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Going Balls App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Going Balls app received 103 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Going Balls? Can you share your negative thoughts about going balls?

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Going Balls for Negative User Reviews

Fun game but too many ads and repeated levels!Title says it all really - I was having loads of fun on this game despite the ridiculous number of ads that appear between tries (I’d recommend playing on airplane mode to avoid them!). I was even considering paying the £2.99 to remove ads when I realised the levels begin to be repeated at around level 85. Aside from that it’s a fun little game, just obvious that the developers care more about money than giving people a good casual game..Version: 1.1.29

Packed with ads so deleted it 4 minutes after downloading itIf you have lots of time to spend watching ads then give it a go.Version: 1.1.33

Cool game but a bit of a rip offThere's a game that came out back in like 2012 called Gyrosphere Trials, this game took many (if not every) element from that game and kinda cheapened it to make it more digestible for quick mobile game that will drown you in ads and prompt you to watch more to earn gifts that are useless in game. The only pro is the goal ball mini game which tbh I wish was more of the game in itself. This isn't a game you'll want to keep playing. You'll play for about a week and then delete it most likely. I'm almost at Level 100 and I've played at least 10 of the levels 4 times over with the only different being the background. No real challenge tbh.Version: 1.1.52

Devs won’t even read thisJust another add simulator. Sick off 30 seconds play time 30 seconds add time repeated over and over. To call this is a game is a joke.Version: 1.1.27

AdsIt gives me an ad every ten seconds. If you want me to play your game, then ACTUALLY let me play your game. Also, when I want to watch ads for rewards, it gives me the ad but no reward. I want to skip stage, gives me an ad, does NOTHING. I know you want money but this is a ridiculous scam. Literally, the game has ads for EVERYTHING you want on the app. One last thing, the as for this game says ‘I found a game for buddies’ but honestly, it’s nothing to do with the game. It says ‘control the ball with telekinesis’ like, SERIOUSLY?! Play this game if you want to see ads the WHOLE TIME..Version: 1.1.33

It’s okay but don’t payFinished the game in about an hour and a half (it keeps recycling levels at the later part of the game but I was hoping for something cool at level 100). Paying the $5 only stops the pop ups on the main screen and a few in between (fixed with aeroplane mode) but it still hassles you to watch ads for 2x coins and the option to skip this and the gifts doesn’t go away either. Don’t pay the $5 and it’s okay for an hour of your life but otherwise it could’ve been a lot better imho.Version: 1.1.28

High potentialThe core concept and gameplay of this app is perfect. Mechanically the ball is fun to control, and the levels are well designed and introduce increasingly interesting concepts as they go on. HOWEVER, like most apps on the store, it’s an underdeveloped game. There are waaaaaay too few levels in total, which the game tries to deceptively hide by relabelling them as new levels with no indication that you’ve conquered all that there is to beat. The levels could be so much harder than the hardest this game has to offer. They could seriously create ~10 really difficult levels and this game would be leagues better than it is now..Version: 1.1.54

Too many addsToo many adds makes it i enjoyable and just aggravating.Version: 1.1.28

Such a shame.This would genuinely be a decent game if it didn’t force feed you ads ever 30 seconds or after every single level. Apple needs to do something about this! It’s terrible..Version: 1.1.30

What Now???I finished collecting all the balls and worlds now what are my coins good for absolutely nothing! You should add new track colours having the wood track for every stage gets old after a while. You should also add a star system and timer option to make the same more challenging and fun. I would also like to see a multiplayer option for friends. Other than these things I made it to level 59 and enjoy the game after I removed the ads. The ads are terrible you get stuck on them and they won’t load when you come back to collect your coins. Now that I have everything world and ball I don’t bother collecting coins.Version: 1.1.50

RepeatIt’s really fun but when you get to level 50 it just repeats levels and it’s ANNOYING.Version: 1.1.51

TOO MANY ADSIt’s such a good game but the amount of ads is RIDICULOUS and honestly ruins the game, you can hardly play it with the amount of ads, they really don’t need to put an add literally every time you die like just give it a rest.Version: 1.1.29

Going Balls ReviewIt’s very fun, although there are to many ads and it’s very glitchy. I like it but almost every time I die an ad pops up. And also when you watch an ad to skip, it doesn’t work it just keeps you where you are. Don’t get this is if you haven’t already.Version: 1.1.55

