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Parking Jam 3D App User Positive Comments 2022

Parking Jam 3D app received 64 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about parking jam 3d?

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Parking Jam 3D for Positive User Reviews

Relaxing gameThis game is relaxing to play. Only problem is challengers finished to soon. Please put more up..Version: 1.12

Parking jamGreat game, I was totally hooked! Basically you have two levels in this game. First you have the games which are really easy to complete after completing 30 of these you then have a challenging game to complete which is great fun! But then you go back to the to the easy games, unfortunately this is the tedious part of this game. The amount of easy games you have to complete gets greater. I’m now on a higher level where I’m having to complete 100 games at such a basic level before getting the challenging game. Sorry to say I’m now bored of this game. You need to put fewer easy games on here and more challenging games..Version: 1.17

Addictive gameEnjoyable mindless game, so very addictive. I paid the $ to get rid of ads - still ads but your choice. It was worth the money..Version: 1.44

Go a few minutes to killA great little game if you have a few minutes to kill. Great for just switching off of a while. Each level is not too long and simple to play.Version: 1.13

RichTThe standard game is very easy, you will not struggle to complete, but every 10 standard games you complete, opens up a challenge, the challenges do get more difficult and have 50 cars+ as they get more ridicule. You need more coins to access the challenges, so the city you can build allows you to generate coins, but you have to wait 4 hours to get the coins. The bigger your city the more coins you get. The challenges completed also generate coins, but if you fail a challenge it costs you coins. Good addictive game, adverts are annoying, but the developers have to make a buck. 4 stars!.Version: 1.12

Devs adding content!Yo I downloaded this because it seemed the thing to do and it’s sat in my chill puzzle game folder for like two years now? Back before you had to complete a buildings evo line to move to the next idk. I loved how simple it was without any extra nonsense to it. Just get the cars out “Don’t hit people!”. I also bought the no ads bc i hate randomly getting them and i wanted to show extra interest in this little app. But the Devs have been adding extra content a little at a time and I love it. The daily’s the scavenger hunt, this put a car together? The skins?!! Even the challenge levels are fun. They’re a good brain buster without being impossible. Plus in game coins are easy to get, I with there was more to spend them on after buying all the purchasable skins but I’ll have a nice bank for if something more comes out for them! I don’t even mind watching ads for second chanced or to hurry along the check list. If you like puzzles and cute animations and sounds, and also hate how complex every app game has to be these days. This is the app you wanna check out..Version: 1.38

Sans wifiJ’aime bien jouer à ce jeu, mais seulement sans wifi. Les pubs sont définitivement trop nombreuses. Au fait… à quoi sert l’argent qu’on accumule. C’est complètement inutile à mon avis.Version: 145.0.2

Great gameI’ve played for 10 minutes and I’m on level 17 it’s amazingly fun. I recommend this game for people that wanna challenge themselves. The first few levels are kinda easy but when you get to level 10 they start getting harder so it makes it super fun! So I rated this game a 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. So download this game if you wanna have some fun!.Version: 1.9

Get rid of TimerI love playing this game but PLEASE Get Rid of the Timer for the New Hard Bonus Game in this last update. Let us Play at our Own Leisure. It's darn well impossible to finishing the hard levels, as you waste time waiting for eg the old lady with walking frame to move out of the way so you can release the cars or try to decide which cars to move next. You also Dont give up much time to complete them either. I never realized it was timed on my very first game until it said Times Up. What a waste of coins. Make the Hard Levels like the Basic levels. No Timers Ever. I won't bother playing the hard levels all because of the blasted timer. You just ruined this game..Version: 1.21

Not badThanks for the latest update but a few things. When will you open up more land so I can spend some of the $8mil I have? Can you please give the option to not compete with others in the race? I have played several times now and had 0 competition beating the others by a long way..Version: 1.42

Good but tweaks neededIt’s a good, quite addictive little game. Graphics look good, the sounds and music are appropriate and the little characters are well thought out. The challenge levels are fantastic. However there are aspects that could be improved. 1. The weird town/building part doesn’t make sense. I just want to solve the parking challenges, I'm not interested in house building. There’s plenty of other games for that. 2. The basic levels get boring quite quickly. There’s no increase in difficulty and all you’re doing is repetitively completing them to get to the exciting challenge levels. 3. There are not enough challenge levels and they are not frequent enough. If the whole game consisted of levels at the difficulty of the challenge ones that would be great. 4. TOO MANY BLOODY ADVERTS.Version: 1.26

