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I love this game!Not a paid review or a bot. I just downloaded this game 22 days ago. I’ve hit level 751 and I’m on round 82. I have spent about ten dollars for more coins. But this game is super easy! I hate that I’ve flown through it because it’s really fun to play. I’ve never hit the level limit in a game before so I do feel a bit fancy lol. I wish they put out more levels quicker. So I’m glad they have these rounds to play once you’ve hit the highest level..Version: 4202

So Much Fun!I just got this game yesterday and am already on level 50. This game is very relaxing and I enjoy getting to see the different rooms come together. I never get levels that are too hard and there’s lots of cool boosters that you get. It’s great because there’s no ads at all. The animations and look great. My only complaint is the little animation the king does whenever you complete a room is a little weird but I can live with that. Definitely one of the better match games! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 4202

Love the gameBut it takes so long for the update every 2 weeks.. it just says open... at the end of the game it should say update automatically instead of having to wait one two or three hours.Version: 4306

FunHours of fun time.Version: 4388

AvisJeu « bug » par moment. Simple et amusant..Version: 3816

Fun gameIt’s well designed not to many ads.Version: 4202

ConfusedWhen do you get the games where you keep the king safe. Completed all tasks up to waiting for new levels and not had them yet.Version: 4306

Fun but HardI’m stuck at level 105. A hard level-the game warns you when you’re about to play one. There’s hard and super hard. Of course it’s going to get more difficult as you progress though, right? Yes. But if you keep going, even with no power ups, you’ll eventually get past the hard level and you’ll get a bonus round so you can collect more coins and buy power ups..Version: 4104

MisleadingTotally addicted and so worth 5 stars! Wondering why adverts regarding this game depict puzzle solving levels to save the King - it is so not like this? Currently at the max level stage and not come across one puzzle yet? Misleading much.........Version: 3637

Fun GameGreat so far..Version: 4202

Finally a decent puzzle game.No glitches. No need to pay for win. It allows for a decent amount of game play and thus far, all levels are beatable without resorting to pay to win gimmicks. Though I am only past the first 200 levels. So we shall see how it goes..Version: 4388

Excellent gameThoroughly enjoying this game, smooth play and glorious graphics. A refreshing change,completely uncomplicated but enough tasks etc to keep it interesting..Version: 4202

THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE GAME!The game is adorable and wonderful to play. And there are no annoying advertisements that you have to watch. It’s game heaven! The graphics are good. The gameplay can sometimes be difficult but the sound effects and the uninterrupted play with no annoying advertisements are so relaxing. Also there are no bombs or spiders who take away your game progress. Just fun play. I have not done anything other than play the match game. I have not ever done the other mode..Version: 4202

Great gameVery addictive. With perseverance all levels can be completed without boosters so you can play without spending a penny. Highly recommended, highly enjoyable.Version: 3816

Great GameI loved playing this game but disappointed to find that there is only 180 levels. Just as a suggestion how about letting people who have finished all the levels have some kind of championship or the opportunity to go back and replay old levels to get a better score.Version: 2893

Royal matchLove this game!! It’s so cute and fun to play!.Version: 2575

Amazing graphics!Visually this is a stunning, high res game. The only downfall is the extras are a bit pricey in comparison to other games. I’m a student and I support when I can but as the levels get harder I tend to wait for the free lives to replenish..Version: 3892

Royal matchIl est super cool ce jeu.Version: 4104

A lovely free to play if you enjoy casual gamingIt’s not all down to luck, but seems to me that the game will eventually help you out if you’ve been stuck on a level forever. There’s skill involved learning which combos will best suit the board. If you’re ambitious but don’t want to pay, then don’t play this. Like most games, the top of all team and player leaderboards are dominated by the cash players..Version: 3981

Royal matchGreat game.Version: 4490

Good but have to wait for new levelsI love this game but get so frustrated having to wait for new levels. Why can’t we just continue, it’s getting to the point that I can’t be bothered anymore, thinking of deleting App which is a shame as I love it. Please sort this out..Version: 2775

Great so far...Just started playing today. Cute graphics. The best match game I’ve played in a long time and has the added bonus of having no adverts every minute!.Version: 2775

To many updatesI love this game! But once you hit the 600 mark there’s just to many updates. You guys need to come up with something better then 50 levels at a time..Version: 4388

FunFun, fast and feverish. Easy enough at the beginning to get you comfortable..Version: 3637

What am I missing!?I’m at level 305 and while I have been enjoying the game, I have yet to save the king fro the bad situation shown in your advertising. It’s getting boring..Version: 3892

Ease upLove the game - playing it on 2 separate devices. Lvl 669 on one and mid 70s the second device. What a difference in how many attempts it takes to win a level. Please ease up in the higher levels..Version: 4202

