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Couldn’t be easier to get paid!This app is everything I need in a employee-mobile-banking, fee-free account, all in one easy to use app that needs virtually no help from me to use. Door dash pays me automatically through this app and my money is there to use whenever I need it and it’s all fee free!! Plus, you get rewarded with cash back when you use your card on things you buy everyday such as gas! You can also transfer your money to another account or pay someone in their account with no fee! Thank you DasherDirect for providing your hard working employees with this worry-free, fee-free app!! It really couldn’t be any easier to use! It’s fuss-free! Just what we need, one less task to worry about, so we could instead spend the time doing the things we would rather be doing instead of hassling with the regular banks!.Version: 1.4.1

Absolutely Amazing!Doordash alone as a whole is such an amazing opportunity for all people who are willing to put in some work. Doordash is such an easy application to use and you can work on your own time! That is just mind blowing that you can choose your own hours, not only that but they also have a doordash direct deposit application that allows you to access your money instantly after completing a dash! They have direct deposit and the funds appear instantly. For all of those who are skeptical about how much doordash pays you and what the going rates are for completing deliveries. I can tell you from experience that doordash pays you outstandingly for the actual amount of work that you put in. I highly highly recommend people to give doordash a try if you are looking to make a couple extra bucks or even making it your day job! It works for every and any situation. I love this app and I will constantly doordash on my free time it is just too good of an opportunity and honestly is really good money if you stay consistent with dashing regularly. 5 star review I wish it could honestly go higher. I recommend anybody who has a vehicle and is looking for work to just give this app a few tries and see for yourself what your missing out on. 👍🏼.Version: 1.7.1

It’s good with flawsSo I just started DoorDashing about a month ago. I have no complaints with this card other than one..it does NOT deposit the daily earnings at midnight PST like it says. It’s more like 3-4am PST. Then there’s the gas statioN issue. First time I tried to use it at pump it declined it. I had like $85 on it. So I started seeing people saying they had same problem. Well it worked fine in the gas station to prepay so I was like whatever. Well I started making more and more and my card now works at any gas station and I saw it holds $75 at one I go to then it releases it right away once done pumping and only charges what you pump. So basically just make sure you have at least $150 on it at all times I think that’s the most I’ve seen pumps put hold on it for. I love the cash back for gas it adds up fast. So all in all it’s pretty cool to be able to use this card for everyday purchases and earn cash back with daily deposits for free..Version: 1.3.1

DashingThe only one thing I do not like about it is some of the very low prices that you get to do some of the door dashing I don’t believe that anything should be under five dollars especially this day and age with him gas prices and the size of the families that a lot of us have to take care of him but other than tha t. I have enjoyed delivering to most of my customers andI especially appreciate their reviews and let us know what we can do better and what we need to improve on if anything and some of my customers are some of the greatest people I’ve enjoyed talking with I like my job I can do it when I want when I don’t want my kids can enjoy it with me I have a very hectic schedule and when it comes to seeing them so it comes in handy but thank you for being able to employ most of us so that we can do these things.Version: 1.5.0

Great addition to your wallet!Having this card is so useful! On weekdays I Dash and cash out daily to my Dasher Direct card. On weekends, I switch my payout back to my bank (seriously like 2 clicks in your Dasher app*) and I leave my earnings on my Dasher app until the weekly payout happens Monday at midnight. I get a nice chunk from the weekend in my bank and I have little extra chunks to spend throughout the week on my DD card. It took me a second to figure out, but it was so worth it! *Click your “Earnings” tab on the bottom right corner inside your Dasher app. Now, in the top right corner you’ll see a little bank symbol. Click that and it will show you your current, linked bank account. There is another tab below that says “Switch Payout Account.” Once you have your Dasher Direct card activated and linked to your Dasher account, you can click the “Switch Payout Account” tab and choose between your bank or your Dasher Direct card. For the DD card, your earnings will be transferred at midnight and available to use next day. It was a little bit of a process to set up, but simple to follow. Also, you get rewards and cash back for gas and other random things on the DD card so it’s super fun, it’s convenient, and it pays back. Worth it, worth it, worth it..Version: 1.3.0