Take the gumball machine awayI hate the gumball machine it’s really hard to get different skins now.Version: 1.44

Oddly satisfying - but need more levelsI am level 1252 and I have upgraded my city to the max and I have over 6 million coins with nothing to spend them on. And I can’t upgrade my city anymore… The sign says, “coming soon.“ I have also unlocked all of the content. I think it would be really cool to have multi level parking garages and maybe you build them with coins that you get from collecting from your city, and make them as ridiculously expensive as real parking garages are. And you flip up and down through the levels of the parking garage trying to find ways to get the cars out. The longer it takes to complete levels, the more coins you lose because of the cost of parking in the garage. I think it would also be cool to have more interesting obstacles, like those spike strips that pop up if you try to go the wrong way out of the rental car garage. Or other hazards, like parking lot fires that you need to avoid. Or, maybe put granny in a car behind the wheel and she is driving aimlessly and you need to avoid her. Because that’s real life! Just give me something to spend my coins because I’m starting to get a little bit bored, although I do enjoy the boss levels and the challenge levels. Thank you!.Version: 1.35

J'adore!Wow! Merci pour les nouveautés!.Version: 145.2.2

Gets boring after a whileNo sense of progression or achievement. Levels don’t get harder or interesting. Just the same thing over and over.Version: 1.16

IdeasTo make the game more interesting. 1. In the boss levels maybe 5 cars can have numbers on them 1 to 5. If released in the right order you receive a bonus. 2. Maybe a black car in the middle that has to be released last. If successful you get a bonus. 3. A bonus could be if you hit an old lady, instead of starting again you could resume the game from just before you hit the lady..Version: 1.45

Get the game it is the bestFirst of all I love this game it is so fun and relaxing but all the levels until 100 are so boring and all the adds get annoying and there have been a lot of glitches one of the glitches That happens to me was when I was playing it would just turn off and it would not save my progress in the game and the cars would not move and when I would log off the game and then log Back on it would start me at level one but I have been in love with the game ever since I got it and my whole family loves it to and because we it is such a fun game we started a parking jam war and the person that is on the higher level wins and gets a chocolate covered ice cream cone with all the toppings you want (for me it is all of the toppings you can fit LOL) over all I give this game four stars because of all the ads that bother me and all of the other little glitches that have happened to me while I played the game in the past but other wise I would highly recommend this game.😉🙂.Version: 1.15

Good.Right now it’s really easy and I kinda want it to be harder. But I like how there’s emojis in the car that have little bubbles that say if your doing good or not like…. 😘😎🤭😍😊 and if you crash they will do…. 😣😭🤢 not exactly THOSE emoji’s but there IS emoji I’m not lying to you. I would try the game but if it is not for you then delete it (this is a good review by the way).Version: 1.40

Good distracting game, up to a pointBeen playing for a while and reached a fair level of 2400+ on the main game and reasonable levels on the side games. But now levels are sticking and ads are freezing up requiring closing app/reopening. This is especially problematic when the ‘hard’ levels are actually time critical and so impossible to complete if it doesn’t play properly. That being said, I have enjoyed the game up to this point and as a freebie, definitely worth a go!.Version: 1.29

No adsThere is no ada.Version: 1.45

FunIt is great fun, however seems no quality control , ie lady with frame maybe in another bay, but at times it seems out of sync, then your penalized, the cars don’t crash or bump if two are on the move and seem to pass through each other, no impact And I can’t seem to be able to obtain the car parts ?.Version: 1.38

Parking JamThe wrench tool symbol takes up too much room on my phone screen and I literally cannot see the walls/exits in the game. The red exclamation is annoying. I completed the skin but it won’t turn off. It is very much ruining the game. Finally when I see Coming Soon sign I expect it to materialize but Soon has come and gone and so much more could be enhanced yet it remains grey. Otherwise it is a fun game. Please fix the tool symbol with exclamation mark going into the actual game - I cannot play it like this and I have no way of fixing it. I even completed the car & watched all the commercials and the exclamation mark is still there which makes no sense. I can’t play the game any more that’s not what you want is it? Sorry for my grumpiness I am in chronic pretty bad pain. I’ve been playing PJ to try to distract my mind from the pain and it’s yes oddly satisfying so I guess I get threatened when too much stuff on screen makes the game much harder to play. I like your game. Please fix the red exclamation marks to go off. They aren’t going off on the left side. It’s very distracting..Version: 1.39

