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Parking Jam 3D App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Parking Jam 3D app received 179 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Parking Jam 3D? Can you share your negative thoughts about parking jam 3d?

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Parking Jam 3D for Negative User Reviews

Could be awesome…bore quicklyWhy is level 1 the same as level 300? Seems the levels should get more difficult or larger….more cars..something with each level. This makes it sooooo boring. The only thing I enjoy are the challenges, but you have to play 30 or so boring level 1 games to get a challenge. The cars bumping into imaginary things or supposively bumping into a car that has long past left the area is very annoying on the timed harder challenges. It slows you in being able to move cars as quickly as you could without that stupid glitch and takes away from your total moves. Also, why take a full life even if you beat the level. Seems beating a level should keep that life like any other game, but instead you take it win or lose? So,e of the harder challenges have far too little time and you have to watch like 5 ads just to pass them. This game could be super fun. I see everyone complaining about the same issues. This could be up there with games like candy crush, but the annoyances make people want to stop playing..Version: 1.30

Not worth itThe amount of ads make this game not worth getting at all..Version: 1.14

Too many ads!!!!Don’t get me wrong it’s a great game, I enjoy playing it but I will end up deleting it soo. I’ve just recently started playing it and after not even a week I’m fed up with having an ad after every round, then you finish, have an ad. Receive a reward and guess what? Another ad before you can start the next one. Also it’s prone to heaps of glitching and freezing and dropping out of you play for more than a few minutes at a time PLEASE PLEASE reduce the amount of ads because it’s just too much. Anyone I’ve spoken to has admitted to having had this game, loving it but each person has deleted it because of the ads.Version: 146.0.2

More upgrades pleaseWhen are some big upgrades coming? I have done all the challenge levels and all the upgrades to the city and have over $60million coins so really can’t play anymore as nothing to do. It’s fun to play but by the time you have done half the challenge levels they are no longer very challenging as are just slight variations of previous ones. Now you have added weeklies can’t finish them as no chest or skins available to do. Can’t get more stars as town is built and expansion opening soon has been like that for about a year now..Version: 150.0.2

Level StickingGreat game but seems to get stuck at level 133 for me... it’s like Groundhog Day and just freezes.Version: 1.17

Loose the gold car!!!Was enjoying the game but now there is a gold car I have to deal with? Please get rid of that!.Version: 163.0.2

Yellow CarWho was the genius who came up with this idea, while trying it avoid Granny, I move the yellow car out of the parking lot and a bright white screen opens just as I move the car out of the lot, throwing off my concentration and I hit Granny, darn it, when the game ends, thengive the extra points for the car, not during gameplay. Of course it’s just another way to make us watch another ad, which by the way people they make money on, that’s the reason for so many ads during gameplay. Idid pay for the non ad version, but they always manage to get us to watch there boring ads, and they are too repetitive. Another one of screw ups, is the race, and the track that shows your position,they put it on the bottom of the lot, which blocks an exit point, and I end up losing moves because I can’t see the exit clearly. That’s why I don’t play it as much as I used to. Another ploy, when I have one move left, and I move the car from the farthest point in the lot, just before it exits the lot, it stops, now I have to watch another ad to get 3 more moves, or start over, you guys have got to be kidding, this used to be my favorite game, not anymore, you have ruined it..Version: 165.0.2

Il y a tellement d’annonce, c’est déplaisant.J’aime le jeu mais il y a tellement d’annonces, c’est déplaisant..Version: 1.18

Gets boring pretty quickGame works well. But after 3 days Im bored. There are three basic levels- 1) small parking lot you can play for free. Really easy and gets boring quickly. You must clear a certain amount of these to progress to a challenge level. One challenge level for each 10-15 small parking lots. Challenge level Has a normal, which has about 70-80 cars and is not timed. The Hard level is timed and you have about a minute to clear 70- 80 cars. If you fail one of these levels you use “lives” and earn more lives by waiting, or watching videos. Occasionally there is a boss level, which has a lot of cars but ~10 minutes to clear them. There is also a the ability to customize the cars, and the setting for the small parking lots. These doesn't change the game play, and are meh. You earn these by watching more videos. Finally, there is a weird village that you must build buildings using the $ you earn in the parking lots. Each building gets upgraded until it looks like a stack of bit coin. Have no idea what this static land does, there is nothing to do but build buildings, and watch videos to add yard decor. Pass..Version: 1.37

Decent time killer but nothing moreIt’s far to simple for the massive amounts of ads it shows. The ads also tend to cause delays in gameplay and other bugs such as make the audio skip or shut off altogether. Far to often I was having to force close the app and restart just to get it to stop freezing on me. The coins are absolutely pointless after the 1st day of gameplay and the island buildings are all the same so 0 creativity. I would expect if you were going to push that many ads, you’d at least make the game either more challenging or less simplistic in general both visually and in skill required . I finally decided after 1000+ levels it was just not worth keeping. I found it insanely frustrating that my internet connection never interrupts forced ads but when it came to optional ads that gave rewards it was suddenly unable to produce an ad so I’d hit continue instead just for it to immediately show a forced ad. I can’t see the logic there but whatever I guess. If you are looking for a mind numbing way to pass the time it’s not bad there but overall it’s just not for me..Version: 147.0.2

Good but with problemsGreat idea and the challenges can be difficult but the game does not get any harder. There should be a leaderboard to see who can do levels the fastest and with no mistakes. Would make the game a lot more fun if you were trying to be ranked no.1 globally but that isn’t the case. Also the ads on this are ridiculous. I paid to have them removed but if I want to retry a challenge that I failed then I I have to watch an ad. Unlocking certain things in game also requires you to watch ads. All in all, the game would be better if it got harder and had a ranking system.Version: 1.13

Used to be betterI used to enjoy this game a lot when I first started. But a few things reduced the enjoyment - firstly, the recent update added smoke / movement bubbles behind the cars when they move. This added unnecessary distraction to what was previously clean and streamlined and I found myself not wanting to play anymore. Secondly, the town building side game doesn’t make sense. You collect lots of coins but you can’t do anything with it..Version: 1.19

Great gameThis is a great game. Takes many levels to get tough but it’s fun. Mine was erased by accident, I was on level 750 and I had to start at level one with no answers from ‘support’..Version: 163.0.2

You spend more time with ads than playing the gameNice little game but it’s an overkill having to watch a 30 sec ad after each game..Version: 1.27

Not worth the purchasePaid for the app in hope of NO ADS but you still get them every 30secs. AVOID THIS APP.Version: 151.0.2

Too many advertsUsed to really love this game, found it a really good way too relax & chill for bit through out the day then the dreaded adverts took over. There are just too many of them & the take over your device causing the game too freeze & stick, some even take you too the App Store to download them even though you’ve pressed the X to get rid of it. Even had the phone totally freeze to the point I’ve had to reboot my device as couldn’t do anything. It’s got very frustrating now when before it was a great stress reliever but now it causes frustration. Please check the adverts so they don’t cause problems & reduce the volume of them. Thanks team..Version: 152.0.2

Cute, too easyCute, fun game but what made me download it was in the advertisement where there was what seemed like 100 cars in the level. Currently at level 334 which took no time at all, doesn’t seem to have anymore cars being added or getting anymore difficult and I’m sadly now bored.Version: 1.3

It’s okToo expensive to upgrade to no ads and not much challenge except the little old ladies who insist on getting hit. Not enough interactive races. It’s more fun to race against others than mindlessly move cars..Version: 165.0.2

Neat concept, but fails on Ads and executionThe game is quite good in terms of having puzzles, but it becomes very repetitive very quickly. Levels are not progressively more difficult. You get coins at each level with which you build a town as a side quest. The coins can only be spent there and don’t have much other use in the game. The side quest soon looses the charm as there isn’t a lot that happens there anyways. Then we come to the concept of ads, they are in between EVERY level, EVERY skin, EVERY power up, nothing in the game can be had without the ad. I caved and purchased the ad free package which in turn removes the adverts between each level but still leaves the rest of them in whereby you still (technically) have to manually opt for them in order to make any progress. It’s seems like a brutal cash grab situation by the app developers. Finally, the designs and maps are very static. There isn’t a lot of the variation in the cars. I think at a time there are maybe 4 types of vehicles on screen which takes away from the experience again. I think, it’s a good concept. It just needs polish in most areas..Version: 164.2.2

Fine but too many ads & glitchyI like the boss challenges. I thought levels would get harder as you go. Levels 330+ seem the same as the 100s levels..Version: 1.34

Very tedious and frustratingThe initial levels are very easy to complete and repetitive as there’s not much of a challenge. I got to level 180 in under 3 days, and that’s only playing it for a few hours a day. The easy levels enable you to open up better and harder challenges, but these only appear after completing a set number of the easy ones (hence the repetitive and tediousness of the game). Unless you pay to get the game without ads you’ll see one after pretty much every level.... 🤷‍♂️ and you basically earn coins which allow you to enter the harder challenges and there is also a section where you can build a town and earn extra coins. There needs to be a lot less adverts and more challenges without the need to do the easier levels as they just become tedious and boring. It could be a really fun app if they made it more of a challenge. So I think I keep the app installed for those moments when I have some down time and want a game that I just don’t need to use much brain power for..Version: 1.14

Not very challengingThe game is pretty made well with nice graphics and the gameplay is relatively easy to learn. However after about 30 levels it becomes repetitive as every level is virtually the same with a couple of challenging levels sandwiched in between, which are very scarce. The mini side game where you build a street could be a cool side touch however it doesn’t really explain the point or why it’s there however it can be helpful to get more coins to buy challenging levels. The problem with this app that really bothers me is the amount of ads. It seems as if every time you press a button you get brought an ad even if you’ve turned mobile data and Wi-Fi off. This gets extremely frustrating. It’s the typical story really these companies don’t care about creating an interesting game it’s all just a huge money grab 🙄. I would probably rate this 4 stars if they reduced the amount of ads to one every like 10 levels or something sensible like that.Version: 1.37

