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Spark Driver App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Spark Driver app received 39 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Spark Driver? Can you share your negative thoughts about spark driver?

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Spark Driver for Negative User Reviews

Great job, horrible appThis app is a great way to make money but the app crashes a lot which messes up certain orders. Sometimes you go to a store to pick up an order that was already delivered so you wasted your time and they don’t reimburse you for wasted time. Other times you wait 30 + minutes for your order that said ready which now makes you late for your other orders. The gps location update is trash. When you pick up two 10 order batches it’s no way for you to start the second trip without being at the physical location. But you guys encourage us to do batches but then have us going order by order on the phone. Ask the actual drivers what the app needs or how y’all can improve..Version: 2.17.2

Less offers or no offersAfter reading some of the reviews On this app. It all makes sense, during the Christmas season, my orders went from as many as I could take; to first come first serve offers. For all of the new hires, during the Christmas season, we're getting all of the orders, leaving out the drivers that were there before and will still be there when the Christmas season is over. I would like to know, why they do this. It is unfair treatment to your dedicated drivers! When we make a call to support, all we get are scripted responses for the most part. If you're lucky you might get a person that helps you..Version: 2.15.1

Save your self some troubleThis is a new service so I get that it will take some time to iron out all of the issues . But it really seems like who ever put this together has no real experience in logistics I have worked six hours bouncing back between four locations and have made a whopping 5 dollars an hour . They don’t stack and they que up the deliveries two hours in advance . They don’t even bother to stack you with more as you sit and wait If you have those two or worse one that’s all your going to get while you sit for two hours . And Waiting every two hours to make one or two deliveries is boring and equates to about five dollars an hour . The spark team needs to get this fixed . No one can make money this way . And I understand maybe on busy afternoons and weekends maybe you can make out ok pay wise . But overall don’t count this as career or even a stable income ..Version: 2.13.1

AppI love working for spark but the app is so slow and just loads most the time when you try to accept the offers it’s really annoying I had to come back and edit my first review because now I see my metrics are going down over things that that it isn’t suppose to hit down for like the weather and the app It’s snowing in Louisiana where I live and it was hard to drive in that I never drove in snow before so yes I drove extra slow to make sure I didn’t hurt someone are wreak my car I’m sure spark not going to help me fix it And I had to reject 2 orders us the app said pick up at 2 39 and drop off between 7 and 8 and the store didn’t have it and I called and got the driver support to cancel it but my metrics went down for that when it wasn’t my fault.Version: 2.16.0

Most frustrating app everI have been with spark for about 4 months. Upon starting things were great! I always set my schedule to 84 hours and accept every order I can and could usually make about $500/wk. I find out other drivers are making close to $1600/wk and I don’t know how that’s happening. For a whole month all my orders were coming in to already saying “offer expired”. I made no money and my metics went down so zero since I couldn’t accept any orders. I finally broke down and purchased a second phone after getting no useful/meaningful help from Spark. When I used it the first day offers were coming in left and right. Here we are a week later no offers are even coming in. I’m at a lost for worlds like why is it so difficult to have a proper working app?.Version: 2.19.0

It’s ALWAYS somethingI’m constantly having to uninstall and re install the app. Unknown error message all the time and the Only way to fix that is to reset your password. Just another troubleshooting step I have to do every time I use the app. I ALWAYS get overloaded on the day my availability is off (Tuesday) which, according to them is a low volume day, but on the weekend during high volumes, I get 3 offers all day. I feel once I get to a certain amount of earnings, my offers go silent. It’s extremely hard to accept offers because once the wheel stops spinning, the offer is “no longer available “. Sometimes I can’t even get an offer in time when I’m just staring at my phone and see the offer before the notification. It’s ERY frustrating. Between all the platforms, you make 3 times more with DoorDash Just because they got it together with their app, things run smoothly, and you can knock out several deliveries in a short period. Spark “engineers “ need to get with DoorDash engineers and take some notes! #overit.Version: 2.16.0

