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Stereo: Let’s Talk app received 68 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about stereo: let’s talk?

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Great idea for an appI really enjoy this app 🤩.Version: 1.25.0

I love this app!I love this app! It’s very fun and has a lot of good content. The concept is very clever but I do have a couple of suggestions. First, one recorded chats, developers should add a 15 second rewind button in addition to the 15 second fast forward button. Second, and I’m sure you get this all the time, you should add a feature to allow people to send private messages to one another. But maybe that’s part of the uniqueness of the app. Last suggestion... you should implement a way for the hosts to put a poll in the broadcast and allow the listeners to vote! I host a weekly broadcast that this would be very useful for. Just some thoughts. Otherwise, this app is awesome!.Version: 1.12.0

Total Door Buster!!I am in love with this app!!I think that this is a total game changer when it comes to social media content creation and bridging the gap between people around the world! I think it’s extremely helpful to have something like this especially today where people are isolated because of COVID-19. I love that I have the opportunity to have a conversation with people I otherwise would have had the opportunity to do so. The app allows me the creative freedom that I want as far as creating a brands for my wellness practice! One thing that I would like to suggest the app do is find a better vetting process for verifying peoples age when they download the app. We all know that kids are being affected by the lockdown as well and want to socialize however this is not the place! I think that there needs to be a vetting process that is more thorough so we can keep kids under the age of 18 out of the community. Outside of that, I think the app is amazing and I look forward to seeing where it continues to grow..Version: 1.20.1

Fix this please!It’s dumb how someone can just randomly report you for being underage and then before you can confirm you age, you get restricted. I’m 21, but some jerk reported me for being underage, and now I can’t get back in. It’s should’ve pre verified my age based on my Apple account, this is stupid. I couldn’t even dispute this, they just restricted me for no reason. Why is this a thing? The user should at the very least have a chance to dispute it, or show proof, I.D., Passport, or Birth Certificate. Please fix this, because other users should not have control over this kind of thing; it should be dealt with by the app owners themselves..Version: 1.14.1

FineIve used this a few times to watch dan and phil, and its worked pretty well i guess. as an app that allows individuals to submit their own short messages its a great way to engage and connect with viewers. i also like that you can listen to it outside of the app itself. there is some downfalls, age limit should be taken down a little to 15 or 16 at least, i cant see really any need to have it at 18. I don’t like that it automatically connects you to a stream, it should come up with options or some other thing. in one stream that i was watching it kept cutting out a little and there was also an echo but idk if that was stereos fault. and i also think you need to experiment a lil with styles and add more options to your character customisation, my hair cannot match mine and my lips look a lil strange. overall its an alright app to go on and talk to or listen to some of your favourite social media influences. lets be honest i would of given it a 3 star if i wasn’t biased..Version: 1.17.1

Amazing concept with so much potential!This app is such a great new way to connect with people and have spontaneous discussions. I find it super easy to use, and always come away from talks feeling like I’ve learnt something new. The new soundbite feature is especially great as it’s so easy and quick to interact with! For the app to be better, I’d love to see more soundbite options each day, and I’d also love there to be more talks running, which I’m sure will come with more users joining over time..Version: 4.2.0

Amazing AppI love this app, ever since I joined I’ve had nothing but positive experiences through connecting with so many unique individuals. Great platform for putting yourself out there and connecting with people from all over the world. Can’t get enough of this app!!.Version: 1.13.1

Age limitWould love it if it wasn’t age restricted I wasn’t able to listen to my favourite Youtuber because I was only just too young😢🥺.Version: 1.17.0

Love stereoReally loving using Stereo. It’s amazing for random conversation or thoughts you want to share with others (from all over) and particularly great if you love a debate! I’ve spoken to people from all around the globe, something I’d never really done before, apart from while actually travelling. While there are many quite serious conversations happening a lot of the time, it can also be super light-hearted, where you can play games with friends (Buzzwords is my fav)- Stereo has allowed me to bring people together I hadn’t spoken to properly in years! I think it’s a really great confidence builder too for people who are maybe practicing public speaking, or those who want to start a podcast but don’t know where to start..Version: 4.2.0

Great idea but a few annoyances and bugsSince the update it no longer wants to play in the background which is annoying as I listen to the app like I would a podcast. It would also be nice to use the skip buttons that my iPhone has too. The app also keeps dropping whatever I’m listening to and I have to find it again and try and find and pick up from where I was before. Infuriating at times!.Version: 1.24.0

