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Spiral Roll App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Spiral Roll app received 105 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Spiral Roll? Can you share your negative thoughts about spiral roll?

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Spiral Roll for Negative User Reviews

Its okGood game, but i get less ads listening to Spotify and YouTube.Version: 1.16.0

This game has way to much adsI hate this game it has to much ads.Version: 1.10.2

ConfusedThis game is soo much fun. I have had the game for awhile now. When I first started playing it I realized that the coins I was collecting weren’t doing anything for me. Because there was no store to spend you coins. Well after a few months I realized the game updated and there was now a store to buy new knives. Even though it deleted all my previous coins I had /: but that was no big deal. So after realizing this I started to play the game more. Well I realized going into a game I had $700 coins. After that round I went to the store to buy a new knife. Then it said I only had $500 coins now. Confused as to how I lost coins I started to pay attention during the game. Anytime you “collect” coins during the game it will subtract coins from your “bank”. But if you get coins from finishing the round or landing on a color tile then it will add coins. But I am confused why I am getting deducted coins for collecting them. Disappointed because I really enjoy this game..Version: 1.6

It is okay, but way to many addsThis game is great, I love it! It’s really fun and makes me happy! The thing is, that there are so many adds. This is a problem, so I stopped playing it. It’s a great game! I hate the adds though. They annoy me! also I hate that the adds are too violent. They are very bad and I would recommend that you get a parents advice before downloading. 2 stars is a bad review meaning it’s a bad game. I would give it a one star but it is not that bad. Have fun.Version: 1.9

That bad but not good...This app is great but recently it has been skipping parts and glitching out but the over all the app is amazing I play it a lot when I’m bored but the adds are after almost every time you play witch is pretty annoying but the coins are also are something to fix maybe like making a new thing to spend them on because I understand you can buy stuff but not a lot so the coins don’t have that great of a value! I hope you can fix the things I listed about the game!.Version: 1.11.0

Game has a bugBarely over 2 hours after downloading the game, it wouldnt let me play. I kept exiting and entering the app yet it kept crashing on the loading screen. One time the same day of downloading, december 9th 2020, the game wouldnt let me out of the loading screen. I pressed the home button once, nothing, tried it twice, nothing, i tried everything i could to get out of the loading screen, yet the farthest I got was going to the lock screen. I had to manually reset my phone to get out of the app. And of course, as soon as i got the chance i deleted it. It may be a virus that only certain types of phones could get but i still dont recommend.Version: 1.11.0

Annoyed about the coinsAlthough this game is fun, whenever I pick up coins during a level it doesn’t add them on. For example at the end I was at 40k and I hit the jackpot, loads of money came out and obviously I was happy but in the top right corner it was still telling me I had 40k so I did the whole level for nothing. Another annoying thing is you have nothing to spend your money on, I think if you have enough money you could upgrade your spatula or whatever. Overall it’s a fun game but it needs some changes to it.Version: 1.5

I find it okI feel like it is a good game to play whenever I’m bored especially with this Coronavirus except I think the game developer needs to add difficulties, mini games and usage for all these coins we are collecting up. It really doesn’t make sense that we just collect coins and we don’t use them..Version: 1.4.1

🤦🏻‍♀️It does not load into the game unless I delete the app and download it again. Stupid game.Version: 1.12.0

YOU RUINED ITSo I started off loving this game and yes I know this is new but when I had my old account I made a review and it was good when you made the first update I loved it even more when you made the second update I got angry I would only win five coins SO PUT IT BACK TO NORMAL OR I AM DELETING THIS I am disappointed angry and sad 😔🤬😭.Version: 1.9

Packed with inappropriate adsAvoid this unless you want to be inundated with online casino ads..Version: 1.14.0

DisappointedI am very made because it is a good game but whenever I try to get into the game loading page freezing. Very disappointed fix it😡.Version: 1.11.0