Dasher direct payments.I love this app. It gives me the option to set goals for taxes or savings. I always got paid the day after I worked by 7-9 am, however, today was an exception. I did not receive my pay from last night and my card was declined at the pump at BP snd I had to pre pay inside instead. I called direct support at 10:30 am about my check and was given the option to receive a call back and not lose my place in line. Well, guess what, I’m still waiting and it’s been 2 hours! I was suppose to dash today but with no pay I could not afford to fill my tank and take a chance of not having gas for who knows how long if I still haven’t got paid from yesterday and today is Saturday. So in summary good app if it works but very inconvenient when it doesn’t especially when you can’t dash because you were suppose to get paid but didn’t and having to pre pay gas is inconvenient for a 2% cash back pay!.Version: 1.4.0

DasherDirectI absolutely love my DasherDirect Card! And my online account also! Both are absolutely so amazingly easy to use. I’m new to Dashing but so far it’s really working out well for me. I highly recommend getting the DasherDirect card and online account if you’re going to do DoorDash. You get you pay every day. What I work and do on Friday is in my DasherDirect account and on my card available to use the next morning..always! I haven’t checked any earlier times yet but mine is there at 9am. But I’ve been letting my money build up for the week and I treat it as a weekly paycheck every Monday. Unless I have an emergency of course. And that’s what’s so great about daily access, if you have an emergency you can go ahead and get paid. So go get your DasherDirect card today (NOW)! It’s totally worth it!!! Thank you DasherDirect for being a great addition to DoorDash!!.Version: 1.3.1

I do enjoy it!!!I love that we get 2% cash back on gas!!! It’s nice knowing that while I may only have $1.00 today/tonight. In the morning I will have how ever much $$$ I made on the dashes I finished today!!!! I would love it if we could round up to the next dollar & it be put into our savings! But OVERALL I am very pleased with it & also very pleased with doordash as a whole. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the team!!! Oh just thought about this but it’s about the actual dashing not $ or the direct card. So I have had a few people ask me what do they do/say or who should they talk to for them to request me personally to get it??? I had one friend just write it in one of the sections when she was ordering her food. But I didn’t get to pick it up & she was just like dang I wanted you to bring it Karen but it is what it is maybe next time. I told her that I had no clue if that was even a thing but she, her bf, & a couple other friends/people I know from working in the restaurant business for so long a the entire time I have lived in Anniston. So I was wanting to know what I should tell them to do or just tell them it isn’t possible/we just do not do that ???? Thank you again..Version: 1.4.0

To Be HonestThis is actually my first apple/app review, but I was honestly compelled to write one. I’ve been delivering with door dash for a little while now and the DasherDirect card / app make it extremely easy to store and save my money. Whenever I want to splurge on something nice for myself I use my dash debit card. I understand I work for the money I get, but whenever I use this debit card it doesn’t feel like I’m braking the bank. Being able to have same day cash outs without fees after doing deliveries is amazing. The only thing I’d recommend is that we as dashers should be able to get a discount while ordering from DoorDash with our DasherDirect card. It’ll probably give people more of a reason to use it and also door dash would be just making back the money they gave to us. Just a suggestion. But In conclusion I do recommend this to anyone who delivers with DoorDash. Also, they do give you cash back at all gas stations! So that’s a plus :). ( maybe soon it’ll be cash back on other purchases as well)..Version: 1.5.0

