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Too many advertsReally really good enjoyable game however the amount of ads is absolutely ridiculous. One nearly every single level and to repeat the big challenges which are more fun to play than the standard you need to watch an ad. No need for the amount there is..Version: 1.16

Fun to playFun game to play, however currently having an issue where it freezes after every two levels and I have to quit and reload the game twice before it starts up again. Hopefully the next update fixes that issue..Version: 1.17

This is a GREAT game! Definitely download it!I downloaded this game on Friday and I got to level 300 as of writing this post! This game is fun and wayyy more enjoyable once you get rid of ads, the game feels more seamless that way too! I do have some critique to add after playing it so much with the ads, add more skins for the cars!! I was so surprised to see they had a skin solely dedicated to the cyber truck from Tesla, love that!😂 also try adding a way to speed up the cars, I find the pace to be a little bit slow and I love solving these puzzles ASAP! And with the cars crawling across the screen it can be a bit of a bore when I have to sit there and watch the cars drive out without having any way to speed it up! Either way I’m happy to have supported an app which helps me escape the effects of time while working lol!.Version: 1.17

Go a few minutes to killA great little game if you have a few minutes to kill. Great for just switching off of a while. Each level is not too long and simple to play.Version: 1.13

Fun gameI’m on level 912 and they’re basic and haven’t gotten harder since level 50! I’ve complete all 35 challenges - definitely need more challenges on these levels to increase difficulty. I have no idea what the houses / buildings are about, there’s no real direction with regards to this. One annoying aspect is the layout; cars in the bottom left hand corner are just slightly off screen so it’s hard to move them as your finger doesn’t quite catch them! Other than that a fun little addictive game 👍🏼.Version: 1.12

Nice fidget toy, some bugs.This is not a *challenging* sliding block puzzle, but it’s a great little fidget toy, something to do with your eyes and fingers while listening to a podcast or a meeting or some such. There’s also a housing development idle game hiding inside, which adds a little somethin’ somethin’. I do however have some complaints: * The in-app “no ads” purchase gets rid of the ad at the bottom of the main gameplay screen, but you still have to watch ads to unlock various unlockables, and you still keep getting propositioned to watch ads for extra coins. When I pay for no ads I expect that to mean NO ADS WHATSOEVER. If you want to raise the price of “no ads” to cover that, that’s fine by me. * The isometric perspective often makes it difficult to tell whether a car can escape in some direction. * There is an annoying bug where the link to the housing development screen always has an ! on it, even if there’s nothing to do there. * I seem to have gotten stuck a few hundred stars before the end of level 21. You can only get stars by upgrading buildings, AFAICT, but I can’t upgrade any more buildings until I reach level 22, so... deadlock. * Gosh, it would be nice to have a way to report bugs directly, rather than by writing app store reviews and hoping the developers read them..Version: 1.5

Too many adsLike the concept but ads very time you fail or succeed..Version: 1.13

Best game everTakes the stress away. Fun to crash.easy to complete..Version: 1.17

Honestly so awesomeThis app is so awesome because it lives up the ads for it. By level 30 I was actively trying to run everyone over, bang my head with bricks, and just wanting to play chicken with a speeding freight train. Just like how the ads made me feel, especially in game when they were popping up after each level. And then having to play an ad to get a reward you earned. Freaking awesome app. Everyone should play it, at least once before they fling themselves from a cliff..Version: 1.3

Constant Freezing of gameHi team I love this game - but the slowness when you log in is very annoying & then the game freezes so you have to keep tapping icons to wake the game up or log out & log back in again which is very slow but then it works. It would be nice as some other people have mentioned the same thing - could you please make the parking lot bigger & a bit harder to work out as the game itself is very monotonous & quick to get through each easy level. I would also like to see the large parking lot that you show on your Ads to entice people to play your game. What level is that on if it’s actually a REAL level. Give us levels to think about how to get the cars out. Otherwise keep up the good work..Version: 1.13

FunLove the game but will probably give up as the ads are sooooooo annoying. Can’t find where to get rid of them, then you write a review and they ask for a nickname, so far I have put 12 in, too many more and I’m giving up totally..Version: 1.14

