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Trivia Star: Trivia Games Quiz app received 88 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about trivia star: trivia games quiz?

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Fun to playGreat game to see how many questions you can answer but too many advertisements! I had a couple of issues where I watched the adds to get free credits only to not receive them. I also noted the responses from customer service to peoples problems. At no time did they ever offer you your points back that you lost or to reset your game with extra credits. Poor customer service. Need to correct the problem to keep the players interested in playing the game. Each answer should be different not a standard response..Version: 1.134

Stars?While the game does have a lot of ads and, yes, a lot of questions are US-centric, it’s still a fun time-waster. I like the fact that you have a choice of genre for each set of questions, as it means that I can avoid topics I’m either not interested in, or not very good at! I also like that you get a free life every so often, and that if you run out of gems, you don’t have to buy them with real money; you can just watch a couple of ads to earn more gems. I do have one question about the stars you collect - do they actually serve a purpose? Can you exchange them for anything, or are they just there for decoration?.Version: 1.119

9/10Great time on this game!.Version: 1.132

Enjoyable but…I like the game but few things: 1. To America-centric. This is particularly noticeable when doing Capital cities and there is always at least on question about a state capital, I've surprised myself how many i know but as I'm British I don’t think of US State capitals as capital cities. 2. They're needs to be better checking of spellings of UK brands and names. 3. Please get some of your sport questions checked over and please clarify some questions, I got a question wrong because you asked for the nationality of "Ronaldo". The player just known as. Ronaldo is Brazilian but the question meant Cristiano Ronaldo who is Portuguese..Version: 1.177

ThinkingYou have to think about what the answer is if you don’t know what it is than you have to look it up or ask someone.Version: 1.132

Only advertisingQuestions are geared towards making you connect with brands. Don’t bother with this if you want a legitimate trivia game.Version: 1.173

Keeps an old man thinking 😃😅😅I enjoy it..Version: 1.164

Helps with my anxietyI suffer with anxiety and I find this game a good distraction when I need to focus my mind on something other that my thoughts. I’m quite competitive also so it always puts a smile on my face when I get the answers right. I didn’t think I had that much general knowledge until I started playing this game, I’m slowing starting to realise I’m smarter than I think..Version: 1.173

Re Star TriviaLove the game ! Fun answering challenging items and guessing who the star is ! 👩🏻‍🦱❤️.Version: 1.177

Not bad but has a few glitchesFun game for trivia buffs but I have a few issues. First, references to weight, volume and temp need to also refer to the English standard (pound, Fahrenheit, etc). Also, when the category is specific like science, a question that is about a character in a movie that did something scientific is NOT science but ACTING. Ditto with history, etc. Also, I noticed if I already chose to play and paid 100 coin, and then I decide to check on my league before I choose the category, if I return to the screen where I choose the category I have to pay 100 coin again. This happens in multiple places and I shouldn’t be penalized for leaving the screen since you have buttons for us to switch screens and you don’t warn us about it costing more coin to return. Also if I had watched ads to get free gems I can’t get a free help upgrade or coin. One last suggestion is to add coin to VIP perks. That’s the only reason why I’m not in it now. Not sure why I want stars as it doesn’t seem to serve any purpose did rather get coin and gems as part of the VIP.Version: 1.134

Ali pallyGreat game but to many adverts unfortunately you have to pay to free them up want be playing for long getting fed up with the ads after every game 🤬.Version: 1.176

Good game, quite addictiveThe only downside of this game is that many of the questions are American based, so probably easier if you’re an American..Version: 1.134

TriviaI love games like this as my memory is not too good and it keeps my mind active. Great app well worth getting, one of the best games I’ve got on my iPad 😊😊😊.Version: 1.128

Smart thingThis game helps me with all my stuff and it also helps to learn this if you don’t know stuff then you will have to maybe get to get smarter or math, Science, language thanks for reading this hope you will know alot more thing’s.Version: 1.176

To AmericanAs much as I like playing the game, it’s to American. There are whole categories I don’t understand as it’s 100% American aimed. No fair! :(.Version: 1.154

