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Bright - Crush Your Card Debt App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Bright - Crush Your Card Debt app received 28 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Bright - Crush Your Card Debt? Can you share your negative thoughts about bright - crush your card debt?

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Bright - Crush Your Card Debt for Negative User Reviews

Please don’t do itAny good reviews of this app cannot be real. This app was supposed to take a minimal amount out of my account. I had $800 in my account and when I looked the next day I have $175. Bright took out six transactions, one for $133. Leaving me unable to pay for my daughter’s camp for the week. I tried to withdraw but it said it would take almost 10 days! Now it does not take 10 for a bank transfer to go through. I can’t not have my own money that I earned. I tried to chat them, it said my wait was an hour. Ok. Then it was 30 minutes. Then I got a message on the chat saying there was no one to chat with me and someone will reach out to me in 24 hours. They didn’t. I even emailed them. No response. This company is terrible and incredibly irresponsible. They will take your money. More than you authorized. I’m going to be filing complaints about this business to every organization I can, as well as post on all social media..Version: 1.36

Stole $130 from me.The app automatically transferred in $70 to my Bright account holding $130 so the displayed balance was $200. However, I didn’t have $70 in my checking so the transfer was returned. Before it was returned, I just wanted my money back and transferred out $50 and then $150 and the account got overdrawn -$70 when the return occurred and all the transfers are now frozen and not going through. I’ve contacted support over and over and they just keep telling me to wait and the transfers never actually go through. So the Bright account is stuck displaying -$70, meanwhile my $130 in actual money that was successful in being put in is frozen endlessly. Support has been absolutely zero help, each one just says what the last guy said, that it will happen eventually. No one on the support team has any power to do anything, they are just paid to tell customers to wait..Version: 1.24

Good idea, but not for everyoneLong story short, I had almost $300 taken out of my checking account and bright was to pay it toward my credit card...the only problem is 3 weeks later my credit card issuer reached out and said they had not received a payment for the month and now was overdue. I thought bright paid my credit card weeks ago? Hmmm. Basically Bright had taken my money and for whatever reason the payment never made it to my credit card. It was still processing and the “estimated date” bright said I should expect to see the payment go through kept getting pushed back every day. I reached out to support and they were able to reverse the funds back to my bright account which from there I could transfer back into my checking account. Thankfully I got my funds back today and closed my bright account. I think the app is a great idea but it didn’t work for me at all, i’m just better off paying it off myself rather than have a 3rd party do it for me. Support was very helpful but i’m sad it was a below average experience. :(.Version: 1.26

It has potential but not for meI deleted this app and decided not to use it. 1st of all this app is helpful, it does what it says it would do but this is the part of my frustration and experience. Do not sign up in the app, sign up on their website. The features and settings are different and once you sign up in the app there’s no way to use the website-it will just tell you sorry, you have to use the app since you signed up in the app. But I did not know that so it was too late for me. Also, if you don’t have to deal w/ customer service, then you’ll be fine. It only gives an option to email them. The emails were very cold & uniformed. It is as if they are scripted. Also, Sam who provided me w/ instructions, should’ve gotten more information first before trying to give instructions. The instructions they provided didn’t help. And because I could not accomplish what Sam instructed frustrated me even more and because of that it was the deciding factor of deleting my account. More so, it took even longer to get additional help to make sure my account would be deleted. It’s because of your customer service and the cold, uniformed responses on the emails that has put a bad taste in my mouth about the product. It’s too bad, it is a good and useful tool but there’s no way I’m recommending this..Version: 1.19

BRIGHT-HELP DESKThis is the worse help desk I’ve ever interacted with. This company is handling its consumers money and should have agents at the phone on standby to help customers experiencing issues. Im 22 and have no problem interacting with a help desk via the bright messaging system but my problems are never addressed. I’ve been told agents would contact me via email and no response was ever received. Ive been told an agent would be calling me to resolve my issue and I never heard from an agent at bright. Ive even been told my issue had been resolved when it still was very much not resolved. Note: (Money from my “funding account” was actually being pulled from one of my seperate bank accounts with the same bank.) This caused me to overdraft mutiple times costing me $80 in overdraft fees. The first time I caught this I gave bright the benefit of the doubt and contacted the help desk. They looked at all my banking information i reprovided and they notified me it had been resolved. I received another overdraft fee 2 weeks later. This has been a very frustrating experience with an app that is supposed to help build a better finacial life for its customers..Version: 1.38

