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Creator Studio from Facebook App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Creator Studio from Facebook app received 113 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Creator Studio from Facebook? Can you share your negative thoughts about creator studio from facebook?

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Creator Studio from Facebook for Negative User Reviews

Doesn’t with with iPhone 12 pro maxPhotos for the app show the ability to track your earnings as a monetized creator. Unfortunately you cannot do that. You also cannot create Reels with this app. You have the option to do post Video, Live, Photo or Text. Unfortunately when you go live, you are unable to see any comments or reactions. I really need a way to track my monetization to see what is successful without a computer. Wish they would make all means necessary to be successful on the app. Every month I get an email with my earnings but that’s the only way I can track anything. It’s very frustrating..Version: 90

Limited functionalityThis app has a long way to go before it deserves the name Creator Studio. Many of the key features of Creator Studio are missing, allowing crossposting and crossposting videos still isn’t possible from any of facebook’s applications. Terribly disappointing..Version: 65.0

Why can’t you schedule posts?This seems like a really obvious tool to integrate into the app. Stupid.Version: 8.0

Can’t even get it to openEvery time it opens it says can’t fetch data on both phone and iPad.Version: 54.0

No updateThis app was working great until last week. Now it says, “Can’t start live video. Your version of software is out of date and does not support creating live videos”. However, there is no update in the App Store, and I just updated my iPad to the newest iOS. Help!.Version: 90

Cross posting Facebook to InstagramGreat that the app allows to cross post from Instagram to Facebook but you can’t do it the other way around ie Facebook to Insta.Version: 54.0

Help?Downloaded the app , put in my account and then it comes up with “we couldn’t find any pages and the option to log in with a different user” I’ve retried continuous times and no luck , any help?.Version: 24.0

No Instagram integrationUnlike the creator studio on desktop, this lacks linking Instagram accounts making it not much useful..Version: 12.0

Could be betterCould have been so much better if we can schedule both in facebook page and sync in instagram..Version: 65.0

Doesn’t work :(Downloaded it because there’s a bug on the desktop creator studio with scheduling IGTV videos and despite reporting it for months there’s been no news or signs of fixes. Facebook have also wisely decided to remove the live chat option so now we’re unable to notify their tech support team, and this app is no better sadly. So after logging in instantly comes up with a blank screen which says “there was an error fetching the data”. Closing the app and reopening just keeps you in this loop where the message pops up and again the “app support” button in AppStore links you to an unhelpful generic FAQ page on how to use FB. If anyone from Apple actually reads this please bring back the live tech support option for businesses and fix the bug in the creator studio because it’s such a great tool when it works!.Version: 39.0

No InstagramContrary to what their help pages say about the mobile app, features for Instagram only works in the online app. Got this solely for Instagram post scheduling since Facebook posts already have it in the native app so why would this not work for Instagram??.Version: 62.0

App shutdown when open massage tab.I cant use massage. Whenever i open massage tab the app automatically shutdown. I can’t even use properly..Version: 93.0

Doesn’t work for me properly any more.I used to love this app but it no longer works for me any more. It always says I have no posts scheduled but when I go on my computer I can see it all there. What I loved about it was being able to edit my scheduled post because I often changed things throughout the week. Now I can’t edit my posts at all on my phone because no Facebook apps allow me too 😭.Version: 42.0

ReelsI make reels on crested studio because this is the only way to post on my page. I spent so much time For making voice over music and texting after that my video most of the time horizontally comes and all the time I spent go waisted. I don’t like it. One more thing I I make reel on my page it shows on my profile why not on page . Facebook book has so much confusion now ..Version: 93.0

Comments don’t show on screen.When going live from creator studio comments don’t show, you have to swipe the whole time to see a new comment. This makes me have to use another phone to read the comments and see what users are saying. This also takes away from me being able to look in the camera being that I have to look at another phone to catch comments and see interacting viewers are saying. I have a few complaints that I never speak to them and I think this may be the reason I can’t catch their comments. I would appreciate being able to see them so users aren’t complaining and so they can continue to spend time watching the content I’m putting out Thanks..Version: 65.0

