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Little Misfortune App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Little Misfortune app received 28 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Little Misfortune? Can you share your negative thoughts about little misfortune?

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Little Misfortune for Negative User Reviews

Easy but interestingThe latest update fixes the crash, so I can now complete the game. Thank you. I enjoyed the story and art, but this is much more an interactive storybook than a game. It’s completely linear, with a few obvious puzzles and decisions that don’t really matter. Still, it was suspenseful enough to keep me interested..Version: 1.22

Cool game..Please fix the bug in the fox’s cabin, every time I press on the TV, it kicks me out of the game..Version: 1.22

Kicks outI didn’t like it that when every time I joined this game it kicked me out and I screamed and got banned from my iPad phone laptop tv and everything I got.Version: 1.22

CrashingHello, my game keeps on crashing whenever I enter Benjamin’s house. Even on the main menu, once I press continue it crashes. Is there any way that I can fix this issue? If so, the device I am using is an iphone 7 with the software version of 13.3.1. Thank you..Version: 1.2

Please fix this bugI LOVED Fran Bow and was extremely excited to play this but like many other people the VHS player keeps making me crash, it will load for a few seconds then kick me out please fix this I would be SO happy to be able to get the good ending myself. Besides this problem the game is fun..Version: 1.22

BruhI always get kicked out at Benjamin’s house when I click the video player! >:( THIS IS A WASTE OF MONEY!.Version: 1.22

Great Game with Several CrashesIt’s a great game. Period. If you like short games that tell interesting, unique stories, then this is for you. But it also crashes quite a bit. Like how when I enter Benjamin’s house, I cannot watch the tape in the VHS since the game crashes every single time it tries to load it. Also, after you get off the boat from Phantasmagoria, all the ghosts have a weird black block around them, it’s very strange. It’s definitely not supposed to be there since they don’t have it any of the times they show up before then. Very strange..Version: 1.22

That’s it?!Hmm.... I loved Fran Bow, so was really excited about playing this game by the same creators. But am disappointed. The ending was so abrupt. A mystery was introduced and I spent the whole game wondering when more would be revealed, but then... the credits rolled. There was so much to the story that was left unexplored and unanswered. Its also expensive for a game I finished in one evening..Version: 1.22

Great game but can’t finish itGame still crashes when attempting to enter the fox’s cabin despite the update that claimed fixed it. Really am enjoying the story, art and characters but super frustrating I cannot complete it.Version: 1.21

>:(It never downloaded and just a waste of money 😡😡🙄🙄.Version: 1.22

Volume doesn’t workWhen I first got the game everything was ok, volume was working just fine. I opened it up again after a few plays and the volume wasn’t working? I had my volume cranked all the way up, I tried other apps and including my Spotify, they weren’t working but when I loaded up Little Misfortune still no sound. I reinstalled it, I reset my phone still doesn’t work. I have an iPhone Xs Max (13.5.1) software. Don’t understand all of a sudden it isn’t working?.Version: 1.22

MehI love the game and the characters except there are two problems I have: • there are black boxes around the ghosts of the missing children when they appear • I can’t get past Benjamin’s house part because everytime I click on the video player, the game glitches and turns the game off, and you have to watch the video to progress the game and to do the sparkle thingie But other than that, I love what I’ve played so far (Also, I’ve tried deleting other apps and stuff off my camera roll to free up space but it isn’t working).Version: 1.22

Crash reportEvery time I get to the video player and try to watch it the game straight up crashes.Version: 1.22

Amazing but I was unable to finishThis game is amazing and I love everything about it but once I get into Benjamin’s cabin, I can’t use the video player. I click on it and she says her line, the screen goes black and it kicks me out of the game. I have tried a couple times and every time it kicks me out. I hope you can fix this bug soon because it is keeping me from finishing the game!.Version: 1.22

Pretty good but not as good as Fran BowThis game is pretty good. It has a great story arc and lives in the same world as Fran Bow (which I loved!). It’s nowhere near as good as Fran Bow though. I would have liked the game better if there were more puzzles to solve and more things to do. It’s fairly simple and relies mainly on the narrative, which as I said is pretty good, just not on the same level as Fran Bow. There’s not many ways to go wrong and doesn’t take much brain power. The game can be finished in about an hour or two. I’ve replayed it to try and get the ‘happy ending’ but was unable to get all the sparkle points/ achievements due to a bug that crashes the game when you try to watch the VHS in the cabin towards the end. This was really frustrating as it meant I couldn’t complete the game to get the alternate ending. Overall, good story and mostly enjoyable but I was a little disappointed perhaps due to my high expectations after having played Fran Bow. Still, looking forward to seeing what comes from these creators next. If you’re looking for a chilled out game with an interesting narrative, good voice acting and beautiful visuals then it’s worth giving this a go..Version: 1.22

