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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Negative Reviews

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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles app received 118 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles? Can you share your negative thoughts about brain test: tricky puzzles?

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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles for Negative User Reviews

THIS GAME MAKES NO SENSESome of the levels are very fun but some make no sense at all.Version: 2.8.5

Too many adsFar too many ads and no family sharing for the in app purchases to remove them. Ads like ‘bit life’ are crass and inappropriate for 12 year olds..Version: 2.8.6

A bit annoying but also pretty fun!This game is pretty cool. I will admit it’s a bit annoying sometimes when your stumped-though it’s cool when you take a step back-and then really under stand the round, just in a way you wouldn’t think of before. I think that about rounds 29 and 6 are ones that even with a hint-you can under stand them. (And it may sound dumb but I didn’t get those rounds just had to skip them.) Though some other rounds end pretty easy-and there’s an add after almost every round. Thats also sometimes might be annoying when you find out the answer to a quick round. Though sometimes I will be honest it’s pretty funny when you find out the answer-and you realize you just worn’t looking the way it was angled. and unlike most other games-this one is one where if you want a hint you use your game money for it. And don’t watch an add. Which I love 100 times more than the average add ones. And some of them sound like you would need to put a lot of work into them because it’s hard to think of the interesting one they have. So all I have to say is: “if you don’t mind getting stumped now and then-and you like a good brain teaser, this an absolutely perfect game for you!” Thanks for reading!.Version: 2.729.0

Too many adsAfter about the 4th puzzle (less than a minute in) there is a request to leave a rating, after that there is an ad after every single puzzle. It’s insane. The puzzles are okay but very quick and easy so I anticipate they will get more difficult as you progress but who knows because no one has time for all those ads..Version: 2.748.0

More adverts than national tellyThe game itself is pretty good and it’s a smart, new idea from the developers. It does what it says, it tricks your brain and you have to interact with the game to pass through levels. HOWEVER…. The amount of ads is ridiculous. The fact that sometimes you only get to complete one level and then you are forced to watch adverts, which I may ad sometimes crash the game, and then to click off it and being showed another one is something else.. Yes, you could purchase a pack that allows you to have no adverts version but people on a budget want to train their brains as well. After watching 10+ adverts, my brain feels like punching someone, it doesn’t feel very trained.Version: 2.8.4

Ridiculous adsDeleted within 10 mins of playing. Would have enjoyed but the ad videos are obnoxious, way too long and no way to exit them if you accidentally opt to view one and get a reward. Turns what seems like a good app into a rubbish one..Version: 2.745.0

Don’t Buy This If You Are On IPadIt Won’t Let You Play On IPad >:<.Version: 2.748.0

Would be an amazing game if there wasn’t adds every secondThis is an amazing game when I want to not go on socials and test my brain a little fun and entertaining but there are adds every time you finish a level and that only takes max 30 seconds it is so annoying having the same gambolling adds and poker games pop up every 30 seconds and they take longer to finish than the level please reduce the amount off adds or at least give them some more variety.Version: 2.734.0

Great game but ...Amazing games and super fun I think it only thing is the Amount of ads that are always there, they get annoying but overall an amazing game the levels are very fun and I enjoy them top tip always read the instructions carefully and it’s a great game for getting your brain going I always play this game on the bus on the way to school and it really wakes me up and is not hard but also tests your mind. One more thing is that you have to buy or watch ads to get bulbs I think you should get bulbs after every level like 5 each level would make the game just a but better. I also play this game with my younger brother who’s 9 I’m 13 so it dose range in ages and it’s a great app I would download if I were you ❤️.Version: 2.4.3


Too many ads!Deleted soon after installing - I know free games need to have some ads but this is crazy! Chill out on the ads a bit. It’s a shame because has great potential. I can see 90% of the reviews complain about too many ads, going back as far as 2 years ago and the developer has replied saying that they will fix it. SO FIX IT.Version: 2.729.0

Unreasonable amount of adsToo many, too long! Even for a free app 👎.Version: 2.748.0

Never ending add😐😑Ok so I got this game cuz I thought it would be fun and there weren’t many adds and I was like yay cuz who likes ads and then I got stuck on a level and there are hints and I ran out so you watch an add to get another hint so that’s what I did and the add was toon blast and it was one ad of toon blast and I thought it would be over by then but then there was another one and after that one it played the one I had just watched and after that one it was like a repeating pattern and I was like after 14 rounds I can’t be bothered to watch 5000 same ads so I tried to skip it but there was no skip button so I came off the game to write this review and is still probably going now 👧➡️👵now I am angry 😡😭😩.Version: 2.732.1

Awful excuse for a puzzle gameThe defining trait of a puzzle is for there to be logic behind it’s solution, with the best puzzle games making even the simplest logic seem difficult. This game goes against that whole concept by just making the logic up, hiding solutions from you until you magically reveal them by doing something that doesn’t make sense. For example, there is one puzzle in which you have to feed a cat and are given a can of tuna and a portable stove. Turns out you are randomly supposed to burn the can on the stove until a mouse appears from inside of it, allowing the cat to eat the mouse. Almost every level in the game uses this type of fantasy logic to give you a completely dumb solution. Please do not listen to the hundreds of fake reviews under this game - it offers nothing in terms of intellectual enhancement and is solely interested in showing you ads and making you buy clues for it’s illogical puzzles. Honestly, it’s one of the worst puzzle games I’ve ever played.Version: 2.4

Unresponsive and Ad RiddenThis game is beyond terrible. Every time I go to solve a puzzle and nothing happens, I look up online what I should do. Then it says to do exactly what I just did. During the light level I dragged the lightbulb so many times and it just never went. Then, in level 51, I pulled on the kids head but it didn’t work. Beyond annoying. The visuals are low quality as well. Everything looks like it was made a cheap as possible and as quickly as possible just to meet a deadline. No polish or effort was put into any of the images used. Half of the puzzles have parts that are just glitching out too. So unpolished and low quality. Also after every single puzzle is a long and annoying ad. After every. Single. One. It is the worst. Most games are either 2 or 3 in between ads, not constant. I feel abused by the developers. I’ve already deleted the game as it is one of the most annoying games I have played in a long time. I hope someone on the development team sees this so they can improve the game because right now it’s just commercials with puzzles that only work after 70,000 tries of doing the correct thing..Version: 2.8.4

Ads, ads, and adsTried this game off a recommendation online…but every single level and during game play the ads just don’t quit. I get you have to fund this…but this is extreme ads for any game. Uninstalled and won’t come back with the level of advertising that you’ve got running. Reduce the ads to every third puzzle and you would keep the interest in your game and probably have more players going further so you would have more ads over time!.Version: 2.730.1