Where the Instagram portion?Using this software on the desktop version is great, and the mobile version is getting better. But the biggest factor for me is that I cannot cross post to Instagram while on the mobile version. Or even post to Instagram at all, if that gets fixed I’m all in..Version: 54.0

Make thumbnails possibleThe title says it all videos need thumbnails can’t do it on the app.Version: 36.0

Creator studio seems annoyingI am having a hard time editing videos or even adding a reel specifically. I can add a video but can’t add music or adjust the speed. Frustrating! I do enjoy certain features about the product, posting from one place is really nice!.Version: 65.0

Needs updatingWhenever going from notification to creator studio it never loads.Version: 65.0

Don’t get itI thought this app will be an alternative to Planoly but I’m lost. Inside this app I only see my FB page connected which I don’t ever use. There is no way to connect my IG account. I wanted to see my IG Feed and plan posts. But it feels and looks like I’m inside of some sort of Facebook app. The interface is all over the place, just like on FB… I’m lost and this app just lost me. Back to Planoly I guess..Version: 65.0

How can people give this five stars???This is a terrible app experience full of bugs and annoyances For example When you have multiple pages and are on inbox, switch to another page by clicking the top left icon - you don’t switch page. If you are on anything but inbox this works And have annoying app notification bubble you cannot remove This is terrible please fix.Version: 37.0

Ahh…Instagram?So where is the connection of Instagram on the app? why would I want to go to my laptop???.Version: 65.0

Add Edit Thumbnail!This app is almost perfect, BUT they need to add the ability to edit thumbnail to my videos. I make custom thumbnails and I still have to log onto facebook in my web browser and request desktop site just to change the thumbnail on my videos, it is very frustrating, which renders this app useless for me..Version: 12.0

Disappointed.Creator Studio is a disaster. You can’t do anything. Especially on the app! I don’t know for Facebook because I don’t use it. But for Instagram, AWFUL. The other tools like Later, Planoly are much much better! I am giving one star because the AppStore doesn’t let me give ZERO..Version: 65.0

Missing FunctionalityThis app is great! For those that use Facebook pages. I myself just use Instagram and this app is missing the Instagram creator studio. Facebook, please add this functionality to the app, or create a separate app that is a copy of this app and just works with Instagram. Call it Creator Studio from Instagram. Just please do something for Instagram. I would love to be able to access the creator studio for Instagram in an app on my phone and not have to wait to get home to use my computer. Just some food for thought. It would greatly benefit the Instagram creators out there!.Version: 65.0

Creator Studio Broken and ConfusingFor a whole week, Creator Studio Website has been down, it’s just a blank screen. So I made a Facebook account and linked Facebook to Instagram. But now the app Creator Studio takes me to this blank thing with no posts at all. I want to access my Instagram Creator Studio, but the website (on mobile because laptop it won’t even load at all) still gives me this account that has nothing on it. I connected Facebook to Instagram so why isn’t it letting me access my Instagram creator studio?? I’m beyond confused and I need to schedule posts, so I’d appreciate if you’d reply or at least look this review over. Thanks.Version: 90

No function for InstagramReally wish this app worked for IG. I’ve been using the desktop version for a while and really like it, so excited to use the app as I want to use my iPad not my Mac when on the go, but sadly disappointed. So silly this doesn’t work for Instagram, please fix so I can schedule and draft IG posts on the go!.Version: 51.0

Can’t link InstagramThe app can’t link your Instagram account which was the only reason I downloaded it. Have to do it from the desktop. Even then, the instructions from their help page don’t line up. Instructions they give aren’t possible to do..Version: 54.0

Probably the worst app I have ever usedAfter the new update this app has become the worst app ever. E.g. being the scheduled posts screen when you click edit to review the posts the interface is just unusable. Also it has so many bugs, scheduled posts sometimes don’t show what you have queued. If I could give this 0 stars, I would..Version: 33.0

Lack of functionI am trying to use this app since the business suite seems to be less and less functional , but it doesn’t even give the option of seeing everything in the feed or seeing the gallery folders. Facebook seems to be channeling all of their energy into breaking stuff lately - it’s like they want to fail..Version: 93.0

