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Woodoku - Wood Block Puzzles Negative Reviews

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Woodoku - Wood Block Puzzles App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Woodoku - Wood Block Puzzles app received 166 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Woodoku - Wood Block Puzzles? Can you share your negative thoughts about woodoku - wood block puzzles?

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Woodoku - Wood Block Puzzles for Negative User Reviews

Open up betting apps without me usingThis app is pretty dodgy as it open up the AppStore to download betting apps when the phone is on the counter and I’m not touching the screen..Version: 2.02.03

Freezes & overheats my iPhoneI really like this game, especially the journeys. However whenever I play the game often freezes when I’m attempting to pick up a time and it doesn’t always come back, although sometimes does when the banner add changes. Plus I have noticed if I play for more than about 10-15min at a time my phone gets really hot…. Not sure what’s going on here but sadly I won’t be playing anymore as the frustrations are ruining the gameplay :-(.Version: 2.05.01

SO SO SO LAGGY SMHThe main game is boring, just trying to get a new score. But I LOVE the daily challenge and the Journey. There’s a short 5 second advert between games which isn’t so bad, BUT the ads make the game hang VERY badly. Frustrated dropping pieces in the wrong spot because the game froze. There’s a problem with rotation too. The rewards are rubbish but it’s satisfying to get to the end of the journey. Journey theses are boring, I wish there were better rewards like a collection to build up. iPad 2 Air with latest iOS. It’s painful to play with the lag and I would rather pay for an ad free version. It’s becoming intolerable..Version: 2.12.00

If i could rate zero stars i wouldNo. Just, no. first of all the ads i saw yea those? THERE NOTHING LIKE THE FRICKEN GAME And second of all there are way too many ads Do not download this game its not worth it i dont know what the developers were thinking but i dont think they even were.Version: 2.08.00

Ads Ruin the ExperienceI enjoyed playing this at first. I challenged myself to beat my daily high score, several days in a row. However, the ads are killing me softly. They are ridiculously long. The play after every single round of the game (oftentimes the ad is longer than the game itself). They will also occasionally crash the game. And it’s super repetitive. For the love of God, offer a paid version with NO ads. Also, similar to other reviews, I hate that you can’t be strategic. The game only allows you to see three pieces. You must place all three before seeing the next three. How hard is it to place a piece, see a new piece? Asking for a friend. There should consistently be three pieces, bare minimum. And once your board is full with only small gaps, the game will consistently deliver large pieces. Ugh! I’m giving it 2 stars because of the ads. But I would love for this to be more of a game of strategy vs a game of chance..Version: 2.06.00

Not as advertisedI have been playing and have not come across a shaped puzzle yet. Fun but got bored of the square.Version: 3.09.00

Is this a game or an ad?This game is so hungry for ad revenue, I’m sure they would do ads for the KKK or ISIS if they paid enough money. And God forbid, they make it so that the exit button on those ads means that the ad is over. In this game there are 5 skip ad buttons you have to press to leave the ad. I am so sure the developer of this app gets #metoo’d everyday by his/her/them ad providers and then asks politely, “please sir abuse me more, I promise I’ll make the ads longer”..Version: 2.10.00

Great Game- PLEASE Offer Paid VersionI love this game and the different challenges. I love that it isn’t timed so you can strategize before placing the tile options. What I can’t stand is that there an ad after EVERY SINGLE GAME!! Once you’ve achieved the lower levels in the “Journey” the games in the upper levels can easily be over in just a few moves (not completed, but the game is over because you have to space for the remaining tiles). So you play less than a minute, then there’s an ad. Play 30 seconds, there’s another ad. Want to try again? Oh boy, there’s another ad, often the same one you’ve seen a dozen times in the past half hour. Now for the really frustrating part: every third or fourth ad crashes the game, requiring me to reload it. Within a week, I loaded the game more than 100 times. I finally deleted it and I wish there was a version I could buy to replace it. Free games are worth what they cost- absolutely nothing. As a bonus, you get a load of aggravation for no additional charge..Version: 1.8.3

Far out the Ads!!!I love this game, good brain workout BUT the ads are all to do with husbands cheating on their wives and kicking the wife and kids out of the home with the mistress on his arm. If it’s not those ads it’s ads about killing, not the sort of ads you would expect from an app that is used to wind down. Improvements on the app need doing, would be nice to see what block is coming up next as no one I know has managed to score over 2500, gets boring when you can’t break the ceiling. I feel this app is just designed to lure you into other apps. I would rather pay for it and never see another app again to be honest. It’s just ewww.Version: 1.9.4

Isn’t what it says it isWhen you see adverts for this on a game, it will show you a fun-looking game in which you have a shape (in the advert I saw before downloading it was a cat) and you have to use the blocks to fit into the shape to see how high IQ you have. I thought this looked really fun and downloaded it, only to be massively disappointed. The game is nothing like the adverts, unless you count the fact that you are putting blocks in a shape. The real game is that you try and get the blocks in a row. I suppose it is a fun game, but I am unimpressed as it is nothing like the adverts. If the adverts were truthful I would have given it five stars. Can you please fix the advert problem as I do not want more people to be misled?.Version: 2.07.01

Enjoyable, but crashes too oftenAs another reviewer has said, this is a bit addictive. Unfortunately it has started to crash, and turn off other apps, too often lately. Interestingly, this is a new change over the past week or 2. Quite enjoyable puzzles, just wish it wouldn’t interrupt other apps, or crash with the ads.Version: 2.04.00

Freezes & crashes constantly now!I really liked this game when I first installed but now it's so bad with freezing and now crashing that renders it useless to play. With all the recent reviews why aren't you fixing these issues? I'll tell you why because it's because the more advertising you overload it with the worse it gets. If making money on so much advertising is what you're all about and no care about the stability of the game then this is not for me! I'm done and deleting now! The one star is only because I used to enjoy the game!.Version: 1.8.6

Great gameplay but liesI downloaded this app under the “No wifi” section. I downloaded and played for a day perfectly fine, testing it out to make sure I can play and have fun when I have no wifi on car journeys etc (I’ve found other apps to do this exact same sneaky thing before). I opened the app again the next day, played normally, but then went to test the game without wifi again but after a couple games of it working just fine it didn’t. I was playing a level on the “journey” section and lost the level but when I pressed the retry button it wouldn’t let me because I had no internet! False advertisement that’s endorsed by apple and it kept up the lie so far so that you’re engrossed in the game. Will not be playing again despite the well made and enjoyable game, I don’t stand by this lying..Version: 3.10.00

Unstable and too hot to handleI love doing the Journey part of the game. But the app is so unstable. The tiles are often ‘sticky’ or completely unable to be moved. The other concerning thing is when this app is open, my mobile gets so hot I can hardly hold it in my hand. Please fix this up! I also have a major concern about the ads and the subsequent spam I’m inundated with. Fix these problems ASAP or I’ll have to find something else to challenge myself with..Version: 1.8.5

Far far too many adsWhen I’m enjoying a game and I get interrupted, I form a negative association with whatever is interrupting me. In this case it's the adverts. They are persistent, highly intrusive and spoil the enjoyment of the game. I deleted the app after a few goes and am likely to remember the products advertised in a negative way. Just my opinion but this seems like terribly poor marketing. Whoever is behind that stupid pig solitaire game that kept getting in my face has wasted their money. I’ll never download it. It’s like a creep in a bar that doesn’t get the hint to get lost. I’m genuinely angry about it..Version: 2.08.00

Was fun until…Ads used to appear in a banner at the top of the game. Recently, they have started landing at the bottom of the screen, right on top of the puzzle pieces, essentially preventing the game from being played. The player is unable to move the ads, close them, swipe them, or otherwise - they are forced to tap the ad, which will take them who knows where. Basically, once the ads pop up, it’s game over… To be honest, it’s sad because I really enjoy playing this game and these ads have totally ruined that. It feels like an unfortunate strategy to increase click through rates on in-game ads. The player is literally prevented from playing the game unless they either pay for the “ad free” version or just be willing to tap the ad and be redirected to another site (click through; game developer is paid per click). Terrible… Not worth it..Version: 3.07.00

Ads getting worseYou now can’t see your score before the ads start up when each play ends. And the ads are a nightmare to get rid of. And they play sound regardless of your settings. So you close the app quickly and then re-open it. Which eats battery. And it now doesn’t open in the home screen and the daily game thing is just a way of introducing a short game to show you more ads. The main game is really good with a nice display but the owners are greedy. Play your ads between games without over-riding my sound settings and I might actually watch them!!.Version: 3.11.00

