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Vixer – Video Editor & Maker App User Positive Comments 2023

Vixer – Video Editor & Maker app received 208 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about vixer – video editor & maker?

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Vixer – Video Editor & Maker for Positive User Reviews

Simply The Best No Fuss Video App By Far!I’m taking the time to write a quick review as I just can’t understand why some people are leaving 1 star reviews!! I am extremely happy with this app, it’s very quick and simple to use with great editing tools that enable you to create high quality videos with no fuss. I use it for my Instagram and Facebook posts and can’t recommend highly enough! 5 Stars and a thank you for creating Vixer from me 👍🏼.Version: 4.4.2

Sewing and Pattern Making TuitionI’ve only been using Vixer for a little while. Here’s the thing! Creating short videos for socials with Vixer is so easy!! I did not grow up with social media or internet at my fingertips, but since I’ve been using Vixer I feel creating and editing videos is easier than I’ve ever encountered before!! Thanks! 😊.Version: 4.4

ImpressiveI was looking for an app to make a meaningful video however didn’t want anything too complicated. I found this to be extremely easy to use without having serious techy knowledge, this app helped me create a video and now videos that receive many compliments. I truly enjoy how you can turn moments into curated works so well with this app. This is worth downloading to up your game! Cheers..Version: 4.4.2

Simplistic editingOverall, I think it’s a great app for a very simple editing for everyone to use and post to the major social media platforms. Although most people may use it for one time, I think it would be fair to have a free trial available with a limit of creating one video and then, maybe allow people to buy the full version to continue using the app would be fair. I plan on traveling a lot more and don’t want to spend a lot of time editing my Content so this app I am subscribing to on a monthly basis or each time that I need the app for particular trips that I take but it also can include some more features as well, especially with the audio editing..Version: 4.6.2

Vixer me happyI checked out the app for the trial and was impressed how easy it is to use. With a bit of playing around I could prepare videos ready for whatever platform I’d like to share my video on. I’ve had great comments from family, friends and audience on the quality of the videos. Like most apps of this type it’s subscription but I like how I could pretty much pay annually upfront and not have to be billed each month….and the rate was very competitive compared to others. I totally recommend. Only gripe is I can’t place stickers…but then again it’s not a deal breaker I can do without.Version: 3.6.4

I love this appIt’s the only app I found that allowed me to edit my videos that are over 1 minute long, since my camera roll can’t, and it’s not glitchy or slow whatsoever even though I’ve edited multiple large videos. Will definitely be keeping this app!.Version: 4.7.2

Great little tool to help market your business with video on social mediaNice tool to make half-decent videos from right on your phone. How incredible it is to be able to do that!! It’s not quite as easy to use as some other phone apps I’ve tried, but love the ability to crop to different ratios and alter speeds for each clip. I’d love a broader selection of music, but that’s easily solved by purchasing licences tracks elsewhere. I’d also like to see a voiceover feature added. Developers are responsive to questions and feature requests, and I’ve nothing but good things to say about this app. Looking forward to it getting better with each new release, and learning how to use it to its full capacity..Version: 2.7

Easy to use and works for meI’m not tech savvy and I find this easy to use and works for me..Version: 4.6.2

Love the appAmazing app, easy to use- more music selection if poss is all!.Version: 4.4.2

AwesomeO really enjoy this app, i have a passion for making videos, have been doing it for years in my pc, and didn’t know such an app existed for iPhone, am very happy that i found it. It has many useful features that are very helpful for creating a video. Starting with automatically turning live Photos into video, slowing speed of the video, lowerkng volume so you can insert your Music, trimning and cropping your video and Music, adjusting video display quality etc. I hope it updates un the future with splitting video or music so you can use portion of it in One place and another in a different place, also, another feature i would like in the Update is gradually zooming in or out into the video, if possible. Highly recommend!.Version: 3.9

EASY FAST FUN , made my end of year videoTough year but this app helped me collate my happiest memories from it all and made my New Years ! It’s so easy to use , so many other apps I can’t navigate around quickly enough and can’t be bothered, this was great for cutting them, editing and adding music over the top ! Made the full video in minutes. Very fun, will be using more for IGTV , I also like how it lets you keep the original sizes even if they’re different, or you can chose the format. Super smooth and worth the paid version 100%..Version: 3.3.3

Changed the gameI was super sceptical about having to subscribe to an app for editing my reels at first. I started off by using it for free and very quickly learnt that although I could use it for free, if I wanted to edit freely that it would be a no brainier! It is genuinely worth the money, even if you don’t post reels or use it for social media, It is a way to put together incredible memories. I really think it’s worth it for what you get from it, I never write reviews but this is definitely worth it ☺️.Version: 3.9.1

So easy to useI’m not tech savvy at all, but I love to make videos. I have never used an editing app before but all I have to say is this one is brilliant. So easy to use!! You won’t be disappointed!.Version: 3.9.1

Use it for reelsThis is my go to app for making instagram reels. Love the selection of fonts and that you can edit the brightness, exposure etc. Highly recommend. Note to Jeff: When applying text to the video, could you make it so that the text appears to wherever I’ve toggled my cursor to in the video? It always appears at the very beginning of the video and if I want to pull it towards the end it takes a long time. Would save me time 😃 love the app though. Thanks!.Version: 4.6.2

Memories worth savingI love memories but our mind just can not remember everything. This app is so fabulous for remembering snap shots of a special event and your loved ones. I highly recommend it. I’d be surprised if you didnlove it too. Only recently purchased but worth every penny and already have beautiful memories of my family. Thank you so much for providing us with this. 💕💕.Version: 3.9.2

Great app!I find this app really useful for my work, I use it to create marketing videos and thinks it’s a great way to share our products! After first use, I decided that I wanted to utilise it more so we decided to subscribe for 1 year, was really worthwhile the small cost 😊 would highly recommend.Version: 4.3.3

User friendly slideshow app worth the $Love love love this app! SO user friendly. Everything is customisable. Love how you can edit (snip/fade in/out) music in the app without having to use an external program. The hardest part is picking your photos. It also plays Live Photo’s which is a great feature to bring you back to that moment in time; it also gives a feeling of movement to the slideshow. Would be even better to have a feature to turn the Live Photo’s off though because sometimes you want those impactful stills. Easy fix though simply do it in the back end of your iPhone. I’ve tried a few free apps and they were complte trash compared to Vixer. Don’t even waste your time with other apps. I can see myself re subscribing each year to create holiday/vacation slideshows for years to come. It’s worth going premium IMO..Version: 3.7.3

Vixerina no vixerSo me and my sister were making a video and wanted to speed it up we tried at least 10 different apps but all were RUBBISH but as we talked to vixer we decided to give him a chance but eventually threatening him and telling Him we will call him vixerina now back to the point 😂 Vixer does glitch the video if you make it too fast but that is only 6 we decided to do 2 instead and it turned out perfectly thanks vixer!!!.Version: 3.2.2

Super user friendly!I’m new to social media and was completely failing when trying to post content. From filming with my new mic and not realizing until I hit publish I never turned it on to almost asking everyone I know for their Venmo to send them money - thank God it was caught beforehand 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️ but with Vixer I feel - yes - an app gave me a feeling of being seen and welcomed. I’m a grandma “Wela” of 5 and I’m on social media to be able to interact with my grandchildren and help others create human connections. Vixer helps with that. From being able to add all of the trending features to music and text to editing within minutes to - oh my gosh - this is the best part - being able to post to TT, IG, and YT right from the app. I absolutely adore the ease and am appreciative of the acceptance. Thank YOU Vixer team!! This Wela is grateful 😇.Version: 4.7.1

Easy Peasy!I tried a number of video apps and have found them all to be too tricky to use and overly complicated. THIS app is a breeze and allowed me to easily and quickly put together the kind of video I initially envisioned!! To save time trialling a list of video apps, I can tell you this one is worth it!.Version: 4.1

Great appThis app is useful and easy to use. I love how I am able to customise everything to my liking. One thing that would make this app better will be able to use songs I’ve downloaded on iTunes instead of having to buy certain songs..Version: 3.9.2

Great appEasy to combine video /photos together in one.Version: 3.9.2

Easy, affordableI mainly use the app because of the different font options readily accessible. I love how easy it is to use and the different options of saving mode one can use. Although, sometimes when I do try and upload to tiktok some of the font is not completely shown. This can be frustrating as I have to go back to the app and re-edit some things. Other than that no problem for me..Version: 4.3.2

❤️❤️ Love It ❤️❤️I found this app to be absolutely amazing! It does exactly what i need it to do. Thank you!.Version: 3.3.8

