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MiniCord For Discord Negative Reviews

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MiniCord for Discord App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

MiniCord for Discord app received 44 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using MiniCord for Discord? Can you share your negative thoughts about minicord for discord?

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MiniCord for Discord for Negative User Reviews

HelpCan’t sign in whatsoever, it takes you to a shifty website that your phone warns you about because it’s license is expired. Then when you input your details it comes up with an error. Pretty sure this is scam to get ur log in details and money, but maybe I’m just unlucky. I have changed my password cos I don’t trust this one bit. Until I get a response I will tell you one thing: don’t buy!.Version: 9.7.2

Doesn’t work... anymoreYeah, the thing is nice but 1. Where do you even send messages? 2. It works for a day.. then it is just junk taking up space. I can’t even find my group dm anymore. Can you fix this bug? It always crashes and never shows my groups.Version: 8.0

Does not work on watchOS 9It won't let me log in at all, I've tried every means of signing in multiple times and changed my WI-FI to ensure I'm not having connection problems. It just doesn't work. I hope I can refund my money with this one.Version: 9.9.55

Needs tweakingI mean happy to support this but already, when in a server chat and the different channels when you click on on it goes to a completely random one! Pretty annoying!.Version: 6.1

Doesnt workThis app does not work for me. I tried many times signing in the app and did not work. Then it worked on my other account. It wasnt working and was really laggy, a few days later it was working. It did let me send messages until a few days later, it was laggy again. I scrolled down to send a message but it teleported my screen back to the top of the chat. It is really annoying because it wouldnt even let me see the messages. I really DONT recommend this app. It doesnt work well, so dont waste your money on this app..Version: 9.7.3

Completely horribleI been looking for a good app that I can check discord and really there’s barely any choices. I would have thought this would be worth it since it has a little bit more ratings but I was completely wrong. If able, I will be looking into getting my money back.Version: 9.7.2

HelpWhat is 2FA how to enable it?.Version: 8.0

ScammersDo not get this app . There website popped a flag warning that is it a fake website to steal your personal information or financial information . I HIGHLY suggest reporting them . Also it requires u to remove 2fa clearly to steal your login without your knowledge if u used this change your password and re enable 2fa immediately.Version: 9.7.2

Crashes :(I really want this app to work because I use discoed for majority of my work. I just bought an Apple Watch 5th gen yesterday and installed it. The server messaging works most of the time, but the private messages crashes the app any time I try to open them. Really hoping it’s fixed soon because I’d love to use discord on my watch!.Version: 4.0

DisappointedUnfortunately I haven’t been able to access my servers since about a week after purchase and while I did receive a response when asking for help, there was no fix and I was banned from the help server despite never being part of it. I’d love to be able to give this a higher rating but seeing as I can’t use the app, it didn’t feel appropriate. Hoping it starts working again eventually!.Version: 9.7.1

Won’t downloadThe app won’t download on to my watch, there is no app support😡😡😡😡😡😡 How do I get a refund? NO APP SUPPORT FOR THIS APP. PLEASE SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!.Version: 4.5

Was hoping this would be my discord solution..I was very excited to see that there was an Apple Watch solution for discord. Not sure why their official app hasn’t implemented this. However, after buying and installing this doesn’t really do much for me. Every time I try to load into messages, it crashes. I’ve only been able to successfully load messages once and then it crashed. No notifications either. I just want to be able to browse channels and respond to DM’s or mentions! :(.Version: 8.0

Nothing loadsI recently got this app, no matter how many bars I have, full bars it never loads. The servers will load but I can never fully load dms without my watch turning off. Would not recommend at all..Version: 9.3

Needs workFlickType is broken.Version: 9.7.2

I cant use itI was trying to log since i deleted it (it never worked so i deleted and reinstalled) but when i tried to log back in, it said i needed to complete a captcha? I cant do that on the watch though and thought it may be something i can do on my phone and it’ll sign me in but it didn’t. how do i complete the captcha????.Version: 9.7.3

Good but lackingI was so happy when I found this app but it’s lacking in a few areas. I’m not getting push notifications on my watch, so I never know when people are texting me, which defeats the purpose of downloading this to my watch, and it recently started to crash every time I go to type a reply. Pls fix..Version: 6.1

