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Project Makeover App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Project Makeover app received 178 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Project Makeover? Can you share your negative thoughts about project makeover?

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Project Makeover for Negative User Reviews

EmbarrassingDownloaded this app just to leave a bad review ! The ads for this game are terrible and embarrassing honestly, not to mention damaging to little kids... I can’t get more annoyed with these stupid ads! Whoever made this game sold their souls and made a terrible game with sexist ads... whoever voted 4+ stars on this are fake reviews...Version: 2.3.1

Annoying game. They just want your money.This is how they waste your money: This game has levels where it’s obvious they’re just not letting you pass and that’s their algorithm. I can play one level 15 times and it’s hard every time but then one moment it will take me three moves. This is so you will get frustrated and buy cheats. The inconsistency is frustrating and totally undoes any calm I wanted to get out of relaxing playing a game as well. At least be consistent..Version: 2.10.1

Disgusting Body Shaming“ Shame is debilitating, destructive, and wholly unproductive. The movement #everydaylookism seeks to call out body-shaming. To reduce the pressure and change the culture. We need to make it unacceptable to make negative comments about people’s appearance—including their body and facial hair. Such comments induce shame. They are cruel.” Heather Widdows Ph.D #everydaylookism.Version: 2.3.1

Great Game - More Interactive Options Would Be Better!Really enjoying the game, however, I think you should continue to expand interactive options (allowing teams and giving team rewards was an amazing start!). I’m sure there are certain things you can’t do due to privacy concerns, but I think there are a few small things that would make the game very addicting. For the amount of time we spend (and for some of us - the amount of money we spend), I think you should give the option for friends to view each of the locations we own when visiting us. There needs to be an incentive to spending the cash we earn on new locations/decor and wanting to take the time to decorate each location. Players want to showcase the way we design each location as well as simply showcasing the amount of locations we have achieved. Another suggestion would be letting us be more interactive when visiting pages. Perhaps you don’t want friends to leave custom messages due to privacy concerns but we should at least be able to see which of our friends have left the emojis on our page. Giving players the option to interact further will open up an additional dimension to the game and make the time, effort, and money we put into the game seem “worth it”..Version: 2.49.1

Project makeoverProject makeover is a tricky and hard game. I was doing one of the levels and I could not even pass it and I’ve had about six attempts on it and I had to delete the game and try and start it all over again and I am struggling a lot with it and I’m finding it very frustrating and and I feel like the timer is making it very pressurizing and I think they should take the time away and make it less stressful. I am totally fine with the rest of it but it just pressurizes me a lot when the time runs out it’s making you use all of your diamonds to replay or you lose a life and it takes far too long for the hearts to revive themselves, and I have coped with it I feel like to restore the lives. It should be only about five minutes, not 20. I am trying really hard and i amgetting really frustrated and it’s really pressurizing me so my main fact is to take away the timer it is really really hard to do the game when the time goes so quickly..Version: 2.62.1

More Candy Crush than MakeoverThe aim of the game is to makeover a person and a room. Each step of the makeover requires you to spend coins which you earn by playing the puzzles which is pretty much Candy Crush. You earn 300 coins per puzzle and I calculated that I need to earn at least 10,000+ coins to complete a full makeover. The problem is that the puzzle levels are so hard that you end up using all your 5 lives and still haven’t earned anything near enough to progress the make-over part of the game. I’ve never come across puzzle levels with such difficulty levels so early into the game. I’ve had to reside myself in the knowledge that I will never be able to complete the fourth make-over after spending 2 days trying to earn coins through the puzzle games. I reckon that I’ve spent 90% of this game doing puzzles when I just wanted to do makeovers so I will be deleting the game..Version: 2.12.1

So much potential, but so many problemsAlthough I think the concept of this game is great there are certainly some issues. One, parents beware because most of the ads for other games on here are ads for games that objectify women in some way. Two, as it pertains to the game - the game rates each level based on difficulty, although most levels are very hard. You need to win at least two levels on average to have enough coins for only one makeover change. The makeover changes take so many steps so you have to take off glasses, take off shoes, pull a weed, remove one item at a time from a room AND each thing requires a lot of coins. It’s quite painful. It would be great if they didn’t make every level so hard and they gave you more coins per level so you can actually enjoy the makeover part of the game. Also, stop dragging out the makeover with such small incremental steps, especially the initial steps of removing the bad items and cleaning up. Finally the dollars you get for your own Avatar - that’s comical. You may get $30 in one level and a new dress will cost $1000. That means you need over 30 levels to get a nice dress or something for your room. Please game developers just make the game more approachable! And please stop the ads for games that have horrible messages for young women - your game is rated for young people..Version: 2.57.2

Listen to your customersI was really excited to download this game, considering it was based from project makeover but why and what was the need for the candy crush like mini games? I really thought this app was going to provide more. The creators need to change the ideas of their mini games to actually give users a chance to get coin in their bank to actually make a make over happen. I’m not even at level 50 and I’m using up all my five lives to pass one mini game for 300 coin for the next step of the make over to cost 900. Give us rewards when passing levels or multiple levels. Daily returns should have more rewards than one pair of scissors. The fun has died in this game before it had started. The creator now need to listen to the reviews because it was a sad let down. Don’t give people false hope. This was a failed attempt that needs a lot of improvement to success. It’s isn’t too late....Version: 2.3.1

This game is not woke.Reinforces outdated beauty standards and stereotypes for women..Version: 2.3.1

Offensive MassagesNot only is it another Candy Crush rip off, this one adds the message that if you aren’t like everyone else you have a problem. The way they talk to the goth girl is completely offensive..Version: 2.1.2

Fun, frustrating.The good: The game itself is adorable. The storyline is genuinely funny and engaging. If you seen an interstitial ad for this game, it is exactly as advertised, which seems to be becoming more and more rare. Needs improvement: Friend requests. What’s the point of making friend requests if the only way to get a response is through Facebook? Not everyone has it, or wants to use their profile for free advertising for mobile games. The in-game randomizer is so unbalanced I’m to the point where I don’t even bother to go see the clothes from the mystery boxes. When your avatar has only had 23 views after 5 days, why bother? The bad: The puzzles are challenging, as many people think, overly so. I don’t have a problem with this. I don’t have a problem with losing the mystery box because I lost the puzzle. I don’t have a problem with losing a puzzle on the very last move because things just didn’t line up for me. I DO have a problem with the regular “encouragement“ the game gives you to use a booster to complete the puzzle. I’m at level 105 and I’m pretty sure I’ve never gotten another booster beyond the initial set of 3 you’re given to begin the game. I recognize that the developers don’t want things to be TOO easy, but this is entirely too stingy. Balance a little better, please and thanks..Version: 2.0.2

InfluenceI liked this game and was quite fun but it's biggest problem is its influence. This game is addictive but sets out a really bad goal, to make everyone "beautiful". You are beautiful, makeover or not. You don't need to wear "sexy" clothes to fit in with society. You are beautiful no matter what. This is bot a game that should be targeted at tweens and teens. Once I saw this level with a goth girl, they said that she should have a more modern look. Girls or boys should not be shamed by what they wear or how they look. Also this game has a bit of false advertising. I'm shocked by this games goal. Actually scratch that, I'm disgusted. People should not be shamed into what they wear. They should be free to be their true self. And no, I'm not an idiot, I'm just a girl saying what's true. The creators should be ashamed of themselves for setting this example to vulnerable children. I'm disgusted..Version: 2.37.1

Awesome game, BUT!This game is really a lot of fun. But I have just a couple of issues with it. I’m on around level 420 something and it is quite difficult. I have burned through what small amount of boosts I worked extremely hard to get for nothing. I am still stuck on the level. Unless I pay, I believe I won’t progress and to get more boosts you need to win. My other issues is the boosts and how they work. They are absolutely useless. When you combine a bomb with the other round thingy ( I can’t remember what they are called.) The bombs or any other boost for that matter generate no where near where that are meant to be helpful. Every time I create one I get my hopes up that it will be ‘different this time’. But its always the same. They pop up too far away or the direction bombs go the wrong way. It really disappoints me because I really enjoy the game. I guess I will go back to my other match 3 games..Version: 2.18.1

Was funEnjoyed the game when started but now i am only at the third person to give a make over and i cant get pass the mini game to gain money so now i cant play. It went from easy to hard very quickly and i have only had the game a few days..Version: 2.0.2

Why the Candy Crush theme?Every game I play comes with the same side-game: Candy Crush. They install this feature as a way for players to earn virtual coins, but honestly, can you not think of ANOTHER way to earn coins? Because seriously, it’s getting old. Aside from this feature, the game is a fun, imaginative way to put your mind off things and reimagine yourself as the director of a high-end design show. I’ve enjoyed the drama, the fashion, and the personality of this game. Thanks!.Version: 2.2.1

UpdatesWhat annoys me most is the updates on Apple!! These take hours to update, on my iPad it takes hours, yet on my Samsung phone it never seems to be an issue is there some how that the Apple can be as smooth as the Samsung ... or am I asking the impossible I have never trusted Apple and this only goes to prove my suspicions that all Apple want is to rip people off more yet Samsung and others never have issues even though this app is updated oftener. Other than this the adds and the levels some much easier than others some every so often want you to pay to play ☹️ many an app as much as I like or enjoy for stress relief I have deleted due to this!! Many producers do not get this option if we have to be forced to pay then it’s simple delete and go elsewhere the same with add though I’m happy enough to view non relevant adds whilst tendinding to mother things to continuing to play, though I will not be paying to get more gem, lives etc. In my opinion only fools n those who wish to top leader boards will do this.Version: 2.25.1

AWFULSo awful. Disgusting and triggering. Such a trigger for people dealing with eating disorders, body focused repetitive behaviours, self esteem. Models abusive and shallow relationships. DO NOT DOWNLOAD..Version: 2.3.1

Boycott this gameThis game is a terrible idea it reinforces outdated beauty standards. Little girls sat at home playing this are going to grow up thinking that this is what you have to look like to be pretty.I feel sick. This is 2021 for gods sake: Men are shown to run disgusted from NATURAL body hair, plus sized girls or slightly bigger girls are a fail, it is always a heterosexual relationship and I hope that you all are ashamed Glasses are portrayed as ugly and that you can’t be beautiful without makeup. I’ve recently had an advert for this shambles you call a game that portrays a girl with curly hair and she bursts out of her dress this utterly by sickens me as someone who has curly hair and isn’t a size zero it’s disgusting. It is also implied that there is only one type of fashion sense and tells you that a slightly different fashion style is horrific. You also can’t do half the things advertised. To top of the whole sorry state of affairs it’s just like all the other makeover games you get so far as you have to play a stupid game like candy crush. You should be ashamed.Version: 2.27.2

Very cool… doesn’t last foreverIt’s a really fun game! But I lasted until level 163 which says it’s a super hard level and I couldn’t get past it. I had already put in $10 to the game and that’s my limit. It’s a great game just a shame to stop playing.Version: 2.34.1

Fun game but it gets impossible in a short amount of time.This is a really good game I have to admit, but Over time it becomes impossible. I have played many games like this and they all had the same thing it common that thing that they had in common was candy crush. For the game candy crush is fine in the beginning, as time comes it just gets very hard and seems impossible I tried the app because the add on it a girl needed a new makeover and you got to give her a makeover and it had a interesting story. I have to admit this game was addicting to play I played it for 3-6 minutes and it became impossible also that when you played candy crush on the game it gave you a curtain amount of try’s. I don’t really have anything else to say but it was fun while it lasted! I also really don’t like that you can’t choose a skin color, there people out there who are black and that can be a little mean to people who are black. Then there the fact that at the beginning they want her to get rid of her glasses this is a little offensive to people who have glasses and have trouble seeing. Good app tho next time try to make it where it’s not so offensive to people and it’s not so impossible, I forgot to mention that it wants you to spend money on the game witch isn’t really cool if you want people to pay you money maybe make the app cost money and the game gem/lives for candy crush free or make it where people watch adds for the lives/gems. I don’t really have anything else to say..Version: 2.5.1

Sexist, offensive garbageI downloaded to review only. I’ve been being berated with ads for this shameful sick app. I guess any one can make any kind of app, app stores don’t care? This app also did something to my phone so I am immediately deleting it because that’s a bit worrisome. It’s appalling that dehumanizing people is an app. Disgusting. I can’t even describe how deeply shameful all of this is. Teaching young men to mistreat women and young women to think it’s acceptable? Maybe we should make an app where people who create these sorts of things get their karma..Version: 2.3.1

HorrificAn appalling concept for a game. Not least because the ads are all about women basing their self worth on their ability to attract a man, and changing themselves to do so. Regressive, outdated, narrow minded crap..Version: 2.3.1

Literally so 𝙩𝙞𝙧𝙚𝙙 of it.This is such a frustratingly rewarding game, and not in a good way. I love the storyline and dressing up the customers, but the levels are so annoyingly hard. It's literally unbelievable. I'm on level 169 and I've been stuck on it for days. It's nearly impossible to pass a level without using the help tools. I'd use the help tools, but they are 𝙎𝙊 𝙀𝙓𝙋𝙀𝙉𝙎𝙄𝙑𝙀. 700 gems for 3 scissors? Are you serious? It's already hard enough gaining gems (without buying the gem purse thing, and you get a handful of gems only 𝙖𝙛𝙩𝙚𝙧 you complete a customer's makeover) and if you want to continue playing a level after you've used all your moves, you have to spend 300 gems, which only gives you 5 extra moves. I guess that's normal for puzzle games, but that doesn't mean the price for it is okay. I'm so frustrated right now. I just wish we could skip certain levels by watching ads or something. I've replayed this same level at least 20 times and nothing has happened or been given to me to help me pass the level. You literally have to play the level until you pass it, there's no way to skip it. And that is 𝙨𝙤 𝙖𝙣𝙣𝙤𝙮𝙞𝙣𝙜. The only reason I'm still playing this game is because of the storyline (not the dramas) and the dressing up parts. But my frustration is ruling out my love for those parts and I'm so close to just deleting the app..Version: 2.30.2

Transmitting a bad messageIts all about looking good for other people and i hate that! Its like if the caracters weren't good enough because they don't necessarily dress good or look good. Horrible message really but the game itself is pretty good.Version: 2.0.2

