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Merge Mansion app received 99 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about merge mansion?

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Where’s the story?I’ve been playing for ages (okay, three months) and have yet to see any story....Version: 1.4.1

The game is fun and addicting, but the merge area is way too smallI played merge dragons before, so I was expecting a similar sized space to work with, but this space is tiny! I’ve even bought a lot of extra storage slots and it still isn’t enough. I’m always have to sell things I don’t want to sell or merge things I don’t want to merge and it’s infuriating, especially with how many items there are. The merge space seriously needs to be like 4x bigger than this....Version: 1.2.1

Energy spends too fastThere’s no way to spend any decent amount of time playing because energy depletes really fast. Will be deleting.Version: 1.5.2

Ruined by energyThis could be a truly excellent time sink, but the need for an energy meter in an already time gated experience really ruins it for me. Really encouraging you to either spend money or look up guides on what you need at each point in the game. It really discourages you from having multiple generators at any time. As you'll only be able to use 1 or 2 of them before being forced to either stop playing or spend money. The generators are already time gated so it makes it especially infuriating for there to be energy to restrict how much you can merge too. I really enjoyed this game but this energy nonsense has free really turned me off.Version: 1.2.0

UnplayableIf you want to check in once a day click on a few buttons and leave 30 seconds later then go for it. On the surface it had everything I wanted in a game, A mystery to solve, House renovation and merging, three satisfying components combined. Except, unless you use actual money it’s awful. Very little (zero) room for error. To improve: Voluntary adds for coins or gems - to make any progress you need to unlock locked items on the board or buy usable items. When your coins or gems run out you are screwed for 12-24 hours. Time scale- The above would be fine if the shop refreshed hourly or every 20 mins (a time frame a few games use for life refill). I would happily watch hours of 30 second adverts to gain coins or gems to progress. I want to sit and make progress and unlock the story in a time frame in which I can remember what is happening. Instead I get 30seconds of play time and 24 hours of other apps, other apps in which I progress by watching ads for in game currency. I’m not a a game designer, I don’t understand business but I’m guessing apps make money out of voluntary adverts otherwise I don’t know why they are there. Please, think about these features I want to spend time on this app I want to know what weird and wonderful cult like group her grandma was in and I want to see this run down wonderland look beautiful and I’d like to do it this decade please..Version: 1.5.2

Pointless gameWhen I first downloaded this game it was very good but after the 6 months of playing the game I haven’t really made any progress I have fully completed 2 parts and you don’t get to choose what goes where or anything so it’s not really your mansion, everything takes months to makes like the stone can that you’ll need I still haven’t completed that after the 6 months of trying to make it. Just a game to play if you only have 5 minutes a day because that’s all the energy you’ll most likely have.Version: 1.2.1

Never ending circleWhen opening this game a message appears asking you to update the game. Click on update. Takes you to the App Store which gives you the message to open the game. Open the game...update required and around and around it goes!.Version: 1.3.4

Super slowAlthough I have had this game a while now and enjoy the concept it’s so slow to go through the levels, you wait ages for the item to gain energy and then it takes ages to progress to get the right merge which leads to nothing much happening. I’m on level 13 and been playing for weeks. Unless you want to spend lots of money on diamonds and coins this game soon becomes boring which is a shame because the first few levels gets you hooked..Version: 1.6.3

Timers take forever!!I could see this game being addicting but the timers take 100 years to refill. You would play for 2 mins and wait hours just to play again. You should look into adding special games to play for energy or a daily prize or even unlimited energy for purchase. If i wait any longer i will probably just lose interest in the game all together. What a shame!.Version: 1.6.3

Fun but confusing and slowIt’s a really fun game but I do have some complaints specially about the lack of a guide I don’t mind the “rare drop” aspect of the game but it’s hard to remember what all comes from certain items. For a while I thought that certain things where exclusive to chests because I didn’t know their was any other way to get more or I’ll sell a item because I don’t know where to get another. Also the cool downs are so confusing because it doesn’t actually tell you how long is left and even if you wait it out you only get a few before it has to cool down again. The inconsistency with the cool downs lead me to believe that their are different levels and types of cool downs in the game but I honestly don’t know because all we are given is a pocket watch. I have to play once a day because it’s the only way to guaranty that everything is ACTUALLY done cooling down and to offset the slow energy recharge..Version: 1.3.4

Really fun but Frustrating nowI’ve been playing for a little while now. I really do enjoy making things to fix up the mansion. My biggest complaint at this time is that it shows higher levels to be achieved to access new parts of the mansion but I’m stuck at level 37!! Waiting on an update to allow me to move on to higher levels that have already been shown in the task box. The events are great and all but I’m wondering if I will get to keep my level up points that I’ve been earning while not being able to move up levels until an update is released. So overall I really like the game I just wish they wouldn’t have shown the levels you are supposed to move up to without actually being able to achieve them. 3 stars for now . If an update isn’t done pretty soon I will probably quit playing for good since there’s really no point..Version: 1.4.1

It’s okIt’s a good game but it takes too long to refresh also it doesn’t really tell you which object to help you to get the object that you really need.Version: 1.6.2

Good but...I really like this game but it’s getting boring when you need 10 lights to move on and only have one tool to supply the bulbs to merge - the board is full of things that I don’t need and I can only play for a short time while I try and build up the lights. I would suggest you need to change it up to have different challenges - if it continues like this I’ll delete and find something else that moves along more satisfactorily..Version: 1.3.4

Like watching paint dry.Timers take too long to refresh..Version: 0.9.0

Merge Mansion : Ignatius BoultonI have found this game to be useless. I feel that the numbers should have something to un lock the numbers like in Casey & Shackie. Only more than 2..Version: 1.6.3

Disappointed, it should be a good game to play, only if it not....First, I would give it 5 stars when I start it, it was so great in ideas, addictive and fabulous. Half an hour later, when things and stuffs are going more and more, I would give now 4 stars, as I still managed it well. Then, the game got much slower progress, it spawning was become more and more rubbish, make the merging table nearly full, it would be only 3 stars. I left it to charge for some time and I return to find that nothing was progress and now ‘gift’ of energy and time is no more, I could give only 2 stars. After a night passed, I woke up to found that both energy and its ability to spawn items become so much lower and nothing I can do as it nearly get full of rubbish, forced me to sell it and I could look into the future that if I still keep this slow, it could take forever to do some progress and I should give only 1 star for that. I came here to read other comments and found that it be like what I think if I keep playing it, so I did delete it. Nevertheless, I still give a star as remind of a excellent idea of game, if it could improve in many area, expanding the merge fields, fair spawning and recharge time deduction, fair cost of spending and more area that others comment..Version: 1.2.1