Deactivated Account For Who Knows Why:After being praised by people at Spark for being a top driver in my area and working for the past year for Spark Delivery, as of yesterday 9/8/20 I received a text message from Spark stating my account has been deactivated and it has been unclear as too why that reasoning is. After talking with multiple supervisors from the Spark team they’re unable to have an answer for me. It doesn’t make any sense as they stated they don’t have any control over that which too me, since they’re the ones that deactivated my account someone should have an answer as to why that is.. it has been very frustrating and as a top driver for this company, I’m hoping to be reinstated as I should not have been deactivated in the first place. Just makes you question if this company truly looks out for there drivers as they say they do and are “always happy too help” when they clearly don’t have the resources at there hands too help you..Version: 2.10.0

Is this still in beta?!Don’t plan on paying your bills with this one. I would give this app zero stars if I was able to. If I’m lucky, I get one delivery opportunity a week; however by the time I re-enter my login info (why make me do this? face id is a thing now!) the offer is already gone (or just isn’t showing up? that wouldn’t surprise me). I haven’t been able to accept an order in over two months. I’ve called customer service — they’re great, the problem isn’t theirs — and after explaining how few orders I get, I was told that it’s a round robin system and they “reset the server” in my area. It didn’t help at all. Their round robin is broken. My availability is set to 7 days a week, 4-8 pm, you’d think I would get more than one a week, right?.Version: 2.1.2

App simply doesn’t workI just started working with the Spark app. I accepted my first offer and everything went smoothly. But after that, crickets. Thought it was weird so I kept refreshing my app. Low and behold, the app wasn’t working and it would just freeze up or give me a spinning wheel. I tried logging out, logging back in, deleting the app, reinstalling. Nothing. Wouldn’t work. Finally, that evening, I was able to see offers come in. But when I accepted one, it just locked up again. Then the app was down again. Next morning I got up and headed toward the store thinking offers would start coming in. But no. Crickets again. Well sure enough, the app was down again and offers wouldn’t load. So I logged out and now can’t log back in. Tried the whole uninstall/reinstall to no avail. Been waiting for someone to answer at customer support for over an hour now. Hard to make a living when the app doesn’t work..Version: 2.16.0

App not workingI haven't received offers for past 3 days now going on 4 this isn't right every time I call in I get same answer just except offers u do get ok well I don't get any so how can I receive any if I don't get any and was told it was just my account not receiving them so something is going on then just the app it's I personally not getting offers and no one will tell kenwhy. Wish some one would help me in stead of pushing me aside I work hard delivering these orders and this how I get treated very upsetting!! I did love this job is it possible to get help for this issue I keep getting told it's my phone it's not on my end I am blocked from all offers.Version: 2.16.0

Lack of deliveries/ App issuesI have a driving for spark for almost 2 months. When I first started everything seem great7-10 deliveries a day , but as time went on I got less offers and only receiving an average of 1-2 deliveries a day. When I contacted the tech support and spark dispatch, I was told it’s computer base and Random selection on a round robin and could not guarantee any deliveries. That if I skipped one day(vacation or doctors appointment)that the computer puts you at the bottom of the drivers list and you have to wait for offers in rotation for your name to filter through all other drivers before they come back to you. So the drivers on the top of the list get all the deliveries.. I personally think that this is unfair and spark should find a better system on rotating offers. For this company to have a rotation system and have employees who work for the company can’t even explain how it works. Reaching out to spark dispatch does nothing except cause more confusion and frustration!!.Version: 2.3.1

They are liars, Look at all the SAME ISSUES!I have the same problem as all the rest of the reviews, isn’t that funny. I’ve worked for this company for over 11 months, I have my availability set for 84 hours. I work 7 days a week every week I do 12 batch orders a day non stop that entire time up until two weeks ago. I took off 3 days Valentine’s weekend I set my availability to unavailable and went out of town and came back and tried to work and not a single delivery. You contact them and they give you the same cut and paste generic responses that there being paid to send you every time you complain. They have ads on indeed and Craigslist hiring more and more drivers and just forget about the people that built this platform for them. It’s greed laziness and politics. It’s not issues with your phone or the latest update. It’s a corrupt system they refuse to fix. You can’t punish someone for taking time off when flexible schedule was one of the main selling points in the job description. You have drivers dropping deliveries all day everyday. I want my work load back I have 4 kids and another on the way I depend on these deliveries to put food on the table. This is unacceptable..Version: 2.17.0