Too many ads!!There's an ad after EVERY test! 👎.Version: 2.748.0

Advertising spam - trigger warningFun game as they really challenge creative thinking. But the advertising is just ALL THE TIME. Also, most of the adverts are for slot games, which is highly inappropriate for people with gambling problems as may be triggering. Some of the adverts have pornographic imaging - completely inappropriate for a ‘all ages’ game.....and many of the other adverts are misleading. I understand advertising enables the game to be free- this is overkill and makes a great game unplayable..Version: 2.4.2

Am I playing the game or the ads??!The game is comprised of almost entirely pop up ads, some of which go for over a whole minute long. You will get an ad after every level, which takes longer to watch the actually playing the level itself. Absolutely ridiculous amount, I understand needing pop ups to fund your game, but this isn’t even a game anymore, it’s just an advertising and cash grab scheme. Don’t bother with this game. $6 is a ludicrous amount to pay for no ads on this type of “game”..Version: 2.8.4

BSGames is full of flaws that make you watch adds for hints. Attempt to do something before you watch a add nothing happens. Watch a add and use a hint, all of a sudden the same thing you tried before works. Update* Still extremely frustrated. Understand they need adds for revenue but to make the game impossible to move forward without watching a add it just down right ignorant..Version: 2.3

AMAZING but…This game is incredible and it really gets you to think logically but outside the box at the same time I think this is an amazing game except for the ads I understand that company’s need to have ads in there game to make money of of but this game has way to many ads it’s ridiculous how many ads it is and some of the levels are very hard and you have to watch an add for one clue and sometimes the clue isn’t very clear on what it means apart from that I definitely would recommend this game to anyone looking for a headspinning game 👍 I was just playing the game again and I just saw an ad that had two girls close up saying would you kiss them or pull them into the water and this is very inappropriate and this makes me not want to play this game.Version: 2.729.0

I am Quite PerplexedI downloaded this game in the hopes I would be able to assess my critical thinking. While the game offers vibrant colours with commendable contrast, it fails to meet expectations. While progressing through the various levels, it cane to my attention that the problem solving did not test my critical thinking and could be classed as childish. Not only that, I was greeted with a plethora of unwanted advertisements which had no skip option and subsequently “forced” the user to watch each one. Furthermore, the developers cycled through 3 or 4 advertisements which only furthered my frustrations. The actual “problems” that each question offered, posed trivial solutions which would not make sense the average consumer. I attempted as many problems as I could before my frustrations bubbled over and I could not endure anymore (30 mins into the game). I had my friends download the game and give me their thoughts to ensure I was not being unjust in my judgement; to which they thoroughly agreed. Overall am a big fan of “brainteaser” type applications; however, this did not even meet the lowest standard I had set. I am merely writing this review to ensure no other consumer wastes their precious time. Thank you.Version: 2.4.3

DisappointingThis game is fun but it has so many ads. I literally have to watch them every five seconds or after a puzzle I have to watch an ad for 30 seconds. It’s fun but not worth the ads..Version: 2.731.0

HORRIBLE!This app was infuriatingly bad! The answer to one puzzle was so easy, yet the app wouldn’t even allow me to do the correct answer (the puzzle involved opening a “fridge” icon, but there was absolutely no way of tapping, swiping, etc that would allow you to do that). I ended up having to watch multiple ads in order to be allowed to skip that broken level (had to do it multiple times because, again, the app is broken and just kept showing the ad on repeat without actually giving me the points i was meant to receive from it). I deleted this after about 10 minutes because it’s absolutely unusable, what a waste of time..Version: 2.4.5

I’m not being dramatic when I say ADSIf you hate ads as much as I do, you shouldn’t get this game. I’m not being dramatic when I say there is an ad literally every 10 seconds. I got this game to pass time, but all it does is just get me annoyed. You probably are thinking: all games have ads, but this game has trillions in 5 levels! I’m so sick of all these ads that I might just give this one star and delete all of the games. Also, when something pops up like watch an ad for 25 lightbulbs, if you click “No thanks” then you will still have to watch an ad and won’t get anything but annoyed. This game could actually get 5 stars if you removed the ads. I mean, you can remove the ads but for 4 freaking dollars! That’s a waste of money! Parents, if you are reading this, you shouldn’t encourage your kids to get this app, also because lots of the ads are inappropriate! I mean sure, you can block the ads but some people don’t know how to do it. So if you have a kid under 12 that wants this game, either waste your money and buy no ads or don’t let them have it. Your choice, but make the right one..Version: 2.730.1

Add’sThe add’s are just constant and with add’s you gonna lose a lot of people who play cause soon enough they’ll just get very tired of the adds just like me and I don’t think you!d like to lose people so I’d consider stop the constant boring add’s or lose people. Got it?.Version: 2.3

Fun but more ads than actual game timeI really wanted to give an awesome review because the actual puzzles are super fun but I can’t get past how many ads there are so am about to delete the game. Sometimes a puzzle will take you a few seconds so it feels like you are just watching ads CONSTANTLY! I have other games that have ads associated with them too but not nearly as much as this one..Version: 2.8.3

Too many adsToo many Ads, almost after every puzzle.Version: 2.8.4

Too many ads, makes no senseThis ‘puzzle game’ has absolutely no puzzle element to it. Almost all levels have some completely illogical and ridiculous solution, and requires no intellectual ability to solve. Additionally, after every one or two puzzles, there is an ad. After some levels they give you an option to receive bulbs ( the things that you use to get clues and skip levels ) if you watch an ad. Even if you say no, you see an advert. What is the sense in that? I might seem a bit intolerant and that I’m overreacting, and I can see why people like this game. But, if you are looking for a game that actually requires logic, thought and observational skills, don’t try this game. There are too many ads anyway..Version: 2.8.3

AdsThe game has barley any ads at the start and gets you to review and it’s fun so like me most people rate it 5 stars but then later on there are so much ads and they make it really hard we’re your basically forced to watch them. The ads also move the X around..Version: 2.0.1

Good game but made useless with adsEvery damn leve they have to put an unskippable 30 sec ad? Delete.Version: 2.4.6

Fun, but needs improvementThis game is really fun to get you to think in different ways and test your brain, so I enjoy that aspect of it. The puzzles are all different with diverse solutions, all encouraging the player to think outside the box. However, the amount of ads is just unbearable. I understand the need for advertisement, but my game is interrupted far too frequently for me to truly enjoy the experience of the game. At the end of nearly every level, I am interrupted by an advert. I would recommend to the developers of this game to perhaps reduce the amount of ads to make the game more appealing to the audience- perhaps there could be an option where players could optionally choose to watch adverts in exchange for lightbulbs, but they wouldn’t appear as frequently in game..Version: 2.4.4

To many adsNearly every comment is about the ads, You need to remove the amount of ads, If you need that much money from the ad company’s you are doing something wrong in this business..Version: 2.8.4

