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I join clubhouseSo far so good…fun app talk to ppl change ideas.keep up the good work…thx team!.Version: 0.1.27

Absolutely fantasticI have found this app amazing. The ability to connect to people all over the world in real time is great. I am admin of the largest equestrian club on the platform. We hold regular weekly room and have build a great community network. This simply would not happen in other platforms or in person. We have said frequently we are an “international family” all giving and receiving great value conversations. Thanks guys for creating such a wonderful space..Version: 0.1.30

Lots of room for improvement but amazing.Honestly I have already had so many enriching experiences, educational experiences, great connections... but I’m confused at HOW I find a chat that is apparently open? I see lots of people on other social channels advertising their talks and encouraging you to join but I can’t find them. Why aren’t they listed on the user profile who is hosting and moderating them? Also, the “upcoming for you” section is just about always garbage. I have no idea how this is recommended for me but I’ll assume this app still needs some help with algorithms and I’m sure it will improve as the app is updated and improved. It would just be nice for it to be more curated, intuitive, and an in-app walkthrough would be chill..Version: 0.1.25

Trouble while getting usernameI might have tried several times to get the phone number verified, i kept on waiting, also restarted but never made it.. -:(.Version: 0.1.39

Great app but needs audio controlGreat app but there should be a feature to alter the level of speakers voices, even if the mods are the only ones able to do it. Some speakers are 10-20db difference which means I’m constantly playing DJ having to turn up or turn down the volume manually..Version: 22.08.04

Amazing App but can we change chat room namesI love this app so much I wish I thought of it. As someone who enjoys good intellectual conversations and thrives off learning from other people and different perspectives it’s definitely something I want to be on for a long time. it is different to the typical superficial type of social media entertainment we get in other apps. As a suggestion I have is you can be in a room for hours and the conversation develops from what the room was initially created for. Could we possible be able to change chat room titles to whatever the conversation develops to..Version: 0.1.14

Pretty GoodThere’s no place to see a list of who I have blocked. 👍 the app works well.Version: 22.08.23

PHONE CALLSGood evening, I’d just to say how great this app is however what’s quite disappointing is we can’t be on the phone at the same time. Would you be able to fix that issue in the next update as we’d like to talk about the topics together while on the phone rather than have our voices heard by everyone..Version: 0.1.24

Brilliant!Brilliant idea! Pretty much another social media app from what I can tell but with a focus on chilling and hanging out..Version: 1.0.12

Has potentialIf you like listening to podcasts but you often wish you could join the conversation then this app might be worth a try. They could make some improvements by adding some better privacy options..Version: 0.1.31

Doesn’t workWhy can’t I log in- sat up Acct with phone and email but I have been seeing a message about getting my Acct ready for the past 3 weeks.Version: 0.1.28

Great way to make friends as an adultIf you told me a year ago that there would be a social media app that would cultivate genuine friendships, I would have been skeptical. Took a while to navigate to a great set of niches within Clubhouse, but I learn something new here every day and have found wonderful circles of friends— with people from all over the world. More accessible than conferences, easy to hop in and out of conversations without causing a scene. Not everyone will like everyone and that is okay. Some people are just plain inconsiderate. But in general, I have been shocked at how many times I could enjoy deep life conversations with some of the kindest people. Very grateful to the Clubhouse team and to people who add to the communities. Tips: -Follow people who are interesting to you -Join a bunch of clubs in topics of interest -Stay in the audience at first to get the hang of mechanics of entering and leaving rooms -Speak on stage if you have something new and helpful to add that helps the conversation -Fast mic flashing is clapping, slow mic flashing means that the person wants to talk on stage.Version: 1.0.11

Won’t work if you delete then re-installI deleted the app. Then went to reinstall it. Unable to log back in. Not happy about this!.Version: 0.1.41

FeedbackI’m really into mindset development and have gotten so much value from the people in this app. It’s so easy to listen to as I can cook, clean, go out and do my other tasks is awesome. I’m looking forward to one day getting up the nerve to raise my hand, come to the stage and speak...ooh scary!.Version: 0.1.28

FabulousThis is really a fabulous application . But if could you please add ‘Add another account’ option ? That would be really great, because it’s easy to switch profiles who is maintaining a page and a personal account..Version: 0.1.40

The Best Social Media Platform For Building Your BusinessBefore joining Clubhouse, I was unclear on what the application would truly offer beyond being yet another social media platform. After joining Clubhouse I became aware of both how misguided I was about Clubhouse and how much as a new small business owner I needed this forum. The connections I’ve made have been various but all have been invaluable. I’ve received what can arguably be tens of thousands of dollars worth of free advice about everything from branding to best business practices. The potential business collaborations are unfolding but I believe that they will be mutually beneficial. I think the big challenge for Clubhouse going forward is to not try to be a platform for all people and all things. I’ve seen some of the rooms take on the postures and topics that are more “traphouse” than Clubhouse. I am not advocating classism but I think that perhaps making “hallways” for certain types of rooms may be interesting (but this may create echo chambers that would be counter Clubhouse)..Version: 0.1.28

The Social Media Platform We’ve Been Waiting ForThank you, that is all..Version: 0.1.31

