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Royal Match app received 91 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about royal match?

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Royal Match for Positive User Reviews

Great game BUTThe game it’s self is quality always good updates good graphics and the teams function is good depending on your team and if/when you run out of levels there’s the royal league to keep you going the biggest down side to this game is a big one cos it will happen to you more than once if you loose a level it asked 3 times if your sure you don’t want to continue but if you accidentally press the carry on button that’s it you’ve spent your coins that’s really really annoying also not quite like the Facebook adds but still worth playing.Version: 7880

Pretty good gameOnly game this game four stars as when I got to 1800+ levels something went wrong and every time I completed a level the game would freeze. It stop connecting to the online server so I was unable to take part in any of the challenges it sets when you are part of a team. I was unable to fix it so deleted it.Version: 7495

The Perfect Travel Game!!With a vibrant cartoonish artstyle that is both colourful and charming, it’s now wonder I’m so hooked on this game. The regular challenges with the king are as stressful as they are hilarious. If I had to name a complaint it would be that making 3 in a rows are completely pointless as you progress through to the harder levels, granted there is some strategy in creating a 4 in a row or a 5 in a row, the fact that my one complaint is a nitpick shows just how much this game gives me joy, hands down the perfect non-WiFi travelling game.Version: 7312

AddictingI can’t stop playing it!.Version: 7487

IndiaArea 2.Version: 8019

Hard but advanced levels not impossibleOnly game I have played that the developers don’t want you to lose. I am on level 800 and can still complete the puzzles though it may take multiple tries, I know eventually I will get it. Other games like Gardenscapes or homescapes, you get so far and the puzzles are simply impossible to get through regardless unless you BUY ($$$) help. I have saved every item I have ever got and beat every puzzle with what I am given if it takes 20 tries, I will eventually get it. If you want the easy route you can buy your way through but I find the challenge to do it myself why I play the game. The main point being you can continue to advance if you have a reasonable intellect and you aren’t forced to spend money or watch a billion ads. Shame there aren’t more games like it as I need something else to play while my lives refill..Version: 6771

Honestly the best gameThe app never lags. No ads. The graphics are great!!! Probably too old to be playing games but in my spare time between work breaks and to take my mind off things before bed catch me playing this game. 😂.Version: 6262

My new faveI love this game, number 1 for the no ads, I don’t pay for anything & you get soo much rewards lol. I also joined a team & giving & receiving lives is so easy without going on social media👌🏽 I never do reviews for any apps but I love this game so much that I had too😊.Version: 6081

Two halvesThe game is great fun and addictive with the right balance of frustration and exhilaration, the team aspect makes it easy to d like minded players to suit you level of drive, I have but three criticisms the first is the game is a little heavy on the purchase baiting side often ending a game needing just one more move which takes us to gripe number two the pricing of additional content seems “ in my opinion “ a bit too steep given you’re not getting anything for your money in reality. The final issue I have is I get hit by adverts on apps and the ones for royal match are ironically depicting game modes that don’t exist in a format that doesn’t exist Which leaves a sour taste on the palette.Version: 7880

Having a good team makes all the difference.I liked this game, but now I love it. I have found a very active team to play with and we have become amazing friends who actively chat and support each other both in the game and in real life. This has elevated the game for me to the point that I play daily in order to chat with my friends, work towards the tournament prizes and give each other lives. The Royal Pass is great value for money in my opinion and well worth buying each month..Version: 5355

No Ads = instant winI was drawn to this game after seeing reviews praising it for not having annoying adverts like other games. Sounded too good to be true and I was sure there’d be a catch but so far it’s been all good. Later levels are infuriatingly difficult but that just makes it even more satisfying when you finally beat it. I’ve seen reviews saying the later levels are too hard and force you to spend money to progress but I totally disagree, it just takes some perseverance and patience to beat them. It just took me over 20 attempts to beat one level but I enjoyed the challenge. Great game, please don’t change anything!!.Version: 5887

