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Simple but a lot of funSometimes you just want to put your brain in neutral and do some fairly simple challenges. This game is ideal for that. Some of the actual levels are so simple that there is no challenge to them, but every now and again there is a boss level which really takes a bit of thinking about. I hope that as I continue to play there will be a difficulty curve which means that some of the intermediate puzzles will be more challenging. But it is simple and fun.Version: 146.1.2

Major Ad BugsLove the game but so annoyed with the Ads constantly freezing. I've lost the chance so often to get another puzzle piece or extra coins. You get to the end of the boring too long 30Second Ad & the whole game freezes. The only way to get out of the screen is to totally log out of the game & reload. Therefore I never get my extra puzzle piece or bonus coins. Please fix ASAP. The game is very slow on loading too. Try & fasten the load time if possible..Version: 1.23

Pull the pin ratingThis is a great game!!!! It’s your average pull the pin game. Not one of those rip off ads like homescapes or fishdom. I’ve had the app for a while now and I think it’s great but I don’t understand why it’s a 12+. I have a little sister who sometimes plays this game on my phone with me and she LOVES it! Maybe you can change the age rating?.Version: 1.5

Good game but a lot of addsI love this game is is so fun and challenging! It is just the right amount of tricky and hard! BUT THE ADDSSSSSS!!!!! There is a lot of adds like after every level add o another add like sometimes it feels like the whole games is just ads!!! But I love this game and it is really fun to do when you are bored! And maybe you can make the levels a lil harder! But not much! I think the only things that could make this games better is take out some of the ads and make it a lil more challenging! And I love that you have challenges and stuff but you should not have to pay to enter a challenge!!! And the different kinds of like balls should not be so much money!!! But I love this game and would give it a five out of five!.Version: 1.20

JJust updated now won’t load on phone.Version: 1.23

Too many adsPlay a game…watch an ad. The ad is over a minute + long. Is a fun puzzle game. Was too easy. Any advanced developer could make this a great puzzle game and I’d easily pay for it. Instead it is just a money making opportunity for yet another greedy lazy developer. Apple is loaded with them. So surprising that Apple doesn’t regulate the quality of its user experience! This developer doesn’t respect your time. They don’t expect you to actually stay around playing. They want to get you to watch a few ads before you leave. This game isn’t to be taken seriously. Too bad that Apple czars won’t allow this review to be published. Allowing honesty like this may begin to turn their product around Game deleted!.Version: 152.0.2

Great game.Too bad you spoil it with FAR TOO Many ADS Every 2 plays is too much, breaks the flow. ,!.Version: 1.38

Just as the adverts show, only far better! 🌈👍💖😊I have to admit, I didn’t think much of the app when I added it to my iPad (as I just got my new rose-gold iPad for Christmas & I wanted to stack up on games I thought looked good). Please forgive me for thinking that way, but you probably know already that adverts for some games (such as “Homescapes” or “Fishdom”) were falsely advertising a game that was totally different from the adverts & so, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one. But I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up the game & it was indeed an interesting pin-sliding game. But even better than that ... I can earn coins by watching ads (which so far has no limits, thus allowing me to binge-watch adverts until I’ve got a LOT of coins); then with enough coins collected, I can purchase different colours & designs of the ball-bearings/marbles/pellets (or whatever you prefer to name the downward-falling little spherical objects, LOL)! Anyway, for a game just under 200MB, it truly is worth downloading. It’s one of the first ads I’ve seen in a while that hasn’t lied to people & you’re getting something far better than those other games. I don’t yet know if you can play without internet connection, but either way it’s honestly still worth it. 100% would recommend. 🌈👍💖😊.Version: 1.3

Excellent, but…….I would have given this game 5 stars as it’s very good and entertaining. I played it for a while and then paid to remove adverts. However, it has only removed some advertising, but not all. Every time I open a prize it shows an advert and several other things in the game require watching them. Not fair when I’ve paid real money to remove them..Version: 1.29

Good at firstI honestly enjoyed this game so much however I found myself needing to constantly reset my phone or re download the game as it kept lagging and freezing after the first couple levels bit of a shame I really enjoyed it.Version: 1.32

