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Intent - Healthy Meal Plan Positive Reviews

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Intent - Healthy Meal Plan App User Positive Comments 2023

Intent - Healthy Meal Plan app received 46 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about intent - healthy meal plan?

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Intent - Healthy Meal Plan for Positive User Reviews

Great App!!This is a great app because not only does it allow you to plan your meals but it will also help you with your grocery shopping list & automatically populate the ingredients from the recipes. You can customize your goals, for instance I chose KETO because I love my meat & it’s targeted to help me loose 15 pounds in 4 months, aggressive approach. And it will actually give you the option to go at a slow medium or aggressive path. It is ultimate ease & takes the guess work out of food choices for the week. The ONLY thing I wish was more customizable is the SNACKS tab bc it gives you presets but you can’t add to those presets. A minor tweak that would make this app 5 STARS!.Version: 2.12

Simplifies my life!I have tried multiple free and paid meal planning apps, but Intent is my app of choice for its non bloated UI and ease of use. The app’s simplicity belies its excellent features like the grocery list, repeat/leftovers handling, and menu customization. Meal planning has really helped me to save time, cut decision fatigue, and feel more control over what I’m eating. While there are similar apps out there, I really credit Intent with making the meal planning process much easier (even kind of enjoyable?) which helps me to actually stick with it. The app is free to use, but as a paid subscriber I think the extra features are worth it and I’m happy to support the developers..Version: 2.17

Awesome tool to a tasty and healthy meal planningA real practical and genius application , I find it exiting to try the recipes while I can keep an eye on my carb intake ,calories and proteins ; it helps me to plan my week, I Can chose to skip breakfast on my planning and it will adjust my calories and protein on my manu . Plus if you are missing items on the shopping list it transfer your list to instacart to do the shopping and you have remainders for your shopping . I am a believer on this application and will give update after a month of using the app to loose weight . Thanks you for making this available to everybody ..Version: 2.3

Best $50 ever spentHonestly. I have never reviewed an app before in my life. This is the best meal planning app I’ve ever seen. I have literally seen 3 dietician/nutritionist in the last year to help me with my diet (I do not eat meat and have a LOT of food allergies) so that I can lose weight. Literally, all I’ve wanted them to do is tell me what to feed myself every day and a grocery list for those meals. This app did what the professionals could not do. Also, such a huge bonus, ALL THE RECIPES ARE DELICIOUS AND FILLING. I was able to put in allergies, family members, diet restrictions (pescatarian), how many meals I wanted planned and how many members of the family I was cooking for, for each meal!!! Buy it now..Version: 3.7

LOVE THIS APP ..but there is 1 thingI downloaded this app to assist with macro counting & reaching weight loss goals. After the initial questionnaire and meal plan generator I was like - TAKE MY MONEY!! 😍 I immediately went to the store with my grocery list and now I am all set for the week. Im really picky about hitting my macros & I know to reach your goals you have to be pretty spot on (within 10-15 g of target macronutrient). They calculated my macros to: Carbs: 212g, protein: 128g, & fats: 38g. Total daily Calories: 1702. I’m vegetarian so my carbs are usually high. After completing day 1, I calculated everything I ate on MyFitnessPal which I wholeheartedly trust and they calculated my day to: Carbs: 213g, protein 74, & fats 43 No it’s not too far off, except my percentages come out to 64% carbs, 22% protein & 13% fat. When you’re really trying to get lean/cut these numbers really matter.. These percentages would have me gaining or maintaining. Please try to get more accurate with these numbers otherwise you guys are amazing. But for that reason, I’m canceling my subscription 😩💔 Also, there’s no way to add coffee.. I need my coffee!! 🤎.Version: 2.8

