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Royal Match for Positive User Reviews

Gameplay not as advertisedAs much as I enjoy this game with no adds and it can be challenging, I am very disappointed that none of the gameplay is what is shown in the advertisements. Why not???? The kings challenge is the closest that comes to it, but it isn’t the same interaction. Come on developers, get your act together and give us what you advertise!.Version: 12647

Two halvesThe game is great fun and addictive with the right balance of frustration and exhilaration, the team aspect makes it easy to d like minded players to suit you level of drive, I have but three criticisms the first is the game is a little heavy on the purchase baiting side often ending a game needing just one more move which takes us to gripe number two the pricing of additional content seems “ in my opinion “ a bit too steep given you’re not getting anything for your money in reality. The final issue I have is I get hit by adverts on apps and the ones for royal match are ironically depicting game modes that don’t exist in a format that doesn’t exist Which leaves a sour taste on the palette.Version: 7880

The Perfect Travel Game!!With a vibrant cartoonish artstyle that is both colourful and charming, it’s now wonder I’m so hooked on this game. The regular challenges with the king are as stressful as they are hilarious. If I had to name a complaint it would be that making 3 in a rows are completely pointless as you progress through to the harder levels, granted there is some strategy in creating a 4 in a row or a 5 in a row, the fact that my one complaint is a nitpick shows just how much this game gives me joy, hands down the perfect non-WiFi travelling game.Version: 7312

Boring. Doesn’t match advertising.Nothing but a Candy Crush clone. Advertised as a series of small games to save the King but have not come across any of these. All the levels are essentially getting you to do the same boring matches of 3-5 colours. Not worth it..Version: 6960

Royal Addict!Love this game! I have been playing for less than a year. I am on level 1519! Total addict! I noticed when you are at a high level like I am and playing a weekly tournament I am mostly playing with other players that are at levels less than 400 so it is much easier for them to win than I. Other times with some at a much closer level with I find it more challenging and even won once! But there is just one that I don’t like. I have a strong faith in God and people in front of me who use God’s name in vain I am quick to tell them, “please don’t use God’s name in vain “ His name is only to be used in praise. That’s why it saddens me that the makers of Royal match who have used the actors from the show “suits” to do their on line commercials have chose to put the words, “Thank God” in it where it didn’t need to be put there. It’s using our, your God’s name in vain. It’s not the actor’s fault at all but it’s the script writer. I will always be a Royal addict but ask the writers to please REMOVE His name in their commercials..Version: 11384

Great game, but a frustrating user interfaceThe game itself is great fun (if you like candy crush this is one for you!) but they need to change the set-up of how the buttons are displayed as the “continue” button is larger than the “end game” one. The amount of times I waste coins pressing it (same with refill lives). It’s like they want you to use hard earned coins on games you have no chance of completing with 5 extra lives! Please change this or I might lose patience and delete the game..Version: 12647

ExcellentThe graphics in this game are AMAZING! And NO ADS!!! Am LOVING this game :o).Version: 10875

What I love about this gameI love the bonus games but with the decorations mabe you should let us choose the design.Version: 10509

Good time killer - good funIn general good fun and the different competitions keep it interesting. However very poor performance; it crashes after most finished games, and it sometimes takes many attempts to get the next game starting. Too many competitions/challenges at the same, which is not necessary, it only worsens the performance. Playing cards challenge and old areas should be removed to improve performance..Version: 11688

Almost greatI’ve only been playing this game for a few days and I have to say I love it. Love that you can combine any 2 boosters to get amazing effects, love that some levels are easy and some are hard. I’d mark this game as perfect if it only had some Help built into it. I had to search online to find out what all the bits were about. I should have been able to do this in-game..Version: 10261

It’s a good gameI like this game, but as per usual, the preview show a time base level which is what drew me to the game, but I’ve not seen any more than maybe 5 of those levels out of 1800 levels which is annoying, but it’s just a game so who cares really? Oh! And chat function needs spell check Now 2300 levels and still no time base levels Thanks for the response, it looks like it is a peave of many, you could have two styles of game play, the one you have, which I really enjoy, and you could have the exact same levels with a time limit of them too to make it even harder Time base levels have been added, still not the same as the adds portray? I don’t understand why developers need to do that, they make the ads different to the actual game play??? Still a great game, just a frustration I have.Version: 7487