Fun but glitchyI’ve been playing this game for a few weeks now, and every single time I play it glitches. Although it is a fun game, every time you try to watch an ad or finish a challenge the game freezes with on its loading screen. It’s very frustrating and doesn’t resolve unless you close the app and reopen it, which often means it doesn’t save and you have to redo challenges or levels. The game is fun to play but this glitch is so frustrating that I’m very tempted to delete it. Note: I originally thought that the glitch might be due to bad wifi/data but it still occurs regardless of what wifi or data I’m using and how good the connection is. If I can load entire shows on Netflix with my data I should be able to load a single ad..Version: 1.17

Good game but fails to develop.The game is fun for a while. The graphics are good and to begin with you get rewarded with new backgrounds and cars and you get a new pedestrian who roams around after every few challenge levels (although in reality these are just ‘skins’ and don’t change the game play). You also amass coins as you go which you use to buy housing in a separate game, and rent from the housing then generates more coins. Unfortunately the game never gets anywhere. The basic levels are very easy and don’t get harder. They are also peppered with adverts, although you can avoid these by playing with the WiFi off. After a set number of basic levels you get a challenge level, which have a lot of cars and take some thought and timing, but even these don’t get more difficult after the first few. The housing level is a set path, no room for imagination, and goes nowhere - as far as I can see there is nothing you can do with your coins once you have them. I started to get bored around level 250, I pushed on to level 400, but there are 1000s of levels, and that’s enough for now..Version: 1.18

Hostile Design but On PurposeGame is great fun, but there’s way too many ads, given how many bugs the game has: It’s entirely possible to accidentally double spend stamina to replay challenge levels. If you’re too fast moving cars around, the cars will crash into phantom cars and stop, using precious moves. Ads will frequently crash your game. Sometimes the game just moves cars random directions, once again, using precious moves. And so much more. Convenient that all these bugs just result in you watching more ads to give the developer money. Yawn. Hard Challenge trophies are not score based and are based entirely on RNG. I’ll play a challenge super terrible and get told “wow, you did better than 100% of all players, you get a gold!” And there’ll be other challenges where I’ll play my heart out and get told “you did better than 12% of all players, no trophy for you”. This is to, again, get you to watch more ads to beat a made up number. YAWN. I’m going to go out of my way to make a clone of this with zero ads and zero hostile design because the core design is fun but the implementation here is downright malicious. Trust the negative reviews here. Say no to hostile games..Version: 1.24

Paid to remove adds but still have to watchSo I paid to remove adds due to the 10 seconds per playing level resulting in a 30 second adds between them. After I paid to remove the adds which was only a few dollars I found out that you still have to watch adds to get skins you earn when playing levels and adds to upgrade buildings you build (which have no point honestly) also it is constantly offering more and more “Rewards” for watching them. For the amount of content and no coin need other then to buy “Challenge” levels i fee like this is unfair. If you eat a new skin over the course of 10-15 levels then why do I have to watch a add to get it? If you don’t want to watch the add it resets your progress to 0 for said skin and will keep resetting till you FINALLY agree to watch a 40 second add. Overall the game ply is good and repetitive so it’s a fun game to kinda dull the boredom but just know that paying to remove the adds does NOT remove them completely.Version: 1.39

What’s wrong with this app?Now when I press on your icon it starts to load up but when the line is completed my screen goes back to my home page so I can’t play at all!! Is that your answer to my plea for help? Thanks a lot ! I really did like your game. I was looking forward to playing the big parking jams which I never got to, even after playing over 800 levels!!!!!!!!! Now I guess since you won’t or can’t fix it I’ll have to delete the game I liked best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the second time I’m writing a review! The same goes as in the first! I press on your icon and the white line shows up when it stops the game doesn’t show up my home page does!!! I did delete your game because of all the glitches now with the second game the glitches are happening again!!!!!! CAN YOU PLEASE FIX THIS GAME FOR ME SO I CAN PLAY AGAIN. I’ve been try for a few days now and haven’t been able to!!!!!!!! OR I’LL HAVE TO GET RID OF IT FOR GOOD!!!!!!!!!! I don’t want to but if you don’t fix it I won’t have a choice. It upsets me to the point that my blood pressure goes up! That I can’t play it!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.30

So Many AdsFirst let me say that I actually enjoy the game itself. The core mechanics are pretty fun albeit simple and easy to use. There are some graphic and gameplay glitches for example sometimes you can simply drive through a “grandma” and nothing happens. The biggest problem is the sheer number of ads - It’s truly a sight to behold. There are so many ads in this game that you have to watch in order to get something you unlocked and paying for an “ad free” game barely reduces the number of ads. The worst part is that some of the “boss levels” don’t give you enough moves to clear the board which forces you to watch ads for extra moves. Even if you get a car out with every move you still end up being forced into watching several ads just to gain enough turns to finish the level. I’m over level 100 now and even trying to avoid ads I still am forced to see them at least every few games and that’s with the “ad free” purchase. This game absolutely violates Apple’s acceptable use policy for advertising and it’s too bad because it would be a nice game if it weren’t for that. Avoid this game and find something else if you value your time and privacy..Version: 149.0.2

So many ads!!!This game used to be good now they’ve added SO MANY ADS! that it’s a drag now. Don’t bother..Version: 162.0.2

Super fun addsSuper fun adds and every now and then they let you play the game..Version: 1.0

Fun Game but Ad DenseI think it’s a fun time waster, even if the strategy is a bit repeated. I have worked out most grids now so it’s easy to do all Boss Levels but it’s still addictive. Now! I have a gripe and this is where the two stars went in my rating. I get this is a free game and I understand ads, I really do. I know I can pay to have ads removed but I thought I’d see how I went before paying $$$ to play. 1. Not only do we have to watch ads in between, which I expected, we now have to watch un-skippable ads mid game when we free the golden car?! NO! Get rid of that! It’s annoying and rude. I’m on the verge of uninstalling, my patience is thin when it comes to change-for-the-worse. 2. The same as point 1 and is worth repeating. Please fix golden car ad. Put the ad after the level is cleared..Version: 158.0.2

Freezes a lotGame is easy enough, challenges are much more fun but it can take SO long to unlock them once you get to a certain point. Then the game will freeze after almost every level while loading an ad. You have to close the app, reopen it and redo the level. Very frustrating when it’s already taking time to unlock the next achievement. Should be an easy fix in an update but yet to see it..Version: 1.17

Too easyI thought this was a great concept and hoped to be challenged but it doesn’t get harder at all. Ok 4 cars on level one and a few more after that but for hundreds of levels it’s the same. The challenges are far more interesting but even they are very easy and you have to do 60 boring levels to get one challenge which can be solved first go. The young kinds would enjoy this but for adults it’s just tedious. Also lots of 30 second ads that they make longer by changing the screen so you have to find the “x’ . Pity as it has so much potential..Version: 1.14

BoringVery boring as the levels don’t get any harder as you go along. I hoped by level 400 it would be more complex and a challenge. It’s not, interest lost.Version: 1.2

Ads get in the wayI know games come with ads, that I don’t mind, but when you tap the ‘x’ to close the ad it continuously takes you to a web page - you can’t close the ad to continue the game. Even if I close the webpage and go back to the game, click the ‘x’ it throws me back to the webpage and around we go. It makes the game unplayable. The actual game play is relaxing and I enjoy it when the ads work..Version: 152.0.2

12+ game with sex adsDon’t download this app. It’s not age appropriate. The app is rated 12+, but the ads have girls undressing. My kids don’t need to see that. Please change your ad provider..Version: 164.0.2

ApartmentCan’t seem to go anywhere after building some apartments, not sure on how to go to the Albert stage just keeps saying coming soon. Game does freeze for me after a couple of min playing..Version: 1.17

Satisfying app if you want to win all the timeThis is a very satisfying app because I always win! But sometime I want to be challenged… I’m at level 348 and there’s no difference in difficultly from level 200 or even 100. Can the makers please up the difficultly level and make it an actual achievement to get further in the game… I have obviously played the game a lot and like it but I was sold a game that looks like ‘Boss Level’ all the time, this is not the case, I literally live for Boss level but you have to do silly manoeuvres that take 5 seconds multiple times to get to what you see in the adds. How ‘Boss Game’ is represented, is howthe game should be all the time #marketresearch #dontmissrepresent.Version: 1.34

Parking JamI got this game because in the add you had to get a specific thing out. E.g a bus. That does not happen here, all car have to go, that is it. I find that the level are kind of easy and I have played quite a few levels. Often all cars can do without having to move any ther cars..Version: 1.4

Disruptive AdsWhile the game itself is fine, I guess, it doesn’t take no for an answer when it asks you if you want to watch an ad for double the rewards. If you click to just continue, it will give you an ad anyways. Every time. On top of this, the extra coins aren’t really worth wasting 30 to 45 seconds for (depending on the ad), because, for the most part, they’re only really used to buy skins to change what the cars look like. Every time you start a new zone, the starter puzzles are the same solution every time. No one is blocking anyone the first two puzzles of every zone, puzzles don’t get harder as you level up, and sometimes you’ll randomly get an ad anyways. I understand the developers need to make money to continue producing games, so it’s not the fact that it has ads that’s the problem. I will literally close out and reopen the game to continue playing rather then watching the ad if I didn’t agree to watch it. This last part is kinda nitpicky, but I’m disappointed that the penguins aren’t animated on the ice map. They look like a bundle of garden gnomes, haha..Version: 1.15

Too many long and repetitive ads on free versionThere are way too many ads, plus they’re long and repetitive, even for a free version. I play many games - keeping ones with fewer, shorter and more interesting ads. There’s a difference between putting on ads as a substitute for paying and putting on ads to force people to pay! I could see myself playing this regularly but I just can’t stand that many ads unfortunately..Version: 1.32