This game is riggedDon’t spin the weel and don’t ree spin the weel.Version: 1.1.54

Ads are an absolute killThe game is simple and brilliant. I’ve gone through almost a 100 levels but the a 20 second ad for every time you fall or finish a level is just insane. I’m aware this is how you guys as developers generate an income but I think it’s just way too many ads for a ‘free’ game..Version: 1.1.50

Way too many ads and ad promptsAfter every “level” it asks you to watch a video to double your points. Then it asks you if you want to accelerate and watch a video. Then it makes you watch an ad anyways!!! Not for me, waste of time.Version: 1.1.55

Repetitive but addictiveThe levels repeat I think I’ve done the same level about 50+ times. I’m over level 500 and it doesn’t get harder just stays the same. Addictive tho and I enjoy playing it.Version: 1.1.35

Pretty good game few things thoughSo the first time I got the game it seemed pretty easy but then the levels kept getting harder so I don't recommend this game for people who get mad easily. So my first problem was the lag I the game was lagging so hard that I had to reset my phone one time. My second thing was some of the levels were repeating a few times and I was ok with it I just know that some people won't be ok with it. And the last problem that I had was the difficulty you had to swipe to go faster and swipe backward to slow down and maybe instead of swiping you could put a toggle it would help a lot and also maybe keep the camera in the same place like so we can move the camera angle the way we want it those were my concerns for this app I like it though..Version: 1.1.37

Pretty bad but could improveI hope the developers respond so that I can know if these problems get fixed. I think it is a good concept (if it is your concept many people on the review section say the game is copied) but bad execution. There are quite a few adds and the controls are glitchy. I know this is not on my side because I have a new iPhone 11 that I got at Christmas. The screen will freeze up and it is quite annoying. The controls are quite wonky as well. I don’t like how you have to move your finger up and down to adjust the speed and if you hold it on fast for quite some time it will go slow again. I think it be fine if there were just two speeds medium and fast. If the glitches get fixed or you take down at least 20 percent of the adds I will happily return to this game..Version: 1.1.28

UnplayablePlayed for 10 minutes, watched 8 minutes of ads. Deleted.Version: 1.1.52

Too many adsI paid for the app so no ads where Included and still ads pop up!!! Fun free game but don’t pay for it!!!!.Version: 1.1.55

AddceptionAdds inside adds inside adds! What’s the point of playing this if it just forces you to watch 30seconds of adds every minute. They aren’t even good adds, just adds for other games that would just be full of other adds..Version: 1.1.46

More skinsI need more skins and maybe a make your own skin plus a different design of the levels many mix the order up.Version: 1.1.42

Waste of timeToo much add.Version: 1.1.55

‘No thanks’You seem to spend more time clicking ‘no thanks’ at the end of each level than actually playing the game. It would be SO much better if once you completed each level there were two buttons. One button saying next level (which just instantly loaded the next level). And the other saying watch a video to get a different colour ball. I would happily rate the game 5 stars if this was the case. And my friend agrees..Version: 1.1.30

Ok gameThe issues aren’t the adverts, I expect them. It’s the repetitive levels. It’s the same 8 or so levels over and over again.Version: 1.1.28

Step up your gameHey I got the boss ball and still THERES ADS what’s your deal I paid 3.99 for NO ads but still soooo many ads. Another thing is that you can’t repeat levels I’m on level 526 and every time it’s one I’ve already seen .you know it gets really not hard for me to finish it BECAUSE I HAVE ALREADY PLAYED IT !!!!!!!!!! So please STOP ✋ PLEASE tell PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU PLEASE PLEASE STOP when I first got it I loved it and I mean loved 🥰 but now try to say out of my favorite file and in my worst app pile .try harder I’m sorry not the game for me ANYMORE! Hey I’m back and not that happy I looked at lots of lots of reviews and almost all SAYS “so many ads ,money stolen ,horrible I paid for nothing etc but yeah your ignoring them and there all about ADS I’m so nice but really shut down your game or change it and by the way I got the “update”version and ohh NOT A SINGLE THING CHANGED so please please please please please do better ps I’m on level 851 and oh yeah I forgot same levels why PLEASE TELL ME RIGHT AWAY ASAP.Version: 1.1.51

Not worth itThere are so many ads and only about 30 different tracks as they keep on repeating them. Good game for an hour or 2 if you turn off wifi and your mobile data. Not very technical either.Version: 1.1.40