For the technical departmentI love this app to make money and design my work schedule, but I have a problem I have already contacted customer service to help me but I do not see results, my problem is that when I select that I am not available to work they all drop me the trips and when I am available I do not receive any notification that is to say no trips that should improve it a little those of the technical department otherwise everything perfect.Version: 2.14.0

Major App IssueFor the last four weeks out of nowhere I have not been receiving any offers or if I do receive an offer it doesn’t allow me to except it it only allows me to except when there is high demand and spark is offering additional funds to make a delivery. I have made numerous complaints and sent emails and phone calls and no one seems to care about the issue all I keep getting is general answers about setting my availability deleting and reinstalling the app and so forth I have done everything in my power to try to fix this I wish someone else would take this as serious as I have I have went for making $500 a week to making barely $100 because of this app issue very disappointing!!.Version: 2.18.1

New Feature***Spark Needs to incorporate this feature*** Certified Delivery feature, which will give both customers and shoppers an easier way to confirm delivery of high-value orders. When a customer places an order with a high-value item, they’ll be notified they have to be home to receive delivery. Here’s how it will work for shoppers: • Once you arrive at the customer’s house, you’ll see a prompt asking the customer to sign for the delivery on their phone • After the customer has signed, you’ll be notified on your app • If the customer isn’t able to sign on their phone, you’ll be prompted to scan the customer’s ID instead • Once a customer signs for their high-value items using Certified Delivery, they won’t be able to report an item as missing By prompting customers to acknowledge they’ve received high-value items, we’re helping ensure seamless hand-off from shopper to customer..Version: 2.13.1

Horrible app and servicePlain and simple the worst app for delivery, terrible customer service and even worse pay. Keep in mind they will find so many excuses not pay you for work they tell you to do it’s insane. Wait time pay maybe if that app works, pay for returning orders, perhaps if they don’t decide to cancel the order while in route back to the store so you get paid nothing for the original trip or the return pay. Holiday pay and bonuses even bigger joke, they will be so behind you’ll get one order done every few hours if that. Oh and enjoy the rating from their system for late orders that they’ve given you after their late and customer ratings based off the late delivery that was never updated. As to the developer response, what a joke basically you can call or write in to the same people that lied time and time again having me deliver orders for free under the guise they would get you paid and claim your paid for wait time. You will never even get a response to an escalated ticket, automated or otherwise from these people. Independent contractors here are just just trash to be discarded..Version: 2.15.1

Very low payI’ve been doing a few of these driving apps over last few days and this one is the worst paying and offers the least amount of deliveries yesterday it wanted me to pickup two batches of groceries for a delivery payment of $4.50 each before tips and I couldn’t even pickup the order until two hours after this order was offered.... This is straight up peasant work and they are taking complete advantage of people’s desperation. Anyone who is reading this please don’t bother with this you won’t make any money DoorDash pays much better and has a lot more work to offer.Version: 2.12.4

No compensation for your timeSpark has added new features like spark now to keep drivers available but then they don’t send enough work. They expect you to be available 12 hours a day and might send 4 offers and they don’t compensate any of your time plus if you get an offer and store is behind you get very little pay to wait I’m averaging about 2.50$ an hour right now and people are desperate so they actually do this and spark is taking advantage of it. If you decide to do this just know your are disposable and will be disappointed eventually I’m sorry to anyone who depends on this as soon as they flood your market with drivers it’s worthless.Version: 2.18.1

No trips poor managementIts been going on for a month or more that I am not getting deliveries at all. Maybe one or 2 in the period of 2 weeks I haven't went weeks on a row without getting any orders. And everyone else I know in my area that work in this (family) is getting orders everyday and throughout the whole day. By the way I was one of the first drivers in my area when it started and I was very happy with the job everything was running smooth. Until more drivers started getting hired you guys started prioritizing new drivers instead of the ones that began this with you guys. I feel as if Im being thrown to the side since I get no orders and if i do it would be "first come first serve" I never get orders assigned to me with the 2 minutes timer anymore. I try calling you guys and no one has an answer and even sometimes ignore me by saying that you guys can't hear me over the phone and hang up on me. Overall the job is fine but you guys are managing the amount of drivers and orders very bad. If we only go 2 days without working you guys stop sending us orders or make us (inactive) and thats not how its done because you guys don't know what can happen to a person, like a back injury or anything there are people like me who do this full time. Very disappointed ATT: Jordan Gonzalez.Version: 2.7.1

