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Stereo app received 89 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Stereo? Can you share your negative thoughts about stereo?

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Doesn’t work!Had this app since January and at first it worked quite well but around the last couple of weeks the app has crashed on me and it won’t load up anymore it’s a shame because I have shows scheduled and I therefore can’t do them anymore unless it fixes. Overall it’s an app that may work depends on who I’m in the unlucky category..Version: 1.48

Cannot access accountI have been using this app for a week or two and this morning I went to go on the app and it asked me to login with my number , it then comes up and say you must be 18 to use stereo( which I am over the age of 18 ) I have tried to contact stereo to sort this out I have sent photo Id to prove my age , I have had no response , my number is not age restricted either ..Version: 1.25.0

TrashIt’s trash no one is getting paid.Version: 1.7.2

Cant sign upI live in a different country and tried to sign up to the app with my phone number. It hasn’t sent, I tried other numbers of my family members and it didn’t work. I was really hoping to watch the Dan and Phil live today.Version: 1.30.1

ToxicThe is the worst app I have ever had on my phone. 90% of the people on the app act like children. The rest are real underaged children that don’t belong on the app. Don’t expect to have a real conversation here. When you connect with someone, you will either get silence, fart noises, rappers, recorded music, people with their TV blasting so you can’t hear them, people who mumble or can’t speak English correctly, talk about private parts, racism against whites, the “N” word or just annoying people who say, “You know what I’m saying” 30 times per minute. The “contest” they have is next to impossible to make money with. It’s favored towards people who have a mysterious checkmark next to their name that isn’t widely known how to get. Celebrities like Paula Poundstone will come on and snatch all the prize money, anyway. Total waste of time..Version: 1.19.1

Why can’t there be a email address so we can sign up for the appI saw an ad on TikTok about this app and I was honestly pretty excited to use the app because the ad was pretty funny, but when I wanted to sign up I needed to use my phone number but that wouldn’t be problem if I had a phone number. (I’m getting a phone number soon though) I wanted to sign up on email instead but it didn’t give me a choice which was kind of weird because why does an app have a number to sign up on but not an email which doesn’t really make sense in my opinion..Version: 5.11.0

Good but has issuesLove the concept but there is no option to pause prerecorded shows? Pretty frustrating. Also would love a feature to disable auto play when first opening app and after listening to a show..Version: 1.27.1


My voice impressions too goodMy voice impressions are so good and believable that I got banned 😅😂 This app banns you if you change your voice!! So if one day you want to be funny and make a voice impression of cartoon character or if you want to talk like your favorite actor, SIMPLY DONT DO IT. You apparently not allowed to be funny in your own way. I was talking to friends and doing my voice impression they wanted me to do and then got banned because I was accused of going against there guidelines. There guidelines state you are not allowed to use any third-party tools, software for voice distortion or text-to-speech functionality are also prohibited. Which is simply all fare because I never used anything like that. I explained to support that I never broke any guidelines that what I was doing was simply my own voice. Without any proper investigation they still have me banned. So also in addition this means if you have any medical disability that prevents you from speaking and need to use equipment to speak such as a electro larynx -typically used for throat cancer patient you would be considered breaking there guidelines there for be banned. If you need your account back support is unwilling to help. Support team also does not like to read so they will copy paste most of what the previous support staff said and will not do any proper investigations..Version: 4.11.0

Too inconvenient to useI get what they are trying to go for with the name, Stereo. There’s no pause button, just like listening to live FM radio. I suppose you get a mute button, but it’s UI is counterintuitive, and why the heck would anyone want to mute but not pause?! Do app developers believe the audience wants to mute and miss part of the show, but not pause? There’s no volume equalization, so if a show has middling audio quality, you’ll be constantly adjusting the volume to hear what’s being said. Just like listening to FM radio. When one show ends (probably the one you follow), you are thrown into the middle of an unrelated live show with hosts you don’t follow and with no subject context. Just like changing radio stations, except you didn’t change anything. Worse still, when you open the app, it throws you into a random live feed where hosts are swearing and/or talking about sensitive subjects. Beware opening the app in certain environments, like a work office. For shows you do follow, the app doesn’t give you context if you’ve already listened to an episode or not. This app would’ve been good 10 years ago. But now we know how good live feeds can be with play-pause, forward/back 15 seconds, and skip-to-live functionality. Even though my favorite podcast is now producing a show on Stereo app (paid sponsorship), I’ve listened twice, but won’t again due to the above functionality limitations..Version: 1.26.0