ADS AFTER EACH LEVEL !!The game is awesome but if u get rid of the ads I will be more fun for us users . Ads are annoying !!.Version: 1.6

Decent time sink - Needs optimizingThis game offers a decently satisfying way to kill a few minutes here and there. As with all “Freemium” games, it has its fair share of ads. However, that’s expected. And after all they do need to make money somehow. I respect the move. Just expect to wait 30 seconds between levels now and then. My only major complaints are the battery drain and seemingly intensive graphics requirements. The game could use some optimizing as it gets progressively more laggy if you play for more than a few minutes..Version: 1.4.1

BrokenGreat game till i get to round 60 when all hell breaks loose, rolls fly off the screen and put the game into a loop of nothingness, upon restarting the game, it loads, gets stuck and now is unplayable.Version: 1.10.2

To many adsWay too many ads, deleted in 2min. Unplayable with ads this bad.Version: 1.10.0

RateThis is a great game and all but WAY TO MANY ADS!! Every time I continue after I finished a level there’s an ad. Even when I say I don’t want to continue the level with watching a video of I messed up. I would love this game if there weren’t so many ads, like it’s crazy. I probably won’t play much due to this and would love to rate this a 4 or maybe even a 5 if there weren’t this many ads. Maybe you can do ads after every 3 or 4 rounds to be fair unless you of course die. Hope you read this and if this happens I will definitely give you a 5 for reading and putting less ads on! Thank you!.Version: 1.3

OK game, but could use workFist of all, I’m going to say that this game is awesome. It cures my boredom, it’s super satisfying, and so much more. I have a few problems but what I’m going to start of with is how they added in the new feature where you can now purchase new tools. My problem with this is when I went to do that yesterday, I got some cool new designs, but when I got on the game just now, I didn’t have any of my designs I purchased yesterday. Another one of my problems is the adds. Now, I know you can purchase the adds free version, but if you cannot, because you don’t have the money, there are just to many adds. I have a few other problems with the game, but just take these example into consideration for fixing. Thank you for reading my review..Version: 1.5.1

And I oop🥳This game is really amazing. However, there is a downside. There are far too many ads. Much like with all of these games that have a similar demeanor, they have too many ads to make the game enjoyable. I know why they have placed the ads strategically throughout the levels of the game, and it is because there either isn’t a premium option in the game, or the game isn’t worth spending the money to buy premium. So J suggest to the developers of this game that you need to bring the velocity of the ads down, and yes, I understand that it is the way you make money but, the first lesson of Silicon Valley, “Never think about the money only the experience.” Hence, why you should lower the number of ads. Thank you..Version: 1.10.3

Very fun, but a few complaintsIt is a very fun game and I enjoy playing it, although I do wish a few things were different. Every level has many opportunities for getting coins but there is no way to spend them which is very frustrating. I also which the levels were numbered, or there was a way to see all the levels so that I could feel a sense of accomplishment. The levels are fun but they are not consistent. There is also a graph but I don’t understand what it means. These are my only complaints but overall the game is very satisfying and incredibly fun to play..Version: 1.3

Pretty Good Game but so many ads!This game is so fun! But every time you die there is an ad I get so annoyed with this I just go play another game... I know that ever game has ads but after every time u fail.Version: 1.4.1

😡So much ads!.Version: 1.12.0

So many Adds😡There was way to many adds every time I failed or finished a level i would get 2 adds and the longest adds ever The rest is ok but it’s just the adds that made me delete it. Just remember..Version: 1.9

It’s okThe game is extremely fun and it’s super exciting and there’s so many levels and cool things to do but whenever you lose or make a mistake you have to watch a commercial and I really don’t like that about it but if you like watching commercials during games and I taking breaks I recommend this game for you but personally not for me and I gave it to stars because of that and the commercials are usually about 20 minutes long that really disappointed me because my parents love this game so much and it’s so fun and exciting but the commercials really messed it up..Version: 1.12.0

