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Parking Jam 3D app received 187 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about parking jam 3d?

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Disruptive AdsWhile the game itself is fine, I guess, it doesn’t take no for an answer when it asks you if you want to watch an ad for double the rewards. If you click to just continue, it will give you an ad anyways. Every time. On top of this, the extra coins aren’t really worth wasting 30 to 45 seconds for (depending on the ad), because, for the most part, they’re only really used to buy skins to change what the cars look like. Every time you start a new zone, the starter puzzles are the same solution every time. No one is blocking anyone the first two puzzles of every zone, puzzles don’t get harder as you level up, and sometimes you’ll randomly get an ad anyways. I understand the developers need to make money to continue producing games, so it’s not the fact that it has ads that’s the problem. I will literally close out and reopen the game to continue playing rather then watching the ad if I didn’t agree to watch it. This last part is kinda nitpicky, but I’m disappointed that the penguins aren’t animated on the ice map. They look like a bundle of garden gnomes, haha..Version: 1.15

Easy and repetitiveI have been playing this game for 1 day now as I was hooked at the start but it is too easy and does not get harder as the game goes on. Seems like it is just repeating levels I have already done. I wish the challenge games would come more frequently and actually get a bit harder And the basic games just bore me they are too easy and repeat - no fun I don’t get the coin thing, your giving away too many and it is then no challenge to play to buy things. I have played this game for 1 day brought everything, have so many coins and feel like this game is pointless now. I wish the game was like the challenges and they get harder as you move up levels.Version: 1.16

Good but with problemsGreat idea and the challenges can be difficult but the game does not get any harder. There should be a leaderboard to see who can do levels the fastest and with no mistakes. Would make the game a lot more fun if you were trying to be ranked no.1 globally but that isn’t the case. Also the ads on this are ridiculous. I paid to have them removed but if I want to retry a challenge that I failed then I I have to watch an ad. Unlocking certain things in game also requires you to watch ads. All in all, the game would be better if it got harder and had a ranking system.Version: 1.13

Has potentialHas the potential to be such a good game, but the standard levels are ridiculously easy, and you have to do many of them to play the slightly more challenging levels. I’m at lvl 500 and the standard levels are the same difficulty as 300 levels ago. The challenge levels are the only thing fun about this game but you have to play 20-30 super easy normal levels to unlock those. Don’t waste your time..Version: 1.13

Half and halfI don’t mind the game, it is very easy. The challenges and the city part is cool apart from the notification that’s constantly there saying I need to complete a part on the city- I’ve watched the videos for the extra little bits but still have this red flashing notification on the house symbol? More challenges needed, just had the latest update but done most of them again. Shame that the game got rid of the daily section but never mind, other than this, the game is alright. I pretty much play it so I can collect coins to build the houses.Version: 1.13

Too many addsThere’s to many adds and the game is pretty easy.Version: 1.2

CuteCute and addictive, but I could REALLY do without the constant squealing tire noise. Grates on my nerves 😣.Version: 1.17

BoringThis game is really boring, I’m nearly at level 300 and the difficulty doesn’t go up. Not very interesting game..Version: 1.1

Upgrading the CityI’ve had the game for awhile now. And I am now just reading the other reviews about the game, and I’m sad to say I agree. When I first started, the levels had about 6-10 cars you had to free. I’m now at level 1250 and it’s the same. I do get the occasional level that has about 15-20 cars but there’s not much difference between levels 5 to 1250 with the degree of difficulty. When you’re not freeing your cars, you can upgrade your ‘city’. Which has 4 beach hotels that gets you extra coins. You can watch ads to get the scenic extras like trees and umbrellas on the beach etc but after you have upgraded the 4 hotels, there’s nothing else to do. There’s nothing else to upgrade, no ‘next level’ so to speak. While it’s a good time consuming and brain teaser for beginners, it does get tired after awhile. And the ads. There is lots of ads. Which is fair considering it’s a free game but there doesn’t have to be an ad after every 3 levels. Try it for yourself and see how you go. But honestly, I would prefer more challenging levels. Maybe 2 or 3 grandmas in the same level who kick the cars out the way or more cars you have to free..Version: 1.4

WAY TOO MANY ADSGreat game but the ads are crazy never seen anything like it ... every time you finish a level there’s another ad ...... there is an ad for just about everything you do in this game .... way better if you cut some PLEASE ..... ALSO — you need to put some ... no a heap more construction levels in ... there are only 3 ATM and in less than one week I finished them all to top gold helipad level 20.Version: 1.16

I can’t watch adsI love this game and play it all the time but it always tells me I’m not connected to internet when I want to watch ads to either replay challenges or get more coins. I even bought the no ads thing to see if it would just let me repeat challenges but it still tells me I’m not connected to internet which I obviously am. Not happy I just spent $5 for nothing, please fix or I’ll play something else.Version: 1.14

Could be better.As the title describes, yea, it can be a lot better. I’ve worked in sound designer for a few game companies and can say that the sound needs work. Skin changes should change the sound of the vehicles. Say, you get a skin that changed your vehicles into tractors. By seeing them as tractors, you should be able to hear, well.. tractors but, they still sound like miniature sports cars. There’s also no ambience which makes this game feel dull. There’s no real challenge to it either. Hell, even adding the emojis from your ads whenever a car crashes into something would bump this game up. From what I’ve learned over the years of working along side developers is, put as much work into your game as possible and never take the easy way out. As well, NEVER create deadlines for a game before it’s 3/4ths done. It’ll only lead to rushed, unprofessional builds..Version: 1.12

Game not as advertised in ads!I’ve played quite a few levels of this game as I wanted a challenge like in their add - looked like you had to clear 50 or 100 vehicles. Am over 110 levels now & it’s got maybe 8-10 vehicles which are super easy to get out every time which is really boring. I wanted a challenge which this game is definitely not!! Deleting now as just a total time waster!.Version: 1.15

Better than I expected but could be better!I really do like this game and can play way longer than I probably should. I love that I can play as much as I want to without spending money!! My favorite is the challenges. I do wish that perhaps there was an option to select a degree of difficulty so you could get tougher levels instead of just every 30 levels or so. Now my complaint is that starting today it is freezing up after either every or every other level. I have refreshed the app, closed all other apps, turned my phone off and back on but it’s still doing it. I’m not really patient when it comes to dealing with these types of glitches. I have found that it’s very easy to delete and move on to something else..Version: 1.17

Level StickingGreat game but seems to get stuck at level 133 for me... it’s like Groundhog Day and just freezes.Version: 1.17

Don’t BotherThis game never changes. You meet max levels nothing to do. To bad but game sucks..Version: 1.17

ScrewedPaid to get no ads but the ads keep coming at dame pace. Keep away from this game..Version: 1.14

SlowNot a bad game way too many adds and interruptions and really way slow loading and responsiveness.Version: 1.17

Need to get rid of the boring regular levels!One part of this game is fun - the challenges. You actually have to think to clear these puzzles and they’re fun to play. You have to do 30 of the regular levels for each challenge. The regular levels are 7-10 cars and can be completed by a three year old. I did several not looking and just swiping my finger around. It becomes extremely tedious to do these levels so you can play the challenges. There is also a side game where you build hotels and they earn coins for you. I don’t see the point of it as there’s nothing to do with the coins once you’ve built the maximum. I’ve completed 200 challenges and am topped out. I have about 4 million coins to do nothing with. No new updates for two weeks. I give the challenges 5 stars, everything else zero stars. If the game was just the parking lot and an additional car or obstruction was added every 10 levels or so I think this game would be much better. For now I’m done..Version: 1.16

Too many addsThis is a fun game but there are adds far to often to make this enjoyable to play.Version: 1.15

Huge potential to be a great game.I love a good puzzle game but sadly this is not it. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed playing it but the 30 standard levels between each “harder” bonus level could have been completed by a 3 year old. As for the 100 bonus levels only 2, levels 70 & 72 took more than an once of brain power to complete. As for the house building with coins earned, I didn’t get it. Just why?? To turn this in to a truly great puzzle game I have a few suggestions. Have timed levels and leader boards, reduce the number of moves on the bonus levels and make them challenging not just obvious and sequential, make the standard levels challenging also. (Even a little). Have a set number of moves for them. Don’t allow players to bash anything as often as you like. Get that sorted and I’m sure people will pay for an ad free version. Currently there’s no point. Come on. Give us a challenge..Version: 1.14