Fun game but don’t buy from themOver charged and charged multiple times and then argued with and they tried to blame me for their mistakes 🤷🏻‍♀️ It is fun and highly addictive though.Version: 5887

Great gameIt’s very addictive, even better there’s no stupid ads in between.Version: 12893

Delete everything elseWhen it comes to games like this I try to give them a 100 level benefit of the doubt. I’ll play the game for up to 100 levels before I decide if it’s some thing that I deem worth my time or not. I downloaded the game after months of seeing the ads while playing other games. What really sold me was a cameo featuring actor Rick Hoffman, he detailed the gorgeous graphics and the fact that there were “zero ads“. I thought this could not be true. Lo and behold I have played the game for three days, I have not had a single ad, and on top of that there are no annoying tutorial levels! I mean come on games like this have been around for years, we all know how to swipe and match! I wish that there was a way that I could give this more than five stars, as I am absolutely in love with this game, so much so that I have deleted other games such as Gardenscapes, Candy Crush, Homescapes, Matchington, etc..Version: 10261

Fun gameI love Candy Crush but I’m quite high up so levels are really hard and I run out of lives but still want to play so I googled similar games and this was the top result. I’ve only done 12 or so levels but it’s exactly what I was looking for, I’m sure once I’m on a higher level it’ll probably end up like candy crush and get harder but I’ll happily keep going back (once my lives reload!) I like that is similar to CC but different enough to keep me playing. The only part I feel is a bit pointless is the building the castle etc part. I think maybe it’s there so there’s a point to winning stars but I’d be happy just to play the game without the building part, or have a way to not participate in it (so far not participating just puts a red badge on it and they drive me nuts!), won’t stop me playing though but is the reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5..Version: 6771

Amazing and addictive! One suggestion…I instantly became addicted to this game the second I started playing. The levels are fun and building the rooms gives it a point so your not just playing levels to play them. I’ve played other puzzle matching games like this in the past and some levels have been extremely difficult, causing me to quit trying. This game has hard levels but not so hard that I would quit the game. The bonus levels where you collect the coins are fun to and appear quite often. The one thing I would suggest is that the kings nightmare levels appear more often because when I first downloaded, I was so happy to see the nightmare level like shown in the ads. After the level, I was constantly waiting for the next one to appear but it was until around level 45 maybe that I saw the next one. I wish there was more because those are my absolute favorite levels of the game and I’m sad to say that I have only played a few of them out of the whole time I’ve had this game. I hope to see more of these in the game soon. Other than that, I completely love this game and would definitely recommend downloading this!!! 😃😃❤️❤️.Version: 6771

KmeleonJ’adore ce jeux très divertissant, semblable à candy crush et autre même principe animation différente..Version: 4202

No ads or pop ups, lots of free giftsOnly game I’ve continually played for about a year now. Really good, it’s a phone game so don’t expect call of duty but it’s a fun way to waste time. No ads at all, it relies entirely on being engaging enough that you’ll hopefully pay for extra bonuses and lives but you don’t need them if you’re in a team of life sharers. I’ve just hit level 2000 and it’s started yet another form of blocks to beat, treasure maps in bottles. Just glad to be past the beavers! Anyway I rarely leave reviews unless I’m complaining so I’ve specifically searched for this game to leave 5 stars. I’ve played through the first few months of our baby needing hours of rocking to sleep and it’s been great to keep my brain occupied in the quiet dark shushing the sleepy little one!.Version: 9535

Best game everVery addictive cannot stop playing it eve though I have heaps that I have downloaded this is the best by far.Version: 6081

Ads are not trueThe ads show the king in danger but only about a quarter all levels are like this. Other than that (and the fact that you can communicate with other people in your team of your choice no matter how old you are)it is a really good and exciting game. Sometimes it is so exciting that I I scream.Version: 10875

Last updateEver since the last update I have had trouble accessing boosters - the screen goes black, so that I can’t see the game. I have no way of getting in touch with the creators of the game since my settings button disappeared a while ago. I don’t expect anything will be done about it, but I have lost a lot of lives and butler’s gifts etc because I had to get out of the game to restart. I’ve spent a lot of money on this game, but it’s time to cut my losses, unless it can be fixed.Version: 9087

Time wasterJust a great way to relax and unwind.Version: 12197

Gets harder in progression. No mini games like advertisedI’m up to level 770+ enjoy it, but none of the games that you see in promotional adds. Maybe that’s the paid version? Still enjoyable and not spending money. Some levels are very challenging. Furnishing the rooms for bonuses takes a lot of stars after a while. Still worth doing though. Would be 5 stars if you could play the games as promoted. Plus helicopters don’t fly as strategically as at the earliest levels..Version: 5226