Why but funAll the time there is an ad evrey time after a level and the second epic level is impossible not worth the storage space if you hate ads and frustration like me but if you like them this is the game for you but other than the ads and frustration I love the game.Version: 1.1.46

Don’t waste your timeAnother app filled to the brim with ads making it essentially unplayable. Literally played 1 level and then hit with two “no thanks” and then an advert straight away anyway. Fed up with these money making games! There’s not enough time in the world to waste watching the same ads over and over. To the devs please just at least reduce the ads to every three levels or something. Not every single level I complete... But why would you do that when so many people download and watch the ads anyway....Version: 1.1.26

RepetitiveThe game is fun & easy to play. Can be nerve-racking at times & can challenge you until you want to throw you phone out a window. I bit the bullet & paid the $3 to get rid of the adds because I quite enjoyed the game for the first week or two I played. But now, I’m wishing I wouldn’t have wasted my money. The issue is that after I’d say, 30 or 40 levels, you start playing the same levels over and over and OVER. They combine parts of different levels to try and throw you off, or just simply repeat the same level multiple times. I once played a level, followed by a challenge, then another level, that were EXACTLY the same. Creating more levels and limiting the ads for non-purchased users would benefit this App long term & keep a happier and more engaged clientele..Version: 1.1.54

RidiculousA stupid ridiculous waste of time. Constant ads. How do the stupid developers think this is going to float when there is more ad time then game time. Pathetic!.Version: 1.1.46

Heavy on adsSeems like a really cool game and was excited to play it, particularly because of the reviews saying no ads, but was disappointed when greeted with an ad after every level. (Found out this was due to a recent update) I understand that ads are how you make income and I fully support that, but you already have an incentive to watch them voluntarily in the game to increase your coins. Perhaps I’m an outlier, but I tend to play games that allow me to actually choose when to watch ads much more often, and I find myself actually choosing to watch one for better rewards each time because it feels like it was truly up to me. Again I strongly believe in supporting developers and understand that placing advertisements in games is often the best way to do so, but surely you could at least reduce the frequency of the involuntary ads..Version: 1.1.26

Waste of time boringRiddled with adds, can’t even get passed 1 level without 3 adds minimum popping up. Deleted it within 5 minutes it’s terrible!.Version: 1.1.34

Wasted 2 minutes of my life on this appIf only there was an actual game to go with the ads. The levels are super short and easy so that way the developer can shove another ad down your throat before letting you play another. DO NOT ever download this game. You will regret it.Version: 1.1.46

AD OVERLOADDownloaded this game as I saw reviews for a small number of ads... how wrong I was! Get offered to watch an ad to boost coins or get extra prizes, press ‘no thanks’ and still given an advert! Totally understand free apps need to make money, but an advert after every level is an absolute joke. Would definitely not recommend this game due to the ad overload!.Version: 1.1.28

Thoughts about going ballsIt’s too easy make harder levels man Omggg.Version: 1.1.52

Ads and LevelsI got this game like 4 days ago. It is super fun and I think there is just a lot more you can do with it. 1, THERE ARE SO MANY ADS! I saw you reply to someone and said that’s how you keep the game free but there are other games out there that are free and not as many ads. I actually paid to get ads removed but the only ads that were removed were the ones that moved on to the next levels. Nothing for playing the coin level and the gift boxes. So annoying. I would have not bought the remove add thing if I knew. 2, the levels are being repeated and that is so upsetting. With the amount of levels there are and ADS there should be different levels with different difficulties. And make the levels longer perhaps? I would enjoy this game a lot more if those things were fixed..Version: 1.1.26

Too many adsAfter every game it asks you to watch a ad TWICE. Waste of time..Version: 1.1.26

What a waste of $5Insidious marketing. The No Ads purchase costs $5, and doesn’t prevent the ads in between and doesn’t remove the 5 second delay in between being able to click “play next”..Version: 1.1.33

Adverts and repetitive!The game has great potential lads free version is £2.99 and considering there is about 50 actually levels, after that the levels just then start to repeat. Also after you complete a level, leave the game and then come back, it makes me repeat the level. Don’t get me started on the adverts. Also some parts of the track are difficult to pass so press the “skip part button” and it plays a 30 second advert but dosent skip the part your on. And makes you watch 2 ads in a row. Same with the ball refill function. Would pay £2.99 but don’t paying it for 50 levels. Even if you do pay the £2.99 after each level if offers you ANOTHER ad, for 50% increased ball seed then straight after that ANOTHER ad to double your coins. Each time you die you have to watch an ad, it’s very frustrating. Great potential but just not their. Disappointing.Version: 1.1.28