Facebook AdThe game itself is fun. But every single time I play, the only Ad that pops up between rounds is some stupid Facebook one, that is impossible to close without restarting the app.Version: 1.5

Tons of adverts with the occasional puzzleThis game could be ok if it wasn’t for the obscene amount of adverts that are shown. We’ve got ads talking to us while we do a puzzle, then after every single puzzle, which takes approximately 10 seconds to complete, we get the option to watch another ad which usually provides a discount if you buy something. After that we are subjected to at least one more advert that looks as though it can be skipped after 5 seconds but then continues to pop up and won’t go away for another 10-15 seconds. I don’t mind adverts normally. I understand the developers want to earn some reward for their time, but this is just ridiculous!.Version: 2.744.0

Good but bad but ADS!😩😩Ok so it’s a good game and all but some things just aren’t right... 1). 1 word. Ads. Every 5 seconds Ads. ‘Would you like a clue?’ Ads. ‘Would you like to watch an add?’ NO!! Guess what. You have to watch one anyway. 2). Sometimes the answers are SO RANDOM!! Like on one there is a fisherman and the fish won’t swim close to him and the answer is to shake the apple tree, cut the apple in half and there is a worm inside! That probably wasn’t the best example but still! 3). If you are stuck then you can just watch an add and get a clue. There are 2 reasons why that isn’t a great idea. 1.The clues aren’t actually clues. They just tell you the answer. 2.Someone could just use a ‘clue’ every time and that just makes the game pointless. 4). You can share questions with your friends but when you send a question you are also sending them the answer and at the end of every question it asks you to share it with a friend. WHATS THE POINT IN THAT?! If you ARE going to get the app then make sure you REALLY like ads and don’t press the ‘clue’ button..Version: 2.4.3

Ads keep awayI never write reviews and often read about intrusive ads and think ‘it can’t be that bad’. Well sadly it is, the game itself is interesting, a good concept and keeps you amused - it’s a little different. The ads though are after every other game, the games can take 10 seconds per one and then a minute of ads. As others have said, understand the need for advertising but at this level? It doesn’t push me to purchase the game and remove them, it pushes me to delete the game as it seems forced. Shame as it has a lot of potential. If you are happy and used to ads then I’m sure it will be fine, if you don’t like ads then you will hate this and I would strongly suggest you don’t bother downloading. Even has ads in the instruction stages... unreal..Version: 2.4.2

Absolutely ridiculousAnother example of greedy devs right here, after reading through the reviews it almost seems that the reviews are fake and are written by people within the company 😂 £3.99 a week for a silly phone game, absolutely plagued with ads after question 5, I mean plagued with them, every single level there’s an ad, the level could be 3 seconds and then you have to sit through an ad every single time. Stop paying for this tripe, it’s the smoothbrained people that pay the ridiculous £3.99 a week that gives them the power to rip people off and plague their games with ads, and then have to pay to make it just about playable. Moron devs who take absolutely no notice of what people actually want these phones games for, a quick 5 mins to play whilst on the throne, having a quick break at work etc etc, instead you sit watching ads after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL <— not sure if I’ve mentioned that part before. It’s taken me less time to write this review than it has to get to level 15 because of the ads 😂.Version: 2.731.0

It’s fun but…I just got it because I kept seeing adds for it, it wouldn’t stop, and like all other free games, it’s blasting me with ads. I try and play it, the levels make no sense so I try and click the hint button, but I didn’t have enough and then I kept watching ads, it’s like the game was just made to advertise for other games. And levels make no sense at all, for this level, you have to make the baby stop crying by taking the wheels off a toy truck and putting it on the dads eyes? It makes no sense. I got really confused by the first level. Also, before i bought this game, I kept seeing adds for it. But those were playable ads. So it basically gave you free hints. And the ads just tell you all the answers. I also hate that you can’t play in landscape mode (I’m more of a landscape person myself) and it seems like it would be fine without it. The spin wheel also seems rigged. You can get VIP but I’m always getting so close to it. It slows down right in it, but it speeds up and goes to another one. So this is basically literally advertising for other games. In the ads it could’ve told you more specific things, I wouldn’t have gotten the game if I knew it wasn’t blasting me with ads..Version: 2.741.1

Lots of ads and stupid answers.This is quite a fun game although there is an ads after almost every single level which is quite annoying and it quite often nags you about in game purchases. A lot of the levels have reasonable questions or riddles but the answers are quite stupid and would and should never work making it incredibly hard to guess these dumb answer pushing you to use your hints, the only way you can get hints is by watching MORE ADS, Weekly rewards, paying for VIP or buying them for incredibly high prices. I don’t recommend this app and suggest you to get another app..Version: 2.731.0

More levels you crooksI paid for ad free. It wasn’t cheap and you even lied to me about the cost. I have proof. Now your levels are done? “We’ll make more someday”???? MAKE A REAL GAME BEFORE YOU CHARGE TOP DOLLAR FOR IT. what a pathetic waste. I’ll be seeking a chargeback.Version: 2.7.7

Seriously??Thinking outside the box is one thing, but this game goes WAY beyond that, and not in a good way. For example, one level has a crying baby, and your job is make the baby stop crying. The answer? Shake the bejeepers out of your device…why on earth would a game for children show that shaking a baby is a way to stop its crying?? What is wrong with you??!! On a few other levels, the lack of a logical answer means that you shake the device, which often has no reasonable connection to the situation. Come on, developers, thinking outside the box does not mean that the solution is completely devoid of logic! Requiring a different/ unusual way of looking at a problem, yes. Utilizing puns or word plays, seeing something literally or figuratively (whichever is less obvious), sure. But too many of these are just random unconnected actions which supposedly solve the problem… Some are just fine - tricky thought processes needed, and those are fun. But others just made me think, “ how completely ridiculous!”.Version: 2.748.0

Removing ads.(This is my first time writing a review! ;-;)This game is a great game to stretch your brain and all, but I enjoyed it at first, then came the ads. I got sick of the ads, and wanted to buy the “remove ads”. it was 2.99$ (I’m pretty sure) when I pressed it, it went to something that was 4.99$, I thought I read it wrong and bought it. A few minutes later I realized I bought the wrong one! It was my fault, yeah. I got mad at that point (not that mad) and bought the ‘remove ads’ once again. THIS TIME, it was the right one. Obviously, it didn’t remove ads STRAIGHT AWAY, i know it had to take some time. So I waited an hour, and tried... Still not working, ads still appear, so one day later I tried again, still not working. Two days later, still not working, 3, 4, 5! I don’t know if I have to wait long, or it’s just some glitch that’s gonna be fixed or something, but if this is happening to you or others, please tell me what I should do to get it working. Continue to wait? Or....Version: 1.6

