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TwitterIt for Twitter App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

TwitterIt for Twitter app received 52 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using TwitterIt for Twitter? Can you share your negative thoughts about twitterit for twitter?

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TwitterIt for Twitter for Negative User Reviews

App does not workThe app failed every time I attempted to open it and would randomly shut down. The only thing I ever saw on this app were ads..Version: 2.6

Cannot see what’s trendingThe whole reason I use Twitter is to see what topics are trending so not being able to negates the whole reason of having the app for me.Version: 2.5

Bouncing between different apps.With some topics I like to google things that I want to learn more about. Moving from Twitter to google or anything else, when I go back to twitter instead of bringing me back to the page I was last on, it brings me to the sign in every time..Version: 2.6

AwfulTricks you into signing up and putting credit card info in for the wrong site . Don’t put your card in when signing up !!!.Version: 2.6

I want to delete this account can you helpI want to delete this account can you guys help me.Version: 2.9

Horrible hate it!!I just have because is the only one that my son middle school has other way wouldn’t get it at all!!.Version: 2.6

MisinformationSays it works on this iPhone. Then says it needs ios14. Ios14 is not available for this phone so how can it work on this phone?.Version: 2.6

Don’t waste your time this app is garbageWithin the first 2 minutes of using the app it’s had 5 full screen add pop ups that you have to close UI is garbage is interface looks terrible. Stay away from app and developer.Version: 2.6

Crap -5 starsCrap wouldn’t recommend all ya get is adds not even the home page displays.Version: 2.6

LEAC’s ReviewAbsolutely terrible! Won’t let me into my Twitter account or anything extra. Doesn’t give me notifications of any kind about anything at all! 1 star from me. DON’T RECOMMEND!.Version: 2.6

Lost functionalityApp no longer works with Apple Watch which is a shame but not the developers fault.Version: 3.0

How is this rated so well?This app is worse than viewing twitter on the web. It’s seriously deficient in options and it shows horrible full screen ads. You seriously get a better experience using the mobile web version. HOW DOES THIS HAVE FIVE STARS? It really makes me wonder if ratings even matter on the AppStore..Version: 2.9

Can't sign in“Unable to retrieve applications when connecting to your account Permission data. Please try again.” Can't sign in, what should I do?.Version: 2.6

ZeroScam dumps tons of adds and wants to charge you to access twitter. Only gets one star because it won’t allow you to rate it for what it is a zero..Version: 2.6

Be betterIt took me a full hours trying to verify who I was with the stupid little block number and I got a ad ever five seconds of trying to make an account not impressed will be deleting app and using instagram or Reddit.Version: 2.9

AdvertsCrap all is it is ads.Version: 2.9

AdsThe rate at which the ads appear is terrible. When i opened the app for the very first time, bam! Full screen ad! After i logged in, another ad! Entering settings, another ad! I’m all for ad-supported apps but getting hit with so many ads in under a minute is ridiculous. This app is a joke. Will never use again..Version: 2.9

BuggyJust will not do anything when hitting the heart but open twitter again and go to random tweets.Version: 2.6

LoginsSeems like different.Version: 3.1

Too many adds!Too many adds. I can’t figure out how to even use the app. Pop up after pop up..Version: 2.6

Didn’t like the weird adWhen I was redirected from Twitter, a weird ad popped up trying to take me somewhere else. I had to close out the app completely in order to complete signing in. I really didn’t like that but hoping that it was just a one time thing and not a regular occurrence..Version: 2.6

Not goodApp doesn't remember where you are in your timeline and there's no scroll control so you can't move to your oldest unread Tweet and then scroll up to read new ones. Useless to me....Version: 2.6

Don't useFake app.Version: 2.9

Wrost appIt’s wrost app.Version: 2.9

HhhhIt would not let me make a account.Version: 2.6

PointlessNo settings, no option to remove For You tab…pretty pathetic effort..Version: 3.1

Unusable GarbageThis “app” is completely unusable garbage. I had three different ads inflicted on me before I could even log on with it; then, I saw an ad-to-tweet ratio of roughly 4/1. Seriously, four ads for every actual tweet viewed. I couldn’t even wrestle enough functionality out of this (cr)app to determine if the paid version was worth buying. This “app” can be as a vacuum unto my naughty bits..Version: 2.8