Easy to use even for a technophobe!I don’t do any technology, where possible I always ask someone else to do it for me but this was my kid’s homework and mom couldn’t let him down! After taking the video I was able to upload, edit and download - I had never done anything like it before and this app made it easy! It was so easy to use I bet my first grader could have done it for me!!! Thank you Vixer.Version: 3.9.2

So much easier than editing in other apps!This app is amazing!! It’s definitely worth the money for content creators! As a professional editor/photographer and videographer, a lot of clients come to me with requests for Instagram Reels and Tik-Tok videos. For fast edits, this application is perfect. The only thing I would update is the ability to add iTunes music that isn’t purchased. As an apple user I pay monthly for music, so it’d be nice to utilize my subscription for video editing on Vixer though I do understand copyright issues are involved with popular music. Overall this is a great app for those who’d like to add transitions and edit videos on the go..Version: 4.6.2

Overall good app, missing a couple key featuresI’ve enjoyed using this app to cut together a 10 minute video. It’s easy to use and the UI is intuitive. It is missing some features that will prevent me from purchasing - namely the ability to apply “fit” and “fill” ratios per clip in a video. Currently, the app applies the choice to every clip in the video, which is frustrating when making a vid with a mix of portrait and landscape orientations. Other apps offer this and it’s incredibly useful in a world where video is captured and displayed in so many different styles. Other must have features that are missing are the ability to edit audio (like break audio track into its own timeline and allow it to be manipulated separately) and the ability to select multiple clips for applying a setting or dragging to a different place. Last thing, when adding text it overlays on top of the timeline which is fine, but if the timeline below is modified (like a clip prior to when the text appears being trimmed shorter) the text will misalign with the original clip it was placed on because the timeline below it has changed. The text should have a setting that locks it to a particularly time on a particular clip, so if that clip movies around the timeline the text goes with it. Overall good. I don’t need pro features, but I need more than the current feature set here..Version: 4.7.1

FantasticGreat app, super easy to use, super intuitive, way way better than iMovie IMO. I use it for making Instagram reels and for creating my TV news package University assignments! Love how smooth and simple the app is. I truly highly recommend it especially if you’re not very proficient tech wise like me. It’s really just fantastic over all.Version: 3.9.1

Amazing!This app makes the best videos!!!.Version: 4.7.1

Was worth itQuite frankly this app was put on my automatic subscription list so after a few weeks of downloading it I was charged about $40 so needless to say I was pretty upset but I decided to use it anyways and to say the least it actually wasn’t that bad at all at least it was good enough for me to not want a refund it is supper easy to navigate after some time and you can control aspects of a video from cropping speeding or slowing down as well as filters, music can be downloaded and pinned really easily which allows you to crop your videos and time them to the beat of the music all in all wasn’t the worst purchase I’ve had to make by far.Version: 3.5.2

Easy to UseLikening this app so far. Pretty easy to use & edit videos. Only 2 downfalls I’ve found so far (and this could just be me not knowing how to do them) is I can’t add my own music & when I use a Live Photo it imports it as a video & not the still photo. Otherwise super easy for just chucking a few simple videos together which is perfect for me!.Version: 3.9.1

🔥 The Best Video Editor, Slideshow MakerThis is by far the simplest way to turn your camera roll moments into a professional looking video. I have not found a better video editor / video maker anywhere on the App Store - and trust me I’ve been looking. Stitch together your videos (or photos) with ease, merge live photos into videos, add music, rearrange clips, speed things up, crop a few shots ... I mean the list is endless. My favorite feature is the ability to turn live photos into movies. There’s a little known secret that live photos actually stores a movie file on your device. Vixer is able to stitch together these 2 second movies and make a video out of .... PHOTOS. So imagine this, you are on vacation with your loved ones and don’t really think to take any videos. You snap a few photos here and there just for fun. With Vixer, you are able to import all those photos and make a movie out of it — not a slideshow... A MOVIE. Its insane seeing your favorite moments of your trip stitched together like that - all without taking a single video There are few apps that get it right— vixer is one of them. I rarely take the time to leave a review, but this one got me. If you care about your camera roll and love making movies, this app is a no brainer..Version: 1.6

Great appI absolutely love this app! It’s made it so easy for me to edit videos for my social media content! So far it’s the best app I’ve found. The only thing I think would make it better is if there was a life time subscription option. I’m happy to pay for the features I get with premium but I really hate subscription fees! I’d easily pay $100 for a lifetime subscription feature. I know some other apps offer this and it ranges from $50-$200 for lifetime access. This app allows me to do so much with my videos and is really user friendly for anyone who doesn’t have the time to learn video software this would be my go to recommendation. No it doesn’t do everything but it does A LOT!.Version: 4.7.2

So user friendly and so many functions. !I love this app. I’ve been through so many video editing apps to find something that has all the features I want but that is also user friendly and genuinely nothing has compared to Vixer. I use it to create my travel videos, Insta stories and anything else and it does all of what I need and more. Highly recommend 🙌🏻.Version: 4.4

Vixer - Can’t Live Without It!Ever since I decided to start my own fitness Instagram account in June, I have been using Vixer on a daily basis to edit my workout videos that I post online. I have downloaded and tried multiple editing apps- such as iMovie, InShot and Quik- and would choose Vixer any day. As well as being easy to navigate, the app allows for so much freedom in editing by offering a plethora of editing tools. The quality of the editing, text and music has been commented on by many of my new instagram followers. Sometimes, my busy schedule leaves me editing on-the-go and Vixer makes it easy for me to do so, by being fast and reliable. I would HIGHLY recommend this App for anyone wanting to add Text and Music to Footage and Media..Version: 2.8.6

Pretty pristine 🤗🤗So, my phone wouldn’t let me purchase the app Imovie, for some sort of software update, so I started searching App Store for another video editor and movie maker. And I saw this Vixer, and I got excited. I mean, it got pretty good reviews and sounded lik JUST what I needed. So I purchased it, made a project, and was pretty bummed out to find that their was no way to add any sort of words or introductions to people in your “slideshow”. And one of the reviews I read said that this app was GREAT and made movies. It seems like all it does is make a slideshow with a little music. Also, it keeps interrupting you to tell you and convince you to get the premium version or something which is really annoying. Anyways, if you are looking for more of a simple slideshow with music app, this is the one for you. I’m not really complaining, it’s very good, it just didn’t have all the features I was looking for..Version: 2.2.4

AmazingWay better than instories ..Version: 4.6.2

Great for a high quality montage.- Best with premium.Version: 3.7.1

Vixer is Bomb!I’m a 50 year old divorced woman who finally found my forever soul mate! With that being said, I wanted to document our first date and just getting to know each other. I wanted to have a record to look back on over the years.... when I show people the videos that I made on Vixer, they are in complete ahhh of the photos I put together along with the music of my choice....that’s what’s so great about it! It’s my photos with the meaningful song that I choose. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to “capture life” in a video right off my phone that I can save on my files or send to people in messenger or email. It’s a great thing! Stephanie.Version: 4.2.1

Stunning Live Photo SupportWith Instagram’s official app crashing when building extra reels, i needed to find an alternative. After trialing 15 different video and photo editing, NONE supported first class support for LIVE PHOTOS. Except for VIXER. THANK YOU for building such an easy to use app, with export support direct to Instagram and video files as well Thank you thank you thank you thank you.Version: 4.4.2

Expensive but worksI paid a hefty chunk of change for this app but it lets me add music to my workout highlights easier than iMovie does. 5 stars..Version: 4.7.2

Love it!Really easy to use the app! It does everything I need! Very happy.Version: 3.9.1

IdkDose this app cost.Version: 3.7.3

All Round, a good app.A pretty straight forward and user friendly app! The only bit of constructive feedback I’d give, is maybe work out a way so that you can search music on the app (similar to sounds on Instagram) rather than connecting your i tunes or using the few basic soundtracks available on the app. But either way, I’m happy to use it. ☺️.Version: 4.2.1

Ally TongiaI loooooove the app!!! 🙌😍 but how can I add a text to each photo/video ??.Version: 3.8

Great video editing app!I have been using Vixer for a couple of months because it was getting annoying having to do separate videos for reels and tiktoks. I found the editing part really easy and I like all of the fonts and filters. Since I started using it people have been saying how they loved my reels, so I think the app’s been making them look more professional which is good! The one thing I would like the app to do is for a way to zoom in and out on a video clip. I don’t know if it already does that and I just haven’t noticed though. Anyway, great app and keep up the good work Vixer!.Version: 4.4