Manages all the logistics for healthier eatingI'm loving this app. So much. I've been using similar apps for over a decade now and this is my favorite user-experience so far. The food preferences, inclusion of my family/household, recipes and grocery list linked to shopping/delivery apps!) - I just love it. I'm very busy and just don't have the time to do things right. (Shopping, prep, tracking healthy choices - it's a LOT and why so many of us lead unhealthy lives.) This app has all the right features to set us up for success. Tomorrow starts my first week - had the groceries delivered earlier today. I'm very excited and MOTIVATED to follow through. The visual aspect of the user interface in this app is motivating. The meal pics are great. So many little bells and whistles. I hope to purchase a lifetime access. Just testing it out but our future relationship looks fantastic!.Version: 3.6

This app is extremely convenientI just started using the app and it’s extremely convenient for meal prepping. It’s flexible based on your nutrition needs and gives you many meal plan options to choose from. The grocery list is very nice and efficient. It gives you the ability to check off the items on your list and everything is organized by department. The only thing I would change/add to this app is the ability to edit ingredients (change them to a substitute). The app will auto-generate meals based on your taste preferences and if a meal is listed that your not too fond of you can swap it out for a different dish. Lastly, I like that the Macronutrients are listed by percent and gram. So far the food has been great!.Version: 2.11

New App with LOTS OF POTENTIALThis application is excellent in providing health conscious recipes for a variety of dietary needs from Keto to vegetarian. I’m using the Flexitarian mode where it focuses on heart healthy recipes with less meat and more vegetarian options. The app allows you to modify portions, modify the number of people eating at each meal to ensure accurate portion sizes, then cumulates a grocery list. The staff for the app have been proactive in getting feedback and critique on the apps and are actively responding and making changes. I see this app becoming a whole inclusive dietary monitoring system. Highly recommend to anyone trying to take their health into their own hands..Version: 1.8.2

Great lay outSo, I’m 14 and I cook for my family, my moms getting older and my brother can’t cook. One of my problems is knowing what to cook, this app really helped with that. It’s got easy to follow recipes from many different regions, awesome mechanics and a wonderful layout! It looks clean and refreshing and the recipes are set it in a really cool way, instead of having to scroll up to the top of the page for recipe amounts it’s listed right under the directions, which is nice. I also really like the sides feature, instead of having to pick sides yourself it has a wide selections of sides and you can pick your own quantities of the side, but if you don’t like the side it picked for you you can go in and change it, which is very easy to do. I also really enjoy the grocery list feature, while I don’t use the in-app grocery list I transfer the items that I don’t have in stock to my own grocery list. All-in-all it’s an easy to use app that I would recommend to anyone..Version: 2.4

Best meal planning app, creates your grocery list!I haven’t been using this app for very long but I love it! I’ve been switching through meal planning and tracking apps for years but have never been able to find one that had what I was looking for. Intent does! Have always been okay at making a meal plan, but the grocery list is always where I struggle. This app has been great for that, the list is in categories and as a checklist making shopping anywhere super easy! Also love that you can indicate likes, dislikes, allergies, dietary preferences. You can also swap recipes for any meals you may not want. Highly suggest trying this app!.Version: 2.13

Best app for meal prepping with a family.Honestly I have used soooo many meal prepping apps. Ones you pay for and free ones all kinds. I have 4 kids and a husband and we all have very different preferences, allergies, and needs. This is the only app I have found that takes everyone into account EVEN MY TODDLER! Like wow I was pretty amazed. You can track your macros, log your foods, follow what you cooked as a full plan or mix and match like I do. And it puts it all in a nice convenient grocery list that is shareable. Like actually shareable not just hey you have to download the app too or a mass list you have to decipher. I can send the list to my husband to shop for me. I only had one (negative) thing to say if you can even really call it that and one of the co-founders who runs the app messaged me back immediately to help me fix it. They really have thought of everything. If you have a busy life and can’t go by a strict plan or a big family whatever I HIGHLY suggest this app..Version: 3.15

Well thought out & easy to useI’ve tried a lot of “meal planner” apps but they were difficult to navigate and had way to many b.s. steps. This one is great. It’s easy to follow, give you the complete meals, and the recipes are delicious. I can edit them!! Like you can change out and add sides and portion size. This is a great app if you don’t know what to eat but know how to cook but want to go grocery shopping but don’t know where to start. They did a great job with the starter selection of recipes. I’m waiting for a couple more features before I buy the “pro” version but will —happily— pay to save an hour of “I don’t know do you want to eat” during my weekends. The customer support is totally awesome as well, they genuinely listen to their users comments. Overall try it out. I liked it..Version: 1.8.2