EnjoyableReally enjoying playing this game. No adverts and play for free. There are some niggles such as they have a list of free weapons (don’t worry, it’s not a shoot em up game!). You claim two free weapons then there will be one for say £2.99 and you can’t claim any more in the list until you buy the £2.99 one. There is also a time limit if you play for free so it’s annoying if you are playing then it says you have no more time left. Other than that, it’s a really good time wasting game!.Version: 4902

RewardsThis is the second time I didn’t get to collect the rewards.. I was second in the kings cup message was System is under maintenance. Please check again later. When I went back the Icon prize was gone. Also took money from PayPal and did not give me the items I purchased… Not happy at all. Love the game but that is all for me now…..Version: 6081

Royal MatchStill learning about tools to use and make. Feels like if you reset so you can learn how to Make them. Not a person that is into teams..Version: 7495

All I can say is I love itI have been in the reviewing game for a few years now and I have had reviewed a lot of this kind of game. There has been toon blast and I don’t even want to list all the others. We all know that the OG game I would have to say it’s candy crush but this is in my opinion so much better than candy crush. I generally love these kind of off-line games, because you don’t actually need any Internet to play them and I find it that in these off-line games you rarely find as smooth animation as Royal match. It makes me so proud and so happy that games have come this far..Version: 11098

Not exactly as advertised but still great!A quick word of warning for anyone who downloaded this from an advert- those rescue the king levels are incredibly rare - that isn’t the game. I’ve now done 150 levels and only 2 of those have appeared so far. Saying that it’s still a very addictive game, the levels are great and the power ups (especially combinations) are incredible. Only lost a star as I’m fed up with intriguing and audience in to believe the game is something it’s not. But fair play to you for still winning me over - I would have usually uninstalled pretty immediately on other games..Version: 6771

Royal match !!It’s so addictive and the quality is on point!! It’s such a fun and colourful game. Love it 🥰🥰.Version: 9535

Update - Engaging but gets very hardUpdate - now on level 457, been on it for 4 days so far - and it’s not even a hard level. There’s challenging and then there’s ridiculously impossible. Love the game, but the levels (currently on 423) are so difficult that lately it’s taking one or even 2 days to complete just one level. Then you have the hard or super hard - been on one ‘hard’ level now for a very boring 3 days!! Very engaging, lovely graphics, just takes a long time to progress..Version: 9587

Awesome!Love this game and can play it for hours! But it’s so tempting to spend money on it all the time which isn’t good for me but still love the game..Version: 5122

LoveFavourite game I’ve ever played so fun and rewarding with so many levels! Yayy.Version: 5355

Awesome gameThanks to the developers for making this game for people to enjoy without being bombarded with ads which is refreshing in this day and age The graphics are great you earn points to get stuff and you only have to spend money if you want to and the option of joining a team all without Facebook unless you want to is great for people like me whom prefer No Facebook Thankyou again to all involved in this awesome time waster :).Version: 9106

Winning the hard way ~For the most part this game is entertaining but I’ve started to notice a few issues that really let it down For instance you will find the app crashes conveniently (for the developers) While close to winning a super hard level in game . Suspicious as this doesn’t seem to happen any other time Also if a reward is given such as (free time) you had better click claim right away as you will lose it if you try and keep it for later.Version: 5761

Love it but want to start again but can’tWish I could delete then reload the app so I could start from level 1 again. Or if there was a way to reset I’m losing interest in the game at level 334 because it’s getting too hard..Version: 8276

Misleading advertisingWatching the ads for the game I was like this looks cool and different. But no, I’m 160 levels in and nothing challenging. All these ads of “saving the king” from big drills, fire, getting squashed etc, etc. is it level 500 before this takes place? And some of the levels are that ridiculously hard you use all ur boosters..Version: 6960

The ads don’t match the gameI love the matching 3 element of the game. It seems generous in rewards and has a reasonable variety of gizmos to keep my interest BUT when you see the short adds for the game it would appear to have lots of opportunities to save the king from massive dangers. I’m on level 750ish but have hardly ever found this type of play. Why not! It looks fun and the game designers have clearly made lots of different versions (I've seen lots of ads!) I’ve never paid for the game. You do not have to buy the Add Ons and additional coins etc. A good game, but bring on the rescues please.Version: 5039

