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Filtertune by Lightricks App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Filtertune by Lightricks app received 62 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Filtertune by Lightricks? Can you share your negative thoughts about filtertune by lightricks?

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Filtertune by Lightricks for Negative User Reviews

You have to payNo matter what it’s useless if you won’t get there subscription. This is so disappointing lol it’s not worth getting.Version: 1.5

UselessThis app is horrible. I tried removing someone from a photo, all it did was blurr that area… Don’t waste your money..Version: 1.5.3

Pay monthly appMost of the features are paid monthly to use! No way would I be photoshopping pictures every month plus needing to pay monthly just to use the app!.Version: 1.5.3

No priceI’ve looked everywhere I can’t figure out how much this media kit cost yet somehow I’ve purchased it??👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼.Version: 1.3.4

Not as advertisedI bought the full app hoping to be able to “vanish” items out of the picture like they do in the advertisement… it does not work like they present it. It is a blotch/blur, not “vanish”. Don’t waste your money. I would return for a refund..Version: 1.5.7

OverpricedThis app says 1.99 but was charged $26. I want a refund on this crap. Apple need to remove them from the App Store..Version: 1.5.7


Can’t use it after 2 weeksApp won’t upload any of my photos or videos. Says there’s a problem and to try again later. Don’t buy it!.Version: 1.5.7

Worthless for the insane price!For the price they want EACH MONTH, I will use photoshop or another photo editor app I already have. I will pay once for an app, but these clowns want your credit card number so they can charge you monthly, even if you don’t use it. Run from this never ending scam!.Version: 1.5.7

Privacy“This allows the app and website to share information about you” ah no thank you.Version: 1.3.2

Vanish doesn’t workI bought this app strictly for the vanish feature doesn’t work at all. Really would like a refund. They show one swipe removal but doesn’t work.Version: 1.5.7

Terrible😭😭😭😭.Version: 1.3.3

HorribleI don’t know what the rave is about this app. I went to use the erase feature and it isn’t clear as they indicate on the application. It looks like a wallpaper design and picks up the colors in the background that I’m trying to erase. There’s no feature of adding photos as they indicate. The background of the sky or the forest didn’t work for me. The filters aren’t any different than free apps I’ve already had on my phone. Very disappointed I think they’re totally false advertising this product..Version: 1.5.7

How can you call it a True Bundle if they don’t come with a bundle price?How can you call your bundles a True Bundle if they don’t also come at a bundle price?.Version: 1.4

Didn’t work for me at allI really don’t understand all these 5 stars it was really obvious I had removed an object from a photo, the remaining area looked discoloured and blurry. Didn’t work at all!.Version: 1.5.3

RipoffI only signed up for a one month charge and you charged me for a year. False charging!!!!.Version: 1.5.7

Purchase without trial period? No thank you!I was charged for this app the moment I installed it to try it. I don’t want an app that gives the world access to my photos that I am editing. I can’t find any way to cancel my order and get a credit for my purchase. Send an email for help with this? I get a message that says they don’t have an email for me!.Version: 1.5.4

You have to pay for most of itBefore the update you didn’t have to pay to use most filters but now you need a subscription if you want to apply the filters.Version: 1.5.4

Classic trapThey show you how cool it is and when you download it and verify your Facebook account they hit you with the cost. I deleted the app immediately..Version: 1.5.6

Don’t be fooled by the adI saw the ad and with ONE zig zag motion, the background or extra person disappears! Well, IT DOESN'T WORK! All it does is “smudge” the color from the sky, wall, etc and START to erase. It’s no better than a bunch of other editors. It doesn’t erase as advertised. And it shouldn’t be allowed fo advertise that it does. I should have been suspicious when it required me to pay before using it. Hopefully this review will save someone else from getting RIPPED OFF by their false claims. Don’t waste your money on this. (I rarely write negative reviews but this one ticked me off).Version: 1.5.4

Vanishing toolI’m having trouble with the vanishing tool. It doesn’t work as presented. Ii leaves a distorted picture in its place..Version: 1.5.3

UselessCan’t even TRY the filters without them forcing you to buy! Lame…..Version: 1.5.3

CrapTotal crap app. Leaves pictures a mess when you erase something. Buyer beware. I am glad I just tried the free version. They will not be getting any of my money.Version: 1.5.3

Does not workDoesn’t work as described. The vanish feature does not erase anything. The image is still visible..Version: 1.5.3

Vanish Mode costs $$ and is atrociousThe ads I was getting for this app enticed me to download it. I loved the idea of easily removing people or objects from the background of a photo. I downloaded the “free” app and then came to find out if you want to use vanish mode you have to pay a subscription but also it’s absolutely TERRIBLE. It makes me wish I had a Pixel because this feature comes naturally with photos and does an amazing job. Here it just scarily and weirdly lops out part of the background while not color matching and leaves weird blobs behind. Do not recommend. Especially not if you think you’re getting this feature..Version: 1.5.7

