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Vixer – Video Editor & Maker App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Vixer – Video Editor & Maker app received 27 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Vixer – Video Editor & Maker? Can you share your negative thoughts about vixer – video editor & maker?

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Vixer – Video Editor & Maker for Negative User Reviews

Useless unless fog want to spend money.You literally can’t do anything on the app unless you want to pay for it. Scam.Version: 3.4

Good, but…This app is really good, I can crop it, trim each little video, etc, but when I had finished my first video, I tried to save it to my photos, but it wouldn’t let me, either because of premium, or because of the premium features I used. Either way, I looked back for the premium features I had used (apparently I used 2) but couldn’t find anywhere I had used them. I soon figured out that ‘merge’ was the actual videos I had put in, the actual POINT of which I had downloaded this app. 😩I’m not trying to be mean, because it is a pretty good app, but I wanna warn people, if you’re like me and you’re not willing to pay over 50 bucks a year just to do such a little thing, you will get annoyed. If other people are willing to pay, they will love this app..Version: 3.9

Very disappointed right nowI love this app. It’s very easy to use and does enough for me to create quick content. But I recently lost all of my content since starting my business. It’s been impossible to know how to get in touch with Vixer. I’ve written them on instagram and can’t find any customer service info online. When I first got this account I thought that it would be linked to my iCloud or at-least my email but that’s not the case. I followed the instructions to try and create a account through mail and was unsuccessful. Like why is it so hard to just have a login with email and more sure people work is backed up. I now have to start all over with everything. I have to spend more time finding pre edited content. And when I need to edit something I have to now split everything in order to make proper edits. Very upsetting!.Version: 4.4.2

Good but badIt’s a really good editing app when it works. I went to make my second video and imported all my videos and was nearly finished with it then every time I went to click on the video the app would crash. So I had to make a new video and then started editing that and then if I clicked a button on the app it would make it crash. Kinda not worth losing all your footage you have edited and not being able to down load it…..Version: 4.3.3

Would love to give higher scoreI’ve been using Vixer for my time lapse videos for my IG business page. Overall, I like the app but it does have its problems. “New” music isn’t actually new. I bought the app because of the music selection but would love to see more and have the selection updated more often. Songs that are not new shouldn’t be labeled as such. Recently, I created a video on Vixer and it wouldn’t download at all. I spent a long time creating this video and it was frustrating to say the least. The app kept crashing/closing then I couldn’t get it to work at all. I had to delete the app entirely which erased all of my videos (it’s supposed to backup on the Cloud and it obviously did not. Everything else on my IPad uploads to the Cloud seamlessly). On the positive side, your app makes it very easy to edit the videos and I like the platform overall. Just wish I could ways rely on it to download reliably and wish the music was updated more often..Version: 4.4.2

$$$$99,99% need premium version, they ll let you create your project can’t save it unless you buy premium..Version: 4.7.3

It’s ok but too expensiveI’ve downloaded this app as I just downloaded that other app they have that was recommended by apple,the problem I have with this app is the price £9.99 per month,let me explain something,I pay £3.99 per month to KineMaster and that app does a lot more than this app ,in fact this app although looks great and is visually pleasing to the eyes it’s not what I would call very professional,it’s really basic in respect of its capabilities,there’s too many apps like this in this sort of category that do a whole lot more for a lot less.Version: 3.6.2

Quality isn’t as good when you postI love the app and think it could be amazing! I’m a Social Media Manager and when I saw the Vixer ads on Instagram I thought it looked amazing! I bought it and have been using it and find that when I go to post on Instagram (I’ve not used it for any other platform) it really affects the quality of my videos and it’s quite a bit change. The quality of the text that I put in the videos also wasn’t as good as it was in the app..Version: 4.4

Couldn’t save to camera rollI thought this was amazing ! Then couldn’t save to my camera roll in my phone, then whenever I tried to save or post anywhere else the “file couldn’t be saved” Incredibly frustrating and wish I had tested it before spending two hours editing a video :(.Version: 3.7.3

Export issuesPlease fix the now frequent issues with exporting. I e been trying to export a 30sec (25mb) video for over 3 days now. Please fix!.Version: 4.7.1

SCAMI wanted to try this app to make reels for my Instagram. First thing it says it's 7 days free trial. But it won't let you try it unless you put your card details in. I thought it was fine because I can cancel it if I didn't like it. I didn't last a minute and didn't continue as it is the same as what is on Instagram already and thought they had extra special features that will make me want to subscribe, but no. After trying it out for a minute, I wanted to remove subscription because I didn't want to get charge for a month. Little did I know that the one week free trial is included in the first month ago it charged me regardless. Absolutely rubbish!.Version: 4.6.1

Waste of moneyThis app is extremely disappointing - I feel conned out of $40 for the ridiculous fee. It’s extremely cumbersome, not user friendly, and takes up way more time than it should. I’ve been editing videos for years (final cut on a Mac) and while I understand phone editing softwares are going to be much simpler, this one is TOO simple. You can’t fast forward, the trim option is very touchy and it takes many tries to get it exactly where you want (plus you have to play back the ENTIRE clip each time to see where your cut landed), you cannot cut up 1 large clip into smaller clips, and worst of all - you cannot add music where you want it. You can only add 1 song per project and when the time runs out on the are out of luck. It does not allow you to add an additional song or select which clips will have background music. ABSURD. Stay far away from this horrific app and don’t waste your time or money..Version: 1.9

Don’t buyStopped working the second the free trial was over. Won’t export, it’s garbage.Version: 4.7