Broken AppTried restarting my phone and Apple Watch. Tried WiFi and Cellular. Tried the QR and the text input. It doesn’t work. I was looking forward to using Discord on my Apple Watch but this is just a buggy mess. Wish Discord would make an official app....Version: 9.7.1

Bad experienceI am also experiencing the same issue on my Apple Watch Series 4. I open the app and it crashes within 15 seconds. Please fix this. It shouldn’t be a paid app if it crashes as soon as you open it. Actually, it shouldn’t even be an app..Version: 5.6

Apple watch 6 can’t see messages and serversHi Can you tell me how i can get this app functioning on watch os 7? I’ve logged in but for some reason it doesn’t load the server list or the messages for me I would love to see it working Regards.Version: 8.0

NOT WORKING AT ALLI downloaded this app and it worked for a few days and afterwards it just doesn’t work at all it just says “error” and there’s really no use in downloading it bc there isn’t a lot of functions. Its hard to check channels. Waste of money..Version: 9.7.3

Decent AppIf you want to get this I would recommend it. But it takes some troubleshooting for it to work. I was trying to login on cellular data and it didn't work. But when I logged in on wifi it worked. The app works quite well and isn't too slow but support is really slow. I understand that they have lives and all but i've been waiting a long time for a response..Version: 9.8

Does not workGarbage! Doesn’t work at all, all I see are empty tabs where the servers and messages should be, only $2 but take it elsewhere..Version: 7.0

Voice channelPlease add the voice channel if possible. That was the only reason why I bought this app (hoping it would happen)..Version: 9.5

Doesn't even workLogin on the watch does nothing, qr login is disabled and the phone login does nothing after asking for my details and entering my 2fa it does nothing but go back to the login. Don't waste your money. Don't even try and tell me to join the discord. If I pay for an app I expect it to work without having to waste time..Version: 9.9.55

Not at a state it should be sold inSo I really like the concept of having discord on my watch, however this app is just not what it promises. Constant delays on updates, broken promises, updates that don’t actually fix anything and sometimes even break the app completely. I’ve had this app for awhile now, and I still have yet to actually use it once. They devs are nice but simply refuse to take responsibility, every time the app breaks or there’s a feature that isn’t working, it’s “apples fault” or “discord’s fault”. It’s just a buggy unusable mess and when I can actually get the app to open its soooo laggy that you can’t even use it. I have the newest Apple Watch and they tried blaming the lag on having an older watch. This app should either not cost money in its state, or it should be taken down off the App Store until it’s actually working. I’m surprised Apple lets them sell it to be honest. Also I have no gripe against anyone on the dev team nor people in their discord. I simply have been repeatedly let down and led on to believe I shouldn’t return it because it will work “soon”. Short review: app doesn’t actually work, like seriously. IT DOES NOT. You can’t login most the time, and the devs rely on you constantly uninstalling and restarting your watch to try to fix it yourself. I’m over it and I wouldn’t recommend it. 0/10 if I could..Version: 9.4

Doesn’t workIt doesn’t work I keep getting errors. I bought it twice because the developer said it was fixed and can’t get a refund now..Version: 9.7.2

Not workingIt was working well for awhile. Now all of a sudden, it takes forever to load and most of the time it doesn’t even load at all. It just shade the same loading symbol over and over again. Please fix and I will make my rating 5 stars. Thank you in advance.Version: 8.0

Fixed Crashing Bugs?I was excited to see in the latest update the “crashing bugs were fixed” so I decided to buy this app. I can confirm that the crashing bugs have not been fixed as every time I open the app, it does not stay open for longer than 20 seconds. I apologize for the one star, but I could read messages already on my watch through Discord notifications, however, I wanted to be able to send a response on my watch. By crashing every few seconds, this app gives no functionality I did not already have..Version: 3.0

App crashes :/I was excited for this app but unfortunately it keeps crashing and when I first downloaded it, I couldn’t even see any on of the servers I was in. Not worth your money Apple Watch gets discord notifications just fine... the app is a great concept but it’s just not there yet it keeps crashing and I can’t ever get it to work right. As of June 2020 apps isn’t functioning correctly. So please don’t spend your money, it’s not worth it..Version: 6.1

