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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles app received 140 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about brain test: tricky puzzles?

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It’s great but......I’ve really been enjoying this game, it’s enjoyable and whenever I want to test my brain I play this but there’s is one thing that is really getting on my nerves. It’s that I’ve been stuck on this one level for weeks on end and it’s just too hard, I’ve tried moving things, no, I’ve tried tapping things, no, I’ve tried pulling things towards it, no,🤔🤔so that’s the only thing I want you to change, making certain levels easier than others. This is otherwise my favourite game ever!!!!!😍.Version: 2.4.1

Great game but please fixThis is a great game. I love this game. The problem is that I beat it in one day. Ok, I skipped a few levels. But they were the ones that didn’t work like the one where you are supposed to open a door by shaking the phone or iPad or whatever you’re playing on. It doesn’t recognize when you’re shaking the phone. Also, there are only 81 levels. I already mentioned that I beat the game in one day. It was kind of a short game. It says more levels will come out soon. I hope they will even though they probably won’t. Great game and download if you want a game that really challenges you. But there are other games you might want to get instead like Stump Me or Brain It. Also there are A LOT of ads. SO MANY ads but overall great game. 4 stars or maybe three and a half. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️.Version: 1.4

Great game, one thing thoughFirst of all great game, I am totally addicted. But there are waaaaaaaay to many adds after one level, ad. Next level, ad. I was going to turn off my internet but I FaceTime 24/7 and if I turn off the internet I can’t FaceTime. I hope you took this into consideration. Thanks..Version: 2.4

Weekly LevelThis game is super fun and entertaining! I love all the different levels and how it gets your brain going! There are also these weekly levels that you get at the beginning of every week (I think). For some reason, I completed up to Week 30 and I don’t see any more Weekly Levels even though there’s an exclamation point indicating there is more. I know it’s up to Week 34 but I don’t see it on my side. Is there a way to fix that? I want to continue doing the Weekly Levels until the new levels come out, but the Weekly Levels are not showing up for me after Week 30. Please fix this! I don’t want to delete the app and redownload it, in fear of losing all the data..Version: 2.7.7

Why I Like Brain TestI like this game because it isn’t a straight forward brain test. It is complicated and you have to think outside of the box. It also is a good thing to do when you are bored like when you are on a plane like I was earlier. It is just fun and I recommend it. Some people might differ and that’s ok. This is just my personal opinion and if you think differently than that is awesome! This game is just fun and me and my sisters and brothers enjoy it! Thanks for taking your time to read my review and remember we all have different opinions I just personally like the game. Once again thank you and I hope you are doing well and you are happy and having a great day! If you aren’t though this game can cheer you up or you can go for a walk outside to calm your self down! Thank you and have an amazing awesome great day!.Version: 2.7.6

Love itThis is probably the longest I’ve ever had a app. It’s fun and not mindless like most games easy five star. If you don’t like this game it’s ether your crazy or it’s to hard because other than that I think ever adult kid and senior would like it. I would rather this than some popular video games. And it’s competitive thing between brain out and brain test, brain test definitely wins. It’s just a better format. Get this app!!! And it’s only a year old. And brain outs questions are not all good examples or family friendly like escape the room. It basically teaching kids how to do the wrong thing. Or a blind date. Brain out is just dumb and that’s why it’s a 4.6 and this is a 4.8. Brain out should be a 0.0.1 if I were to be honest. Get this it’s way better..Version: 2.4.2

Incredible game but so many adds!This game is awesome, don’t get me wrong. But this game must be making thousands of dollars on adds each day. I get that they need them to make money. But it seems like after every level there is an add. I think I spent more time watching adds than actually playing the game. And the daily gift is only 10 of the currency things, you need 3 to buy yourself a hint. So guess what...MORE ADDS. This can all be fixed if you put it in airplane mode, or turn off data for the app and then turn off WiFi. But even then you still have to close out the app and it takes forever to load and if you need a hint you have to connector WiFi again. It’s still a great game, good job developers..Version: 2.4.1

I love this game best game everLove game.Version: 2.7.7

It’s brilliant but...I mean, it’s a great game and I wizzes through half the levels in a matter of days so when I had completed all Of them I was disappointed to find out that there wasn’t anymore. I’m sure ur finding difficult coz of lockdown and stuff but it’s a real shame because this is such a fab app. Really, that’s my only problem with it and apart from that it’s AMAZING and you should get this game! Thanks UltraAwesomeAppReviewer.Version: 2.4.5

IF U DONT WANT ADS TURN OFF UR WIFII love this game it’s so simple and cute. As for the ads I just play this game without wifi and bam, no ads💅😌 Anyways i’m gonna be sad when i finish all the levels😭.Version: 2.7.8

Hint(Hint) if you don’t want ads then turn off your wifi on your device. Btw this game is fun!.Version: 2.4

Adds and DelayAdds: People keep complaining about adds, I mean every game you have will-sadly-have adds in them (except if your willing to pay for games which you will one day get bored of then you'll look back and think in the future “imagine how much money I wasted on games”, so free games are the best choice). What I’m trying to say is that, okay, maybe free games are not the best of qualities but there still loads of fun (like this one) instead of bickering we should just except that fact. Delays: Okay, adds was something that the creator couldn’t fix, but what they can is delays. Honestly this game is SPECTACULAR also not to mention it helps develop and challenges your mind to a maximum ability. Anyway, the delays in this game are quiet annoying and can be fixed. For example; .Sometimes, when I press submit in number challenges and things like that, the screen freezes So please fix that problem. also I am very thankful to the creator/s of this game! This is the game you can play when your bored and OFFLINE 🤯😆.Version: 2.7.6

Cool puzzles.. lots of advNice puzzles. But too much excessive ads. I understand it’s you revenue but this is far too much. Ad at every other puzzle!!!!! I want to rate 5* but this annoyed me a lot.Version: 2.4.3

Good but TO MANY ADDSThis is a fun game, but not amazing. It keeps me entertained for a while but then, boom. Adds. Adds, adds, adds, adds. So many adds!!! After about two questions I get the same glitchy adds, but it is worth the download..Version: 2.4.6