This App Makes My Macros So Easy!Let’s be honest here. I was a person who would start to focus on macros, do great for a few days, get confused because I have a son who’s in the “hot dog and pizza” phase of life. It helps me find new recipes that I wouldn’t even attempt to try because it’s too wild or I have to scroll through some woman’s life story to get there. This app not only helps me stay aligned with my macros but shows me new recipes, snack ideas and creates a grocery list. Game changer. You can even order your groceries if you want! Even my boyfriend says he loves this app. If I’m running late from work, I can send him the recipe so he can get started. My son can look and recipes to see what exactly goes into it. It helps him learn there’s so much more to food than chicken nuggets. Lol..Version: 3.14

INTENT is a Godsend for meIt’s said that 90% of the weight loss success starts in the kitchen. Herein lies my problem. I don’t enjoy cooking. I don’t enjoy shopping. I don’t enjoy meal prepping. You get the idea 🙄. However, as cliché as it may sound, INTENT really does take the guesswork out planning, prepping, and shopping for meals. Once I have my weekly meals planned, a grocery list is created. I can then send that list to my Instacart account and have my groceries delivered 👏🏾. I love it! I can tell a lot of thought has gone into this app. Bravo! I’ve truly been telling everyone I know who’s also struggling with sticking to a healthy lifestyle to try this app. Good job!.Version: 2.13

Love itThe app is really great. Firstly, it helps me prep meals and takes away the stress of what to eat. Second, I love how many options there are and how it helps me achieve my weight goal. Third, the recipes included are delicious, easy to make and a great place to learn how food works together healthy. Fourth, it’s affordable. Not only is the app at a fair price, but their grocery lists for the week for in person do not exceed $100. That comes out to being less than $10 a day on all my meals! Fifth, I’m actually minimizing food waste as old recipe ingredients are built into next weeks recipes & it teaches me when I can eat leftovers. Sixth the recipes are catered to feed however many mouths you’re trying to feed. So instead of shopping for a family and wasting all my food, I’m actually eating for just me. It helps me strategize meal planning too. Seventh, all recipes are quick so even after a long day of teaching, I can come home, cook and relax reasonably. Finally their customer support is with you the whole way, they’ll listen to your needs, wants and just converse with you on how the app is working. Deff would recommend if you’re looking to learn how to budget, food manage, cook and eat healthy!.Version: 2.9

This App is a game changer!For years I’ve said, “I just need an app that lets me make a grocery list for healthy meal prep”. This app is it. It saves me so much time, and helps me meal prep quickly without eating the same meal all week. The recipes are delicious and the app is super easy to use. I’ve used Intent for about five months and I’ve cut my grocery bill down by about a 1/3, I don’t waste produce and perishables anymore, and I’ve lost some weight! An idea for the developers: I would love a filter for season! :) I can choose seasonal dishes manually but it would be so cool to filter for “fall” and see all of the pumpkin smoothies and apple dishes!.Version: 2.24

Awesome AppI think the app is great, the recipes have been great (after a little preference tweaking) and the portion sizes match to exactly what I wanted. The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is that I wish I could import the meals into Cronometer and not just myfitnesspal. I’m not a fan of myfitnesspal and Cronometer is a much more informative service/tool for creating and maintaining a high quality diet, but that might boil down to personal preference. If they ever added a way to import to Cronometer, directly or indirectly, I would change my rating to 5 stars. I did purchase an annual subscription for intent and will continue to use it. Side note: I did contact their service team during my first meal plan because of an issue I had. Their assistance was quicker than most and the person who contacted me was very helpful..Version: 2.17

