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Whatnot - Live Video Shopping App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Whatnot - Live Video Shopping app received 85 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Whatnot - Live Video Shopping? Can you share your negative thoughts about whatnot - live video shopping?

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Whatnot - Live Video Shopping for Negative User Reviews

Scammer havenThis platform actively promotes scammer groups such as Backyard Breaks. Stay away.Version: 3.1.4

Terrible!! Don’t waste your time!Suuuuper sketchy!! Beware! They make you enter your card info just to make even an offer!!! I went to make an offer on a Funko. The seller had posted a fake Funko and so I offered them $2.00 less then what was being asked as my kiddo doesn’t need a real Funko. The offer was cancelled within hours not declined just left as cancelled without explanation. So I was worried about the seller having my card info and decided to look into the sellers business name. I discovered this was a fake seller. Their website had zero legitimate information on the business and seemed to be a hack site. Their Instagram just had a bunch of fake funkos posted and they weren’t selling anything else on “what not app”. I alerted the company by opening a ticket. They claimed they couldn’t resolve this without an order and tracking number. Well I didn’t order anything and my complaint clearly stated I had only put in an offer. So they don’t care about a scammer using their platform which tells me they don’t care about protecting the consumers using their platform..Version: 3.12.0

Not customer friendly appI have spent thousands on this app and original I loved the idea. But recently many streamers have been just calling customer dil-dos and if you call them out on their customer service they don’t even send out the product you ordered. Then trying to look up recent purchases is very difficult because the page is constantly refreshing losing your place to look up old ordered. Also with some much I have purchased I can’t tell who sold me what. I have deleted the app since one of my last orders never came and tech support can’t help me out by looking my old orders. And with me not having a computer having to go back and forth on the phone app as it keeps losing my spot to look up my orders and not pictures of what I had paid for doesn’t give the customer any grounds to really fight back and get their money back. Also I have applied for months to stream and they approve other individuals who only have a few weeks on the app. Very upset.Version: 3.20.0

Messed up the Post Malone streamWhatnot was not prepared to have a few thousand people watching one stream during the Post Malone MTG drawing stream and it glitched out from user overload. That feels very doable (after seeing HQ handle way more people more effectively years ago) and seems like a huge oversight on their part. This app got me to sign up with the Post Malone promotion but will not get me to stay after their major screw up. Subsequently, they posted a re-run of the drawing a few hours before it happened on a weekday on Twitter, without even a notification to people who had the stream bookmarked and did the drawing from a pool of a fraction of those who had attempted to participate previously. A great opportunity for those who saw the tweet and got significantly improved odds of being chosen, but left myself and many others who had heard about the first stream and gotten excited for it feeling screwed over..Version: 3.24.1

Not for AustraliansCannot verify phone number from Australia, and cannot make purchases without verifying a phone number..Version: 3.1.5

Can’t add shipping addressI can’t select my state because when I choose Australia it’s still only showing me American states to choose from..Version: 3.42.0

Guessing US only customers?Says number invalid for U.K. and IRE number.Version: 3.1.4

Not of to a great startJust downloaded and trying to register my phone number when the screen pops up to enter my number it just freezes can’t enter a number or cancel or anything. Not a great start.Version: 3.31.1

Can’t be used on older devicesCan’t use it on my iPhone 7.Version: 3.0.8

I basically got taken advantage of.I joined an auction and the guy had the product listed as something super vague and then had sizes 4-15 available which led me to believe he’s selling shoes which he was. Being a LIVE AUCTION he had a pair of the high top Travis Mochas in his hand and I placed a bid of $200 which would of been a fantastic deal. He then informs me that the $200 is just a down payment and I need to pay another like $1200 for the shoe (which is nuts every for resale) I told him he I misunderstood and to please refund my money and he refused. I tried reporting him for misrepresenting himself but I was ignored. Im now gonna have to cancel the order through my CC company. This app is weird and some of the vendors are really suspect and pushy. Having said that the few minutes I spent on the app (before getting scammed) I watched some people get decent deals but they charge quite a bit for shipping especially when your use to getting free shipping..Version: 3.32.0

A little confusing to get startedWhile I did receive a tech support message promptly, the conversation did not carry one after one answer that honestly didn’t help much ….Version: 3.17.1

Won’t let me sign upThe app will let me select my country but only gives US states to pick from so I can’t complete the registration process to actually use the app..Version: 3.42.3

Can’t visit websiteYou can’t visit their website on iOS because they force you to install the app otherwise you can’t view the website and the app is horrible, no search button for UK members.Version: 3.37.0

