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Xbox Family Settings App User Positive Comments 2023

Xbox Family Settings app received 38 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about xbox family settings?

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Xbox Family Settings for Positive User Reviews

Suspend PlayGood application to monitor and change XBox settings without having to go through the console... One recommendation: Add a “Suspend Play” button / option for the parent to suspend play as easy as it is to extend play..Version: 1.0

I control my brotherHahahahahahaaaaa.Version: 1.8

Easy to UseEasy to Use and very straightforward settings controls..Version: 2022.11.2

Almost BrilliantThis app makes control of family screen time super-easy... except when you have added extra time and then want to edit that... I’ve not found a way to do that, you have to wait for it to lapse and then make changes. Developer Team... fix this and it’s a five star rating. Thanks!.Version: 1.2.1

Good app, best yetSimple and easy to manage the kids, set limits and block when necessary. All the core stuff I need to be able to do is there and appears to work seamlessly..Version: 1.1

Easier to useMakes it a lot easier to control kids settings....would be nice to be able to add or remove family members from it though..Version: 1.0

NeedAn option to cancel the added time or just an option to turn off the activity.Version: 1.3

Highly recommended for familiesI highly recommend this app for families, it a great way to monitor your children’s screen time, how long and at what time of the day/night. You have the ability to approve or decline friend requests, purchases etc. you can add money to their account to buy things like V-Bucks etc. It’s a great way to monitor your children to ensure their having a good and safe gaming experience. I use it daily.Version: 2022.11.2

Perfect!Great App for a gamer Dad, we need time to play as well!.Version: 1.7

Great app!I thought there would be kids rating this 1 star because they say, i wanna play fortnite 247! But none! This is the BEST app since forever! Keep up the good work Microsoft!.Version: 1.2.1

Gaps in allowing timeThe app has been great as far as parental controls,however there have been multiple occasions where I tried to add screen time for my child and it never updated to his account. I had to unlock more time from the Xbox itself..Version: 2022.11.2

Perfect for managing kids accountsThis app has saved me so much money since my children now need permission to buy anything..Version: 20220429.220517.6

What an App!A simple to use way to monitor my kids screen time without having to go to a cumbersome website. 5 stars, would limit playtime again!.Version: 1.0

Good but could be betterIt work fine and all but like all xbox apps it could be better. The allocated time for My child doesnt update so there no way to know from the app how much time he has been using of his allocated time..Version: 1.3

Working well so farMy daughter has recently started gaming and we use this to help monitor her times on screen time. It’s nice having the option to add more time but it would be nice to still have the pause option when you do this. For some reason, if you add more time, the pause button disappears. Apart from that, seems to be working well..Version: 1.9

In controlGreat app to allow me to control access to and time on the Xbox to keep my son safe while he games..Version: 2022.11.2

The BestOf all of the platforms that we use in our home - iOS, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox, it’s Microsoft who wins my vote for best parental control experience, hands down. I especially like the ability to quickly respond to the push notifications when my kids ask for more time. It’s all very well thought out. We’ll done 👏.Version: 1.9

Perfectly implemented.I play games with my son often and this lets me control exactly what he can and can’t play on the fly all from my phone. If he ever wants to play something he doesn’t already have permission to play I can just allow it from a notification sent directly to my phone from the Xbox it’s great..Version: 20220204.220204.1

Great app for managing screen timeThis app has made great improvements. It can manage time across Xbox and Microsoft devices. Child access settings are now all included in the app in one place. It’s easy to add or stop time without adjusting overall settings. You can now check balance, add money and see purchases in the app. The multiple time blocks option is great, and this format is much easier to use than the website..Version: 1.8

Great family controlsThis time control settings are nailed on. I have all consoles and this is clearly the best implementation. Controls screen time and content. Also actually keeps kids from seeing GTA ads when they are 5 (unlike PlayStation) Nintendo for being a kids console actually has rubbish time management controls. This app is the leader.Version: 20220204.220204.1

One of The Best Product Turn AroundsThe parental controls where abysmal about 2 years ago. But since then, it has become the most useful tool for the over tasked parent. Managing 3 kids is tough enough without needing to monitor how much screen time kids have. This tool puts that burden to rest..Version: 20220204.220204.1

Great for restrictingCan enter time slots and restrict the amount of time they can play in 1 day or just add time when needed much better than going the internet to do this it’s like Apple screen time.Version: 1.9

Great tool to Regulate children’s time on Xbox15 min increments. -Needs a cancel / stop time function..Version: 1.9

Works Like It Should!Growing up as a kid I played games a lot (My wife and I still do as well as with our son)…but I also got out and played with friends physically IRL and did other activities that taught me life skills. Nowadays you almost have to force kids outside and lock the door. All in all the app does what it was designed to do and helps limit these digital needle users. Just need to add the app limiter to the family app itself so you don’t have to go online to edit times for individual apps. Then this will be the perfect digital methadone!.Version: 1.5

Good appBetter app.Version: 1.1

ExcellentFonctionne très bien permet de gérer l’autorisation des jeux ou app qu’on veut pour les enfants!!!! Permet d instaurer une plage horaire pour chaque jours !! Les enfants peuvent faire des demandes, de temps supplémentaires ou d’accès à des jeux, qu’on reçoit sur l’app . Permet de gérer les amis et les façons de communiquer!!!! Super je n’ai même plus à gérer le temps de Xbox avec les enfants le Xbox le fait seul 😇.Version: 1.3

Family friendlyOverall it does what it’s meant to. Easy UI..Version: 1.7

Great ControlsGreat app, and great interface. Able to pause and start play time as well. Very happy they let me approve and deny from the app as well..Version: 1.7

I wish i could create specific schedules per app per day and mre readWish i could create specific schedules and times per app per day, also per website otherwise i will give 5 starts.Version: 2022.11.2

ReassuringOutstanding functions, quick responses. Great for feeling reassured the kids have boundaries..Version: 20220204.220204.1

Works as promised - Great for familiesDon’t let the reviews from upset kids whining they’re locked out sway you. This app works and is easy to use. You can adjust when a family member can play, what they can play and even with who. The interface is very easy to follow and find your way around. I do like that I can set different times per day. This lets me have more family time on weekends booked in advance as they know the xBox is not available..Version: 1.4.1

Ha ha ha pause screen timeLove the fact I can pause their screen time, also nice how I can see how long they have played today and for the last 7 days. No more he’s played longer than me from the delightful bundles of joy 🤣😂🤣 Don’t even have to take the consoles away any more if there on a ban, can even pause them from work if I want when I know they should be doing home work 😈😈.Version: 1.4

AlrightI put a time limit on it but when I tried to take it off, it would not allow me even when I tried changing the settings, it would not save not matter what I did. If there’s something i’m doing wrong please tell me! Otherwise, it’s really great I’ve been watching over my little kiddie for awhile..Version: 1.5

Great appAll features are good and user friendly, would give us the option to update the app wise timelimits from within the app too....Version: 1.2.1

Suspend / Pause buttonI know it may not be popular but I need an effective way to get my kids attention without physically standing between them and the TV. Please add a “pause” button for us parents! Great app.Version: 1.1

Easy to have controlIt’s super easy have control and see everything that my kid plays on his Xbox thank you.Version: 1.4.1

YeetYeet yeet if it could.Version: 1.7

Controls that limit playing time and promotes good behaviourConscious of the amount of time my son spends on his Xbox has always been a concern. This app not only helps me set time restrictions, but also helps me to rewards good behaviour with allowing you the option to give extra screen time. There is even a facility to block playing time altogether! From a simple touch of a button on your phone via this application you are more in control..Version: 1.3

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