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Discovery+ | Stream TV Shows App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Discovery+ | Stream TV Shows app received 54 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Discovery+ | Stream TV Shows? Can you share your negative thoughts about discovery+ | stream tv shows?

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Discovery+ | Stream TV Shows for Negative User Reviews

TOO MANY ADSFor a paid subscription service I shouldn’t be getting SO many ads, especially the same ones during EVERY spot! Sephora & Ford ads play every time there’s an ad break. If I wanted to watch commercials I wouldn’t have paid for this subscription & just kept my regular satellite TV!!.Version: 17.5.0

ReviewThere should be a notification when there’s new shows.Version: 17.5.1

Some suggestionsI’m happy with the content of the shows on this app and it was very easy to set up on my tv, iPad, etc, but when I go to a category and select a show to be on my List, or just to look at the description, there’s no way to get back to where I was in the listings. I’m immediately sent back to the beginning of the Home page and I have to start searching categories from scratch. Also, I’ve messed around watching some shows and now these shows are stuck in the Continue list. There’s some shows I looked at and have no intention of watching to the end and I can’t get rid of them. I even fast forwarded one to the end and the next episode immediately came up! Now I have that one and the previous ep (because it shows two seconds left)also stuck in Continue! I’m sure you’re working on these things, and I look forward to getting bug fixes and improvements in the future, but it’s so annoying to have these shows clogging up the space. Netflix has an option that says “remove this title from this row”. It’s a very good option. Just a thought..Version: 1.0.1

Can’t control the “continue watching” listI have contacted them multiple times over the last year, year and a half, about not being able remove things from the continue watching list without having to go through a million steps. They keep saying they’ll pass it on and strive to make the viewing experience better. Still nothing. I have episodes I have watched already show up in that list 3 or 4 times and I have to “watch” them again and that doesn’t always remove them or it does and then it shows up again, especially if I go back and forth between watching on my tablet or on my computer. The viewer shouldn’t have to “watch” episodes multiple times just to maybe be able to edit that list. We should have the option to just x them out. The library’s great, but this issue sometimes has me seriously consider canceling because it gets so frustrating having to through all that when every streaming service lets their users x shows off that list.Version: 16.2.0

Good App, Good Picture QualityOne thing that kind of bothers me is there doesn’t seem to be any preview mode, for example with most streaming services like Netflix you can go into the app browse around a bit, watch a trailer if you want to, you can’t even see a single show Discovery + has available through the app until you subscribe, some people only subscribe for a few shows they like and watch for a few months out of the year. And sure there’s a way around this problem just look up on google to see if there’s any new seasons of your favourite show available, but Discovery could make it easier. Netflix used to do this not letting you see what they got thing until after you subscribed for a while until they smartened up, I think it has something to do with them wanting you to get used to just simply subscribing and leaving the subscription on in general just so you can always have access to there stuff, sure they might gain a few more loyal subscribers that way, but also probably miss out on some casual subscribers that could become loyal enough to keep the subscription on year around indefinitely, so in the end there’s probably no real benefit which is why most streamers don’t try to pull this ineffective trick anymore that probably harms business more than it helps. P.S. there doesn’t seem to be any downloadable content on mobile, again that’s pretty standard feature for streamer‘s to offer nowadays, even little ones like Paramount+ or Discovery+. I can see why that wouldn’t be available for the commercial plan, but I wouldn’t subscribe if I had to watch commercials. PPS: I think Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc now owns CNN if I’m not mistaken. Putting a Live stream of CNN in the Discovery+ app would make many potential customers happy to leave there subscription on all year around just for that live stream of CNN alone. Streamers are starting to realize that content that’s mostly enjoyed live is incredibly valuable in making customers loyal, Amazon and Apple are both paying big money for live sports content to keep customers loyal, Disney no doubt bought ESPN for this reason and are moving some shows like Dancing with the Stars (a dumb but popular TV show viewer’s watch live then vote on contestants after words) on to Disney+ to keep the Disney+ subscribers loyal. I know CNN+ was a complete dud subscribers wise, but what it didn’t realize is views didn’t even want that original CNN content they blew way too much money making, The viewers interested in CNN+ just wanted the news. So in a house hold we’re the wife loves HG TV and the Husband likes watching CNN that’s easily enough to get even the lowest budget streamers to be happy to sign up, and stay signed up. So a live stream of CNN can be very profitable on Discovery+ by dramatically reducing turn, live content goes a long ways in making a causal customer into consistent permanent loyal customer..Version: 17.1.0