Ads too frequent too long too annoyingIt absolutely pains me to wait for the ads to be stopped. The ads even blocks the progress of the boss level play. Seems like the game interface during boss games are not really customized to the screen size of my iPhone model !!.Version: 1.33

A fairly relaxing game to playAs others have pointed, this game is very easy and doesn’t really seem to get harder. I’m currently on level 214 and it’s been a breeze so far. Even so, it’s a nice game to fire up if you’re just relaxing and want something chill and easy to play. My main issue with it is that there are times where, as the balls are all tumbling into the container, a ball or 2 will not make it for some reason and will fall into the void, which causes the game to think you did something wrong and fails the level. This should not be the case, as I have no control over how the balls tumble. A word to the wise for the devs: you should not program your game to blame the player for something out of their control. This is the reason why I cannot give it 5 stars. Other than that, I have no issues..Version: 1.20

Good, but…Great game to pass time, but you either get ALOT of Ads, and I mean ALOT, or you pay $4.45 (Aus) to get rid of the Ads. $4.45 is cheap for a game. But have to say, there’s also an expectation that the game will get harder as you go along~I’m now at level 112, and it’s to easy. Will give it longer, but if it doesn’t get harder, I’m out..Version: 1.26

Excessive AdsGame itself is great and some levels are quite the challenge. The most frustrating aspect is the excessive amount of ads. I get watching an ad to retry or double rewards etc but the ads that pop up in between are very annoying..Version: 1.27

Amazing!Really enjoying playing a game which actually requires a certain amount of thought to complete the levels rather than the usual mindless iPhone games... fantastic way to pass the time while still using your brain. Would definitely recommend! (If you can afford to remove the adverts it flows much better between levels without constant interruption so I would suggest doing that for sure.) Thanks to the developers for the obvious hard work creating the game also..Version: 1.17

Screeching halt!I’ve enjoyed playing this game, but twice now it has reached a point where it puts up a game and immediately tells me I’ve failed before I even begin to play it. It is in some kind of a loop and I can’t get past it. I’ve reinstalled the app twice, but not too sure I’ll be doing it a third time if it happens again!.Version: 1.36

Here’s how to challenge yourself with this gameI, like many other commentators felt like these games scenarios were too easy. The hard challenges are under the icon that looks like a ribbon. Clicking this icon brings you to at least 100 levels of larger puzzles that challenge you to make decisions with many more options on how the balls will fall with only a limited view of the entire puzzle. The downside is that you have to watch 30 second ads to add points or redo lost levels to have access to these puzzles. So you have to either watch ads or play lots of basically simple puzzles to apply points to the more complex puzzles..Version: 1.26

It’s not worth itI’ve been playing and playing everyday every chance I get when I’m bored and it’s all the same. I’m wondering, does the game get harder? Are there any challenges?? I’m on level 1287 & it’s been the same crap since level 20. It just repeats itself over and over and over but the levels just keep counting up. I’ve watched over 20 hours full of ads on the last few months from this stupid game in between playing and I’m no just waiting for it to go to the next level of difficulty. Does it ever or is it all the same? Did the creators make a great game but got lazy halfway through and just have it restart itself but keep the levels going higher as you play? Like this game says I win each level but I feel like a loser thinking that this just a stupid game that keeps me playing because the creator made an endless game because they were too lazy to add any challenges, difficult puzzles, increasing difficulties of even anything different that Could add an increased joy of playing to this game. Jesus you guys are terrible. Just label this game for kids and then add a cap at like 1000 so they can feel a level of accomplishment for beating this garbage off a game..Version: 1.11

Love this game, however.....Ok, so first things first. This game is great. I love it. I do however have one major issue with this game and that is that the ads won’t load and you are left sitting thinking that maybe it will load and you will get your reward. Nope. It’s completely close the game down and restart it. Now, admittedly you have the option to watch the video again after completing the same level. Then, IF it loads you can get your rewards. I hope this is a “bug” that will soon be fixed. Also, add some new graphics or new skins or new wallpaper, something to add a splash like the ads for all these new games that “advertise” the pull pin style gameplay yet you know aren’t. Let’s fix the few bugs and add some cool features and this game will absolutely be unbeatable..Version: 1.4

