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Stack Blocks 3D App Complaints & User Negative Comments

Stack Blocks 3D app received 57 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about stack blocks 3d?

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Don’t download!!Huge amount of ads, ruins game, plus overall game is far too easy, not challenging therefore making it boring (if you can struggle and TRY to look past all the ads there’s not much to like).Version: 1.2

False advertising.Downloaded this game to play some levels I saw in an ad for it, however was greatly unimpressed with the lack of creativity on each level. Most of the time, it was not just difficult to lose or mess up, but actually impossible. Didn’t have anything shown in ads, and felt remedial and dry as a game..Version: 1.1

Level fail, ... by the developerI was enjoying the mental stimulation this game gave me, then got to Lvl 395 and was told I failed. Tried the level again and failed again then realised with 3 tiles left there was only 1 vacant space..Version: 1.4

Boring and SillyThis is like my third game that I have downloaded from this company, they have a great concept but not anywhere near that level of challenge you would expect after playing 1300 level there’s a sub game where you earn points by building houses and a certain point you’re spending hours waiting to earn enough points so you can get 100 more “stars” Currently I earn 27,180 stars every 4 hours... 54,360 if I watch a stupid advertisement. To build a house is AT LEAST 320,000 stars which is almost 6x sessions (24+ hours) just to build a house one level up earning you 100 more stars..Version: 1.3

Will insult your intelligenceThis game should have an ‘Age 1-3’ label on it. It’s so ridiculously easy it’s almost hard to play. I play a great deal of ‘mindless’ games riddled with ads. This one has got the ads set to 5-7 seconds, so that’s all right. Unfortunately, it takes less time to win levels than it does to watch the ‘congratulations’ screen (much less an ad). The amount of sit-and-wait time vs. actual-play-time is 10:1. Combine that with lack of any challenge whatsoever? Total miss..Version: 2.7

FraudI paid the $3 to turn off ads. What do i get in return ? Ads. So when i go to refresh purchases it acts like i never paid though my bank statement says otherwise. Its ok though. Ill save this company a refund and report them to apple in general. Then when they can post anymore games and all their garbage is taken down from the app store maybe they’ll think twice about money frauds..Version: 2.5

Interesting concept, butYou have to go through a lot of levels before you get to levels that are actually challenging. There’s no level map so you can’t go back and try different ways of solving one after you got it the first time. The “home” screen where you can use your coins to build things is not explained at all. If there is a goal to that part I haven’t figured it out yet. And there are TOO MANY ADS..Version: 1.8 1.1

Ad block 3DIt is a pretty good game but you can only remove ads by using an Apple Card as payment. This will probably limit my playing as I’m not going to get the Apple Card and I will get tired of the ads..Version: 1.5

Good game butGood also boring.Version: 1.6

SkylerDO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!'😳😖😳😰 it is very boring you should never download this game I guarantee if you download this game you'll delete it right away (JUST KIDDING) 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.Version: 2.0

Way too easy“Easy” doesnt even begin to describe how not challenging this game is. It was not making me smarter at all, I was losing brain cells playing this game. I had to stop before i went insane. I played like 75 levels and it is just the worst. I thought it’d get harder by then but the first 50 levels its impossible to get wrong. Im sure it gets harder and more entertaining but please erase the first hundred levels bc they are just a waste of time. Also turn ur wifi off so you dont get plagued w ads. That is all..Version: 1.1

Paid Version STILL Had AdsI bought the game because I enjoyed it but Jared the constant ads, they took my money AND STILL kept the ads on. Horrible UIX design; it’s a fun game just do not pay for it.Version: 2.4

Interesting but challenge level gies up to slowlyInteresting but have completed a dozen or so levels and only last two needed any thought. Most annoying is the long advertisements. I will most likely delete this game shortly since challenge level is low and delays for ads is excessive. Might be worth 99 cents to avoid ads but not 1.99..Version: 1.6

Too many adsThe title says it all. There are too many ads in between lovers. After this review, I will be deleting this game from my phone. I just got tired of seeing the ads for this game and fingers doing stupid things with the blocks. I would much prefer never to see another ad for this game again..Version: 1.6

JehdhdhdjjdjjjdndnJdjdjdjddjj dbbywbufnwrhrbohwrhhhlfbelffbfno.Version: 1.5

Ads are suddenly inappropriateI like this game, but suddenly this evening, the ads changed to what I consider very inappropriate for a family game. Lesbian sex themed ads with suggestive pictures asking what do you do- knock her down on the bed or kiss her. The ads make me quite uncomfortable. I wouldn’t want my 12-14 year olds seeing these ads..Version: 2.1

AdsReally fun and something new. But..... it takes about 5 seconds to play then an ad between every single puzzle. So, 5 seconds game then 15-30 second ad every time. Very frustrating and makes me not play. I get you need ads to make money, but every time is just way way too much. People would play more and you’d make more money from more customers if you didn’t run them every time..Version: 2.0

