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Nice StoneThis one is for stone64.Version: 20.1

Clip issueSo I have a problem don’t know if it’s for everyone but every time I click something wether I leave it at 60seconds or trim it there’s no video it shows 0 seconds I’ve tried on both my personal and my gaming video creator account and fail in both ends..Version: 26

MountaineersCheerio Stone. One of the greats in my eyes. Keep up the good work. P.s this app needs an IPad upgrade..Version: 24

AyeHaha.Version: 57.0

Still need a lot of improvementsOverall it’s great to have all gaming streamers in one place. However, I do notice that there is no supporter button, and cannot send virtual gift either. The quality of the stream is worse for some reason. I find the stream is smooth and clear in regular facebook app..Version: 26

#PNBG famApp looks awesome, somethings need work. Stickers aren’t showing, can’t gift subs & the “send” chat button doesn’t show. But early days and it will only get better and fixed. Awesome look and stream quality..Version: 20.1

Love the App BUTApp is great, it lags A LOT! Always will have to close out app or constantly refresh. When I’m watch any streamer the stream lags and the comments are delay. App is Updated.Version: 39.0

LolApple kinda cucked you ngl.Version: 20.1

Fix microphone pleaseI use this for my live stream and the quality is not that bad...480p or 720p..sometimes higher... The only problem now for me is the mic...they can’t hear me speak on live...when I open my mic the livestream stops...please fix it so I can use this for livestream thank you.Version: 39.0

AwesomeIt’s a great app you can see all the people playing & find new streamers to watch but I hate that you can’t react to comments it that’s the only down fall hopefully they fix it.Version: 20.1

Best streaming app everI love it Facebook gaming is so good.Version: 20.0

Great app, few teething issuesGreat app, great idea and almost there. They’ve fixed a lot of the issues I had at first with it but what I’ve noticed is that if I’m watching a stream, exit the app and then reopen it the audio is out of sync with the video. I then need to exit the stream and reopen it so the audio syncs. Would be great if you could fix this please, Facebook gaming! Great app though well done😁.Version: 29

ImprovementsHi love the Facebook gaming tab on the app as well as this new app for gaming. Two suggestions 1) when watching a stream it doesn’t go full screen just wide view. 2) Allow for video quality changes..Version: 20.1

Why can’t choice facebook page in ipad 7Plz fix that now we can’t open live in page with this app it just for account.. fiz it to get 5 star.Version: 28

Great for the platform!As a streamer with Facebook gaming , this is a great app to connect and view live streams! I play and watch fortnite on Facebook (ScubaSteve), streams are clear and all in one place. No more struggling to find the content you want!.Version: 20.0

Nice designA very nice designed streaming app GG.Version: 20.0

Great but fix airplayLoving the app makes it a lot easier to enjoy however would like to see it like Chromecast and can stream to my tv while being able to leave the app. Airplay to Apple TV won’t allow you to close the app and continue watching.Version: 26

AmazingGreat that We have an app to watch our favorite creators on the platform . Smooth interface I’m loving this app so far it’s great not having all stuff inside of regular Facebook app . Also this provides more growth inside of the Facebook streaming community 🥰.Version: 20.1

#Kaptive Gaming and positivity on the worldThank you for making great streamers like Kaptive and StoneMountain available to us! I love watching positive people with powerful energy and the effect they have on the world! Thank you so much! You truly are making a difference! Side note: I’ve used this app for some time now, I haven’t had a single issue. Seems to me these negative reviews are simply FB trolls. Happy gaming!.Version: 30.0

FB GamingStone, Zlaner, Y8, Promise, PNBG, and Ricky Live make this app more than worth it..Version: 26

Issue with commentsI’ve been having a problem with comments getting stuck and not loading new ones unless I constantly exit and enter the live stream. Overall it’s good..Version: 47.0

MountaineerGot this app just to watch stonemountain64 keep up the good work CO!.Version: 24

Streaming SupportCan we go live with this app to our Gaming Page?.Version: 20.1

Not badOverall great idea, love having all gamers in one app, but i did notice feeds would get jumpy in the app, but it worked perfectly fine on the facebook app, so i knew it wasn’t my internet or phone. Also, please add a “Stream to Device” option, if like you stream to my TV from the FB Gaming app. that’s it, thanks for a good app!.Version: 20.1

Cool idea but needs workCool idea but when a user logs in, you should deep link them to the Facebook app so they can log in easier. Also the video quality is real bad. You also need. Tab bar at the bottom for “Streamers, Games, Video Game Clips, Groups” - it wasn’t abundantly clear to me where everything was. If you aren’t doing a tab bar, use coach marks to guide the user through the app..Version: 27

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