Umm, no thank you.Why does a photo editing app want/need to track me? Why do I have to sign in? Oh, so you can track me. I was intrigued enough from an Instagram ad to check out the app, downloaded it and was instantly put off when apple let me know it wanted to track me. Then I never even got to try it out bc it wants you to make an account. I have no problem with needing to make an account or pay for a service but with so many apps not living up to their advertising and wanting to see where you go on the internet it has made me more cautious about whom I give my info to these days. I will be deleting the app..Version: 1.5

FakeThe vanish filter is fake. They make it look so perfect on advertising that it eliminates unwanted objects but it’s not true as the shadows of the previous people are still left in the background . Want my return..Version: 1.5.4

Doesn’t work on iOS 15Tried vanish function and it was horrible, doesn’t work and nothing like the ads shown..Version: 1.5.4

Used to be very good.I had been using the free version of this app for a while now. Usually, part of the editing features were reserved for premium users and part were free, including the ones that would edit different elements of a photo individually. I could edit, for example the colour vibrancy of just the sky or the green areas of a photo. Unfortunately out of nowhere, all those features that used to the be free were converted to pro. Funny thing, in the general editing menu, the pro features have a wee “try” label, so you know they’re for pro users only. They didn’t add the labels the others features. I am deleting this app. It used to be okay and I have considered subscribing to it in the past..Version: 1.5

HorribleThe app is a total scam, it wastes your time and it’s a fail. If you don’t believe me download it and you can waste your time on a scam. Download Roblox instead of a scam app like Filtertune. :(.Version: 1.5.3

Scam! Don’t download it!!I downloaded this app and I authorized it to subscribe me to ONE month, instead it subscribed me to a FULL YEAR on its own. Now when I try to send them an email it won’t go through no matter what I do! I can’t contact them about it. They ripped me off for an app that has like 5 different filters your iPhone already offers!.Version: 1.5.7

DisappointedThis was such a good filter app but now you have to pay for filters. all the ones i would usually use now cost money and the free filters are awful..Version: 1.5.1

GarbageJust downloaded it to try. If it worked like in the ad I was shown it would be great. Didn’t do anything near what was shown in the ad.Version: 1.5.3

Not like the adIn the ad for the app there was all of these cool intricate filters and fonts but when you open the app there’s only basic filters.....Version: 1.3.3

Not working after buy 1yr bundleWhat’s wrong with this app????.Version: 1.5.7

Expensive and poor qualityThe magic erasure is the worst online and the social filter thing is in many other apps Avoid.Version: 1.5.7

Horrible appVery misleading. It advertises it can do scenery changes, erase backgrounds and make pictures look professional grade. Not true; atleast not erase things without it messing up the picture. I wish I could have done a free trial for atleast one day before I had to buy it to find out it’s not worth even a download..Version: 1.5.7

Refund requestI bought the wrong app. How do I get a refund for this app? Thanking you in advance..Version: 1.5.4

Vanish is mediocre at bestNot the easiest platform to edit on.Version: 1.5.8

Can’t useCan’t use app without logging in thru apple, google or facebook..Version: 1.5.3

It was great until...My favourite editing app until you had to pay for features that were previously free and extremely basic features at that. If anyone can recommend other similar apps that don’t change up and make you pay for the basics in their reviews I’d appreciate it :).Version: 1.5.3

Update to pay ?This new update comes with a lot of great features but they are NOT free, also some of the old features are now locked and you need to buy a subscription Deleting the app …..Version: 1.5.1

Was brilliant, now you have to pay :(Enough said ^.Version: 1.5.1

FiltertuneI saw this ad on IG and thought what an awesome app to have. It’s deceiving folks!!! What ever they show that’s easy to do by taking/erasing out background doesn’t work on this app! It DOES NOT!!! delete the background. All it does is smudges the background. And the ability to replace background? Forget about it!!! It doesn’t. All you can do on this app is change filters, colors, crop. NOTHING AS IT SHOWS ON THE APP!!! DON’T get deceived by this ad!!! You can use photoshop instead..Version: 1.5.3

Who made this trashThis is a total waste of your time since it is just a scam and if you don’t believe me try it your self. Obviously the ads are very much fake as well. Try a better app like Picsart PicCollage or Photoshop instead of wasting your time on this unfortunate substandard and poor app.Version: 1.5.4

WasteThis app is ridiculous! You have to pay to do anything, even BASIC things free everywhere else 👎.Version: 1.5.4

