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Royal Match App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Royal Match app received 141 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Royal Match? Can you share your negative thoughts about royal match?

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Royal Match for Negative User Reviews

Can’t be botheredWas enjoying this game better than than CC, but once l came to realise the cogs of the game, its not worth your free time. They are cheap on rewards when you pass a level, expect you pay for tricks at ridiculous prices, make a level super hard that you spends multiple days trying to achieve. You’d expect they’d want to keep you playing their game but no!. Like someone else commented...not value for money on the packages available. 1 hour and 10 lives and still didn’t complete the level. Saids a lot about the game. Don’t waste your time people’s ! I’m out and onto something else...Deleted 🥳.Version: 7656

Fun but RiggedThe game is fun but it is clearly rigged like other have said. Multiple times I have been down to my last couple of moves on a level that I have failed nearly a dozen times and then all the sudden multiple special specials occur. The developers has responded to several reviews stating that the levels are winnable without special but this is simply not true. On a lot of the super hard levels you will not have enough moves to win without getting lucky and by lucky I mean that the game will final give you the right combination after multiple loss. If you are like me and refuse to send real money to win then this will get frustrating really fast. Also like others have stated I got tricked by the save the king ad. I am on level 374 and have only had level with the king two times and neither of them where the one advertised. The game is still fun when it is not cheating and forcing you to use special boosters in order to advance..Version: 6081

Pay to winAnother candy crush, but worse, recycled levels. Their algorithms decide if you win your lose, so typical of mobile games of this genre..Version: 7495

Fix your addsI was playing a different game, and an add for this came up. I watch through and click the x at the end, and it opened up in the app center. I click done, then the x again. At least 50 times before I had to force close the game I was trying to play. I do like Royal Match, but i resent your adds preventing me from playing other games. Do better..Version: 7495

Commercial is GrossI downloaded this only to leave a review. I get a commercial for this in my other games and, in the commercial, the king drowns and at the last minute when it’s too late for the lifesaver, he turns blue and goes limp. That is horrific and gross to see. Doesn’t make me want to download the game to play, I’ll delete it upon posting this 🤢.Version: 3637

Good but 30 minutes for a lifeI like the game. Play it a bit. But 30 minutes for one life?! That’s a bit excessive. And what happened to the levels where you save the king’s life? That’s what I see advertised a lot but haven’t played one since the beginning..Version: 5502

Okay you know whatI have not played this game. But whenever this game’s ad is displayed anywhere in my phone, I try to exit it and it won’t close. Just brings me to the App Store each time. So I have to close my games entirely. I’m mad and this is ridiculous..Version: 7656

Fun Game But….I really like this game but they should make it easier for players who have reached level 1000 and give us more rewards during the bonus rounds and more frequent bonus rounds. My biggest issue with the game and the reason I gave it only 3 stars is the Royal Pass. I was really really disappointed with the royal pass. In most games if you get a pass you get extra goodies as you pass levels. In Royal match you have 27 days of the royal pass BUT you can only make it to the next set of prizes after you have played the number of games that corresponds with the date. For example, when you play the first game on day one you get the reward, then you have to play two games to get the next set of prizes, then you have to play 3 games to get the next set of prizes, then you have to play 4 games to get the next set of prizes and so on and so on, it is really frustrating to have to play 15, then 16, then 17, then 18 games, etc., just to get a few rewards and this is AFTER you pay $9.99 for the pass. I will not buy another royal pass..Version: 4943

THE FIX IS INJust like almost every other game available here the fix is in with this one as well. First of all the advertisements for it whilst playing other games and having to watch endless ads shows levels “saving the king” which only very rarely appear during actual game play. Secondly it’s all about the money. I’m on level 374 and over and over and over and over again I cannot beat the level. It’s not because I don’t know HOW to beat it, it’s just that the game never gives you what you need. For instance if the goal is to collect a certain number of a pink gem it makes sure you get fewer than that number before you run out of moves. Then you have the option to spend coins that are exceeding difficult to earn unless you are gifted with a rare bonus level. NINE HUNDRED COINS to get an additional THREE moves! And you still don’t get what you need, then to get three more moves it’s 1900 coins. But once you give in and spend the coins you’re done, it will only rarely let you win on the first try because now its in their algorithm that you are stupid enough to buy something from them. These developers should be ashamed of themselves because it really is just about robbing people. They figured that out during the pandemic. Do some research to see how much money they raked in while people were quarantined..Version: 6760

AnnoyingRemoved the app as I got annoyed with the constant lies it tells you and it’s incessant pleas to give it money. It’s like being grifted by an irritating child. A few of the lies: Hard levels aren’t really hard. It’s an attempt to trick you into wasting your boost items. If you fail a level ignore the “you’ll lose your propellers/books” etc messages. You don’t “lose” anything that you’ve already gained, you just won’t get more until you finish the level. I’m sure there’s more of this dishonest rubbish to be encountered later in the game, but I’m not wasting any more of my time on it. Not a big fan of royalty either - am I going to get to use the nice pool area I’ve built?! I doubt it. The French had the right idea about this kind of thing... The sooner we ban in-app purchases in games the better..Version: 4306

Not as advertisedWhy advertise one game and give another? The advertised game looks great! A bit different from the millions of other exactly the same match games. The advertisement shows you matching items to save a house or the king but once downloaded it’s the same as the rest. I’ve played up to area 2 and in day 15 levels I had to finally save the king. I’ll be deleting as I wanted something different to the norm. Stand out, be different and I’m sure you’ll get more people downloading, playing and keeping..Version: 6960

Mind numbing annoying adsNo challenge whatsoever, pure money grabbing, not for me thanks.Version: 6771

Pay to playThe levels are fun and the graphics are beautiful. There’s always a new challenge to do. I don’t get the point of teams other and beg for lives, the biggest hurdle in this game. Most of the levels seem rigged to require 8 to 10 lives and over an hours worth a play before the seemingly impossible level completes in a few moves. I hate this pay to play style of game and wish it would disappear and be replaced with an outright purchase instead..Version: 6526

Just for funI’ve played this game a lot. Graphics are good and mostly is engaging. I play as a distraction when things are stressy. As I progress through the levels the use of hard and super hard levels increases and to be honest it gets boring to have to play the same level repeatedly and it’s not even that you could finish the game in one or two extra moves, it’s another 10 or 15 moves away. I’ve stopped playing so much now, because it’s meant to be something for fun, not an exercise in stamina..Version: 6526

It good but annoying to play for a long timeQuite a mindless fun game which is good but you can’t skip all the things you win each round, sometimes it just takes too long so you go to another game! I don’t need to watch a bomb win just put it in my tally!.Version: 5122

BaitedDownloaded about 400 and something levels ago cause I was pulled in by the kings challenges from an ad in another game. So far I think I’ve only had two kings challenges. A bit disappointing the game doesn’t match the ad but still addictive to play *shrug*.Version: 5502

RiggedIt’s like playing the POKIES This game cheats, I’m starting to notice unfair play, gems line up but boosts are not given, I notice that when you have your last go, many boosts are given to try and entice the player to either use their coins or to purchase them. Sometimes I can purchase a pack $7.99 sometimes more and I can spend the hour of free lives and extras and not get through that level till im down to the last minutes, if I don’t purchase it can take days, I find after an amount of days pass I’m given pitty and I clear the stage with moves left because so many boosts are given, I would have purchased so many lives it’s ridiculous, I’ve spent so much. The game is rigged big time, the creator’s of this game are cheats. The price you charge for everything is too high. And when you are in a level and want to buy a extra - it’s doubled and then tripled etc Unfair play and cheats.Version: 7495

Same as the other reviewsAs others have stated, the game can be fun - addictive even. But it is definitely rigged to make you spend money, and way too frequently. I miss the days where if a game or app did cost money, you had two options. Either a trial/limited version where you only got to use it for “X” amount of days before you purchased it, or a partially functional app that would fully unlock after purchase. Either way, it was a one time purchase, or at most a two-three tier purchase package with better features/ higher cost on each tier. Now you have to pay for subscriptions, deal with ads, and constantly make in-app purchases to even play the game. In-app purchases should solely be used for the purposes of extra customization: skins, character upgrades, additional themes, etc. we should never have to spend money just to advance within a reasonable amount of time. I understand that programming is a tedious skill, but these developers need to stop being greedy and slick. If you wanna make some serious money off of programming, how about you build alternate operating systems, or something of the sort. Stop trying to get rich off of simple time-passing games. Sheesh..Version: 5887

