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Cookie Run: Kingdom App Complaints & User Negative Comments

Cookie Run: Kingdom app received 37 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about cookie run: kingdom?

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I’m annoyedI HATE that one season thing where they reset your trophies.Like UGH it’s extremely annoying and frustrating.Version: 1.4.001

Attractive Game but Crashes a lotEverything works well if I just login. Crashes usually happens after 5 mins when I try to switch from “kingdom” to “events”, to”shop”, or to “world exploration”, or from “world exploration “ to “kingdom” or to “events”. I use iPhone 7, iOS 14..Version: 1.2.101

Really good game but always crashesI love cookie kingdom so far! My only few problems is that it’s always crashes. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t even get past the loading screen since it’ll just crash.Version: 2.1.101

Game crashesWhen I ever just I play it awalys crash.Version: 1.5.001

Let me update itIt’s great and everything and all but it has multiple bugs and it won’t even let me update the game. I’ve tried everything such as deleting apps, deleting this game and reinstalling it but it still fails to download the update and now I have tons of free storage.Version: 1.4.001

Amazing game but it crashes a lotI really like this game but it always crashes whenever I try to go to the story or when I go to events page. Also I was just playing and I did the 3000 gems gacha roll and IT CRASHED. I lost the gems and didn’t get anything Name-MassiveBaconLand.Version: 1.2.501

Wish I could give 5 stars but...I love this game, and I wish I could give it 5 stars. It’s cute, a little addictive, easy to get far even as a free player, the gachas aren’t super unfair... But everytime I play for anywhere between 10-30 mins straight, the game closes itself at random. And while I don’t lose any progress from this, having to wait another 1-2 minutes to reload the game every time gets old, especially when all I want to do is collect some random ingredient and turn the game off. The game also drains my battery life like a starving vampire, but I’m willing to err on the side of caution that my iPhone 8 is just on it’s last legs as is. Great game, but please fix the bugs..Version: 1.3.501

Constant crashing + other issuesEDIT: the crashing is worse now. every time i try to go to a different page there is about an 50-50 chance that the app will just crash. do not know what’s causing it but would like it to stop because now this thing is basically unplayable im coming in from ovenbreak and mostly just here for that tasty cookie run Lore and so far devsis has delivered! one thing tho is that this app eats up SO much battery it’s hard to play on the go if i want my phone to live for more than an hour. maybe think of implementing some kinda battery saving mode? theres gotta be some way to lower the graphics settings like there is in ovenbreak.... the app also crashes alarmingly often! not sure if it has something to do with the battery thing tho. it tends to crash whenever i try to draw from the gacha, or collect resources, or.... do anything that might involve the app sending data back to the server now that i think abt it another point of contention for me personally is that there’s no way to turn off world chat, which is pretty annoying since no one ever says anything in there and it’s just a rotating litany of “[user] met [epic]!” or [user] upgraded [topping] to max!” if i Could turn off world chat that might allevieate the crashing problem maybe? since that’s one less internet-connected thing the app will have to deal with.Version: 1.1.41

Crashing made the game barely enjoyableThis game is really fun and all but with the nonstop crashes it feels like playing with a time-bomb, waiting until the game crashes again for the 8th time in under an hour. I lost thousands of gems from the gacha because of the game crashing the moment I tap the button. I don’t even get the pulls from the gacha crashing on me. It’s so dumb..Version: 1.1.31


Fantastic Game With Huge IssuesI’ve been a fan of the Cookie Run games for years now and have been playing Kingdom within the first 2-3 days of release. I was super excited for this game and it lived up to the hype. CRK is beautifully animated, charming, and overall an enjoyable experience. While the battles can get a little underwhelming since they’re not very user interactive, I use it as a way to step away and get a drink of water or a snack while the game runs. The major issue with CRK is the crashing. I’m running this on an IPad and it’s one of maybe 3 apps on here? It’s not like it’s barely managing to run, CRK didn’t have this problem until about 2-3 months after release. Anything could crash it. You want to just stare at your kingdom? Crash. Battle? Crash. Gacha? Crash. Booting up the game? Crash. It doesn’t seem to be caused by one specific thing or area which confuses me as someone who understands a decent bit about programming, if it was only during loading zones or when entering certain areas I’d point out the bug but I could literally not even be touching the screen on the shop menu and it will crash. Overall I think the game is really beautiful and Devsisters definitely created a game that lived up to the hype, but good god does it feel like it’s held together by duct tape sometimes. I’ve actively avoided playing a game I sincerely enjoy because I literally can’t even play it..Version: 1.7.001