Not enough space to effectively progress, uninstalledI was enjoying this game as a change from match 3. However takes so long to complete, some items take many hours to recharge to be able to proved items to merge. Months without getting close to being able to merge enough to make the can in the statue hand, as so slow providing components. it would be better to be able to stockpile items together rather than taking up a single spot of storage. Felt like I was wasting my time, pointless because can’t progress and unfortunately uninstalled to find something more intriguing..Version: 1.3.4

BoringSo it started off good and enjoyable but after a week I’m over it. I’m now at the point where I need to level up several levels to unlock new parts which takes ages and the only item I need to make is taking days...literally. I have been trying for days but it is just so slow waiting on the one tree to recharge to make the one item I need. Good concept but slow and the drop rate on some items is just making it unenjoyable..Version: 1.3.4

Annoying updatesI really enjoy the game and find myself playing constantly throughout the day attempting to progress. However far too often I find myself opening the app and being told there’s an update, so I click update to be taken to the App Store. But when I get here - there’s no update and I’m unable to play the game for hours at a time usually..Version: 1.2.1

Needs better workIt’s strangely addictive. However there needs to be more resources on how to get items to level up and more consistency. It would be much more attractive not to put ridiculously hard level items right at the beginning of the game. I mean come on a level 13 merge for one of the beginning tasks?! I’ve been playing this every day for a month and I’m no where near that level as it takes too long. And importantly I had no warning of maintenance. I understand the importance but it’s interrupted my game play, so better communication for you players would be greatly appreciated..Version: 1.4.1

SO. SLOW.This could have been a very fun game, but the fact that you have to wait for “energy” before you can do anything is excruciatingly slow. You can play for a couple of minutes at best, mostly just collecting things to do simple tasks. Then you run out of energy and have to wait for the next day to play for a couple of minutes again. WHY? Speed it up and let us get through more levels before we all get bored and delete it!.Version: 1.6.3

No update!Tells to update but there is no up date. In the middle of competition! Not cool🤨.Version: 1.5.2

Frustrating and slow progressI’ve deleted the app for a number of reasons. Firstly, since the last few updates you have to be on WiFi to play. Reported, said they have had a few reports of this, but not fixed. Constantly disconnects (probably because I’ve got bad WiFi) and I lose the progress I made. I got to level 16 and it’s now boring as hell. The things I need to progress are from two things. But waiting for them to produce takes ages and they’re high levelled updates (and I can’t create new items to produce more because the bits needed are difficult to locate) It’s not always clear what items are useful for. How long it takes to collect other stuff. What stuff it produces and what they are for. Rarity of items. It’s like there needs to be additional information available. And stuff that isn’t required at the area your at should be introduced later..Version: 0.8.7

Is this really a game???What the hell even is this???? You click on stuff to produce random junk and merge stuff until you get what you need... but you have no control over when you produce.... so literally... you’re just clicking on things thousands of times (literally) until it pompano it something you need!?? No strategy! No fun! Just random clicking...! I don’t understand how anyone could find this enjoyable or mentally stimulating. It’s like playing the pokies and knowing you have to bet a million times before you get a mini win... seriously..Version: 1.5.2

Great game but does not give you enough chance to playI absolutely love this game but it does not give you enough energy to be able to do much at all. I also found my game wants rarer items to be able to do anything at all so I have to wait all day to get to open the one box that could possibly contain what I need. I purchased diamonds with real money and then ran out of storage in 5 minutes so couldn’t continue anyway. Also if I wanted to purchase more energy it doubled the price after the first one what a rort. The game board needs to be bigger and bigger cheaper storage it quadruples in price every one and right from the start becomes too expensive to get more and save more valuable items. So I’m reality I have spent money to play more and didn’t get anywhere except and extra 5 minutes this game runs out of incentives too quick and doesn’t last anywhere near long enough.Version: 1.6.3

DEVELOPERS: PLEASE READ!!I think this game is fun. I’m on level 23 so I’ve played plenty and over come some of the issues others are unhappy with. I’m not going to criticize all the little things here and there that other frustrated reviewers mentioned. I want to know why the heck there are items that we have no idea how to create. For instance, Casey’s Sign. How do we get supplies for that?! It took me a while to figure that the calendar at the top of the Home Screen starts Lindsay’s Challenge to get the hood ornament parts. Is there something else I’m missing?! Maybe a tiny bit of instruction would help (sarcasm intended). Also, it is quite a wait getting to level 25 so that I can open a new area since the 4 items I have to work on take such a long time to build (even with buying the time turner and other power packs). I’ll be happy to change my review when you take a bit of the mystery out of discovering how to create items. Honestly, I actually love this game and would love to keep playing (and even giving you money to play it) but not if the lack of instruction continues. ** I also agree about the need for timers on objects that production items. Have a lovely day..Version: 1.2.0

Great game until last main updateThis was a really good daily game that I spent a fair bit of money on, however since the last update it’s really gone downhill in the amount of satisfaction and enjoyment I get from playing. The main problem is the amount of experience points you now need to level up, it seems to have nearly doubled! As a player who has very few tasks currently available (two of which aren’t even in the game yet), the increase to the required xp to level means I would have to mindlessly farm xp for weeks to hit the next area at lvl 37. Please, please put the xp levels back so I can continue to enjoy this game. Also the increased cost of hourglasses to 50 gems means I don’t ever buy these anymore, which in turn means I am buying gems a lot less frequently..Version: 0.8.7