Pretty CoolClubhouse is a great app, especially considering it’s still in beta mode. I’ve been able to connect with people all over the world! Suggested improvements: 1) It’s very difficult to see who is speaking even with a modest amount of people on stage. I find myself having to ask “Who said that? I can’t find you” a little too often. I suggest making the ring around the speaker a more pronounced color such as green, orange or even black as a great first step. 2) Secondly, I find the notifications super aggressive. Even on the “infrequently” mode, I am still getting notifications back to back about the same room which is distracting when you try to play a game or other app that doesn’t turn off notifications. 3) Finally, it would be nice to have an option to look up a profile and see what room someone is in... Keep up the great work; two thumbs up, way up..Version: 0.1.31

Incognito ModeGraat app! I’m hooked. Just wondered if you would consider in future updates to develop/implement an incognito mode. Sometimes you just want to go into a room and listen without mods bringing you up on stage or being invited to speak. I’m thinking if you desire to go into a room incognito you can switch to be seen at any moment? Also there are some rooms you definitely don’t want to be associated with but are curious or nosey to find out exactly what’s happening in there - and so incognito could help with this? I know there may be ramifications to this and so may not be practical but just a suggestion!.Version: 0.1.20

Find your voice and your tribe!Listennnnn!! This app is the “stage” I said I would stand on and speak to the masses. 2020 said ok the stage is virtual babygurl but you gon’ be just as profound because now ya don’t hafta worry about hair and makeup! Just speak! This app revives the art of verbal communication like the good ol’ days when you had a 30 ft house phone cord so you could kick up your feet and chat with your friends about your goals! Just what we need during this pandemic to keep hearts, minds and spirits LIFTED! When you are intentional with your connections and your message, this app brings your tribe to you! Results NOT rhetoric with the genuine interactions! Keep a notepad, sticky notes, SOMETHING because the jewels being dropped on a daily will blow your mind and shift your life! And thus ends my dissertation on Clubhouse: The juxtaposition of social distancing and verbally embracing✊🏾 PS I may or may not be operating on 3 hours sleep writing this due to a phenomenal 6 hr discussion with some movers and shakers last night that started as a welcome room for my friend who had just joined.😂.Version: 0.1.15

Best social audio!This app keeps getting better. Frequent updates bring constant improvements. The ONLY social media app that actively works to get user’s feedback with a weekly townhall open to everyone! You can use this to network and learn about the world while driving, walking or working all without losing precious hours the way you do with FB, Insta, TikTok, snap etc. It fits YOUR lifestyle. Not the other way around. Great platform. Great app. Best club? English Language Club!.Version: 22.08.09

In incognito feature would be greatThis app really is an excellent idea, it would have 10 stars if available and it’s still in beta. Might have to cancel my Netflix account lol. The only must have feature I would love to see at the moment is an incognito button for the rooms you just want to listen in but don’t want your followers like your boss knowing your in there. Keep up the good work guys 👍🏽.Version: 0.1.31

Great! But rethink notificationsGreat concept, really enjoying the app and had used up my invites within my first two sessions. However the notifications are far too frequent and wordy, I’m now just clearing them before reading. Try removing the speakers from the notifications, cut it to just the title of the discussion (else it trails off), also play with the prioritisation/ranking and consolidation. Even having configured infrequent (also an arbitrary scale?) Its still a very noisy app. Keep up the good work - thanks!.Version: 0.1.25

Great! Needs a few things!Additional features I’d appreciate: 1.) I’d love to have an “add to calendar” function to save to an itinerary within the app (kinda like apps for academic conferences) so that I can see the things I’m most interested in listed in a separate place from everything in the “Upcoming for You” tab. If this function was added, I’d prefer to be able to be able to “double-book” in the itinerary if at all possible (e.g. so I can peruse a few rooms during one time slot before settling into the best fit for me and so, if my top choice room finishes first, I can jump over to my second choice before it’s over). 2.) I’d also like a way to “favorite”/prioritize certain users and clubs so I see them at the top of the “Upcoming for You” tab. 3.) I’d love to be able to search for room titles (and maybe descriptions?) using keyword search in the “Explore” tab. 4.) I’d like for club meetings to be linked to their page so if I know somethings happening for one club, but it isn’t scheduled in advance or I haven’t saved it in my itinerary, I can quickly search for the club page and enter the room there..Version: 0.1.27

Suspension without any warning !!!Used the app for 2 weeks, never offended anyone, just took part in serious discussions rooms. Then suddenly without any warning I was suspended apparently for good.! All other apps have warning system & even if you are suspended it’s for a limited time then you can have your account back. But this app suddenly suspends you probably because of mass reports of trolls or people who are against free speech. The bigger problem is that you can’t get your account back or create a new one with another email or phone number.! It’s really disappointing & reminds me of autocratic systems..Version: 1.0.6

SuggestionI like the App and find it very useful. I have a suggestion and would be great if taken into consideration. Adding photo sidles, video playing inside the room. When you are in a room and the moderator would like to show the audience a photo about the topic they are talking about, or would like the audience to watch a video related to the topic they are discussing. It would be great if this feature could be added to the room and managed by the moderators. Hope this could be implemented in future versions. Seham Nagi Computer Engineering.Version: 1.0.6

THIS IS BETTER THAN ANY APP I’VE EVER USED!The developer have struck gold. Shout out to the whole team.Version: 0.1.17

Waste of timeTerrible App that requires an invite from a friend to access and even when you get an invite it still doesn’t work! There has to be something better! I certainly wouldn’t be wasting my time!.Version: 0.1.42

Very fun to use !Still room for improvement : - make the app easier to find interesting people and chat room. Perhaps provide categorisation of people ??.Version: 0.1.26

