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Forge Ahead - Be A Blacksmith Negative Reviews

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Forge Ahead - Be a Blacksmith App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Forge Ahead - Be a Blacksmith app received 120 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Forge Ahead - Be a Blacksmith? Can you share your negative thoughts about forge ahead - be a blacksmith?

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Forge Ahead - Be a Blacksmith for Negative User Reviews

Great, but irritatingThere is an extreme amount of dependency on advertisements and that restricts unlocking upgrades and constantly directed to watch after finishing a weapon. And with he exclusion of sound, makes he game very bleak and not entertaining. If sound and less ads and less restrictions were applied, then potentially this game will flourish more..Version: .38

EhHalf of the materials look the same, such as diamond, silver, tin, maybe even iron, and you can’t remember what’s more expensive because you can’t remember all of the materials. Maybe you should include the material name and price when you start mining it so we know if it’s good or not..Version: 0.44

Not much contentThis is fun at the start but also about all the ads needs update.Version: .38

Good game butIt’s good but does get quite boring Also the quest people who comes grammar and spelling and sentences make no sense I would like to see it being improved and I will improve my rating to a 5.Version: .38

DO NOT GETPoint 1 In the ad you can break the sword but you actually can’t Point 2 The ads go mid game after game and you can barely play.Version: .38

An awful cash grabThis game has no substance and is incredibly dull. It’s infuriating getting hit by unskippable add after unskippable add. Do not download this desperate poorly made scam.Version: .38

Good game but needs more weapons to forgeOverall it’s a pretty great game but after a while it gets boring just forging the same thing.Version: 0.36

Needs polished desperatelyThe game doesn’t show the specifics for each upgrade so it’s unclear if they actually Improve the value of anything. All the ore has the exact same design with only the shades being changed. There is no possible way to differentiate between certain ores, they’re mostly slightly different shades of grey. There’s a star rating I’m not sure how that works? Customers walk up and speak in broken English about killing people or not killing people with a sword you sold them? The levels mean nothing as far as I can tell. Despite all of that I can still waste a decent amount of time playing..Version: 0.46

Wish it was betterI actually like the gameplay, though the graphics could use some work. I could live with the endless ads if they didn't occasionally crash the game WITHOUT giving me credit for having watched the ad (some of which are mandatory to achieve certain upgrades). What really bugs me though, is that twice, now, something in this game has crashed so badly that it caused my iPad to reboot. It may have been doing updates in the background at the time, or something else requiring memory, but rather than just blindly trying to hog resources, it should warn you that you're close to maxing out your memory and offer the option of cancelling the action, even shutting down the game. To be fair, that probably should apply to all apps, and especially game apps, but this one is the only one that's been crashing my system lately, so it's getting both barrels. I think I have to delete it, regardless of the fact that I really quite like the idea of the game. (If it matters, I also think you should be able to work on specific aspects of the game independently of one another, like working on the smelter while waiting for job results to return, or polishing the blades on display to add value, and then be able to choose which metals, and how much, to add to the pour when someone requests a specific component)..Version: 0.44

Needs updatingIt is a very fun game though it is quite boring because you can only forge swords you should put more things to forge.Version: .38

This is trash game my son played it and he turned violent terribleTerrible.Version: 0.46

Ads will ruin this gameInteresting game but every minute I’ll have an ad for Raid Shadow Legenda.Version: .39

Great Game Except for the AdsDon’t get me wrong, this is a very great game in its own regard. it’s very easy on the mind and something to do when you want something light and easy to satisfy your time. but my main issue with this game are the ads, I shouldn't be forced to watch a 15-30 second ad if I want to upgrade my gear every few levels I put on it. also the ads after crafting a sword are ridiculously annoying. after every sword or two that you craft which should only take you a few minutes at absolute maximum, will give you an ad. if we assume each one of these ads is only 5 seconds and we are cranking out a sword a minute. 60 minutes of playtime is taken down to 55 minutes. might not seem like a lot but it gets extremely infuriating at times. overall this is a great game and I get they’re trying to get some money for a free game but there are other ways to accomplish this. sorry again!.Version: .38

OkIt’s a fun game but the grammar in the messages are horrible.Version: .39

The ONLY Review WORTH ReadingIt’s like any free mobile game. It has a cool concept, and is fun at first, until you realize there is no progression system period. Your weapons all look horrible. Barely any blade shapes, they all look like they have no texture, no shiny swords as advertised, and horrible randomized chances for getting good materials when forging. Sure a lot of these free games don’t even have a point to playing them, but this one takes it to another level. It’s lack of effort, and obvious motive for money drains it of anything good about the game. It’s just one of those games you download, they push one update, than the game is dead. They don’t do anything with that game anymore, they move on to the next one. It’s all about money, and not making an even close to decent game. I know it’s harsh, but it’s the truth lol. The game is a cool idea, I liked playing it for a little while. Until you clearly see there is literally no point to playing, there’s no progression at all, and the weapons look horrible. Don’t waste your time with free games like this. It’s fun for a second, but your time isn’t worth their gain with the amount of effort they put in, which is none just to get us to waste real money for no point as well as our time..Version: .38