Great program so farI had been signed up for doordash for awhile but never actually did it because of how long it would take to get paid. However, I gave it a second look and discovered the dasher direct card, it has been saving me. I didn’t have to qualify with deliveries or time on job in order to get paid I didn’t even have to wait for a card to be able to use my earnings. I signed up for the dasher direct card, set my dasher direct card app up, went dashing, got paid immediately after my dash ended and was Apple to use my earnings with my virtual card via Apple Pay. Extremely easy to set up, use and get paid immediately. Loving it so far! Oh, and also like that you earn money back on certain purchases, it’s just a small bonus of using the card (you earn even using it virtually)..Version: 1.7.1

DoordashWould like to talk about my contract violation. The GPS said turn right when should have turned left. I figured it out 2 miles down the road. Then GPS said make a U-Turn. The GPS should have said make a U-Turn as soon as I turned. Then when I got to destination (Burgerville)…The order was not ready. I waited 7 minutes for order to be ready. When I delivered the food to customer, it had been 13 minutes since I had received the order. Even after all that still only 13 minutes total from acceptance to at their door?????? Not sure why I deserved a Violation for that Doordash. I still love Doordashing, just not sure about some things that occur. Like We (the Dashers) need to be able to comment on the order. To tell our side of the story. The Democratic way of doing things. Need a space to text our comments…(like the customers are able to)…..To keep things Fair.😎.Version: 1.7.5

Great card that could use one improvementThe dasher card is great for getting your money paid out immediately after a dash with no fee, earning cash back immediately at the gas pump, and being accepted wherever you make a purchase. You can even withdraw cash from your account at any ATM or bank and the app will help you locate ATMs in your area. The one thing it could use improvement on is the sending someone money/moving money feature. If you want to take your earnings and transfer them to your bank account or pay someone like you would with Zelle, Cashapp, etc, you have to link up to their bank account and wait 1-2 business days for the transfer to go thru. So in order to get things done the same day, I have to find an ATM and withdraw cash and manually put it into my bank account. This is a pain! I wish this one feature could be improved, it would make this card perfect!.Version: 1.7.0

Yes, I love itI love how I’m able to do many cash out now it’s so much more convenient then to only be able to cash out once every 24 hours. I love it including that I can get cash back on getting gas and things that I purchase I get cash back from Etsy another good way to save money. Very helpful definitely makes me love my job that much more. The only downside I have is every time I’ve swiped my card to get gas it’ll either say insufficient funds or see cashier I always have to give an exact price to a cashier on gas that I need to get. I wish I could just put in my card like I do my debit card and punch as much gas as I want to put in without having to go in and put a set price on the gas. So I just wish my card would be more convenient for me to where I didn’t have to go see a cashier or put a set price in for gas. Other than that everything else is great! Very much enjoyable, thank you!.Version: 1.7.1

Not bad, but...Its been about 3 days since activating my Dasher direct card & it has been great, but the only thing i think you should add is the ability to transfer money to your other bank account on file for direct deposit. You can send money to people on the app, so you could send yourself your own money to an account but will take 1-2 business days for processing time. I think we should be able to transfer instantly like we used to be able to do with fast pay. For myself i always would cash out with fast pay every sunday, so sending myself money to another bank account would take 2 days seeing as banks are closed on sundays. At the end of the day it would be like i was just getting a direct deposit every Tuesday when i first signed up with doordash. PLEASE ADD A FEATURE SO WE CAN SEND MONEY INSTANTLY TO OUR BANK ACCOUNTS! 🙏🏽.Version: 1.3.0

Awesome to the MAXBasically a Dasher bank account with Stride bank. Money goes directly into it instantly after every dash no more 1.99 fee, or irritating once a day limit for cashing out. They send you a physical card to use but I’m assuming it takes the full two weeks that they want to get there since it’s been about two weeks and I’ve got nothing in my mail. Meanwhile I just put it in Apple Pay and it is useful. The app has a way for you to part your money into a “savings account” called a goal amount. Far as I know there isn’t any interest return on it lol. But a nice feature to save money. Can enable 2FA for login if you’d like. Overall it’s what every Dooddash Dasher has been wanting. All other delivery apps offer some kind of non fee unlimited deposit format. Now with this DoorDash finally has one too..Version: 1.6.3