Royal matchGame does not give choices for items to be placed. The game needs, also, to match what the promo shows, it misses that entirely. Not pleased with the game at all.Version: 7495

Fun game, but bad adsI play Royal Match, and let me just say it’s addicting! It’s so fun and I play it all the time. I’m so glad it doesn’t have ads. But I want to give you guys some advice which I know you’re not going to take. I’ve only seen the save the king levels about twice and I’m on level 251. Most people buy your game because of that. That’s all your ads show. Plus, it’s so painful and cringey to watch the ad because it’s so stupid! Don’t show stupid people who can’t play the game on your ads! It’s so cringey and I think you can do better ads. Show people how fun your game is, that’s what ads are for! And also, lean off the save the king things if your not going to do it often. It’s way too overdone with *inhales* Hero Wars! Gardenscapes! Homescapes! Candy Crush! Even Angry Birds is doing it! Break away from the crowd, and make it less painful when I watch an ad to get an extra life in another video game!.Version: 5761

Not really honestI’ve been playing this game for months. At first I was extremely irritated that the ads that draw you to this game never appeared. I started playing on a different device under another name and I actually played a couple. The biggest issue that I have is that the developers punish you for playing well. It’s not the levels get harder it’s that things are programmed against you. For example the tnt special mystery takes out more of the board when there is a more powerful special on the board. Or that if you combine the copter with the rocket it takes out pieces that need removed, unless there is a light ball. Then it goes out of its way to take out the light ball. And if you have a light ball when you combine 2 specials for your last move, you know to maybe get more books, the light ball will always be taken out. I don’t mind giving a little money here and there, but I want an honest game. To the developers there’s an old saying “ If you dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with B… S…” needless to say I can tell the difference..Version: 5355

3-5 starsThe game is frustrating there is a couple of levels i cant even get through without 3 hearts or boosters. Depending on ur level thats how hard it is, i currently haven’t played in months over a i just started playing again and i’m still struggling. the game is not to bad its just i don’t really like it (thats an opinion btw) and some people are good and some are bad like me, When I first got the game I was very happy until a level i couldn’t pass. i got really mad, disappointed, and sad over a level. Im looking forward to get better at this game but sometimes the levels are challenging to the point where it takes 2-5 hearts/lives, And thats really annoying i have to keep using boosters for little levels that u can pass really easily and I don’t wanna keep doing that. So please when new people join can u give 5 free boosters because some levels are difficult to the point where u just give up and want to restart the whole game. Thats also not an option, All of your progress saves and i thought it didn’t because when u delete a app it says “all your data will be removed” i’ve never left a bad review on anything but i’m really annoyed and disappointed..Version: 6960

The ads are a lieThe game is fun overall, but the levels and challenges that are advertised don’t exist in the game (update below). I started playing the game before seeing this current iteration of ads and now I wish the game was like what they were advertising. It looks fun! The actual game is very similar to candy crush with a different look and feel. Enjoyable game if you like those kinds of puzzlers, but if the ads are what you are looking for, it isn’t here. Update: I figured I would update my review for clarity since the developer has responded saying that the levels are in fact in the game. I am currently on level 1,222 and have not see any of the advertised levels nor any ways to unlock them through my progression. Not exactly sure where to find them. Included or not, I will say this. The vast majority of the game you will be playing is different than the ads portray. Like I mentioned, still fun, just different than what you may be expecting..Version: 5761

Started out great but then...This game was amazing in the beginning. It gave bonus rounds which gave a good chance to obtain plenty of golden coins. Some stages were difficult, and you may use up all your you had to wait or you could purchase more coins to continue. But either way you could eventually progress to the next puzzle. I loved it until around level 185. Then the puzzles became so difficult that you HAD to basically spend money to buy coins to keep going. The puzzles were so stacked against you that you would burn up all your turns and barely even begin obtaining the objective items. I’m all for in-app purchases. I know the devs don’t make games for no profit. But there should be SOME chance of passing a stage without making multiple gold coin purchases to pass ONE puzzle. Do the math and you could end up spending $20 dollars just to be able to pass ONE puzzle. And that’s where I refused to continue. The devs shots themselves in the foot...eventually people will just delete the game when they realize there’s no chance of progressing past any one stage without sinking multiple purchases per puzzle. Bye!!!!.Version: 4202

Don’t be fooled by the ads for this gameAlthough the game itself is pretty good, it is like most other match 3 games out there. I got suckered into downloading this one because of the various ads showing the king needing to be saved from a big corkscrew, drowning, setting on fire etc. I thought these looked interesting racing against the clock. Well now I’m on level 260 and so far I have only had two of these kind of levels, both exactly the same one (corkscrew) and both were very early in the game. So I do feel a bit disappointed that it makes out as if you will be doing those levels often but in reality you don’t..Version: 7312

Nothing like its AdsI downloaded this game after seeing its ads full of interesting mini games. The actual game is nothing like that. It’s just another match-3 style game. It took the candy crush mechanic, tweaked it to make it less strategic, and globbed on a cutesy royal theme on it. The end result is candy crush for a lower IQ audience. There is a “mini game” every 20 levels or so, but it’s always the same one, not like the ads, and it sucks..Version: 5761

I play this game a lot!I like this game but am pretty disappointed that there are close to none - of the side games that used to come through when I first started playing. These side game were really fun as it was a welcome change to the usual gameplay and it had a different kind of challenge to ‘em. Please get those side games coming through more often.Without these, it is starting to get a bit boring! 😊.Version: 6262

False advertisingBEWARE the game is not played the way the ads make it look. They make it look exciting by telling you will be rescuing the king from all kinds of follies but your not. You are just playing the levels to earn stars to boringly place furniture in the castle. BEWARE.Version: 7656

Predatory false advertising that won’t even closeEven after waiting through the 50 second 3 layered ad, when finally presented the X button to close it, the as wouldn’t close and would just keep opening the store page for the abysmal excuse for a game with predatory microtransactions..Version: 7495

Not as good as it wasThis game used to be a lot of fun. You played with your teammates, won a lot of prizes, such as coins and free lives for an hour…then greed set in. If you don’t spend money, you get very few rewards and can’t play as often. If you spend the money, they make it more difficult to attain the prizes as you progress in the game. You spend the majority of the time waiting for lives to refill (30 minutes per life with a maximum of 5…unless you spend the $10 for 8 every 30 days), and you can only request 5 helps every 3 hours for a total of 15 maximum. In the beginning, several of our teammates chipped in the $10 each month for the extra lives and extra prizes. Only 2 out 50 mates did this last time. The developers need to make the game fun again. It’s not fun having to spend a lot of money to play or sit out all the time trying to wait for lives..Version: 5355

Misleading adsLike everyone else said the ads are misleading and the game itself is nothing like the ads, I ended up deleting the game as I don’t like to be lying to..Version: 7656

Nothing like the adDownloaded thinking it was like the ad but it’s not it’s more like another candy crush 🙄.Version: 7164

I hate the addsI hate the adds I hate the torture I hate that the adds won’t close I hate everything related to this game I downloaded it only to leave this review.Version: 7495

Good game but nothing like the adsIt’s a good game to play however it’s nothing like it’s advertised. The ‘save the king’ shown on the ads was what draw me (and I believe many other people) to the game, however it’s NOTHING like that (you sporadically get a save the king level and still they are not like shown on ads). It’s misleading propaganda..Version: 7495

Not what you signed up forI started playing based on an ad during another game. The actual game is nothing like what was in the ad. You’re not actually saving a king. I’m on level 828 and I can count on one hand how many levels there were to “save” the king. Very disappointing. The game isn’t terrible and has a nice concept. I appreciate varying levels of difficulty. The power ups and coins are terrible for the amount you need to play to get them. It takes 900 coins to buy a power up and/or new lives but you’d have to play almost 4 levels to get that many coins saved up. Also once you buy one power up, a second one in same game will cost you 1900. I did buy the Royal pass, waste of money and won’t be buying it anymore. It’s not worth the rewards you get and each day of pass you need to pass the equivalent number of levels to move on. For instance day 3 is 3 levels but to get to 25 you need to finish the first 24 days plus an additional 25 levels. I paid for this, it shouldn’t be that hard. The power up rewards isn’t worth it either. 2 bombs for 22 levels is ridiculous. Also the life regeneration takes wayyy too long. 30 minutes to wait for a new life is ridiculous. Make this game better…I’m one competition from removing it completely to play other games that offer more and are more true to what they represented in the ads..Version: 5355

