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75 Hard App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

75 Hard app received 22 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using 75 Hard? Can you share your negative thoughts about 75 hard?

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Such a disappointmentThis app is absolutely not worth the money. My phone came with a built in “Reminder” app that essentially does the same thing. This is a check box only, so for example you can’t track your water consumption throughout the day, you have to use something else for that. It also appears to only allow one progress photo per day, so you can take a picture of your front and side. I was hoping this would streamline everything for me and be the app I could track the whole program in, but it’s not. I am still using three other apps to track my workouts, water consumption and diet, and progress stats and photos. I am so angry I spent money on this..Version: 1.15

PriceyThink $8 is a little pricey for a app that doesn’t do much. Good app but wouldn’t recommend paying $8 for it..Version: 1.15

Stuck in loading screenHad this app for 3 days and now stuck in loading screen. Not sure why this is so popular it’s really just a daily checklist and forces you to submit a photo which seems like invasion of privacy too - no opt out or just letting you save off the app. Better off saving the money and just using a checklist, doesn’t seem to have any functionality beyond that..Version: 1.14

Do not buyDo not buy this app!!! If you Tick off everything in the day too early, it goes to the next day and then in the evening when it gets closer to you “bed time” it says you haven’t completed it the day, as it’s gone ahead a day. Lots of teething issues It has also just slipped forward two days and lost everything I had in there. Do not waste your money, buy the done app if you want to do the 75 hard it’s much better. So disappointed I wasted money on this.Version: 1.1

Just bought itI’ve just bought the app. Doesn’t even let me sing up or register. I’ve restarted my phone and updated it and deleted and reinstalled. Comes up with “The Humanity! : something went wrong… etc.” Can I get a refund?.Version: 1.50

LOST ALL MY PROGRESS PICS-do not purchase!!!!What a rip off!! I would have given this app negative stars if I could. I have tried everything and cannot figure out a way to go back and get all the progress pictures I took in the app?? I can’t believe this!!! Both my husband and I finished the challenge and all we got was barely a congrats and a sales pitch for a new challenge? Then all of our hard work was just thrown out. I really thought there would be something super cool at the end and never imagined that all the progress pics would just disappear-super super disappointing!!! I love the challenge and we had amazing results but I would not use this app to track my progress again, especially for the price? Losing my pics was the highest price I could pay :(.Version: 1.15

DisappointedI’ve completed the 75 Hard earlier this year and am doing another round now, thought I’d treat myself to the app to assist with tracking. I’m shocked at the lack of content for the price! Do not waste your money, basically a list you check off which you can do with a notepad and pen more effectively. Extremely disappointed at blatant rip off..Version: 1.3

Don’t buy if you want flexible goals settingMade the mistake of purchasing this app. If you want to only follow one persons goals and not create goals that suit your life then buy this app. Sooo many other free apps that are better.Version: 1.15

Read before you buy!!!Like a many other low ratings have mentioned, this app is very simplistic and not worth 5 dollars when you can use a simple task app. That’s all this is. You could even spend less on another habit tracking app and use it after you complete 75hard if you really want something dedicated. Beyond that, a few things that I think really need to be fixed: 1. No option to set a reminder to mark tasks “complete.” This is not a front and center app for me so sometimes, especially later in the program when doing the daily tasks were like clockwork, I would forget to log in and mark everything off. It only gives you a reminder at 11pm. I’m working out twice a day, I am in bed WELL before that. There should be options to set reminders especially on an app this overpriced!! And I wouldn’t have had as much of an issue with this if not for... 2. If you don’t complete your tasks, you get the most condescending “did you really complete it or are you a little b” screen. It’s a little excessively passive aggressive and instead of being motivating is irritating and makes me less likely to even recommend this program. 3. The app generally doesn’t work that well beyond being a task list. You can’t see dates associated with anything, and taking your required daily progress picture takes like 500 clicks to upload. It’s an expensive app. Do better..Version: 1.15

GlitchyStuck on day 8 can’t go forward. Been saying servers are down for days..Version: 1.50

