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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles Positive Reviews

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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles App User Positive Comments 2024

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles app received 130 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about brain test: tricky puzzles?

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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles for Positive User Reviews

New LevelsHonestly the higher levels are so much easier, im just waiting for my levels now!.Version: 2.740.0

Pretty good-This is a fantastic game that I am addicted to- yes it has ads before you ask (but like what game doesn’t?). But- you say the game is 4+ I’m 10 and some of the puzzles are tricky- I had this puzzle where it was about something in a driving license- you would have to be 17+ to even know that question. Please just make some of the puzzles a little easier as it would then reach your age standard. Overall it’s a great game I recommend installing (if you have a parent who can drive aswell) keeps you addicted- like me , I reached a pretty high level in what, the first day? It’s just that small problem- it’s high up though that’s the thing if your addicted u get to the hard stuff quicker- anyway what am I babbling on about? Install this game!!!.Version: 2.7.7

So fun!The game is so addicting! I almost finished all the levels and I really want WAY more than 448 levels. Overall the game is fun and brain testing!.Version: 2.748.0

It’s oddThis game is odd… not in a bad way, though. It can get you thinking differently than before. The ads are OK just not the biggest fan of how you get an ad after every level but I don’t really care because, after all, you guys gotta make money. It’s a great game and I would recommend it! Though, the coins can be a bit annoying.. whenever you buy a hint it gives you it to use multiple times, right? Although I still don’t really mind, it shouldn’t need the hint to be bought if you need to close out of the game for a bit. The levels are cool and some are kind of funny. Here is the thing… how do you guys make it so my phone doesn’t react to all of the shaking and tapping? It’s like I go onto one app and start pressing a bunch of buttons and it makes my phone go all crazy but yours doesn’t.. I probably sound weird or maybe I just need to get some rest. Anyways it is an overall great game and I would recommend it! Xo I ♡ you! - シSleepyシ.Version: 2.736.2

Great game - new levels And less ads?This is an amazing game and I can’t stop playing but I need some new levels. Because each round is very short I hope the levels come out soon. Also ads appear every 2 rounds and they get really annoying. Other than that I absolutely LOVE this game. That’s all I have to say.👍🏼.Version: 2.4

IPhone X stops me from completing levelsWhen you need to get the baby to stop crying, I assume you are supposed to put the screen upside down but I can’t do that on mine. I have to them watch videos to be able to skip it until the next one comes. This wastes my coins and is so unfair. Please fix.Version: 1.4

Good gameHey developers this game is great but there a few things to work on like Ads ads ads ads ads every second I’m in the middle of doing my thing my screen turns black then add comes please get rid of them. Next every time I play it’s so glitchy. :) :) P.s do it or I report to Apple and rate 1 star so better do it! There’s weird ads to. 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀.Version: 2.746.1

Cool but too many adsThis is game is very fun and challenges my brain but every time you start a new level it shows an ad and it gets really annoying! Please developers make less ads!.Version: 2.729.0

I love it 😍I’m in love with this game! I’m 10 years old and Every day I play this game and at least do 15-20 levels. However, just one thing, I’m on level 246 and I try spinning the wheel every time it comes up and I waste and add, but I try to get vip but it is almost impossible! Otherwise I am super glad you have made this game and appreciate your work. Form Stella.Version: 2.8.5

Brain test: Good points and bad pointsBrain test is a brilliant game where you solve fun puzzles to test your knowledge. Each level is different, bringing 50% imagination and 50% puzzle. I really enjoy this game and I recommend to everybody, as this as certainly made me better at solving that the *word* February is longer than May and March, and now I can definitely say that I can fit an elephant into a fridge. However, despite all of these good points, this game does have room for improvement. Firstly, the game freezes up ALL the time which is very frustrating and almost ruins the game. Secondly, there are WAY too many ads. You get an ad after EVERY level and you have to watch ads for hints too. This is extremely infuriating, but it does give your brain a break, I suppose. Thinking about these negative points, I would give this game a 2; but the amount of imagination and thought going into each level of this game is huge, and extremely amusing and fun. I’m giving this game a 4, and again, I personally recommend to everybody..Version: 2.730.1

Great game, needs more levels pronto!Great game! Some of the tests are quite challenging and require a ‘think outside the box’ train of thought to complete, great way to improve problem solving skills I reckon! Its also a brilliant way to pass the time while travelling to work or anything like that! Please add more levels ASAP, I’m itching to continue on! The last update of 66 levels didn’t take me very long to finish at all haha.Version: 2.4

Ads…This game is lovely and all. But some levels are too basic and too easy the first hundred levels or so aren’t really testing or upgrading the capacity\ skills of the brain. Now don’t get me wrong I love this game but there is another slight problem, there are far too many ads and pop ups (In my opinion)and this really puts me on edge, like whenever I finish a level there is an ad or a pop up. I am not being rude but I kinda would like this fixed also 10/10 on making this game i Absolutely love it! it’s just those slight problems Thank you! - ####.Version: 2.734.1

Amazing just one particular adIt says 9+ on the age rating yet it has an ad for ‘episode’ which I believe is a 17+ age game so I don’t think that ad is the most appropriate for 9 year olds. This ad is on screen almost every ad!! I really don’t want ads that are 17+ on a game that was advertised as 9+! I don’t know if the developers can control the ads they get but if they can then please make sure you either get rid of that ad or make your age rating higher. Other than that the puzzles are challenging, fun and a good way to either get your brain going in the morning, and it’s super time wasting which is great. it’s a great game, and I’ll definitely be playing for lots more years. Thanks for reading, have a great day/ night, bye! Yours, Buster_The_Shire_Horse.Version: 2.8.2

AMAZING!!!So when I got this game, I thought, wow maybe I shouldn’t have got it maybe there are too many ads. But NO! This game only has the tiniest bit of ads! Those people who say there are ads are WRONG! This app is amazing and helps my brain get ready to go back to school (as it is school holidays). My friends say most games are too young for us but this is perfect! I love games that test your brain cells and see how smart you are! I would really recommend this game to others because it barely has any ads, it’s good for all ages and it tests your brain! Download this app if you want to have fun all day and get smarter while looking at a screen! Thank you for making this amazing app and again, I would definitely recommend it!! 😄😄🙂🙂.Version: 2.740.0

Good game but just two thingsSo I installed this game about 2 years ago and I fell in love immediately. The puzzles were challenging and easy and fun all in one. However, it took me only 1 week to finish all the puzzles. Now, at the time, their were only like 256 puzzles. But after I solved everything, it was taking forever for new puzzles to be added. So, I redid some of the levels. I did them all over and over again about 50 times. My point is, it takes forever for new level to arrive and im tired of doing the same puzzles over and over again. Literally finished the 40 new levels in 25 minutes. And Im not even that smart! Im only in 6th grade! Also, you guys said “weekly levels.” Yeah well thats not true. Weekly means u add in new puzzles every week. Not add them in whenever. Those are my only two problems. Thats why I am giving a 4 star rating. Thank you for this game though and thank you for reading this response if u did..Version: 2.730.1

Good Game, Too Many AdsThis is a really great game, its like my IQ went up by 100 every level, but I know this is a free game so you need ad revenue but maybe you could make it so its every 2 or 3 levels you get an ad as you do have many active users per day. It will make the game a lot more enjoyable and one thing I love is that the tips are not telling you the answer, unlike other games but they are actually hints! Another thing is when I enter the game sometimes, It kicks me so I have to go in again, not a major probkem but something to consider. Overall great game!.Version: 2.731.0