Inconsistent enforcement of policiesDon’t make the mistake of changing names using the same account the app will permanently ban you & claim you have multiple accounts when that is not true but others have had multiple accounts which this app flagged & restored their original accounts. Further, the app does nothing to those promoting disinformation (against their guidelines) hate speech, bullying, and children and have not lifted a finger in enforcing their bullying, harassment & hate speech guidelines. This app will fail not because of the concept but for the unreasonable guidelines that are not enforced equally nor consistently. Better off deleting the app.Version: 5.5.1

It doesn’t tell you that you are being recordedDoesn’t allow you to delete your conversation with other people against GDPR - if u delete it from ur own profile IT STILL REMAINS ON THE OTHER PEOPLES PROFILE AND YOU HAVE NO OPTION TO DELETE IT FROM THEIR PROFILE AND I HAVE CONTACTED STEREO ABOUT THIS AND THEY HAVE IGNORED THE ISSUE. I will be reporting them to uk data protection as they are failing to stay within the data protection rules..Version: 3.7.0

Fairly awful, just pumped by influencersSadly this is a fairly awful implementation of something that could be a nice idea. The huge influencer marketing campaign seems to be the only reason anyone is using it for now. It’s dreadful how it’s always on. If you join for a show by someone you want to listen to and that ends you’re just instantly thrown into someone else’s where it’s usually totally irrelevant gibberish. Clubhouse has implemented this idea much better. Once the influencer spend ends and all the good content creators leave stereo will be very different..Version: 1.24.0

Age restriction is annoyingOn the apple App Store it says Stereo is for 17+ however when you download the app and put in your information it tells you that you need to be 18 in order to use the app. As a 17 year old this is very frustrating especially as it says 17+ on the apple App Store. I understand the need for an age restriction but I think it needs to be lowered to 15 or 16 and have content restrictions rather that restricting the use of the app itself. I would love to be able to do something in this app without having to wait a whole year till I turn 18 as it seems to be a really neat app and has been advertised to me multiple times without any warning of the age restriction..Version: 1.39

Annoying to useThe lack of pause/play even when listening back to old shows is really annoying. I can pause the audio on my phone's dedicated audio control, but it creates a glitch where I then can't play it again -in my audio controls or in the stereo app. Lack of 15sec rewind is also irritating. If I missed something I have to slide the progress bar back, which throws me all over the place. Lastly and probably most annoying of all is the fact that I can't open the app without some random show auto-playing. I follow specific creators with content I like. I hate that my "home base" on the app is an endless steam of grabbing from people I'm not interested in. Either allow users to auto-mute shows they don't subscribe to or allow them to disable auto-play of such shows..Version: 1.26.0

Garbage.It’s terrible, it glitches constantly and it starts playing random streams out loud when you open the app, which are sometimes talking about incredibly weird and uncomfortable subjects, not to mention the horror stories from people who had their phones called and texted incredibly suspicious things after downloading. If I could give it no stars I would. Do not download it..Version: 1.14.0

RedesignLe redesign de la version 2.0 enlève complètement le côté unique de Stereo. À quoi sert de se coller sur d’autres applications comme Clubhouse, Twitter, Greenroom et autres. Le mode sombre est disparu et, selon moi, devrait se trouver partout dans l’application. Dommage..Version: 2.0

Wont let me sign inIt looks fine but I have put the correct number with the correct country and it won’t call me, or text me anything I’ve been trying for 2 days????? And anytime I try another method it just goes to something I already did (and didn’t work) pls help (Yes I’m on wifi and have full cellular service).Version: 5.11.0