FeedbackHi. Thanks for the constant updates. Please consider these also: 1. Let’s see more rooms of clubs we follow, not people we follow. The whole “only seeing rooms of friends” is giving stalker behaviour. We joined those rooms for a reason. What is the point of joining a room when I can follow some people and see them in “maybe the room I was interested in sometimes”, but most times in rooms I can’t relate with. Yes, sometimes I am exposed to things that expand my horizons but most times, I just want a room that aligns with my needs and wants. Also, some people would like to know others more before they become “friends”. I know there are many good people out there but it takes an episode with one bad person to ruin someone’s life. 2. Please, let’s have a privacy settings where we can choose what our “friends” have access too. 3. Timer: A timer that would be assigned to each speaker in a room. I believe this would be particularly helpful in rooms with lots of participants. That way, each speaker can keep to time. Thanks again for the great platform..Version: 22.07.19

Great app overall for networkingThis app definitely offsets one of the most fundamentaly important things that we as a people been missing ever since the pandemic started; social gatherings. This app is perfect for networking with like minded people to help you on this journey called life. The app is a lil addictive ngl. Its a great alternative to regular podcast bc its live and interactive. You guys definitely cultivated a great app and would love to see it grow. My only form of criticism is that the audio could be a bit louder and a bit more clear or a way for you to stream music seamlessly through the phone/app overall five stars "💫💫💫💫💫"and when this company become public, I would love to invest in the brand ‼️ Re: would also love to see the explore page i like that ability to change rooms with different topics not just one specific thing. If it follows that curve it will turn into ig and it would lose its novelty to me at least. I dont wanna see 50 rooms named: "music review" .....I like philanthropy and stocks too y know? If its not broke..... u get the point.Version: 0.1.21

No need for make up.Great little idea in the world when audio communication is becoming so accessible. This feeds into the podcast culture very well, with an added advantage of being actively involved in the conversation rather than listening passively. I enjoyed the few rooms I have ventured in..Version: 0.1.25

Annoying notificationsGetting notifications on random rooms.Version: 0.1.30

Good, high potential, but needs improvementGreat concept and app - but still room for improvement. I find the start page/explore page unsatisfactory. I get suggested rooms for topics J have zero interest in, nor expressed any interest in. I don’t have people I follow in those rooms either. Why are they suggested? It needs better filtering. I marked out the topics I like but RARELY get them recommended. I also think there should be a “search” option to find rooms of your interest - not just to search up clubs or people. If you could fix those two things, I’d definitely use the app much more and go 5/5. Thanks!.Version: 0.1.31

Needs a chat box and reactionsI enjoy being on the app however when in a large group (1k plus) only the people on the stage can speak however in certain conversations, the stage is not balanced enough for the conversation e.g. 90% men and 10% women during a gender discussion. The moderator gets all the controls which j fair enough, but I strongly feel there should be a chat box and a reaction tab so that the rest of the people can express themselves. This is so important because for example the 90% men on the stage (or the administrator a man) blocked everyone from raising their hand which meant no one else could have a say except the people specifically selected to be on the stage (1 woman). I’m just saying they need a text/ chat box for the rest of the listeners, the same way Zoom does..Version: 0.1.23

Loving the app!!What I love most about this app is how much more authentic and genuine the connection is as compared to FB and other image/text based apps. You’re speaking to real people, having real conversations. This app is going to change the way we connect using social..Version: 0.1.25

Love this appWhile there is always room for improvement i love this app. 1 it doesn’t tolerate any kind of racism & bulling. are speaking to real people no trolls. Everyone there has Ginuwine feelings and ideas they wish to share about every aspect of life & business. 3.Great place for networking and meeting cool people. I understand why its invite only and why if you aren’t invited you are on a long waiting list. This isn’t your typical social app. It’s a meeting place for real people..Version: 0.1.28

Clubhouse Is very socialThis program could change your life. You can reach your luck whether looking for a social or a window to a new life..Version: 22.06.07

Back ButtonI absolutely love the app. I'm totally blind, and I use VoiceOver on my iPhone. Accessibility is amazing! There's just one thing missing. Whenever you go to invite a friend to the room, there's no back button, and I'm stuck in the friends list screen. The 2 finger scrub doesn't work, and I have to turn off VoiceOver and tap the very top left corner just to go back to the room screen. We either need a back button or a dismiss button. One more thing, Music. Why isn't Music added to the list of interests?.Version: 0.1.28

Audio social networkIt’s like Twitter, but audio.Version: 0.1.12

Life shifting insightsThis app is HUGE. Such a powerful, incredible platform with endless opportunities, insights and knowledge to be gained from some of the most influential people in the world. To have the opportunity to ‘speak on stage’ alongside the people you look up to and are inspired by is an otherwise impossible experience to have in this world, particularly right now, but Clubhouse makes this possible. It’s also an INCREDIBLE funnel for your business and services. CH is all about substance, removing all imagery content which is the base of all other social media apps, a place where you have to be PRESENT (no recordings allowed — be there or miss out) and be actively listening to take in all free knowledge shared by the speakers. Incredible app, so grateful to be a part of this community so early on..Version: 0.1.26

Is this reallyLet me brush my teeth be back in 15 min. Hug u.Version: 22.07.12

Great way to unite the globe during a pandemicClubhouse has literally been a social media phenomenon and a middle finger to isolation. It shows the power of creativity in crises and the need for human connection. I never use social media much however club house has provided direct access to bond and create REAL relationships with REAL people from around the world who share my passions and dreams Only feature I won’t to see included is a stealth mode. Ie where people you know professionally and who follow you don’t see all the non professional rooms you go in to. As a result people avoid rooms not because they don’t want to go in but more that they don’t want to be seen in them. I’m sure this will be in next update Bar that it’s a MUST HAVE APP second to your emails and clock lol.Version: 0.1.30

