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Dropbox Passwords - Manager App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Dropbox Passwords - Manager app received 45 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Dropbox Passwords - Manager? Can you share your negative thoughts about dropbox passwords - manager?

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Dropbox Passwords - Manager for Negative User Reviews

I'll still be sticking to 1passwordI don't use dropbox because it's the cheapest. I use it coz its the best (for me). In the same way, I expect 1password to make quality products which with the recent line up sadly it didn't. First paper, and now password manager, I was excited about both of them but they were nothing but just single page apps with no depth. Especially the new password manager. Please see to it that it can have my credit card info + identity card info + notes and finally proper logins with custom logos of the websites which aren't even in your library..Version: 206.2

Decent but has memory issuesDecent password manager and great that it’s included with a Dropbox subscription. Dropbox dev/support - there appears to be RAM or indexing issues. As I type character by character in the search field, each character takes about 1 full second to load. It’s frustrating. LastPass doesn’t do this (nothing does this, really). Please fix this!.Version: 216.7

Needs work. Unlimited syncs if you’re a paid Dropbox userThis app needs some work. Desktop version doesn’t really auto save “smartly”. The iPadOS version is not optimized for iPad. Very hard to read. Don’t use this app if you have an iPad. It’s an iPhone only app….you’d think a company as big as Dropbox would have a better software development team..Version: 216.16.2

Good first tryThis seems pretty good, but lacks the ability to have multiple customisable entries that are required for bank accounts..Version: 206.2

App frequently unresponsiveI like the simplicity of Dropbox Passwords, but the app does have an annoying issue. Frequently when I open the app, it is completely unresponsive. It won’t respond to any input. I have to force close the app (flick app up from the app switcher) and launch it again to make it responsive. A native app for the iPad would be nice to have as well..Version: 216.18

Slow slow and laggyDropbox passwords is a pretty decent password manager, although all its benefits are negated by the fact that it is incredibly slow. It also always shuts down when looking for a password in an app. This problem and the incredible slowness make this unfortunately unusable. I was hoping for better..Version: 216.8

No iPad version?Seems like a massive omission not to have an app designed for the iPad - just an enlarged iPone version..Version: 216.3

App Keeps FreezingThis might be a good app, I don’t know. I haven’t been able to try it yet because I cannot get the app to work. The first time I downloaded it, the app opened okay, and I was able to link the app to my computer. Then the app froze. I tried rebooting my iPad. I tried removing and reloading the app. Nothing worked. After I downloaded the app the second time, I couldn’t even get the app to open. Thinking the problems might be limited to the iPad version, I downloaded the password app onto my Android phone. Again, the app immediately froze, although I could temporarily unfreeze it by doing a force quit. I was able to access the password feature on my computer and got a glimpse of the password manager setup, which looks fine. If Dropbox can get it to work, this would be a useful app to have!.Version: 216.18

RubbishComplete load of rubbish, downloaded this onto my iPhone, then tried to link it to my computer, the app doesn’t actually send you a notification to confirm a second device, it simply send you an email with instructions which don’t actually link your device. Complete and utter rubbish. Leave the passwords to the experts dropbox. You are not an expert in this field..Version: 216.16.2

Other device notification flawOther device notification only works if you open up the app and click resend notification. I have wasted so much time trying to figure it out. There are suggestions to Dropbox to fix this (more than a year ago) and this still has not happened. Don’t know why Dropbox want to make it harder for consumers to use their apps!.Version: 216.19

IPhone appThis is a portrait-only iPhone app that’s looks hideous on an iPad. I’m not even going to bother trying it until there’s an iPad version that works in landscape. Deleting....Version: 209.2

Needs work. App won’t startI love Drop Box and was glad to see that they developed a password app, but once I downloaded the app it wouldn’t start. It is stuck at its opening screen..Version: 206.2

IPad ?Please.Version: 216.16.2

Can’t Autolock?Description says that you can set the app to Autolock, but there is no such option in Settings. So anyone who opens my phone has full access to all my passwords? Very unsecure..Version: 216.8