It’s okIt’s not that I hate the app but it’s not that I love the app, the only reason I only gave a 3 star rating is because, I would love to see more content such as the holiday channel needs more Xmas movies and better lineup of networks to choose from! I love hgtv and animal planet, and of course the holiday lane, but there are so many other good networks that are not even listed here and tv shows such as live it or list it , I would love to see on here ! Otherwise great job Discovery+.Version: 17.2.0

I wish they would fix their issuesI don’t know what it is with this streaming site, but I seem to have issues with them all the time. I will watch multiple episodes of a show and the close the app or leave the web page for the night, when I come back to the main page, it will tell me I have episodes I watched and finished in my to be continued section. Then with just the app, all the shows start mute in the beginning and it either comes on in a minute or I have to rewind for it to kick in. Now the subtitles come on every episode, even though I just turned them off on the previous episode and every setting on my AppleTV says no subtitles. Also, at first the subtitles were set to Automatic (Recommended), but when I deleted and reinstalled the app for the probably 20th time since signing up, now the subtitles turn on at English, no longer the automatic option and unless I’ve missed an option somewhere I can’t get them to just stay off. I have no problems when any of the other streaming apps and I pretty much have them all. This is the only one that has been a headache since I got it. If it wasn’t for some of the shows, I would of canceled it the 1st day…. Forgot to add, that episodes will go in an out of being clear to fuzzy pictures, when watching and again it’s the only streaming services that does it..Version: 15.3.1

Please Adjust the now-playing optionsMy biggest con is how the app works when you are playing a show and casting it to your TV. There’s no “now showing” menu option so I often get lost because I’m also browsing other things on my phone. That means pausing or stopping is very difficult. This is even more annoying when it is set to automatically play next, but if there are no newer episodes of that show it defaults to the same brother vs brother season 1 episode 1 show. Over and over. Then there is some lag between pausing the show and stopping casting (just hitting stop casting doesn’t automatically pause the episode like most other apps) The algorithm on the featured programming seems a little off— for example tonight was premier of battle on the beach on HGTV. Lots of ads on Facebook for it. But when I go to the discovery + app it’s not on the Home Screen of featured programs or on the HGTV feature programs. I had to manually search for the show. I’d also like it to be more clear when I’ve already watched a show. Otherwise I love the concept of having some of my favorite networks and programs available in one app..Version: 1.12.0

Developers unintelligent or lazy?Videos don’t play sound when your ringer is off. Are your app designers trained in the field?.Version: 17.2.0

The freezing is so annoyingOMG I have complained so many times, and so have others, that this app freezes more than it plays! It takes twice as long to watch a show because it freezes so much! Seriously if you can’t figure out how to make this work with chromcast find a 12 year old to do it for you. Every other app casts perfectly but this one holy crap never works. Please get your technical support people to fix this because I love your content but hate all the freezing. I have contacted your support so many times, done all the suggestions and yup still freezes. I pay for no commercials but honestly would be faster to watch them with no freezing then trying to watch the show without. Please fix it please fix it please fix it!!!.Version: 17.2.0

This app needs workI’m a big fan of all of the discovery shows and love the service. But this app is terrible. I’ll list a few of the major issues. First and foremost older content ie the first few seasons of Mythbusters play back in a windowed mode where there are black bars on the top, bottom and sides. It’s still 16:9 content so there’s no reason it can’t fill the whole screen and this problem remains true no matter the display I’m watching it on this is a critical flaw and needs to be fixed. Second bug that needs to be addressed is the problem of the current video pausing when you change your orientation from vertical to horizontal. No other media app I’ve ever used has this problem. Finally and this is honestly more of a quality of experience request than it is a bug but Picture in Picture support would be great so the new pop out video feature in iOS could be utilized. If you can fix these three issues my rating goes from 2 stars to 5. Thank you..Version: 1.22.3