ChatYou guys doing a great job but really need to put chat deleting feature.Version: 1.0.2

Conversation at its finest!I love love love the platform already! I can’t wait to open up a room with my sister to share some great advice on how to overcome a lot of various things in life.Version: 0.1.39

FailThis is the biggest failure of the 2021 so far. You register and then that’s it. You can’t get in but need an invite? Let me guess 🤔 all the celebrities got an invite. I won’t be using fake apps. If I could give no stars I would had have because this is a joke.Version: 0.1.23

AppI have iPhone 8 and it’s been updated but any time I try to loaded from App Store it’s asking me for updates, what should I do ? Thank you.Version: 22.09.06

A verbal high!So...I’m new to the platform and as an entertainment publicist, I love the networking opportunities and more. I do have a few suggestions, in fact, they’re some of the same other reviewers have mentioned. For instance, making the speakers in a room stand out more, being able to send a message, and also a better way to add my IG account. I run several pages and I tried to add my main account, yet it pulled up another even with my password. Now, it seems like each time I try again, it still pulls up another account. If this got fixed along with the other things I believe would enhance someone’s experience, I’ll definitely come back and give it 5-stars..Version: 0.1.19

BluetoothPlease do something to be able to play Clubhouse sound using Bluetooth enabled speakers..Version: 1.0.0

Love The Site!! Hate The WiFi Glitch 😒I practically don’t turn it off, it’s like the 90s party line lol.. It’s great to actually hear voice with knowledge, inspiration, honest help, laughter, and emotions. Not just text and emojis that leave you to your own emotion of interpreting what’s read. I’m glad it’s bringing back communication, something that’s been lost with technology advices. I enjoy that there’s a invite only I hope they keep it that way, and better transparency which keeps away those that hide behind the keyboard. It’s good open dialect. Just what the people need 😊 Only fall back with the app for me..I just hate it consistently ask to find a stronger signal, even when I have full cell bars but not connected to a WiFi.. it’ll play anywhere on my iPad with or without WiFi...but my cell it just doesn’t stay connected unless I’m on WiFi. 😒... For the most part the app is great 👍🏽.Version: 0.1.19

Time length of Room and duration of room replayImprovement suggestion It will be nice to have indication of time length of room has been, and duration of replay of room..Version: 1.0.30

Loving the audio formatEarly days for me but already seeing the value of consuming and contributing content on this platform..Version: 0.1.28

Activity Log neededHow can we see the log in club house?.Version: 1.0.1

Love this appSo I definitely found my crowd of ppl and it’s awesome and heartwarming. I can network if I so choose or just explore different rooms with my interest. Definitely five stars. I can’t wait to see how the app is improved over time. Here are some of my suggestions: ▪️A clapping or heart emoji when someone says something that resonates. And everyone can see the reactions of each other or maybe just the speaker. ▪️A brighter color highlighting the speaker(s) and maybe if their icon became bigger so when you want to address someone it will be easier to find them when scrolling through the room. Design feature idea: what if the stage icons were set in a circle with the speaker in the middle. Idk. Just putting that out there. ▪️Maybe a raised hand feature when on stage to speak next. Sometimes ppl talk over each other and while mostly everyone is polite about it we forget who should speak next. Maybe a number system! for example when I am done speaking whoever raising their hand on stage after me gets the number 1, 2, 3 and so on, on their icon and they get to go next. All in all I love the app and it helps greatly in these times. Some ppl are getting jobs, it’s helping small business, ppl are doing interviews and find their safe spaces to express themselves. Excellent work to the team. Love and light..Version: 0.1.24

TimerUsers should be able to see how long a room has been active because there are more times I enter a room that’s wrapping up than catching it from the start. And if the room creators are only hosting for only so long then it should be timed and they can be given the option to extend the room if that time runs over. It will be able to give users the opportunity to know at what point did they enter the conversation, users will know when it will end so they can plan accordingly, and moderators don’t have to explain as much. Another feature should be planning a schedule of rooms you want to enter in a queue. Give the option to start in one room and when another scheduled room starts it will jump to that one unless the user chooses to stay in the room they’re in longer..Version: 0.1.25

Not workingUpdate: works with a different phone number. Does not let me create an account. When I request a code by text no text is received. Please fix!.Version: 0.1.28

Refreshingly intelligent & meaningful!!Until Clubhouse, there’s not been a SM platform that gave me the opportunity to be vulnerable with my strong convictions and have meaningful conversations—even when there are those who disagree. 99% or the time, ppl with polar opposite views are exchanging sensible and respectful dialogue, which is growth for everyone who is open to basic human interactions—which are SO DESPERATELY NEEDED, now more then ever. I feel like every room session with the groups I’ve aligned myself with has been a spiritual experience. 🙏💕 Clubhouse just might save the world from itself. What a very special portal for humankind—my mind, body and spirit appreciates it so much! Anthony Merra, my “adopted son” 💞 should be followed by everyone. He always finds the best way to bring the very best of souls—from all walks of life and all over the world—TOGETHER. Join us! 👏🙌🥰.Version: 1.0.8

AfricaLove it! As I was listening to a brief conversation about Africa I was able to gather the information I needed correctly and efficiently, I do hope and want too see the entire situation in Africa completely fixed, specially in Congo. Thank you very much for the hard work given into this app in order to make it easier for people to communicate from a far distance. Thank you again!.Version: 1.0.35