Other Reviews Are Far Too GenerousThis game is overly simple... which could almost be therapeutic and calming, ya know, if you didn’t have to watch an ad every, oh 30-40 seconds. In addition to that, people only come by your shop rarely (which makes things boring) and what weapon you give them really seems to have no bearing at all on their success. It is not easy to save your swords as a higher quality one will instantly replace your lowest if your rack is full. The progress in the game is super slow as well. Oh, you can’t fail either. You can hammer the same spot for over a minute and the sword will turn out just fine. In fact, and in summation, this game is a lot like a bad idle game, except it is more work and less fun. Period..Version: 0.44

A game made to show you ads.Addicting gameplay, yes. Worth $4.99, no, not in my opinion. This game is best played when you’re not needing your phone. Having to watch 3 or 4 thirty second ads to upgrade your forge is enough to ruin anyone’s trip to the bathroom. Like most free-to-play games at the top of the Apple charts, I fear this one is no different. Riddled with ad walls, like the ones who made the ads made the game itself. The amount of ads, similar to my use of the word in this review, are enough to drive a less patient person to removing them. Don’t waste your money. That amount could get you any number of fantastic and well designed, ad-free and in-game purchases free games. Don’t be fooled by its simple and addictive gameplay. It’s merely a facade designed to throw as many ads as possible in your face in one game session..Version: .38

Fix the game!I’m trying to play this after a long time ago but then this massive menu starts rising across my screen and blocking it out so I can’t do anything. Fix this! 3 stars because the game is good apart from that.Version: .85

Horrible miningDeleted the game after discovering that all material for mining look the same. Impossible to get something rare..Version: 0.44

Linear and repetitiveThe game it self is addictive but after the first 10 you make you repeat the process of making the same sword with variants only changing color based on chance. You level up and valuable materials will show up but seeing how most of the items look the same it’s near impossible to really tell what you are making. The game it self is also very clunky with being the same 4 step progression to make a sword and selling them is basically useless since holding on to any sword in the rack gets you more gold over time than you make 100 sword it’s just extra and boring. I played the game for one day and have already unlocked everything within the game. But the amount of ads you have to watch is unbearable you make 1 sword and you are hit with an ad right after. You play the game and it’s basically full of ads sell a sword ad make a sword ad want to upgrade ad and they even make you watch videos to upgrade over all a waste of time but if you are as numb brained as I am you can find some enjoyment but it’s bare bones at best hoping they could revamp the entire system of making something better but doubt it.Version: .67

Worthless gameI would like a button to accept missions.Version: 0.55

Fun but ridiculously buggy.This game is fun, let me start off with that. The pure satisfaction of getting a sword with 75% diamond ore, or a sword with 100% a rare ore is wonderful. You begin by making swords to sell, and end up attached to some so much that you leave them on display. What isn’t fun, is when you make a wonderful sword, and then the game glitches. Multiple times, at this point, I have finished making a sword and the button to return to the shop doesn’t appear. So you have to close the game, and you lose the sword, and the last couple minutes progress. Or maybe, you cant click on a buyer, and you have to wait another two minutes for one to come by- which is manageable, but still dampens the gameplay. If these issues are also persistent for other players, then in my opinion, the game should have had a little more time in development before it was released..Version: .38

Flawed TimekillerIt’s a relaxing game that I can honestly say has potential, I just can’t get over how many ads there are, they’re constant, lengthy and un-skippable. I find myself restarting the game every 2 minutes because it’s quicker than watching an ad. I understand the need for them to make money, but such a huge amount of ads really affects this game. If you decide yourself that you want to play this game, prepare for a bombardment of advertisements.Version: 0.41

It’s just....Ad simulator V2.Version: 0.53

Ad hell stay awayAds every few sec and 7$ to remove “”some”” ads paying 7$ only removes 60% of the ads your forced to watch to progress. Coupled with very little content I’d say 10/10 worst app I’ve ever downloaded..Version: 0.40

Need moreAs other reviews have said, it would be nice to have some kind of “book” or guide for what metals are worth. We need more control over which metals we want to use. It’s annoying that it won’t spawn any other rocks and the player just has to deal with what’s there. I find the T-posing customers funny and cute and think this game has a lot of potential! Excited to see what comes with future updates and I really hope that the developers are reading these reviews! 😊.Version: .38

There was potential, but you didn’t show itWhat I like about games is 1: the style 2: the challenges getting harder as you play and 3: doesn’t put you straight into the easiest route. What I’m saying is, I gave it a try and there was no challenge whatsoever. Maybe try making the game harder by having enemies try to brake the sword while your forging one. Like I said, there was potential.Version: .38

Why so manyOverall pretty fun… but the ridiculous amount of ads, literally every 2 minutes makes it almost not worth playing..Version: .85

OKIt’s OK game it’s really just slow and not really entertaining..Version: 0.41

Needs a small tweakOnly download if you are prepared to give them your data, if you don’t they put a banner saying you are limiting their ability to maintain the game over all the buttons you need at the top and you can’t get rid of it until you accept, seems like a good game other than that, not sure yet though as they won’t let me see what the other buttons do.Version: 0.42