Was fun at firstI liked this game at first and found myself rolling my eyes at the negative reviews about having to play the candy crush type game to earn gems to be able to complete the makeovers but I’m on makeover #3 now and I totally get it. I decided to just play a ton of rounds of the game in a row to accumulate a ton of gems so I could do one full makeover without playing the game in between. From someone who loves playing candy crush and similar games, it’s getting really old. Can be very difficult to beat which I get is the whole point but the amount of gems you actually need to perform the makeovers is simply ridiculous. I stocked up and ended up with 14,400 gems (just some math here, that’s 48 rounds in a row at only 300 gems per win). With that 14,400 I started makeover #3 and guess what, I’m out of gems and only 3/4 of the way done with it. That’s just stupid. I’m about done with the game. Make it so you win more gems per mini game or come up with different options for games to play. Even watching ads to get gems would work every once in awhile but I can’t believe how much it takes to just do one makeover and I’m sure as the game goes on, it’ll get even worse. Needs fixed because by the looks of the reviews, people are quitting the game because of this exact stuff..Version: 2.2.1

Finally caved and played itSo obviously the ads are misleading but reading the other reviews made me curious about what the actual game is like, since it was clear it was nothing like the ads. There’s a pretty boring plot line where the director of this makeover show is mean and gets fired, so you take her place and lead the makeovers for the different people. (There’s also a mechanic where “drama” unfolds to give more story but it’s not very compelling if you’re older than 7) The gameplay works as follows: you’re given some crusty person with a gross room and you have to fix them. You wanna remove their gross stuff and replace it with good stuff, but it all comes at a price. Wanna remove her glasses? 100 coins. Wash his hair? 100 coins. Take of his work gloves? 100 coins. Give her a new shirt? 100 coins. Put a new couch in? 200 coins. (Technically 300 coins because it cost 100 coins to get the old couch out) To get coins, you play levels of a bejeweled/candy crush reskin which gets a little too difficult too soon (like, noticeably so as soon as youre not being handheld by the tutorial) which in my opinion was the wrong move to make it more interesting. When you’re giving someone a new couch or shirt or haircut, there are always just three options, which has left me feeling like it’s not really a game. There’s no part that truly feels like “the main game” it just feels like another ad trap game with better production value. Pass on this..Version: 2.31.1

Slightly SexistI’ve seen reviews on this and I respect you opinion if you disagree I just think that this app is a little bit sexist because when I first opened the app it immediately started of with creating a very feminine look, and don’t even get me started on the ads. The ads make it as if people with their own style which isn’t girly or female have a low fashion IQ. I think that is completely sexist. Everyone can wear whatever they want and don’t have to be categorised because of their gender. I haven’t played far enough if this changes but if it doesn’t I highly ask you to add it so that there will be makeup and heels but also have a less gendered look..Version: 2.2.1

Needs fixing 😩😩😩Ok I do have to admit the game was fun at first, but it DEFINITELY needs some adjustments. I got this game because I saw the ad and it looked fun, but the ad is NOTHING like the actual gameplay. In the ad it shows a girl who wants to impress her neighbor who she thinks is cute, and she wants to have a makeover. In the actual gameplay you still have to give the customers makeovers but you spend more time renovating their living spaces then actually giving them makeovers. Now this is what was REALLY annoyed me 😒. In the game you have to use coins you earn to give the customer the makeover. So say if you have 100 coins but in order to get them let’s say a hair cut you need 200 coins. Then you would have to play a level. Now at first it was easy like you would have to make match’s of 3 blocks in order to pop them until you had as many blocks as you needed. But as you keep doing levels it gets IMPOSSIBLE to do them 😩. After doing the first two customers that’s it your DONE. What gets on my last NERVE is when I am doing a level and I liget just need ONE more move to win but I don’t have any more moves. It get SUPER annoying 😡. Thank you for taking your time to read this please please please make some adjustments to this game when I see changes I will update my review I don’t want to give up on this game yet! Thank you 😊..Version: 2.6.2

Project makeover fails to dazzle meThe gameplay tells a story about you becoming the next reality TV salon star. Where you help clean up the depressing looks of the unfortunate “unattractive.” People. I was brought on by the games advertisement that showed people purposely giving the wrong thing to show the misfortune of the models. (Which sounded unique.) Instead what we got was pre-existing choices of Pick-a-choice it doesn’t matter. Which itself was annoying because I wanted to feel a challenge of what the game had to offer. The gameplay is fair, I love the Interior designing aspect and the whole makeover transition and even the details such as wavy hair was a neat touch. But at the end the gameplay came nothing down to spending your gold coins then playing a level of: Candy crush. At this point I just shook my head in disbelief. I thought there was going to be something unique but nope. Just more and more candy crush. At this point I got sick of the whole game and just moved on. How could you ruin such a unique Idea by not implementing mini games that are Salon themed? I wouldn’t recommend this game for any reason other than those who are a avid fan of candy-crush.Version: 2.3.1

Too many mini gamesThere are too many mini games, I would play more without them, or if there was more lives. They just feel like a ploy for people to pay for more lives. I just wanna do the makeovers like I’m part of the fab 5 come on.Version: 1.3.2

Let downDownloaded the game under false pretences as the advertised game showed something more fun and different. Once downloaded, it was again one of those games where you have to play a candy crush type game to earn coins to complete the makeover. Which by the way you don’t get to do yourself like the ads show. The levels get hard quick so you lose interest very quickly unless you want to spend money. Real let down. If I knew what the game really was, that it wasn’t like advertised, I never would have downloaded..Version: 2.3.1

AnnoyingI have been obsessed with this game for over a month now. However, I am about to delete this game because of the levels. There aren’t enough moves to be able to finish a level. The levels go from easy, hard, and extra hard. There have been times where even the easy levels are hard to pass. However, that isn’t the issue. The issue for me is that there aren’t enough moves to be able to pass a level on some of them. It gets annoying and stressful when you’re working on one game for a week. Also, the whole point of this game is to get the coins in order to do the makeover on the person. I don’t understand why the game offers cash to makeover your own avatar. But I rather use the cash on the makeovers than my own avatar. The coins are only 300 coins a game which seems like a lot but it isn’t because JUST removing a piece of clothing or even glasses can cost 300 coins. The home makeover alone is super expensive. I spent 400 coins on a picture frame once alone. Idk why the game doesn’t give us more coins for each game or at least lower the coin cost of each item. It’s ridiculous. This game could be super popular if these things were fixed. I hope the creators see this and fix the game. Or else I will have to delete it. I need a game that’s fun and easy to play. Not stressful and annoying..Version: 2.38.1

Don’t get sucked in!This game starts off very fun but eventually the levels are so hard it takes days or weeks to complete just ONE. So you try over and over and over and over…..again. The developers say they help if you get stuck but they don’t. They give you advice that you’ve tried already 100 times that didn’t work! Or maybe they’ll give 30 minutes of unlimited hearts that don’t help very much. Google to read reviews of equally frustrated players who left the game. There are a LOT of them. There are other similar fun games that don’t waste your time like this one. I gave this one a good go but really sick of wasting so much time. I’ll check the game occasionally in future and if the developers quit making levels impossible I will revise my review and score..Version: 2.13.1

Wow, this is awful.I started playing this but quickly began reading the storylines. Who wrote this thinking it was okay to abuse people based on their appearances? I immediately deleted the app..Version: 2.2.1

2 StarsI only gave it 2 stars because it’s ridiculous that you have us spend 300 to take off each individual item. Plus, when we use a hint it takes off a move. This is the first game like that where it takes a move away from you if you use a hint. Others games similar to this is a free move if you use a hint. Some of the levels are very hard and can only be finished if you use tons of hints. I decided to use my hints to finish a level and use diamonds and it ended up costing me close to $20. No one who game this app 5 stars can say they finished a hard level without using hints or spending money. One level had 22 moves but yet I would have had to get 8 sunglasses which were under green tiles and a majority of the green tiles had more than one layer, some had 2 or 3 layers. Plus move 6 cameras and also get 52 musical notes all with 22 moves. They do not give you enough moves. Games should be relaxing and not stress you out because you all decided to make this game like this. I enjoy a challenging game but this was more than that. Some of these levels were impossible to finish unless you paid money. I understand you are trying to make a living but I’m not going to keep spending a bunch of money just to finish the levels that are impossible. I spend money on games all the time and but when you are making them so impossible to finish, yeah no thanks. It shouldn’t take a week of playing just to take 2 items off the avatar. I already deleted the game..Version: 2.9.1

READ THIS NOW!Ok this game is BAD! its cringe, sexist, and just crap! i'm a 10 year old girl and i was playing a colouring game. i was watching ads to get hints because i was on a hard colouring page. but i kept seeing this ad! oH tAkE oFf heR gLaSsEs tO mAke hER lOOk beAtiFul. thats just hurtful to people who wear glasses. i have another one so i was waiting for the ad to end... so i dressed up this girl and my fashion iq got 54! 54? and when i got it “wrong” she was like ewwwww gross. everyone has their own style/opinion. i downloaded the app(ew) so i could write a review. i would give it 0 if i could. CHANGE THIS APP TO A KIND APP PLEASE!.Version: 2.12.1

Not Fit for the 21st CenturyTruly disgusted with this game. Enforcing ‘beauty standards’ which I thought were left behind many years ago. Am worried for the mental health of young people and vulnerable people who have played this game. I particularly cringe at the advert showing the lady who has lost her hair (either through illness, cancer treatment or Trichotilomania) being ridiculed by her toxic ‘friends’ - ‘don’t be silly, Justin will not take a look at you’. For those thinking ‘it’s just a game’, it just twists the knife for those who perhaps already have low self esteem. There are standards in place for TV shows for this reason, it’s a shame that they don’t apply to the development process of apps, which are becoming far more popular due to the isolation people feel during lockdown. I will be reporting to advertising standards regarding the hair loss advert for this disgusting game, with the idea that feels like was come up with at least 20 years ago..Version: 2.4.1

Project RortWhilst the interface is highly polished & well rendered, the actual play is frustrating, slow, glitchy and designed ONLY to fleece you of as much money as you’re willing to part with to move through the levels and complete the makeover tasks, bit by bit as you’ve earned enough coin to be able to undertake the makeover actions. I spent $20 just on one match after spending hours getting nowhere, trying to level up & earn the coins necessary to proceed with the makeover. The match reactions are slow, the bombs & rockets are not immediately responsive and in timed matches, every nano second is critical. The potential for enjoyment is marred by the stupidity and greed of the developers. I’m stuck at level 36 & refuse to waste any more money on this. I’m out..Version: 2.57.2

Good but needs improvementWhy do you only ever get $300 reward for passing the gaming levels yet the levels get harder and the make overs cost more and more?? The money you earn for passing a level should be determined by the amount of moves you do it in like most games and keep the prices more consistent. Charging $200 each item of clothing the person is taking off for the make over is ridiculous! There should be a one off strip cost including glasses and accessories. It is impossible to proceed with the make overs as the levels get harder with $300 maximum as the reward and its $900 to add a new bar or other furniture. Come on!.Version: 2.6.2

Enjoyable but flawedThis game is enjoyable, the drama and the make overs are fun and even in the beginning I didn’t mind the “candy crush like matching game” that earns the coins to do make overs. However. 1- The game states the “cash” you win is used to complete the make overs, yet you can only use it to dress your avatar which serves no point in the game. 2- the levels get harder (not very well thought out levels) and the prices for make over gets more expensive, yet the reward stays the same. This is something that needs to be addressed. I am at a level which is unable to be passed without purchases due to bad layout and so can not continue making the game pointless. I believe if the rewards were higher for harder levels or the further along you got it would be much more fun. I know this is early stages of the game. It’s worth a download even more so if you are happy to purchase gems to buy game boosters lives ect just needs fixing!.Version: 1.4.1

AbdentonUnless you like spending money, don’t download this game. The levels become impossible to beat without spending money. Also you are forced to spend coins even when you like the original design or hair color. You even have to spend to remove old items and even more to replace! It is a fun and addictive game to play but addictive is the key word. They have figured out how to get in your wallet. Also, I think it’s bull that when you get an “infinite amount of time” To play, that you have to use it right then. Whether it’s 10 minutes or 2 hours you have to play it all right then. I think when you have to exit the game the time should stop rolling until you can play again. I’ve either played hard or spent money to earn that time and I can’t sit there for an hour or two and play it all at the same time. I’m a single mom who works full time give me a break. When you have payed for the extra you should get to use it when you wish. And the boosters, you should get to use those in the middle of the game if you want. They do no good when your only allowed to use them in the beginning in a very small area of space. I’ve abandoned this game before and am fixing to have to do it again because it’s just too expensive and I don’t think it’s fair you can’t use things you’ve paid for when and how you want. I gave this game three stars just because the game itself is fun but it’s becoming too expensive..Version: 2.30.3

Candy crush is too hardThe game is really fun but why do you have to make the candy crush game so hard!! It’s get harder and harder but the amount of coins you get is the same, which makes it very frustrated. Would be good if you can make it a little easier!.Version: 2.21.1

Horrible messagingAnd now Playrix has its own mini version. So if I want to get anywhere in Township, I have to play this game which basically tells women that if you’re not tarted up to look like a hooker, you will get nowhere in life. Wonderful lesson for kids to learn..Version: 2.40.1

AbhorrentWhat do you get when you mix classic misogyny, fat and body shaming, racism, consumerism, colonialism and white essentialism? This streaming crap hybrid. How is it even possible that it is here on the AppStore?.Version: 2.9.1

Mini game takes up whole gameI was having a fun when I first started playing, until I realised how much money you have to gain in the mini game that almost becomes impossible to clear. Why should it cost $100 to remove a choker? I just don’t understand. I’ll gain like 3k from the mini games that took me a while to get and it will all be splashed within a minute or two removing clothing garments. Please just make it easier to gain money or don’t make things so expensive so you don’t end up spending most of your time on the mini game. Isn’t the game supposed to be about a fashion makeover?.Version: 2.16.1