There has to be more to this gameI am not sure how to put this but this game is not fun as others have said it take forever to recharge the items and the event game there is nothing to do and when u hit for example the cash register u have to start from 0 every time and then what’s happens I don’t get that game was time you have to get to a number again to reach that number u have to start over The at the garage event if you have so many items in ea space how do you free up space and also to put an item aside you have to pay for space and ea time the price of coins for ea space is more but if you sell items it is 1 cent or two cents but when u want to buy item it cost more to buy items then to sell why is it to that some and most items you have to used gems make it easier to used this game and like someone else said Andy is Gardenscapes he at least says things about how u did the girl does not say anything about anything and when u get the items that u need if you sell those items you are out of luck and have to start over again.Version: 1.6.3

Lose progressThe game itself is great, something to pass time with etc. However, twice now I’ve made it so far (first time level 13 and now level 21) and been told to update the game to be able to play when there’s no update available. This means uninstalling and then downloading again to have the latest version (instead of a simple update) and progress being lost. Pointless playing..Version: 1.3.4

Good but frustratingI do love the game mechanics but the massive amount of time it takes to regenerate, lack of space on the board, ridiculously high prices for extra inventory space, the fact that you just have to wait and see if you can get items for merging wardrobes/drawers when I’d happily pay for key items like that, and the poor spacing of tasks between levels are so frustrating. Love the idea of the event as well, but how you’re expecting anyone to get beyond level 3 or 4 max in the space of 2 days is beyond me..Version: 1.1.1

Same Review as Everyone Else...I never review games although I plenty far too many, but I’m hoping that the collective issues we have are getting heard by their team. I love that the style of this merge game is different than the others, and I even enjoy that the plot line is more similarly related to the Homescapes series (cleaning/remodeling a unkept land with a storyline). However, like many others mention, it takes far too long to re-up on energy and resources, as many merge fans have had the luxury of through literally every other merge game out there. The board is quite small, and I’m finding myself having to either sell items (something I never do in other merge games unless I don’t want to open a chest via gems) or tap on experience/diamonds/coins that I would otherwise have waited to merge before tapping. With the rate that I am going, I think it will take WELL over a month (if not a few months) to even see the inside of the mansion, which is kinda a bummer, because I really do love the formatting of this game. I would be happy to leave a better review when this game improves, but because I think other merge fans will be disappointed, I’m giving it three stars..Version: 0.9.0

???I’m a bit confused, what do I do once the merge thing is all full and there is nothing to merge is there a tool that clears it???.Version: 1.6.2

It’s like a bland dishThe game is not awful but it is not great either. At best I would say that it is acceptable.I kept the game for roughly a week to see if it got better. There is little to no story. When the characters do talk the dialogue is pointless. If you don’t care about the story then this should not be a problem. It did not get three stars because of the story. My problem was the lack of energy in the game, along with other things. You burn through energy rather quickly. When it comes to matching, it can take days to make one item. One of the main items were the flowers for the garden and even the lamp posts. Then there are times you make a match and you won’t need the item until down the line. Which causes the item to take up space. There is an inventory for you to place items but you need to buy more slots or sell items for coins. If you want to level up, match the xp stars or just tap them to create space and ignore the payout for bigger matches. I enjoy a good puzzle game but this one just feels as if it is lacking. If you want to play casually go for it. It stayed on my phone for a week just as that. After a while I figured I could find another game to replace it..Version: 1.3.4

Download update???When I open the game it tells me to go to the App Store and download the update. There isn’t an update. Please fix asap.Version: 1.0.0

Needs workI like merge games and I like the mansion restoration of this one as well. There are some aspects that make this only a 3 star game however: time refills on items you need in order to merge up to larger items is really long, it also only gives you a set number of items at every refill, so very large merges require several days in real time in order to complete the merges unless you want to spend money to buy diamonds to help speed them up. There are significant large merges that just take so long to even get to that I’ve lost a lot of interest in the game because you just can’t ever get to that high of a merge level. The rarer items that you need to merge are practically so rare that you either spend money to buy them, such as paint cans, soaps, etc or you have to wait and sell a ton of your inventory in order to have room. I think that if they wanted to make a game that requires money to play then they should have assigned this a price to buy it; making it a free game that requires a lot of in-app purchases in order to advance seems shady..Version: 1.6.3

Fun up to a certain pointThe game starts out fun but once you reach the beach sign task, you can’t complete it, therefore no way to move forward in the game. I no longer open the app because it will take forever to get enough xp to get to a higher level.Version: 1.3.4

Don’t botherThe game has a great concept and I like the story, layout, graphics etc but unfortunately with recent updates it’s impossible to progress, the game was enjoyable before and there was no hurry to log on to carry out quests within a specific time frame but now it takes even longer to move up levels, I would like to think it will revert back to the way it used to be due to constant negative feedback, seriously don’t waste your time downloading at this time, it has went from a strong 5star to a really flimsy 1star..Version: 0.8.9

Don’t fill out the questionnaire waist of timeI have filled out the very long questionnaire to earn 250 gems and by the end of it I didn’t even get one gem which means I just wasted my time in filling out a questionnaire that has no purpose. And before you tell me that I might have done something wrong I didn’t I made sure that I read it carefully but no it gave me zero gems. Also when is the car hood ornament and Casey’s sign going to be added because i have nothing else to do except level up to unlock other areas but it takes so long to get to at least one level it is actually making me start to not want to play the game anymore.Version: 1.1.3

Takes ages to progressGood game, very addictive and one of the few App Store games I’ve downloaded on a whim but continue to go back to. One annoying thing about it though is that you get to a certain point quite early on in the game where I’ll go days without being able to complete a challenge because the items needed are just too difficult to get hold of. It also feels as though the game deliberately holds back the items that you need to progress- e.g. when I needed 2 boxes of screws, my tool box hardly ever produced a screw, whereas now when I don’t need this item, I’m getting a screw maybe 1 in every 10 times. This is so frustrating. Also I just opened the game and it says I need to update it but there’s no update available..Version: 1.2.1

Good but not greatI have a love/hate relationship with this game. It’s fun, and has so much potential, but I feel with how much I’ve played it I should be a little more advanced than I am. I’m also tired of running into items I can’t even get yet because the game seems to always be behind. First, the hood ornament. They released the task without even giving us a way to achieve it until months later. And now, the Casey’s sign. There’s no way to solve it. Why introduce a task when you’re not even going to provide the way to achieve it??? Why not introduce that at the same time? I also agree with others on 2 minutes for energy. That’s kinda overkill. A minute or even a minute and a half would suffice. I also agree with the story line not making sense... it’s just a bunch of randomness. I’m bummed because this game could be amazing if they just listened to the reviewers and made some changes..Version: 1.3.4

