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God game but....This is a really good game and it’s better than score hero 1. Because you can choose teams I got my fav team in my first season the graphic is way better but there’s just a few things need improving. Number 1 the defenders come out of nowhere Number 2 it’s like impossible to score against the goal keeper I keep on hitting the bar but when it’s on target the goal keeper saves it so I do think it needs a little improving better then this game will be way better than it is now.Version: 1.03

This game is much better than the first.The graphics are better, and the bad reviews are miserable people who expect a mobile app to be better than a PC or Console game. This is a mobile soccer app, and is easily the best within its category in the app store. There are many more features in this game than it’s previous version, it is much more smooth, and it has a much better storyline. Overall a 5/5, well developed app..Version: 1.06

For the gameThis game so cool for me because l’m a fan of football and this game make me so happy.Version: 2.21

Don’t play if you rage a lotIf you rage a lot don’t play this game. the first problem is your players/teammates, they don’t go for nothing they slow and they lose the ball quick. second the defenders are over powered, they take the ball from you immediately, they jump 50 feet in the air, the goalie is over powered too, he is on one side then does an epic dive to the other. last when you lose the ball the game doesn’t even give you a chance to get it back, it just as soon as you lose the ball it’s over..Version: 1.04

Great funI finished the first one and glad there has been another One released. My only complaint is not knowing what is required before the attempt. It always means having to repeat it cause you needed off the bar or bottom corner. Would be good the know that before hand. Cheers great game Skycra2y.Version: 1.11

Great, but could be even betterThe game is really good, however I have three friends problems: 1. If I want to I should be able to stay at a club if I want to. 2. Sometimes our players mess up and they can still get the ball but the level ends and it’s really annoying. 3. The goalies are much better and it’s much harder to score. However the graphics are much better, finally u can score 1v1, and the teams are licensed, and many other things. Great job guys!.Version: 1.03

AgghhhhhThis game has the potential to be the best ever! But it’s sooooo frustrating! Lives go down quicker than you’d think and if you put the ball a single mm in the wrong place, you’ll get screwed by either your players dribbling off the pitch/into a defender, the keeper turning into prime Lev Yashin, or some other nonsense. And when you finally do finish a level, you get “score 8 goals off the woodwork” to get 3 stars! And that’s the most impossible achievement ever! I’m writing this in good will though because this game is very good.Version: 1.02

GOALKEEPERS ARE BROKENThe game is overall pretty good but the goalkeepers are super human seriously like being able to score is the hardest part in the game when it should be the best part. Also please bring back the original Score it was truely goated and it was soo funny to play.Version: 1.22

Impressive But No IncredibleDont get me wrong, Score Hero 2 has amazing graphics compared to the last game and more licensed leagues and teams, but when it comes to a new fresh bug-free game, thats what it lacks, it still has the same bugs as before(running out for no reason, stupid passes leading to loss of possession, etc.), even though these bugs are a bit bad, you can still enjoy the game and the new animations that make the game semi-realistic, so for that, 4/5.Version: 1.22

Better then Score here 1 but...This game is definitely an improvement on number one but there’s still a few things that need adding and taking away in my personal opinion. The hearts need to be taken out because I could spend all day on this game but the hearts being in are a real shame also adding what goals you have to score for the stars before you load the level because it’s the most frustrating thing playing some good stuff scoring great goals & then not getting the stars because it wasn’t in a certain corner..Version: 1.02

Incredible game, a few thingsThis game is amazing for a mobile game, great graphics, great gameplay but. This game is way too hard and when you don’t have enough money to rewind it can get very annoying and boring. Get rid of this lives thing as well it’s pretty dumb. Anyways solid game!.Version: 1.12

Insane game however needs improving slightly!This game is sick. I love playing it and it is a lot better than the first. However the hearts do need to be taken out as I could play this game so much but the hearts ruin it considering sometimes they go on one level. Also needs to be a tad more realistic, I can pass the ball to my teammate who is open who then runs into their defending wasting the attack therefore losing a life. So if these were to be improved I think this game would be top quality 100%.Version: 1.03

Great but need something newYou base your game on these licenses of your current leagues but I was wondering can you add the Premier league every person around the world would be excited please do this. Thank you.Version: 2.02

Met my gf through this gameI was sitting in a back of a car with this girl I have never met before. It was kind of a long drive so I pulled out my phone and started playing this game. Few minutes later she looks over my shoulder and asks if I play soccer. Conversation starts and continues and a couple days later we are associated. Later she became my gf. Thanks score hero 2 I will always be grateful for you setting me up with my gf. Great game.Version: 2.03

Minor ImprovementsI’ve been a big fan of this franchise since the FTS15 days. So great they finally got the branding for the teams, and a genuinely class sequel to the first. I started my save last night and the picked the team I wanted to play with rather than the player them self. Was just wondering if there is a way to get my character to look like myself without restarting?.Version: 1.03

WowIt’s amazing because it barely has any ads and the graphics are amazing.Version: 2.21