Don't botherAds after every level, often lags like crazy/very poorly optimised, the bonus points section is literally unwinnable (you can't get over the second part no matter what you do), and has very little replay value.Version: 1.12.0

WellThere is no point for the coins so I would like some wood textures, saws, colours and traps. I would like less adds as after every level there is one. This game takes no talent and the graphics are poor. Voodoo you are a great company please don’t let me down. I love all of your games. I would really appreciate it if you could improve your games and put more effort into them. Please and thank you!.Version: 1.3

The game sucks nowThe game is frozen on the loading screen.Version: 1.12.0

It’s good but to many ADVERTISEMENTSSSS!!!!Spiral roll is a really good and addictive game but there’s so many adds. I try to screen record some gameplay for my family guy videos on tiktok but immediately after you finish the game and start the game there’s always a 30 second add about a game I really don’t want to download and I don’t think anyone watching the add too will download. I just think adds nowadays just don’t help promote a game/product. I’m trying to find a way to exit the add rather than actually watch and take in the add which I think everyone is trying to do. Please stop adds, they won’t help promote your product 😊👍.Version: 1.16.0

AdsAds they are every where and are extremely inconvenient ..Version: 1.10.0

Good but badI opened the game, ready for fun. I played a round and then BOOM like lightning, an ad. I must confess I enjoy this game but there was just too many ads to handle. I hope that in future, they can review their game and update it so there are not quite as many ads. We thank you sincerely..Version: 1.14.0

Too many adsIt’s a good game but there’s literally ads after every level..Version: 1.4.1

DONT DOWNLOADI got this app with NO hopes because of the reviews and I should have listened to them I’m watching more than I’m playing it’s a waste of time I put myself through 5 levels and got bored as well as frustrated, I get they need ads to make money but they but it after every, single, level. So pointless to collect coins as well like you can’t do anything with them, and the diffculties in the levels are never changing they are always the same. I wasn’t even on this app for a whole minute and hated every single second.Version: 1.10.0

Ad infestedLiterally un skippable full screen ads with annoying voices where you have to hunt for a “>>” or “x” button and constantly accidentally tap to open the App Store. These ads appear after *every* round, literally every 30 seconds or so. This is in addition to banner ads at the bottom of the screen during gameplay. I’m sorry but this app is just unusable. Immediately deleted..Version: 1.18.0

Spiral rollNo star review. i paid money for “No Ads” and so i still get ads. ripped off..Version: 1.16.0

It’s kinda dumb?So when I saw the ad I was like OHHHHHHH SATISFIED!!!!! But when I got the game I was like 🙄🙄🙄🙄.Version: 1.3

To many addsI have had this app for about 2 years and it always says watch an add if you want to revive but even if you say no it still gives you an add bit on the other hand if you do Say revive then it shows the add and then freezes and you have to go off and back on and then you start from the beginning so every time you play or die you always get an add I don’t recommend downloading ❤️.Version: 1.3

TERRIBLE!!!!!This game is terrible. A train wreck in itself. You ask me why? Oh because it has ads EVERY SINGLE ROUND. I understand you need to make money, but every single round?! Not responsible AT. ALL. This is a terrible game and is only a bit fun to play a few times. Once I downloaded this and at first I was like “hmm this is a bit fun..!” Then I saw the ads every single round and it got boring. At the end of each round you have this “rapping paper..?” That you need to scrap off for a “grade..?” And so I did the whole scrapping rapping paper, and it gave me a five, the lowest score. And I’ve gotten to a ten before, WHEN I ONLY SCRAPPED HALF OF IT. So, that CLEARLY does not make any sense what so ever. I recommend to not get this game and if you do only play a few rounds. Because it gets a bit boring after a while -._-..Version: 1.11.0

