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Not like it’s addThis game is great and very addictive!! I love that it has no adds at all! The only thing I dislike about it is that it’s hardly like it’s add at all, but i still enjoy the game..Version: 17302

Great match 3 but the games promo ads put me off itWas enjoying the game immensely but while playing another game while waiting on life regeneration the ad with the king being chase by the snake popped up this caused me to go delete game instantly as I have major snake phobia and spider and I have lost track of the number of games that I was enjoying playing that I’ve deleted because of snakes or spiders in the ads devs should really take this into account as these are the 2 of the most common phobias and most match 3 players don’t like scary things that’s why we don’t play rpg and zombie games even having the king chased by lava and sharks is enough to cause anxiety. Think things through better next time.Version: 13626

Over all pretty goodOver all Royal Match is very fun. I love playing it and I do recommend it if you like candy crush. Candy Crush was one of my favorites but now Royal Match has taken over me liking Candy Crush, but there are things I wish Royal Match would have. 1. Change your profile name more than once. So I change my profile name and didn’t realize that you could do it once I was mad when I found but part of it was my fault for not reading it but I would like this to change please. 2. Royal match is very fun and teaches you strategies and techniques in your future life if you are younger. If you are an adult playing a little Royal Match will help you take your mind of your job and can reduce some stress too. 3. I wish you could give coins, power ups, and other stuff to other people but that’s okay. 4. If you are bored and have nothing else to do I recommend this game. Royal Match is good for road trips, when your bored, something fun to do and al kinds of other stuff. Other than the fact that you can’t change your name again (which I would be very happy if it got fixed) I think Royal Match is a five star game even if you don’t like games I still recommend it!.Version: 18369

Excellent gameSo reading the reviews, harder levels you can’t progress unless willing to spend money? I have had the game a year, I don’t play it that often, but when you get on it, I don’t want to come off, there are opportunities to get free half hours or 15mins of lives and also joining a helpful team lives come very quick. I’ve had no bugs, no issues with the game and haven’t spent much on the game, some levels are hard but not impossible to complete and you don’t need to spend money to get the extra moves, just having a little patience goes a long way. Overall best game I have played, nearly completed but new levels do come out.Version: 18037

Good game but will costs a lot to play.This is a fun game, and there is no ads. The problem is that at times levels are unwinnable, or at the very least unnecessarily hard. I believe it’s like this so you will spend money playing. For example, it’s common to get stuck on a level and you’ll never get the power ups you need to pass it. Then, as soon as you buy coins, you pass the level quickly because all of a sudden the power ups are coming available. These aren’t things you buy either, they come naturally (supposedly) in the game. I have enjoyed this game and have willingly spent more money on it than I ever have spent on a game before. That being said….its the constant cost to keep advancing which is making me play it less and less. I’m fairly certain a week or two from now I won’t be playing at all. Of course games should have challenges to them. But the way this is set it up, it’s like it’s designed to keep you paying to play. Just my opinion. So all in all, it’s fun, it’s ad free, but be prepared to drop money on a fairly regular basis, or else you won’t get far in the game..Version: 19619

Best game everI love how we have so many options of bearing every level. Its so much fun 🥰.Version: 17549

So GoodHere are five reasons you should start playing Royal Match. Reason 1: There a no ads. Let me repeat that NO ads, so if you hate being interrupted in games like me this is the game for you. Reason 2: You don’t need Wi-Fi connection. So you can play this game anywhere at anytime. Reason 3: Almost every ten levels, you get to do the Kings Nightmare. You get put on a timer and have to clear the entire board before the timer runs out. Reason 4: There a fantastic events. My favourite ones are Lava Quest and kings cup. In Lava Quest, you go against 100 other players and you have to beat 7 consecutive levels without failure and at the end you share with the other winners the grand prize 100,000 coins. In Kings cup, you go against 50 others players to get the grand prize which are boosters to help you win levels. Win levels to help you win cups. Reason 5: It’s the ultimate stress revealer. So if you get stressed like me, it’ll help you. So click above and download Royal Match. Take care guys..Version: 18983

Not the game shown in the advertsThe game shown in the ads is 0.1% of the actual game and is in no way a actual representation of the game play. The Areas are painful to do because it takes you away from the area where you select what to add next and to show you what you selected and then back to the main screen. I have given up because it is just to repetitive and would takes days to use up the 1000+ stars. Otherwise pretty much the same as other games without the ads..Version: 14644

Ok, but somewhat frustratingYes it’s frustrating, not because some of the levels are difficult, but because of the nonsensical way they are graded. I routinely get stuck on standard levels, hard levels are passed with relative ease, and super hard levels i breeze through with ease. This happens time and again. I understand you can get lucky sometimes, but this happens all the time. Basically if they switched the word hard for easy, it would be about right..Version: 14431

Technical IssuesI really enjoyed playing this match game for a while. You have to spend to win but that’s normal. Then suddenly the game started closing down on me, usually after I spent some money! Support is on hand but they just run a script that my device is at fault, the game has fantastic graphics (er, no it doesn’t) and this causes RAM issues and basically I need to buy a new iPad. I play loads of games with animation and graphics and never had this issue. Also I noticed My Game closes Down is on the list of FAQs in troubleshooting. All they say is thanks for reaching out to us (ugh) and basically, it’s your problem. So I quit. Sick of spending just to have game shut down..Version: 7888