Great editing appVixer is an easy app to use. The functionality of it is pretty easy and straightforward. Compared to other editing apps I’ve used, this app has many functions and settings. The thing I love most about this app, is that you can extract music from videos in your album! A few changes that can be made is when editing a video and music to sync together. For instance if I need to edit a video from many videos I can’t edit the single video when I’m in the audio settings to sync with the audio. I need to get out of the audio and go back into trim to edit the video and then go back to audio to see if it syncs with the video. This isn’t an issue however, more transitions can be added. Other than that, love the app!.Version: 4.7.2

AmezingIt’s so great I can make whatever video I want..Version: 3.9.1

I feel this app needs to be updated with lot of new features and benefits for what I pay!I’ve been paying $60 a year for this app for the last two years. It’s a great project app they do need to fix the way that you edit the video and the entire sequence of all video clips have to all be the same size when you resize one of them on three different clip videos they should definitely fix that and also they should be adding in some extra music and some different editing tools including creating captions. And voice translation in the video that would be awesome. But Jeff has done a pretty good job as he said he’s the founder and has worked to help answer some questions..Version: 4.6.2

Easy To UseI’ve been using Vixer for several months to edit videos for Instagram and TikTok. I find the in-app editing on these platforms a bit noisy and childish. If you’ve got quality video you just want to put together with some easy to use editing controls, this is a great little app that does all the basics..Version: 4.0.2

Intuitive & easy to useWhile your editing options may *seem* limited, you’re only limited by your own creativity. The editing options are intuitive and feel as though based on current mobile devices and average user capabilities, but specific and sensitive enough to create really great videos to be viewed in several different formats. I would say that this app is a great tool for anybody who wants to get the feel for editing all sorts of content. Of course there is more in-depth software out there, that can be very expensive and complicated for a new user. That said, I use Vixer about every single day and I have very detailed editing software on my PC collecting dust. Vixer suits my needs very well 90% of the time. I often supplement the content I import into Vixer, with other applications for certain effects and animations I’ve created that I want to include. I’ve been creating videos of all types for over 20 years, and currently using Vixer to try my hand at stop action. I love it, it’s a wicked value and well done..Version: 4.2.1

VixerAwesome app I love it allows me to share. My memories. In a great fun way!!.Version: 4.7.1

Amazing appI downloaded this app to make a video to mark our one year anniversary since my daughter had a brain tumour removed. This app was so easy to use, I’m really not good with things like this! I was able to add the song I was wanting and it just looks amazing. Would definitely recommend..Version: 4.1

Awesome for ReelsI love creating reels using this app!.Version: 4.6.2

Video editingI use this app for speeding up my videos and it works great!.Version: 4.6.2

This app does what normally takes 3 apps to doI’m not a professional video maker but it sure is my downtime/ right before bed hobby! What I like about this app is that normally it would take me 2-3 apps to do all that I want it to do. I’d have to make my video on one app to get the HIgh def Quality than go to another to add the music and than go to another to insert where I wanted it to “Slow Mo” and insert “Words/titles” I like that I can not only add music to it but I can choose when it fades in and out and I can choose more than one song!!!!!! Most apps only give you one song and that’s it!!!! It kinda has a music editing(fruity loops)Feel to it but it’s made user friendly. But not only that I can add videos with pictures and change how they fade in & out which gives my videos a smoother finish!!!!!!!!!.Version: 4.2.3

Love this app!I’ve been using this app for quite some time now and I can honestly say it’s one of the best editing apps I have used. It’s not difficult to use and you can easily edit any video you want without struggle. I personally love how this app doesn’t brand its name into each of my edited videos as some others have. Such a great app!!!!.Version: 3.6.4

Best editing app ever!So at first I downloaded the app “TikTok”. My parents found out and told me I was not allowed to have TikTok and so I got a little upset because I could not edit anymore videos. So instead, my parents told me to look at the App Store for more edit apps. So as I was scrolling down the page of edit apps, And all of them were pretty lame! Then I came upon the edit app “Vixer”. I looked at reviews and saw I was a good app! I downloaded it and became happy ever sense with my edits. After I downloaded it I showed my parents and they said yes to premium! Now I have all access to the app. The app itself is free and the premium part is quite cheep for the best editing app ever. I totally recommend this app to let you creative and colorful self out! Thanks for reading!.Version: 4.4.2

Makes Reels Easy ⚡️I have no idea how to social media and this makes it much easier and actually enjoyable to create content!.Version: 4.7.3

So easy to use!I was trying to find a way to make meaningful videos and tried several other apps. This was definitely the most convenient and easy to navigate especially being able to save so many drafts and get back into them when I have more time.Version: 4.4

Needs improvement!!Developers please read! purchased the $40 subscription for the year, and wish it offered more. Specifically regarding text. The typewriter function is cool, but does not work with having a fill color for the text bc it only reveals the text, and the fill color is there the whole time. Also with the fill, I wish there were some different options, like a more rounded fill, or a highlighting specific words option. Which leads me to my next point. The underline option for text moves too fast for me to follow along with it. Can there be an underline speed option? And an option to underline, bold, or italic certain words? These fixes alone would bring it to a 5 star app..Version: 4.6.2

Great app!Really easy way to make reels.Version: 4.7.1

Great simple appI have not tried many video editing apps so don't have much to compare. Mostly used App Clips and iMovie from Apple. I prefer to use Vixer. iMovie may have some additional capabilities but it is way harder to use it. For example, adding audio in Vixer is easy. In iMovie I often had problems and the audio would not play even though it was added. In my opinion, Vixer is an app very easy to use and it allows to make professional-looking videos. So far, the down-side I noticed was in the selection of photos when I allow use of all photos in my camera roll by the app. It may be my limitation but I found easier to select pictures when enabling the use of specific photos rather than allowing access to all photos and later selecting some when making a video. Somehow I can access different albums at that stage, only the whole library. If I notice something else I will add a new review. Thank you for making it easy to generate nice videos. S1nn3rk.Version: 4.7.1

Not too shabby but room for improvementThere should be options for original sound of the clip to be silenced when adding music to a clip, options to upload sounds from personal library instead of apple music as i dont use iTunes like many others. And a few more transition options can b added. Overall not a bad app for the price..Version: 4.2.1

VixerI have been using this app for over a year now. I would give it a 5 star but because of the crashes when the video is about 3.5 minutes or more , it doesn’t upload and crashes .Can be fixed. However Its an easy and straight forward app to use. It’s quite pricy but compared to other apps , this one is most of all easy to use for a senior citizen..Version: 4.6.2

Surprisingly goodI’ve used other apps for my Instagram Reels but many don’t have the rights to use popular music. But I don’t like how Instagram edit different clips so I want and app that mixes the clips nicely AND can add good music. This app can. I don’t like paying for it so let’s see if I do after the free trial. But at least I got to try it out..Version: 4.2.1

Great app, Easy to Use!Love this app, it has some great font options and it’s really straight forward to use. I started using it as Instagram reels has some glitches, but Vixer has none of these. I wish there a few more text colours available and that it was easier to edit very short clips. Otherwise I have no problems at all using it though. My reels now look really professional and lots of them have had about 20k views!.Version: 4.4

I love this app to edit my videos 😍Love how simple this app is to use and love that you can choose the downloading quality, a lot of other apps tend to lower the quality of your video automatically with no choice. One feature that I would love Vixer to have Is being able to add my business logo then I would give 10 starts if I could..Version: 3.9.1

Perfect!!Nothing bad, perfect & great app. So simple to use!!.Version: 4.6.2

All right from my iphone!I love the convenience of being able to use right from my iPhone! All my suggestions and any issues I have had, my emails to the developers have been responded to within minutes - amazing customer service! Yeah it’s not free, but who works for free? The price is reasonable compared to other professional programs..Version: 2.8.6

Great way to save and share memories!Only been using the app a short time but it’s inspiring me to create short videos for more of my adventures which is a great and effective way to share the memories with friends and family! 5 stars!.Version: 4.0.2

Great appVery easy to use. Would highly recommend.Version: 4.7.1

I like itGreat app, easy to use and I like the year end recap mixer..Version: 4.7.1

Ease of useAbsolutely love it! 🤍.Version: 4.6.2

Awesome and easy to useThis is an awesome app to use both personally and professionally!.Version: 4.7.1

Like the App but it get tick off sometimesWhat I mean by it gets ticked off sometimes is that when I am uploading material sometimes when I’m making edits it doesn’t want to edit correctly. For example, I wanted to put a frame on my video and it wouldn’t allow me to do that in the whole screen became black. Another instance, was when I wanted to add music to my video it wouldn’t allow me to hear it and the screen became black again. Also, on occasion it has difficulty downloading. I had to delete the app and reinstall it for it to allow me to use these features correctly. Incidentally, overall I really like the amp I think that it shows really great pictures, it has really lovely video quality. It’s easy to use in that it is user-friendly, and it allows you to download to your device without any real complications..Version: 3.7

