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Marcus by Goldman Sachs® App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Marcus by Goldman Sachs® app received 36 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Marcus by Goldman Sachs®? Can you share your negative thoughts about marcus by goldman sachs®?

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Marcus by Goldman Sachs® for Negative User Reviews

Sloppy user interfaceThe app has a major UI annoyance. After the first session logged in, every subsequent one throws up a “Please try again later” message on just about every screen I visit. When I tap OK, the message goes away. But having this in my face AT EVERY SCREEN is obnoxious. The only way to “fix” it is to swipe up and kill the app after each session. Of the many bank apps I use, only Marcus has this problem. Note: I’m running the most current version of the app, on the latest iOS version, on an iPhone 14 Pro. I’ve even tried removing the app and reinstalling it, but the problem persists. So this is most definitely an app problem — not user error..Version: 1.30.0

No rolling balanceApp gets one star purely on the basis it does not show what the account balance was at the side of each transaction (just the overall balance) at the top. I like to see the balance alongside each transaction for easy reference. Hopefully this can be added..Version: 1.5.5

No good at weekendsWhile very basic, the app does what it can, when it can, being Monday to Friday only. Unlike my other banks, Goldman Sachs staff prefer to take the weekend off, so one cannot rely on transactions happening. The polite message saying this is of little comfort. This obstruction can be extremely inconvenient, and even an embarrassment. If you ever require instant access to your cash, it might be better to keep it somewhere else?.Version: 1.6.2

Was happy until they locked me out of my accountI was happy with the app and the banking service until they locked my account, they said they needed to verify my account, the account I opened the savings account with and have always used. I was on the phone with the representative for over an hour as she called my bank account. However, after I verified she said that my account now had to be reviewed and wouldn’t be unlocked until that happened in 3 business days!! And I needed to call them again to have it unlocked after it was reviewed!!! You have to be joking!!! I get the security precaution but I was clearly who i said I am, and obviously the owner of my accounts!!! Absolutely ridiculous, especially when I need the funds to pay for my child’s school.Version: 1.22.0

Ok app - unreliable bankThe app does what's needed, but only when it can connect. I've lost count of how many times the app has reported "We're having some technical issues. Please check back in a few hours". This often lasts more than what I'd call a _few_ hours. Even the best of apps is no good if it can't be used due to repeated back-end failures. Will be closing my account as soon as I can. Probably not today - technical issues again..Version: 1.9.1

Bring back the line graph!I used whatever the version of this app was before it got sold to you and loved it! I switched over when it became this and was very disappointed because some of the things that had been most helpful for me understanding my spending habits had been taken out. The biggest of which was the line graph that showed how your spending was progressing over the current month and it a had a shadow that showed your average spending over a month to compare. Please bring this back! I have not been using your app for almost a year because of this problem, but I want to come back because your categories of spending make way more sense than on Mint. (Namely you have groceries and dining/drinks as different categories and Mint combines them, which makes no sense). Please bring back the line graph.Version: 1.6.3

Money transfer takes too longI have just set up my account and tried giving it a test. I transferred £1 to double check that it was going to the correct place. It took 24 hours to transfer the money into the Marcos account. If you’re transferring anything larger or your life savings, that’s just too long to wait!.Version: 1.22.0

This app is horrible after updateI don't know who comes with an idea to implement tracking other banks' balances in the Marcus app! He should be fired! This will never work no matter what you do. Examples for instance update to see other bank balances are way too slow and are not in real-time. My banks (yes multiple) didn't have an update for almost two weeks. Now explain to me how i can track my balance when this thing is not up to date? Waste of time Marcus! This feature is garbage across the board. Is not just for you but anyone who uses this is the same! Please remove this garbage feature and give us something else. If you don't believe me test it! Won't work! One star until you change something or make this app better..Version: 1.3.0

Works but not for older peopleApp seems to work okay, but the font is set very small if you’re a bit long sighted. With no way to adjust, I may have to revert to using the website.Version: 1.5.5