£8.99 for the Royal Pass......really!!?Enjoying the game and decided I would treat myself to the Royal Pass which gives extra lives for the duration of the event and other bells and whistles.....but it’s £8.99!! I thought £4.99 like other games of this type which would be fair enough....but this is really expensive! Add to this, after I spent the money the game has frozen and I can’t access the team to request lives. Don’t waste your money if they can’t sort their IT out! **Update - contacted the developers and they did sort the frozen game quite quickly! Still think £8.99 is a bit steep though 😂.Version: 6771

Good game BUT!!!Update: DON’T LEAVE A BAD REVIEW IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE PLAYING. Have been stuck on the same level for a week now since leaving my review, so congratulations Devs you just lost another player!! The game itself is good BUT as you only get 5 lives it takes 20 sometimes more tries to get through one level UNLESS you’re prepared to pay, it gets pretty frustrating pretty fast, you can join a team to get more lives but even then it still takes waaaaay too long to advance even 1 level. Pretty disappointing. Be prepared to pay A LOT if you want to advance. They devs say you don’t need to pay or use busters to get through a level, but even using boosters you still won’t get through without playing the same level over and over and over again..Version: 6526

DisappointedThis game is nothing like the trailers that advertise it. Disappointing to say the least and I am sorry I downloaded it..Version: 7656

False AdvertisingI’m sick and tired of all these games creating really interesting advertisements that don’t reflect the game when you download it. I downloaded this game because of the fun “save the king” ads I was served up during other games. Not once have I actually been able to play a level that reflects that. If your game isn’t interesting enough to advertise the ACTUAL gameplay, then maybe that’s saying something..Version: 7656

SCAMThis game was advertised as clearing the blocks and saving the king by been drilled by the spikes.. this game nothing to do with the ad.. it’s a scam… levels are easy to get you hooked on the game.. THEN.. as you level up,, stages get harder and hardly you cannot go past levels without paying money.. I am deleting this scam game.. All it asks for is money to deposit. Don’t waste your time downloading a scam fake game!.Version: 6960

Seriously difficult gameI’ve played the game for a week. The concept is good and each level gives lead ins on what is coming up next to know how to progress. However, the game levels are inconsistent. There are normal, hard and very difficult levels yet some of the normal levels are impossible to get past unless you 1. Use coins either earnt through progress or pay money to obtain or boosters, again earnt through progress or pay cash for. Bottom line, the game is too difficult to progress in unless you put your hand in your wallet. 1/5 rating..Version: 6960

Great game. Unequal prices for in app purchasesThe game is great, really engaging. BUT there is an in app purchase of an hour’s boost that costs me £4.49, and my friend £2.49. It’s identical except the price and I feel a bit like my enjoyment of the game is being taken advantage of. There are times when it’s virtually impossible to progress without paying for boosts, so I wonder if there’s an algorithm that shows where I will pay money in order to buy the boosts and move on, and her money paying threshold is higher, so the price is lower in her case. Whatever the reason, two different prices for exactly the same thing seems wrong to me..Version: 7164

Beware $$$$The first thing I want to say about this game is that when I saw an ad for it, the levels the ad showed were never shown in the game and I made it to level 179. I feel like if a level is advertised, I should at least see it in the game at some point, or even a bonus level. If you want to reach very high levels in this game expect TO PAY SOME MONEY or use all your boosters and coins very fast. I would rather watch an ad to earn coins or boosters rather than pay money to continue playing this game. Just like most ads for these games, this developer once again has done the bait and switch. I will say the game is fun but became frustrating very fast after about a week of play because I feel I was expected to spend money. I also expected to at least earn rewards for coming back to play every day like most games give you. Not cool, developers! I promptly deleted it after much frustration. Don’t waste your time and most definitely don’t waste your money. The only good thing about this game is that the graphics were very good..Version: 3892

Falsely accusedToday I received a message from someone in customer support who FALSELY accused me of stealing coins. They claimed that Royal Match does not have advertisements populate in their app. That is a false statement because that’s all you get is advertisements throughout the game. If a customer click an advertisement that populate while playing Royal Match and want take advantage of the offers that will give the customer more coins for trying out the advertisement then why not. So if you would have review my purchases then you would have found that I make purchases regularly. Clearing purchasing coins was not an issues. False advertisements is illegal and not honoring what Royal Match Developer advertise for their clients or to the clients base who play the game is his honorable. I can prove advertisements is in the app and send screenshot. I take great offense to you attacking my Character and Integrity and insinuating a crime was committed. NEVER accuse a customer when you don’t have all the fact and NEVER make false statements about Royal Match advertisements. Especially when a customer can take a screen shot or video tape the advertisements. I’m very upset with the customer support person who sent that message. I took screenshots of the message for proof..Version: 6960

Game not as statesLooks like a fun game saving this Cute Chubby king! Forget it! Ive been playing this game for a while now and have never seen the king it is just another worn out overly available “match 3, furnish a house, manor, castle game.” The power ups under perform, doing little. Once you are out of power ups, your done unless you want to buy the power ups which you would have to do often I’m pretty good at these games but can’t get enough game time to developers the technique to progress in the game It’s sad because this could be a very fun game but it isn’t. It’s merely an money making scam. The focus of this game is saving the King that I’ve NEVER had the chance to save. I’d spend money to actually get to save the King but I’m not going to spend money to play another stupid match 3, furnish a anything game. Plenty of those games that that don’t force you to buy power ups so you can play the game I’m on level 171, have completed 7 1/2 areas. You would think I would have had some fun faving the king. Nope! The only time you will set the king is in ads in between plays. You won’t see him. You won’t get the opportunity to save him either. Don’t bother with this game. I’m deleting it and going on my way. I’ve wastes too much Tim on this already I gave it 1 star because the king is so darn cute. I gave it another star because saving the king looks like fun, they didn’t deliver on this one..Version: 5887

MisrepresentedI do like the game, but none of the mini-games they show you in all the adds to make you download it are really there… it sucks a bit. FYI I’m at level 365, it would be about time that those “Save the king’s game” get unlocked….Version: 6081

Not as advertisedI downloaded this game because, while playing a different game, this was one of the most regular ads I was seeing. Based on the ads, where you have to save the king before he is forced to some sort of demise, it seemed like it would be really interesting and a different type of game that most of the others that are out there. There are literally only 3 levels, all within the first 100 levels, that are this type of challenge. The rest are Candy Crush type levels. When I reached around level 700 and still had not found any more of the “rescue king” levels, I contacted app support thinking that I was maybe missing a challenge somewhere. I wasn’t. According to app support, there are literally only 3 of the levels that are used to advertise the game in the entirety of the game production and they all fall within the first 100 levels. While I still play and enjoy the game, had I known it was basically the same type of game within similar game play strategies and levels as the one I was already playing, I would have chosen not to download it and would have stuck with the game I was already playing. I’m really disappointed that the whole advertisement for this game really has very little to almost nothing to do with the actual game itself and, to me, is the epitome of false advertising..Version: 5355

What is the gameThe game is kind of pointless bc because all you do is collect crowns and you can’t do anything like the ad shows see for yourself.Version: 7656

Stear clear Costs too much $$$I’m in a great team and I love this game but the only way to pass levels, especially the higher levels is to buy power ups. The power ups costs have just been increased (and not everyone in my team is paying the same) and when questioning support about this the response is “it depends on how you play the game everyone different, it’s the alogarythms.” Umm ok so I’ve spent a lot of actual $$$’s possibly 70/80 and i’m still being charged more. Isn’t that reversing the effect of wanting me to spend more money because a) i’m losing interest quickly because it takes me DAYS to pass a level and B) i’m being taken advantage of by the programmers. Even though they’re breaking their own rules of everyone playing fair and equal..Version: 5761

Was enjoying until glitch wiped everythingNo customer service. I was enjoying this app until a glitch wiped out my credits. Support offered me a pathetic substitute. Seriously, it costs them nothing to give you back what you lost when they caused the problem. Game deleted. No problem heaps more to choose from!! Response: I contacted you through the settings only to get rude responses and pathetic substitutes for what I had lost. She continually said she could investigate to prevent future losses. Does nothing for the PRESENT LOSS does it? Shocking support I do not recommend this game to anyone!.Version: 6526

Mini gamesWhere are the mini games as shown on the ad, false advertising I will be deleting if no answer.Version: 4902

Gets unenjoyably difficultFine and fun at the beginning but then you just keep losing. They obviously want you to buy extra bombs etc. You go from trying 10 x to pass a level to the slight euphoria of finally getting through to moving onto the next level and failing repeatedly.Version: 7495

