lots of things wrong, let me just explain.First of all, it takes up 154 megabytes to play?! If it was actually decently good I would let it pass but it’s just another crappy connect 3 game which is basically pay to win. It’s not just directly paying money to pass levels, but instead paying lots and lots of real life money just to make the game possible, but even then it’s quite boring and Fishdom is a much better game that actually deserves attention, but what makes fishdom better is that there is no adverts about it anymore. But secondly, the game can get physically impossible, even with lots of in-game power ups. Most of the reviews saying that’s it’s “AMAZING!! 🤩🤩🤩” are fake reviews probably by people either being payed to put them for god knows what reason, or people that actually think this game is bearable and do not care about fake advertising. Don’t download this game, unless you don’t mind dissatisfaction. You have been warned..Version: 17302

No ads? You’re joking!For a game which says it knows how irritating it is to be bombarded with ads when playing games, Royal Match has to be the most irritating of the lot - every game I play is full of Royal Match ads to the point where I wouldn’t play it on principle. Also it proudly states that it’s free - free to download maybe, but if you want to get anywhere playing the game there are the “in-app purchases” which net the developer around $2M a month: no wonder they can afford not to have ads in the game! I keep hoping that the king will eventually succumb to being crushed/drowned/frozen/burned/eaten and will disappear completely from my tablet never to be seen again - he’s the sort of bumbling idiot I don’t want anything to do with..Version: 15982

DebatingLike many others I decided to try this game based on the save the king screens they use as a come on. Like many others, I have seen a save the king screen rarely. The obstacles are difficult to clear and frequently I need one or two moves, at most, to clear the screen, but find that 900 coins is simply too hard to come by so I start the screen over. I don’t mind a challenge, but this is actually more stressful than challenging. Yes, the sense of accomplishment when you FINALLY clear a screen is nice, but it comes so infrequently that I’m not sure it’s worth the effort. I am considering removing the game and hunting for a game that isn’t set up to require purchasing anything to move ahead, or at least rewards more coins for a win or requires fewer coins for additional moves. I appreciate the lack of ads and understand that they have to get money some way, but by making it so obviously designed to cost the player, it becomes a bit one way, and that way is against the player. I don’t play games to challenge myself, I play games to unwind from the challenges of daily life. Why would I continue to play any game that causes more frustration, more stress?.Version: 12491

Fake adThere is no puzzle to save a king. Its fake. I already finish 52 levels. But when they add about this game to save king its all fake. I am deleting this game..Version: 3816

Royal Pain!I give up. Not like the adds. I’ve played hundreds of levels, only to rescued the King twice, is ridiculous! Nothing to buy? Only if you want to move along. Don’t waste your time or MONEY. I downloaded this game mid-July 2023, and got scammed for $15 bucks. They also trick you. I’ve accidentally selected continue after winning a level (after paying a couple of bucks for more coins). After you lose an hand, you’re given the option to spend 900 coins for five more moves. Don’t do it. Go around again, and the game will add five more move for a total of 10. Keep going around until the max which is 35 more moves. After around level 200, spending another 900 coins won’t do it. You’re sooo close. Spend another 1900 coins usually does it. You only win a few coins if you win a round. The adds say, ‘aren’t you tired of playing a game that’s nothing like the adds?’ Well, this game is nothing like the adds. Out of playing hundreds of levels, I only saved the king twice, meaning trying to rescue the king, so far, has only been offered twice! For the developer: stop with the misleading adds. No one is saving the king, unless after you’ve spent $50 bucks in coins to get to whatever level we see saving the king like your misleading adds show. Make ways to earn coins besides the few dozen coins you win if you win a level, after you just spent over 9000 coins you bought at $7.50!.Version: 18369

You have to spend money & false adsI’ve spent so much money on this game it makes me angry - granted, that was my choice, but if you want to pass levels and not repeat them hundreds of times… you need to buy power ups. Then what I find is that the more you buy them… you run through them a lot quicker than you would normally. What makes me angrier is that although there’s no ads, you see this game advertised everywhere and it’s a totally false depiction of what the majority of the game is. I had to uninstall it… yet when I play other games… there it is in my face… like seeing your ex out with someone else everywhere you go. Fun and addictive at first… don’t buy into it..Version: 15782

Just like all the rest of these types of games!Been playing this game for just over a week and just like Fishdom, which I think might be made by the same people (don’t quote me on that). This game gets more and more difficult till the point it’s virtually unplayable. Just another Candy Crush inspired game type but to do up a castle and the rooms in it. Same as Fishdom where you build your fish tank, earning coins to buy decors and new fish etc. The game modes it advertises on social media and during adds in other games are very few and far between. Just like Fishdom! I’ve given up on the pair of them today out of pure boredom and frustration. Shame really as this one I thought wasn’t going to become hard. It gives you tones of equipment/weapons to clear the levels easily and quickly which gets you off to a flying start and up to the level 200’s and room 12, which I got to. It get’s to the point at first where you don’t believe you’ll get stuck it’s that easy at first and you earn thousands of coins at first too. That doesn’t mean anything in the end. As, as soon as it all runs out the levels become virtually impossible to beat. I had infinite lives for an hour and 20 odd goes at the same level with the same out come without having those weapons and coins because I’d gone through it all. It’s literally just that that carries you through the game. Real shame! 👎🏻.Version: 15160

Royal Match.Royal match is an excellent game that is mentally challenging but also fun. It involves learning time management ( by having a certain number of turns ), Groups ( Clubs you can join on the game ) and you can technically play it anytime, anywhere! I do have a problem with this game though, when I played other apps, Royal Match had excessive ads. And it was so many apps that had that problem. Also, the ads of this game that were excessively shown on the apps showed a King that you had to save, that has only happened to me once and I am on level 27. Although I am complaining about ads showing incorrect information of what the app content actually is, the ads did not exactly show or say that the app would be like that. And the one thing the apps did promise was that there was no ads on Royal Match ( Which is true ) and you didn’t need Wifi to play Royal Match ( Which is also true ) My next problems involves how lives work. I think that it is unfair you have 5 lives and if you lose them, you can’t play for another 18 or 19 hours, just so you can lose them again in 5 minutes. Also, the app said when you join a team you get unlimited lives, I got 30 hours of unlimited lives, until I was back to 5 lives. You can’t access teams without internet, but the app said 0 internet required. That is my last problem. Thank you for creating a great app that could be made better, but as for the moment, is one of the greatest apps on my Phone. Thank you for your time..Version: 18983

Not as advertised, there’s no ‘saving the king’ . Same as candy crush.I don’t understand why this game isn’t the game advertised to ‘save the king’, which looks really fun. Aren’t there advertising laws against that? Maybe that’s why it’s free. I don’t understand the high ratings or reviews for a product that isn’t what it says it is. You do get occasional opportunities to ‘save the king’ but these are still just clearing a board, but timed! It’s again not as it’s shown in the ads which by the way, I annoyingly still get. Why isn’t that game the one you get to play? I thought I had to get to some level to find it but I’ve given up as it’s obviously not the case. It’s just the same as candy crush which is boring..Version: 7495

False AdvertisingThe adds are nothing like the game, you see the adds and you think that’s a fun game to play, you download it only to find out the game is nothing like the add, you don’t save the king, it’s just a puzzle game and that’s it, I was disappointed and got bored of the game and I deleted it..Version: 20184