LOVE plus would love some feedbackHello I’m addicted to this game I have played a lot of games and I mean a lot but I have never come across a game that I spend so much time on before I only have a few little problems with it tho 1. After so many levels (3/4) levels I pass or play for some reason the whole game just freezers and then when I force close it and re open it it’s still frozen is this something you would be able to look into thank you 2. I was just thinking that with the bonus levels instead of giving moves would you be able to give like a timer format 3 need more lives (joke) Love this game more then life 🤣🤣🤣.Version: 5355

Fun GameI don’t know what all these other people are whining about. I was able to make it to level 951 which at the time of writing this is the highest level and I didn’t have to spend money to do it either. My only complaint about the game and reason I only gave four stars instead of 5 is because the only reason I even downloaded the game was the ads they have for this game, shows the game as playing to save the king in different predicaments, and I have played all 951 levels and a lot of the “Royal League” rounds which are just harder repeats of previous played levels, and only played 2 maybe 3 rounds in which was consistent with the ads, but never the same as shown in the ads. Kind of a bait and switch thing. But alas they haven’t soaked me for any monies, but I am sure they aren’t hurtin none. Lol. Many people do, and lately they make it easy to know who pays to play. Lol. Happy Gaming..Version: 4647

Great fun!Being an old senior doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy being a child sometimes! What I like is that it’s not too hard to just play and not HAVE to pay to play. It keeps my brain engaged and helps my hand eye co ordination too. The levels are thought provoking enough to keep interest but at the moment ( and am on a low level I must admit) not too hard to progress. Well, if it’s gets too hard, can always find another game can’t I? Have fun!.Version: 5502

Loving this gameThis has to be the best game I've played because there's no ads and I'm already addicted to it. If only the other games would be so much fun as this 😌.Version: 6960

LoveFavourite game I’ve ever played so fun and rewarding with so many levels! Yayy.Version: 5355

No ads!Great game. I’m only up to level 83 but it so far hasn’t done that annoying thing where you have to buy stuff or spend 3 days trying to pass a level because it’s stupidly hard. If anything, this game is super generous with points and bonuses. Love it!.Version: 5122

The only iOS game I’ve ever loved❤️.Version: 4202

Very addictive gameRoyal Match is highly addictive game, great graphics. The only thing is that you have to wait 30 mins for a life. Is there anyway to reduce it?? I have joined a team which is great in getting extra lives..Version: 7164

Not as advertised, normal levels sometimes harder than superhardAs a lot of people said, the game isn’t what was advertised. There is the King’s Nightmare but only like once a day. Most of the time, the super hard level is easier to beat that the normal level. My issue I had was that after I joined a new team, the lives I received kept reflecting the name from the old team. I still played it just because it’s pretty..Version: 7656

LoverI was addicted to this game but now they have put the levels up to 100 at a time and sometimes they make it impossible for it to be done in the amount of moves they gave you I am just making this game harder and harder and they will be losing lots of players because they are making it virtually impossibleAnd also help in this game suitable for a four year old it will cause they’re massive depression.Version: 5122

Great funThis is my first time really writing any kind of review. As of January 27, 2022 this game started to have exactly as advertised on the fun game of save the king. That is in my opinion very good considering not hardly any other game that I have played has ever done anything like this as advertised so really thumbs up on this. Fun game to waste your time on when you’re waiting in the long line of the doctors office or something like that. Some of the upper levels like I’m on are kind of hard without a power up or two. However I have not really spent that much money on this game at all. If I spent maybe $30 on this game in one year it’s a miracle. On top of that are you in my opinion I really didn’t even have to spend that much because power ups are frequent if you get yourself a darn good team and just help out..Version: 7164

Great gameLove this game many hours of enjoyment but I have purchased the royal pass for myself and the game glitched and didn’t grant me the bonuses but took the money from my account.Version: 6526

First ten minutes... so far so goodFirst ten minutes..... already feels a little addictive. Ask me again in a month.Version: 5039