Fine Game, Needs Improvement.It’s a very good game, when your very bored. Although, it has way to many adds. Way to many. If you could remove a couple it would make the game at least a 4/5. Personally, it’s a 3/5 or 2/5 for me. Brain test 2, 3, 4 + the other ones are much better. Please do not take this personally! Just one persons opinion! Have a good day, goodbye..Version: 2.748.0

Good until 1 lvlIt was a nice game until one level. On that kettle level I kept on trying to plug it off at the wall (because that’s what you do) and it wouldn’t let me! And by the way don’t say you have 25 hints unless you DO have 25 hints. I watched an ad for those 25 hints because I’m dumb and I used just one and then they were gone. Dumb game, should actually get a brain test it self, because obviously it’s a terrible game.Version: 2.4

Too many addsThe amount of adds in this game makes it quite insufferable. Especially as I only get the same two adds every time I watch one whether it be voluntary or not. I’d rather play Brain Out which has less adds and more difficult quizzes. Also the remove adds are a trap especially if you’re younger and can’t figure out the answer to a question. You can’t watch and ads for hints as adds are turned off. Don’t get this game if you don’t like being interrupted every two quizzes by adds. This game in two words is a marketing ploy..Version: 2.8.1

HelpEvery time I have completed around six levels the screen will turn black and I can’t play the game anymore until I have exited the app and then waited about 10 min …. But I love playing this game and I can’t wait for it to be fixed for me … Please help me and explain why it is doing this , the app is also fully updated… please explain why it is not working.Version: 2.745.0

Waaay too many adsI know a free version of games will have ads. I accept it. I have a couple free games with ads, and I’m totally fine with it. I’m aware of and understand the necessity of ads when it comes to free content. But this app…there would be an ad after every. Single. Puzzle. And all of the ads were longer than the time it took to solve a puzzle. Yes I just had it downloaded very very very briefly (5 minutes) so the puzzles were easy, which of course its coded to where it won’t take long to solve a puzzle at the beginning and it’ll gradually take longer to solve the puzzles as I go on, making it so that solving the puzzle will take way longer than an ad, making the ad experience more bearable, but dang I couldn’t even get hooked at the beginning. I’ve played slot machine games that are obvious ways to scam people out of real money and have been hooked longer than 5 minutes. So are the puzzles really good? Yes, I did really really enjoy them, and I love love love the artistic style within the app. But dang y’all need to lay off the ads a tiny tiny bit if you want to establish and increase downloads. I would have had your app downloaded and visited it for a while, but the ads were too much. Pull back on the ads a tiny bit, and then I will gladly give y’all another try. Good luck..Version: 2.740.0

I WAS SCAMMED!!!!This dirty cracker made game, made me spend 2.11 DOLLARS out of the 4 dollars i had left. i couldve used those 4 dollars to support my FAMILY. But no. I spent it on this rip off of a game. I never got my point from the money i spent. And YES it did charge my card. I restarted the app MULTIPLE times… no point… nada. None. I demand reparations. I want my POINTS or MY MONEY BACK. NOW.. I am not happy about this. And if my requests are not met I will be reporting this to the FTC and you will not be happy. You will feel the pain that is coursing through my veins due to this SCAM. Please.. don’t make me any more mad than I already am. I expect either my points, my money or a response in 1 day. Yes, you read that right. 1 day. For the disrespect I have encountered due to this inconvenient scam, I will not be extending this deadline despite what anyone may ask. It is a fun game, but if you are to download it, steer clear of buying anything. As I have been scammed before I have felt this pain, and I wish it on no one else but the SCAMMERS that have created this game. BENEFITTING off the money I give. I give but I don’t receive NOTHING. I will wait for my response or payment in point or currency. Choose wisely. I will not wait long..Version: 2.739.1

The ads!!Play a game watch 2 ads, play a game, watch 3 ads. I spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Uninstalling this one..Version: 2.8.4

Really LaggyI just got this game because it sounded so cool and great which is correct. Although everyone 2 minutes or so it freezes and gets really really laggy. It is sooo annoying! Can there please be a update to this or what. If you are having the same issue pls write a review because this isn’t good for anyone. Either way this game would be fantastic if this fault changed. Thank you for taking time to read this, creators of Brain Test. I hope you can improve and make me write a better review for you in the future❤️.Version: 2.4.3

Too much adsI understand the importance of ads to free games, but why does the dev need to put a pop up ad every after level 😖.Version: 2.748.0

It’s alrightIdk I was expecting it to be a little more difficult or the game to get harder as you progressed but it was just kinda predictable and a little too easy. Only took a few minutes to get to level 60 and at that point I deleted the app because it wasn’t getting any harder or making you really think. Had to turn off my internet too because the ads were unbearable..Version: 2.7.6

Excuse me??This game does not happen to be compadable with my iPhone 12 mini…. Like I payed close to 1 billion dollars for my phone and this doesn’t work… it was compadable with my iPod 7th generation but nOOooOo not with my bootiful iPhone 12 mini so boo plss just make it work bc I can’t deal with this depression of letting this app expire. From your cenceril but heartbroke customer Billie Brown who misses the rage.Version: 2.8.2

My eyesThis is such a bad game if you play this I don’t even know what to do one star I hate this game.Version: 2.748.0

My reviewThis is a very good game that I downloaded a few weeks ago most of the levels got me really thinking and I though that was very clever, but the reason I have given it three stars is because there is no more levels above level 287 😫, however it says new levels coming soon, but how soon is my question? 🤔 and it has a loading bar which loads to the day when the new levels are out but it isn’t moving for days, so I had to download a different brain out so I can still play one of those style games. Please can the developer make more levels for those who have finished all of them so far. Thank you. 🙂.Version: 2.4.2

Too many adsYou do one question and it’s an ad. Next question, ad. Over and over. No thanks. I’ll find something else..Version: 2.8.4

The oneI accidentally clicked two stars but I actually rate it more than 10 it was 😶 so good oh but please please please please please please make the no add thing free because I have payed £234 for all of the things 1st £100 second £100 third £30 fourth £4 and in that total amount is very much so please please pls please please 🙏 please please pls please please do it every day every one is willing please 🙏 we all will thank you for all that one thing you have done and the date is Wednesday 30 of March and my name starts with afr I am not telling you the rest but please please 🙏 please please pls please please do not reply to me hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe (just kidding) bye bye 👋 bye bye 👋 yeah.Version: 2.8.7

Do not recommend at allI downloaded the game due to a promotion on another app. In exchange of leveling up in Brain Test you would receive coins. I tried playing to at least level 100 to get some coins, but had to delete the game after only playing 10 levels. It is horrible, to say the least. Often when i would open the game I could not access any of the levels and had to close the game and open it again. It also caused my phone to crash again and again. In addition to this, it is overrun with adds, and you get an add between EACH AND EVERY LEVEL. To get anywhere in the game you have to watch a absurdly long add to get lightbulbs to either skip the level or get a clue. This brings me to my fourth complaint. Lots of the levels/riddles are absurd, and the only way to pass them is to either pay, or watch a add. You can get a clue for less lightbulbs but the clues often don’t help you at all! Overall, I recommend you do NOT download this game, instead look for other riddle games if you really want to play a similar game..Version: 2.742.0

