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Facebook Gaming App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Facebook Gaming app received 98 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Facebook Gaming? Can you share your negative thoughts about facebook gaming?

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Angry birds friendsAlmost 3 weeks. already i can not this game. I enjoy playing .please check what is the problem Thank you.Version: 30.0

Chat not working and need background playLike the app but my chat will not work no matter what I do when watching streamers in this app unless I refresh over and over again. Also background play would be a nice feature to have. Twitch rules over this due to how many features they have over Facebook gaming!!!!.Version: 47.0

Useless from the very beginningCan’t even stream.Automatically shuts stream off when reaches 10 sec. UnInstall and reinstall doesn’t work. Went through all the settings still and won’t work. Bad quality. Simply can’t even stream with the streaming app. Fix everything please..Version: 74.0

No Chromecast Support...which is unbelievable to think, as you can cast video from the Facebook app. I won’t be migrating until it’s introduced..Version: 20.1

Separate the accountsI do not like that I need a Facebook account to use Facebook gaming. Once I signed up on gaming, people can automatically look me up on facebook, and I get sms text messages when someone tried to friend me. It is super annoying. Also all the default Facebook settings set everything to be viewable by the public. I do not want to participate in Facebook app, but only view the streams. Please separate the gaming account from the Facebook account..Version: 84.0

Video quality needs improvement.Boost it to 1080p ? please and thank you..Version: 30.0

It’s okayBut why doesn’t it work like one time I’ll be on it doing a live then only goes for 10 minutes or less..Version: 35.0

App works ok butApp works ok but why can’t I Stream from Xbox for free so as ms stoped mixer I can’t steam games.Version: 35.0

I would like to stream without using my FB acct.As the title suggests, i have created a gaming page linked to my personal acct.. but it seems i cant use that gaming page to stream here. It would be great if a gaming content creator can stream here in FB Gaming using their gaming page account..Version: 26

Need fixAfter going live using screen record, there is a stop streaming display whenever I hit go live. It has been 3days since I was live and it won’t go back to the original screen that lets you type in the title of your stream and game select. I’m a Facebook gamer and I’m not able to stream to Facebook using my phone because of this bug. If you could please fix this within next week so I can start back uploading content I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you! (Update) Facebook has choose not to fix the app they have but “update” this app regularly........Version: 84.0

Please give upWorst gaming platform there is. Constantly lags, pauses every 5 seconds, quality is actual garbage. Please sell the company to someone better or just fold..Version: 89.0

Poorly madeIt doesn’t stop crashing within a couple minutes of going live. Some games you just can’t pause or stop playing to go back to the Facebook gaming app & restart the stream. A very serious problem in my opinion. I would like to use this app more if I could stream for more the like 4 mins..Version: 57.0

Change the background to black on full screenIt looks horrendous the blue color on the backgrounds and also can burn the Oled display.Version: 57.0

Pisssed offI’m a moderator fir 2 live streamers I no longer have the options to ban etc any more what’s going on fave book !!!!.Version: 35.0

Not able to stream more than 7 minutesDon’t know y it auto stops live around 7 minutes from my 12 pro max.Version: 39.0

CrashesThe stream crashes after 5 seconds.Version: 39.0

Chat function doesn’t workYou get to watch the streams but the chat on the streams is frozen and doesn’t show any new messages posted on it meaning you can’t interact on the gaming app like you can normally.Version: 54.0

UnusableThis app is simply unusable for me until there is a Picture in Picture button for mobile. Sadly one of my favorite twitch streamers switched to Facebook and turns out I can’t even listen to him at work or driving to work. Which is when I watched the most twitch. This is such a simple feature and is a complete deal breaker. I honestly feel bad for content creators.Version: 73.0

Audio/video out of syncAudio and video are out of sync by about 5 seconds so this app is useless..Version: 57.0

Force stopApp keep stopping by itself when ever I try to open in IPad Pro 2020. Fix the issue. Have done re-installation few time but work only for 1 time than again same issue.Version: 34

Audio and Video out of syncEvery time I use this app, the audio and the video fall quite significantly out of sync. The video sticks while audio continues and it doesn’t re-align. Been happening for over a month each time I try it. I have never ever had this issue when watching on the normal Facebook app which I have noticed that Facebook has recently changed to make it less appealing to watch games on, by making it horrible for comment/ sticker navigation. I have already fed this back as feedback form on the app, weeks ago. When testing I used different internet connections in different locations..Version: 27

No background play functionI download this hoping that I would finally be able to listen to my favourite streamers and be able to run those streams in the background. There’s still hope some future update will feature that..Version: 20.1