Don’t get if your from CanadaTried inputting my phone number multiple times and it doesn’t work. Ended up missing out on items because of this error. (Even tried adding the +1 to my number and still didn’t work) :(.Version: 3.1.2

Cannot verify phone numberThis app seems only for US users, I cannot verify my phone number and missed the giveaway....Version: 3.1.4

WhatNot is an apt name. Not what you wantSelects notification: crashes or whitescreens. Randomly asks me to login when I’m already logged in. I try to go to profile to see the login status, it just just crashes. On restart there was nothing wrong with my login. Connecting to any live auction buuuurrrns through battery like no other app. I get about 60 notifications every day, for things I don’t follow. Auctions have arbitrary schedules; you have to keep checking the app night and day to see if sellers have a scheduled auction but sooo many times they just make announcements on another app and no regional time, then go live immediately. WhatNot Comics is the worst for this. Drops teasers on Instagram, another app, for weeks then ignores everyone who’s been asking for standard retail listings. Why no use this app to setup an auction further in advance. Any notification of someone you’re interested in gets lost in the dozens of unwanted notifications. To see if anyone you’re following has a scheduled auction or listing, you have to select following twice. It seems most stores have nothing ever going on or scheduled. It’s a ghost town. Every single auction I attended had shill bidding. All of them. So the central feature of this app is abused and pointless. Buyers should have to purchase a retail listing before bidding because the vast majority of them are just hitting the bid button during an auction yo screw with people who have more money..Version: 3.0.5

Too expensive shippingShipping is too expensive for Canada. 20$ usd for each funko pop. No combined shipping. It is very too expensive..Version: 2.1.45

Flaws that over charge you and No support!As a buyer I bid on an auction at $9 and hit the bid $9 button. Several other people must have also hit bid $9 at the same time. The system bumped the price up to $11. When 3 people hit bid at a price at the same time their servers count 3 more bids and which ever came in last is now the winner at a higher priced bid then what you agreed too!! Auction was won at higher price and charged me for it. The sale holder asked to request support and tell them. They will fix $2. I was directed to a slow email. Email answered they see no mis-bid issue and they have to maintain the integrity of the system. They are not understanding what happened. If it can do this over $2 what stops it from more? I am forced to ask to cancel sale with seller and if they refuse they have to maintain the system integrity and charge me fully for their systems error. Don’t use these clowns!!.Version: 3.38.0

Horrible appJust crap.Version: 3.27.0

Not adjusted well yetApp has its problems but for customers which is what pays, hurts on the shipping costs within canada!.Version: 3.43.2

Bad appYou need to enter your phone number to make purchases on the app however, when I tried to it said my number was “invalid”. I contacted whatnot over a week ago and they still haven’t gotten back to me..Version: 3.1.2


Trash appThe multi-point and multiple verification process is absurd. I didn’t have to verify so much an and so often with banks or the irs. This ridiculous process has left my account unusable. I tried to make another account but the incredibly flawed system says in can’t because my number is associated with another account. The so called customer support is a joke. The “live chat” isn’t even live, it’s a bot giving robo responses. When asked for contact you’re directed to emails (no phone number to call). Directed to jump through more hoops only to be left high and dry. I missed an important auction with one of a kind products, and missed the opportunity to win the free products during multiple giveaways. I couldn’t even use the chat without further verifications that were denied by this system. These were opportunities I can’t get back. The ONLY saving grace in this miserable experience is that I didn’t lose money on the app itself. I’d be demanding a refund if I did. I’d have given zero stars if it was an option, so they should consider themselves lucky to get the one..Version: 3.16.0

Absolutely useless!Can’t verify my address & says my phone number is invalid. There solution is for me to send a photo of my drivers license to them via unsecure email. Bad app + bad service = 1 ⭐️.Version: 3.1.9

ScamDo not download this App if you are outside US! You will be told shipping is $10 bucks then get billed $38USD. They are complete scammers. Bought into a break for 1 team and was charged $38 usd immediately for shipping. Might not even get a card in the break. They knew what they were doing. They advertise as low seller fees to compete with eBay, then absolutely destroy the buyer on shipping. Stay away folks and read the other comments I am not alone in this over charged shipping game they’ve been running!.Version: 3.17.1

CrashesThe app crashes every time i use it when trying to find a user..Version: 3.32.1