A little clunky but good funIt only took 2 weeks to finish the game, there are after all only so many interaction patterns on a phone, but the puzzles are engaging if not particularly challenging. Some of the touch features you need to be pixel perfect on, if not you can find yourself going through hints only to repeat what you’ve already tried. Yes there are a lot of adverts, it’s actually quicker to close the game and reopen it than to sit through the repetitive ads. Bottom line is that this is fun and I will be downloading the other versions but it does need some new content and some interaction design bug-fixes..Version: 2.8.4

My honest review.This is an amazing game I love how you are able to play with no wifi. When I go down to my holiday house there happens to be no wifi. I go down at least twice a year and this is all I play. This is not a complaint or anything but I have finished the game and for ages now it has said ‘more levels coming soon!’ I logged on after months of not playing and I saw there were new levels. I got so excited and completed that level only to find ‘more levels coming soon!’ I know nothing about making an app so tell me if I’m wrong. Are you able to make levels faster or are they actually hard to make? Like I said I know nothing about app creation so don’t get mad if levels are actually harder then I think. I would definitely recommend this game if you are looking for an addictive no wifi game. ~graki~.Version: 2.743.1

I’m confused with the game, not the levels, if I’m really honest… (still good game though :) )Ok, so I have written a LOT of reviews on games. Good, bad, OK. But this is the biggest one yet. Yes, I know if you don’t want to watch adverts then you can play offline or buy the no adverts pass, but there is just too many of them. When I first got the game, it showed an advert after one level. I don’t bother wasting my money on games, as I don’t have much of it myself. And playing offline means I lose that bit of Wi-Fi forever. Most days I just put up with it. Other days, I end up leaving the game until the next day. I know the developers are trying to support other games with adverts, as well as trying to support their own, but, I’m sorry, it is just too much. My other deal is that the game freezes all the time. Sometimes I can’t move the object I am meant to move, which really frustrates me, as I get angry easily. But I really enjoy the game most of the time. It really test your knowledge and you ability to know if there is a trick to something. It SOMETIMES calms you down, and takes your mind off worries or problems. All in all, Brain test… is good. Most of the time. Best Regards, Anonymous User.Version: 2.740.0

Good to test your brainThis game is a really fun game and I love to play it for fun I like the little levels to test your brain so you can get smarter I like how you can skip if the hint doesn’t help too this game is super fun I played this for 2 days and I always want to play it and speaking about two days I am already pass level 100! I am really interested in this game when I first saw my sister playing it it looked sooo fun so I decided to play it myself! And I would love it if you could update the game more! And if I still want to play or restart then I always go back to level 1. And I always go to the other level if I already passed the level but the 2nd time is didn’t understand. I love the little stuff you can do. And it is really fun! I love the levels where you have to put your finger on the crack or thing to win the level!.Version: 2.8.1

Brain testI love this game so much! It helps with learning and basic brain skills! I have learnt during these past few weeks of playing this , that I am a very intelligent person. I have also improved in my riddle solving very much so! I think this is a very good game to play! It might be quite challenging at some times, but if this game has taught me anything, it would be to never give up and have some perseverance in yourself. 100% think you should get it! 5 star rating!.Version: 2.736.2

My opinionI think this game is really good. It always keeps me occupied and I love the series of Tests and puzzles . Unlike other games it has a video watching thing so u can earn hints which I really like. But one thing that annoys me is every two rounds u have to watch a video. After 5 or 6 seconds you can put the ad off but some of the ads have another timer on after for 16 , 15 seconds which really annoys me . I have finished all the tests and puzzles in this app and they were all exciting and thrilling to work out. I hope more levels come out for me to play . This game is really good and I suggest u get it too . It can get a bit boring after a while . And u might stop playing it but u will come back and start playing it again cuz that’s what I did. I suggest u download it . By Unknown x.Version: 2.4.1

Amazing!Brain test is a fun game where you can do all sorts of puzzles and it’s actually fun.Version: 2.748.0

Yummy,Personally, I really think this game is good because you can skip school but then go on your iPad or phone and still be learning stuff. I really recommend mend people to have this game because any age can still play it without a piece of paper or anything and you can just turn off your Wi-Fi so the ads turn off it’s the best game I’ve ever came across and I really recommend you guys should have it.🤤🤤🤤.Version: 2.748.0

Amazing but……….This game is fantastic I started playing 3 years ago and I love it I literally cannot delete it I cannot believe how good it is but I can’t say the ads are good. There are way too many adds, as soon as you go onto the next level,add, as soon as you press a button,adds, it’s like they want us to give up the game and play another one. I have to say that I think we should get prizes for free no adds bc I’m on level 107 and they are getting so hard and we still have to get a prize, FOR A ADD! But other than that I think the game is pretty decent. I’m sorry, did I say DECENT?! I mean FANTASTIC!!!(except for the add part) I love the game and I think it should be in the App Store forever just remember to work on the adds and then I think everyone would be joining the game Love this game Thank you Written by olafwednesday(I made the name up bc I didn’t feel comfortable sharing my name).Version: 2.740.0

What’s the fuss about?Ok so I just read a couple of the comments and I saw so much about the ads. Deal with it. Every game has ads. If you download a game like um......some drawing games you will see that there are a lot of ads. I get it though if you pay for the no ads and it still gives you ads. That would make me angry too. Also on some of the ads for this app the people never get it right. It is so annoying. I mean would you want to be watching airheads? Also can you cut down on the ads? I mean there really isn’t a lot but sometimes it just gets annoying. I love this game so much and if I want to pass time I would go to this game. Well like I should play this game. If you don’t like ads don’t download it. No one likes haters. I mean it won’t make you popular. And just so you know the people who always download games just to see how bad it is, well so many of the developers work so hard. I don’t think you should say that. There are so many people who think the opposite. And worked hard, so stay in your glory. Don’t read the bad comments. Read the ones that give you ideas and make you happy. Don’t read those mean comments. Thanks for your time and I hope you feel uplifted..Version: 2.8.1

Writing a reviewThis is such a addictive and cool game but the number of adds there are is out is this world may like every second.Version: 2.1

This is one of the most hardest and yet challenging game ever!I LOVE this game because not only it’s just for fun and playing around but it also makes your IQ bigger and stronger to next time if your thinking about not getting this app, Think twice because your gonna LOVE this game💗💗💗💗💗.Version: 2.742.0

Great!Now i think its a great game and i really like the weekly puzzles because you get hints and things i really appreciate how hard the creators worked on the game i would recommend it to anyone who likes riddles and puzzles I’ve had it for like 25 days and I’m at level 176 its a great game if the creators even do see this i just want to say thank you its got me through some hard times i know that sounds cheesy but its true so thank you so much and well done for all of your hard work.Version: 2.8.1

Good game but just one thingIt can test your brain knowledge a lot like find the black sheep all you have to do is bring the word black to one of the sheep you have hints you can collect them for help when needed after 3 or 5 levels you get a wheel for stuff for example you can get hints money for the game the bad side is you only have ads after the wheel so it’s kinda of gooder than normal I would recommend it for everyone but not for people under 4 they would find it tricky and there stuff not for them so if they do ask then play it with them adults or people over 4 that you can trust hope you in joy the app and my review.Version: 2.746.1

Awesome game but the ADS!!It’s the best mind game I’ve played so far (because it is the only mind game I’ve played so far) but the ads always stab you in the back. I would rate it five stars but the ads take away one star sooooooooooo… yeah. I’m out! :) CHUR!.Version: 2.730.1

