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Tetris is AmazingI extremely enjoyed playing this awesome game! It is so entertaining because it gives an new spin to an old retro game 👍. It gives it a new coat of fresh paint as in the art is incredibly satisfying including the backgrounds, avatars, the home Screen and the “loading” sign. If anyone is reading this please get this excellent game..Version: 3.0.0

Solid game but just one nit pickSo i love tetris i think the controls are just fine except the soft / harddrops are kinda finicky but anyways the only thing that i would change is how the gameboy theme works. Basically in that theme its all grey like a gameboy would look but when you get a tetris BOOM the game rewards you with a pop of color for a short while. My only problem is that it kinda hurts my eyes going from a long grey screen to then suddenly color and then switching back. I wish I could have an option to only make it grey and no color when you get a tetris or even better (in my opinion) is to add the gamboy theme with color and either making it that every tetris makes it grey or getting a tetris would only make the fireworks pop out. Now I know I can just use any other theme like the new basic theme but i really like the music and how the gameboy one looks and its just how i like it. I just want to be able to either see it in color always or see it in grey always so that it doesn't mess with my flow playing the game..Version: 1.0.3

A classicThis game is a classic and is overwhelming to play I don’t have anything against it and everything seems good, it’s just that the loading is very slow. Other than that it’s awesome to play..Version: 4.6.0

Great except for intrusive adsI am a long time Tetris fan, since the original Game-Boy days. This version is great looking, very addictive but the ads prevent it from being a 5-star game. Every time a level is completed you need to sit through an ad, usually for another app / game. And even when you download the app being advertised, you still get ads for the game in question. You can only pay to remove ads for 30 days at a time, which is a bit rubbish. I’d likely pay slightly more as a one-off to permanently remove the ads if that was an option..Version: 5.12.0

Love it! (I also have 2 suggestions)Could you add a training mode where we can chose a speed level to train with and the score is kept track of in-game, but doesn’t count towards the leaderboard? The earlier levels are easy to pass but once I get closer to speed level 10, it requires lots of precision. A training mode would help with players who want to get better at performing at the higher speeds. The second thing is a bit harder to get in, and if your team of developers decide it would inundate the app with ads to get funds, then it is fine not to implement. But the second thing is multiplayer, I mainly just want the ability to challenge friends via game-center/local wi-fi. If you can make a large multiplayer server, that would be cool, but again, I prefer quality over quantity so if it stresses your resources, it’s all good. Thank you for the amazing game! I’m glad that there is finally a solid Teris game on iOS..Version: 1.0.4

Good game but minor problemsOk, so after EA cancelled the game I’ve been a little depressed but when I saw this, I did not hesitate to download and play this masterpiece. Call it a rip-off - Tetris still Tetris. The music is good, User Interface and controls feel same as before. However, I don’t think graphics fit for this game. It’s like comic sans. Also, I did not download the game to have a guy scam me to play games for “money rewards” etc etc, because that’s not why this game is called a masterpiece in first place. Also, can you make some other music options like EA did in its Tetris game?.Version: 2.5.0

ArtifaxTheFactHuntSAs a lifelong fan of Tetris and it’s many iterations and after a couple of good years playing this new version of the game I feel obliged to give it an objective review. While my ultimate favourite challenge is still the seven minute interdisciplinary battles of Tetris/dr MARIO from the old Nintendo consoles, I feel that this new version with its modern interface and controls is pretty easy to get used to. I really enjoy the battle challenges and once you get used to the gameplay time management and the speed you have to play at towards the end of a battle, it’s extremely fun and challenging. I highly recommend this game and I think it’s certainly heading in the right direction..Version: 4.2.0

Blast from the PastNot much can be written that hasn’t already been said relating to Tetris. Hours of light entertainment and makes travelling to and from work past quickly. Has the usual adverts before allowing gaming commencement which personally I’d prefer to pay an annual fee to avoid having to watch. I can’t fault this game in anyway and highly recommend adding to your games..Version: 4.5.7