Good editing appThis is a great app for editing. I use this to compose reels as I find it helpful to move sections around, trim, add audio etc which you can’t do on Instagram. There are two big bears though. Between each take there is a transition tool which will pop constantly when you tap on your footage. It gets annoying and also I found I can’t move the text around? It just stays in the middle of the screen. But Instagram prefers it if you use their text so it’s not a big deal. When you pay for app you want it to do everything so I’m not sure if I would pay again. Hope this helps..Version: 3.6

There is no 3 day free trialI subscribed to the 3 day free trial to test the app and was instantly charged for a full month. Deceitful and false advertisement. Save your money..Version: 4.7.1

Frustrating LimitationsThis could be my favorite app, but I find it can frustrate me when it is controlling and limiting. I really hate it deciding too much impinging on my design freedom at times. Some features I did find that I didn’t find intuitively enough at first. Mainly I wanted to keep my ratios and have a simple app to use instead of iMovie, because I wanted to post illustraton videos to Instagram. But simple doesn’t mean I want to loose control of my options. If this had more user controlled options it would be much better. I might cancel my subscription and look for something else. It really bothered me feeling pressured to purchase too fast too, just to be able to try it. If it is well made it shouldn’t be like that, give me space and then if it does it’s job I will get it. That forceful public relations feel made me feel repelled and got me to regret buying this. It made me feel like I lost trust in the creators’ intentions..Version: 3.6.1

App not uploading videosJust got the app and it's not uploading videos.Version: 4.7.1

No free trial 👎🏻It says 3 day free trial but that’s not true. I downloaded for just “trial” but it is paid for one month as soon as I canceled subscription. I didn’t even used this app tho. One minute costs $15. Is it scamming?.Version: 4.7.1

Disappointed!I used this during the free trial period and couldn’t be more pleased so I purchased the full version today. Now I find that whilst creating a video is great the reason I wanted this is to upload it into Instagram Reels. Here lies the problem and reason for my 1 star..... You have various download options but it doesn’t matter which option I use, when I upload this to IG Reels the video expands and you can’t see any of the added text and the images are too big for the screen. A complete waste of my money. Then, there is no way, that I can easily find to contact the programmer to request a fix or a refund. This is a good app for creating slideshows, cropping video but there are lots of bugs, like I can’t fit a video how I want to a template, it does not allow you to choose the size you want and stays fixed, so really there is no resizing available. Sort out the issue or give me a refund and I’ll happily change my rating!.Version: 3.7.3

Doesn’t save, doesn’t warnWhat a silly app. I got it thinking I could at least make a small video without paying. I filmed, put together, added text and fun details. Then I try to save. Then it says I HAVE to pay to save it. I didn’t even use any premium tools! I got out of the app, thinking that it had at least saved my changes and kept my hard work. Nope. All gone. I spent so much time fixing it up and making it look good and it doesn’t even save as a project. Wouldn’t recommend unless you want to pay an amount of 13 dollars a month. 0 stars.Version: 4.5.1

Absolute trashI downloaded this app for one simple project. It told me I’d get three days free and then charged 10 bucks upfront right when I subscribed. It’s a scam and doesn’t even try to hide it. Of course, I’d forgive this groveling excuse for an app if the ten dollars I’d wasted enabled me to do what I needed to, but even that proved too much for it. I tried to add a song I’d specifically paid for on the iTunes Store, and it didn’t let me. I figured it was some copyright problem or something so instead I tried recording my own audio through the app. And every single time, without fail, the app would freeze up and crash between 10 and 50 seconds in. Aside from that, the features are difficult to use—let alone if you don’t have the paid subscription— and the overall quality is abysmal. This app brought me to literal tears and I recommend you don’t waste the money I did..Version: 4.0.2

Rip offCharged me the whole year subscription when unsubscribed late for one day.Version: 1.9

VixerThis app worked well the 1st few days then after that it stopped working efficiently. It would allow me to edit my videos but it would never load or it would start to load then the app would close out. Unfortunately, I paid for the yearly after using the trail and now it’s more frustrating than anything because there is no customer support. I would recommend trying other apps before committing to a subscription. Jeff the creator sent out an automated message about receiving 1 star (sales tactic) but if would be nice if he would fix the problem or provide a refund because I would like a refund because the app isn’t working properly. It may be one of the feature used when editing but there is no way to contact customer support. It’s unfair to pay for an app that cannot be used. SUBSCRIBERS BEWARE before purchasing. KEEP IN MIND THE FREE TRAIL WORKED WELL BUT AFTER I SUBSCRIBED FOR A YEAR IT STOPPED WORKING..Version: 4.3.3

I’ve had so much trouble with this appWhen I delete a project, the app keeps it, so when I start another project, it adds my old project, and adds each one. I can not start a new project from beginning unless I add hours of old projects, it’s garbage.Version: 4.7.1

BadMoney grab.Version: 3.6.1

Terrible appCan’t do anything at all unless you pay for premium I needed to use it one time no way I’m paying for something I’m using once in my life, this app is terrible if you don’t pay for premium.Version: 3.5

Nothing is freeFrom what I can see there is nothing free in this app, it well as charge people for it straightaway. I was sad to find out that you can’t even save a basic (using options that aren’t premium) slideshow and save that to your camera roll. I worked really hard making a video for my younger cousins birthday but because saving is also a premium feature, I made it for nothing and she can’t even have it now. So all you can do for free is make a basic slideshow video and just keep it on the app to do nothing with after. I’m sure it’s great after purchase but I wish they had just said that the app costs money instead of saying it’s free. Thanks!.Version: 4.2

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