Fraud at this pointMy husband and I were looking for a way to pay off credit card debt and be able to keep track. I found this app and almost instantly decided it wasn’t for us so I deleted it, thinking these accounts get deleted for inactivity after so long, say 3-6 months since I even thought about the app. This morning I check my account and see a charge from them. I go to support about it and they said I was charged for memeberships services which I did NOT authorize or signed up for. So they pretty much signed me up for services I didn’t want and used my bank information nearly 4-6 months later to charge. This is fraud and I will never use any app like this or anything else that offer this service because of my experience here. Support also claimed for it to be refunded in 3-4 business days. But if they just willingly took my information I had and charged me months later with no email confirmation or anything also. Then I doubt I’ll get the money back. DO NOT USE!!.Version: 1.31

Would Not RecommendThe app and service used to be amazing, I’ve had it for over a year, but in the last 6 months my cards are constantly being unattached without my knowledge, this leading to payments not being made on time and causing late fees etc. My most recent customer service contacts took 3 weeks for me to get a response to after submitting several requests through email and chat through the app. They claim to resolve late fee issues but they refused even though the reason for the fees were do to their app disconnecting my cards on its own with no notification sent to me, I had contacted them several times about this issue with no resolution other than reconnecting. Until they can fix their app issues and connectivity issues I would not recommend this product especially paying for a membership for it..Version: 1.37

Not following the mob on this oneThis program is so convoluted; it simply makes no sense. I see reviewer‘s talking about how great their customer support is. What support? It doesn’t exist. I have been trying to get answers for a month and a half and their chat system simply says there’s no one available, and they will reply in 24 to 48 hours via email, but I’ve never gotten a single response. They take odd amounts out of my bank account and put in places like in my “stash” for seemingly no reason at all. I had $2.73 moved to my “stash” yet it was taken out of my bank account THREE times. And when I questioned it - no response. My “credit limit” was supposed to increase after 30 days. I watched the days tick down and then NOTHING! The days starting ticking down again from 30. It simply makes no sense. I started out asking for guidance and better instructions through the Chat app (which is the only way to get support) and I got no response. Now I am simply trying to cancel my account ($9.99 a month) and my only two options are to keep the account or to chat with support - you know where that got me. I’m afraid there are people out there trusting this app when they are really being taken a few dollars at a time and getting ripped off..Version: 1.36

Horrible!!This app has taken money and it doesn’t say where on the app or when it would take money from your bank account. It hasn’t posted to my credit cards, it was quick to take it out I’ve only had the app for a few days. I don’t agree with your response. One of the “team members” I chatted with on the app about my frustration just kept saying he understood and bright is a young growing team. BEFORE YOU HAVE PEOPLE LINK THEIR ACCOUNTS YOU SHOULD TELL THEM WHEN THEY SHOULD EXPECT THE MONEY TO BE TAKEN OUT. This is literally still ridiculous. I had my “goal” taken out of my bank account last week and I didn’t know that they automatically take money out I just believed I would be able to click and take my OWN money out when I thought be best. They told me last week they were waiting for it to post and then it would be transferred back. Couldn’t tell me how many days even thought they were very quick to take it out. I got a message from Bright through my email today that it would be reversed in 4 to 5 business days after I finally emailed bright and told them I thought it was ridiculous that they couldn’t tell me when the funds could be refunded. May I remind anyone who reads my review a only had the app for 2 or 3 days before they initially took the money out and now it’s taking over a week to be reversed..Version: 1.20.1