There isn’t much to offer and too many adsRemember when mobile games were actually rewarding? I do too. The only thing you can buy with coins are new scalpels. No new levels, no new scenery, and no new game modes. Also, the ads are so annoying! I remember playing older games when there were ads every few rounds or you could at least close out of them after a few seconds. But I get an ad every level! They last 30 seconds and I can’t even close out of them! Most of voodoo’s games these days are jokes..Version: 1.10.3

It’s al rightOne thing I don’t like about this game is that at the end you can’t get past not bad but apart from that i like it and I can only get like 5 coins and there was a second update and now it is bad.Version: 1.10.3

Too much addsThis is driving me crazy. Before and after every single level theres an add!.Version: 1.16.0

Needs workI played the game about ten minutes and it drained my phone battery 20%. Also the coins are useless. The levels are too short and the same levels repeats all the time. Funny concept for a game, needs just work! Also, turn off your wifi/internet so you don’t have to watch adds every second..Version: 1.4.1

I used to love the game but...I’ve had this game for a while now, at first I absolutely LOVED it! Now the game is absolutely horrible. The game glitches, it’s not hard to get coins, and there is also no use for the coins. I have played this game for so long that I have every knife. I would like for this game to go back to the original, but also keep the little fun things like scrapping wood to get it into the baskets for various amounts of coins, and once you pass 7 rings the spiral kind of “levels up” and you are able to get more coins. At the very end when you complete the level the target needs to be flat! If the target was flat it would be more challenging and more enjoyable. I would also like to add that after the update my game began to glitch so much to where I hardly play it now. I definitely would recommend the game, but if you were to download this be mindful that there are TONS of ads and that it glitches. Overall the game is fun, but it was definitely better without the update..Version: 1.9

Really fun gameBut the adds are always the same (there are only two different adds)and there are coins but each time they would not be added to the total amount.Version: 1.12.0

🤦‍♀️Bruh way too much ads like stop.Version: 1.16.0

More Ads than gameEvery single round there’s an ad, you spend more time watching ads than actually playing. When you fail you have an option to watch an ad to revive but it plays an ad wether you said yes or no..Version: 1.14.0

Relaxing but..WAY TOO MANY ADS! I understand that this game has to make money somehow and a lot of free games make their money off of ad revenue, but really? Ads in the middle of a level? Ridiculous. It makes my phone freeze up and lag big time and the ads don’t even let you close them half of the time. So I’m constantly opening and closing and reloading the game just so I can finish one single level. I so badly want to play this game, I just can’t do it with the stupid amount of time and energy it takes to try to close all the little pop up windows for the ads that never end..Version: 1.18.0

AdsGood game but to many ads.Version: 1.16.0

Model gameThis game is gonna be a plast when my dad gets it because he loves to scrap wood I do not really play it it’s mostly my dad and can you add something else to the game to make it funnier 🤔.Version: 1.12.0

Issue with the chiselI had unlocked all the selectable chiselers without much issue. However a few days later they were all gone and I was expected to spend more coin then the original price and it continued to rise. It’s reset again still increasing the cost and it’s quite infuriating. Please fix this..Version: 1.5.1

AdsTo many ads.Version: 1.12.0

Could be one of the best if...I love playing these mindless games. They help me escape when I need to. This one is more satisfying to play than a lot of others I’ve played. In fact, I might be willing to give it a five star rating IF the devs would ADD SOME FREAKING SOUND! I’m so sick of these games having no music, no sound effects, nothing. Finish the freaking game! There are so many opportunities for satisfying sound here. The scraping wood, the tumbling bricks, when the rolls bounce and splash into the water, when the chisel breaks, when the coins spill from the boxes. This game, in particular, is BEGGING for some good sound. PLEEEASE!!!.Version: 1.3