Trouble logging in but I’m excited to try it!Updating this to 5* now as I found the info I need and hoping it works to get me sorted!.Version: 0.1.22

Truth in voiceVery fast moving platform where you can meet with people from all over the world. Voice and speech are true identity so real honest friendships, business partners and loved ones can be found here if only you got honest intentions to give first unconditionally.Version: 22.10.18

Really like the app but have a few bugsI’ve really enjoyed the app and have also created my own club ✌🏻 but I’ve found a few bugs: 1) very difficult to format my club description and edits don’t show up immediately. 2) unable to invite my existing followers to my club, only a few names show up and searched names don’t show up in search..Version: 0.1.31

I have a problemApp now allowing me to sign in , due no internet but i have a great internet please solve this issue.Version: 0.1.31

A well full of wondersI got an invitation from my fellow makeup artist and straight away joined the room full of an amazing creatives chatting about everything work, life , recent situation related. Learn a lot in just a single call ! I’m so happy I can be a part of this ! Amazing app full of amazing people and chats 🙌🏻.Version: 0.1.25

Poor room’s securityI really enjoyed of this app thx for creation it. but unfortunately the security of the rooms is very poor I hope you can find solution for this issue. Tnx.Version: 0.1.32

Good app but club dynamic needs changeClub membership or the ability to create a club should not be limited to active members only. This will be the exact thing that brings in users who might not otherwise find utility in clubhouse.Version: 0.1.31

Clubhouse first impression.I was adamant to join at first. It’s reassuring that they keep it invite only to help filter through our point of reference and contacts. Plenty of powerful keynotes and quality material including the incredible minds who open their hearts, life learning experiences and motivational energy. Exactly the kind of platform I have been searching for. Thank you for designing this. I am looking forward to hosting and engaging with everyone. I actually feel confident about networking through this app where as I had to learn to restrict and create barriers with other social media streams because of the dangers we now fully understand that comes with exploring social media. My heart and thanks to the developers for creating a quality media stream for all of us. My body, heart, mind and soul feels at ease. Beautiful minds..Version: 0.1.25

SuggestionsI love the application. It is fantastic, but I find it quite difficult to tell who’s speaking, especially if there are many speakers. I try a few tricks where I scroll and check which mics aren't muted and then try to find the bar that outlines their profile when they speak. Still, I feel like it is not very obvious, so half the time I spent either looking at one picture at a time or listened to the name that is mentioned when they start speaking. I would love if the current speaker would be made more obvious and easier to see quickly. Maybe instantly move them to the top of the list rather than keep them in the position they joined or making the outline more noticeable or a speaker icon next to their name..Version: 0.1.32

Ocean Waves of Information ✨It’s been 4 days and I have connected with professionals that have great information on investing and other areas of interest. People sharing experiences, invites to participate in podcasts. Being able to express yourself and ask questions. I feel on Clubhouse you will find individuals with like synergy. For me it has been all positive and encouraging. I’m grateful my friend/colleague Leila Steinberg introduced me with an invite. It has a fresh vibe. With new innovations there will be growth. It will be exciting to experience the shifts. Clubhouse feels like infinite ocean waves of information and possibilities. I appreciate the opportunity to connect, share, listen & learn ✨.Version: 0.1.16

LOVE it so far but curious to see how it develops.I absolutely love this app so far. It has such a great and eclectic mix of people (especially POC) from a breadth of backgrounds; the conversations I’ve joined and listened to have been genuinely interesting, at all hours; and I like the range of topics. It’s quickly becoming my favorite social platform — and, yes, it is addictive. But I definitely echo some of the other reviews. It would be great to explore topics I didn’t pre-select during sign-up, just to see what else is out there. Being able to at least ‘react’ to conversations would be nice (even with an emoji to show appreciation). And I wonder how bloated it’s going to feel when it’s completely open (it’s already pretty big but the conversations have been on point and pretty respectful vs. Twitter that just gets crazy)..Version: 0.1.23

Not stableThis app does mind of its own. It does weird things. Needs fixing.Version: 1.0.46

Good app, 1 suggestionSuggestion: would be great if rooms could be pinned to the top so if you left to go into another room it would still be there to return to. I’ve been hesitant to go into other rooms because I know if I leave the room I’m already in, I won’t be able to find it again..Version: 0.1.30

SUSPENDED ACCOUNTSI enjoy CH a lot however I think it is very unfair that a lot of accounts were suspended especially towards the end of 2021 beginning 2022 (Accounts with over 5000 followers) Accounts that were reported Oftenly during heated discussions about issues that aren’t normally discussed in our African communities, Issues like, sexuality, gender equality and womens right. Some of the people that lost their accounts went through the process of writing and trying to resolve and get their accounts back. After their initial contact with CH about the suspension, all other messages went on answered because CH has a system that marks your direct messages to the suspension team as “Read” after an initial response. So you can send 5 more new messages explaining further and no one will ever get back to you. I think CH should take time to fix rethink this and come up with a solution. So many people that didn’t even know some of the rules also lost accounts and CH never gave them second chances. Anyways to those on there continue to enjoy and don’t get yourself suspended by engaging in certain discussions especially in the African community hallway clubs..Version: 22.10.11