Can’t choose video qualityCan’t choose video quality on my iPhone X. The app continues to default me to low resolution playback. I can watch and choose far higher resolution through the regular Facebook app (same streamer). Until this issue is fixed I won’t be using this app..Version: 20.1

Comments won’t update or scrollI have been experiencing this issue for a few weeks now and realized I am not the only one, based on reviews. My comments won’t update or scroll unless I exit and come back to refresh, latest ones load, but stuck. Until I repeat the process. It’s been about 2 updates since this issue began. Waiting for a bug fix soon. I really enjoyed the app when I first downloaded it..Version: 47.0

Still no PIPHow this app continues to lack a feature like Picture in Picture blows my mind. Twitch has had it for years.Version: 74.0

Facebook is completely BuggedSo here I am again & the issue I’m having is not being able to view live comments. I can’t view the CCV either ... you would think using a gaming app for your favorite streamers would be a great platform yet here we are again still bugged out. I shouldn’t have to watch the live from the home Screen page of the app. Not to mention anytime that I comment I can’t view it unless I leave the live stream & come back to see if my comment was even posted.... this app is starting to not help us Mods or content creators.Version: 45.0

Ipad mini 6The app is not full screen on ipad mini 6.Version: 84.0

Can’t even log inI have my email right and password but every time I try to log on the Facebook gaming app it tells me I have slightly miss spelt my email they have sorted it and re-type my password and it carry’s on in a great boring circle!!!.Version: 39.0

UselessAnother app for doing the same thing the original app does Make it at least so we use the app as our page..Version: 31.0

Would be 5* but needs background audioThis would be a 5 star app and I will update it appropriately when background audio is added as someone who can’t have their phone out at work but can listen. Background audio is the only way to go. Twitch has it so the ability is there hope to see it added soon thanks!.Version: 29.1

Lacks abilitySomething this app lacks is the ability to what twitch can do is having the ability to have a small window on the main screen and access other apps as well..Version: 31.0

Nothing newThey added nothing to the app, It’s just like watching from the Facebook app except you can’t meme and stuff anymore. There’s no new features to this app (those with limited space on your phone) don’t bother. Not really worth checking out until they make some changes..Version: 20.0

Broken appHas anyone at Facebook actually used their own app? Move abruptly on a mobile device, stream freezes to ask what’s wrong. Click the wrong button, forced into portrait mode with no way to get back without killing the app. Hide comments and re-show, title bar pops up with every new comment. App has been trash for months, how did it make it out of QA?.Version: 89.0

App doesn’t do anything at allWhen you click on the app it literally just shows the facebook gaming colours and that’s it..Version: 28

Video qualityThe video quality needs to improve make it 1080p.Version: 27

Fix issuesGreat concept allows me to watch my favorite streamers without having the actual fb app. Had no issues but recently I’m only able to watch good quality over WiFi. On my cellular network I’m unable to watch over 480p without constant lag issues. App is fully up to date so I don’t understand..Version: 39.0

Not updating following listAt the top of the iOS app, it says following when you click follow on a new person it doesn’t show up in my following list, even when I unfollow people it stays in my following list. Please fix this bug.Version: 20.1

Not happy with Facebook gamingPlease make this app compatible with chromecast no one wants to spend hours watching from their phone.Version: 20.0

Stars issue!I have a problem that didn’t present in last or the version before the previous version, which is that opening the stars icon stuck on loading and never finish loads, this caused the disability of supporting favorite streamers and cannot participate in stars party..Version: 89.0

Trash appThis app is complete trash! Every time I try to watch a stream it constantly lags and the video and audio go out of sync forcing me to close the stream and reopen to re-sync them only to have it happen again 30 seconds later. It will only play videos in 144fps unless I’m connected to WiFi then it might go 720. I use the regular Facebook app and can watch over cell in 720 with no issues at all. Only problem with the regular Facebook app is the commercials every few minutes.Version: 57.0

Cool app but there is a huge delayI was excited when I seen this was available. I loving watching gaming streams but I wanted to delete my Facebook so when this option became available I thought I couple but there is a huge delay compared to watching streams straight through the Facebook app. I also noticed that the chat won’t load most of the times. Being a moderator I need to see the chat feed so that’s kind of a killer for me..Version: 51.0

SucksI can’t live anymore this app is awful.Version: 86.0

Useless appWhat’s the point of having it? To play FB games? When they announced it I thought I will finally be able to watch streams as picture in picture or at least in the background. Nope. Not a chance. Smallest thing off video and it stops. Nothing different from FB main app which behaves identically..Version: 28