Good program, terrible appFirstly, never give these guys your email address they will spam you forever (no matter how many times you unsubscribe.) I like the 75 Hard program (and I completed it) but the app is terrible. Consider using an alternative app to track your progress and keep yourself accountable. They keep claiming they give the program away for free, so we shouldn’t feel bad taking it for free and using it for free (without paying to an app or providing our email to be eternally hit with ‘upsells’ for their big ticket offers.) If you search “Goal Tracker Apps” you will find plenty of great alternatives..Version: 1.15

Way Over priced: UpdateConsidering Andy Frisella gives away all the 75 Hard program details this app is far too basic for the dollar value attached. Very disappointed. Audio of pre video clip did not work and can’t go back once into app to see again. So missed any insight he provided on the video that I missed. Hopefully there will be some upgrades very soon to improve value, currently I would recommend saving your money. Skip the app you can make your own version for free on just about any platform. Also disappointed that I couldn’t add my progress picture in for the days I had completed. Should have option to be able to upload data when starting partially into program. The OCD in me now doesn’t want to use the app because it doesn’t have all my data. Could have just stayed with what I created on my own in Notes on my iPhone. Update: customer service is great. Representative got back to me right away. New updates coming. I will continue to use it and look forward to increased functionality..Version: 1.0

Waste of moneyAbsolute waste of money!! Got to day 5 and the app crashed. Wouldn’t upload the progress photo and wouldn’t let me get out of the page saying they were having issues. So I uninstalled the app hoping it would reset and now the app won’t even load. :).Version: 1.48

Crashed after a week.Can’t access it anymore. It crashed after a week... and it wasn’t cheap!!.Version: 1.3

Doesn’t workI have had this app for three days and was looking forward to having it to help keep myself on track and accountable. It won’t let me check off the picture or upload a picture. It just loads for a long time and then a screen pops up saying their was an issue and it was reported to the developers. Additionally I thought there would be more to app like daily affirmations or motivational content but there’s really nothing. This app wasn’t even worth the pocket change to buy. You can just use a journal, google docs, your phone notes or even sticky notes to track your progress. This is just a pretty version of your phone notes. Not worth the purchase..Version: 1.50

Not worth itIt’s a clean app sure, but all it is a check list, the reminders list is about as useful.Version: 1.15

BasicIt’s very basic, just a tick list, I wouldnt say it’s worth £5. Would be nice if they added some features like motivational quotes would be good. Needs to be a bit more value for money.Version: 1.15

Far right mailing listAfter downloading, you’re put onto their far right mailing list and spammed with podcast episodes about vaccine mandates and “taking back your freedom.” Not a very smart move, Andy….Version: 1.15

Passive Aggressive when starting overHaving completed the 75hard once and wanting to start again for 75 days it is extremely disrespectful and disappointing everyday to have prompts pop up and say I didn’t check boxes and I failed. I didn’t and just wanted to start over. Accountability is one thing but I already did the 75 once so don’t really need a reminder or accountability for wanting to start over at Day 1 once I completed the 75hard. Maybe consider changing the prompts and the passive aggressiveness for future updates because I have no problem deleting the app and just making a paper copy. Really people shouldn’t spend 5 bucks on an app that you don’t need and all the info is available online too. Just make your own journal and forgot this app..Version: 1.13

Good but not worth the moneyI recently started the challenge and got this a couple weeks later to support me in it and keep track, the only thing it does it lets you tick off when you’ve done a task and set reminders for some but I wouldn’t say that justifies the price. One thing that they could improve is the water notification, no one drinks a gallon in one go so it would be good if it split it into portions and notified you throughout the day to drink a portion until you meet a gallon Maybe they should help you plan out what workouts you’re going to do each day too Good app with potential but wouldn’t say it’s worth the money just yet.Version: 1.15

Don’t buyOnce you sign up you get daily emails from the guy who owns the app and you can’t unsubscribe from them no matter how many times you click unsubscribe.Version: 1.15

Email SpammingI have had to move multiple email addresses to my junk folder. They just keep coming and getting past my block/junk mail filters. Essentially, this app is a check list. Just an overpriced to do list..Version: 1.15

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