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Blossom - Plant Care Guide App User Positive Comments 2022

Blossom - Plant Care Guide app received 48 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about blossom - plant care guide?

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Blossom - Plant Care Guide for Positive User Reviews

Changed my lifeOther people consider me a green thumb but my success with plant care has always come from word of mouth and trial and error. Now all of my plants are just totally revitalised - I wasn’t watering anything anywhere near enough and this really helps keep me on track..Version: 1.28.0

Review request too soonThis app asked to soon whether I was enjoying it..Version: 1.23.0

MehBit over priced, yall didnt know jack about plants either lol.Version: 1.11.0

PricyWish it was free.Version: 1.11.0

Filtering by zone, please!I just got this app and so far, I really like it. I live in humid, hot ol’ Florida and I want to make a ‘Goth Garden’ in our front flowerbeds (this girl doesn’t do Florida colors 😉). I’m getting some ideas and this app is helpful, especially as one part of our flowerbed is full shade, but may I suggest adding a hardiness zone search in the filters? Sadly a lot of plants are out of the question because of the Florida heat, but I notice some of the plants in the app don’t even mention the zone for them. Also a search suggestion...drought-resistant plants. Winter & early spring is our dry season and it would be great to know what plants are suitable. Thank you.Version: 1.27.0

Love this so muchI am terrible at keeping plants alive and as of yet have not killed the one after 3 months 😍.Version: 1.22.1

FantasticI’ve always had houseplants but recently have taken an interest in how to care for them best. This app is fantastic - love the video how-to’s & helpful hints & tips. So much info. Love it & look forward to seeing my houseplants thrive! 🌸.Version: 2.22.2

Love this appThis app is great for reminding me when to water and tells me when I last watered my house plants so there’s no chance of overwatering. It’s simple to set up and use and great for any plant problems and even offers advice for plant care which is brilliant as I definitely don’t have green fingers. The app just gets better with each update so I’m certainly going to renew my subscription for another year..Version: 2.17.1

Wonderful app!This app has saved me and my plants life! It can identify your plant, gives you information about your plant, notifies you when it’s time to water your plant, tells you how much sunlight your plant needs, and much more! It amazes me that all you have to do is take a picture of your plant and it gives you all of this information. I really recommend this app if you are trying to better understand how to take care of your plant!.Version: 1.28.0

Easy peasyGreat app, takes away the stress of remembering when to water if you have a lot of houseplants with different needs. Also gives you good back info on ph level and soil types they like..Version: 1.26.0

Please add a clear all option!!I’m loving this application and all the information I could possibly need on most of the plants I have. I’ve noticed my plants doing so much better with a better watering schedule thanks to the app. I have one request though: PLEASE ADD A CLEAR ALL OPTION - this would be so helpful since I have so many plants there are some days I don’t check the app but I know I’ll still water my plants and it’s very tedious trying to get rid of the overdue reminders when they stack up past 40+ having to clear each one..Version: 1.28.0

This app is a lifesaverBut in the last update I started getting reminders for plants I already watered, saying they were 1,2,4, even 14 days overdue? It’s a little annoying to have to go through them all and Mark them as “done” again. Also does that mean it resets the last watering date as today instead of 14 days ago? Any help would be appreciated!.Version: 1.28.1

Lovely app but needs a bit of finesseExcellent app, lots of detailed, educational material but a few key things appear to be missing. As an example, with reminders set, there’s no way to mark a watering reminder complete ahead of its schedule, if you happen to water say because you’ll be away etc. The reminders themselves also start to pile up for a single plant. What should probably happen is that a single reminder is shown for that plant, of varying severity levels, to say how badly it might need watering..Version: 1.29.0

Awesome App!I’ve been keeping plants for years that I didn’t know what type they were and which way to identify them until I came across this app. It was super helpful and now I know how to take care of my plants better than ever! Thanks!.Version: 1.28.0

Wait for it...I had tried ALL of the free plant care apps available and each was lacking in some way. When I didn’t purchase this app at full price, it offered me 1 year for $5.99, so I decided to risk it. I am very happy I did. I no longer need to use a combination of two apps to cover all my needs. This one does everything except monitor my location’s climate/weather. It’s great and easy to use. Good for beginners and the most advanced plant people..Version: 1.8.0