WAY TOO MANY ADS!!!The game it’s self isn’t too bad but I’m deleting because it has way too many ads. One or two ads after every single question is WAY too much! It ruins the game. I could see maybe one ad every ten questions or so but this is crazy and ruins ur game. It’s the only reason I’m deleting it. The questions usually only take seconds or no more than a min to answer. In the beginning anyway! Idk about later. I’m sure they get harder and take more time. But that means that I had to watch an ad even sometimes two ads every few seconds less than one min. Having to watch an ad after every question or even after every two questions is just unacceptable game play. Loose so many ads and u will have more people downloading and continuing to play. I understand ads r how u make money but it’s just so much that it’s not worth it. The game is okay and I would have probably kept playing it for awhile but I deleted it with only answering no more than ten questions because I had to watch around ten ads during that time. No one likes to have to wait for ads every one to two questions. I also had to watch two ads a few times before it would give me another question..Version: 2.743.1

ADDSNeed I say more. I don’t mind having adds to get rewards, but they seriously ruin the gameplay experience. I would rate it 5 stars if I didn’t get a full screen add each time I progress on to the next level IN ADDITION to the adds at the bottom of the screen during the game. PLEASE NO ADDS EVERY TIME A LEVEL ENDS. You can put some at the bottom of the level, just PLEASE don’t have them take up the entire screen and prevent one from progressing. It makes the entire game feel like a giant add..Version: 2.3

Great but…Well it’s a fun game itself ! The puzzles are really challenging and can take a lot of effort and thinking and really simulate the brain which is really good for you specially when you get older I play it like a lot and I got it like two days ago and in those two days every single time and I try to open it ,it would crash my iPhone and have to restart it . It’s really annoying me so please just fix the bugs because this is really annoying and I don’t like my phone crashing every single time it open an app. And sometimes when I’m watching an ad as soon as it finishes it crashes so my reward I get doesn’t come and when I open up again and then it restarts again and rewatches the ad (without a x) so I can’t stop it and that’s cheating fix it please do something about that. Also the ads are sometimes 17-18+ games which is really disturbing as this is a 12+ game and many younger children play and are forced to watch ads after each level. Please fix the bugs and change the ads and this would be a 5 star review Thanks 🙏.Version: 2.729.0

Not for mePoor attempt to be clever, most of the “puzzles” feel like they came out of a Highlight’s magazine so probably better for children than adults. I don’t feel like I was utilizing any actual brain power, just trying to figure out what the developer was getting at. There are multiple examples of this but the worst one by far? Find what’s unusual about a picture where LITERALLY EVERYTHING IS UNUSUAL. Your drawings need to be on point, you can’t have mysteriously clinking glasses, hovering party poppers, bats hovering over a pumpkin, and other bizarre things and then claim it’s the extra finger on someone’s hand. Out of all those things the extra finger is the one that has a basis in reality! Also, if I don’t like the number of ads in a game I don’t need to “get over it” as another reviewer suggested, I can do whatever I want to do, whether that be writing a poor review or deleting the app. Reviews are for honest feedback, not hokey attempts to act positive while simultaneously being extremely negative. Neither I, nor anybody else owes the developers to put up with a subpar product because they put effort into making it. If they want their app to do well then they’ll take the feedback they receive and make reasonable adjustments accordingly, that’s how capitalism works..Version: 2.8.7

AdsWay too many ads!! Litterally an ad after every level which just ruins the game play. I don’t mind ads but this is excessive. If it wasn’t for all the ads this would be 5 stars.Version: 2.4.1

I am disappointedI can’t complete a level simply because I use the app on an iPad instead of a phone. I don’t have a light on settings and that is how I can complete the level. I’m disappointed in the app because I will have to delete it. Also I feel I am watching more adds then the actual app..Version: 2.3

Too many ADSOk so I play 1 round and then their are like 6 ads it sucks please get rid of them I deleted the app..Version: 2.8.4

Ad pollutionThis game is entirely filled with ads and another ad popped up after nearly every single damn question..Version: 2.748.0

Way too many adsYou’d expect free apps to have ads but this game has 30-40 seconds that you can’t skip after every 1-2 levels.Version: 2.736.2

ReviewThis game is genuinely fun and I actually do have a very good patience level. But this game. Has too many ads to even count. This game never used to be that way until just a few years like I get it that people need the ads to make money but, this has gone way too far honestly I would maybe consider even keeping this game on my phone if there was ads maybe every 10 times you pass a level but, putting an ad on every level you pass, practically. Is not it. I’m very disappointed and sad because I really wanted to play this game for more than 5 minutes but the ads were not to my liking at all. I know most games are like this now which is why it even bothers me at all because I cannot catch a break. And you people think I have the actual money to pay 4 dollars on a game I’ll rarely play, when I’m bored maybe or in the car on the ride home. It’s ridiculous how greedy many people are these days. It’s really really unfortunate. Anyway just saying. Please consider making less ads on your game or if your feeling generous, all together. I would never want to tell someone how to run something they built up to how it is. But please just take this as advice. Nothing more. Thank you..Version: 2.731.0

Levels missingI’m unable to play any levels after Week 30. It doesn’t show up in the app..Version: 2.7.7

Fun but way too many adsThere is an add after every one or two tests. You can watch an ad to get bonus rewards to use for tips which I would do but they freeze quite often and so you watch an ad but don’t get the reward. Also setting set to no music or sound but of course when an ad comes on, they somehow bypass this. Would be much better if there were fewer ads, like after every 5-10tests. Especially the easy ones. It only took about 2 weeks to get to level 276 and that’s currently how far you can go. Have been waiting for new levels but have no idea how long that is supposed to take..Version: 2.4.1

Vulgar ads , not for kidsGood games but so cheap ads, very disappointing.Version: 2.748.0

Way too many adsThe only problem with this game is that it has way to many adverts. Like, as soon as you finish a level, and ad comes on straight away. If it were not for the excessive amount of ads and them scamming you for money, I would give it 5 stars and nothing would be wrong with the game. There are many games like this out there so I would love it if you could make it stand out a bit more. That is why this game doesn’t appeal to me that much. I decided to delete it after 4 days because I had finished the whole game. Please consider what I have said quite carefully and see if you agree. (I’m sure you will).Version: 2.4.2