Needs some attention.All in all a pretty well crafted app with consumer interphase, BUT the app lacks attention to the streamers themselves. As a consumer, I can view blatant favoritism to streamers who’ve already reached success, advertising for only big streamers and the short end of the stick for small streamers. Slow in updates for anything but iOS users which limit streamer/consumer relationships. Rules are okay to be broken if you’re a top streamer but not for smaller streamers. There is a favoritism to people who can only be described as “snowflakes”. Rating system needs an update too, there needs to be a better structure and an area for the consumer to leave a review and not just stars and why can’t a streamer argue a rating if it’s obvious they’ve been review bombed? There is no protection, no work from whatnot to increase viewership unless you’re already big, bad rating system, terrible algorithm and not enough moderators or enforcement of rules EQUALLY to everyone regardless of income or views..Version: 3.7.0

UselessThe app won’t allow me to add my phone number, excluding me from partaking in any events..Version: 3.1.1

Needs major improvementsThe notifications are extremely annoying with no way to turn off or on certain ones, you have to have all on or all off. They spam you with random things you don’t care about and never get what you do care about. You get notifications from stuff you’re following that happened years ago to hours ago and you always miss everything. The layout is annoying, it needs to be more like eBay or something to actually function as a selling app. I do like how they have recently purchased prices. The search option always bugs out for me, it needs better search options, more broad and more specific options. I want to be able to search for Star Wars funko pops and sort newly listed pops and have all of what I want to see pop up. There needs to be better options for sorting and there needs to be bids and similar things. There just needs to be a bunch of major improvements before this app is usable..Version: 2.1.54

$11 shipping fees policy makes no sense!I bought a comic book and was charged $11 USD of shipping fees by Whatnot. I bought a single Pokemon card, not a box, no, a single card and was charged $11 USD for shipping again. That stupid policy has to stop! That makes no sense! Whatnot should let sellers decide for the shipping fees..Version: 3.17.0

Search barThe app doesn’t even have a search bar to search for users.Version: 3.35.1

Stole my moneyIt’s my first time selling on this app. I sold an item over a week ago and it has been delivered a couple of days(almost a week). I finally decided to reach out to customer service and I received a notification and email the next day that it has been complete. The weird thing is my balance is zero but there’s a transaction of the money I should’ve received. Funny thing is I never physically selected the transfer button. I thought it transferred automatically so I checked my PayPal account and there are no transactions. I have no money in my account. I felt comfortable selling here because of the great reviews. I just want my money. If customer service can reach out to me about this situation, I will appreciate it Update: After I left a review, I received my money in my balance. I just don’t like that it’s connected to PayPal. It took weeks to get my money. I would have prefer it if I can link my debit card. Bottom line, I got my money 3 weeks after the item was delivered..Version: 2.1.60

Garbage appThere is absolutely no way to delete your account on the app or their website..Version: 3.1.2

Platform good, but sellers obnoxious and crazy pricesThis platform is so good, but it’s ruined by obnoxious loud used car salesmen type people. They’re always screaming at the top of their lungs pushing their crazy expensive breaks and saying how they can’t believe how low spots are going for. There’s like 2-3 buyers who keep bidding up spots and winning the majority of them. I’m talking about $500 spots and they’re winning 10 of them like nothing each break. They’re spending $50,000 a day easily, which is hard for me to believe. I’m suspecting they have friends who bid these up and then they get a cut and don’t really have to spend that much. I deleted this app, it’s too much and the skinny of money you spend you keep getting junk and your chances of hitting anything in group breaks are horrible compared to the money you’re spending. Better off breaking with established breakers who break whole cases than these dudes who keep stacking up those dumb “Sweat Boxes” that puke out $50 cards. Prepare to hear this over and over in loud volume “VALUE ON TOP OF VALUE!!!! THESE SPOTS SHOULD BE $1000 EASSSSYYYY!!!!! WHAT ARE WE DOING GUYS YOU GOTTA FIGHT FOR IT!!!! I CANT BELIEVE HOW LOW THESE SPOTS ARE GOING!!! BIGGEST BREAK WE’VE EVER DOOOOOOONNNNNE” It wasn’t fun anymore listening to all that crap..Version: 3.28.1

Allow Scammers on their platformGet rid of backyard breaks....Version: 3.0.7

Huge ScamHuge scam website, vendors will pull rare cards for you and “forget” to send them and support is useless. Very difficult to delete account once it’s made. I could not recommend against an app more. There are many alternatives to this garbage company. Save yourself some frustration and look elsewhere..Version: 3.19.2