This is the perfect gameI never write reviews, ever, but I don’t want the negative nellys out there to convince them to change this game. I’ve been waiting for a game to come along that was part challenging and part mindless and this is it! The main levels don’t get harder and harder in an attempt to get you to buy power ups, they just cycle back and forth between easy and super easy for mindless fun that you can use like a fidget toy. The challenge levels DO get harder. Sometimes I wish there were more challenge levels, but then I just flip through a bunch of easy levels while I’m watching tv and BOOM there they are. I’m over level 3000 now and I haven’t deleted the game! Huge win! I did pay the $3 to remove the ads after each level and it was worth the money, so much better than a game that tries to get my $ at every level. Please don’t change!.Version: 1.17

SimonHaha cool game can’t stop playing it !.Version: 1.12

Parking JamThis is my fav game ever!!.Version: 1.16

Great Game!This game is such a great down-time play. I wanna let gamers know that just because you may see that you’ve reached 10 but you have to keep going, it’s only because you have to get up to the high number so that you can play the hardest games with about 55 cars and up. When you see the ! On the ribbon, that means that you’ve reached a high enough score to play the harder games. So make sure that you tap on the ribbon to drive your cars out of the lot. Take your time, watch out for Granny, and make sure that you put thought into it because you only have up to 5/8 moves to get your cars out. It will give you as many chances that you need to pass the board though so don’t get too frustrated. I Love Love Love this game!!!!❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.12

Great gameI’ve played for 10 minutes and I’m on level 17 it’s amazingly fun. I recommend this game for people that wanna challenge themselves. The first few levels are kinda easy but when you get to level 10 they start getting harder so it makes it super fun! So I rated this game a 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. So download this game if you wanna have some fun!.Version: 1.9

Easy play, fun until it just gets repetitive.I got this app for the puzzle part, not realizing there was a city-building side game. It has no relation at all to the puzzle part of the game, except that the coins you earn are used to improve your properties there. Also, there’s not good instruction on what exactly it is you’re to do in that part besides just randomly throwing coins at things until you can’t anymore. Since I’m not interested in the building part, I’m pretty disappointed that the challenge levels stop at 35 and it doesn’t take very long to get there. Doing sets of the simple mini puzzles to get to the challenges is fine, but now that there are no more challenges to do, I’m not as interested in the game. I’m hoping that more challenge levels will be added at some point, so I’m keeping the game installed and my fingers crossed!.Version: 1.12

Enjoyable and easy to playSo yes there are adverts but at least they’re in between levels and not during. The levels themselves are a bit too easy really but I do keep playing one more level to get to the challenges. I’d like to see some harder levels and also maybe to know what’s the lowest numbers of moves needed to remove all the cars...rather than the 1 or 2 moves left. This is probably the first game I’ve enjoyed that has the usual number of adverts. I’d happily pay to remove them or maybe an option to pay a smaller fee for say one advert every 10 mins?.Version: 1.14

Just park it!Where else can you clear the air without offending anyone!.Version: 1.17

Simple and enjoyable (after “no ad”)This is a simple game, and does not seem to be getting very difficult (level 150ish). The “challenge” puzzles are more complex and require some planning since there is a limited number of moves. One improvement I would like to see: When I tap the challenge button, I now have to scroll through all of the previously completed challenges. Perhaps the program could go to the newly activated challenge? Even if my suggestion is implemented, I would still rate this game 4 out of 5 stars now that I paid to remove the ads. Even though the ads were short, it took less time to solve the puzzle than to get through the ads..Version: 1.13

Fun game, but has some annoying bugsThis game is really fun and quick to play, so it’s perfect when you need something to do to pass boring time. The biggest problem for me is on the Challenge screens. The parking lot is much larger, and because of the way it’s positioned, the lower left and upper right corners are not visible, so I can’t see whether there is a space in the barrier that the cars can get through. I just have to assume that if a car CAN go the other way, that that’s the only way it can go. So maybe that is just how the game is designed, but I find it annoying. Another annoyance is the cars are so small and close together, even with my small fingers I sometimes accidentally touch a car and then it bumps into something, which wastes a move..Version: 1.12