It’s a good gameI like this game, but as per usual, the preview show a time base level which is what drew me to the game, but I’ve not seen any more than maybe 5 of those levels out of 1800 levels which is annoying, but it’s just a game so who cares really? Oh! And chat function needs spell check Now 2300 levels and still no time base levels Thanks for the response, it looks like it is a peave of many, you could have two styles of game play, the one you have, which I really enjoy, and you could have the exact same levels with a time limit of them too to make it even harder Time base levels have been added, still not the same as the adds portray? I don’t understand why developers need to do that, they make the ads different to the actual game play??? Still a great game, just a frustration I have.Version: 7487

The bestIm kinda good.Version: 4902

Amazing and addictive! One suggestion…I instantly became addicted to this game the second I started playing. The levels are fun and building the rooms gives it a point so your not just playing levels to play them. I’ve played other puzzle matching games like this in the past and some levels have been extremely difficult, causing me to quit trying. This game has hard levels but not so hard that I would quit the game. The bonus levels where you collect the coins are fun to and appear quite often. The one thing I would suggest is that the kings nightmare levels appear more often because when I first downloaded, I was so happy to see the nightmare level like shown in the ads. After the level, I was constantly waiting for the next one to appear but it was until around level 45 maybe that I saw the next one. I wish there was more because those are my absolute favorite levels of the game and I’m sad to say that I have only played a few of them out of the whole time I’ve had this game. I hope to see more of these in the game soon. Other than that, I completely love this game and would definitely recommend downloading this!!! 😃😃❤️❤️.Version: 6771

LoveCool free addictive really.Version: 5039

Super!J’adore ce jeu, j’en suis accros.😛😛😛😛😛 Bravo à toute l’équipe 👍👍👍👍😃.Version: 7495

What a colossal waste of time.Can’t get anything done with this app. No washing, no house cleaning. Don’t even cook meals anymore. All I do is play Royal Match. Now that the wife plays it to, the kids get their own meals, and feed the pets. I’ve shown them how to wash clothes and pack lunch boxes. If I could leave my job and just play this game, I would. It’s good to have a break but. If you don’t, sliding gems and matching stuff ends up in your dreams. Great game. Well developed and very clever. Anyway, if you loved Candy Crush, or FarmVille, you’ll like this for sure..Version: 6081

Not exactly as advertised but still great!A quick word of warning for anyone who downloaded this from an advert- those rescue the king levels are incredibly rare - that isn’t the game. I’ve now done 150 levels and only 2 of those have appeared so far. Saying that it’s still a very addictive game, the levels are great and the power ups (especially combinations) are incredible. Only lost a star as I’m fed up with intriguing and audience in to believe the game is something it’s not. But fair play to you for still winning me over - I would have usually uninstalled pretty immediately on other games..Version: 6771

Update gameUpdate this game.Version: 7880

You really don’t need to spend cashThis came is so much better than confectionary squeeze! The graphics sound and levels are more varied. I like the building the rooms part. I’m at around level 1200 and haven’t yet spent any money. It is easier than the candy one I think and might be stuck for a few days on a level but that’s OK. There are some subtle differences with how bonuses work in this game compared to candy crush. Some are great (you can blow up a bonus block On the spot without sliding which gives more options). Others are annoying (TNT has only 1 power blast even if it overlaps another TNT) All in all though it’s a great casual distraction when I can’t read the news anymore!.Version: 7656

ComplainersSo many reviews here are just people blaming either their lack of skill or their lack of patience. I have not spent a penny and continue to advance. Yes some levels may take a day or two worth of heart refreshes but there are absolutely strategies u can apply on each level to eventually (with some luck of the draw) beat. My two complaints are the lack of kings nightmare (like advertised) the concept of the advertised king in peril levels is really cool but basically non existent in game. My second complaint is the room building via star program. It’s fully pointless. Short of offering u some items upon room completion there is zero point to decorating the room. Give me a choice to pick color/pattern/item style or any other change that would make my room different from another. Instead every single person that plays this has the exact same room. What is the point. I basically just save stars and quickly click to complete a room. It offers nothing to the game. However this is a fun and relatively challenging puzzle game. Good for break time or just a few minutes here and there..Version: 7312