Liked at first but..I’ve already wrote a review on this app but I’m writing another as I grow more and more frustrated and disgusted with this app. I’ve applied multiple times to be a seller on this app and never get a legitimate response as to why I’m not getting approved. They ask for proof of sales, which I provided and have completed over 1,000 orders on PopShop live. They clearly favorite who they want to sell on this app and it’s a joke. A former friend of mine got approved within a month of applying and he is banned from eBay, PayPal, Mercari, and other sites. He used to go live with me on Instagram and he wouldn’t make nearly as much sales to be approved so quickly. They also approved another seller who was on PopShop and didn’t last two weeks because she couldn’t make sales. More than likely approved her because she is a girl. She also doesn’t know anything about cards or players besides what her boyfriend tells her. I’ve watched countless buyers get scammed or pay well over resale to end up getting screwed in the process. The approval system on this app is a joke. Majority of the sellers are cons. And it’s getting pathetic that legit sellers who are doing this for the community are on hold for whatever pathetic reasoning they have..Version: 3.0.4

EBay with terrible musicI don’t know where to start…. Some sellers are awesome but plenty get angry when they don’t sell stuff and complain. Imagine “watching” something on eBay and the sellers tells you off for not buying it. Whatnot staff pretends to care about bad language but that’s only for people typing in chat… I’ve been cursed at, threatened by a seller but if you respond your at fault. I’ve videoed about 50 different streams over the last couple weeks were the music playing in the background alone is inappropriate. Moving on from there… it’s basically sellers buying from sellers and you will see the same item recycled on another stream a week later. Like I said earlier there are really good sellers but by far the majority are starting items at EBay prices. If your looking for another eBay, this is for you but beware your stuck listening to bad attitudes and there music selection….Version: 3.30.0

It’s all downhill from hereI am amending my review of previously highly suggesting this app. I have been a user for well over a year now and the app has gone downhill in the past few months. An over saturation of streamers who know nothing about the topics of there own stream has crippled this app. Many people are either trying to scam buyers or just make there money and screw over the buyer in some way. Similar to how gambling is the streamer will encourage you to spend more money in hopes of getting something more in return but it usually falls short. Whatnot support (their support center) used to be on top of all issues and correct any wrongdoings but now they are in a damage control and only have the ability to do something about the issue after the fact of spending (and losing your money). Stick to other websites like ebay for your collectibles. This app is not for those who are looking to actually expand their collection..Version: 3.13.1

Not suitable for non USThis app is insane, charges treble the cost of the item for postage. Let it filter by country. How is this app pulling 4.5 stars when every review I can see is 1 star and that it is crap. AVOID..Version: 3.43.2

Damaged bookThere are some outstanding sellers on this app and some not so stellar. I tried to get my money back because I received a comic that wasn’t even dollar bin worthy with a store COA and signature attached to it. The book had some type of hard liquid across pages and on the back. Like, who graded this book an 8.0? What’s sad is that I’ve bought dozens of high end books from them which is confusing. Why rip someone off for $18 after they have purchased tons of slabs? The responses from whatnot were horrible. After several emails back and forth with whatnot months ago we agreed on them sending a return box which never came. This app is full of sellers trying to get rid of their “spine tick” and weathered inventory. They won’t tell you the flaws until after you bid and everything is labeled as a F/VF-NM. Pay $30 for a mystery box and get one pristine book worth maybe $10 and the rest are readers copies. If customer service would have followed through with what they promised, I may have given a 4-5 star review..Version: 3.15.1

MehJoined with code but didn’t get a 15$ credit to use it’s an okay streaming app for other physical giveaways but it sucks when there’s ads for 15 dollar credits that can’t be claimed.Version: 3.32.0

Can’t set it to a province has to be a state even after I changed to CanadaAwful.Version: 3.38.2

Awful Shipping PricesIf you don’t live in America you’re kinda screwed with shipping. They say to ship to Australia it costs $70 for an item that is only 3 grams (or less than 1 ounce)..Version: 3.20.0