Frustrated 😕My availability is set & I do change it when necessary. Normally my schedule only allows me to work 3 days a week. For awhile now I either don’t receive offers on those days I’m available or very few. I know they have orders because if you’re a good driver you form a relationship with the online grocery employees. Plus I live in this town so I see these people when I shop there as well. Now the majority of the time on the days I’m unavailable offers come in quite often. Now granite I understand those days that I’m not available are busier than the rest of the week, but it still doesn’t seem right. Now this week I was available almost the whole week and I made sure my availability reflected that. Yet all of a sudden on these normal busy days I have barely received any offers. There are also many times the notifications do not make a sound or they don’t show up in a banner. I make sure the settings are correct which they are & everything else on my phone works. I always make sure my app is up to date..Version: 2.12.4

New over expanded zones are a jokeThe new expanded zones are ridiculous. My zone went from two stores to twelve on April 20th. The 12 stores cover a 2 hour driving distance and proximity offers do not work at ALL. When I do get the occasional round Robin Offer it is for the Apopka stores 2 hours from my location. Is that a JOKE. Then there are now 12 stores worth of drivers fighting for the sprinkling of first come first serve offers. I’d like to see how the app engineers would like to see who’s fastest to push a button for there PAY. This zone should be split in half 6 stores east and 6 stores west. And then round robin offers should be properly offered by proximity to the driver. It’s really not that complicated!!!.Version: 2.19.0

App crashingThe app for the last couple of days have been crashing I know there is a lot of traffic when offers are being sent out but I am missing offers that show up and say available on my Home Scree I go to offers and if crashes and say something went wrong please try again and I miss the order I have it happen often and have screenshots of it taking place I can make a screen record as well this is taking money out my pocket because your app can not contain the pressure that’s a developer issue please resolve it.Version: 2.19.0

Absolutely flawed!This app is terrible. My husband and I have been driving part time since December 2020. It has been a mess since day one but the last 3 days have been the worst. All notifications have been On but we have received ZERO notifications. ZERO offers on either of our accounts. This makes it had to make any money on the days off of our everyday job. Even when the app is working it’s like throwing food to the piranhas and everyone in the area is trying to pick up the same orders at the same time. You can’t choose they store you want to pick up from. There are 4 stores in my city and all offers for all 4 stores pop up on a list and you have to muddle through them to find the right store number. This app needs SO MUCH WORK!.Version: 2.16.0

Serious schedule issues.I’ve had issues with latency when changing my schedule. I also think when you use a custom schedule it offers you jobs all day regardless. I’ve never been on before 10:00 but more often then not I get round robin offers at 7:45 and 8:45. My acceptance rate stays at 90% even though I take every offer I get while on schedule for days on end. Do you know what the length of time it takes for the app to recognize a change in schedule? This has been so frustrating..Version: 2.16.0

It’s okay.Overall it’s an ok independent contractor job. When you first start working your delivery compensation is high. Then it drops significantly after about a month. Getting $9 per grocery delivery is not enough. Most customers tip though, so that’s a plus. The deliveries are only available every if you’re lucky you’ll get 1 or 2 deliveries per hour. On top of that, if you stop working for a day or two at a time then you’ll get put at the bottom of the driver’s list and won’t receive many orders. The app itself is very glitchy, so it can be really annoying. Customer service doesn’t really know how and why the app functions the way it does, so I wouldn’t bother calling them. Overall it’s okay, so I would recommend spark delivery, but I prefer using other food delivery apps..Version: 2.4.0

Daily app issuesBy far this is the worst app platform I’ve worked for! It’s technical issues with each update, missing payment and trips on a regular basis, when you complete a trip you expect to be paid, but you’re told on a regular basis, a generated statement if it doesn’t appear wait 48hrs and call back, and they can do a manual ticket! Well the tickets starts to pile up, never can speak to someone who’s knowledgeable about how the program is supposed to work, never can speak to a supervisor, being that everyone works from home, and far as receiving trips it’s a joke, why flood the platform if the demand is not there which makes it next to impossible to receive offers without staring at the phone 24/7 or breaking your find to try and grab whatever! Spark need to start over with this program because it’s trash!.Version: 2.16.0