HIGHLY RECOMEND AWESOME!!!!!!!!When I saw this game it looked kinda hard, but I decided to download it anyway and....IT WAS SO MUCH FUN, sometimes I even ask my mom for help in some levels and she plays with me! It’s a family friendly game! I love it so much, one thing that I don’t really like is that every time I ran out of money (light bulbs) I have to watch an add, I still love it but I want u to get rid of adds there are to much of them and please when u finish a level and press next make it not watch an add to continue. Over all I love it it’s interesting, inertaining, and sometimes frustrating in some levels but over all (again) it’s AWESOME, please add more levels. I finish all the levels today and I was so proud of my self I went to App Store and saw: Brain Test 2, I was so happy to see I can keep playing until they add more levels. Anywho this game is very VERY fun I love it 😁😁😁😍😍😍.Version: 2.7.7

Awesome game!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I love this game soooo much! I downloaded it a few weeks ago and I've already finished the levels! It's so much fun and challenging. I also love the way that the answers are all on the internet. I really didn't know how to do one level so I skipped it and searched it up on the internet and finished it when I had completed all the levels. I would recommend downloadinf this game, it's so good!.Version: 2.4.3

Love itYou absolutely have to get this game.Version: 2.7.8

Adds don’t madderJust turn OFF your wifi and the adds won’t bug you unless you are watching one for money or something but I love this game good puzzles.Version: 2.7.7

My Review🙂It is a great game to play and can trick you so easily. The only annoying bit is that there are to many adds. They can happen for a hint or in between levels. Other than that I completely recommend it as a great game to play..Version: 2.4.1

Needs improvement...This game is great if you want a challenge but when I got to level 286 the levels stopped. I found this disappointing because I enjoyed the game. I am also thrilled that there is a Brain Test 2! Sometimes the game creates levels that are completely in logical! What if there wasn’t that light bulb to answer the question and why would a tortoise have mini rocket ships under his shell!? Why is that baby girl always crying? The noise is annoying! The adds are also annoying, I would just love it if there were no adds on this game, it’s like add-apocalypse! 😠.Version: 2.4.3

Really fun but...This game is really fun. There are a lot of levels, so you never get bored. It is very creative and fun. I like that there is an option to watch a video to get hints if you are stuck. It has every thing you would want on a brain teaser game, except for 1 minor complaint. The adds. Here is just a suggestion: Maybe you should limit the number of adds. They don’t like pop you while you are playing, but after almost every level there are adds. Like I’m fine with a few adds, but maybe just a little less adds. Again, this is just a suggestion. But overall a amazing game! I also have Brain Test 2 and it is also really great! I just want to personally thank the creators of these games! I would definitely recommend this game. Ps. Thanks for reading my long review! 😉.Version: 2.4.4

😁This game is good 😁This game is good but to much ads.Version: 2.7.8

Updates pleaseHeaps of ads but if you can push through them it’s alright. After a week of playing I’m already up to level 288. Waiting for the next update so I can carry on..Version: 2.4.2

BEST GAME EVER!Haha! OMG, my friend told me about this game, and I downloaded it right then and there...I can’t stop playing :) It’s different and quirky, and soo funny. The answers are unexpected and you have to think outside of the box. 🔲 It’s so creative and a great way to spend time! I am a HUUUUUGGGE fan and I’m addicted. No one can stop me playing..😂 If you haven’t already downloaded it.. DO IT NOW!!!! Have fun!!!!!!!.Version: 2.4

Fun!! Pls read.. 😇Hi to the devs, and anyone who is reading 📖 this, so this game is really fun 🤩 I won’t lie to you! The levels are well thought out, and the graphics are adorable 😍! So let’s start with some pros of the game... 1. Adorable and easy to use! 😻 2. No inappropriate ads! 😇😊 3. Fun and helps ur brain to get smarter! Alot of people are saying “oh this game doesn’t have enough levels we need more levels but this game has like actually more than 300 levels! Which is crazy 🤪😱😱❤️! Every single one is well thought out, so don’t hate. Levels that actually help your brain are difficult to make you know, and these are stellar! So to anyone who’s thinking 🤔 of getting this game but thinking “get there aren’t a lot of levels..” just know there are. Trust me. I really love how the devs care and their support system is easy to use. All u have to do is contact Unicostudios! Well that’s all I have to say, so that’s the one and only issue with this game, this game is simple, fun, helps your brain, and I would totally recommend it! Have a great day! 🤗 and I hope this was helpful! Stay safe! ☺️👍🏼 love u all.Version: 2.7.8

Challenging and entertaining!I love it! It’s not your average common sense brain test! You have to put your thinking cap on for some of these! Sometimes the answer is actually nothing you would have thought, and for those the hints don’t really do anything. But I even love those because it’s challenging! The ads are annoying tho, but what game doesn’t come with ads? Only issue is, there are two ads back to back which is fine they aren’t longer than I think 30 seconds combined maybe less and there isn’t always two, but the second ad never lets me cancel out when I do get two ads. I press the x and it just does nothing and I have to cancel out of the app and restart it. Only issue other than that, thank you for the wonderful app!.Version: 2.4.1

AwesomeAbsolutely awesome game it’s so fun and addicting haha I can’t stop playing it.Version: 2.7.8

Ok…The games ok, there are adds. Get the game, It gets your brain thinking, just after every level there’s an add.Version: 2.7.8

Pretty good-This is a fantastic game that I am addicted to- yes it has ads before you ask (but like what game doesn’t?). But- you say the game is 4+ I’m 10 and some of the puzzles are tricky- I had this puzzle where it was about something in a driving license- you would have to be 17+ to even know that question. Please just make some of the puzzles a little easier as it would then reach your age standard. Overall it’s a great game I recommend installing (if you have a parent who can drive aswell) keeps you addicted- like me , I reached a pretty high level in what, the first day? It’s just that small problem- it’s high up though that’s the thing if your addicted u get to the hard stuff quicker- anyway what am I babbling on about? Install this game!!!.Version: 2.7.7

Best game ever😄I love this nothing is wrong with it so I don’t care what you say this game is the best.Version: 2.4