Can’t sign upPut in wrong year and now it won’t let me sign up.Version: 1.23.0

Welcome to StereoThe app has a lot of potential. But it also needs a lot of work. Right now the ability to connect social accounts is broken. And when the lives get more than 20 ppl it starts to lag, like a lot. There should also be some sort of incentive for listeners as well, maybe not cash but something else. Also, i noticed most of the active ppl of the app don’t have a verified check, and think top 25 users should have them, because those are the ppl on the app listening or drawing ppl in with their live..Version: 1.2.0

Great app but few improvements neededSo I’d like to be able to pause the podcast if you’re playing it back after the live session. I also don’t like how it plays random shows automatically as soon as you open the app. Other than that I think it’s a great idea and I enjoy listening to my faves..Version: 1.26.0

Terribly designedI get you’ll are tryna do something new and wacky but the UI is absolutely god awful wth.Version: 1.17.1

AgeI think the age restriction should be lowered, 18+ is irrational when you compare it to other apps, and when you think about the fact that most users aim their stuff at young people but we can't access it! I'm really disappointed that I won't be able to use it with my friends and listen to Dan and Phil (whose content is mainly aimed at teenagers).Version: 1.24.0

Use to be great, now it’s TRASHThis app used to be really awesome. It was different from all other apps which were mindless scrolling, vain postings and constant “content” overexposure. The app was a place to have good discussions, healthy debates and deep conversations. Now with recent updates they’ve allowed minors, uploading of TikToks and selfies which has turned the app into a cheap rip off of any other social media platform. Every post is some repost off of TikTok, people posting selfies as if this is instagram, kids posing asking you to rate them, underage girls posting themselves and their bodies/twerking, immature post/replies, and people fishing for engagement and not having anything meaningful to say or talk about. Stereo officially sold out and has become a dump of tiktok rejects. We didn’t ask for this nor do we want this. You’ve allowed yourselves to sell out and have kids ruin the app. Hope it was worth it.Version: 5.10.2

:(Would just like to not be forced to listen to other people's live streams with no way to mute them or somehow navigate the app without random people talking. makes it hard to use!!.Version: 1.25.0

Please fix the following/followersIt’s a great app, however could you please fix it to where the people we follow are in alphabetical order and we can see in that list who is currently live again? It’s a lot of work to have to sift through the whole app full of people to find those we have connected with and see if they are live if we don’t have notifications on. It would be good to be able to check our “following” list and see from that list if someone is live who we have previously connected with. Thanks, this would be a big help..Version: 1.25.0

IntrusiveWhy did it followed all these accounts that I did not even know when I created an account? Intrusive.Version: 1.26.0

2 stars stereo reviewGreat concept and decent connection servers. However they are fickle on what is appropriate content and what is not. You see shows with slur words as titles for shows and they encourage minors to participate without adult supervision. Not down with that. Engage in great conversations with some intelligent people or spend your time with cringy mentally off people the choices are available. I love stereo. My friends do too. But we don’t approve of their biased enforcement on terms and conditions and their allowance of derogatory slang on titles and show conversations..Version: 5.13.1

Very poor- Do not useI tried to reach out to them to discuss an issue around there suppression of a private person’s opinion. Below is the note I sent to them. This app is very poorly run, and if you speak anything that their censorship team disagrees with they cancel you. I do not like or recommend this app at all is there any reason that you’re canceling people that have a discussion around the vaccine? Why did you block someone that just had an honest opinion? You’re supposed to tolerate opinions not delete them if you disagree with them update- People were banned who DID NOT GIVE MEDICAL ADVICE but were accused of. Unreal..Version: 1.30.1

Good, but not that good.Honestly I’d just use discord.Version: 1.33

Phone number only :(Sounds fun was looking forward to interacting with a fav podcast, but don’t like that the only way is with the use of phone number.☹️.Version: 1.22.1