My Name Is JeffHello! My name is Jeff. Lol my friend Slater always says that lol!!.Version: 1.17

Parking JamAwesome game loving it A++++.Version: 1.13

Gets boring after a whileNo sense of progression or achievement. Levels don’t get harder or interesting. Just the same thing over and over.Version: 1.16

To easyThe game looks hard but it really easy to me I can beat it really really fast so plz make it I little bit hard 😁but I still love the game but when we lose the game and we fail can we also have a second chance? Thank you!😅.Version: 1.17

AwesomeI rate this a five stars because it really pushes my brain to work hard and it’s really fun!!!.Version: 1.17

More challengesI love to play challenges, the game itself really easy like for 3yo but the challenges are fun. Why can’t you make the entire game on the complexity of the challenges and people will happily pay for ad free( the real ad free) version. It became so much better after the update but still requires an improvement. Come on people, however it helps to pass time but all 100 challenges I’ve played like tens of times, make it more difficult please..Version: 1.15

Addictive but not challengingA very addictive yet relaxing game, but the difficulty builds up in almost minuscule amounts. The challenges are wonderful 50+ cars, more difficult and brain challenging. I’m on level 5068 and it’s still so very easy with normally no more than 8-10 cars. Hoping the game catches up with the challenges..Version: 1.17

KKOnly issue I have is when getting bonus points, the app freezes or tells me “no internet connection “. Or, takes me to an add site but nothing happens, especially with the “WAR” app. Can get frustrating!.Version: 1.17

Great but could be betterThis is a very addictive game, however I think a better challenge would be if you hit a car you don’t get a coin when the exit the parking, cars should appear from the other road barrier & the levels should be timed so you get more counts the quicker you go..Version: 1.17

Too many easy levelsGood game but is taking forever to get to anything challenging.Version: 1.19

Love it !I love this game. Love that there is no time limit as that makes me anxious. Love the little build a town on the side as makes me coins to play & was fun, wish it would expand as I like this part too. I like the easy games as relaxing but exciting when you know a more bigger & more challenging car park is on its way. Love the choices of locale, type of vehicles & people..Version: 1.17

Fantastic games but ads still showing for few extraThis game is so attractive, however I’m disappointed that they are still showing ads even if you paid for ad-free if you want to download extra skins or double the money in the housing area. If this is issue with my mobile phone, please do let me know and ill take to Apple Store to get this fixed..Version: 1.19

Fun and fast paced.Great all around game that you can play off and on quickly. I played 150 levels before writing this so I could have an educated opinion. The big issue is the game never really progresses as far as difficulty. I thought about this and came to the conclusion that it really can’t get more difficult because the cars don’t move sideways as in traditional games of this nature. I’ll keep playing now and again but I really wish it would get harder as you go. Perhaps alien ships that can move multidirectional so you could be more blocked in. I do love the sounds and animation..Version: 1.2

Were tooWhat is the limit of the game ? I have 200 large parking stations done and no more comes up I am at 5790 small stations done with no rewards for that .I have all four apartment sites fully maxed with a sign just saying “coming soon “ I’ve got nothing left to go except out of the car park.Version: 1.17

Relaxing gameThis game is relaxing to play. Only problem is challengers finished to soon. Please put more up..Version: 1.12

RichTThe standard game is very easy, you will not struggle to complete, but every 10 standard games you complete, opens up a challenge, the challenges do get more difficult and have 50 cars+ as they get more ridicule. You need more coins to access the challenges, so the city you can build allows you to generate coins, but you have to wait 4 hours to get the coins. The bigger your city the more coins you get. The challenges completed also generate coins, but if you fail a challenge it costs you coins. Good addictive game, adverts are annoying, but the developers have to make a buck. 4 stars!.Version: 1.12