What’s going on?I was loving this puzzle, especially trying to complete the weekly challenge. Now something’s gone wrong! Last week I got to level 50 and the game reset half way through the week! Today I tried on a different iPad, got to around level 20 and the same thing happened! What is going on? I think I’m going to delete the game, it’s too frustrating to lose all progress half way through a challenge. It’s supposed to be relaxing! It isn’t! I’ve tried reporting the problem, the app doesn’t recognise me! Pah! Tried again and got to level fifty only to lose all progress on Thursday! So angry I’m deleting it! Impossible to get to support, games shouldn’t make people angry!.Version: 2.03.00

Great game but the in-game ads are not only annoying but YOUR own ads are even more worse!I just installed this game and I loved it at the start, but right when I played a few rounds of it, I started seeing the usual ad invasion. Can this game just stop throwing the same ads for the same games? Some ads are even sexually inappropriate too, like this one that I keep getting for that same reality show game with the cheating woman and that other ad with that “spot the difference” game with the lady on the toilet! As if that couldn’t get any worse, your OWN ads are literally NOTHING LIKE THE GAME! The ads literally show you putting pieces on a diamond when in the actual game, the board is just a big square! So misleading! How I would change the game: Add a no-ads button as well as changing your ads so they can ACTUALLY look like the game. Thank you..Version: 2.08.00

Ads need to be vetted betterBeen playing it for a while and while it is a great game there are an increasing number of ads that players can’t close. One review mentions Tim Hortons. My latest bugbear is a Witch 3 app. I get tired of having to repeatedly hard close the Soduku app then reopen to continue playing. Ready to just permanently delete the app and move on..Version: 2.05.01

Why aren’t developers addressing in game ad banner disruption?!Loved the game up until recently; happy to have ads in between levels as I know they’ve got to make money somehow. But the in game ad banners not only cause lag but now pop up with the App Store page MID MOVE and cause pieces to fall in the most inconvenient places, rendering all previous, carefully considered efforts during the level moot as the piece you were moving gets put in the worst place possible, it happened no less than 9 TIMES during a single level today, WHY DO THIS?! On the verge of deleting it now as it’s disruptive, intolerable and utterly unnecessary. I get you gotta make money but won’t you think of gameplay?? I play it much less these days because of this and will bin it off soon as it renders the game almost unplayable. Some kind of response from the developer on this would be great as there is no way to contact them other than complaining on here. You’re not going to make money if people now hate playing the game and delete it due to an easily fixable issue and nobody likes a developer that doesn’t respond to feedback. Please fix this. There are plenty of other games that I can play that don’t have such fundamental flaws, I’m already scoping out alternatives to replace this with..Version: 2.11.02

Good but…Almost everything is right about this. But you don’t always get to see which block is coming next - you see groups of 3 blocks and only get to see the next set of 3 after placing the current set of three on the grid. This introduces an element of luck that spoils the game - sometimes you have a choice of places to put a block in and if you knew what the next block was you’d be able to make the right choice. As it stands it’s down to luck and that’s disappointing for a strategy game..Version: 1.8.9

Great game, lousy adsThe game itself is great, but I have one huge gripe with this game - the game plays ads with the audio automatically enabled, so if you watch/listen to other content and forget to turn your volume down, you will eventually be surprise-greeted with a very loud ad. It’s incredibly annoying and I will be uninstalling the game as a result. On a related note, it would be nice if there was an option to pay to disable the ads altogether..Version: 2.02.03

Free sucksImpossible to get more than 600.Version: 3.07.00

The add is falseI find it super annoying that the add makes you believe it’s lots of wood block puzzles in the shape of a cat or what ever….BUT it’s really just the grid game a thousand times and it took me a while to find one! It’s in the add …block puzzles and you think that’s cool but it’s not!!! I got the fishdom game for same reason but again it’s really just a version of candy crush . It’s a deliberate mislead and I don’t understand why don’t they just do what’s in the add as that seems to work….I think for me it’s like every one is trying the con… even a silly game has a false add.Version: 3.07.00

Fun but super glitchy and getting worseFun game, should be 5 stars but it constantly freezes, kicks you out of the app and makes my phone go hot almost immediately (no other app does this, so weird). Didn’t have these issues when I first got the game but it’s now getting worse. These issues, along with long ads (that are hard to get out of) between every attempt makes it pretty unenjoyable now. Time to delete unless the glitches can be fixed! Looking at other reviews it looks like these glitches have been happening for a long time with no resolve. Disappointing..Version: 2.04.00

Ads Ads and s’more AdsFirst and foremost, this game disappointingly has nothing to do with sodoku other than the board. It’s just a new take on Tetris. Also, it is clear that this game solely exists to generate ads. The owners make their money off of those ads and micro purchases. That means they must saturate the user with enough ads to get other companies interested in advertising on their product, but what that really means is the game will intentionally scuttle your progress in order to keep their average advertisement runs on the level. They only show you the next three pieces and then conveniently you get impossible combinations very quickly and lose: now you get an add. Play it again and they provide you with two or three possible moves before there are no more possible. Rinse and repeat until they very easily provide you with the exact combinations you need so you can advance. In the end it takes almost no skill to win or lose. It’s the random pieces generated by the application which are in line with them forcing you back to the ads and curbing your progress. Very disappointing overall. Bit of advice: force close the app whenever you win or lose to skip the ad. Start the app back up and you’ll be where you left off in much shorter time or even better, don’t install this game disguised as tracking software..Version: 2.10.00

Too many adsI loved this game, but now you can’t play it on airplane mode - it needs to be connected to the internet so they can run you ads after each game - win or lose. It’s a great game, but I wish they would tame the ads down to once every 3-5 games - it’s not worth playing when the ads take you longer to watch then it does to actually complete a level/game. Play a turn - ad - play a turn - ad - play a turn - 2 ads etc.Version: 3.02.00

Good but frustrating.There are times when this game is a lot of fun to play, and also others where it becomes really infuriating. It’s possible to make good progress with the first few levels, but soon you get told there is no space available when your score is very low, and this repeats a number of times, before suddenly things change and it becomes very easy again. Had a game where a only one more of a certain colour was needed and the game didn’t put that particular colour out at all. It simply kept adding blocks with colours has already been completed. The ads are also a major pain, and there should be an option to skip these, especially when you’ve already watched State of Survival 20 times!.Version: 1.9.4

Ads break the gamesI really liked the game until ads popped up at the top of the screen and took full focus so that the game UI is not accessible. The close “x” on the ad doesn’t work so there is no way to play the game once an ad appears..Version: 1.1.1

Invasive adds and manipulation means I’m walking away.I could forgive the differences between what was promised and what you get with this game as the games are challenging. The real problem I have are a) the Journey section constantly tells you you have only a fixed time to complete it and in my view manipulate you to complete the levels with the promise of a goal that means you can’t easily walk away from it - I’ve completely stopped playing that part because of it - and b) the games have adverts at the end of each level, which is fine, however they have started appearing whilst in a level and even while you are making a move - Too much!!! So I’m walking away..Version: 3.03.00

Fun, but…The game has a very annoying tendency to give you pieces you can’t use, so you lose, not because of skills, but because the piece selection is flawed. Of course, some of the strategy involves planning ahead for the odd piece that may not fit, but sometimes the pieces are so random you can’t do anything with them no matter how skilled you are. I made it to an upper level that I tried too many times to count and finally gave up. I was simply never enough pieces to succeed. I tried to buy out if the advertisements, but there is no place in app to do that apparently. The app endlessly crashes during the advertisements. I’ve had to download and delete repeatedly. As others have noted, once you go so far, you never get the shapes you need, no matter how good you are at strategizing. Seems like it’s just a set up to get you to watch advertisements..Version: 1.9.4

Inappropriate adsTriple dot, Today while playing Woodoku, a game for 12 and up. An ad for a game came up. This game featured a women in a thong and bra style nighty. This offended me greatly for several reasons. First I do not care to see other people in this state of dress. Second Twelve year olds are not adults and do not need to be subjected to this kind of sexuality. Social diseases and pregnancy is on a rise in this in this country. You as the maker of this game can’t eliminate this fact, however we can each do our part. What ads you accept are under your control. Third the women in this ad was overweight and the man in the ad was discussed by her body. Eating disorders are a very serious mental health diagnosis. Body shaming the adolescent as well as Adults contributes to this disease. I do enjoy playing Woodoku and I have downloaded other games after seeing an ad while playing. I assume this is good for your company when player’s act on the ads we see while playing your games. It is my hope to continue to play this game and others not only by your company but by other companies who advertise on your sites. Please remove inappropriate ads from your game sites. I am giving your game a 1 star because it is my hope to be taken seriously and for others to see my concerns. We’re it not for this ad I would have given your game a much higher mark. Jennifer Conner.Version: 2.06.00

Offer a premium versionI love this game but hate the ads..Version: 1.9.0

Made for adsAnother ploy to make revenue from adds!.Version: 3.10.00

RiggedWhy can’t anyone release a game that isn’t set up for the player to fail..Version: 2.04.00