Purely a waste of timePassing one level can take days. Fail until lives gone. Then wait till lives come back. Wash rinse repeat. About 120 tries on level 429. Garbage.Version: 18730

False adsI’m on level 909! When do the puzzle levels start?!.Version: 5887

It’s a money grab for the developersI’ll agree when you first play this game, it’s awesome! Now that I’ve got into the higher levels, I’ve spent A LOT of money for extra coins to use to get a few more turns to beat levels. You’ll notice it more and more as you increase in levels. Other players have to agree with me that the developers of this game purposely put in levels that are near impossible to beat within 5 tries. At that point you need to rely on extra lives to try and beat the level. If you don’t have a good team to ask for lives, you’re stuck purchasing coins to pass levels you’re stuck on. Sure every game on the App Store is a subscription or pay as you go app. I don’t have a problem with that as people put a lot of work into developing apps and making sure they are up to date. I feel this particular developer prey on the people who are not the best at games like this especially if they are a part of a team that are competing for rewards. At the very least lower the amount of coins it takes to get the extra 5 moves or have special days where you discount it from 900 coins to 500 coins for 5 or plus moves to try and beat the level. I invite the developers to reply to my review here and debate my stance. I won’t hold my breath or waste my time waiting though, I haven’t seen the developers of this game respond to other reviews on here..Version: 18037

Algorithm CentralAfter reaching level 147 I’ve realised this game does something that is a clever way of forcing you into spending money on it. When you’ve been playing a while and your out of power up and coin to help you complete a level what it does is “randomly” place cubes badly so that at the beginning of the level you only have 1 choice move. Now if it were random why on every restart is it the same that cannot be random that is basically making it impossible to win unless you buy extra chances and spend that sweet dollar which is what these games are all about at the end of the day money farming. You come to snap yourself out the addiction soon enough and realise what on earth are you doing fortunately for me I will never spend a penny on games like these it kept me entertained for a few days but you can do one now! Thanks for the fun it was an experience I won’t be coming back..Version: 18730

Really?Download homescapes instead of this, 10 minutes in and i deleted it. Why? Oh you will see... First of all you have No plot AT ALL. I was expecting the king to talk and go with the story with the butler. Did that happen? NO! Second of all the tasks are boring. The tasks are like “Sweep up” and “Get this and that” while homescapes speed things up rather them “Dust this and that” Was it exciting to see that happen? NO! Finally, their are to many ADS! No, not this game’s ADS...Your ADS! Every. Single. Time. I play one of my games an ad shows up and its always people saying “Dude you gotta come see this is the best game that i ever and it has no ADS, fun, smooth animations and its good” Really? I think those people are just actors you hired so that you can spread the word to your game. You got me at “Smooth animations”. (Edit) PLEASE stop using so many ads i know you need them for money but with 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS don’t you have enough? And stop false advertising on those minigames! People are going to say the same thing as me if you keep advertising something that is not even in the game. Overall get homescapes if you want another game like this thats actually fun! WHY 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 FALSE ADVERTISING TOO! YOUR ADS ARE DISALBING MY MUSIC AND SFX ON MY GAMES SO STOP! 💣🗯 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡.Version: 20184

R MThe game is absolutely nothing like advertised so I deleted it..Version: 18730

Not at allNot even close to what you promote! The game is completely different and nothing so special. Also you advertising it’s very annoying and false.Version: 18983

Plain & Simple…it’s a money grabThe five star reviews will tell you this is a ‘great game’. Unfortunately it’s not. The game will at times even misdirect you to moves that will make you lose, so you have to buy more time, more upgrades, and so on. I miss the days when you could buy a game and simply play, not be constantly paying to continue..Version: 18730

Game has recently changedUsed to be a great game but lately I have noticed that it purposely changes the power ups. It’s like it has become computerised and slightly slower by a split second. It’s like you can see it is cheating you out of making power ups. I also last week was at the gym working out when I got a notification on my watch saying I’d spent $5 on the game when I clearly wasn’t even playing it. I immediately stopped my workout to stop the payment through my banking app and even went as far as closing my bank card and having a new one issued. I haven’t updated apple with my new payment details purposely until I delete this game so it doesn’t happen again. I got my refund as I disputed the charge but I will not update it until I delete this game as it’s no longer what it used to be. I will never spend a single cent on this game again.Version: 20500

Annoying AdsI would give this app less stars if I could! You proudly boast that you are AD FREE, but what you neglect to mention is that you inundate other apps with your ads, which cancel out music, even if you mute them, and last way too long. Your game is nothing great..Version: 18983

Inaccurate AdsThis is one of those apps that advertise using ads that aren’t representative of actual game play. It’s essentially Bejeweled…you aren’t solving puzzles to save some Royal figure from burning in a fire or freezing to death..Version: 12491

Good luckWhen I installed this game, I was tricked, it was nothing like the ad. I played anyway and I really liked it. But since the last update I hate this game, the boosters don’t help now they are breaking up where I don’t need help. It’s frustrating. Deleted..Version: 5355

Has its ups and downsIn my person opinion , this game is quite engaging , enjoyable and fun to play in general but there can be some negative parts that really throw me off playing it 1. I am on level 182 and I have only ever encountered one of these challenges which are featured during the ad 2. It might just be me but I tend to lag a lot and can cause me to lose a lot if moves when playing a game and 3. I feel like the game has you addicted to finishing the round and saving all of your lives but money can be a problem too , I mean extra lives can cost up £1.79 which is quite a bit considering it is only a small game . As said before everything other than the main points that I have spoke about this game is incredibly interesting and addictive , one time me a and my sister ended up playing for an hour trying to beat 25 levels but it can have you feeling like it is fun but after 10 - 15 minutes it can start to feel boring like tearing the enjoyment out if your body which can be quite annoying when you have nothing to do.Version: 13973

It’s good but not amazingThe aesthetics of this game is very appealing to the eye unfortunately there is very little opportunity to earn the coins which usually result in you having to spend real money just to get 1000coins all of which is gone once you purchase the extra five moves at the end of the level. This is very unfortunate as the game is actually really entertaining. On that note the levels actually don’t let you earn much either, most levels get you up to 42 coins the kings nightmare levels get you 50 and the super hard levels 100 it’s a shame really because you could be on a roll with winning the levels but once you start spending that money it goes quickly down to 100. Also with the area building you only get about 250 coins which is disappointing because with the areas it could go up to 35 stars that needs to be earned and with each level you only get 1 star. That’s the downside about this game if you don’t spend actual money you could struggle with almost every level. And the amount of moves are too less with certain levels if you don’t use a power up you can find it very difficult to win, these power ups are usually given once every blue moon where you only receive 1 of them. It’s not fair it’s such a great game and helps with focus but it just has some negative sides and it ruins the game altogether..Version: 15285

None he ads show the real gameLies, the game is yet another Candy Crush want to be. Ads do not make me want to play more than a day. No ads? Pfft, what did I just see..Version: 18983

Just can’t get through the levels anymore!I’ve been playing this game for over a year now, am up to level 1545. Every night I relax with it, until recently! It seems I just can’t get through the levels in one or maybe two goes anymore! So frustrating. I used to play for a good hour getting through levels on my own without using extra arrows or canons or hammers but now, for the past four months, it’s one level for two or more weeks! I hate it so much I’m very tempted to just delete the whole game. Have the algorithms changed to make it harder and if so, why? Why make it harder to play and potentially turn players away from the game all together? I don’t mind a challenge every now and again, and have battled through thinking it will get a bit easier the longer I try, but no! It’s still too friggin difficult to get through a level..Version: 18037