App won’t work on several devices after updatingI’m really frustrated! I started using the app at the start of January, and it worked perfectly fine on two devices - my FireStick and LG smart TV. The LG tv is the main device I use. I think I’ve used the app almost every day since downloading. I opened the app yesterday, 1/18, and got a message saying there was an update, so I installed it and tried launching the app. The Discovery+ logo popped up on the screen and stayed there…the app wouldn’t go any further. I turned my tv off, waited a few minutes, and turned it on to try again. Same thing - just a frozen screen with the logo. I gave up and decided to try again today, thinking it just needed some time. Nope. It will not work. I even deleted the app and reinstalled it…nothing! I decided to then check my account to see if there was anything I could do. I signed in on my phone’s browser and was then prompted to download the app, so I did. I got all the way through the process and when I attempted to launch it on my iPhone, I got a message saying it’s not available in my area! What?! It still won’t work on my TV. What’s going on? I was a very happy customer (I love the selection of channels and programs from Discovery+) and now I’m the complete opposite. Please provide an update and/or solution..Version: 1.22.3

Needs a lot of workI love the content but this app is the worst. On iOS there is no PiP and automatic rotation to full screen, both of which are frustrating. However the most annoying thing is that every time I start a new episode or close and reopen the app, captions come on. Then I have to go in and see that no the captions are not checked off. In order to get them to turn off I have to manually turn on closed caption then play the show and go back in after a second to turn it off again. This process repeats EVERY new episode even if it’s on auto play and every time a video is restarted. It is so frustrating especially with the lack of PiP sometimes I have to close out a couple of times in a short time. This app also buffers more than any other streaming service. It’s slow and unreliable and will sometimes just decide the videos don’t load and it has a gray screen until you force the app closed. I wish someone would look into the glitches in one of these updates and actually change something noticeable..Version: 15.0.0

Amazing Content; Awful UIThe content on Discovery+ is absolutely amazing and I love it. The app itself is so frustrating; you finish watching a show and it immediately throws you into a different show. Dear Discovery, I can find my own shows to watch, stop with the AutoPlay. Then, the show that was forced on you, is in your ‘Continue Watching’ and you cannot remove it. An option to clear the ‘Continue Watching’ section needs to be added. When I do watch a show, all the way through, or an episode, the episodes remain in the ‘Continue Watching’ section, sometimes all of them. The episode has completed, why is it still there? The content is great, but the app itself has a long way to go to make using it enjoyable, and not frustrating. Go look at Disney+ or Netflix, they got it down right. Lastly, shows that we have in our ‘Watch List’, it would be nice to be notified when new episodes are available. UPDATE: 7/7/22 - Videos will not go full screen. As soon as you try, the UI freezes and doesn’t let you do anything. This app is so awful. I cannot wait until it’s merged with HBO Max. For the love of god, whoever designed this app, keep them away from the new one..Version: 16.3.0

Glitchy app but like the contentThis app is extremely frustrating. It’s constantly buffering when I’m trying to watch something on my smart TV and I’ve confirmed it’s not my internet connection. Other streaming platforms like Netflix and Prime don’t have this issue. Additionally, the app often doesn’t save my place if I’ve only watched a portion of a show and come back later. I go to continue the episode and it shows I’m only 3 minutes into the show even if I had watched 30min. The app also regularly freezes and gives an error message when trying to start the next episode automatically. You have to click “try again” a couple of times before it works. I think the interface is also not great compared to other platforms. For example, there’s no easy way to see when a show on your list has a new episode- you have to manually go to My List and scroll through each individual show which is pretty inefficient. I will also note I’ve reported these issues before and Discovery + support attempted to help, but the handful of suggestions they gave didn’t change anything. I really like the content so I’ll keep my subscription for now, but I really hope they are working on improving it significantly. From the other reviews it seems that other people have similar struggles with this app..Version: 15.0.0

App is severely lackingThis review is about the app specifically, not the streaming service. The app is the worst streaming app I have. Watching on my phone is so inconvenient with Discovery+ for 3 reasons. The first is that there isn’t a place where they list the shows you regularly watch. They list the episodes you’ve recently watched, but it’s hard to get from there to the show page, I end up having to search for the show instead. Very inconvenient. The second is that for use on a mobile device, the app does not do well with my phone changing directions. If I’m doing laundry, and grab my phone to take with me and the phone goes sideways the other way, it pauses the show. Which is super annoying and doesn’t happen on any other streaming service I have. Lastly, and in my opinion the worst, they haven’t adopted the mini player that is available on all other streaming versions. It’s so annoying that my show can’t go to a small screen when I get a text, I have to completely turn it off to check. These are all features that are available in every other streaming service app, so I don’t understand why the Discovery+ app doesn’t have them..Version: 16.3.1