Fun But UnrewardingThe game in itself is fun to play and can be addictive. However, compared to similar games I have on my phone, this one is by far the least rewarding. Out of, say, 5 levels, 4 of them will be so difficult and take so long to pass, that the novelty starts to wear off. In addition, the rewards are low. Also, if you run out of moves and maybe need just two more, it’ll cost you THREE HUNDRED diamonds. As you can imagine, diamonds are hard to come by so having to use so many at once is harsh. In a similar game I have, you have to spend just 90 coins and coins are really easy to get. Because of this, I spend hardly anything in this game compared to the other one. The developers are shooting themselves in the foot because if they gave a bit more, I’d spend a bit more..Version: 2.12.1

Fun But There are IssuesI agree with majority of people here in the review section. This game pretty much is designed to get you to buy gems/boosters. Some of the puzzle levels are freaking insane. I’m not even mad at how hard the levels are, but if you’re going to make a puzzle that hard, then at LEAST increase the amount of coins won at the end of the puzzle. There is no reason I should only be getting the same amount of coins (300) as a level 1 puzzle!!! The difference in difficulty is outrageous! Also, I agree the character styles should be upgraded. I believe you should have the same amount of choices with the makeovers that you do with your own avatar (but I’m less concerned about that because I know that part is a bit harder for the app developers). My real issue is how hard they try to get you to buy these boosters for the puzzles, and the boosters are sometimes 700 GEMS!!! Like where would you expect me to get 700 gems from? When I’m working crazy hard to get the measly 300 gems they give us after every makeover. Now granted sometimes you do get boosters/gems from the daily welcome bonus, but it still simply isn’t enough. Also, it’s super expensive to go through the actual makeover. Like 3-600 coins to take off their shoes? Really? I really hope they fix these issues soon. At least give us more coins after every makeover!.Version: 2.1.2

I really Tried to like itOk. As to WHY I gave it a low rating. Firstly, if you came here from an ad, it is NOTHING like what you saw in the ads. Absolutely not. were catfished, but it’s not like a really BAD catfish, just slightly disappointing. Like being promised a three cheese alfredo pasta and getting spaghetti with meatballs instead. Not bad, but not what drew you in. I will give the devs props as to making a game to where you have more goals than to just “get the highest score” and there’s the addictive collectors element to here to where you will want to continue to play to get the best clothes and jewelry. It’s got a kind of interesting story element, but it’s more annoying. The evil minion girl that works with the villain is more dumb and annoying than pitiable. But the glaring problem is the puzzles. The things you have to beat in order to progress in story and game. They don’t give you enough moves for the type of puzzle solving. You basically can’t waste a SINGLE move and pray to RNJezus that he doesn’t abandon you. The further in the game you get, the more if feels like it becomes PTW. The music and the aesthetics don’t lend it any charm either. It becomes grating after level 54 and I went to 186 till I decided I couldn’t take another second of the music and scenery. I get what they were trying to do, but for rn, it’s a “fashion fail”..Version: 2.6.2

20min for a life??Look its really a fun gane but as you get through stages it becomes impossible to get through... given it takes about 20min for a life im thinking of deleting it... taking away the joy of the game.. perhaps allow for more things to do with the cash earned than dressing yourself and upgrading your room... needs a vit more initiative. Overall the gane is fun if yoi dont have to wait for days on end to actually get somewhere....Version: 2.7.1

Can we just let people be happyFun game but do we really have to ruin the goth girl by making her another socially acceptable normal human? I think she looks awesome as she is and doesn’t need to change at all. What does the world have against goths and horror fans and why do they need to change who they are?.Version: 2.0.2

It was fun while it lasted (which wasn’t very long) but it’s time to say goodbyeGame rendering is top notch but game play is tedious and not enjoyable at all. The match game is too difficult, it takes too long to earn enough coins to do 1 or 2 things in the makeover then you spend days trying to pass a level in the match game. Who thinks this is fun? Progress should be slower for those not wishing to spend real money but it should not be impossible. There are no options to earn boosters by any means other than paying for them so that’s an immediate delete for me. The match game constantly glitches for me too - where it will say I have 1 item left to get with my last move, I get that one item but then it will change to say I still had 2 more items to get. That is a ridiculous glitch to have in an already tedious game. So whilst the fun elements are in fact fun, all in all it was too frustrating and slow to be enjoyable so I’ve deleted it..Version: 2.30.3

Good, but needs changes <\3I downloaded this gafe after getting so many ads for it while playing other things, I love it! It really is great. The story is well thought out, you get to engage with the game & the animation and character design is amazing, I was so surprised when I saw how good it actually is. My issue isn’t the gameplay, it’s mostly how you can tell that this game is, in someway, a cash grab. I’ve seen a lot of people complain about the difficulty of the levels, and I 100% agree, I’m stuck at level 24 and cannot pass it, I love a good challenge, but not if it involves me having to pay real money to enjoy a game and to pass one single level, as well as having to use all of my boosters, which are not very easy to get by the way. Another one of my complaints is how you *need* to pay coins for some really stupid things, like removing hats\glasses, while also being extremely expensive to just clean someone’s face or change a singular item of clothing, if collecting coins was easier then it wouldn’t be an issue, not only that, but the amount of coins given and won by level is very low. So, it’s hard to beat levels *and* to collect coins, a little unfair :/. I really do love this game, but there's definitely room for improvement, I hope the developers take this into consideration <3..Version: 2.2.1

Same as all the others. Disappointing.There are so many games out right that could be fun if they weren’t identical. I downloaded this game to play project makeover, not the stupid matching game that is a part of pretty much every game I’ve downloaded in the last couple years. I get it, you gotta earn coins somehow, but why can’t we earn them in an original way or by completing tasks, etc.? Also, the number of coins you get per level is absurd. First of all, You get 5 lives, which once you get past level 60 are almost impossible to keep. Second, most tasks cost 300 or more coins, and you have to pay to undress the person not just dress them, same with their work/living spaces. Each level you pass only gives you 300 coins. You have to play several levels just to be able to build a single window or to change one part of the person. So now that I’m a higher level, I have to spend 30 minutes playing the stupid matching game before I can even do anything. And if I fail to pass levels 5 times I now have to wait to even be able to get any coins. And these stupid matching game levels aren’t even the game I want to play. If I wanted to play that game I’d download Candy Crush or Bejeweled. As with all the other games of late I will be deleting this one soon because it’s not fun. It was cool for the first day and now it’s just disappointing..Version: 2.6.2

DisappointedIt seems like you make it impossible to win without paying for this app eventually. It takes all the fun out of it when I was enjoying it for such a long time. You should be rewarding people who play it for so many hours rather than making it harder. Pretty disappointed. I would be writing a much better review if I felt your algorithm wasn’t favouring people with money rather than loyalty..Version: 2.10.1

Good game but they clearly want your moneyI enjoy this game overall. The graphics are good, the makeover part is fun. If you like fashion and design it’s well thought out. I agree with many other reviewers though on a lot of points (makeup choices could be more interesting, paying $300 to change out of every piece of clothing is ridiculous, they need more skin/hair colors and styles and glasses right off the bat to be more inclusive). However, the worst parts for me, compared to other match games (I can only compare to Homescapes and Gardenscapes) - 1) the boosters are not as effective 2) neither is using a rainbow blast with a booster 3) the levels get WAY too hard too soon. I’m only on level 250 something and they are impossible to beat. And 4) it is literally *impossible* to get enough gems to keep playing without paying for them. And the prices for things in the game are not cheap. I bought 2500 gems for $5.99 and they were gone in no time. The rate at which you earn gems in the game is not proportional to the amount of gems you need to spend to get boosters and extra lives. It makes it very hard to continue playing for any amount of time (even when lives do refill faster than some match games) without spending a LOT of money. And I just refuse to spend $6-9 that frequently on a game. I hope the developers fix these issues or I will probably give up on this..Version: 2.29.1

Horrifying ads.The ads and premise of this game are horrifying. Message of this game received: The only way a woman is worth anything is if you change yourself to fit beauty standards. Downloaded in order to review. Also Age rating is 4+ years old. Ughhh this world..Version: 2.3.1

Great game but…Grate game and is enjoyable. There are a lot of qualities in this game that I enjoy and I think are very well designed; the storyline, the competitions, the dress ups, the purchasing of houses, etc. In saying that, however, there are things that annoy me. For instance, how difficult it can sometimes be to level up - it gets so bad to the point where you feel you are required to make a purchase of gems to buy extra moves or boosters. Which sometimes doesn’t help either. So you lose streaks and when you lose your streaks you lose your free boosters and the game becomes extremely challenging. I’m pretty sure no one wants to keep purchasing things only to “level up”… Ridiculous if you ask me. I’d rather have an option to watch ads to earn gems. At least people have the choice to not spend real money if they do not want to..Version: 2.56.1

Frustrating game - not going to continueAs per other reviews the candy crush part of the game is WAY too hard. With only 5 lives available at a time I have been stuck for days on end several times on the same level. The amount of coins you win when you finally get through a level is too small compared with what you have to spend just to remove unwanted stuff. Needs to stick more to the designing part (not have to pay thousands before you can even get to that part). Very slow and frustrating- I am giving up..Version: 2.4.1

RubbishI am probably too old and not in the target audience but this add kept popping up. In the end I thought I’d give it a go. Have had it for over a month. This game is not as it is advertised. Yes you do ‘makeovers’ but you have little choice and cannot choose whom you want to make over. To add to this, it’s more about making over rooms and not people. You need coins to ‘buy’ the items and to get these, you play games in where you move tiles and match them etc like so many other games. The problem is, you have to play hours and hours to make enough coins for even a part of your makeover, so much so that you lose interest. Have been stuck on one level for days and it is clear I will have to spend real money to get past this level. There are literally thousands of similar apps where you CAN spend real money but it isn’t necessary. I am done. Deleting game. Don’t bother as you will not be doing makeovers..Version: 2.22.1

LiesI downloaded this game a couple of weeks ago I normally play it when I'm bored but while trying to get more coins the game consistently told me I had no more moves although I could see in plain sight that there was plenty of moves this caused for me to continue playing the game untill I won some coins which was about half an hour if I am Honest you should really just go and play candy crush I can understand that the game is trying to get you to play on but I would much rather help the characters in the game since that is the actual purpose of the game I wouldn't recommend if you are a person that does not want to waist there time on a game that is meant to be about makeovers but the whole course is bassicly playing candy crush it is a good idea but it ruins it the fact that it lies so that you have to play more this always makes me rage and I'm sure it is the same for others thank you for reading my Review hopefully after reading my reiveiw you will think twice before waisting ur time playing candy crush.Version: 2.55.1

ConcernsOk so this game is so good the art quality the designs the characters the story but the main problem I have with this game is that it doesn’t tell you about the game play like most games they make it look like it’s a different game than when you really play it and that’s just horrible marketing if I want to play a swatch game I’ll play one but that’s whare I come in with my second thought why does the game force us to go threw the level we can’t exit it no we have to follow allong with the tutorial wich dosent have much to do but have something that people can exit out of the tutorial because not everyone is lost on the game play also another complaint is that the characters are just sad the people we help look better already lookd good and for example the first girl she had nothing wrong with her at all she had sutch pretty curly hair and we cut all that off an straightened it and or cut almost all of it off that was so sad and also she had glasses at the start of it. And the game made her take them off that was horrible and they recommended contacts not to mention that contacts can damage your eyes and glasses are cute/attractive and it’s not cool for them to basically say that they Arnt also the designers aren’t the best when it comes to eyebrows eyebrows can be shaped in different ways but this game doesn’t allow me to help the person shape there eyebrows like it’s bad ok.Version: 2.4.1

Forces you to buy diamondsThe storyline is decent but the mini game gives you levels that are literally impossible to beat without spending money on diamonds. I would rather go through some ads than to be stuck at the same point in the game forever. Seriously, this game would be more fun if I could actually keep playing without being forced to spend money..Version: 2.0.2

Slow process...I enjoy the aspect of the game, however the amount of coins you collect from a win (which isn’t always simple) compared to how much you have to spend on things to make the game fun is frustrating... I’m here to makeover rooms and outfits.. not to spend hard earned coins on “removing boots” and “meditation” which isn’t a choice..Version: 2.4.1

Really fun, but could be betterAfter seeing dozens of ads, I finally gave this game a shot. It’s so much better than the ads make it seem, and you can tell the developers actually put a lot into it and it’s not one of those crappy mobile game ad games. There’s so many features involved. Each makeover has a storyline, as well as the hosts and crew behind the game’s show. I also like that they’ve added challenges where you can makeover notable figures (such as Santa Claus) I can’t wait for there to be more, I’m hoping there will be one for Cupid for Valentine’s Day. However, I’m only giving the game 4 stars, mainly for two reasons. First, I feel like the makeovers are too expensive and tedious things have been added in order to make you spend more coins, therefore having to play more levels. Like what is the point of spending 150 coins to spray perfume? Or to give the character a massage? I feel like any parts of the makeover that you can’t actually see during the final reveal are just filler to make you spend more coins. It makes getting through the makeovers such a task. Also, I feel like we should be able to to remove certain items or at least make them optional. Sometimes I don’t want to give the character a headband because I don’t like the way it looks. Or sometimes the outerwear options don’t really fit well. I think outerwear and accessories should be optional. And that there should be at least one more option for each category, 3 just doesn’t feel like enough..Version: 2.42.1

Waste a lot of time on reloadingIt was fun at start but as the level gets higher, more time is wasted. Often stucked at glitch and then you have to restart the App. The more you update this game, more glitches happened. Quite disappointing..Version: 2.30.3

Don’t download this appI downloaded this app months ago - it was fun to play at first, but once you start spending money on it, it starts to add up really quickly. Over the course of several months, I probably spent hundreds of dollars on this app. I had an issue this past week where I made a purchase for $10 and did not receive what I paid for. So I contacted customer service (this was the first time I had this issue). When I contacted customer service about the app charging me the $10 but not receiving the gems I purchased, it took them more than 24 hours to respond & every response was unhelpful! I sent them the receipts of the purchase that I was charged for (but did not recieve goods for!) and their response was still unhelpful, they basically said “it should be all set we don’t see anything wrong on our end”. There was no refund, no fixing it, nothing. Just a bunch of excuses. You’d think after months playing the game, and hundreds of dollars spent on it, that my first time complaining about an issue I had (and proving it) that customer service would have fixed this for me, but they didn’t and, they won’t help you either. They’ll just take your money. I deleted the app today and it’s was solely due to the stolen $10 and horrendous customer service. It’s probably a good thing too because now I won’t waste my money on it anymore. Fraudulent customer service.Version: 2.35.1