Upgrading the CityI’ve had the game for awhile now. And I am now just reading the other reviews about the game, and I’m sad to say I agree. When I first started, the levels had about 6-10 cars you had to free. I’m now at level 1250 and it’s the same. I do get the occasional level that has about 15-20 cars but there’s not much difference between levels 5 to 1250 with the degree of difficulty. When you’re not freeing your cars, you can upgrade your ‘city’. Which has 4 beach hotels that gets you extra coins. You can watch ads to get the scenic extras like trees and umbrellas on the beach etc but after you have upgraded the 4 hotels, there’s nothing else to do. There’s nothing else to upgrade, no ‘next level’ so to speak. While it’s a good time consuming and brain teaser for beginners, it does get tired after awhile. And the ads. There is lots of ads. Which is fair considering it’s a free game but there doesn’t have to be an ad after every 3 levels. Try it for yourself and see how you go. But honestly, I would prefer more challenging levels. Maybe 2 or 3 grandmas in the same level who kick the cars out the way or more cars you have to free..Version: 1.4

Finished all the 350 levelsFun game but can’t finish the 350 normal levels but the HARD mode it seems to have locked me out at level 324. Guess I have to delete. Don even bother with the housing part HELP plse.Version: 1.24

Enjoyable game - too much adsI don’t mind ads in a game but this game is littered with adds to the point where there are more ads than playing time. Also the phone heats up so quickly due to all the video ads that you go through, making the game then lag and then unplayable for long periods of time. The base game without the challenges are so mind numbingly simple and boring. The challenge doesn’t increase for the base game. Appreciate more difficulty to be added. Also coin collection is redundant. Nowhere to spend and nothing to do with them. What’s the point of collecting coins then… coin usage vs level is not even.Version: 1.21

Ads Ruin The GameFun enough game but the ads are oppressive. You play a level for 35 seconds and then have to watch a 1:30 ad for the same thing over and over. I get you have to make a buck but I deleted this app cause the ads make game play impossible.Version: 164.2.2

Good but could be betterI really like this game. It has the potential to be much better. Here are some of the things that are causing me to play less. -Although the levels do increase in complexity, that eventually stops and the levels go on forever still being extremely easy to clear. The normal levels should eventually reach the same level of complexity as the challenges or at least somewhere in between. -You can only gain the additional skins, backgrounds, build towers for a while and then those options run out. After that you’re just collecting millions in coins with nothing to do with them. You’re eventually just playing one quick & easy level after another with no goals to work toward and they do not become anymore challenging. The Challenges that you can do from time to time do add a little excitement, but eventually they stop being challenging and you can easily clear those as well. Even when you do your prize is coins that you can’t use for anything..Version: 1.19

Ads never stopPaid for ad free but they never stop. Way too many ads. It’s constant ads, even after you pay the $3.99. Run from this scam.Version: 164.2.2

Sympa mais ...Mange beaucoup la batterie en peu de temps.Version: 1.18

Paid to remove ads but still getting them!Loved the game initially, mindless and easy to play. Paid a couple of quid to remove the ads but still getting the odd one pop up - ironically for a game with no ads!! Rather irritate by the gold car as well, which just interrupts the flow of the game! It’s just very annoying and pointless! I’ve amassed millions of coins too and for what?? The town you build - you can only build the next building once you’ve made the current one look identical to all the others? I don’t see the point of it! And then to build up the areas around the buildings you have to watch ads - when I’ve paid to NOT have to watch ads! Again, a pointless part of the game. Not sure I’ll be playing it for much longer sadly..Version: 161.0.2

Okay but there’s issuesThis game is okay for what it is, pretty mindless… the issue is the game has glitches. A.LOT! Some I can over look, like sure it’s annoying, but oh well. But some of the newer glitches are frustrating. The newest one came when the “hard” challenge levels were added. I paid the coins to unlock the level, check what the reward is, and get to playing. I went through 5-6 challenges and realized I’m actually losing coins even though I’ve beat all the challenges to that point. So I test it out, paying more attention. I unlocked a level for around 800 coins, reward says it 1300. So if I win the level, my coin amount should grow by 500. I played and beat the level on the first try, the reward pops up and says I’ve won around 570 coins. Umm… that’s not 1300. So I look at my count total and sure enough I’m down around 730 coins from before I unlocked the level. I play those to win coins, not lose them! Sorry for long winded review but this is the newest of a long list of frustrating glitches. I’m getting to the point I no longer enjoy it because it glitches or sets me back :(.Version: 1.21

Please bring new features!Great game but please bring some new features. After playing for a few months you start to notice the same parking jams/lots. Also bring more houses on the island; when you upgrade them to the max why are they all the same boring brick tubular building? The seasonal events are fun; need more! What happened to the scavenger hunt that we were able to play as an event in the first few stages of the game?.Version: 164.2.2

Too many addsThere’s to many adds and the game is pretty easy.Version: 1.2

ReviewWould have been fun and addicting if there weren’t so much ads. The levels are too easy. You would have to play such a long time before you get the the harder/fun levels.Version: 1.29

Good Game, Too Many AdsThe gameplay is fun, I do wish it were a bit more challenging though. The challenges are fun except for the fact I have to wait for all of the cars to get out of the way when they are driving because a car can easily bump into a car that’s waiting for other cars to pass and it wastes a turn. The fact that there is a coin system and a building aspect is nice. It’s a shame that is all you can do with the coins though. Most of the time spent in the app is ads, which is very unfortunate. I would have kept the game if ads weren’t played between almost every level, in order to collect skins, earn coins, upgrade the towers, and after every challenge level. It would be fine if they were all by choice but even with how much the game revolves around ads. But the issue is how it shows you it without asking first, and it’s necessary to the game. It feels like that’s the majority of the game. I uninstalled it due to this issue, even though it was rather fun. Quite a shame, honestly..Version: 1.17

Too many AdsWay to many ads involved with the game , makes it not worth playing after awhile.Version: 1.24

Love the game BUTI love the game some of the puzzles are quite hard whilst others are way too easy. I paid for no ads and I am very unhappy that If I want to retry a level or speed any up I have to still watch ads. What’s the point of having a no ads purchase if you still make me watch ads. It’s really quite annoying. I have so many coins and nothing to do with them, can’t buy any with them no perks at all. Can’t buy speed ups, retry’s nothing. They are pointless. Everything involves watching ads..Version: 156.0.2

Great game minus the adsCute little game, but the amount of ads once you get past level 6 is horrendous! I have spent more time watching ads, than I have actually spent playing the game! Will delete soon.Version: 1.16

Car gameNot a lot of instructions ie are u allowed to crash into cars if u hit granny u lose etc.Version: 1.16

BuggyI downloaded this game thinking it would be a awesome puzzle solving game, but the game freezes, exits and goes to a black screen. I did the normal and checked storage, which I have ample amount so it wasn’t that. I turned my iPad off and on in hope it would help but it made no differences. So I did the last thing, that is delete the whole thing and re download but it didn’t work. So, I gave this app a 2 out of 5. I hope this can be fixed soon so I can start playing..Version: 1.31

Good concept, Horrible execution; Ads.I’m forced to watch 30 second ads after every second level, then after unlocking a skin by progressing in the game, I’m forced to watch another 30 second ad just to claim it, otherwise I lose the reward I played for? This is ridiculous, especially considering there is also a banner ad displayed too. I understand wanting to make a profit, but this is way too ridiculous and off-putting. This game seems enjoyable in itself, but has been drowned in ads on a very unpleasant level..Version: 1.7

Too many adsPerson gets to play 2-3 levels and then gets hit with a 15+ second ad. Not worth the time watching ads.Version: 1.2

This would be a 5s reviewThis game is so much fun when you play the “challenges” I find them to be simple and relaxing but still super fun and challenging on the timed version to try to not make any mistakes and still get the cars out in time. The only reason this is a 1s is because the stupid regular levels in between the challenge levels.. you have to play 30+ of them every time you want to play a challenge level and that is absurd. They’re not challenging at all ever.. it’s not even calming to do when you can’t lose so you can just throw the cars wherever you want and you also can clear the whole lot within 1-2 seconds because of how easy they are.. if the devs can read and speak English then I implore you to take out the extremely boring levels and only offer the challenge levels or at least make it to where you can play the challenge levels at any time and you don’t have to do anything special to unlock it.. it’s so frustrating to play the regular levels when they’re not fun or relaxing at all. It’s far too simple even a toddler could do those.. fix it please..Version: 1.31

RubbishYou pay to have ads removed permanently… I still get them, now that it’s been updated they have integrated ads after each game as part of getting the rewards granted. So you STILL GET ADS. Disgusting…. Also their counting or receiving of coins is pretty screwy. I saw my points as ending in 1619. The game finished and allowed me to win 350 plus 1750. Did I get that? Nope. After an ad (to which they think you’ve forgotten to count) I received just 300 points/coins. It’s not Popcore but Pop-CON… Beware… Also if you play a game and it has a gold car… play the car right at the end else you’ll be waiting to go through x2 30 second ads rather than the one at the very end anyway (as the car makes you sit through an advert and breaks up the game)…yawn….Version: 162.0.2

Enjoyable but could easily be a lot betterAs others have said this is a good game and help pass the time. However all the levels are easy except the challenge ones. Suggestion for improvement: allow the player to choose between easy mode and hard more. The only levels I actually enjoy now are the challenge levels, the rest are frustrating because you have to play so many and watch so many ads to get to the next challenge. This game could easily drop by the wayside when I find the next intriguing one..Version: 1.25

Too many addsEven with the purchase - there are still too many adds. Don’t waste your money on this, it’s fun but have to watch videos and crap: I paid and still … way too many adds- repetitive adds too.Version: 163.0.2