Interesting and challenging gameEnjoy this game. I have been playing it for quite a while now but I want to say you should let us play Kings nightmare. Maybe after 2 to 3 levels which is then it makes the game more interesting. I have seen every time there is a royal match games at shows plenty of Kings nightmares and game is kind of promoted showing those graphics only. But the reality is that you hardly get to play Kings nightmares which kind of disappointing when you see the ads so I was suggest that you should give us Kings night more often like after three levels, every time we first three levels you get to play Kings nightmare. Thank you.Version: 19619

The ads are misleadingIn all the advertisements you see that the levels are all about rescuing the king from a situation, what they don’t tell you is the pile of, in many cases ultra challenging stages you have to get to, in order to get to a king rescue stage and how infrequent they are. I don’t mind a challenge but I also didn’t download the game to be duped into spending money to get items which could make some levels ‘slightly’ easier.Version: 14838

Winning the hard way ~For the most part this game is entertaining but I’ve started to notice a few issues that really let it down For instance you will find the app crashes conveniently (for the developers) While close to winning a super hard level in game . Suspicious as this doesn’t seem to happen any other time Also if a reward is given such as (free time) you had better click claim right away as you will lose it if you try and keep it for later.Version: 5761

Great GameThis game is great. My whole family plays it and it brings us closer together. Not only is there the main game but there is lots of fun mini games as well. This game is the perfect way to cure your boredom wether you are waiting inline for a consent or just want something to do on a rainy day. The best part about this game is that it doesn’t need internet so you can play it anywhere and there are no adds. The game gets quite challenging the higher the level but is overall an enjoyable game. NOTE: Even though this game is not the same as the adds this game still has parts of the add in the game. Even with this game not being what you expect it is a very fun way to spend parts of your day..Version: 18983

Good game but robbing you offI paid $17 for the royal pass, and it's only for one week, and it's gone. They don't explain that the privilege will be gone after "the race" end..Version: 5887

Almost a 5 from me.I love this game, it’s challenging at times, has good rewards and zero ads!!! I’ve found an awesome team and we chat a lot and all contribute to the team challenges. If I could change one thing, it would be to add a “complete all” option when building the areas. It’s painfully slow to build 10 items in each area and when you do finally get there, you have to watch it build again (a skip option would be awesome here). If you could add this option, I’d give 5 stars..Version: 12647

Great butIt’s a standard 3x3 matching game no ads. But tons of pop up clicking competition things. In my opinion when I first open the game and they’re 4+ pop up pages for me to start, continue, close or decline it’s too much. They’re aren’t ads but it’s just too much. I just like a simple match game, thoughtless and something to fill in time when I’m waiting for an appointment or something.Version: 17302

Last updateEver since the last update I have had trouble accessing boosters - the screen goes black, so that I can’t see the game. I have no way of getting in touch with the creators of the game since my settings button disappeared a while ago. I don’t expect anything will be done about it, but I have lost a lot of lives and butler’s gifts etc because I had to get out of the game to restart. I’ve spent a lot of money on this game, but it’s time to cut my losses, unless it can be fixed.Version: 9087

GREAT GAME!This game is very easy, fun, and cool. It’s relaxing as well when your waiting for something/someone😉 recommend this game for anyone/everyone!.Version: 8716

Great game but ads for it are deceitfulI have been playing this game for some time now (on level 4060), but when playing other games I keep seeing the ads for Royal Match and the mini-games. Most of the games depicted in the ads I’ve not come across once, and they only happy sporadically for a 50 coin bonus - it used to be a daily mini-game for 15 min free lives which was much more exciting. I’d really love to see those mini-games introduced into the actual game, as currently it feels like serious false advertising..Version: 11384

AwesomeThis game keeps you playing for ages. Many rewards which is different from other games like this. Really enjoying it..Version: 8276

Awesome!Love this game and can play it for hours! But it’s so tempting to spend money on it all the time which isn’t good for me but still love the game..Version: 5122

Addictive lolLove this game, maybe on it a little too much. As generous as the developers are on freebies, my only downside (not enough to bring down a star) is that 5 extra moves costs the same amount as refilling your lifebox- feels a bit pricey and only makes sense when it starts adding 20-30 moves onto those when you keep failing. The reason I haven’t done it yet is because I didn’t have enough money for the extra moves and only had one shell to destroy or grass patch to match over or something lol But otherwise great game :).Version: 18983

Update - Engaging but gets very hardFurther update November 23. Deleted this previously (see reasons below) then recently (a couple of years later) downloaded it again, having forgotten why I deleted it. Started from scratch but have now remembered why I deleted it, and will be deleting it again. I just wanted a challenging but doable game, and this isn’t it any more. Challenging is enjoyable, impossible is boring! Update - now on level 457, been on it for 4 days so far - and it’s not even a hard level. There’s challenging and then there’s ridiculously impossible. Love the game, but the levels (currently on 423) are so difficult that lately it’s taking one or even 2 days to complete just one level. Then you have the hard or super hard - been on one ‘hard’ level now for a very boring 3 days!! Very engaging, lovely graphics, just takes a long time to progress..Version: 18369