Too difficultThe beginning of a good concept but the amount of work required is excessive. I’m only on the third makeover and the puzzle is too difficult. I’ve played many similar puzzle games and have had no issues… Particularly the initial hundred of levels. Each component of the makeover charges a high amount of money. Take off a hat? 300 coins. Take off glasses? Take off shirt? Take off pants? Wash hair? Remove painting? Remove furniture? You get the gist. Every possible action they can take is created and will require a fee. This fee is paid for by coins which you earn through puzzles which are too difficult. While the result of the makeover is satisfying, it still isn’t worth the time input..Version: 2.16.1

I’m worried about influenceI love this game and all but I feel like that it could influence people to want to change others so u fit into “normal society”. If you look at influencers found on the internet on every platform children and vulnerable people can often follow along with what they see a fit person. I feel like that although the game’s characters are trying to help “ugly” men and women I believe these are not values a game aimed around tween girls should be projecting. And I saw one very goth character in the games and it says around the lines of that she should have a more modern makeover. In today’s modern society I think you should be free too look how ever u see fit as long as it’s not exploiting yourself or others without being shamed or called “ugly”. Everyone is beautiful makeover or not. (To anyone who reads this not I’m not a Karen or anything such just a girl expressing her thoughts and opinion.) Now overall I think it’s an ok game just some values may need to be changed. I do think there is room for improvement as every game does. The way the match three works I think needs to be improved as well as the in game currency..Version: 2.0.2

Scam, not worth it!!When I downloaded this game, at first it was alright, apart from the ads which were annoying and excessive. Then I played the mini candy crush games to win ‘money’ to buy your character their makeover. But the mini candy crush games got trickier until you were stuck on them for days and you wasted more and more time on them. And if you use all your boosters on the mini game, the app tries to get you to buy more game money with actual money (£7!) To make this even worse, the actual makeovers were very expensive and items of clothing etc kept going up in price until you had used all your money on one makeover and had to spend the next couple of days trying to pass the candy crush game to get more game money. TIME WASTER!! Also the girls who need a makeover have nothing wrong with them and there is a lot of anti feminism in this game. It makes out that any one who isn’t slim, white, straight and has perfect makeup and hair needs a makeover which is extremely disgusting and disappointing because we live in a world where everyone is respected and everyone is equal. Will never download again 😡Finally, the ads for this game depict it is much better than it is-don’t believe them! Just a scam.Version: 2.48.1

Make the game actually playableI agree completely with what others have said. The game is incredibly well made and has a lot of dynamic and fun elements which I totally fell in love with! However, the game risks being perceived as basically a well made front for cheating people out of their money. The levels very VERY quickly become absolutely impossible, to the point where you can barely follow the makeover narrative because you’re spending so much time to struggle through the levels. It is incredibly unfair to have a ‘game’ that is pretty much unplayable if you don’t invest money (and for these levels it would be quite a large amount!) While that is - of course - intended, I would definitely recommend releasing a ‘lite’ version so players like myself can a least get a taste before having to remortgage the house to pay to actually play. This game should not be marketed as a free game..Version: 2.18.1

False AdvertisingThis game is nothing like it appears in the advertisements. There’s no skill or score for the makeover, you are stuck playing a Candy Crush-esque game to get coins to pay for everything. Everything is so expensive, I’m only on my 3rd makeover and already well over level 50 in the coin earning mini game. I’m spending an hour playing the mini game to even get a chance to do makeovers. Not want was advertised at all..Version: 2.3.1

Candy crush; but with an objectiveTo be able to makeover any of the clients- you have to earn coins from the “candy crush” style levels. I personally enjoy these levels more than candy crush, and the objective of making over a client by slowly buying each step of the makeover is motivating- but also at times, a little frustrating. You are awarded 300 coins per level, and they get extremely hard to complete without paying for boosters. It recently took me one whole day of attempting a level before I passed it! The game is fun, and I like it- but I will probably stop playing soon (currently level 130) because I don’t wish to pay for it..Version: 2.3.1

Offensive, bad influence.What a horrible message for girls. You should be wearing perfect make up and clothes to be accepted for men. We’re 2021 not in 1950 😡. Real women don’t need makeup, hairless and certain clothes/ shoes. Apple should be cancel this game. The original version was one paper doll different outfits and nobody judging if she was ugly for her looks 👎🏼👎🏼.Version: 2.3.1

Sexist garbageThis game is absolutely awful. I cannot believe Apple put this game in their top 10 puzzles editorial. It’s full of sexism and misogyny. Constant shaming and tying self worth to physically appearance. Please avoid at all costs..Version: 2.9.1

Cool game butThis game is pretty cool for a while but eventually when you get to certain levels it’s literally like you keep loosing unless you buy diamonds to pass the levels bit of a rip off in the end.Version: 2.21.1

Candy Crush in disguise!This game is just Candy Crush in disguise! You spend more time playing faux fashion Candy Crush than you with any of the makeovers. The game is not how it is advertised. A few things to be aware of before signing up: 1. In order to complete the make overs you need to earn coins - which you do by completing the faux fashion Candy Crush (CC) levels; 2. The CC levels get progressively harder, however, the reward you get remains the same; 3. The price you have to pay for items to complete a make over also become more expensive and you have to start paying for silly things like removing make up or removing the characters’ old clothes; 4. You also earn ‘cash’ but that is only usable to dress your own avatar which is all a bit pointless and can’t be traded in to help with the makeovers. The game is structured in a way to encourage you to buy gems to trade in for extra CC turns and boosters in the CC games. This is all very disappointing, because the make over bits are actually fun. Although, they take up about 5% of your time when playing the game!.Version: 2.2.1

Glitches constantlyI downloaded the game 30 minutes ago and while I really like it, I haven’t been able to play for more than 1-2 minutes at a time before the app crashes. So I’ve restarted the game probably 20 times by now and it’s not worth it. I’d been keen to play again if you can fix the glitch..Version: 2.23.1

Most Frustrating Game I’ve Ever EncounteredAt first glance this game looks fantastic, great story, playability, graphics, it’s fun and creative. And from that it should be a huge hit. But as with many games of this structure, you have to play ‘Candy Crush’ like levels to earn coins to progress, and even this I don’t mind, in fact I enjoy it as I’m a big candy crush fan. BUT this is where the frustration comes in, after a while these levels are impossible to complete without having to buy boosters and spending real money. Like I said I’m a big Candy Crush fan and have been playing it for years so I know that it’s not just me that can’t pass these levels. And I see from reading other reviews others feel the same. Developers if you’re reading this you are missing out on the huge potential you have to make this game amazing. Maybe you think making the levels so hard will mean people will spend money - believe me they won’t. They won’t continually spend money to pass level after level without you even giving them anything - no options to earn a free life or free boosters by watching ads or daily bonuses. I suggest you check out My Home by Zenlife Games - it has the home improvement part, but they have the balance of hard and easy levels just right. Please reprogramme the mini game as I really don’t want to delete the whole app but it’s getting boring having to play for days just to earn enough to remove things before the makeover has even began!.Version: 2.4.1

Becomes impossible to progressI really enjoyed this game to begin with, however it became ridiculously difficult to progress. At first you can remove all the furniture in the room for 300 coins, but as you go on, you have to spend 300 to remove each item in the room, meaning you have to spend loads more coins to do the same thing that didn’t cost much in the first couple of levels. (It’s the same with removing clothes, makeup etc) therefore you have to complete more of the mini game which becomes really difficult to complete without spending money. I refuse to spend money on games like this , so that just means I’ll be deleting this game soon. Make the game easier if you want people to continue playing. You should be able to remove all the furniture in one go instead of having to do everything separately, and the same goes with removing clothes and makeup etc.Version: 2.1.2

Can’t be botheredI find this game frustrating. It has so much potential. It is really well ‘made’ (not sure if that would be the right term, but hey, I’m no game developer), and I love that there aren’t any annoying ads interrupting game play. The story line is fairly interesting and the design or makeover aspect hits the spot. However, the thing that really lets this game down is how increasingly hard it gets to earn money. The levels become hard unreasonably quick and it’s frustrating having to play the same game over and over just to be able to afford to do the most basic of makeover tasks. I completely understand that there needs to be some level of challenge to these games, otherwise we’d get through them in a day but I just think it’s get too hard too quickly. I’ve given up on this game because honestly, I cannot be bothered to play the same game over just to give someone a haircut..Version: 2.5.1

Started out decentI still really enjoy this game. It’s true that some of the levels are way too hard to beat but that’s normal with games that want you to pay to win, so it never bothered me too much. What does bother me is that now that I’ve got to the point where there are no makeovers I can no longer earn coins. I was actually really happy with the idea that while I was waiting for the next level to load I could earn a little stockpile. But for some reason that I can’t understand they’ve replace the coins with so-called ‘exclusive’ level where you earn stars. Unless I missed something big, they have not at all explained what the stars you earn actually do. It just seems like a petty way to hold off on users making any progress so that they don’t lose out on a cash grab. It’s annoying because it’s a little thing but I feel like it might put me off playing altogether. And I really did have fun when I started out..Version: 2.8.1

Super but there is this thing i dont like about the game....I gave this a 3 star because i think this is kinda hard but i love this game. You should remove the live hearts or just make the number bigger because my cousin which is 4 years old loves this game but the thing he hates about this game is that there is only a little bit of moves and only 5 live hearts - maybe u should remove them or add more on to it to make it easier for the little ones. One more thing is this when it says remove clothes or remove door it costs so much its like 300 please make it a bit cheaper so that little kids can learn from it instead of buying so much coins only to buy something. If you guys remove the things i will definitely give it a 5 or 4 you will see! Thank you for taking your time slowly reading this review Please do it im wishing!! 😃 bye! ( reply to it if your doing it i know ).Version: 2.27.2

Losing daily rewardsThis game is great I really love it however with the daily rewards you wait for the 5th day to finally receive a clothing reward and it has happened multiple times where I click to claim it but when I go into my avatar to check out the new piece it’s not there and has disappeared...frustrating when you wait so long to earn them and then get teased but no actual reward...please fix this.Version: 2.7.1

Project puzzles matching.It felt more like a puzzle matching game than a project makeover. This is no different than all the other games where you match these stupid things to earn some sort of crown or cash etc to fulfill the tasks. You need to spend hours matching the puzzles just to earn 300 crowns which is most times not enough to get one task done as they costs a fortune. When you repeatedly reach the limit and not solve the puzzle, you would run out of lives and that takes time to refill again. So this game (and any other similar games) is really a puzzle matching game just to annoy you and waste your time (and your battery). Your project makeover will take AGES before you could see the final results. Disappointing..Version: 2.9.1

Fun at the start but Annoying by 2nd makeover!!This game is fun, however I’m disappointed that you have to collect coins to be able to use them to give makeovers! Most of your time will be spent actually just trying to collect coins and some of the challenges are almost impossible. You only get 5 chances to collect coins and then it times out and you have to wait until your turns to collect coins or ofcourse spend money. I wait until my lives have been restored and then I have another 5 chances to collect coins. You can only win a maximum of 300 coins per round which isnt sufficient to buy your ‘project’ a makeover!It shouldn’t even be called Project Makeover as all you end up spending time doing is trying to collect coins to buy clothes and furniture got the actual makeover!.Version: 2.6.2

It’s fun but likeHere is the thing. After a certain point it gets really hard and annoying. Obviously they want to make money, and hey I’m fine with that. Here is the issue: I’m not willing to pour hundreds of dollars in a game I play in my pass time. Why not include some type of premium membership that gives people like me, who mainly enjoys the fashion aspect but use the puzzles as a fun side hustle, a way to literally just keep playing the game without getting stuck on the hard levels. I don’t know exactly what that would include but something tells me a top selling app company can sit down in a room and figure it out. You might even find it to be way more profitable than scamming the suckers who want to keep paying money to play the game. I mean seriously how many people enjoy the game enough to get passed the first couple people? Okay, now how many of those people actually spend a decent amount of money, 10-30%? Now make a premium membership for people to be able to keep playing and I guarantee most (40-60%) players who play this will end up doing it. That’s not only a steady income to keep adding more makeovers so people keep their membership but you might just double your profits. Then again who knows maybe this business model works out good enough for you. 🤷🏽‍♂️.Version: 2.12.1

So far it’s great but things need workGreat match game; fun makeover concept but wowza this gets almost impossible at some levels with no power ups. The game preys on many stereotypes and also has a lack of inclusion in avatars (skin color, hairstyles, body shape) and yes I understand you can earn new avatar items but still have not seem a good amount of true inclusion and I’m on level 224. The amount of coins won NEVER CHANGES but the price of makeover/renovation tasks always INCREASES. With 5 lives and having to wait 20 mins for a life to regenerate it can take a crazy long time for certain tasks or levels. I also do not enjoy the purchase setup...gems are the only way you can purchase power ups and lives and those gems cost a ridiculous amount of REAL MONEY. Plus the cash you earn only works for your avatar but it would be nice if you could trade it in for lives/gems/or MORE COINS!!! Especially since the ONLY way to complete makeover/renovation tasks is but purchasing with COINS and you only win 300 COINS per level passed...the daily gift is nice but maybe a better delivery of it or variety of gifts? I have changed my avatar 3 times in this game and I don’t see myself changing it anytime soon do my CASH in the game is sitting there...could be used better to further the tasks/levels...also could maybe visiting friends or other players room earn you coins or gems?.Version: 2.5.1

Paid for scenic view ticket but it hasn’t been honouredI’ve given one star in the hope of getting your attention PLEASE!!! I have loved playing this game for well over a year and I pay to upload extras now and again. I Have paid for the most recent scenic route at £5.99 on the 23rd February but somehow it’s not updated on my app and I’m down £5.99 . I have messaged on the help option on the app and within 24 hrs I was answered and was asked to provide proof of payment by following the message guidance. I was on it immediately and replied clearly showing the payment made to Project Makeover for the Scenic Route at £5.99 and the date paid. Since then, nothing at all , have messaged again twice and still nothing!!! I’m not sure If I’ve done something wrong?? I’ve never had problems before with buying tickets. The money has come out of my bank account and I’ve shown you evidence of my purchase. It even shows I’ve got the scenic route ticket on the leader board of my team but the options aren’t unlocked for me to claim them. What more can I do please ?.Version: 2.58.1