Fun gameMy third attempt to write a review. It’s a good game spoilt by adverts that are repetitive, long and irritating in content. So I purchased an advert free game for £2.49 which is fine on my iPad 1, but is still full of adverts on iPad 2 and my iPhone when I play on both of those. I have reopened the game in the apps section, but am still hounded by ads in 2 out of my 3 appliances. I would give 5* but the advert issue is irritating and the lack of transferable payment info just as annoying..Version: 145.2.2

Too many adsLike the concept but ads very time you fail or succeed..Version: 1.13

Decent Game, I like it!I’m a senior citizen and like to play games to pass the time. I see a lot of complaints about the ads on some of the reviews. I paid to remove the ads after I had played the game long enough to know I would not be deleting it right away. There are still options to watch ads for skins, but I never do it because I don’t care about them. The only time I watch an ad is when I want to, so at least it’s not forced. Yes, the regular levels are easy enough for a four year old, but the challenges are a bit more difficult. And there is always the option to play the hard levels but I don’t do that either because they are timed, and it’s aggravating! This is my go to game when I’ve exhausted my brain cells on all the other games I play and just want something to do without thinking too hard. I have to agree with others about the building development though. It makes no sense, and is so boring to say the least. There are a few glitches, but not enough to make me quit yet..Version: 1.28

Great gameIt’s an awesome time killer, I’m at level 5590, but have run out of challenges at 200, only 200 challenges, no incentive to play any further. Please supply more challenges, I’d like to get to at least level 6000… Cheers.Version: 1.20

Good gameI really enjoy playing the game, but it would be good if the standard levels got harder, not just the challenge levels..Version: 1.14

Parking Jam: Car Park Master!Parking Jam: Car Park Master! is fantastic i love playing the game and the game is getting better by the minute i love playing the hallowe’en event and i love the hallowe’en characters as well I’ve unlocked 3 of them and i’m going to try and unlock the rest of the hallowe’en characters as well one question , Can i keep them even when the hallowe’en event is over because i love them so much? The hallowe’en characters are fantastic and i love playing the building a car and the scavenger event as well it’s fantastic to be honest i love everything about the game you can even build islands as well thank you for an awesome and fantastic game i really appreciate it thank you so much Michelle 💖💖💖💕💕💕🙂🙂🙂.Version: 146.0.2

Amazing Now!This new update has massively improved the feel of the game! I’m not sure whether the option was available before, but making the no ads button clearer was a good idea - it makes the game so much more fun, especially since with ads results in usually a max of two rounds before another pops up. Never write reviews but felt the need to applaud this change; it’s so much more fun.Version: 1.20

Fun gameI’m on level 912 and they’re basic and haven’t gotten harder since level 50! I’ve complete all 35 challenges - definitely need more challenges on these levels to increase difficulty. I have no idea what the houses / buildings are about, there’s no real direction with regards to this. One annoying aspect is the layout; cars in the bottom left hand corner are just slightly off screen so it’s hard to move them as your finger doesn’t quite catch them! Other than that a fun little addictive game 👍🏼.Version: 1.12

Fun but frustratingI definitely enjoy playing this game. I love the challenges. The frustrating part are the levels. They don’t change. There is no challenge to them. You have to clear about 20 levels to play the challenging games. It is very boring to play those levels and it’s making me want to quit playing. It seems the levels should get more difficult too or at least chance the parking lot.!it’s the same screen over and over. They have great concept with this game it just needs some improvements. There are blinking exclamation points too that don’t go away. They want you to watch all the advertisements. Sometimes if I want to I do watch but most of the time I don’t. I am sick of them blinking at me telling me there’s something I need to do only to find out I need to watch 5-6 advertisements to get that to stop. No thanks! I don’t normally write reviews. This game has some really good parts. In this case I’m hoping the designers read the review and make some improvements, especially to the levels. If they don’t ever change I think eventually I will give up..Version: 1.29