It’s just keeps loading and loadingBoth my husband and I can’t get the app to stream on the chromecast from either of our phones. Samsung and iPhone. Our internet is great. Rogers ignite, but this app just keeps loading every few minutes or so on both our phones. Makes watching a show like that very frustrating..Version: 17.0.0

Doesn’t work at allI’ve installed and deleted and reinstalled. Just keeps saying “there is a problem” Can’t even open the app..Version: 17.2.0

App needs improvementI was initially irritated that people were being forced to get Discovery+ if they wanted to continue to watch certain shows. If I’m being honest, I’m still irritated. However, when looking at this from a financial perspective, in the long run this will save me money, as I will be canceling direct tv now that our contract is up. This may not be the case for others, so it is frustrating to know that this network is basically requiring you to pay more money for something that you are already paying for with cable. Yes I get it. It’s only $5, that’s not the point. Ok, that’s the end of my rant lol... I so far am enjoying g the content. However, the app could use some improvement. When you’re streaming a show to your television from the app and close the app it often times will shut the app down completely not allowing you to click back open to the app to rewind or fast-forward. And then have to go into your continue watching section where it restarts the episode in the wrong spot. It would also be nice to have the option to remove episodes from the continue watching section. Also I am unable to download this app on my chrome cast televisions. And PLEASE, when I have finished an episode, take it off of the continue watching section. That drives me bonkers!!.Version: 1.1.0

Doesn’t work with chrome castAvoid this app if you plan on using chromecast to watch. It will buffering constantly, regardless of your internet speed. Every other streaming app we have works great. This was is busted and sad. App support is also non responsive about the problem so our subscription lasted about 72 hours before we realized how terrible the app was and cancelled. Steer clear if you use chromecast..Version: 17.5.1

Discovery +I downloaded the app all excited to watch my favourite shows I can’t open it it says please download the latest version which I have I’m so disappointed hope there’s a fix for this ??? Anyone please help.Version: 1.19.0

Constant bufferingHard to watch.Version: 17.4.0

New content is lacking somethingI subscribe to the ad free package. I love a lot of the older true crime shows and paranormal shows (before ghost hunting became all the rage). The new content must be aimed at a different age group/ mindset because it does absolutely nothing for me. I tried watching Crimes Gone Viral and it’s pathetic. I can watch a surveillance video and figure out what happened. Example: I started a random episode titled Grab and Go. After seeing a small portion of this surveillance video a talking head starts telling you how to perceive what you just saw. IMDB told me the hero of the story was David Mann - Fought off gunman. I knew the gun was either a shotgun or rifle from observations made while watching the relentlessly looping snippet of video. Searched for David Mann rifle, didn’t get much; searched for David Mann shotgun, found the news story. Watched the entire video and heard pertinent information from the man himself. I now feel fully informed. Took less than five minutes. Yes, it’s that terrible!.Version: 1.20.1

Screen mirroring ability on tv is (apparently) a must to ChromecastAs others have said, the app works horribly (or not at all sometimes) with Chromecast. Yes, the content available is fantastic, which makes this casting issue so frustrating. I have contacted the help team, multiple times about this. I’ve done every suggestion they’ve given (cleared cache, re-downloaded the app, reset my WiFi, etc.) and nothing helps. I will say the team are always very responsive and try to help. But what I learned from one team member after all of these suggestions failed is that unless you have a tv/setup that enables screen mirroring on your tv, attempting to Chromecast will continue to be problematic. That’s unfortunate considering many people don’t have this option, including myself. I have an iPhone, but not a newer tv capable of this. It feels a bit disingenuous to find this out AFTER I’d paid for a subscription. I’ve continued to keep my subscription because the amount of content is great, but will not be renewing at the end of this month. To potential customers I would say be wary if you plan on Chromecasting but don’t have the screen mirroring function on your tv. To the potential developer’s response- I have already been through the help process and suggestions. I don’t need to go through it again. I just need the Chromecasting to be vastly improved. Please fix this!.Version: 1.16.0