Intrusive adsThe game itself seems good and the interface is neat but there are far too many ads, they run for too long, and they are too loud. They also kick you out of the game and into the App Store. I haven’t been able to play this game for more than a minute at a time before an ad interrupts me. I would happily pay for it if I could get a decent go of it to trial it but instead I’m uninstalling it. It’s too annoying to persevere with and there’s so many alternatives to it that I don’t need to keep it. It gets 2 stars because if the ads..Version: 3.04.00

More ads than prime time tvUnplayable due to amount of LOOOOONG ADS..Version: 2.06.00

Addicting but can only win by chanceThis game is really addicting especially the journey and daily challenge. However it can be unfair and winning ends up by chance and not skill. It gives you three pieces at a time and you don't get to see what's next until you place those three pieces. The next set can totally screw you over if you don't have enough options to win which isn't fair. You should be able to see which pieces are coming next if the game is truly based on strategy and not chance. I couldn't finish the journey because it's nearly impossible, too many levels and some are so difficult that it takes days to complete combined with the chance of getting good pieces. Not all the different pieces cycle through and the game decides to give you the hardest pieces over and over again. If these frustrating things were changed then it could be a really solid game..Version: 2.07.00

Fun, smart game but….Burning out on having to sit through the same ads over and over and over and over and over…you get my point. A few ads, sure. But these are ads for ridiculous lame games that I would NEVER be inclined to download. I’d be happy to pay for an ad-free experience, but that is not available, which tells me the ENTIRE purpose of this game is one big click bait ad campaign. The ads come after every single round, regardless of how quickly the round ended. Blech such a turn-off for an otherwise clever game that allows one to play without the constraints of time. I wouldn’t mind as much if so much of it wasn’t based on luck of the tiles you are given. I’ve had rounds end after three moves because the tiles I was given didn’t work in the pre-loaded, higher levels. Ok no problem, I’ll try again, except now I have to sit through another long ad for a smutty, offensive “make-over” game. LAME..Version: 3.04.00

Ad is different to the appI get this game as a ad on the regular basis and decided to download it to give it a try.. the ad shows something different to what the actual game is… the one I saw showed a triangle and you had to fit the blocks into the triangle to win the game. So I download the game and it’s not what the ad shows! It’s kinda like playing Tetris and matching tree blocks together to get rid of a line etc.. pretty disappointing!!! It’s like being conned.Version: 2.10.00

Deceitful false advertisementI got an ad while using a different app of a diamond shaped puzzle and different shapes used to complete the diamond. It looked fun and entertaining so I clicked the ad to download the app. Once downloaded I opened the advertised Woodoku and was met with the standard 9x9 grid I thought perhaps if I played a couple it would offer the other shaped puzzles. Nope. All basic grid shapes. The puzzle doesn’t allow for you to completely fill the grid offering no satisfaction, instead it has point goal and section disappear which you refill until the point goal is met and it starts a new puzzle- similar to a sad version of Tetris. Also, there is a video ad between every single puzzle. I spent more time watching ads than playing the puzzles. After a few minutes of this I deleted the app and came to provide this review to hopefully same others some time and disappointment..Version: 2.10.00

It doesn’t work offlineI downloaded this game specifically for the fact that it can be played offline. However, when I was somewhere where I didn’t have WiFi, I wanted to play it and it gave me a message of “must have WiFi to play” or something along that line. Not too impressed.Version: 3.10.00

Unplayable glitchingI really enjoyed this game in the beginning but now I can barely convince it to allow me to move pieces without it glitching, freezing or, as many others have complained using so much processing power it requires a whole phone reset and a few minutes in the fridge to cool the phone down enough to function again. You also can’t have anything else open so if you like listening to your own audio while playing games this is a disaster of epic proportions as it crashes and burns almost immediately if you have any audio playing in the background..Version: 2.05.01

Wasting puzzle timeLove the puzzles, good colour contrast for visually impaired people like myself who still have some useful sight . I absolutely hate the adverts, I would rather have option to purchase a ad free version , I also find that some of the adverts stick do you can’t return to puzzle, I end up having to turn my phone off /on On a few occasions I find the tiles on the puzzle are very sticky and freeze mid screen or drop where you don’t want them. If these couple of things were rectified it would be a 5/5 rating instead of 3/5.Version: 2.10.00

Ads annoying but love the gameWould happily upgrade and pay for ad free option.Version: 3.01.00

Please offer a paid versionCould a paid version of this app please be offered? Often the ads will pop up during game play which means that if you’re in the middle of placing a piece and an ad pops up, it will drop the piece randomly on the board. Some of the ads are also gross and misogynistic :(.Version: 3.02.00

Internet requirementI’ve really really liked the game. Amazing graphics, good difficulty, keeps me very occupied. However since the latest update you are required to be connected to the internet, (i guess this is because of the ads) Which sadly makes me unable to play on the underground while travelling, or at work if i have some free time. My office is located in the basement. So very sad I can’t play with this anymore. If there is a way to be this removed i’m sure loads of us would appreciate.Version: 3.16.00

Too many adsIt’s not a bad game but some of the ads are lengthy and you can’t close out of them. There is no option to go ad free. It seems like the longer you play the game, the more often you get the lengthy ads and they keep repeating. I wish that they would change the icons in each game more often. I have been playing this game for months and would be more interesting if they changed the icons from apples and mailboxes and bubbles to something different every couple months and especially around holidays. Have bunny’s for Easter, Flags for 4th of July, turkeys, Christmas trees…etc. If it wasn’t for this. I would have given it 4 or 5 stars. I am now adding the fact that I am bored of this game. Nothing ever changes. It is the same thing, over and over. It seems like the developer is not interested in any of the reviews people have given..Version: 3.07.00

Like the gameAlthough I like the game I’m about to give up on it as adverts interrupt too often during a game, causing my device to get overheated and cease up..Version: 3.03.00

AdsWould be more enjoyable if there weren’t so many ads..Version: 1.2.2

Overly frustratingThis is fun and addictive. However I’ve deleted it after being stuck on the journey level 47 for three days. Sometimes I couldn’t even get the first three pieces out as I needed space for a horizontal 5 and there was nowhere to put it right at the start of the game, how is that fair? And I echo other peoples comments about it not giving u the colours u actually need. It shouldn’t put colours out u already have acquired enough of. If players can’t progress then why would they play or even have the game? And if we have to watch so many ads why not at least offer some boosters in the game? Like swap pieces, remove a single block, remove last placed piece. When u have spend a good 10 minutes collecting 29 gems and u just have one or two left it’s so frustrating to fail when u don’t have any option at all. I guess this game just isn’t for me..Version: 2.05.01

OMG so many AdsI love the game but the Ads are making me crazy. There’s Ads after every game and they’re so loud and annoying! Also the Ads are still audible when my phone is clicked to silent, so I also have to turn the volume right down as well, I have missed calls due to this. I’d rather pay to have Ad free games, (not a subscription but a once off payment.) I understand you need advertising, but after every game....seriously? Please guys, do something about this. A few of my friends have already deleted the App, I’m probably next..Version: 1.4.3

False advertisingI clicked on this app add from within another app because what was advertised looked really challenging and fun. Yet no where in this app is the game that was advertised! What an absolute waste of my time. What is the point in this? Sick of this sort of false advertising and the app stores should ban developers who do this. I doubt i will get a response from the developer of this app regarding this: they seem to pick and choose who they respond to. UPDATE: I received this useless standard response: “ "We're sorry to hear that you're not having a good experience with our game 😔. We want to provide the best possible experience for our players, so we'd like to learn more about the issues you're facing. Could you please contact our support team? We're dedicated to resolving any problems you encounter. Thank you for bringing this to our attention💝" Please can you explain how i contact the support team? The answer is there is no customer support team. The link on the app store takes you to the developer website (useless). Sick of App stores allowing rubbish like this to exist..Version: 3.16.00

Not kid friendly ads supportedI like this game BUT this game has ads that sit at the top of the screen that pop up mid game and opens a link in your safari and it’s either a porn website or a website saying the phone was hacked and to act on it now etc. This happens only when playing this game. I have to play it with the data and wifi turned off to avoid these pop ups. This should not be happening. Ads like these should not be supported by apps that children can download or maybe not support them in general so people don’t get very unwanted websites pop up while trying to play..Version: 2.11.03

Really is a B.S. Game in the endWill admit I enjoy playing it, but after about 4-5 rounds, the frustration of only getting 3 blocks at a time and not see what is coming next always kills a great game and eventually you’ll need to just close it and move on. This game never allows you to calculate risk when setting the third of the 3 delivered blocks. You can set areas of the board up and the game can progress and progress and you never get delivered the piece to clear cornered or areas you have prepped. It’s almost as if the game traps you in to keep trying to clear one section of the board. Decided to write this review after the last game just closed down. I had the upper left corner and basically left side of the board prepped for any number of pieces and went through multiple rounds and the game would not even deliver me a single block or double block. I highly doubt the pieces are delivered randomly. No block games being developed will ever match original Tetris..Version: 1.9.4