Super fun gameI love this game and I’ve been playing it for a while now. I’m on level 6601 or something like that. Some things I’ve noticed are that all the ads I see for the game are not what it is. I mean you rescue the king half way through each update, but it’s not like the ads show. You don’t get to pick levels to rescue the king. I think I’ve mostly saved him from a dragon or getting hit by a train. None the less the game is addictive and can be very frustrating at times. I agree with another review that you can spend days on a supposed normal level and then sometimes get through a hard or super hard level faster. Not always though. It has definitely gotten harder the farther I’ve gotten through the game. I love the super light ball, that’s very helpful. I hate that I can get it and lose it before I even get a chance to really use it. I wish that when you win 30 minutes of game play that you could save it for another time if you want. I know that in some cases you can save it or not open it until ready but when you play the game you will know what I mean. This game is addictive and fun..Version: 16439

Great game but I’m always stuck on level 12!So this is a good game and all but I just can’t get past level 12! It’s so anoying how I lose and then I have to wait another 20 minutes so plz update the game to make their more life’s than usual or make us wait less time and put more life’s when time is over. Other than that it’s the best game I have ever played well not the BEST game ever it’s just a great game so plz read this and if you are thx😊.Version: 15782

BEST GAME……….EVER!! 😃I’m up to level 1000 and the game is absolutely perfect. It has a good mixture of easy and difficult levels. But, for me, the best part is that none of the levels are impossible to complete. Some may take a couple of goes but that is perfect for me. Other games I have tried in excess of 200 times to pass a level and eventually I am forced to outlay a lot of money to buy in-game power-ups to complete the level. I usually delete a game before I outlay money more than once. WELL DONE!!! 5 well deserved stars from me..Version: 19619

No ads and helpful challenges!There are absolutely no ads in this game which is such a refreshing thing! You also don’t use up your “lives” unless you lose a game so you can go on for quite a while! There are some very hard levels that require a few more lives but you can just relax and wait for them to refresh before you play again; or you can buy power ups to help! I think that’s fair enough because the game needs to make money somehow (especially since there are no ads!). Great layout, cool stories and the challenges help give you boosters for free and lots of gifts!.Version: 15864

Frustrated!I genuinely enjoy playing this game but it’s an expensive game to play.. 900 coins to continue a level is a ridiculous amount of money to pay in order to keep playing or win a level. One of the main reasons that I downloaded this game was because there were additional, sub games that gave you a chance to earn more coins… in reality there seems to be only one “kings nightmare “ round in any 24 hour period, same with the bonus coin rounds! Extremely frustrating… one minute you’re playing the levels, got power ups and coins/lives… and after 2 failed attempts it’s costing you 900 coins to continue or you lose everything (power ups, magic ball etc) And twice within the last week, the game has frozen, unable to use my phone, makes your phone completely unresponsive! It required some one phoning me so I could get out of the frozen screen. This game is fun, addictive, and has the potential to be a great game… but unless the manufacturer addresses some of these issues, people will stop playing!.Version: 19869

No soundSound cut out after 1110 levels.Version: 14431

Royal MatchLove the game BUT there are too many hard supper hard levels all in a row, I know this is to get you to buy helps but come on guys it’s a bit too much for players that can’t afford it. I don’t mind the hard levels but not all at once it just puts people off. Having said all this it is a fun game with no advertisements and that’s great 👍🏻.Version: 13310

Thank You Developers!Once upon a time I really liked Bejewled. It was vibrant, quick moving, and a great way to take out frustrations. This is not why I downloaded Royal Match, but once I did I realized it was Bejeweled cubed. So, I love this game, though I do agree with some other reviewers that the regular levels versus the hard levels and super hard levels is strange; some times it takes me days to pass a regular level and only one try to pass a super hard or hard level. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Now, if I had reviewed this before now I would have removed a star for the reason I downloaded this game, and that is the mini games called King’s Nightmare. Boy was I disappointed when I payed one for the first time. Booorrring!!! Not only that, but you get coins, and not many, for playing and nothing else. They were not as advertised, and at first I felt a bit cheated, but I do so enjoy Royal Match, so I learned to live with the lie. Today, however, I reached a King’s Nightmare and I so loved it! It was the reason I downloaded this game. It was there, in front of me, finally! Thank you, thank you, thank you to the developers for making this change. I love it! More please! And more often! I could play them all day. 😁.Version: 15285

ReviewI’ve managed to get to the current max level over a few years and I have to say the game is frustrating at times. However, sooner or later you make it through the levels and continue. Yeah it’s taken days at times but persistence pays. Some of the levels are becoming a little repetitive but given there’s no ads that’s ok. One of the few games I actually come back to so I guess it’s pretty good! Irritates me to see the game pause when dropping new items because it never ends in my favour..Version: 15782

Addictive!A very well designed game - with no ads! So many different components to it, challenges and its a fair game - doesn’t get so hard like many other games so that you have to spend lots of $ just so you can get past the more difficult levels. If you have the patience you will eventually pass it but with big sales that pop up, you can get great deals on boosters for $1.95 - $4.95 (NZD). The sound effects and animation is great too. And I definitely recommend joining a team as collectively you can score more coins and boosters..Version: 19869

It keeps you coming backI love a good challenge and this game has that. I’m up to level 1929 and probably will keep climbing. It gets frustrating sometimes, but other things I like are the icon animations and feeling of everything like layout and colors and art. Good game..Version: 9535

GreatEasy to use and keeps you entertained for hours.Version: 9106

No ads..!!Finally found a game that doesn’t bombard you with annoying ads.. although there isn’t much to this game, it is still enjoyable and a time waster..😂 I have only just started but this game is what I play when I have some spare time.. the levels aren’t challenging, but I’m sure as I get further into it they will become harder.. there is the option to purchase things to help pass levels or you can just use brain power.. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 Thank you to the developers for putting together this game..!! Goes to show that games can be fun WITHOUT needing ads...Version: 8054