Solid app, room for improvementI’ve been a dasher for 7ish months; finally decided to try the dasher direct option when I saw the gas back increase from 2% to 10% and the bonuses for mileage. I received my card yesterday, less than 10 days in the mail. The fee free ATM locator is a nice feature however it should be more than just Walgreens (in my area) as the ones here frequently have issues/out of order. It’s be great if it included the fees for other ATMs that are out of network on the map or broadened the free ones. The virtual card is wonderful and worked fine when locations tap to pay available, account was instantly updated with any changes including the gas back amount I would accrue. I’d love to see an instant transfer of some sort added, even if it had a fee. Moving it to my bank can be frustrating when you need those funds now. And the only way around it (without the actual card) was using PayPal) and still had to pay a fee. Overall, it’s good, better than fast pay or waiting for weekly deposits, and I have access to funds much quicker than previously..Version: 1.7.4

SUPER DUPER!!Very grateful for opportunities to make ends meet during difficult times. A lot of us in the world are definitely struggling I’m sure.. I myself have been struggling with my financial status. Door dash is really a great opportunity to catch up on bills or an avenue to save money if your 9-5 job barely covers your costs of living situations and bills etc. for anything really to reach a goal of buying a special thing you may have wanted without harming your budget. I think door dash is the all in all best go to versus other competitors considering all angles of precise app features and consistent steady flow of orders. I myself like sticking to same patterns and more in to the staying committed to anything I’m involved in.. rather than joining competition companies. Not to say anything negative about competitor companies. I also understand the struggle and people may need to test run any other opportunities out there to see what may work best for themselves. But from researching and asking questions to other drivers around the way from competition I myself like door dash and feel more comfortable with door dash as far as meals pick up and delivery service. All companies in my opinion are great because it helps the people of the community survive and provides a platform for everyone to take care of their families when in need of extra money to make ends meet. Very grateful and appreciative for door dash..Version: 1.5.0

Dasher Direct AccountThus far I have found the Dasher Direct Account and App to be beneficial to me. I like that my dashes are directly deposited into the account. This can make things easier when doing taxes. It also has a goal(saving) feature that you can utilize a few ways. One as a regular type savings and/or as a savings stash for taxes on every deposit so you don’t get burned when it’s time to file taxes. It tells you where ATM’s are located to access cash. Although I have had some issues with this because the app has stated there is no fee but then when I try to use machine it may say something about a fee. May be my fault not theirs due to accidentally inserting wrong card or I sometimes think the machines at the merchants are being switched out. I will be paying more attention. There are also reward features for gas and other types of spending. I haven’t researched these items yet or a few others the App has. Overall I think it’s a good App. It is very easy to set up and use. As someone who is used to managing bills monthly or biweekly, it can cause you to overspend at times because smaller amount are being deposited usually and you have to pay attention and save up to pay bills. There are pros & cons that each has to figure out for themselves and decide what way would be best for them. Be safe Dashers!!! 😊.Version: 1.7.1

Door Dash DriverI really like this app compared to the others. It’s easy to navigate through the app and for the most part pays better as well. I see all these complaints on other platforms and I personally have not experienced them. For example, customers not getting their food because the driver couldn’t find the house or drop off location…..the in app map leads me right to the location with no issues. So with that being said, I believe it’s the driver not the app that customers are mad at. 🤷‍♀️ THE OTHER THING I WANT TO POINT OUT IS THE TIPS, OR LACK THERE OF. We will get an order for 2.50 delivery and drive 8-10+ miles and not get a tip. It’s a waste of my gas to deliver these orders as I would basically be buying the gas to deliver my customers food. Make it make sense. Just saying Mr. and Mrs. Customer. 🙂 overall I love Dashing..Version: 1.7.0