Frustrating to say the leastLost track how many times I’ve read this but seriously in no way is endlessly and fruitlessly farming with just the goal to increase 2 whole levels to unlock the next area with no quests besides 2 which have not been added to the game yet fun, once you get to this point in the game yall have made what could’ve been a great game into a tireless drag and boring grind. Few updates/patches back whatever you want to call it the amount of experience needed to level up was increased which has made this point in the game almost unplayable. Whilst your response is you’ll be adding more quests etc later in the year once you launch globally it’s not acceptable and there’s no reason why you can’t do abit of balancing to the game or revert back to the original experience needed to level up at least until the full game is launched?! I mean do something at the very least to keep your loyal player base who have been here since the start a reason to stick around. Also been hearing for far too long now that more exciting updates will be arriving throughout the year erm if yall haven’t noticed not trying to be rude or anything it’s out of frustration but it’s nearly end of October now the year will be over in 2 months nothing has been added?! Any tweaks yall have made in between release and now have been met with massive criticism and have all had a negative impact on the overall enjoyment of playing the game!!.Version: 0.9.0

Disappointing UpdateI was loving this game until the recent update. I had progressed quite a bit in unlocking areas and cleaning up the garden however after I updated the game it has undone all of this work. Now I’m back to square one fixing things I had previously completed already 🙄 the only compensation was 100 gems (which doesn’t exactly help).Version: 1.4.1

Fun but still needs improvementAs other reviewers have said, items take WAY to long to refill and 1 energy should be given every minute nit every 2 minutes. Second, I like the extra stories but they need improvement as well. They each need to have their own energy. Sharing the energy between 3 stories is ridiculous and makes the game not fun any more because you are always waiting for the 1 energy fill so you can play again. Third, all 3 stories should be able to be played at the same time. Meaning I can go from one to the other and play as their own SEPARATE energy fills. Fourth, 3 days is NOT enough time to finish the bonus stories. Especially, if you have to share energy with the main story. Casey’s story is ridiculous. You have to wait for the stupid blender to finish to uncover just 2 spots and then you have to wait to get the watermelons, if your lucky, to be able to fill the blender again. My 3 days is up before I can even clear the shadow objects. And as for not enough room on the board, I think there should be more room but I’m ok with what there is. But I do agree that the storage spaces should cost so much. Please make these improvements..Version: 1.5.2

Can’t decide if I love it or hate itLike many others, I really enjoy this game. I love merge games and this one in particular has a very unique set-up and that makes it particularly enjoyable. That being said, it’s a complete money grab. I can play for 5 minutes then I find myself having to leave the game to do something else because if I stick around, I’ll end up spending too much money because I want the items to reload. The board is too small, the “inventory” cost WAYY too many coins, especially considering the inventory doesn’t alert the gamer to matches on the board or on the Home Screen, and the wait time to reload the items is way too long. Not only that, but it takes forever to get to the next level and I just realized that once you get past level 9, you can’t unlock a new section until level 11. Seriously? Come on now. Also, I would absolutely watch a video ad if I meant my items would be full again. I feel like that’s how most games work, yet this one doesn’t have ANY ad options. I get not bombarding the user with ads, but giving people the option to watch an ad in exchange for less wait time seems like a no brainer to me. Please fix this game! It’s actually fun, but I will have to delete it soon or I won’t be able to afford it.Version: 1.2.1

Time consumingThis game just wastes time. It takes me 2 weeks at least to level up because what I need won’t spawn. I need paint cans and I kid you not, I have played this game for 5 days straight and no paint cans will spawn. I can’t even buy a paint can. I’m close to uninstalling. It’s becoming ridiculous. I gave it 3 stars because when I first started playing this game it was 5 star worthy. Now I’m beginning to need things that take longer to get. I’ve been playing this game about 3 months and I’m only on level 14. My progress is almost at a standstill. At least make the grid bigger and or make it easier to acquire storage. The game is actually 1 star for me now. I’m at the point where I play it once a day just to try for the paint can. I wish I could say that time consuming was a good thing but it’s not. I’m not having fun anymore. If you are patient this is the game for you. Please make this game better. It has so much potential..Version: 1.6.3

So slow - gets boringAfter about level 22 it starts to take forever to get the essential items, so progress slows to a crawl. It was fun at first but now it’s just tedious. Events like Casey’s crawl along at a snail’s pace and you have to do it probably 10+ times to get one required item - that means 30+ days of repeating the same thing. You can’t even buy your way to level up unless you’re lucky enough to find an item you require in the store, and even then it’s still slow..Version: 1.6.3

It was a good game until the latest 0.8.7 updateSo I updated the game to the latest 0.8.7 version and now, to be honest, I want to stop playing. I was over half way between level 28 and 29 but now I’m less due to increase in exp points needed. I have been building my points to open another section as the limited items from the wardrobe takes ages to build a sweeping brush and now it’s going to take longer with no objectives in between. This seems pointless as the objectives are the goal no? Also, when the time increase ball appears, it was 10 gems and now is 50 which doesn’t seem worth an hour increase, especially as it doesn’t really move the wardrobe or chest of drawers all that much. Before the upgrade, I would have given this a 4 star but now, I probably won’t play it anymore..Version: 0.8.7

FAKE ADSI’m making it my duty to fix the App Store. Your ads are FAKE they falsify the game play and premise of the story All ads for this game: grandma taken away for “murder” Real story: grandma gives you a mansion.... If the purported story was real it would be fun and awesome.....but no, you LIED to your potential user. You have actually broken laws in Canada by advertising false information.Version: 1.4.1