Love the Game but it’s GlitchyUPDATE: Turns put I am playing more than I expected as it really is relaxing and fun. The glitches I mentioned below are mostly resolved but there is a big one that persists: When trying to time the car’s movement past a person frequently the cars moves as expected but the person just stops, making it impossible to avoid. This makes no sense. If one stops shouldn’t the other? For all that, why does the person stop at all when the car is not yet anywhere near them? This frustrates me so much I quit. GREAT for relaxing my brain. It’s really fun. But the cons are that the cars frequently move only when you’ve tried to move them several times (unsuccessfully) and then exactly when you didn’t want them to. Also, game freezes unexpectedly tho it starts again seemingly spontaneously and sometimes the screen just goes black requiring the app to be closed, then re-opened. I play this on my iPad which is fully updated and I have re-booted. And I have updated the app..Version: 155.1.2

Too many adsThe game is fun for about 20 minutes then you realize how many ads you have to watch to get anywhere. There are options to watch ads to get 2x coins, but then if you decline it still forces you to watch an ad. Sometimes you’ll be in the middle of a level and it will throw you into an ad. Just really annoying. They absolutely need to cut back on that….Version: 164.2.2

Ads Ads AdsAds are ridiculous in this game. I understand ads for a reward but I doesn’t matter if you pick the reward option or not, you still get an ad. You can’t play 2 minutes with out at least 1 or 2 ads pop up. They pop up after any achievement you do which wouldn’t be a problem if the lvls weren’t so easy that you can completely most within 1 or 2 minutes. I got so frustrated with the amount of ads I deleted it. Ad free version is available be if you want to see if you like the game before purchasing it, the ads make it unplayable at times to the point I imagine people just purchase it just to try the game out and get bored. I originally decided to try the game after the millionth ad I saw for the game and feeling frustrated by the ‘toddler’ playing in the ads but really think the entire app plays of your frustration of many ads to get you to purchase ad free, only to realize it’s insanely easy to lose interest after paying before of hours easy it is. STAY AWAY!!.Version: 162.0.2

Ads coming out the Ying YangAds last longer than a game level, interrupting game play. Dumping..Version: 152.0.2

Waste of time and moneyAnother simple game with tons of ads, even after buying no ads version it shows it after every game.Version: 163.0.2

Fun. Too many adsThat’s it really, is fun but ads make it boring so am unlikely To play again.Version: 1.19

AnnoyingThe most ad filled game have ever played, every 2seconds another one. Yes I know they do it so you will pay to remove ads. But game not worth it, have deleted.Version: 1.45

Ads after paying for no adsGreat game don’t get me wrong but I paid the fee to get know ads and this to unlock skins and to unlock new challenges you have to watch ads. I would rather have more challenges every 24 hour period and pay in game currency for skins. I get that the developers need to make money but I’ve invested now and there should be a better system in place after the fact..Version: 1.35

Huge potential to be a great game.I love a good puzzle game but sadly this is not it. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed playing it but the 30 standard levels between each “harder” bonus level could have been completed by a 3 year old. As for the 100 bonus levels only 2, levels 70 & 72 took more than an once of brain power to complete. As for the house building with coins earned, I didn’t get it. Just why?? To turn this in to a truly great puzzle game I have a few suggestions. Have timed levels and leader boards, reduce the number of moves on the bonus levels and make them challenging not just obvious and sequential, make the standard levels challenging also. (Even a little). Have a set number of moves for them. Don’t allow players to bash anything as often as you like. Get that sorted and I’m sure people will pay for an ad free version. Currently there’s no point. Come on. Give us a challenge..Version: 1.14

So many adsI understand that y’all need to make money but it’s a 30 second ad in between every single level, the levels last max 20 seconds there’s no point.Version: 1.3

Laggy after a whileHelp. I love playing this game, it is my go to game. It starts off fine and working well and at speed. Then after a while my phone gets really hot and the game becomes really laggy and not very responsive. Then I have to give up on it. Until my phone cools down. Also there are a couple of ads that you just can’t get out of. I have to leave the game and go do something until the game I guess ‘resets’..Version: 1.43

Needs more challenges.... initially loved the game deserved 5 stars!I loved this game initially, however now at level being over 1370, it’s the same thing.? Also, if developers can put in a use for the coins? For example being able to purchase more items for the house challenge, or being able to purchase more land for the house challenge, as just being able to purchase for the challenge levels is just getting super boring. Sorry team, gravest idea and fun to begin with though..Version: 158.0.2

FunVery fun game to play, no stress Why norton flag it has a dangerous site.Version: 163.0.2

ConDon’t waste your money on deleting the adds as you still get them, although not quite as many. An absolute con and one that Apple should not allow to happen..Version: 1.20

Not GreatI usually don’t write reviews but this time I felt I needed to. The games starts well, but the levels don’t seem to get harder. There are coins to collect but not much to spend them on. Jigsaw pieces appear. Not sure how to complete a jigsaw, but the game usually stalls when they appear. The game has way too many ads - sometimes 2 or 3 in a row. Ad time is more than game time. The ads soften stall the game. Challenges are hard to start. The game has some nice features, but it is repetitive and destroyed by the ads. It is very heavy on the battery.Version: 155.1.2

Sad to give thisWell I gave you many chances to show you care. No the bugs are fixed! The game is fun, cute and entertaining. Your challenge is confusing. I’ve won 4. Came in 3rd once. I have no idea how many I’m challenging. How well I’m doing or if I have to push harder to place in the race. It’s ran unusual. On top of it. It doesn’t credit that you participated or placed in your daily or weekly tasks. Since it doesn’t show this information. It causes you to miss out on the rewards. It does the same thing when you complete the boss levels. I have reported this twice. I waited over two weeks for responses. I never received it but you made sure to ask me to update the Easter special. I decided I would give it this week. Because not only gave boss challenges on the hit also gave challenge levels on daily weekly and whatever that other little level is that you can get points in. Surprise surprise Yep he didn’t acknowledge any of them so I thought I would leave you this review and let you know when I’m leaving. I might hang out a day or two to see if you respond I highly doubt it..Version: 163.0.2

Ads getting out of control.Like others, I didn’t think I would keep this game that long. However, I found myself playing more and more. Even taking play time away from other games. I expected to see some ads as most games of this nature have. Sadly, here lately they have been getting more frequent. Not only do you have to watch one between each level, they now have introduced the stupid gold car. Releasing this gives you more coins but also forces you to watch yet another ad in the middle of a level. The worst issue I have been encountering here lately is it randomly opening my browser when I haven’t even touched the screen. This really frustrates me. I loathe any app that tries opening my browser. Especially when I didn’t touch anything to trigger it. So I am having to quickly close the tab before anything loads up. Of course, once I return to the game, it is now seriously lagging and not wanting to respond to me actually trying to touch the screen. I often have to close the app completely and restart to get it responding right again. Again, I understand having some ads to help pay for developers, but ease up a little and stop opening my browser without my consent..Version: 162.0.2

Way way too many adsWas a great game to start but then a ad in between every game .. ads took longer to watch than playing the level.. deleted 😞.Version: 150.0.2

Not worth moneyThere are too many ads and it’s fairly pricey to upgrade to no ads. It’s not challenging at all, the instagram made it look very difficult, but after more then 80 levels I’m not finding having it grow in difficulty.Version: 1.2

Repetitive in ads and gamesThe games are repetitive. the ads are constantly in your face. plus there are numerous glitches in the game to the point where I’ve ran over people thinking that I’ve hit one and having to restart the game again. It’s a good game if you like repetition but other than that it’s not ver challenging after a few levels. Also the coins are just a waste of resources, unless they can be used to make the game more interesting and difficult then this game is just a waste of time. FURTHERMORE, (not sure if it’s my phone, due to the Aussie summer heat) but the screen keeps going black when receiving an ad to get 3+ more moves, this needs to be fixed as well, keep having to get out the app and refresh it..Version: 163.0.2

I Want MoreDon’t get me wrong, I enjoy this game but two things stop me from giving a five star review: 1, if I pay for ad free, I want the game ad free, not ads to get certain game features but not as intrusive as they were. 2 and more importantly the challenge levels—there just aren’t enough of them. Got through all 9of them in two days and need to watch ads (sheesh) to replay them. So, give me many MANY more levels, give me new cars entering almost as quickly as I send them away and more pedestrians and take away ALL your ads, give me more challenge levels and I’ll change my rating. Game play is addictive and fun BTW.Version: 1.12

Still showing ads after payment$5 is not important but it’s not cool seeing ads after paying that 😔.Version: 150.0.2

Inconsistent and unrealistic set up for failureNo reason to have 1.5 million coins with NOTHING to do with. They just sit there and serve no purpose, other than offering the player a consolation prize for completing a level. Upgrading buildings only serves to fulfill a quest to upgrade them. I don’t collect coins any more from those buildings, because there is no reason to. Just expect to be underwhelmed. This game is fun, when it works as it should. The main issue is the inconsistency of vehicle movement when trying to clear a level, mainly the larger levels. About half of the vehicles move just a little bit and stop, rather than roll out of the “parking lot” completely when moved. There is no realistic reason for this to occur. A vehicle is moved to leave the board and just stops after rolling a bit. Nothing blocks it, it just stops. BUT you use up one count of movement in doing so no matter how far it goes. This feels intentional, ignoring the laws yes of physics. It is really a problem on the timed levels. Not only does the vehicle just stop, it uses a movement count AND wastes time in a way that can only be by design; either because of lazy coding or intentional sabotage. It’s still fun enough, when you have a few minutes, just don’t expect it to play fair..Version: 164.2.2

AdsIm getting an ad every 3 times i tap my screen not worth the trouble.Version: 151.0.2

So many ads!!!Even when you choose the option for no-ads on items while playing, you get another ad. I play for a bit but then get too annoyed. Will likely delete soon.Version: 163.0.2