Royal matchVery good game 😊.Version: 3892

Lots of funI can’t put it down. My new favourite..Version: 4202

Beautiful, fun match 3Gorgeous graphics. I haven’t watched a single ad nor spent any money on this game. I beat all of the levels (just updated, excited about that) They bump you into a Royal league and those levels are rough, no room for error. Really like the different challenges and having teams. Getting plenty of extra lives from others is helpful as well. Recommend..Version: 4202

Disappointed but satisfyingThis game took like a whole month to beat thought there would be more than 800 levels but it was just starting to get hard so sad. Also I see the people complaining about not being able to pass levels if you just use your brain a little the pieces will magically show up. Never spent any money on this which I know would probably depress the devs but hey make it harder.. Thank you for the brain teasers though.Version: 4306

FunEveryone should try this game out as It helps to pass the time away. It’s creative and funny. Hoping to open more levels Thanks!.Version: 4202

How it is and why you should buy itIt is very fun and it helps your mind. You should buy it because it’s very good of a game, and it’s sometimes a challenge. And you should always have fun when it’s a challenge. It’s fun when it puts pressure on you. So you should buy it today. But the bad thing about it is that it’s way to easy at first. But than it gets harder, more fun, difficult, and way more enjoyable, and interesting, and more competitive..Version: 3840

Best game in a long time but issues !Got me hooked straight away but I championed the levels and ran out 😂 This is such an aesthetically lovely game. Get some more developers dudes - your game is an overwhelming success ! 🤗.Version: 3092

Awesome gameAwesome game and so much fun.Version: 4202

Mothers DayIt’s fun..Version: 4306

Average match game, but sweet!It’s an average match game like the rest but it’s cuter and never gives me a level too difficult to make me give up, you’ll always get there eventually. The king is very cute which I didn’t notice until you start building the castle and such. He’s got a cute little music room, a pool shaped like a bone for his dog, and in the loading screens he’s eating cookies and milk. So cute! Plus he watches your game from the top of the screen and it looks as if he’s on the edge of his seat when you get to your last 4 or so moves, worried you won’t make it..Version: 4104

It is really entertainmentWe love it..Version: 4306

AddictiveI have got totally addicted to this game. The tasks are always developing & getting harder & the room designs are entertaining. Unlike a previous reviewer I think strategy can be important.Version: 3092

Join Team BEATINGUI’ve played Candy Crush, Homescapes, Gardenscapes, Kitten Match, etc and this is my favorite matching game so far. The game is very generous with the boosts. My only complaint is there is not an easy way to invite people to your team! I joined a few, but no one kicked out inactive players. I’ve made my own team, BEATINGU. There are no Facebook groups for the game other than a couple of specific team groups. The Royal Match Facebook page has been inactive since August. There needs to be a way to add friends and recruit!.Version: 4104

Fantastic!This game is so relaxing and fun! I absolutely love everything about it! The graphics, the games, the colors and music are just awesome!! A lot of times I turn off the music on games but not on this one. I am usually smiling the whole time I am playing. This is a gem of a game! During this pandemic I have tried a lot of games so I don’t get board at home. This one is the best in its class! Thank you for creating such a fantastic game!!.Version: 3816

RIGHT ROYALTY GAMEWonderful fun keep your eye on the match though and don’t blink royalty is topnotch.Version: 4306

Good game, but...This is a standard match 3 game which has some good graphics BUT there are only 200 levels at the minute. There is a tournament for when you have finished the levels BUT even that has finished now and no new levels have appeared! The makers say levels will be released every 2 weeks BUT it looks like they only release 20 at a time - THIS IS NOT ENOUGH FOR 2 WEEKS OF PLAY. Get more levels out quickly or this game will end up being deleted..Version: 2985

ROYAL MATCHIt’s a very fun game.Version: 4202

M’amuseTrès bien.Version: 4306

Good gameReally enjoyable match 3 game. Disappointed that there’s only a certain amount of levels available at the moment. Look forward to more being released..Version: 2344

KmeleonJ’adore ce jeux très divertissant, semblable à candy crush et autre même principe animation différente..Version: 4202

Brilliant!I’ve been play to match 3 since the first bejeweled. This game is so much fun, addictive! I stop playing harry potter match 3 since i discovered Royal Match!.Version: 3840

At lastA game which does not have ads popping up after every level. Not sure how much boosters will be after level 100 though..Version: 3236

Addicting gameOne of the most amazing games I’ve ever played. Love it!.Version: 3981

FINALLY!!I get so tired of every game being a match 3. I love to decorate & I love fun, relaxing games. Finally, here is a match 3 game that doesn't get extremely hard extremely fast. I love everything about this game. It's so nice not to have to spend money for moves but r advance in the game. Please don't change anything, especially don't make it more challenging. Some people like fun, relaxing games, without having to constantly think about how your going to make it to another level. Thanks so much for a AWESOME game..Version: 3840