Hard but funIts ssoooo much fun i cant stop playing it. But there are adds but apart from that i enjoy playing it!.Version: 2.4.2

Cool game but too many adsConstant ads - spent more time watching ads then playing the game!.Version: 2.0.1

I use Brain test to make me smartBrain test makes me smart.Version: 2.4.4

Turn off wifi for no ads. 🧦📦🥔I like the game. Sometimes I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do and the hint doesn’t make sense, but overall it’s really fun. If you don’t want ads all the time, just turn off your wifi. 👍 I’m sad though because I finished all the levels 🥺😕.Version: 2.4.3

Writing a reviewThis is such a addictive and cool game but the number of adds there are is out is this world may like every second.Version: 2.1

Fun, interesting and ‘think outside the box’ GameI really enjoyed this game it’s fun and gets you thinking..Version: 2.4.3

Great Game But..I beat this game with only a few hints in 3 hours of boredom. I loved the game but now I will most likely have to wait a long time for new levels. There are quite a few too many ads as well🙄.Version: 2.3

Great butLook, I know that this game is amazing and hard, but first of all, way too many ads as you have to watch them every 2 levels and it’s sooooo annoying. Some of the hints aren’t very useful either though. For example level 90, you have to turn on all the lights and the hint says, all of the lights IN the screen, which didn’t help as my brightness was right up and I don’t know what to do. 😩😩😩.Version: 2.4.4

Good but...Hi everyone! I hope you are doing all well. Through this time this game has been very entertaining for me! The only thing I would like to say is about the adds. There is way to much and they are sometimes very time consuming! I’m sure many other people agree with me. Other than that I absolutely love your game!.Version: 2.4.4

😍This game is so adictive.. I’ve finish it though. So im waiting for new levels for me to play...Version: 2.4

Good buts it’s hardSo I played this and some levels were hard and one level I got stuck on that level my cousin helped me a kept on trying and I was struggling so I looked it up but it would not show some answers so yeah pressed everything and it did not work on the level I got stucked on. Can you just make all of it easy bc I’m trying my best and it’s not working so can you upgrade this game bc it’s too hard and I wish this app was so easy so can you just upgrade this game bc it’s so annoying and hard . Also can you make more games that are easy? Like I’m not trying to be funny but I would hate to say this the game is boring sometimes so can you make more games that are easy.Version: 2.4.6

New Levels?I loooooove this game! And honestly I don’t mind the ads. I mean u gotta do what u gotta do to make money! Plus u can see other games. Buuuuuut WHEN ARE THE NEW LEVELS COMING! I want more! This game is soo fun and I love competing with my brother but I want to continue competing! Please give us more levels! And opportunities to get light bulbs other than watching ads cos there’s already to many ads! Thanks for the game! It’s amazing!.Version: 2.4.3

WonderfulI love it! It’s easy n quirky n chill music.Version: 2.4.1

LEIA chararaThis game is so fun that I play it every day.Version: 2.3

Love Brain Test - new levels?While looking for a challenging game that would help me deal with my traumatic brain disorder from a fall when I broke my neck, I discovered Brain Test. I’ve tried some of the other “brain” games, but there was no equal to Brain Test. My wife joined me in this game and I convinced my adult daughter to download and play this game. Not only does Brain Test provide the “fun” factor, but it is humorous as well. The game, although illogical at times, it challenges me to think “outside the box” to solve the puzzles. I especially liked that I could use coins that were easily earned by watching ads, to give hints, when desperate, although I tried not to use them. After about a week or so of non-stop, addiction, I sadly came to the end of the puzzles. I tapped on the NEXT screen and was greeted with “More Puzzles Coming Soon.” Please hurry with the development of new puzzles. I even started the game from the start a couple more times, but I am very eager for your development team to provide new puzzles for Brain Test. Thank you for a wonderful game..Version: 2.1.1

Nice game 1 suggestionI love the game. I really like how you can back on levels I if you want to redo them again and that it gives you hints. My one suggestion is that we need fewer adds. It seems like every time I pass a level there’s a add which gets really annoying especially when I really want to get to the next level. Also when I go back on levels, when I pass it another add pops up! This game is really great to get your brain thinking and is time consuming. I recently when on 6 hour road trip and when I downloaded this app, I never got bored and it lasted me the whole trip! This is a very fun app to play and I definitely recommend. The only thing that I would do to top this amazing app off is fewer adds. Gg (that stands for good game😁).Version: 2.7.7

Amazing but lousy at the endThis game was really amazing at first, however, when I past level 288 it didn’t let me go on 😥. Now I can’t use it! But other than that it was wonderful and I would definitely recommend it! The levels get harder mercifully slowly, so you can take it at your own speed. Lots of them are trick questions, so watch out for those! This game is really good for improving your IQ and everything so seriously, GET THIS GAME!!! ... no pressure..Version: 2.4.2

It’s very funThis game is super fun it’s challenging and if it’s too hard you can press on the lightbulb to help you. To the person who made this game: you have done a great job your very creative and smart thank you for creating this great game..Version: 2.4.4

Mean!Game is algudz 🤙🏽...could do with a little less of the Ads though...😁.Version: 2.4

Just some levelsMake 100 more levels please.Version: 2.4.2

I love this gameThis game is so good if you’re reading this review I will be very happy 😃 you should get this game right now! This game also makes you brain think a lot’s it’s also very fun too🤓.Version: 2.4.4

GreatI downloaded this game a bit worried thinking that it would be hard to the point where it is not enjoyable and that there were only 100 levels. I was wrong, it’s great! I am on level 203 already, it’s not easy but its not too hard either, I love the little captions that you get when you complete a level, this is the best game EVER *highly recommend: I got to the end, there is 276 levels! And MORE is coming, this is DEFINITELY the best game ever!!!!!!!!!.Version: 2.4.1

Brain testWhen you play brain test, you should think outside the box. This is a good game to wake you up. There are lots of levels but when you done all of them, just download some more. It is good game, no violence, no swearing and dose not teach young children rude words. I rated it 5 stars because it wakes up your brain and has no adverts after you completed a level or two..Version: 2.4.2