AddsAll the adds take the fun out of this game..Version: .38

No real gameplay other than “Tap the screen”There’s no objective to the game, no variety in the game and no real instructions on what the different materials mean or what they’re worth. Can’t really say much about the adverts because I played this game on aeroplane mode so they couldn’t bombard me with apps!.Version: .39

Keeps crashingFun but keeps crashing...seems to crash more when I get more expensive swords ?.Version: .38

Takes away all the funWhen I make a sword, the blade is pink. I cant see anything of what im doing.Version: .67

DecentI’m gonna say right up front: this game feels like a money grab. It’s very simplistic, with very few choices on what you can do and it feels very one dimensional. And unless you pay to have the ads removed, there is an ad almost every time you forge a sword. Additionally, every fourth or fifth upgrade you have to watch an ad instead of paying for it with coins. Quite honestly, the game almost doesn’t feel finished. The poor broken English of the customers, the “just tap and hold” to heat and pour seems incomplete, and there isn’t a decisive way to “win” or “lose”. Either you made a better sword than you previously had or you didn’t and you scrap it. The only “fail” condition I even saw boiled down to “you didn’t give this guy a good enough sword so he failed his mission”. But you still sold him the sword and made a profit. I’d like to see more options in weapons types, how they affect the outcomes of missions, fixing the broken English, and allowing more control over what materials you use to forge the swords. It is a good start to a game and kept me occupied for about 3 days..Version: .39

Kon1998I have had this game for 1 year and a half now and there is a glitch that’s hasn’t been patched where I’m unable to accept sword jobs and only decline them. PLEASE FIX IT!!!.Version: .51

AdsAfter every sword is made up comes a new advertisement the ads last longer than making the sword.Version: 0.36

Good but buggy and repetitive.Enjoyed playing this game for the past few days but it’s just the same thing over and over. An advert pops up every time after I make a sword which is blank and doesn’t let me close it forcing me to force close the app and reloading. I put up with that but what got me was I found 6 silver ores all the same, yet the sword came out as a mix of Diamond, tin and steel. I was hoping for a lot more, not worth its rating by far!.Version: .38

Add heavyThe game is fine. There’s an add ever 15 seconds or so which ruins it. Don’t waste your time unless you like watching ads for 30 seconds and playing a game for 15..Version: 0.40

Lots of improvements neededI’m at a point where I have to forge 15-30 swords to get one good enough to keep. Because of this, you only have one good day worth of playing out of it. If you are someone who likes to pay to give yourself a little boost, don’t. It might help you very early in the game but not after that. You get 3.42 million coins for $10 and that’s the best deal. Well, for one upgrade it cost about 380 million coins. That’s over $1000 for just one upgrade. I’m not one to spend real money on games like this but that is beyond ridiculous. The quests are pointless too. So you get an extra 1000 coins by selling the sword for the quest. How does that help? What’s the point? And then when they come back to tell you how they did, some of them make no sense. They failed their mission but killed what they were set out to do. This gets two stars for a good starting point and a good concept but almost loses the second star for how bad everything else is..Version: .38

Decent game. Annoying design.It’s a good game, but when upgrading it makes you watch ads every three or four upgrades. Which makes the game annoying, or unplayable, as it glitches out and doesn’t let you watch ads to continue. Although, I’m not really surprised with how games are produced now..Version: 0.40

Needs major improvementsNearly every material/ore looks exactly the same, an ever so slightly differently colored gray, only the good materials are of a distinct color, even then the randomness of what’s in the rocks really works against you, as I seem to always get copper (probably the most worthless metal) when the game only gives you three rocks to choose from at a time, and it’s hard to tell if you are leveling up or making any progress into the game, after every 20 “levels” or so, the game finally gives you a new type of ore to use which is usually another gray colored ore that isn’t worth any more than the other, and again, hard to differentiate between ores, so it’s mainly luck and you only find out what materials you used when you finish forging, when you think all of them were the same color, they are actually very different and titanium, one of the more valuable ores, shares the same color identical to iron, tin, and most of the more worthless materials. Bottom line being this game is a challenge when it really doesn’t have to be.Version: 0.41

Fun game to imagine yourself as a blacksmithI enjoy the game but it feels a bit bland as there’s no capability to fill the crucible more, no new designs for the blade and hilt shapes nor is there any new designs for the engraving for the blades.Version: 0.80

It’s decentThe game is pretty good but it can be very annoying at times. I don’t usually review games but this one I felt like I had to. The amount of ads are unbelievable. I understand that these developers need to make money some how but it’s like every 30 seconds you get a 10 or 20 second video that you have to watch. If you turn off WiFi and cellular, the game basically breaks and you cannot continue. Also, in order to progress, you have to watch videos instead of using the in game currency that you make from selling swords. You can pay $5 to get rid of ads but I don’t believe it’s worth it considering you can only play the game for so long before you get bored..Version: .38

Don’t botherHonestly the game had promis for about all of 2 minutes before I was bombarded with ads that constantly lag out the game and sometimes outright crash it , also you can’t use airplane mode because it stops u from upgrading unless u watch even more ads ! Don’t waste your time as the developers didn’t either when making this garbage.Version: 0.46

StupidYour only source of actual income is to literally not play the game lol. Close it cuz it makes money while closed open the game watch an add for couple the income. Upgrade the value and quantity of the swords close the game. Open it back up in a couple days and repeat..Version: .39

