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Papers Grade Please! App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Papers Grade Please! app received 65 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Papers Grade Please!? Can you share your negative thoughts about papers grade please!?

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Papers Grade Please! for Negative User Reviews

Too many adsI like this game and think it would be better with LESS ADS!!! Ads are popping up excessively and it’s really annoying. I keep asking to do the School Dance activity and I never get to. If you are a fan of ads, you can get this game, but if you have triggering OCD like me, don’t get this app. Also I would like to be able to add more furniture and decorations to the classroom. You can only edit it five times. Thank you..Version: 1.38

So many adds😭😡🤬There is so many adds every time I grade only 3 papers there is always 2 or 3 adds which is annoying and it is also glitchy so pls fix that and the people r really creepy this is the last thing all the adds r very glitchy and and they stop right in the middle of it so I have to wait 10 minutes to play the game again pls fix all these things!Pls don’t think I’m trying to be a Karen but I’m making this up! 😓😓😓but other than that the app is fun 🤩.Version: 1.46

No just noHi if you see this with you I would like to say that when I was watching the ad and they wanted to leave the game while watching the ad it started to glitch my game and my iPad so I have to wait 10 minutes for it to go away I’ll see what I had too many ads so I wouldn’t have suggested but did you choose and add if you weren’t there then I would give it a full mark.Version: 1.50

HorribleNever play this game. It’s very boring.Version: 1.35

TRASH. I SAYSo it is trash because it doesn’t let me download it and it doesn’t have many reviews..Version: 1.35

This game is terribleI watched an add to get a new teacher and it finished. However when It finished the skin didn’t add, So I clicked on the add button again then it made my screen go fuzzy and wouldn’t let me turn off me phone. It has only just fixed and I’m still in tears. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.Version: 1.40

Cool!!!!!This game is so fun I love it I bet you would to I would say yeah try the game if you won’t like it then you don’t the student are soo funny. PS: not many adds.Version: 1.38

Game is so creepyIt told me to track them on the websites so idk if its safe or not im deleting the app BC its so creepy i saw it on YouTube so i did it was so creepy.Version: 1.50

OkThe only problem that is i press “F” and it shows as “A” so get THAT FIXEDD.Version: 1.36

Bad game I ever played in my hole life 👎It is bad very bad it is really bad when I always open it it get me out it really bad game do not download it please it is horrible do not play trust me please.🙏.Version: 1.36

FunThis game is fun but there are way toooooooooooo many ads..Version: 1.36

Too many ads!This game was okay to begin with, but there are so many ads. And after watching 10 ads in the first 2 minutes, the game had frozen by entire phone and took 10 minutes to come back to life, the app has been deleted and you must remove some ads make getting money another way instead of watching ads!.Version: 1.50

It’s a no from me dogWhat a pile of hot garbage..Version: 1.40

IdkHas to many ads but good game.Version: 1.38

FunPretty good game I like it.Version: 1.430

InappropriateThe ad I saw for the game was a kid laying on Santa’s lap getting smacked with his pants pulled down. I don’t know if you feature that in your game but it is very inappropriate for an ad. Clean that up..Version: 1.440

Not that great!You want to get the game when you see it on an add but when you get it you play it and there is A MILLION ADDS!!!! So it is annoying so I totally would not recommend it AT ALL!!!!!!!!! So you should find another game I would recommend it but if you are on road trip it would be a fun game because no WiFi no games so win win. But I would not recommend it. And if you do not like school you will not like the game 100% so your choice and I personally hate the game so I regret getting it SO MUCH!!!! But your decision..Version: 1.46

It’s an okay game...So, this game is actually really fun and has a great concept, but there’s this really annoying glitch that kept happening to me. Whenever I saw an ad, after I hit the “x” to close out of it, a black screen would appear. The black screen would never disappear, and I hit the home button and my home screen came up, so my device didn’t die. The only way I found to make the black screen go away was to double click the home button and swipe it up. This glitch really annoyed me, but the app itself was actually really fun. What the kids write it funny, and it’s overall a very interesting and original idea..Version: 1.440

Gets boring fast, problem with the student customizingLook, I’m not sure if this is supposed to be likes this, but shouldn’t you be able to access the hats always after they are bought? Like, when I’m done customizing the students and all, I go back just to see I have to buy them again... That’s not very good and I wasted all my in game money on it all. I don’t really enjoy this game as much either. It gets boring fast, I mean, really fast..Version: 1.36