Popularity contest, more about the seller’s ego than giving people good dealsIve been on this app for a few months now. Bought a decent amount and have scored great deals but also lost out on value My problem is the sellers who have gained such a status that they are 1) immune from criticism 2) conduct sketchy practices and 3) are babied by whatnot due to their status If you are here to get deals, good luck. For the most part you won’t be saving much money since the main promoted seller’s price things in a predatory way For giveaways, many sellers FORCE purchases before running giveaway drawings. While also using it as a tactic to bring viewers in, but don’t draw until 20-45minutes later A lot of top sellers seem to get away with things that seem questionable such as making viewers sign up to an online marketing list, to be able to participate in giveaways. Some promote favoritism with popular viewers in order to gain brownie points A lot of what you will see is inflated egos, nepotism, and popularity contests between the top names because the market divulges into a focus on personal branding rather than connecting a seller to a buyer If you are looking to find great prices on things this is not the place If you want to see a circle jerk of salesmen (mostly) ripping people off pretending to all be friends then this is the app for you.Version: 3.32.2

Poor handling of customer serviceI had just recently gotten into using the app a bit more and made my first attempt at selling a pop, only to get my pop lost or stolen in the process due to me using the wrong shipping label according to the whatnot support tech when all I did was literally use the same label I had gotten through them in an email but I don’t know how tracking numbers came out different and it’s been a whole hassle and I’m here still with no money or pop feeling pretty upset. Edit: it’s now been a month or so and still no response, I have my post office receipt showing it’s the same address as the one they had sent me through email to ship my sold collectible but their argument is that I used the wrong label to ship and it was delivered to the wrong place when the label the post office gave me matched the address on the one they emailed to me by whatnot. So I sit here with nothing still waiting. Customer service still pretty trash..Version: 3.0.7

Avoid if you live in CanadaI spent 1 day as a Whatnot user and instantly regretted my decision to make an account. In no way am I recommending this platform to any fellow Canadians. It appears a seller does not have to make their international shipping rates clear upfront. I signed up thinkng this platform is supposed to be fun given the spontaneous nature of all the live feeds, but quickly learnt getting caught up in the excitment can bite you in more ways than simply not hitting anything nice in a break. So I won two breaks spots fot $35 total, didn't hit much, and then got a bill for $73 USD. I reached out as fast as I could and said the seller could keep my original bid price of $35 and the cards. In no way did I wish to spend another $38 to receive a couple of base cards. Unfortunately it took customer service 4 days to get back to me and the cards are already in transit. I still can't find anything posted on hte breaker's page that states how much they charge for shipping. Lesson learned. Overall I see the utility in Whatnot, just make sure you find breakers in your own home country..Version: 3.9.0

Needs work to be reliableI’ve been an avid buyer and seller on this platform since it’s early days. I used to love using this app and saw it as my go-to for both buying and selling Funko Pops. However, my “inventory” consists of hundreds of listings that I have ZERO search functionality or management ability over. I have to manually scroll through almost 400 of my own listings on the app to find an item I listed. Typically, the app will glitch about halfway through and start repeating the beginning listings so I can never make it through everything. As a seller, I need a platform that makes cross-posting easy with the ability to update my listings easily. Sadly, this app is the opposite of that. If I can’t access my 300+ items, I can’t deliver with the integrity I strive for as a seller, and it also makes me weary as a buyer to purchase anything from a seller with a lot of listings for that very same reason. Overall, this app has great potential. But the fancy live auctioning features and talk of introducing chat features shouldn’t come at the cost of basic functionality like inventory searching or simple data exports. At the end of the day, it’s a good enough app, but not the trusty bread and butter go-to app that I had really hoped Logan and the team were striving for long term..Version: 2.1.49

Completely disfunctionalThe entire UI is incredibly poor. Not only is the app difficult to navigate, it literally doesn’t work. My phone number is deemed “invalid” when I tried to verify my account to place bids on an auction. I tried every combination, with the country code, without - no luck. And yes, I typed my phone number in correctly. I emailed support for help, and got no response so far. Incredibly frustrating and disappointing..Version: 3.1.2

Whatnot Sellers False advertisingCards sold were not what was pictured. Soft corners, terrible packing jobs and flat out wrong cards. Not what was pictured/ what I thought I was buying and Whatnot.Version: 3.17.1

Could be betterCategory selection. Tabs to separate auction, breaks, etc. If it already have it it’s not so user friendly for beginners. Also the add payment section pops up every time to the point where I just closed the app. It should only at starting the app. People will put payment detail to purchase anyways..Version: 3.31.1

Nice platform - watching helplessly from a distanceWhat’s the actual holdup to allowing international sellers? How about featuring a broader range of product lines/categories? ‘70s-‘80s vintage toy lines would be watchable even if none if it’s familiar; band merch, vintage tabletop gaming, retired ccgs. What will Whatnot pivot to once the current Poké bubble bursts after the markets gets flooded by everyone’s graded slabs? Bidders beware: the impulse to buy is much stronger in this semi-social setting. Not so much about finding deals as scoring the things..Version: 3.0.8