GlitchEvery time I get to the video player it glitches me out and I don’t wanna move on without looking at it I have tried opening and closing the app I’ve also tried updating my mobile altogether so please don’t let me regret buying this and honestly if this can’t be fixed I want my money back.Version: 1.22

Yay pretty fun but…Ok ok don’t get me wrong I love this game but sadly I can’t finish it so I’ve done some research and I think I have to play Benjamin’s video tape to continue with the story but unfortunately when I try I get kicked from the game I would love to finish though..Version: 1.22

Help!Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? When I got into Benjamin’s house, the app crashes every time... I’ve even tried starting the whole game over again and it still glitches in the same spot! I’ve turned my phone on and off too! I love this game so much but I’m just gutted I can’t get past this stage! 😭.Version: 1.2

This game is not for me, but still...I don’t get the promise of this game. It’s clearly not for toddlers for its “mild” profanity and violence, yet it’s filled with stupidly simple mini-puzzles that are incredibly dull to solve. So who’s the target audience? I downloaded the game for the adorable character and her cute accent so I can’t complain. Overall I acknowledge that the game is not for me and therefore my opinion is biased. but still, I can say that the gameplay was incredibly boring. The decisions you make don’t seem to have drastic effects and many clues may be safely ignored which made me lose interest in pursuing them. I just wanted to finish it up, like a school class you don’t like. I’m sure the developers have put a lot of effort into this. Having negative comments like this could be really demoralizing. I only think they had misjudged their target demographic. I’d say remove the profanities and make it an exclusively children’s game. Then it would be a wonderful game..Version: 1.22

Waste of moneyI get kicked out of the game whenever i go in Benjimans house, i want my money back..Version: 1.22

Love the gameI love this game but it keeps crashing when I arrive at the foxes house please fix this issue.Version: 1.21

Glitch playing video player at Fox houseLoving this so far but There’s a Glitch playing video player at Fox house and it shuts the game down :(.Version: 1.22

WhatIt’s just taken my money and won’t download..Version: 1.22

The Game Is CrashingI bought the game today everything was going well until I attempted to play. The moment I started logging on it went right back to the Home Screen and continued to do so..Version: 1.22

Loved Fran Bow but this!?Love Fran bow the challenges / puzzles But this game is just a point and click there’s only one slight puzzle in the zoo but apart from that it’s just a story … the graphics are lovely but I would like more puzzles for the price of the game..Version: 1.22

I like the game but-I love the game but it needs so much Storage to download 😔💔 I cant even play it because it says I don’t have Enough storage..but I watched my YouTuber play it and it was a cool game😃👍 but I didn’t get to play it😔💔 my YouTuber played it a long time ago so I didn’t watch it because I wanted to watch it👩‍🦯👩‍🦯 but when I finally get it I don’t have Enough Storage 💔💔.Version: 1.22

If you want the full experience just get it on pcThe game is great and other than the weird frame rate during cut scenes it runs fine. You can get thru the whole game without experiencing anything game breaking, until you reach the end of the game. Toward the end there is a VCR you can interact it’s supposed to play a video then it breaks and you can use misfortune’s ability to “fix”bit. But when you interact with the VCR the game loads for a second the crashes. This prevents you from using her ability which thus prevents you from collecting all the things you need to unlock a separate ending of the game. I’ve tried to interact with the VCR multiple times and it crashes the game every time. This is disappointing because I would have love to unlock the ending myself without having to look it up online. The game is still playable but the inability to collect everything makes it somewhat disappointing..Version: 1.22

No AudioI was so excited to play this game. I have been following the development for some time now but I can’t hear anything when I open the app. The voice acting was something I was most excited for. I see Misfortune’s mouth move but there is no audio that comes out. There is also no music. Misfortune’s voice also didn’t appear in the subtitles so I have no idea what she says..Version: 1.22

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