Great ProgrammingCompared to all of the other color match games out there, this one is “smarter” than the others due to its programming. For example, the whirly birds will seek out an item and it one already got it, it will redirect to help you out. Very entertaining and helpful. However, I am writing this review as a suggestion. Perhaps the game can change to where the combination of tnt and multi-color ball will allow each tnt to explode instead of all at once. The explosion only takes off one item instead of the line rockets combo that fires independently to allow for more items off per turn. Also, I have not been seeing any more challenge boards after the first three or four? It was part of the advertisement that brought me over to this app, but not seeing anymore. In either case, I do enjoy the game. Thanks..Version: 5122

👹 Monster 🌲I really really really really really like the game it’s so good it’s because I love things that oh hard whoever done it I think they should meet me because I have a good interest of games I even tried to make games up like monster tree it’s where you have to look for monsters it’s where you take pictures all around your house and then you look for monsters around them.Version: 7880

Royal matchGreat game.Version: 4490

Why not use the power upI am so angry 😡 that on the last move I have a lots of power ups and I want to use them but you don’t let me this makes me mad 😡.Version: 5229

A lovely free to play if you enjoy casual gamingIt’s not all down to luck, but seems to me that the game will eventually help you out if you’ve been stuck on a level forever. There’s skill involved learning which combos will best suit the board. If you’re ambitious but don’t want to pay, then don’t play this. Like most games, the top of all team and player leaderboards are dominated by the cash players..Version: 3981

Good game, but...This is a standard match 3 game which has some good graphics BUT there are only 200 levels at the minute. There is a tournament for when you have finished the levels BUT even that has finished now and no new levels have appeared! The makers say levels will be released every 2 weeks BUT it looks like they only release 20 at a time - THIS IS NOT ENOUGH FOR 2 WEEKS OF PLAY. Get more levels out quickly or this game will end up being deleted..Version: 2985

Royal matchLove this game!! It’s so cute and fun to play!.Version: 2575

This is a really fun game!This game has officially become my fav goto when I’m bored. I’ve had a lot of puzzle games that I’ve downloaded & then deleted because they got too hard. This has different puzzles that don’t repeat & an extra cool part of this game is that if you have the power up bonus that comes when you win 3 games in a row, they don’t go away if you have won the game & then have to turn it off. So if you have the bonus power ups, you finish the game you’re playing & win, you turn the game off & when you open the app your bonus power ups are still there until you break your winning streak! Another perk is that if you’re playing & you get interrupted for whatever & you turn your screen off without closing the app, it keeps your place without restarting the game - major plus for me!.Version: 4306

What a breath of fresh air + one suggestion.Finally coming across a game that doesn’t spam ads and paywall every feature is (like the title suggest) a breath of fresh air. It’s very easy to get attached to this game, but I’m not exactly upset over it. Your team communities have been nothing but nice and active, and overall, fun to participate with in challenges when those times come. With all of this said, my suggestion would HAVE to be a infinite/zen mode. No move limits, no lives involved, maybe a tier of rewards for how far you go in this mode, or certain moves could earn coins - this, that, and the third. I understand this would defeat the purpose of the game but if you make it to where only a certain level can achieve, and make it to where it works with the rest of the game - I could guarantee your players would love it. Either way, thanks for making a dope game, I’m gonna go back to playing now, haha..Version: 7495

Good game but robbing you offI paid $17 for the royal pass, and it's only for one week, and it's gone. They don't explain that the privilege will be gone after "the race" end..Version: 5887

J’adore 🥰🥰🥰Je suis accroc à ce jeux,chaque niveau est toujours intéressant..Version: 7656