Great but tedious and sillyI’ve been playing this game for just under a year now. It became somewhat of a lockdown obsession and hasn’t quite ended yet. I usually go through levels to earn enough money and then do makeovers all at once. In doing so, I played enough levels to earn 206k (which displays like this after 5 digits, no longer displays the exact amount). At this point I decided to complete a makeover, which I spent around 20,000 coins on. This means, in order to complete a whole makeover, you’ll need to play about 67 levels, as each level only rewards 300 coins, no matter the difficulty. In my opinion, this is a bit excessive. Especially considering it takes around 300 coins to “remove shoes” or “remove glasses”, at which point you’ve not even begun the makeover. It’s a bit silly. I also think it would be so much more rewarding, and give people more of an incentive to continue playing, if the more difficult levels had greater rewards (ie. more than 300 coins). If levels had difficulty grading and passing a difficult level gave more coins, this would be much more of a fun and rewarding game to play. At the moments it’s tedious, long and irritating..Version: 2.15.2

Harmful and Degrading GameThis game itself is inherently harmful by perpetuating beauty stereotypes. Marketed towards children, particularly younger girls, this game dictates what is ‘in fashion’ and what is not. In the very first simulation, the first action that must be undertaken to ‘beautify’ a woman is to remove her glasses. In doing this, the game directly tells children that glasses are ugly and in order to be beautiful, you must remove them. This archaic stereotype created to control women (particularly academic women) is reframed in a fun way, as girls who wear glasses no doubt feel insecure. Interestingly, in the ads for this game, the player is instructed to put glasses on a male, further highlighting the gender bias that runs deep in this game. Furthermore, where women have to change themselves through both makeup and hair to feel ‘ready for her job’, this same level of thoroughness is not visible for men. By playing this game, rather than having fun, we are painfully reminded of all the expectations our society places on outward appearance as they position people to be ‘in desperate need of a makeover’..Version: 2.15.2

🤬Bad messages🤬😡When you start the game there is a model and they make fun of the name you pick and too much mini games and all this game is is just about looking “better”so I recommend NOT downloading this game has a lot of bad messages😡.Version: 2.2.1

DisgustingI find the whole concept of this game disgusting. We live in a day and age that we are trying to rule out this kind of ridiculous way of thinking and advertising. The ads appall me, catching a husband cheating and having to beautify herself to keep him etc … we are trying to teach girls and even boys to love and respect themselves for who they are and yet cheap and easy games like this a pummeled at them 😡 shame on you developer for creating such shaming in the name of fun and Apple for allowing it in. And in looking through the reviews I notice that whilst the developers have responded to many reviews about game difficulty etc they have not replied to one about the degrading nature of the ‘makeover’ side of the game..Version: 2.27.1

A somewhat lengthy rant...I wanted to enjoy this game, I really did, but from the moment the stylists told me that the first girl’s glasses needed to be removed, I was immediately thrown off. It made me angry, as a young woman who wears glasses. I mean, how will this poor girl see without glasses? Instead of removing them, just give different options for glasses (just not sunglasses, please!). And reducing her long beautiful brown hair to shoulder length? Why? Instead of removing all that hair, she could have put her hair up in a bun, ponytail, or some other updo. Another thing. Why the makeup? She looked pretty without it. This is not sending a good message to young girls out there that already feel insecure about themselves. This game is basically saying you need to wear makeup and not have glasses to look pretty. I love these makeover kind of games but not ones like these that basically dehumanize women in a way. Parents, please do not let your children play this game. It will possibly make your daughter(s) and/or son(s) feel bad about themselves and make them feel as if they need to look like the people in the game. Another thing is, that the levels get way too difficult way too quickly. Barely past level 25 and already stuck. Needless to say, I’m deleting this game. I really wanted to like it but it just isn’t for me. Sorry for the lengthy review and the rant..Version: 2.0.2

Offending adsPlease stop judging people’s hairstyles or fashion. It’s already hard to love ourselves in this society. The girl looked fabulous with shaved hair and I’d appreciate if the ad didn’t say it’s ugly and not stylish because I’m a girl with shaved hair and I have to admit it hurts a little. Also, in the mini game (to try after you watch the ad), if you pick something more gothic, they say you have a really low “fashion IQ”. Maybe I’m being over-dramatic but I just think it’ll be better if the ads didn’t judge people’s fashion taste. Thank you..Version: 2.16.1

Little to do without paying $$. Forced to play match games to make progress in the game.The match games are annoying, and rather difficult to pass at times. You will have to spend either money or long periods of time on the matching game to make only small progress in the main game. I’m uninstalling because it’s not worth my time. I’d bother If the match game levels gave more coins so I was able to move through the ‘Make Over’ at a more enjoyable pace. It’s 90% matching tiles, 5% tapping through lengthy storyline talking and 5% makeover. I gave it an extra star because at least you don’t have to use extra coins when choosing the items you prefer. Also, the adds are gross and body shaming..Version: 2.9.1

GarbageDownloaded to write that from the ads this game os garbage OMG Who the hell designed the content horrible messages and disgusting ads... Not even launching it just writing this and removing it... HOW COME APPLE IS ALLOWING THIS?.Version: 2.7.1

Fun until it takes 10 turns to pass a levelThe ad for the game was very click-baity, but the game itself is more about helping people than making fun of them. The game itself addresses what a lot of these types of games miss; I’ve won a level, so what now? The makeover and paying for make over through winning games makes this game a notch above others and I enjoyed playing this game as I found it to be very relaxing. However, when you get to the harder levels, you can’t pass a level within 10 tries unless you pay for extra boosts, which involves spending real money. I’m here to relax not to spend forever on a level getting frustrated. So after my current make over is finished, I won’t be continuing to play..Version: 2.9.1

Amazing but seriously????!!!!!Love the game and would recommend but, the candy crush mini game is sooooo annoying!!!! I love the candy crush and how it tests your brain but it is always saying “out of moves” when I have loads left that I can see! So frustrating..Version: 2.16.1

Read the reviews!!Makeover part of the game is great! But the the candy-crush mini game is too much! You spend more time trying to win the mini game to earn coins (to be able to do the makeover) than actually playing the makeover part. Might as well change the whole game as a candy-crush like game because that’s all you get to play if you don’t have any coins!.Version: 2.17.1

Gets too hard to be funI’ll start with the positives. I’ve been playing Lily’s Garden for a couple years and Project Makeover was a nice change of pace. I really like the makeovers, the outfits for each makeover are interesting and mix and match very well (for example, shirt 1 goes well with pants 1, 2, or 3, whereas in LG if you picked option 1 for a fence it pretty much only looked good with other option 1 items like a gate or walkway). The room decor is also very nice and I like having my own avatar to dress up and and decorate. However, the levels get progressively more difficult and not in a fun way. I have a toddler and play this game to destress and zone out. When I have to play the same level 20 times to progress it’s not fun anymore. And I’m unwilling to spend boosters that cost real money on every dang level just to earn the coins that may not even be enough for one item in the makeover. Occasionally I get a level on the first try, but never two in a row. The frequency of “hard” and “super hard” levels is way too much and even the ones that aren’t considered hard take multiple tries. I’ve spent real money twice on this game but I might be done. There are just too few moves per level to make it enjoyable without it being a money pit. Even though I was enjoying the storyline and makeovers a lot, the game is so frustrating now I think I'm going to have to go back to Lily’s Garden..Version: 2.38.1

This is sending out the worst message. Please read!This game seems like just a makeup game for girls and boys!…but it is sending out the message in the game and all the ads that you cant dress the way you like because someone thinks it’s ugly and just because you have hair on your legs or arms or armpits your disgusting or you must look “hot” to get someone to like not actually be nice to them! Now I know that this game is just for fun but there are so many ads and with those ads so many people get drawn to the game and that could just spread this awful message further. Thank you if you read this I know it’s long but I think people should take this information and try to do something about it. P.s I’m not trying to hate on the creators I’m just trying to let them and anyone know about this problem..Version: 2.30.3

AddictiveLook love the game but it becomes expensive which is getting frustrating, more bonuses or discount items would be amazing before I just have to literally stop and remove app to stop myself. Also it shuts down at times and I have had a couple of purchases that I know I did twice paid twice and didn’t receive. Some times it just shuts down which is frustrating but that could be my iPad. I think the age needs to be looked at as a recommendation because my children find it difficult..Version: 2.31.1

Bigoted AdsI have been playing this game for a long time and really enjoyed it, but I have to delete the app after seeing how discriminatory the ads are. The advertising for this game consistently shows women with body hair as being unhygienic. (Spoiler alert, the men in the game get to keep their body hair after the makeover!) There is one ad in particular that shows a female client with large bald spots who is dirty can’t get a date... women with alopecia exist and it’s not a condition that makes you dirty or undateable? Also some women including intersex womxn have facial hair and these ads directly imply that they “need a makeover” Disappointing..Version: 2.5.1

Hard to earn coins, and character treatmentSo, I have a few issues with this game. The first one being how absurd prices of things are with how little you earn. You have to play levels to earn coins and normally only get about a few hundred. However, most of the tasks you have to complete cost 300 and over, so you’re constantly running out of money, without that many lives as you only get five. My other issue is the way the make overs themselves go. For instance, past the fourth or fifth makeover I think, you get to one character who has a sort of goth/vampire style, who would like help to change that. So at first it seems like nothings wrong with that. But then you get into the issues. One you take of all of her “ugly” and “messy” clothes, she is actually a very beautiful girl. Once you start to getting her makeover done, they add make up, dye her hair, and just change her over all, and she genuinely looks worse than she did before. They don’t even let her keep a similar style (as if it were a repealing style) which really made me upset. They changed her so much even though she just needed to be cleaned up. Even her whole room got changed to something that didn’t fit her. Currently thinking of deleting the game with how repetitive and kinda annoying it is but those were my main issues..Version: 2.25.1

Two weeks playingI really enjoy the concept of this game. But, it could be so much better than what it currently is. It needs at least five choices for each clothing item, hairstyle, jewelry, furniture, etc. It’s annoying to have to play to remove each clothing item at a time instead of all at once. The makeup is very similar instead of like having a natural, an exotic cat eye look, and different eyebrows, lipstick, etc. Many items cost too much, especially considering the games are too difficult without the extra help. I’d be more willing to watch ads for more points than to pay money. The drama is the most annoying. It’s forced and boring. What is it’s purpose? The team, including my avatar, should do a daily spin for the outfit they will wear for the day. It could be a 1950’s look and then modernized for the present. Each decade would have different styles to discuss and update, including makeup, hair and accessories. The game itself is too difficult, especially removing sunglasses. Sometimes the square is removed on the first blast and sometimes the green gingham square needs several blasts. It takes the fun out of it. This game is ideal for clothing store ads and even furniture and decor. When the bi g reveal is done at the end, the makeover character should be move excited to see their new space . The dialogue that fits their character and job is the best part. It makes them more real and it’s cute. I hope my long review has helped..Version: 2.12.1

Enjoyed until it got racistI couldn’t believe it when the game depicted a black/POC woman (the chef) and when it was time to take off her hat she expressed upset about people touching her hair and the crew’s dialogue was to the effect of “now don’t be like that, play along”. Touching a black person’s hair without consent and then tone policing their response and acting like that is normal—that is some classic white supremacist nonsense. I immediately deleted the app. WTH, app developers? So disrespectful and unnecessary and racist. You need to educate your staff on n Black history and culture and then hire some Black leadership because your company should never have let that storyline past the initial pitch. Your company’s leadership needs take responsibility and steer the company in a better direction..Version: 2.0.2

Fun at first, becomes too hard and boringThis game was fun at first but quickly became hard and boring. It was exciting to start with especially with the advertising but when you don’t have enough diamonds, it becomes extremely expensive to buy them to keep playing or getting boosters, well unless you just keep playing over and over again. This game doesn’t reward you for visiting others with coin to help with the game, unlike other games. Other games I play reward you for visiting other’s games, for having extra boosters left over, giving you boosters for each game completed and let you go back to previous completed activities to move things around, sell things, store things and more. Each section you finish you should be given a reward, so when you have completed the room, that’s one of say the three sections and you get diamonds and boosters or coins. This is all in American money from what I see and quite expensive. We should have houses where we have challenges and can collect rewards for taking part. Have a look at other games out there. Developers you really need to lift you game. This is not really worth playing much..Version: 2.0.2

Great game BUTI love playing this game, but I feel like it gets hard fast I’m on my 3rd makeover and I have been stuck on certain levels for ages. It’s fun picking out what hair and clothes to style someone in but there are some stupid bits like paying to put a facemask on...then paying to remove it...there is a lot of parts that are designed for what feels like just getting you to spend more money and squish more levels in. Some levels have so much going on you will have 1 move left and like 30 items to still collect makes it feel very much like a way for developers to make a profit which I understand but it ruins the game having to spend 300 diamonds to re-do a level or having to spend diamonds for perks which leave you still miles away from your goal. I love the gameplay and style of gameplay but I wish every new game I play wasn’t just easyier for someone paying cause it’s not so much that some of us don’t want to,some people cannot afford to spend money on a game and once I reach that difficult point where it’s more about paying than playing I tend to look for a new game altogether..Version: 2.10.1

The tutorial is too longI’m not unable to understand the “complications” of this game nor do I need a lengthy tutorial to tell me how to play a simple matching game. There should be an option at the beginning out of such a thing. This is to be considered. Also, why not switch it up and use different genders, races, couples to play this game with? It’s 2021, grow up. Also, the ads for this game is horrendous, try better to be more inclusive. Thank you and will play later on if there is improvement..Version: 2.26.2