Why the age restriction???I wanted to get stereo so I could listen to the likes of Chunkz or ChrisMD. But I can’t because of the age rating. You get YouTubers that a younger age group can watch yet you put an age restriction so some of their fans can’t even get to listen to them on here. Plus you are missing out on a big amount of app users by doing this..Version: 1.26.0

Horrible.I can’t sign in put the wrong year now i can go in.Version: 1.24.0

.Stereo is saying temporarily unavailable and I have no clue why n idk how to fix it..Version: 5.9.0

Boot loopMine just spins forever and doesn’t even start.Version: 1.8.0

Age limitI found that a lot of people are too young and for people like papa jake fans they can’t listen to him it should be 9+.Version: 1.23.0

Find app hard to useI like that this helps podcaster do live Q&As, but the app could be nicer to use. It doesn’t remember your place if you stop playing and it’s hard to follow and find new episodes of the shows you care about. I also dislike that audio plays from a random show when you open the app- I find this jarring, especially since shows might have swearing. I wish I could listen to archived shows recorded in stereo in other apps..Version: 1.26.0

WillneWillne willne willne.Version: 1.30.0

There is no need for this app to be 18+A lot of the podcasts are targeted towards teenagers and young adults. I don’t think one or two F words is cause for the app to be 18+. Like who is offended by swearing? It just restricts those who should be able to use the app from using the app. 16+ would be fine surely..Version: 1.22.0

Great app but it’s missing a core pieceGreat app overall very simple and easy to navigate .. but I do think it’s missing the ability to make shows by yourself, like Instagram live.. it makes sense for me to be able to create a title for my show and talk about things important to me and have people engage back with text and voice comments... instead this app shifts through random people hoping to find someone to talk to. Just let us pod solo..Version: 1.20.1

Stereo keeps glitching and removing peopleI love the people on the app and a lot of the podcasts but lately I go to watch a show that says is live and it’s keeps on glitching and repeating the same conversation even though it’s live. And they keep removing good podcasters because they swear or say something people don’t like what they say and they cancel them. It’s getting tiring. If you don’t like what someone’s saying then just go to a different podcast. It’s not that hard lol. But the app is almost unusable due to bugs lately..Version: 1.42.0

RipThis app is really good, but when you try to communicate with the people who are streaming it doesn’t allow you.Version: 1.26.0

Can’t sign up without cellphone number.Why do all apps do this nowadays? I can’t afford texting or cellular service. I was really excited to use this app & send a message to one of my favourite creators, but am not able to do this. Because I have email, not a phone number. Why do apps alienate an entire user base by doing this? Instant uninstall because I can’t use the damn thing without a phone number. Very frustrating to not be able to use apps anymore. I’m 24 and you can’t tell me that calling and texting aren’t going out of style; they are. And you won’t let me sign up with an email. Just disappointed and frustrated I guess..Version: 1.20.1

Crazy Call Beeping ERROR📟I really enjoy Using Stereo to Talk with New People in a safe way but this beeping noise that enters the room while on LIVE is ridiculously making me Reset my phone app for stereo every Login because it’s destroying my patience, listening to multiple beeping sounds that errors in a infinity ♾ beeping that won’t go away unless you reopen as a new app it’s really sad if it doesn’t get fix I’m sure other people have mentioned it to the developers but their too lazy to fix anything during holiday season it’s okay ✅ with me if you’re not willing to improve stereo but make we as consumers don’t notice their no updates for this issue at such a busy time of the year 🤦🏻‍♀️ smh.Version: 2.1.0

Forced to hear garbageI joined to hear Stradman, but I start Stereo and it immediately plays a random conversation, usually filled with expletives and conversations that I don’t want to hear. There is no pause button, so I rapidly try to find what I came for. There is no pause, even when closing the App. The UI is odd and cumbersome. It’s an App made for talkers, not listeners. There is no sense of Community. Just random talkers. It reminds me of old London with a person on a soapbox on every corner, yelling out doomsday warnings and conspiracy theories. I couldn’t find a theme that was interesting to keep me coming back for content..Version: 1.25.0

App is misleadingAlot of cyber bullyies and stereo doesnt do anything.Version: 5.17.1

