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InPulse - Heart Rate Monitor App User Positive Comments 2023

InPulse - Heart Rate Monitor app received 71 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about inpulse - heart rate monitor?

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InPulse - Heart Rate Monitor for Positive User Reviews

Blood pressureI like this app because once I’ve taken my blood pressure I can leave notes and refer back to my doctors easy to use app I like all the features of other things that the app offers not just to record your blood pressure interesting things to have a little read about..Version: 2.35

Health tracker through phone deviceQuick and easy and let’s you monitor your own health to allow for better health care advice 😊 would definitely recommend!!.Version: 2.33

Enjoyable appThis app has piqued my level of interest in my own health and I am extremely comfortable with that. The app is easy to use which encourages me to be proactive on fitness..Version: 2.43

Smart way to keep peace with own vital signThis will be one of my most favorite screen or app however call it . Keeping vital signs data is the most diagnostic factor in the doctor’s visit to show for any reason, even for a routine every 6 month visit. It’s definitely worse investing..Version: 2.2

Found what I am looking forSo long try to find easy way to check my pulse. Now I found. It’s easy, it’s quick and it’s free, what else you looking for. Thank you pulse apps..Version: 2.2

I love the appSo helpful, and accurate. I gives me peace of mind. Especially when my heart seem to beat so fast now and then due to my menopause issues which includes not sleeping well..Version: 2.39

Easy heartSo easy to use. Quick simple results..Version: 2.33

No more extra baggageI wanted to test this out so I wore my arm my blood pressure machine at the same time as I held my finger onto the camera on my iPhone 14+ and do you know I was shocked to find out that they were both almost in sync this off by 1° so no more curing around this extra machine that I have to have in my purse and the embarrassment of everybody looking at me when I’m testing my blood pressure now we’re hiding in the bathroom to test my blood pressure no more baggage. Yay..Version: 2.43

Not what it seemedI foolishly thought this app would allow me to get my BP on the run, so I signed up for a year - but I will always only be able to get my heart RATE I am not sure if I was just too quick and jumped in fast OR If there was an intentional misrepresentation Just understand this app will only give you the heart rate It is up to you to get your own BP The five star is because it does a good job for everything else that it apparently promises ; Keeps journal and gives advise and a heart rate.Version: 2.37

Helps me with my high blood pressureI have had high blood pressure ever since I was 7. I don’t know what the cause is but I do notice that whenever I receive bad news, my heart starts beating so fast. I don’t know if that’s for everyone, but this app really helped me so I could know when my blood pressure was high and I had no idea..Version: 2.39

FrankieThe reason im guving this app 4 stars is because yh ik its a great app but if u dont pay for it u only get 3 turns! so its just my idea could u change it so u get more goes? (I’m on about the heart thing) bye ✌️🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍.Version: 2.26

Amazing app for heart healthHi, my name is Leanna I would recommend this app to anyone because this is a great heart health app to keep track of your heart rate health if your concerned about having a panic attack, heart, attack or stroke this can go, for example, in women or men, but I highly recommend this app. also PS I support my money going into this highly amazing wonderful app to support the heart and stroke foundation.Version: 2.43

ImpulseImpulse has definitely helped keep track of my pulse and the normality of it! Definitely recommend it if you often jog or are always working.Version: 2.39

My heart rateI have been having to check my blood pressure every day and it’s such a hassle to remember but today I went for a walk this morning and I came back and I checked my heart rate this application is great because I had a normal heart rate even after walking thank you.Version: 2.13

Great app, but $$$I love this app but can’t afford it..Version: 2.3

Great for anxietyI struggle with a racing heart rate from anxiety and being able to check my pulse in two minutes is so relieving and makes me feel so safe. very good app :).Version: 2.41

This app is so usefulThis App is so Useful. It shows how your heart rate is at. This App gives you tips to fix your health if it is above 100 or Below 50. You’ll have to buy the Premium for the tips!.Version: 2.35

Does the jobAccurate and reliable.Version: 2.11

First time userThis appears quite successful; however I can not find the costs?.Version: 1.8

:)I love how it checks your heart beat then it tells if you need to rest or your doing too much work.Version: 2.41

MrsI have a heart condition and on tablets it help me to not become anxious about what happening to me when I feel out of sorts. Regards Sue..Version: 2.35

BloodsuckerI noticed I was subscribed to this and there is no direct way to cancel your subscription. I sent you a message letting you know I need to cancel it. Please don’t charge me because I didn’t know I was subscribed to it. Sorry for the inconvenience ..Version: 2.33

GameVery well I had it and it said that my heart rate was 67 and it was not quite right but nearly there.Version: 1.5

Accurate but glitchyThis app is definitely very accurate but it restarts the whole process even though i am placing my finger on my camera lens and the flashlight. But other than that it works perfectly.Version: 1.6

I gave this a five so you could see thisThis is the worst app you have to pay for it so you have to see your pulse it is ridiculous that you have to pay 7 dollars for a app that checks your pulse.Version: 2.30

Mr J BellAbsolute waste of money all it does is measure bpm £10 for something I had it’s basically a calculator.Version: 2.25

Heartbeat appI like this app cause it shows the ease of your heartbeat x..Version: 2.35

Barry BlackApp is great but it would be better if it could have a blood pressure monitor as well.Version: 1.0

I wish this app was freeIt’s so annoying only being able to do one heart rate measurement.Version: 2.1

InPulseGet it. Easy to use; overall it’s great to have, when installed...Version: 2.25

A good appI really like this app because it helps me to keep my body going.Version: 2.4

Apple usersThis app is amazing.Version: 2.43

Very helpful 100% get it change my life xxVery helpful 100% get it change my life.Version: 2.39