Requires zero thought, ads falseSo the ads for this game show super complicated puzzles. This is not that at all. I gave it until level 201 as I know many games start out too easy and get better with time. This is not one of those unless it’s at, like, level 1000 at this pace. The levels require no thought at all and as far as I can tell there is no way to lose a level. You can ram as many cars into each other as you want with no consequences if you don’t feel like waiting for cars to pass by. There is an ad between almost every level, and the ads last about five times the few seconds it takes to beat a level. This may be what some people want from a game, but it’s definitely not what the advertisements I got for the game implied. I don’t think those levels actually exist in this game. I am deleting this after less than a day..Version: 1.13

Far too many adsThis game has the potential to be a lot of fun however after almost every level are Ads, when you do a challenge there are Ads, even when you choose to continue rather than watching the Ad to get extras you are forced to watch the Ad anyway!!! If you choose to lose a skin rather than watch the Ad you are forced once more. I fully appreciate that Ads are a source of income on free games but this is ridiculous. Please just have the Ads where the player can choose to watch. The only other option is playing this game in aeroplane mode so the Ads can’t load which means you can’t access any additional content and the game becomes boring. The Ads are ruining the games’ playability. I do not agree with paying for no Ads because that’s just greed so please don’t suggest that. Thank you.Version: 1.16

Terrible ad festIf you watch the ads for this game off the App Store you would be tricked into thinking that there was some “strategy” required to play this game. Huge complex parking lot puzzles that need to be solved. There isn’t. At best it is a 6x6 grid with an old woman with a zimmer frame that might get you twice in the whole game. I have got to level 305 in a couple of hours watching tv. Nothing changes and no development. If you have a five year old and want casual playing in 10 second stints followed by an advert then this is the game for you..Version: 1.12

Not worth moneyThere are too many ads and it’s fairly pricey to upgrade to no ads. It’s not challenging at all, the instagram made it look very difficult, but after more then 80 levels I’m not finding having it grow in difficulty.Version: 1.2

Started ok but no improvementsFinished the town in 6 days not a lot of imagination went into this very much just a game to watch ads I’m at level 540 and the difficulty does not change. At level 35 of the challenges which are pretty much all the same to. It a shame the houses you can’t choose, it’s just the same building over and over.Version: 1.19

Parking jamScreen not reactive toward end of game. Game depends on accurate timing so not fun when cars are sluggish right?????.Version: 1.17

Never gets any more difficultI’m on level 728 and the levels are still far too easy and also repeat themselves. The Challenges are slightly more difficult and have higher rewards bit there are only 35 of these. Once you complete them there’s not really anything left to play for except building the town, but as non-Challenge levels give such tiny rewards I don’t see how you could ever finish the town..Version: 1.12

Clever concept which failed to deliver.The game itself features a really simple yet mentally stimulating concept. It was fun for the first 50 levels where the complexity of the parking puzzles raised gradually. Sadly, around this point it stopped. Levels stopped getting harder and it became extremely repetitive. The challenges were a little more complex (featuring around 50 cars) and gives you something to look forward to, pushing you through the mundane levels. However, these never really got any more difficult after a certain point. I purchased the advert removal quite early on in the game, which sped it up quite a bit... however, you still do have to watch adverts when receiving coins in the housing situation. Talking of which, the housing really confused me and I saw little relevance to the parking scenarios... it was almost like a second game incorporated in with no connection other than to generate coins to use on the parking challenges. It really did have the potential to be a very good game, but lost for me on how simple levels were..Version: 1.14

Too many bugsReally disappointed after I enjoyed this game so much that I brought the full version, then it stopped working, first of all I couldn’t get the skins as I couldn’t watch videos then it just started crashing randomly and now I can’t even open it. Also it doesn’t really get harder as you go up levels, I was expecting the car park to get bigger but it doesn’t..Version: 1.4

Stupid Ads!Too many ads! Makes me wanna delete the app.Version: 1.4

Sincerely disappointing...If you want a game that challenges your brain, or something close to the original game you played as a child, this is not it. I played up to level 376 and it Never got even remotely challenging. And you know what, fine, it is a relaxing game so that might be OK for a while, but there is an ad video after EVERY. LEVEL. Given the fact each level is mind glowingly easy and takes on average 5-10 seconds to complete (I wish I was exaggerating), you are watching more ad videos than you are playing the game. The creators of this game are laughing all the way to the bank. 376 levels and I watched more ads than I did any game play... 376!!!!! The challenge levels are ok... but still not very challenging. And you are limited as to how many you can do. It’s more about not making a mistake rather than challenging your brain and shuffling cars around to solve a “puzzle”. There is no puzzle. Just move the cars closest to the entrances first and bam, after a few moves everything is obvious. The only positive things I will say are that the graphics are good, I didn’t experience any bugs, and I like the “old lady” who warrants the only “thinking” in the game (but really far too easy still).... Don’t waste your brain cells. You’ll only be wasting them on the many, many advertisements..Version: 1.16

Fun game but has flawsThis game helps you pass time, keeping your mind occupied, without being too difficult. I’ve only been playing for a day but am already annoyed by a few things: 1) frequently, I’ll be close to clearing a level and the game will suddenly stop responding to my touches. This happens most often in the challenges, which means you’re forced to watch an extra ad each time this happens. 2) You have to play through many overly simple levels in order to be challenged. For instance, I’ve played through 101 levels after just 1-2 hours and still haven’t reached a level that is remotely challenging. It would be nice if I could select my difficulty. 3) Too many ads. The number of ads in the free version is ridiculous. You spend more time on ads than playing. The paid version is much better but after paying, you still encounter ads at nearly every corner. If you pay for ad free, it should be ad free..Version: 1.15

BugBeaucoup de bug dans l’application..Version: 1.17

Annoying AdsWay too many ads.Version: 1.17

Cute, too easyCute, fun game but what made me download it was in the advertisement where there was what seemed like 100 cars in the level. Currently at level 334 which took no time at all, doesn’t seem to have anymore cars being added or getting anymore difficult and I’m sadly now bored.Version: 1.3

Not badI do like playing this game but am getting sick of it not working properly. When you get to the bigger challenges, the old ladies working across the road often just stop so it ensures you hit them and then lose the game. I have had plenty of time to get a car through but the people just stop and wait to get hit. I’m getting close to deleting the game..Version: 1.14

Daily reward is brokenRewards the first day but not any other day, I’ve played daily getting all the daily challenges but I don’t get the daily rewards.Version: 1.3

Good time waster but...Good time waster but waaaaay too many ads.Version: 1.2

Issue with the “challenge” puzzlesI like the game. The issue I have is when you play the ‘challenge’ puzzles, the wrong car goes sometimes. I have small/medium fingers & try to pick the correct car. Yet, half the time, the wrong car will go. There are not many extra turns, & bcuz of the wrong car issue, you can lose all your needed turns quite fast. Maybe instead of ‘sliding’ the cars, change it so we can just tap the top of the car, & it’ll go. That seems much easier & we can use a stylus too. Edit- finished all 35 challenge levels. Came back after a couple weeks to find the 35 levels were all cleared & I need to restart them. Why not just add to them? Edit- they’ve added more challenge levels. After a certain challenge level, you have to clear 30 regular levels to open the next challenge level. One level. I’ve used up my spare moves for challenge level 70, in diff ways. Can not get past that level. Need more spare moves pls!.Version: 1.14

Potential but disappointsLiked the idea of this game, the advert suggested the levels got more challenging. However patiently got to level 110 and tbh it wasn’t any more difficult than level 1. The only difference between levels is the appearance of a little older lady, who doesn’t really present a challenge. Really disappointing I can’t be bothered to try more levels of the same thing just to see if it will becoming more challenging. Shame, good clear graphics & idea..Version: 1.9

Boring full of adsDon’t waste your time on it..Version: 1.17

Not worth itThe amount of ads make this game not worth getting at all..Version: 1.14

Tres enuillantSa fait des semaine que le jeu est bloquer dans construction de maison J ai des million en argent et peut pas batir.Version: 1.17

More than just solving the puzzleRichT described it well. To add to that, I was just wanting to play the game but all these additional mechanics are thrown in with no explanation. I only know I need to build towns to get coins NCOs it’s been said in a review. Also the harder puzzles just end but nothing is said... iPhones don’t always sense my fingers so I don’t know whether I have failed or not, nor do I know why I have failed... have I run out of time or too many knocks... who knows.Version: 1.15

Too easyI agree with the other reviews about the standard game being too easy. I spent time getting to level 300 and enjoyed the challenge levels. The challenge levels become less and less frequent as you progress. The standard game doesn’t get progressively harder as you would expect and I got quite bored once the challenge levels stopped being so frequent. As with most games nowadays there is a lot of ads but you can avoid them by turning off wifi/mobile data if you wish..Version: 1.13