Pay To WinAt first this game looked fun. But after a couple of levels you quickly start to realize there isn’t much skill involved at all, but more so luck. In order to win you’d need boosters and/or other assets to help win. I feel like this app is designed in a certain algorithm which helps you win a few rounds swiftly but then you hit a wall where, you barely get solid matches to clear a round. This ends up depleting your lives really quickly, forcing you to spend 1000 coins, and eventually lures people into spending actual money in the game. If you avoid giving in, you can eventually beat the round after 20 tries, then it does the same cycle all over again. This game does not feel like it’s in the players control whatsoever but more so of the developers. It’s also striking to me that in almost every game app i was playing on, I saw Royals Match adverts littered around on a day to day basis with Save The King commercials, when in actuality there’s like only 2-3 save the king missions i’ve played out of the 113 levels i’ve completed. Other than that, it’s a twist of Candy Crush. I don’t mind spending money on a game that actually deserves it. But if money is the key to winning then it destroys the whole point of playing it. I would much rather have a actual skill based game that have adverts every round than a game that relies on paying to win..Version: 5887

Cant win a level without payingI’ve been playing this for a while and have noticed most levels are not winnable without having to spend coins to get 5 more moves or using up the extras in the bottom tray. I have decided not to spend any more money and I’ve been stuck on the same level for a week so even tho its a good game, it feels like I’m being cheated out of my money as its described as free and without ads but literally to get to the next level you have to spend coins..Version: 7880

ImpossibleI seriously hate this game. After too many tries I’ve now deleted the game. Level 198 I mean these safes that you need to burst are impossible to burst open when you use the power ups you end up getting they don’t touch it. Instead they’ll make the flying things take out what you can matching 3 symbols. This game solely requires you to spend only. That’s the only way your getting passé levels above 190. I pay enough on my phone bill alone. Incredibly frustrating game. Nowhere near enough moves to win any game. I enjoyed the game to begin with but as you go on the moves get shorter and the power ups become less useful and don’t do much or any damage for that matter..Version: 5502

False advertisingAdverts for this game kept coming up in another game app i was playing and it looked interesting (like candy crush/bejewelled but not on a set board/frame with an actual purpose, every move moved the wall or floor up/down in order to help save the king) but when you download the app its actually completely different, its just another version of candy crush on a board with no other elements. The ‘save the king’ levels when you do eventually get to them aren’t like advertised either, its just the candy crush board again but on a timer..Version: 6262

Don’t botherThis used to be a really fun game but over the last few months it’s become progressively harder with each update. I spend days on the same level and can’t remember the last time I beat two levels in a row. The sad thing is, so many reviews are saying the same thing, the devs post that they are “listening” yet the game gets harder and harder..Version: 5761

Winning the hard way ~For the most part this game is entertaining but I’ve started to notice a few issues that really let it down For instance you will find the app crashes conveniently (for the developers) While close to winning a super hard level in game . Suspicious as this doesn’t seem to happen any other time Also if a reward is given such as (free time) you had better click claim right away as you will lose it if you try and keep it for later.Version: 5761

Loved it now deleted itLoved it for a while, but it got real hard and frustrated spending hours trying to pass a stage. Kinda defeat the purpose of bring relaxation after a hard day’s work. To kill my growing addiction on it, I deleted the game, hahaha.Version: 7495

Another money grabThis game like many others had a move limit per level, giving the game makers the ability to artificially adjust the difficulty of the game by reducing permitted moves rather than making an actual compelling game with any interesting challenges or strategy. Furthermore since lives are limited and there are incentives for consecutive wins, the game is geared towards making losses painful but inevitable without use of power ups or extra moves, all of which cost premium currency which is earned too slowly to be used without IAPs. It’s a quick addictive game that has been meticulously adjusted to make it near impossible to consistently solve a level in the allowed number of moves that thereby pressures money invested to be successful. If the budgeted more moves then every level would be so easy it wouldn’t be interesting. Basically it means it’s bad game design, structured to pressure people to make purchases to make up for the poor game design. Don’t be fooled into thinking any level is actually difficult, they are just intentionally not providing enough moves to reliably solve the level..Version: 5887

Not as advertisedFalse advertising for clickbait.Version: 7312

Fundamentally a good conceptI like Royal Match. I’m in the 1500s in terms of levels so clearly I’ve stuck with the game. All the other reviews are correct that the game is literally nothing like the ads where you have to “save the king”. I wish they would incorporate the king Into the game a bit more rather than have him passively watch from the top bar. What’s probably even more frustrating is the most recent update has a Sky Race. It’s super fun to have challenges like this against other players but the algorithm for the matchups is imbalanced. I have never purchased a “royal pass” yet am put against players who have and are at much higher levels than me (likely due to spending). I don’t care if you pay to play the game but put non-royal pass users against each other, otherwise they will stop being interested in the challenges. It does NOT incentivize me to buy the pass or pay money. Quite the opposite..Version: 5502

There is no saving the KingIt is a very cute game, but I only downloaded to save the king. I’m at level 188 and only got to save the king twice. I just read a review reply from the developer that there is no more saving the king / timed levels past level 100. Literally only twice did I even get to save the king. The goal the rest of the time is to just decorate his castle. I already have decorating games. So although it is cute I won’t be spending money or even playing often now that I know there will be no more saving the king games to look forward to. I’m disappointed that the ads makes it seem like that is the entire point of the game and come to find it is a totally different game than I thought I was getting. Note to developers: timed, save the king games are all we want. That is why we are here. Sorry to be harsh but your ad feels like a lie. Hope you can add some more “save”levels or offer a true save the king game..Version: 5355

Not One Board is About Saving the KingUpdate - I have now played all 1600 levels thinking somewhere will be the level that I get to save the king, only to see boards recycled to be a bit harder, and he new things to clear like gummy bears. The adding of rooms to the castle is cute and all, it just has nothing to do with the game in the end. If the items you needed to clear had something to do with the level (room) that could help make the game more interesting. Level 1600 is 35 rooms, in case you are wondering. I do like this game and might have been willing to pay for the power up IF I was seeing boards that are in the ads. I am dropping my rating for this game, and will start looking for a new game to waist time on. I have completed all 701 levels and 45 of the Royal League and have yet to come across any levels that look like the ads for this game. As much as I like this game, what I saw in the ad was why I downloaded this game. I will not pay to play so I can wait for lives to come back. However, joining a team is helpful as you can request live from them every 4 hours. Sad to say that this app is close to being deleted..Version: 5502

A Good Game Ruined By Greedy DevelopersThere’s a nasty little algorithm that ensures you repeatedly win the first several hundred levels and then only continue to do so if you spend money on bonuses. If you don’t spend, be prepared to play a single level repeatedly for over an hour before, until as if by magic, suddenly all the bonuses appear at once to let you win, only for the agony to repeat at the next level regardless of how skilfully you play. There’s little skill involved here, and the ‘luck’ or lack of it at higher levels is carefully staged to frustrate you into spending. Unless you uninstall, which is what I have just done. Maybe I’ll give it another go in a while to see if the designers have changed that pathetic little model of theirs. And maybe not..Version: 7656

Royal MatchLove this game! Have played it daily! HOWEVER! DO NOT make any in app purchases. I bought one item which I received but was also charged for three other purchases which I didn’t get. I reported the problem but was denied a refund. So paid over $60.00 for a 14.00 in app purchase. Will not be ever doing that again!.Version: 7495

Fun game but don’t buy from themOver charged and charged multiple times and then argued with and they tried to blame me for their mistakes 🤷🏻‍♀️ It is fun and highly addictive though.Version: 5887

Good gameIt’s a good game to pass the time. But unless you pay for extra coins etc once you run out of lives you have request some from other players if you join a team. However you only get 5 every 4/5 hours which is quite frustrating as some levels are hard. Note to developers I don’t imagine people will pay ridiculous amounts of money to play this game maybe when there’s a new update reset the lives requested after about an hour!!.Version: 4202

Not as advertised, there’s no ‘saving the king’ . Same as candy crush.I don’t understand why this game isn’t the game advertised to ‘save the king’, which looks really fun. Aren’t there advertising laws against that? Maybe that’s why it’s free. I don’t understand the high ratings or reviews for a product that isn’t what it says it is. You do get occasional opportunities to ‘save the king’ but these are still just clearing a board, but timed! It’s again not as it’s shown in the ads which by the way, I annoyingly still get. Why isn’t that game the one you get to play? I thought I had to get to some level to find it but I’ve given up as it’s obviously not the case. It’s just the same as candy crush which is boring..Version: 7495