PoorTo my knowledge the app has been experiencing ‘technical difficulties’ for about two weeks now! No access to balances, account or payment function… no contact method other than phoning and then only between 9-5 mon fri! Hardly acceptable from a bank!.Version: 1.5.5

Just ok, needs improvement.The app is just ok. Compared to other competitors the app is pretty poor and missing a lot of key features. Why no notification settings when funds hit your account? This needs adding. Furthermore, it takes forever for the money to hit your account. This isn’t an FPS issue, this is because the banks back end databases are super slow. Sort it out please Goldman, thanks..Version: 1.23.0

Problems with MarcusThis review is more about my experience with the bank and customer service than the ap, but thought it might be helpful to some. Shortly after opening my account it became locked. Okay no big deal it happens. But when I called to resolve issue they could not figure out to unlock my account. They said they would call back in 1-2 business days after they figured it out. 3 business days later I called back. They still couldn't figure out how to unlock the account or explain why it became locked in the first place. The best option at this point seemed to be a forced closure of the account. They said my funds would be returned in 7-10 business days. 12 business days later, still no funds and I am once again on hold. I've spent quite a bit of time on hold at this point while my funds are who knows where????? Would not recommend. I ended up opening a wealthfront account instead which has a higher % anyway for savings..Version: 1.30.0

Marcus is Great..:App needs workInsight is great but the app has some bugs that need to be fixed but once they are I think it will be great and my rating will change to 5. 1. Trying to link external accounts on the app I select the institution and then it brings me to screen to select my bank instead of bringing me to the screen to enter my credentials for the account I want to link. Because of this it keeps linking my bank account multiple times. 2. The view and breakdown on the app and the actual website are different. Certain accounts show up in one spot on the website and a different spot on the app. My net worth is also different online than it is on the app. This should all match in both places. 3. I started to try to link account through the website since that’s they only want I can get it to link properly but on certain institutions I keep getting an error 4. It is not easy to report bugs or get support all I want to do is sent a bug report in I don’t need to spend time talking to customer service and I could not figure out to chat through the app…I’m thinking it’s not supported or I just couldn’t find it. I found it on the website but not the app. But again I don’t want to chat with customer service I just want to report a bug. Marcus Insight seems like it will be a very useful tool once I can get all the account set up properly..Version: 1.11.0

Generally it’s a good appI’ve been using this app for about 2 years and generally, it’s a good app. A few issues that consistently pop up are: 1) The app will have you randomly logged out and you have to keep logging in each time you use it. One could argue that this is good for security, but it’s inconvenient and wasn’t like this before. 2) Transactions you may tag as one thing (I.e., “Dining & Drinks”) will display an icon next to it as something else when you open the app even though when you review that transaction it’s still saved as what you originally tagged it as..Version: 1.30.2

Mobile payI rate this app poorly because if you are a authorized user and set up the app under the authorizers users email and card holders name and account. You can’t download your card to mobile pay. I have never had a card that you have to make your own account to put your card on mobile pay. I used my email to set up the account now I can’t use mobile pay. It wouldn’t take another email address . Saying that it does not recognize the email address.I am the spouse. Please take us back to Capitalone. This is a poorly design app. I usually you go to your wallet on phone a download the card..Version: 1.22.1

A step backI was switched to Marcus by GM and have now dealt with this app against the background of Capital’s app. This app falls short. One of the reasons to have an app like this is to monitor your card. I obviously won’t obsessively open it to see if any activity has occurred. I like to us Notifications for that. They are turned on in the app and I settings but nothing is ever reported to my screen. It is as if notifications don’t actually exist. On every other credit card app I can get notification when there is activity. Here, nothing. It is important, Marcus. Add it. Update: the point of having an App is App alerts. No, emails is not what I am asking for and neither are text messages. Every other banking app I use notifies me from the app’s notification function when there is activity. Why is Marcus unable to do so?.Version: 1.15.0