Dumb appI put the wrong date of birth and went to fix it only when they told me I’m too young and now I’m unable to fix it at all.Version: 1.25.0

Got insta bannedI downloaded the app and the moment I put in my phone number I was banned.Version: 5.4.1

Is this app even safe?Well, it works well for its purpose and all but that’s kind of ruined when i’ve seen 5 separate people report getting odd scam or even threatening calls & messages since registering with their phone numbers. one person has also said it switches on their microphone at random points and two other people have reported being kicked off for being under 18 (which i get is against the rules but that is against the point) even though they lied about their age when registering and the app should not know that information through anything else given access for. if you want to use this app that bad, i’d recommend turning off its access to your microphone, contacts, mobile data and camera roll after every use. or just don’t get the app..Version: 1.14.0

Age restrictionWith many young people’s idols using stereo, the age restriction should be lowered to 16.Version: 1.17.0

What is a mobile signalI did the phone number but wat is a mobile signal.Version: 1.27.1

It’s a fun idea with frustrating featuresOne thing that’s been pretty frustrating that I’ve encountered while listening back to past shows is the lack of a pause button. I think it’d be very beneficial for there to be one, in an easy to access spot. Another thing that would be nice is a rewind button. There’s one to fast forward 15 seconds, but it’d be cool for there to be one to go back 15 seconds as well, as I’ve found myself missing what the person said and wanting to hear it again. It’s a struggle and inconvenient to use the slider for this. Finally, I understand the goal of trying to get more people to listen to different streams they might not otherwise, but the feature that begins a random stream as soon as you enter the app is quite annoying. Perhaps if this stays, maybe the default could be for it to be muted when you open the app? Or give a list of popular streams at that moment instead? I just think that if people are discussing 18+ topics, you should have the option of when it’s played, rather than immediately and constantly while you’re browsing the app, as I’ve opened the app before and the stream I’ve been given were talking about inappropriate or “nsfw” things, and I wouldn’t want that to happen if I were around someone like a family member or someone in a public space..Version: 1.25.0

Literally just underage people posting inappropriate and sexual contentChild porn needs to be age limited or moderated heavily. Not safe. Cringe. Gross. Icky… TikTok should not advertise it…SHUT IT DOWN.. FBI PLEASE!!.Version: 5.11.0

I AM CONCERNEDHello my fellow Americans. I have been using this app for well over a month now. After initially being hooked to the app where I’ve had the opportunity to have so many interesting talks with a plethora of people from many different cultures, thoughts, and religious backgrounds during a pandemic and quarantine I stopped to realize something incredible DANGEROUS AND CONCERNING. This app is owned by a Russian Billionaire worth 1.5 a billion dollars. It was introduced to a extremely small town in Europe and then immediately mass marketed via Facebook & Instagram to the citizens of the US. 👀 Employees that work for this company who are predominately Russian run the leader boards. And if you speak about certain things concerning the conspiracy here they will follow you and track you. It’s extremely concerning. This app can be a tool for spying 👀 on US citizens. Why? I don’t know. Russia we see you! And yes the owner is Russian-British but he is Russian by loyalty and something is fishy with this app. Watch what you discuss and what you release when it comes to your information and deeply rooted thoughts 💭..Version: 1.16.0

Figure out who your target audiences areMy younger brother is a huge fan of a YouTuber and when he saw that there was a chance to ask them a question, he jumped at the opportunity. Might I say that he idolises this person, to the point that when he saw he was too young to listen to a *family-friendly* YouTuber, he was gutted and frustrated - even though I was able to download the app, he still was disappointed he couldn’t just have it on his own phone. Remember that some of the people you sponsor on YouTube have young viewers and would be thrilled to ask them questions, yet are blocked by a age barrier. My suggestion would be that these creators/influencers would need to instead indicate if they wish to have an age limit to their livestream prior to beginning, therefore allowing their full audience to attend and interact. Fix this - as many others have the same ideology as this and would be thrilled to see the correction..Version: 1.20.1