Good appA very good easy to use app which I’ve found helpful to play around making some videos with and I’ve made a great few vids. In order for the app to be great and still charge me, I’d say it needs a bit more depth in terms of options. For example, not enough music choice meaning I had to buy a separate album to use 1 song. Also I don’t think you can write different things on different slides? This one could just be me! Will continue to use, cheers guys.Version: 3.8

Easy to use with great resultsMy sister in Law got married this year and her brother could not attend the wedding due to working In the armed forces and being away. Myself and him decided to put together a video of him doing a speech, which was put on a big projector screen in front of everyone on the day to see. If it wasn’t for Vixer, we wouldn’t of made her day as memorable and special. Vixer is such an easy app to use and it was perfect for adding in music, filtering the videos and adding text when needed. There was no trouble being able to download it to other devises and the quality and sound after it being downloaded was so professional. I defiantly would recommend :).Version: 3.8

Cool app, get a ux designer to make it even betterI find it easier to edit here than tiktok, it’s not a restrictive, just update the music or make it easier for people to use their own music and update the transitions, elevate it make it a little less basic. It’s a good app, no qualms but defo still room for development. Keep your head up Jeff, you’re doing fine :).Version: 4.3.3

Nice appLove it.Version: 4.6.2

Great video editing appI love the app and it has tons of features. I would like to suggest a “search button” on music page and also “select all” button when adding images or videos. Overall, great app!.Version: 4.7.1

Absolutely LOVE Vixer!Vixer makes it so easy to knit together videos or still shots...and I love being able to adjust the speed to fit backing music. The trim & split functions are so cool too - being able to speed up part of a clip & slow the rest! I’m sure I haven’t even scraped the surface of what I can do with it but it’s easy & fun to make professional looking videos for Reels, Stories & more!.Version: 3.5.4

GoodExcellent.Version: 4.7.1

Great video editing on the goI wanted a video editing app that would allow me to do on my phone what I can do with other softwares on my computer. I came across this app and though I was primarily looking for a free app, I realised that it was worth the subscription. Now I don’t even use my mac for video editing anymore but my phone since this app is so easy to use. I also love that it makes automatic compilations with photos and videos on my phone, is a lovely way to look back into the year!.Version: 3.9.2

Love this app!I have been using this app for 3 months now, I’ve upgraded to premium subscriber paid membership, and I love it. It’s simple for me to use, I create content for both Facebook and Instagram. I like that you can save or directly upload onto each social platform. I have doubled my followers on social media in 2 months from using this app alone..Version: 4.6.2

Vixer rocks👍Dear Vixer I am loving your App as I have made many family and friends video. I find it easy to use and love the easy edit and add your videos. You may want to keep adding new music and templates for many variations so get to choose right clip for movies we make. Joe🙏.Version: 4.0.2

As a Digital Creator, Vixer has upgraded my vidsI really like this software! I am a digital creator for Facebook and I do a lot of videos and reels and what I like most about this software is the editing of the videos! There are a few quirks to it that sometimes make it be a little bit cumbersome but what software doesn’t have his quirks? I really recommend it because of the original music you can use the voice over it works great and I like how you can separate the frames to be able to have the creativity that you need as a digital creator! If you want to see some of my videos search my professional page Dez is ME on Facebook and you will see some of my video creations..Version: 4.6.2

Great app! Highly recommend for newbiesI was looking for an app for someone who has 0 experience in video editing. I use it to record and share my baby’s growth journey on mainly Instagram and Facebook. Tried out a few but Vixer stands out because of how easy to use its features. And I love the quality of the video too especially how it automatically becomes better than the original just by you uploading the video on this app!.Version: 3.5.2

StoriesTo me honestly there’s nothing wrong with this app I was able to make my first love story slash video on this app and it was the most heart warming and most beautiful thing I have ever done in my life I’m in the marines and we don’t usually get to see a lot of good in this world mostly just war but when an app like this comes into mind people end up making such beautiful things out of it, there able to make videos for there loved ones that are sent over seas so that we don’t feel alone while we’re out there protecting our country, I may have lost the one I love but I still keep the video I made on this app close to me so again I feel as though there is absolutely nothing wrong with this app. It gave me something to hold on too for as long as I live and I’ll never forget that..Version: 4.4.2

Love this app!Really user friendly, I use it to make reels and short clips. There are options to trim/cut videos, speed or slow down, and adjust the volume. however, you do have to pay for more options like adding more than one vid together. for audio, you either have to purchase the song already or you can convert and upload your own. Sometimes I prefer to just make the video and add audio from insta for my reels. the only things I feel like can be improved is that when clips are sped up or slowed down, the audio disappears. sometimes I want to speed up a clip but keep the audio (for unboxing vids etc) and it’s not possible. Another thing is that I recently switched phones and I realized the vids I made on vixer from my previous phone didn’t save/transfer over. vixer doesn’t really have acct set up or anything where it could do that so I was a little bummed out I need to export and then transfer my videos or redo vids that I haven’t finished editing yet. overall i enjoy using this app and it wasn’t hard to learn everything. I will say that the price is a little steep so it is a factor in whether I will continue to use it or not. if you are looking to learn making/editing videos, I think vixer is a good place to start!.Version: 4.0.2

Best app for video editing!I love this app it’s so easy to use and my videos look beautiful! I edit in here and then upload the same video to different platforms to get the most out of the one video. Can’t recommend this app enough!! So many options for editing, makes my videos look super professional!.Version: 4.4

Love this appSo easy to use I love this app, I use on my phone and export to my socials and my business page, also to clients. Ps I am 50 and as my daughter would tell u not overly tech Savy, found this app super professional and simple to use. Thanks so much!.Version: 4.3.3

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS APP 😍🔥🫶🏽This is one of the best editing apps I’ve used so far. I use this to edit videos for my website & socials. Affordable pricing, especially if you take the annual option $40 for the year…. You can’t beat that price. I love the simplicity of adding music, even from my iTunes playlist for a small price to use the copyrighted music in my videos & once I pay to use it I can keep using the same song for one price!!! The app music is updated often, when I saw the lofi selection I was hooked at that point. Great filters, plenty of text options, the video transitions are flawless, easy uploading with 4K quality…. etc. I have no complaints whatsoever!! Definitely worth 5 stars or more for price, quality, options & ease of use..Version: 4.4

I’m so happy with this app!!!I have been looking for a video editing app for a while now, and I used to have an ok one, but it cost way to much and it was SO COMPLICATED. So I uninstalled it, and the second I went onto the App Store, I saw Vixer, I saw it had a lot of good reviews, so I decided to give it a try, and IM SO GLAD I DID ! It is amazing! It’s so simple,, perfect for people who have like 0 editing experience. I use it to edit all of my videos! Thank you to the founder for making such an amazing app !! :)).Version: 3.5.5

Very user friendly!I have very little experience in making videos so I love how easy this app is. However I get a bit frustrated when I’m trying to do some things (eg putting in text) and I can’t get it to the right time with my fingers (maybe this is because I’m doing it on my phone), but would really help if there was a way I can type in the time I want the text/image etc to appear? Love it other than that!.Version: 3.3.6

EASY TO USESuch a great app for editing video and its very to use. Very handy!!.Version: 4.2.3

Such a cool app for mini videosI use these to submit my daughters homework montages to her online teacher and to send video clips of the kids to the family! It’s so easy to use and so amazing!.Version: 4.7.1

Pretty dang great app!I have been using this app to send videos to my girlfriend across the world, and I have really enjoyed the experience. Premium version makes it even better. Very straight forward and simple and easy to manage. My only suggestion on improvement is when you are trying to insert a text box into a video it is really hard to move the text box to a different time stamp which is annoying especially if you are putting in a lot of text boxes. Besides that I think it is great. If you could get some more Lo Fi hip hop type beats into the music section that would be awesome so I don’t have to buy all my music every time I want to use it for a video haha.Version: 3.9.2

GreatIt’s great app.Version: 4.4

Easy to use!Really easy to use and lots of really cool features!.Version: 3.9.2

Great but pls allow to edit added audioI love this app! So easy to use! I added my narration over the top! There was a bit in the middle I wanted to remove, but to remove it I would have needed to remove all of my recorded audio. If we could cut the added audio, that would be really handy! Instead you have to record small snippets of audio so that you can edit them instead of adding larger audios! I find this a little difficult..Version: 4.7.1

I love VixerFor somebody like me… who has never been tech savvy, Vixer has provided me a place to be creative and be able to place things online that I was never able to do before. I feel like I’m part of it all now. Thank you Vixer, for allowing a non-tech like me to be able to create like the pros..Version: 4.6.2