Improved from the previous version!This still has some work to do to match the now-discontinued EA version of the game, but at least now it’s presented in a way that makes me want to play a round or two in my spare time. Gone are the nightly tournaments (thank goodness for that) that made what is supposed to be the casual gamer’s holy grail a stressful experience. Instead we now have the Adventure mode the way I want to play it (holding pieces is for sissies!), and Marathon lets you save midgame and come back later if you get interrupted which I view as welcome. I would still like to see one-touch piece placement like EA had, and I’m noticing that sometimes a rotation doesn’t register and a piece subsequently doesn’t go where I intend it to. But I’m not a serious player so these are minor quibbles at best. It’s not a five-star game — EA’s adaptation was the pinnacle — but it’s close and doesn’t feel like it’s ruined by trying to be a game show for 15 minutes a night anymore. Recommended!.Version: 5.3.0

Advice to the developers from a Pro Tetris player !!!!!Dear developers, I am constantly ranked in the top 0.5% of worldwide tetris players. The only reason I’m not higher is I get bored or the game crashes without getting saved! So I know the game pretty well cos I’m pretty good. There are many things that could be improved (An original Nintendo theme would be nice ;) but it’s mostly all very well done! EXCEPT for ONE BIG COMPLAINT…….. there is no offline mode! For marathon specifically!!! This is a crime of the highest order and should be fixed immediately! There is one more thing that I ask: Please give a higher level of speed in marathon, 15 is too slow! Let me go upto 30 or even 50! Thank you. Please do this. It will make the game better! the 5th star will be achieved when I can play offline!.Version: 5.0.3

Fluid Gameplay that Needs Customisable ControlsTetris is still a great game despite being reproduced a billion times since it first came out in Soviet Russia in 1985, and this app does a fine job continuing that history. With that said, it’s missing some of the best features of the EA version of the game: and that’s the control set, which allows single press gameplay OR a more manual gameplay. This release would benefit greatly from a small adjustment like that. Also, it’d be nice to choose the difficulty level you’re playing on as well. And maybe even a soundtrack list you can use any time..Version: 1.0.2

Great gameMarathon mode definitely favourite should be displayed as main option.. ads are very annoying.Version: 5.6.4

So difficult! 😩So I’ve been playing Tetris for a couple weeks now, and I enjoy it, really, but I reached level 58 and oh my gosh. The blocks only leave a 2 block gap in the middle, and on top a 3 block gap. I don’t know what it is, perhaps I’m slow, but it just doesn’t give me time to react and get the blocks in the rotation and position I want it to, and I get a blockout several seconds after I start the level. I’m not writing this to be critical, like I said, I really like this game and I still give it 5 stars, but what I’m asking is that maybe please add something like where someone could skip a level at the cost of some coins, if it’s just too difficult for them and don’t think they’ll be able to beat it ( people like yours truly, for example). I’m really hoping you consider my suggestion, because I am pretty close to losing my sanity and rage quitting and deleting Tetris. Or perhaps I just need to take a mental health break from Tetris. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Thanks and bye!.Version: 5.2.1

My good review about TetrisIt’s such a great brain tricking game with the reward of making new high scores. There is a reasonable amount of adverts and there is different types to play so you have a good display of choices how to play. I know this review is very long to read but it just shows how many amazing things I have to say about this fabulous game. This is the best game I’ve ever played and I’ve never even thought of deleting this game and if I did I would cry for hours until I’d get bored and get it again and start playing. I’ve recommended this game to many people and now you have the chance to play the best game in the world. I rate this game five stars with a cherry on top!😀😀😀😀😀.Version: 5.1.0

The new game is great just missing somethingI came from the EA Tetris just like most players. I’m not to thrilled about the new version but I’m not going to complain. The old version was great you had multiple single player modes and I wish you added more single player modes in this version. Another thing is the menu screen I don’t like it I have some random guy telling me I can play Tetris for money I think there should be a multiplayer menu so I didn’t have to listen to him whenever I open the app. The final thing I have to say is the new music and themes i hope you add the original Tetris background and shape colors back along with the music so whenever you select the original or whatever you call it it will play the original theme when you I start a game. Other than that this new version holds a lot of potential and I feel like you missed the chance to improve it and get a lot of new players who didn’t play the old version. That’s all I have to say have a good day..Version: 2.2.0