Still lacking very basic featuresThe app is much better than using the Facebook app, but it still lacks very basic features. Uploaded videos (not past streams, but actual videos uploaded by the creator) can not be controlled. You either play the video or exit out. Pausing and scrolling through the video are not options. It’s also nearly impossible to find small streamers. When you click on a game it shows you a few suggested streamers and that is it. We need to be able to see all current streams of that game not just whichever ones Facebook says are good enough..Version: 20.1

Overall not what I expectedI have been waiting for this app on IOS. when watching my favourite steamer the full screen view does not use the full of the screen. And stickers I and anyone sends in chat do not appear in the chat feed. Disappointed, I am only still only on facebook because of the gaming platform..Version: 20.0

Love the app but needs some workThis app is great & I love the Facebook gaming app but it needs some updating. I have trouble when I click on stars it just loads & loads I have sat there & waited for like 30 mins and still wouldn’t work I would have to get stars and send them through regular facebook. It’s been like this for months.. I have deleted & reinstalled & still doesn’t help anything. I’m hoping these small issues can be fixed so we can continue to support these streamers without issues 🙌❤️.Version: 89.0

Comments don’t loadFor some reason none of the comments load I’ve had to watch streams on the Facebook app to see comments I think this started in the last 2 updates but I’m not sure. I wonder if anyone actually reads these 🤔.Version: 47.0

Lagging and low quality streamingVery poor quality streaming and lagging.Version: 35.0

Help new streamers!I never write reviews but as a gamer trying to get streaming off the ground, organise your app! When I tap a game, I want to see streamers playing that game! Not clips and random rubbish and memes from big gaming publishers and big pages. I can’t justify streaming on this mess knowing I just cannot be found. The little ice cream section does not allow me to find streamers playing my favourite games. How can the guys developing this not see what a mess it is?.Version: 20.0

Very misleading.No games at all. Just streaming other people. Weird..Version: 20.1

Not working on iPhone 11Tried to live stream many times but it’s not working. Trash 🚮.Version: 73.0

Doesn’t workDoesn’t work.Version: 30.0

App not ready for releaseThis app is still not ready for release. Too many bugs and crashes . UI won’t even load 4/5 times ... this app has potential but not at this stage.Version: 29.1

Almost, but keep tryingHey guys, I really want to use this, I don’t like having to use omelette due to constant exposure to hackers, I overload mitigation and change my VPNs, but if Facebook software would just stay connected. Its only problem is that it will not stay connected for decent amount of gaming time. I’m about to join the level up program and I’m hoping this improves..Version: 73.0

WorstLike Facebook really? This is an epic failure.Version: 57.0

Go live not working properlyI’m excited for the future potential of this app but it’s just not there yet. I’m a streamer but I cannot stream from my page. My personal profile goes live and I cannot see a setting to change this..Version: 26

Notifications come from two appsNotifications are sent to both the Facebook and Facebook Gaming apps. Surely should only be to the Gaming app if the user has it installed?.Version: 20.1

FailureWhat a complete joke of an app. Can’t even search? Basically only getting what they WANT you to see. Who would have thought FB would do such a thing? 😂 wow. They don’t even have an open partnership requirement. I’ve literally seen females giving Snapchat’s out for money where were PARTNERED yet people who legitimately have growth and plenty of following and viewers are not being acknowledged..Version: 39.0

Doesn’t workWould be great if it worked.Version: 28

The comments are frozenEvery time I come to Facebook Gaming to try to support my favorite streamer, when I click on their stream, the comments don’t move unless I refresh and go back to the stream. This problem hasn’t been resolved in the past two updates or so, so I’m writing a review to bring awareness and shine light on the issue and hopefully by the next update this is no longer a problem..Version: 52.0

Not THAT greatOk so this app is very average at best. It’s basic which is cool. But it’s so annoying when there is no PiP or background support. Can’t even see the time during a stream screen either. It is nowhere near the level of your biggest rivals app. Please improve it. The foundations for Facebook gaming are there, but this app really needs to be enhanced..Version: 31.0

PeterHi i have sound probleme with the app i need help.Version: 57.0

Better on FacebookSound is slower, the. Video! Doesn’t happen. On Facebook! Isn’t this gaming app suppose to be better then watching game on Facebook ????.Version: 25.1