I didn’t know I needed ClubhouseI LOVE this app! It has been 8 days and I am absolutely addicted! I heard about it from a travel group I’m in on Facebook and thought I’d give it a try. Not only am I enjoying my travel clubs (shout out to GLT!), but I am also enjoying clubs for my other interests! I’m a teacher, so I’m in clubs for education and science. I love languages, so I am in clubs for people learning the same languages I am! In my free time, I join social rooms and talk to random people, some have already become my friends. You can Ping people into rooms you think they would like, and they can do the same for you. Finally, I end my day by falling asleep listening to the Lullaby Club. If you have a niche interest, there might already be a club for that, or you can start your own!.Version: 0.1.25

Cool app!Easy to use, and has a lot of great features. Really enjoying it so far.Version: 0.1.27

1Nice app.Version: 0.1.27

Game changerLove this concept and the content that is being broadcast through this platform. Pleasure to be a part of the community.Version: 0.1.24

Delete messagesI wiss clubhouse could delete message too.Version: 1.0.4

The chat box problem / Club problemDespite amazing service and potential, somethings need to be improved. For example the problem of chat box. My archive is full of messages I no longer need and therefore wish to remove. There is also another remark. Since you can not follow a club anymore, it would have been great if I could put my clubs in order which suits my priorities. Or at least there was an option to turn on notifications of certain clubs instead of people. Because you might not be interested to all rooms a certain person joins, but you can be interested in the main subject of all rooms of a club. If that would be possible we can turn off people’s notifications that can be really annoying. So we don’t have to choose between notifications receiving so often and not receiving them at all..Version: 1.0.44

Best social platform i’ve ever usedThis is quite simply a revolutionary take on social media, and for me personally being in the creative entertainment world it’s been incredibly beneficial to me just being able to network and put a voice to peoples names instead of just seeing a traditional “DM”. i’ve been in rooms with attorneys, other musicians, experienced people all around who are willing to talk and she’s their experiences or even advice to anybody listening. it’s a game changer. i think the invite only aspect should stay though, as the loose-exclusivity makes it a lot more powerful. it’s not like it’s that hard to get invited either, just have to know some people. but again, it’s a game changer for social media in my opinion.Version: 0.1.14

Very Accessible to the Blind!!!So glad that for the first time a social platform cares about the accessibility for us the blind, and that you took the time to label almost everything and we can navagate this app easily. I give it a 95% on the accessibility. The button to schedule a new even is not labeled and some issues on the buddy list. I am bilingual English?Spanish so navagating with apple’s screen reader, VoiceOver is very easy, however, my blind people who don’t speak English are having difficulty or a little resistant to use it. Great that we can offer rooms where we can translate and help them on the translation and they can enjoy this amazing app. Thanks for practicing INcLUsION!! “INclusion Above All!”.Version: 0.1.31

CANCEL INVITE featureI pressed the invite button to see if the user is using iMessage or not. But I didn't send any invite text and I lost the invite. Please allow us to cancel invite. We don't want to invite someone who can create issues in Clubhouse and later he/she get banned and also put the inviter in trouble of being banned..Version: 0.1.28

I love this app !!!!I love this app because it allows you actually have a conversation with numerous people that you may have NEVER had the chance to talk to. But the one thing I that should change on this is maybe a space in the chat where the person who is talking make their picture bigger so that you can find their info, follow them on the app or on Instagram. Sometime I’m trying to figure out who is talking to connect with them but I have to scroll down to see who is talking instead of their profile picture popping up a little bigger (like zoom, I hate to compare. But I think it should show a bigger picture of the person talking but still have all the little pictures of people in the discussions. And maybe move the IG icon next to the follow button so that you can get back to the chat quick without having to scroll all the way down. Could you guys also a question chat so it is easier to the moderators can answers questions for the audience of course allowing the mediators to pick which questions they would like to answer. Again this app is great !!! I look forward to seeing this app flourish wish y’all the best..Version: 0.1.23

The Real Profile PictureA thing I always hated on social media is people with cars, landscapes, mountains, robots or whatever profile pictures. A app such as Clubhouse should not allowed this. Something like do yourself a nice pic, scan the id for a comparison and thats your profile pic. I would love that..Version: 0.1.40

ClubHouse is a great ideaCongratulations to the developers it’s a grea idea. It’s really relaxing and lovely to just listen. I look forward to contributing..Version: 0.1.28

Absolutely the new way to learnThis provides a level of access to people that money could buy The knowledge base provided by these people make you understand what you require to be as influential as them Every room brings a whole new world of understanding.Version: 0.1.41

GAME CHANGERThis app is God send! Last month I was struggling to find a way of meeting like minded people in the middle of a pandemic and this app literally fell into my lap. The fact I can go from listening to people talk about investing and buying property to a full blown singing competition, in less than a second, is mind blowing. Oh, and it can be addictive!.Version: 0.1.14

Suggestions!Been on the app for a few days and it’s very interesting. So far I would suggest maybe add the opportunity to have more than one photo on your profile. Also have a feature where the speakers can wave their hands or something when in conversation to indicate when they would like to speak so people don’t awkwardly interrupt each other. Finally, i think it would be amazing to have a comment section so those viewing can also be involved in discussion ❤️.Version: 0.1.24

MissionPerfect don’t exist, Goal post always shifting, Stay with it Thanks for the hard work..Version: 22.10.04