Really great but needs to increase difficulty levelsI love this game. It’s addictive in exactly the right way for me. No clock to make me anxious. Just enough strategy too keep me engaged. It’s actually a good way to decompress. I would have given five stars but I’m holding the fifth back for a few easy fixes. The basic game is fine while you learn the ropes. But once you have the low number of cars needing exit is repetitive. And very easy. You have to complete thirty basic levels to get to one of the more complex 40 or 50 car Challenges. Then back to basics for thirty more. There REALLY needs to be Challenge every 5 basic levels. Or something like that. The ratio is wrong. Also, there is this really odd “build a street/town” side game thing which I engaged with a bit but don’t really bother with now. Building a town is a different game. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we just have more frequent and more difficult Challenges (and if you’re keeping the basic levels they need to get harder too!) I really do love it (basic level 4000 plus Challenge 150 done) but I’d love it a fraction harder...and more often. Thanks..Version: 1.16

Love the gameMakes me think but too many advertisements to make it enjoyable to play. After a complete level, perhaps and ad, but an ad after each play hurts my brain.Version: 1.13

Great game, responsible with adsThis game is quite addictive and love the way the ads let you skip after 5s if you’re not interested. It’s much appreciated that the developer must be getting less for the views but they also realise that people are more likely to continue playing and generating an income if they don’t have to put up with lengthy adverts all the way through. Great work guys!.Version: 1.12

Good gameI really enjoy playing the game, but it would be good if the standard levels got harder, not just the challenge levels..Version: 1.14

HiiiiiiiiI love this game I think it’s so fun but the only thing is it’s too easy and I wish it would be a little bit harder because I liked to be challenged and I guess maybe here and there you could have a few really easy ones but I just wish the levels would be a little bit harder . But ya I honestly love this game other wise and I could play this everyday maybe not all day but I would not be able to play any game all day because I would get bored so I mean I guess that does not matter but I love this game I think sometimes it can be satisfying knowing that you did not hit granny 😂😂😂 but overall I think this game is awesome I just wish it would be a little bit challenging a little bit MORE challenging so ya !!! Thanks for letting me right a review !!.Version: 1.14

ReviewGreat game but the app ads are annoying as hell by level 20!.Version: 1.17

Any more bonus levels?Love this game so much, I’ve been playing this game for a few months and it’s so addictive, however I’m at level 2900+ and have completed all bonus levels. Are there any more bonus level in the pipeline as I enjoy them and the game is pretty much the same now. I await your reply soon..Version: 1.14

Easy and addictiveI downloaded it yesterday and I’m now on level 476, have all my townhouses at the highest upgrade, and have collected all the different skins. Would love something more from the town house situation, and for the lot to become as big as I saw it in the initial ad that made me download the app. I purchased the ad free version 10 levels in because the ads were too frequent. Overall, great app to kill time..Version: 1.2

AddictiveI love this game but it’s getting a bit boring having to just move 5-10 large cars so you can advance levels to get to the more difficult 50+ car park. I’ve also played the side map game and have built all the houses/ apartments and backgrounds. I’ve been waiting weeks for the next map. “ coming soon “ hasn’t happened. Very annoying. Please make it more difficult in the basic game to keep my interest..Version: 1.17

❤️🐈🐱😻Love this game I’M SO ADDICTED!So as I said this game is awesome and I’m so addicted to Parking Jam. But one thing: I wish there was a police car that tried to catch you before you got out. I mean I don’t know if there is one because I’m only on level 27. I mean I got this game 10 days ago and I’m on level 27 like I said before. I’m sure there’s not one or there would be one already. At least that’s what I think. Oh there one more thing: I wish you could pick a skin for each car you try to get out. But that’s all that’s bothering me and I hope you can make those changes. Thank you for reading my review🐱🙂😊..Version: 1.4

Parking jamGreat game, I was totally hooked! Basically you have two levels in this game. First you have the games which are really easy to complete after completing 30 of these you then have a challenging game to complete which is great fun! But then you go back to the to the easy games, unfortunately this is the tedious part of this game. The amount of easy games you have to complete gets greater. I’m now on a higher level where I’m having to complete 100 games at such a basic level before getting the challenging game. Sorry to say I’m now bored of this game. You need to put fewer easy games on here and more challenging games..Version: 1.17