No PIPI can’t believe there is no Picture in Picture for iPhone (where you have the mini screen playing while you do other things). I can’t watch to the show while I multitask. Will likely be cancelling my subscription due to this..Version: 16.2.0

Good catalog, playback features still lackingThere’s a lot of Discovery content, and a little History, to entertain for endless hours. There are some playback features and functions you might miss from other streaming services. 1. There’s no way to connect to Chromecast or another device on your TV until AFTER you start an episode. This means you have to buffer, load, and play the video on your phone before you can tell it to connect to a external device on your TV. It’s very annoying. 2. The streaming on your TV/Chromcast and the controls on the phone lose sync so you sometimes have to stop, reconnect and start again to change playback. You also my need to know the exact show and episode playing to click back into it to get the controls back. 3. My biggest annoyance is the app will not stop streaming on a Chromecast unless you manually stop it. There’s no “are you there” option to check in and save your data usage and stop streaming after a few episodes if the TV is shut off while still streaming. If you set the sleep timer on your TV while a show is playing it will play all night and all day until you turn the TV back on the next night…and it’s still streaming. Has happened to me several times. I like the service, but the app it’s lacking some of the refined user experience features that users expect from a streaming service day one. This was either rushed out and not extensively tested, or it was never extensively tested. Neither is really acceptable..Version: 1.12.0

IPad app not workingI haven't tried the Apple TV app, but for some odd reason, the iPad app isn't working for me. I try to watch something and it keeps giving me an error message! Very frustrating. Please fix the iPad app thx..Version: 15.5.0

Like it, but . . .Occasionally the app just stops working, goes black, and forces me to get out of the app and then go back in to get it working. When moving one episode to the next it sometimes stalls, forcing me to fast forward a few seconds into the next episode to get it to restart. I figure it’s still ‘buggy’ since it’s so new. When I go to my list, and decide to check out a show, but then go back to my list, it takes me to the top of the list to start at again - I do have a long list. The biggest disappointment is that it advertises that everything from all of my favorite channels is in discovery+, but a show I was really looking forward to, Home Again with the Ford’s, isn’t in there. If I wasn’t paying through the nose for cable I wouldn’t be able to watch more than the first episode. There are a couple of other shows that are missing an early season that used to be in the HGTV or DIY apps before they were plundered for the discovery+ app..Version: 1.1.0

Good app, not great yetUPDATE: It’s been quite a while, and there’s still no indication that it’ll ever get PiP. Picture in Picture is a huge factor for me in which streaming apps to use, so I’ll probably end up cancelling this subscription app when I do my streamlining later this month. Great content, but horrible customer service in that the developers appear to be responsive—responding to people’s comments—but then make no actually changes to a major flaw in the functionality. I’m hardly the only person who’s asked for PiP—I see half a dozen reviews right away—and pretty much all the other streaming platforms have it from the beginning. Disappointing. —— This app has a lot of great potential—lots of shows to watch. But, the browsing isn’t intuitive, and it hits my number one pet peeve for streaming apps: it doesn’t allow for Picture in Picture. Which means that you can’t multi-task while playing the app. Here’s hoping that they’ll include this functionality, but I’m not holding my breath..Version: 14.28.0

App need lots of workThe contents of the app are great and love watching the shows I love. BUT the app is like using the very first streaming apps that ever came out. I use the app to stream to my TV and when I do the quality of the video is so awful. (No I’m not just watching older shows. I watch the magnolia network shows and the quality was still bad ONLY when streaming to my TV.) I haven’t had this problem with any of my other streaming apps. I can’t use my phone to answer a text without fear of having the app glitch out when streaming to my TV. There have been many times when I get a FaceTime call and I can’t easily pause the video to answer. When that happens I have to close the app then re-open the app, find the show I was watching, press play from where ever it wants to play (from the very beginning or a whole different episode) then press pause. After my calls, I have to re find my place and I had a problem with finding my place then after an ad break it hopped back to the very beginning of the episode (I had to restart the app). It is not user friendly but all streaming apps have gone through this phase so I will keep the app in the hopes that it will be better in the near future. If not I’ll just cancel and delete the app. I STRONGLY SUGGEST HAVING A WAY TO STREAM TO A TV BEFORE PRESSING PLAY ON A SHOW (helps with the long buffer)..Version: 1.3.0