Great funBeautiful graphics and sounds effects to go along with the game. Very smooth..Version: 5761

👹 Monster 🌲I really really really really really like the game it’s so good it’s because I love things that oh hard whoever done it I think they should meet me because I have a good interest of games I even tried to make games up like monster tree it’s where you have to look for monsters it’s where you take pictures all around your house and then you look for monsters around them.Version: 7880

Great fun!Being an old senior doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy being a child sometimes! What I like is that it’s not too hard to just play and not HAVE to pay to play. It keeps my brain engaged and helps my hand eye co ordination too. The levels are thought provoking enough to keep interest but at the moment ( and am on a low level I must admit) not too hard to progress. Well, if it’s gets too hard, can always find another game can’t I? Have fun!.Version: 5502

Royal matchLove this game!! It’s so cute and fun to play!.Version: 2575

Great game but ads for it are deceitfulI have been playing this game for some time now (on level 4060), but when playing other games I keep seeing the ads for Royal Match and the mini-games. Most of the games depicted in the ads I’ve not come across once, and they only happy sporadically for a 50 coin bonus - it used to be a daily mini-game for 15 min free lives which was much more exciting. I’d really love to see those mini-games introduced into the actual game, as currently it feels like serious false advertising..Version: 11384

The only iOS game I’ve ever loved❤️.Version: 4202

Brilliant gameI was a candy crush player but they made a lot of changes so looked for something else, found this through and advert and it is a great game and I would say better than candy crush , levels offer something different all the time , different boards and game pieces so there’s no boredom, I love this game and haven’t tired of it, the levels get more challenging as you go up levels, but great fun and look forward to playing it every day, life supply is also very generous..Version: 12647

Good game but…This game is really good, really fun, but once you get into higher levels, you run out of lives really fast because it becomes completely RNG based and you get screwed over on levels constantly, that’s just a smart move by the developers because they obviously need people to pay for coins for lives, but I don’t spend money on games like this so it just becomes frustrating. It was fun while it lasted but time for me to move on to another game..Version: 11384

What a colossal waste of time.Can’t get anything done with this app. No washing, no house cleaning. Don’t even cook meals anymore. All I do is play Royal Match. Now that the wife plays it to, the kids get their own meals, and feed the pets. I’ve shown them how to wash clothes and pack lunch boxes. If I could leave my job and just play this game, I would. It’s good to have a break but. If you don’t, sliding gems and matching stuff ends up in your dreams. Great game. Well developed and very clever. Anyway, if you loved Candy Crush, or FarmVille, you’ll like this for sure..Version: 6081

No Ads = instant winI was drawn to this game after seeing reviews praising it for not having annoying adverts like other games. Sounded too good to be true and I was sure there’d be a catch but so far it’s been all good. Later levels are infuriatingly difficult but that just makes it even more satisfying when you finally beat it. I’ve seen reviews saying the later levels are too hard and force you to spend money to progress but I totally disagree, it just takes some perseverance and patience to beat them. It just took me over 20 attempts to beat one level but I enjoyed the challenge. Great game, please don’t change anything!!.Version: 5887

First ten minutes... so far so goodFirst ten minutes..... already feels a little addictive. Ask me again in a month.Version: 5039

ComplainersSo many reviews here are just people blaming either their lack of skill or their lack of patience. I have not spent a penny and continue to advance. Yes some levels may take a day or two worth of heart refreshes but there are absolutely strategies u can apply on each level to eventually (with some luck of the draw) beat. My two complaints are the lack of kings nightmare (like advertised) the concept of the advertised king in peril levels is really cool but basically non existent in game. My second complaint is the room building via star program. It’s fully pointless. Short of offering u some items upon room completion there is zero point to decorating the room. Give me a choice to pick color/pattern/item style or any other change that would make my room different from another. Instead every single person that plays this has the exact same room. What is the point. I basically just save stars and quickly click to complete a room. It offers nothing to the game. However this is a fun and relatively challenging puzzle game. Good for break time or just a few minutes here and there..Version: 7312

Royal matchGood game great puzzles really gets the mind going👍.Version: 4943

Great game BUTThe game it’s self is quality always good updates good graphics and the teams function is good depending on your team and if/when you run out of levels there’s the royal league to keep you going the biggest down side to this game is a big one cos it will happen to you more than once if you loose a level it asked 3 times if your sure you don’t want to continue but if you accidentally press the carry on button that’s it you’ve spent your coins that’s really really annoying also not quite like the Facebook adds but still worth playing.Version: 7880