EXCELLENT GAME AND SUPPORT.EDIT 2.0: I am incredibly impressed by how responsive the dev team was and by the game improvements in the last couple updates. The game play is near-flawless and I got my auto skin (although the beetles and buses are my jam). Thank you! Edit: I received a response from the developer and they state that they are aware and working to fix their bug issues. Upgrading to four stars for solid communication and ongoing fixes. Looking forward to bug-free game play and a full five star review. ORIGINAL: This is one of my go-to games for quick distraction between meetings and appointments. While it’s engaging, it’s not mind boggling or complex play - simple. However it is chockablock full of minor glitches that get incredibly frustrating. This latest “event” is what prompted me to finally write this review. Three days to “build” a new auto skin consisting of 14 pieces. I got to ten and was never offered to install another equipment item. I played about 150 levels over 24 hours yesterday and did not receive another option even once during that time. I’ll still play the game but player beware that this game is not as simple or relaxing as it’s promoted to be..Version: 1.39

Glitches!I really enjoy this game. No, it doesn’t get too challenging, too quickly, but the boss levels and the challenges provide more challenge. Not sure what the buildings that you save for are for, but doesn’t take away from the game. My mine moan is that it has started to get so glitchy! Can’t play for more than a couple of minutes without it freezing which makes it really difficult to play because the cars don’t move when you want them to..Version: 1.36

So addicting!! And a requestThis game is so exciting! I love the boss levels and backgrounds! But I have a request…could you create something where you can choose if you want to do a boss level? That would be so cool! Also to add to that, can you make it, like, you can choose the hardness of the boss level? So for instance; easy boss level: 60 moves. Medium boss level: 40 moves. Hard boss level: 25 moves. Just a thought. But I love the game! It’s soooooo addicting! Keep up the amazing work here!.Version: 1.38

Awesome but needs a couple improvementsI absolutely love this game. There’s all kinds of things to do so I don’t get bored. My favorite levels are the hard ones cause the regular levels are incredibly easy. There are two BIG issues though which is why I couldn’t give it a 5 star. The amount of ads is absolutely ridiculous. It’s one thing to have ads every so often to support the free game, BUT, this game not only has ads after almost everything you do, but it also has ads if you want to get an extra award or retry a level and permanent ads either on the top or the bottom of the screen. Also, in the hard levels the cars are so tiny that my finger constantly touches the wrong cars and I lose because it moves a car that I didn’t want it to. These 2 problems are VERY frustrating and make what’s supposed to be a stress relieving game to a stressful one. Please fix the game! Thanks!.Version: 147.0.2

Really great but needs to increase difficulty levelsI love this game. It’s addictive in exactly the right way for me. No clock to make me anxious. Just enough strategy too keep me engaged. It’s actually a good way to decompress. I would have given five stars but I’m holding the fifth back for a few easy fixes. The basic game is fine while you learn the ropes. But once you have the low number of cars needing exit is repetitive. And very easy. You have to complete thirty basic levels to get to one of the more complex 40 or 50 car Challenges. Then back to basics for thirty more. There REALLY needs to be Challenge every 5 basic levels. Or something like that. The ratio is wrong. Also, there is this really odd “build a street/town” side game thing which I engaged with a bit but don’t really bother with now. Building a town is a different game. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we just have more frequent and more difficult Challenges (and if you’re keeping the basic levels they need to get harder too!) I really do love it (basic level 4000 plus Challenge 150 done) but I’d love it a fraction harder...and more often. Thanks..Version: 1.16

Honestly so awesomeThis app is so awesome because it lives up the ads for it. By level 30 I was actively trying to run everyone over, bang my head with bricks, and just wanting to play chicken with a speeding freight train. Just like how the ads made me feel, especially in game when they were popping up after each level. And then having to play an ad to get a reward you earned. Freaking awesome app. Everyone should play it, at least once before they fling themselves from a cliff..Version: 1.3