Worst game I’ve playedOk.. so I saw an ad for this on Instagram and I thought it was good also by looking at the reviews and ratings. As soon as I got on (connected to WiFi or cellular) it started to hit me with ads. At first I was fine but after a while the consistency of them is what makes this a one star game.. it starts to pop up in the middle of a game and messes me up. Also when I finish a level, it gives the option to skip the add with an X button but after I press it, I’m the middle of a game it goes to an ad and most of the time the ads crash the game or makes me loose more than 3-4 lives at the most easiest part. I’m keeping this review at one star until you fix the consistency of the ads and how frequent they pop up and where. If this is not fixed I’m the future, I might just delete the game. Thanks for understanding. I hope you have a good day..Version: 1.1.34

Take notesFirst off, the game is very fun. Doesn’t require much work to complete, smooth controls and it’s fairly simple. But there are a number of areas it can improve on. For instance, tone back on the amount of ads because it’s littered through out the game and I want to believe it affects the performance of the phone because I’ve had multiple occasions where my phone started to stutter due to the amount of ads going. Second, spice up the content because it only took me about a day to get all the unlockable content in the game so at this point, coins are useless. Lastly, spice up the courses a bit because a little challenge doesn’t hurt now and then because the “hard” levels aren’t hard.Version: 1.1.32

AddsJust to many adds!.Version: 1.1.51

Why??? 😭😭😭This game is so bad for 5 reasons. 1 It’s so glitchy, the only way to play it is to turn of the wifi. 2 There are adds all the time yet again the only way to play this is to turn off the wifi. 3 The levels repeat themselves. 4 Past level 100 all of the challenge levels are the same one level that honestly is really easy 5 The levels keep getting easier and easier because it is basically just levels from the beginning. All this to say do not download. I only play this game because it is satisfying. (+1 star).Version: 1.1.54

Keep lookingHonestly not great, better versions of this game out there.Version: 1.1.54

BadThis game is okay😡But the thing I really don’t like is how many balls you get.Version: 1.1.51

The advert liesIt is a good game but the advert made it look like it had a cool 3D forest below but all it is is white and that is boring!! Please add this feature cause you lied to every who has seen the ad and downloaded this!! But on the whole a good game. 🤥.Version: 1.1.34

App city, fun game otherwiseIf this game had less ads it would be fantastic , but every level has an ad and it’s so frustrating.Version: 1.1.34

RepetitiveRealistically this game only really has like 20 levels then they just repeat themselves over and over. Once you get to like 20 or so just delete the game honestly.Version: 1.1.54

Too many adsI downloaded this game, played for a while and really enjoyed it. Recently the volume of ads has increased by 100%, between every single game you have to deal with an ad. It’s a shame that the developers have dedicated so much space in the game to ads which I assume drives revenue rather than focus on player enjoyment..Version: 1.1.27

RepetitiveWas really fun but there’s no new levels? Like it just started to become the same ones alternating on repeat and it’s really annoying. I used to love this game and now it’s just boring.Version: 1.1.52

Too many effin ads!!I installed this game and played a few rounds because it was liking really fun but the amount of ads they push on you is completely ridiculous and over-the-top unacceptable I’ve already uninstalled it within 15 minutes total garbage.Version: 1.1.46

Do not buy ad removalMy son loves the game but the ads are slow and everywhere so I bought the ad removed. But it did NOTHING. Complete waste of money and I’m trying to get a refund..Version: 1.1.51

Flop game /:I downloaded this game off of a Snapchat ad and I have practically no games on my phone so I figured I’d give this a chance because the ad intrigued me. Downloading this game was honestly a waste of time, and having it installed is a waste of space on my phone anyway. The game is so slow pace and nowhere near as fast as the ad. It’s quite anticlimactic. There’s also too many ads. I don’t remember which game designer/company this is owned by but I’m sensing a pattern with these games advertised on social media/other games these days. They are so low budget, poorly designed, and money hungry. A good game wouldn’t have to rely on including 2 ads after every round for success. Not to mention the fact that this game overheats my phone. Not cool. This is definitely part of my top #5 flop games list. I wouldn’t recommend. Sorry not sorry..Version: 1.1.41