Auto Play / Continue Watching BIG FAILSNo way to turn off auto play. Which on its own would be confusing and annoying but still minor. Problem is, it decides to move on to a (big surprise) Discovery+ original show even though there are more episodes in the season and more seasons of the show I was watching. Still wouldn’t be so bad if there were a way to remove a complete show from Continue Watching. But there’s not. I’ve seen Developer Responses to this issue in other reviews. I’m not talking a stray episode here and there, I mean entire seasons of unwanted episodes. Am I really expected to fast forward through all of them just to clear them out of a list they never should have belonged in? Where they are obscuring episodes I really DO want to continue watching? I can only assume that the intent is to inflate the “viewing” numbers for the shadow promoted shows. And don’t bother telling me that you’ll pass my feedback to the development team. I was a developer for many years. They’re workers taking orders, they don’t make decisions. This exact complaint exists in reviews more than a year old and very recent. It’s quite clear that Discovery+ has no intention of correcting this “problem”. Since from their perspective, it’s a valuable marketing tool. I’ll keep my subscription because of the excellent content. And I’ll keep hoping that your merge with HBO changes your perspective on customer satisfaction and making apps that actually work as the customer wants them to..Version: 17.1.0

Content is fine but UX is NOTIf I were to cancel an app, it would be this one- hands down. Paying top rate for a no commercials plan is alright if the UX is great *and* the content is good. But, expecting anyone to pay for an app that pauses when they turn their phone is **incredibly irritating.** When comparing Discovery+ with other streaming competitors, it’s hard to understand why this hasn’t been fixed. Now, I turn my attention to the lack of PiP. *It’s frankly unacceptable in 2022.* As an early subscriber, I figured it would be in the very next update after the app was released. But no. It’s been a LONG time. And still, there is no PiP. How is this possible? At this point, one can only assume that Discovery (and the dev team) must be incredibly bullish on NOT adding basic features like PiP (or fixing the rotating/pausing situation) because it’s hard to believe they could be completely unaware of ALL the complaints that have come in. Furthermore, in the time since the app was released, other than fixing bugs on the backend, what have they *actually* done to update the UX of the app? For the Discovery+ folks who respond to people’s reviews here, although I’m sure it will never be shared, it would undoubtedly be great to have a general understanding as to when subscribers can expect some of these essential updates to happen..Version: 15.0.0

Discovery channel. Fake advertising scamYou call this discovery plus but can’t watch discovery channel ?. What a scam and a waste of money I can’t get back..Version: 17.0.0

Why not a Payment Choice of One Year?That would make the difference of renewing if more choices of payment. Can this be offered at a good deal? Thanks, Shelley Hill.Version: 17.0.0

Great service, app function not so muchLove all the channels and shows we can get. This is the streaming app we use more than any other. However… you need to learn how to build an app there are some pretty pathetic rookie kinks in this app that only belong in one built by a tiny amateur company. For starters I should not still see every single episode of every show we’ve watched in my continue watching list. Secondly and I think partly to blame for the first issue is the fact that each episode we watch seems to scroll back several minutes after we finish it. So if we continue to the next episode then back out before we finish it, the previous episode shows before the current one on the list causing us to continue an episode we’ve already watched when we try to pick up where we left off if we don’t pay really close attention. It’s incredibly frustrating! I really hope your developers get on the ball soon. In conclusion… progress tracking of episodes needs to be more accurate and delete completed episodes from the continue watching list. I should see 5 or 6 episodes there but instead there’s over 100. It’s been this way from the start I know I’m not the only one to complain and I don’t think this is too much to expect.Version: 1.15.0

My only complaintExcellent choices to watch. My only complaint is that I can't turn off auto-play, especially when at the end of a show it starts playing something I have never chosen nor would choose. If you would offer an option to prevent next episode or a completely different show from starting on its own I would give 5 stars..Version: 17.5.1