Great Game!I downloaded this game around a few months ago, from an advert. The game was very good, and although the levels were, hard, the hints were useful and the skips weren’t a rip off. I completed the game today on level 305, and the only things I would like to improve would be: A) the adverts. There aren’t too many, but the same one over and over again gets boring. B) It would be cool to see how to complete a hard level after you’ve skipped it. Loved this game and I’m looking forward to more levels being added. 100% a five star game.Version: 2.4.5

Ad’sThis game is really good, coz it tests your brain. You use common logic, and sometimes need to think outside the box. The only really annoying thing about this application is the adverts, they pop up after almost every level. This can be very frustrating. So that is why I have rated this brain game 3/5. As a typical kid I have loads of games, but this one is by far the worst for adverts..Version: 2.4.3

Fun but..I think it’s really fun to play however after every “level”there’s an add trying to sell me a app that I already have or don’t even want! If you skip the add you hit get more ads but I you don’t skip them your just there forever.Version: 2.1.1

Evaluation of Brain TestI think that Brain Test is an amazing game and is fun to play and addictive. When you get the answer to a question wrong you just want to get it right,it is to addictive to not play and I would recommend it to anyone unless you are impatient and then I wouldn’t play it because it will annoy the heck out of you. I love this game so much but for cons it would be that the help isnt always so clear and understandable but apart from that it is the most amazing game. I am currently on level 126 and I’ve had brain test for about 3 or 4 hours.Version: 2.4

My opinionNote to creators: This game needs more levels because we got out of school and I finished it in one day. I didn’t want to buy “no ads” but there were so many so maybe put an ad every ten levels instead of every other level. Other than that it’s a great game full of fun puzzles and tricky word play. If you made a second I would get it. I think the “skip level” costs too much. It shouldn’t cost so much because I went back after finishing and finished them. Note to anyone who might get this game: I would definitely recommend this game to you if you like hard puzzles. I couldn’t stop playing. It was so much fun. If you get frustrated easily you may want to reconsider getting this game though..Version: 2.4

Brain TestThis game is amazing! I love it. You really need to use your brain in it!.Version: 2.4.4

Pretty goodYes, there are is a variety of different levels you can play. However, half of the levels are very similar to all the other ones. For example, it says there is more than one cat in the picture in almost five levels. Other than that this game is captivating and fun. I’ve played this game for about two years, I’ve finished all 345 levels. I’m getting a little bored because it takes a while for them to create a new level. I’m on week 41 but there isn’t a weekly level for it, it only goes to 30. Brain test two took about a week to finish, but the levels were different from each other, and they’re pretty different from brain test levels as well. Keep up the great work 🤗.Version: 2.7.8

Fun!This game is perfect for when you are bored. 99% recommend.Version: 2.1

Chuck NorrisThis game is all about common sense and it help me use my brain more!.Version: 2.7.8

IPhone X stops me from completing levelsWhen you need to get the baby to stop crying, I assume you are supposed to put the screen upside down but I can’t do that on mine. I have to them watch videos to be able to skip it until the next one comes. This wastes my coins and is so unfair. Please fix.Version: 1.4

Small problemIt says that weekly challenge 32 is available but it only goes up to weekly challenge 30 and then there is no arrow to go to the next page.Version: 2.7.7

Good gameFun to play.Version: 2.7.8

NiceIt is a bit hard for me but it helps me think 💭 more so thx 🙏 from London.Version: 2.3

New levelsI have been waiting for new levels for at least 4 weeks now. I absolutely love the game but I want the new levels please I have been waiting for so long. Please please please have new levels soon. Apart from that I love the game..Version: 2.4.3

Fun but ads are annoyingThere is an ad after every two test it’s so annoying I think it’s a fun game but way too many ads please fix this it also freezes a lot🙄🙄🤞fix it Jaime P.S. Sophie🥳🤪 you should try searching it up on google it has answers.Version: 2.4.1

Fun and addictiveAfter seeing the ad for this game several times, I decided to experiment and have a taster. This game is amazing! It bends your mind and is extremely addictive ! In one day I went from level 1 to level 30. This game gets you to think outside the box. I would highly recommend this game to anybody who is up for a challenge !! Download it now!.Version: 2.4.4

Great game! But I’m stuck at a certain level....I’m stuck at level 42. I used the hint and did exactly what I was told, but the answer was incorrect. You have to fix the game a little bit. It’s too much to skip a level and to get a tiny little hint that isn’t clear. Sometimes I get the hint, and I put in the answer, but it’s not correct. It’s pretty dumb to be honest with you but I still love the game. Once I find out the answer sometimes, I think to myself, “Wow it was that easy! Why would a game that makes you smarter be that easy?” Like how though!! I’d sit there for hours trying to find the right answer!! Even when I use a hint!! All I request is that the hints would be a shorter amount to get and that the hints were a little more clear. This is still a great game and still love it.💖.Version: 2.4.1

Great game but lots of adsThis is actually a really great game and can’t in with such low expectations with all the click bait mobile games these days but it’s pretty tricking with one or two extremely easy and obvious puzzles thrown in to kinda mix things up but in saying that there is a lot of ads but I think it’s worth it I love it.Version: 2.4.3

Beat the wizardIn the beat the wizard there are 2 apps the are associated with that level. The first one is Pokémon go because you use water mon to defeat fire mon, grass(leaf) mon to defeat water mon and fire to defeat leaf(grass.) There are 15 more types. The second one is wizards unite. Because it has Harry Potter in the game..Version: 2.4.3

Lovely but 3 things1:Sometimes when i come on the next day and come to the daily awards i find that it still says “come back tomorrow”. 2: Sometimes i have found when i watch the adds for 💡it doesn’t even give me them and i have to watch the add for a whole 30s! 3: THERE ARE TOO MANY ADDS!!!😡😑 I find that once you have done three questions, A THIRTY SECOND ADD POPS UP and they are not even interesting, sometimes the same add pops up 3 times in a row ! But i do like that sometimes it lets you choose which add you want to watch. Apart from all of those things i find that this is a lovely game and you should definitely add more levels! 😆😃😝👍🏻.Version: 2.4.3