Love it but there is a few problems....I find this game really fun. I don’t want to say many bad things about this game but I think I should let people know: 1. There are WAY to many adds. Every time I complete a level an add comes up telling me to buy a game or a credit card. I understand that it is a free game and that’s how those games get money but still, can you maybe remove a few so there is only one every few levels? 2. Some of the adds may be a little inappropriate for young player ( like children under the age of 8) because an add that always comes up is one witch is advertising something to get rid of body fat. I think that this add shouldn’t be on a 4+ game please can you remove that add from the game. 3. Some of the levels don’t really make sense. There is a level where you have to feed a cat and to do that you put a tin on a stove and a mouse pops out from it! This level made no sense at all. Otherwise I love this game soooo much and I recommend it for loads of young players just please less inappropriate adds and more adds for other kids games. Thank you for reading I home you have a good day!.Version: 2.7.7

ADS every 30 sec.There are sooooo many ads! One during the puzzle, one right after the puzzle and then one right before the next puzzle if you dare not press NEXT. The app is just not worth it to sit through all ads that last about 30 seconds each. Waste of time and better games out there with less ads..Version: 2.748.0

Not that goodIt’s a fun game but every time I try to do a level I always get kick out😢😡 don’t get this game if you wanna watch adds every level.Version: 2.748.0

It’s okay igTo start off with, the game is okay. I have 2 problems with the game: Some of the puzzles are challenging and fun while others are stupid or don’t make since. Say you were on a challenge and you were confused and you were having trouble, so one way to fix this problem is to legit just tap rapidly on different parts of the screen until something happens. What I mean most of the puzzles have an answer that is the same answer to like 10 other puzzles, or the answer will be really stupid. Like if the questions is “which cat is not actually a cat?” And their will be legit zero clues to see, and then you start randomly taping on your screen and you find that the answer is a random light bulb at the top right corner. My second problem is the ads. So. Many. Ads. If you can’t solve a problem and you want a hint, ad. If you solve one too many problems too fast, ad. Sometimes when you finish a puzzle it will ask you if you would like to get a bonus prize, but to get the bonus prize you have to watch an ad, which is okay because their is a “No thanks” option. But that “No thanks” pops up after 3-5 seconds and, the button is between the “bonus prize” button and an ad that you have to try not to click on. Also it seems like the “No thanks” option’s hit box is 2 millimeters wide. Those are my only two complaints, over all I think this is a good game to pass the time but it does not in any way make you smarter. I hope this review finds you well..Version: 2.7.6

Behind all the ads is a great game, somewhere!Can tell this game could be a lot of fun to play, love testing my brain, but the constant pop up ads every time you touch your screen is unbearable. I understand having to put ads into your games, but there are more ads than there is a game. Massive shame because this has so much potential. Doubt I’m going to bother to open it up again, when there are other games to play which have far less ad interference..Version: 2.736.1

Disappointing…So, I got this app for a bit of productive fun, thinking there would be kind of clever but funny riddles and interactions to solve. And from the reviews, this app seems amazing but honestly, they were misleading. First of all, this app seemed more like an advert streaming app than actual games, but after looking through other reviews it turns out I can just switch my internet off. No problem! So that was that sorted. But despite this, the app still disappointed me. I do not class these questions as brainy or even fun… some are ridiculously easy, while others are trying to be clever but really… aren’t. I really think this game has potential and I understand it takes effort to make an app like this but it just needs more thought put in to it. Sorry if this review has come across demoralising, i must say it isnt the kindest but you are doing well- keep working on it and your results will pay off :).Version: 2.740.0

Why did u put pop ups in!!The other day I was bored so I decided to go onto brain test. I used to love this game and I am up to level 250. I just deleted it because of one reason. U ADDED POP UPS! The pop ups are so distracting and now you have to pay money to get them away. This app never used to have pop ups and now it is so distracting. I am trying to solve a tricky problem and then BOOM! A pop up just pops up and the bright colours and flashes distract me from solving the problem. Also, now you have continuous adds to buy VIPs and Delete adds to get them away. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. Do not spend any of ur Time on it because it is so bad Ps. Thanks to the developers for replying to my review, they said they would think about changing the adds!.Version: 2.8.3

I miss the old days...I remember when “free” was free and paid was for the full version. Now, “free” is a hobbled enticement with built in hooks intended to liquidate the users bank account. Bake in the incessant ads and we have another service/business model ruined. How many failed products, frustrated customers and years must elapse until these developers learn that this does not work. Let me be precise. I deleted this app because the ads were a distraction and I do not appreciate pop-ups peddling additional features. Embedded ads never worked and yet, developers continue to lose customers with this major intrusion. Stop thinking like your running a paper route and start managing from the lens of the consumer. Offer a free version with 20 levels, no strings attached. Offer the full version with 300+ levels for $4.99, period! The strategy of forcing purchases of your full-version by creating an unpleasant experience through your”free” version is ineffective. In my case, the ads and pop-ups were so pervasive that I skipped purchase consideration and went straight to deletion. Is this part of the brilliant developer program or is this simply a bad industry practice? How do you differentiate your product or service from the forgettable 80%? Start thinking from the lens of the customer. Please don’t apologize or offer to take note for future development. Change it or like the rest, continue to miss sales opportunities that are right in front of you..Version: 2.7.7

Ok..It’s really fun I can but each level you get this you get ad so I have so if you do 200 levels then you’ll probably have over 200 ads and yeah but there’s lots of challenging levels as well it’s really fun but there’s just way too many ads oh and you get the same pad all the time I’ve gotten Royal match and over probably 70 times and like 10 times in a row each day and I’ve only had it for five days on my phone.Version: 2.746.1

Ad after every effing level.Don’t download or give into the developers greed..Version: 2.748.0

Really bad and unfairFirst of all, great app but at a certain level it’s something like turn off the lights and i knew how it’s torch im guessing, but since i’m on ipad it doesn’t have a torch so it’s like they don’t even care about ipad players.Version: 2.730.1

Too many adsWhen ever I click next after I finished a puzzle I just get an ad and after I watched that ad I click next and I get another ad . I do hope you fix this.Version: 2.742.0

GarbageDeleted after five minutes.Version: 2.748.0

Fun but..Too many ads ! I feel like I’m spending more time watching ads than I am playing.Version: 2.3

HmmmmSee, there were so many ads, like every minute (no joke) 😕. Then it asked me to watched an ad to get more hints, and it didn’t let me, and then for me, not sure if it was for others, but it was showing so many inappropriate ads for young children. I guess it’s good for morning, before school or work, just to wake up ur brain, but I just literally can’t play it for along time. The challenges are amazing and I love them, as they test my brain, but not the ads, I don’t want to see the ads! And I even had no internet and it still made me watch ads! Please fix this, bc I and no one else likes watching ads!.Version: 2.748.0