It’s not downloadingWhyyy is it not downloading.Version: 1.35

Would recommend!Overall this app is really fun to play especially when you are bored! I would recommend downloading this if you ever need something to do in your free time..Version: 1.430

AdsAbsolutely ridiculous amount of ads makes the game unplayable..Version: 1.36

Such a horrible app. You will see whySo I just got this app. I was playing it like you need to. Then I tried getting a teacher skin. I watched the ad, and I waited. Once it was over, the screen went black. I was worried because it didn’t make a noise when you turned it off. My whole iPad was FROZEN for guess how long... THREE HOURS! I had to call tech support to help me fix it and they saw that the app gave me a virus. They wiped my iPad but if you are reading this and you didn’t install it yet, DON’T RISK YOUR DEVICE!!!.Version: 1.40

OkThis app is ok. When you first start you think it is great and ok maybe it is, but there is always a student who gets it wrong or right. No all fails or all good ones. And ones you get to year 12, the game just makes your students redo year 12 again and again. If they could start with new students and make the tests randomised then it would be good..Version: 1.38

Hackers!I only rated 5 stars so you would see this. It's really one star. This app Hacked my iPad! It wouldn't let me exit the app. It wouldn't even let me turn off my iPad. After a while after my iPad turned off and when I turned it on there was just a white screen. I eventually got it to work so I could warn you. My iPad is fine. There was nothing wrong with it. I promise it was the app. 🅿︎🅻🅴🅰︎🆂🅴. 🅳🅾︎ 🅽🅾︎🆃 🅳🅾︎🆆🅽🅻🅾︎🅰︎🅳..Version: 1.40

HiBad make less ads.Version: 1.36

This game is a bit wierd.....This games is sort of wierd but it can be fun in some parts I think that it’s a bit 13+ maybe? I am 14 playing this and my mom was kind of concerned because my little brother plays this and basically what I’m trying to say is that. (MY MOM) Thinks this is inappropriate for 5 and under please change this to a little bit more maybe appropriate for younger kids and I’m not trying to complain but I just want to right a Review and I just want to say thank you for reading this review -Maddie (Madison).Version: 1.50

To many adsThis game has wayyyyyy to many ads don’t even bother playing you will just see an ad after every mark this game is trash and the ads give the maker for this app money so don’t give him money is basically what I am saying just don’t and I mean don’t download this app and that’s on period...................Version: 1.35

Only fun for 20 minutesThis is one of those games that are fun but could be better if the developers decide to add some substance to the game instead of being money hungry. It’s obvious that they’re in this for a quick cash grab. And then they have the nerve to ask players to pay 4.99 if they want to play with no ads. Sorry but the game is 1 dimensional at best and that would be a waste of $5, nothing is dynamic or interesting about it that I would invest $5 into it. The amount of ads playing in the last 20 minutes I’ve played it is ridiculous. Even if you choose not to watch a ad you’ll be forced to sit through one in the next few seconds anyways. This game is just adding to the pile of “look this is super fun but you can’t have too much fun because it’s time for an ad now!” games that are swamped in this store..Version: 1.46

Please Fix This.I like the game but the game got m in trouble I was just playing the game and then I wanted a new skin so I watched a add to get the skin and then I tried to skip the add but it would not let me skip it I was crying for minutes it didn’t let me exit or turn off my iPad That’s when. Knew I had to tell my parents my parents fixed the problem but then I got in big trouble so I enjoy the game but I just don’t like that problem..Version: 1.50


BadBuggy with constant adds and repeated levels. I sure hope no 6th grader has tests like these.Version: 1.35

Promising game but ads galoreSoooo many ads. Large banner at bottom of screen, ads after every level and then so many extras need to watch ads to receive. Otherwise, interesting concept and with a bit of tweaking could be a really good highly addictive game, which would be worth the adblock money. Needs more and different things to upgrade. Could Buy extra pupils for each lesson. Questions to get harder as you go up grades and be relevant to the grades. Currently gets old real fast. Until then unfortunately will be deleting but hopefully will reinstall in the future..Version: 1.35

Too early to askAsked me after playing for 1 minute for a review. Way too soon haven’t even looked at how the game is properly yet.Version: 1.50

Where to begin...Well, this game is VERY addictive and would get a 5 star review apart from one thing.... THE ADDS!?!? Now I had only got to the FIRST recess and already had had about 25 ads! (Maybe even more to be honest) I havent found this game because of popularity- all the bad reviews- but from a YouTuber (LaurenZside) Back to the ads- I’m not sure if it has an ad free pass you have to pay for but if the creators ever read this, CUT DOWN ON THE ADS Ok I typed a lot.Version: 1.36