Ad happy gameAds every few minutes. Basic and boring gameplay..Version: .38

Seems interesting at first...The game initially was quite good as you progressed getting more swords and upgrading your facilities. The adverts were a pain, but generally they usually are in free games, so I paid to have them removed, a fee of $7.95, which I don’t have an issue with cost wise. However having played this fairly intensively for a few hours and then coming back to it after it sat idle to get more money to unlock more gear...the standard really; it’s kinda gotten stagnant. There is literally nothing to really do beyond the initial lure. Where as most games have a good sense of progression, with more reasons to keep playing...this one does not. The initial appeal was all there was and now, it’s got no charm, no reason to keep playing. This game is the app equivalent of putting the entire plot and all the good bits into the movie trailer leaving nothing left to enjoy in the movie. I regret paying the $7.95 now as I did so, expecting there to be more, but alas, there is not. Don’t do as I did. Support the app, play it with the annoying ads and get some mileage out of what is initially a fun game, but one without any legs to keep going long term. At least the adverts will prolong the experience. It’s got potential but the deva really need to figure out how to keep you invested once you’ve unlocked all the swords and all you can do is just watch the money go up with no real reason to buy any other upgrades. A shame really. It could have been excellent..Version: 0.36

Great conceptAs many have said previously, loved the game at first as it had a great concept. I could probably play this for weeks or months and would even consider paying for no adds if there was more to it but after a couple of days you realize it’s way too simple and lacks development. As others have said, it would make a huge difference if the swords looked higher quality, there were more options on the ore mining/refining, more custom options for blades and hilts (I would really like even just an option to design a hilt separate from the blade or at least the option to wrap the hilt or change the color from the blade), more weapons/items like spears, arrow heads, shields, etc would also be cool. Overall other than improving some design, adding some complexity, science, and skill to this game could make it a huge win in my opinion..Version: 0.40

Waste of timePros: -It’s something you can play to kill some time Cons: - no audio - repetitive - there’s a 20 second ad every time you forge a sword (every ~45 seconds) - to remove ads it’s $6.99 Cad - this is literally an uncompleted game that they shipped out into the app store to get money from ads.Version: .38

Love the game but they’ve overspammed it with ads!!The game itself is great and addicting but every tiny little thing you do they shove an advert on it!! I don’t mind watching them to do the upgrades but when your then forced to watch them every time you finish a sword it’s just too much!! If it wasn’t for the ad spamming id of given it 5 stars.Version: 0.44

Can’t store the swordsWon’t let you store the swords most of the time. Mainly when they are good one. Please fix asap.Version: 0.43

Not bad but too many adsI paid to remove the ads, and now I have to pay to remove the ads for upgrades? Are you serious?.Version: 0.42

AnnoyingI already have it and play it everyday and I still see adds for it.Version: 0.41

Opting out of data sharing means you don’t see some of the gameI opted out of sharing all of my data with a list of 20 or so “partners”... It comes up with a massive message that you can’t delete, saying that you’re limiting their ability to develop the game. Somehow, I still see too many ads, so the only thing it appears to be limiting is their ability to sell my data. You can’t close the message and it comes up over game controls..Version: .38

OkIt boring.Version: 0.44

Boring data stealing add covered gameThe game is soooo boring it’s just the same thing over and over there is an add after every level honestly this is one of the worst games I’ve ever played and the people who give it 5 star they are the creators of the game please nobody play this game just delete it immediately.Version: .38

Ad SimulatorFrustrating amount of ads. Paid version isn’t worth the price. Crafting system is very repetitive and ores are not coded in a menu. Everything requires you to watch an ad. If you’d like to level up a skill, ad. Did you boost by watching an ad? Don’t worry, the boost time will be wasted by ads. Finish the ads and make a single weapon after 2 minutes? Cool. Here’s another ad. Felt like a huge money grab. It was fun for about 5 minutes. Even without all the ads, there’s no complexity to the game. After you make a few swords and watch 50 ads, you’ll be sorely disappointed. I hope eventually this game is worth grinding through. Give us more designs, lower your price, and at least reduce the ads. The revenue would skyrocket if they just made an affordable game that didn’t lead by ad blasting..Version: 0.40

Is fun for a few minutesThis game has potential as forging blades is unique and entertaining but the game itself quickly becomes boring and repetitive. The graphics are inconsistent with the sword blade being detailed but the hilts are boring, undetailed shapes. This could’ve been a good, fun game to play for the long run but it seems the developed gatherer ads, rough game play and then slapped it together without any refinement or effort..Version: 0.43

So simple, but lots of potentialI like the idea of the game. It has super simple, yet satisfying 3D graphics and animation. Gameplay is very straightforward and gets kind of repetitive, but I do find myself forging away for 15 minutes at a time. The game needs a bit of direction. There’s so much you could add to it! Keep going, and I’ll change this to a 5/5..Version: 0.42