Unnecessarily complicatedWhen I search for a streamer it just keeps loading and loading or it says user doesn’t exist. App is pretty confusing to navigate. You also shouldn’t have to make a Facebook account to use the gaming app. I tried creating an account, and if wouldn’t let me unless I first download the Facebook app and make an account, then go back to Facebook gaming app and sign in. The video quality is also very bad, and doesn’t allow me to go full screen. I also don’t like that the words “live” is always at the top of the screen while watching a live stream. If you really want viewers and fans to follow their favorite streamers to Facebook gaming, then you need to make it easier to use this platform. Twitch is by far easier to use, has better video quality, has a pause button on lives, and is easy to search for streamers and see who is live. You should also have a Picture in Picture feature so you can look through the app or even exit the app while still watching..Version: 74.0

Manually Select Quality of videoLately have been having issues where the quality of the video is horrible. Not sure of the qualifications of how it selects what you are watching in but there is no reason I should be watching in 144p let us select the stream quality. Note that this just happens ok my Xbox series x which is hardwired. When I am on my phone or iPad it’s perfect quality. Xbox is hardwired with gig speed internet..Version: 54.0

Doesn’t work properlyThis app is actually cheeks.Version: 73.0

Horrible app. Especially on iPadThe main problem with this app is identity management. It won’t let me switch to my Facebook gaming profile and seems stuck on my personal Facebook profile. I gave up on trying to figure out what it was doing. Work better in a browser. The second problem is that the app keep rotating to portrait mode when using in landscape on my iPad Pro. The tablet is in a keyboard case. When I click on various buttons, it rotates and doesn’t return to landscape unless I rotate the tablet to portrait and back to landscape. The third problem is that the format of the app is for portrait on a narrow device. There is a ton of wasted space on the sides. Not worth the frustration. I’ll stick with Twitch..Version: 86.0

Can’t filter out games I don’t playReally can’t understand why there’s no way to stop posts coming up about games I don’t play or follow. Most of the content that comes up in my feed is completely irrelevant. Waste of time..Version: 25.1

Bad Video qualityBad video quality.Version: 30.0

Bad overall.It’s basically twitch. It’s called Facebook gaming and there are games that are not Facebook games.Version: 54.0

I really like the app but it needs some workI really like this app and it’s great for watching streams but the red live watermark needs to fade out or just be optional to move. The app needs the option to work in the background so I can close out and multitask while still listening to the streams. It also needs Picture in Picture. This would elevate up to Twitch app levels!.Version: 39.0

Game is not Iive when I broadcastI check with my other mobile it doesn’t stream and post.Version: 73.0

A few issues to reportThe app its self is ok. Been using it to watch my favorite age of empires streamer t90official. It does indeed let you watch streams and videos on facebook. Some of the biggest issues are that it does not consistently track progress when rewatching a stream. Sometimes it does, usually not. You close the app and it may reload it, but regardless does not track your progress anywhere. It also seems to have serious issues running videos at anything above 480p. I’ve tested running 1080p videos on my phone on wifi and not then switching over to FB gaming videos, and it will not run over 480 without pausing every 10 seconds to buffer. Not sure whats up with that but the regular facebook app has the same issue. Overall, like most UIs developed by facebook, its pretty bad. Not at all intuitive, frustrating to navigate, and generally bad. Pretty embarrassing for a multibillion dollar company. I only use it because watching streams on the normal app has even worse buffering issues than the gaming app, which is really saying something..Version: 89.0

Good butThe app is good but the chat doesn't work.Version: 47.0

Only Watch?Why can’t I stream? Why would I want this app? Seems lame.Version: 20.1

Needs a directory & too much nudityI really like Facebook gaming but almost every streamer is naked showing boobies, if someone wants to growth there it’s so frustrating because most guys just want to watch naked streamers and Facebook will never do anything about it like never no even an strike because they just want to be number #1 no matter if it looks more like a pornography website, and the directory needs a rework where it shows all games and all streamers no just one recommendation for every game to follow. So disappointed how low can Facebook go, I did started streaming there but I didn’t continue it’s a shame to be there with the current rules..Version: 27

CommentsLive chat comments don’t even appear after the first 10-20 comments. It’s been like this for months and no fix..Version: 52.0

This App Should Be WorkingOkay so I’m good at gaming and need to stream because I don’t have enough money to get a computer right now and with Facebook being as big as it is YOUD think they would solve this problem, this is my supply to my demand only it’s not ready supplying my wants, I try to “goooooooooooooo livvveeeeeeeeeee” it doesn’t even let me it counts down 321 and nothing I go to tap the screen it backs me out back to name your stream pick a gaming category and horizontal or vertical phone facing, Like fix this? What’s the point of making something such as screen broadcasting an option when I can’t even use it? Trash if I could give 0 stars I would..Version: 89.0

Dont work anymore on iosNow i cant do live with my iphone screen HELP ME.Version: 86.0