Game defects and too many ads!Way to many ads! It’s a short game. You should be able to play at least 5 or 6 with out watching another ad! And opening a treasure box should not mean watching an ad. There should be an option to reject the shape change. Sometimes the game goes in different ways than you tell it..Version: 1.6

BoringTo many easy levels.Version: 2.5

Fun game but too many ads!I was recommended this game in an ad so I thought it looked fun but like the other games by this company there are too many ads. You play 2 levels and get an ad. You have to watch an ad for everything. I would pay for the ads to go away..Version: 2.6

Some things need to be fixed.This is a good game, but there are some things that desperately need to change. The first thing that needs to change is the difficulty of the levels. I downloaded the game less than 24 hours ago and I’m already past level 100. And level 100 wasn’t even a challenge. It was just one stack of blocks that could only go one way. Next thing is the fact that you earn coins every five levels. Since the levels aren’t even that hard it is like you don’t even need to work hard or strain your brain to earn the coins. It is like they are giving you coins for no reason. Another thing is that the app drains your phone’s battery. When I first played the game I played for about a half hour and my phone drop about 30%. I can be on safari for about an hour and only have my phone drop 10%. The final thing is that there are too many ads. After every one to two levels there is an ad. For every three redos you have an ad. I get that the company is making money through the ads but if they put to many ads it will make people not want to play the game because they have to deal with multiple ads which really downgrades the playing experience. Please fix these problems because if you do it will make the game way better and will make more people want to continue to play the game..Version: 1.6

Too many adsThe game is very simple, each board takes just a few seconds, then there’s a 30 second ad after every other board. I won’t be keeping this game long..Version: 1.1

Problem with level 69Level 69 can’t be solved because there is a wall between the two pars with extra blocks in each part.Version: 1.3

Repeated Puzzles Make it BoringHaving played hundreds of levels, I see that the same ones just repeat over and over again. Once you know how to solve them the games just becomes boring. Would love to see it revamped so every level is different,.Version: 1.2

UhmSo - obviously an addictive game. The weird little side game took me a couple of days to figure out what the point was but that’s neither here nor there. I just got to level 401 aaaaand there’s not enough spaces/too many blocks. I’m only a little more irritated than what might be rational because I haven’t had to use any skips but I won’t be able to finish this level 😤 Other than that, my rating is because, fairly often, despite swiping in a particular direction, the tiles will go in a direction of their own choosing, which means I have to restart. If the tiles could be more responsive, the little side game with the houses better explained, and the levels all have accurate tile to space ratios (again, it’s the first time in 400 levels but I’m a little more aggravated by it than I should be) I’d be cool upping my rating..Version: 1.3

It’s ok, but not great....We were curious what these “POPORE” developers were about, so we decided to test one of their games. Firstly, the ads! There’s an ad after every 2 levels. I tried turning airplane mode on, the ads still popped up. Heck, I even unabled the Wi-Fi, but the ads were still playing. This is annoying to say the least. Either add optional in-app purchases or not worry about the income whatsoever. This truly needs fixing. Secondly, just outright laziness. I get it, these developers put quantity over quality, but this level of cheapskates and laziness is unacceptable and overall a horrible tactic for game development. Every single game by Popcore is just copy + paste. It’s ok to put quantity over quality sometimes, but at least put some effort and creativity into it. However, we did love the variety of customization. Not only can you change the background pattern, but you can choose what you want the blocks to look like. There’s also an option to make your own buildings, and eventually a town, but that option is pointless and only to rack up ratings. If you love boring, easy, cheaply made puzzle games, then this is definitely for you, but if you’re looking for professional gameplay, then I certainly would not advise you to waste your time downloading this..Version: 2.1

This game is fun but the ads are grossI was peacefully playing this game when an ad for some foot care came on randomly showing someone pulling out what looked like parasites from a foot and blood and puss dripping out. As a result I threw up in my mouth and instantly deleted this game. You should do a better job of filtering your ads instead of just being a money who re..Version: 1.1

Paid to have No Ads but still showing advertsMy money was taken, but I’m still being shown adverts. There are more adverts than games. The game keeps freezing too..Version: 2.5

Too easy, lazy. Great up to level 400I like the game up to level 400or so, after that it’s very Boring and easy. Wish I could replay levels. And logically levels should be increasing difficulty but after level 400 they’re just very lazy and not interesting. I wish I didn’t pay for it could’ve easily got to this level for free.Version: 2.2

Cannot complete 1087 :(AND AGAIN... Level 1087, has 2 additional blocks. Cannot be completed! Such a shame that a good game has such shoddy coding. No response from developer, issue was reported last week :(.Version: 1.4

Most annoying game everYO MANY ADD’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.2

REVIEWIts cool. Fun game to play, especially throughout quarantine..Version: 1.3

Too many adsThe game is alright. It is interesting g to do the challenge. However there are too many ads and they each last too long. I get tired waiting for them to finish and I turn off the game..Version: 1.4