SpammedThe ads are killing your game. Spammed and deleted. Complete waste of time and battery power. Bye bye..Version: 3.07.00

AdsAds ads ads ads ads ads , if you want to download an app where you watch ads all day this is it!.Version: 3.01.00

Puzzles ?Not a game of skill , just a game where luck is required. Way too many ads ! Also is a big battery drainer 😡😡😡 And is nothing like the ads , Only 1 style of game - becomes very boring after a small amount of time Since update while playing game just goes to safari and opens ad , this app is getting worse , and the deception of the game play in the ads is nothing like the game - is just the same repetitive game over and over again. Developers don’t appear to care about anything that is reviewed here as I have never found any reply to any comments.Version: 3.10.00

Great game, BUT…I would pay for this game, but it’s not an option, instead you are stuck with adverts, after every single solitary game. Some dismiss easily, others effectively hijack your iPad, and it’s annoying, really annoying, it ruins what otherwise would be a clear 5* game. All the parts of the game are equally playable, a good challenge for young and old players. It’s a really really good engaging game, BUT THE ADVERTS ARE ENOUGH TO DRUVE YOU TO DISTRACTION! i had to remove the profanity from this before posting, otherwise my rant on adverts would have got me banned! This game is ruined by excessive advertising..Version: 3.02.00

Dragging onPLEASE FIX IT - I was drawn in by the diamond shaped puzzle in the ads but it is not in the game. I have been playing and doing well but that puzzle never turns up as an option. The journey builds you up and then drops you back to a level 1 for some new journey, which is really just a new title of a new theme that isn’t even expressed in the game. Changing the name of the theme when you’re just starting over with the same game, does not make it a new journey, especially when it’s just blocks on the square grid - no theme to be seen. The theme is not even apparent in the game itself, just back to a low goal. The journey thing is poorly planned. I often close out the app when I doing well and then get dropped back down to start of a new “journey.” The square grid is fine for some brain exercise but it gets old. The gems are fun but after you become skilled at collecting more of them, why would you want to start at level one and have to just score low on the grid game yet again. They had a good idea but the execution needs help to keep me engaged..Version: 3.07.00

Excellent except for the ads that interfere with the functionalityThis would be a 5 star game no question! I don’t even mind the ads that play after I finish a game. What I don’t like AT ALL are the ads at the top of the screen that interfere with my ability to even play the game! I have to sit and wait until I can move the blocks again! There doesn’t even seem to be an option to remove the ads so that’s even more frustrating! I really enjoy the game but I’m not sure how much longer I’m willing to put up with the “waiting”. Hopefully you either eliminate the “during game” ads or give us an option to pay to remove them! 🤞🏼.Version: 2.05.01

Lots of adsThere are a lot of ads. I can handle that but I think some of the ads that play are inappropriate. Woodoku is a G-rated game. My children play this game. For example: one of the games advertised is ‘Emperor: Conquer Your Queen’ and it is rated 17+. The content of the ad is not suitable for children and the rating of the game. Can this sort of advertising be removed?.Version: 2.12.00

FrustratedUsed to be a good game and enjoyable but ruined by your inability to tidy up the faults - too jerky - ads cannot be got rid of - often freezes and one cannot do anything but leave the game and come back another time, which one does not always bother to do! - now totally spoilt - about time you either pulled the game or did something constructive like sorting out the problems, that is always assuming you have the required skills and ability to do this which one questions. What is the point of having a game when it is impossible to get rid of an ad so that one can continue to play the game, it becomes pointless - sort out the problems if you have the capability do do so which one is beginning to doubt!.Version: 1.9.0

Definitely a failureSo many ads ! U forgot about playing and what’s worst is the same add forever….Version: 3.10.00

Great game but way too glitchy too enjoyEven after updating this morning, the game still gets frozen frequently, which will then cause my whole phone to freeze up til I can eventually close the app. Can barely get through a level anymore. Definitely don’t have a chance at completing the ‘journeys’. Such a pity because I really love the concept and the challenge of this game..Version: 2.05.00

Great game concept pretty much ruined by adsThis is a terrific game concept. It makes you think in different ways than some of the other block puzzles, and it is both creative and fun. That being said, the advertisements truly detract from the game. Not only is this one of those games that makes you go through a process of dismissing the same old ads for the same old online games, but mine often reverts into some empty ad mode where I have to click an X on an empty ad screen because the app thinks it’s time to load an advertisement for me at random times, and there isn’t one coming from their advertisers server, or wherever those ads come from. It’s gotten to the point where the game is no longer fun and I simply have to delete it. Don’t waste your time until the people making money off this put in a little effort to make sure the game is actually enjoyable rather than just a money maker for them..Version: 1.8.7

Uncomfortable privacy policyFor such a simple game they want to collect A LOT of my personal data. Like many others, don’t normally read these user agreements and just hit agree so I can use the app. This time though, because I thought it was weird that a small app like this asked me about privacy at all. They want to do a full background check on you lol Anyways I know tons of apps on my phone are already doing this but it feels weird coming from a simple game like this..Version: 3.07.00

Add time far exceeds game timeWin or loose, you have to see an add to continue. Same 6 or 7 adds, timed to force you watch over a minute each time. You pay by spending 2/3 of your time in adds. I had installed on two devices, removed them after a 10 days..Version: 3.10.00

Well…So IV been using this app for a fair while now, well over a year. I make sure its updated when needed. I love the challenges, I look forward to the daily gem challenge actually. But recently therr have been glitches that make me Not want to play the game anymore. I have to keep shutting the app down as it freezes..Version: 2.05.00

Tried to like this…I really want to love this game. It’s such fun. But the glitching and freezing is now so bad it’s impossible to play! It freezes now every few minutes, usually on completing a level. It’s caused me to lose my place in the levels and to not be able to finish challenges. It’s beyond frustrating! The game often takes twelve or more hours to resolve a freeze, or you have to keep turning your phone on and off. This really should get fixed!!! Developers please take note!.Version: 3.09.01

Misleading advertisementsThe game was advertised as fitting pieces into a particular shape, and it is not that. You’re just placing pieces to make squares and lines, which then disappear. And the ads are far too frequent..Version: 3.07.00

Wayyyy too many ads - deleted appThere are many similar games with options to remove ads..Version: 2.08.00

Far too many adsThis isn’t a game with a few ads popping up now and then, this is a whole series of ads with a bit of game play chucked in to keep the user coming back. Don't get me wrong, the game play for the daily challenge is fun but an ad comes up after EVERY attempt, so I leave the game after every attempt and wait a while to try again just to avoid the ads. The journey game is a joke, made deliberately easy and over in less than 30 seconds just so you can watch another ad. If there was an ad free version, I would buy it, but as it is, I think this game won't last much longer on my iPad. It's almost unplayable in its current form, unless you love the hard sell in your apps..Version: 3.10.00

Black screenLove the game but lately this black screen keeps popping up every few seconds!! Extremely annoying. Deleted this app because it was so frustrating..Version: 1.8.7

Can’t abandon a game - deletedA recent change that forces you to complete a game has caused me to delete the app. It’s easy to tell if a game is not going your way. Forcing completion is a waste of the player’s time and just dumb. It’s already bad enough when the game seems to prevent good scores. Don’t recommend..Version: 3.06.01

Not as advert shows!!! Avoid.Wow!! What a waste of time this was. Didn’t have any shapes to fill like the advert shows. You basically have to fill a big box with Tetris style shapes. Crappy, and I mean really crappy version of Tetris. Like the screen doesn’t move or anything. Collect gems and waste your time watching adverts as there is an ad after every single level. Bored me to almost death so I deleted it before it sent me over the edge. Please don’t waste your time or your life. Go find some paint and watch that dry because that’s more entertaining. Wow, just WOW!! Had to give it one star or it wouldn’t let me submit the review but let’s be clear. If I could’ve given it 0 starts I would’ve..Version: 2.10.00

Black screenBlack screen (empty add) keep opening during the game, unplayable..Version: 1.8.7

Good fun but….After every single game there’s an add. Painful. Often same add. Getting sick of having to wait them out. Please take them away!!!! The wee puzzles are enjoyable though..Version: 2.09.00

Questionable Privacy PolicyThese people want to collect A LOT of your data. Read their privacy policy before hitting “agree” & it was an instant delete after reading it..Version: 3.07.00