Fix this.What’s the point in setting my availability if I get offers all the time on days I’m not available (the weekend), which essentially destroys my metrics and my ability to get offers when I am available. This is an EASY FIX. We set availability, so acknowledge it. I’m getting thrown down to the bottom of the round robin when I’m not accepting offers that get sent to me when I’m not available. I am certain that is what is happening, based on all these reviews of people experiencing the same thing I have for months. Love this side gig I want to make it work for me, and this is such an easy fix for y’all. Figure it out..Version: 2.16.0

Glitchy/ Lack of offers/This app should just simply make all orders first come first serve instead of randomly making you wait 2 hours in the middle of your shift because they are giving offers to other people. They should also just send out orders whenever they cone through so that it rewards efficiency. I often find myself finishing deliveries with 45 minutes to spare. In the time I wait I could be doing more deliveries and helping myself and the company even more. This also makes a happier customer resulting in a win win win for every group the app revolves around; the customer, the deliverer, and walmart..Version: 2.19.0

OVERSATURATEDThe first couple months I would get orders ! The more people who signed the less orders the drivers in the beginning got ! I don’t get any orders all day then all of a sudden orders with extra money added that’s needs to get took comes to my phone !!! Why didn’t the order just come when it was first processed? So I’m only able to get orders drivers either drop or that’s round robin through drivers and no has accepted and then I get it. It’s unbelievable especially with 3 Walmart’s locally in my area .Then I absolutely hate that you have the option to set availablity but orders still come to your phone outside of your availability because I swear if you don’t accept orders or reject them they hold that against you ! CAP of drivers in these areas stop letting it be a thousand drivers !!!.Version: 2.3.0

This app is showing no promiseI haven’t received any orders today, or in the past couple of days since the update. My metrics isn’t horrible either so I’m not sure if the update broke something when it comes to the delivery algorithm, but I’ve had to move on to other things. Even when I’m available nothing shows up, or when I’m not available I use the spark and not one order shows up within the 3hr spark time limit. Bottom line if your doing spark as your primary be weary you may want to branch out to other things before yours stops working just to maintain your cash flow..Version: 2.19.0

Has trouble with locationAfter arriving for a scheduled pickup nobody came out for an hour. I asked why and they said their computer screen showed that I would arrive in 2 minutes for an hour. Even though I marked it on my side as start delivery. Also today I arrived at my scheduled time it and wouldn’t let me mark it as start, kept saying I was too early, finally let me after several attempts. Please mark your system notify the employees when I mark it as started so they can bring out my delivery. Thank you..Version: 2.3.0

Please don’t waste your time on thisThey plain and simple play games. The management is unfair, careless, and play favoritism. At the beginning was fine but then I noticed two specific drivers always getting most of the offers hour after hour. They claimed the system is automatic and random but is not. The system is manually manipulated. The store manager in my area apparently controls who he wants to make the more money. On weekends, holidays, and especially when incentives are offered is when they will pick and choose their favorites. Walmart should seriously look into this unfair situation and start abiding by their policies. They are giving too much power to their managers without control. Also, if you voice your opinion they make worse for you. This should not be occurring during this pandemic in which people are the most in need or ever. Walmart corporate investigate and take action!.Version: 2.13.2

Started off great but then crashed my hopes..I started spark about 2 months ago. For the first 3 weeks everything was great! Was getting 7-10 offers/day. Loved the job and it was super exciting. Told my wife how great this winter would be since I work a summer seasonal job we needed the winter income. Week 3 everything changed. I woke up with no offers and no help from customer service. I am sitting home today waiting on a single offer. I have talked to other drivers at the in-store pickup who have the same problems. The inconsistency will drive you crazy. No day is the same. I worked hard to have a 5 star rating and even with a 75% acceptance rating I’m having this problem. Please do not quit your job for this! It’s a side hustle that’s very unreliable. And Walmart doesn’t care nor does spark. More drivers will constantly sign up to start off great, only to be extremely disappointed. Enjoy your first few weeks cuz it goes downhill fast!.Version: 2.14.1