Not very challenging, but better than mostThis game starts off extremely slow - zero challenge. The first somewhat difficult level was somewhere close to level 125. By the time I got to level 450 I would say that maybe 5% of the levels are actually challenging..Version: 1.6

Why?Have downloaded this twice, and both times it crashes every time I open the app!!! Very annoying as the game looks like fun 🤬🤬.Version: 1.6

Not worth the download!The app has ads every 2-3 levels, and it bugs a lot. There are three reward chests every few levels of the game. If you click more than one a ad will play unless you do it to often then the game will say you do not internet connection or the screen will freeze. The game is not challenging and it is very repetitive after level 300, it repeats over and over again..Version: 1.2

Easiers than it looks!!!Ads ads ads....Version: 1.7

Game poor executedThis game could be fun. However once a game starts and person made a mistake missing a square should allow to go back and correct it. Basically the numbers goes where game designed on purpose to fail and make watch the stupids adds. Very simple. I ended up removing app and playing the ones better designed..Version: 2.6

CRapp app on CRapple CRappStoreRubbish Init!! .... at least you ain’t offering to pay into PayPal for wasting our time.... make the most of your advert income while it lasts!!! ......note to others.... read critical.... these are the real reviews.... pity because game has potential just advert greed overcame common sense.Version: 2.8

Don’t get itI got it and it was really boring because you just have to put blocks in the right spot and I 1st played it and I thought this is boring I gave it time and I thought I don’t like it but it I didn’t have any adds only when I press a add every other game like TikTok is Better and like Tie Dye is Better loads of games are Better.Version: 1.4

Ads, Ads, Ads ..... so irritatingI’ve only just started playing this game and although I think I’d get to quite like it, the amount of ads for games are just TOO MUCH. Even though I paid to remove Ads (what have I ACTUALLY paid for?) there are still far too many. Can’t understand why some reviews give this a glowing review. Don’t the Ads annoy everyone?.Version: 2.5

Saying not connected to internetGame is constantly saying “no internet connection.” It doesn’t matter if I’m on WiFi or phone data. Both are fine so there’s no reason for it to be saying that. I like this game but will probably delete cause it just gets to frustrating..Version: 1.6

Decent gameIt’s a decent game. Some levels are simple and some make you think quite a bit. I know ads help make the game free because of sponsorships, but an ad after every level is a little overkill. Cutting down a little bit would be great..Version: 1.2

Too easy, Too many adsI thought it has potential to be a great game but levels are way too easy. Like ridiculously easy. Not worth playing having to deal with all the ads every 5 seconds.Version: 2.9

It’s ok😕It’s good for younger children because it will be a challenge for them. It wasn’t at all a challenge and quite boring! I zoomed by so many levels I thought by level 30 it would get harder. Personally, I prefer a game that is more challenging..Version: 1.2

DisappointedThe tiles fill the area themselves when I begin to move them, trouble is, they go where they want, not where I try to get them to go. If I go back to the start, I have to watch another ad. I’m a Senior with some hand coordination issues and I thought it would improve with this game... NOT. Thanks anyway..Version: 1.6

Bad appDon’t waste your time, there’s an ad after every level. If you can read this, DO NOT DOWNLOAD..Version: 1.1

To many commercialsI like the game but way to many commercials. Get frustrated waiting to play.Version: 2.1

Great but...Great game. Keeps your mind sharp. Two things should be improved. 1: there should be an “undo” last move option 2: there are way too many ads - it becomings frustrating and I stop playing because of it..Version: 2.1

I love popcore games but am frustratedI love Popcore games, and own several of them. I am not a huge fan of ads that don’t add to my game experience so I pay for no ads on all of them (plus support the developers is a plus). Well I PAID for no ads on this one (3 times actually). And I have ads still both banner and pop up ads. When I try to pay for no ads again it just spins and then goes back to the menu, when I tried to do the restore purchase the app froze up and crashed. Then I deleted and down loaded the game fresh and after the intro levels tried to pay for no ads again. It did the spinning and then returned to menu so I tried the restore purchase and it froze again. I super hope for them to fix this. I love their games and this one is fun, but I lost almost $9 and still have ads. Once it’s fixed I’ll update my review..Version: 2.5

ComplaintToo easy takes to long to Be challenging.Version: 1.7

Too easyI’m on level 32 and so far it’s easy. Not sure how much longer I’m going to play since it’s not really a challenge. Most puzzles so far have so many ways to complete it’s nota challenge. Is there a way to skip levels?.Version: 1.5

BricksBoring game.Version: 2.3

ReviewWay to many adds. Driving me nuts..Version: 2.0

BoringThis game is so touchy and doesn’t make time go any faster. It is a boring game.Version: 1.4

Good gameIt is good game. Some need brain work and some not. I gave three star, because many times tile is hard to control. It means my finger directed up and tile moves laterally. Then I have to wait for thirty seconds to restart, even though it was not my fault. Otherwise it is good game to play with brain..Version: 2.1

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