STOP WITH THE ADSI love some games. No game is perfect. Also if you hate the ads, just okay with the WiFi off… it’s what is do lol. Some people hate ads, like myself. Everyone is saying oh hush with the ads, but I watched THREE ads in a row!!!!!!!! You guys need to STOP with the ads. Like, it’s a problem!! I also think some of the levels are really really hard. Like, unsolvable. Also I feel like you should be able to watch an ad for 50 lightbulbs instead of only twenty five. Great game otherwise, I wish the ads haven’t raked over. Well ima go turn WiFi off and continue the game :) Also, the clues are crap. Either their just like here’s something that doesn’t help! Or they strait up tell you how to solve it. Just give a decent clue! Sorry if my review was a little harsh, but like I said, why was there three ads in a row? Thx for reading my complaints guys Love u guys <3 Ok never mind I just found out that they are trying to remove the ads… sorry for me and my harshness. It’s just after one level there’s two ads for me… play without WiFi people!!.Version: 2.734.0

My Second ReviewEdit: Developers do not seem to care at all that their app is not ‘brain - testing’ enough. I still use this as a small, childish game. Other than that, this brain game is not the best if you really want upgrade your brain. However, I grudgingly have to congratulate the developers for making this so addictive. The clean, easy face of the app is ridiculously innocent, claiming you can ‘learn soooo much’ from all these ridiculous little games they give you. Get this app only if you’re looking forward to believing you can just ‘put the elephant in the fridge’. Apart from all the things I have complained about, this game is beautifully set out. I would welcome it with open arms if it had just admitted it was a silly game. ~ Silvia Wolf ~.Version: 2.732.1

The Perfect GameThe game is perfect! People say how terrible it is but really it is the best game in the world!😍 It doesn’t have any problems. People say that there isn’t a lot of puzzles when you more than 100 hard and fun puzzles to play. I love how at the end of each puzzle there is a humorous joke. The best part is when I finished the game it said more coming soon. I was so happy that there would be even more puzzles and as I waited I saw a add that said that there is a second brain puzzle! If I had to chose out of a games in the world it would be brain puzzle! Getting this game is worth it! I have been playing this game constantly every day. When I finished it, I decided to play it again and even though I already went over the levels they were still entertaining and confusing. The last thing that I would like to say is THANK YOU FOR CREATING THIS GAME!.Version: 2.4.4

Confusing LevelLevel 3 has a fridge and an elephant and you must put the elephant inside of the fridge. I did so and nothing happened. I tried to skip the level to escape but it just did nothing and cost me a lot of the hint things. I am irritated. Thank you for reading and I hope you fix this soon..Version: 2.746.1

This is the title1. I am not a bot 2. It’s a fun game tests your brain 3. Why are so many people bashing the developers like it’s a great game.Version: 2.748.0

CoolI loooooove this game! 1 thing I would like are more levels, I got through them in 2 days. Otherwise best game ever!!!!!.Version: 2.4.3

HiThis game is really cool and fun and very entertaining it gets my brain working and running round my head but there are to many ads after every game there’s a ad thank you for understanding.Version: 2.8.7

(TW: contains talk about OCD and compulsions)Fun, but in level 227 the prompt is “I have OCD, help me!” Where you have to sort the balls by color. I just found it kind of inappropriate. While some OCD sufferers may have a compulsion to sort things by color, many people with OCD don’t. It seems kind of wrong to incorporate a mental disorder into a game. It wouldn’t be funny to make a level be about depression, so I don’t feel there should be one about OCD. Not to mention the screen after you solve the puzzle says “Phew…I can calm down now, thanks” which is very wrong to me. People with OCD have compulsions to cope with their intrusive and/or disturbing thoughts. Sometimes they fear if they don’t follow the compulsion they will die or something terrible will happen. Compulsions don’t really help, and saying they “can relax now” is wrong because there often is no escaping intrusive thoughts. Still a fun game but I wish they would change this level! Written by an OCD sufferer..Version: 2.731.0

Great Game But..I beat this game with only a few hints in 3 hours of boredom. I loved the game but now I will most likely have to wait a long time for new levels. There are quite a few too many ads as well🙄.Version: 2.3

Turn off wifi for no ads. 🧦📦🥔I like the game. Sometimes I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do and the hint doesn’t make sense, but overall it’s really fun. If you don’t want ads all the time, just turn off your wifi. 👍 I’m sad though because I finished all the levels 🥺😕.Version: 2.4.3

PLZ ADD MORE LEVELSI LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH but I am always sad because I cant get brain test 2 so I only have this game so if you add more levels that would make me SO happy and make me smile and cry of joy because I love this game so much and it brakes my hart to think I will never get to play these games again so I wanna cry so much so if you add more levels that would make me the happiest person ever and then I can keep loving your games and play every day if I could and this game means the whole world to me and I wanna be happy again so PLAESE just do this one thang for me and that will sho how good you are to people and how you make them so happy so you can try to make there dreams come true thanks if you read this and please take my thoughts and keep them in your mind for me ps thanks for being amazing people to everyone and always have a good day remember a lot of people love this game and are so happy you made it to make some people happy you are the best and mean the world to me thanks for lessoning bye and again have a good day every day every time and make people happy and make the world a better place..Version: 2.7.6

Cool puzzles.. lots of advNice puzzles. But too much excessive ads. I understand it’s you revenue but this is far too much. Ad at every other puzzle!!!!! I want to rate 5* but this annoyed me a lot.Version: 2.4.3

AmazingI really like it. It is good to like compete with your freinds and it wakes me up by me having to focus! But I get it others might have disappointments like to many ads but really ads might be annoying but they really help sometimes. Or you might have thought you would have to use your brain more but I think they thought more people would use it with the bright colours. Also you might dislike having to pay but you can ignore it and not pay for anything. So remember there is always a reason for your dislikes. And you can fix them or not play the game with most of the disappointments..Version: 2.8.5

This game was is awesomeThis game is amazing!!! One thing though the hints if we complete a level we should get like 4 or 5 hints we are not earning some that much from ads ether but that was just a concern. Anyways this app is WOW like it really dose help your brain even if you do have school even if your in school really!! This is something you can play over summer and I love that about the hints up top I know I said that but to be honest I’m just glad that you have hints because like I said if you are in school not playing it your teacher will probably 100% not give you hints THIS GAME DOSE! And am so happy about that but just give us more hints. It’s an amazing game I’ve been playing for a day and I got out of school yesterday and so I downloaded it yesterday and I’m already on level 22 but this game is awesome 👏 so please please please please do not take this as hate but just mabe change your hins a little I WILL NOT STOP PLAYING THIS GAME UNTIL I GET TO BRAIN TEST 4!!! 🫵🏻👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌.Version: 2.741.1

Good but make it betterI really like the game it’s great for your mind and it can help be smarter. But I have some requests or ideas. One of them is to know the answer some how if you are like on like one of the questions and you are like on it for a long time than a answer thing will come up in like 1 hour. Other one would be is to maybe add some more like things that make you just want to like it, like trying to escape something or trying to win something or with just controllers. Last one is to lower the money things for the hint is 25 that’s kinda too much for a little hint and for the skip part 50 coins I think you should lower it down. That is all. But I still give it a 5 star. I am not starting to play this game because I missed like 5 of them and if I go in there to retry it and it does not work and so I leave it alone and plus some hints are not hints and more movement activities please..Version: 1.8