Great app!!I downloaded a few apps before this one, the very first one did not work which made me disappointed, then came this app and wow! I opened the app, continued to the heart rate and instantly the flash light turned on (which did not happen on the first app) and started to calculate my pulse, it indicated the time I should wait and finally it gave me my results! Also they mentioned if my pulse was normal or not. I was very satisfied. Thanks 😁.Version: 1.6

I loveFrom Aayan Divya regmi 6 years old.Version: 2.41

IHeartI am amazed at this as it actually works it was the same rate in my fitbit. I.Version: 1.0

My heart♥️I love the app & I wish I can continue to have it but I had to cancel it because it is too expensive for me to keep. I wish there were a free version of this app or less expensive options..Version: 2.43

DavidAppears to work ok Just wondering actually how accurate it is,.Version: 1.1

Fun, need to be able to delete readings from historyIf I let someone else try it, I can’t remove the reading from history.Version: 1.2

FantasticAmazing.Version: 2.3

AdamIt is so good and cool and I like it.Version: 2.41

Tellement parfaitTélécharger maintenant Très bonne application 4.5/5.Version: 2.41

Heart healthJust started using app.Version: 2.30

When my beat was up to an 100 they told me to take 1000 ml of water a dayWhen my beat was up to 100 they told me to drink 1000 ml of water a day 5 stars.Version: 2.37

Heart rateI like this app because it Measures my heart rate on my finger and my heart rate was normal and it appearsThe information about my heart rate.Version: 2.20

Actually tells heart rate!I’m very impressed with this app I didn’t even think it could be done. But I even test it out myself by feeling my own pulse and putting a 1 minute timer and it’s very accurate. I will say idk how much the phone affects it I have an iPhone 14pro max so this app for that phone works really well. If that’s not your experience then it could be the phone but I hope that it’s good on all phones. Great app for tracking heart rate on the go.Version: 2.40

Love itLove it.Version: 2.13

The Health of your Owen bodyIt’s cool how old is at work he just put a flashlight on your finger and it gives you your rate of your hearts be working now doing something I will give you the results thatWhy I recommend to get this app but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.Version: 2.2

AwesomeVery intresting.Version: 2.30

Easy to useGreat app so easy to use and accurate too..Version: 2.42

It reads your heart ratePeople are saying it’s fake meanwhile it’s real you put your thumb or any other finger on the flashlight it actually reads your heart rate.Version: 2.13

This is an interesting appWow I really like this app I hope I can use it more often to monitor my heart rate in my blood pressure as well please keep up the good work.Version: 2.14

Gives HRV which is an advantageThis is a great app, and does what it a supposed to do well. The fact that it includes HRV is very useful. Maybe down the line we can actually see the pulse rate graph, which would be cool, but doing so on the phone can show things that look concerning sometimes when it was just because you moved your finger a bit. That is why the hrv is useful. No complaints at all. Definitely recommend..Version: 2.41

.I gave it five starts so everyone could see this but I would give this app a solid three stars because I have a pulse reader and I used them both at the same time but the app was 3 hpm away over all this isn’t a bad app.Version: 2.2

AMAZINGThis app is so good, I like to track my personal health and this app has got you covered for that!.Version: 1.3

I’m amazed...I was not expecting this, to be honest. Kept seeing the ad for this app on Instagram, saying it will measure your heartbeat and all that. Decided to give it a try, obviously expecting a fee per month that no one is going to pay. Now I tried it three times, each time comparing the results to my Apple Watch Series 5 40 MM heart sensor, and two times out fo the three- it was within 5 BPM. The third, 30 BPM away. I’m blown away. What??.Version: 1.3

Actually works!!Didn’t expect it to work so I decided for fun to test it out. I have my Apple Watch which measures heart rate accurately which I know because of the heart monitor I have obtained from doctors. Anyway it worked perfectly 👌🏻👌🏻.Version: 2.5

Nice to have at your fingertipsSo quick and easy plus keeps track of results. It’s got built in aids to help lower your rates and calm down results of your report and other things that effect your results.Version: 2.23

Just amazingMy experience with this app is amazing because we can skip the free trail and it’s easy to use!!!!’.Version: 2.13

I love itI love the app but I need to pay for it to get the premium no.Version: 2.37

PerfectI took my pulse a few times before trying the app. I was skeptical at first but this genuinely works. No idea how the camera and flash detects internal movement. Easy to use Simple features and design Does what It says on the tin.Version: 1.3

AmazingThis is amazing u should get it now and I love how it’s free. 10/10 beautiful. U need this in ur life because u never now when ur gonna need it!.Version: 2.13

OMGI literally love this app so much because when I do certain things I’ve never noon about what my heart rate is, and now with in Paules My life has changed. I love it so much definitely recommend..Version: 2.39

Love it.Best health management tool, yet With plenty of attention to detailed information on broad range of topics, I’m super pleased with its efficiency everyday. Makes it much easier for me to follow through on my personal goals. Thank you..Version: 2.27

My ratingIt’s a pretty good app the only thing that I don’t like is that when u first get it u might have to pay after a while. But other than that it’s a good app..Version: 2.40

Amazing appSo I went to the doctor and I said is this app helpful he said well let’s see he tested 10 different hart monitors on me and then i did the app and everything was the same! It is a amazing app it provides a lot of good info about your health my doctor started telling people to use and on top of that it is free!!! Amazing app all together..Version: 2.41

ReviewI love how stressed it tells me I am.Version: 2.41

I love this appI love this app.Version: 2.39

Good to keep an eye on my healthEasy to use app. Use it to once/twice a week.👍🏽.Version: 2.11

Pulse rateVery easy to do.Version: 2.42

Amazing and so easyQuick results in the palm of my hand and reliability is off the charts would trust with my life.Version: 2.37

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