Unbelievable app shame they scam peopleDownloaded this app and throughly enjoyed watching live videos and joining in with follow pokemon collectors in the USA only to find that even if I place a bid in even for a single card I will be charged $55 postage I understand I live in the uk but £55 to send a card that will go into a envelope and be sent, I’ve sent and received countless item from the USA and it’s never been more than $20 to post and receive boxes of cards so we’re has the other $35 gone 🤷🏻 the sellers I’ve spoke to we’re also appalled by the charges and couldn’t work it out either, so unless u live in the usa this app is not for you Thanks.Version: 3.1.4

ShippingThis app is designed well and I like the concept however there needs to be a way to view live auctions near you, or an ability to search this. As I’ve joined many live auctions and wanted to bid on the amazing deals just to realise I’d have to pay upwards of £30 to receive any purchases making the items not worth buying. I understand I live in the uk however this app doesn’t seem to be suitable for worldwide customers and maybe should be local to the areas. The app could 100% be 5 stars if it had a feature to distinguish where sellers are located !!!!.Version: 3.23.1

Can’t mute streamsCan’t mute streams.Version: 3.22.0

App is a scam will prey on consumers and offer no buyer protectionThis is built for people to scam you they allow the seller to get paid before shipping merchandise. If you receive the wrong item or if you don’t receive your merch at all the find you solely responsible and reserve the right to refuse to refund you. If they do allow you to get a refund you have to ship it to there warehouse and they might send you a refund after verifying the item. Only thing what if someone never sends the item or it gets lost basically you are the only person penalized. My son purchased something without my permission and they told me I’m responsible if someone uses or hacks into my account. What not is a terrible service and built for scams and makes it easy for consumers to get scammed don’t fall for YouTubers bring you to this app it doesn’t provide protection to customers only sellers giving them a advantage to rip you off..Version: 3.23.1

Making offersDon’t like that an offer can last up to 30 days. Even if we can cancel. Seller should have 2 days max to decide. In addition, if an offer is declined or cancelled, we should be able to click on the picture and it should bring us back to the listing. Currently it is difficult to see which listing I placed an offer on especially if there are multiple listings..Version: 2.1.62

Cannot add phone numberApp doesn’t allow me to add my phone number to verify myself therefore cannot take part in anything. Fix this, now!.Version: 3.1.4

Great app when it worksI am constantly having to close the app completely and open again as the auction rooms just have sound with either a blue background or a picture. I thought it was my Samsung so I switched to my IPhone and I’m having the same issue..Version: 3.0.3

Whatnot still needs to get its things in orderApplied to be a seller on this app , the seller application process isn’t straight forward and what not employees seem to make mistakes and punish users for them . I applied with the intention to sell customized pressed on nails , I was approved . Then I get an email from WhatNot saying it was a mistake to approve me and that I don’t have enough inventory , business history , etc . So I did what any person would do and come up with a different strategy . I re applied for the movie category and this time was approved again . Except when I joined the onboarding session for some reason after it my account was still not live to sell . So I contacted the support team and they banned my account saying I tried to join an onboarding session without invitation (which is false) . So I sent them multiple screenshots of the invitation and inventory and I kept sending them emails , next thing you know the safety team is telling me I’m permanently banned for “harassment “ when I ask them who and how I’m harassing anyone for inquiring about a mistake they made they simply close the case and are not trying to be helpful . I have an eBay store and a top rated seller . Clearly this company has some stuff to work through and they aren’t very transparent . I was a great buyer and just wanted to try and sell on there too ..Version: 3.40.3

More worldwideI really like the idea however i live in the uk and the shipping is really high ($17 upwards) and this is a problem because i end up spending more on the shipping than the product i would like there to be a filter system so you can filter countries and also prices im sure alot of people who use this app can agree especially if your from the uk.Version: 3.28.1

Needs improvement for international buyersDo not trust the “Shipping & Tax” button if you’re an international buyer. I tapped the button and it said shipping would be $15. However, I was charged $38. I contacted support and got a prompt and polite response saying I was charged the correct amount. I would give a 4 or 5 star review if the help documentation for international shipping is updated to be unambiguous, or the “Shipping & Tax” button is fixed..Version: 3.17.0

Allows predators and violent men.This app allows predators and abusive men to threaten and intimidate women on the app. No matter how often you report it, they do nothing about it. This app is a lawsuit waiting to happen..Version: 3.39.1