Lagging behind other online banksSelling point of same day transfers is not accurate. The balance shows up in your account but the funds are not available for a week (much longer than other online banks). If you hardly touch money in your savings it shouldn’t be an issue but it will be a hassle if you suddenly need to make withdrawals. Also, there is no mobile deposit which is a standard feature now for online banks. Overall, I love the clean interface that Marcus has but it is lagging behind other online banks in terms of functionality. Given that they are a relatively new bank I hope they can sort these issues out over time..Version: 1.1.7

Slow transferring money in and outI quite like the app but it is really slow either showing money that has been transferred into the account or transferred out of the account to the linked account. With an Atom account the transfer in or out from your linked account is done within a few seconds. With Marcus it can be 10 or 15 minutes to hit your linked account. Obviously Marcus back end systems are not up to the task. My linked bank account tells me almost instantly when money leaves to go to Atom Bank and with a second or so Atom notifies me that money has been received..Version: 1.26.0

NotificationsMy initials thought - it would be good if notifications are available eg: when transactions are made / alerts etc.Version: 1.29.0

STAY AWAY from this bank.The App was great, until it stopped working months ago. I love the facial recognition feature; that allows me to use long and complicated passwords with ease. Login once, enable facial recognition, tada! Sadly, I haven’t been able to logon since October 2022. I can’t even logon using a WEB browser. My emergency savings are stuck and inaccessible. Marcus rejects ACH transfers. Agents refuse to close my account. Oh, that computer is down, or they hang up on you, or they tell you that they are updating their software. All lies. I’m ready to have my tax returns prepared but I cannot login to print out a 1099. When I call, I’m told it’s in the mail. Another lie. See the title! Ignore my advice at your own peril. Update: Feb 8th 2023 - Truly sorry? I finally got my savings back after complaining to the BBB and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and I lost count of the number of calls I made to the Marcus call center. How is a ‘respected’ business in the US that treats its customers like that allowed to stay in business? Online banking? Lesson learned, STAY AWAY. Somebody call Elizabeth Warren..Version: 1.30.1

Please remove the fluffI just want to see the balance, a simple transaction list, and the ‘Pay’ button. I am not using a credit card app to see somebody’s selected quotes that take up half the useful screen, nor do I need a financial analysis of transactions that represent an incomplete summary of my financial life. Please set up an option for a compact display that eliminates all that dead space. I really just want to get into the app quickly when I need to, and then get out when I am done. I did find the transaction list after randomly tapping things, thinking that it had to be available somewhere..Version: 1.12.0

From Clarity to MarcusIf you were a Clarity user or looking for a money app, here’s what you should know about Marcus. Clarity was a fantastic app for minimal budgeting & spending overview. When they got absorbed into Marcus, there were a few changes. The main differences is that the app keeps the general UI and categories from Clarity But other than that, most of Clarity’s overview panels like credit score overview, active notifications, and more nuanced budgeting functions have since been hidden or redacted. The main difference seems to be that Marcus upped the security of the app, which in turn creates less active notifications and more login steps to see your general overviews that you typically want to reference quickly. They also seem to be pushing for the use of their other services (which probably gets seen in the app) and has the ability to access all that Marcus has to offer as a banking business. It’s a shame since Clarity was so convenient, company neutral and user friendly. Bottom line: if you’re a Marcus customer, then this app probably works well for you. If you’re coming from Clarity or want a quick & organized way to see your general economic habits, then you may want to consider other apps outside of Marcus..Version: 1.5.3

Technical issues constantlyI can’t remember the last time I opened the app and didn’t get a warning screen pop-up that the app is encountering technical issues. It’s tolerable given the rates they pay are top of market, but you should completely write off the app providing any value. Similarly, and infuriatingly, Marcus will not link successfully with any other apps you might use like Wealthfront, Personal Capital, Monarch, etc. the data will be pulled but will break every time if you are linking via Plaid. It is because Marcus does not support open banking, which is really surprising and kind of a legacy approach. Surprising for an institution like Goldman. Will definitely leave the second someone offers a better rate so all of my other apps can start working again..Version: 1.7.0