Service costI was really excited about this app! I installed it, gave it access to all of my banking and credit card information, set up my account completely and not once during the entire process did the app let me know what the service charge for this subscription would be. I would be fine paying the $9.99 a month for what this app is supposed to do for me ( I pay a lot more for other things that I just don’t need)..... if I was told up front what I would be paying for. But because it felt like the subscription was hidden from me due to the fact NOT ONCE was I asked or told about it during registration, I immediately canceled the service (which was extremely easy, so thanks for that) and deleted the app from my phone. Hidden service charges for things are something that are extremely irritating to me. How can you say that your going to save someone money every month and hide the fact that you charge. Very scammy in my opinion..Version: 1.20.1

Stole my money!This app is extremely misleading and useless! I made an account back in December. When I signed up there was no mention of a monthly fee and I never agreed to pay for anything. They charged me $9.99 in January and I didn’t even notice the charge. They charged me again February 15th and when I saw it I thought it was then taking out money to put into the app account to pay towards my credit card payments. After a few days I never saw the money in the app so I emailed them last night about it. I got an email this afternoon asking me about how I would rate the suppose to received for my issue. At this point I’m confused because I never received a response email about the situation. I scroll down and see an email attached showing that someone had responded maybe 30 minutes after my first email. But I literally never got it. I searched my junk mail, trash, EVERYTHING and there was nothing there. So I had to send a completely new email to try and get a refund and now I have to wait again for a response. Definitely not a helpful app AT ALL and just like the year 2020 I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!.Version: 1.23

Not what they claimIf you are trying to pay off debt, but still live check to check, this isn’t for you. It will automatically take money from you at random times in order to “save” for a credit card to make a payment. If you need that money for a mcchicken or gas later that week, good luck. I also found that there’s no way to remove a bank account or card info from the app. There’s also no way to delete your account on your own. You have to “contact support” which is just a robot with a name who repeats the same lines. It shouldn’t be this complicated to delete an account. Please do yourself a favor and don’t even bother. There’s also a 9.99 a month charge that I also didn’t see anything about. It’s just an awful design all the way around. If you have money to spare and you just want it to automatically pay your bills then I’m sure it’ll work for you. But I can’t afford to put even $5 towards a card that isn’t due until the end of the month. I have other bills to pay!.Version: 1.24

Worst customer service available.I was promised and told 3 times that I would get refunded because they charged my account AFTER I cancelled my subscription, this resulted in a negative balance in my bank account of (160) because they’re charge screwed up my math and cause a domino effect of overdraft fees! After 2 weeks of genuinely struggling to contact them, I was promised a refund by two different people, I have screenshots and everything to prove the transactions and overcharges. I got told “dont worry, I’ll take it from here” from Ava in guest service, after initially getting told by Andrea in guest service that the issue would be resolved, and yet I never got my refunds and than got completely IGNORED BY CUSTOMER SERVICE, they genuinely hung up the phone before even talking with me and than made it so that I can’t reach guest service through the app chat, I HAVE to email them, to which they continue to ignore me! So long story short, after I canceled my subscription with the app I continue to get charged fees which resulted in a cash loss of (160) which I guess I’ll never see again, which I cannot afford to never see again. So I guess I will be eating rice for the next few months. No thank you for your help. I’m so upset, and honestly sad. 10/10 would never recommend this app..Version: 1.35

Coming for a real life mid aged adult, do not get this app!I was charged for a membership before even creating a pin to log in, I was just browsing the app to see what features were offered, and since they do not consolidate credit I deleted the app thinking I was just looked at what they offered and created an account I can use in the future, it’s $10 dollars a month charge, which they never specified. (And you have to download the app, no website version) They ask you about your bank information first, where you get you most of your money and deposits from, now in your eyes it’s to give you an expectation on how much they can loan you to consolidate your credit, which is false. They create a “plan” for you to set a “goal” to help you pay down your credit. The app also said it rounds up purchases so you can save money in your saving account, only cool feature. But why on earth would they not specify they’re going to charge you the membership fee? Now I’m calling customer service and emailing support and have no reached anyone, the number on the website just fails immediately after dialing, and I’ve been waiting for an email for a couple days now, I’m requesting a refund for the membership charged that I did not know I was agreeing to. They ask you for your information to see your deposits, is what they say it’s for, BUT ITS TO CHARGE YOU. Good luck everyone, download at your own risk. Still waiting on an email or call from you BRIGHT MONEY support..Version: 1.38