A-ma-zingOkay, this is the only game that I have which has no ads which is amazing because I like all the other games that I have, but nearly all of them have ads My only concern is level 83 and level 84 they say it’s regular, but it’s actually super hard and some other super hard levels, I’m able to complete in one go but it took me ages on level 83 and 84 but they were regular. They weren’t hard or super hard just regular. And honestly, I don’t know what else to say, so thank you for your time and I hope other people like it too because it is a nice relaxing game, which has no ads which I am obsessing about right now so sorry if it’s annoying you. Thank you so much, happy user🤩🤩🤩.Version: 14166

AN AMAZING GAMEI started this game on Thursday and can’t put it down, it is the same as most match three games but then you get the bonus levels these test your brain to find the solution a real change, the price for a thousand coins if you want to continue the level is reasonable, it’s 900 coins the first time but a bit high if you want to continue on the same level for a second time over 2000 coins, which to me is way too high, NO ADVERTS is a real treat you don’t have to wait to continue to the next stage, the only drawback for me is if you run out of lives you have to wait for at least 20 mins for each life to regenerate. WELL DONE DREAM FOR A GREAT GAME.Version: 13310

Adds and timingsThis game could be good but when it’s used by other programs such as Puzzle Page to run within their games sets the time to run the add has ebbed going up and up. It started with the add add app 30 seconds timing down followed by an arrow which when pressed gives you a third screen of Royal Match. When pressed you get another small count down of 5 secs. Press that and you finally get the small x which when pressed sometimes takes you back to the game you were playing. They have now taken to adding more tome, from the original 30 secs over stages and now arrived at 60 seconds! I am not sure what the games writers thing this will do as the only thing is to annoy you. If you were going to play the game waisting more than a minute watching and advert for Royal Match has the exact opposite affect, it puts you off even thinking about downloading it. Programmers go back to min add time and it might surprise you that people will download it! The game itself is ok but with no adds other than programmers other games would be acceptable. If you carry on with this there will be more time spent watching ads than playing the game and will also put you off buying in the game.Version: 17549

AddictiveThis game is addictive and I enjoy it but the only thing that is annoying is that once get up into high levels it’s too hard to move up to the next game. Sometimes it takes too many times to solve a level. Which can get boring..Version: 15160

FunFun, fast and feverish. Easy enough at the beginning to get you comfortable..Version: 3637

Good game with one annoying flawMostly I like this game but it has one flaw which frequently annoys the hell out of me! Once you get 900 coins (which often takes a while) you can use it to get 5 extra goes which comes in really handy on hard levels. However the button to spend your hard earned coins is in the exact same place as the button to try again. Unless you exit beforehand before hitting try again, it’s super easy to spend your coins accidentally. They probably did this intentionally so people would use real money to buy coins which is kind of mean - either that or it’s just designed badly. Other than that gripe, the game play is very good..Version: 9106

The gift that keeps on giving!The super lightball feature is immense! I love the updates that have been happening with this game. I’m close to level 4000 so I am officially addicted to this app. If I could make three wishes though I’d wish (1) there was a mini game you could do to earn more coins to continue a level if you failed. So when it asks if you want 5 more moves, if you don’t have 900 you could do a mini game instead at a lower rate that would give you 5 or more moves to continue. (2) keep the super lightball in game even if you fail, maybe making it that merging two normal lightballs gives you a super lightball and maybe merging two super lightballs gives an incredible light show (3) definitely more king knightmares. They used to be programmed in regularly, but they don’t seem to come up as often. One last cheeky wish would be to do more challenges like you did for World Cup. Maybe a new challenge a month. Thanks for this terrific game! I have no other games on my phone. 🙈🥰.Version: 14644

First ten minutes... so far so goodFirst ten minutes..... already feels a little addictive. Ask me again in a month.Version: 5039

Gets Really DifficultStarted playing this as it was taking me a full week to finish level after level on Candy Crush it was so difficult and time consuming to progress I binned it. This game is fun and I’m part of a good team. The game has got a lot more difficult lately but I haven’t spent a penny. It’s all about using your power ups only if absolutely necessary to keep or get the lightning ball. I have over 100,000 coins and over 100 of each of in game power ups. Yet I still try and use them sparingly. If I get close to completing a level then I know I will probably do it eventually without using power ups or coins. It does get annoying when some levels your miles off but what’s the point in a game that’s too easy. As long as it’s not taking me days to progress I’m happy. The disappointing thing for me is when you or your team are doing well then they put more levels on you. My tree climb went upto 100 levels from 80. In the team treasure you need 6000 to complete. We did it just, then the next week it went upto 8000 and we was miles off. I don’t think this is fair or encourages people to play more because it relies on your team mates all playing more as well..Version: 17077

LuvI really enjoy this game , but I just believe 900 coins is to much you buy coins it doesn’t last long because you spend so many, also y ya ou get a lot of arrows but not the other power ups you always get just one it so hard to get but you constantly spending money to keep coins that are very high and hardly no power ups don’t get me wrong the game is a lot of fun , and it’s free it’s just so expensive! You all also have the lighting ball but you have beat so many levels to get once u get it , u play the game u lose ! And have to start all over that’s wrong , I feel if you beat the levels to get a lighting ball you should start my game with one if I win I win if I lose I lose, don’t start the puzzle with out one , cause you work very hard to beat these levels to get one so unfair , I really enjoy the game but coins are high I constantly need to buy more it is so expensive!!!!! I can’t get my treasure from the team treasure I always buy coins they have the nerve to tell me no team contribution I can’t get my items I am about to delete this game I always play , it is already hard to get power ups cause it is expensive!!!!.Version: 15864