Great AppEasy to use.Version: 3.9.2

HappyI couldn’t find anything anywhere on line searched for time I see Vixer sitting there going go on dare ya pick me just like the kid who’s last to get picked for anything that happens but he’s got something special that the others don’t know about he ain’t got no hidden agendas such as you may create half of your project but for the other half you’ll going to have to upgrade with these hidden agendas so yeah vixers been spot on for me as the title says I’m Happy 😎.Version: 3.5.5

Review request from GenadyI’ve been using this app to combine video game clips for a couple months. I have a video editing software on my pc but I use Vixer to edit and make short montages/highlights on the go (traveling or on my lunch break from work). I’d say a few areas where it can definitely be improved is that it’s very challenging and time consuming to add text bubbles for certain areas of the videos, where as something like TikTok feels much smoother and seamless for this feature. I don’t like how I can’t use music already downloaded on my phone. Having to buy a song every time is not worth it seeing as how I’m already paying a decent amount for the app. I think slow motion/fast forward should be a tool that I can use just for certain segments of the video. These are a few areas where I could see an improvement but overall I do enjoy the app and feel like it does what I need it to.Version: 3.5.5

Super user friendlyI’ve tried and deleted many video editing apps and found most of them highly not user friendly and just generally hard to use. So I was really pleased when I downloaded vixer and found I could do everything I wanted to and so easily. I use it often and would recommend..Version: 3.1.2

Excellent App!I have used a few Apps that link different pics and videos together and by far this is the app to use! Super easy, excellent tools to edit and make your videos look amazing!.Version: 3.9.2

Vixer reviewWonderful application, good service and it makes such a good video for people who are starting 🤍.Version: 4.6.2

Best I’ve foundI’ve tried out 5 different video slideshow apps and this is by far my favorite. All of the others were missing a feature or two that I really wanted, but I’ve been extremely happy with this app. I can resize and crop all of my photos, adjust speed by individual photo, and seamlessly add video. The music options are great and aren’t too short where I have to loop it on short videos. Love the ability to fade out the music at the end so it doesn’t feel abrupt. You can also fade in and out text throughout the video picking exactly what photos it appears for. Overall, the other apps I’ve tried could not compete. The only feature I would request is to add an adjustable default time for all of the photos. This way we could change all of the photo durations all at once (for example set the all to 0.3 of a second). I like having the ability to shorten or lengthen individual photos, but it would be nice to only adjust outliers instead of all of them..Version: 4.4

Really easy to use!Simple format makes it easy to use as everything’s easy to find, it’s also got pretty much every tool you’d need when editing clips, slideshows etc. unlike Vixer, other apps I’ve previously paid Subscriptions for have ended up being deleted out of pure frustration they are either too complicated and fiddly or they simply don’t work at all. Definitely worth subscribing to the premium version so you can unlock the extra features, they’re great for editing reels and that type of thing..Version: 4.5.2

Pretty greatI’ve been having fun using this app for little things here and there but when it comes to big projects like for an assignment it surprisingly comes in handy. Easy to learn if you're new to editing in general and once you have it figured out it’s smooth sailing from there. Defiantly recommend.Version: 4.7.1

Vixer reviewI have actually used this a few times for my projects at uni. It is very easy to use and I like that you can put any music from your library over your videos. Would be great if it had more options for filters but apart from that it works pretty well for video editing. I’m at very basic level so I need something that isn’t complicated..Version: 3.9.1

Sensational video making appVixer takes the complexity out of composing videos without limiting you to the features of speed, audio, text and frame style etc. I’ve paid for a number of different apps (some due to my own stupidity of forgetting to unsubscribe before the trial period ended) but Vixer is THE app which I consider to have been worth every cent I paid. Thank you for designing such a brilliant app..Version: 4.7.3

Awesome App… 👍😀For those like myself that are familiar with taking Video Clips, yet seem to stumble when attempting to put together Reels or Stories for Instagram.. this App is making things so much easier. Yes it may be a payable app, but in all honesty these days its all about quality and ease if use. Highly recommend and l look forward to becoming even more familiar in using it and creating even better assets that l can use..Version: 4.6.2

Helpful and easy to useVixer is an incredibly helpful app that I use to make videos. It has pretty much every useful tool that you can think of, and it provides good quality videos. Whether used for business, or for social media uploads, Vixer is an easy to use and helpful app that should be spoken of more often. 👏.Version: 4.6.1

Amazing AppI’ve struggled with editing my videos for a while until I found this app. So easy to use, edit, add and take photos or videos away. So glad I took the risk and bought this app coz now I wouldn’t use anything else 🥰.Version: 3.9.1

Quite full featuredI originally got this app for my iphone, but now with an M1 Mac I am able to use it there. The app has features I find essential when making slideshows ie: Titles/Credits with text being able to be added anywhere and great transitions, music etc. I get nice comments from family when they are distributed, so thanks to Vixer, I look good. I definitly like the larger screen to edit on. Some minor glitches, still but a great way to share memories..Version: 4.2.2

The best video editing appThis is the only app I could find which makes video our of your live pictures. Its simply amazing. Easy to use. If founders reading our reviews I would like to ask them to add function where I can choose whether I want to keep or mute original sound on each clip rather than on the whole video, and adjusting sound volume..Version: 3.2.2

Vixer Video EditorI’m on a 3 day free trial. Honestly, I’ve had and been looking for an editing app that does everything. Adding music, speed, transitions etc. This is it! I also like when choosing through photo albums it gives you the option to view the videos and pictures at the same time and it actually plays the video before you choose it. You can put as many pictures or videos, no time or amount limit. The only two things I don’t like about it is the crop editor. If it could resize/crop individual pictures or videos that would be a plus! Also, if it was cheaper I may have just paid the price because its an amazing app. But I’m cheap lol. Happy I got to use it for a great collage I really wanted to put together..Version: 4.4

Easiest video app there is with the most amazing finish!I’ve struggled to Master some other video apps, or they have been too time consuming. This app is everything, profesional finish Edit abs made in a matter of minutes. Highly recommend, efficient, user friendly and good enough for my work social media and clients..Version: 3.5.4

Post use off app review...I like to do my reviews in 2 seemingly, confusing ways... yet without most realising this fact... the initial first impression an how it captures your attention then turning that into a thought pattern .. then decision etc etc so .... Initial looks and first impression well presented .. clear on ability's and possibility's.. tidy.. has that pro use look ... grabbed me an hit download without even selecting info... part two coming soon.. install and use for 1hour then review fully.Version: 3.8

Si easy to useI’m not very sassy with technology, but this app has help me so much with videos reels instagram histories 🙏🏽🙏🏽. I so gladly recommend it..Version: 4.7.1

I love this app!I use this app all the time to put small clips into one whole video. There’s so many amazing features, you can add filters, text, change the volume of the sound or add music. You can also change the speed of the videos. So handy for making instagram reels, TikTok’s or just your own personal videos. You can then save your video in 4K so you’ve still got great quality. I also love that they have a memories feature so it shows you what you’ve done in previous years in your camera roll and can make a video. Would recommend this app to everyone..Version: 4.4.1

Vixer ReviewHello - I love this app! I found it by accident and fell in love with how I can edit my videos (most importantly my love photos on my iPhone) and make them mesh together with music so nicely! However, the past few times I have tried using the app…it will not let me upload any pictures or videos anymore. It will not let me add my music…or if I do and save it to go back later it doesn’t work anymore. I really prefer this app over tik tok and even over iMovie on my iPhone but if these issues don’t get resolved I am going to have to find another app to use. I really really feel in love with using this app after my brother in law passed away and I was able to put together the most beautiful compilation of his videos and pictures to share with family and friends. I am just sad that the app is having so many issues. I would love to renew my subscription if you can fix these issues! 😊.Version: 4.3.3

Love this appI absolutely love the app! It easy to use and is perfect for when I need to edit my videos on the go. Thanks for building an awesome app, Genady!.Version: 3.6.1

Easy to useVery easy to use, the fonts are modern and there are lots of transition options. I love using it for my Instagram reels.Version: 4.7.2

Excellent ReviewI really like this app because its very easy to used and edit videos, pictures and music too.. It is very easily to add music to the videos and don’t make any hassle. Thumbs up to the one who made this app, a very helpful app to do things more easier..Version: 4.6.2

Fantastic appAbsolutely love using the app to create videos for birthdays and capturing all of our memories!! The only things I don’t love is that you can’t change the aspect ratio for particular videos within the one project, and all need to be the same. Also sometimes when editing it will bring you back to the start of the video rather than the spot you were working on. Overall though, I love the app and that I can add in music and slow down and speed up my videos and create something really special..Version: 4.3.3