Technical IssuesI really enjoyed playing this match game for a while. You have to spend to win but that’s normal. Then suddenly the game started closing down on me, usually after I spent some money! Support is on hand but they just run a script that my device is at fault, the game has fantastic graphics (er, no it doesn’t) and this causes RAM issues and basically I need to buy a new iPad. I play loads of games with animation and graphics and never had this issue. Also I noticed My Game closes Down is on the list of FAQs in troubleshooting. All they say is thanks for reaching out to us (ugh) and basically, it’s your problem. So I quit. Sick of spending just to have game shut down..Version: 7888

Royal matchVery good game 😊.Version: 3892

My kids love itAnd it help me a lot thanks you.Version: 9587

Royal MatchHave been enjoying playing this great game until recently. The developers have changed the rewards for the new monthly Winter Pass! I mostly don’t mind spending a little each month on this game but I expect benefits ! Two of the usual ‘rewards’ for the Pass have been changed to fancy outlines for your name! How is that a reward? It doesn’t help towards the game at all! Would prefer they had left it the way it was! Other than that the game is great and most of the new features are an improvement on the game! Love Balloon Rush but preferred the old rewards for that one too! The best new feature I have is the Super Propeller! Just wish more of my team have it too!.Version: 12043

GREAT GAME!This game is very easy, fun, and cool. It’s relaxing as well when your waiting for something/someone😉 recommend this game for anyone/everyone!.Version: 8716

Best!!!!!This is why it’s incredible: - amazing graphics - amazing rooms and interior designs that come with each accumulated level access - NO LAG - SUPER addictive - option for team games / individual games - you can make your OWN team and ppl ACTUALLY JOIN - chatting system made when in teams - chatting system allows use of emoticons - feel GREAT about winning gold coins which you can do many additional things with but even if you don’t use the coins, just seeing them add up in your gold bank account makes you gleam! (I wish all the gold coins were real money…) - actually FUN with varying levels for all skills - variety of tasks and games to keep audience engaged - EASY TO MANAGE - SMART layout so everything is easy to understand - global game with global players …. The list could go on.Version: 8716

What a breath of fresh air + one suggestion.Finally coming across a game that doesn’t spam ads and paywall every feature is (like the title suggest) a breath of fresh air. It’s very easy to get attached to this game, but I’m not exactly upset over it. Your team communities have been nothing but nice and active, and overall, fun to participate with in challenges when those times come. With all of this said, my suggestion would HAVE to be a infinite/zen mode. No move limits, no lives involved, maybe a tier of rewards for how far you go in this mode, or certain moves could earn coins - this, that, and the third. I understand this would defeat the purpose of the game but if you make it to where only a certain level can achieve, and make it to where it works with the rest of the game - I could guarantee your players would love it. Either way, thanks for making a dope game, I’m gonna go back to playing now, haha..Version: 7495

It’s a good gameThe thing is once you get to a really hard floor you don’t have enough money to keep on playing then it says that you have to wait for it to refill I thought that you could just keep on playing not have to wait! Anyway the game is good it’s fun and awesome I definitely recommend getting the if you want to wait when your lives have run out but the game is really good 👍!!!.Version: 11384

Fantastic Fun!I very, very rarely write reviews, so first off, that tells you this is either really good, or really bad. I can say with absolute certainty that this is very good! Great time passer, beautifully made, ZERO ADS ( Hands down the best thing about the game ) and lots of different, unique levels. Never stuck for little helps either, always giving you some sort of lifelines and boosts etc… I genuinely love this game, and fully recommend it. Hats off to the developers!.Version: 10509

Actually way better than I expectedWhen I downloaded royal match I expected a dumb matching game that would be nothing like the ads and while not all of the ads match the game it is way better than I expected 1. No ads (which is amazing) 2. Honestly it’s just fun!.Version: 12303

Good game but robbing you offI paid $17 for the royal pass, and it's only for one week, and it's gone. They don't explain that the privilege will be gone after "the race" end..Version: 5887