Loved it until inflation hit!I’ve really enjoyed playing this game and had it installed on both of my phones. I didn’t mind making occasional in-app purchases for extra coins so I could add 5 extra moves to a hard level or refill my lives when I wanted longer playing time until today. Today I noticed that the price and content of their in-app purchases are the same BUT they’ve increased the amount of coins needed for adding moves or refilling lives from 900 to 1,000 coins. So we’re paying and getting the same amount as before BUT getting less game play. I would’ve been a lot less annoyed about the coin increase if they had been transparent and notified players of the change BEFORE players made an in-app purchase. The failure of this company to disclose the coin increase and wait for players to discover the decreased value of their purchase is underhanded and sneaky. Unless I discover that coins are more easily attained through game play making in app purchases unnecessary, once the coins I purchased are gone I’ll find a new game made by a different developer and delete the app. I’ve only been playing a few months so I don’t know how often they pull this but for anyone considering downloading, BEWARE of making any in-app purchases!.Version: 5761

An enjoyable game with some quirky background mechanicsIt’s a pretty standard match 3 game like many others. Has some fun and interesting gameplay mechanics and so more frustrating ones that quickly get left behind after their section is over (thank goodness). Many of the more difficult levels are dependent on having powerups. The game is fairly generous with powerups and if you join a good team you shouldn’t be lacking in them. However if you do run out you will be stuck on certain missions for ages. They make them just possible enough that they can be beaten without spending money but you have to get insanely lucky with the RNG. If you’re willing to whip out your wallet then you’re in luck! No matter how little or how much money you spend the game will reward you by making the levels trivially easy for a short time period. I was stuck on a “very hard” level for ages, attempting it at least 100 times with and without powerups, I purchased 1 USD worth of coins and my next attempt I beat it with more than half of my attempts left. For about an hour after that the game pretty much played itself, dropping combos in a cascade never seen before purchasing those coins. I would beat levels in 3 turns out of 30! Exact same scenario happened the next time I was stuck on a level and purchased 1 USD worth of coins. So if you’re ever stuck just remember to whip out the old wallet and you’ll be rewarded with free wins..Version: 7312

False advertisingHave played to level 20 to try to find the cool games in the ads, they don’t exist..Version: 5122

Takes advantage of fundsThis game was fun but nothing like it advertised itself to be. Very rarely are you saving the King as it shows. Instead you’re usually doing a bunch of mundane tedious boards that are often times nearly impossible to beat without spending money for extra tools and lives. I played for over 200 levels resorting to spending money that I said I wouldn’t at times to pass. What disgusted me enough to delete the app was when I spent nearly $10 for one hour of extra tools only to discover that my lives ended and without buying extra lives I had to wait an allotment of time before they allowed me to attempt the level again that I had been tirelessly stuck on. Well because I refused to buy extra lives the clock did not stop on the hour I paid for to use the tools I bought. So I paid for one hour to be able to use these tools limitlessly but by the time they let me on the board again after each loss I only got maybe 15 minutes worth of play time…for $10! Seriously? NO THANK YOU! It was then I really felt taken advantage of. I’m done!.Version: 5761

Fun but…I downloaded this game because of the fun looking ads. You know, where you save the king? Turns out, it’s basically candy crush. And out of 130 levels, there were 2 “save the king” levels. So don’t download this based on the ads!.Version: 7312

False advertising -where are the King levels?While the game itself is enjoyable, the advertising focuses heavily on levels where you save the King from death within a limited time period. In almost 500 levels I have had only two of these games. Pity..Version: 6771

No mini gamesIf you are getting this app for the mini games you saw in their ads - forget it! The developers will tell you they appear as you progress through levels, but that’s a lie! I’m at level 600 and I played 2 mini games within the first 20 levels and haven’t seen one since..Version: 6081

So many problems with the gameplay.Right from the off let’s get one thing straight. This is a game of luck, skill is not really required. Other than knowing how to make the most basic of moves and using a little smidgen of brainpower, sadly the rest is going to pure luck. It is a match three game and is utterly dependent on the pieces that are delivered to the board, of which you have no control over. So that smug feeling that you have when you win the a round soon becomes a hollow feeling after several rounds. Beyond this the levels are WAY too short as is the number of moves allowed, which means that if you attempt to play with any long-term plan or skill or strategy you are instantly punished and there is no chance of this being a useful method of play. The only thing that can win almost every round are the super-duper, amazing, look at how awesome the graphics are, aren’t these super cool, power-ups! Without the power-ups you cannot win any round, the power-ups are dependent on the bricks delivered, the bricks delivered are dependent on luck and there you go. Unless of course that is, you purchase power-ups (at ludicrously expensive prices which I can’t imagine anybody would actually pay) which is of course the whole reasoning behind the game! Having said all of that, the animation is great and the colours are vibrant and it’s very catchy. This could be a really stunning game with a few tweaks, okay fairly big tweaks then. Have fun playing it.. but you have been warned!.Version: 2893

False advertising.The game play advertised doesn’t exist. Annoying. Just one of the many bejewelled knock offs..Version: 7312

Fun but it’s not like the adsI like match three games. When I saw the ads depicting match three challenges to save the jig from some kind of demise, I thought it would be a different twist on the puzzles I enjoy. I’m at level 218 and I haven’t seen anything that compares to the video samples in the ads. Either change the game or change the ads!!!.Version: 5502

Fun up to the point of impossibility.Update: from the time I posted this review to today (approximately 6 days) and for about a week before posting I was stuck on the same level. As they say in their "response" you can eventually beat every level. But you can definitely tell when the game changes and you know you will finally be able to beat the level. I will mention it is not every level, but if you pay attention there are certain levels when you know something is a miss...just want people to be careful. This game was fun...Yes, it's a bit deceptive with all the ads showing the "save the king" levels and there only being 2 or three of those through the entire game (I'm am past level 1000). That aside, the game is fun up to a point that it becomes unplayable without paying for power ups or extra turns. One level only had 17 moves, turns out you needed to get a power ball thing each turn in order to pass. After a couple days on that level it finally gave me the ability to pass. If you pay attention, it seems that you have to try a certain number of times/hours on a level and then all of a sudden everything falls exactly in place to actually beat a level. It was fun, but my suggestion is to only play it till like level 500, then find a new game..Version: 6081

DisappointedChanged the size of the play field, upped the cost to continue game from 900 to 1000 it was high enough at the 900 .. very disappointing ...Version: 5761

Fake adsThe ad lied it’s just candy crush on easy mode.Version: 7888

Watch out - This game punishes you if you don’t pay money!If you don’t use power ups or coins to complete the level the game punishes you by giving you crappy things for the next 10 lives that you use even though the level is not a hard level. And, many of the regular levels that do not specifically say it’s a hard level end up being impossible to finish until it finally starts giving you something you can play with. So, if I choose not to waste my 900 coins on a level that shouldn’t be too hard to complete I can’t make any matches but threes in order to get power ups to complete the level. Seriously, they must’ve added an algorithm that keeps you from getting anything you need to pass the level if you don’t pay any money or use all your coins. This game is just a time waster. I like the teams and challenges sometimes, but the game really makes me mad because you have to continue the level even if you know it’s a lost cause. I wish I could quit the level early and restart it when I know it’s a lost cause. Also, the game is rigged to try to make you spend cash or all your coins! I don’t like that! I like the game but I don’t like that it’s rigged!.Version: 6960

Ready to deleteI had fun playing the first few hundred rounds but the game quickly becomes really difficult and almost impossible to complete without buying extra moves or using power ups. I have a small stock of them but I imagine when I run out I’ll be deleting the game. The graphics and the fact you can play in portrait mode are big positives but I have been able to complete thousands of levels in other match three games. Also I really enjoyed the levels which help the king escape as it’s a bit of a difference however in over 300 levels I think I’ve come across just 2 or 3 of these making this just another match three game..Version: 5761

Avoid gameAvoid game as this is more pure luck in what colour you get to complete levels. This is not a skill/strategy game where you think carefully to complete game but in luck & combos/special items. It can take 3 days just to complete one level, then the next level another 3 days. It’s a money grabbing game, especially when you see the price. The customer service is terrible & unsympathetic to your struggle & gives you useless advice. It’s impossible to get special item unless you complete “a room” which can take between 30 to 50 levels. Or by the King’s Cup, which is very unlikely as you are competing with other players. The other way is to enter “the league” but you have to complete all of the rooms for that. You have too be the top 10 to get any prizes on both the Kings Cup & the league to win any prizes against other players. It’s very rare that you receive items at all. They expect you too cough up the wallets,.Version: 3529