Review of video app VixerI read quite a few of the reviews of this app, and decided to try it and see. I usually don’t “get” how to move things around in these type of apps (like adding music or texts to the precise parts) and I easily lose interest. This app though DID seem easier. After playing with it for an hour, I was starting to understand it. It’s very logical… and I had good results, making me want to go further into it. Another positive is that it’s pretty straight-forward; no bogging you down with too many options that the causes overload! The amount of features offered was just right for making a quality video with tunes, and captions. Thank you to the devs for all the hard work! This is a quality app which I will use a lot. I went ahead and bought the subscription for the year…. And I’m glad i did. My husband and Mother already commented (on my video of Christmas) and I love that instead of my attempts left 1/2 done, and my frustration levels soaring, I was able to understand enough of this app to use it with an actual positive result! I think $40 a year is absolutely worth it for this app!.Version: 4.7.2

VixerVixer is a great video editing app...I use it frequently. I have two recommendations that may increase ratings. 1) number the clips when in the “trim” portion. I sometimes edit 50+ clips to make one video where the images are all similar. When I come across a time where I want to delete a clip, I have to count from the beginning what number clip it is, then go back to the main page to delete it. Very irritating. 2) adding music: I’ve never added music to any of my videos because I can only use the sample music, or songs that I were to purchase off of iTunes. I download my music a different way (legally) and cant use it. Still love the app and I plan on continuing to use it but those two factors made me at least consider looking for different video editing apps.Version: 3.1

Best video app I have usedI first used Vixer 5 months ago for a personal video editing, it was the free version. I liked that, it was easy to edit videos, trim, add other videos and add text so I kept that in mind. Recently I needed to start editing for my business(Twantees) and I was searching for video editors and I saw Vixer again I didn’t hesitate to jump on it. However, this time I am paying and I am glad I am on the Vixer ship. Editing is so easy. I feel like a pro video editor with Vixer. I showed one of the videos I edited to my husband and he said ‘quality’. If he says it is quality then Vixer is quality. Best app payment I have made so far..Version: 3.8

LoveAbsolutely love this ap, have made so many videos with it for both business and personal. I like that there are options to finish the size of the frame too, ie: to fit stories, or square etc. Its super user friendly, and easy to use. Highly recommended..Version: 2.8

Love this appWould love some more music though but overall I m super happy about the ease of suing it quickly on my phone to edit or make videos from scratch just on my phone to post on social media. Highly recommend if you are just a beginner in the world of making videos !.Version: 3.9.2

Review rimeThank you Jeff for the awesome experience with your app keep it up & buddy don’t worry about negative people when they right negative reviews take it on the chin and remember always be very positive and assertive and look into the review and help where you can basically you gotta take the good with the bad that’s life and a failure is not a Failure it’s a lesson learnt and positive factual information fir you to use. And if you had all good reviews people might think you have used fake reviews so a few negative reviews help in all kinds of ways I have the same issue in my company but I take it in my Stride Keep up the good work Jeff Regards H. CEO Mr tyrewise LTD emergency mobile tyre services.Version: 3.9.2

FantasticAn amazing app I would totally recommend for anybody looking for an editing app it’s completely free if you don’t buy premium and you can put songs in for free If I was to give feedback it would be to add a wider range of songs to use but I understand it costs a lotta money Overall great app download it and thank me later.Version: 2.8.6

Vixer reviewHi such a pleasure to here from you. I enjoy this app how ever it's a tad exapensive and if you want to target the millennials needs to be less exapensive I use many apps spend almost 100 a month but I edit allot and I wish there was something else you can give to us so what about a bonus each month something creative out of this world that apps have never used before I hope this review helps haven't had chance to post in a while I've gone through a massive transformation recently and allot of loss so I hope you are able to read this and this review helps I can't go into to much detail because I would give all my creative ideas away but if your looking for that creative flare contact me back x Kind regards Kylé aka KIKI Babs.Version: 3.4

Perfect applicationThis is by far the best and the easiest application to help me create some great videos. I definitely recommend this application.Version: 4.7.1

Overall good appMostly it’s a really great app! It would let me save or export anything last week and I had to delete and redone load and when I logged back in lost all of my artwork video’s which was really disappointing. Would be good to get some more music options, there’s quite a bit of choice but even more would be better!.Version: 4.3.3

Great software but has ticksGood morning Jeff, really love this software a lot for my editing and doing work. Regards for filming production and editing with this amazing software. Unfortunately, I am running into some issues of my videos and editing clips not be able to save I had to reinstall the app to my iPad Pro and all of my stuff is gone so I was pretty disappointed about it. It should be able to save up in your system or something like that. The next thing what you guys should do to upgrade, the software is if you ever delete and reinstall the app you should have all your stuff on there still. super important. Otherwise the software is fantastic and it’s so easy to use and you can put together really great films! If there’s a way uninstall in the app and reinstall an app, if necessary, all the edited and data videos will still remain on the software after you get the app back download it on your device. that’s one thing I’m concerned. Great software I’m loving it!.Version: 4.6.2

Aesthetically pleasingLovely app. Has many great features like several filters to choose from, has a pretty cool feature to add music and synchronize it to your video, love that you can add borders around your videos, also love that you are able to speed up or slow down a clip, and most of the features are per clip so it doesn’t automatically apply to your whole video. Only reason why I’m not giving it a 5 star is because sometimes on some clips I’m not able to get it to the proper timing that I want. Ex: If I want to crop a clip to 0.5s it won’t let me. Sometimes it only lets me crop it down to 1.0s. If I want a 0.5s clip I have to go in and trim it and it’s a hassle trimming clips on this app..Version: 4.4.2

Memories to last a lifetimeThis app has allowed me to express my creative side, in which I have put together some beautiful videos for my family and myself to cherish. It is a really easy app to use and it’s by far my favourite editing app I’ve come across. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!.Version: 4.3.2

Love this app!This app has saved my instagram reels. I can ever make reels on instagram without it crashing. So now I put the clips together on here and upload it as a reel and it doesn’t crash!.Version: 4.6.2

Good featuresUsed the free trial to create a vid I’d been wanting to do. Really happy with the app, especially compared to others. Love that you could put music on and choose the volume for both the music and the video you edit itself so it can all be heard - other apps is one or the other. 4* as too expensive for me to pay for the full version as it wouldn’t get enough use to justify cost. I’m sure if you were a content creator it’d be worth the price.Version: 4.6

Good app. Needs more options though.Good application. Pretty easy to use. Quality of movie stays good even when uploaded into Facebook, definitely a plus! A few things I would have loved is to allow users to extract just the sounds from another video. Needs an extraction option. More than one song to a video. Have the music continue on its own even after the song ends, had to add same song again & again hoping it wouldn’t sound choppy. Music kind of didn’t go together as smooth as other apps on this part, usually the music just continues. Option to have music continue. Crop option needed to be better too, it was kind of odd because I could only crop dragging the angles & not crop from sides as well. Adding animations to text. Adding text to a picture, I was only able to do it on one picture and it was on the first picture in video. This part I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right, maybe that’s why I couldn’t get a different text on a different picture later on in the video. Adding text to a picture later or whenever during a movie has always been easy in other apps. This one no matter how many times I tried, text only appeared on the first picture. Besides these in capabilities, I really liked it. If it had those options I had previously mentioned, I would have bought the year subscription because overall good, but a bit limited at the moment..Version: 3.7

Video editing appAmazing app! User friendly and you can edit your videos in a matter of minutes! 10/10 would recommend.Version: 4.7.2

Very Useful!This app is very easy to use, and has ALOT more options compared to iMovie. Not to mention that it does NOT re adjust and crop your movie how iMovie does. Love this! I downloaded it for one project (combining all my baby’s photos and videos for his first birthday) and it was a dream! Now without realising I am using this app and have given up on iMovie!.Version: 3.7.3

Great app, easy to useThis app is soooo easy to use and I’m able to make quick stories and reels with it in no time. The one thing that could make it better is if when clipping content the tool to do it would zoom in. If your trying to cut down a really short clip it can be a little fiddly to drag the tool to the right spot..Version: 4.4

Great app!This is a great a great app, really easy to use!.Version: 2.8.1

Review xAmazing app!!! Thank you so so much xx.Version: 3.9.1

One of The Best Apps for Videoing!I’ve searched other apps for putting together video apps that included music & Live Photos, however couldn’t find any that had those options. They’d have one of them but not both. I love taking pics of my family & friends! I’m always the one with the camera taking family photos at family gatherings. I love putting together videos of my family & friends so I had to find something that was to my liking. I searched & hoped to find one with all the options I’ve been looking for, then I stumbled upon your advertisement on Instagram & read all the info & went to my App Store to download it. So far so good! However there is one little thing, when I saw your ad in IG it said you’d get the first 3 days free as a trial period—but when I downloaded your app & accepted it, it started charging me that exact moment (Dec 31st, 2022) without a trial period 🙁. Is there a reason why my 3-day trial period got overlooked? This was misleading & it should’ve been clarified that there was no trial period if that was the case. I would’ve given you a 5 star rating otherwise..Version: 4.7.2