Bonus program hoaxWalmart’s spark program has incentives, but once you almost make it the algorithm doesn’t allow you to receive anymore orders. So essentially the blitz of making descent money with spark is over. You may as well be an hourly associate with the way things are going. Before, there were many orders now they are few and in between. It seems like they penalize you for not taking low ball deliveries, which are far away. Just be warned, this is no longer a good opportunity. It’s like a local restaurant, they are comfortable and are now prepared to give you bad service until the pandemic is done..Version: 2.17.0

DisappointedI’ve only been using this app for about 2wks and when I started, it worked like a breeze I had no issues. Now though, I haven’t had a request in almost 4 days now. I had called customer service and reported the issue thru the app, my availability has been open all day today and I only received 1 request in literally 6hrs. I know it’s the app because my Uber and DoorDash apps work just fine. Really disappointed because I did enjoy doing this way more than Uber, and I depend on apps like these to earn extra income and it’s extremely bad business to have apps malfunction like this. Update day #6 and no request again. I’m with other drivers their getting request but I’m not. No response from anyone with both emails I sent yesterday so guess I’ll be driving with Uber..Version: 2.16.0

Worst app for deliveriesEverytime I press on an order it says offer has been taking by somebody else. FOR 3 WEEKS it’s been doing this. I haven’t been able to get one single order. When I first started I was very excited cause the app was running smoothly than it started to act up on me for idk what reason and I wasn’t able to get even half of the money I was making. Y’all need to seriously change the way your app works because it’s not fair we’re all fighting for orders. 10 people could be waiting for an order to come in and a few of these people could be hoarding whatever is coming in. Then my acceptance rate is all low now because I couldn’t get the order? Now if any order does come in. I’m only getting orders ppl don’t want the ones where you carrying 80 bags of groceries up three flights of stairs at an apt complex with NO TIP. That’s not right. You need to fix it because I feel completely betrayed by this company. You need to reset all of our meters that are experiencing problems because that is not fair..Version: 2.16.0

Feeling cheatedI have had several issues with the app over the last few days, I’ve made several phone calls with no resolve. I’m very frustrated because right now there is a bonus incentive going on and I feel like every time there’s a bonus incentive this happens and it just seems suspicious to me. But I typically get several offers multiple offers throughout the day and I’m not hardly getting any offers at all. Then I realized that a notification comes through saying that I have an offer to accept but I never get the offer....and that’s happening over and over again. I’ve called multiple times to tell them what’s going on and they keep telling me that offers are not guaranteed. I realize this, that’s not the problem. The problem is I’m getting a notification saying that I have offers to accept and I’m sitting there looking at my screen but the offers never come through and then they say they’ve been accepted by somebody else but I never even had a chance to accept them. This happened last week when I needed 30 deliveries to get $500 and I got 29 deliveries and I didn’t get any more offers after that it’s so frustrating and this week is the same deal, there’s a bonus incentive program today and one for this entire week and it’s the same exact thing. I’ve had one offer actually come through to my phone today. I’m about at the end of my rope here. I’m not sure what else to do but I’ve definitely been cheated out of money I deserved to receive..Version: 2.19.0

Idle driversWalmart needs to look at the automated system sending out offers to drivers. One offer all day long. Clearly the newer drivers are getting all the work. When I first started delivering I had 7/8 deliveries now hardly get anything and they say it’s all automated. Wait time for customer service is absurd. Used to be able to speak to someone within 5/10 minutes now hold time is at least 30 minutes or longer. I sure hope the stores aren’t able to override which drivers make deliveries. Sure seems like it may be that way when you don’t get any offers and it’s the weekend before Thanksgiving..Version: 2.13.2

App crashes constantlyGood when it works but they will send message after message about all these bonuses. Then when you want to work there are no available orders. How can you offer a bonus when nothing pops up. I understand other people may be grabbing it but seriously no one sees any orders because the refresh wheel keeps spinning and you have to close out the app and reopen it. Urg!!! Can’t make any money with bonuses if they don’t let you work. So I do roadie most the time because atleast that one is reliable..Version: 2.19.0

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