Royal matchGreat game.Version: 4490

Royal MatchAddictive.Version: 6760

It’s a rare quality gameIt’s a really engaging game. Looks nice, the animations are nice and there is a lots of blowing up stuff. Candy crush never attracted me, and even though it’s almost the same thing, it somehow has a better gameplay. Maybe it’s the more various board layouts or the varying challenges. And a really great thing for me that it’s not pay to win. It gets quite hard after about stage 150 and I thought it will be impossible to continue without buying stuff but now I’m at stage 680 and haven’t spent a cent so far. Sometimes it’s slow but with luck, patience, using the power-ups sparingly - and of course with an okay strategy -, it’s doable. I will probably buy something in it just to send the devs something after spending all this time in the game - you can see there is a lots of thought and work in it. Also it was a nice surprise to see there is no ad whatsoever because usually the average game is loaded with unskippable ads nowadays - those get deleted after half hour. One negative to mention is that the button to spend ‘gold’ after a lost round looks exactly the same as the ‘continue’ button after a winning round. It’s clearly there to lure you into spending gold and I pressed it several times in a hurry. I get it, you want players to run out of gold and having to buy it but it just makes me angry and not want to give you money if I feel that I’m being cheated out of it..Version: 5761

It keeps you coming backI love a good challenge and this game has that. I’m up to level 1929 and probably will keep climbing. It gets frustrating sometimes, but other things I like are the icon animations and feeling of everything like layout and colors and art. Good game..Version: 9535

No ads..!!Finally found a game that doesn’t bombard you with annoying ads.. although there isn’t much to this game, it is still enjoyable and a time waster..😂 I have only just started but this game is what I play when I have some spare time.. the levels aren’t challenging, but I’m sure as I get further into it they will become harder.. there is the option to purchase things to help pass levels or you can just use brain power.. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 Thank you to the developers for putting together this game..!! Goes to show that games can be fun WITHOUT needing ads...Version: 8054

Good game with one annoying flawMostly I like this game but it has one flaw which frequently annoys the hell out of me! Once you get 900 coins (which often takes a while) you can use it to get 5 extra goes which comes in really handy on hard levels. However the button to spend your hard earned coins is in the exact same place as the button to try again. Unless you exit beforehand before hitting try again, it’s super easy to spend your coins accidentally. They probably did this intentionally so people would use real money to buy coins which is kind of mean - either that or it’s just designed badly. Other than that gripe, the game play is very good..Version: 9106

Ok, but watch those hard earned coinsIt’s a decent enough match 3 game with some good bonus items available to help you beat some seemingly impossible levels. Just watch it when you run out of moves though as it’ll offer you a chance to continue with an extra 5 moves for 900 of your hard earned coins. You can click on an X in the top corner if you don’t want to continue but then it’ll ask again, and again, and in each case the use 900 coins option is in the same place on the screen as the try again option. so just be careful you don’t click on it the 2nd or 3rd times or you’ll lose 900 coins with no chance of completing the level..Version: 4104

FunFun, fast and feverish. Easy enough at the beginning to get you comfortable..Version: 3637

No ads!Great game. I’m only up to level 83 but it so far hasn’t done that annoying thing where you have to buy stuff or spend 3 days trying to pass a level because it’s stupidly hard. If anything, this game is super generous with points and bonuses. Love it!.Version: 5122

Love it but needs moreI love playing this game its fast paced and really fun to play the only thing I don’t like is when advertised it always shows how we need to save the king even though I’m nearly at level 500 I’ve only played the save the king game once. That’s used to promote the game but in actuality it’s not there i wish those games wre on there more.Version: 4902

Good gameOne of the best free games ive ever played.Version: 4902

I don’t understand the complaintsI’ve been playing this game pretty much since it came out our whole family plays it we’re in a team together every once in a while I get stuck on a level for a day but overall I can pass 100 levels in just two or three days I’m always going into Royal league because I passed the Levelz two quickly so I end up helping my kids pass their levels it’s good clean fun and you don’t have to spend money to play this game. Our whole family worked together just recently on team battle and we won first place everybody was excited about winning 6000 coins My suggestion for people who have a hard time playing take your time don’t just swipe to swipe thinking out each and every move and save your boosters and coins only use them when you absolutely have to if you just get on a level and you don’t pass it play it for a little while before you use any coins to help pass..Version: 10486