Horrible.At first I thought the idea was pretty cool, but then I noticed things I didn’t like. For example the app is constantly being disconnected from my bank and it doesn’t tell me when this happens until after many weeks - right now I noticed it was disconnected back in Nov and just never reconnected it again because I feel like I have to do this multiple times a month, and today I just got a text message from bright telling me there was a bank issue. At the end of the month when things are due. So they should work on letting you know the bank disconnect after two days. Second thing is I have a minimum limit set.. when the bank was disconnected and reconnected, bright took more than it should have past the min amount and then overdrafted me. Third thing is the monthly fee I don’t recall ever agreeing to. It’s $10 a month. I feel like it’s a hidden charge - and finally. The first month it made sure to save extra and actually pay down my debt on my one card.. then after that it was only making minimum payments and not paying anything extra, but making sure to save enough for their monthly fee. Needs a lot of work..Version: 1.32

HORRIFIC DO NOT USE !!!! STEALS YOUR MONEYI wish I read the reviews. Then i wouldn’t be crying right now on the phone with my bank trying to close my account because this company steals your information forever. I deleted the app (thinking somehow that would stop my account from being set up since i was in the middle of it and new this was a scam) and can’t even access my account now- they make you set up a new account when you download it again. Therefore they are taking $5 out of my account frequently and this caused me to overdraft??? now i have major fees and have no way to cancel my account so now i have to literally set up a new bank account to get away from this slimey app. don’t let this app ruin your life- DO NOT GET IT. I wish i could give it zero stars. I wish i could warn anyone who thinks this is just going to help you budget and manage credit cards. it is the dumbest most invasive app ever. I am so nervous that i put SUCH personal information into it..Version: 1.24

Too much to say...They drain your bank account. you can’t have extra 5 dollars on your account because they will withdraw it and start making payments non-stop. So if you want to have spare money bad luck. They don’t pay attentions to your credit cards they just pay, pay and pay till the point that they sent a $222 payment to a credit card that had $0 balance so now I have a credit card with $-222. Make no sense. They did it couple times and I called them but they don’t really care and still sent payments to the credit card with a $0 balance. They just send an email apologizing but they don’t really do anything about it. The point to have this app is that you shouldn’t have to call them to let them know which and how much to pay on the credit card. (Which I did few times because they were sending payments to a card with $0 balance) They only good thing is that they give me a $1500 credit with a little lower APR to pay off couple credit cards. better than nothing. But Still I give 1 star for the horrible customer service and for not being carefully with sending payments. UPDATE: their response is always the same to every bad rating. (Copy and paste) It seems that they don’t really read our concerns. Another reason that confirms the 1 star rating..Version: 1.20.1

Horrible support - FRAUD ALERT**UPDATE** Do not put money into this app. It has been iver a month and they removed my bank account with no way to re add it. They also promised a refund of my subscription fee and the money i put into the credit builder. After 1 month and daily emails i am getting nothing but the run around from them. I just want my money back, money that doesn’t even belong to them THEY HOLD YOUR MONEY HOSTAGE App was great the first 3 months. For the past month I can’t get my checking balance to update. Can’t use the app to pay my credit cards since the checking balance is incorrect. Been chatting with support for weeks, i get a new person everyday. How hard is it to allow me to do a fresh relink for my checking????? Im about to miss my 5th on time payment if my account doesn’t get relinked I cant even cancel because without my checking linked, I can’t even get my funds out of their app Update: Developer responded to my post but don’t be tricked. I have tried daily for nearly a month to relink my bank account. It doesn’t work yet they keep telling me “do a fresh relink.” You get nowhere with them UPDATE - nearly 2 weeks have gone by and still no refund like the promised. They still won’t release the money i put in the app.Version: 1.38