Missing Instagram posting and schedulingNoticeably absent as it exists on the website..Version: 92.0

Not as powerful as web versionThere’s much potential for the app but a lot of things are cut off on the mobile version. For example, on the web, you can switch between Instagram and Facebook creator studio but I don’t find that option available on mobile. Image upload and content management is easier on a phone..Version: 41.0

Creator studio should work with instagram by itselfI don’t like facebook and i never want to have a facebook account, but creator studio forces you into having one. on top of this, the whole connecting your instagram and facebook account/page thing is beyond confusing. i have tried to follow all the steps but it still doesn’t work. why do i need to have a facebook account in the first place? why can’t i just log in to my instagram on creator studio and post from there?? it makes no sense. i think they just want to get more facebook users, which is so stupid. of course a social media platform itself would be just as obsessed with numbers as its users. i just wanna be able to post my edits in high quality. it should not be this hard..Version: 65.0

InstagramThis program is pretty useful especially on their website but on the app, there’s not an option to switch from Facebook to Instagram. You’re not able to schedule post for Instagram from the app. I hope this will be available soon, it would make things way more convenient.Version: 42.0

Why one rule for desktop one rule for mobile?I don’t understand the logic behind making it so long winded to schedule on IG. I can do it on desktop but not on my phone. Nonsense..Version: 37.0

3 StarsNow, I love Facebook and all its wonderful things, such as FB Gaming but this is getting stupid. I really need to go to my computer to add a supporter button to my posts? I can’t do that in the app? That’s why it’s only three stars..Version: 65.0

Horrible appI really don't get why I cannot schedule for Instagram via this app and have to do it form the desktop version. Also, I cannot type/edit any text if I choose the post type as "photo". What's the logic behind the entire UX/UI design?.Version: 26.0

Such a rubbish!Do makers of this app actually used it?! I’m a business person and manage multiple pages etc, this app gives you absolutely no control over your posts / streams and videos, apart from editing its title and description… not even giving an option to change the thumbnail for your streamed content.. such a peace of … stop wasting peoples time and make this app useful before posting it to AppStore!!!!.Version: 92.0

Meta can't create things for creatorsHow out of touch is Meta that they created an app just for managing Facebook content. Hey guys, NOBODY USES FACEBOOK!!! GIVE IT UP!!! Amazing that they created this app for creators but no creator would waste their time on such a useless platform. I downloaded it thinking I could use it for Instagram, and again in grand Mera fashion, the UX is so bad that I couldn't figure out how to reach the Insta calendar I have set up on the desktop Creator Studio. Unreal. The product designers at that company really are the biggest dopes in tech. No wonder the company is nose diving into the toilet..Version: 93.0

Scheduling glitchScheduled posts are not posting at all! The ones I change the date to DO NOT END UP POSTING. And seem to be stuck in limbo. The once I initially set to post post. But when I change the date or the time, foe which the option is available, Don’t POST..Version: 92.0

This is dreadfulNotification do t work, and I can’t even see the text in this complaint. It’s just white words on a white background. Who knows what I’m typing..Version: 53.0

No Instagram schedulingSeems like a pretty obvious thing to add to the app! Please do it already.Version: 65.0

Can’t scheduleApp was great but now unable to schedule anything.Version: 24.0

No IG👎🏽.Version: 91.0

Not workingCan’t schedule posts..Version: 26.0

Waste of SpaceFacebook seem committed to developing half baked apps that fail to deliver functionality previously available in their primary app. Why!? I need to schedule posts for my work and now I need to choose between photo and text? wtf. Honestly the development team must have disappeared so far up their a-hole that they think its some kind of space-x exploration project. This kind of incompetence is everything that is wrong with the world..Version: 31.0

No instagram integrationCannot view or create Instagram posts! Makes this app USELESS. -_-.Version: 37.0