Crown of thornsExcellent result in seconds.Version: 1.1.0

Helpful and motivating but could use some updatesI just downloaded and subscribed to this app for 50% off. I really like that I can add the plants that I have to the “My Garden” section. I wish there were more plants to choose from to add to the “My Garden” section (I couldn’t find some simple basic plants in the list) or a place we could add our own plants for those not listed. For example, I have Roma tomatoes and it is not available in the “My Garden” section when I want to add it to my collection and I can’t manually add it either. I do like the feature of this app in which each plant I do add gives a lot of description on how to water, info on pests, soil, sun, and much more. I really like that you can set your own reminders of when to water each plant (it gives suggestions) and it breaks the schedule down by day for which plant needs to be watered when. In the informational article section, there is no search tab, which I was very surprised with. I hope there will be some updates in the future to this app and I look forward to using the helpful info I do find in the articles by just scrolling. I’m excited to learn from the information provided about each plant in the “My Garden” section in the app and the watering schedule and reminders..Version: 1.26.1

I absolutely love this app!I am obsessed with this app and rave about it to everyone. It is so useful and has helped me really get to know my plants better. I feel like I can take much better care of them because of all the information that Blossom provides! The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because there have been several times where the app either does not have the plant I am looking for. I have submitted one of them to the app for review so their plant library can expand but haven’t heard back yet. It has only been a few days, so I am excited to see it appear on the app. In addition to this, I have found that the app combines species together. For example, under “calathea spp” it has zebra plant, peacock plant, and rattlesnake plant, whose botanical names are calathea zebrina, calathea makoyana, and calathea lancifolia, respectively. Overall, I think this app is 100% worth the subscription, but I hope that the plant library increases and becomes more organized..Version: 1.26.0

Weather reportsI enjoy using the app. However I find it annoying that the weather reports are never correct. Like today the app is warning me this it is very hot and sunny, however there is a cyclone over us and it’s not sunny or hot..Version: 2.17.1

It’s goodAbout to finish the trial. Keeping the app as it’s good for giving me reminders to water all the different plants based on their needs and it has useful information. A couple of things for the developers though. 1- The picture identifier could use a little work as it keeps bringing up the wrong plant and I then need to search for it instead. I’ve tried different angles and lights, but they can be way off. 2- Out of the 30 something plants I have, 3 aren’t on your database. Maybe after typing the plant name in the search bar and we find you don’t have it, we can then be linked to you so they can be added?.Version: 1.26.0

GenerallySuch an easy app to use. And, easy to understand what needs to be done to look after your plants. Enjoying the experience 😊.Version: 2.7.0

Plant careThis app has very nice calming design. The plant search feature is handy as well but I have a lot of plants and I do find it a little annoying that I will get separate notifications for each plant on the same the same time to water them. It would be nice if it recognized that there are multiple plants to water and send only 1 notification. So I’ll delete some, but while I was tying to do that, there are to many steps to delete a watering schedule, which I found frustrating and almost deleted to app because it seamed easier then hunting for the delete watering schedule. Also, maybe this is just me but I would like there to be some form of Home Screen... or home button. Pretty nice app though but maybe not $20 a year nice.Version: 1.28.0

Helpful and beautiful, give this a go!I immediately found this app aesthetically pleasing, accurate and helpful. I’ve seen other reviews saying that it’s not accurate, but I urge you to give it a go if you want to look after an indoor plant or small collection, and see if it works for you. My small plant is an arrow head vine, and has so far been given adequate care that I expected of this app. I especially love how the plant identifier gives you options so you can accurately choose which one looks most like your plant..Version: 1.23.0

GreatIdentified all my plants in seconds. Wonderful information. Would like it if watering information was more direct, as in exactly how many times a week i should water the plants..Version: 1.2.0

Love it!I bought some flowers and didn’t know the name of them, these app help me to identify and give me great advice to take care of them. One of them was dying and thanks to the app, I found the reason. Amazing!!.Version: 2.19.1

Blossom App ReviewSuch a helpful system to take care of plants in the home. User friendly UI, gorgeous visuals and a great database. Many thanks for creating this!.Version: 1.26.1