Good start, but needs moreGreat start to managing secret information, Dropbox, but to really make this useful you need to add managing other types of information in an easier way, including credit card numbers, addresses, etc. Take a look at 1Password for the direction to go in ;).Version: 212.2

Needs iPad/landscape supportGreat app overall, but we really need some native iPad support.Version: 216.5

Good startThe app looks pretty but it's missing some key features: 1. MDM 2. Payment card autofill 3. On desktop you have to have a desktop app open and stuck in your dock / toolbar to use the browser extension instead of it just appearing in the browser..Version: 206.2

Literally cannot get this to work on iPhoneOpens to the white Dropbox passwords screen, then just hangs indefinitely. Really want to get off LastPass but need a functional alternative..Version: 216.14

Disappointing password manager offering the bare minimumPros - Saves your password and allows you to autofill - Don’t have to fork out extra money if you have a Dropbox subscription Cons - Passwords don’t sync across devices properly - some devices will have up to date passwords, the others won’t (password sync was the primary reason for me using this app!) - Support are pretty much useless and if you don’t have a subscription you get no support at all - Passwords can’t be saved or created without having to close what you’re doing, creating or recording the credentials on the Passwords app before going back to the original app to input those generated details. Overall very disappointing when taking into comparison other (free!) password managers on the market..Version: 216.20

Simple but needs more featuresLike it for what standard features it provides but missing some others like: 1. Folder support - big one 2. Templates for Payment Cards, software licenses, SS, passports etc.Version: 214.2

Lacks support for folders👎.Version: 212.2

My passwords were compromisedWithin 1 week of installing this app, I have been having to change passwords since some of my accounts have now been compromised. Thank God for 2FA. It could be a coincidence but this has never happened to me before..Version: 211.2

DO NOT USE MY ACCOUNTS WERE HACKEDAs soon as I pushed the agreed button my accounts were All HACKED - lost IMPORTANT EMAILS DO NOT USE.Version: 212.2

DisappointingAs a dropbox customer i thought i would save some money and give their password manager a try. that was a mistake. constant bugs and the inability to properly sync across multiple devices have made this a huge headache. not worth it. save yourself the effort and use a legitimate password manager..Version: 216.16.2

We need iPad and Apple Watch!We need iPad and Apple Watch! We need iPad and Apple Watch! We need iPad and Apple Watch! We need iPad and Apple Watch! We need iPad and Apple Watch!.Version: 211.2

I really want to like thisLongtime Dropbox user and would love to ditch 1password and transition to Dropbox Passwords completely. But man, it just feels so incomplete at the moment. I have hope it'll improve, but I can't recommend it as a product for now. For example, I just created a new account on my computer and it saved correctly in Dropbox Passwords. I go to my phone and the login credentials appear in the Dropbox Passwords app. Great. But then I go to login to the new account within the app by using the Dropbox Passwords extension... not there. So now I have to go back to the Dropbox Passwords app, search the account, copy the credentials, back to the other app... you get the idea. Kind of a small thing but this is why I want a password manager. Secure and convenient. 1/2 so far..Version: 214.2

Almost usefulThis would be nice to use, but it does not support TOTP, which is essential. It would also be good to have a 1Password import..Version: 194.3.1

Need more fieldsPlease add more fields, like 1Password. Some passwords use more than one site (like Apple account is used in Apple account and iCloud, Microsoft is used in skype, Xbox store, live account) some passwords you have and ID and and email (important for people who has more than one email) and some passwords you have more than one password (like some bank accounts or even gmail and their apps passwords)..Version: 206.2

Can’t get this to work on the MacNot sure why but it never loads or opens on my Mac. It’s a shame bc it looks really great. Have reinstalled it several times..Version: 216.5

Needs improvementWorks well for the most part but has a couple of annoying quirks. Searching for a password is painfully slow. The app loses what you’ve entered if you leave and come back..Version: 216.7