Socially engineered to make you spend.If there was an award for the best socially engineered game to encourage spending, this would win. While the developers claim all levels can be won, more often than not, they aren’t until you played them up to at least 30 odd times before the software will ‘allow’ you to win by giving you numerous power ups all at once. Likewise, if you pay for the various ‘offers’, you will find that you can breeze through the first few levels before it goes back to ‘you must play this le el 30 times before I allow you to win it’. Very clever. Yes it’s brightly coloured, engaging, and offers league contests amongst players for small wins, but if you are a single player (I.e. not in a team) more often than not, you will be trapped in the ‘play 30 times’ cycle which becomes incredibly frustrating, especially as it takes 30 mins to spawn a new life!.Version: 14644

Lame.Boring.Version: 19155

I don’t understand the hype.This absolutely rubbish app has no purpose coming up on my recommended app page. First off, I would like to confront the false information given in the ads. They note that there are no ads and you don’t have to pay to win. They hire CELEBRITIES to distribute this information. I get overwhelmed by ads and there are just too many. They also spend all their money on repetitive ads , which I have had to block several times and they STILL show up, and have celebrities promoting this filth, such as Simon cowell and Steven mulhern. And I highly doubt that they actually play this game in their free time. This is a disgusting mess. Next, the game: it’s so unoriginal and strange, the fact that you actually have to pay even though that statement is CLEARLY NOTED in the ads, I don’t know why someone would do that. Of course you don’t actually have to pay directly to win, but you have to buy power ups to make it possible to win, and they cost money. This infuriated me. If I do not stop receiving ads from this company, unfortunately I will have to report this utter behavior. Not happy at all..Version: 16439

Not as advertised and annoying levelsWas drawn to the game based on the ads, but as per usual, what is shown on the ads and what the game actually is are two different things. Poor effort right away. If you are going to draw people in with an ad free game, at least be honest with what the game is. Shame! You might get the occasional timed level but they see, few and far between. Levels are also more than hard, and Super Hard levels… forget trying to ever get them unless every move results in a power up you can actually use. Funny that on your last move when you know you aren’t going to pass the level, the game suddenly throws up countless power ups and you are sitting there as the game tells you you failed the level and you are staring at enough power ups that would have passed the level. I have sometimes spent over a week or more trying to beat a level which is a joke. Obviously the developers have not considered that when creating the levels as they create the levels constantly with one less move than what you actually need, and it’s done so they can sucker you in to the in app purchases. Seriously! 900 coins just to get 5 extra moves. Lower than price, advertise your game correctly and maybe you wouldn’t be getting so many bad reviews..Version: 12491

Advert issueOk, I’m going to post this comment and delete the game in a few days if there is no respite. Don’t you developers see the irony in interrupting other games with ads while proudly boasting this game has no ads? I’m sick to death of waiting for 75 second adverts to run, especially when I already have the game. What’s the point of cookies? Actually, what’s the point of ads? If an ad interests me, I’ll watch it, I might download the product and see what it’s like. If I don’t fancy the game, I won’t download it - ever! No matter how many times you run the ad. So give us a break. PLEASE? I’m adding to this comment. These has been no change in the frequency of these dire adverts. It has now got to the stage where it could be argued they are a form of harassment. They are certainly a gross invasion of privacy. Why doesn’t Apple do something about this?.Version: 18983

Nothing like ads !!!!So I’ve got to level 1920 out of ??? So I am well positioned to write this review ; 1. $$$$$$ and need lots of it 2. Save the king is nothing like animation and will only happen when you are on a short timer of lives . You can’t skip then play later . Once skipped it’s gone …. It WILL NOT APPEAR unless you have some sort of timer running which isn’t worth the 50 coins you get for lost time : 3. $$$$ more needed 4. If you are the type that doesn’t bother and can control yourself to move one level a day without $$$ then this is the game for you. 5. It’s got so bad that I had unlimited lives for an hour multiple occasions and wouldn’t let me complete even an easy round unless I wanted to spend $$$ for the final move needed . 6. The Dragon nest needs to be made so you can kick the leaches who join then don’t contribute, 7. Stay away if you have adhd or the like - you’re the sucker they want. I’ve deleted and won’t be reinstalling ..Version: 20184

Challenging But needs A lot of workI have download it a few times before and I’ve been playing it And I thought it was really bad at first but then I’ve been passing passing levels and I just think it’s really cool it’s really relaxing like if you’re so bored you could just download that game and start playing it it’s really interesting because my favorite part about it is The rooms are you unlocking it’s like your style in the rooms you have like three choices and you choose a choice a little and you have to pay for the stars tell me where you can get stars is like just play the puzzle game and anyway it’s really challenging challenging but you want to say if you never give up you might get itBut there is one thing the ads are super annoying I wish they had like West ads I want to match I know it has no words in it but there are ads about it everywhere I know it’s probablyThe number one game in the world but steel yet I wish you could start but I know do you want everybody to know about it about it and that’s good get even more popularBut it probably deserves like a one star because I don’t like There are no ads in it they need to put some ads in it because I’m getting mad about it because there’s so many ads and I just want it to stop so please put some ads in it and I want everybody to know about this.Version: 15782

Nothing like the adNothing like the ad..Version: 19155

Not as advertisedIt’s not a bad game. It’s a slightly less annoying variation of Candy Crush and with a little more charm. But any ads I see for it depict a game that is far more than that! The ads suggest this game is a play on candy crush with a twist; that your gem crushing rescues the ‘King’ from a fiery pit or a flooding vault or wgat have you, and it looks hella fun. But in the actual game, these scenarios only happen once every 50 or 100 levels (the rest being the more regular Candy Crush type level) and in these vary infrequent scenarios, the ‘special’ level is nowhere near as good as the advertising suggests. I don’t understand why they market the game this way when that really isn’t the game at all, and I don’t know why they don’t build the game that way as it would be a much, much better game if they did!.Version: 17077

False adIf you want to download it based on the advertisements, it isn’t even close to it..Version: 12491

DONT DOWNLOAD OR PURCHASEThis app takes money from your account for in-app purchases, without providing the things you have purchased to continue playing. It’s now taking money from my account without any purchases being made. Scam alert!! ‼️.Version: 17549

Predatory false advertising that won’t even closeEven after waiting through the 50 second 3 layered ad, when finally presented the X button to close it, the as wouldn’t close and would just keep opening the store page for the abysmal excuse for a game with predatory microtransactions..Version: 7495

Typical match-three type gameUpdate: I still play to kill some time. However I woke up to a $6 charge from this game that supposedly happened at 4am while I was sleeping. No I don’t have kids. Watch for fraudulent charges from the game !!! It’s just a typical match-three type game as the main focus. There are cool tiles and power-ups you can use — when you get them. It does do a few things nicer than other similar games in the way of the occasional mini game or special weekday and weekend things to get you bonus coins or powerups, etc. I’ve been playing for several months and have unfortunately purchased a few of the cheap packs in that time… mostly out of sheer frustration. Once you reach a certain level, it becomes less and less fun and more of a chore and an exercise in frustration…… unless you want to spend gobs of coin to get beyond a level. And the “regular” levels vs. “hard” and “super hard” levels means nothing after a few hundred levels. It’s fun for the first little while, and then it’s a time sink for when you’re waiting around and have nothing better to do. Now once I *finally* beat a level, the next level is just as frustrating. There’s no chance of beating 99% of higher levels in one try now, and I refuse to spend another penny on this game..Version: 19155