OkWhen I first got this game I loved it but as I started playing it there were some problems, 1. To many ads!! 2. There is a wheel you can spin to get prizes but you have to watch an ad first, but most of the time the ad doesn’t work and I don’t get a prize! 3. It’s impossible to get coins unless you watch an ad( which never works!) 4. Lately, when I try to watch a ad to get a hint the ad shuts down and I can’t watch it and I can’t get a hint! But, overall the game is good it just needs a few tweaks(: Also I saw that you answer the reviews that’s really cool…but I read this one review that I AGREE with accept for the part about there being only 20 levels, anyway the person asked you NOT to apologize and say you will do it later, but then I read your response to it and it was just what the person asked you NOT to do! Which makes me think you don’t even read the reviews! So what’s the point in asking you to fix stuff if you are not going to pay ATTENTION!!!! It makes me angry and I am sure some people agree. But back to being optimistic the game is really good! I like it a lot and I would recommend it! Also if you answer this PLEASE don’t send an automated message back. - Thanks! P.S also there is VERY bad grammar, please fix that 🤗.Version: 2.8.6

TOO many adsThe game is very easy and interactive but the thing i don't like about the game is too many ads. I would reallyyy like not much of ads in this game then it would be more suitable to my liking..Version: 2.743.1

Cheaply doneNo proof reading done. Easy questions. Constant invasive advertisements. The hardest was working out how to turn off the obligatory annoying music these apps have - it was so laggy that it finally responded to all my taps 30 seconds later and did everything. sigh..Version: 2.4

TOO MANY ADS! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡There are WAY too many ads and sometimes it skips a level! Please turn of the ads! Because if you want to turn of the ads then you have to pay! So annoying! Other than THAT, it is a really good game..Version: 2.742.0

Could be a great app but way too many adsI don’t mind ads but these ones are excessive, they’re a lot longer than other apps ads, and almost every level comes with one..Version: 2.1.1

Do Not Recommend, Too Many AdsI have a big problem with this game. This game, Brain Test, although it is a good idea, the execution was not great. Along with many others, I have an issue with the number of ads I have to sit and watch. With one level comes one ad. The levels are by far too easy and pass by so quickly. I get through 10 seconds of a level and then 3 minutes of an ad. Along with that, there are more flaws. Brain Test is a faulty game that assesses your patience. Even if you are fine with excessive ads, the game is still faulty. The game completely shut me out and restarted my progress. Even worse, when I was trying to play a level the game’s graphics were completely messed up. Currently I am very disappointed with this game. If you are looking for a nice relaxing game, this is not the one for you. If not for the constant ads and the annoying glitches, the game would be fine. But the easy levels make the prize for winning very unsatisfying. I recommend you move on and find a different game to spend your time on. In addition, to all of the people reading this who can work to make this game better, at least try and fix this glitch if nothing else. Although I quit the game I still wish for any new users to never encounter this tragedy..Version: 2.741.1

PLEASE READ:My little brother, (age 9) has been addicted to this game for a few months now, so I decided to give it a go. While I do like the game, I would tell anyone downloading this app they should know some of the riddles answers are kinda stupid. Most are creative, and try to make you think outside the box, but some, when you finally figure it out, make you roll your eyes. It’s not a big issue though, most, like I said, are understandable, the whole think outside the box thing, which makes the game interesting. The REAL issue, that EVERYONE should know before downloading, is the ADS. It’s awful. As mentioned above, my brother has been really into this game for a while, so our mom caved in and bought the add free version. $5, she decided it was fine, especially since there’s an add after every riddle. EVERY. SINGLE. RIDDLE. Now that’s a lot of adds. A LOT of ads. But anyway, she got him the add free version, but what they don’t tell you when you download the free version is that there’s STILL ADS. 5 dollars, and there’s STILL ADS in the AD FREE VERSION. Umm, NO. That’s not what we signed up for. Also, it’s not $5 for no adds. It’s $5 A WEEK. I’m sorry, WHAT THE HECK. NO ONE IS PAYIN 5 BUCKS A WEEK FOR THIS. Not happening. Point is: DONT DOWNLOAD. This game doesn’t even try to disguise the fact it’s money draining..Version: 2.8.4

Good game but why so much ads!I had this game for a LONG time when I was younger and I decided to download it again. I know a lot of the levels already so it was pretty easy but after every single level there would be a 30 second ad. It was so frustrating, and no I ‘m not giving money for no ads. Disclaimer for any one who wants this game. Beware of ads!.Version: 2.741.1

My Experience With This GameI think the game is fun to play when your bored or something like that, It’s not exactly like ads but tbh most game ads are always lies and fake, though I rated the game because of one thing… TOO MANY ADS IN THIS GAME, I go to press the spin the wheel button for a prize I already knew I was going to get an ad for it but once I finished and spun the wheel got my reward then it gave another ad it’s been happening a lot pls change!.Version: 2.8.5

Ads after every.single.puzzle.The game itself is kind of creative, but it’s game play and flow is totally ruined by the ads..Version: 2.748.0

Too many addsCould be better.Version: 2.748.0

Don’t buy “remove ads”Great game but once I purchased “remove ads”, it now doesn’t allow me to get any free points to go towards ‘hints’ or to ‘skip’ because now I can’t watch ads!! So silly! The only way I can move ahead now is to buy points with $$$. There should be away for me to get some free points. Why offer “remove ads” if we can’t access any points. Money making tactic right there!! Stay with the free version and put up with the ads if you don’t want to sink $$$ into this game, just so you can play. It’s a shame as this game was helping my son with his reading and logical thinking strategies but without hints, he can’t move on!.Version: 2.4.1

Too many adsToo many ads. Hard to enjoy the game with the 30 second ads after every 2 rounds.Version: 2.748.0

Too much ads, its really anoying its look like a scamI layes 3 minutes, i got 2 ads of 30 seconds, dont play it.Version: 2.7.7

So many adsAds almost every level and some ads freeze and you gotta close out the app to move forward and restart watch more ads to progress at all. I spent half of the first 10 levels try to get through ads..Version: 2.748.0

Waste of timeWay too many ads in between EACH level. Iots of other games like this that don’t have two to three ads popping up. Definitely not worth paying to have ads removed. On to the next app!! Bye!!.Version: 2.8.4

Two complaints ✅ ❌First of all, there is way too many ads. Every time you finish a level there is an ad. I have learned that when you finish a level it will give you the option for a bonus prize along with the coins, and click on it for the ad, because even after three to five seconds when it gives you the chance to say “no thanks”, it STILL GIVES YOU AN AD. It is driving me nuts and i cannot stand it. Please help. I eventually deleted the app and the cloud data because it was so annoying. Second, some of the levels are not creative and overall, just not very clever. If you find a hard level, just spam click everywhere until something happens. That brings me back to ads. If there is a hard level and you’ve tried spam clicking and it wont work, you need a hint. Guess what you need for a hint? You guessed it! AN AD 😱. I would become a VIP only if this game was a little bit better. Thank you if you read this and please AT LEAST FIX THE ADS..Version: 2.730.1