Skip backward option would be goodGood app, but would really help to have a skip backward 15 second button as well (scrolling back on a long show is difficult to do).Version: 1.28.0

Modern social media has arrivedPutting the power back into the people this is such a great app that delivers. There is no distracting images, videos, filters to hide into just simple and natural conversations.Version: 1.20.1

Kinks and glitchesOverall I really enjoy the app. I joined to get over my fear of speaking to multiple people. I’m improving so much with my social anxiety. I stumble less over my words and speak more with confidence in my daily life. It’s a little surprising when the app glitches and I can’t press the button when people chime in or just kicks people off and you have to start over again. However it is improving and I can tell they are working to fix it..Version: 1.18.1

3 peopleLove the app so far but a feature where you can add a third person to the podcast/ talk would be even better..Version: 1.24.0

Please remove gamesWhen I record a voice message it’s often disappear if on recording moment somebody leave chat or co-hosts leaving - message disappears.Version: 3.7.0

Great appGot this app to listen to the dan and phil podcast, thanks for supporting my favorite youtubers :).Version: 1.30.0

Add a Play/Pause ButtonI’ve been really enjoying the app, I think it’s a great concept and works well. I would give it 5 stars is it didn’t play something the second you opened the app and if there was a play/pause button!!!!.Version: 1.22.0

Great live podcasting appThis app is great for an impromptu conversation that you want to share with others. If you’ve ever wanted to create a podcast, but don’t have any of the gear, this app is definitely for you. It’s also full of great live conversations. When I downloaded it for the first time I spend 3 hours listening to the first conversation I came across. Having the ability to submit live comments and questions to other podcasters is also a great way to ‘scratch an itch’ if, like me, you enjoy a good debate..Version: 1.18.1

Get This App!I love this app because it gives you a platform to be able to interact with other users in dialogue based off of topics that are prompted or you can choose your own to talk about and as an added bonus you have an opportunity to win cash prizes based on your use of the app! I’d say get on, listen as if it’s a live podcast or start your own and give people something interesting to listen to. There’s minor glitches between users but it’s still worth taking a look 😊👍🏾.Version: 1.0.8

It has good potentialThis is not a platform ready for mass listeners But it’s really good for small groups under 500 listeners per podcast. It’s fun to see a new way people are able to interact and I think the feature of audio from the audience is very cool. One thing I would like is for the streamers or be able to preview the audios or pick one out if they have a queue of them. Maybe an option for them to listen to the audio before their listeners hear it, or maybe let the people sending in audio to the streamers add a title. So you can say I’m talking about the general topic or giving an answer to what was just mentioned. I think this would be something that really improves the experience for the creator and the users. Sometimes you get a troll or two and being able to preview their audio before playing it would be helpful. With more growth I'm positive it will be a platform that can handle more and more people and it seems like a cool place for people to get started as a small podcaster. Especially with covid and the need to social distance having it all so easy and accessible to just create a show and go is very nice..Version: 1.14.0

Add three peopleThe app is great just think it would be better if you could have 3 people talking in a conversation it would be way better.Version: 1.22.1

SidemenOnly here for the sidemen aye, decent app tho.Version: 1.20.1

Honest ReviewBest alternative to Clubhouse, I have been wanting to be on clubhouse for the longest time but can’t get an invite. Stereo is the perfect alternative and I use it everyday!l.Version: 1.32.0

FonctionPour le moment je comprends pas comment fonctionner l’application. Si non c’est correct!.Version: 1.22.0

StereoI absolutely love this app! I really enjoy the fact that you can engage with your listeners and hear their voices unlike other platforms . Stereo just feels a lot more inclusive of everyone and in a crazy world where we are all feeling so isolated this is what we all need. Thank you.Version: 1.13.1

Great!It’s a pretty fun app and a relaxing app when I need something to listen to. Really a great app for me to wind down and or listen to while o clean/work..Version: 1.11.0

StereoI really like this app and have been really enjoying using it for my own live shows. Only thing I think could be improved is the number of users. For someone like me a show with 2-4 people would be ideal and would make the app a lot better in my opinion.Version: 1.32.0

Needs an actual pause buttonNeeds a pause button when listening after live.Version: 1.24.0