Okay but needs moreSo I am 9 and I been playing this game. On stage 384 it just ends. It’s really annoying because I have to keep downloading brain thing whatever 2 and 3 just to play more levels. I just wish they would put more levels like why end at a random number 384 like why? Please just add more levels! It’s just really annoying downloading number 2,3 and maybe even 4 just to play more levels. So pls add more levels!.Version: 2.8.5

Lovely but 3 things1:Sometimes when i come on the next day and come to the daily awards i find that it still says “come back tomorrow”. 2: Sometimes i have found when i watch the adds for 💡it doesn’t even give me them and i have to watch the add for a whole 30s! 3: THERE ARE TOO MANY ADDS!!!😡😑 I find that once you have done three questions, A THIRTY SECOND ADD POPS UP and they are not even interesting, sometimes the same add pops up 3 times in a row ! But i do like that sometimes it lets you choose which add you want to watch. Apart from all of those things i find that this is a lovely game and you should definitely add more levels! 😆😃😝👍🏻.Version: 2.4.3

Evaluation of Brain TestI think that Brain Test is an amazing game and is fun to play and addictive. When you get the answer to a question wrong you just want to get it right,it is to addictive to not play and I would recommend it to anyone unless you are impatient and then I wouldn’t play it because it will annoy the heck out of you. I love this game so much but for cons it would be that the help isnt always so clear and understandable but apart from that it is the most amazing game. I am currently on level 126 and I’ve had brain test for about 3 or 4 hours.Version: 2.4

LEIA chararaThis game is so fun that I play it every day.Version: 2.3

Cool game but too many adsConstant ads - spent more time watching ads then playing the game!.Version: 2.0.1

My honest reviewThis game is a way to cure you're boredom because most levels really gets you thinking. I have a lot of fun trying to solve all the levels and completing it with joy. A lot of the levels are hard and really confuse you but I always manage to complete the levels maybe with a little help from my family and friends. I know some people may not agree with me on this one but there are a lot of ads so maybe if the ads were minimized that would make the game a lot better. Kind regards.Version: 2.744.1

WOMEN ARE NOT OBJECTS THEY ARE LADIESSo the other day me and my daughter were looking in the App Store too try and find an entertaining game for her. She found this game and asked me to get it for her on my phone and said yes. I thought it looked fun aswell, but one day I played it and…… I saw something absolutely hideous! Women. It said oh help her take a shower. Like WHO WOULD SAY SUCH A THING!? I don’t know why I did it but then it showed her bits. Her 🍒 and 🍑 were showing! Even her private part. I don’t think that is one bit acceptable for 12+. I think it should be a blooming 17+!! Anyway DO NOT DOWNLOAD HIDEOUS.Version: 2.8.5

Amazingly good at making your brain workBrain test is amazingly good at making your brain work it gives you great challenges and is the exactly the same as the adds . If you want your brain to be smart and if you want a game that is the same as the adds then get brain test.Version: 2.741.1

This game is fun, but way way too many adsThis game is really really fun to play but almost after every level. There is an ad or a pop-up and they’re trying to buy the pack where it deletes the ads but I did not get it. I’m not trying to be a Karen LOL but can you try to fix the ad problem please because I really really like your game like it’s really fun it’s like really really really fun. The only thing I dislike about it is the ads and pop-ups but I really like your game..Version: 2.741.1

New Levels?I loooooove this game! And honestly I don’t mind the ads. I mean u gotta do what u gotta do to make money! Plus u can see other games. Buuuuuut WHEN ARE THE NEW LEVELS COMING! I want more! This game is soo fun and I love competing with my brother but I want to continue competing! Please give us more levels! And opportunities to get light bulbs other than watching ads cos there’s already to many ads! Thanks for the game! It’s amazing!.Version: 2.4.3

Was GreatThis game is amazing! It really tests your critical thinking skills. I want to download brain test two but l have this two new apps a year thing with my Mum and yes, I am Ten years old. But now there is just something annoying saying new levels coming soon or whatever. I have been checking for a YEAR now whether there are new ones or not and there aren’t. Even when there were levels they were all pretty easy..Version: 2.8.5

This game is like so cool 😎👍So first of all, this game is really cool because you get it’s like educational kinda because it like test your brain to do a lot of things and then, so you’re like”oh I get it now” and it’s just like really cool. And it’s just like it’s it’s I love it and you should too. So I want you to get this game because it’s like educational for your mind you can like really like sharpen your mind. maybe play few levels before school. And that will set your mind. It will get you all ready and this game is also fun. (For some reason to me it is) So anyway what I was talking about it being fun it’s just because I don’t know why I just love it it’s it’s just really cool OK? So it’s really cool I can get your mind say and it gets really tricky because it says tricky puzzle game, so yeah that’s it so thank you for reading that’s really it. P.S. and also, yes, I just got this game. (again, thank you for reading).Version: 2.745.0

DEVS PLS READ!This game was actually ok. I have a couple problems though, prob 1: way too many ads! The ads are unbelievable! Some people do not have the money to pay for the no ads pass. Some are smart enough to spend their money on other things… that money can be spent on literally anything else. Prob 2: not enough levels. So I played all levels, beat the game and re- did all the ones I lost. I know you guys have the weekly thing, but I don’t like to wait that long, like I said, the game is great except for these problems. I really don’t understand why you would put at the end, “more levels coming soon!” When, 1: you made brain test 2, and 2 you could easily add the weekly ones to the actual thing. It would make people a lot happier! Prob 3: too easy… or too hard… I was reading through the comments and I heard a lot of “it’s too easy” and “it’s too hard”. I kind of have the same feelings, either they’re too hard or too easy. Honestly the game should be rated 9+. Also if you add more to this game or add to brain test 2, make them in the middle! Prob 4: Inappropriate ads. Ok there are some ads, that would be scary to kids or people who just don’t like scarier things, (ex: zombies, shooting, blood… etc) some people don’t like those things and there is a lot of ads! Which may lead to deleting the game. I will advise you to fix all these problems for better reviews!.Version: 2.8.4

Smart enteligent ideaThis game makes your brain work faster so the next time your having trouble with work you can always play the game or remember the game there is so many good reviews I want to write about but I can’t because I need to play this game I am eager! and this game is 5 golden stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🤩 this a very good game and if the owner of this game is reading this after pls do many games like this because this is a brilliant bright idea great good idea and job now many kids won’t have problems with their work pls do what I say even if I am a kid and change the world 🌍.Version: 2.744.0

Thank you so much, UNICO STUDIOS!Thank you UNICO! I love your games Brain Test and Brian Test 2! I haven’t tried Brain Test 3 yet, but it’s definitely on my list. I appreciate your effort and hard work in this game so much because the other “test your brain” games are either WAY to easy and are just made to make you feel good about yourself, or their not appropriate, or they’re just total rip off games made to steal all your money just so you can play the dang game. That’s why I like this game so much. And I don’t understand the other comments about the ads, I think you put in just enough. And all of the ads you put in there make me want to download the apps! I have found three of my favorite apps from ads on Brain Test. The only thing I think you should maybe add is some more levels. I have completed all the levels you made, and am craving some new ones. Thank you so much for all of your hard work on this amazing game, I want you to know that it’s amazing and I couldn’t imagine it any better..Version: 2.730.1

Not as bad as people sayFirst, I’m on level 120 something while writing this (I couldn’t be bothered to check) and I don’t really find the ads that annoying, and think people are overreacting about it. Yes, 30 second ads are annoying, but as the levels get harder it feels like less time. My main problem with this game is the hints, in a word; inconsistent. Sometimes they can tell you how to do the level, sometimes they tell you nothing! The app can also be annoying sometimes because I think of one way to complete the level and it doesn’t work. It can also be irresponsive at times, and some of the levels are questionable. I just think people don’t give this game a chance and give up after 5 levels. Anyway, you could always just turn your WiFi off. ❤️.Version: 2.4.1