Royal matchThis game, like so many others, is completely different from what is shown in the ads. It’s basically the same game as Gardenscapes and a whole host of others..and they’re all boring. Why don’t you just make a game like is shown in the ads? That’s the reason people respond to it..because that’s the game they wanted! People are going to download it, play it 3 or 4 times and then move on. Get wise and give people the game you advertise!.Version: 12303

Sued?It’s amazing you guys haven’t been sued yet or taken off the App Store. Forcing people to pay to “level up”. I’ve beaten super hard levels with less “moves” & less “power ups” yet I can’t get passed a hard level even with many power ups, extra moves, nothing. So when all of my coins are gone, all my power ups are gone, what you expect me to pay for more for you to just make me waste them again? Because you literally force us to use so many moves to get “little matches” of three or four that do nothing? Then by the time we make a dent we’re out of moves. How is that fair game? Want us to compete in the “competitions” but then purposely block us from succeeding in fair participation. I spent $.99 on a little booster pack or whatever & if I thought worth it I’d have demanded my whole less than a dollar back because it did nothing for me at the time then either. Worthless. It’s amazing how stuck on a level then come back a day or more later an then WHOOPS get passed that level magically like a fart in the wind. Never again will I play these types of unfair games. You get so many levels ahead then get blocked from moving forward. If you can’t help but purposely stop people from advancing then why even bother letting them play to begin with making them think they have a chance? Oh right. Greed & money..Version: 12303

Watch out - This game punishes you if you don’t pay money!If you don’t use power ups or coins to complete the level the game punishes you by giving you crappy things for the next 10 lives that you use even though the level is not a hard level. And, many of the regular levels that do not specifically say it’s a hard level end up being impossible to finish until it finally starts giving you something you can play with. So, if I choose not to waste my 900 coins on a level that shouldn’t be too hard to complete I can’t make any matches but threes in order to get power ups to complete the level. Seriously, they must’ve added an algorithm that keeps you from getting anything you need to pass the level if you don’t pay any money or use all your coins. This game is just a time waster. I like the teams and challenges sometimes, but the game really makes me mad because you have to continue the level even if you know it’s a lost cause. I wish I could quit the level early and restart it when I know it’s a lost cause. Also, the game is rigged to try to make you spend cash or all your coins! I don’t like that! I like the game but I don’t like that it’s rigged!.Version: 6960

No mini gamesDon’t waste your time you don’t save the king like in ads. It’s false advertising at its best. The game is boring.Version: 19155

Not the same as the adsThey always say don’t judge a book by its cover. That’s what I did, and I thought would be a great game because you could enter all of these things and then when I download it oh boy, I don’t even know where to start. It’s fun until it gets boring. You can run out of points really fast especially on the super high level levels like 132 that one’s hard also decorating the rooms are pretty boring didn’t really give me any motivation. But I thought you could like choose when you’re high Kings nightmares or when he was trapped inside like a water cage but you can’t it just chooses when to do it. I like how it doesn’t have ads like a lot of other games but yeah. I would recommend if you like on a car ride but when you’re sitting at home on your board, it’s not really fun there’s not really any motivation behind it or anything to get at Laurel crest are fun but they’re super hard harder than the other one goes that’s what I dislike any you should change this. I just hate how you run out of coins that you can play with really fast and it cost 900 coins to do it again and then 1900 to play it again it is such a annoying thing..Version: 16638

Ads are totally misleading, also watch your walletI have been debating about whether to review the game, but many of the things I would say have already been covered. Then I saw a new ad for the game that’s really over the top. The celebrity claims to “fact-check” the game’s ads, but he completely avoids the question of whether the ads are representative of game play. They absolutely are not. What’s shown are the Kings Nightmares, which you encounter about every 10 levels or so. They also totally misrepresent the difficulty of those levels, making it seem like the animated finger is just stupid. However, they often have two screens worth of crap to be cleared or don’t give you enough turns to clear it all, with hard-to-break things covering other things that need to be cleared. Several ads show “select your next level”, which if that ever happens, I did not get to at level 175+. I gave it three stars because it could be a good game - it’s very cute and it’s got lots of different types of puzzles, competitions and “home renovation”. However, remember that while they don’t charge for it, and they don’t have ads, they are being supported by it somehow! I believe is by convincing you that you can win, and then cranking things up to the level where you cannot win without purchasing aids..Version: 15782

The ads lieThe ads lie about everything. In the ads we can see King Robert getting himself into trouble all the time and needing us to rescue him. But in the actual game he is in no danger and the game is boring. The ads also say the game is addicting, but I get tired of it after like five minutes of playing. the ads say the game has great graphics, but the graphics are really not that great. They’re ok. If you really want a fun, addicting matching game, you should play project makeover. Project makeover has amazing graphics and has no ads (unless you watch an ad to get a free thing). Also, once you reach level 45, you can connect with your friends and join a clique a.k.a. a group. After playing a while, you will have your own character to dress up, your own room to decorate, and your own pet, too! Project makeover is actually addicting. All you have to do is reach level 45. Before that you’re just figuring out how the game works and learning with all the buttons do. I guarantee if you download project makeover, you won’t regret it! It doesn’t do you any harm so you might as well try it. I’m not being paid to say these things, and I don’t work for project makeover. I just really like the game and love to connect with my friends on there. royal match doesn’t let you connect with anyone on there. Project makeover is just better in my opinion. Thank you for reading my review. ❤️.Version: 16209

Quit with the ad spamI downloaded this game for two reasons and neither of them are to play it. Reason one was to write this review and reason two was to escape the ads for this game in my other games. I loved watching Rick Hoffman in Suit but I am so sick of seeing his face. I can deal with the mass amount of ads in mobile games nowadays but not when it is there exact same ad for weeks at a time with no variation. Apple seems to stop showing ads for certain games when it’s been downloaded so I have my fingers crossed I don’t see another for this game. I know you’re trying to reach a large audience, but I will never play your game out of pure bitterness..Version: 10261

DeceivingDownloaded game based on ad of solving how to get king out of a situation ... total false advertising..Version: 4104

A financial burden!Do NOT play this game unless you’re willing to take the risk of getting charged! Also, the game isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The ads show it as slightly different to the actual game itself. The levels are too hard to get through without paying 900 bloody coins for an extra go. Also, when you complete the level, you only get a fraction of that amount back, which hardly seems fair. But that’s not the point. In order to get more coins you have to pay actual money for them! Would rather have the crappy adverts than having to pay real money for coins. I wish the levels were easier. It makes me angry that players on Royal Match get charged, those who find the levels tricky. On the Royal Match adverts, the people say it’s free to play and no ads. This game is pretty much overrated..Version: 16638

Sewage from the learning-impairedWhen one cannot find gainful employment from an institution intent on improving life on this planet, one will either A). pinch one’s nose, relinquish all morals, and go to slave away one’s life for the lemony incompetent @Ukg idiot factory or… B) work for the equally incompetent idiots behind this sewage. (both garbage). Either way, you’ll be deep-throating garbage ‘engineered’ by idiots who’ve slept their way to the podium for ‘creative director’ roles that those losers ‘researched’ into good ideas. This is all sewage..Version: 8538