Has potential but….I’ve been using this app for over a month now and love the idea. I’ve spent several thousands of dollars on over 100 transactions. Do you think I should be able to get someone to answer my email within a week? Well they don’t! Now I just ran into a payment issue and haven’t been able to upload any credit card on their app and I’m not sure why. Hopefully they get back to me before Christmas so I can start buying again. It’s April so I would say I have a 50/50 chance. I’m just so frustrated that not one employee can take the time to look into my Now 2 issues. There are also issues with the bidding so be careful bidding. It might say bid $4 and when you press it, you might have bid $100. Since everyone bids at the last second it goes up extremely fast so make sure you watch before you bid. Custom bidding is the safest. Hopefully they will hire some employees and run this like a normal company. It will be sad if they ruin it..Version: 3.8.1

AvoidApp barely functions. For an app that takes addresses and payment information, it’s really shocking that you can’t delete your account yourself. You have to contact them to do it, seems like a scummy practice..Version: 3.24.1

Do not supportDo not support these guys. They are only after big sellers. Tried to apply and they said no. How is the little guy suppose to grow if you can’t help them. This platform would be great for people who are smaller sellers. I agree you have to have big fish. What about the little guy..Version: 3.21.0

Address selction garbageCant change my “state” in CANADA to say my current PROVINCE. Fix this. Restarted the app, deleted and re-installed, signed in again. No help..Version: 3.42.3

Watch out, they didn’t honor their promotional creditI signed up for the website because there was a recent $15 credit promotion in conjunction with a YouTuber I like. The promotion was advertised as $15 of store credit to use on whatever I wanted. I bought a couple cards on stream for about $20 all told, and was assured the credit would apply automatically. I checked after and it did not. Whatnot support is refusing to apply the credit. They want me to ask the original streamer to cancel the order and issue the refund instead of owning their own problem. Now I feel guilty to ask, because it’s essentially taking money away from the YouTuber that they thought they had. I am sure Whatnot knows this is how people will feel, and is hoping they’ll just give up and try to apply the credit again. Outside of being all but scammed, Whatnot has other issues. Its chat function broke for the streamer, and did for me as a viewer multiple tomes as well, and was never good about scrolling down to the bottom. The giveaway turned out to be app only, despite having a web client. There’s no good reason for it to be like that. The profile page offers vanishing little information. The rest of the app is fine, and its a neat idea. Overall its not a terrible app, but offering a promotion to get me to join and buy and then not honoring it when I so is completely unacceptable and I will not be back. I strongly urge you also look elsewhere..Version: 3.36.1

Can’t even use the appWish I could put my address in without it saying it’s invalid and also can’t choose my province even after selecting Canada, it just shows the states..Version: 3.40.2

Newer Features Detract from the ExperienceI joined Whatnot because a friend became a seller and have since met many wonderful people. Because of the people, I will continue to use Whatnot despite how frustrating it has become. New features (like swipe to change streams) detract from the experience and are frustrating. Even the new slider bid button (which is also annoying) causes users to change streams against their will! The ability to zoom in on products was taken away even though it was helpful, as was the ability to caption auctions. (Which is actually an accessibility issue.) Some of this could be easily resolved if users were given the ability to edit their preferences and toggle certain features on and off, but I don’t think anyone on the Whatnot development team has thought of that. If you watch longer streams the problems with the platform become more obvious and annoying. Who is suggesting some of these features? Are buyers and sellers even included in the process? As a frequent user, I’d be happy to join something like a feedback Discord (I know a seller Discord exists) and help to assess the actual functionality of features as they’re rolled out. (Or beta test then before they roll out, which would actually make more sense.) My guess is that others would also be willing to do something like this..Version: 3.40.2

Terrible.This app is one of the worst live apps EVER. I was in a 16 shoe giveaway, and I’m new so I didn’t know if I needed to verify. So I went into the live and couldn’t type, or enter the giveaway, because they’re antes my phone number and the stupid app wouldn’t let me put it in, i deleted it And got it again then the entire app froze. Honestly, I didn’t wake up at 4 am for this. Terrible app, don’t download..Version: 3.32.1