YOU RUINED IT!! 😭🤬☹️So I originally loved this game when it first came out I played it all the time and it was very fun, then ur first update came out and that made me love it even more! 💗 Then I stopped playing it for a while and when I came back there had been a second update, and it all seemed the same till the very end when you do the final role to win money, but that was changed to a sort of thing where it goes up instead or along. I was so sad! 😭 I can’t get anything higher than five coins! So, is this changes back, I will update my review, but if it doesn’t, then I’m deleting! So annoyed and disappointed! ☹️🤬.Version: V1.7.1

TOO MUCH ADDS.To much ads.definitely delete it.Version: 1.18.0

CheapI paid $15 for this app & i can’t restore the purchases on my baby’s ipad. Cheap!!! Not worth the money or time..Version: 1.18.0

AdsI love this game so much I paid for the ads to be taken out, but that was a rip off. If I play the game without reviving I’m good but if I hit the revive button I get ads. Pretty angry about that.Version: 1.5.1

Go back to the old update ☹️Can you go back to the old update the game use to be my favorite game and now I am going to delete the game. If you go back to the old update I will redownload it but until then I will now have the app.☹️.Version: V1.7.1

Not bad, butFreezes everytime i try loading it.Version: 1.12.0

What do the coins do?!Quite a good game but I have about £40k and l don’t know what to do with them they’re pointless . It should be you can get new scoops or shovels or what ever they’re called. Anyway I am just wondering if there could be an update on it so I could spend my £40k. Thank you..Version: 1.3

So. Many. Ads.I get that’s how money is made and I’m totally ok with ads in free games but the ads come after every single level and before it even shows you the score. You spend more time watching ads than actually playing..Version: 1.11.0

CoinsWhat are they even for???.Version: 1.3

Hardly Even a GameThis game isn’t bad. It’s just...boring. Playing 1 minute of the game is playing the entire thing. Not only are coins useless, the game will accidentally punish you for getting them. If you make a big roll to get the coins then make a smaller roll to break bricks, the smaller one will bounce off the bigger one and you’ll lose. Also, for one of the most low effort games I’ve ever played, it drops frames for no reason. This isn’t a game that requires much work. The knife goes down, the knife goes up, the roll gets big, the map scrolls. There’s not much to it and it can’t even handle itself. I’ve seen lower effort games from 2015 run smoother than this. Lastly, if you need bots to write fake reviews, make a better game..Version: 1.4.1

Heaps of adsHave had ads almost every time I've passed a level- or at LEAST every second level. Incredibly frustrating and boring.Version: 1.4.1

Hate this game !!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡This game is so annoying it has so much ads!.Version: 1.5.1

My opinionThis game overall is a good game, the thing I’m having a problem with is the ads, I could be in the car with no WiFi but there’s still ads. I understand you have to make money and advertise but take this for example I was once playing a game it was normal and I just got a random ad, it popped out of no where. I didn’t press a button or anything I was just playing the game and it popped up. Sometimes there’s two ads which I absolutely hate. If you don’t like ads I wouldn’t suggest downloading this game because it adds to my stress and boredom with all these advertisements, please take away some of them maybe do them ever two games instead of after every single game!.Version: 1.11.0

OmgIts a good game ngl but i got a like 1.6 million score then the game crashed and i lost all my chisel thingys that i spent so much coins on and my score and i worked really hard for both of those so it’s a good game js it’s so annoying it makes me wanna throw my phone at my wall.Version: 1.18.0

AdsI understand y’all need to make a living but after every round????.Version: 1.16.0

AwI lost all of my points after getting stuck on an ad I repeatedly press the X button. 200,000 points down the drain.Version: 1.9

Too much ads!This game is fun, satisfying and great to play when your bored but the thing that stresses me is after every single round there is an ad. When I first got the game I thought the ad was just like every other ad on another game ( the ones that don’t appear much) but I was wrong. After a few days on playing I bored bored and annoyed by how many ads. I once failed and my knife broke so I pressed play so I could play again and there was ANOTHER ad!! Please put less ads in. Thanks!.Version: 1.16.0