Sexual favors Ad from childrenI did love the app when I used it, however, one of the recorded questions we received wasn’t a question at all, it was an ad. The ad was of a young child moaning and offering sexual favors. This is unacceptable practice. Firstly, find a better way to filter ads (not as fake audio questions during a live broadcast), it’s desperate and leaves Stereo clearly unable to filter ads, or whatever that was..Version: 1.25.0

EhI like the app but sense I don’t have a phone and I only have a iPad I can’t get into the app because I only have an email so it’s just a suggestion but if you can it would be great if you could be able to give emails as well as phone numbers.Version: 1.33

The next best thing!Stereo’s platform allows every kind of person to connect. Whether you like to be in the audience or on the stage, this engaging app is as versatile as it is niche. There’s truly something for everyone here and the community stays respectful of one another. Easy to navigate as well! Newcomers seem to stay for the long haul!.Version: 4.2.0

Stereo is amazingStereo helps and inspires me everyday to be a better person love you boo 😘🍑🍑☄️😘app I got banned for no reason and even some of my friends also got banned for no reason. The admins never look into anything properly and never give you an explicit reason for your ban. If you are a content creator I highly suggest you don’t go near this platform and get another one because one of my friends on here said they deleted over 100+ hours of content for their show and never gave them a reason. No wonder I heard everyone I talked to said that the amount of users on this app has been dropping and will continue to. The idea of this app is great but the people running it are sick. Unless they fix these problems beware that all your content could be deleted from this app for no reason but a few trolls wanting to bring you down..Version: 1.49

Video?It’s an awesome app and is very good quality. But, you could add a video feature so people can watch live shows as only a section of them is posted online in video form. I know it’s called stereo for a reason but a video feature would be nice for people like me who can’t concentrate on voices alone and has to be able to see the person to fully understand what they’re saying..Version: 1.17.0

This is a great idea.This is a few suggestions that I think could help. I think a good idea would be to add an option to type in your own topic so that people can have a better understanding of what you’re talking about, it it would help people understand what’s happening in the room without someone having to stop and continuously remind people what they’re talking about or what the subject is. The other option would be instead of having the message option or in addition to the message option allow people to have someone kind of call in for like two minutes, I think this could help dialogue. Thanks!.Version: 1.7.2

Nearly goldenThis app is fantastic for practicing podcasting but the lack of security for the changing of shows or other people conversations is a bit concerning . Maybe could have specific groups that you could join to allow for like wise podcasts and groups of friends to have a bit more security. In general I love this app for it giving a different kind of style to conversations and fun is great it just needs a bit more tweaking.Version: 1.25.0

A Lifesaver!When Covid started it was a very depressing time for many, myself included. I had recently became sober. So the options to keep myself busy were slim. I'd always had a love for podcasting. But didn't know where to begin. Then I discovered Stereo. A whole new world opened for me. Stereo made it so easy to learn how to podcast, create content and meet great people. And it also helped me through my sobriety. I'm 9 months sober now and I owe a lot of it to Stereo! Thank you Stereo!.Version: 1.30.1

YOU MIGHT HEARClaims of lives being saved, changed, or created from the accolades written in these reviews and I am lifting my dusty finger to express in writing how — well, at least for me — they were all true! Only wished I were able to “Stereo” the multitudes of gratitude for this platform and its community (don’t worry, you’ll get it) because once you’ve tried socializing this way it might feel hard to go back to voiceless mediums! Love tuning in to talk, look, and listen to what’s up around the world! HELLO!?.Version: 1.47.0

It goodGood app, great way to go live quickly and interact with people. Couple things that are annoying: you can’t pause and play old videos, wish there was a pause button. I also wish you could review your voice comment before sending it, as a first time user it was confusing and I accidentally sent a couple voice comments blank because I didn’t understand how to dele it. Over all it’s still a good app.Version: 1.20.0

Accidentally double tapping on Voice messagesHi, Could you please fix the thing like, when “Live” and listeners send messages — I can accidentally tap on message to listen and by mistake can tap twice and message gone, it’s very annoying. We’re people, not a machines, we do things like that. And also, while “Live” — can you make things that we can repeat listen same messages at least 4 times??? And once “Live” finished — messages become no longer available. I’ll send many ideas soon. Thanks.Version: 1.27.1