OverheatsWhile I love playing this game, there’s 2 issues I hate so I probably will delete it if I don’t get a response to this review. First, I keep having a Mazda ad dropping onto my screen only in the middle of a move. I don’t drive so I don’t know why I would get ANY car ads! Second this is the only app I have out of 168 apps that I have on my IPhone that overheats my phone through the case so hot that I can’t hold my phone and I have to stop playing and put it in my freezer for several minutes to cool down so I can continue playing! That’s ridiculous! And it’ll ruin my phone that I have only had for 8 months! I am not even done paying for it yet! So why do I have these issues? My provider is T-Mobile and they suggested a Network reset, which I did more than once to no avail. Sincerely, Tammy Johnson.Version: 1.8.5

Freezing piecesConstantly freezing the pieces but the ads up the top still seems to work. Too many ads takes the fun out the game. Great game but can’t play it as much due to freezing and ads and just updated it. Please fix and maybe lower the amount of ads..Version: 2.10.01

Most frustrating game I’ve playedThis game has such potential to be a really addictive and fun game, but instead it turns out to be super frustrating and makes me want to stop playing. There seems to be an algorithm to make you lose, there’s no way it can be randomized pieces. They only give you 3 at a time and you can’t rotate them at all and you can’t see what 3 will be next. Even with an almost empty board, you still end up losing because they give you 3 big weird shapes that can’t fit into your board. If that’s not bad enough, the ads aren’t long, but they sometimes pop up in the middle of playing and end up glitching the game making you place pieces in random spots you don’t want them to be. If you could rotate pieces, or if they gave you smaller pieces to clear some lines more often, this game would be super addictive and fun. Instead I’ll be deleting the app because it’s no longer fun, just frustrating..Version: 3.01.00

Same as every other block gameI think this falsely advertises the game. The pictures show that you can choose from several pieces to try and complete the block, but unless I’m missing something, that isn’t the case. These block games seem to always be rigged in some way so that it offers pieces that aren’t going to fit...maybe I am just not good at these types of games,...or not a left-brain thinker..who knows. I just find that they all seem to be the same. I thought this one was going to be different, sadly it wasn’t...so deleted. Don’t need yet another ‘same’ game..Version: 1.3.0

The game is great, but…I play every. single. day. I dig the game. But if you people keep blasting ad sounds, when I’ve already chosen to mute them, then I can find another version of the exact same thing somewhere else. Stop feasting on my sanity for your financial gain. This amount of forced advertising is becoming disgusting..Version: 3.07.00

Trop de pubJeu amusant. MAIS TROP DE PUB. entre chaque casse-tête, il y a une pub de 30 secondes pour un casse-tête qui en prend 10 !!.Version: 3.07.00

Awful adsGot this and then deleted it as can’t get rid of ads and they are endless. Fun game, but no ad-free option and won’t play offline due to trying to force feed you long ads..Version: 2.10.00

Fun but infuriating and certainly not randomIt is a nice way to waste away some time but some levels on the ‘journey’ element are simply ridiculous and it is amazing how many times the ‘random’ pieces are always the ones you don’t want. Yet, the next time you play the ones you wanted last time are the only ones you get. Also, if you set a challenge to get a certain number of a particular colour maybe make it fun by actually giving you those colours not every other one! As I say, it is fun but I have nearly deleted on more than one occasion because of how frustrating it is (and appears deliberately so)..Version: 1.8.1

An ad free version would be betterWas good until they put ads at the top of the game..Version: 2.08.00

Ads and ‘No Space left”Too many ads and you can’t turn off the sound on some of them. Also, you can’t see what blocks are coming up so it makes it impossible to plan ahead so you always end finishing after a fairly short while. I’ve persisted for a couple of weeks but I’m now giving up even though I did enjoy the game play. Fix these issues and it would be a fun distraction..Version: 1.9.4

Too many adsFun game but all the constant ads are frustrating. Would like an option to purchase an ad free version!.Version: 2.06.00

Impossible to advanceThe game is rigged. I made it to level 50 in the wonderland quest. The game’s pieces are not random; it adjusts the next pieces to ensure you don’t get the one you need. I played one level at least 40-50 times before realizing it was a scam. Shameful..Version: 3.09.00

Games fun, but annoying opening screen habitThe game and the app is fun but they’ve recently changed it so it opens on Journey instead of Home. I hate this. Extra clicks. Also so many ads. Please put it back to open on home and I’d switch my review to a five star. It’s that annoying to have to click off the version I’ve never had interest in..Version: 3.07.00

‘Journey’ gets too difficult- otherwise it’s goodThe game is fun and enjoyable. However, the way the ‘Journey’ part of the game escalates in difficulty really needs to be reviewed. Each one takes days to complete after 55 or 60 and gets really very stressful. People play games to relax and not to get stressed. Otherwise I’d have given 5 stars, but as it stands now, I can’t give more than 3 stars. I recommend buying it, but really hope this part can be rectified and improved..Version: 3.06.00

WHY Those ads??I will never understand why some devs insist on advertising the game with sequences that never Ever occur in the actual game. I'm sure this game is fine and fun, but they chose to show a completely different type of game in the advertisement, and since That was the game I'm interested in playing, I'm quite disappointed. I will continue to leave 1-star reviews for devs who do this; if you think people will like the Other game better, why don't you make That game instead of this one? Or if you think this game is better, why on earth would you advertise the other? Just advertise the game you made, please, not the game you wish you had made 🙄 PS. The advertised game was more like a traditional puzzle where you have to fit in all the specific pieces, and it showed scoring and a "right" way and a "wrong" way. The actual game is much more like Tetris meets "match three," which is perfectly fine but not the type of game I like..Version: 2.10.00

Stuck on level 63 and the ads are literally constant!!So I love playing the journey but I can never get past level 63, I literally get stuck for days and end up giving up. There must be something wrong and I surely cannot be the only person. I wondered if it was my skill level hit it’s the same almost every single time! Also the ads are absolutely annoying, literally every time you complete or loose a game a new ad appears that you have you have to wait for and some go on for what feels like forever. I don’t care about the ads but does it have to be after every single game!! I once was able to purchase add free but since an update happened that has been removed!!.Version: 3.02.00

Don’t downloadWhy don’t download? Too many ads, you can’t play this offline (it may allow you to play a game or two but not more than that), it’s programmed. So the blocks don’t come randomly. I have seen that well enough that this is not random because when you make an opening to need a left hook, the right hooks start to come. The single block doesn’t come when you need but comes a lot when you don’t need. So they have programmed the game such that the puzzle defends itself by not providing you with the required blocks you need.Version: 2.12.00

Great game but crashes after 1 game because freezes on the adsGreat game but crashes after 1 game because freezes on the ads.Version: 2.01.01

Ads are a pain ……..Love the game, hate the ads! Would pay for an ad free version ……. but at the moment am tempted to just dump the game and find something else..Version: 3.08.01

MargieEI like this game. Great for a few minutes or for longer to get harder games. What is highly annoying is of course the ads! Suddenly they are full length - not bits you can turn off. And usually the same one over and over and over. Quite a new thing it seems. I have deleted and reloaded this game a couple of times already because of hitches but these ads are totally unnecessary and intrusive. Please do something about them and let us all know. Thank you.Version: 2.12.00

Fun but FrustratingI really enjoyed playing this game but there too many cons and not enough pros. First of all, too many ads. I would gladly pay for an ad-free option. Also, on my iPad , the ads make the game freeze and glitch out so I have to close it out and reopen it to continue. Second, where are the shapes that I see in the Woodoku ads?? I have never seen any shape puzzles come up. Third, the Journeys - I was really excited about these until they started coming out with 84 levels. Really?? That is impossible in only 6 days, especially when the app keeps crashing! And some levels are difficult and takes 5 tries or more to pass. Lastly, the daily challenges - those are fun to do but there should be an option to go back and complete the ones you missed. When it’s working, this game is a great way to zen out and relax, but all the problems made it too frustrating to keep it..Version: 2.11.02

Great gameReally do like this game, but please give me an option to remove ads. I’ll pay to have them removed because I play a lot. It’s super annoying to have to watch an ad after every game. Give us this option and then it’s an easy 5 stars. But only 3 because of the ads..Version: 3.09.00

All about luckWhen doing journey mode it’s completely luck, it will give you options which won’t fit even on first try. It’s completely random and you have to keep retrying until you get lucky enough to have piece options that fit.Version: 2.07.01

Read the reviews! How does this game have 4.5 stars?If you like watching ads more than playing the actual game, this game is for you! Every single time you finish 1 round which takes less than 1 minute of actual gameplay, you’re forced to watch an ad. Came here to write a review and saw that all the recent reviews had 1-3 stars also addressing the excessive ads as the issue. Did this company buy fake 5 star reviews? Or was the game better in the past before they introduced ads every single minute?.Version: 2.07.01