Fun without wifiLove this game. I have to turn off wifi to play as there are way too many ads and they cause the game to crash half the time. Also I’m yet to see a use for all the coins I’m collecting..Version: 1.3

A good game to play for a long car rideThis game is fun, don’t get me wrong, but it’s kind of pointless. I mean, why collect coins if I can’t use them for anything? I have over 20,000 coins on the game and I can’t even use them so what’s the point in trying to collect them. This game is very well put together other than that. Honestly when I got the game before I realized you can’t use the coins, I thought you could use them to upgrade your carving tool or even change the color of the wood. In my opinion, it just seems like a little more thought could’ve been added to this rather than scraping some wood..Version: 1.4.1

Bug maybe?!!I mean I was playing then suddenly there was nothing just water and I was scraping that and I could not stop ? But anyway it’s a really fun game but that problem is 2 stars less.Version: 1.9

Too GlitchyThe game itself is excellent and addictive but it constantly crashes after the latest update meaning I can never get a very high score. It obviously overuses the processing power of my phone as it gets red hot after a few minutes of playing. Sort out the crashing and stop it from over heating devices and I would give it a higher rating.Version: 1.5

Great game but....It’s kinda harsh by saying that we’re losers, beginners even though we’ve been playing for a long time so that’s just really rude it’s a rude game, my younger cousins play it and they think that every time they finish it and it calls them losers it ends their hope and causes them to be really really upset and it’s making me and my family upset because of that.Version: 1.11.0

Virus?All right so I personally really like this game it’s fun it’s simple it’s time consuming great but I realized everybody was focusing on the fact coins do nothing which yeah I agree it is a problem I mean why should I go for all the basketball hoops and stuff if there’s no reason to but I think one of the biggest problems with this game is the fact if if you go on airplane mode while playing this game so you don’t have to deal with ads every couple levels it shut down your phone I tried this on my friends phone and I did the same thing I’m not sure why it’s doing this maybe to go overheating or something I’m not sure but I’m just saying be careful with this app.Version: 1.9

Needs work !!!You collect coins but there is no way to use them, the game is the same every level there is only 3 sets and they just repeat over and over, and as far as I can tell there isn’t really a point to this game. It is a good concept but needs a lot of work. - Have a store where you can buy new obstacles chisels and back drops. - Have a home button where you can select and replay levels - Have a competition mode where there are challenges like the biggest roll or the most rolls in a line..Version: 1.3

BAD GAME VERRY DISPOINTED😡😡🤯🤢🤮👿😈👿😤😤🤬😡🤬When I downloaded this game I played one level then I would not let me pass the level and you could not stop so you would crash every time! I got rid of this game as soon as I could DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME IT IS A WAST OF SPACE!!!!.Version: 1.4.1

AT THE ENDWhen I reach the end on a level and don’t stop rolling fast enough my roll goes into the sky and if I leave the game I will lose my high score with I did 4 MILLION Also I have all of the scoups and I’m just collecting coins now😡.Version: 1.13.0

Too many ads!!Don’t bother, it’s a good game but I was less than 20 seconds into playing and there was an ad, there are sooo many ads and they take forever to get off them. I’m not exaggerating when I say I spend more time trying to click off ads then actually playing. I get it’s a free game and you need ads, but not so many! Maybe one every few minutes Or so? Not every 15 seconds!!.Version: 1.14.0

Way too many ads and coin problems!Do NOT downloadWow!! This game has way way way too many ads! Every time I try to go to the next level there is an ad! That means there is an ad about every ten seconds! If you are going to have ads, only have them once in a while because otherwise it kind of makes the game boring! I didn’t want to play it after a whole two minutes of ads! Also the coins are useless! You can’t spend them on anything and you don’t even know how many coins you got at the end of the level! Also on the ad to get this game it looked so much different! Do not download!Thank you for your understanding! 👎👎.Version: 1.3

