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Fantastic, but…Everything about Dropbox Passwords works wonderfully, but the lack of an iPad app is a MASSIVE issue..Version: 216.21

Simple. Easy. SecureI deleted LastPass and use Dropbox Password (DBP) exclusively. Dropbox is easy to use and intuitive. I like the interface, and when choosing new apps that’s important to me. Yes, there are lots of password managers out there. Yes, there are other password managers with more features. For me, I don’t need a feature rich password manager. DBP’s localized security is fantastic. Just make sure you set up a pin if using a computer for auto-lock to work it’s magic..Version: 206.2

A good password app overall but needs improvementsHope to add support to auto-save password in iOS environment such as autosave in apps and safari..Version: 216.19

I have had none of the problems others have hadSo far everything works, Synchs and imports (from chrome) just fine. I’ve only had it a day, but if you tried it out when it very first launched and had issues (like I did) maybe give it another try now. I have no doubt that eventually this will be just as strong as other password managers. Maybe it’s wishful thinking since I could never bring myself to pay for any of them, but still..Version: 206.2

Simple and awesomeI don’t have much experience with other password managers besides this one so I don’t have much to compare it to; however, My dad uses keeper and I’ve been on there a couple times and one thing I noticed is it has more features but is also harder to use. One thing that’s kind of refreshing about dropbox passwords is it’s very simple and straightforward. For some people that’s a bad thing but I really appreciate it. Some people just need simple software that doesn’t have much features. You just add your password, the email, the website, and you’re done. I they’ve done a really good job with it and I especially like that it’s built into the Dropbox subscription..Version: 216.7

Great app for Mac and iPhone but no iPad versionI am using Passwords since it’s launch on my MacBook Pro and iPhone and I am really pleased with it. I just bought the latest iPad Pro and I am disappointed to see that the Dropbox team didn’t yet design an app fully dedicated to the iPad. I hope this is something in the making, as I am paying a lot for using Dropbox Pro and would really much like all apps to be compatible with all devices and screen ratios. Is it because Dropbox is planning a Safari extension for iOS now that Safari on iPad support extensions?.Version: 216.16.2

Very goodLove this app much!.Version: 206.2

Awesome!Been using this app for the past few days. Far, far, far superior to SplashID which I have been using for the past few years. Great that it syncs seamlessly between devices i.e. mobile, windows and Mac. Yes, it would be awesome if the iPad app was actually designed for iPad but it doesn’t stop me from using it. I’m sure that the iPad version will get an update shortly..Version: 206.2

Really need a proper iPad version so we don't have to look sidewaysVery nice start! Works better at this point on the desktop Mac than here in iPadOS, but here's hoping that can be improved. At the very least, please make an iPad version that respects landscape vs portrait orientation rather than making us suffer with the iPhone version, which is sideways when the iPad is in landscape. Also, I'm not seeing autoinsertion at this point, so I'm having to manually find an copy/paste. It would be nice if a second visit in a sequence would autocopy the password, btw..Version: 205.2

Not BadThis is not a bad password manager but it really needs folder or categories to organise passwords!.Version: 208.2

Perfect all in one serviceBest service out there.Version: 214.2

Huge problem SOLVEDAll your passwords together in ONE completely safe secure trustworthy place. Today passwords are a must for every website and they have to be changed seemingly at the whim of every website. My password book ... What a mess, with old passwords crossed out and new ones scribbled in the margins and then scratched out again. Craziness. Dropbox has taken a sensible, clean, easy approach and solved what for me, is the biggest problem on the internet..Version: 216.18

It’s decent for a new app, needs improvementsI played with this today since I’m a Dropbox plus (paid) member. The interface is clean and easy to use, with plenty of security options available. Works on phone as well as desktop and browsers. It’s not feature-rich, which is fine, but it is missing some must-have options that other password managers use. 1. It’s not very good at auto-saving a new login or account created. The password extension will show in website form fields but it’s not very “smart” when it comes to managing logins. - This in comparison to 1Password (paid) which does a much better job at keeping track of your new, old, current(updated) logins. 2. You can’t categorize or tag your passwords... 3. It does not have much of any configuration options. I pay for 1Password and it would be cool to replace it with my paid Dropbox Plus plan. That’s not possible right now though... I’m guessing because Dropbox Passwords is just new and they are going to add new features as time goes on. So yeah, cool app especially if you’re only using browser or keychain passwords and would like to start using a real password manager. Not a cool app if you’re looking for a replacement to 1Password, Dashlane, Bitwarden, LastPass, etc. I’m looking forward to seeing if Dropbox continues to update/upgrade this and maybe in a year or two they will have solved much of the feature issues. Thanks.Version: 211.2

Lacking a few features but decentIf you have a paid Dropbox account, give this password manager a go. It is lacking some features users of other apps would have come to expect but the mobile and desktop apps are very well put together. Pros: - iOS and Mac apps are high quality - Setup is very easy if you have Dropbox installed and logged in already - Importing data from a CSV file or web browsers is trivially easy - Design is very clean and I'm finding it instantly easier to use than LastPass - Security features seem up to snuff - Password syncing between desktop and mobile is lightning fast Cons: - Currently lacks collaboration, folders and a few other features that will be key for some users - It does require a paid Dropbox account so I can't recommend it friends and family who just want a no-think solution I can see the is becoming a five-star app if it reaches feature parity with LastPass..Version: 216.3.1

Good startI think this is a good start, and love the fact it’s part of my Dropbox subscription. Look forward to advancements, especially ability to store payment methods..Version: 206.2

Basic but it worksThis app is intuitive and easy to use, and its accompanying browser extensions work well. It’s great that this is included in Dropbox’s plan —a good selling point when weighing up password managers (especially as LastPass is going premium). One big omission for me is the ability to add notes - both appended to websites and as stand alone entries. This is something I frequently use on LastPass, and I couldn’t fully commit to this service without this (seemingly basic) functionality..Version: 214.2

Basic but effectiveGreat value add to have this app included with the Dropbox membership. Basic functionality but does exactly what I need. Dropbox, please it going!.Version: 216.11.1

Won’t let me sign in9to5 Mac said it’s open to all but it’s till invite only. I’m a plus member but it still says invite only. Updated my rating to adjust for the 9to5 mac mistake..Version: 196.2

Clunky and stuck in portrait modeI truly thought this app would be more intuitive and streamlined than it is. I have found it cumbersome to use. The password import process is strange. I use an iPad Pro, with a smart keyboard case. I am therefore STUCK with landscape mode. But....there is no option to switch from portrait in DB. I think I will delete it, perhaps will retry if some of these issues are fixed..Version: 206.2

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