Just a whole bunch of underage immature kidsWhen I started using stereo at the end of last year it was SO much fun! I got to converse W ADULTS & there was substance with the online community, okay maybe not much more but hey it was fun being with just the other adults. Until... an update that brought the 14 YEAR OLD demographic into the adult area! Stupid right? Now all you hear is immature tasteless annoying commentary from kids that have no business in posting "rate me" media for all people, including adults, to fall into & prey on. I'm disappointed in Stereo & if they separated the communities again I would download the app again & hang out..Version: 5.10.1

If you put the wrong date of birth it blocks you from itI am 18 years old just turned 18 recently and made a mistake I put the wrong date of birth and it blocked me from using it, don’t rush it! Because I am now waiting for them to reply but a waste of time if you do the wrong thing!.Version: 1.26.0

Rampant Misogyny, Rape Culture, Racism, Bigotry, homophobia, toxic vindictiveWomen / LGBT / ASD face greater risk when engaging in live chat. -chronic predatory activity.Version: 4.7.0

SketchyThis app is so sketchy and really hard to use.Version: 1.14.0

Too much censorshipIt’s extremely easy to get banned on the app especially if there are people who don’t like what you’re saying and decide to report you. I understand the app has a moral duty to take mental health seriously etc but... you cannot be a tad bit controversial which I do not like at all. I do not know anyone that hasn’t been banned multiple times.Version: 1.39

Needs improvementA splendid platform that I’m already enjoying, but it lacks certain aspects. A playback screen for upcoming streams would be nice, as would a list of shows as opposed to just creators and hashtags. Organisation is a little messy and it’s not easy to navigate. Otherwise, pretty good..Version: 1.26.0

Locked accountThis app sounds really fun and I would love to try it out one day but I can’t. I put in the wrong birthday and since of that I have been blocked. I even emailed them 5-6 times but I got nothing I’m response. If your about to get this app put YOUR CORRECT BIRTHDAY down..Version: 1.12.0

Very hard to use and not "intuitive"The way this is marketed is "live podcasts". I understand that but even on live streams you watch online there is a function to pause the stream or to listen to past streams. This app has no pause button so if you want to listen to past shows you have to listen to the whole thing at once. The creators I want to listen to are in the UK so I can never "listen live" but would like to be able to listen when I get the chance but it's hard to do that with the way it's set up. It's also very hard to navigate around and there is no tutorial so you have to basically use trial and error to figure out how to work it..Version: 1.28.0

Poor moderation.Stereo is essentially a cesspit where users are allowed to spew vitriol with no backlash. You can report them however in most cases nothing happens. There are repeated violators who just keep coming back onto the app to troll after small 24-72 hr bans and you have people who get banned forever for 1 violation that was not intended. The app says that it takes no responsibility for users conduct....noted, but they also say users will be dealt with if they violate, which never seems to happen. I gave it a two because it is a nice app if it wasn’t for their lack of care for non violating users and seemingly favouritism towards the trolls I would have gave it a higher score. There has already been a stereo suicide due to bullying on the app. Sort it out stereo!.Version: 2.6.1

Beware!!The people working behind the scenes are woke leftists who favour certain groups off people by allowing hate speech on their platform (even though they claim in their T&C’s they don’t) and will permanently ban others for minor things that are unrelated or don’t fit their agenda. Another woke platform. It’s also rife with underage children on the app interacting in talks with gown adults. It disgusts me. Stay away and keep your children safe from a place like this that is turning into something like omegal has done with children. Can’t wait to see what your ambiguous excuse is under this review stereo. What ever it is you should be shut down and hopefully I have a part to play in that with filth like this accessible to kids..Version: 5.12.0

