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R.B.I. Baseball 21 app received 50 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about r.b.i. baseball 21?

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Bugs1) For some reason, after some games I can’t get out of the box score screen once the game is over. I hit continue continually and nothing happens - I just have to close the app and re-open. 2)Also pitch count needs to be looked at because it’s inaccurate. 3)There needs to be more swing and misses also, and more strikeouts in order to reflect big league gameplay and stats (shouldn’t have to dial sliders in order to reflect this) 4) baserunner AI is pretty bad, it needs to be more aggressive generally, so that more runs score from second base, etc... LOVE playing exhibition games, and rosters are great. Gameplay is lacking particularly in these areas above..Version: 1.0.1

Postseason W-L is broken, but still funWon a postseason game? Too bad- the win is never recorded. The full power glitch for swings has been fixed, making it more difficult now to hit homers, which is more realistic and certainly an improvement. However, bugs abound. Post-pitch location markers were removed (!?), and hitting is super hard. Even when you do make contact, the fielding is still way too good (100% diving catches made, extremely rare infield errors, balls snap to fielders’ gloves from 20 yards away), making it impossible to get on base..Version: 1.0.1

Update today made it unplayableWhen I go into my franchise mode and start my game, I can’t get past my lineup. I’ve closed and restarted the app numerous times and it keeps doing the same thing. This wasn’t happening until the update today. Please fix!! Game has been great until today..Version: 1.0.3

✅ Angel Hernandez Seal of Approval ✅I swing at a pitch middle middle, it’s a weak grounder to the pitcher. The AI swings at a pitch 10 inches outside and crushes it into the gap. Pitches 6 inches outside are called for strikes consistently. Runners touching home plate on a 2-out groundout score unless the runner is thrown out first. Fielder’s gloves have magical enchantments that allow them to snag pop ups that are 6-7 rows deep in the stands. I chop one foul and because the ball taps the white chalk twice, it counts for two strikes on one swing. If you try to skip the between-inning box score, the game will almost always freeze. FIX. THIS. GAME..Version: 1.0.1

GARBAGEOMG! Why in the world is this 7 dollars?! Like come on! I can’t swing the bat, and when I FINALLY do, it says: LATE. Why did I pay 7$ so I can play a game where you have to smash the swing button before the pitcher releases the ball?! The ONLY reason this is 1 star is bc the commentary is good, and the rosters are updated. and developers, can you respond instead of sending one of those things that says: Sorry, contact us at rbi. net whatever the thing is. I’ve LOVED the previous editions of this game, but update it or your not gonna get more buyers. Just face it..Version: 1.0.1

Buggy when fieldingThrow to base buttons don’t work when using Assisted or Standard settings.. very poor.Version: 1.0.0

Great looking but too many crashes to really enjoyGame seems like it’s still running but buttons stop working. I frequently have to close app and reopen to continue a game. Also fielders catch balls even when it looks like it should have made it through the gap or went over there head. Please fix..Version: 1.0.1

GarbageDoesn’t have updated teams or jerseys like it says and the game won’t even loud in for me i have no spent 20 dollars of my money for this game and it works every 2 days .. I’m not happy. At All. Fix your games or just stop selling garbage..Version: 1.0.1

My fielders can’t throw the ball after fielding. Just downloaded thisGlitch ? Update….. May 3rd, still can’t play defense while having it on assisted fielding. They replied to me “ it’s fixed” but it isn’t . And now after making a few updates to current players on my roster in franchise mode it’s glitched! When trying to choose my pitcher and opponent’s pitchers screen before the game doesn’t have their team at all. It has my starting pitcher and then it’s a blank box where pitchers should be and title of it says rotation and I can switch it to rotation. I think a great feature should be added in the [game options section ] where it could run a quick {clear cache } or something or reboot during a game so it’d save data and Probably have it available on all the other screens too while choosing what you’re currently doing. I like playing classic mode too myself and being able to stack your team with legends when you go to add free agents. Then play franchise mode and win it all.. please app developers go through quick and make these updates. And GO Atlanta Braves ! Lol play ball ⚾️.Version: 1.0.1

