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OverDrive 2.6 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

OverDrive 2.6 app received 83 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using OverDrive 2.6? Can you share your negative thoughts about overdrive 2.6?

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OverDrive 2.6 for Negative User Reviews

Limited use of the previous vehiclesVery disappointed not able to use the fast and furious cars, ‘ice charger’ and ‘International MXT’ also unable to use the ice X52 truck. No idea why these vehicles could not have been included in this reboot edition. Gives me no confidence on purchasing any more vehicles due to the potential of future compatibility concerns. Plus only found this out after paying to download the app, if known the limiting factor of the vehicles I would not have bothered. Company Should have made it clear on what vehicles would be/not be supported..Version: 2.6.5

Overdrive !!Super trucks can’t run with cars. Joining a game on the same network comes up with the incredibly irritating message, “Your Device is not Ready”! Enable your devices Bluetooth and WiFi” THEY ARE!! In addition DDL have hidden Overdrive Fast & Furious so that only compatible devices can see it!! Well that’s just a lie. I have all the compatible devices and it just ain’t there!! F&F Cars are included but now have random names but F&F on track power ups don’t work. Cars run slow. No brakes but throttle is better. Sound does not work on latest iOS and last update Was over a year ago….Version: 2.6.10

Nonfunctional productUnfortunately, the bad reviews are right. Came back to check this out and paid the $3. First training mission worked fine. Second training mission, two of the cars are just greyed out and can’t be chosen and the third (which I just used) now disconnects the moment I take it off the charger. One works fine, but can’t play this with one car. Same exact result with a second phone. Don’t waste your $3..Version: 2.6.10

Seriously, did your pet dog do the programming?Really! Your first attempt at reintroducing the app and you guys put out something light years away from being ready and charge money for it. It’s only 3 bucks but I feel like I’ve been scammed and ripped off. I have all the cars and trucks and was only able to get 2 cars to scan the track before the app crashed. Also 3 vehicles not even supported. Most things in the app don’t do anything when clicked on and the 2 cars I got to work their progress wasn’t saved. At least I can go back to F&F and race. Get back to work and try to come up with an update fix that might just allow for a even one lap before crashing, really hope you guys are better than this..Version: 2.6.6

I can’t select a vehicle to playI finally came back to this after years getting anki back out when I first got it in 2017. However, I’m setting the track and then I go to training and connect my vehicles. But I can’t connect my vehicles because it won’t let me the select button won’t pop up. They have to fix this because I didn’t waste £3 on the app which years ago was free to not use my anki..Version: 2.6.10

Not compatible with Fast & Furious EditionJust bought Anki Overdrive Fast & Furious Edition and no app available to play! Completely ridiculous and bought this app as only one, now wasted my money.Version: 2.6.10

Don’t do itThis app has always had great potential but they have a track record now of giving up on versions and creating new ones while never completing any of them. If the take the time to properly make their game and keep it released and available, with updates and maintenance it would be phenomenal but until then just save the money..Version: 2.6.10

AwfulPerhaps make the app free like the current Overdrive App. The 2.99 price would put people off from downloading the app.Version: 2.6.4

Doesn’t recognize wifiDoesn’t recognize that I’m connected to wifi and just shows “disconnected” on all devices. Useless without multiplayer. Also all campaign progress gets reset to square one each time you open the app.Version: 2.6.8

Doesn’t support fast and furious carsFound out after purchasing it doesn’t support.Version: 2.6.10

Wifi won’t connectMy phone is connected to wifi and so is the other player. The app says disconnected and won’t connect to play multiplayer. Only one person can play at a time. Looked online and it’s a common problem for iPhone users. Can’t find a fix. Weird you have to pay for the app to make the cars race after you purchase the race set. Not impressed.Version: 2.6.10