Not like the advert! No king peril levels!I do enjoy this game. However, two things really bug me. First, this advert with the attempt at saving the king from peril was the thing that got me playing. I have done almost 700 levels and only had ONE of these type of challenges so far! Secondly, the price for the coins for say one extra move is £1.79... which gets you 1000 coins - 900 coins buying you 5 extra moves - on really hard levels you need help, but may only need like one move. But then those 4 other moves that you've technically paid for, get lost. £1.79 per move is pretty expensive imo. I'm in a team who are pretty active but you can only store 10 lives and there's a limit on how many times you can ask your team makes fir extra lives on something like every 3 hours, so on a really hard levels you have to stop playing for a few hours before you can try again once your lives are replenished naturally..Version: 5887

Almost a 5 from me.I love this game, it’s challenging at times, has good rewards and zero ads!!! I’ve found an awesome team and we chat a lot and all contribute to the team challenges. If I could change one thing, it would be to add a “complete all” option when building the areas. It’s painfully slow to build 10 items in each area and when you do finally get there, you have to watch it build again (a skip option would be awesome here). If you could add this option, I’d give 5 stars..Version: 12647

AwesomeThis games advert kept popping up in other games I have and I was like let’s try it but I was worried it would be annoyingly hard and filled with ads but nope! I’m on level 83 and I’ve only been playing for 2 days, all this without any in app purchases! Loving this game so glad it’s not hard to earn coins and get through levels.Version: 12303

Very addictive gameI love this game, it is very addictive and gets hard quick. I joined a team and can participate but there is a known wifi issue which prevents me from accessing the team tab so I cannot communicate with my team or gift & receive lives. They also don’t know that it is not my choice to not do this. I went to support but they cannot assist but say developers are working on known issue. Hope it gets fixed soon..Version: 7656

Highly addictive but fun gameI enjoyed the game but became hooked and spent too much time on it and also too much money. Without all the boosts it becomes difficult to complete a game with failing and the only way to complete a game is to keep purchasing more coins. Can be expensive. Beware..Version: 12647

GreatEasy to use and keeps you entertained for hours.Version: 9106

AwesomeThis game keeps you playing for ages. Many rewards which is different from other games like this. Really enjoying it..Version: 8276

Long time player hereThis is my second attempt at a review. Don’t know why my other never showed up. I’ve been playing Royal Match for over a year. I have been both on a team and playing solo. Likes: Graphics are great, there are no ads, you don’t have to pay any real money (and I never have) in order to keep advancing. Being on a team can be a lot of fun as it has a chat feature so you can form a camaraderie with your teammates, as well as get more lives than if you play solo (15 more). Don’t likes: Reaching Royal League status (when you’ve completed all the existing levels until the next update—which comes every 2 weeks) does not feel like a privilege; it feels like a punishment. It makes it harder to help the team during the team battles. Finding the right team to suit you can be a challenge. Fortunately, one can leave and switch teams, if one is not a good fit. Or just play solo, which I am doing now—however, you’ll then only have a max of 5 lives, another con. Some levels can take me days to pass, so it can get very frustrating. Overall, the game is of high quality and keeps me challenged and coming back for more. One of my current favorite games to play!.Version: 10486

Very good gameEdit: I have made it to level 1000 and still have plenty of coins and power ups. I have never felt like I was truly stuck on a level and I have never felt like I needed to spend money in order to progress in the game. The challenges are fun, easy, and give you plenty of rewards like coins and power ups. I have not spent a penny on this game but honestly I wouldn’t mind either way, because like I said I don’t feel like I need to in order to progress. The best part: still NO ADS. If you’re looking for something casual I definitely recommend this game. I’m on level 151, which I realize is only like 2% of the levels but this game is a top tier mobile game. First and foremost, there are no ads, absolutely none. Not even ads to gain a reward. Second, earning coins, power ups, and other rewards is so easy. I have yet to get frustrated or stuck on a level because the amount of coins you earn versus the amount you spend is amazing. I can get lost in this game for hours. Highly recommend..Version: 10875

This gameThe game itself is good,I was enjoying it until the ads for this app became so intrusive on other games I was also enjoying. Those ads go on and on and on and on, with many showing content which rarely appears in the game itself.,eg rescuing the king from various hazards. It has become so irritating that I deleted the game,only restoring it in hope that I may return and enjoy it, if those irritating,annoying ads intruding on other apps and are modified . In hope..Version: 10055

Having a good team makes all the difference.I liked this game, but now I love it. I have found a very active team to play with and we have become amazing friends who actively chat and support each other both in the game and in real life. This has elevated the game for me to the point that I play daily in order to chat with my friends, work towards the tournament prizes and give each other lives. The Royal Pass is great value for money in my opinion and well worth buying each month..Version: 5355