Cars and driving is my lifeLess adds would b nice.Version: 1.19

Good game and time passerI like this game, but there are a few problems. Number 1: Getting the building to max level takes a while and I wish it only went to 15, but it’s something to spend your in-game currency on after buying all the skins for cars and buying challenge levels. Number 2: The challenge and boss levels are glitchy. To go more in depth, when the timer hits zero it doesn’t say you failed this level because you ran out of time. And your cars will sometimes go right through people and the pop-up won’t come up saying do not hit people! Now, these glitches don’t matter much to me because it makes it easier to complete the level with these glitches, but I figured people who want a challenge would want to know. Sorry this is so long but I like to read a couple of reviews before downloading the game. These are just minor things, but there is nothing big that I have seen so far. Overall great game, would recommend for puzzle solvers..Version: 1.33

More upgradesWhen are some big upgrades coming? I have done all the challenge levels and all the upgrades to the city and have over $45 million coins so really can’t play anymore as nothing to do. It’s fun to play but by the time you have done half the challenge levels they are no longer very challenging as are just slight variations of previous ones.Version: 1.44

Easy and addictiveI downloaded it yesterday and I’m now on level 476, have all my townhouses at the highest upgrade, and have collected all the different skins. Would love something more from the town house situation, and for the lot to become as big as I saw it in the initial ad that made me download the app. I purchased the ad free version 10 levels in because the ads were too frequent. Overall, great app to kill time..Version: 1.2

Needs a meaningful updateI like this game a lot, but it loses a star because I have updated everything I can, have millions of coins with nothing to spend them on, hundreds of tickets which will only earn me more useless coins. When I started playing, there was a scavenger game to play, but it hasn’t been repeated. The challenges are more challenging and fun, but the standard gameplay is a bit tool easy, but really good for winding down and relaxing. I recommend paying the token payment to disable pop up ads, which still allows you to watch ads to advance your game, a great balance there. But please, more skins, people, buildings, scavenger games etc. more things to aim for please.Version: 1.39

KKOnly issue I have is when getting bonus points, the app freezes or tells me “no internet connection “. Or, takes me to an add site but nothing happens, especially with the “WAR” app. Can get frustrating! I’ve reached the 200 challenge. Apparently no more challenges? Is that it?.Version: 1.20

Parking JamAs others have said the standard game is not too hard but you can work towards harder challenges. I like the change of background that you can also work towards. I find that this game can be quite challenging. I also think that it has a good balance of ads, and not too often, unlike some apps. I would recommend this app 🙂.Version: 1.14

Most adsy ad simulator I have ever played!This ad simulator is really full of all sorts of interesting ads. The really fun thing is that you can play ads in every part of this simulator. I mean this beats all of the others hands down! Want to get double coins? Watch an ad. Want to spin the wheel for a puzzle piece? Watch an ad. Want more time? Watch an ad. Don’t like the daily challenges? Watch an ad. You liked the daily challenges and want more? Watch an ad! You can watch an unlimited number of ads within a single game level since you can spin the gumball machine endlessly! But this game has the hallmark of all great ad simulators. It even shows you ads for this very same game within the game! Oh and occasionally you can move the parked cars too. And don’t hit grandma. And sort of build your casino looking high rise buildings to get extra coins that you can’t spend because you got everything the first few times you played..Version: 1.43

AddictiveI love this game but it’s getting a bit boring having to just move 5-10 large cars so you can advance levels to get to the more difficult 50+ car park. I’ve also played the side map game and have built all the houses/ apartments and backgrounds. I’ve been waiting weeks for the next map. “ coming soon “ hasn’t happened. Very annoying. Please make it more difficult in the basic game to keep my interest..Version: 1.17

I don’t know what to say about this gameThis game is kinda fun to play.Version: 1.5

Challenge level 349 is literally impossibleGreat game, but the latest update includes a challenge level, 349, that is literally impossible, with two cars stuck between the wall and an obstacle. I think you need better play testing guys!.Version: 1.23

Problem in Challenge Level 349Hi, I love the challenge levels even the hard ones but Challenge Level 349 is un solvable. At the back of the car park there is two cars that can’t be released from the car park. Wall behind and bin in front of right back corner and wall behind and mailbox in front of another one along that back wall section. Keep up the good work..Version: 1.23

More challengesI love to play challenges, the game itself really easy like for 3yo but the challenges are fun. Why can’t you make the entire game on the complexity of the challenges and people will happily pay for ad free( the real ad free) version. It became so much better after the update but still requires an improvement. Come on people, however it helps to pass time but all 100 challenges I’ve played like tens of times, make it more difficult please..Version: 1.15