Good game, terrible recent update.I’ve been playing this game for some time now and I’m a member of a team. The most recent update has totally ruined the gameplay for a number of us in the team. Some levels are ridiculously difficult, some players get stuck on a level for days on end and it’s led to a number of our group walking away from the team and the app as a whole. It’s a massive shame when a developer, who had engendered team spirit between strangers, is obviously a good graphic artist and actually built a product that people seriously enjoyed, decides to go the route of forcing loyal players into effectively having to pay their way to progress through the app. As an example, Level 16 of the current King’s cup. I’ve been stuck on it for two days, waiting for lives to slowly refill to try again, knowing that unless I spend money, I’m not going to do it. It is totally spoiling the game and removing any pleasure in playing it. A good game, a dreadful business strategy and a great disappointment to lose members of our team for such a mercenary approach..Version: 4104

Bit harshI was kicked out of a team for only having “1 point” apparently they only want players that have “5 points or more” I had only been playing the game for an hour! This is hardly fair and definitely someone taking the GAME far too seriously, I deleted the game after that. You should have to request permission to remove someone from your team and provide a reason, how are new players supposed to participate in the team events if they can’t join a team till they reach a certain score! Took the fun out of it for me..Version: 5355

No games to help the KingI saw ads for this game that were about helping the king out of traps … I played for over two weeks, now at level 335 and saw one puzzle. I don’t like false publicité. You guys should be ashamed. Dishonest..Version: 7487

RiggedI cannot give this game a good review, because after playing for so long, levels that come across labeled as hard, and super hard are practically impossible to beat without spending $$$. Then you get levels that aren’t marked hard, and some are harder than the levels that are marked super hard. Don’t be fooled, this once again is to get you to buy packs and spend more $. Just because a level is not labeled as hard, or super hard, doesn’t mean that it’s not. Their goal is to get you to spend, whether it’s for tournaments which are ridiculous, because you are pitted against other players who are at a much lower level, and thus, they can “win” the tournament because they are playing at a level MUCH lower than your level, and so those levels are easier for lower ranked players to beat…once again, to get you too spend $$ to purchase “packs”. I messaged their support, and got a response that had absolutely NOTHING to do with my question. When I replied, and asked what their response had to do with my question, I got another response that clearly had nothing to do with either message. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT!!.Version: 6960

Not what you thinkThe game isn’t what you see in the ads. The game is basically like Candy Crush, then every 40-50 games you get one fail level… it’s so disappointing. Same as Fishdom if you’ve played that..Version: 7312

False adsI’m on level 909! When do the puzzle levels start?!.Version: 5887

It gets boring after a whileWhen I downloaded this game, it was fun for a while. But you will come to a point where the game kinda force you to spend real money to be able to pass a level. That’s where i decided to delete the game because although i have spent money on this game a few times, I didn’t know its a regular thing to do to constantly spend real money to pass a level and thats not cool, that’s actually insulting. They out you on a very hard level with not a decent amount of moves. They purposely give you a little bit of moves so you get stuck and have to spend money. The only other way to pass some of those levels without spending real money is if you are with a team that constantly wins between 1st and 3rd place. You can win up to 6000 coins which are very helpful to win some levels that you get stuck for a while. This is the only way to pass a level when you’re stuck, either with spending real money or sit an wait to see if your team wins which its not often considering there’s probably thousands of teams. I have to say, im very disappointed at this game for their greediness..Version: 5761

Simple version of candy crush BUT NO ADS!I got this game about three weeks ago because it came as an ad on another game I was playing. I decided to give it a try because unlike candy crush you had to play the game while keeping king out of danger. The one that looked most was interesting was king was standing on two columns of the bricks to pop without him falling off. I’m on level 211 and I’ve only gotten to play that part of the game twice. I’m so disappointed. Those challenges pop up randomly and if u aren’t doing that challenge it’s the same thing as candy crush only you decorate a castle room to get boosts. I could care less about the castle rooms. I wanted the challenge but this is a simpler version of candy crush. It’s boring now. So it had potential but not enough of what they advertised in the game. Only 3 stars from me. However I love the no ads parts and the boosts that give unlimited lives for an hour or so..Version: 6960

Great game but ads are misleading.This game is just another 3 match game like Candy Crush, which I’m addicted to and play every day. I downloaded it because of the same the kind levels, which made it a little different to other match games. But really it’s just the same. I wish developers would show the actual game, not mini levels that aren’t actually in the game at all. So many do it and it’s misleading..Version: 6960

Just another run of the mill match gameNothing very special - more of the same old hat match it play. Uninstalled after playing a while and seeing none of the cool mini game style shown in their ads. This commonly used false advertising has gotta stop..Version: 4902

Pay to playAfter seeing this ad at least 1,000 times while playing other games, I gave up and decided to try it. At first I was pleased. No ads! And while the gameplay shown in the ads -- save the king from some awful fate in a short period of time -- is actually quite rare, as in 30 seconds once a day, some of the other puzzles were intriguing. But, after a couple of days you reach levels that aren't just challenging, they're impossible. Such as 171, that requires at least a dozen powerups to even have a chance at completing it. After blowing through most of the other puzzles rarely using any power ups at all, I hit 171, used every one of them, and after 25 tries deleted the game. It's a shame, they have a nice setup, but they lure you in for a bit and then make it clear it's just another Pay-to-play. I really wish these developers would just sell the game for a few bucks up front but I guess that model is dead. * edit Revised score from 3 stars to 1 after developer replied with a flat out lie that all levels can be beaten without boosters. This an unmitigated lie. Better to just ignore the less than favorable reviews than to lie to your customers — terrible PR decision, and whoever is handling these responses should be fired..Version: 7656

Garbage AdsBecause you guys have so many ads and now they’ve gotten so obnoxious that you can’t close them and the x on it won’t work. You’re preventing us from getting rewards in other games because of your garbage ads. I will never play this garbage game because of them. Honestly should be illegal to have ads like that..Version: 7495

Not as it initially seemedPaid a few times for the royal pass, only to have superior power up combos literally taken from me so I end up losing that level and can never get back to where I was bc I’ve lost all my lives behind that and haven’t earned more lives as a result of this scheme. I will make the combo, use the touchscreen to engage that combo and it will force the simpler move instead which gives a result thats way less successful. I don’t have this issue with other games. Also, there aren’t save the king levels- so stop advertising it. You may see one or two after literally almost 2k levels. The game can be incredibly fun when it isn’t cheating you, but ridiculous and frustrating most of the time which makes me lose interest and go play other games. 900 coins for 5more moves/5 lives, and 12$ for prizes you never get to enjoy bc of the scheme of cheating wins from you- ESP when you’ve paid- is trash/unethical business practice, and if this continues after I’ve used what I’ve paid for, for this thirty days, I’m deleting it. Fix it! And I want all my stolen lives and wins back 😠..Version: 6262

DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!! Will take your money but not provide any supportI would give zero stars if could. So I have been playing for a while and yes .I have been spending money so I should be considered a valuable customer. I am no longer able to play the game. I have been told it is an App issue. However, I have boosts that I PURCHASED that will expire. I asked what would be done about this and the answer was SILENCE. REFUSAL to help or do anything. So I don’t recommend this game. If I could back all the monies I spent that would appease me. FYI to game developers, don’t bother with your trite response about it not being your fault. You aren’t willing to do anything to help me. That is the bottom line and I have the screen shots of my conversation with Sarah to back me up. UPDATE: I never got reimbursed for my lost boosts that I paid for. All developer responds is that app is ready to update. No mention of reimbursement or compensation. Several others responded that they had same experience. Took our money and too bad, so sad. Horrible customer service. Don’t seem to grasp the meaning of what people truly, really said.Version: 6081

DumbDownloaded to leave a review. I'm sick and tired of the ads, they are so long and it's the only ad that stops my audiobook when I'm listening. Also the ad is obnoxiously long and the game looks stupid.Version: 7656

You need to spend a lot of money to enjoy this game!First off if you’re thinking of downloading the game because you like the look of the adverts, don’t! Yet another misleading game advertisement, it’s nothing like the video of game play. (Anyone else sick of scamming game makers?) Secondly this game is down to luck but mostly money. The levels are impossibly hard & unless you can spend a chunk of money regularly to buy coins & boosters you’re going to be repeating levels for days on end. They are simply not passable without boosters & coins to buy more moves. In principle this is a great game & when you first download they can’t throw enough freebies at you to get you addicted. Once they’ve got you hooked all the free goodies stop & if you want to progress, get your purse or wallet out! I don’t think I’ll last much longer before I delete the game. There’s literally nothing more boring than playing the same level over & over again whilst feeling like you’re being played for a fool because you don’t have endless money to progress..Version: 6771