My opinionThis game is good, but has its flaws, although the riddles or questions are quite interesting and require a lot of thinking I have found that after each and every question there is an advert, this can be quite a pain to those who don’t want to look for other games, to add to this dilemma I have discovered that there is quite a number of pop up screens, asking you too watch an advert for a reward. I understand that gaming companies like this need money, but maybe I am asking you to reduce the amount of adverts. But other than that I would recommend this app..Version: 2.7.6

Fun!This game is perfect for when you are bored. 99% recommend.Version: 2.1

Just some levelsMake 100 more levels please.Version: 2.4.2

GoodSome times it would glitch out. I’m 9 and it’s pretty easy. But it does get hard but I play it every day and I’m on level 234 not very good but I mean pretty much good. I soo soo much love this game and I haven’t played today but I have been able to because of Coronavirus. I also like to play with my friends and family because they help with levels that are hard to complete. The sophistication of this game is a 4 star of the ratification 3 and a half star rating. But it is the best game but not the best game ever. If you do want the best games ever try bird BnB or kingdoms many. Talking Tom games..Version: 2.4.6

I love this game! ❤️❤️I am only on level 8 and I already love this game! I gave it five stars because the game is super fun and challenging sometimes but I like that it is challenging because it makes me think more about what I am doing. It would be so awesome if there is some kind of side game that you can play if you don’t want to play the level or if you get stuck on a level and want to play something else but don’t want to leave the app. That is pretty much all I have to say, but thank you so much for this game! As I said, I love it so much! 😊😊.Version: 2.748.0

OMG MY GODI do love this game sooo much but I all ways have so many adds it’s like after a level I have not one but. Three adds pls take alway some like only if you want to spin or get an award but I love this game lots it was my first game on my phone and it has never been deleted it’s all ways my play game with me and my brother but thanks so much for the amazing game I love this app so much have a good day who ever is reading it!! 😊.Version: 2.8.5

Just challenging enough🤌👌This game is sooo good and challenging! I recommend getting this game! 100% And pls don’t rage over this game, it’s made to challenge you. But I do have a question for the creators, is it actually possible to get V.I.P on the prize wheel? And also creators, maybe don’t have so much ads because theirs basically an ad after every turn. But other than that, this game is AWSOME!! From Anonymous.Version: 2.731.0

My opinionI think this game deserves 4 stars because it’s fun and sometimes tricky. It’s like really fun to play when you are bored! Love the game totally recommend it!💯❤️.Version: 2.748.0

It’s good, but I have problems :(Since I have downloaded this game, I have been having a lot of glitches and my screen keeps on freezing. I am not sure if it is just my device or if everyone has that. If you can fix it, please do or tell me if there is a way of fixing it, 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏.Version: 2.748.0

📋 Review 📋I really like this game, if is very fun and very addictive, it can be hard and it can be easy but it is also very enjoyable at the same time. —————————————————————————————————————- *Negatives* - Way to many ads - Can’t play the next level without there being a ad - It gets a bit frustrating ————————————————————————————————————— *Things You Can Improve On* - Less ads - More levels - The hints usually give it away so you could make the hints less detailed —————————————————————————————————————- *Positives* - Sort of gets you out of reality for a little bit - Makes you brain start to kick start - Fun ————————————————————————————————————— THANK-YOU! 🤩😁😊☺️😊🤩.Version: 2.743.1

Fun but ads are annoyingThere is an ad after every two test it’s so annoying I think it’s a fun game but way too many ads please fix this it also freezes a lot🙄🙄🤞fix it Jaime P.S. Sophie🥳🤪 you should try searching it up on google it has answers.Version: 2.4.1

We get itSTOP ADVERTISING MONOPOLY GO IT’S LONG AND ANNOYING like fr But the rest pretty good.Version: 2.748.0

BRAIN TESTI downloaded this game at about 10:00 this morning. I have been playing, off and on, all day long! It’s super addicting! I really love this game so far, and I am already on level 187, and it’s 9:08 pm. I decided that, if I can get to level 187 in just one day, it’s definitely a game that I should review!! The ONLY thing I really hate is all the ads! After every 2 levels, or sometimes, after only one level—and each level is SHORT, so it feels CONSTANT!!! It’s soooo annoying! I would totally purchase this game to get rid of the ads (some are a full minute long). I miss the days when you could purchase a game outright and play it at your convenience. Now, everything is “free”—with a TON of ads, and so, “free” is NEVER free! That said, the game is wonderful and really hard to put down!! I feel just a little smarter after every level!! Haha!.Version: 2.3

It’s great but......I’ve really been enjoying this game, it’s enjoyable and whenever I want to test my brain I play this but there’s is one thing that is really getting on my nerves. It’s that I’ve been stuck on this one level for weeks on end and it’s just too hard, I’ve tried moving things, no, I’ve tried tapping things, no, I’ve tried pulling things towards it, no,🤔🤔so that’s the only thing I want you to change, making certain levels easier than others. This is otherwise my favourite game ever!!!!!😍.Version: 2.4.1

OMG really goodOk so I'm not really for test games but this one is great! Everyone who likes tests but doesn't blow up when you find out that sometimes you have to move stuff around this is your game! Two things though. Could you make it a bit easier to get clues because when you have no internet you can't get any. And secondly could you try and make new levels more often? Thanks! From Horse 🐴.Version: 2.8.3

Brain testGood This is such a fun game my mum had her doubts at first but she thought this game is not so bad if you enjoy this get the second one so much fun as well. It is so fun and if you get it you won’t be sad. Bad To many ads it has ads to get hints, spin the wheel and to just go to the next level it can sometimes be annoying even though it is a fun game if you hate ads I would not recommend it if you don’t mind ads go ahead.Version: 2.8.4

Best game ever😄I love this nothing is wrong with it so I don’t care what you say this game is the best.Version: 2.4

BRAIN TEST REVIEWBrain test is a really good game for people who need to test their knowledge to know how much iq they have! This game is perfect for you if your trying to do that, the levels in this game start off nice and easy but later in the game when you think your getting smarter the levels get harder! If your really stuck, then you can get a hint to help you pass your level, or if your really stuck then you can buy a skip so you don't have to pass the level! Amazing entertaining game and you need wi-fi to play it! You just can't watch videos for bulbs! Saving up bulbs can be very handy for levels you need hints on and for skips. If you find it hard to save up bulbs then you can just buy vip or more bulbs from the shop! Then it will take less time to save up! Well you probably won't even have to save up if your buying bulbs! This game is worth downloading!.Version: 2.8.5

BEST GAME EVER! Deeply love :)OK, first off, this game is awesome! If you miss a day of school or something, you can sharpen your mind by just doing a few puzzles each day. There’s one question per level, and there are 423 levels! So that should keep you busy! Next thing is that it’s not very expensive. Maybe a dollar or two to buy, then another few dollars to turn off ads or buy light bulbs (to get clues, another useful thing for the game). As for the ads, well, most are pretty short and there aren’t many inappropriate or weird ads. But there are a few super inappropriate and a few wacky ones, so please change that. Not a lot though, just enough to raise eyebrows as to why kids would be seeing that. Also, I THINK I’M ADDICTED TO THIS GAME. I play almost every day, even on school days/nights, or at least a level. I’ve already finished it and a few of the sequel games and I cannot wait for new levels! It’s so fun, sometimes challenging, but that’s what makes it fun. And whenever you puzzle over a hard level, you can feel proud of yourself. Great game for kids and parents out there who want to get smarter, or who are just bored. Thanks for taking the time to read my review! I wish all of you a fantastic day, and I encourage you to check out Brain Test. Until next time! -L P.S. And I think maybe a few levels are repeated, but maybe they are just similar..Version: 2.746.1