Too many adsOk game but WAY too many ads.Version: 1.13

Way too many intrusive adsWould be a great game if you didn’t have to sit through ads after every level. Most of the ads do not allow the volume to be turned off so they are even more annoying than they would be anyway.Version: 1.17

Can we have an option to get rid of the stupid pedestrians???I really enjoyed this game. Kind of mindless fun. My biggest gripe is the pedestrians. It’s a real time waster when you have to wait for one of them to get out of the way so you can do the next move (omg sometimes they’re just walking back and forth DIRECTLY in the path you need free and my blood pressure just goes up, I really wanna run them over {the digital ones, not real people}). And I have gotten really angry when I’m almost done a challenging level, I tap on a car to move and just at that second the pedestrian changes direction, and you have to start the level over!!!! This is actually why I deleted this game a few weeks ago. I could deal with the ads, they gotta make their money, fine, please get rid of the pedestrians..Version: 1.17

AverageAbit too easy, maybe starting level should be abit more difficult.Version: 1.2

Not as much fun as the advert impliesI’ve never played a puzzle game that doesn’t get harder as you go up the levels but I’ve now played 150 levels and it’s still the same old car park and nothing different. I don’t get the scoring - do you lose points for hitting other cars or trying to get out of the car park when there’s another car coming past? Do you get more points for doing it more quickly? Who knows? And what’s the building houses thing all about? Why would you? Again, who knows as there are no in-game explanations that I can find. It looked so promising but has turned to be boring, repetitive and lacking in challenge. There are much better puzzle games. Deleting 😥.Version: 1.17

I want my money backI paid for the no ads and what’s the first thing that comes up after I beat a couple of levels? That’s right, an ad. Refund my money thanks, I’ll just play with aeroplane mode on, at least then I’m not going to be lied to about getting no ads..Version: 1.9

The no ad fee is a rip offA pop up asks if you’d like to pay $4:99 to be ad free. I paid because the ads are soooo frequent and they bug the hell out of me. BUT if I want to do a challenge or upgrade a skin I STILL have to put up with an ad. Such a rip off. The level of difficulty doesn’t increase with levels. Some of the good details like what percentage of the level is still remaining until the next challenge just disappeared. What is the point of the map with hotels etc? That also just disappears after 200 levels. There needs to be more Grannies in each parking lot to make it more challenging and bigger parking lots. The ordinary game levels are just boring as they are virtually the same all the time. After level 200 or so you suddenly have to do way more of the boring levels until you get to do another challenge. 😴 feels like the developers just gave up after level 200, it becomes really boring.😴😴😴.Version: 1.16

EvaluationFirst 700 levels are so easy, its boring.Version: 1.17

Great fun... for a 3 year old.So I downloaded this after seeing it pop up somewhere. The add I saw showed about 40-50 cars on the lot. I’m on level 550 now - thanks to my 3 year old! And still only 8ish cars each level. Incredibly easy & my 3 year old nails every level then claps & cheers. Definitely not a good game for anyone above preschool age as there is zero challenge to it. Also incredibly advertisement heavy. Each level, even at level 550, takes about 10-15 seconds. And there is an ad after every 2-3 levels. You spend as much time on ads as you do playing. You can pay to have ads removed... but for such a terrible game, why bother?.Version: 1.3

Good game but...I like the game quite a bit actually but I’m going to have to delete it soon if things don’t pick up. Right now it feels very pointless. The regular puzzles are a great simple pass time but the challenges are the best since they take more than 10 seconds to complete. I’ve reached the end of the challenges though and only have the regular short puzzles which aren’t challenging whatsoever. Plus they only earn you pennies/chump change so any possibility of upgrading buildings if you’d like to relies on watching ads every four hours for double the money the buildings collect. I’m not really sure why I’m playing anymore since I’m not challenged and can’t build. I was kind of hoping that if I held out long enough they’d develop more challenges or have some form of update but it’s not looking good..Version: 1.15

No more challenges?I am currently on level 2594 and have completed 100 challenges but now it looks like there aren’t anymore. The challenges are the best part of this game. The little “puzzles” you have to complete to earn the challenges are redundant and boring. Now it seems like I don’t have any challenges left so I’ll be deleting. Plus, there’s no way of knowing how to “score” during the regular levels so it’s just mindless guessing. Sometimes I win 15 coins, others I win 25. No rationale. The side “build a community” game is boring. PS- a lot of reviews don’t seem to know about the challenges. Click the ribbon in the right corner. You earn a challenge every 30 levels completed that are just like the ad (the whole reason I got the game)..Version: 1.15

DisappointedDoesn’t get harder, parking lot doesn’t get bigger..Version: 1.13

Game often freezesThe good part of this game is the challenges. The bad thing is you have to play 25 mundane simple often repetitive small games before you qualify for a challenge. I am on level 400 something thinking the levels will gradually get harder. They don’t! If it weren’t for the challenges I would have deleted this game long ago. Also, the game frequently freezes up between levels and you have to go completely out of the game and come back in. It takes a few minutes for the game to get back to where you can play it. This game would be so much better if there would be fewer levels before the challenges, or if they would make the levels more challenging..Version: 1.17

It is what it isThe best thing that I can say for it is that it actually is the puzzle game that it shows you in the ads. If that sounds obvious, then you haven’t seen the rash of ads for games that pretend to be puzzle games but are actually base building PVP games using the bait and switch lure of simple puzzles in the ads (I’m looking at you, Evony and all the ...Scape games). In any case the problem with this game is that there is zero difficulty to it and it never really gets harder. There’s nothing to strive for, and it is absolutely full of ads. I prefer ads over in-app purchases as a monetizing strategy in these free-to-download games, because the ad-based games aren’t engineered to frustrate us into spending money. So kudos for that. And you can even skip some of the ads that you’ve already seen a bunch of times, so even more kudos for that. But the game itself, while initially kind of satisfying in a mindless doodle sort of way quickly loses its allure. Toss in a 30-second ad every two levels and it just becomes tedious..Version: 1.14

Gets repetitive after 100 levelsThe game is great when the big challenge levels come but why are all the levels so repetitive? I’m on level 2000 and there is no difference to level 20. I wish you would make the levels more difficult with better rewards. And what’s the point of upgrading the city? Maybe integrate this somehow into the game. I’m ready to delete.Version: 1.14

Not impressedConstant glitches that make you redo levels. Levels aren’t tough enough. Crazy amount of ads..Version: 1.17

Too easyThe game isn’t a challenge what so ever, far too simple and easy to complete the levels and “challenges”. I’m on level 133 and it’s just a easy as level 1.. this really lets the game down so uninstalling it unfortunately. Also for those who are wanting to play, I advise to turn off your WiFi or data so you don’t have the adverts after every level. Worked perfectly fine for me and doesn’t stop you being able to play the game...Version: 1.12

Hate developers like this. We deserve better.I have deleted this game, and any others that I found that are basically the same thing over and over, with no real change between “levels”. The thing that made me decide to do so was their advertisements on other games, though. Developers like this make 30 seconds of the most infuriating ads on purpose, so that people will watch, know they can do better, and download the game. I will never support this behavior again. I hate this type of profit culture where they make you feel like you have no option but to play the game yourself, then use the same tactics to make you feel like spending real money to advance is the only way. My son is a huge “gamer”, and he hates this style as well, even though he does enjoy the puzzle box gameplay. We’re going to clean out his phone as well. No more “games” like this. There are plenty of options from people that really just want to put out a good game and entertain people, making some money along the way. If I see the same tactics on other games, I will review them similarly and purge them from all of our phones again. You deserve better, people. Find people that deserve your support..Version: 1.14

Tooo many ads not enuf rewardI’m enjoying the game except I notice that if I want to get a reward for watching an ad there’s no ad but tap to get to the next level and there’s another ad! Bit biased against the player getting ahead. As the games themselves can take less than 30 seconds being made to watch a 30 second ad between games us a waste of player time. A level 44 I don’t get the reason for the environment part of the game except to rip off coins earned from the players. Essentially, No reward for figuring out the Car park puzzles. What is he point of playing it then?.Version: 1.13

Honestly...I thought the concept of the game was good. But there are a few things I didn’t like. For example, how you would use the coins you accumulate to create a little town that had nothing to do with the “Parking Jam” theme 🤯 that in itself was a waste of coins really... I made it to level 612 and still the parking lot never got any bigger and most of the parking jams are repetitive. The only good thing about the game was the challenges. The parking lot was bigger and was indeed a challenge. I mean if the game was programmed around the challenges, this would’ve been waaay better... minus the pointless build of that town 😒😒.Version: 1.15