Fun game but don’t buy from themOver charged and charged multiple times and then argued with and they tried to blame me for their mistakes 🤷🏻‍♀️ It is fun and highly addictive though.Version: 5887

Its a good game butThe game Royal match is pretty good but they’re saying like you get to play like fun puzzles and stuff and it’s really similar to homescapes or something like that and the only reason I downloaded this app is because it was bragging about no adds and really good quality and really fun like puzzles you can play, and I was like tired of adds then so I thought it would be nice to play a fun game that has no adds and stuff. And when I download it was expecting that you would start on like level one but instead I was come to my surprise any other game you mom or dad or grandma or grandpa would play then you would add to the castle and then when you done it would say “ Royal Match “ so the game is alright I'm not trying to be rude or anything but the game is kind of lying to you about the puzzles game I and I have never stumbled across a puzzle game and at first I was like just playing hoping a puzzle game would show up every once and a while and you would like have to watch an add for it (like any other game) but no you go on and on and on and on and on and on and on to each other game mode idk if its just me that’s not getting the games but I haven’t stumbled across any puzzles YET.Version: 15864

What a colossal waste of time.Can’t get anything done with this app. No washing, no house cleaning. Don’t even cook meals anymore. All I do is play Royal Match. Now that the wife plays it to, the kids get their own meals, and feed the pets. I’ve shown them how to wash clothes and pack lunch boxes. If I could leave my job and just play this game, I would. It’s good to have a break but. If you don’t, sliding gems and matching stuff ends up in your dreams. Great game. Well developed and very clever. Anyway, if you loved Candy Crush, or FarmVille, you’ll like this for sure..Version: 12893

KmeleonJ’adore ce jeux très divertissant, semblable à candy crush et autre même principe animation différente..Version: 4202

The only iOS game I’ve ever loved❤️.Version: 4202

What’s happening?Ads everywhere show fun adventures rescuing the King. Why are they not part of the existing game? I’ve deleted, reinstalled, & still get more of the same BORING content: PLEASE DEVELOPERS READ THIS AND ADD CONTENT. Really, really fed up! All the exciting mini games cannot be accessed. I am plodding through level 2341 and suspect the only answe is to delete completely: start again. Once past a certain level, it’s really boring: come on designers, introduce some fun! This (was) a terrific game,but it seems to have got stick on endless repeats of ‘very hard’ games, which take far too long, and become very boring. The super fun games which are advertised, just don’t appear any more. Why can’t I update it? NEW COMMENT I am not a Paid Player! Playing for fun, and using what ever skills I’ve learnt through this game - which I play every day. Two points: One) short games are advertised, but only link back to the level of the main game. Why? Two) On level 2001, and wondering why the developers design level as to be almost unplayable. Example, player cannot target any obstacle, as ‘bombs’ land on predetermined targets, not where they are expected. ALSO: the ‘Support’ contact button has been removed - there is no means of accessing help..Version: 18369

No Ads = instant winI was drawn to this game after seeing reviews praising it for not having annoying adverts like other games. Sounded too good to be true and I was sure there’d be a catch but so far it’s been all good. Later levels are infuriatingly difficult but that just makes it even more satisfying when you finally beat it. I’ve seen reviews saying the later levels are too hard and force you to spend money to progress but I totally disagree, it just takes some perseverance and patience to beat them. It just took me over 20 attempts to beat one level but I enjoyed the challenge. Great game, please don’t change anything!!.Version: 5887

Royal addictionI have been playing this for months. It is a game you can just pick up now and again but sometimes you just can’t put it down. I have to say sometimes it does require patience as it has so many strategies. You can make it competitive or you can tootle along at your own pace. There are so many rewards it really keeps you motivated . Every month or so levels, games and rewards are updated and you never get board. There are very similar named games but Royal Match is unique and certainly not repetitive like those others. You can change teams or find a team that’s is really supportive in which again you receive team rewards. So much going on..Version: 17833

It’s a good gameI like this game, but as per usual, the preview show a time base level which is what drew me to the game, but I’ve not seen any more than maybe 5 of those levels out of 1800 levels which is annoying, but it’s just a game so who cares really? Oh! And chat function needs spell check Now 2300 levels and still no time base levels Thanks for the response, it looks like it is a peave of many, you could have two styles of game play, the one you have, which I really enjoy, and you could have the exact same levels with a time limit of them too to make it even harder Time base levels have been added, still not the same as the adds portray? I don’t understand why developers need to do that, they make the ads different to the actual game play??? Still a great game, just a frustration I have.Version: 7487