Doesn’t let me use my addressThere’s no states in Canada.Version: 3.40.2

Missing package for WHATNOT authenticationThe WhatNot team has told me they have not received my package from the seller. The tracking stats it as delivered to them on December 30th, 2022. Todays date is January 11th, 2023. They also emailed the seller stating it was going to them but the buyer (ME) has received the item so they released his payout, I have not received the item. The tracking legit says it was dropped off in there PO BOX, how can they say they have not received it? Terrible communication from them, giving both the buyer/seller the run around and false information. I honestly think this company is going downhill and they could honestly careless about peoples items. When stuff like this happens I should be getting a 30% extra refund. I don’t care about getting a refund because I bought this funk pop for a REASON. They should be contacting the post office or when they go and pick up items, but hey they rather give us the runaround and play games I guess. I really hope they find this package and stop PLAYING GAMES…..Version: 3.44.0

Cary verify phone numberEvery number I try says invalid.Version: 2.1.60

Features missing from whatnot appI have downloaded the app and I want to buy some things but only on the website for whatnot I can surely choose the preference to view items from low to high price starting with the lowest price. I don’t see this on the app. I would like to know on the app why the feature is not there for people to have preferences to choose that they either want to see new new items that have been posted or they want to see items first that are high priced to low priced or see items that are from low priced too high price and they’re basically is not that feature on the app so far that I see and it’s very frustrating. If I could find that or find out how to do that on the app I would buy something but it looks like I would have to be buying from the website instead of the app. That’s not really good when you don’t have the preference on the app because a lot of people want to see first the lowest priced items..Version: 3.24.1

Great App Terrible StaffWhen I first found out about this app it was from a friend who is a seller so I gave it a try and at first it was great I had fun watching peoples streams buying stuff interacting with new people and making new friends but unfortunately that’s where the good remarks end as long as the above goes smoothly then you’re in for a great time but lord help you if you need to get in contact with customer service I think they just give you generic email to show that they “care” and then just move on and leave you to your problem I’ve been trying to get help from customer service for a month now each just saying “sorry to hear the other person couldn’t help give me 72hrs to get to the bottom of it and fix your problem” which I’m like alright cool 3 days is cool y’all are a big company but they never even get back to you.Version: 3.14.0

SCAMDo not use this site. Especially if your Canadian. You will pay $38usd for shipping even if it’s 1 card. Even if you enter a break and hit no cards your paying $38usd for shipping. Worthless app, terrible customer support.Version: 3.19.2

Disorganized AppHard to login and terrible service.Version: 3.29.0

Can’t ship from CanadaCool site but seems you can only ship from USA.Version: 2.1.10

Good app, flaws ruin it,I got this app because I saw one of my favorite influencers doing a giveaway on it, bought something with there referral link that gave me $15. Then I was in a live stream and bidding on something, people add custom amounts, which make the price go up as much as they want (say, 20 -> 30 instead of 20->21), so I hit the bid button on a product I wanted, someone made the price go up, causing me to bid more than I wanted. I sent a cancellation request, declined, emailed support, nothing. Be careful what you bid on I guess. Then people over price things like crazy, and say things such as, “It’s mint guys that’s why it costs more” then shipping and taxes bring everything up like crazy, such as you buy a 16 dollar product, shipping and taxes make it 25. So if you want deals, go to eBay because at least they have a decent return policy..Version: 3.32.6

HAVE DIFFERENT CURRENCY CHOICESPlease add CAD available to the app.Version: 3.43.2

Waste of timeCalled them out on a rigged drop and was banned for “trolling, being disrespectful, and other bad behaviour” there’s literally ppl spamming emojis and repeatedly saying “glizzy “ yet i got banned. that’s how you know it’s actually rigged.Version: 3.1.1

Bad appContinually crashes and cannot verify information properly making it impossible to join auctions..Version: 3.1.2

Worst customer service possible!This could be a fun and enjoyable app if only it worked. It’s so buggy and trying to get a hold of someone from their support is awful. They tell you they fixed the problem and they don’t… Thats if they even respond to your email. Their support team is completely incompetent and utterly useless. When Whatnot sellers tell you how awful the app is and how much worse the support is it’s saying something. I’m on over my 20th email and not a single person knows what they are doing. They should add a customer support phone line so problems can be resolved on the spot. Overall, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on this app and I will say I’m very happy with the sellers I just wish they had an app where they were supported by the developers. Also, 11% of all sales goes to whatnot where they could use the funds to improve the app but instead they release pointless updates that have zero benefits to the users and buyers. Hope they figure their stuff out soon because I’ve started seeing sellers do private sales through the app to avoid the issues which ultimately costs whatnot their 11%..Version: 3.3.0

Crashes as a sellerEvery single time I got to create my listing and add a photo it crashes and deletes everything I just typed.Version: 3.37.0

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