DisappointingWhen I downloaded this game I first read the comments which were all negative and I agree. First of all you earn coins but there’s nothing to spend them on, way to many adds etc. Go and download something else, this game is trash.Version: 1.4.1

Nice but needs bug fixesI really like this game it’s pretty fun but I have had a few issues with it not working. The first time I downloaded it, it worked well until it glitched and when I exited the game it wouldn’t load me back in. So I deleted it and got it again. It worked better this time but when I was in the middle of a level and had 3k+ coins the game crashed and when I opened it again it had reset my coin total. I enjoy playing this game but would appreciate these things fixed. Thank you..Version: 1.11.0

RubbishI forced myself through 25 levels and every single one was the same thing. Nothing new, no increase in difficulty, no new scenery and nothing to use collected coins on. Don’t download - it will waste you space.Version: 1.4.1

So many ads and no way to get high!No matter what you do there is an ad you don’t want to wait 30 seconds to play again so you press no thanks and then you still get a 30 second ad and there is no way to get high on the rolling thing so the game gives me a 5 when I hit 15 and gives me loser rank even though I got pro it’s not fair it’s rigged and so many ads that the game could be beaten in 15 minutes but the ads make it 2 hours to beat I would rate -5 stars if I could!.Version: 1.9

Worst game ever!This game keeps crashing on me and is has so many adds that are so long I am holding and clicking but it is not doing if anything there is nothing addictive about it and it is so easy that’s what make it boring no challenge it forces me to revive sometimes and I don’t’t want too and the levels are so short this game shouldn’t exists I rate this as the worst game ever P.s game need LOTS of upgrades.Version: 1.3

TiktokWho else is here from tiktok for watching one of the games and the person playing being an absolute dumb dumb so you download it to do better?.Version: 1.16.0

Great game, annoying glitchI’ve played this game a lot because it’s really addictive. But there’s an annoying glitch that I’m facing. There are two pages of knives: a page where you can buy knives with the coins you earned, and a page where you can watch an ad to get a less cool knife. I had enough coins accumulated to unlock every single knife, but after doing so that whole page disappeared. It’s as thought it doesn’t exist, and the only option it gives me now is to choose from the less cool knives you get from watching ads..Version: 1.6

What’s with the ads?This is overall one of my favourite games despite it being so simple. My only problem with this game is that you get ads after almost every level and it ruins the game for me. This isn’t necessarily a problem but another way to improve this is to add a use for the coins as I have so many but have no use of them, but this is still a great game !👍 Thankyou!.Version: 1.4.1

AggggWay to many adds you would play one round and an add would come on.Version: 1.16.0

Don’t download!!!!What the heck is the point of coins?? They are useless, I have no idea why I bought it. Billions of adds every few minutes, I’m watching more than I’m playing!? Also the game crashes and redoes the level and it is soooooooo annoying. And even if your on level one or 500 it’s super easy it never changes. Don’t download it’s a waste of space..Version: 1.4.1

This game is almost so fun.Spectacularly mindless and fun to play to keep your hands busy. However it does become so mindlessly repetitive that i get sick physically of it. I like that they’ve changed up the target at the end of each level but I wish they’d cycle through many different kinds of end targets flat, vertical hoops and maybe some new moving targets. There should also be more targets through out each level, the best part of the game is winding up and shooting at whatever you’re aiming for, we need much more of that through out each level for it to be more fun. And the game never really gets too much faster, it should speed up at a much quicker rate to keep it engaging..Version: V1.7.1

AddsThis game is REALY good but it’s just the adds I was in a middle of a game play (playing the game) and an add showed up right in the middle when I was playing when I clicked off the add I died this game needs more improvements yea even tho we need adds to pay the people that have sponsored it but try improve it so adds don’t show up while your playing Thank you for your time.Version: 1.5

Basic gameplay, too many advertisementsThere were so many advertisements.Version: 1.3

It’s ok it needs workBc it sometimes lags and it freezes when ur trying to play.Version: 1.12.0