RatingGreat game.Version: 1.176

To much sport.You need to be able to “turn off” categories that are offensive to you..Version: 1.152

Trivia gameFun. Passes the time and keeps me thinking..Version: 1.180

I love this gameThis is probably one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played. My only complaint is the amount of diamonds used per incorrect question..Version: 1.161

Great trivia gameI am a sucker for good trivia games and thoroughly enjoy this app despite the questions being mainly American based my only gripe is that you can only have one life at time.Version: 1.128

Good gameI don’t know what others think but I like this game and just like any other game you probably will have to spend a lil here and there...however you do get free gems and coins and I haven’t had a problem getting my free gems or coins you will only get so many a day so keep that in is easy at first but the higher the levels the harder it gets but it hasn’t been to bad..some answers are in the question and some aren’t but..helps pass time and I find it fun learn to use your gems and free miss thing as it resets every 15 mins and you can wait between answers if you want...overall this is a good game I never leave reviews but I wanted to for this game.Version: 1.132

Ads, Ads, Ads!When I rated this four stars I had just begun playing. Now I’m driven mad by the over-abundance of ads!!.Version: 1.164

GlitchesI love this game, great trivia too. I don’t want to pay to play a game so when I watch ads to gain enough points to play it freezes and when I’m half way through or have only one or two more answers to go it makes you start all over and or uses to much coins. Every time you have to go back in it takes 100 coins and it’s impossible to catch back up cause it keeps taking 100 coins when it freezes or glitches. It doesn’t let you go back in where you left off it starts you back over after you’ve already paid for the round. It gets discouraging after a while. If this continues after my coins run out I’m deleting app..Version: 1.169

TriviaKeeps my mind active, simple questions to get the old grey matter going - having the grandchildren as finally paid off watching ALL the Disney movies really helped with the Disney and animated question.Version: 1.164

TRIVIAThis app you made is keeping me so entertained and I got this game from my friends , you can play it with family and more this game is the best and I never wanna delete it!!!.Version: 1.177

Great Game! Just One Complaint…I love this game and I have a lot of fun with it. However, I find it very annoying that when you get one answer wrong, you’re not allowed to keep answering the rest of the questions. I would prefer to get the answer wrong and break my streak, but still be allowed to finish the quiz and answer the rest of the questions. Maybe if there was a points system instead of having to answer ALL the questions right in order to move to the next level and getting cut off after just ONE wrong answer. Other than that, I enjoy the game. I learn new things and also find out I knew more than I thought when I correctly guess an answer. It helps keep the mind active..Version: 1.172

Brain activityGreat way to spend time..Version: 1.134

It’s great!Absolutely wonderful.Version: 1.177

Good... although...I personally think this is a great game for anyone who’s trying to improve their Geography skills (student), food (critique) or just anyone who wants to test their knowledge. However, as wonderful as this game is, I personally think that the game is too Americanised (is a lot to do with America). As I am well aware this game was most likely invented in the US; although the manufacturers should have thought through that a 10 year-old English student might be trying to improve their spelling. As America and the UK spell words differently, much like other countries compared to the US: E.g color (America), colour (UK), the child will almost definitely pick up on the American version of saying it and fail in their exams. As I am from the UK I believe that the English is obviously spelt correctly and the American way is not. That is just personal reference, don’t take it as an offence. To make another point, the genres should be varied; it’s all very well including food, movies and Disney. But is that what the people who play this game really want? Or do they want interesting subjects that force their brain to try new and different things that they might have never even known existed? Do you want to make them learn something new or is this game just a waist of time? Did you create this game for a reason or just because your company told you to? Again, no offence intended. I am entitled to my own opinions and so are you. The choice is now yours....Version: 1.154

GreatGerard.Version: 1.154

AwesomeThis game will train your brain. it’s amazing!!!.Version: 1.132

A good test of triviaGreat game though it can become a little expensive..Version: 1.122