RMALove the game, it’s the best game, a little too good, the creators have out done them selves. They have brought the competitiveness out in some, maybe most or all of us. They are generous with the freebies, an hours free play 4 days a week, and the prizes for winning are decent, you collect cards, a lot of games do this too, but RM out do them by far. The support team are fantastic !! They are available at all times, to assist with any issues, and I’m not talking bots, well you get one to say a support team member will be with you soon.. then boom I’m chatting to a human, I even gave the guy one of my ideas, and a week later we got it, I dont know if there were others that mention the same thing but super happy. I would have tweaked the new update a tad but not complaining. You can pass levels without paying but you have to be patient, as you may need to do the level 20 to 50 times. But you will eventually get it. Because the “game” feels sorry for you 🤣 and starts to inject more boosts. Also very coincidental but on the very last shot, a super boost falls to try and persuade you OR pull at your competitiveness, so in reality WELL DONE, the game is brilliant 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.Version: 17549

This game is a absolute game changer 😱This is a fantastic game I have no complaints! Everyone is saying like that it’s like all the others, it’s not! I like how you have teams, I’m in team The beetroot buddies. I like how u can gain lives from your teammates. This game updates so often and that’s what I love about it. It’s quite a good game for children actually because you have to wait 30 minutes per life so they aren’t going to be glued to their device but it will keep them occupied for 30 minutes or so. Me personally can not get of this game but level 279 is so hard! anyways this is a great game I definitely recommend you to get this!.Version: 19619

Having a good team makes all the difference.I liked this game, but now I love it. I have found a very active team to play with and we have become amazing friends who actively chat and support each other both in the game and in real life. This has elevated the game for me to the point that I play daily in order to chat with my friends, work towards the tournament prizes and give each other lives. The Royal Pass is great value for money in my opinion and well worth buying each month..Version: 5355

Other commentsI have been playing this game now for over 2 years, along with the best group of team mates out there. By the way I’m the team leader. I do a cull the last Sunday of every month, along with my co-leader. The first cull over a year ago was 30 plus members not playing or helping. This month we had one, which the member was actually given a months grace due to personal reasons. So no new members at all this month and only 2 last month. Yes the kings nightmare only happens occasionally but if you stick with the game it gets very complex and not as easy as you would think. You do not need to pay for anything unless you’re in some great hurry to get to the next level. If you spend money, on anything, no one to blame but yourself. Keep up the good work, love the game..Version: 18983

Good game, needs a couple of tweaksI enjoy this game, but find some levels to be exasperating, and some are simply a matter of playing the level until the right powerups form; there’s no way to win them without sheer luck. A couple of things that would be useful: a final stats display of f what was left when asking if you want to play on or try the level over if you didn’t catch what goals are left before your final move, it’s difficult to make an informed decision whether the 5, 15, 30 moves they’re offering are worth the effort. Also, it’s easy to mis-swipe, so a rollback-last-move option would be helpful (Water Sort does this well, where you have 5 free rollbacks and Then watch an ad if you want 5 more). Also, if the cube drop could be adjusted to favor more powerup-generating drops on levels designated “super hard,” That would be useful. The “super hard” levels are basically—make that literally—impossible to win without the right powerups. It’s a good game overall, and strikes a decent balance with ads versus gameplay. I recommend it, even without the suggestions I have for it..Version: 17077

Love the no ads!Awesome game. No ads makes it even better. Please don’t change..Version: 13973

Best!!!!!This is why it’s incredible: - amazing graphics - amazing rooms and interior designs that come with each accumulated level access - NO LAG - SUPER addictive - option for team games / individual games - you can make your OWN team and ppl ACTUALLY JOIN - chatting system made when in teams - chatting system allows use of emoticons - feel GREAT about winning gold coins which you can do many additional things with but even if you don’t use the coins, just seeing them add up in your gold bank account makes you gleam! (I wish all the gold coins were real money…) - actually FUN with varying levels for all skills - variety of tasks and games to keep audience engaged - EASY TO MANAGE - SMART layout so everything is easy to understand - global game with global players …. The list could go on.Version: 8716

Good butWhen I first saw a RoyalMatch on the advert, I thought it was great. I could save the King and everything but when I downloaded it, it wasn’t like the ads. You don’t save the King all the time you have to pay puzzle game. You have to play certain amount so then you can save the King, it’s called the kings nightmare. I absolutely love this game and I’ve fallen in love with it. Don’t get me wrong but I think you have to just be a bit more updated with it. I think it is one of the best mindfulness games I’ve ever downloaded on my phone and I will be playing it for longer and longer. Thank you for downloading and thank you for making this game..Version: 16439

Not like the advert! No king peril levels!I do enjoy this game. However, two things really bug me. First, this advert with the attempt at saving the king from peril was the thing that got me playing. I have done almost 700 levels and only had ONE of these type of challenges so far! Secondly, the price for the coins for say one extra move is £1.79... which gets you 1000 coins - 900 coins buying you 5 extra moves - on really hard levels you need help, but may only need like one move. But then those 4 other moves that you've technically paid for, get lost. £1.79 per move is pretty expensive imo. I'm in a team who are pretty active but you can only store 10 lives and there's a limit on how many times you can ask your team makes fir extra lives on something like every 3 hours, so on a really hard levels you have to stop playing for a few hours before you can try again once your lives are replenished naturally..Version: 5887

What I love about this gameI love the bonus games but with the decorations mabe you should let us choose the design.Version: 10509