An Idea to AdI feel like you should have a ranking of the students mark, or report cards for them at the end of every grade, and then a larger one for the end of year 12. I also think adding new students would be good as well..Version: 1.36

FAB, but...I would rate this app a 4/5 only because of this reason: My reason is that when I go on an ad, it doesn’t load the ad, all it loads is a blank screen with an x that doesn’t work. This may be a bug so if it is fixed I will change my review to 5/5, because it’s educational and it has amazing gameplay that is addictive for any age!.Version: 1.430

BoringYou could use a lot but in the commercials I have no ads at all and the ads barely have access and it’s really annoying it’s really boring game I wish I had like some sort of update we keep on having the same classwork all over again it’s kind of boring it’s not kind of wanted very very very boring so if anybody’s looking at this before you order the appJust fine in the I am the beginning just play in the beginning but then it’s boring and I stopped using the app so much.Version: 1.46

BadTO MANY ADS.Version: 1.35

Won’t openHello, At first it was working but now it keeps kicking me out of the app when I try to play it. This is a really fun game and I hope this issue is fixed soon. *NEW* I know that two days ago there was a update about bug fixes but my game keeps kicking me out every time I open it. I deleted it then reinstalled it but it still keeps doing it. I think I might just delete it for good..Version: 1.31

Full of ____ lies(The only reason why I gave it one star is because that’s the only way I can rate it) Honestly I thought this game would be very fun to play, but it’s full of lies. First of all, In the ads for the game, it says that you swipe left and right for the answers, not press A+ or F. That’s LYING, in case you didn’t know. Also, when I played the game, I clicked the button for the bonus levels, and it NEVER gives them to me. Also it’s the same with the students and stuff. Like, if you screw up and give the good kids a bad grade, they threaten to sue you. Then you have two options- 1) give them $30 (which is bribery and not ok) or 2) you can tell them to shut up or go to detention (which is absolutely ridiculous) well, when I pick to have them go to detention (which you have to watch an ad to do), it always gives the kid the money, which is messed up cause for the kids that play this game, it’s teaching them that that can happen in real life (and it shouldn’t. EVER) So yea. And also, you’ve updated this game about five times since I’ve downloaded it and there STILL hasn’t been a new school update, so how long will it take, HMMMMMM??????? Y’all don’t make no sense, this game is underdeveloped, and poorly designed. Also full of lies too (but we’re not gonna talk about that.) Organize yourselves!.Version: 1.50

EhI think this game is fun but I feel like it could be better so what I wanted to go through is things that I don’t love.1#so firstly the people the characters are creepy like just weird 2#The little bonus levels they know fun bonus levels like recess or the school dance but at recess all you do is separate fights and school dance separate people to close like , dumb 3#all the game really is is answering weird questions like I get it it’s kind of fun and relaxing but like maybe add more detail to the game and the last thing I have to say is you get money but you don’t spend it pointless. I know that was a lot that I didn’t like about the game by the way I said it I didn’t mean it in such a bad way as I texted it so I would just say try it out make your opinion and then write a review because the game isn’t as bad as you think so don’t listen to her how bad I wrote this review.Version: 1.46

Rubbish gameI hate this game. Every time I try to pick a F or an A the game picks a random😡😡😡 I would not recommend this to anyone.Version: 1.38

BadLOTS OF ADS and ads are NOT fun!.Version: 1.430

ReviewInteresting Interesting concept, but to much ads which is quite annoying.When I go to press the F button it says they get and A+. Game has potential and can be highly addictive..Version: 1.40

Too many adsWell, in this review I have two things to say. One, there is too many ads. And to the people who say, “ turn off the internet and thank me later” Guess what?! That doesn’t work on my iPad as long as I’m home. And I don’t want to go outside just to play a video game. Two, This game is quite simple. You grade the papers,and if you do it wrong they MIGHT, not all the time, sue you which you can pay them off, or you can watch an ad to send them to detention. And then you can help them with a volcano, and you can watch an ad to block fights at recess, also,if you watch an ad you can shine lights on people who are too close, and I get that because of social distancing coronavirus. Anyway, It would be greatly appreciated if you didn’t have ads every level and made this game less basic,Either way this is quite a good game. Just needs a few finishing touches 😉 Thank you lion studios 😁.Version: 1.36