Great app but unfortunately it’s limited now.I loved loved loved the app until today. Before the update, I got to jump in and out of very diverse chats, from finance to music to psychology to poetry to straight up gossip chatrooms. After the update; my listening is very limited to the people I chose to follow and their interest in the two weeks I’ve been on the app. Clubhouse has turned itself into another Instagram app where it shows you targeted content based off of the content you “liked” when you first joined. I HATE IT HERE NOW. What made the app great for me was I had access every space, every topic, everyone everywhere (within the app, of course) with just a click on a globe. Now I have to scroll thru people I follow to find other people to follow in hopes the start an interesting room when in reality they are avid listeners and note takers like myself. Since you removed the explorer page, I can’t expand my knowledge or explore other topics I may not have known existed. Since I didn’t follow enough people early on, I lost access to many spaces including psychological and finance chats which is directly within my field. So now with such a heavy heart, I dislike the app because I’m stuck listening to the same people talking about the same things every other day. Can y’all bring back the explorer page?! Please and thank you. If not; I’ll stick to Twitter b|c there I can at least click on a thread within the thread and learn something new..Version: 0.1.11

Not easely hooked, but...I am completely hooked this time. There is something special about conversations where nobody is trying to be something they are not. You don’t need to worry about lights and cameras, you just bring yourself just as you are. There are good content, good opportunities for real conversation and of course is all audio. I like also that it makes inclusion better, nobody is worried about disability, color, or looks. The UI is clean and easy to use. It would be nice if there was an indication of who is talking. There is nobody going crazy and interropting others. Over all I love this app and whatever little things they will be able to fix over time. I just hope I won’t be to hooked. It is the first social media I find easy to engage with and contribute in. Congrats club house.Version: 0.1.25

IssueI can't sign in again after I logged out from app. Please sort out this issue.Version: 0.1.37

Amazing App!Just downloaded it 3 days ago! Set up and account and listened in to a few channels! Really awesome app!! Highly recommend for a talk back radio like podcast app. Has some amazing features!!.Version: 0.1.26

Amazing and a game changer!Such a great app and my favorite thing to be on. I have some suggestions: filter for rooms showing up on my feed to filter to people i follow, clubs i'm in, random rooms. Maybe a way to filter pages linked to a location like the UK, USA etc. Also the ability to go on to a club page and see what rooms are running in there. Also a favorites tab to favorite current running rooms so i can easily come back to them. Amazing work and beautiful concept. This app has been keeping me sane throughout this lockdown. Love from London!.Version: 0.1.24

I hate social mediaBut I love clubhouse. It gives you access to talks with high level people. It actually provides value in your life. To the dev team, some user notes: I have notifications enabled but banners on IOS don’t give me good information. I get a partial list of people in a room, but the banner runs out of space before I see what the room is. A better format would be “[room name]: on stage is [people names]”. As they are now, the notifications are basically useless. On the scheduled rooms up at the top of the feed, it would be good to be able to schedule myself to listen in on the room, instead of having to remember to go back and find it again. Then get a notification that the selected room is beginning. It would be good to be able to subscribe to recurring rooms, in addition to following users. When someone creates a room, they might have the option to “make recurring” and then select which recurring room it falls into. This would allow for unique room titles, but also allow listeners to never miss a weekly/daily room they love. Finally, I’d say to add an estimated duration function. When someone starts a room, they put in the expected length of the discussion so that listeners can plan their time..Version: 0.1.28

Great networkingSo worth the wait..Version: 0.1.12

I’ll love clubhouseI love clubhouse, it is so amazing! :-) It’s help me build my self-esteem, it’s reconnected me with some old friends and old crushes! :-) Lol my only issue was connecting my Instagram but now I got my Instagram, my other issue is that I cannot add my Twitter. My third issue is the camera. Most of my friends and I are totally blind. The camera is accessible with voiceover, how ever it is not as easy as 123. If you know what I’m saying, I don’t find it so easy to use. I am trying to put a profile picture up, and it’s not very easy. My only request is if you can make The camera more easier? Can you make it like that other app seeing AI once you go through the peoples channel? :-) I would think that will be more easier for blind users like myself and a lot of my friends! :-) Please and thank you! :-).Version: 1.0.22

Mute all button for moderatorThis is an amazing concept, like an interactive podcast. It allows networking with well known professionals to underground/upcoming creatives. It's a great thing but can sometimes get overwhelming. I think If there are easy access buttons for moderator such as mute all, mute multiple at once and mute rows. Second, easy access for speakers such as step down, and also a secondary raise hand button for speakers or an ability to signal to moderator something. The hand raise option is not available for speakers, but only for audience members who want to speak. That I think should extend to speakers, it will make moderating easier. We should have an availability to block/hide rooms from our home page..Version: 0.1.14

New upgrade is a bummer.I love, love, love CH, but I’m super bummed that you removed the three upcoming rooms at the top of the hallway. I feel like I’m not going into or finding as many rooms as I used to. I don’t have the time to scroll through aaaaaall of the scheduled events to find rooms to rsvp to, mostly because I literally have to scroll through a ton of stuff that doesn’t interest me, just to find one that might. It’s really hard to navigate that portion of the app. Now, when I see rooms going on that I’m interested in, I’m late to the room because I had no idea it was going to be going on. I really love the app, but this specific part of the upgrade is hella disappointing. I’d probably be less bummed if the calendar section had a way to look for rooms by selecting the specific time or something like that. It makes no sense for me to have to scroll through hours worth of every room possible just to get to the time frame that I’m able to get on CH. I’ll still use the app, but slightly begrudgingly. Aside from that, the app is amazing..Version: 0.1.37

One little issue, otherwise great appEverything is great with the app so far, but the invite button needs improvement. I clicked on a contact I don’t talk to by mistake and I didn’t send the actual invitation text but it’s showing up in my pending invites. If you click the invite button, it shouldn’t actually invite until you send the text message. There should at-least be an option to delete pending registrations or for pending invites to delete after a few days..Version: 0.1.24