Good game but...I’ve become really addicted to this game over the past few days! However, like many other reviews state, the levels you have to complete become pretty much impossible as you progress through the game. I’m on my third makeover and I’ve been stuck on this one level for about two days now, and been having to wait for my lives to refill because I can’t get past it. It is definitely an attempt to get you to spend real money so you can get more lives/boosts, which is fair enough but still kinda frustrating. On the makeover I’m on right now, I had to spend coins applying a face mask to the person, and then I had to pay to take it off! In my opinion, I don’t think you should have to spend coins on the removal of items. It makes the game get... kind of boring to be honest. Having to go back and complete multiple difficult levels just for silly things like “remove glasses” or “remove shoes”. That being said though, I really do like this game and the design aspect of it, and picking out different hairs/outfits. I just wish the levels weren’t so hard and I also wish you didn’t have to waste coins earned by those hard levels on the silly things I listed above! I’ve seen multiple reviews say the same thing as me so I really think the game developers should address this!.Version: 2.10.1

Don't even think about downloadingI only downloaded the app to write a review. This app has been coming up for me a lot recently and this is absolutely horrid, because the message behind this is that; You will only get a guy if you change who you are (in this case change ur hair, clothes, and put on makeup.) The examples of adds they display aswell are Awful. I'm so disappointed. This game is an example of toxic society..Version: 2.0.2

Level 3Loved the first and second level, easy to earn coins and was fun to play. Now it’s frustrating and hard to pass certain levels of candy crush just to earn 300 coins, to remove a piece of clothing, to then have to play more difficult levels to dress them (which are expen$ive. AND you only have 5 lives which takes forever to refill!!!! Once I am done with level 3 I will delete app. Would not recommend it. Also seen some comments of people talking about expressing people’s differences! Maybe try makeovers where you turn a “normal girl” who desires to be a punk rocker! You know, and keep hairy under arms and legs! Love that!!!.Version: 2.6.2

Offensive ads and Lousy game designExtremely offensive advertising. And for all the times it’s been on my screen... N E V E R would I have guessed it was a match 3 game. *face palm* You don’t even get to do any of the makeover stuff; there’s so many better ways to create a “makeover” game, or better ways to advertise a match three game... obligatory “I’d give it zero stars if I could”.Version: 2.5.1

What a damaging and hideous game.A girl panics because she hasn’t shaved her legs or arm pits ( which by the way was a con by shaving companies convincing the public that to shave under their arm pits was the height of femininity and sophistication in France.)We need to teach our daughters to be fearless and confident. Not be a slave to their body hair in hopes to attract a man. The person who came up with this concept needs to stop wishing it were the 1950s . An awful awful concept. Stay away..Version: 2.3.1

I Have My Criticism...Good graphics and art style, entertaining story and fun gameplay with the makeovers however I have to complain about the candy crush-esque mini game to collect coins (coins needed to play the main game) It is very clearly a cashgrab which leaves you stuck on levels for long periods of time in order to spend money on gems to get past the levels. I also dislike the amount of times you need to play this mini game in order to play the main game. I find the main game very fun and it's annoying having to work on the mini games for coins and eventually getting stuck on them for a while preventing me from playing the main game. It wouldn't hurt for the mini game to provide a lot more coins and the levels be easier so the overall game could be easier and more enjoyable..Version: 2.13.1

Fun, but needs game refinementGameplay is often misinterprets finger swipes so that the play is not what was intended and this is highly frustrating as means that you lose out on plays and therefore lose levels. I find this happening very frequently, even when I am being especially careful as to the move I am trying to make, which is highly annoying as some levels are very difficult to beat even when you are allowed to make the plays you want to. If not for this, I’d rate this game much higher. I don’t mind levels being hard to beat, if only the game correctly interpreted the swipes I am making/the moves I am making. But losing out on moves that the game interprets differently to what I am swiping makes me want to throw my phone at the wall all too often. I’ve never had this issue with any other matching game app so have to assume this is particular to this game..Version: 2.3.1

DisgustingI saw an appalling ad on another app and downloaded it so that i could write this review. This is such terrible messaging. Body positivity, people..Version: 2.3.1

Fun at first but then it becomes just a money grab…The Game started out fun and progress was fast enough to keep you interested. It did not take long for the pace to become too slow and the game to become less about the makeovers and mostly about the candy crush knock off games. It takes forever to beat some of the levels unless you are willing to spend money. There is no real mechanism to request help or lives when you run out. Don’t waste your time unless you really just want another candy crush game. Didn’t even last a week before I deleted it. Update: Decided to give the game a second chance. Went okay for a few days but I have been stuck on the same level for several days now and I refuse to spend money to get off the level. Deleting the game for good now. To the developers who I don’t believe actually read these reviews: this game would be so much better if you funneled those worthless dollars into the diamonds/gems needed to get off difficult levels. The game doesn’t work unless there is a way to get past difficult levels without paying money. Because of this design you are no doubt losing many players who would continue your game and promote it to others. Instead you are creating disgruntled players who are going to trash your game to many would be customers..Version: 2.17.1

BooThis game is bad you can’t get past level 11 and it’s like candy crush games it only give you a certain amount of moves I hate this game I wish they would fix it so you had unlimited like can’t anyone in the universe think of that guess I’m going to need to create a fun good game.Version: 1.6.1

No diversity and difficultRight. Great game mechanic not come across bugs. BUT. I want to complain about how not inclusive the ad is. Some of the ads have got an alternative looking girl in there lining up for a makeover. I feel that that isn’t promoting individuality at all. It’s a kids game I understand but children need to be taught at a young ish age that it’s ok to look and dress differently to what society decides “is the norm”. I didn’t get far into the game to see it through to see if an alternative girl would appear in the game to see if the game changes her style fully or just upgrades the girls clothing and makeup but keeps it within her original look. If that’s the case then I fully support but maybe change the ads so it doesn’t seem like you’re making everyone look how your “every day person” comes across. On a second note, I had not gotten far into the game before uninstalling it because no matter how much I tried using power ups, not power ups I couldn’t pass the level. It seemed impossible. Even my mum who plays candy crush for a living couldn’t get past this level. Again stating this is a kids game I think the levels are too hard and should not be as difficult as they are..Version: 2.21.1

Poor tasteDownloaded app to write a review. App has terrible ads that send bad messaging — like a girl must be a kept woman for a man. Reviews below also mention domestic violence. Be better bubblegum games..Version: 2.3.1

Money Grab And UnfairBeautifully designed game with lots of fun elements. I really fell in love with this and spent some actual 💵just to show my appreciation. THEN levels became nearly impossible. At five lives with 15 minute refills, I’ve been playing level 248 for 45 lives. I love a challenge, but I’ve noticed a few things about the ‘chance’ elements of this level. 1) There are seldom matches on the difficult last row. 2) When I create random bomb/rocket showers with the rainbow disc, they, too, miss out the last row. 3) When matches cascade and bomb/rocket elements should be created, through the explosion of matches of 4+, they are not. Generally, the opportunities to ‘earn’ gems/coins get fewer as you progress, until the only way to get the helping hands of earlier levels is to contribute cash. Add to this the insidious messaging that your worth relies on mainstream presentation, and you have a depressing virtual experience of late stage capitalism. It gives the entire experience of middle age corporate burnout to your ten year old. I’m deleting, even though it’s so very pretty. Avoid..Version: 2.18.1

Nope.It’s all about looking “better” than you already do so that people will like you. That’s a bad message. Also, the fact that you have a certain amount of live makes the game 90 percent harder than it should be. I’ve been stuck on a level for a day.👎🏻.Version: 1.6.2

Log outI love playing this game but I’ve recently deleted as when I’m about to win or on my last life it would just log itself out n I have to re open app n the game progress is lost. I’ve made it past level 1000 n I cannot enjoy the game anymore due to it logging out every 3mins.Version: 2.23.1

Disgusting Sexist AdsOnly downloaded to leave a review, will not play. Suggesting women need to look a certain way in order to be attractive is appalling. If someone wants to do things to their body, or dress up that’s on them but should be for them and not to impress others. Get a better marketing team..Version: 2.5.1

Parents BewareOne of the avatars was criticizing my daughter’s personal name. That was within minutes of playing the game. Although the graphics & game itself are good quality, parents beware of built-in shaming that the avatars feature. Our kids don’t need this kind of psychological conditioning..Version: 2.0.2

Very frustrating game.The game was super fun at first getting into it (well the makeover side of it) and then all of a sudden the actual game you have to play to get coins to be able to do makeovers became soo much harder and the amount of coins needed to create a new makeover became SO MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE $650 to remove a bookshelf type expensive. Absolute joke when you only earn $300 coins in a game and because of how much harder the levels get sometimes it takes days to reach a new level and guess what? IT ONLY GETS HARDER WHICH MEANS EVEN LONGER TO BE ABLE TO CONTINUE WITH YOUR MAKEOVER. I’m over this game they should’ve made it where the coins you make in a game increases as the levels get harder because now I’m bored and would like to delete the game..Version: 2.45.1

Worst gameThis game was laughing of my name and the girl in the game needs to take off her glasses to be beautiful 😡😡😡 I hate this game not good for kids.Version: 2.10.1

Enjoyable but irritating. Game is money hungry.This game is fun but as you progress you realize it is money hungry. Sometimes it gifts you gems, and boosters just for playing or due to tournaments. But if you don’t have these, most of the levels, especially the “super hard” levels, are really difficult to beat. I’m always so close to winning without using boosters but run out of moves. In order to get 5 more moves, you need gems which is super expensive. When using gems to purchase more lives, moves, boosters, etc., its stupid expensive. Some of the boosters such as scissors, hairbrush or perfume, cost up 1500 gems or more I think! Also, if you run out of lives, you have to wait a certain amount of time to replenish. The game sometimes gifts you unlimited lives and boosters for a certain time. But as soon as you accept it, it kicks in rather than letting you start it whenever you want. It’s happened to me where I can’t play anymore for the moment but the countdown has already started. It’s disappointing that you can’t take advantage of it in the moment. So when the time runs out, the opportunity is gone. Another thing that annoys me is that the game uses coins to remove furniture or clothing in order to begin the makeover. They make it that way you don’t beat it quickly and move on to the next makeover. So dumb!.Version: 2.53.1

Good game but not as advertised!I do like the game but not at all like the adverts which were shown. The videos advertised prior to me downloading showed people accidentally pulling teeth out, people hating their outfit, waxing their eyebrows off etc but the game is nothing like that and instead there are 3 choices of trousers, hair styles which the characters love no matter what you pick. The adverts do not mention at all that you have to play Candy Crush style levels to win coins in order to buy the things to complete the levels. Sometimes the levels seem near impossible without having to purchase the rubies which give you extra goes or to buy bombs to clear areas of the board, but the games are still good and sometimes the log in bonus gives you rubies to allow you to get some of these things without having to pay. But it would take 3 or 4 days worth of bonus to do this. To improve : It would be good to be able to add bombs or colour wheels in the middle of a level as you can only put them in at the start of the level at which point there is so few coloured squares that it is pointless and you have wasted the bombs, Would be good to know in the piles of blue jumpers exactly how many you need to get rid of to clear the squares..Version: 2.7.1

Interesting yet frustratingI like the game, it’s fun and keeps me busy. I’m on level 162 and I’ve developed mixed feelings about it. I feel like it got to the point of “difficulty” in the game where you seriously can’t pass a level without having the help from the “bombs” or “rockets”, and usually I don’t have any of them that I earned myself, so I am left with the option of literally spending money to have these extra features to help me pass the level and it’s kinda frustrating. I’m not usually playing games on my phone, so I’m not going to buy things for games. It’s a waste of money for me. And the fact that this game doesn’t really give you an option to pass the level without the extra help (which I really don’t have without buying them first), it’s annoying and discouraging. My advice for the producers is that I know ur trying to make the extra cash and all, but I’m literally losing interest in the game because I’m stuck on the same level for the past 5 days :/ so, make them less difficult and dependent on features that need to be bought. I hope it all make sense. Yeet..Version: 2.29.1

Fun at first, quickly got awfulThis game is pretty fun but it quickly get a bit boring I downloaded because of the ads, it seemed like a fun simple fashion game. in reality you can’t even do anything without completing loads of puzzles (kind of like Candy Crush) and I’m at a level where I can’t do ANYTHING. this app was fun at first but to be honest, I’m not sure I would recommend. this is a simple problem since for some people this puzzle challenge would be fun but if your looking for a fashion game THIS IS NOT IT. I have yet another problem: parents this is for you the ads are clearly targeted towards kids, however the stereotypes are clearly misgendered- not only is it always girl+boy, but it also shows that girls have to look pretty for boys to like them, and if you don’t you won’t get love. it’s naive. I guess the ads have ZERO relation to the game itself, however the ads by themselves are terrible especially since they are quite enticing. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.Version: 2.36.1

Makeup and body shapesWish that they’d rejig it so that the makeup section was more optional instead of obligatory - like when we first start the makeover let us pick from a list of options like “hair dye, hair cut, nails, makeup (foundation, eye, cheek, lips) instead of just forcing you to apply a full face to every character, especially bc some of them A don’t need half of it, B sometimes the options are all ugly and make them look worse, and C, foundation doesn’t help a doctor make better medical decisions or a student feel less stressed or a boxer more skilled, IRL I doubt every single one of these women would go for a full face, so I’d rather have the option to opt in or out of them at will. I’d also like the ability to opt in or out for facial hair or makeup for men, but as it stands I mostly power through them quickly as I don’t enjoy them as much due to their options being limited and their depictions being kinda dull, but I do appreciate the body diversity depicted, which would be nice to see for more of the women. I want to see an actually fat woman, not a curvy woman..Version: 2.13.1

Making everything genericI really enjoyed the first few makeovers that I did. Great game, love the styling aspect. However, I’ve just got to my new makeover project and I really don’t want to proceed with the game. It’s the room of the woman who loves horror movies. The room and the woman have a fantastic aesthetic. She and her space have a sense of style. Yes, it’s not mainstream, it’s unique, gorgeous and very stylish. Yet, the crew comes in and starts tearing everything down and making the room and the woman just generic “stylish” stripping her of all personality and individuality. I’d like different aesthetics like that celebrated. This is very bad from a diversity and inclusion perspective. It sends the message that “you can have your own interest but it still has to be packaged in a mainstream wrapper”. Oh, and as a side note, corsets were not oppressive and for the vast majority of women corsets provided the necessary support to their back and chest to be able to get in with their days. The tiny waste corsets that have made it to our days are examples of extreme fashion of the rich few who only wore said corsets a couple of times and that’s why we have them in good condition..Version: 2.0.2