So far so good BUT...I actually feel this was a great development & right on time. With this pandemic we needed a additional way to connect with other people in a safe way. Some of the conversations have been very entertaining and enlightening. There has been some glitching that I and others have experienced. I had heard that this is due the app taking off so quickly & not quite being prepared for such a huge response. Soooo here’s the BUT... I feel the app is great BUT doesn’t really give others the opportunity to reach the $10,000. I personal don’t think I will because it does require an extensive fan base/huge number of listeners. Or you MUST have a good amount of time to dedicate talking to accumulate time. So with all of that being said... I feel the $10,000 should be maxed out per quarter. In other words, you can win that amount once every 3 months. This I feel will give others the opportunity to win that amount as well. I’m sure there’s much more to this app & I’ll definitely follow up when I gain additional experience with this app. Okay, so that’s my two cents. I hope this will be helpful to someone..Version: 1.6.1

Good but could be betterSo much could make this an excellent app. Let people change who's on the call without losing all messages. Make it easier for listeners to see that a person or hash tag they are following is live. Have an alert that a listener missed a show so they know to go back and listen to the recording if they want. Don't give me an alert about what's trending if it's not something I follow..Version: 1.20.1

Soundbites!I absolutely love how you can just listen to snippets of people’s opinions on Stereo - I haven’t seen another app that’s doing this at the moment and it’s so fun to be able to listen to and leave just one liner opinions! X.Version: 4.1.0

Awesome loving itI love it it allows me to multitask.Version: 1.10.2

GardenclonesLove this app, meet so many people from the us, uk, and more, make great connections and have fun and make money while you talk. Stereo has been a great venue for me to talk about, just about anything especially when the pandemic hit. It’s a great way to make new friends. I recommend this app to anyone. I have low vision and have a hard time looking at other apps, with stereo being so unique on creating avatars and not a live screen is great..Version: 4.9.0

Cant upgrade at the moment !!!For the people who can’t upgrade there phone why can’t you put the old one and then say for the people who do upgrade their phone let them download the new version.. that would be nice because I can’t upload my phone right now!!! And I love this app so much there’s amazing people on this app!!!.Version: 1.34.1

Awesome!This app is amazing and I bet it will be huge in the future. Here’s two recommendations though. First, I think it’s great that the creators can make money, but I don’t think it needs to be so emphasized with a leaderboard and stuff. Also, and this matters way more, is we need to be able to have more than two people at once. Maybe up to 5 or so.Version: 1.6.1

Different but Interesting and Surprisingly FunI only downloaded this app due to Andy Stumpf and the Cleared Hot Podcast. At first I thought it was a bit weird to navigate and the avatars were different. But over time with a few uses I’ve come to find the app easier to navigate and the avatars oddly entertaining and humorous. I still only listen to Andy Stumpf on here but have been satisfied with the app overall..Version: 1.28.1

Great appHi it has been awhile since I installed the app and so far I am enjoying it so I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in podcasts.Version: 1.35.0

Wow.ITS REALLY GOOD APP, i REALLY hope it will be more popular!!!🥲🥲👩🏽‍🦽👩🏽‍🦽👩🏽‍🦽👩🏽‍🦽🥰✋✋✋✨✨✨✨✨.Version: 1.20.1

Amazing but MAJOR ISSUEThis app is amazing however I have changed my number due to phone misplacement and I can’t access my account! Please help with the issue, I’ve also sent email. 5 star otherwise!.Version: 1.28.1

Really awesome app, can’t wait for it to growStereo is fascinating because it’s like talk radio for the internet! No more dialing in, just quick reactions and voice messages. My gripes are only being able to have a conversation with one other host, and the swiping card layout. It’s fun to be able to swipe through like that, but also having a list of trending or the most listened to podcasts in another tab would work better for discovery of new voices. I’m hyped for the future of Stereo!.Version: 1.22.1

Great thing.It’s not too often I actually rate and review and app. In this case, I started out on stereo back in October. I am only now reviewing because I wanted a good review to be formed. I think they are an amazing app and a great way to form lasting binds with people. They have definitely springboards a lot of things for me because of the meeting people aspect. Keep up the great work..Version: 1.20.1

Great AppI love this app so much. It’s a great idea and I can’t to watch it become more popular. It would be cool if there could be rooms that people could talk in with more people too, for a real time discussion. 😊.Version: 1.8.1