Update some featuresCan you please add notifications to this app totally paid for it and dont know why we cant get alerts when ppl send dms on discord, could use some work ill 5 star it if we can get at least notifications.Version: 5.1

Can’t loginI really didn’t want to give this app 1 star because I can see that the developer has put a lot of effort into it, but what else is there to do when you can’t even login and the developer won’t respond to your message when asked for a solution? Normally I wouldn’t mind a problem like this, uninstall the app and be done with it but when it is a paid app, you can’t help but feel like you got scammed..Version: 9.9

I can see messages on servers, but I can’t reply.Every time I do to send a message on a server, the app always crashes. I’ll be in the middle of dictating a message, and the app just crashes on me. This needs to be fixed..Version: 7.0

Pretty Good, but lots of bugs.This app really has potential. I love the idea of having Discord right on my watch. Except, it has lots of bugs and flaws that are yet to be fixed. Whenever I open the app, neither the server nor the dms show. In the beginning it showed once right after I installed the app. But since then it is not showing anymore. Will be waiting for updates and fixes for this app..Version: 8.0

High price for Garbage AppThis app has been out for a while now and they still not have managed to get the basic functions to work, they seem to be working on a few projects at same time too, just another one of those developers trying to get a quik $. Devs ripping us off again, Apple needs more quality control measures..Version: 9.6

Needs to be updated?Just purchased and logged in, I’m shown 2 “dummy” severs and messages refuse to load. Does the app need to be updated?.Version: 8.0

Not functionalI restarted my watch, enabled, disabled, all of my connectivity settings (wifi, cellular, Bluetooth). The app does not load at all. I can see the main menu with settings, servers and messages but nothing else. It just won’t load..Version: 8.0

Still crashesEven after the new update, the app crashes after a minute..Version: 8.0

Slow at times and this scroll bug is killing meThe title says it all. It takes a long time to load all of the servers and groups and is quite laggy at times with delay with swiping between Dms and servers. It also sometimes loads and I go to look for a particular server or DM and it just unloads and glitches back to the top again, in a frozen state. As for the scroll bug, I scroll down in group chats to see the most recent chat and it glitches all the way back to the top, VERY ANNOYING. Overall not impressed by this app, but the developer seems very invested in this app as they update it quite often. In my opinion it’s not worth $3.99, it’s a buggy mess, but hopefully the developer sorts out these issues.Version: 9.3

It Kinda WorksIt works but you can never use two step verification again if you want it to. You have to turn off two step to sign in and if you turn it back on the app goes blank until you turn two step back off. Other then that it kinda works just slow on my Series 3 but expected since it’s pretty old..Version: 9.7.2

Cannot do anythingFinally let me sign in after 2 months, doesn’t load a single thing except for names, once you open a conversation it never loads..Version: 8.0

PLEASE FIXI wanted to text my friends with my watch who didn’t have cellular, this was the only app I found and swallowed the 4.00$ price, this app is completely unusable, I log on and after 7 closes I still can’t use it, if this was a free app then I would just delete it and forget about it, but this was 4.00$. I want a refund because I didn’t get ANYTHING That I was promised! Or fix the apps bugs!.Version: 9.3

Can’t Look at Discord ServersHaven’t been able to look at the servers since the update three weeks ago. Every time I try to click on a topic I’m taken to another random topic in the same server. Please fix this. Update: I received a response from the developer saying this has been fixed, and it has, but now you can’t reply on the servers. Please fix..Version: 7.0

Doesn’t work.Complains about a captcha or something, can’t even get past the login. Very annoying trying to “type” a long & complex password with only the watch as an option also. (Other apps let me login to things from an iPhone companion app).Version: 3.0

It’s in progress...My primary problem is with the discord server that it takes you to when you install the app. Max and Wolf seem alright but there is a sponsor named Brandon who is childish, immature, and a bully. He talks down to people without being checked (I assume because he is a supporter of the app)..Version: 9.3

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