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IScore5 APHG App User Positive Comments 2023

IScore5 APHG app received 16 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about iscore5 aphg?

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Ap humanThis is pretty radical !.Version: 1.1

This App rocks!I downloaded this app the night before a test and it’s helped so much, I would have given it five stars but it doesn’t have support for the wider screens on iPhone X and above..Version: 1.1

Success of Students linked to iScore5This is the only review source I encourage my students to purchase. I feel strongly it has had a great contribution to the success of my students’ on the AP exam..Version: 1.1

Perfect App!I use this app to determine how best to dictate my nation-state. I found the people are most loyal when you threaten them with public floggings. I do have a complaint on the manner of the political geography section of the app. I used some of its advice in addressing a political uprising in the malnourished region of Liberdon, and now the uprisers are talking about devolution! And here I thought I was a benevolent dictator...anyways, in all truthfulness, this app is really good for preparing for the APHG exam. APHG stands for About Power-Hungry Giraffes btw. This app did give me the perfect motto for my nation: “Leader knows best.” Have a nice day..Version: 1.1

NoiceThis app is pretty spicy ngl, I use it to prepare for my pursuit to claim Jerusalem for the holy land as well as preparing for the AP exam of course. In the future I’ll probably show this to my future ungrateful grandchildren. Would be better if you added more ads to the app, I feel like this would help make the app more authentic and professional and reputable. One thing very disappointing about this app is the lack of a in app purchase option. This especially concerning for me as I don’t know anything and I want to buy my answers. Anyway it’s a great app I rate it 5 stars! ePiC.Version: 1.1

TrueCrazy stuff I actually did score 5.Version: 2.0

Good over allYou can choose unit to study, and a unit for frq based off of how many stimulus you want. However, my only problem is you can get the same question on play mode, you can not look at all the vocab on a list. Other than that, really good app. It is worth the 5$.Version: 1.2

I got a 5I recommend this app to those taking the ap human geo exam!! This is definitely not the only study tool I used but it probably contributed to my score!.Version: 1.2

Got my first 100!!This, to me, made learning the terms infinitely better. I was able to understand the concepts much more easily and apply them to different situations. I got my first 100% on an APHug test because of this!!! Highly recommend, it’s my savior.Version: 1.1

Pretty goodI got a 4 on my test so it clearly didn’t live up to its name. just kidding the app helped a lot and was a great review.Version: 2.0

So practical!Great study tool! The app is perfect to easily study whenever and wherever! I love having access to it on the go so I can study whenever I feel like it!.Version: 2.0

It’s great for studyingThis app is great for studying for the ap human geography exam how ever I’m worried about it’s support. I’m questioning how old the questions and study guides are as the curriculum for the Ap human geography test changes each year. But I used the practice frqs provided and it absolutely saved me on the frqs so it defiantly helped me pass the exam so it is an absolute buy for ap human test takers..Version: 1.2

AmazingThis app got me a 5 on my exam.Version: 2.0

Love ItI think this is great for studying especially before the exam BUT i want to turn off the sound effects and there's no settings for that. I just want to listen to my music peacefully without a loud ding going off in my ear every time i get a question right. Maybe I could handle this if it DIDNT TURN OFF MY MUSIC TOO..Version: 2.0

GoodmorningThis game was so much fun I’m going to play it all day every day I’m so excited to play this awesome game that will help me so much have fun.Version: 1.1

VolumeSometimes when I’m in a call and use this app, I want to hear the other person but also don’t want to hear the loud noises when u get a question right or wrong. Please add a volume option for sound effects.Version: 1.1

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