This app is garbageDo not believe all the negative reviews. It’s actually worse than you think. The app tried scanning our track but ended up drawing a massive spaghetti-like track which was a total mess. Somehow, it managed to complete the track scan, but as soon as the race started, one car started jerking around in slow motion like an injured wasp and the other lazily drove over the edge of our ramp like the driver dozed off at the wheel. It appears that the app does not recognize that the ramp track accessory requires the cars to actually speed up in order to make the jump. The only good thing about it is the hysterical laughter that ensued as we watched this tragedy unfold. Unfortunately as with all comedy, it’s usually only that funny the first time. What’s NOT funny is charging people money for a piece of doodoo app that was previously free. Four thumbs down for this absolutely horrific execution by Digital Dream Labs. Seriously embarrassing..Version: 2.6.10

Complete rip offDoes not work we had the original it did not work properly. Bought this one in hopes that they improved it paid to download app on two devices and it just doesn’t work doesn’t connect and car battery last 5 seconds! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY IF YOU ALREADY BOUGHT IT DON ‘t open it and waste your money on this app.Version: 2.6.10

It's alright.....I love Anki Overdrive! But this app doesn't even compare to how it used to be, it feels like every day I find new issues with it. There are some good things with this app such as: -support for F&F/nuke phantom cars -return of one of the best versions of overdrive (slide for speed and original sound effects) Although there are some things I have to complain about: -2 dollars for a buggy version of an old app (original versions were removed from the App Store and no longer show up in purchased apps) -Using blank versions of the images for F&F cars -No power zone support -I had to restart my progress because I couldn't use some vehicles -F&F cars and nuke phantom share their weapons with Skull/Nuke and drive cars -I can't charge commanders vehicles after they've automatically selected a car -music doesn't play on newer IOS versions -everyday less and less items are in the shop And there are some things I wish were in this app: -When using a DRIVE track mat the cars don't line up with the track -it would be nice if drive cars could be used in the tournament -custom drive car Ui's/Ai commander spiels and custom drive car logos -more profile customization -more commanders -more crossovers like the F&F one.Version: 2.6.10

TerriblePlayed Anki Overdrive for years. Always worked perfectly fine before. Had to reinstall app after purchase and now cars are struggling to even scan the track, let alone race on it. Cars are also not holding charge! Hopefully someone pulls their finger out and sorts this rubbish out soon..Version: 2.6.10

DO NOT GET THIS APPI got the app and was really exited that they brought back things from before. I opened the app and tried to battle crash bot and the game crashed. Tried again, the game crashed. I tried some more, and eventually gave up. I went back to the Anki overdrive app, and my level 3 plasma cannon and charge beam were now level 2. My level 2 electro pulse is now level one. That might not be all, I haven’t checked the rest. I lost about half of the stuff that I had worked months for. DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!.Version: 2.6.6

Game is brokenI have recently gotten back into Aki overdrive, and was surprised to see this app. I thought the way they used to have the game set up was better than the newest way that they have it now so I wanted to try this app out immediately. I was disappointed, however, because I can’t do ANYTHING in this app. I try to go to the garage, I can’t equip anything. I try to play a tournament, it crashes along with open play. Biggest waste of $3 ever, I’d rather have an app that’s slightly worse but free!.Version: 2.6.8

Great app, but music is a huge problemThis app is great, but it needs some fixing on the music. Everything sounds fine and I can hear all of the voicelines and the cars, but the music is completely muted. I even went into the settings but the volume was all the way up. If this could be fixed, this would instantly go to five stars. The app is updated to the latest version as of now and I’m currently using an iPhone 12 to play. Anyone else have this issue? It’s really irritating..Version: 2.6.10

Terrible AppOnly one of my vehicles works for it, and I have 7, tell me how that makes sense. As far as the actual app working, it doesn’t, because there are no servers. If you want to charge $3 for an app, you might want to make sure that it works to begin with(even though it should have been free if I already bought all the cars and tracks but that’s besides the point). A really awful experience trying to get this thing to work. I could find some nostalgia from almost any other game I play, not Anki drive, because they don’t even try to make it work. Fix. Your. App. Merry Christmas Jabroni.Version: 2.6.10