Awesome AppI’ve always struggled with cooking, especially cooking healthy meals. However this app is amazing. Right off the bat it asks you tons of different questions to really personalize your plan! It also helps you with meal planning by telling you when you’ll have leftovers and what not, and you can also edit it to be able to feed more than just yourself. This app does it all tbh. Another really neat function it has is it creates a shopping list for your meals that you’ll be cooking, which is awesome for an inexperienced cooker such as myself. Really really happy with this app and excited to reach my goals while using it!!.Version: 2.6

Takes the Guess Work out of DinnerIf you’re looking for a meal prep app this is it. My husband and I would usually bicker around dinner time because neither of us knew what we wanted to eat. We were tired of constantly cooking the same 10 recipes or ordering take out. We tried other apps like Meals or Noom, but we were constantly having to take trips to the grocery store, and honestly, who has time for that? With this app, we plan our meals ahead of time, and we can customize the dishes to fit our needs and preferences. At the end, the app generates a grocery list with all of the portion sizes you’ll need for the week. It is so comforting to know what we’ll be eating each day and that everything is in the fridge or pantry ready to go. Since my husband works from home, I set the dinner option to three people so that he has leftovers for lunch. No more having to run to the nearest take out stand between meetings. This app has saved our wallets and waistlines. Also, my husband and I cook together for dinner now. No more bickering or arguing in the evening. It’s heaven. Thanks to all the ppl who made this app. 😘😘😘.Version: 2.8

TimesaverOne of the most daunting task as a working Mom is knowing what to make for dinner. I tell my family all the time if you would just tell me what to make for dinner it would be so helpful. This app does that and so much more. It has been a game changer and has freed up so much time. Planning my meal with food me and my family likes, it also gives you a grocery list that you can easily send to Kroger. The recipes are easy to make and we have enjoyed them very much. This app will be a tool I will be using for many year to come. I want to thank the developers for freeing up my time and my family thanks you for the yummy food!!.Version: 3.3

Easy to use and understand- Variety of delicious recipes- Reduces grocery billsPerfect! Easy to use, easy access, extremely user friendly. I love how it's literally customizable to each individual needs with the questions. I am very picky with food and I’ve used app similar to this was but this is the first time I able to choose my dislikes and cuisines that I like and dislike as well. Of course the amazing variety of dishes which is beyond fantastic and kudos to all the chefs for the amazing recipes found on this app!!! I'm a chef myself and I have a very busy schedule to pre-prep, think about what to cook and then cooking. This app has a grocery list set for the dishes I picked for a whole week and honestly it makes budgeting so much easier! THIS app is amazing and I will say it again and again I feel like it's made just for me with how much the accuracy of the dishes are to my liking and how effective it is with the budget and just everything is wonderful! Thank you and to everyone who put time and energy into this app!.Version: 2.9

The App I Always NeededAbsolutely love everything about this app. I have always struggled with meal planning, consistently eating healthy, and eating the right macro nutrients. This app solved all of those problems and made groceries more affordable with less food waste. I lost 8 lbs in one month thanks to this app and now i’m only another 8 lbs to my target and it actually feels achievable. I love that it has snacks and tells me extra calories if I want to pick up an extra snack or have some candy. The meals are absolutely delicious and have a lot of options for those who don’t eat meat, fish, dairy, eggs, or other allergies. I also love the option to change the amount of people eating at a meal and how many times you want to have leftovers. Will forever be using this app because it works, is delicious, and so easy to use..Version: 2.8

The best meal planning appThis app is amazing! I love that if I have a certain diet to stick to they give you that option. The meals are fantastic and the actual layout of the app is amazing! Problems that I have had with other apps is it’s not easy to get rid of certain meals (example: most apps make you put down a breakfast, but this app I can delete breakfast or only delete certain days, etc.) and the customer support team is amazing, and very quick to respond. Mind you, I have only reached out to customer service to make recommendations or ideas that I feel would help make the app even better. I have gotten many of family to get on board with this app you should too!.Version: 2.2