GoodIt is so fun now my kid is smarter than ever.Version: 2.748.0

Adds and game is bestI love this game but I just wanna say that there shouldn’t be ads they are so annoying also you should be able to get clues from completing one of the tasks, like you spend all that time doing it to just test your brain then if u get stuck u have to watch a ad also its rlly good thanks for the app!.Version: 2.731.0

Great Game :)The game is very good I love to play and solve the problems. Definitely recommend to other people. Although some of the levels are way too easy. And when I watch an add to get more lightbulbs the adds don’t even load even though I’m connected to wifi which is strange, could you please fix this? Other than that absolutely fun game to play! If you’re thinking of getting it definitely get it!! :).Version: 2.744.1

Developers help me out!I’m really stuck on level 34 i know that it is something with the kit and the Mitty to make kitty but I don’t know what to do with and the hints only say “ the answer lies in the question” and that tells me nothing could you please make a hint that I can actually use on tricky levels because I now cant move forward to the next level until I complete it but i liked the other 33 levels.Version: 2.1

This is good.. but it has its problemsFirst of all, I have to mention that this game is very entertaining and enjoyable. This game is great when you have some free time or when you are bored. The levels were made in such a creative way and I find that very impressive. What I don’t like about the game is the amount of ads. Yes, I don’t mind when there are a few, but not every time you finish a level! I find it very irritating when you want to relax and chill but all you are seeing is GET THIS GAME NOW or something annoying like that. If the game changed how many ads there are I think it would be a favourite of mine. I do recommend this game but only if you don’t mind watching ads every second..Version: 2.729.0

Suspicious…Let me just post. I love this game! there’s some things in the game that are a little weird what I mean by this is the hints. Basically I was on this level and I could only move one thing on the screen and I tried moving other things in everyway I could but I just couldn’t. I was very confused so I decided to use a hint, and after the hint I was allowed to move more things that I couldn’t move before, and this seemed kind of suspicious. I thought it was a glitch, but it happened on other levels too where I couldn’t move something and then after the hint, I moved the thing I wanted to, and it moved perfectly whereas it didn’t before. This is a good game but this is a little confusing and kind of a little bit scamming because I don’t want to spend my heads just so I can have the freedom to move things on the screen. But this game is also amazing so you should get it!.Version: 2.748.0

Adds and DelayAdds: People keep complaining about adds, I mean every game you have will-sadly-have adds in them (except if your willing to pay for games which you will one day get bored of then you'll look back and think in the future “imagine how much money I wasted on games”, so free games are the best choice). What I’m trying to say is that, okay, maybe free games are not the best of qualities but there still loads of fun (like this one) instead of bickering we should just except that fact. Delays: Okay, adds was something that the creator couldn’t fix, but what they can is delays. Honestly this game is SPECTACULAR also not to mention it helps develop and challenges your mind to a maximum ability. Anyway, the delays in this game are quiet annoying and can be fixed. For example; .Sometimes, when I press submit in number challenges and things like that, the screen freezes So please fix that problem. also I am very thankful to the creator/s of this game! This is the game you can play when your bored and OFFLINE 🤯😆.Version: 2.7.6

I love itThis game is so much fun I can’t stop playing it whoever made this game should get a certificate ☺️.Version: 2.4

This is amazingI was looking for a very hard challenging game and I found do recommend this is a amazing app.Version: 2.743.1

Best Game EVERThank you SO SO much for making these games!!! :) I got Brain Test a little while ago and LOVE IT!!! For those of you who are like this game has too many adds, I’m not gonna play-almost EVERY game has ads! It’s not that bad and if you see one that you don’t want to watch log off then get back in. I love all the tricky challenges (even if I’m not the best at them) and these games are probably the best download game apps I’ve ever had. I am really excited for the new challenges coming soon. You should definitely make more brain test games because they are SO FUN!! I also would like to say to the producers or the people who made this game that they did an amazing job, you should not be upset by mean reviews. Ads are a good way to find other cool games, this is how I found out about Brain Test! You are amazing people with good ideas. Don’t let others put you down. These games are amazingly awesome and fantastic. Thank you so much. I would DEFINITELY recommend this game. PLAY BRAIN TEST!! ITS SO FUN!! YOU WILL LOVE IT! DOWNLOAD IT NOW AND STOP READING THIS!!!.Version: 2.8.5

Great game but ads are horrendousThis is a fun game with some logical puzzles, however some puzzles are very hard and you need o watch ads to get hints. Then there is the ads, the levels of which are absolutely unbelievable. I mean seriously, why do you need to watch an ad to go to the next level AFTER COMPLETING THE PREVIOUS ONE. Please lower the ad level and I will consider a 5-star rating. Thank you..Version: 2.8.0

Brain TestThis game is amazing! I love it. You really need to use your brain in it!.Version: 2.4.4

Fun! 🌈🥳🔴🤩When the first time I saw this brain app I thought it was boring but when my friend recommend this to me I LOVED IT!! I love how I can challenge myself and my brother. I don’t care about the ads I just had a lot of fun! Every time I do this it refresh’s my brain and also that I can focus on. Sometimes I get mad on this. But I can take it easy and just use the hints every time I struggle. I loved this game so much that I loved what you made and created. And what’s awesome is that I can play anywhere! Without internet!! Get out of here!! Everyone should be getting this. Is entertaining app to play. I loved how the answers gets tricky so I can just figure out the questions and get ready to activate my Brain to start 🤓 I would been rlly glad if the game updates some day 😆 thank you for making this game! And getting the idea of making a challenging enjoying game! And keep up the good work! 👍.Version: 2.748.0

Mmmmh….pretty good but……Brain game tests you to use well your brain but sometimes if you find a puzzle hard the hints aren’t helpful either, but the bit that I don’t like was it’s way to short, I finished it in about 3 weeks of playing 10 mins a day, it’s way way way to short. But I do get how it will take a long time to make each level so I think this game is worth it’s short while and I really recommend it!, I don’t think people are being fair when they say there are to many adds, if you play games like bridge race or count master there are more adds then play, I really think this game is one of the most superb games ever. Thank you for reading (:.Version: 2.746.1

This is a review from my 10-year-old !It was amazing when I started playing and I just don’t know when to stop playing. I even play it when my phones about to go dead and I just love it and I can never stop playing it and it’s just so cool and awesome I’ve never ever seen something like this and I love it so today I’m writing this review and I think you’re gonna love it and I know you’re gonna love it so please thank you and thank you thank you thank you for reading this you love it download it right now today because it’s amazing that’s why I gave it a five star review so download it right now it’s gonna be amazing and you’re gonna test your brain it’s gonna be so smart and you’re gonna feel like you’re back in school and I’m only 10 and I know it is better for me and I learn a lot more so thank you this is the one you should be looking for this is the game you want, so thank you..Version: 2.748.0

Hint(Hint) if you don’t want ads then turn off your wifi on your device. Btw this game is fun!.Version: 2.4

Fun, interesting and ‘think outside the box’ GameI really enjoyed this game it’s fun and gets you thinking..Version: 2.4.3