Rigged winning multipliersSuch a great game but it’s a shame that the winning multipliers are rigged to hit 2x about 90% of the time, it’s clearly not random or chance. The fact it costs 100 coins per game and you mainly only win 100 coins back makes the game unviable, especially as there is no way of gaining more coins except by using real money. I get that you need to make a profit but you get that with the adds. Please change the multiplier to random and it will be the best game in the apple store.Version: 1.134

Brush up on knowledgeI love the geography and capital cities for brushing up! The trivia is so much fun😊makes your brain work 👍.Version: 1.128

PinkyToo glitchy! You watch a video to get more stars and it freezes so you don’t get the stars- I’ll leave it Thanks! Just cannot be bothered with a substandard game!!.Version: 1.174

TriviaSuch an awesome game. I love it !!!.Version: 1.172

Just ONE little drawback..Now, this app is fantastic. It’s fun, it’s addictive and most importantly it’s versatile. It has thousands of different questions, none of which have been repeated this far (I am level 83) the design is tidy and clear. The ONLY reason I did not give this app 5 star is this: The questions are far too tailored to America/American people. As I am from the UK I found myself avoiding all categories that involved American knowledge. Even categories you wouldn’t expect to have American influence still does, apart from that the app is awesome! Piece of advice fellow UK players, brush up on the incorrect terminology those yanks use over the pond ;).Version: 1.143

Fun quizSo far so good. A bit of fun. Not complicated so far. The adverts could become annoying though if the frequency increases any further. Seems now to pop up after every round. Less so at the beginning.Version: 1.176

BrendaGreat game I love it.Version: 1.177

GamesSo exciting and entertaining keeps me guessing love it.Version: 1.134

Good game issue with a questionI have enjoyed the game and it’s a lot of fun. The possibility of removing ads for 24hrs is fantastic. However one of your ‘Soccer’ question was. What is the minimum players you can have on a team? The answer to this should be 7 as you can have 4 players sent off in a match and continue. Answer was down as 11 which is just the amount of players in a starting lineup. Either question or answer needs changing.Version: 1.132

AwesomeThan you ! 👌🙏👏👏👏.Version: 1.177

Great fun- if you’re American!Some of these can be done by logical deduction if you don’t know but a large number of questions across the categories are clearly for an American audience only which is a shame for the rest of us..Version: 1.132

Addictive but does crashGreat and addictive but it does crash / use your coins and leave you unable to play… if it crashes and you’ve just paid 100 coins to play you’ve lost your coins.. i just went to answer question of day and it told me I was short of gems - I accidentally clicked on watch for free gems and when the video had finished it had run out of time to answer question?!? The ads sometimes freeze and you have to close app (and again loose coins) to play again. Struggle to actually get a build up of coins to play.. you get your spend replaced most of the time.. and to get more you have to watch 7 videos to have 105 coins...Version: 1.169

GeeCeeBeeA solid game, yes lots of U.S. biased questions, but hey, you learn from them. It takes a lot to load sometimes, doesn’t freeze, you just have to wait. Not a bad effort..Version: 1.164

Keeps your brain sharpI love the variety of the questions although they have a USA bias. I thought I knew a lot about wine but the quiz proved I didn’t know as much as I thought so I learned a lot. Fun and interesting.Version: 1.134

Great game, too focused on a US audienceI think the base game and concept is fantastic. The questions are fun and challenging. However, it is focused on a US demographic, and it shows. I’ve seen similar games that allow you to change the geographic location (and as such, the questions) 94% comes to mind, and it works well. I think this game has huge potential globally, and the US focus is my only critique. Keep doing what you’re doing, I hope to see this added in a future update!.Version: 1.164

MoiraGame freezes on my apple phone. Adds are a pain..Version: 1.176

Good soup lolMy sister really likes it.Version: 1.176

TriviaVery fun game that actually plays as advertised. Many of these games advertise one way then when you download them they are nothing like what you thought you were getting. This game is fun, starts off easy and gets more challenging and has multiple fun trivia categories and fun ways to get coins and points. No glitches either. The only thing that I think is worth it is getting rid of the ads. Once you see if you like the actual game I got rid of the ads for a 4.99 one time fee. WELL worth no interruptions! I have actually ditched some of my other games on my tablet and find myself always playing this at the end of the night. LOVE IT!! You don’t have to be a genius because there’s always ways where you can get hints. But it’s challenging enough for people that are actually very smart and don’t need the hints that they are challenged as well the further and further along you get in the game..Version: 1.177