Gets harder in progression. No mini games like advertisedI’m up to level 770+ enjoy it, but none of the games that you see in promotional adds. Maybe that’s the paid version? Still enjoyable and not spending money. Some levels are very challenging. Furnishing the rooms for bonuses takes a lot of stars after a while. Still worth doing though. Would be 5 stars if you could play the games as promoted. Plus helicopters don’t fly as strategically as at the earliest levels..Version: 5226

EnjoyableReally enjoying playing this game. No adverts and play for free. There are some niggles such as they have a list of free weapons (don’t worry, it’s not a shoot em up game!). You claim two free weapons then there will be one for say £2.99 and you can’t claim any more in the list until you buy the £2.99 one. There is also a time limit if you play for free so it’s annoying if you are playing then it says you have no more time left. Other than that, it’s a really good time wasting game!.Version: 4902

MediocreGreat little game however the updates take ages to come up. I can wait a whole day sometimes to update a game by that time Iv missed out on the competition so very annoying. Maybe try updating more than 50 levels at once. If other games can do it why can’t you. Made me start on another game which is equally as good so I spend more tome on that now. Not very Good at keeping your player royal match.Version: 4490

The ads don’t match the gameI love the matching 3 element of the game. It seems generous in rewards and has a reasonable variety of gizmos to keep my interest BUT when you see the short adds for the game it would appear to have lots of opportunities to save the king from massive dangers. I’m on level 750ish but have hardly ever found this type of play. Why not! It looks fun and the game designers have clearly made lots of different versions (I've seen lots of ads!) I’ve never paid for the game. You do not have to buy the Add Ons and additional coins etc. A good game, but bring on the rescues please.Version: 5039

Love it but needs moreI love playing this game its fast paced and really fun to play the only thing I don’t like is when advertised it always shows how we need to save the king even though I’m nearly at level 500 I’ve only played the save the king game once. That’s used to promote the game but in actuality it’s not there i wish those games wre on there more.Version: 4902

Love at first sightThis game is so simple yet so challenging as you progress, forcing you to become more strategic with your placements and sequences of grouping. I truly fell in love with this game as it really takes my mind off things and lets me relax. Usually I just turn off all sounds of the game and listen to playlists while I play so I could play for hours on end if it wasn’t for the limited amount of hearts. Though I grew to like the limited number as it forces you to do other activities or finish that work that needs to be completed, not taking up too much of that valuable time as time is something that we should all cherish. In times of struggle and difficulty, I turn to this game for some joy as life seems to be gradually wearing away at things I once resided in for contentment. One by one, step by step, I near closer to the edge of what I once believed to be everlasting..Version: 7164

Awesome!Love this game and can play it for hours! But it’s so tempting to spend money on it all the time which isn’t good for me but still love the game..Version: 5122

Very addictive gameI love this game, it is very addictive and gets hard quick. I joined a team and can participate but there is a known wifi issue which prevents me from accessing the team tab so I cannot communicate with my team or gift & receive lives. They also don’t know that it is not my choice to not do this. I went to support but they cannot assist but say developers are working on known issue. Hope it gets fixed soon..Version: 7656

A lovely game!What i like most about this game is that it never seems toooooooo hard so you feel like you are always able to make progress, unlike similar games of this style..Version: 4943

Fun gameI love Candy Crush but I’m quite high up so levels are really hard and I run out of lives but still want to play so I googled similar games and this was the top result. I’ve only done 12 or so levels but it’s exactly what I was looking for, I’m sure once I’m on a higher level it’ll probably end up like candy crush and get harder but I’ll happily keep going back (once my lives reload!) I like that is similar to CC but different enough to keep me playing. The only part I feel is a bit pointless is the building the castle etc part. I think maybe it’s there so there’s a point to winning stars but I’d be happy just to play the game without the building part, or have a way to not participate in it (so far not participating just puts a red badge on it and they drive me nuts!), won’t stop me playing though but is the reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5..Version: 6771