Not like the ads for itGame is good but I’ve got up to level 488 without ever having a game/puzzle/level where you were joining shapes/gems to save the King like in the ads for the game. Very disappointing as could be a fun game but playing games to decorate a castle wasn’t what was shown, only got so far in levels incase it started after the castle was decorated but now we are doing the gardens up! Good addictive puzzles & can get stuck on levels for ages trying to figure it out, but not as shown in the ads..Version: 4202

Amazing grand time!I absolutely love everything about this game; the vibrant graphics, the attainable rewards, and the skill level that makes it just challenging enough for most ages! The graphics are beautiful and so well constructed. The rewards are semi-easily to collect; there are easy, hard, and super hard goals, so you really have to strategize and the game design makes me want to play all day. It’s nice to get that positive reinforcement along the way, too. Thumbs up to the developers and I’d like to see more from Dreamz!.Version: 4388

Royal MatchFun game but it is geared that you get very close to winning but machine doesn’t let you so you have to buy, buy, buy. Game makers you could make it so your customers could win once in awhile to keep them interested!.Version: 4104

CJSuch fun, loving it 👍🏻.Version: 3840

Wish I had made thisI’ve been in the game industry since 2005. This is the best match 3 to be released in recent memory. Juicy. Bouncy. Loaded with pizzazz. It’s addictive, even for me, and that’s saying something. I’ve played hundreds of match 3 games over the past 16 years, and yet I can’t put this one down. Bravo!! That’s all I have time to write. I can feel the withdrawals kicking in. Back to the game!.Version: 4306

Loads more levels.There are lots more levels than 180, I’m on 240 something, it’s updates when you complete a certain amount of scenes. Great game..Version: 3231

Awesome game!Love the levels and how there are different challenges to change things up. 😊.Version: 4306

Love it!!!!I have played many matching games by far this is my favorite!!! It’s graphics are cute and it’s not impossible to pass levels. I also love the fact that the rooms don’t have a thousand things to do to complete. You can actually play with out spending money and the prizes are fair. Please don’t change this aspect of the game it keeps people playing.. Great job guys keep up the great work!!!!.Version: 3892

Royal matchBest game for years played for about 6 months or so levels range from easy to pulling my hair out but no adverts at all which is refreshing and fantastic keep up the good work just missing a daily log in prize but if that means no adverts not wanted at all.Version: 4306

These guys are so goodHow do they complete the game so quickly 200 levels, oh man I’m stuck on level 16. Hats off to these losers who have nothing better to do with their lives..Version: 3454

Awesome GameBest game I’ve played in a while! Especially when waiting during appointments, it’s a time filler!! 👍🏼.Version: 4306

The only iOS game I’ve ever loved❤️.Version: 4202

Ok, but watch those hard earned coinsIt’s a decent enough match 3 game with some good bonus items available to help you beat some seemingly impossible levels. Just watch it when you run out of moves though as it’ll offer you a chance to continue with an extra 5 moves for 900 of your hard earned coins. You can click on an X in the top corner if you don’t want to continue but then it’ll ask again, and again, and in each case the use 900 coins option is in the same place on the screen as the try again option. so just be careful you don’t click on it the 2nd or 3rd times or you’ll lose 900 coins with no chance of completing the level..Version: 4104

Great Game, except....This is a fabulous game. The graphics are great, the prizes are great and there are tons of contests with the opportunity to get more prizes. The except part is that if you happen to make it through the all the regular levels you enter the Royal League and the levels are all hard levels but you still only get one credit when you complete a level and most of them take many tries to finish and at that slower win rate you are never competitive in the regular contests. It’s still fun and I look forward to the new levels but I just wish that you were amply rewarded for completing these hard levels while stuck in the Royal league..Version: 4388

Royal matchGreat game till update locked up the game. Very annoying.Version: 4104

Fun game..I am in the 200 levels now and it takes me a long time to beat a level. Patience is not my middle name and I am not going to spend money all the time to beat a level. I will be leaving the game soon. I don’t mind once in awhile, but not all the time. Oh well, it is a really cute game, just not fun anymore. I play games for enjoyment, not stress. If you have patience and enjoy match 3 games you should really enjoy this one. There is also decorating, but you don’t get to chose the decorations they’re all pre-made and their choice of furniture..Version: 3892

Good Game, but could improveThis game is fun and addictive. The main downfalls are: 1) it takes 30 minutes to get a new life, and you can only request helps every 3.5 hours. You are given 5 lives and can only save 15 from helps (every 3.5 Hours). So, you spend A LOT of time waiting to play. 2) They don’t develop new levels (new levels are available every two weeks), so you get stuck in the Royal League, which are recycled levels. It can get boring and frustrating when you stay stuck on a level and can’t get more lives sooner to try and move on. I hope the developers will make some changes to these two issues..Version: 4306