Great app but connection issues and no active watch barThis app has brought all my favorite channels into one place along with exclusive content and I’m delighted. However, there is room for improvement. The picture is sometimes blurry when I’m casting to my Google Chromecast. Its usually spotty or clears up after about five minutes but there was one day where it stayed blurry and pixelated the entire day. Maybe the connection to the server can be stronger. Also, I would like a “watch bar” at the bottom of the app for when I’m casting like Netflix has. If you go out of the show you are currently watching there is no bar at the bottom of the screen that shows what you’re currently watching. This is especially aggravating because the app auto plays to a different show if the one you’re watching finishes. So I’ve had to go searching in the app for the new show that’s playing, click into the episode, just to be able to stop it from playing. This is insane to have to do. What I’m actively watching (via chrome cast) should always be available in a bar right at the bottom of the screen. The shows and variety are great but the app could use some better functionality. Please think more of people who use Chromecasts..Version: 1.1.0

Get circle oftenMany times when watching any program the moving circle, in progress symbol, goes for about 5 secs. Which during that time the show freezes..Version: 17.1.0

WthNeed to be able to download for offline use!! Annoying.Version: 17.1.0

Error 503Good shows but I don’t like not having access to something I’m paying for so I will be cancelling this subscription..Version: 17.2.0

Keeps coming up try againWorked fine until today. Now won’t load at all.Version: 17.0.0

App improvements and contentIt’s hard to search on the app. When playing the video and you move the phone so the screen changes the video stops and I have to press play again. Very annoying. I know this isn’t Netflix but their app is awesome. Discover+ has a long way to go to be competitive with Netflix and the ease of using the app on different devices. Also, where are all the 90s and early 2000s shows. Are they not adapted to stream? Please work on that. Current shows do not have the quality as discovery once had. Everything is forced drama. I got this app for shark week and you just hold current material. There are so many good shows discovery has that parents would love to keep showing their kids. Big untapped audience. This site would be AMAZING if you could include older content. Both old school and new school audiences will have a place on this app. I use discovery+ the least of all my streaming because I hate all the new shows that focus on peoples personal problems and not passing along information like discovery once did. Thank you..Version: 1.22.3

The worstBy far the worst streaming app ever. If you choose to subscribe with the ad option, you better get ready to be bombarded with stupid ads. Video quality is terrible, extremely slow and navigating the apps is dumb!.Version: 17.2.0

CrashesThe app keeps crashing, it crashes several times a day, it’s hard to watch shows..Version: 17.4.0

Half decent appThe app itself is pretty decent. A nice layout. The mobile app is a little glitchy and crashes sometimes, as well as the one for my smart TV. Other than that it’s a pretty user-friendly app with good content. Although I feel a necessity for streaming apps is to have downloadable content. Don’t like to waste a bunch of phone data trying to watch shows..Version: 17.0.0

No Monster Garage?I originally received a trial, I loved it for the fact Monster Garage was on it, as I used to watch it when it first released years ago, and shows that were similar. I purchased the monthly membership to find out one of the shows I really enjoyed was removed from Discovery+ This is unfortunate to see it go, due to this I am removing my membership as of today. Hopefully to see it return in the future. 🤞.Version: 17.0.0

Great content, streaming nightmare.Gonna be honest and say I don’t usually review apps and several people have commented about this in other reviews, but I stream a lot of content to my smart tv and this app is ~garbage~ when it comes to streaming. Doesn’t matter what I use, I get constant disconnection errors when I try to watch a different program, shows unable to be retrieved, etc. and it seems like unless I want to binge the same show and watch nothing else or just watch things on my phone/laptop…it’s not a great investment beyond the price point it’s at, and when it goes up (and it will go up), if the app is at this quality still I’m going to have to unsubscribe. Also, the subtitling is extremely off. Turns itself off, turns itself on, changes languages on its own, and will unsync to the point where it’s minutes ahead or behind. This is extremely frustrating as a person with audio processing issues. Now, the content itself is great. And vast. That’s why I’m here. I’d sure like to watch any of it..Version: 17.0.0

Deleting Classic Content with No WarningI subscribed specifically to watch Mythbusters, as it is notoriously hard to get ahold of the whole catalog (there is no complete set you can purchase, I’ve looked extensively.) Today I go on and they’ve deleted 90% of the episodes. I will be unsubscribing immediately. Very disappointed..Version: 17.0.0