AppreciationThe watering reminders are very helpful, tips are interesting and the identification appreciated...A very useful app! Thank you.Version: 1.22.1

One minor albeit annoying bugDespite marking plant reminders as ‘done’ the app will still notify you about watering the plants during the day. Aside of that- absolutely love it. It’s great to keep track especially when one’s have as many potted plants as I do 🤣.Version: 2.10.1

Brilliant appAbsolutely love this app to help take care of my plants, some plants I struggled with but this app has been correct so far, all my garden is blooming 🌺🌸🪴🌷.Version: 2.24.0

Great app for a plant lover!I totally love this app! It has some lovely features like naming your plants, searching for the new plants, adding them to your wishlist, and my favorite - the ability to write notes every day and make pictures of your plants! You can also set up the reminders for watering or fertilizing your plants. I absolutely love the design, and even if you can’t get Premium subscription - it is very awesome!! Thank you 🌿.Version: 1.26.0

Actually a good app even without subscribingThe creators of this app clearly put a lot of thought, effort and care into making this a very knowledgeable yet inspiring community. At first when I opened it I was displeased because the first thing that pops up is an ad for their subscription, but no worries this app is still useful without subscribing!!!! Although there is a limit to how many plants that you can add for free to your plant diary (without a monthly subscription) I used the three spots for my most finicky plants that I had been having a hard time dealing with and it actually gave me a lot of new and helpful information I hadn’t found anywhere else, or that specific to my variation of plant. While this app is informative, it is also aesthetically intuitive. It shows a lot of ways you can incorporate living or dried plants into the decor and functionality of your home. At first I was unhappy to learn there were limitations to the usage of this app without the subscription but otherwise have found myself using it to remind me of which plants need to be watered and how much almost daily. Although this app is very useful without the subscription, i would hope that they remove the need to subscribe by opening up the availability to have unlimited plants in your plant diary to the free usage..Version: 1.23.0

Nice-looking app, works well for setting watering and other care remindersI saw an Instagram ad for this app and I love the interface and design, and I definitely need something to remind me to water my plants. However, the ID by photo feature doesn’t work at all. I take a picture and the app just sits there on the search screen. I know what most of my plants are so it isn’t a huge deal but I have a few that I got unlabeled and the search functionality beyond the photo ID leaves a lot to be desired (it would be great to be able to filter by, say, leaf shape). (EDIT: The developer suggested I update the app, and the photo ID feature is working now, although I would still like an expanded search functionality). I also cannot figure out a way to edit existing notifications. I accidentally set one for 5:30 AM instead of PM and can see no way to change that. There’s no edit button that I can find, and the help page is useless unless you’re looking for info about the plant ID feature or info about the subscription. (EDIT: The developer replied to me with an explanation of how to edit the notifications, so this complaint is moot!) I do, however, really like that I can check off that I watered it, and that I can add photos and notes in the app, and I love how nicely organized and easy to read the info for each plant is..Version: 1.27.1

App is good but can send you on a marathon around your houseI subscribed to this app to help keep my plants alive. The good news, most are still alive after 6 months of using this app! Would like to see a feature to group plants into rooms, or look at overdue reminders. At the moment you have to go through overdue reminders one by one and you can end up having a vast tour of your house..Version: 2.0.1

FeedbackI’m loving the features of this app and the subscription price point, when discounted, is a fair price. Two points of feedback that prevent me from giving 5 stars: 1. I would love to be able to customise the image associated with each plant when in the ‘My Garden’ section. It would allow users to access care information and logs faster as identifying a plant by how it looks for us is easier than remembering all of the names. 2. I had trouble actually sending feedback through the apps feedback option. I wrote the email, but it didn’t give me the option to send Overall, great app and with the 50% discount I can’t really fault the app itself and it’s usability..Version: 1.26.1

Worth It For Plant Lovers!!I saw this app on a Snapchat add and I decided to try it because I love plants. When I saw that it had a paid subscription and was hesitant to continue. I have the free trial right now and just starting out, I can already tell that the money will be well worth it. Sometimes stores don’t have IDs on plants so taking a picture of what you have is so awesome! I’m really excited to use this app and take care of all my plants!.Version: 1.28.0