Not as advertised (is that really a surprise?)Edit: I came back to say I keep on getting your stupid game’s disgusting false advertisements and I’m just so sick of seeing it. DO BETTER. If anyone’s seen the ads for this game, don’t be fooled. All the over-the-top 😄*win!*😄 and 😩*fail!*😩matching stuff you see in those are garbage and false advertising. The game is just another Candy Crush Saga knock-off that is always unfair because these games are programmed by chance on whether you win. Of course, that’s just another reason they try and take your money by offering in-app purchases for power ups. It is a story mode you have to keep playing for that keeps ramping up how many stages you have to win in order to continue. The story? There’s no disgusting and stinky woman you have to clean up. There’s nobody you have to impress at the end of each story arc. It’s just normal and insecure people that you, as a player, do a makeover for with your preying production company who tries to make these people feel bad about themselves in the story. The three choices they give for each section (makeup, outfit, hairstyle, etc.) don’t matter, there’s no win or fail. Why aren’t you advertising the villain in the story trying to mess you up along the way, Project Makeover team? Wouldn’t that be more interesting and more faithful to selling the game you made? I’m disappointed in you. Do better..Version: 2.31.1

What a misleading stupid appWho the hell would ever download this. The ads are the most misleading ads I have ever seen and send an awful message to women. This game is racist, sexist, and waste of time. If you want to play something like this, download candy crush because that’s all it is. How this app has 4 stars is beyond me. I only downloaded this app to leave an awful review. You waste days on a level because they are too hard and you are not given enough lives or gems to complete them..Version: 2.6.2

STEALING FROM QUEER ARTISTSDo not download or give this game any money. They have stolen from at least one queer Australian artist (@lukejohnmatthewarnold on insta) and I bet they’ve stolen from other artists if they’ve stolen from one. Considering this game is basically based off a show that is a) hosted by five queer people, its literally in the name and b) talks about self worth and uplifting people, I find it incredibly hypocritical and ironic that they’re stealing from queer artists. I love the queer eye guys and I’m sure they probably had nothing to do with this specific wrong doing but seriously they need to fire their game designers or whoever is “designing” the items you can buy in the game. If you’re wondering what exactly was stolen, theres a rug in the game called “Rattler” and its actually an artwork by said artist called “Serpent Sees”. They have not credited nor paid this artist for his work. Absolutely disgusting, this game is making so much money and to not pay artists for their work that they’re using in game is so so low. I would fix this wrong doing and pay up (with compensation as well for not paying up in the first place) before this goes viral if I were you. Not a good look for queer eye..Version: 2.38.1

DisappointedI love this game but I actually forget that I’m playing project makeover because most of my time is consumed by their version of candy crush. After many rounds I then realise why I’m actually playing this. To be honest, I’d actually pay to buy coin rather than playing rounds in order to do so. However I find it strange that it’ll take me 20 attempts to do one round and then the next 7 rounds I ace without a problem. Also I’m on level 236 and thought that after a while the coin value would increase instead of 300 per time.Version: 2.21.1

To hard, sexist and not like the adsI have quite enjoyed this game but I find that as you go on the levels have started to get too hard to play while having much fun. I have also found that you need lots of diamonds to play on and that you could only have the amount it asks for if you buy them with real money! I find this very unreasonable. Please fix this. It also suggests in the ads that you would be doing makeovers all the time which is not true because you have to spend all your time doing candy crush like levels. I also think that it is sexist and paints a picture in peoples head that to be pretty or handsome or whatever you want to be you have to change your looks, only wear popular or trendy clothes and wear makeup which is so incorrect. It also suggest that females shouldn’t wear glasses but males should which is stupid. 👎🏻.Version: 2.31.1

Trash app like homescapesI’ve had this game for months and haven’t made a single change to the level I’m on, why? Because they design impossible candy crush games! The candy crush games are never even in the ad. Eventually you have to buy stuff with actual money. Also this is basically just another app like home scapes. Trash rip-off..Version: 2.55.3

DisappointingThe game starts off brilliantly but as you progress through the levels they obviously get harder and more different. The game it would appear encourages you to use bombs and rockets to help clear tiles in order to complete each level. It would be good however if when you used these bombs and rockets you were allowed to choose when and where youse them. Sadly the game places them for you which is not great and really dose not help in many cases. Also I think it would be nice if the developers increased to coins earnt as you progress through the harder levels keeping you encouraged and engaged with the game. I did enjoy this game but I am becoming bored and frustrated at being unable to progress now after reaching over level 280. You are given the option of in game purchases to increase your chances of completing levels, however I won’t be buying additional items to help solve further levels. Enjoy everyone, I’m off to find a new game..Version: 2.7.1

There is some issueI was enjoying well until recently. For the game, you need to correct same colour, but as I tried to move some, it didn’t move the way I wanted. And since then all the colour only move vertical way. Which is super annoying.Version: 2.21.1

Wow what a disappointmentI’m honestly impressed with how poorly this game is designed, especially considering how many games out there are exactly the same concept. Somehow the app creators took the idea, but no actual useful details from other developers. 1. As many have stated, it gets hard way too fast. It’s obvious the entire app is making money off of buying the gems. I’m curious how many people actually keep the game long enough to buy them. With other apps, they’ve kept me interested long enough to. With this one, it’s obvious it’s not worth it when it gets impossible day one. 2. If you’re going to have the premise be about helping people, maybe get with the times and not have the typical “take glasses off” and other overused, offensive tropes to do so. It’s like boomers created the storyline. 3. The obvious lack of care about the non-inclusivity. Most developers would read the reviews, and respond with an update adding additional shades for skin color. It’s easy to do, you simply just don’t care. I truly don’t believe anything will change about this app, which is unfortunate for them because with a few simple changes, and they’d most likely make 10x the amount they are now. You can make money by making ads that aren’t even how the app is, and bring people in to download the app for a day or two, or you could make the changes and have a much larger audience that stays and continues to make purchases because the game is actually playable and not offensive. :).Version: 2.29.1

Socially unacceptable.The first task is to remove a girl’s glasses. That is so offensive. I have worn glasses my whole life and love them because they help me to see. They are also cute as heck. Telling a girl to remove her glasses because they’ll look better, is a disrespectful, disgusting thing that should not be tolerated. I’m disgusted. Don’t download this app..Version: 2.3.1

Terrible marketingLike others, I only downloaded this game so I could review it because I was so disgusted with the ads that I’ve been seeing. All I’m seeing is women who have to “pretty themselves” in order to get a date - and it’s one extreme to another. What kind of message are you trying to send with this drivel? Develop a game that promotes positivity, independence and self acceptance, not some superficial bullsh*t because the only way women have anything to live for is to get a date with some jacka**. Get a grip..Version: 2.3.1

Enjoyed at first BUT thenI really enjoyed the game at first (even though it’s not at all what was advertised) but as you progress it becomes tedious and frustrating. It starts off well, fun with a challenge but then gets silly. 300 coins to take off glasses? 600 to remove one item of furniture? It takes forever just to clear a room before even beginning the makeover. It wouldn’t be so bad if the coins rewards increased throughout the levels but they don’t. The levels get very difficult and can take 10+ attempts yet you still only receive 300 coins. There’s no need for the levels to be so difficult and so near impossible to complete. It takes far too long to get through just one level and you can’t spend very long playing as your lives run out very quickly. Rather than enticing you to spend money (which I gather is the aim) it just puts you off the game . If actually prefer to watch ads which I thought I’d never say. I will probably delete soon, which is a shame, but it’s impossibility just makes the game frustrating..Version: 2.5.1

Hot GarbageI was actually slightly enjoying the game for a while, but the cons started to quickly outweigh the pros. First of all, it’s 2% gameplay 98% candy crush, which I wouldn’t have a problem with if the devs didn’t purposely give you less moves than you need. But then I got to level 134 and I gotta say whatever moron designed this level deserves to take a long walk off a short cliff. The circumstances and the number of moves are so dumb it drove me to uninstall this garbage game and write this review. Then the stupid mini games only give you 300 coins per win, which is almost never enough, and the daily log in prizes are a joke. Just like every mobile game these days everything is behind a paywall or is annoyingly grindy. Not to mention the highly offensive ads, and in game messages you’re sending to impressionable children. I played up until the goth girl and all the “designers” were borderline making fun of her makeup and clothes. Distasteful, a waste of time, and terrible game design, which is a shame because this could’ve been a really enjoyable game but yknow....$$$.Version: 2.6.2

Horrible appI am 12 years old and this app is so lame. None of my friends would ever use it and obviously the people that make it are seriously old and deluded. I don’t know what planet they are living on but these days we don’t spend our time trying to catch a man as our mission in life. There’s no way I’m dressing up a girl so she can keep her boyfriend! LOL! Delete! Ridiculous and gross..Version: 2.10.1

Fun to pass time…I been playing this for long time, but found out in ipad storage how much data etc is used nearly 5gb! My next app was 1.8gb, find this very steep for a game. I enjoy it to pass time but with all the pop up rewards and doing other makeovers I was losing the enjoyment. Was not interested in the story or collecting clothes etc. I started doing it, but just wanted to do puzzles. Trying to compete with others was too much. This game is fun in small doses, and I never paid or watched ads to keep going on puzzles..Version: 2.51.1

Project makeoverIt was addicting but not any more! This game is great but the levels are very hard which makes the game a big disappointment! I’m trying to solve the same problem everyday! So I would like you to make an upgrade for that immediately. Overall this game is acceptable, but I still recommend that urgent upgrade for levels to become easier. One last thing, I think there isn’t enough clothes for your clients or yourself to dress into. I hope you fix these problems.👍 Thank you..Version: 2.17.1

Appalling messageI downloaded this to leave a review after seeing the ads for this on another app. This app is rated for ages FOUR+. And is sending messages that a woman’s goal should be to be “beautiful” to impress people and gain their respect. The women are pictured with body hair to show them as ugly. Is NO ONE ELSE seeing how horrifying this message is? And it’s advertised to CHILDREN???.Version: 2.5.1

Very fun but way too difficultPuzzles are fun but get to be impossible. Sometimes I’ll spend days doing the same puzzle over and over again until I get passed it. Everything is too expensive with the puzzles being too hard to get through to earn coins or items. I’ve spent a bit of money for gems too but it’s not worth it bc the amount it gives you for what you pay you spend almost immediately. Won’t be buying any gems again. I don’t mind paying for a game if I really enjoy it, but there’s no option to pay for unlimited lives or like a sub which gives you an allowance of gems & coins monthly or something. I skip through all the drama tbh. The story could use some work but the major priority should honestly be the difficulty of the game and the system for which you earn gems/coins. I don’t want to stop playing this game, & I could see myself spending more money on it if it was designed in a way where it would actually be worth my while. I love this game but want to rage quit bc of how frustrating it is when the puzzles are impossible & I’ve been working on a makeover for over a week & the client is still stuck in a towel since I can’t pass the puzzle to buy them some clothes. Please fix this!!! I’d love to play this game more..Version: 2.27.2

Liked it at first but DIVERSITY PLEASEAt first, it gave me what I came for. A fun makeover game helping redecorate the rooms and giving them funky new looks etc. I even found the candy crush-like levels fun, if a bit tedious at times, but I ended up deleting it pretty quickly and here’s why. About three or four makeovers in, you reach this goth girl who is 1) very pretty and clearly has a really cool sense of style, and 2) frequently shows resistance to getting a makeover, but it’s largely glossed over by bad puns by the other characters who ‘work’ with you. You then have no choice but to strip this character of all her individuality and style which was based off of horror movies (which she loves), and turn her into a basic-looking generic girl with a room that looks like literally every other room you have redesigned up to this point. I played through most of the makeover in the hopes that it would give you options to simply make her gothic look more modern, but no, the only options it gives you are generic and unoriginal. Zero diversity in style and personality. And I know this is just a dumb kids game, but really that’s all the more reason to not keep reinforcing these ideas on very impressionable kids. There is nothing wrong with a gothic style, and it really infuriated me that this is seen as terrible and ‘scary’ in the game. Grow up. Sorry game, I gave you a shot and you blew it. Peace out..Version: 2.29.1

Constant directions on what to do frustratingI like this app but I stopped playing for one reason. After playing this games for the last 10minutes I’d like to make it clear that yes, I I got the gist of how to play this game and I knew what to do in the first 2minutes, it’s not rocket science I don’t need constant reminding how to play puzzles that are basically like candy crush, soda crush and what not. I got highly frustrated by this and left the game. It’s fine to show players how to play the first two times you purchase an item of clothing and that you have to play a candy crush version puzzle to get money and what not but perhaps there should be a help button that people can press after being shown what to do in the first 2minutes. This is the only reason why I gave the game 3 stars. Apart from being told what to do every 30seconds I did like the game..Version: 2.0.2

Not as advertised & getting frustratingAs others have mentioned already; - this game is not as advertised. The makeovers are good (home and looks) but the game is not where you choose what they do or say in their social environments! Why advertise that if that’s not what the game is about? - this game is 70% candy crush/match 3 - you continually earn the same amount of coins (300 coins) for passing a level, no matter what level you’re on... why does this not increase as the cost of most tasks in makeovers are higher than this? - the levels are sometimes impossible to win without spending actual money on boosters or gems (until the game allows you to win) I’m done buying gems. It should not be this difficult to progress..Version: 2.8.1

Pay to win at higher levelsIt was fun until you go to the higher levels until it’s literally pay to win to progress. I’m stuck at this level (nearly lv300) and I’ve been grinding for a week every time the lives fill up to no avail. There have been lots of time when I literally needed one more move to clear the level, sometimes many games in a row like. I just don’t have enough free diamonds to pay for extra moves multiple game in a row. This game just wants to to give them money for diamonds so that you can buy the extra moves. Maybe they should includes a way to earn diamonds by watching ads, otherwise it’s really hard to earn it for a free to pay player..Version: 2.9.1