Okay but…There really needs to be a settings feature to permanently disable automatically playing a related program. If I want to watch something else, I should be the one to decide what it should be, not an algorithm that gets it wrong 9/10 times. Trying to desperately click the menu button on an AppleTV remote in a losing battle to stop a different show starting is highly frustrating. For that matter, I want to be able to turn off automatically playing the next episode in a series. Not have it hang out in the continue watching menu. Speaking of, there also needs to be a way to clear the continue watching section that isn’t deleting my entire profile and starting over. There is a reason I stopped watching a given program and having it stuck there forever is not awesome. It’s not even good or mediocre. It’s terrible. Seeing it there is not going to convince me to finish it. I want those shows to disappear. Especially when trying to fast forward through it will automatically make a new program start! See the perpetual downward spiral we’re stuck in? The app has been around a hot minute, these kinds of problems should have been looked at and fixed by now..Version: 17.2.0

More accessibility featuresI love this app a lot but it would be nicer for VoiceOver user to be able to use player options there is a player you are a button accessibility by the close button but when you click it it doesn’t do nothing far as tapping on the main screen throughout the content it does tell you what episode or genre you’re on which is real nice about the app but if you can improve your accessibility features so you can either back up 15 seconds pause or play forward 15 seconds that would be real nice I would definitely rate it five stars i’m totally blind I use voiceover on my iPhone 12 pro max and I love streaming the Haunting The price on a monthly subscriptions are not bad at all I’m just asking for more accessibility features in your app if it’s possible thank you because I can’t get to the player options itself I just started a subscription and I love it keep up the good work and please make it more accessible.Version: 14.28.0

Not sure yetI 1,000,000,000% love love love the ID channel and my TV never leaves it!! (Except for Oxygen)…it’s LITERALLY just ALWAYS on in the background…sometimes I’m watching it, sometimes I’m just listening to it while doing all my many single-Mom tasks (which I LOVE TO DO; don’t get it twisted 💯💯💯👩‍👧👩‍👧👩‍👧🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏), and sometimes it’s just on in the background or while I’m sleeping (doesn’t give me nightmares; although I’ve met people that swear it does them 🤷‍♀️). I find it empowering and comforting that people have been through such horrible circumstances and have survived and are thriving…mostly. It gives me courage, as I have been through some very horrific things in my life as well. 💯🙏 P.S. Lieutenant Joe Kenda for President of the United States…think about it…I’m just saying 😉💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 BUT HAVING TROUBLE WITH THIS WHOLE STREAMING THING THAT I FINALLY PURCHASED LAST NIGHT 🤷‍♀️💯🙁 It’s giving me so many errors & I can’t get a REAL customer service person to help me & it’s getting very frustrating & am about to cancel the service..Version: 1.22.2

Spotty connection to Chromecast AND Apple TVI always cast from my phone to watch on my TV. All my other streaming services work seamlessly. With this app in particular, I can’t watch any episode of anything without constant buffering, skipping, lagging audio, fuzziness, and crashing when I cast. When I don’t cast, the stream works with no issues. And even more frustrating, the commercials play as they should without any of the problems. My internet connection is strong, my device is not out-of-date, I’ve done the suggested resets and power-on-and-off, my TV plays everything else just fine, but when I try and play from the Discovery+ app, i can’t watch without a headache from the problems. At times the chromecast and Apple TV icon flashes and disappears. This was not happening a month ago and it goes on for several days before I get a “good day” where there are not any problems. Seriously considering ending my subscription. I’ve taken this issue to the help service and they took down my information of versions and an update came out but that did not fix the problems..Version: 1.7.0

ADS, ADS, ADS every 5 minutesI gave this app a 1, for the only reason that I dont understand how it is possible that I am paying for the subscription monthly, yet there is a 50 second ad(3 ads) every 5 minutes. And if I want to rewind or forward I have to watch another 3 ads every time. You would think they would take off ads if you are paying for their app. It doesnt make sense! Discovery+ DO BETTER. TAKE THE ADS OFF..Version: 17.4.0

Very Trashy and difficult to unsubscribeThe title says it all, if you are into trash you may like this App. The Ads are terrible. If I could give it 0 stars I would..Version: 17.2.0

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