Refuses to workI am rather disappointed, to be frank. This is the first poor review I have ever given on the App store. However, I am motivated to write this review precisely because I was really enjoying the first 6 hours of usage, as opposed to some terrible apps which I have installed in the past which were poorly made. The performance was smooth, the controls were nice (apart from the difficulty in pausing already recorded podcasts), the UI clean, and the idea was really interesting. However, I dropped in last night hoping to explore further when the app started to perform what I would suppose would be its version of a “wheel of death”. This morning, the same phenomenon occurred. I tried reinstalling the Stereo multiple times, wherein a different version of the “wheel of death” took place (if you’ve already logged in, a white sheen flashed over two empty profiles-if you’re yet to log in, two dots cycle around each other). I left those dots rolling for five minutes on the third attempt before writing this review. They’re still rolling now. I’m hoping someone will reach out to me to let me know how I can fix this. I’m happy to send over the details from the application my iPhone. Hopefully, I will be able to enjoy the next podcast I was scheduled to attend. One more note- I would also ask for the ability to add multiple languages to a roster, i.e. being able to flick between an assortment of podcasts speaking your selected languages, rather than needing to restart the application for your chosen language. This would be particularly appreciated for multilinguals at night, when there are fewer podcasts available..Version: 1.24.0

Pretty bad UINeeds a lot of work. As soon as you open the app something random starts auto playing. There’s no play controls in app and the Apple Lock Screen controls don’t work. Uninstalled after this. A YouTuber’s podcast is on this service so I guess there could be interesting content but it’s unusable in its current state..Version: 1.24.0

UpdateLove the app BUT we need a button to click that lets you see the message list. So you can see where you are on the list and how many are there. This would be a game changer!!!! As some talks have 100 messages but you wouldn’t know as a listener, if you were to know this you can choose if you want to send a note in..Version: 2.4.0

Age restriction issuesI go into my account to see why it says i cant open it after i made sure my account was above 18.Version: 1.26.0

Great App. Needs a sleep timer please!!Needs a sleep timer and it needs a pause for replay. It also needs an off button. I can turn off the sound but I think it’s still operating so then I have to quit it completely or I think it’s using battery power. Some people don’t know how to stop it so they delete it. I think you could keep those people with those functions. Also I’d like to choose to go I to the next replay in the list of the people I’m listening to (after replay or live) rather than go to some random people after my replay finishes. If I fall asleep I wake up with random people talking..Version: 1.30.0

Pause button?Where is there no pause button when listening back to recordings? Makes it very annoying to use..Version: 1.26.0

ITS NOT 17+It needs to be changed to 18+, false advertising. I’ll be back in a week when I turn 18 then hopefully I can use the app..Version: 1.24.0

AgeI haven't been able to use the app as it has an age limit, once you put your DOB in it says that you have to be 18 and over. You try and edit the year to have access to the app and doesn't allow you to..Version: 1.20.1

False age on app pageAge restriction- the app store says it is 17+ which i am... but when i put my birthday in it said i was too young and it’s 18+ this is falsely advertising the app..Version: 1.23.0

Blocked from streamingImagine a brand new user opens your application. He taps around a little bit and gets used to the interface, he listens to a few conversations, and decides to put himself out there in hopes of discussing anything freely. The conversation goes into discussing a hobby. Nothing illegal, nothing life endangering, just a simple discussion about amateur ham radio. Now I imagine in the middle of that short-lived conversation the discussion is abruptly disconnected and a pop-up states that your account has been blocked for 24 hours for violating guidelines.I’m sorry, but are you mistaking yourself for TikTok? I am uninstalling this application And I can only hope that others follow in my place..Version: 1.0.9