Becomes a money trapI loved this game for the first makeover or 2, but being able to actually do the makeovers (piece by small piece) requires hours and hours in this puzzle section of the app, to earn currency to enable the makeover (it costs hundreds of ‘dollars’ to remove clothing, item by item (which takes forever)), and the currency itself becomes incredibly difficult to procure, to the extent that you can’t do it without buying loads of gems/other assists. In the end, after literally hours trying to complete a single round (winning no dollars at all) and spending about $60 REAL dollars towards props that would help me complete the round (all so I could remove one more piece of clothing or clean one part of their body, before going back to the grind for hours to ‘earn’ more currency in the app) - I had to realise I’d been had, and I’m deleting the app. I don’t recommend this beyond a couple of hours at the outset, where the challenges are relatively easy until they ‘hook’ you for real cash (and a lot of it). More fool me..Version: 2.15.2

Really?So you collect these diamonds and when you’ve worked hard to do so they want you to pay £5 to have them, er NO! They hardly give you any times to complete the levels, awww they think that makes it fun for us, NO! The amount of levels you have to do for one item to makeover is ridiculous. Makeover colours are limited and don’t even match up sometimes, choices limited and once you’ve done a few you have done them all. Time you’ll never get back. Oh and the weapons don’t work consistently either depending on how many goes you have along with the amount that drop too. It’s poor. Oh and twenty minutes each between life when you die. Takes forever to load. Boring. They give you like 30 things to remove in 10 goes, so you can imagine you NEVER EVER have enough goes and the muppets who make this game stupidly think that’s fun. Awww. Deleted, happy now??????????!!!!!!!! Aren’t you clever, not, boring, better pulling your nails out, it’s more fun..Version: 2.45.1

Crashed as I was about to win an unbeatable levelThe candy crush style games you have to play to win coins for the makeovers, get harder and harder. The objective of the game creators is to get you to use the gems to beat the level, and eventually to get gems you need to pay real money for them. I was playing level 85, which is designed to be extremely difficult. I’ve played this level multiple times without winning. Finally got a great round and was a couple of moves away from winning, and the app crashed. Poor form..Version: 2.3.1

To Much puzzles and to expensive also waste of timeThe reason I rate this a three is because literally if your going to download this don’t be cause you have to puzzles to earn coins and you can only get 300 for each puzzle it’s insane. Also to do task like brush the girls hair it’s like 450 tokens for it like . Urrrr 😡 I used to love this app but I hate it now I hate how you have to do freaking puzzles that are extremely frustrating and annoying that for a reward give you 300 coins !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So if y’all want this game make sure you save up yo coins. And be ready for hours of doing a stupid puzzle to earn only 300 coins for spending 3 hours of your Time doing this stupid puzzle. The best part about this app is that when your done saving up coins and buying stuff is to see your characters house of beatification you dressed them up but I’m warning you there’s levels that say like 450 to do hair 500 to 600😷🤧🤧😲😵😮😑😐🤔this is a waste of time don’t download also it gets old once in a while so. And this ain’t a puzzle app it’s project MAKEOVER not PROJECT PUZZLE stupids whoever made this game urrrr worst game everrrr about makeover James Charles could make a game better than this plzzz fix your app plz there must be another to earn money for example find a job in the city like in starbucks or something but sorry I am deleting this app horrible game.Version: 2.2.1

This game is okI actually downloaded it to find out if it was as bad as it looked in the adds. It’s way better for sure! It doesn’t have any adds in it which I was expecting, so that’s another good thing. The biggest reason I gave this four stars was that I think the matching games should be easier and/or take less time, and the makeover part more challenging and longer. That’s because the longer you spend just matching things instead of doing the makeovers the closer it gets to going from “Project Makeover” to “Just another candy crush knock off” and it’s already pretty close. Im stuck on level 20 and because of that I literally CANT PLAY THE GAME. Then I realized that you probably make a super low chance to beat the level because you want people to buy stuff from you! Well guess what? I have better stuff to do with my money and I assure none of it will ever go into your game. If I lose my lives on level 20 one more time I’m uninstalling this. P.S. please please please fix your adds In other games for your own good. If you showed actual gameplay or something similar in the adds the game would get more downloads. I downloaded it because I wanted to find out if it was actually possible for a game to be as bad as this game looked In the adds. But I doubt many others will do that..Version: 2.38.1

It was fun for a while..I enjoyed it at the start, play a few games to earn coins so you can redecorate the room and do a makeup over on the person. However as you progress they make the levels harder to pass, so you playing the same level for days unless you want to spend money buying extra moves!! There is one thing to make each room and character have more things you need to do, which I will say is fun but then to make the levels impossible to pass, you get nowhere so it no longer fun at all. If you stuck with not much do to because of Covid, then play it but it will frustrate you so much that you will feel (like me) your time would be better spent watching Netflix or reading a book! Do yourself a favour and just delete the game, I feel better for it!!.Version: 2.13.1

Not really that good make sure to read thisHi! If you’re reading this I want to tell you that I downloaded this game because I was interested in the advert and the stories the advert has but it’s nothing like the advert heres why. This game is exactly like candy crush but it’s kind of annoying because you would spend your stars and then have to play but you could never complete it and you couldn’t play and use all your hearts when you play. The advert has stories like dressing up a woman to win back her ex but there isn’t anything like that in this and it’s just boring. It’s addictive I have to say but I don’t recommend it sorry but I think if you are going to spend lots of money on a game be honest and put what the actual game is in the advert not a false game. I get it, it’s advertisement and business but you are losing rates. Sorry for the negative feedback! I hope if you like the game you enjoy it but this is just my opinion! Have a nice day!! 😊😊😇😇.Version: 2.46.1

Good but could be better !!The game overall is good - I like having to earn coins by playing “candy crush” game-like levels. but the further you progress in the game, the coins you get for completing levels stay at 300 coins although the levels are harder and the things you purchase (top,trousers,sofa,table) is more expensive ?! so it is harder as the money doesn’t go up as the price of the things you purchase does. I thought the game, by advertisement, was a lot different to the reality of the game. On Instagram I was drawn in by a “quick makeover”, of a few choices and had to choose the correct one out of 4, within the timer, before the person goes on a date/meeting/work etc. but it’s nothing like that (clicking the wrong option eg. “Shower” while she has make up on, and she then turns up to the date, a mess, then you fail. but that’s not the game hahah. even though that’s how it’s advertised on Instagram. However, the game is ok. Lack of choices also !!! you have a choice of three for each section of the room/make over. which tbh, isn’t much choice and not all the options go well together..Version: 2.4.1

Good game, but too hardI love this game but some of the levels are so hard that I get stuck on them and can’t progress. It’s really frustrating and makes me not want to play the game. Also sometimes I watch a video to get one more move, but after the video ends it says I’ve run out of moves and I don’t get given that free move. Very frustrating and annoying. Please fix this..Version: 2.23.1

SCAM!!!!Had this app for about a year. I enjoyed it and all until I went to purchase some purple diamonds or crystals or whatever and it literally said “purchase declined” on the app when I tried to purchase em. I went at checked my balance on my online account and it has charged me when it said that it was declined on the app. Your probably wondering how I knew. I made a purchase at 5:54pm and on my online back statement it said the purchase of 4:99 was deposited at 5:55pm on the same day. Literally has been stealing money from me all this time. I’ve been wondering why I have random amounts of payments being charge to my apple account. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME! ITS A SCAM 😡😡😡.Version: 2.22.1

Bad game, spent all your time playing mini gamesLame game! Wanted to play a makeover game, not a million mini games. Literally for every 30 mins of mini games, you get 1 min of makeover game time. Waste of time.Version: 2.0.2

Horrible messageQuelle sorte d’image envoi ce jeu insignifiant. Que le mieux est de changer son image corporelle pour plaire aux autres? Le simple visionnement des pubs concernant ce jeu me décourage. Je ne peux pas croire qu’en 2021 ce jeu soit encore sur le marché. 0/10 pour ce jeu et le message qu’il véhicule..Version: 2.3.1

Almost impossible w/o spending $…I really enjoyed this game at first. The look of the game is amazing, I like the music, the concept is very interesting as well. It is a very well made game. However, I’ve been playing for a couple weeks now and I get stuck on every level. It is nearly impossible to play without buying items to help you. I would pay money but you can only choose certain items before the level begins and then that item just appears randomly at the start of the level. I should get to choose where I put the item, and be able to choose an item in the middle of the level if I need to. Each level only gives you 20 or so moves, which is kinda ridiculous for all the stuff you have to do to pass the level. You get 5 lives max - however they refill relatively quick. Today I was playing quick before class and I unlocked unlimited lives for 1 hour - i was so disappointed because I didn’t have the time to play nonstop for an hour so it was pretty much wasted. I wish it would only count the hour for when I have the app open but no…Also the designing and dress up is really fun but require mountains of coins and you only get 3 options and sometimes all of the options are just plain ugly. If these specific problems got fixed I would be happy because it really is a fun game and has so much potential..Version: 2.31.1

Impossible. Way too difficult!There is no possible way to get past level 36. I have tried EVERYTHING and I always run out of moves! No matter what booster (I tried them all & ran out) you try you still never win. I have used all of my lives consistently for 2 days straight trying to do this. I will be uninstalling. If I could put 0 stars I would have..Version: 2.28.1

If i could give it 0 stars i wouldI downloaded this so i could review it. it’s 2021. it’s tragic and disgusting that this is still the message the developers want to send to young kids. why not a game that sees kids helping these characters succeed in a career? sending the message that ones looks are the most important quality is awful. that a woman’s worth is determined by her beauty - gross. i don’t want the developer to respond to this message saying they are sorry i feel this way. this is inexcusable, don’t apologize, do better..Version: 2.6.2

HUGE Waste of timeI’m usually not the type to leave a review but I am so very disappointed with this game. Like most people have mentioned in the reviews, it was very fun at first. Challenging a bit when you get to the second person (which is expected since you’re moving up in levels which I didn’t mind) but once you get to the third character it’s BLATANTLY obvious that they are just trying to get you to spend money. I am a person who loves games that give me a challenge but it’s a big difference when things get unrealistic and impossible. All of the advertisements I seen for this game and THIS is what it had to offer? I could’ve continued to play Candy Crush. This game is called Project Makeover and yet you spend 90% of your time doing puzzles and getting only 300 coins for every one. Even when you get a “Mystery Box” gift from completing a round, you end up having to still pay for it with the game cash 🤬You can’t even watch a video to earn coins. I could really go on and on. The point is, unless you have money to just freely spend on this game, play up until about the 2nd makeover and DELETE the app. There are so many more games out here that you can enjoy without being pressured every second to spend your money. That’s not a game, it’s a gimmick. I had high expectations for Project Makeover but I can see this app flopping in about a couple months if they don’t fix this mess..Version: 2.4.1

Change the levels to get money!!!So I am at level 22 on the way to get money and I am really ANGRY I have tried to complete it but I CAN NOT 1: you need to make it so you at least have a chance at doing it. Like as the levels get harder you could make it so you have more goes on it like you only get 25 or whatever goes to try and I keep running out!!!!!😡 second of all make it so you can send the green money on stuff to create the rooms and make the people better! I keep needing to try levels but I am stuck on level 22 so I can’t get past the person! Please creator of this game see this review and maybe consider doing some changes! Other than those bad things it’s a fun game! I like it it is challenging fun and interesting!.Version: 2.4.1

False advertisingIf the was a zero star rating I would’ve done that. I saw the star ratings were more towards the 4 stars range so downloaded it, after playing, it’s rubbish. I hate how the ads to these games look way more better then the game itself. I would recommend someone actually creates the game the way it is advertised they would make much more money. You can’t select what the person wears or make the choices yourself like it is seen in ad. Instead they have them automatically decided and you have to play an annoying candy crush game to earn enough For the ALREADY decided option. Annoying, trash, false advertisement. Uninstall..Version: 2.6.2

Sexist and harmfulWhile it’s good fun I’ve got a serious issue with the ad for the game. It sets a bad example for kids. It makes them think that the first person they like will cheat on them. Plus why do all the girls have to have husbands that cheat on them and why is it always boy+girl? I mean LGBTQ+ exists, stop making it boy+girl. Beauty on the inside is a lot more important than beauty on the outside. It will harm their self esteem and is not the right game for children of any age. Like i said before, it’s always boy-girl and the girl is always mistreated and the guy cheats. I mean yeah it happens a lot more than it should but no way should it be featured in a kids game! You want girls to look pretty and sit there. To all those meet-a-boy-and-immediately-become-a-doll games: stop it now, set a better example. Also, to all parents out there: listen to me, don’t let your kids play this game. Let them play the right games, educate them to be better and to not listen to those kinds of ads..Version: 2.26.2

Frustrating and limitedIt started out as a good app but the challenges get ridiculously difficult as you go further along in the game. If I wanted to play candy crush I’d have downloaded that app instead and unfortunately with this game you spend most of the time playing candy crush than you do actually doing the makeovers. The choices with the makeovers are also very limited and you have a choice of 3 items to pick rather than being able to have full control over your designs/makeovers You also have to pay to remove model’s clothes, glasses etc so it is annoying when you complete a challenge and have to use your earnings on things like that. If the candy crush challenges weren’t so difficult I may have stuck with it but I’ve had enough of trying to complete one level on the ship wreck makeover for the past 3 days so I’m going to delete the app and look for something better instead! Could be a much better app!!.Version: 2.19.1

Fun but expensiveAgree with other reviewers. The games is a lot of fun, has really good quality graphics and interesting storylines. As you progress the levels get harder. As I progressed through the game I would play a level 3 or 4 times before buying boosters otherwise the game became tedious. I did spend a lot of money on this game ($50 AUD/week). I almost reached level 500, built a nice inventory of clothing and furnishings for my avatar, consistently visited other players to build a friend base - but lost everything including all my carefully curated makeovers when I reinstalled the game! I didn’t have the heart to start from scratch again..Version: 2.14.1

ARE YOU KIDDING?? teaching 4 year olds abuse!!??..The husband is dissatisfied with his wife's appearance so he roughs her up. She gets all beautiful and then he loves her. WHAT KIND OF MESSAGE IS THIS?...Version: 1.4.1

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