GoodGets a bit too hard after level 500. I would ge more likely to buy piggy bank if it had coins in it.Version: 1.134

Best game I have ever playedI love this game and it is so fun and it really test your brain I’ve enjoyed playing it and I am going to play it every single day it is that fun PS I’m actually really good at it.Version: 1.176

YyyyyI just got out of the hospital and there is only so much tv I can watch this is for my brain.Version: 1.143

Love this game!I’m addicted to this game! I’ve yet to have the same question twice and they aren’t just American based questions either! I love it! Definitely one of my favourite apps!.Version: 1.176

Need more ways to earn coinsI recently discovered this game, and I really enjoy it! I purchased the “no ads” version for $.99, and I’m glad I did. However, it seems that earning coins is nearly impossible. I can watch ads to earn gems, but not coins. Even if I can answer 4/5 questions in a round correctly, I don’t get any coins, and most times, the multiplier is not enough to get ahead. In order to get more coins, it seems I would need to purchase them, and I would simply like to be able to earn them. This app is fun, and the questions are challenging. I would love more opportunities to earn coins..Version: 1.162

They got a question wrongThere was one question in UK brands and the question was maltesers and the options I could pick from was: chocolate covered malted milk, sour gummy bears, cheesy pretzels, yogurt dots. And to be honest none of them were right, the answer is biscuit covered with milk chocolate.Version: 1.176

AmazingThis is my favourite game on my iPad I love it 😻💖😊😃😎.Version: 1.122

Impossible to Progress, without GemsI had become addicted to this game. Thoroughly enjoyable. However, after reaching about a medium level, I found it impossible to go any further without using any gems, which are very quickly depleted. Almost every aspect of this game relies upon using gems, as opposed to coins— from choosing an extra category, to receiving a hint on an answer, to getting an extra spin. Furthermore, there is a “glitch” (is it really a glitch?), supposedly allowing you to watch videos, to freely earn a small number of gems... But after watching these videos, no gems are received!! I have the latest version of this game installed, so that has nothing to do with the “error”. The *only* way to obtain the gems is to buy them.....I have already laid down money once, in removing the ads...lI refuse to do it again. Why can’t the user occasionally exchange some of the amassed coins or stars, for the gems? And without accumulated gems, it is practically impossible to advance any further in the game. Too bad, because this is otherwise a wonderful app, and an entertaining pastime. Other suggestions: Where are the categories like spelling, grammar, and mathematics? ...or maybe I am just old fashioned..... Also, how about classic TV and films, and classical music categories? ....Way too many “pop culture” entries from the year 2000 and up—at least for this user..Version: 1.132

EnjoyGreat for the mind, the only thing I find is some of the sports and car racing etc is all American, if you do t live in America it makes it a bit hard..Version: 1.134

ReviewSuper fun game!!!!.Version: 1.176

Great game but could be helpful to fixThe game is addicting but I have only one issue. Instead of losing the 100 coins to play again why not just let it keep going without spending another 100? Just to only gain that 100 back from lets say a 2x when you win. Which isn’t going to get them anywhere. Also why not have it less than that 100 to play if that’s the case. I understand that’s where you want them to spend after losing it. But to keep it going makes it hard if somebody does lose it all..Version: 1.132

Super gameThis is one of the best games I have downloaded in a long time. It’s fun & not too complicated to play , also you are improving your knowledge in the process. Really do enjoy it!.Version: 1.132