Feels incompleteThis game has a lot of potential for additional content, or even alternative content. There’s a level system, but as it is, it’s only a number, nothing is attached to it, and it’s basically just how many swords you’ve crafted. I think you should link the sword crafting pieces to the level value, like when you reach level 50, you unlock the first new hilt you can buy, and at 100, a new blade, and so on. When I select a sword from the rack, I see a button that says “No Mission”, and that opens up an entire feature that would make this game stand apart from others like it. So, in summary, this game feels intentionally incomplete, and with the insane amount of ads, this may just be some quick money for the studio. If that’s the case, I urge you to come back to this and overhaul the game. There is a lot of potential here..Version: 0.36

HorribleGenuinely don’t do it. Don’t press the ‘Get’ button, you’ll regret the, Ads (oh the Ads!) 90’s blocky graphics and the very one-dimensional, limited gameplay & lifespan. Not enough complexity or skill requirement in the game. The fact that you can be charged for coins which you really don’t need is embarrassing. The fact this game is allowed on the AppStore shows the lack of acceptable quality Apple now allows..Version: .38

Crashes Constantly and RELENTLESS adsAll in all the game is fun you try to make the best weapon you can using the materials you mine at random BUT the game crashes so much and ONLY after you’ve forged a weapon and causes you to shut down the game and LOSE THE WEAPON that happens ALL THE TIME. As well as COD spamming you with ads every almost every time you manage to forge a weapon, get off it Activision you try to hard..Version: 0.40

Don’t downloadThis app keeps coming back even after I deleted it it is like a spirit app 😰😰😰.Version: .39

This game makes NO. DANG SENSE.Seriously this game is the worst.Version: 0.42

AnnoyingPretty basic game, you don’t get a great deal of control of what you do or when it comes to customisations except for when it comes to the look of the sword. Over all it needs a few updates to make this a game worth playing for longer than 1 day, though it quiet fun for that time. 1# reason I deleted it though was because you can not do anything without watching an Ad (literally) every 2 minutes..Version: .39

Money Thirsty GameThe reason I downloaded the game is because I thought it actually required skill. There is so much false advertising. The swords always look like crap because the hilt is always the same color as the blade. When you pour into the mold the ad says you could over pour but no. It always just fills up. When you hit it into shape, it can’t break. I actually tested it doesn’t break. So at the end when it says forge success, what is the point when you can’t fail? Yeah also it doesn’t say what metals are which so it’s basically throwing darts if you get a crappy tin sword. There are not enough metals. Also you have to play for so long for the timer to go down to get another customer. The timer doesn’t run when you are away so it’s forcing you to play the game to get more customers. Also the customers are so cheaply animated. They just stand in a T pose and don’t even walk they just slide away. Honestly it’s a really bad game. The novelty lasts for no time and it’s not worth it. Being frank I’m surprised this company doesn’t use all the profit from ads to put into its trash games..Version: .38

Very nice concept for a game, a little frustrating though...I love the idea and the execution, however, there are some glaring issues. The system is too focused on luck or RNG. I’ll frequently end up with 3 tin or iron ore to “choose” from. Perhaps an upgrade to get a wider selection would be nice, or upgrades to increase the chance of rare metals dropping. Also the blacksmith level really doesn’t feel like it does anything special. I assumed as my level increased, i would find rarer metals more often. Another thing; the colours of the metals are FAR too similar. Tin looks like zinc and aluminium, silver is much lighter but still a bit too similar. Also palladium and indium(?) are virtually exactly the same. My suggestion is to replace these with other more discernable metals. There should also be more metals added with each update to keep things fresh..Version: 0.44

Waste of timeHalf decent idea but bombarded with too many ads. Gets boring pretty quickly when you spend more time watching ads than playing..Version: .38

Too many ads and lazy developers!After playing this game that I got from seeing an ad for it in another game, I realized that the ad was lying, showing different colored rocks and shiny swords. Also, the developers got WAY too greedy because you can’t level up anything more then three times until you HAVE to watch an ad. So basically I’ve wasted more time watching ads then I am having fun. You are supposed to have fun playing a game not sit through ad after ad. The developers probably took 20 minutes making this game because EVERY thing is horrible. The swords have like 3 shapes and the quest people all look the same, having this odd T-pose gesture. This shows how little effort they put into the game and not to mention they can’t even put anything in the background! I mean how hard is it to just put at least a still image behind a game. It’s literally just a white screen. And I’d honestly have more fun starring at a blank screen then I would playing this game.👎.Version: .38

AdsIt’s a decent game but you get ads almost after every action. For example: this games main Mechanic is to create a sword but every time you make a sword there’s an ad, or when you buy upgrades you will get an ad. Game has potential but the fact that I have to spend most my game time on ads made me rethink the worth of this game. I’m not saying get rid of the ads I’m saying chill out and have less Thank you.Version: .38

Forge AheadA game like this doesn’t have glitch like I’ve seen before, but this one is freezing like crazy, so if your not busy, not reading someone’s comments, listen to this and fix what kind of bugs that are in this game, further more a proper update, cause I’ve seen the worst update that the game leave and send me or others back to home page, so please fix it please and thank you.Version: 0.80

IOSA fun addicting game. Although would like some improvements: - reset purchase button does nothing - would be cool if there was someway you could choose between the different metals when mining or have more rocks. Maybe watch an add to have another rock fall or make it upgradable to increase rocks falling or being able to throw one rock away to get another? Although part of the aspect is fun when it comes down to luck to get good materials for a sword, but having just a bit more of control would be great. - Needs a list of the different metals and the different values lowest to highest.Version: .38