Feeling frustratedIt’s bad when you spend money and still can’t Get anywhere. I deleted this game because of my frustration with this game. I deleted the game reinstalled and started from the beginning. I have a better of understanding of the game since reinstalling. My problem now is I’m on level 28, I need to items that are difficult to obtain. It takes forever for the store to refresh, the energy takes a long time to refresh and items on the game board take a long time to recharge and there isn’t a clear way of knowing how long it will take to recharge. I have a sign I’m supposed to fix. He games doesn’t drop any hints on how to fix. There are tweaks that the developer can make to assist the player it would make game play a little more enjoyable. Btw I’m ok with the characters not talking much. Make them talk after a long day the last thing I want to do is read a lot of dialogue from game characters..Version: 1.6.3

NulJeu intéressant mais rendu à un certain niveau bug total. Je ne peux plus entrer dans le jeu. Ils disent de contacter le support technique sans aucun moyen pour le faire. Il ne reste plus qu’à tout supprimer..Version: 1.6.3

So slow around level 7+I really really enjoyed this game in the beginning, but it’s now gotten to the point where I’m purely playing for xp, since all items I need for tasks started coming from the same place!!! Eg; at the moment I need 2x dark blue paint cans, and 1 paint roller, from the same item toolbox, which I stupidly merged and levelled up, so instead of 3 toolboxes I only had one (so will probably take weeks to happen) and the stupid tree that gives you cans (for some unknown reason!) so disappointing. If items had an even chance of appearing (eg: the toolbox will give you a spanner (most common) screw, or paint can) it might be a bit more achievable. There’s also no way at all of knowing how long until you can next get items, which is a bit frustrating to say the least!.Version: 1.3.4

BoringI enjoyed the game at first but as it progresses on it becomes boring because everything takes forever to merge to get the item/s required. The space on the board it very limited so you have to sell item that you want to keep to get more space! The level 9 that I have finally reached there are no side games to earn extra coins/gems etc, does this change as you progress through the levels? I am seriously thinking of deleting the game as everything is just too long!.Version: 1.4.1

SLOW ProgressYour board fills up with items you are trying to build and save, leaving no room to merge more items. The “time” on each item takes WAY to long to refill. I play for about two minutes, then I have to wait hours, just to play for another two minutes. Was a fun game at the start but now I just find all the waiting too frustrating..Version: 1.3.4

Enjoyable but i have to play it sideways.I have read the reviews and I am not sure i am playing the same game as these people. I find it fairly enjoyable, but because the game does not utilise the landscape mode for iPads i have learned to play it sideways. More annoying is that there is no manual on what you need to do, so i have guessed the best way i can. Merge two object to make a higher level. Use the ‘i’ to find out what is in the set. I am assuming that you are forced to join a facebook group or go to the home page to get tips on how to play. If there is some story in there i have not really discovered it, it is certainly not possible to go back and look at what has been said in the little pop up dialogues that appear. Or maybe there is a manual I haven’t found yet..Version: 1.4.1

I liked this game until.......This game is fun and relaxing to play. But I do have some issues. For one, I’ve been playing every day for several months and I am still only in the garden/garage. There is way too many things to restore and each item has several tasks. For example, to restore one of many statues took 5 or 6 different tasks, each task requiring 3 or more items. I am only on level 15 after several months of daily playing (and paying to win multiple times) so VERY SLOW progress. But I think the part that annoys me the most is that the only two tasks I have available to complete right now is restoring a sign and getting a hood ornament. No indication at all on where to start or where I can get the level one item to begin merging (while each task has 13 levels) and upon Googling where to start, all I read is that neither item has been developed yet. Why put a task in the game that has not even been developed yet? I feel this game was a waste of my time and money right now. I understand games take time to develop, but these answers that they are not available yet we’re from March and May of this year which means other players have been waiting more than 6 months for these to be developed. What’s the hold up developers?.Version: 0.9.0

Too much play little rewardThis game has little reward for the overwhelming amount of merging. You have to merge like 30 items to get one thing. It’s ridiculous. These games usually start off easy and then become harder. This game starts off making it difficult to level up. You need energy to pop supplies out of their boxes, gems to open boxes for supplies, etc. and then once you get them open, you have to merge and merge again. Usually you’ve ran out of energy or supplies before you even get to the item they’re requesting. And then you have to WAIT and wait and wait. It’s a cute game and a cute principle but it takes too much work for very limited reward. I’ve been playing for days now and I’ve barely even planted much in the garden. They also have a “guide” on how to merge to the item you want, but it’s blank. Until you discover that item, you have zero idea on what to merge to get it. That’s a ridiculous concept. Until the reward-work balance is adjusted and the merging simplified, I don’t think this game is worth playing. -As someone else mentioned, there’s not a ton of story, but I don’t mind that. But if being invested is what keeps you hooked, there’s that too..Version: 1.2.1

Too slow to rechargeFun to start but becomes laborious after a while. Storage gets ridiculously expensive so it takes days of play to get enough coin to buy more. Game board also too small so you have to sell stuff you may need just to make room. Little or no explanation of how long things take to recharge or what they are generating. Needs a lot more work to be something you would want to continue to play. Edit: internet connection keeps dropping out so lose progress and have to redo. Not my Internet all other apps working fine..Version: 1.3.4

Better at lower levelsAt the lower levels (under 20-25 depending on your leveling savvy) progress is only hampered by the need to wait to combine items in order to advance. However the amount of experience gained for completing tasks remains constant. You’ll reach a point that you unlock an area, complete said area and have only gained half a level worth of experience. This means you then need to constantly farm items for experience to unlock the next area then wash rinse repeat. At that point the game becomes very redundant. I’m stuck at level 35 since that is as far as they’ve made the game currently and I haven’t yet reached the point of wanting to quit the game. Although as levels eventually get even higher I can imagine it will become much too monotonous to be worth the intermittent times of actual activity/story advancement. That said I hope they have an expansion soon..Version: 1.5.2

I hate the bubblesI love and adore this game and everything about it. The waiting times for somethings are longer than others but I kind of like it. It makes you pay attention and you just have to prioritize some things above others because they take longer to get. Space is also an issue though it’s good for awhile but then you get too many different items and they all have a long evolution line which leaves you with no space. I’ve bought 20 storage slots but it’s still not enough and the next upgrade is $3,123 which is A LOT. But despite all that my biggest problem are the bubbles. Having to work with just 2-3 free spots most the time plus having bubbles pop up is the most annoying and inconvenient thing in the game. Please make a discard bubble option so people aren’t forced to sit and wait for it to disappear over and over again because after 4-5 bubbles back to back that’s 4-5 minutes I spend just blankly staring waiting for it to pass..Version: 0.9.0