GreatDisappointed that all the ads showed timed or save the king levels but that has not been in the game at all. Still an enjoyable game just frustrating that it doesn’t include what was shown in the ads that attracted me to the game..Version: 6081

Royal MatchAddictive.Version: 6760

Best game on the internetThis game is the leader for all games on the net. No Ads which is a mega huge bonus and it’s imaginative and creative. I am truly having trouble putting it down. We’ll done to the makers of this game..Version: 4902

Excellent and freeThis is very well-crafted both technically (runs with no problems on my iPhone 5s) and conceptually (there are a few duff levels where chance plays too huge apart but generally the levels are well-designed and remarkably interesting as puzzles). Am on level 1200+ without paying. Though now think I should give these guys some cash for the fun they’ve provided. Dangerously addictive of course..Version: 5039

;);).Version: 4943

Enjoyable but false advertisingIf I was to give this rating on the advertising to save the King, I would give it a one star as I’ve only played 2 games where I had to save the king and I am on level 299. This game does redeem itself because it is an actual fun puzzle matching game to play with many different variety of levels and different skill sets and different ways to solve the puzzles which keeps it interesting. Levels range from easy, mid, hard, super hard. Some levels are a challenge and definitely takes time to complete. And love the fact you’re not bombarded with advertising all the time. but if you’re looking to save the king you’ll be sadly disappointed..Version: 5887

Best game I have played of its type but one annoying feature...And I have played a few. No ads, no stupid carry on between games, great graphics. Higher levels are challenging but not so hard that I want to throw my ipad through the window. Great rewards too and I like the occasional ' free ' play rewards. I gave you 5 stars but would have 'turned it up to 11' ...if it was able to be played in landscape mode too. There is only one grouch I have and that all the ads for the game depict a very easy game play to entice people but it is very hard very soon. Sort of false advertising. I also wish I would not get Ads for it as it seems pointless. It should be able to detect that I have it installed...funny how many things can be detected these days, yet annoying things cannot be avoided..Version: 6081

Royal MatchStill learning about tools to use and make. Feels like if you reset so you can learn how to Make them. Not a person that is into teams..Version: 7495

Good gameOne of the best free games ive ever played.Version: 4902

Awesome gameThis is a great game and tons of fun to play..Version: 6960

Amazing graphics!Visually this is a stunning, high res game. The only downfall is the extras are a bit pricey in comparison to other games. I’m a student and I support when I can but as the levels get harder I tend to wait for the free lives to replenish..Version: 3892

Not like the ads for itGame is good but I’ve got up to level 488 without ever having a game/puzzle/level where you were joining shapes/gems to save the King like in the ads for the game. Very disappointing as could be a fun game but playing games to decorate a castle wasn’t what was shown, only got so far in levels incase it started after the castle was decorated but now we are doing the gardens up! Good addictive puzzles & can get stuck on levels for ages trying to figure it out, but not as shown in the ads..Version: 4202

KmeleonJ’adore ce jeux très divertissant, semblable à candy crush et autre même principe animation différente..Version: 4202

Great game, but frustrating at the same time.Addicting game but kind of perturbed at the fact that they literally make some levels almost unbeatable. So much so that it makes me want to just delete the game altogether because it's not worth the headache. Aside from that, I really enjoy the game and wish I didn't have to continuously play a level so many times before the program will allow me to beat it without having to use power ups and what not. Be careful, it's addicting and you will want to keep buying power ups and coins to continue. Again, really great game. I just wish I could only play the levels they advertise where you're saving the king. I think I've only played one round on that and I'm at almost 400 levels. The game play in the ads is what got me to download the game. Four stars only because of the frustrating points I mentioned, otherwise I'd give it like 10, haha..Version: 4943

Royal matchLove the game, no ads is great, the odd freebie is good too, just disappointed that the previews show having to do 'rescue' situations and in over 300 levels I’ve only had to do that twice…..I mainly downloaded it because I thought the rescue theme was so different……🤩😟.Version: 6960