This game is awesome sauce!This is an amazing game! Lovely!!! 😻😻 I love this game so much, me and my family play it and we all love it!! 🎃😼😼😼 it’s so sneaky and great overall. I would love for them to make it best selling game of 2020 🤟🏻👻 😼😼😼😼😼 my love 😍 I play everyday when I wake up and go to bed it’s brought me from my sad times 😿😻😻🤌 this is such a goofy 🙃 orange it’s my fav 😽😽😺 I can’t believe how far me and Trivia have came 👻😸😺😺 I’m dead from how good this game is.🎃 keep it up 👍 ♥️ superior app makers 😼😼🤫🤗🤪😚😉 I love you you are my role model 😍😍😇 pls tell me how you did it you little noodles ☺️😉😘😘.Version: 1.132

Good game to while away the time...Have just downloaded this game - it’s an easy to play, variety of questions in loads of categories...Version: 1.132

Good quiz if you are an AmericanThe questions progress steadily. That is if you are American, even easy rounds are difficult, if you don’t know USA state parks, TV shows etc. I’m giving it 4 stars for the layout and the fact you can watch 5 adverts then non for 24 hours. I would give a UK version 5 stars..Version: 1.154

Game is FUN but gem stones don't always appearI actually love this game but I am a little perturbed by the fact that my gem stones don't always appear after watching video specifically for that purpose. This is usually not realized until the offer of watching a video for 30 gem stones is taken advantage of. Please fix this glitch so that we are able to enjoy the game at the full capacity. ------------------------------------------------- New issue: App continues to freeze when attempting to get free gem stones. ------------------------------------------------- I was provided a link via an email response to my complaint that leads to the same page as the App Support link which is a screen that reads "Page Not Found". Please forward my concern to the tech department since I am unable to do so, as this remains a recurrent problem. ------------------------------------------------- This problem persists and continues to get worse I am now unable to get free gems when notified that I do not have enough gems to pay for an alternate category. The app crashes and forces me restart and use more coins only to get the same error in effect causing me to waste coins. As previously stated the App support link reroutes to a page that reads "Page Not Found". Please fix this bug..Version: 1.154

Great trivia appI really enjoy this game mainly because it isn’t “competition” based. I am not the most competitive person and like testing my knowledge more than winning. I also like that the categories are more fun and not about really serious topics. For example, the categories include “Brands”, “Disney”, “Food”, as well as “Basketball” and “Capital Cities”. I enjoy games that test or have to do with pop culture. It’s nice just to see how many I can get correct; the points you get from answering questions correctly and other aspects of the game are just a bonus. Definitely recommend to someone who is more into having fun..Version: 1.132

Mr knowledgeGood trivia lots of fun.Version: 1.158

AddictingIt’s not so hard you want to give up & quit. Always losing a game takes the fun out of it. The choices of topics are fun!! It’s addictive..Version: 1.176

Fun but getting too hardI enjoy the game but the questions are starting to get to be too difficult for me which makes it less fun. I do think I found a bug. Today I selected the Question of the Day but before the question was shown, it popped up offering gems if I watched an ad. I watched 3 or 4 ads and earned the gems. When this finished, instead of showing the Question, I received the message my answer was incorrect and try again tomorrow. I guess it had opened the question in the background and timed out while I watched the videos. This seems like a bug to me..Version: 1.162

Great Game, but VIP price???I enjoy the game and wouldn’t mind supporting devs, but the VIP subscription is $6.49 a WEEK. Not a month. That’s crazy. Netflix doesn’t even charge that much. Wouldn’t mind supporting devs but that’s crazy. Also not sure if people can get kicked from league? A lot of inactive people that take up space..Version: 1.177

Not fully correctI have only been playing for about 30 min, and it’s been fun so far. Mainly staying in one or two categories, but just got a question about “Who was Brad Pitt married to, until their divorce in ‘05?” And Jennifer Anniston wasn’t an option, so I didn’t know what to do. Then, it said the correct answer was Jennifer Love Hewitt. Which isn’t right. Not sure if this game is filled with wrong question/answers, but that seemed like an easy one, but I’ll keep playing... but if there are other questions that don’t have the correct answers as options, I’ll be deleting....Version: 1.122