Enjoyable just don’t take it too seriously.I’ve been playing for a couple of months. It’s a great brain trainer. I complete the daily challenge and got a full calendar last month. My high score is approaching 2500, it would be good to have a league table to know how good this is? The journey is another matter though. While I enjoy a demanding challenge it becomes unplayable for me at level 63 and I wonder if it’s my skill level or just that the game is impossible? Anytime I make progress at this level I’m presented with a hand of multiple 4 piece diagonal string hand where only one piece is playable but doesn’t complete a row or box so the game ends. This doesn’t happen in regular gameplay as much. Maybe the algorithm needs a tweak, maybe I’m just not very good lol. Either way this is killing the game for me so I’ll be moving on as there is no way I can make progress within the time limits. Ads are fine. Everyone needs to get paid but do they have to be so cheap and repetitive? Do the touch targets really have to be so small and inconsistently placed? Update: two days to get to level 63. Two days stuck on level 63. What must the difficulty of level 83 be like? If this game is scaled to get progressively harder this doesn’t make sense. Go on admit this game hasn’t been developed pass this level 63?.Version: 3.01.00

Gets FrustratingThis game is super fun and simple. I play it when I just need something casual. I like that there are now more levels in the events since those are the only games I really play. However, the games are not fair. If the pieces were random, you’d occasionally get a single block or a double block throughout the game. You only get those early on when you hardly need them and are stuck with the hardest shapes as the game progresses. I am currently stuck on level 81 of the current event. I’ve played it at least 60-70 times (maybe more!) and I’m now thoroughly convinced the level is nearly unbeatable. You either have to get super lucky or be clairvoyant and know what blocks you’re going to get next. What’s the point of a game that’s set up to make you fail???? This app should be 4 stars (1 star deduction for ads and not being able to remove them), but I’m giving it 2 because it’s purposefully impossible the play..Version: 2.01.01

Good game- greedy number of advertisementsI enjoy the game however the pop-up, long advertisements after every play is beyond annoying. Not worth the effort..Version: 3.07.00

OK with improvements neededSo we have to adverts or in-game purchases and this is annoying especially with the rubbish that is advertised (just how many crappy homescape games are there?!?) But one thing would make this game 100% better - a swap option! Given that the tiles are chosen by the app and there is no way to see what is coming up, an option to swap a tile might ‘save’ some of the longer games - collect 49 out of 50 gems only to have the next set of three tiles greyed out as ‘no space left’ is annoying. I might even be willing to watch an advert for that..Version: 2.11.02

FrustratingThe game starts out great, you can’t win every game and I’m prepared to lose some. However, once you start to get rolling, that’s when the frustration begins. I’m pretty convinced that it’s designed to make you lose so many times, meaning you have to watch so many ads before the game lets you pass the level. I’m all up for a challenge but when the game is just throwing out the exact opposite of what you need, it’s ridiculous. It is suppose to be random, but it’s funny how people get stuck on the same levels. Maybe when they have got enough revenue out of that level, it may let you pass. Not a chance that is is completely random..Version: 3.03.00

Fun until you get to a high levelI really enjoy this game, that is till I get to a high level. I only play the daily and the Journey. On Journey, each level gets progressively more difficult. There are 84 levels in all. I am a good player so I always get to level 70. Up to that point, the puzzles get to be or quite challenging but are still doable. Depending on the week, I’ve gotten as far as 80 and twice have completed the journey. Many weeks, however, the levels beyond 75 are impossible. The puzzle only generates large pieces that truly are impossible to place and I end up with no more space and have to start over. I’ve repeated a high level dozens of times and it’s always the same: the puzzle doesn’t generate small pieces and single squares to make the puzzle winnable. It’s very frustrating and I usually quit trying until the Journey ends and a new one begins. It’s no fun if the puzzle is clearly not winnable. I don’t mind a challenge but this is just annoying. That’s why I only give this app 3 stars..Version: 3.01.00

BoringThis is just a really crappy knockoff of Tetris.Version: 3.01.00

A bit too well thought out evilOkay so I get apps have to make money and some people may think that ads are better than microtransactions but allowing users to play the game for a certain amount of time in offline mode just to block them from playing until they’re connected back to wifi in an attempt to get them hooked enough to play with wifi is kinda sucky and it may work on some people it didn’t work on me. And even though the ads for this game appear to have certain features the main game doesn’t, the gameplay is over all fine Still not cool though 😑.Version: 2.08.00

Great GameIt is a great game, it’s hard to put it down but it is also very annoying. When are you going to fix the problem of it seizing up, also the blocks sticking and sometimes dropping into the place you didn’t choose? If you do that it would be at the top of the list. Also is there a way of payment to rid of the adds??.Version: 2.12.00

Was GreatUnfortunately now ads pop up really fast while playing which is frustrating and is the reason I’m deleting this app. I would rather give this no stars but it won’t accept the review without tapping the star.Version: 3.01.00

GarbageAll ads even while your playing, crap. Ads come up and mess up your game decisions. Not fun, mildly addictive, really disappointing..Version: 3.09.01

Great Game… But Thumbs DownThis is a neat game, however the adds are a real let down not to mention the R+ games adds even through some parts are covered you just need to press where it says this and it’s leads them into some graphic sights that younger children really don’t need to watch or see, let alone myself. The adds are constantly after each game. Deleting.Version: 2.11.02

Too many addsThe adds are too many and so inappropriate. I would never buy anything advertised here because of that. But the game itself is great and I would give 5 stars if you would stop them or give us the option of stopping them..Version: 1.8.1

Great but resetsThe game is great but the journey keeps resetting. I was over level 20 and it randomly resets..Version: 1.7.5

Sorry but this is really a app support issueHi there, tried your website to submit an app support request but couldn’t find where to enter so have to use the review process here. The Woodoku app is great and have been enjoying it for a while. However I think after the last iOS system update it now crashes or is so slow it’s unplayable. Have installed latest iOS patches and game updates but issue is still there. I have 3 family members who play and we’re all having the same issue. Hope you can diagnose and fix. Thanks.Version: 2.05.01

Not what they advertiseThe advertisement was of a scenario where you have to solve the puzzle in order for the old lady to cross the bridge to the bathroom. In reality, the game is nothing like this, there are no levels or scenarios or story to it at all. It is just a blank board you play over and over. It would be a decent game, but the fact that the developers lie to me to try and get me to play their game shows they have no integrity and are not someone I will support..Version: 1.2.2

Fun and addictive but many inappropriate adsPlayed quite a bit and it’s plenty of fun apart from the ads after every single game. Unfortunately the ads a few weeks ago quickly descended into being extremely inappropriate for a game marked as safe for ages 4 and up. Had to uninstall to avoid my kids seeing the inappropriate ads and reached out to the game developer with no luck. Still looking for something to fill the void..Version: 1.7.2

Great game but highly inappropriate adsReally addictive game, enjoying it. But the ads are so annoying, and this morning I had a disturbing ad come up that should definitley not be allowed in a game for 12+. The game the ad is for is rated 17+. It proposes plastic surgery to make your husband happy, then proceeds to take you to another ad which shows a girl who has to get ready for a BDSM party and asks you to choose which items she should take to this party - yeh let’s just say the items are not appropriate. Considering any child 12+ playing this game will be exposed to these ads it’s pretty irresponsible. Really disappointed. Have screen shots of the game ad if developers are interested..Version: 2.10.01

Good game but has serious problemIt’s a really good brain workout. However, 2 major issues cause me to delete the game.1) it frequently freezes my phone, causing the phone to heat up. I often have to reset my phone. This is the only game that does this, and it appears that others have had the same experience. 2) too many ads that are long, some can cause the game to completely black out, again, I had to close the app/restart the phone.Version: 2.04.00

Good game but….Totally over the adverts, even pushing pills and gambling as well. They run ads that over rude your mute on the phone and play sounds too. Should have option for advert free. So sick of this app is now deleted..Version: 3.04.00

Not the game in the adsYet another misleading ad for a game which doesn’t exist. This is the standard Sudoku grid and not the interesting shapes depicted..Version: 2.10.00

Good game but…This is a good puzzle solving game and quite enjoyable but I do have one thing against it. The game is not user friendly for anyone who has colour deficient eyesight, and there are no controls to be able to improve it. Example is that Yellow and Green tiles, and I’m assuming they are Yellow and Green, look exactly the same. There’s a similar problem with some Blue tiles, and it makes the game even more difficult to complete. Colour blindness or Colour deficient eyesight isn’t a rare condition, please do something to help those with this issue.Version: 3.08.00

Add spamYour adds are very hard to close as everyone I try it opens up my App Store. If that’s not bad enough I have to skip it 3 different times just to try and get to my game. The only reason why I downloaded this game was because I couldn’t close it resulting in me losing my patience and closing my game all together so I could write this review. If I want to play a puzzle game then I’ll download a puzzle game. It’s just as annoying as those gambling and survival ads with the bad acting!!! 😡😡😡😡😡.Version: 3.04.00