J'aime ce jeuJe ne comprends pas les mauvais commentaires sur ce jeu. J’apprécie les graphiques joyeux, l’humour des gaffes du Roi et la détente que cela occasionne..Version: 7656

It’s a rare quality gameIt’s a really engaging game. Looks nice, the animations are nice and there is a lots of blowing up stuff. Candy crush never attracted me, and even though it’s almost the same thing, it somehow has a better gameplay. Maybe it’s the more various board layouts or the varying challenges. And a really great thing for me that it’s not pay to win. It gets quite hard after about stage 150 and I thought it will be impossible to continue without buying stuff but now I’m at stage 680 and haven’t spent a cent so far. Sometimes it’s slow but with luck, patience, using the power-ups sparingly - and of course with an okay strategy -, it’s doable. I will probably buy something in it just to send the devs something after spending all this time in the game - you can see there is a lots of thought and work in it. Also it was a nice surprise to see there is no ad whatsoever because usually the average game is loaded with unskippable ads nowadays - those get deleted after half hour. One negative to mention is that the button to spend ‘gold’ after a lost round looks exactly the same as the ‘continue’ button after a winning round. It’s clearly there to lure you into spending gold and I pressed it several times in a hurry. I get it, you want players to run out of gold and having to buy it but it just makes me angry and not want to give you money if I feel that I’m being cheated out of it..Version: 5761

Ok, but watch those hard earned coinsIt’s a decent enough match 3 game with some good bonus items available to help you beat some seemingly impossible levels. Just watch it when you run out of moves though as it’ll offer you a chance to continue with an extra 5 moves for 900 of your hard earned coins. You can click on an X in the top corner if you don’t want to continue but then it’ll ask again, and again, and in each case the use 900 coins option is in the same place on the screen as the try again option. so just be careful you don’t click on it the 2nd or 3rd times or you’ll lose 900 coins with no chance of completing the level..Version: 4104

ADDICTINGOnce you start this game you will just want to play endlessly. The only problem is that the update only put 50 levels at the time and they finish so quick. Then the royal league doesn't give you the chance to multiply your reward when encountering a hard or very hard level and so the team get penalised by this. I have also to say, on the contrary at what has been said, that it's not a game where do you have to pay to get on the top of leaderboard. The team had to play constantly to get on the top and surely you will achieve first position..Version: 4202

Please give what you advertisedDon’t get me wrong, I love the game, one of the best I’ve played, but I downloaded it to save the king not just gem match. I am fed up of the app shop offering games with one scenario or story and finding out the app is nothing like the advertising. I’m up to like level 163 and yet to save a single king. Please give what was offered.Version: 7164

Best game everVery addictive cannot stop playing it eve though I have heaps that I have downloaded this is the best by far.Version: 6081

Good butThere should be no time limit on prizes as I cannot always use them at the time and they are wasted and I have earned them, I have spent quite a bit not composing but I do think these times should be as you play.Version: 5122

Misleading advertisingWatching the ads for the game I was like this looks cool and different. But no, I’m 160 levels in and nothing challenging. All these ads of “saving the king” from big drills, fire, getting squashed etc, etc. is it level 500 before this takes place? And some of the levels are that ridiculously hard you use all ur boosters..Version: 6960

Where are the save the King levels?I got this game after seeing loads of ads for it when playing other games. Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy playing it and it is quite addictive but I got it because I thought the save the King games looked really good on the ads. However I’m at about Level 350 and I’ve only come across 3/4 of that type of level..Version: 6526

ParfaitHélène.Version: 7656

Royal matchVery good game 😊.Version: 3892

No king.I’m on level 232. Which isn’t high compared to some people. But I would like to know when we get to save the king. The ad for this game comes up all the time while I play another game. And the ads are nothing like the game I’m playing. I’m now on level 302. And I am still enjoying it. Thank you..Version: 7164