HelpIt won’t let me play the game it will just load the send me back to my home screen.Version: 1.21

Too many ads. Deleted itGame play was slow to develop and there were ads almost every level. Given levels take seconds to complete that’s a LOT of ads!.Version: 1.17

Fun game held back by adsThe actual gameplay loop is fun and engaging, but the ads are far beyond the point where it’s worth playing. The new find object event you can’t click on more than five items without a video ad playing, and considering the amount of items you have to find the event is just unplayable. It takes what should be a fun game and makes it too frustrating to bother with, which is disappointing. While I’m usually happy to watch a few ads, or buy an ad free version, I can see from other reviews that even the ad free version you still have to watch ads to unlock any rewards for beating levels. Very disappointing, and not worth spending money on if it doesn’t actually do what it says..Version: 1.38

BrokenThere’s a lot of ads, whatever, it’s a “free” app, there’s one particular ad for one particular game that I think is absolutely vile and I really wish there was an option to say I don’t want to see that particular ad again, but I just kill the app when it comes up. That’s all par for the course in this kind of game, but now for some reason I can’t play the challenge level that I messed up on because if you mess up you can only get another chance if you watch an ad, and when I try to do that *only to redo that challenge* the game tells me I have no internet connection, even though I’m streaming a show on my computer, even though I can leave the game and check my mail, browse the internet, go from page to page online, even though I can play regular levels in this game and still get the random ads that it just shows you without asking or offering anything for. Clearly I’m online, but every time I try to replay that level it still says I’m not. Glad I haven’t had this long or invested much time into it. It was an okay time killer while it lasted but definitely not worth fighting with..Version: 1.17

ScrewedPaid to get no ads but the ads keep coming at dame pace. Keep away from this game..Version: 1.14

More ads than gamePermanent ad banner at the bottom of the game and one every second level if not every level, we all get you use ads for revenue but it’s beyond. Could be fun with less ads but not paying good bye and off my phone you go.Version: 1.15

Ridicules addsAt first there are few adds, now around level 60, I get an add every single level. Furthermore there is no incentive to watch a 30 second add to play this barely a game. And on top of all of this, you can’t disable adds using data in the settings. To the dev. How dare you withhold me ability to disable data use..Version: 1.2

Very annoying ads even after buying ad-free option.Honestly, this low rating is because of completely nasty ads. I’ve purchased an ad-free option and that removed a bit of ads, but some parts of the app still force me to watch 30-second ads that are also very hard to close after. The ad completes and I need to make around five more clicks to even close it. I feel slighted. This will not do. In the end, the puzzles are quite good, but this kills any enjoyment..Version: 1.20

To many ads.Ads are fair in free games but you guys have them lined up every 30 seconds throughout the game . The game starts to glitch because of all the ads and you cant play because you get frustrated with a frozen screen and glitching. Ive played lots of free games and none of them have near as many ads as you guys. Maybe just keep the ads with the extra gifts you get ? It would make the game more enjoyable and playable ! If i could give it 0 stars i would . I don't know how it has such a high rating with so many bad reviews..Version: 1.38

This game.Ok. This game. I can’t even. I like it. But I hate it. It’s like a love hate thing. I just like playing it but it gets boring fast. It’s not what the ads say. I hate it but I love it. I don’t care for the skins. The only thing that really keeps me coming back to playing this game is the grandma npc. She’s amuses me. The only reason I play is to watch her hit my cars. 😂. That’s really the only reason I play. Sometimes it doesn’t load and takes me back to Home Screen. Like what?????? I do enjoy it sometimes and it’s oddly satisfying but most times it don’t load or a choose some other game. (Ik I sound like a robot or smth lol ) But I mean. Ads. Not to many ads. That’s also why I play when my other games send a hoard of ads at meh I just play this for the Grandma and the less amount of ads. Update! Boring. So freakin’ boring. One of my less-played games because it’s so boring. So offense but if your somebody for action please don’t get this game. It might look satisfying and at first it seemed satisfying but the levels don’t get harder, so if you just want a challenge without the move count/timer go someplace else. 🫥🫥. Not even joking though it’s so boring. Don’t get unless you enjoy repeatedly moving cars on super easy levels. the challenges are hard and fun but that’s the only really fun thing. Super laggy, won’t load, and is super boring. Not even that satisfying! 😬😶.Version: 164.0.2

The ads are so frustrating!I understand the need for adverts and the option to upgrade as an availability but are ads supposed to make games unplayable?! The new golden car feature will now interrupt a level to tell you that you have freed a golden car - useless information I already know. I was the one who freed it. Then you are required to watch atleast 5 seconds of an ad to proceed with your current level. Plus the ad you then have to watch at the end. This has been added as a feature to every complex level. The game is so annoying I now exclusively play on the underground where the ads can’t get you. I personally do not believe the game is well built enough to pay 2.99 for an ad free experience. It’s glitchy, often slow and there are frequent lags..Version: 158.0.2

Good simple gameCarpark doesn’t really get any bigger unless you do the challenges . 608 levels down and it’s the same size a level 100. Has now started to freeze on me a lot so won’t be playing any more. Good game for something easy doesn’t need much brain use..Version: 1.20

Nice and satisfying but flawedI was going to give this game four stars but there is simply too many small issues with the game to get such a high rating. The most prominent is the sheer lack of variety and levels of difficulty. I postponed making this review to see if this improved throughout the levels but by level 100 it was blatantly obvious that it wasn’t. The next ‘flaw’ that I will brush on is the ridiculous amount of adverts. This can be solved by turning off the WiFi on the device that you are playing on but it is extremely inconvenient. Anyway, another small thing that got to me was the low animation and 3D modelling quality. From the background to the feisty granny to even some of the cars, it just looks like they’ve carelessly created some models and then blocked in colour on top. And quite frankly, if you are going to take the time to create a game, then at least put some effort into making it look nice..Version: 1.4

Nothing but adsPiece of junk - spend 3-4x as much time watching ads as playing..Version: 163.0.2

Can't remove adsPay to remove the ads and they still show you ads. 🙄.Version: 1.29

Ads pftPay for no ads and still get the them.Version: 1.40

Most annoyingThis game is so annoying. The cars don’t move when touched, there is an ad after everything. Even if you choose the don’t watch an ad option for less points you still have to watch an ad and the ads are so slow. More time is spent watching ads then playing the game. Also there are no instructions. What are skins? What are the rewards and how do I get them? What is the building plot all about? Don’t bother answering, I’m deleting this game!.Version: 1.45

Not Quite What I’d HopedTl;dr: Mostly easy levels. Many ads. Sometimes the game pretends to give you the option of whether to watch an ad (for collectibles or help). More often than not, it does the opposite of what you choose. Detailed review: At most, a quarter of the levels are as challenging as what we see in the ads (challenge levels and boss levels). The rest are easy and repetitive. This game often shows ads. Sometimes it shows an ad for itself. At times, the game appears to give you the option of whether to watch an ad (for additional collectibles or help). But it either ignores or deliberately does the opposite of what you choose. For example: if you hit someone during a boss level, you have the options to retry in exchange for watching an ad, or to give up. If I choose to retry, the game frequently says that I’m not connected to wifi (I check the phone’s connection when this happens and it says it’s connected to the wifi). Then, when I choose to five up, the game shows me an ad. This has happened several times. How long I wait or how many times I hit retry doesn’t seem to make a difference. I really hope the game developers fix this..Version: 1.40

Clever concept which failed to deliver.The game itself features a really simple yet mentally stimulating concept. It was fun for the first 50 levels where the complexity of the parking puzzles raised gradually. Sadly, around this point it stopped. Levels stopped getting harder and it became extremely repetitive. The challenges were a little more complex (featuring around 50 cars) and gives you something to look forward to, pushing you through the mundane levels. However, these never really got any more difficult after a certain point. I purchased the advert removal quite early on in the game, which sped it up quite a bit... however, you still do have to watch adverts when receiving coins in the housing situation. Talking of which, the housing really confused me and I saw little relevance to the parking scenarios... it was almost like a second game incorporated in with no connection other than to generate coins to use on the parking challenges. It really did have the potential to be a very good game, but lost for me on how simple levels were..Version: 1.14

Major lag??? (Not my internet or phone)I was really enjoying this game, like seriously loving it, but I quickly noticed major lag. I’m not talking a few glitches, I mean almost completely crashing, screen entirely frozen, unable to even get out of the app, kind of lag. One of the “challenges” of the game is dodging pedestrians, usually it’s not big deal and super easy to get around, EXCEPT when the game lags so hard that when you swiped for the car to move it delays 5-10 seconds and makes you lose because you “hit” the pedestrian. Have lost several levels because of this. And no, it is not my internet, everything else in my home works great. And no, it’s not my phone because as soon as I manage to get out of the app the lag is completely gone and none of my other apps do this. I have no idea what’s wrong but it’s caused me to delete this game because of how incredibly laggy it is. On top of that after playing almost 100 levels I looked at the reviews and one caught my eye. Looks like I’m not the only one who noticed how the level difficulty doesn’t change after lvl 5. ??? What’s the point in continuing to play if there’s no challenge involved besides the incredibly awful lag. No thanks, I’ll pass. Glad I checked the reviews before wasting more of my time on this game, I hope mine saves another poor soul from wasting their time..Version: 1.37

Just like tap away to many adsWay to many ads just like tap away. Frustrating to play. Would not recommend..Version: 152.0.2

LameToo easy and too many adds.Version: 1.2

Do not use pay version because they don’t remove all addsThey don’t remove all ads from the game so don’t waste your money paying for that.Version: 1.20