One star ratingWay too many ads. Makes me not want to play..Version: 1.17

CarlosThis game is not hard to play except when you are playing on a challenge so now I’m very disappointed in this game and bored of it.Version: 1.17

Nice and satisfying but flawedI was going to give this game four stars but there is simply too many small issues with the game to get such a high rating. The most prominent is the sheer lack of variety and levels of difficulty. I postponed making this review to see if this improved throughout the levels but by level 100 it was blatantly obvious that it wasn’t. The next ‘flaw’ that I will brush on is the ridiculous amount of adverts. This can be solved by turning off the WiFi on the device that you are playing on but it is extremely inconvenient. Anyway, another small thing that got to me was the low animation and 3D modelling quality. From the background to the feisty granny to even some of the cars, it just looks like they’ve carelessly created some models and then blocked in colour on top. And quite frankly, if you are going to take the time to create a game, then at least put some effort into making it look nice..Version: 1.4

Too easyThis game looked good in the ads. And I love the game when I get to play the bonus rounds because they are challenging and big puzzles. Level 510+ in and I’m just flicking cars with no skill set to get to more challenging bonus levels. This game at least should have limited moves each level and get bigger as you progress to make it harder. It’s getting boring. So boring I decided to write a review haha. Make the game harder!!!.Version: 1.13

Same crap over and overNot challenging at all and I’m level 120.Version: 1.17

JayneHow can I get to a higher level?.Version: 1.17

Boop here’s a noopThis games cause me to road rage 😡.Version: 1.2

Waiting for A ChallengeToo many ads and at level 250+ it isn’t any more challenging than the first few..Version: 1.17

Disappointing and ......The large parking lot you suggest in the promotion is only available as a challenge very occasionally. Having played the smaller park area often the fun is draining out of it and it feels like a chore. The only interesting part is doing a challenge with the larger parking area but then I’m forced to watch ads for ten seconds or longer. Having purchased the game in an effort to avoid ads and still being forced to watch them feels unreasonable and unethical. Very disappointing indeed..Version: 1.15

Fun but mostly just a front for adsThis game is simple fun, and has a few good elements of game play to pass time. However, it really seems to exist to ‘reward’ you for watching ads. 1 star because I actually paid for no-ads and it still can’t help but pop an ad up for certain activities or force you to watch an ad so you get to another level or another attempt!.Version: 1.15

Fun but easyNot very challenging.Version: 1.2

SusanLove the game , but too many adverts , painful to have to wait after competing each game , hence the 1 star rating ..Version: 1.12

Too many adsPerson gets to play 2-3 levels and then gets hit with a 15+ second ad. Not worth the time watching ads.Version: 1.2

Another quick advert money grabbing gameDownloaded game cos of large map advertising. Played 5 toddler level easy levels to be met with an in game ad. Didn’t watch ad, just swiped app away immediately then deleted permanently. Guy’s were not invested. How u gonna makes cash cow doing this? Cool concept, average follow up. Do much better on concept execution, then spend more advert dollars to maybe entice me back. Or just fail. Your choice..Version: 1.14

LayoutIt is very difficult some times when you cannot see the bottom left hand corner of the carpark. It is not clear if there are barriers or not. There is no way to move or shrink then screen so that the whole carpark can be seen. Very hard especially on the challenge games..Version: 1.13

Too many adsThis is an easy app but after each game your spammed with ads. Very disappointing..Version: 1.14

Great little gameWould buy it if I Could get rid of adds.Version: 1.4

Ad blocking viewIt’s not a bad game but as there is a constant ad at the bottom it blocks my view on the larger parks. Would be great if they got rid of that and just had the ones we have to watch..Version: 1.16

Boring and very ad heavyThe game is fun but the levels themselves are boring. It takes 7 seconds to empty the parking lot and we’re rewarded with (the same) 30 second ad after each turn. Challenge rounds are fun but few and far between. Also, if I wanted to build a town, I’d download a game for that. It’s a waste of time and annoying. A game within a game. Make it as challenging as the pop up ad shows.Version: 1.14

Fun but...This game, as well as “Pull thePin”, is light fare. Easy to play and I would give it 5 stars if not for two issues. An ad runs after almost every level - something I expect with “free” games (still 4 stars). But the BIG issue is that often (more than 1 in 5) the game can't find an ad and freezes with their spinner just going and going. Forcing a restart just to continue - and you have to play the same level over. VERY annoying! Frequently, the game offers a multiplier reward/bonus but fails to find an ad to “pay” for the bonus. It at least lets the player know - but then the bonus opportunity evaporates. Well thanks so much! Either the system has an ad or it doesn’t. If not, don’t offer the reward. Don’t make me pay for your inability to find YOUR ad..Version: 1.2

No challengeI paid $3 to remove the ads because I thought it would get more challenging. It’s a fun no brain game to de-stress but I’m at level 1768. The only thing a bit more challenging is there is a grandma walking around every few rounds that you are not supposed to hit. If you do, you just start the level over. I’m still trying to figure out why I collect 15 golds coins when I finish vs 25. Also trying to figure out why I need so many gold coins. I’ve unlocked all the car and skin choices. I’ll keep playing because it helps with anxiety when I need it to but other than that there is not point to this game as it does not really change/get harder as you progress. Update: I wrote this review then the next day I’m no longer able to get the game to come up on my phone. Interesting. 😡. Don’t play this game. It’s a scam. Update #2 I deleted the app and reinstalled it to see if that would bring it back. It did but with ads. It won’t let me restore my purchasers so I basically just lost my $3..Version: 1.3

ApartmentCan’t seem to go anywhere after building some apartments, not sure on how to go to the Albert stage just keeps saying coming soon. Game does freeze for me after a couple of min playing..Version: 1.17

Paid for no ads...But I’m still getting them! Ggggrrrrrrrr.Version: 1.16

FreezesWhy does your game keep freezing after every 1-2 levels???.Version: 1.17

Very tedious and frustratingThe initial levels are very easy to complete and repetitive as there’s not much of a challenge. I got to level 180 in under 3 days, and that’s only playing it for a few hours a day. The easy levels enable you to open up better and harder challenges, but these only appear after completing a set number of the easy ones (hence the repetitive and tediousness of the game). Unless you pay to get the game without ads you’ll see one after pretty much every level.... 🤷‍♂️ and you basically earn coins which allow you to enter the harder challenges and there is also a section where you can build a town and earn extra coins. There needs to be a lot less adverts and more challenges without the need to do the easier levels as they just become tedious and boring. It could be a really fun app if they made it more of a challenge. So I think I keep the app installed for those moments when I have some down time and want a game that I just don’t need to use much brain power for..Version: 1.14

Good games but......Have completed over 100 levels and my 5 yr old grandson could easily complete levels. Very basic will keep playing but if it stays so easy I’ll delete. Second, ads and ads same ones over and over. More ads than game time..Version: 1.16

Great game minus the adsCute little game, but the amount of ads once you get past level 6 is horrendous! I have spent more time watching ads, than I have actually spent playing the game! Will delete soon.Version: 1.16

I thought it would have been a challengeI downloaded the game after seeing it pop up somewhere at first I thought it was very easy and was expecting it to get harder and end up like the car park you see in the add I kept going to level 1000 and still no difference and the adds are ridiculous annoying as in the amount of them it’s great for a pre school child but not much more.Version: 1.13

BrokenThere’s a lot of ads, whatever, it’s a “free” app, there’s one particular ad for one particular game that I think is absolutely vile and I really wish there was an option to say I don’t want to see that particular ad again, but I just kill the app when it comes up. That’s all par for the course in this kind of game, but now for some reason I can’t play the challenge level that I messed up on because if you mess up you can only get another chance if you watch an ad, and when I try to do that *only to redo that challenge* the game tells me I have no internet connection, even though I’m streaming a show on my computer, even though I can leave the game and check my mail, browse the internet, go from page to page online, even though I can play regular levels in this game and still get the random ads that it just shows you without asking or offering anything for. Clearly I’m online, but every time I try to replay that level it still says I’m not. Glad I haven’t had this long or invested much time into it. It was an okay time killer while it lasted but definitely not worth fighting with..Version: 1.17