LOVE this game!!I absolutely love this game!! After I downloaded it, I couldn’t stop playing. I play it any chance that I have a free second, minute, hour, and after finally purchasing the No Ads option, it was even better. A lot of people do not like the property building but I don’t think they understand why it’s there. It is a money maker to be able to buy the other levels instead of playing the small levels over and over making 15-24$ at a time. I don’t know about anyone else but I like to play the bigger levels as soon as I can so I bought and upgraded property as quick as I could. I am at the point now where I have built all the property that I can, it now says “Coming Soon”, I am almost level 14, I have played all the easy and hard levels that are available. Will there be an update with more levels and property? I’d hate to hear that it ends here. I absolutely love this game..Version: 1.30

Fun But Still Too Easy…In 5 days, I’ve advanced to Level 340… paid the $2.99 to remove the tedious ads - but you still need to review them to get extra moves, double coins etc… might want to fix/include that in the $2.99 to remove! The main levels are still quite easy - I mainly enjoy the challenges or boss levels where it takes a minute or 2 with limited moves. I want to point out also as I advance in the Challenges - when I go to move a car, it doesn’t always follow thru moving out of the lot. I have to get/use extra moves to complete what the car should have done when I first moved it. No there are no obstructions- tend to see this most when moving to the opposite end of the lot to get out, it’ll stop 3/4 the way over in dead open space. I enjoy the game, just wish it was harder all around as you advance. Tweak the ad removal purchase to include ALL ads..Version: 1.35

Love the game but need more stuff to spend coins onI love this game! The boss levels and challenge levels are my fav. I wish the regular levels got harder the more levels you compete. I’m on level 715 and the regular levels are basically the same as they were at the beginning. I also wish the skins and stuff could be bought with coins instead of having to watch ads. I paid for ad free, but still have to watch them to get new skins. The city is something to spend coins on, but again wish I could spend coins to upgrade the landscape instead of having to watch more ads. With the amount of time I spend on this game, I really don’t want to watch so many ads - especially after having paid to be ad free. If people haven’t bought ad free, then they can watch ads for new skins and stuff, but people that buy ad free should be able to use the thousands of coins we accumulate for something. I have so many coins and nothing to spend them on, so why bother having coins?.Version: 1.42

Great game, just a few things…It’s a great game, here are some good and bad points: Bad points: I just don’t think the people that can flip over cars are necessary, it would still be an amazing game without them, and also, WHAT LEVEL ARE THE PEOPLE IN THE AD AT!?!?, I was REALLY looking forward to a really challenging game, that I could complete levels on over days and the final thing is: the ADVERTS, there are FAR too many, I understand that you need to use SOME to make money, but, there is one before EVERY level, and you have to watch them to get new scenery, if you could just fix these small things, it would be a 5 ⭐️ game in my opinion. Good points: I really love the little “side game”, it’s where you build houses and up-level them, the more that you up-level them, the more coins you get every 30 minutes or so, you can use coins to get new cars, and, last thing I promise 😅, once you get to certain levels, you can get car trails, for free, you CAN use real-life money, to buy premium things, like fancy cars, but, I find it’s still really fun without any of that. Thank you for taking the time to read my review, and I am so glad that you are looking to the real public, by that I mean not the misleading advertisement, for advice 😊😊😊.Version: 1.22

Love this gameI have been playing off and on for a while. Yes the regular games are not always challenging. But I love playing the challenge levels with lots of cars and grannies. These are fun. I challenge myself to get through the easy levels by not banging cars or making cars wait. But there is an add that is now popping up that doesn’t load and you have to close the app and restart to get to the next level..Version: 1.26

Positioning of old lady annoyingThe old lady seems to deliberately jump in front of cars and if you hit her or not seems to defy physics. It seems the developer designed it so if she was “anywhere” in the path of the car when it started to move, means you hit her…instead of if her path would have had her move out of the way by the time the car crossed the entire lot to exit. I have tested this and because she wasn’t in the path of the car when I started, she walked in front of the car and my car passed through her - which is dumb..Version: 1.27