Good for Some. NOT FOR ME!As I’ve read through some of the reviews. I also got hit with an automatic withdrawal. Fortunately, my withdrawal wasn’t large enough to have a real impact on my bank account, but I do worry about how much more will be withdrawn until my account is completely deleted - which I couldn’t get a straight answer on. I had the not so great pleasure of speaking with Sophia. She didn’t give much help, but kept using “as mentioned”. How can you know what to safely transfer out if you don’t know what I’m spending each day?! I would’ve been good with a set amount transferring over each day or week, rather than waking up and money is transferred - it’s random! There must be some fine print somewhere about the cost! I don’t recall seeing that until I signed up and started clicking on things to see for myself. My balances wouldn’t appear, my due dates were wrong. If I have to fix everything that you are supposedly linked to, why bother linking my credit cards?!.Version: 1.20.1

Don’t waste your timeThe premise of this app is great and if it actually worked I would give it 5 stars. But unfortunately the app glitches more often then not. To where every time I exit the app all my banks and cards disconnect and I have to reconnect them every time I log in. The build and saver program wasn’t taking my monthly payment out for whatever reason and no matter how much I emailed or tried customer service, no one would respond. But if I tried to close my account and get my money back it tells me it will harm my credit…but if I keep it there they’re not taking my payments so it’s not helping it either. A real crappy catch 22. So now it has $40 of my money, but won’t finish taking the rest and a really crappy customer service department. So don’t waste your time..Version: 1.39

Great Concept - When It WorksThis app is an excellent concept. It breaks up credit card payments over the whole month and pays them for you (allegedly) with AI-learned timing to minimize interest. The problem is that you only get the benefits if you set absolutely everything up perfectly from the very beginning. The AI only runs at setup - if you add any cards/accounts after the fact, you’re just manually plugging it in. Nothing gets the smart-adapting plan that you think you’ve paid for. I changed my target payoff card soon after setting up, and it was never actually adjusted until I contacted support. The app also promises “small withdrawals” to build up your CC payments over the month. It started out doing that, then all withdrawals stopped. I manually transferred in some money, and in the same week the app withdrew almost $500 from my account. That money is just sitting there with no payments scheduled after several days. There’s no option to manually move the money to any of my linked cards. It’s just going to sit there until the app decides to move it, or I have to wait 4-6 days to get it back to my bank. Not a great feeling after paying nearly $90 for a year’s service..Version: 1.31

Don’t put your bank info in!!The app is advertised like a line of credit that will be paid over a few months to build your credit and then a larger amount would be unlocked for you to use to consolidate/pay off credit card debt. I was supposed to be charged 6.99 per month but before I had even gotten a chance to use the app, I was charged $40+ that came directly from my account because they ask for bank info first. One would assume they want banking info first to get you set up and make sure that you have enough money deposited into your account each month or something to that extent. The money they took out was not available and it over-drafted my account. I emailed shoo-in regards to this and was told that I would receive a refund of my $40+ and that a request would be submitted to refund my overdraft fee. Of course it’s been a month now and I cannot get a response from anyone anymore. I also tried reaching out through the chat…NOTHING. Please don’t give these people your money..Version: 1.38

Bad support.The app work when I first sign up. I closed the account because I wanted to add a new address and update other info. Keep in mind it’s only within 2 days. Came to find out when trying to reopen a new account they block my Capital One accounts from being link. I was curious so I tried to link my Boa and my wife Capital One and it work but when trying to link my own which work wonderfully on the closed account. My checking and 3 card showed up. Contacted their support which is almost no edited in the chat “2min” wait time. After 15-20 min auto reply will kick in and the state they will email you. Tried their “2min wait time” throughout the day for multiple days. Same reply after 15mins of silent. I called CO to make sure there weren’t a block. CO confirm there were no block to Plaid or anything and my account is clear. Bright support keep giving me the run around without straight answer to why I can’t link my CO on the new account. App seem promising but with that kind of support backing it I wouldn’t even waste a dollar a month..Version: 1.39