It has potential but falls short on executionThis game gets really frustrating really fast because it is so repetitive. In real sudoku, you know all the numbers (hopefully!) and the game is about placing them and thinking it through. In this game, you only get three pieces at a time so there is a huge luck factor. I think the game could be great if you had a whole bank of pieces at the start that you had to place, like sudoku. You would know the pieces in advance and have to fit them together. Once you place a piece you cannot remove it anyways so it’s not completely like a puzzle but it would add the pleasing factor of actually having to think through strategy. Then if you say you wanted more points or to make the level difficult maybe they could reduce it to you only seeing a few pieces at a time. While there are some skills involved in the current set up a huge portion comes down to luck. And though it is addicting, it is also equal parts frustrating, so you burn out fast. My hope is that the developer might consider my comment. It has the potential for greatness..Version: 3.04.00

Fun but app lags/overheats phoneYeah not a sustainable app. My phone gets so hot when playing and the lag messes up my block placement and reduces enjoyment considerably. Please fix. (I just updated hoping that would help but it didn’t.).Version: 2.06.00

It’s a good game but…It’s a good game, good for focussing on to manage my anxiety, but my my phone’s virus scanner recently started alerting me about threats that I think were from the ad bar. The game also recently started becoming non-responsive for a minute or two while trying to move blocks. I decided to uninstall it due to the threat alerts..Version: 2.12.00

Game with misleading ads to show you misleading adsI saw an ad for this game that showed a completely different type of puzzle. I’m not sure why they would bother since neither the actual game or the game they showed is any harder to make or more interesting, but it bugged me that it was using the classic fake line of “If you can solve this you have an IQ of 180”. But the puzzle still looked interesting so I checked it out. Sadly the puzzle in the game is not the one advertised. The actual game is pretty boring since while there is a little skill to set yourself up so that you will be able to continue playing with whatever random pieces you get next, the difficulty depends entirely on which random pieces you get, which isn’t even consistent in the adventure mode (or whatever they call it). So the same level can be impossible one attempt and then ridiculously easy the next. On top of this, the game displays misleading ads for other games between each level with no option to pay to remove the ads. I gave it a go for a while but when I got to an ad that wouldn’t play and just sat there frozen, rather than force quitting and reopening the app I just deleted it because it wasn’t what it claimed to be and it was frustrating to play..Version: 2.11.02

ItIt does not show everything in the ad.Version: 3.08.01

Woodoku. DON’T BOTHER …FRUSTRATION OVERLOAD IMPOSSIBLE TO LEVEL UPI have been playing this game for ages it has changed and updated over time but just was better. The latest update has a puzzle that has apples with leaves that is so, so frustrating to try and clear this level. It has turned me off the game and not playing anywhere near like I was ALL the time. Levels are sometimes frustrating to get out especially when they give 3 wood cubes that it’s impossible to clear anything… seriously why bother giving levels that are impossible so you just have ho keep starting again. That’s the other frustrating thing about this game. I hope they can change these annoying things they have changed otherwise I will be giving this game a big miss. Games are all have frustrating times but they have changed this way beyond that & I am starting to dislike it and have been downloading other games. I don’t put up with the frustrating levels anymore ! Please change it, it USED to be really good! So I decided to try this game again, once again another STUPID update. Now they have blocks with crosses inside, that’s ok, but the eg; you have one colour to get the total goal collection, but they don’t give new blocks with ANY colour just making it completely useless. Why play a game with NO goal, because it’s just total frustration making it IMPOSSIBLE to pass. I am now deleting this FRUSTRATION GAME !!Q.Version: 3.09.00

An excellent game ruined by adsUnfortunately due to this game not having an option to purchase ‘no ads’ I have deleted it. The game itself if entertaining and keeps you engaged. The worst thing is that after every single puzzle you win or restart you must sit through an advertisement. It is very, very annoying. With very little else offered in the game it is simply not worth keeping on my device..Version: 2.12.00

AvisTrop de publicités.Version: 1.8.7

DANGER! DANGER! Stay awayThey have very, very questionable ads. One says my storage full and install an app to clean storage. This a trap! I deleted this game. Stay away!!.Version: 3.09.01

AdsI don’t believe it rates this high in the reviews. It tells you there’s no more space left when there is lots of space left. And there’s ads constantly..Version: 2.06.00

Too many ads!!This could be such a great game! I really enjoy it when I can actually play it but it’s glitchy and the constant interruptions for ads after each individual level is ridiculous! Some of the ads are soo long and tricky to get out of, too. And the game always makes my phone hot. Looking for something else to play as this just isn’t worth it. Sad..Version: 3.08.01

Was good butWas good but now have removed option to start a new game if you know your going to lose..Version: 3.06.01

Think twice …..I would love to give this more than two stars as it’s quite an addictive game (for a reason. It turns out!) 1. At the end of EVERY puzzle you compute you’re forced to sit through up to 60s+ of adverts that you are unable to switch off. The developer has chosen to generate revenue from ads only rather than being able to pay to switch them off which very quickly kills the enjoyment of the game. 2. The app is constantly doing stuff remotely in the background as highlighted by Norton (installed on my phone) constantly blocking it from going to sites which are flagged as being unsafe. This causes the app to respond sluggishly a lot of the time as frequently, mid-move of a piece, the whole app hangs for several seconds. I have never had such a problem with any other reputable app ….. Nice idea but developer greed (incessant ad serving) kills the appeal and enjoyment of a very promising game. And the reason such a simple puzzle game is rated 12+? Undoubtedly the kind of adverts it serves up …….Version: 1.9.4

Mucked it upI can relate to the perceived need to bombard the user with ads, however, whoever the bright spark was who thought a pop up ad midway through moves in a game was a good idea, needs to be lined up against the wall and kicked in the goolies. It has mucked up a good game, even with the novelty of memory leak freezes etc. Finger is hovering over the delete button..Version: 2.11.03

I love this game but… some ads are ridiculously longThe Royal Match ads are unbearable. I shouldn’t have to wait through or click through an ad that takes longer to get out of than the actual time it takes to play the game. And now, there’s an ad for sleep apnea treatment that was no lie, at least 3 minutes long(probably longer because I rebooted my iPad to get out of it since there was no way to close or forward through it). #1 being frustrated makes me like this game less and #2 it is not the marketing value the advertisers think they are, because I’d rather die than use these products/apps because irritation does not sell me on a product ever. I would not mind paying a reasonable fee for an ad free experience, because I really do enjoy this game so much..Version: 3.03.00

Too many adsThis game should be called ads-doku because you spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game. Totally not worth it if after every round you’re forced into an ad..Version: 3.08.01

Ads ruin this gameThe game itself is fun and addictive but the ads are janky, glitchy and cause the game to crash 80% of the time. Just make an ad free option to purchase 🙄 also the amount of gambling ads is alarming.Version: 2.10.00

Has potential to be amazingI love this game, but there’s one thing that really irks me: as someone who doesn’t play every day or will play for a few days straight then not again for a week or so- the “journeys” are either too short or should be on an individual timeline for each person. I understand the creators are trying to create incentive to play daily but that will never happen for some people and I would like to come back to the game and not start at the bottom level every few days. Playing to 75 points is easy and boring and not what I want to be doing every week just cuz I can’t log on enough to complete each journey in a timely manner. And If they’re gonna keep it how it is can there be other options for levels with the extra puzzle elements that I can work on over time with no time constraint? Besides just racking up points in classic game play? I hope that makes sense and I hope they try to accommodate this… it’s doubtful but I really like the concept of this game I just get bored of it but I don’t want to be bored of it..Version: 3.03.00

Another wrong adsAs title, ads tell you something, but the app is something else.... 2 stars ‘cause the game is pretty well done..Version: 1.7.6

Love the gameLove the game hate the ads. Since first getting this app the ads have increased. It’s so bad now that I spend more time watching ads than playing the game. There are too many ads and far too long also some of the ads will not go away no matter how many times the X is pressed. It’s now affecting the game. Because ads are so long it is slowing the game down and freezing it. I go to move a piece and it freezes mid way so I’m left with a piece halfway across the board and when the app regains speed again it fixes the piece where it froze leaving it in a random place. Game is becoming unplayable.Version: 2.12.00

As overkillI have always enjoyed this game however, with one of the recent updates, ads are popping up during games. If you are mid move this makes your block drop into a random area. This is happening at least 5 or 6 times each game which has completely ruined it now. Ads between games I can tolerate but this is utterly pointless - unless you are looking for people to delete the app, in which case you’re succeeding!.Version: 3.02.00