Stuck at level 15.I enjoyed this game until I saw some reviews warning about the car figurine and fixing the sign not being in game yet. I’ve now just got to the stage where I’m being asked to fix the car and the sign and there’s no obvious way to collect those pieces! I’ve also got to get to level 17 to get to the next area!!! Developers should at least have the other two parts in the game by now if they are saying ‘get to level 17 for the next area’ and ‘get to level 50’!!!! The developers are apparently really slow at figuring this out. But maybe how you fix the car is something to do with the car mechanic you’ve already got in game. And maybe with the sign it’s something related with wood?! Which guess what, we’ve got a free in game already!!.Version: 1.6.3

Could be a good gameThis games fun at first but as you past level 10 it seems impossible to do anything everything’s so slow going making it hard to create objects to complete tasks. This and if the objects that spit things out had an actual timer so you knew how long it actually takes would it would be so much better than the little clock. I think if you fixed this to a digital timer and worked a little more on finding the right balance for game progression this could be a great game..Version: 1.2.1

A game to nowhereThis game would be amazing if it actually went anywhere. It is absolutely ridiculous the time you have to wait for items to reload and then the actual wait to get the items that you need to progress is next level frustrating. Let me know if you ever make a game people can actually play for more than a few minutes, I might start playing it again.Version: 1.3.4

Has potential if flaws are addressedI’ve been playing this game since around release time, I believe. It has a unique board a I like the items you can merge. The story is a little different, sometimes bizarre, but that’s easy to forgive because the game mostly makes up for it. I feel there are some major flaws which have prevented me from spending any real time money in the game. First of all, spending real time money doesn’t actually provide any real advantage in the game. It may recharge something for you to only be able to click it 3 or so more times. Second, the charging of items is way too long and there are some things I can only tap TWICE before I wait for most of the day for them to recharge. Third, the story line is too slow. I’ve literally been working on the same task for more than a MONTH. The chests contain mostly the same items... making it very hard to upgrade your furniture. Lastly, I’m stuck waiting to reach higher levels before I can do much else. There needs to be more to do with the energy that’s sitting not being used all day waiting for something to charge. I will stick around a continue to play for a while in hopes these issues will be fixed..Version: 1.3.3

Cool but also notThis game is good and i’m interested in the story, but there are a few bad things about it that lower my enjoyment a bit. the first is the energy— it takes quite a bit to refill and limits the amount of time you can play for to a pretty low amount, which isn’t great. the other is the size of the board. i’m constantly running out of space and having to sell important items just to continue the story which is massively annoying. the amount of time it takes to refill other items also isn’t great, but it’s not a huge issue. having just one of these things would be fine, but all of them combined make the experience a lot worse. other than that, i really do enjoy it and it’s very entertaining..Version: 1.6.3

BORINGI have been playing this game for awhile. It has some good points; however, game play is limited to a few minutes at a time. I currently need 6 pots of plants to move forward, all plants start from seeds which you can not obtain. I will be deleting after this review. Developers need to spend more time refit this game before it is worthy of game play. Do not listen to the 5 star reviews they are fake..Version: 1.3.4

Need more space for items, more options for energyWould be five stars if it didn’t take so long to complete, had more options to get energy, perhaps even introducing some advertising to boost your finances instead of depending on players to pay so much. I don’t even want to admit to myself how much I paid for gems and coins so I can keep playing, only for it to take days to complete one thing (can in the statue) as there is not enough space for all items that all seem to be rare, so you don’t feel like you can sell them as you don’t know if it will be a major struggle to get again. I’m curious but at the same time, I’m losing interest. Needs a big update..Version: 1.3.4

Great idea - ultimately boringI liked the look of something that wasn’t the usual match 3 game and this started well. Within a few minutes it became very repetitive and within an hour it was downright boring. You have to make an insane amount of merges to complete even the most simple tasks. I reached a point where the only tasks I had to complete were to make flowers and yet I wasn’t given any possible options to make the flowers (other than spending money I presume). I appreciate that the developers of these casual games are in it to make real money however other games seem to have been able to do that whilst still making a fun game that does not require you to spend huge amounts of real money..Version: 1.4.1

Update the game and lose your progress.I had to update the game before I could play, so I did. But once it had finished updating I found that that I had lost about 80% of progress in my game. Sure, you’re given 100 gems to compensate for the loss, but it’s not the same is it? No warning, it just happened. The only reason I found the 100 gems is because I went to send a ticket to tech support, and found a message that said ‘we redesigned the garden’. I have never played a game that has done this. Also, a little odd that the update appears in the game window but not in the App Store....Version: 1.4.1

Seems good initially... but then...I’m presuming the positive reviews are from people who have played the game for a few hours only, or from the developers themselves. This game could be great, but the greed of the developers has ruined it. The game becomes very boring in the later levels (about level 11 onwards) when the same advanced item is needed multiple times, meaning that (unless you pay real money) you cannot progress the game for several days on end. We all know that only fools pay real money for these types of games. My advice is; to play the game up until it gets frustrating due to the above, then delete it and find something else. This could be a great game if it wasn’t for the sheer greed of the developers..Version: 1.5.2

Slow progressWaiting for your drops to recharge, and hoping you get the right drops, takes way too long. it’s satisfying when you DO get to merge but there’s a lot of downtime. the “shop” sells few items at ridiculous prices so that’s no help there’s little information on which items are important, selling is too cheap. i’d like to play more but i cant.Version: 1.3.4

Requires payment on first day of playProgress becomes painfully slow very quickly. At least the ads don’t lie about the gameplay..Version: 1.6.3

So expensiveIt started fun but I’ve spent the most on any game app EVER...and the addiction is wearing thin. It’s pure greed really. Just a very feeble daily give away of diamonds will not keep anyone in this game long enough before they realise it’s just a money spinner for the makers. Shame as it could be fun. Will slowly go off the boil as more see what happens when you want to move forward other then at a snail pace. What a disappointment!.Version: 1.5.2