No ads!This is a refreshing change from most free games. There are zero ads, and it’s possible to clear the boards without spending any money on extras. I’ve gone well past 1000 levels without needing to buy anything. The game is interesting and engaging with lots of little side things going on. It’s beneficial to join a team. There are lots of opportunities to play with unlimited lives for a reasonable period of time. Some of the levels are very challenging, and I can see where people would wish to purchase extra items. These appear to be reasonably priced. The developers of this game are clearly not greedy, and they put out an excellent product. I thank them for that..Version: 7656

Royal matchGood game great puzzles really gets the mind going👍.Version: 4943

NO ANNOYING ADDS!!!A massive kudos to the game makers, especially the artists because the art is amazing and the game is fantastic!! No annoying adds and also the fact it’s not too hard to make you frustrated! Also if you do loose it helps you get back on your feet so you can keep playing…. It’s totally addictive and I LOVE it!! Thank you to the game makers and the artists!!.Version: 5229

LevelsTo the developers, please can you keep on top of adding new levels? I know you add them often but I complete them within 2-3 days and then I’m bored waiting for new ones 😬Great game otherwise. Absolutely love it, biggest problem is I spend too much money on it 🙈🤣 thanks for the best game on the App Store, developers! 😀.Version: 5761

Great funBeautiful graphics and sounds effects to go along with the game. Very smooth..Version: 5761

FunFun, fast and feverish. Easy enough at the beginning to get you comfortable..Version: 3637

Not like the advert! No king peril levels!I do enjoy this game. However, two things really bug me. First, this advert with the attempt at saving the king from peril was the thing that got me playing. I have done almost 700 levels and only had ONE of these type of challenges so far! Secondly, the price for the coins for say one extra move is £1.79... which gets you 1000 coins - 900 coins buying you 5 extra moves - on really hard levels you need help, but may only need like one move. But then those 4 other moves that you've technically paid for, get lost. £1.79 per move is pretty expensive imo. I'm in a team who are pretty active but you can only store 10 lives and there's a limit on how many times you can ask your team makes fir extra lives on something like every 3 hours, so on a really hard levels you have to stop playing for a few hours before you can try again once your lives are replenished naturally..Version: 5887

Fun but I feel manipulatedThis game has great graphics and is a lot of fun. Sometimes you have a full butlers tray of boosters and it seems you get into a winning streak until that hard level that wastes them all because there is such a small area in which they can be used, which limits the effect of things like the lightning ball. I also cannot help, but to think that the algorithm is written to pump out bombs and lighting balls right after your last move, to tempt you into buying 5 more. I guess if I were the developer, I would do the same. I don’t mind dropping a couple of bucks here and there as it is a fun and addictive game and I believe the developer could write a book on gaming psychology. It seems as if after failing over and over at night, when I next play an impossible round , I am fed with boosters that i never saw the night before. That keeps me going, and gets me interested just when I was going to throw in the hat. And then it happens. I am left with no moves and a booster magically appears that will enable me to win the level that I was beaten by 12 times in a row if I just buy 5 more moves (I generally can win on the 1st move after spending) I am glad I run out of lives quickly on hard levels or I would spend too much time on this game!.Version: 6760

Supports terribleThis is my favorite and only gaming app on my phone. I LOVE it but I can’t afford to spend any money on it so I’m at the mercy of wins and saving items up. My game frequently crashes or allows me to use items on a level you can’t start items with-so then they’re lost items I can’t get back. Also I’ve lost tons of tokens refilling lives then there are no more levels able to be played because an update hasn’t been released yet and the royal league has already ended. When I’ve contacted support through the app I’ve gotten generic, automated responses that say they’ll look into the issue and respond with a solution but it’s usually a pre recorded solution that has nothing to do with my issue whatsoever. It’s frustrating. It’s why I’d never spend money on this game. It’s taken so much from me I’d hate to give what I work so hard for to a company that doesn’t seem to care about their customers issues..Version: 7495

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