App good, bug fix needed ?I like the app, it found most plants by taking a photo of them. I’m having trouble with reminders though, Japanese maple for instance shuts the app down when I try to set a reminder (bug fix needed?).Version: 1.26.0

Good, butThis is a really nice app. I love the search bar, reminders, the plant collection, and all the information that it provides about the plant. I’ve been struggling to decide whether I should get premium for this app or for “Picture This” This app does not give me the scientific classification that “Picture This” does. If it had that feature then it would be a whole lot better, and the same goes for “Picture This” as they lack a plant search section..Version: 1.9.0

Nice appIt’s pretty cool.Version: 1.5.3

A wishJust wish it was free.Version: 1.20.0

Love it but wish there were more plants n infoI’m loving this app, has helped me as a beginner but I would love to see more plants on the app! I often forget when to water plants as not every plant is the same and so the reminders and care tips really help! I often go to search up a plant to find it not on the app which is saddening because I have to go use google and try remember when to water it 🤣.Version: 1.28.0

What am I paying for??The idea of the app is great, and I was so excited to get it. Then, of course, they tell you that you have to pay. I paid $30 per year, which is not too much, but still. Now, the last several plants that I added to “My garden” have no description whatsoever, but the link that directs you to the Wikipedia. There is no place to add you notes for each plant (like when you bought it, when it’s time to repot, etc). There is a reminder to water. That is all. If I have to go to Wikipedia to read about my plants and have a separate file on my phone with all the notes, the question is: WHAT AM I PAYING FOR? UPDATE: I have to update my review and give the app 4 stars. There is a room for an improvement still. However, Right after I submitted my review the update came out which mostly addressed the issues I was not happy with. Keep up the good work. Look forward to more fun features!.Version: 1.11.0

Blossom is awesomeI am new to plant parenthood. With that said, there’s literally a MILLION different sites and social media platforms with people and articles that all claim to have “tips and tricks” or “myth busting” info, which just makes things all the more confusing. Blossom helps compile information and also tells you what is relevant for my area and types of plants I have. The date base can kinda limited, but a quick google search and you can enter in the correct Latin name of your plant and find a GOLD MINE of concise care tips. I’d recommend Blossom to other newbies like myself..Version: 1.26.0

It’s Great until...This app was great and helpful But I Don’t recommend. I was testing it out around my house to see if it could identify certain plants that even I didn’t know. I was excited to start using it for its real purpose when the notification came up that I had used all three of my free photos and that I would have to pay if I wanted to continue. This is a good app if you’re willing to pay the price and it does help you with actual gardening but if you are just using it to see if it can help you like I was then I don’t recommend it OR you’d you 3 vary carefully..Version: 1.8.0

It’s pretty goodThis app has helped me a lot with watering my plants, keeping them healthy and in the right conditions so if you don’t really know what to do with your plants you should get this app and the purchases are optional anyway so that’s great, because of this app my plants are having a great life and haven’t been sick yet so thank you blossom you guys have helped a lot ❤️.Version: 2.33.0

Love it!!Really great & easy to use.Version: 1.28.1

You can’t fix perfectI love it this is really helping me a great deal. I live in Washington state so I have a lot of my plants mail to me from nurseries throughout different areas. They send you a booklet but many times you can’t identify the plant that you bought so you don’t know how to take care of it. I am definitely new to this and this app is really a big help thank you guys so much!! Jeff🌲🐞👍.Version: 1.7.0

Amazing life changing😍😍I recently downloaded this app and I have not regretted my decision at all. I am a succulent nerd and I got an aloe very last summer. It started to wilt and die I got really worried because it’s my favorite plant and I did not know what to do until I saw the add for this app in tv and it changed my plant crisis! You can take the worst picture on the planet and it will still find your plant this works for flowers and succulents! I LOVE this app it also shows pictures of type of your plant for example my aloe. There’s a red aloe I did not know existed, and I found the exact type of aloe I have. The aloe I currently have is a soap aloe! I highly recommended this app you will never regret it I promise!😍😍🤩🤯♥️❤️.Version: 1.28.0

Not badNot bad, useful to identify plants, get care tips and reminders. However even if you tick off that you've watered a certain plant for the dah, you’ll get an overdue notification the next day and will have to press again that you’ve watered it. Seems like a bug!.Version: 1.28.0

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