Love it + RecommendationSo I actually never leave reviews, this is my first one. I really like this app. Something about just having voice is amazing! My only thing is, messaging. I would love to privately message people that I like on here. Having to do it outside the app can be very annoying especially when you’re trying to network. Another thing, the rooms should have a chat room options for multiple reasons: 1. Some people are introverted and don’t want to speak but would like to show agreement or make a point but can’t do so if it’s only voice. 2. Sometimes the moderators are forced to remove the hand raising option, which again limits opportunity to connect..Version: 0.1.17

Make a feature for turning invisibleI have been using clubhouse for few months now and one of the feature me and my group wants is the invisible feature as we don’t want particular people knowing we are online. We can make a private room but still if we are online some of our followers still dm us saying they want to join. This is getting annoying and would really appreciate if this feature arrives to clubhouse.Version: 1.0.4

Clubhouse amazingnessLoving it. Would love to work out how to see more rooms under certain topics. Would be INCREDIBLE If you can add reactions - like we can on FB lives so the audience / listeners can love / wow / clap etc when we hear the panel sharing something that inspires us etc. So we can give them “feedback” whilst listening.Version: 0.1.22

Game changer!If you want to find your tribe and learn to express yourself as you feel comfortable this is your app. It all depends on how you use it, which is similar to most things. If you follow a club that doesn’t resonate with you or your growth in some way then expect to bump into toxic people. Use the app for building yourself spiritually, mentally, physically and more. The power is in your hands on what you attract, it’s your algorithm. I have only ever written one review in the past and that’s because I was outraged..Version: 1.0.4

AirPlay featureThis is a fantastic app in social media app’s. One missing feature is Airplay for iOS..Version: 1.0.17

Love but…This app is a game changer. Social media to the next level. I love it and so many features are amazing. Imagine having access to your favorite inspiration. Celebs, philosophers, performers, artists, business gurus, teachers, how to’s, friends… It’s amazing. That simple. 💥 I suggest the creators look into “block” feature and it’s affects. It’s silly to me to not be able to hear a replay from someone I follow simply because someone who is block-happy went on stage at some point. It’s juvenile to block folks Willy bully but some people I want to listen to attract some trolls that are master blockers. Don’t like your face, block. Don’t like your bio, block. Don’t like what you said that one time. Block. Don’t like who you follow, block. Etc. silly stuff. Anyway. If it could be fixed that’d be awesome. People can block whoever they want but I should be able to listen to a replay even if some block-happy folks went on stage at some point. Also. If I follow someone and am in their room, and someone in that room has me blocked and goes on stage, if I get a phone call or have to hop off, I can’t get back into the room. Like why? Blocking is silly in my opinion. I simply unfollow fools that are trolls or nasty. That feature needs a revamp. Please. And thank you 😊! Other than that, this app is uber cool. Awesome for work time learning. Also amazing to participate and host rooms. I love it!!!! Thanks CH! You are my daily goto..Version: 22.04.28

AdditionPlease bring chat delete function in it ..Version: 0.1.45

Dark modeCan you add a dark mode please?.Version: 1.0.15

Waiting for approvalWaiting for approval of account since last 1 month still no reply... can anyone please send me invitation..Version: 0.1.28

Good place to interact with others…🖤.Version: 22.06.07

Great but one thing!This is a wonderful new approach to social media. It’s so much more personal and effective at getting to really know and connect with people! That being said, I do like having the ability to link my other social media profiles on my clubhouse profile, but the issue I have here is that you can only link one Instagram account and one Twitter. I personally only have one Twitter so that is fine, but I do use multiple Instagram pages for separate niche facets of my content. For example I have a personal page, a business page, and an art page. I would love to be able to link at least two if not all of them on my clubhouse profile if possible! I feel it would be easier for people to reference my work or contact information easily during conversation if they were able to find the correct link on my profile. If that makes sense! Thanks for reading!.Version: 0.1.31

Blocking peopleAlthough I enjoy using this app at most times. I have come to realize one of the major flaws which concerns me. I was in a chat playing a game with most of my clubhouse friends. During this game I had said something which was allowed but a individual didn’t have the same view us me so they got sensitive and ended up blocking me. Unfortunately this individual happened to be friends with many of the people I associate myself with on this app so therefore when the person goes into the chat before me I am not able to join the chat. I feel the need to speak on this because I honestly find it under that someone could prevent you from enjoying a good time and gaining new information from others due to their feelings. There should be a better way to avoid these sort of problems. One can be not being able to notice the other is in the chat or even hear them speak so problems could be avoided.Version: 0.1.23

After partyGreat app. Format and info driven. It’s a classroom per minute. 🙂great forum to share ideas information and thoughts..Version: 0.1.28

Great concept.I think the concept for this app is amazing. If done correctly, it could really seriously compete with Linkedin. I would like to see additional features to improve my user experience. For example, algorithms to tailor my feed to the content and rooms I am interested in. And also a live chat feature in the rooms where audience members who are on listen only mode can also contribute to the conversation via chat..Version: 0.1.14

Dr Desiree SaddikI heard how critical and cutting edge this app was. The quality of the listening rooms on film, psychology, politics - for example a quest for peace in the Middle East surpasses other opportunities for dialogue and narrative. The app also considers safety and privacy if its users, containing conversation and keeping it sacrosanct. I can’t wait till this app can accommodate more users. Well done! An award for excellence is due! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 0.1.38

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