Opening Day is tomorrow, base throwing glitchAll the improvements to the game are all good. The only concern is the classic assisted fielding control bast throwing glitch. Tomorrow is opening day, I’m getting my rosters set up and I want to start my season. UPDATE: still cannot throw to bases (or steal) on classic fielding/base running. The patch fixes the ability to throw to the cutoff man but cannot throw after that. Now I cannot update my franchise rosters from the April 30 roster update..Version: 1.0.1

Lost potentialThis game has the potential to be a great game, but the batting is difficult because the swing button doesn’t seem to respond when hit and the game constantly crashes. Can’t get past an inning without it crashing multiple times..Version: 1.0.1

Too many glitchesGame is fun when it works but there are way too many glitches. Many times the game will just hang indefinitely and you can’t progress, or if you’re pitching and there’s a runner on first their display bar will be flashing all over the batter. When batting, the display bar for the runner still moves around strangely and obviously not intended. Have bought this game the past couple years and this is the first time I’ve seen so many bugs on launch..Version: 1.0.1

Game closes as loading !I just bought the game on my iPad and can’t play. It shuts down as soon as it’s loading even though I have the newest version....Version: 1.0.1

Knuckleballs?Since when does every MLB pitcher throw a knuckleball. That ridiculous pitch that every pitcher throws ruins the experience. Change-up? Sure. But a pitch that drops dead a foot in front of the plate? C’mon..Version: 1.0.1

Too many bugsAs of now, rbi 20 is a much better game. There are too many bugs and the game crashes. My season is unplayable because of some glitch. I’m more so writing this so that they get on smoothing out the game because once the kinks are worked out it will be a fine game, lots of fun when it works..Version: 1.0.1

Bugs and concernsI have noticed a couple times after I finished a game I tap “continue” and I cannot advance to next screen but there will be ambient background sound. Then just recently, I choose a pitch and the screen will be stuck at pitching screen with ambient background noise. I am running iOS 14.5. It feels like I wasted money buying this game..Version: 1.0.2

Crashes ConstantlyI was really looking forward to this game as I have enjoyed the previous versions. The improvements look nice, but I can’t truly experience them. The game crashes constantly. I was able to play one full game, but it crashed 8 times during the game. I will delete and hope for an update that improves it. Update: Downloaded the update and it still crashes constantly..Version: 1.0.1

Imagine being able to throw to a base in a baseball gameGame works ok? Few crashes here and there. Guess it’s part of the process. But then the fielding comes along. For some reason, the fielder has no intent on throwing the ball to a base, even with some furious taps to the button. Means you can’t do grounders or throwing ahead of the runners. Absolutely game breaking. Maybe that’s why the devs did not decide to give a tutorial on how to throw a ball to a bag. Not recommended unless this is fixed. Period. I mean can you imagine an MLB game where the infielders just hold onto the ball every time they get the ball? Update: despite the update you still cannot make a groundout to save your life. Also more buggy stuff.Version: 1.0.1

GlitchyBetter than other years, hitting more balls. Though the player still catches the ball when not even close to the ball. When I tap where I want to throw the ball it sometimes doesn’t go. The controls are glitchy . Overall I think it is a better improvement, hopefully they keep going in that direction of improving the game..Version: 1.0.1

A step backwardsUPDATE May 23 - since last patch, runners on base no longer seem to know when they should run on force plays. Trying to send runners doesn’t always work, I have had runners on third refuse to advance after tagging up. Slow batters still get thrown out at first when hitting singles to right field. Lots of work still to be done..Version: 1.0.2

Fix this game!Just like the other reviews say, can’t throw to bases!.Version: 1.0.0

Crashes every other inningThis version really needs work. It crashes every other inning, apparently runs can score on a pop up with two outs if the runner passes home before the catch, and the base runner speed is way slow. Fairly disappointing..Version: 1.0.1

1.0.2 still buggyI just scored a game time run in the bottom of the ninth, then saved and quit the game. Upon re-opening the app, that game tying run was now gone and the player that had scored of the run was no longer on base. Also, please remove the facial hair, beards specifically, from the player models of the NY Yankees..Version: 1.0.2