Door Dash is Awesome DDDirect is Even BetterExcellent with getting ur money the next day at about 530/6 am I’m a driver and it’s been a great experience I hope the company keep thriving it has been one of the best jobs I’ve had. Restaurant’s long lines can be frustrating however I’ve recently learned customer support is ALWAYS SO SUPPORTIVE ITS IMPORTANT TO CONTACT THEM FOR ANY ISSUE YOU HAVE! They are extremely pleasant and really try to resolve the issue in a timely fashion! She made me feel so much better and her phone manner was quite encouraging in a stressful situation. I really enjoy working for this company. I also Love the no fee to receive your money with door dash direct and the $2% gas back OMG you can’t beat with today’s high Gas prices!!! Door Dash has been great for a second job and extra cash!Direct is even better!.Version: 1.6.1

Why I Am Enjoying DasherDirectI enjoy DasherDirect because it’s easy to access my earnings and manage my earnings as well. I like that I am able to go back and see my earnings for each delivery, the tip, and my base pay along with my earnings with the promotion earnings. I can access my earnings with my DasherDirect card almost immediately after I end each dash. I can also use my card almost anywhere where credit cards or debit cards are accepted. I am hoping to see that soon maybe there will be atms where I will be able to use my card to get cash out with NO atm fees AT ALL! I know that at CVS and Walgreens there isn’t ANY fees AT ALL when anyone with a Chime card withdrawals money, so, hopefully DasherDirect will be able to change those into FULL NO CHARGE ATMS instead of there not being a fee on Door Dash’s end cause we’re still getting charged by the atm machine’s company owner. Overall, I do enjoy the DasherDirect because it has all of my information and records of my transactions by however I chose to look at the transactions. Regardless if I try to look at the transactions and all the detailed information by the day, week, month, or, even the year..Version: 1.7.1

AMAZING ! SAVED MY LIFEI am a mother of 2 currently expecting, this job was here for me when no other job would hire me because of a pending now closed case theft case. I was not convicted but still could not get a job. I had just lost my place and my car however with a job offer letter, the help of “self” pay, and this job I have found a new home gotten a new car and am working towards being able to afford a better life for my family! The DasherDirect card has a daily payout ! DAILY AS SOON AS YOU ARE FINISHED YOUR RUN I MEAN WHERE ELSE CAN YOU FIND A JOB LIKE THIS THAT IS ALSO LIGHT WORK ON THE BODY ?! Just amazing DoorDash saved my life ! Please tip if you are ordering and please be patient with your drivers Thankful to God everyday that I have an opportunity like this as a part time student full time warehouse worker and full time mom.Version: 1.6.1

Great app for doordash workersI was one of the first dashers to have this app (signed up as soon as the email came) and I have to say it functions exactly as expected, minus a few flaws. You get your deposit every day, depending on how much you doordashed, you get 2% back on gas, which is fitting, and free ATM withdrawals are a huge plus, especially with the ATM finders. You can also transfer between accounts, so if you have another bank, you can wire money there for free. The support number is good too, I had a hotel overcharge me and they sorted it out quickly. My one complaint is that Apple Pay isn’t supported, meaning you have to carry around the physical card. In the future, I’d like to see this added. Also, the support number was a bit tedious to find, as it’s separate from dasher support. Overall, functions exactly as advertised. No complaints besides the Apple Pay feature, and maybe making the support number more visible..Version: 1.3.1

I’m love dashing.I know I haven’t been dashing much but I had a death in my family and I can’t wait to start dashing again, being my own boss I just can’t take anything less than 2$ a mile because the gas prices have been ridiculous lately. I enjoy making my customers happy and making sure they know that I’m very grateful to them. I do everything as if it was my own and always keep them updated if it’s taking too long. I appreciate DoorDashing letting me work whenever I have the time. I would really like to do it at least 4-5 days a week and hopefully make some good tips. I want to get a unicorn 🦄🦄🦄 because on the Facebook dash page is really good and has taught me a lot. I love getting stacked orders and I would rather do it during the day because I can see where I’m going to because at night it’s really hard to try and see the #’s or the homes or apartments. But over all it’s been good to me so far and I can’t wait to get back out there and make it rain. I would highly recommend dashing to anyone. It’s fun, you can make good money and you can do it anytime you need to and the fact you can get paid right after is really nice. I like to stay super busy. I think I’ll continue to dash as long as I can and start doing it more often. Thank you DoorDashing!!!.Version: 1.7.1