App freezingI absolutely LOVE!!! This game. HOWEVER!!! The app constantly freezes when I try to access additional rewards by watching ads! I have to constantly close the app and re-open it to continue. So frustrating when I love the game. I’m currently updating the app again but so far the problem hasn’t been fixed..Version: 158.1.2

NHi this is a awesome game but for some feedback it would be nice if you can add different color balls..Version: 1.21

It’s the bestIt’s amazing because like every game there are adverts but this game doesn’t at all. You can choose if you have advertisements because you can double the amount of coins you collect. All I’m saying is that you need to download it. It’s the best game ever!!!! 😁 I will NEVER EVER EVER delete it. So PLEASE download it..Version: 157.0.2

So many advertsAfter every single game it would show adverts and it would freeze. You click the arrow to get out then it will pull up the App Store. I did 6 or so levels and deleted it because I was sick of the app freezing every time I’d get out of the advert 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️.Version: 1.20

Fun thinking of directionsI like this game, but after playing for 2 weeks I’ve come to the end of what the makers have as their levels. No point playing any longer unless new levels are added..Version: 1.19

Great game - Needs an updateLove the game, great concept, but needs an update, with more levels, more challenge levels etc. After about 1000 levels I noticed some repeats, now past level 3600 I think I have seen them all, just repeats. Also challenge levels stopped after 950. Can we please get an update!.Version: 1.19

Need more challenge levelsSo it is quite basic in its format and nothing too challenging, except level 43 in the challenge section. What is annoying is that you pay for no ads, but you have to watch videos to advance stuff. I have 7m coins but nothing to spend them on. Can’t you add a really expensive option to get the grounds of your hotel nice as I am never gonna watch 5 videos to do it. And for that matter what are the stars doing. Come on get it updated so I can play again and give me a hint on challenge 43 will you please..Version: 1.28

Smart hackU can just turn off your wifi u know that right.Version: 1.4

Buggy and paid version still has ads!Was very annoyed to find that despite paying for a no ad version, each challenge level requires you to watch a 30 sec ad! The game is somewhat fun but freezes regularly and I got to challenge 43 and it would not let me continue due to a glitch! So money wasted on this!.Version: 1.27

Great gameThis is a great app because for me there are hardly any adds and I Didn’t even purchase for no adds.Version: 1.5

Good bit of almost mindless funOn level 127 after downloading it on a whim yesterday while down visiting folk. Generally fun, had to think for a couple of levels. Ads not too intrusive and I’m even thinking of paying for no ads I’m enjoying it that much. And I hardly ever do that. Then I’m also thinking of restarting Readly so maybe just my age (over 50 and a geek) Recommend downloading it, and I’m off to see what the extras do (puzzle pieces, coins etc) as I’ve really just been playing it to pass journey time..Version: 151.0.2

Great gameReally fun. The ads were annoying but it’s only $5 as a once off payment to get rid of all of them. Once I paid it all ads were gone. The only ad you have to put up with is if you want to skip ahead or gain extra bonuses. I would recommend paying the $5 it’s def worth it. I pay more for my cup of coffee at McDonald’s so it’s not much haha.Version: 152.0.2

Ad stops you from playing the gameThe ad at the bottom of the screen actually prevents you from pulling a pin in Boss Level 4, making it unplayable . The ad directly covers the pin you need to pull.Version: 1.41

AdsNote that boss level puzzles, even though you do them correctly will throw out some balls just so that you’ll retry again. This is a ploy because anytime you retry you have to watch an ad so this is how popcore gets their money. I paid to have ads disabled and I never accept a gift or retry any boss level or higher level puzzles. They have it rigged that way so that they’re able to get you to watch an ad. Some of the higher level puzzles are fixed so that they are impossible to complete..Version: 156.0.2