Unplayable constantly crashesJust terrible- this game crashes on iPhone XR and is unplayable. Not worth anything.Version: 1.0.1

App keeps freezing; unable to sim to current dateApp would have gotten a better score if it did not keep freezing up to the point where I have to restart my phone. If I want to bring it so my team is up to date with the current real team as far as the calendar goes, the app does not let me sim to those dates; the only message I receive is that the app is either loading or saving. I have tried going forward with another team and I get the same a message. This is extremely frustrating especially since I’ve hardly ever had issues with previous editions. Please fix!!’.Version: 1.0.2

Some fixes neededI only have a couple problems with the game. The first one is that the game will occasionally crash out of nowhere. The second problem I have, which is not as often as the first, is that I will sometimes have a few lag spikes while in a game. The game is enjoyable, but if these problems get fixed, it should be even more enjoyable to play..Version: 1.0.1

IssuesI think the game is really fun, but there is a few issues! Firstly the day/night cycle doesn’t work. Also it gets really laggy on my IPad and it is unplayable! Please help! Other than that it is fun and was worth the money, also why is there no roster update??.Version: 1.0.1

BugsI agree the game does have better features then the past games but the one thing I have the biggest issue with is having more than one created player on a team everytime it gets to that player it freezes if they are pitcher or batter please fix it soon.Version: 1.0.1

TerribleThis is not a decent game. It’s not even a okay game. It’s an utterly, utterly dreadful game with absolutely zero redeeming qualities..Version: 1.0.1

Can I get a little support pleaseThe review format requires me to be kind and give at least one star, which this game does not deserve at this point. I can’t play a full game because of the crashing issues. Getting through one inning without the game crashing would be nice. It’s been weeks waiting for an update. Zero stars. “MLB The Show”, come save us! Signed, Regrets the purchase.Version: 1.0.1

TerribleIt is impossible to play baseball when the creators of the game don’t even make a game with the rules of baseball correctly. On a two out fly ball the runner can not tag up. The inning is over at Three Outs! I want a refund! WASTE OF TEN DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!! Batting timing is off so how are you suposed to hit the ball when the batter swings 2 seconds after you press swing.Version: 1.0.2

Sucks.This is one of the worst baseball games I have ever played. The graphics are not that good, the game keeps glitching on my phone. Or sucks.Version: 1.0.1

So many glitchesI’m disappointed with this game. I think the game can be good, without the glitches and crashes. As this being the main baseball mobile game, it should be better. It seems like every time i play something goes wrong. My game has crashes when i hit home runs sometimes, button glitches, created player glitches, etc..Version: 1.0.3

Still didn’t fix the injury bugFigured you’d fixed the bug where if a created players gets injured, it locks up on the lineup screen. I have to turn injuries off to get it back to normal. I’d like for injuries to work, since it makes you have to sub in less used players. Please fix.Version: 1.0.2

All of above.Great when it works. Which is a rarity. Plz fix..Version: 1.0.3

BadFielders can only throw the ball to the cutoff man and that’s it. Base buttons are completely unresponsive. Ground ball in the infield, fielder gets it and can’t do anything but run with it. Pitching interface is really weird and could be so much better. Batting interface is also terrible. The timing on pitches is bad, have to swing as he releases to even touch fastballs. Has potential to be a solid game, incredibly unfortunate that nothing has been fixed since the game came out. Waste of money..Version: 1.0.1

FixCant throw to any base while fielding and game stops in 4th inning.Version: 1.0.0

ThrowingGame is great and fun but I can’t throw the ball to a damn base.Version: 1.0.0

BUGGY and constant crashes even after “update”So much potential.. I have yet to get through a whole game as it’s crashed EVERY SINGLE TIME. I like the pitching changes but hitting is near impossible you have to swing as he’s in the windup and hope for be best, really? so far the frustration of not getting through a whole game plus batting and other glitches rates this 1 starthus far..I asked for a refund as a result!!.Version: 1.0.1

Decent. Not great. Freezes up a lotReally was excited to get this game and initially loved it. For those saying they can’t hit - not an issue with me. However the thing freezes up and crashes way too much. I would not buy it until they fix this..Version: 1.0.1