AdsHate all the ads.Version: 1.19

Top easyStop playing at level 313 too easy and boring.Version: 1.13

PointlessI played dozens of levels without facing a single challenge in dozens of levels. Not once did I have to look carefully, think about how to move one car out of the way of another, or do anything more than mechanically swipe, wait, swipe, wait. Maybe there are hundreds of levels to go, but who cares? The meta game is even more pointless. You get to upgrade some buildings that you can collect money from. With just a little play before and after work in a single day, I finished the whole thing. The only thing left to spend that money on is buying all of the skins. Even if they weren’t barely distinguishable, who could possibly care about that? Meanwhile, I spent more time watching ads than playing the game. And it’s especially annoying that you get the choice of watch an ad for 10x payout or not, but you get the ad even if you say no. At least this game isn’t a scam—it is the game that was advertised, it doesn’t do anything to trick you into spending money accidentally, etc. It’s sad that these things aren’t a given in 2020, but they aren’t, so… 2 stars for not being a scam. But that’s all this pointless waste of time deserves..Version: 1.2

Started great then abruptly endedThe game is fun - at first. It’s a great, mindless way to kill time. The levels are fast. You earn coins when you beat each level. You beat levels by getting cars out of a small parking lot. Sometimes there’s an old lady with a walker moonwalking (jk, but her direction is pretty strange) that you must avoid. After you beat enough levels a challenge becomes available. The challenges are the best part of the game. You have a huge parking lot full of cars that need to exit and an old lady with a walker who you need to avoid. You have to get all cars out the lot within a certain number of moves or you restart the level. Currently, there are currently only 35 challenges so after you complete those.... It’s straight repetition with no challenge. Hopefully they add something else or you can just delete the game after that. I’ll give it til the new year to see if something else is added before deleting the app..Version: 1.13

DisappointingAdverts every 2 games and as others said it takes too long to get in. Have to play 30 games (with 15x30 second adverts) to play the larger game. It would be better if the car park increased in size and difficulty. When you play the difficult game if you fail you are forced to watch another 30 second advert. The large games only go to 100 after that you have to watch an advert to replay the more difficult games..Version: 1.16

Stupid gameWaste of time.Version: 1.16

Too many adsI’m getting more ads than game time. The game itself is pretty basic but it’s annoying getting a 30 second ad for every 10 seconds of game play. You also can’t see the corners of the game board so you don’t know if there’s a wall or not..Version: 1.13

Too many pop up adsWay too much.Version: 1.17

Over itI was enjoying it as a harmless time filler though I don’t get the point of the town. Anyway, I got to level 200 and something and the game design changed. Now at the end of the level you get points out of 100 and then supposedly get different things. This digression has slowed the flow of levels (which is already slow due to adds after every 2 levels) and doesn’t add anything to the enjoyment of the game. Will probably delete game now..Version: 1.3

Challenge mode brokenGood game, basic mode is easy but challenge mode is great and gets more difficult. Would have given a higher rating but level 2 of challenge mode is bugged and not able to complete, 3 cars with clear exit get stuck with shaking fist (like they trying to wait on something passing even when nothing there) & every level had a random tree in same spot every time , it covers cars on most levels but they drive through it like it’s not there..Version: 1.12

BoringWay too easy it gets boring fast.Version: 1.2

Now what?So I spent my time playing this game while watching tv and other stuff. It’s a boring, mindless game to play. The base challenge basically never changes. It’s always the same up to level 1000. The bonus challenges are fun and more difficult. What I want to know though is what’s next after level 1000. There are no more of the bonus puzzles, just maybe an infinite number of levels of the boring game. The side building game is moderately interesting, but as it is time-delayed (you have to earn many more coins to go further), it’s not really a draw for me. I am at a place where upgrades cost 160,000 coins and I get only 25,000 every four hours and that’s with the watching the ad to double my coins. So I wait and collect for 2 days to upgrade so I get another 100 coins per turnaround? Boring... I’ll be signing off soon..Version: 1.13

It’s okay...I will have to agree with everyone else. It’s mindless...sadly that is not what I was looking for. I wanted there to be some sort of a challenge as I moved along the levels. From reading reviews I see that won’t happen. I do like building a little town but get annoyed that I get an ❗️saying I have an upgrade to my town and nothing is available to be upgraded. The ads aren’t too much unless you want to watch an ad to get more coins, which I will do. Lately it won’t let me watch ads saying I have no internet connection whether I’m connected to wifi or cellular data....this is the only app that does this to me. It’s an okay game and would be great for young children but I’m no longer finding the joy in it for adults. Maybe the developer could make one for adults that is actually like it was advertised with the big parking lot and 50 cars give or take..Version: 1.14

Fun but glitchyI’ve been playing this game for a few weeks now, and every single time I play it glitches. Although it is a fun game, every time you try to watch an ad or finish a challenge the game freezes with on its loading screen. It’s very frustrating and doesn’t resolve unless you close the app and reopen it, which often means it doesn’t save and you have to redo challenges or levels. The game is fun to play but this glitch is so frustrating that I’m very tempted to delete it. Note: I originally thought that the glitch might be due to bad wifi/data but it still occurs regardless of what wifi or data I’m using and how good the connection is. If I can load entire shows on Netflix with my data I should be able to load a single ad..Version: 1.17

Boring and not what is advertised!I enjoyed the game at first but like many others have said it’s not what is advertised. How many times can you move 10 cars out of the same tiny car park and occasionally throw in a grandma as a challenge (not!). I’m sick of the amount of ads and ads that show fake game scenarios. This is false advertising and we should stop playing these games until we get true to game advertising!.Version: 1.9

Addictive but too easyThe ad for this game shows a far greater perking lot to navigate through but I got to level 250 and was still dealing with tiny parking lots. Would be much more fun if it actually got harder. Spoiler: it doesn’t..Version: 1.4

Super fun addsSuper fun adds and every now and then they let you play the game..Version: 1.0

Average at bestThe game is cool to waste time on, but the constant ads are annoying and i don’t want to pay to remove them when the game is so simple. Also, the game uses so much battery life on my phone, i played for an hour and i’m down 40% charge. The small vibrations the game causes with every movement of vehicles is probably the cause. I’d like to be able to turn that off somehow, please? Over all, not too bad but could be better..Version: 1.2

So many adsI understand that y’all need to make money but it’s a 30 second ad in between every single level, the levels last max 20 seconds there’s no point.Version: 1.3

Good concept, Horrible execution; Ads.I’m forced to watch 30 second ads after every second level, then after unlocking a skin by progressing in the game, I’m forced to watch another 30 second ad just to claim it, otherwise I lose the reward I played for? This is ridiculous, especially considering there is also a banner ad displayed too. I understand wanting to make a profit, but this is way too ridiculous and off-putting. This game seems enjoyable in itself, but has been drowned in ads on a very unpleasant level..Version: 1.7

Far too many advertsThe game itself is really enjoyable, and the bigger rounds are especially good, working out which cars to move and in what order. You can change the vehicles from cars to buses or diggers etc. as well. What ruins the whole experience is the amount of adverts you have to watch, in order to play it, and I mean a LOT. They are also so repetitive, and it totally spoils the game. I would rather pay for the game at the outset than to spend so much time in between each round, watching these, which is mind numbingly boring. The game can be slightly glitchy, freezing and jumping, but other than this it’s good. Please get rid of the adverts though - or at least the majority of them..Version: 1.13

DisappointingPaid to remove ads which is a con as majority of ads still remain after you’ve paid. Bonus challenges? There are 35, once you've done them (35th available after reaching 1000th normal level) there are no more and it gets very boring. Having seen an ad for the game with a graphic of a large car park, was also disappointed that this wasn’t a true representation of the normal level of the game..which quite repetitively have just less than a dozen cars..Version: 1.13

I Want MoreDon’t get me wrong, I enjoy this game but two things stop me from giving a five star review: 1, if I pay for ad free, I want the game ad free, not ads to get certain game features but not as intrusive as they were. 2 and more importantly the challenge levels—there just aren’t enough of them. Got through all 9of them in two days and need to watch ads (sheesh) to replay them. So, give me many MANY more levels, give me new cars entering almost as quickly as I send them away and more pedestrians and take away ALL your ads, give me more challenge levels and I’ll change my rating. Game play is addictive and fun BTW.Version: 1.12

Annoying car noiseTo be honest, the game is fun but there only you can do is build houses and free the car spaces without harming people. This concept is weak after 12 weeks. Noise cars hasn’t change nor. I would like to see after the cars where they go after they have been free and from there build a storyline. Put quizzes to education about different types of cars. Right now this game going to be forgotten apps. Not to offend anyone. This isn’t helping my brain. I stopped at 247 in level 9. The weekly events is at 400. It isn’t hard, you have to reverse the outside and then do the inside. If there is object just learn the timing where it’s heading. As you know you can’t ran over people. Bless your soul for the effort. I would love if you can put human in and out of the mail towards this game to add social distance funny setting to make the user laugh..Version: 1.17