New to the appI really enjoy the questions along with the different categories. Since my family is located in different states, we have joined a team together so we can encourage each other while staying in touch. I wish I could keep my character across devices. At home I like to play on my tablet, but outside of the house I play on my phone. I have discovered the progress does not sync across the devices. I hope this is something that will be available in future updates. Until then, I will continue to play as two separate people on each device..Version: 1.180

Great trivia quizTotally enjoying the range of questions however the game is focused on USA subjects in some of the categories. Too bad if you are from another country as some of the answers don’t come as easily, still it’s a good game- thanks.Version: 1.132

I like itI’ve been playing this game for awhile now and I like it. You can earn gems from ads which doesn’t bother me to watch them while I’m having my morning coffee then a few more later, if I use some gems I pad the use with a ad or two no big deal. I have found some questionable answers mainly in the sport stars nicknames category and I’ll start to send in suggestions to them in the future. Speaking of that they have great support and I’ve always received timely answers from them if I don’t find an answer to me question in their FAQ’s and if you think you’ve been shorted coins or gems they’ll make sure to cover it and sometimes they’ll give you a few extra, nice!.Version: 1.153

Very enjoyableI have been enjoying this game for a few months now, up to level 870. Enjoying the various categories since I’m good at some and not others but there’s a lot of diversity. It is random that the Poetry category is mostly nursery rhymes but I can live with it since I know more nursery rhymes than poetry it seems. Some reviews so they have issues getting rewards for watching videos, if my reward doesn’t pop up after the first ad, I have been exiting and closing game app and then opening it again, which seems to do the trick. My only “complaint” or thing I’d like to see changed is that you should always gain coins for each round completed. Even if it’s only 25 or 50 coins, you should always be receiving more coins than you started, not just breaking even. I may get a reward multiplier chest greater than 2x less than a quarter of the time. That’s frustrating since you need the coins to increase the experts. I understand there may be a desire to have people purchase coins or watch ads but I think you could at least adjust it so you always earn at least a little more than 100 coins. Maybe just eliminate the 2x multiplier and let 3x be the smallest. Thanks for an enjoyable game!.Version: 1.134

TriviaIf you like trivia and have general knowledge you will enjoy this game. Warning it gets you hooked..Version: 1.132

Best Trivia GameI’ve played a few trivia games, but I love this one. The change of topics and the varied questions are great. No question is the same and it’s good fun tying out topics you’re not strong at. You don’t need to buy anything to get through the levels, but you can if you want. Adverts and money adverts aren’t as annoying as in other games. Overall a great game and gets the brain working!.Version: 1.128

Enjoyable, but too USA focussedThe game is enjoyable, with plenty of subject areas, but too focussed on a US audience, with sports and entertainment being focussed on US sports many of which are played as minority sports in the rest of the world and the music and movie questions are mostly modern, eg it would be nice to have questions on classic movies as well as on one since the year 2000. That said it is not an expensive game to play, I have learnt things and it is enjoyable.Version: 1.143

Great to test your general knowledgeThis is great fun. As all free games, there are adverts but they do it in a way that they don’t keep popping up every time you move up a level, so not as irritating as other games..Version: 1.128

J MacLove the game but when you click question of the day and a pop up for extra gems comes up it doesn’t cancel the question of the day and you lose out through no fault of your own.Version: 1.153

Luna loves dogsThis game is so good I got last in lockdown and hasn’t took my eyes of it since It is great for when your friends are over The subjects are Morden films and music their is also sport subjects to The only bad thing a bout it is the ads I think you and your friends will love this game as much as I do.Version: 1.171

Trivia reviewThis app has really helped me with my learning and am very impressed of it. This app is probably the best trivia app EVER! It works very well with iPad..Version: 1.132

AddsThis is a great game but it has SOOO MANY ADDS and it’s really annoying every time I finish a level an add shows up and I can’t get it away..Version: 1.128

Good gameBut the advertising sucks.Version: 1.177

Love it!My new favourite game!.Version: 1.176

This app is amazing!I had fun playing this with my 6 year old daughter!.Version: 1.134

I find this game really goodI love this game because I love the brain teaser of the game..Version: 1.176

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