Love itI love love it but uhh like I gotta be honest I hate how we have hearts o and only 5 so I would recommend that when u reach higher levels u can have more hearts if u get what I mean? But other than that lovely game :).Version: 1.22

Decent sequel to a great game!I’ve had a lot of fun with the original Score Hero, and now it’s been updated with the graphics and physics from DLS 2020, along with licensing for real clubs and an infinite hero mode (sounds interesting, but I haven’t unlocked it yet). The only thing that annoys me is the randomness of the character customization. I just want to put hair like mine on my character, but to do that I have to pay 50 precious in game bucks for a spin out of 19 random hairstyles. Small gripes aside though, this is a solid update to a classic game!.Version: 1.02

Great gameOnly one thing I think may can change is that player who get the ball in front of the box should be more likely to go into the box rather than shoot straight..Version: 1.04

Can do betterI loved the first game but that game had its problems and the second game did fixed some of them. But unfortunately their game came with much more problems. First of all the defender’s AI is way to overpowered. Like it looks like the gods gave them defending powers or something. Also my players keep losing the ball it’s so hard to play when that happens. In fact it makes me feel as if the creators did this so that we buy the 24 hour energy since all those factors make us lose energy quickly. So please fix this game. But the game does look better than the first but please fix the problems and fix my players weird chin..Version: 1.03

HiI’m one of the first to review this game so if ur reading this what’s poppin.Version: 1.02

Very good sequel but few problems.I love this game series so much and I absolutely love the sequel but the defenders are just made by god themselves. They are so good it’s like I’m playing against prime Ramos and don’t even get me start with the goalkeeper. He’s the best gk I ever see in my life. He runs out of his box faster then neuer, reflexes better then yashin, kicking better then ederson, and diving better then Navas. Some levels are almost impossible it takes me days to complete. Also the teammates can be SO stupid some times, like why would you pass it to no one when you have a clear shot or when they do unnecessary moves and end up losing the ball. I love this game so much but PLEASE make the defenders worse and the teammates to do unnecessary moves..Version: 1.04

Glitching1 The players don’t run fast enough so it is easy for the defenders to get the ball. 2 when you pass the ball hose to the player you pass to but they take to big of a touch and then the opposing team gets the ball..Version: 1.06

Better than the firstThis game has incredible great graphics in the first the graphics were terrible but now there incredible.Version: 1.10

So closeThe game itself is brilliant, all I ask to be able to see the challenges for that particular level before you click play. Only because if you don’t get a good star through luck you have to use an extra life to get that gold star. An option to purchase the removal of ads and an option to purchase unlimited lives forever would be great too..Version: 1.06

Good gameThe game in itself is fun, but I also feel like a few things could be changed to make it better. Like the player you give the ball to trying to make an actual effort to get to the ball instead of standing and waiting for it to arrive as this can lead to you losing lives over something that isn’t really your fault. Defenders seem to put pressure on but your avatar or team mates sort of just stay still, which you have no control over. I enjoy the game it’s a good time waster and fun to play..Version: 1.04

Nerf DefendersThe defenders are very overpowered and always tackle out-of-nowhere making goals built from the back a lot harder than they should be so please nerf defenders or improve the first touch of players. Also, keepers seem a bit too overpowered when you shoot nearpost from close range compared to the original ScoreHero. I enjoy the game and licensing though but just two things to make it less annoying and more enjoyable..Version: 1.02

Good gameI don’t like that you have to wait when you lose your hearts.Version: 2.21

Good but 1 is betterI was a huge fan of score hero 1 and I completed it. I was looking forward to this one and it is still good - the features have remained pretty similar and simple which I think is good. However, the actual gameplay isn’t as good - there is a lot of useless passing around which gets tedious, and sometimes you do a perfectly fine pass and the dribbling is sensitive and it wastes a heart. The game feels a bit slower which I don’t think is great compared to the first one making it a bit less fun..Version: 1.02

Unreal slide tacklesThe tackles in this game are unreal! I lost all my hearts trying to make a simple pass but the defender kept slide tackling from behind et sa me fait fckn chiez ce jeux est nul..Version: 1.04

Could be a 5 starEnjoyed the original game despite the obvious frustration of always having to start from the first move if you missed a chance. First impression the game is very good, loving the new graphics, however like others have said in their reviews the frustration at a bad touch or turning into a defender and losing the ball is so annoying. Then as with the first game, if you score and miss the second chance it’s back to the start again, had hoped that this game would have gone with starting from the point you failed rather than having to go back and then find that the defenders or the goalkeeper block everything. Suggest that if possible you allow the game to continue at the point where you miss the chance rather than start from the very first of the Challange. Would also be useful if you know what you are supposed to do before the level starts rather than completing a level then finding out where you should have scored the goals. Despite the obvious frustrations/annoyances, I do enjoy playing the game, but with these minor changes it could be a brilliant game instead of just a good game..Version: 1.04