AdsI would’ve kept playing, but the ads, oh god.Version: 0.40

Disgusting Cash GrabI’m fine with having advertisements for mobile games (especially if a lot of the game play is idle) but the amount of ads encountered during gameplay is unbearable for such a simple game. A lot of upgrades you can only receive from watching ads. You also encounter an ad after every time you forge. This is by far the most advertisement oriented mobile game I’ve ever experienced in my life. It’s terrible compared to any similar mobile game and I think the creators should be ashamed for the marketing approach they used. Compelling gameplay is essential if you expect users to put up with advertisements. The gameplay is definitely not worth the mind numbing advertisements being shoved in your face. I have never written a game review, but I felt compelled to spread the word about this. Please do not waste your time or support this cash grab game. It will only waste your time and encourage the growth of this issue..Version: .38

3.5 starsThis is a good game and a nice way to pass time. My only problems are: 1. There isn’t enough diversity to the weapons you make just swords. 2. You don’t even make handles, how do you expect a warrior to hold an uncomfortable sword and do well in battle. 3. The amount of ads is pretty bad, to the point where it’s after every sword you make, and you know what’s even worse? The x button is atrociously small, meaning you have to practise to hit the centre. I also noticed the ads you watch for rewards have nice juicy x buttons just waiting to be pressed, don’t think I didn’t notice. The ads are my main problem, you are gaining money off of misery and suffering, I bet even YOU don’t like ads on games. Big Chungus Sends His Regards..Version: 0.80

It’s painful to playThe game is ok I like the idea of making sword and selling them but the people who give you quests but they have no idea! What there talking about. Because all I have heard them say so far is that there bards!? They don’t use swords ok, plus the fact that they come back and tell you “I have not/have succeeded my mission but did kill the enemy.” Oh and I saw that you don’t reply to any reviews so this was a waste of time! It’s probably because the developers didn’t research at all. That’s why this game is so hard to keep playing Also I think all the swords look horrible the options for the hilt and blade are a nice touch, but I don’t want to hold a sword that’s hilt is made of rock. I want a wooden hilt with leather grip please. And please don’t use the constantly copied poly characters and use more original dev made, not copied, items. But like I said the developers don’t care what we think and this is a waste of time.Version: 0.42

It’s okThis is an ok game to waste time on but is really repetitive, it’s hard to make anything better than uncommon as a lot of the metals look the same and without being able to discard unwanted metals it always falls short Without an update to make it more interesting I will give it up!.Version: 0.43

Good game, but it needs workThe game itself is decently fun and a great way to pass time, and the inclusion of side quests are a nice touch, but the animation of the characters are terrible. They’re literally t-posing character models that glide across the screen. While I do find this funny, it really shouldn’t be in a game like this. Now, if this was the only thing that I didn’t like about this game, I would’ve given it a four star rating. What really irks me about this is that there are too many ads and, at times, periods where you’re forced to watch full length ads just to upgrade something. You don’t even get an option if you’re not connected to the internet. It’s just another game where you need to be connected to the internet to play it even though the only internet usage is loading ads so the developers can get money. Again, it’s fun to play, but not too much effort is put in and it’s just a cash grab, but one I’m willing to give at least a few cents to..Version: .38

BuggySome materials go missing from the finished product, after so many forges you can't send the sword to the shop and have to restart the app, loosing the sword in the process. I'd say there are alot of adds but that's just the nature of mobile games these days..Version: .38

Great idea, but it needs committed devs.So far, looking through other reviews, I agree with the points other reviews have made. • Ore collection is random, and sometimes you’re forced to add what seem to be lower-value ores. • Ore system is kind of impossible to understand in terms of value as there is a complete lack of any sort of guide beyond the tutorial. • There is little to no skill involved in playing the game, meaning there is little in terms of player growth. • Ads are annoying (although I found that turning off my WiFi and blocking the app from using data through settings helps). In conclusion, the unfortunate situation that this game finds itself in is that it’s based on a solid concept, but the game itself doesn’t feel like it was made by a human. There is no commitment from the developers to make the game better, dialogue is broken (I honestly don’t know if that’s on purpose, hahahaha), and there is no “world” around it. There’s no use complaining when I know that the developers could not care less unless it stopped making them money. It’s just disappointing to see a great concept go to waste without saying anything about it :(.Version: .38

ReviewI think there should be a couple of swords looking like the picture icon on the game. There are also quite a lot of ads. And eventually gets boring, switch it up, and it could be better.Version: 0.36

The adsUsually in games like this every couple of minutes you have to suffer through an ad, it’s to be expected of a free game. This game however forces an ad on you after EVERY. SINGLE. SWORD. So pretty much every 30 ish seconds if your actually playing the game not just watching your money grow. Sidenote: you have to watch ads to spend the money too.Version: 0.40

I feel dumberThus game is terrible. Mobile games are usually pretty bad but I feel actually dumber for have played this game, I'd take stars away if I could for a rating..Version: 0.41