Great app!Vixer is easy to navigate and produces professional-looking videos. The more I use it the more I’m learning how to use new techniques to make better videos each time. It isn’t overwhelmed with too many options which makes it quick and easy to use..Version: 4.4.2

Best video editor!I have only just started my small business and this app is a must! It make everything so easy and simple, all my videos looks like they have been edited by professionals with the sound, quality and filters available. Also connected to Apple Music so you can download any songs you wish! Super easy, user friendly (idiot-safe). Couldn’t recommend an app more!.Version: 3.9.1

Export is getting failed!!!App has been working great but I have been seeing an issue from quite a few days now where in a big video failed to be exported. It says exporting to iCloud failed wherein iCloud setting has been turned off and phone has got ample amount of space left. It’s strange that I am stuck at this point and not able to do anything, have tried all the options..Version: 3.7.1

Love this appAs someone who really doesn’t put too much energy or value into social media this app helps me to put posts together quickly and effectively to share my experiences with the social media world. It’s really easy to use and if anything having the videos for my own memories is totally worth it. It’s fun to play with all of the effects also. I really recommend this app to everyone..Version: 4.6.2

Memory maker for busy mum.Vixer is the only app I have decided to keep and renew my membership this year. The navigation is easy to use for novice video editor like me. My kids and family love the automated ‘video of the day’ features. It would be lovely to add more sounds option by working with new and talented musicians. Intro generator feature with good font and aesthetic filter would be awesome too..Version: 3.6.1

Great appWas looking for something to upload Xbox videos to you tube after upload studio was removed for some reason. Great app, easy to use. Only criticism is it could be faster at uploading the video into library but other than that, does the job and isn’t too expensive.Version: 3.5

Best Video App OutThis app is amazing love making quick videos and its so simple to use, fron picking your own music, where it stops and starts, crop videos and pics and the options are endless. Bonus you can change the quality of your video which is why i love using this App. 5 Stars.Version: 3.9.2

An digital artists humble opinion on VixerI am so very new to video and music mixing that when I happily found Vixer!!! I was well this is a 10star ! It’s easy to create its funtastic to work with my own photography to combine it with music.. the choices are great!! I’m not selling these videos that I am making - I could though.. but I am sharing them because I am a digital art photographer!! This is so exciting to see the end result.. after I make and choose the photos into the art style I can fold them together with Vixer! What’s not to love.. if the result is iffy.. then delete and start again.. the music selections are very integrate-able! Thanks Vixer! you Rock!!! Brooksrb Aiken,SC.Version: 4.2.1

Love this appBy far one of the easiest apps to use. Love it.Version: 4.6.2

Personal review of Vixer appPersonally I enjoy using this app because I’m able to put together a collection of clips and pics and make cool videos be it for a workout video ,motivational video or just a video with a bunch of cherished moments .I like putting together memories and this app allows me to do that .I love it❗️.Version: 4.0.2

TIPS AND TRICKSFirst off, This app is great! and worth the subscription for a year. If anyone is struggling with using your own audio that you haven’t brought off iTunes let me help you out I screen record a song or reel off instagram or even a tik Tok, I then upload that screen recording into imported audio and BAM free music and you can then set your video to the right track. You’re welcome :).Version: 4.6.2

FeedbackGreat app Great way to creat memories 5star from me.Version: 4.3.3

Really great video editing app!I solely use this app to make my travel videos for Instagram! You cannot go wrong using this app and unlocking all of its features!.Version: 4.6.2

Favorite appI love this app because I can put in as many videos and pictures as I want and there’s so many different effects when it changes to a new pic or video u can make each video or picture move faster or slower individual or as a whole you can even put in emojis letter different fonts tons of photo filters and best part you can download you own music from iTunes if you have an iPhone and edit the length of it you can also put different songs in one video overall this is the typ of app I been looking for and I use it to make video of families and friends I would highly recommend it and it’s an annual payment wich in all honesty is worth it..Version: 4.5.2

Great Video EditorI started using Vixer in September 2020. I found this video editor so user friendly & the team were very quick to respond to questions & help if needed. Like most apps if you want full access then you have to pay a fee & this one is reasonably priced 😁 Maybe a manual on how to use could be good for newbies but overall it’s fantastic, highly recommend.Version: 3.3.5

Great appI have used this app for small IG clips to full out you tube videos. Some issues with the file transfer my iPad but no big deal after a few try’s. I’ll cont to use it.Version: 4.6.2

“Idiots Guide to Video Editing”…BRILLIANT!I have to say that I truly appreciate this app. I have zero experience in video editing, heck I don’t even know the lingo. I wanted to put a slide show for my 1st wedding anniversary of all the goods times we had our first year; despite the trails like: quarantine, Covid, surgeries, loss of jobs, and deaths in the family (whewww). This app made me look like a freakin’ rockstar and huge romantic. It let me speed up or speed down, add some music (I do wish I could have added my own music), fade in and out, etc. There were some trail and error moments, but I’m sure I made it harder on myself then needs be. My spouse loved it so much that she made my in-laws watch it and all of our friends. Thanks Vixer!!!.Version: 3.8

Great app!!Love using vixer - I think it’s super simple and straightforward to use..Version: 3.9.2

Vixer ReviewI need to do a bit more work with Vixer and fully explore the capabilities. As an artist and designer, it is important to have quality video editing software that is intuitive and enable me to quickly create videos of my work. I haven’t bought the full package yet due to cost. I prefer it to iMovie as it doesn’t cut the top off the frames. This was the reason that I sought an alternative to iMovie..Version: 3.3.8

Best video editing appThis is super easy to use especially for someone who has no experience with these app. I love that you do get a lot that is free, although there are some features you do need to pay, but for me, I just need it for a quick photo video and quick speed change. Also there is so much features that are for free compared to other editing apps, this one gives the most!!! Recommended.Version: 4.4

Great appHighly recommend.Version: 4.3.2

Super Easy👍😁A really easy and simple app to use! I’m really bad with stuff like editing so it was a relief to find an app which made it super quick and easy. It has great features like speed, crop, trim, audio, text and filter to make your video way better. However there are some things that cost money which is to unlock premium. Which I think is fair with all the free features you get. So yeah would definitely recommend! 👍😁❤️.Version: 3.5.4

Awesome app for beginnersUser friendly and just awesome!!.Version: 4.7.1

Great app!!Love this. User friendly..Version: 4.7.1

Bringing my life to lifeI stumbled upon vixer when I wanted to make a small video but hadn’t realised how great it was. I since paid the annual premium and love how I can edit my videos, turn my live pictures into a video whilst having a quick and easy process for it. I would 100% recommend this app if you want to start bring you photos/videos to life.Version: 4.4.2

ReviewBest app for editing videos. It’s so hard to see what your editing in iMovie because you have to crop every scene but this let app makes life so much easier and lets you pick everything from the beginning and even edit the filters (sharpness and vibrance). Totally worth paying premium!.Version: 3.3.1

Really easy to use!Haven’t had any issues running this app on my iPhone 8 or my 2021 iPad Air. I like that you can just buy all the functions in one go without the subscription, I much prefer to do that then end up with paying for a few months. You Gotta be prepared to pay for these things these people gotta too!.Version: 3.9.1

Great app!Easy to navigate, great app for turning memories into movies 😊.Version: 3.9.2

Vixer userHi! My name is Brenda, wanted to give acknowledgment to this app so far this app has been great. I have been using the Vixer app for some time now and it’s been a game changer in the way I post my pictures. Since using the Vixer app my pictures has come to live and everyone has been loving it. I have been loving the way my story comes to live giving it even more meaning to the way I have spent my day especially with those I love. It’s like creating your own Minnie movie with the help of the Vixer app. So many creative options to choose from in creating your own reality movie, yearly & monthly premiums affordable and so, so worth it-highly recommend!!!🤩⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😍👌👍.Version: 4.2.1

Love VixerLove the app so much! Honestly the most user friendly app I have found. The one thing that I’ve found that may need to be fixed is when I put any of my videos in fast forward mode, the sound doesn’t work anymore in the finished product. This is the one time I have to use I different editing platform to speed up my voice and video. Not too big of a deal though..Version: 3.6.4