You need to spend a lot of money to enjoy this game!First off if you’re thinking of downloading the game because you like the look of the adverts, don’t! Yet another misleading game advertisement, it’s nothing like the video of game play. (Anyone else sick of scamming game makers?) Secondly this game is down to luck but mostly money. The levels are impossibly hard & unless you can spend a chunk of money regularly to buy coins & boosters you’re going to be repeating levels for days on end. They are simply not passable without boosters & coins to buy more moves. In principle this is a great game & when you first download they can’t throw enough freebies at you to get you addicted. Once they’ve got you hooked all the free goodies stop & if you want to progress, get your purse or wallet out! I don’t think I’ll last much longer before I delete the game. There’s literally nothing more boring than playing the same level over & over again whilst feeling like you’re being played for a fool because you don’t have endless money to progress..Version: 6771

Love this game BUTI LOVE this game, it's kinda addicting, BUT there are a few things I have issues with. #1 and my biggest issue is the cost to get more moves.. 900 coins for 5 moves is a an astronomical amount! Especially when you only need 1 move. I think 100 coins PER extra move is more than enough. With the cost of power ups being between 1 and 3 thousand coins it just doesn't seem right to have moves be just as expensive. #2 is the game play from the ads, I didn't get a kings nightmare that played like the ads until over lvl 2000, that is very disappointing, those types of gameplay are fun and challenging! It's what made me WANT to play the game! #3 I also agree with other comments about the difficulty lvl ESPECIALLY when you have unlimited lives. Get through 1 or 2 lvls and then you are stuck until time runs out no matter what difficulty that lvl is. Other than that I do LOVE the game and I do pay real money to play "longer" which I don't mind, I just wish the gameplay was like the ads for the game and the unfairness of the cost for extra moves. I hope you will take that into consideration and maybe change the price of extra moves. Thank you in advance.Version: 15285

No ads = must payThey have to make money, that’s expected. However, without ads….. that money comes from you! If you want to continue to play, eventually you’ll HAVE to spend money. Even if you can get all the free-play you can handle, you’ll never advance or win. They sabotage you to lose. It’s extremely frustrating. Moves or combinations that would benefit you, coincidentally no longer work. Moves that were able to destroy an object, conveniently are no longer able to do so. When you slide an object, it may go the opposite direction than you intend. It’s frustrating and presumably, people give in and make a purchase. It’s manipulation on their part. It’s really unfortunate because it’s a fun game. That’s completely lacking any kind of integrity whatsoever. Play fair and have ads to garner money if that’s what it takes. But don’t make it impossible to win and heavily advertise no ads, just to cheat the person after they’re immersed in the game. I imagine, the farther you get into the game, the more likely you’re expected to pay if you want to keep going. It’s a loose-loose for the player if they continue. I know they have to make money, as they should!! But I don’t think cheating the consumer is the way to do it. It makes money……. but It’s certainly not ethical. Shameful really!.Version: 19155

Agree with other bad reviews.I agree with the others, the game advertisement is misleading. I downloaded the game based on the adds just to find it is just another match ‘em game. It was still rather entertaining for a while, but as the others have said, you get random levels where it is impossible to get past unless you buy the ‘in app’ purchases. The frequency you need to purchases slowly increases as you get higher until it starts to become painfully obvious once you get above level 1250. Yes, I bought a few at the lower levels but refuse to be railroaded into paying exorbitant amounts of money to keep playing. So just leaving my review before I delete the game which I am doing right now. I don’t regret spending what I have done so far, the devs do deserve to earn income from their product. But I feel I given the devs fair value for what they created and refuse to spend any more especially from a moral perspective where I am placed in a position where I must give more to keep going..Version: 15160

Fun for a few hoursThis is a simple match and blow the blocks game. As per usual the game algorithm gradually means levels are harder to clear and certainly can’t be cleared without spending a lot of money on boosters etc. At that point you unload this from your phone and get the next free game. Anyone saying they are on level 1500 etc is either lying or has spent an awful lot of money to do that! Update. The developer responded to say they were sorry ‘I found the levels too hard’ - well that’s not in the least patronising eh? They also suggest every level can be completed without power ups. I believe them - however they were careful in their wording that suggests it is possible - but only after a million attempts maybe. Fact remains that you will need to spend your money to progress at a reasonable rate..Version: 5502

False AdAnother game that isn’t what the ad shows.Version: 19155

Enticing game, shame it isn’t all it seemsI have been playing this game for a couple of weeks, finally succumbing to the annoying ads I’d been bombarded with in other games I play. To my surprise, I really enjoyed it. It’s visually quite appealing and I like some of the power ups which do more than those in some other match three games. But…. and it’s a big but, after a few days the levels have become impossible to complete without buying extra lives, and for a huge price. So, you buy some lives, only to find that having completed one level, the next is even more unsolvable without buying more lives, etc etc. I have been trying to beat the current level for three whole days and many many attempts now, and I can confirm that it is genuinely impossible to complete in the number of moves available. It is such a shame to produce a really fun game and then spoil it by being so money-grabbing and unfair. I’m sadly having to delete it..Version: 14431

“Free” and rigged to keep you thinking you can winDon’t believe the ads for this game. Like all free puzzle games it has those easy “you’re great at this” intro. Then it’s pretty obvious that you need to purchase packages to keep playing when they up the difficulty. Even worse than that, it’s blatantly obvious that the “random” falling of gems is blatantly against you, unless you try multiple times where all of a sudden you get all the bonus combos. A match that gives you a limit of 22 moves will constantly give you nothing, unless you fail enough and then you can get it in 10 moves. Complete trash of game and clearly rigged to keep you playing.Version: 19371

Thieves, liars hoodwinkers, don’t let them fool youThe ads for this (which number in the hundreds if not thousands) across other games, portray this as a multi puzzle game. It is not It is just a match three game. What the ads show is not the game. Good graphics but you cannot win levels after a certain point without spending real money. They say you can but it’s a lie. Everyone stops playing eventfully because it pointless. I will be punished for this review too, by being given even smaller rewards and harder quests. But I don’t care because I and almost all the people who were in my team (have stopped playing. But the misleading ads are my biggest beef. The puzzles they advertise are as rare as hens teeth. There was a period where they did have one or two every few levels but I have not seen one for months/or many many levels. When I spoke to someone in the ‘help’ they virtually said I was lying. That as I am at level 1400+ then I obviously can beat the levels. This was after I said that I have spent over $300 real money out of frustration. They chose to ignore that, then went on to imply I must be stupid. They are not generous with rewards as many other games are. They just want to keep you interested enough to spend your money. you have been WARNED. This review won’t get shown either THIEVES, LIARS UTTER.Version: 15864

Fake adsThe ads for this game create the impression that most of the game is puzzle solving. However, you spend most of your time on castle decorating and other tedious activities and there is Mon way around it. I rather pay for a game that provides what it supposed to. Will happily by a version that only got the puzzles..Version: 16638

False AdvertisingI was playing Geometry Dash, and an ad came up telling us that Rick Hoffmann loved the game. After some research, I found out that he was a fake bot who was trying to tell people that a such famous person was playing the game. This is honestly terrible. Please remove the ad. I’m tired of seeing it. Next, many bots play on the ads. It makes many people mad that they lose the game for such a dumb reason. Why can’t the bots do better? I’ve never seen a good ad with a human actually winning. A literal “human” in the ad kept talking like a bot and losing on purpose which can make others mad about it. Please do something about the ad. And, the mini game in the ad is fake. The only way you can access the fun mini games is to wait a few minutes for the royal match ad. Absolute garbage..Version: 15864