Parking failureInitially I really liked the game. Quirky and thought not over taxing but never realised just how frustrating it would get. Initially it is just to max out all the building before you max out the experience upgrades. Little did I know the big that I would later uncover that has caused me to be over level 500 having completed the purchases of all the vehicles and challenges but can't get to the fifth set of buildings. I am sitting at nearly a million in coins but that is not good enough as the sign says coming soon but each of my buildings are at the 20 level and done the upgrade experience yet that sign still says coming soon. Lord knows what you have got to do when there is no other thing to upgrade and nothing to say what level you need to be at to get pst the coming soon sign. What a complete waste if time this game has been. Seriously folks this game is a total waste of your time once you have got last the fourth set of four buildings..Version: 1.16

Was funNow they have ads in the middle of the games when it used to be just after the games. It’s just not worth playing anymore. You sit thru more ads than games.Version: 164.2.2

Tooo many ads not enuf rewardI’m enjoying the game except I notice that if I want to get a reward for watching an ad there’s no ad but tap to get to the next level and there’s another ad! Bit biased against the player getting ahead. As the games themselves can take less than 30 seconds being made to watch a 30 second ad between games us a waste of player time. A level 44 I don’t get the reason for the environment part of the game except to rip off coins earned from the players. Essentially, No reward for figuring out the Car park puzzles. What is he point of playing it then?.Version: 1.13

Too many bugsReally disappointed after I enjoyed this game so much that I brought the full version, then it stopped working, first of all I couldn’t get the skins as I couldn’t watch videos then it just started crashing randomly and now I can’t even open it. Also it doesn’t really get harder as you go up levels, I was expecting the car park to get bigger but it doesn’t..Version: 1.4

Good game but certainly has is it’s flaws!The game itself is fun and I really enjoy playing however difficulty doesn’t really get much harder. I paid for no adds because there were SO many but yet I still have to watch adds to unlock things such as the upgrades to the buildings. In the harder option levels that you use coins to unlock they cost more to unlock than you win back, very cheeky and took me a while to realise this one! This last flaw is the most annoying for me as I enjoy the harder levels but I’m doing so I inevitably loose money even though I’m completing the level! Not cool!! I’ll probably delete soon for this reason and won’t recommend..Version: 1.22

Get it rightOkay so I’m enjoying playing the game and I come up to a reward screen which requires me to watch a video to receive it, then I get a notice saying no internet connection for advert video reward lost, immediately the game goes to an advert yet I lost my reward, you people make me sick, I’m sick to death of all the games out there that want you to watch a million adverts so you get paid loads of cash yet your players lose their rewards because of your incompetence or dirty ways of cheating your players, get it right or get rid of it until it’s fixed..Version: 1.17

DumbPlayed so many levels and it never got harder, it stayed the same size and was just as easy as level 10 as it was on level 100. Can’t be bothered waiting hoping it gets harder.Version: 1.24

Ad blocking viewIt’s not a bad game but as there is a constant ad at the bottom it blocks my view on the larger parks. Would be great if they got rid of that and just had the ones we have to watch..Version: 1.16

Issues too many adverts and too longKeeps locking up before time or moves run out!!??!.Version: 1.26

Addictive fun game, but has issuesI really got into this game and found it so easy to pick it up and play at any time. I happily progressed a few hundred levels but that’s where the cracks started to show. The most annoying issue is on the larger levels the cars seems to stop randomly with a crash (as if they hit another car or obstacle). When you’re against the clock or have limited moves, this can quickly mean failure if it happens just once or twice. The other issue is just one of goals…. I’ve quickly accumulated more coins than I can spend. It’s another 100 or so levels until I can build more, so it just becomes a little more mind numbing until I hit that point..Version: 1.35

Annoying adsKeep getting the same games to clear. Gets boring fast. Annoying gold car interrupts every game. And if don’t turn off wi-fi will be followed by annoying ad. A very annoying game. Find another game to pass the time..Version: 163.0.2

Fun but easyNot very challenging.Version: 1.2

Ads. Ads. Ads.The main vehicle here is an ad carrier. There’s always a banner ad at the bottom of the screen while playing, then a full ad after every level. The banner ads are often for third party car insurance! The full screen ads are often for Parking Jam 3D. I’m already playing a similar game thanks! There’s almost no difference in game play from one level to the next, except for the boss levels, where we jump from 10-13 cars up to 50 or so cars. Not worth playing, thanks..Version: 150.0.2

THIS IS CHEATING OUT OF COINSIF YOU READ THE REVIEWS FIX THE CHEATING OF NOT GIVING COINS FOR SUCCESSFULLY FINISHING A LEVEL Have been taking a photo of coin totals after each go, last two goes a level and a boss level did not give any coins after successful completion. THIS IS THIEVING!! I have proof. Came back to have a look, still boring! boring! boring! still nothing new to spend coins on. Do not bother!! Update - Now only gives you boss level 0 to play everytime. I am about to delete. People don't waste your time Game has become boring, boring. Just repetitive! boring! Have built the hotels and surrounds, so what is the point of still collecting the coins when nothing to spend them on. Pointless. Also each level is the same as the one before, boring!!!! Just replaying same boss levels all the time, boring..Version: 149.0.2

Too many adsI liked all the variety in this game but I kept getting so FRUSTRATED with the amount of ads! And you’d get a choice to watch ads for a prize and I’d dismiss it but then an ad would pop up anyway! And if I chose to turn my WiFi off I’d miss out on unlocking things! There should be another way! I’ve deleted the game because I’m just so frustrated with the amount of stupid interruptions. SPECIFICALLY with the item search mini game. Won’t be re-downloading until there are less pointless ads. And I’m not paying to remove them that’s ridiculous..Version: 1.39

Boring and paying for ads doesn’t remove adsThe game gets monotonous. It doesn’t seem to get harder or more challenging. Paying for ads doesn’t remove ads, so that’s a con. Don’t waste your money on this one.Version: 1.18

WAY too many ads10 seconds of gameplay results in 40 seconds of ads. Enough already! Annoying! Not only that, but “levels” never increase in difficulty. Level 45 just the same as “level” 10! Difficulty never increases. Only the ads do..Version: 152.0.2

Easy and repetitiveI have been playing this game for 1 day now as I was hooked at the start but it is too easy and does not get harder as the game goes on. Seems like it is just repeating levels I have already done. I wish the challenge games would come more frequently and actually get a bit harder And the basic games just bore me they are too easy and repeat - no fun I don’t get the coin thing, your giving away too many and it is then no challenge to play to buy things. I have played this game for 1 day brought everything, have so many coins and feel like this game is pointless now. I wish the game was like the challenges and they get harder as you move up levels.Version: 1.16

Started ok but no improvementsFinished the town in 6 days not a lot of imagination went into this very much just a game to watch ads I’m at level 540 and the difficulty does not change. At level 35 of the challenges which are pretty much all the same to. It a shame the houses you can’t choose, it’s just the same building over and over.Version: 1.19

A bit sameyIt’s a fun game. I particularly enjoy the challenge levels, but in order to unlock those, you have to play hundreds of the standard games and as others have said, these games don’t seem to get much harder as you progress. I’ve played 400 levels and still not seen the “free the school bus” games featured on the ads, so I don’t know if they are going to appear later, or if I’ve just been duped into playing by an ad that is not actual game play. I paid the $4.49 to get rid of ads, because they were very annoying and I’ve probably had $4.49 value out of the game, but I’m not sure how much longer it will hold my attention without being really boring!.Version: 1.30

Frustrating in too many waysMy reviews were deleted three times c while I was writing them. I didn’t want to have mine deleted again, and the only solution I saw was to write it in my notes and copy and paste it into App Store. But besides that, I have plenty of complaints. First, what’s up with the challenge levels? Often when I try to take out a line of cars all at once, one or more will stop against a car that was long gone in the lanes. It uses moves, and especially in the hard levels when I have a limited amount of time, it’s very inconvenient. Second, there are way too many ads. After nearly every level, there’s an ad and even if I purposely quit a challenge level, an ad is there to say hello. And I’m definitely not paying for a mobile game I hardly play. Third, the people often pause when a car is still a good way away and wait for it to come to hit it. Finally, it’s not challenging enough. The normal levels only have a few cars to take out, and not even limited moves to do it. I can even just bump against cars and obstacles repeatedly to get coins from the missions. Adjustable difficulty would greatly improve this. That’s my review, Parking Jam. Maybe on the next update you can make this worth my minimal storage space..Version: 1.27

Disappointed with purchaseVery disappointed I purchased the no ads but then ads continue to come up after EVERY level. My son loves this game, but with all the ads it’s now not appropriate. Please fix..Version: 1.20

FunFun little game except u win all these coins & there’s nothing really to spend them on. Like no purpose to the buildings etc. definitely enjoy playing but I reckon it needs to develop more.Version: 1.45

Too many ads right off the batI wanted something to do when I was tired and wanted to wind down or de-stress. I was pre-pared to buy the ad-free version but wanted to make sure I would like it first. By level 4 there was an add between “levels” which was moving 3-7ish cars. They have “showed” Me it was a little hand on what to play at the beginning of the first three levels. I didn’t even have a chance to decide if I really liked it or not. The problem with the ads is that it took a while, and then to the Avenue didn’t have a way to get out of the ad. One of them I had to hit go like I was actually gonna partipate with the ad. The next one the only way to get out of it was a hit yes that I wanted to download it from the App Store and then I had to go through canceling that 4 times before it would let me back into the game and I said screw it. I was spending more time with ads than I was on the game and I had barely started it. So I deleted it. It bums me out because I think it may have been fun possibly, but no way to really tell without spending more time on ads than the game to even find out. It would be nice if the ads started out a little bit later, or maybe even if they were just shorter and you didn’t have to click a button to end, That I just automatically returned you to the game when it was done..Version: 1.39

Addictive but too easyThe ad for this game shows a far greater perking lot to navigate through but I got to level 250 and was still dealing with tiny parking lots. Would be much more fun if it actually got harder. Spoiler: it doesn’t..Version: 1.4