Too many adsPlayed for 5min and watched 3min of ads, deleted..Version: 1.1.48

Levels way too shortLevels take about 5-8 seconds then between each one you have to sit through 30 seconds of ads and rate us and buy this!! Would be great if they could swap that around, don’t mind ads in games, as they are free for me to play, but the play time should be at least double the time you spend on ads, not this way around!.Version: 1.1.26

Well...Can’t fault it it’s a good game but I’m on level 218 and so many levels are repeated and it’s like ugh this level again here we go...... I think an update is in order or at least should be but yeah great game :).Version: 1.1.31

Great time wasterBut they could have done so much with this game!! It’s very repetitive and lots and lots of ads. Nonetheless, it’s still fun but I’ll probably delete it soon..Version: 1.1.40

ScamJust another lazily made game solely for the purpose of getting children to love it and make money off adverts. I get that’s how devs make money on free games but there doesn’t need to be an advert every time you click a button..Version: 1.1.31

SO SO SO BADI hate the adds because I’m playing and the add stops me and I HATE THIS GAME! Sorry to the people who made this game but it’s trouble.Version: 1.1.55

GamevertisementsI’ve come to really hate mobile gaming because of games like this. It feels like there is literally never a time you aren’t bombarded with ads in this game, and yes, even while your playing the dev made sure to shove a little rectangle ad in the bottom of your screen at the off chance your finger slips and clicks it. Don’t play this game in public like I did, as completing a level, earning rewards, and yes, even moving to another level causes an irritating 5-30 second ad for scantily clad anime girls that is sure to earn the disappointment of your family and the people around you. Get off your phone and get on your Nintendo Switch and play a real game. Fortnite, Mario, I don’t care. Your free time is fleeting and you don’t deserve to be bombarded with ads in “me time.”.Version: 1.1.33

Good idea but poorly executedGame is fun to play but there is way way too many adds to enjoy it. Also the view doesn’t face the way to ball is directed untill it’s moved in that direction for a while, meaning on the smaller harder ‘twisting and turning’ levels it’s hard to actuall see where your going or control the ball at all..Version: 1.1.28

Still have adsVery annoyed after paying $4.95 for no ads, there are still ads in my child’s game. I would like a refund, or a game with no ads. 🤯.Version: 1.1.45

Too many adsI get that this is a free game and they need ads to make money off it, but there’s too many. An ad after every level and an ad to get more money. And what’s the point of the money? You don’t level up anything or spend it on anything so it’s pretty pointless, also the levels are absurdly short. I was playing for only a few minutes before I got annoyed with the ads and completed 5 levels. Way too easy..Version: 1.1.33

TerribleReally glitchy and lags so bad that it’s possible to actually pass some levels because you can’t actually get the ball to roll fast enough.Version: 1.1.29

Good game, but..There’s an incredible amount of ads. There’s a 20 second ad after every button press. I get it’s a free game but there are many other less intrusive ways to make money..Version: 1.1.46

Ads 24/7WORST GAME, after every level you have to watch a 20-30 second video advertisement. Levels don’t take long so most of the time you’re watching tacky ads. Deleted..Version: 1.1.55

Way too many AdsI do realise the developers need to cover their costs by having ads but the ads on this game are out of control. During levels, after levels. Constant ads. I’ve only been playing the game for 10 mins but I’ve had twice as many ads. Delete..Version: 1.1.44

The honest truthI’m going to be honest, I hate giving it a three because it feels mean but if I’m being honest I was going to give it a two. The game is fine, basic like most games but I really don’t see the point. I understand some people might have fun with it but it is insanely hard to move the ball in my case, other people may find it differently. No hate though. :).Version: 1.1.33

Riddled with adsThere are so many ads incorporated into this one game. First it is an ad every time you complete a level. You get enough coins as is from completing the levels. Second is the gift box. Its a gift box, its supposed to be a gift to you, but instead it is behind ads. Either watch an ad or lose it? Seriously? And forced ads after completing the levels, not needed. The advertisements are just everywhere. Maybe put them on the side instead of forcing me to watch an ad. And the level size, you can complete each in 20 seconds, way to short. And with the ad that happens after completing the level increases the frequency for ads. I could give this a five star but the ads are heavy and just bringing the game down with them. Its a good game. But increase level length and get rid of the ads. Like remove ad locked gift boxes and have an ad after some levels that are longer and then this game will get a five star from me..Version: 1.1.38