Too many adsGreat app I enjoy thinking a different way, but way too many ads I would like the option to pay to remove the ads please..Version: 2.4.3

I love itThis game is so much fun I can’t stop playing it whoever made this game should get a certificate ☺️.Version: 2.4

CoolI loooooove this game! 1 thing I would like are more levels, I got through them in 2 days. Otherwise best game ever!!!!!.Version: 2.4.3

Great game but...It’s a really good game it’s super fun me and my friends and family love it. It’s amazing, but the only thing i think thats kind of annoying about it is the ads there are so many ads, so many! Other than that it’s a super good game and I recommend it if you don’t mind ads that much👌.Version: 2.4.4

This is fun at the same timeWhen I first started the game I thought it was just for children to get smarter but I got up levels and it was really fun so I’m keep playing and I’m now 16.Version: 2.4.3

Brain testThis game is very fun,what so ever I have finished all the levels.I personally think you should add some more but I love this whole game even tho I finished all the levels I play them again!I have tested my brain on this amazing application! So I seem to see I am smart? One tiny thing is that the levels are very easy and once I downloaded this game I was speeding through the levels. Rating is 5 stars!.Version: 2.3

😍😍😍😍I understand why you might not like this game because I didn’t before. There’s a lot of ads but the game grows on you like crazy. I downloaded this app on an iPad that nobody really uses so it was okay that it took up so much storage. Then I realised another benefit to having it on an iPad that nobody used... I ran out of levels very quickly and there’s about a 3 month delay in an update of levels. I leave the app for ages and then go back on it, hoping there’s new levels but... I’ve had this app for about 2 years now and it’s only given me extra levels 3 times. It’s really fun when you do get new ones though and the levels are great. Totally suggest it because the games works a bomb! Did I say there were tons of ads as well? That’s ok though because the game play is super good anyway. THANK YOU 😘😘😘😍😍😍.Version: 2.4.5

Great game - new levels And less ads?This is an amazing game and I can’t stop playing but I need some new levels. Because each round is very short I hope the levels come out soon. Also ads appear every 2 rounds and they get really annoying. Other than that I absolutely LOVE this game. That’s all I have to say.👍🏼.Version: 2.4

Just wowIts good game not for the children growing mind even it is best for adults too. Best exercise for brain.Version: 2.7.8

WOW AMAZING HARDI LOVE it! I recommend it for people who like puzzle games. The only bad thing is I’m waiting for the next brain test because I have finished all the levels, creators plz try speeding it up!.Version: 2.4.5

Really fun game but SOO MUCH ADS!!Okay don’t get me wrong this game is fun I was almost about to buy ‘remove ads’ but I realised if I did then I won’t be able to get hints from ads and stuff just please remove or decrease the amount of ads, thank you 🙂.Version: 2.4.2

AddsI love the game but there are so many adds there’s always an ad every two levels please can you only have adds if you want coins !.Version: 2.4.3

AwesomeI love this game I can’t stop playing this. It is so fun.Version: 2.3

A very cool appI love this game but when you finish the hole game I gets boring 😐.Version: 2.4.5

My opinionThis game is good, but has its flaws, although the riddles or questions are quite interesting and require a lot of thinking I have found that after each and every question there is an advert, this can be quite a pain to those who don’t want to look for other games, to add to this dilemma I have discovered that there is quite a number of pop up screens, asking you too watch an advert for a reward. I understand that gaming companies like this need money, but maybe I am asking you to reduce the amount of adverts. But other than that I would recommend this app..Version: 2.7.6

Great but not enough levelsI loved this game and was addicted given our current lockdown in uk. However I completed all levels and every time I click into app now it says ‘more levels coming soon’! My question is when?! Will I be notified when you’ve added more or will I wait sooo long I’ve forgotten about the game?! Please upload more levels sooner than your coming soon!! However, If this is it, it was a great game whilst it lasted and thanks - I may need to delete from my device due to space issues. Thanks for great game but not enough levels!!!.Version: 2.4.1

PLZ ADD MORE LEVELSI LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH but I am always sad because I cant get brain test 2 so I only have this game so if you add more levels that would make me SO happy and make me smile and cry of joy because I love this game so much and it brakes my hart to think I will never get to play these games again so I wanna cry so much so if you add more levels that would make me the happiest person ever and then I can keep loving your games and play every day if I could and this game means the whole world to me and I wanna be happy again so PLAESE just do this one thang for me and that will sho how good you are to people and how you make them so happy so you can try to make there dreams come true thanks if you read this and please take my thoughts and keep them in your mind for me ps thanks for being amazing people to everyone and always have a good day remember a lot of people love this game and are so happy you made it to make some people happy you are the best and mean the world to me thanks for lessoning bye and again have a good day every day every time and make people happy and make the world a better place..Version: 2.7.6

A lot of problems but funHi there. So I got this app because I was looking around for a riddle game and I also see adds about it. I downloaded this game and tried some levels. Most of the levels are ok. But some questions do not make sense. For example, the question about which months have 28 days. I couldn’t figure it out and I finally did when I randomly typed 12. It doesn’t say which months have AT LEAST 28 days. I know you can’t say that directly, but the point of most questions is to make you guess the number randomly or tap all over the screen to see what happens. This gets very boring though. I hope you guys will make the questions real. The second problem is adds. A lot of times an add freezes at the last second until it will give me a reward and I can’t tap anything. I had to reopen the app and I just wasted my time watching like a 40 second ad and not get any hints or prizes. Those are 2 main problem you should fix. Other problems are like what other people review about, but I think you should fix these problems first. Thx!.Version: 2.7.6

Great 👍🏻👍🏻Brain test is an enjoyable game while your using your brain to figure out the puzzles. At the start the puzzles are pretty easy but as you go along the can be very hard. I would definitely recommend using this app!!😍😍.Version: 2.4.6

More circles in lv194There are actually more circles in the level... In addition to the 7 as the current right answer, there are: One for Settings; One for Level Selection One for “o” in the word How...; One for Hint (bottom left); And one for Skip level in the bottom right. This adds to a total of 12..Version: 2.4.1