App good. Bank bad.The app developers did a great job. Impressive, modern interface providing a clear, simple client journey. But it’s just window dressing, unfortunately. I have a GM card and noticed their savings rate is pretty good so I thought I’d open a savings account and move some money. They promise same day transfers. I initiate a transfer to fund the account and then I notice the funds won’t be available for 7 days. That’s not a same day transfer. Is it worth keeping my money in limbo for a week to earn half a percent interest? Nope. Give me a break. If I’m going to put my money with a neobank, it better be accessible or what’s the point? I’ll just leave it with my actual bank. Goldman is clueless..Version: 1.12.0

Inaccessible outside of the USI don’t want to leave a bad review but I would like an issue to be addressed. I have a funded Marcus account and frequently travel internationally. When abroad I cannot open the app at all and can only log in to the website from my laptop using a vpn. I keep getting a message like, ‘thank you for your interest in Marcus but only Americans are allowed access to this service for now.’ I find this frustrating and nonsensical since many Americans travel abroad and may still want to check on their accounts. Even with a vpn on my phone I cannot open the app while abroad (primarily in the Middle East). I would like to be able to rely on using my phone since I don’t always have my laptop. It seems possible to limit the applicants to Americans while still making the website/app operational from foreign ip addresses. Otherwise the app is great, and I’m sorry for leaving a one star review, but wasn’t sure how to let the company know of this issue..Version: 1.1.1

Almost nativeI may be expecting too much from a bank offshoot that started as web-first/only, and indeed the basic functionality of the app is well executed and everything is mostly responsive and quick. But stray out of one or two key functions and you are thrown into a webview. Given I can use touch/faceID in Safari too, what’s the point of the app?.. Nice graphs.Version: 1.6.3

Zero Stars - Does not work with iPhone VPNLike many others, I run a VPN on my phone to improve my privacy and information security. I am unable to log into the Marcus app, getting an error that Marcus products are only available in the United States. I am connected to a VPN server in the US. I understand there may be some security policies the bank is seeking to enforce, but this restriction makes the app 100% useless to me. The whole point of the VPN is to protect my information security, especially for things like banking transactions. Please find a more balanced approach that is more customer friendly and that respects and protects our need to encrypt our wireless transactions. If we can’t get this fixed, it will call into question whether I can continue with Marcus. Thank you..Version: 1.30.0

Fantastic app but horrendous serviceBe careful if you ever need something that can’t be done online. Basic wire transfers are a nightmare requiring multiple calls, answering call backs (difficult if you’re a business traveler or otherwise lack access to your cell part of the day), and dealing with customer support agents who don’t live up to Goldman Sachs’ stated values. Referral bonuses and online promotion bonuses often require multiple calls and escalations to post. For basic savings and online CDs requiring just routine deposits and transfers of nominal amounts from time to time, the app is fantastic. Anything more than that and this just isn’t the retail bank for you..Version: 1.30.2

Needs more security controlsMarcus seems extremely new to dealing with credit cards and their app and web accounts do not have necessary security features. I have push notifications enabled, but I can only receive emails when a charge is made. Additionally, it appears that they will only send you a notification if the charge is above $0.01, meaning that if someone makes a $0.00 charge to link your card number to their paypal, you will not get a notification and therefore cannot lock your card before they start using it. (Also, they bring up a number pad for you to enter an amount, but the decimal is missing, so you can only enter whole numbers above $0.) Additionally, the “lock your card” feature is not prominent on the app’s interface. Indeed, I cannot find it at all. In short, they appear to have not considered credit card security and I will definitely curtail the use of my card because there are no features that allow me to track my card’s use and immediate lock it if it is stolen..Version: 1.14.0