Gas station issuesMost gas stations require a electronic charge of $100 or more on the card for the gas prepaid line if you don’t have the money in your account to cover the minimum charged that the gas station charges your card automatically then it was the Klein your transaction regardless of the total of the price on the pump price and how much you have in your account like for instance when I go to Chevron they charge your account in $100 first and then whatever you pay out off your card will come out that hundred and the remaining balance will be released depending on your bank the remaining balance can take 2/3 days to come back into your account it’s important to use the card in the booth tell them “can you swipe it in the booth or in store not at gas pump. It will work just fine for you I haven’t tried this card yet but I know this happens no matter what card.Version: 1.6.2

Dasher Direct is a life saverI loved dashing from the moment I started. There is no other second job I have ever had with the amount of flexibility in my scheduled coupled with the amount of money I can make. But the fact that I can now get my pay the next day is a life saver. If I need gas, to pay a bill or just need a few bucks in my pocket before what used to be my weekly payday is HUGE!!! It’s just so nice to know whatever I make today I can use tomorrow as it is loaded directly onto my Dasher Direct card (almost always before 9am). Being a prepaid Visa card, you can use that account to directly pay bills or transfer money to people’s bank account. It is also very motivating when I’m dashing to keep going when I may feel like I’m done for the day. I just ask myself, “is this enough or would I like to have even more money tomorrow?” The app is so user friendly and I love getting 2% back on all my gas purchases. I can not recommend strongly enough to anyone who dashes to get this app and card immediately..Version: 1.3.0

Re: Doordash Direct!As a Dasher in Seacoast NH, I can’t tell you just how much having Dasher Direct helps me with my home expenses in this pandemic esp. It doesn’t matter if I dash for 1 hour or 9 hours - the money I earned dashing away is deposited immediately after I end every shift. With my dad’s cremation to pay for, alongside a costly 🚘 repair, both at once, both without warning. Doordashing & Dasher direct have been a timely lifesaving options that came at just right time. Direct receipt of funds has really helped in short term necessity, and I love that I can track every bit of info on my earnings in such a clean, clear cut simple way! I can’t say enough good things about how convenient that is for me right now. Dasher Direct and Doordashing platform are both structured so well!!! & when you need your cash way sooner than the week after, it’s right there! ☺️🙏 Aimee- Yogi Dasher!! ❤️.Version: 1.6.2

DasherDirect App & Payment CardYou have the option to choose however you want to get your money from Doordash, either direct deposit in your bank once a week on Monday OR use the DasherDirect bank card you can get issued from the DasherDirect app and they put your daily earnings from the day you dash EACH day on the card at midnight every night, so you will have your money directly on the card to use at ANY store anytime you want! There are also free ATM's around your city for you to withdraw from as well as cash back when you purchase gas at participating gas stations, but the app will direct you to ALL of them and it's so simple to use! They really have their card system, banking and rewards set up perfectly to fit anyone's preference. I would highly recommend this app to anyone who does Doordash and if you are thinking about signing up then totally get this app and the card! You can order it through the app and after you get it in the mail you will always have money at your fingertips each day you dash!.Version: 1.5.0