Not random and too many long adsThere is a consistant lack of smaller pieces provided the longer you play, as other reviewers have stated. It means you have to replay Journey games over and over and over to finally complete them. Furthermore, the number of ad screens has increased from 2 to as many as 11 or 12 since you have to touch the super tiny ‘x’ to get back to the game. The difficult button means you switch back and forth between the ad and the download screen over and over and over until you hit the ‘x’ just right. Far too many interruptions for this game to be fun. Also, there is no way to silence the ads unless you turn the sound off on your phone. You can silence the game sounds in the app but not the ads. That means no playing in bed, at work, or in public (ie. waiting in line or in s waiting room) without turning all media and phone sounds completely off. This causes all sorts of problems when opening the game and forgetting to toggle all phone sounds, alarms, audiobooks, etc off before starting to play. And there are not enough days allowed to finish the journey activity. 5 days to get through 45 levels, each of which have ten or more ad pages after each fail and between levels. All in all, the game is fun even though the parts dropping in to be played are far from random and the ads take up so much time and are splittingly loud. Exceptionally fristrating..Version: 1.8.9

It has potential…While this app is not a money grabber since there is no option to buy anything, it also leaves you stuck watching every single ad after each game, even if it take 30 seconds to play and then out of moves. As you progress to each level, the ads become longer, having NO “X” button to end it, you are stuck for more than 30 seconds watching and a very high chance of freezing up. It gets aggravating having to shut and reboot the app every time. Not to mention, it is ALWAYS those ridiculous ads that don’t even fit the game its trying to convince you to download. Also, the higher the level you get, it almost seems impossible to complete. After placing the 3 shapes, your next ones are usually guaranteed to go nowhere, almost like it’s on purpose. Very bad concept, since the only options are to get frustrated or just quit playing & delete..Version: 3.03.00

Great game, but hate the new update that plays ads when you’re offline😡I really enjoy this game but hate the new update that has ads playing when you’re offline! Why not have an ad-free version that people can pay for? I’d pay for that! At the moment considering whether I really want to play this game now that you’ve changed it to include ads even when you’re offline. Will probably delete it if there’s not an ad-free version soon..Version: 3.06.01

Lousy with advertisingThis is probably a great game, but I am SO sick of games that don't let you get a taste of how good they are because they force you to watch 15-30 second ads in between each level. Seriously, I am more than willing to pay for a good game, but at least let me spend more time playing it than I have to spend watching crappy ads so that I can make a decision. Get your marketing, sorted out - give people at least 10 free levels before the rain of advertising opens up - and then at least 2-3 levels in between each on going forward. Make a clear link to how to purchase to go ad free as well. Probably great game but who cares..Version: 1.9.2

One StartFar to much adverts on here .. every time when I finish a game adverts has to come up … this needs to Stop if you want people to gave you more Stars 🌟 on here slow down with Adverts for Love of God.Version: 2.09.00

Just deleted this appI have been playing this game every night for a month, hoping that either the ads might improve or that there was a way to actually do well in the game, but no. The ads are terrible and repetitive so I was playing just one game and then turning it off. The game is also frustratingly hard to do well in. Such a shame, would have been happy to pay for this type of game but it’s all too annoying..Version: 3.08.01

Ads completely ruin this appEnjoy the game but the ads are complete overkill. There’s far too many, they are way too long and you can’t shut them down at times. They are so annoying they completely ruin the app..Version: 1.9.0

Bring in a paid versionThis is a great little game but agree with other reviewers - there are far too many ads. One or two ads are served after each level, whether successful or not and usually have to wait at least 20 seconds until you can skip. Also seems that even though I have turned off sounds and my phone is on mute there are adverts that still play sound. Bring in a paid version, until then I’m out..Version: 2.04.00

Why is this making my phone overheat?Game is super fun and relaxing, but it starts to lag, freezes, and makes my other apps glitch out..Version: 2.04.00

Too many adsToo many ads.Version: 2.09.00

Game is okay, lousy level designEnjoyed this game when i downloaded it. Then came the Camping journey that was unlocked. Whoever makes the levels for this game needs an understanding of how to create them. Level 40 within the Camping journey is 100% impossible and the game repeatedly spawns pieces that make it unwinnable. I’ve tried at least 50 times using all sorts of combinations, but it is not even possible to complete it, and a level which is only winnable by a fluke combination of pieces is not enjoyable to play. Had to give up caring about this game, since bad level design and no testing of the winnability of a level by its developers is bad for users..Version: 2.06.00

PLEASE READ!!!!🌻🌼🌻🌼🌻🌼🌻🌼🌻First, to different on a mobile game not recording to ads or videos. I saw a YouTuber play it and they said it was great so, I downloaded it to see the fuss and how great it was but, as expected it was not even close on how good the YouTuber said it was so I was dissatisfied. Want to know something that’s upsetting? Ads are not even close to what the game is and it gets to hard after levels, very upsetting. Second, the good thing about this is that it was fun for a while then, the hard thing happened and got me VERY upset so I don’t recommend this but after all is decent not terrible or bad it’s not the vibe at all, as I’m writing a whole paragraph your opinion is probably “why write a whole book when it’s not terrible or great.” Well I’m doing this so you have an honest opinion on this game and what I think of it. Third, it could use more work then this, this is bad quality and I’m trying to write it in a good way which is difficult. I really think they could of spend more time on it and made it easier on levels higher then 8-10. As I was saying this game is not bad or great it is actually surprisingly good! Work harder but other then that great work. ❤️.Version: 2.04.00

So Frustrating!This game is very addictive but also very frustrating! I have never seen a game this impossible to finish levels in. I can spend literally hours and days trying to beat a level and it is literally impossible. As much as I play, I still have never been able to finish a weekly challenge. The first few levels are easy but by the time you get about half way through, they get nearly impossible to beat. I am a very competitive person and it infuriates me that I can’t finish- EVER. The other thing that is horribly frustrating is how the stupid ads lock up the game. I have the data turned off so the ads don’t come on when I am out of my house but as soon as I connect to my WiFi they are back again. Some might say it is my phone, but it does do that for any other game I play. Right now I am trying unsuccessfully to finish the challenge for the week and am super frustrated, so it is getting a one star. I would give it a zero if I could!.Version: 2.00.00

PLEASE OFFER A NONADS VERSION !Wonderful game I played several time a day before but now there is so much Ads and they are so long that I’m playing on another game during the time of the ads ! So your are forcing me with some ads I will nether watch. Most of the time I’m playing on my iPad. The last time I’ve played on my iPhone, I got ads in the middle of the game !!! So I’ve deleted the App. Immediately. I really don’t understand the developers, you are firing your clients. I can understand that you need money but don’t get greedy. Ask for a fair contribution to the people who can’t stand ads in their life ! You should also understand the ones who don’t want to live in a world full of Ads..Version: 3.09.00

Too many dam addsIs it the adds that cause this app to freeze, it is extremely annoying and ruining an otherwise good game. Why can’t I Buy an add free version, I want to give you money to play this game uninterrupted. Isn’t that entire reason that you make stuff, to make a living..Version: 1.8.1

Addictive, but boringI love this game. It’s addictive, creative, and the daily challenges are great! And I don’t even mind the many, long ads (I understand the need for them). But I absolutely hate that, after the three pieces come up, and I’ve played those three pieces, the new trio seem to be programmed AGAINST me, even so much as ‘greying out’ so I can’t even play them unless I play out a row or cube (which half the time, it won’t allow me to!). I get that it’s supposed to be difficult, but this is just downright lazy programming. If you’re not going to have levels, with increasingly difficult challenges as you go, at least do a little more with the one level we have to work with. It would be much better if, when you played one piece, a new piece automatically replaces it, one for one, so you always have three options and can continue playing. Anyway, that’s my two cents. Love it otherwise! But if something doesn’t change soon, I won’t have the patience to continue, which will be a shame..Version: 1.6.0

This Game Could be Amazing, But…I absolutely love this game and play it often. Still, I find myself frustrated at the lack of basic features that would cost the developer nearly nothing to implement. Why are the puzzle pieces not more randomized? Why are the ads SO intrusive? There is, I’m sure a way to mute the sound without us having to turn our volume off. I enjoy playing while listening to podcasts or audiobooks and the ads not only interrupt but turn them off! Why hasn’t that been addressed? Why isn’t there an ad-free paid version or no ads upon successfully completing a level? Why aren’t the ways to dismiss the ads more obvious and not clickbait? Why haven’t you considered an undo feature knowing how often people complain about the jerky drag-and-drop that sometimes means a piece is mislaid? Why don’t you all listen? It’s clear the developers of this game are uninterested in what players have said time and again about this game. These things don’t feel hard to fix. I’d give it five stars if it weren’t for both the issues I and others have mentioned and the total absence of responsiveness by the developers. It’s sad to think you don’t care enough to listen..Version: 2.10.00

Great game but so buggyAwesome awesome game love the daily challenges and the journey level things but recently it’s gotten VERY slow. when you win or lose the level and the advertisement shows up it gets stuck and i have to close and open the app a few times and it freezes a lot and i have to reopen it too. i really like this game it helps with my hyperactivity but its becoming unplayable.Version: 1.8.3

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