Hard to NavigateI am one of the GM CREDIT CARD holders who have recently been switched from Capital One to Marcus by Goldman Sachs. The Marcus app is hard to navigate and find the information you are looking for. There is no place that I can find a concise list of current balance, payment due date, minimum payment due, available credit, next account closing date, or rewards balance. After you are done using the app it is even hard to find where to log off. I realize that Goldman Sachs is an investment company, but if they want to be in the credit card business, they need to check out other credit card apps like Capital One, Wells Fargo, Chase and Citi Bank to design an app which offers the same easy to navigate features as their competitors. Goldman Sachs should have done their homework before taking on millions of Capital One customers. They were and are totally unprepared for this venture..Version: 1.17.0

Overall great app, but Marcus Insights still missing institutionsAppreciate the UI/UX, it’s really easy and enjoyable to see balances and transactions at a glance and make transactions for my savings accounts and CDs. As someone who is also using Marcus Insights (came from Clarity Money) though, a bit frustrated with limited institution linking — specifically Schwab does not work (for me or my friend), and Apple Card is still (despite the ‘we are working on it’ message for months) not supported. If they were, this would be a really convenient and centralized solution for my money / transaction management..Version: 1.5.4

Botched updates; Privacy invasiveThis app typically works fine until there is an update. Then you’ll be signed off and asked to sign in again. As of Mid April 2021, there have been quite a few updates in the past two weeks so you can imagine the headaches that ensue. The App Privacy disclosure in App Store also suggests the Marcus app collects a wide arrange of data that can be used to directly track or link to you, something unusual for a simple bank app. None of the other major banks’ apps collect as much data as this app. So everyone is probably way better off to just delete this app and use their website in the browser instead..Version: 1.5.3

Good app, lousy banking experienceApp's been solid despite too much marketing & data harvesting. Banking experience was abysmal. Opened a savings account & executed a transfer then locked out of my account without any email, SMS, or phone notification. Turned out I had to verify ownership of the account I was transferring to. Fine, resolved, but why on the 2nd transfer to the same account? Then the same transfer blocked again because I need to verify ownership of the account I was transferring from. Couldn't get thru to that bank in 10m so I have to call them and conference GS in to verify I own the same account I funded from originally. Nope. Two weeks without being able to move my funds. Nope. No communication. No thanks. I'm done. I'm out..Version: 1.11.0

Poor comparison to Capital One App!After GM Extended Family credit cards switched to Marcus, I sure find this app inferior! I doubt if I am the only customer to complain. 1. So hard to figure out where to view current and pending charges on App - that should be on the FIRST PAGE! Especially since, see 2. 2. App does NOT provide for TEXT notices!!! Text notice of charges provide immediate check of potential fraudulent use of card. It does have an email option but ALL other financial institutions we use also HAVE TEXT! So … Find an app that is Not so Busy advertising the Marcus institution and provides customer information instead - Pu-leez! Just added to the frustration with this changeover..Version: 1.15.0

Chunky, needs refined.Coming from GM rewards app by Capitol One, this app is unrefined. I log into half my screen of a greeting, some quote, and a desk lamp picture. For what? Can’t even turn on the lamp. There’s no “widget” to add for IOS users so can’t just swipe over and see current balance. Wanted me to go digital statements so I did no big deal. Then it lets you know payment is due but not what is due. Is it $1, all of it, a minimum? Just gotta guess and go with it. On Home Screen you can see balance and a number but no indications that you can click it for more details. You can click the dollar sign at the bottom (one would assume $ may give more details etc, nope! Just takes you to a new screen with the exact same 3 line items from home page, just w out the desk lamp etc. So there can really can be some improvements made but it is a decent start..Version: 1.11.0

😡 FRAUD! DO NOT GET THIS CARD 😡It’s been over two months now and my car does not work. I received it and it came blocked already. I’ve called the card company multiple times and they have done nothing. I’ve written bad reviews up here and the card company simply says the same thing under every bad review which is just call us and will help you. I’ve already called them multiple times and nothing. Do not get this card. Terrible customer service. Terrible card. They are fraudulent. They took my information and sent me a blocked card that I could never use. Now if I call and I try to cancel it it’s going to mess up my credit. It was also a hard inquiry on my history. These people this card. Be sorry to this card. FRAUD! FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡🤬🤬.Version: 1.13.0

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