Too easyI thought this was a great concept and hoped to be challenged but it doesn’t get harder at all. Ok 4 cars on level one and a few more after that but for hundreds of levels it’s the same. The challenges are far more interesting but even they are very easy and you have to do 60 boring levels to get one challenge which can be solved first go. The young kinds would enjoy this but for adults it’s just tedious. Also lots of 30 second ads that they make longer by changing the screen so you have to find the “x’ . Pity as it has so much potential..Version: 1.14

Fun game ruined by wayyyyy too many ads!I’d love to write a proper review but I honestly have spent the last half an hour watching more freaking ads than getting any actual game play!! Reduce the number of ads and then I might give it another go. At the moment, the ads are way too frequent and a complete overkill. Don’t waste tour time downloading this - it’s constant ads with little gameplay in between.Version: 1.3

All add game don’t waste your timeSaw this somewhere and ended up downloading it only to watch more adds then play the actual game. For the first 9 levels theres like one 5 second add and then after that is a 30 second add every second level its annoying and isn't that even great of a game that you'd want to pay for it to be add less. So now I'm deleting because what a waste of time.Version: 1.9

AverageI like the game but it freezes to much.Version: 1.13

Alright to pass the time mentioned by other reviews, far too easy and yes far too many adverts. Managed to quickly get to level 250 to try to get the final set of cars but once getting those (having already got all the other sets of cars), getting all the environment, and all the houses that was it! No point in playing any more. It was fun for a while but way too easy..Version: 1.3

More ads than gamePermanent ad banner at the bottom of the game and one every second level if not every level, we all get you use ads for revenue but it’s beyond. Could be fun with less ads but not paying good bye and off my phone you go.Version: 1.15

Just a front for advertisingThis game is merely a vehicle for advertising - and lots of it. Presumably, the more ads the user has to watch, the more revenue the developer rakes in. Each simple level can be completed in a few seconds but there is an ad between each level. And the ads get repeated over and over and over again. One might think this is a game for small children but much of the advertising is targeted at adults. In short, it's a shameless cash grab..Version: 1.17

PjrAs one reviewer has said, how many times can you clear a 10 car parking lot and still maintain interest ? Not too many. The challenges are the only tests remotely resembling the advertising and they are worthwhile (for me) , but I would have to agree with others that it is a disappointing game and falsely advertised..Version: 1.12

For the sake of you phone download thisI was causally playing on this game when my phone started to get super hot. Then when I checked on the battery it was on 51%! I started on 100% and was only playing for 10 minutes!! These types of games not only clickbait you into getting these! But also tend to break phones! Please do not download this app!!! I want people to learn from my mistakes, and not do the same things as I did. Also please read the reviews of EVERY game that’s got ads after 2 levels! The ads are for the money, they want to make money by forcing you to watch. Just please think about what I have said before you download!.Version: 1.14

Too many ads. Deleted itGame play was slow to develop and there were ads almost every level. Given levels take seconds to complete that’s a LOT of ads!.Version: 1.17

FunThis game is fun but I hate that it doesn’t allow you to sign in so when I’m playing on my iPhone, whatever level I’m at I can continue playing it from my iPad. It’s disappointing and frustrating. Hopefully the creators will upgrade his game, so it can played once signed in..Version: 1.12

Get it rightOkay so I’m enjoying playing the game and I come up to a reward screen which requires me to watch a video to receive it, then I get a notice saying no internet connection for advert video reward lost, immediately the game goes to an advert yet I lost my reward, you people make me sick, I’m sick to death of all the games out there that want you to watch a million adverts so you get paid loads of cash yet your players lose their rewards because of your incompetence or dirty ways of cheating your players, get it right or get rid of it until it’s fixed..Version: 1.17

Great game butAddictive game but HUGE problem with ads. I’m unable to get new skins or upgrade areas as the ads won’t play (keeps telling me I have no internet even when I clearly have). Even after paying to remove banner and pop-up ads I’ve still got the same problem. On top of that, this seems to be the only way to tell the developer as there is no option within the game. This game would amazing if these issues were fixed..Version: 1.19

These developers are liarsI played this game thinking that there would at least be some kind of a challenge. Guess I was wrong. Not only did I not find any challenge at all, but also the levels were being recycled constantly past 100. And the ad including a much larger, more challenging level? Yeah, I played up to 300+ and never saw it. Just the same pool of like 7 or so levels over and over and over again. The worst part is, even a 5 year old could solve all of those levels, including the first 100 levels, in under 30 seconds. It’s almost insulting to think that the developers can get away with doing this. And if you’re thinking about spending $3 to remove the ads that you get every 2 levels? Don’t even bother. You’re just getting robbed, cheated, and lied to. #1 puzzle game? I feel incredibly lied to. Hope this game gets updated to actually become some sort of a challenge, because otherwise, this is just a joke and a waste of phone storage..Version: 1.2

Soooo addictive!I sampled this game while playing another one (Blockscapes). I really like this game. It’s a a bit juvenile with boxy shaped, Crayola [kids’ first box of chunky] colored crayon shaped cars, however it’s so addictive! I’ve only been playing it a few days, and I’m still waiting for it to become a bit more challenging. Right now it’s pretty easy to gauge which car to move from the parking lot first in order to get them a out with minimal, if any, bumping into other cars. After a few rounds in, a little senior citizen using a walker is added to the parking lot walking behind and in front of the parked cars (in an effort to complicate the game, I guess), but she walks in straight lines for long distances versus shorter distances with more in predictable directional patterns. I haven’t figured out all of the ends and outs of the game yet, but continue to play to see if the level of difficulty increases..Version: 1.15

Good game but fails to develop.The game is fun for a while. The graphics are good and to begin with you get rewarded with new backgrounds and cars and you get a new pedestrian who roams around after every few challenge levels (although in reality these are just ‘skins’ and don’t change the game play). You also amass coins as you go which you use to buy housing in a separate game, and rent from the housing then generates more coins. Unfortunately the game never gets anywhere. The basic levels are very easy and don’t get harder. They are also peppered with adverts, although you can avoid these by playing with the WiFi off. After a set number of basic levels you get a challenge level, which have a lot of cars and take some thought and timing, but even these don’t get more difficult after the first few. The housing level is a set path, no room for imagination, and goes nowhere - as far as I can see there is nothing you can do with your coins once you have them. I started to get bored around level 250, I pushed on to level 400, but there are 1000s of levels, and that’s enough for now..Version: 1.18

Too many adsGood games but too many ads..Version: 1.17

App hangs on a screen and while playing the gameIt’s a black screen with a message in white letters. I can’t seem to move forward from that screen. I have to reboot the game several times. While playing the game, with the granny moving around the parking lot, she can sometimes crash the game..Version: 1.17

If only it didn’t need to restart every 2nd levelReally enjoy the game when it works. After every other level the game freezes, needs to be fully shut down and restarted. Either have to replay the level, or on challenge levels records that you finished but doesn’t add the coins to your bank. While I really enjoy it the constant freezing, and slowness of the loading on the app I am ready to delete it.Version: 1.17

Game crashed, lost all progress :(I wanted to give this so much higher, but my game crashed and wouldn’t load past the creator name at all, no matter how many times I restarted the app or my phone. I hate to delete the app and reinstall it and all my progress is gone, I was at around level 300 and has lots of things unlocked and challenge levels completed. Hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else. Maybe create a way to save progress in case this happens..Version: 1.19

Too many ads!!!!Way too many ads, after almost every single level!!.Version: 1.5

Repetitive and Boring, Could Be ImprovedI was interested in this game from the ads of the huge parking lot. I thought the game would start off easy and get harder, but unfortunately it does not. I’ve played almost 300 levels and there are still only 8-10 cars in the small lot and there is no challenge to completing the levels. It’s boring. It’s so easy a child could play. The challenge levels are where you see the giant lot with a limited amount of moves to solve, but you can only play one of those every 20 or so levels. If the levels increased in difficultly or allowed us to just play challenge levels. I only added the second star to the game because the city building tycoon addition to the game is interesting, but not at all related. Overall I don’t think this is an app that should take up space on your phone since you’ll only play it for a few minutes..Version: 1.12