StorageThe game itself is amazing, super fun and I would not recommend if you are impatient. But it has its downsides. First of all it takes very long to update but my internet is fine and so is my storage. Also the levels are way too hard so when you try to do them, you fail and you cant level up your characters or try to get new cookies since theres hardly any way to get gems. it also keeps resetting the update..Version: 1.3.101

CREATORS PLEASE READI started playing yesterday and it is really great I got some good cookies as well but when I play level seven of the first part on the map it glitches when I am supposed to talk to liquorice it doesn’t and my cookies just stand there until the timer runs out can you fix this?.Version: 1.3.301

Oder versions not workingOlder versions not working.Version: 1.1.31

이게뭐죠???이거...뭐죠...? 아니 이게뭐지? 이거 싸울수도 없고 뽑을수도 없고 근데 레빌을 올리려면 싸우래요...저한테...뭘 원하는거죠?.Version: 1.2.501

Good But Has A Few ProblemsThis game is fabulous but one of the main problems is that if i want to play with my friends that are on a different server i can not change my server at all unless i make a new account, so if you see this can you please make it so i can play with my friends no matter what region or, just let everyone change their region. but overall this is a great game and i can wait to see where it goes. Great job! 😁👍.Version: 2.1.101

Just a few thingsI liked this game when I played it it was fun the story was fun all around great I have problems with the kingdom area The whole thing seems expensive for an upgrade or expanding land without using diamonds + if you want to continue with the story you need the same axe to continue I don’t have enough resources or time to do all that the it gets more complicated to upgrade farther in the game Also I had to delete the game because of the event (it had the sea cookie and I think the mango cookie) whenever I tried to get in it would kick me out of the game I don’t even know if I backed up my account so I can’t play the game since I don’t want to start over It’s very fun to play I loved the story and how easy it was to gather enough diamonds for a 10 pull (I will probably get more difficult as I play the game tho).Version: 1.6.301

MonotonousFrom playing from the hype start, it just didn’t feel as good after a while of castle up, more things, not enough time to manage them all, and the constant struggle to level up all your cookies has made me not want to progress the story without jumping from level 32 to 35, with so many more levels, skill powders and more required! The cookie houses don’t generate enough, even after a while before leveling up. More cookies, too many giveaways from mail makes crystals feel not as important, so everyone just uses them to pull, My final take on this is that add something new to the “make wood, sugar, axes” every step of the day, or change it! Adding more materials won’t work, unless you make some “auto” or anything like that. Then fix some balances of cookies, including exp candies required for a single level up after a while, and although new and better cookies are hype, please don’t overuse the “ancient” type, like in cookie run where everyone wants it, but can’t get it, and in this game, the newest cookies always dominate, so exercise these things a little, for the players..Version: 1.3.101

CrashesNow I’ve been in playing this game for a while, but something that is so frustrating is the number of crashes that happens when I’m playing. It’s annoying and really makes it hard for me to actually play. I was using the yacht once, when I crashed and lost all of those gems. It’s really frustrating for the game to just suddenly crash. Other than that, the game is pretty good- characters are cool, interesting storyline, the only thing to fix are the unending crashes..Version: 1.2.101

SucksI never get characters I want it’s not fair I pay 3,000 diamonds for drawing 10 cookies and I get no new cookies I get..Version: 2.1.101

Servers need to be fixedI’ve been playing this game for a few months, and have managed to pull some of my friends to play too! Unfortunately, the new server means that if they chose Hollyberry (which they all did, as it was suggested) we are unable to send friend requests and play together. Please fix this!.Version: 2.0.301

I like it butIt’s a really good game, I like the story and the graphics but it crashes to the point where I don’t wanna play it anymore. Sometimes it freezes too. Please fix this..Version: 2.1.101

DifficultiesI love the game but it’s been crashing and glitching numerous times for me. Please look into the issue and maybe fix it if you find anything..Version: 2.1.101

Fun but need daily hard grindingThe game is fun and is a mixture of town building and gacha. But this game is only for people with lots of free time because you have to grind many hours on a daily basis to get all the daily normal/event rewards and complete your tasks(battle, producing and collecting resources, etc). The gacha isn’t any better as it is extremely hard to get an ancient or legendary cookie hero and you need duplicates to promote them so free players will have to play for over a year to see real progress compared to paying players. The constant daily hard grinding means players will get burnout due to the repetitiveness and the urge to stay competitive. As fun as the game is, it is best to skip this if you don’t have time to play it..Version: 2.1.001

FIX THE CRASHINGWhen you actually get to play the game it’s great, not too many negatives and definitely 5/5 stars but that’s only if you can actually play the game because it crashes within 2 minutes of opening every time, sometimes mid battles. It makes the game un-playable and I should be giving this a 1 star, fix the crashing, I don’t have a lot of patience left for this annoyance..Version: 1.3.301