It’s goodThe game is good and easy to play but I just have a request if you can,can you instead of having to watch a video to get the background could you make it so some of them you could buy with coins?.Version: 1.14

Parking JamI love this game. I did wait til I had played over 150 levels to write a review. It’s fun, sometimes challenging and and great overall fun game..good for a 1-2 minute ride or longer when I have time. If I had to say something the skins area, where you can buy (using free credits earned in game) different vehicle types, sizes and colors...I have opened about 9 or 10 skins, and the next box says something about “like us on FB” maybe not in those words but that’s the drift. I don’t do FB so I can’t like or share or whatever so they won’t give me any skins beyond that. Since I didn’t have to be on FB to get the game, I shouldn’t have to bow to FB in order to get all the perks of the game. But other then that, I like the game and plan to continue playing..Version: 1.2

HiI wood not play to the end, it’s not a big fan for a while and a couple minutes ago I had the same experience as the previous ones and they have a Twitter for the season to get it to get a chance and I can say the price is very low for the quality and service is really really nice and I really recommend this to anyone who wants to get a job and have fun for you guys and the staff is friendly the prices and reasonable amount for a job is the most important and I really like the company for the money and the owner I have a few friends and family to come back and get it for my future and for my business..Version: 1.17

Parking JamAs others have said the standard game is not too hard but you can work towards harder challenges. I like the change of background that you can also work towards. I find that this game can be quite challenging. I also think that it has a good balance of ads, and not too often, unlike some apps. I would recommend this app 🙂.Version: 1.14

FunThis is a great little game and something different for a change. I have only got to about level 22 and things are beginning to get a bit challenging. I would think it will get more and more difficult and I’m looking forward to the challenge..Version: 1.12

Please let me pay to get rid of the ads!This is an entertaining fast playing game. I downloaded it today and I’m on level 75 - but OMG the ads!! You have to watch one after everything. Literally you want to go look at the character options (granny, guy carrying a box etc) and you have to watch an ad. You want to play a challenge level, you have to watch an ad before AND after. I’m not sure this game is going to last very long in my phone bc I’m losing my patience. Especially because, as with all games, they play the same three ads over and over again. I would be willing to pay a dollar just to make those annoying advertisements go away!.Version: 1.17

Too manyAds pop up too frequently. Every second game gets you an ad which takes longer to play through than the game itself..Version: 1.13

DecentGame is decent. Once you’re close to level 3000, the game seems to glitch and freeze to a white screen. It’s getting annoying. Have to close the game, open it up again then it’ll work. Once the level is won it’ll glitch again to the white screen causing me to repeat and then having to replay that level again. 🤨.Version: 1.17

Level difficultyIt’s a really good game to play but the levels don’t get difficult. I’m level 4520 and it’s still like I’m playing level 10, the challenges have been all over the place, some are very easy & others take a little time to think about..Version: 1.18

Awesome game but SO GLITCHYLove this game, very relaxing! However, it constantly crashes and reverts to a black screen. Another annoyance is the amount of ads that often glitch themselves, please fix my favourite game!:(.Version: 1.17

Try itI have been playing this game for quite some time and I really enjoy it. It is a great game to just zone out and play. I don’t know how long it has been there, but last night I found another level in the Parking Jam to play, I believe there was 15 different challenges, and I played them all in one setting. They were a blast and I hope they continue on with that because it was totally beyond enjoyable. Granny was a little more spry than usual… LOL… So that was challenging to miss her with the cars. I totally loved the new part of the game and I hope you incorporate more of those to go and play I also love this game because there isn’t any interruptions during your game play to watch ads. They do come up periodically after some levels but it’s not a big deal for me so if you haven’t tried this game yet, give it a try it’s a blast.Version: 1.11

I don’t know what to say about this gameThis game is kinda fun to play.Version: 1.5

ParkingPlease,I am stuck at the number 200 for the big parking I am waiting for the news stages Julie.Version: 1.17

GoodI like this game, its rather addictive. I wish it was more challenging though. The regular levels get boring quickly and the challenges are good but still too easy. Would like to see the regular levels increase in size and difficulty.Version: 1.17

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