Mobile Tetris 99 for real this timeThe updates for this app in the past have been a mixed bag for me. Previous versions have paywalled what was once free content, added unnecessary fluff that at best did nothing useful and at worst sapped your battery. Several updates ago, a mode was added where you would supposedly face off against a hundred other players in a Tetris 99-esque battle royale, but without any trash lines it had no functional difference from single player with an arbitrary point where it tells you you won. However, this time was different. The addition of trash lines makes this a wonderful competitive Tetris experience. The only thing separating this from Tetris 99 is the lack of a targeting system, but that is largely unimportant at the end of the day. In fact, the many music options let this truly rival Tetris 99, something I never thought I'd say about the iOS Tetris. Worth a play if you like Tetris, great pleb stomping for higher level players too..Version: 2.6.0

Dear Tetris Team,Dear The Tetris Team, I love the game I really do except the reason I don’t play much is because the adds before every speed game. The adds put me off because half the time I’m just watching them instead of playing the actual game! All I would like is for you to have adds not every time but maybe every 2nd speed game! Thank you love the game hope you read this :) 👍 -Mr rubber ducky.Version: 4.5.7

Controls too smallI love the game so far, it’s a Tetris fans dream, but I do have a issue with it. There’s no Way to make the controls bigger, which is disappointing because I usually miss the controls because of the size of them. Maybe if you could turn your phone to make it in landscape and the controls bigger or just have a control size can figuration in the settings that would be nice..Version: 2.6.3

Royal is somewhat broke*update December 2022: since the last update control has gotten sticky. Too many times when I try to place tetrimo from reserve, it sticks for a sec and next thing I know it’s hard placed straight down. Very frustrating. Below original review. I don’t really have problem with the Ads or the Boosters (a.k.a. Pay-to-Win); the devs got to make a living, and this was a free download. Sure, the inability to play, even solo, without internet connection is sometimes inconvenient, but I can live with it. What drives me nuts is in Royal, I get two, or even three, attackers randomly. When that happens, there really isn’t much you can do, as the clean field is pretty much filled up with just one Tetrimo placement. It has nothing to do with your skills in playing Tetris, just bad luck! Ridiculous and, IMO, game breaking. I wish the devs would make it so that you only get one attacker stacking you garbage at a time. Otherwise I enjoy it..Version: 5.2.5

More levelsLove the game but I feel like I’ve been waiting a while for new levels to come through. I thought they’d be quite a few but I was wrong. Surely there’s at least another 500 coming shortly.Version: 5.7.0

Fantastic game but....Great overall mechanics, easy to get used to and smooth. The battle Royale is fun the solo mode is great. But the main issue I run into is the save feature on the solo mode. I have a high score game that I want to come back to later so I save and quit. A day later I come back and it’s gone. It’s so sad since some of those games could have been my high scores. If they can input a new save feature or just make the one they have now more reliable I would greatly appreciate..Version: 2.7.2

Great GameI LOVED the game when I first played, it was 4+ back then. Then the cash prize tournament came and it was 17+. I am younger than 17 so now I might want to delete it. It also takes a long time to load in because it’s the copy write page for like five minutes and then I have to wait for another five minutes for it to actually go in. I think the cash prize is to much. It’s not the good ol’ Tetris like it used to be.Version: 2.6.0

Polished well but a few annoying stuffI love the design of the game, because its so basic and easy to understand. The games modes are fun however an ad before every single match is annoying. Power ups are only useful on a slow speed, because on a fast speed you’ll have to take a finger off the game to press it, as well as accidentally using the power up. I would like more game modes for the competitive scene, like 1v1s or team battles..Version: 2.11.1

Pay to play 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽Please remove the pay to play for Tetris Royale it’s really ridiculous, it was completely free for all and now you’re charging $5 per day to use it!? If the internet connection cuts out you loose a ticket to play it aswell which is completely unfair!! I’d rather it be on Apple Arcade and completely free to play than this 👎🏽😔.Version: 2.7.1

Love it 👍- but one issue 👎Love it. Love it. Love it. I love old arcade games because it makes me feel like I’m in an arcade and I love that feeling. I always get lost in my phone with trying to get a new high score! I really recommend this game for anyone looking for a game to entertain themselves when they’re bored. There is one problem though, the adverts; every time you start a game an advert pops up! I get a big frown on my face! Even when you’re connected to weak WiFi you get an ad and when finally the ad is over, it says ‘Cannot connect to internet’ and I get really mad..Version: 4.5.7