Do not use this app!! They will steal your money!!I had an awful experience with this app several months ago, and lost a good amount of money to their membership fee, which I did not sign up for, and only received a partial refund for as well. They have a “stash” that saves your money, but I have never been able to successfully withdraw my stash, and now have more money sitting in this app that I can’t get back. I figured I would just take the loss, move on, and never think about this awful app ever again, but when I recently checked my bank account, I saw they took out MORE money, twice in less than 24 hours, and I have no clue why, not can I find where it went. This app has cost me well over $200 now and I want absolutely nothing to do with it. I have never had a more difficult and frustrating experience with an app and would not recommend using this unless you enjoy having your money stolen from you!.Version: 1.30

Awesome app BUT my accounts keep disconnectingI really love this app BUT my accounts keep disconnecting which is the reason for giving it a 2 star rating. I reached out to Bright for assistance but they were NO help. After troubleshooting the issue on my own I found that if I updated the password to my account that disconnected and re-entered the new credentials in the Bright app the account successfully reconnected. Well when I logged in to the app this morning (just a few days after re-establishing the connection to previously disconnected account)I found it disconnected AGAIN and another account also disconnected. I logged into the accounts and changed the passwords and re-entered the credentials in the Bright app but no luck. I keep getting a message saying the accounts are already connected BUT they are not. This is so frustrating because the whole reason I opted to download and use the app is for the convenience of having everything in one place, using the automated payment option and bonus, I love how the app automatically saves money for you. Not sure this app is for me at this point. Previously I paid my accounts through automatic payments and I may just have to go back to doing that at least until Bright improves on their customer service and fixes this bug. I really want this app to work, ugh..Version: 1.20.1

I really wanted to like this appThese are the type of absence that make people like me who have bad credit from poor and reckless decisions I made when I was younger, deserves to make it hard for us to want to fix our credit. They sell you this pipe dream that they’re gonna help you and you can connect your banks and all sorts of stuff, they can surely make a quick for you to upload your big stink at all your personal information, all your account info, but have a really hard time sending you just an email just to verify that you are who you are in to even give you an email ID. The customer service is whack, it’s tacky, it’s not helpful whatsoever. Can’t even send me an email ID but can definitely have access to all my accounts. Everybody was raving about this app, the reviews looked great and I had such a bad experience with them. I have looked into other apps just like this one that were a lot more helpful with me and I will go with them.Version: 1.21

Julie-don’t download!It tells you that you will have a 10 day trial and will be charged monthly for 6 months at a time. This is not the case. They charged me the entire 6 months 2 or 3 days after opening the account with no warning! They also took the $10 for the savings account on the same day. When they took all of this, it overdrew my account. I sent messages in the app and received a response via email many hours later, when it said it would be 1 hour tops. The first 2 emails basically said they are sorry. I had to write 2 more to receive a response that they will credit me the 6 months they charged yet didn’t address the $10 or the fact they cost me $70 in insufficient funds fee and now it looks like I cannot budget my money to creditors! I am still waiting a response, the money and for someone to address the fact they made a mistake and have caused me to have a negative balance!!!! I cannot express how angry I am!! Don’t use this app!! There are many, many others that have the same features and more, for less money, and actually do what they say and actually have customer service!.Version: 1.36

Unresponsive & unreliableI signed up for this thinking it would help pay my credit card down. The whole app makes you believe they will pay your credit card bill automatically every month and they will refund a late fee if it so happens to be late. Two of my payments weren’t made and when I reached out to customer service I didn’t get a response until my third try. They didn’t resolve anything or answer any of my questions, just said there was insufficient funds in my account so they weren’t able to pay my credit card bill for me even though they charged me over $250 to set aside for those exact payments. My credit took a hit because of the late payment history and I never got a refund for the late fees. Their credit builder line of credit doesn’t work either. My money has been sitting there for over two months with $2.78 left to pay in order to finish the loan and it won’t let me manually pay the remainder. Once again, no response when I reached out for help. DO NOT RECOMMEND!.Version: 1.38

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