Pls fix this one issue!!!The whole reason i started using creator studio to post is bc when i just posted an edit from my phone, the quality would always be so bad on instagram so i would just have to keep reposting until the quality was decent. creator studio makes the quality of the video really good BUT every time i post an edit, the quality cuts out at times the first time u watch it on instagram. when it loops, the audio is fine but it would just be so much better if the audio didn’t cut out the first time. so pls fix this, it’s been an issue for awhile now..Version: 36.0

AwfulI got invited to earn bonuses with FB reels. I wish I had gotten invited for IG reels, since I’m already making them, however I decided to try to put them on FB. UM, where are FB reels? Content creator mentions videos, but not reels. Are videos reels on FB? It’s so easy on IG. I don’t need to hunt through tutorials. It seems like they launched this without having everything in place. Now my time to earn money is running out and I still don’t know how to put them in the right place. Horrible..Version: 65.0

Not letting me sign inSo I just just got this app and when I try to sign into my Facebook account it said that my page didn’t exist which it does and I’ve tried deleting the app and re-downloading it, refreshing and just trying everything but it’s not working. I would really like to know what the problem is because it’s really frustrating and annoying..Version: 65.0

UnstableApp breaks during every other upload wasting copy writing. Highly frustrating! It also crashes when trying to search.Version: 43.0

Frustrated - bugs don’t get fixedThis is beyond frustrating. There’s a bug that has been there for a while and still no fix! Already reported and still there. Posts sometimes don’t show under scheduled so if you keep trying you may end up with several copies posted randomly the next day close to one another. Not all, just some. Same on desktop, no solution. Because you can’t see the scheduled posts, it’s not like you can predict what’s going to happen. The most frustrating part is that only some accounts seem to be affected so your competitors happily share posts with great engagement while yours suffer..Version: 91.0

Not Enough FeaturesAs compare to web studio this app has minimal features..Version: 92.0

Stars?There seems to be no way to see your stars... as a video creator it would be nice to not have to login on with my desktop just to see it....Version: 2.0

Targeting?It would be interesting if it would finally allow age/location/language targeting when posting..Version: 92.0

It’s okay... but you’ll still need to use a PC/ DESKTOPCreator Studio is about being able to schedule post/ adjust them?!? Right now with the app you can only view post that have either been created, scheduled or posted. You cannot adjust post content or post new content. You can directly see interactions such as likes, page performance, comments and direct messages. At this stage I would consider this app to be the home page of a Facebook page, with publishing tools not creator studio. I hope eventually you’ll be able to schedule post via the app directly. It’s quite annoying that the leading app provider cannot create an that can do this. It would also be great to have Instagram tab as well. For someone who is a marketing professional who manages multiple Facebook pages, I’ll still be reaching for the premium model of later, rather than using the marketing budget towards Facebook ads. Which you guys pocket. I think this app has potential, it just shouldn’t have gone live yet. It’s seems like it was created overnight. I’ll be definitely using it, as I like how it has minimise the features of the Facebook page app, which is a terrible app..Version: 1.0

Neeeeeeed to be able to post to Instagram!!!The app is great for Facebook but I need it for Instagram. I don’t always have access to a desktop or laptop so I was hoping the app would let me post to Instagram and it does not. I really really hope the next update lets us post to Instagram and then I will change my rating to 5 stars..Version: 65.0

UnusefulTiming for scheduling is totally crazy.Version: 8.0

Totally uselessIt used to work but recently it doesn't work anymore. It won't allow me publish my videos and I'm so confused.Version: 90

Added Instagram!!App is really good… I downloaded it really for Instagram. I linked it on the webpage and works on there, but stupid that you can’t get posts ready for Instagram!! Please add that…...Version: 65.0

Not if you want to manage igDownloaded it to manage my instagram from the ipad and it has no options for this, seems like a major overlooked feature.Version: 90

BasicOnly works for FB not IG.Version: 62.0

Band Page has disappeared!!!Awful aw.Version: 53.0

NotificationsNot getting any notifications for messages which is why I downloaded the app in the first place :/.Version: 39.0

It looks nice, but I’m not sure what it’s good for.Facebook, why did you release an app that is basically a dashboard, but give it the exact same name as your really nice tool on the internet? If you’re not going to add posting to it, rename it to creator studio dashboard please..Version: 3.0