Was good app but then ugly changes cameThis was a very promising app. I started to really like Stereo,and it was going so so well. I took a few months off due to work and personal life. So when I went back to stereo recently I was absolutely shocked and disappointed!!! Not sure when this new update with videos and photos came but it has absolutely downgraded the app experience. First of all, with the new update it’s really hard to understand what the heck is going on with each post because of messiness. The app is messy, very very messy. Not clean, not easy to navigate how it used to be. I also don’t wanna hear the video’s noises AND people trying to voice comment. It just messy. Posting quality is really bad. People are posting really low quality videos and photos. Why?! Why do we need this on stereo?! Which literally means audio, not photos, not videos but stereo aka SOUND… I really liked Stereo when the app just had a simple scrolling feature with little rectangular icons and buttons. It was so simple and easy to navigate, the simplicity of chiming in into random conversations, it was welcoming, it was actually quite perfect. This new version is basically tik tok replica. WHY? Developers, please stop copying other platforms. Stereo was good enough because it was somewhat original and interesting. Now it has lost its charm, now it’s just really really bad low quality posts with horrible videos or pictures. The quality of the current app is absolutely garbage. PLEASE, developers fix this asap. Otherwise you’re going to self destruct, and that’s too bad, because Stereo had(has*) actual potential. What I like about stereo is our avatars and how they interact when comments are published. I love the older version. If this is not fixed soon I’ll just find another platform that was similar to the old stereo version..Version: 5.9.0

HmmSeems that I might need a cell phone (mobile phone in UK) to use this app. Tried putting my landline phone number into the system to get started but it just bounces. Problem is that I live in an area where there is very patchy coverage so a cell/mobile phone is too unreliable to use. Bummer..Version: 1.23.0

The app is class but it could adaptI think the concept of the app is class and the way it works is on point. My problem isn’t the most necessary but I think a little mor avatar options might be slightly better. Love the app it’s a genius idea, Thank you..Version: 1.22.0

Let me change my birth datePut in my wrong birthday and i am now locked out. I cant use the app anymore. Please change this so i will be able to log in..Version: 1.20.1

Terrible AppIf I could give it a 0/5 I would and this app is really just trying to be like Tik Tok but anyways I thought this app was gonna be fun but all it is, is a bunch of girls showing there bodies in bikinis and their butts and this app really isn’t for kids like it says (13 years old is still a kid). There are 8 and and 9 year olds on the app seein that stuff so this app really should be 17+ and not 12+. That’s not even all there is too it that’s only half of the videos they show you there’s also a lot of school fight videos and fighting videos where some of the people get killed and the creators just laugh abt it it’s disturbing imo. There are some people who try to make it wholesome but it just ends up in a big fight with a lot of cursing..Version: 5.11.0


I don’t have a phone numberIt should have an option to use your Gmail instead of phone number.Version: 1.22.1

Needs improvementsAge limit is too high as most people are under 18 and you can only put in your age once! Also the age on the App Store is wrong! Can’t pause or rewind the conversations also every time you log into the app random conversations start playing and their is no way to stop them! Needs notifications as it’s easy to miss conversations and miss the live chats which is the whole point of this app!!! It seemed like after installing the app I received more scams being sent to me!!! The app can be quite difficult to navigate and isn't always clear how to use!! Needs to have a topic search so you can search for topics rather then just peoples names!.Version: 1.25.0

Great concept that is being abused !Uninstalled app within days…The concept is really cool but there are way too many immature trolls obsessed with the sound of their own voices and seemingly unaware that profanity needn’t be the first rule of communication. Totally ruins the spirit behind this otherwise ‘great’ app. Not really sure what developers can do about bad users but …Look who am I to influence you? try it out and decide for yourself!.Version: 1.39

Half the people who want to use it can’t even make an accountI just want to know why you have to be 18 to use it..... I understand if you had to be over 12 or 16 or something but 18??.Version: 1.24.0

Wrong birth date and year now i’m not allowed appI was really excited to watch my favourite podcast or‘s stream but I put the wrong year and day N and now I’m locked out until further notice.Version: 1.25.0

Why do you need a phone number?It doesn’t make sense why the app needs my phone number to work. I mean doesn’t it use wifi why do you require a phone number?.Version: 1.11.1

I dont think this is right!I got banned from this app for aparently being under age. I found a 12yr old on the app and I am older! why did I get banned?This one girl was racist under age and didnt get banned.I made friends on the app and It was really to say goodbye and get banned so Im writing this reveiw to say this app is very bad i dont recommend this application!.Version: 1.25.0

Will not let me make an accountKeeps telling me I’m underage even though I’m not and I put in my date of birth correctly..Version: 1.31.1

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