Addictive but skilllessThis is addictive, but requires no skill to play so the challenge is not there to keep me playing much longer. Only had it 2 weeks & other than matching there is really no actual game in this. There is very little strategy. You need other add on games to play maybe to win items to match, otherwise becomes boring. Can’t get excited about it.Version: 1.2.1

Fun but not well designedThe design of the game is in a way that certain common household items (e.g. gloves) are harder to get than the others of the same category (e.g. garden fork), which means these items are not equally likely to be available, so you will have to spend your diamonds or coins. The diamonds cannot be purchased with the coins in the game, items can be purchased by either diamonds or coins, which is quite random and ambiguous, that means both coins and diamonds serve as the “currency” of the game. The wait to spawn items are too long. Some suggestions to improve the gameplay experience: instead of using diamonds only to speed up, users should be allowed to choose to watch an advertisement too. Diamonds should be allowed to be purchased with game coins..Version: 1.4.1

Decent enough if you are very, very patientQuite good, though painfully slow. You are held back by lack of space, an object having to refill and by running out of energy, which need all patience to overcome. If you like to become immersed in a game, this isn’t for you but, if you are patient and happy to play for a few minutes regularly, the story will become engaging eventually. However, I hate the boring, repetitive Ignatius Boulton event and am docking a star for that. I’ll persevere with the game for now, but it’s too slow to really become enjoyable..Version: 1.6.3

Hit and missThis game has potential! It’s visually appealing and quite fun when you’re able to play however the downfall is that you have to spend a lot of money to advance otherwise you’re left waiting for things to recharge after only 3 mins of gameplay. It’s slow placed and I’m only on level 7 so imagine it would take weeks if not months to advance. Disappointing..Version: 1.4.1

Its goodI like the game its fun and entertaining when i can play at this point of the game I’m either waiting on energy or waiting for stuff to use my energy on it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to have energy to click on something to get the item to manage and progress in the game if you’re going to set a timer or a max click on the object that is needed to get that item to progress further I wouldn’t mind if the timer was counting down to a free item like the trees and the lamps do or lower the cool down time for that object extremely like 1-2mins and that alone is the only reason for the three stars because it’s extremely frustrating to use your energy bubble or spend your gems on 100 energy and run out if things to use it on it feels like a wast if that was changed then it’s a five star game hands down storyline is great and funny you actually feel for the characters.Version: 0.8.7

Merge MansionLove this but without coins and paying money a very slow tedious game. Going nowhere fast.Version: 1.4.1

AngryExpensive game to play, wait time between games is ridiculously long for game to top up..Version: 1.4.1

The game is very enjoyable except for large items.I’ve spent a long time on this game, playing as a pastime. So far I’ve made it to level 25 but I’ve decided to delete it because of one reason: large level items. So far, I have had to make 3 of the broom items which each take 1024 cloth items. I just got another quest to make another broom and I would rather delete the game than have to make another. You expect your players to get 4096 cloth items for only 4 quests? Not to mention the event items which are even more difficult to make. I’m on the Casey and Skatie quest and you want me to make an item which is worth 2048 level one items, and I can only get the level one items by playing an event that doesn’t give nearly enough time to level up, and only gives you items that MAKE the level 1 items? Who decided that this system works? It doesn’t! It’s absurd to make players spend so much time to get a single item. If you were to fix this and make items max out at level 9 or 10, the game would be much more enjoyable and satisfying to get through, however, the game as it is now leaves me in fear of having to make brooms or other level 11/12 items and makes the game far less enjoyable to play..Version: 1.6.3

You might have to reset your whole game!Lots of reviews here with disingenuous comments. You can’t play for that long before you have to wait for items to refresh (several hours). I also read that that it’s possible to get a full board without any way to progress. The developers solution to that problem is to reset your whole game. A sign of poor design. Don’t invest any money into this game..Version: 1.5.2

They upped the cost of everythingThe developers have upped the cost of everything. The cost of one of the electric post things that doubles the recovery rate of your items used to be 25 gems, now it is 50. I noticed other things costing more as well but the above is a good example. I’ll admit I put money into this game but I’m done doing that. Their updates never specify what they have fixed and they didn’t tell us when they upped the price of everything. It’s gross sneaky stuff like that that makes me hate these paywall games. I don’t mind paying for little things here and there but I would appreciate some transparency from the company instead of these stealth updates they do. The cost of inventory space is also astronomical after the first few. I’m at the point where it’ll cost me 4,403 to get my next SINGULAR inventory space. Congratulations, you just lost a paying customer because you guys wanted to be skeezy. TL;DR The devs upped prices of everything without notifying the players why they were and their inventory prices are ridiculous..Version: 1.4.1

Merge mansionTakes way to long to get anything or anywhere in this game , it looks fun but a waste of time . You finally get something then you have to wait forever to get anything else. Just frustrated.Version: 1.6.3

Absolutely love this game but....I love this game! It’s super entertaining and I could play it for hours straight but I do have a slight issue with it. I feel like having both limited energy and items that you have to wait to use to spawn other items is a bit too much. You have to wait a minute for 1 energy which only gives you 1 move. Maybe they could add something into the game to buy for unlimited energy? I’d buy it!.Version: 1.4.1

Fatal faultWhen you get to level 13 the game will no longer open and will ask you to update. No update is available If you delete the app and reinstall it will make you begin from the start again with the same result. I have written to the game designers and I am truly hoping that the rectify it so that I can continue playing.Version: 1.5.2

I wishI used to play with game for hours and months I recently got a new phone and I was so upset once I found out I cant transfer any data so none of my progress is there.Version: 1.6.3

Getting boredI thought this would be fun, but I am getting tired of the same stuff coming up on the board. Never get the things you need to do some of the jobs. And takes forever to get enough points to move to the next level. I will probably give up soon..Version: 1.6.3

These changes would make it a 5 star gameI agree with everyone else here that this is lacking. I think the idea of an actual countdown clock for recharge is needed. The little stopwatches don’t tell me anything. Also, there needs to be a daily game where you can win items. There also needs to be a way to buy the hour glass thing that removes the timers. Also, I would love to be able to buy or earn a “2 car garage” to double the merging board. I am constantly selling stuff to make room. Also, when I buy extra storage and I have two of something like sets of gloves, the same item should only use one spot. Why are you penalizing your game players so much? Finally, give us the map of how items are made. Dang! Come on guys. It’s supposed to be fun not frustrating. Right mow I can only play about 5 min at a time before everything has a timer again. That’s just stupid..Version: 1.2.1