Honestly a life saverI never write reviews because honestly, I’m pretty lazy and rarely anything is worth a good review anymore because most apps are just meh. You pay for it and never use it again after a week or two because it’s basically irrelevant. However, this app is a lifesaver for busy people, especially parents. I had just about given up on making dinner because it became so much work to try and figure out what to eat after 4 hours of sports after school. It was easier to just throw chicken nuggets in the air fryer and call it good because I never had any idea what to make. And then I’d find myself just snacking instead of eating anything substantial and I’d wake up starving. This app figures it all out for me. It allows me to pick my meals, how many people will eat those meals, tells me what to get at the grocery store, allows me to filter recipes that have foods my family doesn’t eat, and gives me the macronutrients for each recipe so there’s literally no guessing for me. If you’re struggling with what to make for your daily meals and sick of eating the same things over and over or just snacking your way through the day: this is the app for you. Well worth the money..Version: 2.7

Great app!Stumbled across this app the other day and I wish I had found it sooner! I have been struggling with meal prep and eating healthier recently (working 60+ hours a week). Trying to plan healthy meals, figure out the grocery list, make sure you’re hitting any nutrition or weight loss goals takes HOURS and this app does it almost instantly! I immediately felt a huge weight off my shoulders. Another huge plus - the developers are extremely responsive and definitely seem to care about each user’s experience and input. 😊 There are a few things that could be added to make the app even better - being able to choose from a database to add any snack you want would be ideal. Other things that would be nice would be a spot to log that you ate the meals, maybe a tracker to see overall macros for the day/week and to log and track weight (or the option to). But these aren’t make or break it things - there are other apps that do that - would just be nice to have it all in one. Highly recommend the app..Version: 2.5

Meal Planning Made So Easy!Wow! I've been using this app for a few weeks and I already can't say enough good things about it. Intent has helped me graduate from a boy to a man! But seriously... A few weeks ago "cooking" involved only frozen food and a microwave. Now I'm buying most of my food from the produce section and am using the whole kitchen to cook easy-to-make, fun, delicious, and healthy meals. If you've also been struggling with learning how to eat like an adult, give Intent a try. Intent doesn't teach you how to cook. It makes it ridiculously simple to figure out what to make, what to buy every week, and when to cook it. This takes on the hardest parts of meal planning and makes it easy. You answer some questions, review some suggestions, and voila! It creates your meal plan and your grocery list for you. All for free! One of the best parts is that there's no pressure with Intent. You can easily swap meals and readjust the plan throughout the week without feeling guilty..Version: 3.8

This is my FAVORITE app!I have been using this app for 4 months now, and I LOVE it. Grocery shopping is no longer an anxiety filled 45 minute ordeal. I am in and out with the shopping list. I am able to try and do more with cooking. The recipes are extremely simple. Hello Fresh and like brands boast about simplicity, but you spend half an hour cutting and prepping veggies… I spend about half an hour, maybe more making the most delicious meals with these recipes. I only use it for dinner to cook for my husband and I because, I am a broken record when it comes to cooking. My favorites are the chicken piccata and the spicy pork tenderloin. I have grown a new love for cooking, and now I am able to change and make my own meals with the recipes. I recommend 10/10..Version: 2.23

Great App if you struggle with meal planningI love this app so much. as a college student, i don’t have a lot of time or money to spend thinking about food. with this app, i can choose how many times a week i want to has leftovers (which saves me time and money!) and i never have to worry about what i’m going to eat that week. the grocery list is such a life send because i usually never stick to it but this helps so much! you can even choose if you want to lose or gain weight, any allergies or dislikes, and even if you’re on a special diet (keto, pescatarian, etc). one thing i appreciate is how great the basic plan is (if you don’t wanna spend money), without sacrifice the great things about this app. if you choose to get a premium account, you can see your macros, premium recipes and more! i also like how you can input your own recipes and arrange your meal schedule. it also reminds you when to go grocery shopping! love this app and i cant wait to see what more comes. without this app i would be eating pasta every night!.Version: 1.7