Easy but slowwwwI do DoorDash as my main source of income at the moment and it’s great, the job is easy and the hours are literally whatever you want them to be but the DasherDirect card is a little slow. Before I applied for the DasherDirect card, I would just use the Fast Pay option when I was cashing out my money for the day, a $2 fee would be applied but I received the money right away which was nice but with the DasherDirect I have to wait for the deposit until the NEXT day or past midnight (around 2am) for the money to come into the card. See, if I was able to get the payment right away like Fast Pay but have no fee onto DasherDirect, then I’d rate it 5 stars. Good product, you get cash back points and other benefits as well but I just rather have the money deposited right away into my debit card like Venmo or Cash App. I guess if you don’t mind waiting until the next day for your money then the card is great. I still recommend having a regular debit card on file just in case you need your earnings to come out right away in an emergency or something..Version: 1.5.0

Absolute blessing God made door dashI’ve never worked with 50 hours in one weekBut I’ve taken home$1201Also teaches me how to be responsible with data if I want to Big money at the end of the year instead of cosplay the truth in customer ratings helps keep DoorDash with integrityAnd motivation this is everything I never seen such a successful very well developed andSuper convenient for the most complex lives sort of like myself to get through the week but work whenever I need to I need to make a sudden bill payment for two daysI can make it I’ve never had the chance to get so many credit cards because of how much money I was beginning every day the time I got bless With taxes madeGiving me the chance to start buying into my Secured cards to thank you – giving me hope when there was none in the union.Version: 1.3.1

Great ResourceI use DoorDash as a second job, or what some call a side hustle. The app for DoorDashers is honestly very nice for so many reasons including, but not limited to cash back on gas when purchased with the card, cash back on several other amenities that are highly used by everyone, and the little things like tracking your reward balance and being able to unlock it rather than just adding it to your account automatically is actually very rewarding literally. not to mention just having another back up card in case something goes wrong is so vital to me since I don’t have a line of credit. you can put your card on your Apple wallet you can use the physical one track your spending rewards in these are in your face is honestly very smooth so shout out, great app. Highly suggest it if you need money to spend within hours..Version: 1.7.5

Good so far!Signed up to receive my deposits from dashing daily versus waiting for a weekly deposit into my bank account. This also makes it easier to “save” the money since it doesn’t deposit in my everyday use account. I like that I can transfer money & the available features just like a normal bank account. My one negative so far is that there is no ATMs near me that doesn’t charge a small fee to use, even though it claims to have access to thousands of fee free ATMs. There are no fee free ATMs in the Portland metro area but there are in small towns hours away?! That part is annoying when I can just pay DoorDash a $1.99 fee to instantly transfer money to my bank account & withdrawal the cash for free at my bank ATM versus paying at least a $2.50+ ATM fee to use my DasherDirect debit card to withdrawal cash. Overall, I recommend it!.Version: 1.6.2

Dasher Direct - I’m PleasedGood Day, I have been a dasher for maybe four years. I must say Dasher Direct is not only an essential addition for Dashers and the Business Card provided is helpful as well. The perks of the card are an awesome way to earn cash back when you spend money on gas (which is awesome as a Dasher). When you couple this perk with a gas app, you have the power to earn double right now. While I have not explored other payout methods, what I have used does show me that the app does everything it is supposed to do. Payouts arrive within the specified, reasonable time detailed in the app. I receive monthly statements and a list of how I’m spending my money. I’m thoroughly enjoying the benefits of having the app and Business card thus far. Five stars. I’m looking forward to any further improvements that Doordash will make going forward. Have a wonderful day my fellow people! To Doordash, I’m willing to stick out the growing pains with this company. Thank you Doordash!.Version: 1.6.1

Great dashingLove it, you get to work when you want and still get to spend time with the family. Each delivery come quick when you head to the hot zones. Only thing is sometime it take me out the hot zone & I have to drive back, but with patients and a little music it not as bad as you think. Fast pay instant cash is 1.99 fee for instant direct deposit, which is great but you have to wait two weeks after 1st dashing to be able to fast pay and dasher direct allow you to get paid every night around 2 am without fee when you wake up the $$$ is there & no 2 week wait . Overall I love dashing it deff take off stress knowing I can take care all the bills only working half the time. If you dash for about 4-7 hours a day you will make around 15-20 an hour. On Friday sat and Sunday you can really bring in some cash and make about 30 an hour if you do it in a timely fashion..Version: 1.4.0