Error al recuperar los datosEsta app no funciona. Así de simple. Una vergüenza que saquen una app donde no puedo loguearme.Version: 5.0

Another reason Facebook is going downhillSomehow this app is even less useful than the desktop version. There’s no Instagram functionality which makes this feel like they pushed this out when they were less than halfway done. Facebook is a dumpster fire. This, their crap offshore chat support for advertisers who pay their wages, and a downhill trending suite of platforms..Version: 4.0

SuuuucksLike every facebook product.Version: 43.0

Not the bestYou can’t mix multiple content types. For example you can post photos OR videos but not a photo and a video together in one post? The prompt for the text portion of your post is “photo description” which is misleading bc it seems like that is where you should describe the photo to make it more accessible for those who are sightless. But no, this is where you put the entire text portion of your post. Having both areas would be useful. But as it stands now, it’s misleading..Version: 37.0

Scheduler not working, can’t upload from albums with foldersThe scheduler is no longer working. It’s not sharing post I have scheduled a week or two ago for the past two days now. This was the only reason I liked this app and the fact that I could share pictures and Facebook does not allow me to share pictures from my business page for some reason. With this not working I can’t use my business page at all. I waste soooo much time scrolling through pictures trying to find what I want. It’d be so much easier to pick from my organized albums, including albums with folders inside it. The only one I need is the only one I can’t access. It’s got multiple folders in it to keep my pictures neatly organized, yet it’s the only one I can’t access. Why? The new update also doesn’t show predicted text/emoji’s on the keyboard. It won’t automatically capitalize things which, if I’m not paying attention, makes me look incompetent. I also wish when you go live from here you can see comments and when someone is watching. It’s a good app but still could be better..Version: 65.0

Low Quality Vid when uploadedFor some reason the quality of the video becomes low once uploaded using this app.Version: 22.0

Crashes on my phoneThis app does not work on an iPhone 7 it just crashes and gives a message about error retrieving the information & rebooting the phone , rebooting the app rebooting everything - nothing changed that. Kinda disappointed in that. I just checked when you download the app there’s a section that says “works on this phone” I got to say I have a phone that says otherwise..Version: 37.0

Won’t open“There was an error fetching the data”..Version: 1.1

It’s earlyThe creator studio on desktop has been good so far. Still needs some basic improvements and the app is further behind. The main thing the app still needs is the ability to post to Instagram too and schedule. So far it’s Facebook only and I’m not seeing a way to schedule like on the desktop version. If mobile catches up it should be a good tool for my needs..Version: 19.0

Pleeease add IG to Creator Studio appIt’s a great app but missing that key piece!.Version: 54.0

If you manage profiles you must have itI’m so happy I found this app! It makes my life much easier on managing my posts and profile! The only thing it makes me rate 4 and not 5 is the app not having the option to schedule the posts both for Facebook and Instagram like the website! Please add this on your next update!.Version: 28.0

Should have one for Instagram.A creator studio app for Instagram would be nice.Version: 41.0

Doesn't post to instsgramDoesn't post to instagram.Version: 65.0

Lacking SO many features from desktopA list of very basic things you CAN’T do on Creator Studio Mobile that you can ONLY do on Creator Studio Desktop: - Cancel scheduled Posts - Schedule a draft post - Publish a draft post (it publishes but doesn’t show on the page) - Add a feeling or activity to a post - Schedule, reschedule or edit posts that include shared content - Add a photo to a draft or scheduled post - Easily choose photos (no photo folders show up on app) This is why Creator Studio app is rubbish. I am forced to only use the browser version for Page admin. What’s ridiculous is I used to be able to do all those things through the FB app, so it’s technically possible. Why their programmers can’t make a decent app that works, I don’t know..Version: 39.0

BadI use creator studio because I have to. The desktop version and the app are both so consistently glitchy. I’ll schedule a post that won’t show up on the content library, to find multiple posts despite the fact that I didn’t schedule multiple. I find that I have to just trust that it’ll work out but it’s really a coin toss..Version: 43.0