Good, but not always tastyI love this app primarily for help with meal planning and grocery shopping, because as someone on the AuDHD spectrum that is an insurmountable task most days and I was finding myself not eating several days just because I had no idea what to eat. I like that the app provides an easy answer. It gives me healthy suggestions and tells me what I need to make them. The only drawback in my opinion is that the recipes are often not very tasty. I feel like you have to have good cooking sense to add your own spin to them, otherwise you end up eating raw chickpeas mixed with a meager amount of olive oil and a copious amount of raw onions, or a roast beef sandwich with enough horseradish to singe your eyebrows. Most of the recipes have good potential, they just need a little seasoning and/or adjustments to ingredient portions..Version: 3.14

Incredible and Easy to UseWhere to begin? This app gives me the flexibility to plan around my life (lunches for the adults only, dinners for the whole family, and oh wait, eating out on Saturday? No problem!), while also making it easy to eat healthy, meal prep for both diet and to save money, and minimize food waste - the grocery list was super easy to use on the fly and it took me under 2 hours to make all of my meals for the week. My picky eater husband came home raving about his lunch today - the recipes have been stellar and really have a nice variation to them. Great flavors and really filling. Incredibly pleased!.Version: 2.12

Wow 😱 just wow!I have actually had this app for only a couple minutes and I’m. In. LOVE! I have to admit, I had my doubts while going through the beginning questionnaire, because every app like this that had looked promising, required a subscription right after answering the questions. Well guess what? This didn’t! It gives the option to subscribe (of course) but you can have this app without a subscription! And the free version is all I need! The free version offers weekly meal plans that are tailored to you! There are some recipes that are for premium members, but not enough to make it impossibly to have diversity in the meal plans. The grocery list is so helpful as well! I’m moving out on my own soon, and need to save as much money as I can. Intent offers the option to have their meal plans not require costly trips to the store! So far, this is a 10/10 app!.Version: 2.9

A solid app with needed improvementsFirst off I want to say this is a very wonderful app with features I love including Apple Health Sync, and the Stores that just automatically show you the items so no guesswork is needed, however I do have one main issue. So, when the grocery haul is finished and the groceries are bought for your current meal plan, there is no way to reuse those items for(or in) your next meal plan, allowing food waste. Second, the meal plans are picky, but in a good way. Since the food waste is an issue, I keep on “reusing” the items from the last meal plan. It’s wonderful but if that is updated that would be nice like possibly an algorithm that knows the ingredients on your grocery items and uses those to make other dishes so we don’t waste food!.Version: 3.9

Lifesaver for my ADHDThis is literally the best meal planning app ever, and it’s FREE! You get to choose what recipes you like for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for however long you need. You get to list foods you don’t like to ensure those recipes won’t include them. So it plans out what you eat everyday based on recipes you chose (it can account for leftovers too!), then the best part in my opinion, is it compiles a grocery list of every ingredient for every recipe + snacks and side dishes!!! That way you don’t buy groceries you won’t need and you know exactly what amounts of everything to buy. (You can check off each item on the grocery list too!!!) It’s a perfect app that makes my life so much easier. From a technical standpoint, there isn’t anything wrong with it either. It hardly ever glitches and almost always runs smoothly. There are in app purchases and you can get the premium version for access to certain locked recipes (not too many & if you want it that bad you can look it up) or add your own recipes. Not necessary though and the app has full functionality without paying a dime! Get this app if you’re single and don’t know how to cook for only one person, or if you have a family, you get to choose the servings!!! It’s seriously the best..Version: 2.8

Great app!This apps pretty helpful with meal planning. You’re able to select a plan that fits your dietary needs and aligns with your health goals the most. There are specific meal plans like vegetarian and vegan options but those require a subscription. You can still use the app for a basic meal plan but you’ll have to look at the ingredients yourself to determine if it’s appropriate for your dietary needs. It even has a section where it shows you all of the ingredients you need to shop for and you can check them off if you already have them in your kitchen. Overall it’s a pretty good app the only problem is the subscription to get the full effect of it..Version: 1.8