ImprovementI played score hero 1 and it was decent I played it for a long time and it was very addicting, I liked it had no hearts and it ran smoother, however in score hero 2 it’s a decent game but the hearts need to go, seriously some of the levels are pathetic like how can I be winning and because an AI wants to lose the ball I have to start all over again, I like the game because it looks better and it doesn’t play that bad but just some little things like the AI and the hearts need to be sorted, overall thought it’s a decent game just needs a few improvements.Version: 1.03

Score heroNo ad.Version: 1.00

Great art, Great AI, Bad designIt has a lot of good things. The art, ai etc are great. It’s highly optimized considering how expensive the graphics should have been. The game design is bad if you compare it to other aspects. It’s not forgiving it all. Even if you get the ball after the slightest enemy touch it’s a fail state. Unexpected tackles take place a lot where the defenders come out like superman. The goalkeeper is actually Superman making saves that are very very difficult. Maybe if the goalkeeper had a cape, it would make sense. Very small percentages of crosses actually reach the player..Version: 1.03

Great game but something wrongCan we remove hearts cuz I mean sometimes this is like a 5 minutes game but I love for some reason when I’m bored just play this so just get rid of hearts as it will make the game perfect.Version: 1.12

Old game was betterI honestly think the commentator in the first game was better. And when you pass to your teammates, they don’t even try to get the ball, they just stand there so the other team can get the ball..Version: 1.03

WHY IS EVERY DEFENDER VAN DIJKI absolutely loved the first game to death. It literally defines a part of my childhood sitting bored in high school classes or a lame family function playing this game for hours. The only problem I ever had was the defenders were sent from the heavens. These guys will straight up slide 15-20 meters to get the ball and/or press your player like it’s the 90th minute in the World Cup Final. IT SOMEHOW GOT WORSE IN THE SECOND. Now don’t get me wrong this second game is good the graphics and overall feel is soooo much better. But i’m not even at level 50 and this game has made me want to throw my phone at a brick wall. Please for the life of me take the defenders off god-tier. I’ve said my peace, thank you..Version: 1.03

Great game, BUTI just want to say this is an amazing game but there’s two things that need fixing: Big English teams: I can’t find any teams like Man city or man United or Liverpool: plz add them if they aren’t in the game: second thing: sometimes when I pass the ball to a teammate they get it and run out of play, PLZ fix it! Other than these u guys have done great.👍.Version: 1.06

For BeginnersRead the reviews and I couldn’t agree any less. Transitioning from the first variation of ‘Score Hero’, I came with an excitement and joy - not knowing what was soon to come. From what seemed to be a game, turned into an obsession - in the worst way. Spending money to repeat fickle mistakes, which isn’t on my behalf, as the AI take awful touches and are instantly tackled by the insanely jacked-up defence. In addition, the heart system is flawed by being punished for the AI’s mistakes and triggering the user to pay for multiple retakes. With a high knowledge on the game, creating abstract chances is merely impossible as the opposition seem to know what will happen before it actually happens. In my opinion, the game does have the positives of the improved kits and graphic, however, let there be the element of a joyful gameplay - as this is a ‘game’ after all. Thank you.Version: 1.03

Why I didn’t give it a 5 startsWhy is there energy in this game. If this game doesn’t have energy it will be the best soccer game for mobile. Please dellete energy.Version: 2.02

Amazing GameThis game, just like it’s prequel is extremely fun and engaging for all audiences. And what’s more, the adds are reasonable, usually there is an add every time you fail but not with this game. I sto get recommend to everyone.Version: 1.02

Passes problemsYou need to work on the passes and controls. I waiste all my hearts in one game because of that.Version: 1.03

Great gameGraet game but wish you unlocked all coustimizable items without using in game credits.Version: 2.11

Unlimited energy complaintI really enjoy playing this game to kill time and it gets quite fun, and some levels are challenging because you have to make the right passes to the right player or else you have to start over, I bought the unlimited energy I used it for a day and it helped me with the levels I was having trouble with, but what’s the whole point of having unlimited energy if you don’t have it forever, I just wasted my money thinking it was a permanent. I hope this “unlimited” energy purchase actually becomes a permanent purchase, unnecessary waste of money..Version: 1.04

Fun SequelI personally appreciate the effort that they went through to put the new graphics in place for this sequel. I know that there are fixes that need to be made like the obviously insane goalies or dribbling into players but I do appreciate the fixes that were made (players dribbling out of bounds or standing offsides for no reason) but I understand that they can be fixed in later updates. Overall fun and exciting game 4.5/5.Version: 2.02

Good game but unrealistic moves from oppositionI’ve played this game for a few hours now and I really enjoy it. There’s definitely some improvements been made and I thought the addition of training sessions was great. The only issue I have is that the players from the opposition seem to be on some kind of performance enhancers sometimes. A clear pass will be made but it’s obvious that you weren’t meant to make that one as one of the players from the opposition comes like a bat out of hell from absolutely nowhere and takes possession. This happens even if you miraculously get the ball to your player and they have control! You can take a free kick and the opposition can outrun the ball to defend the net and it’s so unrealistic..Version: 1.03

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