Love the GameCould be my old phone but sometimes the game doesn't respond when the bricks are close to the top. Also the Down button doesn't work fast enough plus the swap outs often don’t switch. Im an addict so always trying to play the game faster. Also i noticed it was hard to get over 30,000 now its easy so would love a break of how the points are being scored so i can figure out how to get a higher score. Best Tetris on the app store so far would love a 5 minute game option too..Version: 2.13.0

Too much adsIt’s fun, but there is always an ad at the end of the round, and if you revive with an ad it still gives you an ad at the end. Please have less ads.Version: 5.9.0

Overall good, with a few complaintsDon’t get me wrong, I love Tetris. I am at almost every primetime and have received money from it (it is legit). But when I first got it (around a couple months ago) there was a 10,000 dollar prize pool and I won a lot. I wasn’t very good, but I was still winning and having fun. Then I show up one day and there is a tickets system which you needed a ticket for everything. You could go offline and play just fine, but any other time it required tickets. I absolutely hated it but they did only make it so tickets are now only for Royale, which I like more. But they also dropped the prize pool on primetime to 1,000, which is one tenth that and almost never winning. One note, a lot of people complain about the ui and how small it is. I disagree, a lot of the time it is hard to tap the hold button or it sometimes doesn’t turn right. But there is a reason behind this. If you tap on the left side of the screen, it will turn left and vice versa. You can overcome the hold button issue because if you slide up it will hold for you. Nevertheless, I will still show up to primetime and continue to love the game..Version: 2.9.1

Solo IssueSo far, I am enjoying this version of Tetris after coming from the EA version, but I have one big issue. I strictly play the solo mode, because I just like it simple. The controls are good, the different themes are good (love 8-bit the most), the score system is good, but the main issue is the Save & Quit. I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but anytime I save and quit, it never saves. Whether I force quit the app or save and return to the menu and then continuing the game without closing the app at all, the game does not save. When I reopen the app, there is a screen asking if I want to continue or start a new game and when I click continue, it either crashes, or loads an app before continuing. Either way, it puts me back at level 1. Every 1 out of 100 times, it will continue where I left off, but mostly, I have to start over. If this one issue is taken care of, I would have no other gripe, because I enjoy this take on the original Tetris..Version: 2.7.2

Good but with a flawSo I’ve been playing Tetris for a while now and I’d consider myself to be pretty good, but there’s only one thing that the added recently and that’s tickets. Tickets are dumb and serve no purpose in my opinion. It limits how much you can play and it’s frustrating. I’m happy that they made it a lot better but in my personal opinion they should remove it entirely. Just think about it for a second, they made it so that you can play against people online 24 times, 25 if you counting the event. That may seem like much but this is throughout the day. On average I play against people roughly around 36 times a day before the patch and that’s only in a 8 hour limit. You see wear I’m getting at. When you play against people it’s competitive and fun, that’s one of the main reason why I play Tetris in the first place and they basically removed it. I actually stopped playing for a while for this exact reason alone. So please if you are seeing this do something about tickets. Maybe 10 or 5 minute timer delays, it just feels like I’m not free to choose if I can play competitively or not..Version: 2.7.2

Help I accidentally bought infinite tickets with my Tetris coins! Other than that its a great game.Please restore my in game coin purchase, I saved up so much trying to get season pass. I haven’t used my infinite tickets for 24 hours at all. I had 200 tickets before this. Please, make it harder for mistakes like that to happen and please restore the ticket thing so I can have my 600 Tetris coins back. Maybe there could be a safety feature where it will ask, are you sure you want to buy this and that kind of stuff, and there should be a return ability, where if you havent used your item that you bought, you can return it, if you used it, you maybe could still return it but for 50% or something. Other than that drama, it’s a great game! The mystery boxes are amazing, and all, and I like that you can buy the premium version (Tetris Pass) with in game money, which is what I was saving those coins for..Version: 4.5.4

Very goodOriginally this wasn’t that good of a Tetris app. It only had marathon, it didn’t save your game and there was an advertisement before every game. With the new update (I don’t know how new it is,) it’s great. A battle royale mode to see who can survive the longest, daily events with cash prizes and the ability to save your marathon games (that was a different update I think). Now that you can win prizes, I don’t see the advertisements as too much of a problem, since you know that some of the money from ads is given back to the players. The controls are hard to get used to from a keyboard or controller, but after a few hours they feel good. I would recommend this game to anyone who has ever played a Tetris game..Version: 2.0.1