Awesome!!So far I have no complaints and couldn’t even make one even if I wanted too. I struggled for awhile trying to loose weight/meal prep./ cook healthy all while trying to eat nutritious. You can’t go wrong with this app. It helps you figure what to eat with variety. I can eat different meal and do leftovers in case I’m being lazy lol. It also helped with seasoning which another issue I have, I tend to over-season or use wayyy too much oil/butters/Pam sprays in my meal and this fixes that. They also have a variety of meal plans from flexitarian, vegetarian, keto; even helps if you have allergens and reminds you in case you click on one of your allergens. Including a grocery list they make and it doesn’t pressure you too pick a specific brand. You can pick the one your comfortable with. Also the questions are very specific and truly help with figuring out what’s best for you. I could write forever on how I feel, don’t let me be the only one enjoying this app try it out I would rate it 10/10 👍🏾.Version: 2.5

So GratefulI know this sounds dramatic but I cried when I found this app. I have struggled with my health and with an eating disorder and I need to plan healthier meals but the more time I spend trying to plan the meal, the more stressed I get and I end up not eating. This app takes every problem I have with meal planning(like calculating calories and macros, finding vegetarian recipes, trying to figure out a grocery list and portions) and solves them all in one app. I was so scared they would waste my time with the quiz just to ask for money but there are so many features available for free. I am considering getting the premium version in the near future because I do want to add my own recipes to the app and unlock the bonus recipes too. This app can quite literally change my life and I am so happy I found it..Version: 2.3

Great startThis is a great app but it would be better if you could input some of the nutrition facts for things like protein shakes since the actual type you purchase differs from what the app says. It would be better if you could scan the label as well or if you modify something for the day and eat something else, you could scan the package to update your calories and macros. Also, it’s be better if the recipes called for actual amounts of some of the store bought items. For example, I shouldn’t use 3/4 of a can of soup, unless another recipe calls for the remaining 1/4 because it’s wasteful. Overall, great app, love the shopping list and ease of planning meals. It has definitely gotten me out of my rut..Version: 2.14

Best Meal Planner Available (Lots of Flexibility and Excellent Grocery List Feature)I’ve been looking for a meal planner that lets me import recipes, has a recipe bank (and allows users to modify the recipes), and uses the ingredients to create a shopping list. After trying literally 12 different apps, I was finally fortunate enough to find this one. Its ability to help you plan your week, set the number of meals you want to track per day, and grocery list generator all make this app stand apart from its competition. I had one minor issue with a recipe I tried to import and reached out to the developer through the app. They had taken care of the issue with a few hours. They are very responsive and invested in having the best product out there. I tried the app for a few days (to make sure it really worked for me) and then very happily subscribed..Version: 2.6

Food allergy friendly!If you have food allergies and fitness goals - this app is for you! I figured this would be a download and delete app - I was wrong! Adding my food allergens, selecting other food preferences (and my spouse), and cuisine types was easy. I figured grocery shopping and the recipes would be a barrier after that easy step. Wrong again. I used the link to Instacart with Whole Foods and the food matching to SAFE (free of my allergens) food was incredible. Foods I normally wouldn’t even bother looking at because I assumed they would contain my allergens, and they still met the nutritional profile of the recipe. We have made four recipes this week - all have been easy and delicious. We look forward to meal prepping and cooking, again! Can’t wait to get back on track with healthy eating and our fitness goals..Version: 2.17

Surpasses any food appAs a software dev myself this app is beyond impressive. Figures out what foods you like and don’t like + can add allergies , and when you want to get the ingredients for a meal you simply just press a button to get the ingredients delivered from a nearby store. Being in a city this is beyond easy and surpasses anything I’ve used. Makes finding what I want to eat 10x easier. Would recommend to anyone honestly. Can use it to lose weight, track nutrients, or even just find recipes. All recipes I’ve tried have been amazing. Truly impressive and well designed software.Version: 3.14