Cut the adsEasy game too many ads 😒😒.Version: 1.3

Could be greatThis game could be great but as it is a 4 year old could master it. At level 900 the lots are the same as they were at level 1, 5-10 cars and no real thought to get them out. The challenge levels are fantastic, limited moves, tons of cars, takes some real thought to clear them.....only problem is you have to clear 30 mind numbing levels to get to them!! I have seen people complain about coins but if you build up the houses you get more coins than you could use!! By level 800 you have maxed out the houses, bought all the car packs, and earned all the sets, the only thing you’re still working on are the different people for your lots and those don’t cost coins just clearing so many challenges. The challenges cost coins to unlock but you should have more than enough to unlock them by the time you get to them. In the next update, if there is one, could you make the levels get increasingly harder to hold an interest between challenge levels!?! You could offer spare moves for coins or something just make it more difficult the further you go! This could easily be a 5 star game if the actual levels increased in difficulty the same as the challenge levels do!!.Version: 1.16

Not challengingIt’s an alright. The only issue I have is the lack of progress in terms of challenges. I’ve played 200+ levels and the game isn’t getting increasingly harder or anything. You get a challenge level every 15 levels or so, but they’re not all the difficult either. Very mind numbing and gets very boring very quickly.Version: 1.14

Disappointing.I liked the game at the beginning, and like other reviewers, I got frustrated after challenge level 35. There was no more challenge after that. The real estate bit of the game is fun as you can build the city and earn coins. But what happens after that? There is no queue to say what I will achieve after a certain level or after building cities. Most frustrating is the game is too simple, and the challenges are even very simple, anyone can do these. The game is addictive and have so much potentials but it is designed for advertisers only. More annoyingly it asks to change your privacy setting to give it access to your personal data so it can sell them to China or India to hackers. I have no hope that the developer will make any change soon as there are so many complaints but no response from the developer. It should me deleted and I hope someone will pick this idea and makes a fantastic game..Version: 1.12

Too many adsWay too many ads. How can I enjoy the game and see if I want to do in-app purchases if I’m constantly waiting around for ads?.Version: 1.17

It’s bad like all the othersThis game, like all Popcore games is bad and this game has all the same flaws as any other Popcore game, don’t listen to the high rating review they’re probably fake or paid for. The game is so easy a toddler could beat it, for over 100 levels I could win just by doing the same five or so moves level after level. And that’s not even the worst part, they actively waste your time, after every level they show you a long ad that you can’t which is infuriating as is but it’s always like the same three ads, not only that but if you somehow fail a level at all you have to watch the screen slowly fade to white, show a sad emoji, stare at the screen for five seconds while it asks if you want to skip then you can try again but only after it gives you another ad and then needs to load. I’m not going to say don’t waste your time on this game specifically, I’m going to say don’t waste your time on ANY Popcore game, they’re all the same so just play a real game..Version: 1.4

Too easy. Gets boring fastToo easy. I’m on level 2951 and still only dealing with ten cars. :( Only 100 ‘challenge levels’ and even they weren’t that challenging..Version: 1.17

Ready for an updateUpdate... shortly after I sent the last review, the game was updated. Thank you. Now I seem to have maxed out the game again since I cannot earn any more stars. All properties have been upgraded as far as they can go. The Coming Soon area... how do I unlock it? Old review... Daily gift not working. Been on day 1 for a week. Opened all cars and locals by level 100 (day 1). Levels do not get harder. I’ve unlocked every decoration in the bonus land. I cannot warm more stars therefore I cannot level up, which is how I’m assuming I unlock the ‘coming soon’ extension. I rate this game five stars for potential, but only one star for its challenge level. I expected a better challenge due to the 12+ rating. Suggestions: **Increase the daily goals as players pass certain levels. **Remove random rewards and use an algorithm. (Each car with clean exit is $3, but each bump prior to exit is -$1.) **Build in more opportunities to fail beyond just hitting the old lady. X number is bumps and you have to start over. Decrease X as player increases levels. **Build in occasional challenges, such as removing blue car before red car OR clear the lot in X seconds. **Coming Soon extension opens a countdown timer after a certain number of stars accumulated. Can have a second ‘unlocking’ message once all decorations are purchased..Version: 1.4

Car gameNot a lot of instructions ie are u allowed to crash into cars if u hit granny u lose etc.Version: 1.16

Boring: Exceedingly RepetitiveSaw an ad for the game showing ~ 50 cars and thought it would be good brain exercise, got to Challenge 3 & Level 525 and only once was there a game of 20, all others 8 - 11, which take less than 10 seconds. Games repeated frequently not many variations. Went to Level 34 and wow first game ~ 50 cars, took about 30 seconds to complete, then after that 11 cars then 8 cars. Ads between games or games between ads as they come every 10 seconds..Version: 1.14

AdvertisingIn game, I see advertising every level. This slowed down the game. At times I just don’t want to play. Great game too much advertising 👎🏼.Version: 1.17

BoringVery boring as the levels don’t get any harder as you go along. I hoped by level 400 it would be more complex and a challenge. It’s not, interest lost.Version: 1.2

No update beyond level 250No update beyond level 250 and the time waste to achieve level 250... First 30 levels are bit relaxing but not really a worth game to try.. TOO Many ads for each level..Version: 1.17

Meant to be more relaxing than a puzzleCurrently on level 389, and it’s still very easy with only 10 cars in the parking lot. The levels don’t get harder the more you play, but the challenges are where the bigger parking lots are at where you only have a certain number of moves. The normal levels are mindless as nothing bad happens when the cars crash, when they get mad at each other, when they bump, etc. You can only lose a level by hitting a lady with a walker, and there’s only one on a level, and not every level has the lady either. If your looking for relaxing, this is a good app. If you’re looking for a challenge for someone above 7 years old, keep looking (my 7 year old thinks this is a cake walk)..Version: 1.16

Could be more addictiveConcept is cute, strategy could be more complex/difficulties and love that you can also work on a lil town too. I understand and don’t mind purposeful ads - watch ads to double coins, get skins, etc. but also having an add every 3 games just ruins the experience and isn’t worth paying for. Sad to say I’ll probably end up deleting this.Version: 1.3

Ads are too muchI love the game, but the amount of ads that play is way too much! Every second level there is a long ad! You end up watching ads for longer than you’re playing the game! And I haven’t seen anywhere that offers to upgrade to an ad free version in the game..Version: 1.17

So far so goodI’m not too far into it, 37 levels, but the ads are becoming excessive and monotonous. Especially if you clear a round quickly. I am seeing a ad sometimes 15 seconds long every 5 seconds. It is making the game less fun and I am about to delete the app due to it. I may introduce the game to my 9 year old, I am still watching for questionable ads. There is one that seems kinda iffy and it comes up the most. I just don’t know where it will go if I continue to watch or click on it. But as I said in the title, so far so good but way too many ads is making it unable to fully enjoy. Also I can’t figure out how to go back to the beginning levels to show people the game... if that’s not available then it’s annoying; if it is then it should be easier to find..Version: 1.15

LameToo easy and too many adds.Version: 1.2

Mixed FeelingsI love it, I'm addicted, it's colorful, relaxing and fun. The ads were relentless so I paid $3 to go ad-free, now the game freezes and quits over and over and over.I was thinking of deleting it and reinstalling it, but then of course I would lose my $3. It's not worth buying, it literally gets worse and becomes unusable after you pay. I love the challenges, I wish there were more of them. And maybe a few different obstacles besides the elderly woman walking around. If this worked, I would keep it and just use it mindlessly all the time to relax. I love how colorful it is. But it literally doesn't work now. Eta: I restarted my phone, hoping it would help refresh and update the app. No. I paid for no ads, there are still ads and that's an abominable lack of integrity. It's purely just a scam. Refund the money, you advertised something to me, I paid for it and you didn't give it to me. You just took my money..Version: 1.13

Kind of boringGreat concept but really no challenges and it crashes constantly..Version: 1.17

WasteNope. Thought this game would present at least the slightest challenge. Turns out the biggest challenge is getting around all of the ads. It almost gets easier as the game goes on. Do NOT download this app..Version: 1.17

ANNOYINGToo many ads!.Version: 1.13

Too Easy, Give us a Real Challenge!This game is really fun...if you're playing the challenges. I love the challenges because the limited moves and greater number of cars and obstacles actually makes you think, but the regular levels in between challenges are WAY too easy. I thought the regular levels would get gradually harder as well, but I'm at level 165 now and they're still just as easy as they were at level 1. You also have to play at least 10 regular levels before unlocking a new challenge, which makes it pretty tedious. My suggestion for the next update would be to make all the levels (regular and challenge) get gradually harder so people don't get bored so easily..Version: 1.17