Smooth UI, great improvementsN3twork ran the v1.0 version of this game in NZ, and it was good, but the v2.0 is much better. Smoother UI and neater graphics. Controls and gameplay are top notch. My only criticism is the “neon future” theme could do with some tweaking. The background cycles through various shades of green red blue etc... and it’s hard to see where the blocks stop and the background begins. The “ghost” outline of the minos are especially hard to see. There really needs to be better contrast. I vote for a darker background..Version: 2.0.1

Great game! 😩🤚An amazing game. Fun, but it’s also challenging which makes the game more interesting. The only reason it’s 4 stars in my opinion is that it can be overly challenging and I think you should be able to change the difficulty. But otherwise it’s a amazing game that I totally luv. 💯RECOMMENDED!!.Version: 4.5.6

So many adsI love this game but I hate playing it because the ads are after every level and there are often three. They take forever to let you skip them and it makes me stop playing the game. Please change your model to like lives and things to help with the levels like candy crush, we will give you money just STOP THE ADS.Version: 5.9.0

The devs listened and they delivered. Wonderful take on Tetris.Old title: EA did better This one will never live up to the EA version. Sure, it’s fine, but there’s multiple ways it could be improved. One is the controls. They could be improved a lot. They’re super slippery and I constantly lose control of the bricks. Next, you should have an option to save and pick it up later. This is one of the reasons I really liked the EA version. If I need to do something or if I’m just tired I can pick it back up later. In this one I can’t do this. It’ll reset whenever I leave and it always pisses me off. Next, please remove the tacky leaderboard thing. Instead make it high scores. Leaderboards show scores compared to other players. It’s just annoying. So yeah. Please fix these things. Please. Edit: This is now a five star game. They actually listened, which is impressive, and I really thank you for that! The controls are better, it’s less of an eye strain, and most importantly you can pick it back up! Thank you so much for actually listening to the feedback of your players, not a lot of devs do that, and I have high hopes for you company as a whole because of it..Version: 1.0.3

Great game but could be better.This is a very good game but it also has lots of potential. I’m, like most, a person who played the EA version. This game has improved that version in many aspects as we have a version adapted to new phones. My problems with the app are mainly four. The first problem is that we can’t see the quantity of lines needed to pass to the next level. The second problem is the fact that I believe that there is a maximum of 15 levels, as, even though I have completed in level 15 many more lines than in level 14, I can’t seem to pass it. The third problem is that the colors of the pieces in the waiting room, aren’t very noticeable which doesn’t let me see very well which piece will come next. Lastly, the ratio of screen to screen where you actually play in feels very small. I understand this is a very early version and the app will probably keep updating so I gave it a 5 stars but I still wanted to put the problems of it to see if it can be improved. Moreover, the gameplay isn’t laggy at all and it is very fun..Version: 1.0.4

Beautiful gameAbsolutely beautiful game, would definitely recommend👍.Version: 5.0.0

REALLY GOOD!Tetris is a really amazing game, and it is very entertaining. It actually helps you with life skills like packing the dishwasher. My mum got me into this game when I was putting my dirty plate into the dishwasher. There was no space in there, and my mum came along and took the plate off me and somehow, without moving anything, she put it into the dishwasher with no problem at all! She then said to me to download this game, and so I did. Now I can fit my dirty dishes into the dishwasher! There is just one problem, I can’t figure out how to change my name on the game! Other than that, I feel like I am getting smarter everyday! Thanks for making this really fun game!.Version: 4.6.2

My dream 😴 come trueTetris is my favourite game and for it to come to iPhone/iPad is a dream come true, almost exactly like the real game just there is one issue that annoys me, for the mobile button controls pressing up counts as pressing hard down wich annoyed me as every other version, even tv has down as a hard landing and up as a soft landing. Other than that it’s a must have game and many people’s dreams come true. Da bo chi, oh and also ad a Welsh language.Version: 4.5.3