No complaints :)Royal Match is an amazing game. For me, the ads for it didn’t lie and it is now one of my favourite games to play on my phone. It’s relaxing, addictive and rewarding. Starter levels are so easy but you still feel like a genius when solving them. Higher levels obviously get harder and it makes you think which is nice. I personally prefer doing a ‘ King’s Nightmare ‘ type level rather than the normal ones just because there’s more pressure but the normal levels are really good too :) I love the sense of achievement in it and even just by earning 1 star, you feel your own progress rather than feeling like you’re getting nowhere. I would recommend Royal Match to anyone! If I had to give criticism, it would be nice to have more of those thrilling ‘ King’s Nightmare ‘ levels as a break from your bog-standard levels but that’s only a minor thing. Reading the other reviews before download, I was hesitant. But, I went for it and I’m so happy I did. I think you should go for it too, it won’t disappoint!.Version: 16439

Fun gameI love Candy Crush but I’m quite high up so levels are really hard and I run out of lives but still want to play so I googled similar games and this was the top result. I’ve only done 12 or so levels but it’s exactly what I was looking for, I’m sure once I’m on a higher level it’ll probably end up like candy crush and get harder but I’ll happily keep going back (once my lives reload!) I like that is similar to CC but different enough to keep me playing. The only part I feel is a bit pointless is the building the castle etc part. I think maybe it’s there so there’s a point to winning stars but I’d be happy just to play the game without the building part, or have a way to not participate in it (so far not participating just puts a red badge on it and they drive me nuts!), won’t stop me playing though but is the reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5..Version: 6771

Addictive but could adopt some improvementsI keep maxing out the levels, and lately all of the levels are very much the same - with very few “King’s Nightmare” timed levels or new types of puzzles. Just more of the same and waiting for updates to release more levels. Suggestion: allow us to revisit previous levels and games - like you can in Candy Crush - but just have those games not add any coins or rewards. I loved some of the previous levels but once they have been played, they are gone. So I am wasting a lot of time waiting for more and more levels that aren’t very challenging..Version: 13245

Royal MatchStill learning about tools to use and make. Feels like if you reset so you can learn how to Make them. Not a person that is into teams..Version: 7495

No ads or pop ups, lots of free giftsOnly game I’ve continually played for about a year now. Really good, it’s a phone game so don’t expect call of duty but it’s a fun way to waste time. No ads at all, it relies entirely on being engaging enough that you’ll hopefully pay for extra bonuses and lives but you don’t need them if you’re in a team of life sharers. I’ve just hit level 2000 and it’s started yet another form of blocks to beat, treasure maps in bottles. Just glad to be past the beavers! Anyway I rarely leave reviews unless I’m complaining so I’ve specifically searched for this game to leave 5 stars. I’ve played through the first few months of our baby needing hours of rocking to sleep and it’s been great to keep my brain occupied in the quiet dark shushing the sleepy little one!.Version: 9535

Royal matchI really enjoy the mechanics of the game- the propellers, bombs and colour bombs and the effects of combining them are really fun. Yes there is all that—it’s true, but I’m a little annoyed that the ‘Rescue the King’ games are far and few in between. The game is advertised as having these features where you save the king from an acid bath, or from thirst in a desert—but I haven’t seen them since I logged back on. So if that doesn’t change I’m logging back off and deleting the game..Version: 15631

Extremely satisfying but easier levels and inaccurate addsI’m always going to love royal match but I always have to try twice or more to finish a level. And in the adds it only shows the king’s nightmare levels and in game you have to finish an area to play through the king’s nightmare levels sooo really weird and It’s interesting that in the loading screen you can see the king’s butler and pet corgi. Also if the king has knights then WHERE THE HELL HAVE THEY GONE because if the events that happen in the king’s nightmare levels were to occur then wouldn’t it be the top priority of the knights to get the king out of danger. also if it’s a nightmare that very clearly is set in the king’s own castle then wouldn’t his mind at least have the knights somewhere in his nightmare like at the stables or guarding his sleeping chambers or in the armoury soooooo just wanted to point that out. And you’re probably going to be saying that the world in royal match is at peace but still there would be guards just in case sooooo yeah really really weird just pointing that out.Version: 18730

Fun but not like the adsI kept seeing adds pop up everywhere for this game so I got it. It’s really fun but there are a few things that aren’t the best. For one, all the adds show fun games where you have to rescue the king and nothing else. On the actual game, you can only do those like, every 20 or so games. The real games you do are just matching 3 in a row like all those other ones you see. Another thing is that they advertise it as “not pay to win” though it certainly is. They don’t force you to buy stuff, but if you’re stuck on a level, you have to chose between giving up which results in you loosing a life and if you do this 5 times, you can’t play for half an hour or so unless you pay for more lives, or using your coins to get more moves, but again, if you use them all up, you have to pay for more. One thing I do really appreciate though, is that there aren’t adds. On most games I have adds pop up every 10 seconds and it drives me crazy, so again, thanks to the creators for not including them. In all though, Royal match is a great game I would totally recommend to everyone!.Version: 17854

Royal matchVery good game 😊.Version: 3892

Amazing and addictive! One suggestion…I instantly became addicted to this game the second I started playing. The levels are fun and building the rooms gives it a point so your not just playing levels to play them. I’ve played other puzzle matching games like this in the past and some levels have been extremely difficult, causing me to quit trying. This game has hard levels but not so hard that I would quit the game. The bonus levels where you collect the coins are fun to and appear quite often. The one thing I would suggest is that the kings nightmare levels appear more often because when I first downloaded, I was so happy to see the nightmare level like shown in the ads. After the level, I was constantly waiting for the next one to appear but it was until around level 45 maybe that I saw the next one. I wish there was more because those are my absolute favorite levels of the game and I’m sad to say that I have only played a few of them out of the whole time I’ve had this game. I hope to see more of these in the game soon. Other than that, I completely love this game and would definitely recommend downloading this!!! 😃😃❤️❤️.Version: 6771