Follower display?When will you guys add an extension to have a live “likes” display? Say if we turn our device sideways, a live number of followers will be shown. Would be great for display purposes at businesses. Should be easy enough for you guys to add....Version: 2.0

No Instagram supportOnly supports Facebook posting. Completely useless.Version: 12.0

Such a terrible appIt’s such a terrible app. Always buggy and errors all the time. I can’t believe this is a Facebook app, it’s terrible 😂.Version: 42.0

No Instagram?They launched the creator studio on desktop and I was so excited to find out there was an instagram integration... except it’s about as useless as every other one. Why is it so complicated for the creators of the platform to make a scheduling option the same way you would draft a post in the app.....Version: 12.0

Can’t schedule a text post, only video, photo & liveThe whole point of having this app is for convenience when I don’t have access to my computer. It’s practically useless to me without access to scheduling text posts..Version: 53.0

Won’t loadTried several times.Version: 65.0

I can’t go live on my page using this version it says old how can I update this is so stressingThanks.Version: 90

What about Instagram?!?I’m so frustrated that you can create drafts on a desktop for Instagram but you can’t on the app. So weird and would give this a 5 star review if I can schedule posts and drafts for Instagram via the app!.Version: 50.0

StrangeCan’t schedule Instagram, I don’t understand why this isn’t an option since u can do it on the desktop.Version: 28.0

Missing features limit its ease of useThis app is for the most part good. It’s lacking some important features. When scheduling a post with photo you aren’t able to search photo folders on phone. Pages Manager allowed this but has had scheduling removed. Trying to search one folder of all images is time consuming and impractical. Also this app doesn’t allow you to view appointments. So again have to go to Pages Manager for this. It would be great if able to search photo folders for scheduling posts. Having to search an entire library isn’t convenient at all. Having to go between two apps isn’t to check appointments is not convenient either. Thank you.Version: 26.0

No way to make sure video is monetized before published.I get tired of posting a video and sometimes waiting for hours and hours for it to get monetized. By the time it’s monetized it’s already gotten a LARGE amount of views. We need a way to check monetization and get reviewed before we publish it!.Version: 42.0

TerribleProbably one of the worst apps I’ve ever used. Completely removes so much functionality and control that I used to have over my FB page when just using the original app. Makes it impossible to interact with fans, comment on my own posts, or see anything actually meaningful. Why completely get rid of any page control in the main FB app?? This separate app should not be required..Version: 90

No option to monetiseNo monetise option although the page meets the criteria.Version: 93.0

Allow me to add tags and add to a playlist and that would make it a five star.I love the app as it allows me to post videos and add titles versus the regular business suite app which is lacking a lot of the features. The only issue I have is that when I’m using the browser, I’m able to not only add titles and a description, I’m able to add tags and add to an existing playlist. So when I’m done using this app, I still have to go to a browser to situate that. It would be awesome if I could add tags and add to a playlist through the app alone as I operate on mobile and sometimes the browser doesn’t behave well..Version: 65.0

What the?!Scheduling posts doesn’t work, nor does the edit feature, so for me this app is absolutely useless! Disappointing 😔.Version: 16.0

No Instagram integrationThis needs to be added. There were somewhat reliable Facebook scheduling apps before, why did we need another one? Instagram has never had an integrated scheduling app from the platform itself. Add this integration and this will be a useful app..Version: 51.0

Absolutely uselessHalf the time this doesn’t work (either the app or the desktop version). Honestly. Wtf was wrong with the pages app. That worked amazingly well..Version: 12.0

Issues everywhereDownloaded it and all seemed great, all of a sudden none of the posts I had scheduled were showing up. Turns out they didn’t schedule at all and thus didn’t post. Posts I schedule on the pages app are also showing up on this app..Version: 24.0

No images in messagesMuch like the issues with business suite I’m not able to see any images customers send to me in messages, something that is critical to my business!.Version: 41.0

Used to work now crashes all the timeBusiness Suite crashes every time I try to open it so try Creator Studio which opens but crashes every time I try to do anything. Open message - crashes - try to open Comments - crashes. So no longer able to manage FB pages via these apps. Sort it out..Version: 92.0