Crazy Quick & EasyOnce I end my dash, my money is deposited into my DasherDirect account IMMEDIATELY. There’s several locations nearby my house and around town where I can withdraw my money. I can use my DasherDirect card anywhere to make a purchase of any kind. Bonus is receiving 2% cashback on ALL gas purchases and I also can see my rewards right away. I also like that I get a notification when a purchase is made with my DasherDirect card, in case if my card gets hacked — I would know right away. You are also able to lock and unlock your card right from the app. I’ve gotten a few notifications that a purchase was made with “my” card. I then went to check if that was true. Every single time I found out that that was not the case. I still went ahead and locked my card just in case..Version: 1.6.2

Super convenientSuper convenient for door dash pay outs. Simple, you dash, the amount you made that day goes directly into the account at midnight but doesn’t show up until 3 am. If you wish to send money to another account it’s free and it takes about 2-3 business days, remember, business days. Saturday Sunday won’t count. So depositing on Friday you’ll most likely see it, Tuesday or even Wednesday. If you wish to keep the money in the account, they’ll send out a card for you to use. Before you get your debit card they’ll give you an online version of your card if you need to make an online payment. (I used mine to order food with the online card before I got my physical card). Also a great feature is cash back, I don’t really see that too often and with the door dash card you can get 2% cash back at most gas stations around. Really neat system they got..Version: 1.5.0

The Dashers Life is for Me!I have always loved driving jobs, and DoorDash has been one of my favorites of all of them! Choosing my own hours is phenomenal. But on top of that I literally could work anywhere that I am I could visit my sister and work while I’m over there I could literally travel the world and work crossing America what other job could you have the flexibility or ability to do that regular delivery jobs often get boring and monotonous when you’re going to all the same regulars and places day in and day out. I could start in Connecticut and end up deep in New York if I want to checking out all the sites on the way and anytime I feel the need I can go on break do what I have to do Weatherby an hour two hours and then jump back to it. And if I decide to work another job I can still keep this one and whenever I need cash it’ll be in my account the second I’m done dashing who can beat that?!?! No I haven’t done GrubHub or Uber EatsBut honestly with how active the system is and how well it works and how fast I get my money I really don’t see how any other system could possibly be better than this one so that’s my take also it took me like 20 minutes to get hired and on the road, yeah,so there u go. Lol.Version: 1.6.3

Best Rewards Program Ever!I must have skipped the print about the rewards when I signed up for DasherDirect. I was surprised when I started to see them accumulate, but I didn’t think much else. Soon, though, I noticed how quickly they started to add up . I didn’t know where they were coming from so I started to dig deeper. I checked the history and it occurred to me how easy it was and how I knew I would continue to rack them up. I decided to redeem out of curiosity and my mind was instantly blown. No searching for deals, trying to balance a ledger to see what I could afford, or anything else that would make me want to give up. Just a quick swipe and instantly I got paid for buying things I needed will always need to buy. AND they are available immediately right back on my DasherDirect card..Version: 1.7.1

WorkingI just want to say I enjoy being a independent driver delivery person so much more than working my last job for Domino’s . I made money at my last job , but the extra work and stress coming from the managers and others was so bad , the demand to do everything not just drive and deliver . I enjoy being able to push my app on find s area and just pick up orders and deliver to my destination . The app gelps so much with most of the information you need, directions , of course your order pick up at Walmart might not tell you everything you are about to load until you get there , but most of them do . I also like the fact a driver can contact the customer with updates so they know exactly when I am arriving with their goods . I like seeing my ratings and deliveries I have completed , and how much I make during my scheduled time slots . I can work as much as I need to or can on a given day . I really needed a work opportunity like this because I am in my sixties and can’t always do a regular job so this job for me and my situation is perfect ..Version: 1.7.0

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