ADD MORE LEVELS😡😡😡😡😡If the dev is reading this well then you already know what this is about but seriously ADD MORE LEVELS! I started playing some time ago and I just thought that the levels would keep on going but when I got on level 288 it said MoRe LeVeLs CoMiNg SoOn and I thought it would not take that long to make some new levels (even at least one) but I guess I was wrong because about a week passed and it said the same thing MoRe LeVeLs CoMiNg SoOn three weeks past and still MoRe LeVeLs CoMiNg SoOn now a month past and yet the same exact answer MoRe LeVeLs CoMiNg SoOn and after I read that all I did was...........AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I just thought that the only thing left to do is get lightbulbs as I was getting close to 10,000 it still said MoRe LeVeLs CoMiNg SoOn and after that I just felt like writing a review so yeah please start making some more levels soon......l.seriously JUST DO IT.Version: 2.4.2

Amazing Game, but a few things...I love this game- it’s amazing and the answers are so creative. My only problem is that I have solved all the levels. It doesn’t take too long and that is why my review isn’t perfect. I understand the developers are trying their best to release as many levels, but I just wish there were more. However, this game is still amazing and I’m excited for future levels!.Version: 2.0.1

Yay! ... I guess? Plz readSo, I download the game, excited to test my brain and I realize the game is just random crap on some levels like it will be like, “make the baby stop crying” and you have to watch an add that sometimes is not useful for the level! So the hint said, “ her hair looks weird...” then I close the add and tap her hair and it was some how a LITERAL SPIDER!!! Another level that was weird was like, “she wants ice cream too!” And then I used a hint and it said something about her hair?..... so I tap her hair and you can literally REMOVE HER HAIR!!! Then I was like, “what does this mean?!” Then I taped everything , and when I touched the boys cone looking hat I accidentally put the hair on the hat and it handed it to the girl!!!! And the game was like, “don’t tell her it’s her hair, hehehehe” 😒 I like this game other than the weird disturb levels and the adds. If you like puzzles you should download this game.Version: 2.4

To much adds!I really like this game but when ever there is another level there is an add I know games need adds but I don’t think they need this much when ever you want to do somthing on the app there is an app like this app is so fun but it does so many adds I rated it 4 stars because I love it a lot but there is so many adds.Version: 2.3

Great gameI think this is a really good game to play and it gives you something to do when your bored . The only reason that I didn’t give it five stars is because the ads and that I had a bug two updates ago where it said there would be new levels but there weren’t please can you reply and help me out with this but other than that it a really good good game and the creators have put a lot of effort into this and I appreciate it..Version: 2.4.3

Nice, but......When I first got this app, I was really excited. I’m one of those people who like riddles and puzzles. And I still like it but I do have MINOR issues. One, everything (the “points”) are SUPER expensive. Like not expensive but hard to get. And skipping a level is expensive. Now that we are on the “level skipping topic”, I have something to say about it. So when you skip a level, you are basically saying “wow! This level is hard, and I want to skip it. It’s to hard.” Well good for you but I do wish that the game would show you the answer after you skipped the level. One more thing; The hints are terrible. When I was on the one were you had to open the bottle, the hint was “Try to shake the bottle” Great but, HOW do you shake the bottle?! In conclusion, I love this game and would recommend it. P.S. You only should get this app if you are REALLY smart and think OUTSIDE of the box 😉.Version: 2.4.3

Developers help me out!I’m really stuck on level 34 i know that it is something with the kit and the Mitty to make kitty but I don’t know what to do with and the hints only say “ the answer lies in the question” and that tells me nothing could you please make a hint that I can actually use on tricky levels because I now cant move forward to the next level until I complete it but i liked the other 33 levels.Version: 2.1

Pls helpSo I was playing and I was on level 271 and I don’t understand because the hint said lie down your phone so I did it nothing happened and I started to move thing around and yet nothing happened and I did rate it a 4/5 stars because I was going to say that you could improve more because the game by its self is fun but the little details like the ads and stuff I think there are to many ads and the bonus prizes are you know like in between the levels I like that but you need ads to get them and I understand but sometimes the ads are like 30 seconds long and I will only get 25 things which is one hint and also after every level there is an ad and if you are lucky you can go two levels without an ad so I was just going to say that but overall I do like the game and I do recommend it just watch out because some of it is hard.Version: 2.7.7

AdsA great game there is just to many ads in between levels.Version: 2.7.8

So fun!Completely free!.Version: 2.7.8

MoreI think more levels and when you did all the levels Maybe there will be a clip that shows what you did.Version: 2.7.6

Good but has some issuesI downloaded this because it seemed like fun and it is so far, and very puzzling and funny 😆! But the SECOND TIME I went into the game, it wasn’t loading, like, AT ALL! It just had a grayish screen and didn’t have the music or anything! Can somebody please fix this?! I mean, this was the SECOND TIME I’VE EVER WENT INTO THE GAME!! What is wrong with the loading difficulty?! The levels are pretty good and funny, and they are easy at first, but I’m hoping they will get harder! So, that is the one thing wrong with it, and I hope you guys can fix that, but people, please download this for the sake of your brain!!😂😜🤩😍 Great game, developers, just please fix that one glitch, please! Thanks for listening! And, also, now that I finished(edited it now), I need more levels! Please and thank you, find more ways to trick me!.Version: 2.4.4

Adds adds and more adds oh and so many freaking addsThis is a brilliant game you have to get it but beware the adds are everywhere why has every person that has made a game put freaking adds make good games with absoulutly no adds to get a five star rating.Version: 2.3

GoodSome times it would glitch out. I’m 9 and it’s pretty easy. But it does get hard but I play it every day and I’m on level 234 not very good but I mean pretty much good. I soo soo much love this game and I haven’t played today but I have been able to because of Coronavirus. I also like to play with my friends and family because they help with levels that are hard to complete. The sophistication of this game is a 4 star of the ratification 3 and a half star rating. But it is the best game but not the best game ever. If you do want the best games ever try bird BnB or kingdoms many. Talking Tom games..Version: 2.4.6

10/10 would recommendThis game is a great game! It keeps me entertained and is so much fun. ALL of my friends LOVE this game!! There sign many adds and you have many opportunities to get more keys! Please get this, it totally helps with distracting you from something else..Version: 2.4.5