Needs improvement...This game is great if you want a challenge but when I got to level 286 the levels stopped. I found this disappointing because I enjoyed the game. I am also thrilled that there is a Brain Test 2! Sometimes the game creates levels that are completely in logical! What if there wasn’t that light bulb to answer the question and why would a tortoise have mini rocket ships under his shell!? Why is that baby girl always crying? The noise is annoying! The adds are also annoying, I would just love it if there were no adds on this game, it’s like add-apocalypse! 😠.Version: 2.4.3

Great game but it has a few problemsOk first of all, this game is great! It’s challenging for your brain and helps you sharpen it and makes you think in many unique ways. I love that about it! It’s slightly addicting for me (in a good way) because if I can’t get a problem correct I just want to get pass the level so badly so I’m just sitting there trying to pass it. Ok now onto the negatives. So basically some levels have hints that are just so useless. Like they don’t give you any info. They literally just give you something that you can do nothing with. My suggestion is to have several hints per level. I don’t mean give the user all the hints at once, I mean like every time you spend the light bulbs you get a different hint every time and throughout the hints the ones behind gets more and more obvious. I like that because every level just only have one hint, and when that hint is useless, the only thing you can do is start tapping the screen until you get something out of it. So that’s it basically. Also if anyone is wondering, ads is not a problem because you just turn off wi-fi and then you don’t get any more. Ok I hope developers see this. Have a great day everyone!!.Version: 2.743.1

More circles in lv194There are actually more circles in the level... In addition to the 7 as the current right answer, there are: One for Settings; One for Level Selection One for “o” in the word How...; One for Hint (bottom left); And one for Skip level in the bottom right. This adds to a total of 12..Version: 2.4.1

My personal opinionI think this game is very fun and the interesting puzzles keep me occupied because everyone is different but there is on inconvenience....... and that is that every other round there is a 30 second add. This wouldn’t be a problem if the rounds lasted 1-2 minutes but each round personally takes me 10-20 seconds on the easier rounds and on the harder rounds 20-39 seconds. I will continue to play the game but I think less adds could make the game more enjoyable for people to play! -anonymous x.Version: 2.7.8

Ads.This games is fun but there are way to many ads..Version: 2.748.0

Not enough levelsAbsolutely love this game but not enough levels.Version: 2.748.0

Great but not enough levelsI loved this game and was addicted given our current lockdown in uk. However I completed all levels and every time I click into app now it says ‘more levels coming soon’! My question is when?! Will I be notified when you’ve added more or will I wait sooo long I’ve forgotten about the game?! Please upload more levels sooner than your coming soon!! However, If this is it, it was a great game whilst it lasted and thanks - I may need to delete from my device due to space issues. Thanks for great game but not enough levels!!!.Version: 2.4.1

There’s lots of glitches that should be fixed!I absolutely LOVE this game but I would definitely play more often if there was less glitches, let’s get into the base of the glitches tho, these glitches aren’t from it being a free mobile app but from the ads, there’s SO many ads that when I’m in the middle of a level a random ad (Somtimes two.) will just pop up and then crash my game OR after I skip the ad the sound of the playable ad will still be playing, it just ruins all the progress I’ve made on the previous level, it’s really annoying there’s also three ads at the end of almost every level sometimes it makes the screen go black out of nowhere, and I’ll have to restart the game, maybe if you guys could reduce the amount of ads at the end of SOME levels it wouldn’t make the game lag :). I’m not hating on this game I just wish there was less ads sorry if I was too harsh but overall this is the best free mobile game out there and I recommend it..Version: 2.742.0

To much adds!I really like this game but when ever there is another level there is an add I know games need adds but I don’t think they need this much when ever you want to do somthing on the app there is an app like this app is so fun but it does so many adds I rated it 4 stars because I love it a lot but there is so many adds.Version: 2.3

This game is so fantasticI have seen reviews after reviews saying it is trash don’t download it but they are just being a hater one review said it is a terrible excuse of a puzzle game maybe for some stuck up smarty pants person who doesn’t want to have a bit of fun if you want a puzzle for stupid smarty pants go and do an IQ test or do a quiz rather than hating on a fabulous game non of these reviews are fake and should be respected but if you want have a bit of fun think outside of the box this is the game in fact I finished the game played game 2,3 as well as other games by the developers so I don’t care what those haters say but this game is fantastic and if you don’t like ads there is a remove ads option also you can just deal with it cause this game is an great and you should so play it!!!!!.Version: 2.8.7

Awesome gameI think that this game is awsome cus u can build your brainpower soo much. The only thing wrong with the game is that there are WAY too many ads. There are ads in between every game and I don’t want to pay for no ads so fix that please but other than that, I LOVE the game.Version: 2.740.0

What you need to knowI have only played a few rounds but it is quite fun and is a bit easy but is getting harder. It helps you learn stuff but also while using your electronic device it is entertaining instead of you wasting your time on doing nothing that makes you smart..Version: 2.8.7

Don’t recommend at allUpdate: due to dev response Ill split this review to two One is the app itself which is great brain training The second which I decided to not let it affect the rating is the ads. I truly hope youll actually fix it. Until then i wont be a user but good luck Ive never took the time to write a review for an app, let alone a negative one. I think dev team fid a great jon with the concept and ui Altho the amount of commercials is ridiculous! You cant spend 30 seconds on the game without having to wait 2.5-3 minutes (!!!) per ad to be able to skip. I had to close and reopen the app multiple times and sees like each time its the same experience. If you want an app to make you rich, make it ads free and let people get addicted before you stuff their faces with repeating interference that is outrageous. For that alone I deleted the app. You cant abuse someone through commercials to make them pay for the app. Love the app, hate the greediness..Version: 2.741.1

Good gameThis game is very good and interesting.Version: 2.748.0

A very cool appI love this game but when you finish the hole game I gets boring 😐.Version: 2.4.5

Updates pleaseHeaps of ads but if you can push through them it’s alright. After a week of playing I’m already up to level 288. Waiting for the next update so I can carry on..Version: 2.4.2

A lot of problems but funHi there. So I got this app because I was looking around for a riddle game and I also see adds about it. I downloaded this game and tried some levels. Most of the levels are ok. But some questions do not make sense. For example, the question about which months have 28 days. I couldn’t figure it out and I finally did when I randomly typed 12. It doesn’t say which months have AT LEAST 28 days. I know you can’t say that directly, but the point of most questions is to make you guess the number randomly or tap all over the screen to see what happens. This gets very boring though. I hope you guys will make the questions real. The second problem is adds. A lot of times an add freezes at the last second until it will give me a reward and I can’t tap anything. I had to reopen the app and I just wasted my time watching like a 40 second ad and not get any hints or prizes. Those are 2 main problem you should fix. Other problems are like what other people review about, but I think you should fix these problems first. Thx!.Version: 2.7.6

AMAZING 🤩.. butThe game is absolutely astounding in its creativity and challenges, not to mention the concept of it all and the thrill of solving the puzzles however I deleted it today due to a lot of adds? Unfortunately I do understand that sponsors are important and adverts not only make money but also promote the things it is advertising so I get it but- ramming the same advert down your throat after every button just ruined the game for me.. if you don’t mind adds after every go then I would highly recommend this app but if you do then, we’ll it’s up to you. ☺️.Version: 2.743.1