Needs more challenging levels. GlitchesPlay this game all the time and the levels keep repeating. Would like new and more challenging levels. When building, all become the same building when finished. They should have different types of buildings. Could keep them part way finished to have different buildings but can build more if you do that. Also glitches, doing challenge levels and boss levels the game will glitch which causes you to pull the wrong pin and/or close out of the game. Has happened when trying to get a gift in the beginning and lost the chance to get a background. Gets annoying. Only really great part is you do not have to pay with your own money to play this game, that is a huge plus..Version: 1.33

JulianWhy don't you say in your adverts and description that every 1 and sometimes second game adverts start too D...n often!! This game is nice but way too many adverts!!! And no possibility to buy the game so you won't need to see any of the b..dy adverts!! Because of the adverts and No chance to cancel then I would rate this game a big CRAP!!.Version: 1.26

Too many ads all the timeGreat game but the ads are after every minute🤮 and my head just explodes and then I’m over it! Totally annoying! Nearly ready to delete it and only reached level 42 🤯.Version: 1.27

Good Game!I downloaded this app because I read a review really recommending it. I wasn’t so sure on it at first but now i really enjoy playing it. There are quite a few ads that get a bit annoying but overall they don’t bother me. I have experienced a few glitches when i am playing and it will just freeze and take me out of the game. Overall, i would recommend this game!✨.Version: 1.5

Love the game but…….I absolutely love this game,and will miss it. Because i have to delete it as im sure there are more adverts on here than any other game…its every time you do a level. Not just one or two every so often but after every level. Im sure there have been several complaints about this. So thats it from me Such a shame.Version: 1.24

Over all, it’s pretty good.This app could use a few changes. My Dad has this app on his Tablet and I was playing on his tablet and he’s like give it back. I said no and I’m like let me play for a few minutes. He said that I should get it on my own tablet so he downloaded it on my tablet. The app is really cool, but honestly here’s the thing. The app told us that the game was really tricky. I tried it and the levels were extremely easy. My Dad is on level, like approximately 400. I played on his tablet and it seems like when I play, the levels are even easier. I love how there’s like 90 percent game and 10 percent ads. On other games it gets us how it is completely the other way around. If you developers out there are reading this review, please just change this game by making the levels harder. Thank you for reading! 😊.Version: 1.13

Fun, Simple and no stress!A simple game that’s fun without taxing your brain too much! You can speed through from one level to the next, quickly solving each one as you go, and it’s hard to lose one unless you’re a bit careless! I find it relaxing and a game I can dip into and out again when you’ve got an odd minute or two to spare!.Version: 1.10

Level 593 not workingIt keeps coming up that you failed that level when you haven’t even started it. It’s stage 3 on level 593. Please fix it so I can continue playing..Version: 1.35

The game was so good I love itThe game has to have no ads witch it did have ads so I don’t have the game eneymore.Version: 1.9

The update takes the fun awayI absolutely love this game and the way it makes my brain focus solely on what I’m doing. I have been left hugely disappointed in the last update however as the puzzle pieces once you win them vanish from the puzzle board. So far I’ve won the same 2 pieces multiple times in the same playing session constantly over the last few days when I’ve played it..Version: 1.27

Pretty good gameUpdate: problem with puzzle 803. Will not complete - stays at 91 % even though all balls dropped but not filling basket completely. As many have said, it doesn’t get harder as you move through the game. I’m in the 200s and still pretty c easy. I paid for ads to be removed, which makes it much more enjoyable. One frustrating thing - the FAIL message comes so quickly, it’s impossible to figure out what I’ve done wrong! The message takes over as it’s failing, not after it’s failed. I’m adding this now that I’m in the high 300s - this is soooo boring. I’ve only had one (yes, one) real challenge in the entire game. PLEASE add some challenging levels. And where are the ones you showed in your ads? They looked pretty good. I don’t want to play a mindless, boring game. I’ve been going through the levels with the hope that a challenge would come along..Version: 1.41

Enjoyable game but what is going on with the adsI really like this game,it’s very relaxing and challenging when you do the challenges, however am I the only one who is fed up with adverts that when you click on the x to say you are not interested it automatically brings up the screen to download it. Sometimes this happens more than once, I would love it if game makers would only accept ads that didn’t do this, I understand you need ads to help pay for development but this is really going too far..Version: 1.21

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