Tooooo many adsNgl this game is trash. How are people supposed to have fun in this game when there is only ads I would rather watch paint dry. This does not test your brain if anything this tests your patience. And I have looked at the reviews and they have the same problem and what do u guys respond with “ohhh we will fix the ads🥺🥺🥺" Y'ALL THERE IS 300 ADS IN THIS IN THIS GAME. POV THEM: how could we make the most money Jimmy what do u think"how about 300 ADS". Like how stupid do u have to be😭😭😂😂. And trust me I tried to get rid of these ads after u finish a level it says share with a no ads sign next to it and what do i do I share it to my friend and let me tell u it DID NOTHING IT'S LITERALLY CLICK BAIT. This game could actually be good if it was not for the ads. DISCLAIMER : I'm only 12 year's old don't take this too seriously and I don't want to make this game look fully bad because there is actually some good stuff so. If u fix the ads I will leave a good review but most likely ur not and will absolutely do nothing about it and probably don't care about a random kid making a bad review. I am sure the person that created this is a good person. I hope I didn't waste 30 mins of my time acting like a karen. Thanks.Version: 2.742.0

Too many adsDeleted 5 minutes after loading the app - played 6 levels and watched 7 ads. No enjoyment allowed with this many advertisements..Version: 2.748.0

A few problemsI really like brain games and i find the puzzles fun, challenging and interesting. The graphics are great and also engaging. But… As a teenager, I feel that, other than actually wanting to play myself, there is no motivation to come back every day and continue to play. I’m suggesting something like a streak counter or maybe 50 coins as a daily reward. Additionally, I think that there is a few too many adverts, like about one every other level, so sometimes around half of your time on it is adverts. Personally I find this very annoying. Please note as well that this game is okay, but not as good as the adverts may make it seem like. I would also like to add that on level 69, the question is “place these animals in order from smallest to largest “. The trick is that ‘a tree is not an animal, so only click on the mouse, lion and elephant’ . However, as a keen scientist, i know that a tree is a species of plant, a subspecies of animals, which i feel is very common knowledge. Thank you for reading my review!.Version: 2.743.1

Just a few things...Hello, Unico. I would like to start of this review with a reason why I gave a two-star review. As I saw in some other reviews, there are too many ads. Every level or so there’s an ad. It gets annoying over time and people will delete the app. Second, I have completed the game, and the levels are semi-easy. Your title is currently falsly advertising your product. To fix this, however, you can add more challenging levels to the game. Not that big of a deal, though. Third, the grammar is horrible. On the “truck” level, (it’s actually a bus), it says; “how this truck fit through the hole.” It looks like a first-grader wrote these question “titles.” Fourth, I, kind of subtly, mentioned this earlier, but the levels, they go quick. It’s too easy to complete them, and there isn’t much of them. Like I said, you could add more difficult levels to meet the advertising goals. Lastly, like someone mentioned, you can just tap everywhere repeatedly. It gets a little annoying and, tying into my last point, it goes by fast and it’s the easy way out. I know a bot’s going to answer this, but I still would like to say thank you, if you do, for taking your time to read this review. Please look into these modifications, if you could. Again, thank you. -Friendly User in 8th Grade.Version: 2.8.0

TOOOO MANY FRIGGIN ADDSI like the game but toooooooo many adds and some of them you can’t even exit out of so you have to shut down the game and keep on doing that other wise it’s an okay game but I feel like I have just wasted my time with it and would not recommend to anyone else so if you could fix the add problem then it would be better but it’s just so annoying every time I finish a level there’s an add that I can’t exit out of so I have to leave the game and then go back into it it’s really just a scam so they can make money I am deleting the game after this hope you can fix the adds.Version: 2.4.1

Silly exercises, bizarre logic, hardly testingIt's not often I'll write a poor review for something but I played through 30 levels of this game and rolled my eyes after each one. "Brain Test"? Not really. For the most part, it's a bunch of poorly strung together 'puzzles' in which the creator attempts to trick you with shoddy logic. E.g. Save a woman from being mugged by dragging a cloud over to her attacker to strike him with lightning. If you're after puzzles that require actual thought or sense, this isn't what you're looking for. Even if I view it as a more casual game, I can't say I found this enjoyable in the slightest. Guess it's not my cup of tea as it has seems to have numerous 5 star ratings (inexplicably, in my opinion)..Version: 2.8.5

Too Many AdsI really enjoy this game but find I spend more time watching Ads than playing the game. You complete a puzzle, you have to watch a 30 second Ad before you can move on. You should be able to get through several puzzles before having to watch another Ad. Especially when some of the puzzles can be completed in seconds. You end up watching two ads (before and after) that total 1 minute for a couple or few seconds of game play...where is the fun in that? You will be rewarded with a bonus after successfully completing a certain number of puzzles and need to select a bonus box...but guess soon as you select a box you have to watch another Ad before you find can find out what you have received as a bonus. Yes I realize you can pay to play with out the Ads but there is still a very excessive amount of Ads in the free version..Version: 2.3

I hate this app it’s so stupidI decided to buy some hints for 2.79 and it took more than that out of my account.Version: 2.3

A fantastic game but with a few problems…The game is fantastic I will admit there are so many levels are the amount of imaginative work they have put into this is amazing my mind becomes smarter after each level but there are a few MAJOR problems like most importantly, Adverts there are loads of adverts in this game so many in fact that you have to watch an advert after each level. This does lower the games potential quite a bit. Next is the fact that the game freezes constantly and it bugs me especially when I am in the middle of the level and it kicks me off of the game. But it is a fantastic game and I would recommend playing but always bear in mind the fact the there will be lots of adverts and many times when the game will crash. If the developers could lower the amount of adverts in the game I would definitely be rating the game a five star..Version: 2.731.0

So many adsUninstalled it after about 8 rounds. There are just too many ads. At least one unskippable ad between each round. Fed up..Version: 2.745.0

I would recommend this game but ...Hi guys, I think you should get this game because it is really fun. There is a good balance of ads and game. But to the creators of this game, I think that you should give people game tokens/ coins every time they finish a level/ riddle because otherwise it might drive people away from the game if they can’t figure out what the answer is and they don’t have any tokens for clues. Over all it is a really great game but would be even better if you gave rewards every time you finish a level..Version: 2.4.6

Way to many adsThis so called brain test is nothing more than a childish creative problem solving activity which will get old fast - especially with the excessive advertisements the developer forced you to watch. Each so called “test” level takes the typical individual with some form of intelligence no more then 20 seconds to complete. Then to move to the next level you are forced to watch around 40 seconds of advertising and click the crosses on all the adds to finally return to the game and proceed. Way too many ads. Not worth downloading and certainly would not consider paying to only remove the ads..Version: 2.8.3

Copy catBrain testing is coping Brain out every buddy Brain testing A bad review.Version: 2.3

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