Relaxing until it’s not...There really is no point to the game outside of the challenges. The levels in between are just there to kill time. I don’t really mind that too much as it’s actually relaxing... until the bugs start setting in. I will complete a level and then once I hit continue it just freezes on a white loading screen and I have to force close the app. By the time I’ve done that and opened it again, it has me repeat the level I just did again... and again, and again until it randomly decides to let me move on. On top of that I have to watch an ad every single time before I start and even after before it glitches. It is taking way too long to get to the challenges because of this glitch and it’s been taking all of the enjoyment out of it entirely. I wish that each level actually got harder and were more like the challenges themselves... but I would settle for it as is if it weren’t for the constant glitches and ads..Version: 1.17

Fun but gets repetitiveWas fun for the first 100 rounds, anything after that it just felt like you were doing the same thing over and over again. Wish the maps and challenges got bigger and wish there were more skins than what they are. Looks nothing compared to the ad that I watched for it. Speaking of ads, there’s usually one after every single round..Version: 1.3

Too many addsWay too many adds.Version: 1.17

Hot game and I mean itI downloaded this game for my little nephew to play. He likes it. Fun game. I sometimes play too. But I found it odd that every time I play it, my iPad becomes burning hot. I had to remove the game..Version: 1.17

Fun idea, could be expandedI have been playing this game for a few days now I reached level 400 and I have to say that it is a fun game but I have to agree with the other reviewers in this. I was also interested because of the ad of the huge parking lot and it looked unique and fun. Now that I am this far in there is no difference. It is basically the same 5 parking lots that have about 10 cars in them. As I increased in levels it’s still the same. The lots don’t get bigger like in the ad and aside from a old lady with a walker that sometimes appears there is nothing different between the beginning levels up to where I am now. It’s a shame because I feel this could be a great game but without the lots getting bigger and more cars to have to set free there’s really no challenge or goals and I feel there really is no point to continuing because there really is nothing to look forward to. Hopefully the developer will read these and update the game because I would definitely continue playing it if they gave us what the ad showed..Version: 1.9

Freezes a lotGame is easy enough, challenges are much more fun but it can take SO long to unlock them once you get to a certain point. Then the game will freeze after almost every level while loading an ad. You have to close the app, reopen it and redo the level. Very frustrating when it’s already taking time to unlock the next achievement. Should be an easy fix in an update but yet to see it..Version: 1.17

NopeToo many adds, one between every game and each challenge and each decision either way. Deleting due to time wasting. Ok game other wise.Version: 1.13

Always Freezing UpFun game, but once I got over level 250, the game freezes after completing 3 to 4 levels. Pretty irritating. Need to fix that!.Version: 1.17

No challengeNot challenging at all. Gets boring when you reach higher levels 🤷🏻‍♀️.Version: 1.2

Ridicules addsAt first there are few adds, now around level 60, I get an add every single level. Furthermore there is no incentive to watch a 30 second add to play this barely a game. And on top of all of this, you can’t disable adds using data in the settings. To the dev. How dare you withhold me ability to disable data use..Version: 1.2

Parking JamI got this game because in the add you had to get a specific thing out. E.g a bus. That does not happen here, all car have to go, that is it. I find that the level are kind of easy and I have played quite a few levels. Often all cars can do without having to move any ther cars..Version: 1.4

No challenge whatsoeverWay too easy. Even the bonus challenges every 15 levels until 240 when it increases to every 25 levels are so easy and a waste of time doing as you spend more time watching ads than playing the game. I would recommend looking for a game that offers more of a challenge..Version: 1.16

Fun. Too many adsThat’s it really, is fun but ads make it boring so am unlikely To play again.Version: 1.19

Too easy it’s boringI’m at level 1000, and the difficulty is still exactly the same as level 1. The location hasn’t changed, the size hasn’t changed, you basically just play the same level over and over again. Such little thought has went into this game yet they fill it with ads. They don’t care if the game is any good, they just want money.Version: 1.9

Fair game with a few bugsThis is a relatively mindless game that is a nice break from the daily chaos. The challenges are really the only good part, and it’s nice that they can be replayed. A lot of people love the side game of building stuff, but that didn’t do much for me. In the beginning there were daily goals to earn a few coins, but those disappeared after about a week of play. I also noticed that the daily prizes for returning to the game still show up but stopped adding to the pot, so don’t count on them. Since they removed the daily goals and I can only get a few coins from each play (or by watching endless videos, too many of which are sexually explicit or inappropriate if your kids are nearby), there really isn’t much incentive to keep the game. The parking lot is the same two small, uncomplicated lots for each level of play, and that gets a little mind-numbing when you have to play 50 or 60 to earn a new competition. This could be better. That said, the graphics are excellent and at least they offer a good variety of vehicle styles for each game..Version: 1.13

Too easy and too many bugsI like the game, but the levels stay at the same difficulty (other than a little lady crossing over) through all of the levels no matter how high you go. Too many bugs - currently in challenge level 2 which is impossible to progress as there is a virtual tree in front of the cars so you can’t actually get any of them out of the car park. Game could be better if little annoyances like this were worked upon..Version: 1.12

Parking failureInitially I really liked the game. Quirky and thought not over taxing but never realised just how frustrating it would get. Initially it is just to max out all the building before you max out the experience upgrades. Little did I know the big that I would later uncover that has caused me to be over level 500 having completed the purchases of all the vehicles and challenges but can't get to the fifth set of buildings. I am sitting at nearly a million in coins but that is not good enough as the sign says coming soon but each of my buildings are at the 20 level and done the upgrade experience yet that sign still says coming soon. Lord knows what you have got to do when there is no other thing to upgrade and nothing to say what level you need to be at to get pst the coming soon sign. What a complete waste if time this game has been. Seriously folks this game is a total waste of your time once you have got last the fourth set of four buildings..Version: 1.16

Nice ideaNice idea for a game, but ruined by the annoying sounds. I had to turn the sound off as the constant tyre screeching sound became annoying after 2 seconds. Not keen on the aggressive tactics for encouraging you turn on targeted adverting and allowing them to collect your data ( in the EU). And the adverts are a little too frequent. Don’t these developers realise that as soon as they’ve advertised another game to me that looks/ sounds slightly less annoying than theirs, then they become redundant? Didn’t play for long, so can’t comment on how the game progresses..Version: 1.12

Ad galore!If you want to spend 80% of your time watching ads - this is the game for you. Even if you pay the 2.99 for no ads, you still get ads. There are several times you can’t click out of the ads after the “5” seconds and you get sent to App Store.... but got to remember they really don’t care about the game as much as clicking through to the ads to make $. The level games or boring but you need to complete them in order to play the ribbon games, which are fun. Don’t see any reason to change the background since it does absolutely nothing but use coins. But the coins are somewhat irrelevant except to have to play the challenge games. Graphics not great. Several times you can’t tell the car will fit or not through the barriers. Good time waister when sitting at appointments..Version: 1.17

Boring and paying for ads doesn’t remove adsThe game gets monotonous. It doesn’t seem to get harder or more challenging. Paying for ads doesn’t remove ads, so that’s a con. Don’t waste your money on this one.Version: 1.18

It passes the time.I have to admit that I like this game and keep coming back to it. I paid a couple of quid to get rid of the ads near the beginning because I was hoping they would get harder. By level 100 I had given up any hope of challenging levels appearing. I’m currently on 710 and they are just as easy as level 1. I don’t really understand what the house building is all about but I’m quite enjoying building it up and even the 30 sec ads aren’t that bad. I just do something else while “watching” them. I have given three stars because I enjoy the game and it passes a few minutes in a queue etc. But to be honest it doesn’t really deserve more than 1 star because of the lack of ANY sort of challenge and the huge number of ads after pretty much every level. Edit*. Level 900 now and STILL no challenge what so ever and yet I keep coming back. 😂.Version: 1.9

Too easyI actually used to enjoy playing this. There was a challenging side to it, when it comes to upgrading the buildings. But due to the most recent update, it has completely changed to the point where it is too easy to upgrade the buildings because theyre so cheap. All my buildings are already fully upgraded and its been about two days since i played since the update..Version: 1.16

Way too many ads!Fun game but it has a 20-30sec ad between almost every level. Deleted it after about 10mins cause it got too much..Version: 1.4

Why should I report an issue with Parking Jam 3D?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Parking Jam 3D to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Parking Jam 3D customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Parking Jam 3D.

Is Parking Jam 3D not working?

Parking Jam 3D works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Parking Jam 3D.

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