DO NOT DOWNLOADThis game is so falsely advertised and even after you download it to play the game is not as advertised! You never see any place to “save the king” and the ads are continuous and long!!! Their long ads also appear continuously in other games while playing and you can’t get rid of them! Wish I could find a way to get rid of future ads for this game! If enough people write bad reviews, maybe they will take the hint and other game producers will not allow them to advertise during their games! we can only hope!!!.Version: 19155

Why?To start it is a great game and all but I when I downloaded I got the game ads even more I have no idea why but anyway. Second the add why are you lying and pretty much paying people to lye because it says it SOO fun because there are soo many mini games wrong I in fact have got ONE and I am in the dinning hall so please make you game more clear. And finally how are you supposed to get power ups because I am kind of new and I have used all my power ups I can’t get anymore and it is frustrating that it is SO hard to get them before I sign off I would like you to know that your game is good but lying ads, very little power ups and more mini games that is why I am giving it three stars. That’s Wild Tornado signing off thank you in advance.Version: 19155

Not enough chances!!!This game is good for the first day, but then it gets very frustrating when you are given only 20 lives and 50 things to break and it is never enough. I have been on level 26 for over a week and that makes me want to delete the game as I can’t complete the level, thus not being able to get onto the next section (which is the pool) and the ads are all about the King getting in danger, and there is 0 of that in the actual game. Ok, I’ve had 1 that lasted 30 seconds (I am not kidding). The King Peril Levels are literally the only reason I downloaded the game. And all you do in the REAL game is decorate a palace which you can’t even DO because you can’t beat the levels! There are 0 ads though. I will give them that. Anyway, don’t download this game you can’t complete any of the levels and the ads lie..Version: 12491

So badI don’t really know who made this game, but I get ads for it all the time when I downloaded the game that was at you. Had to watch ads to get good stuff like you had to watch ads to get things that help you in the game like things that can break up stuff. Please can you just make it so they can get them in prize boxes. I don’t understand why this ad keeps popping up all over my iPad. It’s literally the only app I’m getting it’s really annoying if there’s no ads in the game then please can you stop bombarding me with ads I downloaded a game that said it had only ads that been sponsored by the same game company, but actually you’re not the same game company and it’s just really annoying me so please can you make it so that it’s not all the royal match ads. I’m really sorry to be such a bad review, but it’s just really annoying me Am I get ads for Royal match on Royal match which is really annoying says no ads when it actually does have ads, so please just stop fake advertising anyway anyway I think you’ve got maybe a good game just stop faking it anyway I’ll see you soon and please just change your game.Version: 16414

Great game, but I’m quitting…My adventures in Royal match! You will be treated like royalty! No?Why? Read on for my ONE BIG REASON TO QUIT BEFORE YOU START. I’d rather watch five 60 second adds than wait 20 minutes to play again after every lost round. I downloaded this, lost after ten minutes or so, first it told me to come back in a few minutes, so I waited, played, then waited and waited…….still waiting…….oh yeah okay, I’ll just put this in the background three or four screens over, one month later, I stumble on the game, play ten minutes, admire the graphics, Oooooops! Time’s up! Come back….ONE MONTH LATER…..Play 15 minutes. Ooooops, life got in the way….LEAVE TO PLAY A FUN GAME THAT IS INDEED WORKING! Royal is on the back burner AGAIN, THREE WEEKS LATER… ten minutes… it’s getting deleted for lack of use….I’m laughing my way to the bank, look at all I’ve saved not playing this! You gotta love it! I’m one who pays to play, but you lost my income, because of this huge game play flaw. Great graphics, great playing, all around fun. But you LOSE me. No play. No pay. Simple fact. I think I owe you an explanation. I simply will move on to something that is actually playable. I love watching adds if the reward is a great game as a afterward. But I don’t have the time or the patience to wait upwards of half an hour every ten minutes for a game, ANY game, no matter how fun it is. Such a shame. Great game…..not worth waiting for. Or paying for..Version: 19155

Algorithm is designed for you to spend moneyOver the past year I noticed the game is intended to cause you to lose in order to spend money. For instance if you watch the patterns the game will cause you to fail so much that you have no option but to use coins until you can't play anymore. It used to be if you failed a level you could play it until you passed. Now, after you fail the game they immediately do +5 ... up to +30 after EVERY game. It's no longer fun. Most boards are no-win or all-win boards. It's one thing if the game was genuinely created to operate on strategy but if the game senses you could win they intentionally change the board to make it unsolvable. Sometimes the game gives you a 100% winnable board, no matter how much you try to fail it gives you boosters in the right places to win. I wish the developers would go back to the initially honest algorithm. It's one thing to make money but to make it so miserable to play and intentionally make it unenjoyable. Absolutely do not put any money in the app because the game isn't about strategy like it used to be. It doesn't matter how many boosters you have the game is pre-determined to whether you will win or not. The pattern of playable boards vs unplayable boards is so repetitive that it's so obvious!!.Version: 16638

Free to play but not without issuesI came to this game from mobile adverts, which have no governing body so they can portray what they want without fear of redress. In this case they pitched the game very much as puzzle solving but soon you find ‘the king’s nightmare’ is one screen every 20 or so levels. You can play for free, but as you progress deeper into the game the algorithm will push you harder and harder to spend money on lives or power ups or game additions. I’ve noticed that when completing 10 levels and winning a ‘power ball’ it’s only ever awarded on an ‘extra hard level’ meaning you loose it if you don’t complete the level in one go or you can pay to continue and try and beat it. Overall it’s another version of bejewelled type games (an updated hardcore version) but just don’t fall into the trap of spending real world money on things you will never own..Version: 18730

SCAM! Charges for In-App Purchases not made!!!Would give it negative stars if it were possible! Beware! The game will take your money without making the request! Not only that, what has been charged and paid for does not appear! If you should make purchases, it will charge you twice without delivering! DUMP IT! Downright THEFT!.Version: 18983

Hmmm something doesn’t seem rightLevel 5390 and this has happened on many occasions throughout my time playing. It’s probably time to take another break from this game. I used a double bomb to explode the vine. It exploded right next to the vine, that only had the base of the vine left. I had already extended the game once for 900 just so that I wouldn’t lose my super ball and to move onto the next level. when it exploded the end of the vine it didn’t explode the vine or disappear. I had to purchase more lives at 1900 for 5 helicopters just to explode the darn thing. This makes me furious because for one thing, why is the first time we extend for 5 more moves @ 900 then for 5 more it goes up to 1900 instead of 1800 for 5 more moves. What is odd is at the end of the game when we have any helicopters, bombs or anything left we get a measly few coins. We should be getting the same amount you want us to purchase it for. This is crazy. I really enjoyed playing this game and as much time and money I have spent I should get a discount, especially when the game doesn’t do what it is supposed to do. I stopped playing the game for awhile last time because it was doing this very thing. I don’t know if it’s a glitch or what but I’m not too happy about it especially since I’m competitive and spend good money on this game and then for it to act up..Version: 15782