GoodIt pretty good but it can get boring still fun though.Version: 2.7.6

Get this game 🤩Brain test is a good game and I would recommend getting this game , but there are a lot of adds even though there are a heap of adds it is a stand out and I love it 💖.Version: 2.4.6

Kinda goodI love this game but there is one major problem to this game. When you complete the game you have to wait a long time to get new levels. For me, I had to wait a month or a month in a half. I would check but it kept saying “New levels coming soon”. I finished it in March then I checked on May 1st and that is the day the new levels come. Then I finish those levels because there was only like four and now I have to wait all over again. But other than this problem the game is pretty good! I really hope they fix this problem. I am NOT waiting two months for new levels. This is a minor problem. Some levels are IMPOSSIBLE to beat! I just skip them and go back when I want to but I can’t beat it! But the game is still good 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. Hope they fix the problems..Version: 2.4.2

5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️This rating is 5 stars because they are all fun and there is hardly any ads. There is no downsides whatsoever and every single level is tricky. It has definitely taught me a few lessons and it is funny. Some levels are easier than others, and that just adds to the goodness of it all. I would recommend this app. I have got through, like, 200 levels without paying a penny. If you are having second thoughts, forget them. Go for it and get the app for £0.00!!.Version: 2.4.1

I finished the game!! But....There was to many adds but never mind that i would recommend this awesome gameto EVERYONE this is the best challenging brain testing app! That i got the other version and finished that one too! This app is awesome especially for bored people just download it and give it a try! If u dont like it delete it but ik there is some adds but overall the best app i have ever had! Too bad i have finished both of the games but i would recommend this app to anyone! Enjoy your brain test! When you finish the app dont get sad there is a brain test 2! Anyway i have a suggestion there should be less adds oh and more levels thanks for reading dear developers or people im always here to support apps bye!.Version: 2.8.0

Ok but more levels produced at onceSo I love this game and I can’t see anything wrong with it but I feel like after two days from when I updated I finish all the levels other that amazing game.Version: 2.1.1

Make an updateUm hey this is a great game I truly love it but here is the problem I finished the whole thing and it said it will put more levels soon and I think I gave you enough time to put a lot of levels not trying to be rude I was just saying if you can put more levels I have been playing the same levels over and over again and yeah so umm can update your game if that didn’t make sense than I don’t know what does so I am kindly saying for to put more levels cause I have been having this game for so long and been retrying the levels and it’s starting not entertain me and starting to get boring but this is still a good game this is a long review but that’s what I have been thinking about this game so please don’t be mad I still love this it good for children but maybe put little bit of update in your game so yeah that’s all I gotta say all I am trying to say is to update your game that’s all I gotta say no more.Version: 2.4.1

Update?So I really like this game and have competed most of the levels, but the in the new update they only added about five levels. I understand that it’s hard to do because of the Coronavirus but some of us have been waiting weeks for this update to come. I was so happy when I saw the app needed update because I thought that given the time we had to wait there would be more fun levels to do. But no, I was wrong. Anyways, I really enjoy the game and will continue to play until the next update comes. Stay home and stay safe people..Version: 2.4.2

Dropped OutI was really having fun with Brain Test, but it has dropped out!!? It comes on for a few seconds and then drops out. Plus I don't have a torch on my old iPad so I've had to skip a couple that requires more light 😏.Version: 2.3

My Review Of Your GameI think it is a good game but when I got a hint for a question it told me to open the fridge but I couldn’t open the fridge. Your game is fun but you should sort out that problem some kids play this game and they might get very frustrated. But other than that, we’ll done your game is good..Version: 2.4.3

This game is absolutely brilliant but...I recommend this game because it is really fun and addictive BUT, there is far too many ads. They come on after you’ve completed like every 2 levels. You have no choice to watch other ads, such as the ones that come on after levels, the ones you have to watch to get hints which you really need..Version: 2.4.2

Amazing gameI love this game but please less ads. For me every 5 questions there's a 1 minute ad I think they should should make more levels I finished in 2 days but you should definitely download. Also it takes up hardly any space so if u want a second opinion read this review and you will certainly agree have fun playing this awesome game..Version: 2.3

It’s amazing ,brainy,and funWhen i first started this game I thought oh this will be pretty fun and all like cool mind games and tricky questions and it was exactly how I thought it was gonna be fun cool brainy it was absolutely amazing. There where no downsides what so ever in my opinion there weren’t too many adds, they give you hints and clues and if you are stuck on a question and the hint doesn’t help you can skip the question. I highly recommend this game for anyone who wants to have fun this game is so hard to stop playing for example I got this game a week ago and I have already finished all the levels they have I believe they have 217 or close to that I have no complaint at all about this game.Version: 2.3

It’s a great game but...Look, me and my friend adore this app. It’s a wonderful and fun game to exercise your brain! I would totally recommend this game to someone with a load of patience. I however do not have all that patience. I understand that you need to make money, but it is very annoying when after every other round you must watch an add that sends you straight to the App Store without giving you the chance to return to the game. To sum it up, if you are looking for a game to challenge your mind in a fun and creative way, then this is it. I would say to the developer the only way to make this better would be to cut some adds short. Everything else is wonderful! I hope this is improved, but even if not I will be sharing this app with many!.Version: 2.4.1

Not as bad as people sayFirst, I’m on level 120 something while writing this (I couldn’t be bothered to check) and I don’t really find the ads that annoying, and think people are overreacting about it. Yes, 30 second ads are annoying, but as the levels get harder it feels like less time. My main problem with this game is the hints, in a word; inconsistent. Sometimes they can tell you how to do the level, sometimes they tell you nothing! The app can also be annoying sometimes because I think of one way to complete the level and it doesn’t work. It can also be irresponsive at times, and some of the levels are questionable. I just think people don’t give this game a chance and give up after 5 levels. Anyway, you could always just turn your WiFi off. ❤️.Version: 2.4.1