No challengeNot challenging at all. Gets boring when you reach higher levels 🤷🏻‍♀️.Version: 1.2

Waaaaay too many adsWould love to play this more but the ad frequency makes it unplayable :(.Version: 1.39

If you like Ads - this is the game for youI am a long time regular player of this game and don’t get me wrong I accept there are Ads and I could pay and opt out but I don’t. But this game takes Ads to another level and is by far the worst for Ads I have ever played. Examples. 1) at the end of a level you can choose to multiply your score by watching an ad (fine) but if you decide to not multiply You still get an advert 2) the recently added “Release the golden car” - if you release this car you get an advert actually and annoyingly in the middle of the level you are playing - how bad is that. Finally the daily race against other players is against Bots and not real players and you have to player 35 basic levels( other levels don’t count) just to receive 1,000 miserly points, you can do that in one level by watching 1 advert if you wish. I will keep playing despite many issues with the game not mentioned above though..Version: 161.0.2

Too Many AdsI enjoy this game however there are a few things I would like to change. The recent update added a golden car which is really just an excuse to make me watch an ad in the middle of the board instead of just in between every. single. board. There is no way to pay a one time fee to stop the ads. I’ve been super close to deleting the app out of frustration. Most times you can’t skip the ad after a few seconds without going into an exit loop. I don’t understand the point of the coins. After a certain level they are useless. If you upgrade your properties so what? It does nothing to advance the game and is just another way to get you to watch another ad with every. single. upgrade. I have over a million coins and no intention of using them so I can watch your ads. Also the puzzles seem to repeat. The challenge ones are more difficult but you have to play the normal ones to I lock the challenge boards. On the normal boards about 1 in 4 is a big board and the other three boards only have 8-10 cars in them. And the graphics pictured here are not the same as the game graphics. Still a fun game but the constant ad interruption will keep me from playing often..Version: 158.0.2

Honestly...I thought the concept of the game was good. But there are a few things I didn’t like. For example, how you would use the coins you accumulate to create a little town that had nothing to do with the “Parking Jam” theme 🤯 that in itself was a waste of coins really... I made it to level 612 and still the parking lot never got any bigger and most of the parking jams are repetitive. The only good thing about the game was the challenges. The parking lot was bigger and was indeed a challenge. I mean if the game was programmed around the challenges, this would’ve been waaay better... minus the pointless build of that town 😒😒.Version: 1.15

Boop here’s a noopThis games cause me to road rage 😡.Version: 1.2

Juste de la pubCe jeu est trop simple Il est fait juste pour la pub Sinon payez $$$.Version: 163.0.2

GlitchyIs prone to lagging and freezing up making for a far from smooth playing experience..Version: 1.20

Ads ads adsBoring game. Ads to advance and then forced ads thrown in at random. It takes 5 seconds to play a round then you have a 30 second commercial. Pointless.Version: 152.0.2

Zero StarsThis game is so bloated with ads it's straight up garbage..Version: 152.0.2

Always glitchy - October 2021New update and all my progress on the hard challenges has been lost. I’m not going to unlock and play the 200+ rounds all over again. They were annoying enough the first time around. Wow! Thanks parking jam. Do you delete all negative reviews after a while? We’ll see how long this one lasts since it’s not as negative as my origin review. I was enjoying this new update. I like that there are new harder challenge levels and the hearts/lives thing is pretty cool. What I don’t understand is the stupid time limit on the hard challenge level. Some of those levels take planning and you can’t do that in the insanely short time you give us. I had one level where I had to watch 4 ads to get an additional 15 seconds each. Especially since we have to wait until the pedestrian gets out of the way! That chews up time! Get rid of the stupid timer!!!!!! Also, what is the point of the building portion of the game other than to get coins? I don’t want a whole city of the same ugly gold building! I want to keep some of my buildings at a lower level and then move on to the next building, but you can’t! Every building has to be maxed out before you can build the next one. Then you can’t even edit a building. How ridiculous and boring! Not all houses are the same. That should be changed. There are still way too many ads. I don’t need an ad every two levels..Version: 1.25

Good butI would give it 5/5 but there are several factors holding me back. The amount of ads is the main thing. Yes, I understand you need ads to keep it free HOWEVER. No matter what option you choose, whether it be watch a video for more moves or retry, you get an ad. So even if you choose the no requirement option you’re forced to watch an ad. The finding things minigame you can only get around 5 items before being pushed into yet another ad. It’s a great little game, but not worth your time- you’ll spend more time having ads playing than actually playing the game! The levels are also far too simple, I’d like to see more of the boss level type difficulties as you get further through as it just gets repetitive and dull. Please give us more! Add more obstacles, more cars, larger spaces to clear etc. It gets very boring, very fast..Version: 154.0.2

Ok at best. Riddled with adsFills the time but it is riddled with ads. I’d say 95% of the time after u finish a level it shows u an ad. It gets annoying but u can get around it by closing down the app and reopening again. Trust me it’s faster than the 30 second ads that you can’t skip. The only real reason I play the normal levels is to unlock the better challenge mode levels. Otherwise it’s basically a bit of a crap time filler. The houses u have to max out the previous before u can build the next but they’re basically pointless parts of the game because you get so many coins from everything. Which are also useless as u only spend them on car skins which only cost 300 each. Honestly there a much better games out there with less ads or atleast more creative uses of them to give you extras..Version: 1.26

Too many ads!!!This is not challenging at all, then when you finish a level you have to sit through a 30 second ad EVERY TIME!!! Deleted this game.Version: 165.0.2

Vastly improved! Then they ruined it ;(Update:What is the point of TEN MINUTE time limits? I was really enjoying the new Boss Levels, the hard challenges were hard, and suddenly all the challenge went out like a deflated balloon. (……last review:…) The addition of the “Boss Levels” improves this game a lot. Between the Boss Levels and the challenges, it keeps me coming back. But you have taken away the time factor from the hard challenges. 10 minutes to complete the hard challenge might as well be no time limit, makes it no different from the normal challenges. Often, I have had to play a hard challenge multiple times in order to beat it. I have played some as many as twenty times, and I just have to wait for the lives to refill. There have been only a few times where I was completely unable to meet the time limit. There have been a few where there were not enough moves to begin with. I can play it through with minimal errors, and still be as many as 10 moves short at the end. This isn’t fair, there should be more moves than cars..Version: 1.34

Remove the gold car!Honestly this game was enjoyable and playable up until recently. Now with the introduction of a golden car it has completely ruined the game play and free flow of the levels. I though it was bad when games had ads between levels…this game now has ads during levels! Why? Someone’s bright idea on how to shoehorn more ads in a game which I have already paid to remove ads! Please fix this and give us back the game we enjoyed. 1 star reviews until fixed. I am not the only one who has brought this up. I in game messaged the devs and the first reply was terrible and they never even replied to my second message..Version: 163.0.2

Ad filled cash grabThe basic premise of the game is fun, empty a tangled car park full of cars and this game manages it. For the most part. The perpective is a little tough to see where cars line up, on larger maps it’s impossible to see what you’re clicking on because there’s no way to zoom and the cars are minuscule. Collisions are very much broken, often find cars colliding with nothing, cars often teleport. Every other button plays an ad. There is an ad between every level. There is no way to unlock skins without watching ads. I understand the developer needs to make money, but don’t make ads so invasive. If the game was more polished, I’d consider buying ad free, because it is a fun concept, but not in this state. Also there are puzzle pieces you collect? And you can build and upgrade houses? I’m hundreds of levels in and I have no idea what they do. Aside from the ads, the thing that frustrates me about this game is the difficulty. Or lack thereof. Each level takes ~5-10 seconds (with 30s ads between each one) and the difficulty does not increase. There is a challenge mode which is slightly more challenging, but slightly isn’t saying a lot. I want to like this game, but the creator has made it very difficult to do so..Version: 1.35

Good but could be better.This is a good game to pass a bit of time but I have three gripes with it. 1. Do NOT pay £2.50 to remove ads. It's a lie. You still have to watch an ad for just about everything. Complete con. 2. On the subject of ads, several times now I've watched an ad to get more moves, sit through yet another boring Merge Mansion ad, then it takes me to the main screen and I don't even get my moves! So money = still ads, ads don't even work for their purpose. 3. The levels with a few cars are really boring and too many of them..Version: 150.0.2

Ad overload!!!Advert overload and levels don’t get more difficult as you progress - level 104 is the same as level 4. Not a puzzle game at all - more like a time-filler with multiple ad breaks between every game...Version: 1.29

Good for about a weekGood game to start with but after about a week it becomes very monotonous, there’s kind of no point to what your doing. It’s very repetitive, you basically un-jam cars over and over again and every 250 times you do this you your allowed to build 4 hotels which generate rent which you can’t use to do anything other than buy 4 hotels in another 250 levels….in the time you can do that you’ll earn about $2M…to buy 4 hotels costs a few hundred thousand… why do I need to earn more rent when there’s nothing to spend it on, it’s like the game has stopped being developed and is missing something else key to do. Time to hit delete for me, has been an enjoyable week though!.Version: 157.0.2

I do like this game but…..I love playing this game & have reached level 6017. This is only because I got seduced into the daily game. Many games are familiar though. Also ads are unavailable due to my “internet connection” or lack of it! When other apps do run fine! There are too many ads & ironically a current one is for an ad free game, suspect many will jump over there. The “town” feature is poor, ran out of extensions months ago. Struggling to write review as I also have “tap away” & there are similar issues on both apps. Suspect if there isn’t major improvements in the next month I will delete both apps & go onto some which are much more enjoyable..Version: 154.0.2