Fielders do not throwCan’t throw to any base..Version: 1.0.0

Crashing problemFun but crashes a lot. It gets frustrating Bc it doesn’t save your game when it crashes. I’ve played a few times and still on my second game.Version: 1.0.2

Crash all the timeBruh.Version: 1.0.1

Needs to be fixedWhen I first bought this game, I was super excited to try it. When I loaded in everything looked good, but when I loaded into a game, it was the opposite. First off, unless you hit the ball in the air over a defender, it’s impossible to get a hit. Second off, every few innings it glitched me so I couldn’t pitch and I would have to exit out of the whole game. But, I really like the create a player feature, it gives you the opportunity to edit or make a player. That’s the only reason I’m not giving 1 star, all around disappointment. I’d wait a few months before buying to make sure they fix the game..Version: 1.0.1

GlitchyThis game is crap. It’s unfortunate because it has the potential to be great but there are way to many bugs. First off, the batting even in easy mode is hard and even hard hits are still singles. The timing is tight on 6/10 swings and they all end up pop ups. Secondly, pitching is bad also. How is it a fastball up is almost always hit for a home run? It’s unrealistic. The worst part of the game is fielding. The ball can be in right field but the left fielder will make the catch, that excessive but I’m sure all those who’ve played understand it’s completely terrible, that goes for all fielding aspects. Waste of money. Wish they would update and fix things. RBI 20 didn’t have one update for as long as I had it. RBI 21 has been out awhile and I have not received an update to the game outside of a server side roster update which isn’t completely up to date either..Version: 1.0.1

Has a lot of flawsFirst is the ball tracking. The ball will be going 20ft from the fielder but they will still catch it that also goes for throws as well. The game will just glitch in the middle of a pitch and close the app. It happens at least 5 times a game. The throwing is also terrible. The mechanics from previous games were so much cleaner. This feels like it was rushed and not fully put together. Very disappointed in the game..Version: 1.0.1

Worst version ever for glitchesI have bought every iteration of this game, and this one is by far the worst. In less than a month of playing, I already have had to scrap significant parts of a season twice because the program froze midgame and offered no options to get out of the game mode. I had to delete the app and download it again to start over. Not only that, but also the base stealing option does not work in classic mode. Get it together, folks. I am obviously a loyal customer, but my patience has worn thin..Version: 1.0.1

CrashesThis game has the potential to be really good and i do generally enjoy the game, bugs aside, when i’m actually able to play it. This game crashes all the time and that is my absolute main problem with it. This game crashed 3 times in a single game the other day. For a game that’s this much i would expect less problems, better communication from the developers than just handing out a support email under every negative review and more updates to fix the problems that are effecting not just my experience but so many others..Version: 1.0.1

CrashingThe game is great. Definitely would be worth the $7 I paid for it if it didn’t crash. Like I said, great game, great potential. Just fix the bugs and the constant crashing. **Edit** I’ve played this for a few days since I wrote the review. I hit a home run in the World Series and the stupid game crashed and didn’t count it. I change my review from a 2 to a 1. Fix the game. Too much potential to ignore the problem. Fix. The. Crashing. And. Glitching..Version: 1.0.1

I’ve played 8 games, my record is 4-0I thought I would like a few of the new features in this year’s version of RBI and they are OK. They even fixed an issue I’d had with multiple previous version where my players would invariably be thrown out trying to steal huge I’d throw out 1 in 500 of the CPU’s runners. But a far worse bug is going to have me setting aside the game for awhile It’s supposed to be a 10-season “franchise” game wherein you record wins, losses and stats. In RB21, I’ve physically played 8 games but only the results of half have been recorded. This defeats the purpose of building a roster and figuring out lineups, etc. just reduces it to a series of exhibitions if you can’t experience long term success or failure. This isn’t a new product. I know they made a few major changes but I wouldn’t think recording results and stats would be affected. Only 6.99 true. But you wouldn’t throw seven dollar bills out the window either. Not worth buying at this point..Version: 1.0.2

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