No Option to Connect to InstagramTitle.Version: 90

Missing some useful desktop featuresHandy for scheduling posts when I can’t be at my computer. I wish it let me see all the same stats that the desktop version gives access to, however. The information on Facebook post stats is minimal and it doesn’t even let me see stats for Instagram posts (desktop gives pretty detailed Instagram stats)..Version: 65.0

Can not fetch dataOh dear. Not working at all..Version: 33.0

Add InstagramIt is pointless to only have the app work for Facebook. I need the ability to schedule or edit scheduled posts on Instagram too. I had been using Hootsuite because their app works great for all our social accounts. But recently they drastically limited their free version. I had hoped Creator Studio was the solution. Unfortunately it is not..Version: 65.0

They seriously need to stopFacebook gen z programmers need to stop changing the platform with useless tools no one wanted or asked for! Social managers that have proven successful workflows don’t need the almost weekly headaches of process change. Almost every week some 20 something at Facebook is trying to justify his or her position by changing the platform! Please stop the Insanity! I could manage more pages, easily form the page itself! I don’t want to be forced into these additional cumbersome tools! We can’t even share posts form one page yo another now! This is ridiculous already!.Version: 65.0

Lacking capabilitiesThis app has potential but is lacking capabilities that are important to a creator. The ability to add thumbnails to videos, the ability to schedule live streams or events. These things need to be added to make this app better for creators. I would like to be able to schedule a gaming stream on the go. I would like to be able to add thumbnails to my videos and live streams on the go..Version: 90

Prefer the classic pageI’ve been managing a page using the classic set up with no issues for anything I wanted to do. Now I’m managing a second page, and something as basic as copying the link to the page that I can post other places is something that it doesn’t appear I can do. That was an extremely important feature in how I market the page..Version: 65.0

No support for monetisationNo accountability. Cannot contact anyone Re demonetisation. Reason = “ineligible Country” I live in Australia!! Yet no one to raise this issue with. Appealed over 20 times for 8 months. Support can’t help. No company should be unaccountable..Version: 65.0

AverageCan only go back a few videos, can’t fully change monitizing edits properly. Half hearted app. More possibilities on a pc..Version: 43.0

Not for InstagramSad to see Instagram scheduling is not available through this app..Version: 65.0

Scheduling does not workJust try and schedule a post - the timings are always off. I always have to go back and edit it. What a waste of an app - it was pushed out before it was ready..Version: 33.0

No HD video upload?Hiya, I’m using this app on my iPad and it seems like I can’t upload videos in HD to my Page, and there doesn’t seem to be any options to enable or disable this? Help! Otherwise, very handy app..Version: 28.0

Don’t even try scheduling posts.II don’t know why, but whenever I schedule a post through creator studio it never posts. It only shows an error message half the time, and doesn’t tell me what the error is. The other half it’ll still show as scheduled, even though it’s hours after when the post was supposed to go live. Then, on top of that, there’s no option for me to publish now for scheduled posts. So if it didn’t post originally and is still showing as scheduled, Ihave to delete it and redo the entire post. Very frustrated with the whole app..Version: 91.0

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Messenger Kids — Made for Kids. Controlled by Parents. Made for Kids. Controlled by Parents. Parent Dashboard: Parents...

Origami Live negative reviews, comments
Origami Live Negative Reviews

Origami Live is the companion app for Origami Studio for Mac, a free design tool for creating interactive UI prototypes....

Facebook View negative reviews, comments
Facebook View Negative Reviews

View makes it easy to import and edit photos and videos from your Ray-Ban Stories, create unique content using creative ...

PlayTorch negative reviews, comments
PlayTorch Negative Reviews

Create mobile AI demos in minutes with the PlayTorch app. Build your AI-powered experience using Expo Snack, a web edit...

Meta Business Suite negative reviews, comments
Meta Business Suite Negative Reviews

Grow your business and connect with more people with Meta Business Suite. Use this app to: • Create, schedule, and mana...