DisappointedThe game was really good and I was enjoying it a lot but then it kept telling me to update on the app but I couldn’t find anything to update it so it wouldn’t let me keep playing the game, I read everything and clicked on everything to try to find this update but it wasn’t anywhere. Have got fed up of looking for update so I’m deleting the game, annoyed and angry , and now I can’t even send my review as all the nick names I put in are being used. Funny that when the review isn’t great lol.Version: 1.5.2

Needs somethingThis is a cute game and a pairing up my favorite types of games. I want to love this game. However, as much as I enjoy it something is missing. I can’t exactly put my finger on it. Many others had mentioned the timer on items and the energy refill limiting game play but I haven’t found that as frustrating yet. But I also only play games for a 10-15 minute break anyway. There are a lot of items that you can create and I find that overwhelming. When you need to create an item it does tell you what items to merge together but not a reminder from where you generate such items. I constantly feel like I’m forgetting something that needs to be done, even with the task list. Also, the board is just too small for the sheer amount of different items they want you to merge. And finally, it would be great if the task list identified when you had an item in inventory. I didn’t realize I had all of the items I needed for a task because they were all in inventory and apparently the task list only recognizes things that are on the board. What’s the point of putting an item in inventory if it then has to be placed back on the board to use for a task? Other than extra storage because, as I said, the board is too small for the amount of items you need to create. I’ve only been playing for a week and am on level 9, I can’t imagine how much more frustrating this will be as I go up in levels and more items are needed..Version: 0.9.0

Lame. Only want you moneyDid you hire some people to write reviews on here? I read all these people saying this is the best game haha bullsh**. If you’re in the middle of the game and run out of energy to play more, pay for gem to buy more energy. If you run out of coins to buy more stuff, pay for coin to buy more stuff. If there are too many tasks and you dont have enough tools, buy more from the store with the tiny amount of coins and gem you have, pay for More coins and gems. In general, you just want money, you dont care about players experience 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡.Version: 1.2.1

YoyoIt was fun and relax at beginning. After a week it gets really boring and frustrating. Now it becomes so hard to progress. I didn’t complete any task during the last few weeks, new area will be open at level 17 that will take forever, it took me nearly two weeks from level14 to level 15. all 3 tasks are asking for max level items, it will take forever to merge. You should really consider there is something wrong with the game design. The only reason I didn’t delete the game is I spent $5 at first week and I want to spend all my diamonds but it keeps getting more..Version: 1.5.2

Slow timer refills, then only get 3-4 items from all that energy buildup.Very slow to build up energy. Becomes mind numbing when it takes so long to make an item. It does not live up to the commercial hype in the adds..Version: 1.3.4

New versionLove the fact that You get more diamonds at the start with this new version however it cuts out and doesn’t let you play after a while this is really irritating the only way I can get it to work is by uninstalling it means done on it so therefore I never progress in the game I love the game but I’ve wasted a whole day and have nothing to show for it would love to be able to see what happens beyond the level six but it cuts out at level five I lost my progress from the previous game where I’ve got to see a level six I was not happy it took me a long time but I thought I enjoy the game I thought let’s play again and now I have this annoying issue.Version: 1.2.0

DevastatedI LOVE LOVE LOVE this game but now it’s telling me I can’t play unless I update!!! Well.... sorry... but I’m not buying a whole new iPad just for one game 🙇🏻‍♀️ seems my “crappy” out-dated iPad software won’t support the update now 😔 🙄 I can’t play the game at all!!! .... whatever happened to being able to still play an out-dated version!?!? That option would’ve suited me just fine. And other apps offer that sometimes.... Better to have the game in its old format, than no game at all!!!! But ok. I concede defeat. Done. Sorry. Disappointed..Version: 1.2.1

Great Game! Could be better.I really like this game. I’ve always been a fan of merge games and this one is my favorite. The graphics are the best part for me. Usually merge games make the graphics cartoonish or just funny looking and I hate it but these are really nice. I have some problems though. To get more space in my inventory is 3 thousand coins. That’s ridiculous! I would just sell items but some of them come from other items and there’s no way of remembering which merge came from what item. On merge villa when you tap the item it shows how the item was created, so at least you know where to start. Please create a feature that will show all the merges or at least how they start. Until then it gets 3 stars if these problems are fixed I’ll give it 5. Again I am enjoying this game. Developers you’ve done a great job. There are just a few things that I think would make the game better. I hope you read this and if you did thank you😊. I hope you’re having a great day..Version: 1.4.1

250 gem survey is a hoaxI did the survey for 250 gems and got nothing for it. Big waste of time..Version: 1.1.3

Get to Level 25 then play something elseI like the graphics and gameplay, and it has been a diversion. The aim of the game is to make money for the developer through in-app purchases: and I have no quarrel with that. I imagine that by level 25, the algorithm calculates that it has had as much real cash from you as it is likely to get. Hence the motivation for the company to let you progress further ( for which it would have to design more levels using more expensive developer time) is pretty low, based on the 80/20 rule. Much better economics to provide the minimum maintenance and put your development effort into a new game (possibly built on the same engine). Then pay Apple, Facebook or whomever to target Merge Mansion players with a “new” game. Rinse & repeat. I don’t have an issue with this: those who are happy to pay real cash fund the development of diverting games for those that aren’t..Version: 1.0.0

Was ok when it workedIt was a bit slow, and I know the reason these games are made so slow is so that people make in app purchases, but that’s ok as that isn’t going to happen, so it encourages me to leave it for a while and come back to it. But now I just get a message saying it needs a download and to go to the App Store to get it. There is no download, the only option I have is ‘open’, which takes me back to the same message. Looks like I’ll just be deleting it. From the other reviews it looks like it just gets more frustrating anyway..Version: 1.0.0

Why should I report an issue with Merge Mansion?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Merge Mansion to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Merge Mansion customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Merge Mansion.

Is Merge Mansion not working?

Merge Mansion works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Merge Mansion.

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