Glitchy appI pay for full Dropbox subscription and wanted to try their pw manager. However, it’s all glitchy when opening it for the day and I have to terminate the app and open again at least twice. There’s not many options for categorizing and auto-login doesn’t work. If this persists, I’d probably switch to 1password or Lastpass..Version: 216.18

Sending feedback requires apple mailFirst of all, this app is a mess. Slow, confusing ux. The process to link to a computer stalled out repeatedly, both on the iOS and Mac apps. But the real unforgiving problem is that the send feedback button, instead of being a form, or even just a copyable email address, forces Apple mail to open, meaning it is completely useless if you don’t use apple mail as your email client..Version: 216.3.1

Worse onboarding experienceSecond device notification received, but did not appear in app or enable second device. Computer instruction email was second device instructions. 12 words did not work for second device. Definitely not ready for prime time.Version: 194.3.1

How can it be so badNo iPad version Mostly only to store web browsing and mainstream app passwords It’s just 10% of 1Password version 1 What has happened to Dropbox???.Version: 216.7

When can I have iPad Version?Hurry.Version: 206.2

Client not working on MacWas about to switch from LastPass to Dropbox Password. Have been Dropbox plus for years and enjoyed it. Therefore had high expectations on Dropbox Password. However the Mac client never worked. It seems Dropbox released the product with a lot of bugs not fixed. Very disappointed..Version: 216.3

My Review Disappeared 🤔I previously rated this one star because it rarely worked. It now appears to work most of the time, but I wish it worked all the time. Sync/update between devices is horribly unreliable. Needs some kind of manual refresh/sync feature. Account added manually in iOS app is not available to use in other apps/browser until ... well I’m not sure what makes it work but it takes far too long..Version: 214.2

The iPad version of this app is embarrassingIt is just the iPhone version emulated on the iPad. Either that, or the App Store is installing the wrong version from my iPad. Either way, DP is good on my Mac, and phone, but basically useable on my iPad and therefore not usable in my ecosystem of too many devices. Oh well. Definitely likes the UI..Version: 214.2

Not ready for prime timeCould never really get this to work on iOS devices. A little flakey on Win10. I’m using Bitwarden instead..Version: 216.7

SyncingNo matter what I do the passwords never updates across devices. I love Dropbox for its reliability and simplicity - this software is neither..Version: 216.18

Hope this gets betterIt is surprising that a company with the resources of dropbox would put this out in public even if it is their first try. When you first start working with it you realize that even though it looks like there are possibilities for importing passwords from your browser or from a previous password manager in CVS form neither of these options work. When you start transferring all of your passwords manually you realize that you can’t copy and paste notations that you’ve made in your old password manager. It’s a very bad sign when the very first things you need to do with the program are faulty from the get-go. I can only hope that Dropbox invests some resources to make this function at least on a very basic level. The password manager I have been using for the past few years is no longer able to sync through dropbox. I can’t imagine that this is an accident but, I could wish the dropbox would do a better job if it’s going to squelch competition and try to make a replacement..Version: 206.2

Can’t use on my iPad in landscape modeSo, I deleted the app.Version: 212.2

OkayIt’s okay, but it needs a separate PIN to enter, other than your device PIN. You may allow someone, such as your child, to use your device with your PIN but not be able to access every single password in the app. I think it’s a big security flaw..Version: 216.16.2

Could be betterSwitched over to this from Lastpass as loved that it was included as part of my subscription. The app itself is very easy to use and navigate (I’d expect nothing else from the Dropbox design team 🤟) but as others have commented, the functionality is a little basic. Most annoying thing is not being able to create a new login/password at the time I actually need it in the browser. You have to close the browser, find and open Dropbox passwords, create a new login, copy that password, and then go back to the browser and paste it in. Very frustrating!.Version: 216.20

Needs improvementsDropbox it's a great app, but Passwords lacks ability to upload pictures and needs additional fields..Version: 216.3.2

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