Too many adsAdvert after every short level, painful to play as you have to stop every 20 seconds to watch the same ads..Version: 1.1.28

Ads still. After I paid to removeI paid 5 dollars to remove ads And they still are advertising on the game. That’s false advertising and a scam in my opinion.Version: 1.1.42

Game is good until level 90Game is great when you turn the wifi off for no ads and then after like level 90 the levels replay in different order and nothing new comes about.Version: 1.1.43

WORST BALL GAME EVERBad things about it 1. You go slower than a turtle 2. You can’t control it too well 3. It charges £10 A month too get this One Blue ball and it’s a ripoff of rolex ball That’s so bad right?? I rate this game a 1.0 it’s terrible and this app is worth a blank piece of paper don’t waste your time getting this DISCLAIMER: This is my opinion so if you read this review and still downloaded it and you liked it that’s your opinion but this app as mine By Lozza 🌈😂🤪🔥🌝🌹🌸 Enjoy the Game Or maybe Hate it your opinion! Test it Out now!!.Version: 1.1.33

Getting betterI’ve literally just started, and the one thing the frustrates me is that I read a comment for no ads, that was obviously a lie, first thing that happened was an ad, and when I fully earned my first gift... it wouldn’t let me have an ad to redeem it, I tried spamming the ad button... nothing. I gave up on the gift next thing you know AN AD POPS UP, this had me TRIGGERED, I hope the developers can fix this, over all the levels are getting al little harder and fun, which I enjoy, but one thing that I don’t like about the controls, you can swipe up on your ball to go faster, but it slows down after you are done sliding your finger, I was kind of hoping for a continuous push, but it would be more enjoyable if it had this feature, overall great game so far.Version: 1.1.26

Ashamed to have supported this companyI lag off the track, then an ad of blurred out breasts being shown on a “private video chat”?! This is a game for pre-teens and teens. Why the hell is ad being allowed on this game? It’s astonishing that such a company would approve of this ad :/.Version: 1.1.54

Too few levelsI’m up to level 400 but theres seriously only 8-10 levels that I’ve just repeated for weeks, getting super boring so I’ll delete, not worth your time.Version: 1.1.29

Game totally sucksThe programming is fine but you can’t go one game without being stopped by an add, there’s so many notifications before you can actually reach the next level. It’s just annoying and awful DONT DOWNLOAD.Version: 1.1.36

Good game but replays levelsThis game is so fun but after a while it just starts to replay levels. im just about over 100 levels in (i have only had it for a few days) and i have already replayed like 50 levels. its very annoying. some new levels would be great. other than that the game is amazing..Version: 1.1.50

New levels??I’m up to 258 and levels just keep repeating. There a no new levels left which is sad..Version: 1.1.43

Pretty good and all, however….This game is not hard. It is easy to complete the continuous levels and it consistently has not a lot of glitches. However, it’s easy but to easy, it never gets harder. If you looking for a game that challenges you to your limits, that’s not your game. I’m guessing you got his app from an add, that add probably looked challenging, this is not as hard as that at all! So after reading this, I would recommend you to not get this game, it is a waste of storage!.Version: 1.1.52

AdsI enjoy the app it’s good, only problem is at first I didn’t get to many adds but now I’m getting adds throughout while I’m PLAYING the game which is really annoying.Version: 1.1.33

Good gameIt’s a good game but they need to add more levels because it’s just repeating the same level over and over, i’m on level 429 and it’s repeating it.Version: 1.1.32

Worst gameBecause i started the game i reached at 205 level but the levels are never changing repeated levels are coming back to back no change nothing.Version: 1.1.51

BadThe game is flooded with adds and it is the most annoying thing I would stay away from this game.Version: 1.1.55

Too many adsFar too many ads, you get about 10 seconds into it and are forced to watch a two minute ad... very annoying would not recommend..Version: 1.1.28

So many ADsLiterally you play 2 minutes for 2 minutes of ads. The game is really nice and sharp but the ads ruins the experience….Version: 1.1.55

Not worth itIt’s a good game it’s just that there is an add EVERY time you beat a level, sometimes even when your playing the level. Also the skip button doesn’t even skip you half the time, it just plays an add. Altogether it’s a fun game but there are way to many adds and that just makes it a bad game. Not worth it.Version: 1.1.54