Royal Match not so loyalThe game itself is good unfortunately it’s addictive and costly. No incentives to get free coins by watching a video advertisement you either lose what you’ve won on the journey which means you have to try and redeem the items that help you win your matches. I have spent a lot of money for me, I am a pensioner with family health issues and this game helped me cope with the everyday challenges as it was my pastime. I have uninstalled it and won’t be installing this or any Royal games in future. Good game though if you are skilled and it gets harder as your levels go up and you need a deep pocket..Version: 15982

Love a good challenge, levels are hard tho…I all for a good challenge, especially with games such as this one! I do find this game enjoyable, the graphics, sound, haptics and gameplay are well designed, but level are quite tricky and have noticed myself spending hours/ days on the same level…. I do wish the levels were a little of the more ‘less difficult’ side … which would improve my overall experience with this app… avoid spending numerous attempts on the same level. Great how there’s 100% no adds (that’s my experience at least) I recommend, definitely better than candy crush!.Version: 15160

Where are the King challengesSadly, I’ve played this game A LoT. I think you’ve made it a little better but I’d prefer more challenges, like the ones you advertise so much. I’ve played the same challenges so many times, feels a bit like false advertising. Apart, from that it’s fairly good..Version: 19155

Royal MatchThe game is enjoyable but you still charge 900 coins to continue with moves which is over the top ridiculous as the coins are hard to obtain!!.Version: 15782

Enjoyed it but BORED and at points the game is riggedA good game but if you do not spend money which I have done many times, then you’ll only get so far. Part of my job is to do statistics and I’m deleting the app for the moment as it has hacked me off. To get past one game I ran out of all lives 5x and scored just 1 left to finish the game over three times in a row followed by only 2 then back to x1 only repeatedly. It is virtually STATISTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to score only one thing left on the board time after time after time after time after time after time after time after time after time AGAIN and again (bored yet!) To prevent throwing my iPad across the room I’m opting out for a while. I think they do this so people get so frustrated they spend money, nahhh, so frustrated Im off . I hate the con aspect of this game and rigging them. I’m reasonably intelligent and you’ve bored me and offended me by refusing to let me win games with only 1 left on the grid repeatedly and deliberately. I see the adverts, celebrities playing their favourite game, well, if you are very wealthy like them and you can afford it, great but for those somewhat impoverished, you’ll get so far then severe frustration awaits you.Version: 16414

Actually a fun gameI downloaded royal match as a joke because I thought it looked stupid, but it’s been weeks and I still have it and play it pretty much every day💀 Literally now seeing the king and/or the butler actually makes me happy, and for what? when did that happen?? This is such a mom-game too, so that was an even bigger reason for why I downloaded as a joke, yet here I am😭 But yeah, 10/10, it’s satisfying and enjoyable, no adds, you only have to wait like 20 minutes or so for lives to refill BUT IF YOU JOIN THOSE LIKE TEAM THINGS YOU CAN ASK FOR LIVES, BUT IF YOU HELP SOMEONE GET A LIFE, IT DOESNT COST YOU ONE OF YOURS, i think that’s dope. Anyway, yeah, the only times that “no ads” become an issue for me is when I’m really stuck on a level (ahem, level 29 ((was literally stuck for days🪦💔))) and don’t have enough coins to play on to be able to complete the level, but since there are no ads, I can’t just watch some ads to get more coins. But all in all, I actually love the game and have been recommending it to people because it is just really easy so you don’t have to use TOO much brain power yk? AHH IT’S ACTUALLY REALLY NICE OK. IT STARTS OUT KINDA SLOW BUT THE FARTHER ALONG YOU GET, THE MORE REWARDS YOU RECIEVE AND THAT IS ALSO SUPERRR SATISFYING.Version: 15864

Excellent GamePlayed a-lot if PlayStation games in the past. Been playing this game for over a year now through a pretty tough patch in my life. This is a game that just keeps on giving & surprising. I love the team I’ve managed to stay with. Well I’m at the end of the tunnel with the light ahead over the rough patch & the thrill of team relating & artificial AI interaction still stays with me. Really enjoying the surprises this game still holds for me & after 6000 levels I though I’d have moved on to new gaming adventures but I haven’t because the Ai in this game makes me laugh & I really need that in my life. Wouldn’t surprise me where this game will take us because the the scope of it is amazing. Really glad I persevered though the hard levels & didn’t give up. Now I find it calms me down & gives me a lift when I need it most. Well done game developers really looking forward to seeing where this game goes. For cyber space AI interaction it’s wonderful & highly educational for those who love challenging puzzles. Sometimes the love of humanity really kicks in & they just get get it right. Peace out & love Jonathan Jones of “Hey Hey Its Anime.” -Facebook..Version: 17549

Royal matchThis game is a huge advantage for developing your own skills and the use of strategies, similar to candy crush (sort of).Version: 14166

Awesome gameThanks to the developers for making this game for people to enjoy without being bombarded with ads which is refreshing in this day and age The graphics are great you earn points to get stuff and you only have to spend money if you want to and the option of joining a team all without Facebook unless you want to is great for people like me whom prefer No Facebook Thankyou again to all involved in this awesome time waster :).Version: 9106

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