Love this gameReally fun Great visuals My new obsession 😋.Version: 3892

Satisfying and fun!!The art and animation is really beautiful and it’s so satisfying to play! Great game so far!! (And it includes “King’s Nightmare” mini games every now and then so you can free the king, which adds something unusual and fun to the game!).Version: 4202

FrustratingThis is a good game but after 100 levels I now have to wait for new levels to be released,I have now been waiting for over a week and it’s very frustrating. The contact centre doesn’t seem to know when the new levels will be released, a bit of a shambles..Version: 2344

Excellent GameLove this game. No ads just play. Very challenging and lots of team playing. One of the best I have played..Version: 4306

FunContinues to challenge me.Version: 4306

AwesomeThis Game is Awesome.Version: 4104

Thank you!!!! No annoying addsIt’s true that the add is misleading as you don’t find that content in the game but I gave it five stars anyway. It is a simple match three game that you can play without constant interruptions by adds: priceless..Version: 4202

Only one issueI just started playing this game. And I dig it. But there’s an issue the developers need to take a look at. I was playing when I got an important text message. I clicked on the message and when I went back to the game, it had logged me out and treated me as though I had failed that level. I lost all progress in that level, one life, AND the all progress on the butler’s gift- which I had. I didn’t fail the level. I just left the game momentarily and it treated me like I failed. THAT IS MESSED UP. Hope y’all can fix this..Version: 4306

I love this game, I addictedSo, this game is super addicting once you start. I’ve never had to spend money for lives because there is always an event going on where you can get free infinite lives. It’s too great, and the accomplishing feeling you have after finishing a room is nice. I also love how the levels get harder, the variety of levels, and even the bonus levels. 5/5 in my book.Version: 4306

Good but hardGreat looking game. Very difficult at higher levels without boosts and spending coins which frustrating..Version: 4388

Takes coinsI’m leaving 5 stars so people will see it this game randomly takes ur coins without you even spending them it has happen several times like today I started with 1641 coins it randomly took 600 so it showed I had 1041 coins and right before I was going to need them to get more lives it took my coins to 141 so now I don’t have enough to get more lives unless I buy them it’s even took more coins than it was supposed to when I have used them to get lives and it happens often !!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 4306

Would have been 5*Have enjoyed playing this game but just disappointed that the adverts don’t match the gameplay!! I thought it was about trying to save the King but it’s just getting stars to put items in a room. Shame a lot of games advertise this way and don’t show true game play. Good game though and has kept me on so far to level 634!!.Version: 3981

You don’t have to waste money on this game to winFirstly I would like to start out by saying that this game is NOT pay to win. If you don’t believe me, I will have to give you some tips 1- don’t waste coins early game( levels 1-200 about) and don’t waste them loosely 2- look for strategic matches carefully to win Finally I would like to say that this game is good and i had no problems with it really so 5 stars.Version: 3981

Best came in a long timeReally easy to use. Lots of things to help you get through a level quickly and love the King so fun.Version: 4202

TopsHow great is this game knowledgeable.Version: 4202

Refined matching gameThe gameplay is fast and responsive with things always exploding and combo’ing. You decorate your castle in an easy pleasurable way which is fun. It has all the same aspects of other matching games, such as coins and energy/heart levels, but it’s definitely one of the better games of these types..Version: 3721

ADDICTINGOnce you start this game you will just want to play endlessly. The only problem is that the update only put 50 levels at the time and they finish so quick. Then the royal league doesn't give you the chance to multiply your reward when encountering a hard or very hard level and so the team get penalised by this. I have also to say, on the contrary at what has been said, that it's not a game where do you have to pay to get on the top of leaderboard. The team had to play constantly to get on the top and surely you will achieve first position..Version: 4202

Very addictive gameFantastic game good amount of free lives. If you spend it is a little expensive 1.99 as an entry level purchase instead of the usual 0.99. Need more levels quicker every 2 weeks leaves a while to carry..Version: 4104

Don’t listen to bad reviews.Let me preface by saying this is the very first review I have left on any game let alone any app but I felt the need to do so. To those saying expect to pay money..... I’m on lever 751 and I have never spent a single penny on this game!! May sure you join a team that actually helps the teammates out. At any given time I have 10-15 lives banked in addition to the 5 I’m given. For a time killer, it’s perfect! It’s one of my favorite match three games. The only issue is I wish leveled were release faster. But I do have to say I love that they have “bonus” levels in between the release of other levels. Keep playing. Be patient and have fun! There is no need to spend money on a game if you don’t want to. I’ve never felt the need and have never felt forced to do so..Version: 4306

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