Way to many addsIt’s a really good game but I just hate it how like every after every level I get two ads and I hate that so can you please add less ads please..Version: 1.1.54

WAY TO MANY ADSThis is a really fun game but even though it has a lot of ads. If there was an option to remove some ads then it would be greatly appreciated if you did it.Version: 1.1.54

Wow!It’s a REALLY fun game with good mechanics and amazing quality, my only issue with this is the amount of ads, please try to make it so the ads aren’t after every level. Overall, I really enjoyed my time playing this game..Version: 1.1.51

Great Way to Find New Games (Please Read if Getting Game)I got this game because it seemed fun and different from those other games that always show up n adds and always have the same concept. But after I played one round I got two adds and then I realized this was pretty much the same thing if you’re looking at adds. So if you read the title you might be confused, so what I mean is that in one of my adds it was a game so I decided to get it because it seemed original and different. Also if your wondering it is better. Now I know they have to keep the adds so the game stays free but in a Developer Response it said you can remove them by the settings bar but did not mention that that costs money and I don’t even have to check to know. Anyway if your looking for a game to play get this game because you get a lot of adds so you can find a good game from those adds..Version: 1.1.26

Ad serving platformIt’s just another poorly made mobile game with the only purpose is to serve you up ads.Version: 1.1.45

ScamThis app has permission to view your photos and videos from your camera roll, read your text messages, emails and record your voice. Be careful. Read the privacy permissions at the bottom, and click on the definitions and examples hyperlink if you don’t believe me..Version: 1.1.54

To many adsThis game has way to many ads it sucks.Version: 1.1.54

Too many adsEven when you say “no I don’t want the special thing you’re giving me for watching an ad,” it gives one to you anyway. Super frustrating..Version: 1.1.51

This app made my phone crashThis game is horrible, constantly freezes and made my phone crash several times, not worth any more than a 1 star rating, if I could rate it lower, I 100% would.Version: 1.1.50

Not enough adsIt’s not enough to have one, sometimes two ads after every level, or sometimes before you even start the level. Not to mention immediately after prompts or events between levels. They should interrupt each level one or two times also to force you to watch ads too. I love spending more time having to watch ads or figuring out how to advance past them than actually playing the game. In all seriousness, the game would be fine, but good lord, I don’t mind having to put up with an ad after a little while of gameplay like all other games, but after deleting the game from being so annoyed by the ad overkill, I was annoyed enough to go download the game again just to leave this review to call out the number of ads, before I delete it once more..Version: 1.1.42

Pointless levels with so many adsEvery level you complete is to work towards actually getting to actually do an interesting course, and in between every level you are swamped with ads. Gameplay would be better if you held got direction instead of swiping..Version: 1.1.33

Has potential but...I understand why ads are a some what necessary part of a return on investment for developers but there are way too many sadly; deleted..Version: 1.1.33

The bass is literally boostedSo I was just playing a level and it had a maze. I was going through the maze and the background music went EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. It was so freaking loud that the game froze, it was kind of cool though. I was shocked so I went out of that maze and it happened again. I couldn’t remember if it froze or not so I’m gonna say that it didn’t. I went back in the maze to check if it would happen again but literally NOTHING. So I finished the maze and then went through the trick platforms. I finished it and then guess what, TDDTRIGISRISRHUSEHS*coin*HRHIUZR*coin*ESHSISEJ*coin*BSEIBSIEB*fall*ZIWZBWUWXJFGJKKGDWGHKOJ*mute*..................*normal background music*. I am literally about to flip my happiness off of me for SPOOKY MONTH. Please fix this bug..Version: 1.1.30

Fun and challenging but....I'm at lvl 76 but it's been a real frustrating time. I have managed to pass some really tough lvls only to be kicked out and upon rebooting have been sent right back to the beginning of the hard as crap lvl. Developers there is no way of doing any kind of screen shot to show you. There's a problem with crashing after a certain lvl and it just needs to be fixed. I returned to see if anything has been fixed and sadly not only is nothing fixed but it's so glitchy you die every time. A reviewer on Sky Roller said this game was better. Sky Roller has same issues but it's not glitchy. Update: just did your "bug fixes update" and it made things worse ☹️😡. Too bad too... now I have to delete..Version: 1.1.52

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