TahiraIt’s was so simple app has become worst and complicated..each time opening the twitter there are adds..just hate this app only need to see kids school twister page.Version: 2.6

Languages problemI don’t know Korean , and each time the Korean pop up , only English please.Version: 2.9

Not goodU made it difficult to login.Version: 2.8

AddsThe pop up adds are annoying sorry not sorry every time I click on something on the app.Version: 2.6

I wish i could give this less starsHaven't been on Twitter in quite some time now… not only am i no longer able to use my favorite 3rd party app, but i have seen more ads than tweets in the approx 90 seconds since signing i logged into this app rendering it virtually impossible to use even the simplest of in-app tasks. Was only a occasional casual user, but this will most likely return me to being a NON-user..Version: 2.6

Everything is an adYou can’t do a single thing in here without getting smacked with an ad for every time you move or change page or click a button. This is nothing more than adware in a downloadable app. Uninstall it and make sure to remove its access from your Twitter account..Version: 3.0

Tweeter for TwitterOriginally wanted it bc I thought I could tweet from my Apple Watch but I can only partly look at tweets :/.Version: 2.3

Stupid app 😡😡😡This app doesn't makes any sense tried to use it, I couldn’t, too many ads for whatever reason I don’t know in less than ten seconds😡😡😡…If this is your first time downloading this app just don’t worry waste your time because it’s very foolish‼️.Version: 2.6

SHEESHWanted to use twitter the way it was before Elmo & was ready to turn to this as an alternative, but the amount of ads is insane. You get a giant ad before you even log in; this app is literally annoying from the moment you open..Version: 2.8

Twitterit does not workTwitterit dies not work anymore. I paid for no add version. But it just links to a subset of twitter showing nothing. Is there any support for this. If it does not work it should not be sold in the apple store. News stopped updating on august 6th.Version: 2.6

FishySame thing happened to me it ask for your info but once you enter the password it t won’t give you access to anything.Version: 2.8

Working?Every time I open it it ask for a login for a Apple Watch? this is my iPhone why does it not work right.Version: 2.6

Does Not Work!Tried logging in, using the default method, and it failed three times. It went to the trash heap..Version: 2.6

Lost link to account and fails to reconnectCan’t connect to account and support goes through to an advertisement..Version: 2.6

Project XI tried to make you happy with me but you were not here to help me out with anything you wanted me too do I have a problem with that signing into your account it’s not remembering anything about you it’s just that you have no problem with me I just want you guys to understand that you’re my friends okay so let’s talk about this situation with this Twitter account on reconnecting recovery so that we can be together on this awesome platform project okay. Bye love you guys see you soon bye. Sneezing<Aways~>(@)/flirting.Version: 2.8

So complicated appNeed to make easy.Version: 2.8

What is this thingTells me I have messages and then when I try to locate them I get a blank screen..Version: 2.6

I’m doesn’t sync to apple watchThe only reason to have this app is so it syncs to apple watch. otherwise why bother. it’s just x with ads.. what’s the point..Version: 2.9

Porn loophole for kidsEmbedded browser evades parental controls, no safari history logging. Easy access to porn. Fix your app or make it 17+!.Version: 2.5

Where is my full Twitter account?Was away in holiday came back trr we utter changed and my old account not only changed but allmost gone kniw got a sublit access to witter why ?.Version: 2.6

Either just outdated or outright abandonedThe app looks like it hasn’t been updated to work with modern iOS versions, nor to work with X updates and APIs. Can’t tell if it even works yet. The Apple Watch portion does not work—gives a “forbidden” error..Version: 2.6

How do you log out of this thing??Where’s my profile settings?? You also get hit with an ad every time you hit a menu. Dumping immediately..Version: 2.9

“Not authorized”Seems to work fine for my iPhone, but when I try to sign in via my Apple Watch, it says “not authorized.” There is no way from within the app to contact the dev for help. 🤷🏼‍♀️.Version: 2.3

Facing problem in opening accountWhy can't I open account in this app 🤬🤬.Version: 2.6

TheI’m.Version: 2.8

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TwitterIt for Twitter works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact TwitterIt for Twitter.

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