Get your wallet outI have been playing Royal Match for a few weeks now. I don’t play daily because I get very frustrated with the gameplay. Graphics and sound are too notch, however the game is basically rigged. The number of moves you have are limited and differ at every puzzle. If you choose a “booster” that you have saved the game does not allow you to choose when your booster is used. It gives you the booster at the very start of the level. The problem is that many times you are forced to activate your booster right away because using the booster is the only move you can make. You just wasted the booster. It did not improve your situation at all. Then as you run out of moves the game will give you 5 moves but it’ll cost you 900 coins. If you happen to need an additional move beyond the 5 given it will cost 1900 coins. It’s rigged to force you to spend money buying extra coins and lives. I understand every developer deserves to make money but the constant pressure to purchase lives or coins makes the game frustrating to play. As a previous reviewer stated, you can lose 20 attempts in a row, then decide you’ll spend a few bucks for more lives, only to find you’ve miraculously completed the level with a super simple move. Do you want to succeed ? If so you’d better get out some cash because you’re going to need it..Version: 3981

Where is the levels from the adsThis game is just like any other match three game except for the fact that the levels that are shown in the advertisements are nonexistent in the actual game, the power ups cost so much in game currency that you were literally forced to purchase them and then if you do try to purchase them they are so overpriced for such little amount of time for said power ups. This game is just a money grab buy a bunch of greedy idiots. Unless you have very deep wallets and tons of disposable income, of which I work very hard for my money don’t know about the rest of you, then go ahead and buy your way through the game you’re still not gonna play any of the levels as advertised. I get that games and game developers are trying to make money with their games but come on you’re being ridiculous with how expensive and overpriced your stuff is lower the cost of in game currency values on your power ups or if you’re going to make people spend as much money as you’re asking to buy with real money the power ups and make them permanent or at least not an hour of power ups for five bucks stop being so greedy.Version: 7495

Good luckWhen I installed this game, I was tricked, it was nothing like the ad. I played anyway and I really liked it. But since the last update I hate this game, the boosters don’t help now they are breaking up where I don’t need help. It’s frustrating. Deleted..Version: 5355

No Mini games after lower levelsI ldownloaded Royal Match because of the mini games that are shown in the ads but they just do not exist in the game there are some at the beginning but then nothing you keep playing and playing hoping for one of those really interesting looking mini games but they never come.Version: 5039

Fun, but it keeps crashingI like the game...but I can’t play kings nightmare. Every time I go to it the game crashes..Version: 7312

Fake adThere is no puzzle to save a king. Its fake. I already finish 52 levels. But when they add about this game to save king its all fake. I am deleting this game..Version: 3816

King RobertLike the game a lot but it is not as advertised. I have only had ONE Save The King game and I am on Level 2301. Waiting for a new room now which is fine but you could put a few Save The King games up while we wait. When I play any other games (usually when I have run out of lives) and you advertise the game, it’s always using Save the King games and yet we never get any. Seems like false advertising..Version: 6960

Addictive, but gets boringThe visuals are superb. The music, albeit repetitive, is not annoying. The game, as it stands at level 765, has a pattern. Now, before I go on, I’m not a skin flint, but I appreciate quality for what I get - so… ….I am overjoyed that there are no ads whatsoever, given that the developers invariably gain financial compensation via in-app purchases. As with all in-app purchases, imagine them as a ride on the merry-go-round; you pay the person tending to the ride and you have fun going round for two minutes, but then it’s over. You pay the man again for two minutes of fun. And again. And again… That is what you get with this game. I’ve spent a total of £20 so far because I can see the pattern - the game will ‘allow’ you to win the level, eventually - maybe after using 50 lives in the level, but you will get there. AND it’s obvious when it does give you a helping hand, but also infuriatingly obvious when it is just taking the mick out of you, forcing you to use your power-ups for that all important win. Sure, if you pay for the power-ups you may get a few levels completed quickly, but the game will put a stop to that and lull you into buying more power-ups..Version: 4388

Good game, however…I have been playing this game for some time (now up to level 623) and wondering how much longer until I can play the “Save the King” levels? I get so many ads on other games for these levels and wish I could have a go at some of these. Surely it must be soon? To have gone so far in the game for so long I cannot help but think these ads are false advertising as they do not represent actual game play. Very disappointing..Version: 6771

Your game is horrible and there are too many adsStop advertising!.Version: 5887

FustratingDecided to redownload it after a few months of deleting it still the same been stuck on 1 level for the last 2 days. Do not recommend downloading as they should give free boosters after awhile of not being able to beat a level.Version: 7888

Love it but it’s ridiculousI love playing this game but will now stop as it is impossible to play more than five minutes without losing all your lives…unless of course you pay a fortune to buy all the power ups. The moves are way to few and the opportunities to win power ups or earn them by watching ads are pretty non existent. So you end up playing the same game for days until the program decides to give you enough power ups to by chance win. That is really frustrating. Oh, and all those ads about rescuing the king, forget it. I think it is given me one of those only, after many weeks of playing. So disappointing because this is actually fun when you can win..Version: 5229

OK SO I ONLY DOWNLOADED TO RIGHT A REVIEW BUTI haven’t even played the game yet but I have read reviews and the game reply is always along the lines of we are sorry you feel that royal match is to hard but every level is beatable without buying anything and this tells me they don’t actually care and have a proper answers and this a serious problem I would advise that you don’t even consider downloading it ps this is coming from a 8 year old.Version: 7487

GameI downloaded this game because I thought it looked fun trying to save the king. But you only get that until level 100. After that you never get to save the king again. That was the only reason I downloaded this game. Not keep8ng it.Version: 4902

Good but not GreatThis game is good and I must admit I’ve spent maybe $10 all up (something I try not to do) but I got to level 201 and can’t get any further and really don’t want to get into a habit of spending money so think it’s time to give it up. It’s fun up until about level 180ish.Version: 5502

Difficulty-gougingI got this game because it looked fun on an ad I saw. I thought it would be about doing mini games to save the king like the ad showed but it isn’t. It is nothing but a candy crush knockoff and it gets boring very fast. They give you a few extremely easy levels to get you going but then after about 10-15 levels it gets significantly more difficult and nearly impossible to finish the levels on the first try. They introduce all these power-ups just in time for you to get stuck and be forced to use them up or pay an exorbitant amount of coins to continue playing. 900 coins for 5 MORE MOVES ON ONE LEVEL and yet you only get about 20 coins for finishing an entire level. They start you off by practically handing you the matches so you finish the level with 10 moves left, but in a matter of minutes you will be using all your lives and power-ups on a single level. Obviously deliberate to make the user purchase more. Another thing I don’t understand is how this has a 4.7 score when literally all the reviews are 1 star and completely negative, it’s sad. I will not be playing anymore..Version: 6262

DeceivingDownloaded game based on ad of solving how to get king out of a situation ... total false advertising..Version: 4104

Fun for a few hoursThis is a simple match and blow the blocks game. As per usual the game algorithm gradually means levels are harder to clear and certainly can’t be cleared without spending a lot of money on boosters etc. At that point you unload this from your phone and get the next free game. Anyone saying they are on level 1500 etc is either lying or has spent an awful lot of money to do that! Update. The developer responded to say they were sorry ‘I found the levels too hard’ - well that’s not in the least patronising eh? They also suggest every level can be completed without power ups. I believe them - however they were careful in their wording that suggests it is possible - but only after a million attempts maybe. Fact remains that you will need to spend your money to progress at a reasonable rate..Version: 5502

Semi fake adI am close to level 700. The game in the ad came up twice in the first 200 levels then never again. This is just an easier version of candy crush. If you like match 3 games then this is ok, but the ad is meaningless..Version: 4647

False advertising and pay to winThe ads always show a”king in trouble” with spikes or fire closing in on him and the more you merge the less the danger progresses but in reality it just another merge 3 game with restricting move limits. It’s just another clone of candy crush that tries to siphon money from you.Version: 7312

If you are prepared to fork out cash….This game is a joke, starting levels are very easy and progressively get more difficult. There is nothing wrong with that but when you are forced to pay to progress then that’s the main problem. I will never pay to win as these kinds of apps are nothing short of cash cows. If I could give it minus stars then I would. If you want to spend many hours or many days stuck on a level until the tiles fall right then yes, levels may be able to be completed without boosts. But that gets very boring, and people lose interest. I have deleted the app as I refuse to pay to make progress..Version: 5502