Player hints and Developer questions.Hint - Don’t SKIP any levels, try and try again. If you skip you will be unable to proceed building the hotels in the town. Hint - The ad blocker fee is useless. Do NOT pay. This game is designed so you MUST watch ALL the ads. If you don’t watch all ads you can’t retry failed levels or progress building the town. Developers - Sometimes, through unforeseen circumstances (glitch, power failure etc), replaying a level is unavailable and therefore the game automatically skips. Why is there not an option to replay skipped levels? Fix it! Developers - The timer on Hard Challenges is incorrect. 15 seconds is usually about 6 - 8 seconds only. This is deliberate to make us watch even more ads. Fix it! Developers - Allow ALL jigsaws to be finished, not skip to another when one is almost complete. Fix it!.Version: 150.0.2

Game a filler between adsGames is not as advertised re getting a specific vehicle out and more time is spent on watching ad than playing game. I paid to have ads removed and Still have ads. Only stopped banners. Misleading.Version: 1.43

Good, but not that great...This game is interactive and has good graphics/animations, it is not stressful and an easy way to calm down. The problem I have with this is that many of the levels are far too easy, so I get bored very quickly. I usually manage to get through most levels within a minute. I really wish that the levels were more difficult since it sort of feels like I’m playing the same levels over and over again and I got bored after about 5-10 minutes of playing. Would not recommend this to anyone who is looking for a challenge!.Version: 1.26

Why do you show exhaust gases ?Showing exhaust gases does not add anything! It makes it look disgusting!.Version: 1.38

Parking jam and pul the pinGood games IF you can open them tried 14 times tonight to open them drops out before they open, none of my other games do just “popcore “ games still not working after 5 weeks of trying.Version: 1.29

Or worth itPaid the 3:99. To get no ads and still got ads. Want my money back!!!!!.Version: 164.2.2

Fun but full of ads even after you paidStay away from that game. the regulat game is too easy. after 2000 levels it's still too easy and doable in less than 10 seconds. challenges can be fun and difficult but you'll have to see an ad everytime you fail. and you will fail. those levels are difficult, and should be what the game is all about after let's say 100 levels. but no, the repeat the same too easy levels over and over and keep the fun ones full of ads. so dont pay for this. you will see ads anyways ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . I asked for a refund for sacamming people but it was denied. thank you apple and whoever made this scam game..Version: 1.20

Fun game but a bit buggy and still have to watch ads in the ad-free versionI bought the ad-free version because if not there are an insane amount of ads which is incredibly frustrating but I felt like it was kinda worth paying cause it’s a fun game. Even though I bought the ad-free version, I still find myself having to watch ads to participate in events and complete levels (there was a car event where you need to install 14 parts but have to watch an ad to “finish installing” each part… that is so many ads!!) the hard levels are also not really possible to complete with the given time and move limit- mostly because there is a bug where when the car has to go a long distance to leave the lot, it runs into an imaginary car and takes another move to get the car out. It would be more fair if you could use coins to buy more moves or time and not have ad-watching be the only option.. I paid for no ads so that I wouldn’t have to watch ads..Version: 1.42

The no ad fee is a rip offA pop up asks if you’d like to pay $4:99 to be ad free. I paid because the ads are soooo frequent and they bug the hell out of me. BUT if I want to do a challenge or upgrade a skin I STILL have to put up with an ad. Such a rip off. The level of difficulty doesn’t increase with levels. Some of the good details like what percentage of the level is still remaining until the next challenge just disappeared. What is the point of the map with hotels etc? That also just disappears after 200 levels. There needs to be more Grannies in each parking lot to make it more challenging and bigger parking lots. The ordinary game levels are just boring as they are virtually the same all the time. After level 200 or so you suddenly have to do way more of the boring levels until you get to do another challenge. 😴 feels like the developers just gave up after level 200, it becomes really boring.😴😴😴.Version: 1.16

Far too many adsThis game has the potential to be a lot of fun however after almost every level are Ads, when you do a challenge there are Ads, even when you choose to continue rather than watching the Ad to get extras you are forced to watch the Ad anyway!!! If you choose to lose a skin rather than watch the Ad you are forced once more. I fully appreciate that Ads are a source of income on free games but this is ridiculous. Please just have the Ads where the player can choose to watch. The only other option is playing this game in aeroplane mode so the Ads can’t load which means you can’t access any additional content and the game becomes boring. The Ads are ruining the games’ playability. I do not agree with paying for no Ads because that’s just greed so please don’t suggest that. Thank you.Version: 1.16

Great fun... for a 3 year old.So I downloaded this after seeing it pop up somewhere. The add I saw showed about 40-50 cars on the lot. I’m on level 550 now - thanks to my 3 year old! And still only 8ish cars each level. Incredibly easy & my 3 year old nails every level then claps & cheers. Definitely not a good game for anyone above preschool age as there is zero challenge to it. Also incredibly advertisement heavy. Each level, even at level 550, takes about 10-15 seconds. And there is an ad after every 2-3 levels. You spend as much time on ads as you do playing. You can pay to have ads removed... but for such a terrible game, why bother?.Version: 1.3

Long ads all the timeThis is the game for you if you like watching long ads all the time. Not worth the effort if you have to watch a 30-40 second add every level..Version: 152.0.2

Paid but still needs to watch adsPaid but still needs to watch ads.Version: 1.29

Enjoy the game however disappointed with your ethics.Got this game and I enjoyed it except for the constant ads that kept popping up. So I paid the $4.49 to ‘Remove Ads’ as was written on the app. I’ve paid around $1.49 upwards before so I hoped that meant at $4.49 all the annoying ads would be definitely gone. But no! The $4.49 only covered the removal of the ‘Banner Ads’, I’ve now discovered. The full page ads continue to run. The app now tells me that the ‘Banner Ads’ are removed but it gives me no ability/choice to remove the ads all together. As far as I’m concerned you should be transparent/clearer with your chargers and what they include. If I had of known I was paying $4.49 to remove little tiny banner ads while I still had to put up with full screen ads, I’d never of gone ahead with my purchase. I just would of deleted the app. But I suppose it doesn’t matter to you because you’re making money either way from the ads or stupid people like me, paying to remove them! Not happy!.Version: 1.39

Not Liking the Latest UpgradeThis new upgrade with the harder levels incorporated within the normal game levels is quite a pain. These levels used to be relaxing until the timed race. The championship levels were rewarding, then boss levels came in and the challenge levels were redundant. Am glad to see new challenge levels back but PLEASE get rid of the “boss” levels out of game levels. Also 35 levels is way too many drop them back to 30to maintain interest.Version: 145.2.2

Could be greatThis game could be great but as it is a 4 year old could master it. At level 900 the lots are the same as they were at level 1, 5-10 cars and no real thought to get them out. The challenge levels are fantastic, limited moves, tons of cars, takes some real thought to clear them.....only problem is you have to clear 30 mind numbing levels to get to them!! I have seen people complain about coins but if you build up the houses you get more coins than you could use!! By level 800 you have maxed out the houses, bought all the car packs, and earned all the sets, the only thing you’re still working on are the different people for your lots and those don’t cost coins just clearing so many challenges. The challenges cost coins to unlock but you should have more than enough to unlock them by the time you get to them. In the next update, if there is one, could you make the levels get increasingly harder to hold an interest between challenge levels!?! You could offer spare moves for coins or something just make it more difficult the further you go! This could easily be a 5 star game if the actual levels increased in difficulty the same as the challenge levels do!!.Version: 1.16

Parking Jam - AdsI enjoy this game and have played it every day for a while. But I will be forced to delete it if the developers don’t stop running unclose-able ads. This is absurd. After every portion of the game there’s a glossy ad that runs its course and won’t close: not at the end, not when you click through, and not even once you download or purchase the game or product it advertises. If Parking Jam and other apps/developers believe they will force me to purchase their game/app/product, or the No-ad option in this way, forget it. It’s a ransom: pay or we kill your fun. Either they offer a free game version or they don’t. Why deceive us? I won’t be held hostage or tortured into buying something I can’t afford or don’t want. I’m willing to watch some ads. I’m not willing to be strong armed into buying something. Capitalism/money corrupts everything eventually, but I don’t have to give into it at this level. Ban these types of ads. P. S. Some apps work so that these very same ads and same types of ads can be exited in the end. How are they different? IDK, but I’m much more likely to purchase from them, just because..Version: 1.43

Rip off!!!They make levels where you have substantially fewer moves available than you have cars which means you can’t complete the levels without being forced to watch their commercials to gain only 3 moves when in some cases you have only 61 moves but 75 cars. Scammers.Version: 1.30

Please add Dark Mode or a Dimmer (too bright).Not a bad gaming app. I wish they had a dark mode or a screen color change option though. The white screen is so bright when you’re playing the game that it can be a bit distracting. A lot of other moving parts happening within the game too but unfortunately I don’t know what they’re suppose to do. There should be tutorials added for those other “in-game” side-game options along with the quests. I have a question I can’t complete because I have no idea what it’s referring to. Would also be nice if the ADs weren’t so long. 5-15 seconds should be max to keep the attention of the player. 1/2 minute (30-seconds), is just too long and makes me lose momentum to keep playing. I tend to just log off the app when I see a 30-second AD. Also the skins should have more variation. My options repeatedly are medieval, alien and castle. I rarely see anything else so I always decline the AD to add the skin. Also consider adding sound design to the skin so it it’s nature, let’s hear the birds chirping, etc. it could elevate the experience. Still not a bad gaming app but could use some improvements..Version: 1.40

Death by AdvertsI really love playing this game but the developers are greedy. There are far too many adverts and they are long ones which makes it very frustrating. I have had adverts freeze so I couldn’t get rid of them so I’ve had to delete the app and begin again. Sometimes when I want to have a second chance at completing a level, I get a notice saying ‘ Check your internet connection. No adverts available’. My internet connection is always sound, so what is this about? Also, it’s puzzling how to go about the other parts of the game. There are no directions or information. If there have to be so many adverts why can’t they be very short ones? I’m slowly losing the will to live! HELP!!.Version: 1.27

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