No iPad optimizationHow do you guys release an app on the iPad and not optimized for the iPad.Version: 20.0

So disappointedI’ve been waiting for this app for a while. I was so excited for it, however once I downloaded it I encountered SO MANY problems. #1 It doesn’t allow me to like comments in chat or send stickers. #2 when I take clips of the stream, nothing comes up to save or view the clip. It’s just gone. #3 the “become a supporter” link isn’t there. #4 the cost of stars on the gaming app is even MORE expensive than the regular Facebook app for Apple. Overall, I am incredibly upset and disappointed. You’d think after waiting so long for this app, they would have it better figured out..Version: 20.1

Star ProblemFor whatever reason when I’m on the Facebook gaming app (not the Facebook app) I cannot send stars to the streamers I’m watching. When I bring up the star menu, the menu never loads all the way in, it keeps buffering. I have to switch to the actual Facebook app to donate stars.Version: 89.0

Doesn’t work iPhone 11 Pro MaxI have downloaded the Facebook gaming app and it doesn’t work keeps me on the loading screen the entire time max time I waited was 10 min and still nothing fix this issue please.Version: 29

The worst app everIt’s crashes more often than I blink. The design is awful and not user friendly. No filters for searching streams. And the broadcast itself freezes (I’ve got perfect internet) all the time and crashes too..Version: 28

Please give an option for shaking to report an errorSometimes I want to listen to a stream, and this app does not allow me to lock my phone and continue playing audio. So instead I place my phone in my pocket with the screen on to listen. But there’s a feature where if you shake your phone it brings up a report screen. So I can’t even walk with my phone in my pocket. Please allow a disable option on this..Version: 54.0

CommentsThe app is great but still has little bugs like chat doesn't automatically update whilst watching a live stream.Version: 47.0

Doesn’t care about the userFull of adverts galore, adverts appear mid video and mid stream, sometimes every few minutes rather than at the start. volume and visual inconsistencies all over the place. Randomly closes itself mid stream. Unfollows pages and content creators for you and continues to display and push blocked content creators..Version: 29

BugsLots of bug and UI problems. Please update app..Version: 20.1

Not accessibleCan’t even go live if you’re using ios.Version: 20.1

GarbageWell after 2 min of using app it was clear this app is useless it won’t respond to finger touches tested on 2 new iPhones.Version: 51.0

Live Broadcast is not working on IOSI tried so many times going live on Facebook with this app but it's not working, I'm using iOS 13.1 but this is not working, when I set on the page and want to go live on the Facebook page I press the record, and I select the Facebook Gaming then press broadcast but it just counts 3 - 2 - 1 and it's not working just stayed that way..Version: 89.0

Needs a slider bar to be able to fast forward.Clicking on a video and having it always start from the beginning without having the option to fast forward is disappointing. Other than that, seems to do what it’s supposed to. Will be using Facebook app u til changes are made..Version: 20.1

CommentsWhy are comments on live streams STILL not scrolling? Don’t get it, do y’all not test the app? When the app launched, it worked fine. I could watch a live stream and see the comments scrolling as it went... Over the past few months (or longer) it’s needed me to close out and come back in. Comments will scroll for about 10 seconds and then freeze again. Then the process repeats. I don’t want to watch through the fb app because then I have to see ads even when I support a streamer - which shouldn’t be the case. Please, for to love of whomever matters to Mark Z, fix this app..Version: 54.0

Don’t post streamer emotes or FB Unpublishes your accountThe app is terrible and the Facebook programs thinks if you post a streamers emotes that you are spamming and they unpubkish your gaming account or don’t allow your posts from your personal account. Just watch and don’t use the streamers emotes. Facebook could care less because they don’t have employees to review your appeal. The app is total junk for iOS because you can’t purchase stars or gift subs easily. What do all those Facebook employees do? Certainly not improve their apps..Version: 89.0

Can’t Move through VideosThe app is great to have for the facebook gaming but I wish you could skip through the videos or go back. The app doesn’t give you this option. You can only watch the video. I have no idea when the video ends or where I’m at watching it. Wish this is fixed whenever it gets updated..Version: 30.0

Not quite the standard as other appsLook I like this app and all, but the fact that there is no Picture in Picture mode like twitch annoys me so much. Please fix or add this as it will improve that app drastically..Version: 57.0

Needs an updateSince Wednesday this week the iPad app can’t see comments that I made or anyone else please can you fix this.Version: 45.0

Broken chatSince the update all the chat in Facebook gaming has stopped working on all the streams I watch on Facebook gaming 😡.Version: 45.0

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