Lovely game but…Really enjoy this game, so much so that I have completed all the levels. You get 100 new levels every other Monday. You don’t need to use money to play and there are no adverts. The animation is lovely, the game play is lovely, like a much better version of the other well known matching games! The extra games you play after completing all the levels are too hard. I cannot compete for the weekly things like the kings cup or the ballon heights or keep the super propellers which is getting to be frustrating..Version: 11098

Addictive, but gets boringThe visuals are superb. The music, albeit repetitive, is not annoying. The game, as it stands at level 765, has a pattern. Now, before I go on, I’m not a skin flint, but I appreciate quality for what I get - so… ….I am overjoyed that there are no ads whatsoever, given that the developers invariably gain financial compensation via in-app purchases. As with all in-app purchases, imagine them as a ride on the merry-go-round; you pay the person tending to the ride and you have fun going round for two minutes, but then it’s over. You pay the man again for two minutes of fun. And again. And again… That is what you get with this game. I’ve spent a total of £20 so far because I can see the pattern - the game will ‘allow’ you to win the level, eventually - maybe after using 50 lives in the level, but you will get there. AND it’s obvious when it does give you a helping hand, but also infuriatingly obvious when it is just taking the mick out of you, forcing you to use your power-ups for that all important win. Sure, if you pay for the power-ups you may get a few levels completed quickly, but the game will put a stop to that and lull you into buying more power-ups..Version: 4388

Not like the ads for itGame is good but I’ve got up to level 488 without ever having a game/puzzle/level where you were joining shapes/gems to save the King like in the ads for the game. Very disappointing as could be a fun game but playing games to decorate a castle wasn’t what was shown, only got so far in levels incase it started after the castle was decorated but now we are doing the gardens up! Good addictive puzzles & can get stuck on levels for ages trying to figure it out, but not as shown in the ads..Version: 4202

Jenny from ScotlandHells bells. Like someone else I was lured onto this game cos of the promotional kings nightmare. Looked good but I never got any of the nightmares and on 700 levels and only got 1. Even now on 1500 plus levels. Complained and told them only to get back rubbish advise that they have revamped nightmares. Ok. But get same old nightmares. Loop the loop same o nightmares and never the promotional original nightmares. Plus levels are so irritating, frustrating, I get angry even to go 20,30,40,before I can pass some levels now and it gets BORING. KEPPOLS.Version: 8538

Fun Game For All AgesDownloaded this game for my grandson originally but started to play it with him and it was fun. It’s a nice game for a 6 year old to understand and enjoy as well as offering up enough challenges for older age groups. Both my 6 year old grandson and I like the challenges whereby you have to rescue the king( he thinks it’s funny when the king dies) he’s a typical horrid 6 year old boy and loves a bit of gory fun. I recommend it for all ages.Version: 10509

Awesome and free game! But some improvements would make it better :)Can you please enable the option to remove members from the page that shows how much shield points they contributed during the tournaments? This will be very helpful because it’s easier to remove the correct players. For example if you have duplicate names, it can sometimes be tricky to look at the points screen and then go to the member info. Being able to remove from the point screen would be life changing! Thank you. Also, wow, it feels like as soon as you enter King’s Cup the game is over for you. Instead of feeling like wow, I made it! It feels like wow, I’m done!!! You give only 1 shield point for most of the levels even though they can be insanely difficult!!! Please help. Reward shields accordingly and don’t make it so difficult:( we want to spend our limited free time with you but we need to feel welcome and appreciated, or at least not feel tortured. Thank you!!! Your game is great, but as in everything else in life, it can be improved :).Version: 11098

Great game but players bewareAn amazing and fun game but those cheap little spends they slide in all over the place quickly add up to a big amount over a month. The annoying thing also is that the drops are miraculously better when you have initially spent then they are awful until you use up all of your goodies so you are tempted to buy one more small purchase. For this reason I stopped playing. Tired of being fleeced by gaming companies..Version: 10875

Best game aroundI’ve been playing royal match since april and i’m already at level 2419 🫣 No Ads makes this game top quality. There’s always challenges and competitions to give you boosts and coins. The harder levels are actually challenging which is great, except sometimes i’m stuck on a level for days 😂 Such a great game and i’ve only ever been impressed..Version: 10875

LoveCool free addictive really.Version: 5039

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