Doesn’t vanishGot the app. Vanish - which is why I wanted it- made the picture all weird and funky. Feature isn’t good..Version: 1.5.7

DONT DOWNLOAD!‼️‼️ DONT DOWNLOAD. when I downloaded this not even like 10 minutes later my Wifi was going slow. Then I go to my wifi settings and it says that someone is tracking my browser history. I logged into Facebook with this app and it said that this app was tracking it. When they are tracking your history they can get into important stuff. ‼️‼️ If you are getting a “privacy warning” on WiFi on your device, it means that your MAC address is not being masked and the network can see your device's address and track.Version: 1.5.6

Clunky and doesn’t work half the time.I had high expectations from the adds but when I purchased it within 3?minutes I wished I hadn’t. Sorry to say, It’s super slow and clunky. It Wouldn’t load my photos half the time and kept crashing before I could save something. I really wanted to like this app but it’s not for me. I bought it 10 minutes ago and wish I could get my money back. They tell you you can unsubscribe any time, but you don’t get your money back.Version: 1.5.7

Rip off! Don’t purchase! Buyer beware!!I accidentally purchased this app thinking it was something else and the immediately emailed the creators via the app asking for a refund. I have followed through with 3 request, still no response. Don’t waste your money on an app that has no customer support and offers a bad product.Version: 1.5.7

Huge let downI’ve been curating my own presets on this app for months and built my entire IG feed theme based off of what I had created. Well as soon as I got a new phone and signed in on a new device, suddenly I was being asked to pay for the ones I made. After I paid, they all disappeared. Allll of my months of hard-work was gone. Not a single preset was still available. I’m disgusted and disappointed. Don’t let this app steal your hard preset work!!.Version: 1.5.7

Sign in with another account! WHY?!I don’t understand what is the need to sign in with one of my other accounts. Why wouldn’t this app not have its own account? Make it make sense! Won’t use a product that NEEDS to piggyback off other accounts for information. SMH….Version: 1.5.3

Total trashI downloaded and paid for a month for this app because I was seeing all the ads and I loved the idea of being able to erase things out of pictures. It does not make anything vanish, and instead it makes it look as if you’ve just smudged the item. You can’t even do a free crop to try to crop things out of the picture. I am entirely disappointed with this app..Version: 1.5.7

Won’t work for meWhen I try the vanish, it doesn’t vanish anything at all. I’ll p,as with it some more, but I may delete the app. I paid for the yearly. I use my finger to highlight something I want out, but item stays despite trying several times. I’m using the new iPad Air 4..Version: 1.5.4

Total scam! —does not remove backgroundHighly don’t recommend this. It claims it removes the background but it does not. Total scam of an app! Do not buy!.Version: 1.5.3

It’s not downloading my pic.The app keeps closing on me. If it doesn’t work well, I would like to unsubscribe..Version: 1.5.2

Doesn’t workIt doesn’t work very well, when you want to cut someone out of a picture it becomes all blurred. Adobe photoshop is better quality. Don’t recommend paying.Version: 1.5.8

IPhoProMax: ONLY USED EMAIL ACCOUNT⁉️IPhoProMax: Why this App only can be used with an email account⁉️ I am wondering, why it is that if this APP “FILTERTUNE” is downloaded from the App Store, it doesn’t accept phone 📲 number usage, but registration via email 📧. And although I select according to the questions: CONTINUE WITH APPLE⁉️, CONTINUE WITH FACEBOOK⁉️, CONTINUE WITH GOOGLE⁉️—— I selected CONTINUE WITH APPLE, BUT IT AUTOMATICALLY CHOOSE REGISTRATION WITH EMAIL 📧⁉️ Are there hidden purchases not describe in the info reported⁉️HIDDEN PURCHASES AS MONTHLY OR YEARLY ONCE YOU REGISTERED WITH EMAIL⁉️. BESIDES, YOU CANNOT EVEN TRY THE APP IF YOU DON’T PROVIDE AN EMAIL⁉️😡😡😡⁉️.Version: 1.3.1

Bugs. Please fixTerrible, has bugs. My picture never uploads to the app so I can’t edit anything.Version: 1.3.5

Can even use the best filtersThe apps ok in general, but now since we need to pay, we cant even use the good filters, and i cant even make my own at that, those were the reasons i even used this app, please use ads instead, id much rather prefer those :(.Version: 1.5.1

HorribleJust bought this on accident and I was going to keep thinking it would work and the vanish mode doesn’t work and the app crashes ! I need a refund back!!!.Version: 1.5.7

LIESThe whole flippin reason I downloaded this app was to remove unwanted objects from the backgrounds of my photos. So I downloaded just to be disappointed. The background eraser coated money and didn't even work that well. It blurred it more than it erased. Would NOT reccomend.Version: 1.5.7

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