Rude...but goodOkay so I like the puzzles in this game. They’re difficult, and while they don’t make you smarter or give you your daily dose of learning like some other apps, it’s fun and makes you think. It’s great. Fun. Hard. But I got a hint for a puzzle, and it literally only said, “This is one of the most common puzzles, come on!” Like...what? I’m soooo sorry I needed help on a puzzle🙄ugh. It was rude. That was not a hint! That was you calling me stupid. So yeah, next time maybe give actual hints? Thanks. Edit: Still mad about that other thing but also still realllly love the game in addicted. Was really sad when I ran out of levels, but then ya ya couple days ago I found out there was more! Then I realized that there were only 3 more😞I finished them really soon haha.Version: 2.4.2

Fun gameFun game. Quite a few ads but hey it is free. Nothing “turning off your wifi” will fix 😜.Version: 2.1

More Levels Please!!Game us very addictive and fun, but i need more levels ASAP lol.Version: 2.3

A couple miner mishapsThis game is good for mental health, escape room and puzzles. However, when I got the game I pressed play and there was no ads but about five minutes later every time I pressed the play button there would be an ad and then it would move on to the next level. It is a very enjoyable game though for young minds but there was that little thing wrong with it. Out of ten I’d give it a seven because now every time I press play there will be an ad then it will go onto another level..Version: 2.4.1

Very great app with funny tests 😂😂Great app really enjoyed totally worth downloading the game is fun and entertaining but beware of the shot video that the game provides in order to get more points overall would recommend to anyone who is in to brain test kinda the reason the name definitely would download great app. 😇😇😇.Version: 2.4.1

U have to get this😍😍😍I was playing this game for ours and it is really a great game and it’s just amazing. This game is great for your brain and is good entertainment. I love the funny jokes at the end of each level. The best thing about this app is that there is the right amount of adds. There are adds after almost every five levels which is perfect because that is not to much. But there is just one tiny little problem about it. There is not enough levels for me to play. There are only about 200 levels in the game. And there’s only one more complaint I have. You know how some of the levels are really really hard? I just think that the hints need to give a little more information because sometimes it seems like the level is literally impossible. But any way, I love this game and I think you should get it!😍👍😀🤓.Version: 2.3

My opinionI think this game is really good. It always keeps me occupied and I love the series of Tests and puzzles . Unlike other games it has a video watching thing so u can earn hints which I really like. But one thing that annoys me is every two rounds u have to watch a video. After 5 or 6 seconds you can put the ad off but some of the ads have another timer on after for 16 , 15 seconds which really annoys me . I have finished all the tests and puzzles in this app and they were all exciting and thrilling to work out. I hope more levels come out for me to play . This game is really good and I suggest u get it too . It can get a bit boring after a while . And u might stop playing it but u will come back and start playing it again cuz that’s what I did. I suggest u download it . By Unknown x.Version: 2.4.1

BRAIN TESTI downloaded this game at about 10:00 this morning. I have been playing, off and on, all day long! It’s super addicting! I really love this game so far, and I am already on level 187, and it’s 9:08 pm. I decided that, if I can get to level 187 in just one day, it’s definitely a game that I should review!! The ONLY thing I really hate is all the ads! After every 2 levels, or sometimes, after only one level—and each level is SHORT, so it feels CONSTANT!!! It’s soooo annoying! I would totally purchase this game to get rid of the ads (some are a full minute long). I miss the days when you could purchase a game outright and play it at your convenience. Now, everything is “free”—with a TON of ads, and so, “free” is NEVER free! That said, the game is wonderful and really hard to put down!! I feel just a little smarter after every level!! Haha!.Version: 2.3

Great game!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!I have been looking for a challenging game that will keep me busy during quarantine. And I have finally found it!!! Most game adds make you think that it is a very a challenging game that will keep you busy for a while. And turns out it’s really not. But this game is amazing! And there’s not too many ads which is something I look for in different games. Because there are a lot of games that are fun,I’ll give them that, BUT there are wayyy to many ads. Which is highly annoying 🙄. And one more thing I would like to add, is that this game is very family friendly! My little sister (7) loves this game and likes to help me figure out the little puzzles. A lot of games are actually very inappropriate and are Advertised as “family friendly” so thank you for this wonderful game! Keep up the great work!! ❤️.Version: 2.4.4

Awesome appLove this game.Version: 2.7.7

Recomended!I recommend to download this app since it trains your brain for all sorts of word problems. Now, the questions are quite hard so any younger than 8 might not be able to solve some questions. This would be because their brain hasn’t been trained enough. Altogether, I think that you should download this app since it is really fun to play and helps your brain to see things in different ways to help. I hope you have had/have a great day! Thanks for reading my review! Bye!.Version: 2.3

The loading for the right answers takes sooo longOk so just started playing and it’s super good except The loading but ITS SUUUPER COOOL.Version: 2.7.8

Great game, needs more levels pronto!Great game! Some of the tests are quite challenging and require a ‘think outside the box’ train of thought to complete, great way to improve problem solving skills I reckon! Its also a brilliant way to pass the time while travelling to work or anything like that! Please add more levels ASAP, I’m itching to continue on! The last update of 66 levels didn’t take me very long to finish at all haha.Version: 2.4

Love it!!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁I've been looking for something like this that I really like and can play a lot. It's hard but not too hard. Some levels your like 'How???' but the hints are helpful and don't give it all away. I was really disappointed when I finished it so I'm just keeping the game until they get more levels. Some people say there are a lot of ads and you do have to watch some to get lightbulbs but it's worth it. I love this game and hope for new levels soon. I hope this was helpful 😊..Version: 2.4.2

My personal opinionI think this game is very fun and the interesting puzzles keep me occupied because everyone is different but there is on inconvenience....... and that is that every other round there is a 30 second add. This wouldn’t be a problem if the rounds lasted 1-2 minutes but each round personally takes me 10-20 seconds on the easier rounds and on the harder rounds 20-39 seconds. I will continue to play the game but I think less adds could make the game more enjoyable for people to play! -anonymous x.Version: 2.7.8

Apple issuesSometimes, if a level needs you to flip the phone, it doesn't work please fix it..Version: 2.4.3

To much adds 😡😡Ok I love this but it has to much adds sorry 😅😡.Version: 2.7.7

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