Obsessed is truly an understatement.Seriously, downloading this app is the best thing i’ve done all of 2022!!!! I have connected with so many people around the country & even made friends along the way. Even better, whenever I need to get something off my chest or when I have something on my mind… I know exactly where to go. Stereo is such an amazing and authentic community and I would encourage anybody to come be apart of it! :))).Version: 4.1.0

Awesome app BUT...Hello! As a user of this app, I’ve liked it since the launch. I found it fascinating as well as social. However, I feel that there should be an option on whether or not to save the messages in the app. If not that then perhaps to delete the messages that features both accounts instead of one. For example, when a user deletes their message (audio) with another user on their account, it still remains on that other user’s account. Please do this, it could help with feeling of embarrassment..Version: 1.9.0

Needs Alphabetized Lists and Desktop AppsThe Following list is alphabetized because it’s ideal for comparison and analysis. However, the Follower list is unsorted, first come, first served. As a suggestion, I think it’s ideal to sort both the Following and Follower lists alphabetically, for obvious reasons. Having to scroll up and down or typing names individually for comparisons is time consuming. I would argue everyone on Stereo would prefer a way to easily glance at each list to see whether those you Follow are also Following you. Finally, Stereo needs to invest in a Desktop app version for Mac OS and PC. Being limited exclusively to a smartphone is restrictive for several scenarios and often encourages if not requires an additional investment in several phone accessories for sound quality improvement. Thanks!.Version: 1.19.1

Amazing but here’s an ideaI love this app so far I joined this app September 11th and the first person I talked to was jake Marin and he is awesome!! As well as a a lot of other people I have talked to. But here is an idea I would like to throw out there instead of just the mouth moving on the avatar why not have the whole head move eyes and all you know what I mean!? I think that would be really cool. But either way this app is awesome and I know you can get paid on it but I just like talking to people and having some real good conversations on it!!.Version: 1.4.1

Great appGreat app there’s room for updates But love the concept ! Should add the possibility to have a a third guest ! And also being able to see which user sent the voice notes before playing them !.Version: 1.27.0

SuggestionPlease make a group feature!! where a group of max 4 people can live podcast!! it would be epic.Version: 1.24.0

Ground breaking!This app might be the next biggest thing in phone apps. It’s such a brilliant idea and is groundbreaking. The reason why I gave it only a four is because while having so much fun using this app getting to talk to so many people even gathering tons of new friends. I had tons of followers and me fallowing others as well I all of a sudden was banned. Apparently people can just report you with false allegations and you just get banned with no say!?.Version: 1.11.0

Radio's sucessorThis app is groundbreaking, it creates a podcast environment where people can simply discuss topics through the internet without needing to find and setup someone to talk to like a guest for a podcast. A tad bit confusing to use at first but from my experience on an iPhone 8 no bugs..Version: 1.9.1

AmazingThe fact that it is so easy to do everything is amazing.Version: 1.24.0

GreatI joined this app when it first launch to see how it is today is so much a blessing and great accomplishment. Good job stereo Also can ya guys provide a option to turn off and on the voice notes when doing the show. It could sometimes interpret a show. Also a big chat while shows are going on.Version: 3.1.0

SterioA great app that will never stop getting better and keeping you occupied with your favourite people to listen to or watch.Version: 1.22.0

Great appAmazing idea and very smooth execution, very low delay and the voice messages are great However I would add a download option so that you can listen to (previously streamed) podcasts without WiFi.Version: 1.22.0

Easy to use, usefulI think that those hot lines will be replaced by this. I love this app because you can really talk with people who are looking to help and support others. Many healers, entertainers and fun interesting conversations. Watch out for perverts or low frequency people, there could be some out there but don’t let that destroy your experience. App needs further improvements as it will evolve but first impression is really good !!.Version: 1.10.0

Probably one of the best social media apps outI signed up and within an hour I decided to write a review. It’s so fun and addictive ✌🏾❤️.Version: 1.24.0

Love itI love this app but there are some room for improvement for example as I’m typing this review I cannot see my text I don’t know if that’s on your end or my phones in and I don’t know if it will actually show up or not but that’s just a review issue has nothing to do with the app itself one thing I wish the app would do is give you the ability to have more than one account because some people like to have their alias account and some people like to have an account that is connected with their other social media platforms and sometimes people have to be anonymous to discuss important topics so I personally would like to have more than one account.Version: 1.25.0

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