Cant updateThe game is great but every time I update the game it wont update..Version: 1.5.001

P2WWhat light said. Full of P2W users and hackers. They’re giving us tons of freebies but as of now the only consistent method of receiving diamonds is as arena(pvp) prize, and it’s given monthly, annnnnd obviously it’s incredibly hard to win given it’s dominated by P2W and hackers. 🥴 just go play ovenbreak, also cash grabby but at least you need skills to win and level difference don’t impact winning that much (seriously, they’ve hit their limits with ovenbreak, every other cookie run game are just reskin of crappy P2W models. Haven’t they learnt anything from cookie defence shutting down? lol).Version: 1.0

BuggyBuggy for now, can’t progress after 1-13..Version: 2.1.001

Good game but needs lots of workI really enjoy this game but I definitely think that this game could seriously use some more balanced rework. One of them being the probabilities of getting a cookie in the gacha. Recently there is higher chance to get Latte cookie (1.440%) chance of getting her. But for other cookies when doing the special featured draw that only have a (0.076%) yet somehow I get other cookies that have a 0.076%. Which does not make sense at all. It’s so much easier to get other cookies that have 0.076% of obtaining instead of the 1.440% chance. And other devices have problems after updates or when playing for a while on the game it just crashes. I have my iPad and when I spend to much time on the game or when I click to many buttons the game just crashes but when I am on my iPhone nothing happens and that really doesn’t make sense..Version: 1.2.501

Wat the hell STOP CRASHING!Stop kicking me OUT! ALL the time I can’t even play it Why is my cousin luckier than me he got sea fairy and pure ancient but I couldnt THIS GAME OVERALL SCKS.Version: 1.7.001

Gotten worse ):Wayyyyyyy worse since the new update. crashes tons more and freezes a LOT which it never does before. everytime i try to start a level or something, one part of the music will repeat over and over and it won’t un freeze unless i go home. disappointing :/.Version: 2.0.201

Uh-So basically I have the new update, but the data Keeps Failing To Load- It can’t Be Storage problems as I Had Cleared most Of my storage a while back. I’m very Confused and I just wanna Play the game- but I Can’t Unless I download The data- which it keeps Failing on doing. I also have high-speed internet so I don’t think it’s that either.Version: 2.0.201

Great game but update issuesThis is a great game and is very enjoyable, however anytime there are additional resources to download it struggles to download them and the downloads keep stopping halfway. Originally the in-game updates would eventually download but as of the recent one it won’t download the additional resources at all so i cannot access my game, which is kind of disheartening since i had spent some money. Hope this can get fixed in future. :).Version: 1.5.001

Cant play yetPlease could a staff of this game fix the constant kicks out of the game for no apparent reason, I still cant play the actual game itself due to unable to get past the story. I wish I could just skip the thing entirely, I don’t want to give this game a bad review but just want someone to allow me into the game, is it my ipads problem/devices problem or anything you can fix. Thanks.Version: 1.1.51

Critical Bug!!I love this game but as you play more, your game starts to lag. If you pull a gacha roll, you’ll crash and you’ll lose your gems and not get anything..Version: 1.3.501

Good but can I request some things?I love the game I love the cookies voices and I love how they have there own little story’s there so cute! And I love how you can wish and buy gems and coins to wish for a little cookie but I wish you could buy cookies and not wish for them because I really want a special cookie but it is ancient and I can’t seem to get it and I’m really sad so if you could just add that in that would be amazing and also I have another request maybe you could bye diamonds with your coins? I have a lot of coins but not so much diamonds and it is really hard to get diamonds so I thought, we could just bye diamonds with some coins? That is just a request, you do not have to do it I was just requesting it and I thought it was a good idea💜 But I really love it! It is an awesome game! And I have so much fun!.Version: 2.1.101

Lost It AllI am in love with this game, maybe even too much so. I’ve spent more hours than i’m proud of leveling up my kingdom and fighting against the darkness for cookies of all flavors. But now it seems all of my progress has been lost. Everytime I open the app now, it tries to take me back through the beginning story set up, which at this point I am just too frustrated to sit through again. I guess i am somewhat to blame, I hadn’t yet gotten around to saving my progress to my apple account. But it wasn’t like i deleted the app or anything. I was using it, on my account, exited the app, and upon returning to play again a few hours later, my slate was wiped completely clean. This is a great game, but truthfully if I have to start way at the beginning, i don’t see myself playing anymore. Game play suggestions I have would be adding an english option for the voice over setting. As well as some update that stops the app from completely depleting your battery power so fast..Version: 1.4.001

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Cookie Run: Kingdom works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Cookie Run: Kingdom.

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