I love itYou know how working out is so hard to get started because half of the time, you’re figuring out what exercises to do? Then you get an exercise plan to follow and it’s so much more less daunting? That’s what this app does for your meals. No more last minute fast food because figuring out dinner is too much work. I tried this app to help me avoid the five-days-in-a-row lunch meal prep routine that I was not enjoying (read “not sticking to”). But I also needed meals that weren’t exhausting to make in the middle of the week either. This app has that. It also has more complex meals for dinner that my husband and I have loved so far. One of my favorite features is the grocery list. You pick all of your meals for the week and it combines all the ingredients into one grocery list, so no more flipping back and forth between recipes in the grocery store..Version: 1.9

Life = changedI never review anything ever, but this app has my most sincere gratitude. I don’t even know where to begin! This app is so user friendly it’s astonishing. Edits and swaps are so easy. The developers of this app are tremendously skilled. The suggested meals are always normal things I’d make for myself - but having the planning taken care of is a game changer. The auto-disappearing grocery list rocks. Finally, and most importantly, I haven’t had to throw away any food gone bad since I started using this app. I learned how much I overbought groceries before. This app has kept me away from takeout and excited to eat my own meals at home every single day. Truly life changing. Thank you Intent!!.Version: 2.17

Helps me with new dietary changesI really like this app. I recently found out I have type 2 diabetes, so I came across this app, experienced the free trial and paid for the year just to access all the recipes and the recipes look so tasty! The pros for me, 1. You can set up recipes per various dietary approaches 2. Adjusts recipes to allergens 3. Adjust macro and calorie targets 4. Adjust the servings of recipes 5. Provides a grocery list 6. You can leave notes on the recipe which I think is really cool. The cons for me: 1. The recipes - there are certain ingredients that need to specify measurements or more detail in the cooking process 2. I would like to see swap outs, e.g. recipe calls for 1 cauliflower head shaved into rice, I would like to see a replacement to make it easier for the busy cook, such as buy a bag of cauliflower rice and measure 2 cups for the recipe, per say and 3. I would really like to see other members reviews and cooking tips next to the star rating..Version: 3.6

This is the oneAfter having tried the free trials of what seems like every meal planning diet app there is, I stumbled upon an intent as on Facebook, and decided I would add it to my list of failed diet apps. Intent is the one. This app does EVERYTHING. Food preferences, allergies, macro targets, weight targets, recipes, grocery list for said recipes, it does it all. You can even add people to your household. So in my household is me, my wife, and my son; all of whom have different calorie targets and it takes that into account! It takes almost all of the guesswork out of it. THE only thing I wish intent had was the suggested serving sizes for each dish. I’ll eat more servings than my wife but it never specified what the servings are..Version: 3.17

Dieting simplicity in your handsThis app has been a phenomenal so far! If I had found this app last year when I tried Keto I probably would have be successful in my diet. Usage of this app is super simple, I told it what diet I wanted to do, what foods I like, allergies if you had any and it creates a complete meal plan week by week, exactly how much to eat, what to eat with all kinds of different meals, as well as a complete weekly grocery list. It’s literally took all the complication out of dieting and just tells you what to do. Exactly how to prep and cook the meals. It’s so easy. And by telling you exactly what and how much to buy each week completely cuts out food waste as long as you cook the amount it says and eat what your supposed to eat each meal. So far everything that I have tried has tasted great and I look forward to meal times again..Version: 2.8

LOVE this appThis food tracking app is awesome. It starts by asking you what your weight and then goal weight, what type of diet/restrictions you may have and any dislikes for food. Then, it gives you the option for how many meals it wants to plan for you, for how many people, and wherever or not you want leftovers. From that, it sets a calorie goal for you and automatically creates recipes. All of this is awesome, but I haven’t even gotten to the best part. Once it picks your recipes for the week based on your preferences, IT AUTOMATICALLY MAKES AN INTERACTIVE GROCERY LIST THAT YOU CAN CHECK OFF AND MODIFY SERVINGS BASED ON WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE AT HOME. This is, by far, my favorite feature. It makes it so easy to utilize this app. It’s also very affordable. I would recommend this app to anyone and everyone!!.Version: 1.8.2

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