Great Game!I downloaded this game around a few months ago, from an advert. The game was very good, and although the levels were, hard, the hints were useful and the skips weren’t a rip off. I completed the game today on level 305, and the only things I would like to improve would be: A) the adverts. There aren’t too many, but the same one over and over again gets boring. B) It would be cool to see how to complete a hard level after you’ve skipped it. Loved this game and I’m looking forward to more levels being added. 100% a five star game.Version: 2.4.5

I finished the game!! But....There was to many adds but never mind that i would recommend this awesome gameto EVERYONE this is the best challenging brain testing app! That i got the other version and finished that one too! This app is awesome especially for bored people just download it and give it a try! If u dont like it delete it but ik there is some adds but overall the best app i have ever had! Too bad i have finished both of the games but i would recommend this app to anyone! Enjoy your brain test! When you finish the app dont get sad there is a brain test 2! Anyway i have a suggestion there should be less adds oh and more levels thanks for reading dear developers or people im always here to support apps bye!.Version: 2.8.0

SpecialIt teaches your brain. It helps your brain grow. you could also play this game on the weekend and helps your brain skip to the next level to learn just like school so school isn’t for the weekend. You could also play this game on the weekends it’s just like school you could just do it for 20 minutes. This is a great game to help your brain growand develop new things but also is trying to be funny so would write this for because first it’s funny I like that but it doesn’t usually teach your brain like on the fourth. I think I think on the fourth level I think it says which is closer to us, and it gives you the option of the moon or the sun. I chose the sun because it’s closer but it said the moon is because us is closer to the moon like the word us the first option is the moon next to the word us in the sentence so it’s trying to be funny but I love it so I’m waiting. I’m reading this five. I mean four..Version: 2.748.0

BEST GAME EVER!Haha! OMG, my friend told me about this game, and I downloaded it right then and there...I can’t stop playing :) It’s different and quirky, and soo funny. The answers are unexpected and you have to think outside of the box. 🔲 It’s so creative and a great way to spend time! I am a HUUUUUGGGE fan and I’m addicted. No one can stop me playing..😂 If you haven’t already downloaded it.. DO IT NOW!!!! Have fun!!!!!!!.Version: 2.4

Great, but not perfect.This game is addictive and fun! So many different puzzles to solve, it’s interesting, has smart brain twists and more. The only bad thing I have experienced is that there are a ridiculous amount of adverts. I know that a lot of really good games and common games to this to, but there is to… many of them. Everytime I finish a level, there’s an ad. And they are the same ones, over and over again. Also the purchases could be cheaper, to. I don’t mean to complain that much. Anyway, I know this isn’t true to some people. This is just my review and opinion..Version: 2.731.0

SOOOOO GOOD! 😍I love this game you should by it just do it now! Stop looking at my words after you can see my review! There now you are back finally you took you so long so now read my instructions carefully once you come in you are going to press READY with green on it. Then you will see level 1 press that. The rules are simple there are instructions on the top read it then try to think after you got an idea try it if you give up on your own ideas then there is a sign that is like 💡+ 25 press that an add will come up and then when you finish that add you will get 25💡there is another button that says the answer if you press it but it cost💡so don’t wanna waste it first try trying it yourself. 👍.Version: 2.8.5

Gf h hHxhfyfioeyrurueyetyetetye I have no eproblem with yueueu or any of even that other one I have seen but it seems to me it would have a very different effect if it were the case for you to be a good person to have in the future of the relationship between the three people who have the most important interests in their life together in a world that you have no one else in your heart to live with you is the same thing that I would have been able not only to have but also the relationship that I would be in a world which is a very good relationship and that I have been through with my family in a world of friendship with you I have a lot more to be a very different life with my life and that I would like you have been in the world is a lot of things are very important to you have been a lot more important to the relationship with my life I have been through and you are a good person I am a very important friend and a good person you have a good friend of my family I have a good relationship and you have been through so much and you have done.Version: 2.743.1

Good game but…This game is amazing! And I’m so glad I got it but there is so many ads that I would like to get rid of but I’m not sure how to be ad free I would like to request that there is less ads and that the light bulb things you use for hints run out WAY TOO QUICKLY! But other than that I would DEFINATELY recommend this game but I think that it should be a 3+ to test little ones’ brains but not to be harsh to make them more brainy as they grow up then as they get older they can solve real mysteries and it might encourage them to be a police and if they choose that job they would be very good at it. Thank you for reading and please comment back! I would love for there to be updates on it! I LOVE BRAIN TEST SO MUCH!❤️❤️🤯🥰😍😘.Version: 2.8.6

Why the ads?This game is really fun and challenging. I love brain tricks and stuff like that. It was fine at first for the first few rounds, but once I passed the first few levels, there was ad after ad. After EVERY SINGLE LEVEL, there was an ad. I just want to play the game without much interruptions. I get if there is and ad every 5 to 10 levels, but after every level is WAY too much. You guys really need to tone it down because it’s super annoying and frustrating. I will get so excited for the next round because the last one was so fun, but then an ad appears. I won’t be excited for the next round anymore and I will likely turn off the game and forget about it for the day. There’s sometimes when I HIGHLY consider deleting it, but the actual game, not the ads, are really fun. I might consider even downloading one of the other games like this one. I downloaded this game to play and enjoy, not to watch ads all the time. If the excessive ads continue, I will delete it and not recommend it to anyone. But if the ads get toned down, I will highly enjoy the game and highly recommend it to everyone. The game is truly really fun and I enjoy all the work you put into it❤️. It’s challenging and keeps me on my toes. It’s really a piece of art and enjoyable. I just don’t like the amount of ads that are in the game. It’s still so fun though. Keep up the good work!☺️.Version: 2.732.1

A review cause I can’t think of an other nameI enjoyed this game and that’s all I could say because there’s like million more reviews out there that are not done by a ten year old that explains why this is a great game and now I have to write more cause it’s not letting me send it’s easy it’s hard it’s a real brain thinker which is the purpose of the game.Version: 2.8.5

AwesomeI love this game I can’t stop playing this. It is so fun.Version: 2.3

PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOADINGThis game is super fun, and I love how all the different levels challenge you to think outside the box. There is just one problem. The ADS! This game has an ad after literally every single level! It completely takes the fun out of the game, because you are just being advertised the entire time. It would be nice if they only showed ads every once and a while, or when Peoples choose to watch an ad for a reward or something. Also, I see people in the reviews complaining about that you have to pay for everything. It’s a free game, and free games always have that. If you don’t want to pay for things in the game, don’t get the game. It’s just how sales work. So, if you want to download this game, go ahead! It’s a really fun game, but just keep in mind it has a LOT of ads, and for free games, you should expect to have to pay for things in-game. If you made it to the end of this review, thanks for reading this! Have a great rest of your day! - Olivia.Version: 2.8.4

The loading for the right answers takes sooo longOk so just started playing and it’s super good except The loading but ITS SUUUPER COOOL.Version: 2.7.8

Love this gameI love this game and it has been my go on to play for a long while and it has always felt so much fun and fun and fun and fun with my family I am very excited for the next one and I’m very happy for you guys I hope to be part one in this year I will definitely keep it up for you and your team I love the games and the game you guys have played so many great people I hope to be one to come to you and I hope you guys are all doing great together I hope you have fun with the boys I hope to be there in a couple years and we can all get to know you and the boys will have fun with you and the boys are so happy to be with them I love them so happy to be together I hope to be with my son I hope to be a good mom I hope to see your mom in a few weeks and you guys are together I love my mom so very good mother I hope you have fun and have fun and be happy and happy with your wye and I hope you guys have fun and happy new years with you both and your mom is so excited for much.Version: 2.746.1

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