🔥 garbageUnplayable, too many ads. Interesting concept though.Version: 1.36

Fun but ...This is a great educational game and very addicting. However, quite frequently, after the grades are presented and it goes into ad mode, I get a completely black screen. When I attempt to get the bonus offered by watching a video, the black screen appears every time. I then have to exit the app and reload. Please fix !!!.Version: 1.36

I hate this gameHello I love to play games it is like all I do and it is so fun but this game is not like the others I play a lot of games like this because I think it is fun but there is something about this game that is just off it is not as fun as all the others and I just don’t think the game is all that great this game is mot fun at all and I dont think I have a good feeling it will be this game is so dumb I like to play dumb games tho this one is just weird to me and I can’t say how it just is pls don’t get this app if you want to have fun this app is not all it looks up to be just watch LaurenZside to see the game play it my look fun in her games but it is not and do not pay for no adds they will give you it anyways.Version: 1.40

Very mean gameThe game is very mean and not how a class is like I HATE THE GAME aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh give me a proper game than this.Version: 1.36

Don’t recommend but it’s okWay to many adds otherwise it’s a great game it was really fun but I .HATE. ADDS!who doesn’t HATE ADDS.Version: 1.36

It’s okThe game is ok until when you get to higher levels plus it has to many ads.Version: 1.36

Nearly crashed my iPadIt’s such a bad game is a crash my iPad.Version: 1.40

Good but.....The game is extremely glitchy. When I try to tell the students to go to detention it just takes my money away. When I try to get my premonition bonus it sends me to the loading screen. If the watch adds button would work correctly this game would be a four star game. Please fix these problems.Version: 1.36

It’s fun but..It’s fun but after about ten mins of playing it’s starts repeating the quizzes so I did delete it because it got very boring BUT it is very fun at the start so that’s why you got three stars from me :D.Version: 1.50

Meh 😔🧐😐🙂You know...its a good app and its a good idea for a game. gets boring and when you watch a video for an extra class then its only for 2 minutes. It gets REALLY boring!!!! And its really simple. Too simple. The animations and the graphics are really bad and annoying!!!!! The animations are plain and when you want to buy new characters it costs insane amounts for bad looking characters. But when you first play the game it is interesting. But another thing is that the only grades that the teachers can give is and A+ or an F. It’s kinda annoying. But overall it is a good app!.Version: 1.46

UhhOk the game is fun and all but if you could play it it would be better 1 when I try to open the game it won’t let me and 2 when the game opens if I put the grade wrong it says that all the children got it correct. Like umm......Version: 1.36

Bad gameIt’s very bad because you gained lots of money the you get sued like what the game is horrible don’t download it trust me the graphics are scary and bad and ya don’t download this horrific game.Version: 1.36

Too many ads!Every Time I complete a level or fail a level it gives me a Ad! So bad, needs improvement.Version: 1.40

Fun but a scamWhenever I press something to watch for free it doesn’t let me. Whenever I want to watch a video to earn something for free, I guess it’s a glitch we’re it thinks I said “no thanks” it’s a fun game and it really could have gone some where if it wasn’t for the glitch and so much adds! Oh and also whenever I watch a video to get more money at the end, it only gives me a little bit, not as much as it said it would give me. But other than that it’s a decent game, even if it’s a little boring.Version: 1.36

This gameWay too concussing I mean I got an A in maths, English and Food Technology i also got a C in geography, German, Art and P.E Anyway I hate this game in fact I am going too delete it right this minute Lol 😂 😆 So up to you.Version: 1.38

Why the hell are there so many ads?It’s a fun game, but there are waaaaaay too many ads. After I finish a level, an ad pops up. I even marked a thing and the student said that his test was correct and he’ll sue me. I looked at the options and it was to watch an ad to send him to detention or pay all of my money. That was when I deleted the app. Not even turning off your WiFi or mobile data works, so don’t bother..Version: 1.34

Bonus button not workingI can’t click on the bonus button.Version: 1.36

Boting and repetitiveThis game could have potential if it wasn’t so based around watching ads to do thing but instead, it’s just boring and repetitive..Version: 1.36

If you want this game, PlEASE READOk let me tell you the truth about this game. 1. Way to many ads and if you want to unlock something guess what you have to watch a AD!!! 2. On ads it always glitches for example when you wanna watch a ad for something it always like takes you to download the game right away!!!and it never does it on other games so yeah! 3. You have to pay sooooo much for just a single hat on your class!!! Well thank you for letting me tell the truth about this game..Version: 1.40

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