Horrendous amount of adsNot a bad game, but gets repetitive - literally every time you finish a level you’ll get an ad, without fail. No option to buy “no ads” so have uninstalled as game is unplayable when I have to wait 30 seconds between levels to watch an ad for another crappy game. I understand it needs ads to make money, but without an option to remove them, the app is trash. Do not download..Version: 1.16.0

It’s a great and addicting game but..It’s really addicting, I had fun playing it but there was A BUNCHHH of ads. I’d get them like every few seconds. It was annoying, and that’s even more annoying was I kept getting the same ad over and over again, and it was one of those clickbait-y ads. The app was called township and oh my god..I felt so nauseous just looking at the designs of the animals..why do you gotta give me the same extremely cursed ad over and over again. Overall it’s addicting, I just don’t like the amount of ads, the ads that I won’t stop getting, and yeah..Version: 1.9

MehWhile the game itself is satisfying to watch, it gets boring after 191 levels. I’ve got over 23000 coins but nothing to spend them on, so what’s the point of them? Add things to buy that increase the difficulty or change the scenery or something..Version: 1.4.1

Why is there in game currency ??There is nothing to spend the money on lol.Version: 1.3

You need somewhere to spend the coins!!I actually enjoy this game, although it’s a huge bummer to me that there is no where to spend all the coins collected and I just think it would make Game much more Pleasant. *edit* My suggestion would be to add a gift shop where people could exchange the coins for different things such as different kinds of stuffed animals, or gems and there’s all sorts of things that you could think of and then you could have collections where you get all five of the stuffed animals or all five of the crystals. If you guys need a designer let me know I am a professional artist and maybe we can come up with something to add into the program! I think this game has a lot of potential but that it needs more..Version: 1.3

Like playing it for 30 minutes...It’s awesome but I don’t think I could break the freeway of games like Galaxy of heroes I don’t suppose you will tame yourself to it but take a moment and download another game dont take the game as a advantage of whittling or woodcarving and your best bet is to go back and try another one and just I potentially perfectly say download another game like Pokémon go or property brothers when I got the game I played it for 30 minutes and then put my phone and played another game I still have the game but it isn’t a great game and I still issue with the game try another game not this one.Version: 1.9

I’m not blaming anyone👍🏻So this game is fun except it made me rage quit and there are to reasons one it’s really glitchy for me so I read a review and it may not glitch for everyone but it does for me. The second reason is because when I saw the add I was like this guy is really dumb so it was very tempting to play so I had to and I thought it would be easy but no, you have to scrape the wood not to big not to small and I always forget that, so I not blaming this on anyone I’m just saying my opinion..Version: 1.12.0

Hate you,hate itThis game is horrible,you might like it because well your a brat so you probably like it 😂😂😂Lol # You a dummy.Version: 1.12.0

The app don't work anymoreWhen i open the app it wont load so i delete the game and re installed it for it to work but i always lose my progress..but at least i can play..Version: 1.12.0

90% adsThe game itself is alright, but you spend the majority of your time in this app watching ads, it’s completely ridiculous. I know most games like this have a lot of ads, but this one is the worst I have come across..Version: 1.11.0

GlitchI love the game and so does my sister but it glitches a lot and I have photo evidence a lot of it so if you could tell me a way to send you the pictures that would be great thank you Also I hate ads but I solve that with turning off my WiFi but still you shouldn’t have to turn of your WiFi for a game but I still recommend this game to people who like a game that you could play on a long car ride home anyway love this game and have a good night if your reading this when I sent it cuz I sent it late 😴.Version: 1.11.0

It’s okDear spiral roll, your game isn’t to bad but you should stop doing an ad after every time you lose or win. Plus you need to add something to use the coins with like a new spiral or a new shovel? But please look at my review and at least do something to your game as I said. And make an inventory please. Thank you. From lukeyduke1404.Version: 1.3

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