AWESOME - Best App ever!!! 5/5I love Vixer! My 26 yo daughter put me on it…that’s the one she recommended because she’s used quite a few of them but advised that Vixer was the most intuitive and easiest to use! Been using Vixer to put together my holiday videos so family and friends can see what we’re getting up to. I got literally a 5 minute crash course from my daughter on how to use the App, then got on the plane! Everyone’s now asking me what App I use to create my videos because they love them!!! Definitely highly recommended for users of all ages!.Version: 4.4

Vixer is really goodThe reason o think it’s so good is because it is just the best editing app that I’ve ever used I think the ppl reading this should get vixer and try the FREE trail if not you can just use it without premium there are no ads what so every evryone loves it and you should just get it. CEO did u really send me a message personally or what if u don’t respond I will suspect that it was automated.Version: 4.4

Best video App ever !!!!I’ve just come back from Coachella and looked for a couple of days the best app to use for slideshows etc and after trying about 6 I kept coming back to Vixer- so user friendly (especially like me !!!) I love it - try it out it’s great has everything you need and easy to use ! Thanks.Version: 4.3.3

The best all around hands down!I have several apps and I have researched many - and Vixer is by far the best and tops every list of highest recommended apps for everything video and image collaboration, video editing, music, voice over, and the final product is crisp, sharp and looks better than the original. My latest project was a wedding montage of video and images with music and the finished product was crystal clear on a 60” TV. One of my favorite features in Vixer is that it takes a Live Photo from an iPhone and edits it as a video bringing that image to life. Vixer is by far my go to app and it’s finished product is always amazing. Highly recommend this must have app for everything if you want to take your work to the next level or the highest and best level!.Version: 4.2.3

AwesomeBest editing tool! Confidence brand approved… 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.Version: 3.9.2

Easier to use that the social media appsThis is a great app that is easy to use. I find it much easier to edit videos than the software Tik Tok or instagram has built in. Super helpful for creating content easily!.Version: 4.7.2

Great App, Awesome Customer ServiceI purchased the yearly subscription a few days ago because I really need it for a long term project I’m working on and the 3-day trial was just not gonna be enough. I’ve gone through a lot of apps with similar concepts but no so great execution and I enjoyed my experience with the trial that I decided to just go for it. I had a problem with the app not recognizing that I paid for the premium subscription and therefore not allowing me to save a project. I was able to contact them through Instagram and received an extremely speedy and helpful response. Their rep was able to identify the problem very quickly and guide me through getting the app to work again. Now I’m back to being satisfied and still happy with deciding to spend that money..Version: 2.2.3

Decent Basic Level Video Editing AppThis is a great inexpensive editing app for basic videos. I do wish there were better filter options that preserve better realism and more precise controls for editing individual appearance characteristics. Also the iTunes music feature can be very frustrating as far as when you buy a song, it’s not obvious at all where it will show up with option to add it into the video. It would be better if the screen automatically switched to where the now purchased piece is available to insert into your video instead of staying on the iTunes library options screen where you purchase. But overall a nice little app..Version: 4.7.1

Easy to use - top marksI’ve just started using Vixer. I’m new to video editing but found this app a pleasure to use. It’s easy and convenient for people like myself who’s just finding their feet in this space. I may need to upgrade to see it’s full potential but for now it does exactly what it says on the tin!.Version: 4.1

AmazingAmazing apps! Easy to use!.Version: 4.7.1

Awesome appLove the end of year review!! Definitely a highlight, but use this app frequently thank you 😊.Version: 4.0.2

Cool bananasIt’s a great app, easy to use features are nice. Would subscribe but the way my bank account set up ...Version: 4.3.3

Favorite memory appSome people use Instagram or Facebook as a way to look back on their memories, I like to use Vixer! It’s the best! I make one for every one of our vacations and set them to music that reflects the journey. I can easily save it to my phone, text or email it to my loved ones and voila - we have the memory forever! If you are an Instagram or Facebook user, you can easily share it there and not have to cut it short at a minute and a half like Instagram makes you. It’s really easy to use too. The best! Thank you Vixer, I’ll have these memories forever..Version: 4.7.1

Amazing appI love it. The quality of the coloring is better than the native Apple editing I would add the reverse 🔄 video feature to it, and perhaps filter that are of a better quality. Instagram filters aren’t better either, or maybe a way to save my settings for future usage..Version: 3.5.5

Vixer reviewI have been using this app for a while advertising my fashion brand , I find it helpful most of the times, I am able to create videos that customers are engaging with i just hope the app keeps improving with the latest features so that we are able to grow in our business and expand . Many thanks Sipho.Version: 3.9.1

I love this app!I take a lot of photos of my grandchildren and post them for friends and family to see. What I noticed is when I posted photos alone, ppl weren’t terribly interested in seeing a barrage of photos week after week and that’s totally understandable. What I noticed is when I posted the same photos in a short 1 minute video and attached a little music to it, my views and engagement skyrocketed. It’s not that there is anything special about my grandchildren, but of course I love to share my interactions with them with others. So this app has been a great way to share a an important part of my life with others in a way that makes it fun and engaging. PS: Recently had some issues with the app where I was getting error messages when I attempted to load photos. I finally deleted and reinstalled the app and the so far the problem seems to have resolved. PSS: If the developer could come up with a lifetime user fee like “InShot” has, that would be really awesome..Version: 4.4.2

Novice filmmakerI was so grateful to find this app after finding I could not run my annual riding nativity due to covid. I decided to video the riders doing their sections separately and then try and create a full video. This app made it so easy and I was even able to add all the music for each section. I was really pleased with the result. Highly recommended.Version: 3.6.4

Extremely Helpful ApplicationI use Vixer a lot of times to crop and cut memes so I can send them to my friends at good quality, it’s great because the app is even free to use! Which is why I was quite depressed to see a message from the developer himself saying that he was getting 1-star reviews and he doesn’t know why and all, I don’t know why people would rate this app 1 star, as it’s free and mobile so you don’t have to put much effort into editing. And to the creator himself, I thank you for letting me know, I rarely write reviews on apps but I figured since you decided to address me, I would leave a good review, I understand that it feels bad that people are giving you low reviews. Take your 5 stars, you’ve earned them..Version: 3.0

Brillant, Easy to use 👏🏼So easy to throw a couple of videos together and make great content, personalised with music ☺️ Best tip I have is if you're planning to make a video is ensure all the videos you've taken are either landscape OR portrait. I’ve easily made a few videos from my instagram stories combined after a holiday and theyre so nice. Worth it 👏🏼.Version: 3.7.3

Vixer ReviewI find the app very easy to manage. It’s clear and concise. It doesn’t have too many overwhelming features, so as a basic video editor I find it easy to use. I like to use it to make photos and videos of days, weekend trips or events seem more memorable and special. The app helps to do this..Version: 4.4

Glad I found Vixer!I don’t know the first thing about photography, videography or social media “presence”, but I do know I wanted to share my travel photos and videos with others on Instagram. I stumbled across Vixer, found it was so easy to use even I could make some pretty slick looking stuff, and happily discovered that it was even easier than Instagram’s tools if you want to do more than just slap a picture into your feed. I had no hesitation in paying for a premium membership once I figured out how user-friendly Vixer is. I’m sure there are things about developing and posting content that I don’t even know I don’t know, but I would recommend it Vixer to anyone..Version: 4.6

KirianaaLove it.Version: 3.9.2

Great appLove how easy it is to use, how great my clips look and it has improved my online presence for sure.Version: 4.6.2

Simply put, best Photo & Video editor. PeriodI’ve been through a ton of video editors and some are pretty good but settled on Vixer as it encompasses everything you could ever need to make great content. It’s intuitive, classy and gives you the professional results you’ll be proud to post. I’m on the free version which is great but waiting for a Black Friday kinda deal to take the plunge and upgrade..Version: 3.9.1

App reviewThis is almost perfect minus a couple things I really wish were there or just a little more user friendly. More user friendly: setting your texts needs to be a bit easier and less touchy. Whenever I try to set texts through a long movie I’m making i find some texts over lapping each other or interfering with other texts, and unless you set them perfectly every time you end of having to go through the whole short film again to re-set them where they needed to be. Not sure what if anything can be done to make it not so touchy and perfectionistic. Also I’m wanting to record my own speeches and putting those speeches into my movies. I’m finding that difficult if even possible. Thank you.Version: 3.3.1

Great appIntuitive and easy to use. I can whip up a solid video in minutes..Version: 4.7.1

Love this appI have tried a number of ‘movie making’ app but I must say that I prefer this one. It’s simple to use and gives me all the tools I need to make something really special. I have a lot of loved ones living on the other side of the world and this app allows me to make and send them something more special and personal then just a message or an email.Version: 4.2.1

Amazing app!My favourite video editing app :).Version: 4.2.1

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