Split on this game :/This game is actually really cool kind of like an idle game but pretty interesting and has a lot of potential but the ads are a little ridiculous but as I enjoyed the game I was considering purchasing to have ads taken of but guys... £5 is not a fair price I can get a AAA game for this on £2.50 I would say that it is fair but it feels you are being greedy there is basically an ad for every single forge so I will stop playing until it is lowered in price or I guess never play again..Version: 0.34

NoThis game is the definition of crappy mobile games. Btw, the npcs are t-posing, no joke.Version: .38

Ok but could be betterThis game is ok for a few days before you max out the game my two complaints are that when upgrading even if you have the money you get locked out behind an ad wall I’m my case I can’t upgrade pickaxe power past 18% even though I have 760.3 million coins and since I play on my iPad which doesn’t have WiFi I can’t progress anymore, and my second complaint is that even if you buy everything you still can’t chose what metals you get I know they have rarities but once I’m maxed out I just want to make a full diamond sword but I can’t dice common metals always come out I’ve made around 100 swords out of which I only had rare materials in about 5 of them so if these two things are improved I’ll drop a 5 star review.Version: .51

Pleasant but too basicNice core mechanic and good potential with missions and the need to unlock better swords. Lacks depth, however. The missions are largely pointless as you can sell the customer any old thing. No real reward for meeting the brief or penalty for failing at it. Would also be better to have more of an element of judgement or skill in the forging process governing the quality of the outcome..Version: 0.42

Good but to easyIt’s a really fun game but way to easy can you make it so you can fail please.Version: .51

BORING!!!!Absolutely boring and repetitive game, riddled with ads unless you pay $7 which would be better spent on a real game on Steam, and they even have the nerve to include micro transactions..Version: 0.41

Good game butI can’t see the different materials as they all look the same also you half to watch an ad ever few times you want to upgrade.Version: 0.46

Excessive AdsBanner ads aren’t a problem, but when you’re hit with an unskipable 30 sec ad every time you do something. Wouldn’t be an issue if that didn’t mean that literally half of your time playing is ads..Version: 0.36

Its pretty bad. WAY too many ads.The main reason I installed this game was so I can stop getting these obnoxious, cringy ads for it. Little did I know, this is the most ad-thirsty game I have ever played. You need an ad for everything. You need an ad to upgrade, hell, every time you finish making a sword, you get an ad! Thats like an ad every minute! What Im saying here is that this game isnt worth the ads. The gameplay is too repetitive, and the graphics made it look like this was put together in 10 minutes! Also in most of the ads for this game, its just fake gameplay. So please just fix this. I know you just want the money because that’s all people care about these days, but please. Spare a penny or two and cut down on the ads. Also like I said, the gameplay Is boring. The main conclusion here is that this game is really boring, repetitive, and spewed with ads. Honestly, Id rather stare at the sun than play this. And PS, deleting this comment just makes me more right, just saying..Version: .38

Zzzzz.....You slowly break mud clumps to get raw materials (as in real life...?), can only choose from 1 of 3 clumps at one time and can’t toss aside the bad ones to get better materials because of ....reasons...? Then after smelting materials in a mould, you hit red parts on the sword till they’re not red anymore. 1 sword will be “worth” 400-800 gold (depending on pre-generated materials) but then you can sell them for about 2,000. Want to upgrade your speed or ....pretty much anything? Sure - just do this for 3 hours and you’ll likely have 250K in gold for your first upgrade into something that will seem the same as before. That’s it. Do this over an over till you realize there’s better things you could do with your life like watching people eat or cleaning out a litter box - and delete one of the saddest excuses for a “game”.Version: .38

Nice mechanics butThe only thing I really dislike about this game is that there is no music or noise at all make me feel like I am some kind of mindless drone.Version: 0.36

Not horribleBut with that being said, it would be great if, when I hold the pick axe over the rock, it breaks, the shadows don’t line up so it’s impossible to try and orient yourself with it, so I’m basically holding my finger over the screen, moving a tiny pick axe around, hoping it hits something. Very frustrating..Version: 0.40

A Lot of Work to Be DoneI understand that games need ads for revenue, so do not mistake this review as some person not understanding the app world. This being said, I paid the $4.99 to get no ads in the game because I personally enjoyed the game at first. However, it became evident that the game does not intend on letting you get away with no ads. For one to get an upgrade, the game REQUIRES an ad to be watched first. This would be easily avoidable if only, let’s say, you could pay to get rid of ads and just pay for the upgrade with in game currency like every other upgrade. It gets extremely annoying after a while. That with that being my biggest grievance, there are some other things that can be improved. The creators could pay more attention to dialogues seeing that many do not fully make sense. A list or tutorial of what materials are what would also be handy..Version: .38

Yeah but noOnce you had upgraded things like your hammer to upgrade after that u had to watch videos and that it got boring and nothing new came up.Version: .38

Got time to kill? Find something else to play.I only review games that I feel need extra explaining. This “game” just repeats itself over and over again. It’s not very forgiving when it comes to progression so you literally make the same sword over and over again. Not the most fun, as I think I only enjoyed myself like the first 5 minutes. If you are into grindy games, then you might like it. ON TOP OF THAT... they play an advertisement after every single sword you make so you’ll be watching a lot of the same video OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Would be heavily improved if they make it so that ads only play every other sword or every third sword. There is an option to pay $5 to remove ads but this game doesn’t offer enough for me to want to pay that much. Perhaps if they made more items other than just swords you could make or lowered the cost to buy new sword parts..Version: 0.35