EhhhI do enjoy this game, but the fact that once you get further into it (level 1721) and it takes 100 stars to upgrade an area is ridiculous. Maybe for the tougher levels, give 2 or 3 stars? I haven’t upgraded areas for months and got up to 420 stars saved. I burned through in 10 minutes to unlock 4 areas and only get 1k total coins(which is the most important part of the game, coins) and I’d love to understand how the developers figure out coins for remaining moves. Many of levels I’ve had 10+ moves left and I only get 50 coins…which is questionable. I have no problem with a game being difficult, but if it’s going to difficult shouldn’t you give the players back a bit more? Two last things, the kings nightmare are very fun, but haven’t seen those challenges in quite some time. Maybe every 25 instead of 50 or 100? Lastly, I know you say all the levels can be beat without powerups, but when you only have 20 moves and the level has to be reshuffled three times in the first five moves doesn’t add up. I’d love to see how you can do that especially on a hard level/level with 4 sections you have to beat. I’d love to hear a response because I do enjoy the game. But people aren’t wrong when they say it’s a pay to play game. It’s either that or wait to play.Version: 9801

Scummy algorithms ruin amazing gamesHad this game since all the way back when Ryan Reynolds was promoting it. I’ve loved it until about 6 months ago, when I noticed it got markedly harder. Turns out, after some research and seeing some other reviews, that the devs decided to stealthily turn this into a pay-to-win. App itself is free with no ads, but if you win too much without spending money, the boards become literally unwinnable. It’s like the game is actively thwarting your strategy and then “teasing” you once you run out of turns, showing a board that would obviously win in one more turn if you were to use coins. I tried out a theory and I was very alarmed at what I found. I had been stuck on a level and literally tried to beat it 30+ times. I then went and got the lowest pack of JUST COINS, and the next game?… finished the board in under 10 moves. Kept winning with easy boards for about 20 lvls then came to an impasse again. Tried about 10 times. Did it again. Won like crazy again. This algorithm is designed to get you addicted to the game then slowly bleed as much money as possible from players by making you pay to keep going, without blatantly saying that. I actually thoroughly enjoyed this game for years, but I refuse to give greedy devs money when they think they’re being slick. They aren’t..Version: 19371

Fun, but…This game is so fun and addicting. I play a few times a day and love the gameplay. My bf and I both play and so we like to compete against each other and try to beat one another in the side missions. That being said, it’s not consistent when it comes to the Kings Nightmares and Bonus Levels. I’m on level 761 and I get a Nightmare once or twice a week, but have never received a Bonus Level. My bf on the other had, occasionally gets a Nightmare and will get a couple Bonus Levels per day. I’m in the fan group on fb, and this seems to be an issue that everyone has. The inconsistency is unfair to players. I messaged support and they basically blew me off by saying they try to make a unique experience for all players. I tried to explain that unique is good, but it’s unfair when it’s that far off with every player. Especially when a Nightmare only gives you 50coins and the Bonus Levels give 500+. It seems silly and ridiculous to complain about, but it is annoying to see how inconsistent the bonus levels are for each player. There are others that claim there are other types of bonus levels that neither me or my bf have ever seen. I wish the support team was more “supportive” and willing to fix the issues, and less unbothered..Version: 13626

Let me explainSo this is just another match 3 game. Loads of them out there so unless it stands head and shoulder over all the others you can not give it a 5* rating. 4* would be the best. Personally its one of many so struggles to get past a 3* rating for me. There are no adverts in the game agreed, but you will all see massive amounts of adverts for this game in any others you play. That would be okay BUT they go on for longer than the other adverts and they need the most clicks to get through. So for that on its own you wouldn’t get a star from me at all. The fact they have to so heavily advertise the game also tells you that it is just another average match 3 game. If it was that good it would sell itself. The adverts all talk about how good the graphics are. Seriously, there is nothing wrong with the graphics but again you can’t say there any better than majority of games out there..Version: 17077

Nothing like its AdsI downloaded this game after seeing its ads full of interesting mini games. The actual game is nothing like that. It’s just another match-3 style game. It took the candy crush mechanic, tweaked it to make it less strategic, and globbed on a cutesy royal theme on it. The end result is candy crush for a lower IQ audience. There is a “mini game” every 20 levels or so, but it’s always the same one, not like the ads, and it sucks..Version: 5761

TerribleThe King is not in peril. Uninstalled. Quite frankly, I’ve seen many such cases of this game being marketed as saving a monarch, presumably reigning, from many situations deemed too dangerous for the commoner to handle let alone be in as demonstrated by the repeated failures by presumably King Robert’s crooked advisers, likely payed off with money from Dream, to save him. Sad! In addition, the crooked Austin from Garden Drapes doesn’t have his laptop searched for evidence of the fraud he committed to acquire the manor in Ga Ra Sca Go. Likely hidden by the crooked King Robert, King Reductionist we call him, giving all the peoples jobs to foreign kingdoms yet the crooked Dream corporation refuses to oust King Reductionist and replace him with KRT Jr. King Robin Terrance Jr. that is who served TWO TOURS OF DUTY against the Dragons. Wonderful person, true hero of the realm, yet King Reduction refuses to give this true patriot a proper ceremony for his honorable discharge from the seventh Knights corps. Goes to that the crooked King Reduction stole the selection process for the next king and should be tried for TREASON. TRUE PATRIOTS STAND BACK AND STANDBY FOR THE REMOVAL OF KING ROBERT FROM THE THRONE.Version: 17302

Predatory MonetizationI was having fun with this until I passed level 100 - then I hit an almost insurmountable paywall. All the puzzles passed this point are designed to force people into paying. I don’t mind paying for games, but you get no mileage out of what you spend and trying to complete puzzles without an arsenal of P2W special items comes entirely down to luck. I uninstalled. Don’t waste your time..Version: 13245

Saving progress and switching devices horribleToo easy to lose your account when switching to another device. If you’re using IOS, and want to keep your account you need to make sure that you use both the sign in credentials you used before and you need to make sure you use the same Apple ID to access the same iCloud which you must have enabled and backing up. You also need to make sure you are always signed in with your credentials each and every time you play. The reason why? Because the software manager of the development team allowed the save progress button to also be used as a login button at the same time. It’s amazing how so against the norm this is. When you install on a new device, make sure to first start up your game on your old device. Then on your old device, make sure you are logged in. Then switch to your new device and start the game. It’ll force you to do the tutorial upon start up. Exit the tutorial and then go to settings and click on the save progress button and then sign into your account. You should then see your account hopefully with your previous levels saved and then you can say goodbye to your old device. I was level 3000+ . Well it’s my time to say goodbye to this game. Hopefully this helps one of you out there..Version: 15864

False advertisingTired of those games that are nowhere near what it is advertised. Another boring matching game..Version: 16439

Please no one make the same mistake I did by believing the adsIf I could rate this 0 stars I would here is my reasoning enjoy 👍This game is a scam I believed the ads and not looking at the reviews how this game has so many 5 star I don't know probably the people who create and help with the ads the ads say that you help save the king well guess what LIES you don't save the king mabey once in a Blue Moon you just build the king a castle like garden scapes and sorta like candy crush but this is even worse you have to pay so much to get back in the game let alone you lost all 5 lives so people of all countries we have to stop believing in these SCAM MONEY GRABBER GAMES LIKE REALLY NO GAMES ARE ACTUALLY GOOD THESE DAYS LIKE CAN PEOPLE DO BETTER SHOW US MORE TO THE GAME NOT THE FUN PARTS THE ONCE IN A BLUE MOON PARTS LETS STICK TOGETHER EVERYONE AND STOP BELIEVING IN SCAMS and thank you for your tame you made the right choice 😁game and ad developers do better it is so 🤮🤮🤮how you treat people do better I am disgusted in you guys 😡😡😡.Version: 19371