-Insert suspenseful title-Soo…. Over all- great! Satisfying, mostly relaxing, and usually not too repetitive, it’s things that I like all in one app!I don’t like the levels without moves, but that’s not a game problem, that’s just me :/ the ads get really annoying, but if I turn of Wi-Fi it’s fine :) so ppl who don’t want to pay, just turn of Wi-Fi, it’ll make it easier :) it can be laggy, and sometimes it does crash, but tbh I think that’s my phone .u. But yeah, great game, as long as you don’t mind having no Wi-Fi while doing so (or paying ofc) UuU But yea, thanks for reading this review, and I really hope it helped. Have a wonderful day/night/whatever!!! -Flyssls🐾.Version: 1.39

Not enough balance between easy and challenging levelsCompletely agree with another review insofar as it is a enjoyable puzzle game but it’s frustrating that you have to do c30 of boring super simple levels before getting just one decent complainers, challenging level. There need to be a much greater mix of difficulties and less of a gap between challenges. I just stop playing until there is another release of challenging levels in bulk as it’s just not worth it. Also, level 56 appears to have a glitch in that one of the cars is impossible to exit as it is smack bang in the middle of the available gap so hits someone regardless of when you choose to exit..Version: 1.20

Were tooWhat is the limit of the game ? I have 200 large parking stations done and no more comes up I am at 5790 small stations done with no rewards for that .I have all four apartment sites fully maxed with a sign just saying “coming soon “ I’ve got nothing left to go except out of the car parks here are the new challengers? Where do I go from here with no more buildings to build . It’s getting boring.Version: 1.18

I’m at level 16635!I’ve found this game to be useful for calming my mind down without getting bored. It’s a nice break fun few minutes. Yes, there are a lot of ads. And yes I agree it’s too expensive to upgrade to no ads. I just do something else in the ads or close off completely when an ad comes up. However, there seems to be a bug that is making it frustrating — the cars, instead of going through the exit gate, stack themselves into each other. On 16,634 I couldn’t get the second car along the top to come out because is saw the car pile up and got stuck. There doesn’t seem to be a contact for the developer, so I hope they really do read the comments..Version: 1.45

Great fun - with a huge downfallI love this game!! It’s relaxing and I play it every night. I like the twist of avoiding different pedestrians during the challenges - there’s only 2 irritations that drive me nuts … 1) when you send a car across the lot and the pedestrian is ‘hit’ (actually, they hit the car), they are off to the side of the car so they shouldn’t be hit; 2) when you send a car across the entire lot to time it so the pedestrian is passed the target area, the pedestrian stops, turns towards the car, and “gets hit”! Haha so frustrating 🤪. But, I still think this is a great game! The only COMPLAINT I have (which stops me from giving it 5 ⭐️) —> is that I downloaded the game on my tablet but later, also wanted it on my phone so downloaded it there too. Unfortunately, it does NOT sync so it put me at Level 1 on my phone when I’m at Level 2800+ on my tablet!!! Please fix this so it syncs across the devices!.Version: 1.30

Too many easy levelsGood game but is taking forever to get to anything challenging.Version: 1.19

Too many pop upsI really love this game a lot !! it’s very fun but please stop with the multiple pop ups before you can start the game. the races against other people, the puzzle boards you can’t play, the constant exclamation marks on the sides of the screen - it becomes a lot and detracts from the game itself. i wish you could toggle the pop ups and animations on / off bc i would rather just play the levels and bonus difficult levels than have everything else on my screen. other than that tho this is my favourite game , just wish it was more simplistic like when it first came out..Version: 1.39

This is the perfect gameI never write reviews, ever, but I don’t want the negative nellys out there to convince them to change this game. I’ve been waiting for a game to come along that was part challenging and part mindless and this is it! The main levels don’t get harder and harder in an attempt to get you to buy power ups, they just cycle back and forth between easy and super easy for mindless fun that you can use like a fidget toy. The challenge levels DO get harder. Sometimes I wish there were more challenge levels, but then I just flip through a bunch of easy levels while I’m watching tv and BOOM there they are. I’m over level 3000 now and I haven’t deleted the game! Huge win! I did pay the $3 to remove the ads after each level and it was worth the money, so much better than a game that tries to get my $ at every level. Please don’t change!.Version: 1.17

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