ImprovementThis game is a good game however it does need a few minor improvements for instance once you have forged your sword it is essentially useless I mean how good would it be do you have an arena where you could use your sword to fight enemies and gain coins. Or maybe you could go a different route and make different weapons like maces or daggers or l anything other than swords and use them to fight enemies and gain coinsThe game also advertises different coloured or however it is not present in any level of game as far as I’m concerned.Version: .38

Needs more detailCan’t tell the difference between the 7 different off gray/silver minerals! There’s also no indication of how or why you level up, nor what it does for you. Half a game at best.Version: 0.44

I don’t like this new versionWhat was wrong with the old one?.Version: 0.46

It aytAdd more ores and more bolts and blades make the ores more distinguishable.Version: 0.44

Waste of timeFuck this games this is the worst.Version: 0.46

Bought no ads in game offer but still adsI bought the ad remover in game and relaunched it. Still ads on everything in the game between functions and naught it again by accident. I am going to want a refund because if it says no ads or banners for a price I expected no ads or banners for that price..Version: 0.96

How is this a 4.5This is horrible game design with an excessive use of ads which is just a disgrace. The constant activity of just making swords and selling them gets boring after awhile. The game developers should be ashamed for creating such a horrible game. This also applies with other games they’ve made, this is such a disgrace..Version: .38

Good potentialThis game is quite fun, but there is one downside, at least for me, not sure if this is widespread or not, but i can’t seem to buy any of the new blades/hilts despite having more than enough money and it does get rather boring when you don’t have that variety....Version: 0.41

Not fun at all!I’ve seen a lot of ads of this game so I decided to download it but as I start playing it it’s one of these games which show you a ton of ads nonstop which is very annoying, especially that your chance of even getting a rare is slim to none. There’s a horrible percent chance that you’ll get a good mineral or sword it’s just giving out random rocks. I wasted so much time in this game especially that they force me to watch a ad to even upgrade something! There game ads are very misleading as I see in the ads your pickaxe can break and your sword can break to? That’s not true when I played it in reality it’s sooooooo bad. But just to say, everyone has opinions so don’t take this too seriously and goodbye everyone hope you have a good time!.Version: .38

Too many advertsI completely understand that game developers need to make money in order to survive but there are just too many adverts in this game. I’ve just logged on today and I haven’t even made a sword yet but I’ve seen two adverts. It’s a shame as it seems like a good game but I’ve not got far enough to see if it’s worth paying for and there’s not a lot of info as to whether anything much changes as you level up. If I’ve got a free five minutes and 2 of that is spent watching adverts then it’s just not worth it for me..Version: .39

Never seen a game with MTX that can be completed in 2-3 hours.Honestly why have micro transactions when the game be completed in 2 runs. You unlock some stuff, log off and the next day you have enough gold to buy all upgrades. At that point what do you even do in the game? Just keep making swords for nothing? Make some well needed improvements as I’d go as far as saying this is a lazily made game. Iron and Zinc are identical, tin, silver and aluminium are identical, iron, steel and tungsten are identical... literally just a random process in mining and it results in some shockingly bad productions..Version: 0.42

Very little to itThere’s less variety than in most idle games, no table to tell you which metal is which colour or how much it’s worth, etc. Also since the update I’ve been told that I’m at fault for your game not working because I need to enable more analytics. Absolutely the wrong tone to take, and because of that I’ve uninstalled and given 1 star..Version: 0.37

Fun but too many forced adsAt first it is very fun but in order to continue to upgrade anything more you have to watch an ad to get a free upgrade so to progress it forces you to watch an ad.Version: 0.40

It is a good game, but...This is a good game, but lacks progression and there are way too many adds..Version: 0.37

This game is horrible for many different reasons here are some:This game is absolutely delinquent and umacculate.Version: 0.40

It’s not a game it’s a adAds ads ads ads the amount of playing compared to watching ads is retarded.Version: .51

And removal doesn’t workA little répétitive but fun. Ad removal does not work..Version: 0.44

Kinda niceWell I enjoyed the game a lot I was about purchasing it but I lost all my progress.Version: .79

Not my kind of thingGameplay is low poly and repetitive. Hammering a sword isn't for cooling. First sword I made I wanted to keep looking like it was as that was cool. Money seems to come from idle not selling. Was hoping for more of a game not a clicker..Version: .38

Unsurprising ad problemThis is my only real complaint against the game. The game itself is a nice mind-off distraction, but the ad integration is about on-par with the other mobile games (god-awful). The ads on the bottom are NEVER a good idea, since they slow the game down or make it stutter while playing. And ads at the end of every single forging session is tedious, since each run only lasts a minute at most. If the ads only ran every three or four forging sessions, it might be a cute distraction. As is, it’s just another mobile game thinking of how to make money instead of finding a middle ground between ad revenue and making a fun experience that people will want to play for more than 10 minutes..Version: .38

Too many adsI get spammed with ads as soon as I finish any sword.Version: 0.40

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