Just another match gameThought it would be good adding in a timer to save the king in silly situations but it’s just another match game. Deleted..Version: 7656

Good game but coins to expensiveI love the game but to expensive to buy coins 2.99 for 1000 coins a joke and the bonus level should be 20 levels apart through out whole game I’m at 302 and haven’t had a bonus level for 30 levels I rely on them levels for coins.Version: 5122

False AdvertisingYet another game saturating their advertising with MINI GAME footage then rarely giving you a chance at the mini game. Level 30 and only 1 mini game so far and from a response to another review citing same they were told mini games are only up to level 100 so going off this I may be lucky to get two more mini games. STOP FALSELY ADVERTISING!!!!!!!! Will be deleting this game as I already have others that are just a match game..Version: 5355

Your ADs are liesIf you saw the ads for this game, they are at best a fraction of a fraction of a mini game you sometimes play. At worst it’s false advertising. Typical match 3game where eventually the amount of turns per round don’t even come close to how many turns are needed to beat a level..Version: 7312

Scammy / READ ALL THE REVIEWSThe graphics are good and I’ve not had any bugs/glitches while playing but please note: you will ALWAYS be one purchase away from winning (yes, I keep track) if you don’t win the first time, which is about 1 in 10-15. To get the needed tokens for 5 more moves the lowest cost is $1.99 - and that is all you’re getting for this price, 5 moves. Additionally, all the advertised games (where you’re trying to “save the King”) don’t exist. It’s just another match game. Either plan on spending a LOT of $ or getting really frustrated by doing the same game over and over. *Update; received a polite not from the developer apologizing for the game being “too hard.” Too hard would imply it’s a difficult game - which it’s not. It’s just a scam. I’ve counted the number of times I was “one move away” from winning (requiring you to buy 900 tokens at $1.99 to get 5 moves) and I am telling you now, it was nearly every, single time. The few times it’s not, you either need to start over or buy more. I don’t mind a challenging game, but I hate a scammy one..Version: 6262

Completely nonsense difficulty scaleThis game is intended to be an absolute money sink. You cretins couldn’t even wait till level 20 to shove it in my face, I had no problem playing like normal until about level 12 when suddenly there’s not enough moves to clear half the objectives. Completely scummy and disgusting tactic to get players to dump money into your platform. I shouldn’t have to pay up just to play a damn game..Version: 7880

ConflictedI enjoy playing this game, but am really frustrated by how few lives you get and how much it costs in coins to either get more lives or continue playing a game you’re close to winning. It makes no sense to me that it costs 900 coins to get 5 more lives, & costs the same 900 coins to only get 5 extra moves on a level. A lot of other games let you watch ads to gain lives or moves in a game. I find myself out of lives & unable to play a lot. I know this is y’all hoping I’ll pay$, but nah. I’m happy to watch ads or whatever, but that’s it. It’s also super easy to accidentally hit continue (gain 5 moves) & lose 900 coins on a level you meant to restart. It’s in the area where the play button usually is. It feels like you’re trying to trick people into wasting coins, in order to get the spending actual money. Seems shady. I’d think 100 or so coins, or watching an ad should be enough to get a few extra moves. There’s a Christmas match 3 game that’s similar to play & does things much better as far as gaining lives & extra moves are concerned. If it stays this way I’ll probably delete the app, even though I genuinely enjoy playing the actual game itself. Bummer..Version: 5761

Get boring after a whileThey trick you to download the game because you see the king In trouble and you want to save him, but those games where you need to save the king are only a few. The rest is the same thing over and over. 😏.Version: 5122

Developers take noteI really enjoyed this game, but I would hasten to say to the developers that for those of us that reach royal league it would be advantageous to reward with double points as the levels are much more harder making the progress harder in team battles. I am not really one for spending money on a game, but I do buy the pass, once royal league is achieved I may as well put the phone down and not bother playing. It because impossible to achieve a good score in team battles, plane races or any other challenge that appears after..Version: 6081

App locks up, won’t reopen without turning off iPadI’ve only played for a few days, and enjoy the game BUT I’ve discovered that each time I want to reopen the game, I’m unable to do so without completely turning off my iPad. The game locks up/crashes. I do have most updated version, I’ve also made sure all other apps are closed. Not sure what to do. Lots of “space” available on iPad (don’t know if that’s a consideration, but we’ll over 60 gb) Hope you are able to assist in resolving, thanks Also, attempted to contact you through “App support”, and after providing info, verifying I’m real, I receive a response that “something went wrong, please try again.Version: 7656

Ads are ridiculousI agree with whoever said the ad was gross and kind of traumatizing. Hope you guys aren’t trying to sell this to kids. I too only downloaded this app to leave a review. Your ads are intrusive. I get there usually is a watch 10 seconds or whatever usually (even that is annoying), but this one takes you to the App Store automatically if you try to get out of it. There shouldn’t be mandatory watch full ads and then it takes you to the page whether you like it or not. If you are peddling this to kids and they are buying and that’s where all your sales come from - then shame on you. I can not believe Apple is allowing this app to have obvious doctored reviews when it treats us like piggy banks. Do better!.Version: 4798

Another “RANDOM” LYING DEVELOPERThe person(s) responsible for this lying, cheating, thieving piece of garbage is just like the rest…hiding in their anonymity. They create misleading “cartoony” gameplay that appeals to children…to steal money from their parents. The game is genuinely fun until the developer decides “RANDOM” gameplay cannot be “RANDOM” any longer or else nobody will buy the extras…then the manipulation of the levels begin. If a player need vertical pieces…all he will get are horizontal pieces. IF YOU SEE A LIGHTBALL APPEAR, NOTICE THAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO RUN OUT OF TURNS… The boosters ALMOST NEVER APPEAR in adjacent squares…that they do rarely is probably the ONLY random event in this game. If you blow something up and clear a large part of the board…please know that will be very few matches near any goal you are trying to work. Like the other cheating developers, these guys withhold items normally awarded and put them in storage so you can—not only win them as part of gameplay, but now you can buy what you have already won in the “piggybank” . These people are so corrupt they turned off their “HELP” button because people pointed out their continuing duplicity…ENJOY!!!!.Version: 4902

Why infinity items cannot be storedEvery time when I receive a period of infinity lives, I want to store them and not use it straight away, maybe I only wants to sit down for 10 minutes for the game or so… I have been receiving a 3 hour infinity lives right before my bed time and all of them went to waste….Version: 4798

How stupid are you?First of all, this game is not as advertised. I have completed 609 levels, yes you read correctly, 609 levels and only twice did I have to rescue the King in peril. This is basically Candy Crush or Bejewelled under a different name. Like both these games, there is an element of luck but there’s plenty of skill required too so the reviews saying it’s all luck or you MUST spend money to progress is nonsense. I completed all 609 levels without spending a penny although I admit that some levels took several attempts. In short, I persevered but have deleted the game now after completing the Aqua Room. I looked at the Tailor Room, unlocked the sewing machine and workbench and then just couldn’t be bothered to continue..Version: 5502

Not worth playingWhile difficulty varies by level, some of the early levels are so hard you never get through them and have to try waaaaaaaaay to often even get close to winning, but then repeat the process. It needs to be fixed as frustration arrives and an acceptance that the game is not and never will be worth playing. There are other better games to play..Version: 6771

Another fine game ruined by developer greedBrilliant game and fun to play for a while. I’m at Level 167 which is described as a ‘Very hard Level”. In normal play, I can usually cover about four or five levels a day, before running out of lives. However, I’ve been on this level for three weeks now because I’d refuse to spend ludicrous amounts of my hard earned real-world money to buy lives in an electronic game. This level is impossible to pass without spending money. So, today I parted with £8.00. I still failed to pass the level. So, the designers of this game are taking the proverbial. Another fine game confined to the bin thru developer greed..Version: 5229

Really good game but…Love this game would have given 5 stars but the reason I downloaded it was because I loved the look of the mini games, I have played a lot of levels and completed rooms but I only have played one mini game! You make it sound or look like you play a few so this was really disappointing Other than that great game.Version: 5355

Not what they advertiseThere is no saving the King, I am up to level 425 and I have had one opportunity to do this. Also there is no value for money in the purchases - you get so little for what you have to spend. I would buy boosters if they were better value but I buy nothing because they are not good value. Its a fun game but could be better if it was what they advertise and if the boosters were better value..Version: 5355

Boring. Doesn’t match advertising.Nothing but a Candy Crush clone. Advertised as a series of small games to save the King but have not come across any of these. All the levels are essentially getting you to do the same boring matches of 3-5 colours. Not worth it..Version: 6960

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