Good… has some downfallsLook, it’s a good game. The graphics are nice, no wifi is needed (except for the teams if you want to view messages) and it’s quite engaging. This game is advertised sooo much so I just got it and it’s harder then I expected. Having saying that, if you are looking for a real puzzle game then this may not be the one. THERE IS NO ACTUAL SKILL OR BRAIN POWER REQUIRED!?! The game is totally dependent on the pieces that get delivered to the board… it’s all massively based on luck. The power ups you can buy are SO EXPENSIVE, I really can’t imagine anyone actually wasting their money on them. Having said this, it’s a nice game but needs some tweaking so we get to use our BRAINS a bit more. The team mode it has is clever though! I have created a team and lots of them but the passes. At the moment it’s the “ sweet pass” which is all well and good if you want to waste ten quid and have an urge to see your name in gold…. What can I say. Look, it’s fine. Not all it’s cracked up to be when you really think about it..Version: 13310

Still a fun gameI enjoy playing the game and have gotten to advanced levels. There are not many bonus levels or Kings nightmare levels. Only maybe twice a week and I play daily. The higher levels are extremely difficult and will take many tries on each level to pass. This is where the game makes a ton of money. You get frustrated and end up paying for coins. The coins will be gone very fast though. I would advise not spending the money unless they have a really GOOD flash sale. They have a lot of so called flash sales but the rate is still high. You can join a high scoring team but the problem is the same. Everyone will hit a threshold and not be able to pass levels at a certain point. You all can still win the levels on your own but it takes a long time and that’s how the game makes so much money. I understand the payout must be huge in terms of what players might spend. Maybe the developers could compromise for those who don’t want to spend? Watching ads for coins? There is no way to get extra coins except by beating levels (which is hard to do without extra coins) or if your teammates happen to buy certain bundles you get a small coin bonus. Something to consider..Version: 14644

Suspicious stars reviewI don’t get how it’s almost rated 5 stars when most of the reviews are negative , the game is basically doin false advertising, also I suspect they are buying positive reviews..Version: 19155

Royal matchI downloaded Royal match thinking it would be better then all the puzzle games as it had a time limit and made your brain think quickly. I was wrong it’s just the same as all the others like gardenscapes. In fact it is identical, every now and then it will throw in the ones they advertise but then you have to do the ones we’re you have limited moves. And even though there are no ads which I’d the only thing that’s true. It has horrible graphics and the only thing that will make people download it is the no ads but really it’s such a bad game that they had no choice but to make it a no ads game. And on the ads they have so many of them because the game is horrible and they know it which is why they are masking it with no ads..Version: 18369

Very MisleadingI added this because I kept getting AD’s for it while playing another game. It looked fun trying to save the king and the colors were bright and fun. Sadly, I’ve played 22 rounds in a few days and it’s just been earning stars to decorate different areas in a castle. The colors and themes are fun, but it gets boring real quick and I’ve had only 2 rounds of saving the king from a “nightmare”. This is not what was advertised and the challenge in each game is practically the same each time. Plus if you don’t pass a round, it requires 900 gold coins to continue and you only get 5 more moves to try win a round. Thats a lot of coin to keep playing a failed level! I just failed the level and tried again w/o giving up coin, 900 coins is a lot when you don’t earn that many coins each round. After one round I failed couple times, it timed me out for 12 hours or I had to pay actual $$ to keep going. I won’t pay to play this game but I would if it was actually the advertised version. I liked the concept of saving the king as it looked like it required strategy, but this is just another Candy Crush with different tools to break blocks. I’m going to delete this but if it changes to actually be what was advertised with challenges to save the king, I’ll re-download it..Version: 20539

THE FIX IS INJust like almost every other game available here the fix is in with this one as well. First of all the advertisements for it whilst playing other games and having to watch endless ads shows levels “saving the king” which only very rarely appear during actual game play. Secondly it’s all about the money. I’m on level 374 and over and over and over and over again I cannot beat the level. It’s not because I don’t know HOW to beat it, it’s just that the game never gives you what you need. For instance if the goal is to collect a certain number of a pink gem it makes sure you get fewer than that number before you run out of moves. Then you have the option to spend coins that are exceeding difficult to earn unless you are gifted with a rare bonus level. NINE HUNDRED COINS to get an additional THREE moves! And you still don’t get what you need, then to get three more moves it’s 1900 coins. But once you give in and spend the coins you’re done, it will only rarely let you win on the first try because now its in their algorithm that you are stupid enough to buy something from them. These developers should be ashamed of themselves because it really is just about robbing people. They figured that out during the pandemic. Do some research to see how much money they raked in while people were quarantined..Version: 6760

Great game but expensiveHave been playing for a couple of years, now can hardly seem to progress without buying coins and power ups, getting way to expensive. Thinking about deleting, not fun anymore!.Version: 19619

Get your wallet outI have been playing Royal Match for a few weeks now. I don’t play daily because I get very frustrated with the gameplay. Graphics and sound are too notch, however the game is basically rigged. The number of moves you have are limited and differ at every puzzle. If you choose a “booster” that you have saved the game does not allow you to choose when your booster is used. It gives you the booster at the very start of the level. The problem is that many times you are forced to activate your booster right away because using the booster is the only move you can make. You just wasted the booster. It did not improve your situation at all. Then as you run out of moves the game will give you 5 moves but it’ll cost you 900 coins. If you happen to need an additional move beyond the 5 given it will cost 1900 coins. It’s rigged to force you to spend money buying extra coins and lives. I understand every developer deserves to make money but the constant pressure to purchase lives or coins makes the game frustrating to play. As a previous reviewer stated, you can lose 20 attempts in a row, then decide you’ll spend a few bucks for more lives, only to find you’ve miraculously completed the level with a super simple move. Do you want to succeed ? If so you’d better get out some cash because you’re going to need it..Version: 3981

So many problems with the gameplay.Right from the off let’s get one thing straight. This is a game of luck, skill is not really required. Other than knowing how to make the most basic of moves and using a little smidgen of brainpower, sadly the rest is going to pure luck. It is a match three game and is utterly dependent on the pieces that are delivered to the board, of which you have no control over. So that smug feeling that you have when you win the a round soon becomes a hollow feeling after several rounds. Beyond this the levels are WAY too short as is the number of moves allowed, which means that if you attempt to play with any long-term plan or skill or strategy you are instantly punished and there is no chance of this being a useful method of play. The only thing that can win almost every round are the super-duper, amazing, look at how awesome the graphics are, aren’t these super cool, power-ups! Without the power-ups you cannot win any round, the power-ups are dependent on the bricks delivered, the bricks delivered are dependent on luck and there you go. Unless of course that is, you purchase power-ups (at ludicrously expensive prices which I can’t imagine anybody would actually pay) which is of course the whole reasoning behind the game! Having said all of that, the animation is great and the colours are vibrant and it’s very catchy. This could be a really stunning game with a few tweaks, okay fairly big tweaks then. Have fun playing it.. but you have been warned!.Version: 2893

Great at the startI deleted the last game like this that ended up impossible to pass a level without purchasing additional tools. Just got there with this game. Shame, because it was quite fun....Version: 15782

DisappointedNothing like the ads!.Version: 12303

The game is nothing like it’s commercial advertisingThe commercial shown in other games is of you trying to save the king from danger. It is in fact just another boring matching game..Version: 12303

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