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Could use improvementApp sometimes loads too slowly. I will accept and offer and it will load for maybe 10-20 seconds and then lags out and says it’s no longer available and at the point in loading the other offers have disappeared. This problem with loading is really hindering how many I can do during my availability. OR I’m sitting there staring at my phone and the notification pops up and I click on it immediately and the screen loads for too long and then the offer is gone before I could even see it..Version: 2.14.1

Delivery AreaI would like to suggest: To change delivery area by miles radius from Spark Drivers’ home. Example: My assigned delivery area gave me 4 Walmart, two of them are very far away from my house ( more than 25 minutes away including toll road, so I never take offers from those two Walmart. But, when I reject those offers I don’t receive any more offer . ( very frustrating) I have 5 Walmart near to my house ( around 7 miles away radius ) but only two of them belong to my area according Spark Area map, One of them is only 7 minutes away, but belong to another Spark area so I don’t receive offers from that one, but I receive from the one is 25 minutes away. Doesn’t make sense. I think will be great if we could choose the Walmart’s locations that we want to provide delivery..Version: 2.14.1

Glitch at times / over all great app to work withThis is a pretty simple and easy app ! Love this - yes had a few glitches like wasn’t being notified at p/u point but did address it and was emailed right away and followed directions and was fixed - another issue recently the past 3 days is that I would get every other hour but never back to back on deliveries / seems to be a pattern or a new thing - I have sent this in just now and will await to see if it’s another glitch had accured - hopefully gets resolved soon ! That’s half of my driving gone a day now 😨 Over-all great app and better than any out there I know at this time.Version: 2.8.3

Good app minor issuesThe app is good with directions. There have recently been upgrades accepting orders. There definitely needs to be some security upgrades for drivers and customers showing the identity of the delivery driver. We need to have our photo’s incorporated in the app for our protection since we are entering apartment building and are on people’s property. They need to know who we are. We’re in our personal vehicles and just in every day clothing. This would be a huge help. Thanks for the consideration in keeping us drivers safe!.Version: 2.5.0

Spark driverMetrics need to be evaluated! I find myself high anxiety! When I sit at a store for an hour waiting for groceries but docked for my arrival and late delivery from customer! There is absolutely no consistency from store to store and I would love a way to rate the person who loads my car. The app is constantly having issues and I than drop orders because I now can’t see my current trip. It causes a lot of headaches and also explaining to customers that yes it’s no contact delivery but unfortunately I need to verify your home to take the order. Or better ways the customer knows the driver is trying to reach them instead of contacting support. Also it would be nice to have the ability to choose which order you deliver first as sometimes the app is off and the 2nd order is closer so I loose time backtracking. Spark rocks for the fact I can choose my own times and really the support is absolutely amazing..Version: 2.12.4

I work around my small biz apptsI own a by appointment small business. I’m able to accept jobs around my appointments, helping to keep building my business while filling in any financial gaps I may have. No other job offers this flexibility. Having issues? Make sure your availability is updated. Then, ACCEPT! ACCEPT! ACCEPT! Don’t like the price? Accept anyway. Lower paying deliveries typically start you in a cycle of taking offer after offer in close proximities to one another. It’s an algorithm that is constantly fighting itself with your help. As long as your availability is accurate, you will eventually get offers. Be patient. They pick up as you take them..Version: 2.12.4

Make some extra moneyThis app is pretty incredible overall. It’s a great way to make some extra money, I just don’t agree with the customers ability to “rate” drivers. Many times we are at the mercy of the stores and based on their performance, our performance can be negatively impacted. I’ve waited at stores for as much as an hour before, resulting in the order I’m waiting for, and literally all subsequent orders being late. Another great option would be able to “start delivery” even prior to the “pickup time” if the order is ready. There’s a real time (essentially) update in app about the status of the order, but we’re still unable to start an order prior to the “pickup time.” This would be a great option as it would open up multiple orders in the hour, increasing driver productivity and profits for all involved. Thank you for an overall great app and opppirtunity..Version: 2.13.1

Really like itSo far it’s been really good, I’ve changed my delivery are by emailing the customer support and they changed it very quickly. My problem with the app is that, it will tell me to pick up by 5:45 and it’ll almost be 6:00, so I tend not to want to pick those because the time is off. I also got some that wanted me to pick up in the morning & not deliver until evening.. I doubt they want me bringing their groceries to my house so, not sure what to do about my timing problem. It’s been making me not want to accept those orders because I don’t know what’s going on & if these people will be home or not..Version: 2.18.1

Easy to use but...Updated review: The availability function doesn’t keep from offers being sent to my phone. On days I scheduled myself “not available” I continue to get offers that are not “first come first serve”. This explains why my acceptance rate is in the red at 18%. If the system would recognize someone being not available then that person shouldn’t get offers. Even if I’m logged out of the app, I get offers. How and why is that possible? The app should have a function like other gig jobs, you select a slide button like “drive now” or “available now”. When not available you slide the button to “not available” and you don’t receive any offers. The app should have an option to input the bay you’re in and send that info to Walmart when you arrive. If not then you have to call and tell them what pick up bay you’re in..Version: 2.13.1

Overall 5/5I’ve full timed this app for 2 months, this is the first driving app I have used, here is a comprehensive review while I wait for delivery to start again tomorrow! Workload: 5/5 The store associates load the car and many of them seem to be happy working for Walmart. I will get an average of 6-8 orders a day, some of which get picked up by others and some that seem tailored to a helpful algorithm (ex. I will get the same people’s order frequently or a drop off near my house at the end of a day). App Platform: 4/5 Very simple user interface that provides clear instructions for drop-offs and full payment history. If phone connection is bad, there can be some frustrating lag and glitching. Some things feel like they could be improved, but overall the ease of use is high. Customer Support: 5/5 All of the agents are quick and responsive when drivers have questions or issues. There is a strong ‘team’ feeling when dealing with them. This app has positively changed my life and I recommend almost everyone I know to give it a try. The community really appreciates this service and the tips are for real!.Version: 2.3.2

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