GoodIt’s Tetris, it is a bit hard for it to be bad. I enjoy it. Two bits of feed back for the devs. Disabling the music doesn’t stop music on the main menu. Tetris Royale needs balancing to limit the garbage you receive in the first 3 minutes. In this mode you compete against other players and get rows added when your opponent is doing well. The problem is a handful of players are amazing at this game. So 20% of the time you just get obliterated at the start of the round. Would be nice for the % of garbage received to scale over the first 3 minutes. You would still lose but you a get chance to play on these occasions at least..Version: 2.13.0

Great! But…Fullscreen Please!!This is such a great game on so many levels and brings back those memories from back in the day and I love how I can participate in certain events without having to spend actual money so I can really enjoy the challenge of collecting coins to be able to participate in the next event. However, if there was one thing I could please request that could make this game really next level is the option to have the area of game play fullscreen or at least take advantage of my screen size! Gone are the days when I played on a tiny little screen and now with such larger screen sizes why is my playing area still small and centered? I like the graphics and artwork along side the playing area but it would just be so gorgeous to have almost my whole screen to be able to swipe across to play. So please please please include this in a future up date if it is at all possible 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼.Version: 5.0.3

ReviewA truly great game.. pulls you in then the next thing you know you have spent a hour or longer your not even trying to beat your old score, just the game in front of you . I’ll play on tube on the way to work in the morning & have missed my stop once or twice!!!!!!!! Still have a job so not all bad. Have managed to get a lot of my coworkers into the game so I’m not the only one that’s getting in late these days When you see my coworkers all middle aged old FARTS, your traditional Tory voter, no joke…………….Version: 5.6.1

Solid, recommend, not perfectI come from the EA Tetris, like many others, and will likewise be comparing to that version. First off: this is a solid take on the game. I’ve already played this version a good bit, and am happy that it’s done as well as it is. I would recommend this app if someone asked. I echo what I’ve seen in other reviews though, particularly, the feeling of inconsistent controls. I occasionally feel the sting of a tetrimino locking into place far sooner than others. Buuut I will admit, as annoying as it is when that happens, I generally feel the controls are well implemented. So here are the two things I really wish were better: 1) the option of a larger UI and 2) more levels. There’s a lot of unused space on the screen on my phone, and yet the small UI makes it difficult to nimbly pause or switch a held tetrimino. I also get bored of the game stopping at level 15. I reach 15 pretty quickly, and I know there’s the high score, but that just doesn’t do it for me. On the EA version, I would usually start at level 16 and push to reach higher and higher levels. My failure was just as inevitable, but it was so much more thrilling to replay..Version: 1.0.4

Tetris reviewWell done, A defined control set-up replicating the original Game Boy would improve the game. Block manipulation in critical situations can be lacking due to current control set-up. Over-all, an enjoyable game. Cheers..Version: 1.0.2

Pretty Fun GameI’ve been playing since July and the game has changed a lot, some for the better, some for the worse. The royale game mode was fun but now it’s very complicated and some what pay to win as you can buy power ups to help you win against others, but you can also buy them with points. That’s why I stick with normal marathon mode, which is just plain simple Tetris. It’s fun and simple, but annoying to play with ads. I bought the ad free version but it’s only for a month?? I love Tetris but cmon-ad free should be a one time purchase even if it’s higher. They added a ticket system which I think got a negative feedback from the community as people didn’t want to have a limit to the amount of matches they could play in normal mode. The developers actually fixed this and made it so tickets where only for royale mode, and I applaud them for actually changing it. Overall a very addictive and fun game but I think they should make the royale mode back to what it was like in the summer and just change the ads thing TL;DR: A fun game and worth it but it’s much better without ads. Just a couple recommendations.Version: 2.12.1

Increasingly greedyDon’t get me wrong, the game is fun and well developed. It adds a nice competitive edge to what is normally a solo game- but in the three months or so I’ve had it downloaded it’s gone through at least 10 updates, and recently those updates include having to pay to play. Just two days ago they implemented a ticket system where you get up to five tickets, each pays for one game, and you can earn a new ticket every hour (with a max of five). Today, there was a new update, and it’s one ticket per FIVE hours. Furthermore, to purchase only three tickets (for three games) its $1.00. That’s crazy to think about when a week ago it was unlimited! It went from being a fun game to get the mind flowing to something that would literally be more expensive than Netflix if I wanted to play daily. Enjoy the game but I’ll be looking for a new game app to spend my time...Version: 2.7.1

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