Love Overdrive, but 2.6 is very buggyI love overdrive, I have all cars and trucks. I was thrilled when DL took over development but the app should not have been release in that state. The new app is extremelly buggy. -Campaign progress won’t save -It constantly crashes -It won’t open the car setup scren -UI overlays on top of each other -Fast and Furious cars ard not supported It simply doesn’t work. I really hope it is fixed soon..Version: 2.6.6

Lost my accountThe app is ok and i dont know about connecting to stuff because i need new batteries mine are broken. But my 3 year over account has been deleted and i am very angry after buying this app and that happining.Version: 2.6.10

There’s no way to write ZERO starsI purchased the overdrive fast & furious race track brand new from a store for my AUTISTIC SON he was so excited to get to play with this new toy, me excited to reward him with an end of the year gift like this being a single parent. Only to find out I had to pay $4 for an app that doesn’t work with it AND a track with cars that now won’t function!! Thanks for NOTHING!! I purchased it a month and a half ago so I cannot take it back and I have a very disappointed son who doesn’t understand why his cars won’t work. I hope you’re happy with yourselves. DISGUSTING..Version: 2.6.10

This game needs a refixSo this game is now 3 bucks when the other apps were free. I mean why the heck would you do this when you made a worse game than the free one and now your charging ,only for this! First of all this is absurd for 3 bucks I mean the cars are glitchy the game won’t work and the weapons have such a long cooldown I mean who wants this crappy game. I have been an Anki fan and I’ve had the fast and furious for about 3 years now and on that app I had no trouble, but now the cars slide of the track when I’m going 0 miles per hour. Please Fix this..Version: 2.6.10

Cars wont addI had an issue with one of the cars not adding so I removed them all and started again and now it wont let me add any cars! An insult that the app is chargeable after buying the track and cars separately..Version: 2.6.10

Money wastedIs there anyway to report this app as it is scam Already paid money to buy it & now it’s not working at all Any chance to get refund?.Version: 2.6.10

Fix online play!Pretty simple really isn’t it..Version: 2.6.10

MehI got so mad because my son tickle Tipton kept being me so I pulled a Ak 47 out and shot him and then a among us character started twerking on him.Version: 2.6.10

TerribleThe new app doesn’t work, been ripped off. New app is charged for instead of free. They have removed the old app that worked fine. Awful.Version: 2.6.10

Batteries are terribleThe car battieries last around 3-4 laps, cant even get through the “training” part before having to recharge again. Great idea ruined by unusable battery life..Version: 2.6.10

Cannot play multiplayerDoesn’t work. Feel I should have left this in the loft or binned it….Version: 2.6.10

Fix your gameWorse game over I just got the overdrive and one of the car don’t even work and app sucks save your money.Version: 2.6.10

Has PotentialWhen I saw digital dream labs was making this I was excited for it and when it came out I bought it instantly. The problem was it was even worse. It no longer felt sorta modern and literally everything had a bug. It had so much potential but because of bugs and problems I was heavily disappointed.Version: 2.6.8

Upgrades for carsYou can’t upgrade your cars it’s sooooooo annoying.Version: 2.6.10

2 player not available. Wifi disconnected alwaysBought This for my kids on Christmas. They were sooooo happy to get this but after paying £6 to download the app to two phones guess what. You cannot connect them to play with each other as this company has not fixed any bugs or glitches with said app !!! They need a patch QUICK. Total waste of money and kids sad now since this was their main present. Bloody joke of a company should of just got a PROPER scalextric set !!!.Version: 2.6.10


New version doesn’t recognise WiFiAfter finally being able to login because of the bug in the first release it now seems that WiFi is not recognised. when I go to multiplayer it says device not ready because not connected to WiFi. I definitely am and I get the same message on the other players phone too. I have the old Anki version installed and when I load this it detects I’m on WiFi just fine but this version just doesn’t work.Version: 2.6.8

Absolute pantsSo frustrating and not user friendly at all aaarrrggghh.Version: 2.6.10

Fast & Furious EditionThis app does not support the Fast & Furious Edition. And it does not have its own app. The Fast & Furious Edition Starter Pack comes with Zero instructions..Version: 2.6.10

90% troubleshootingIf you want to teach your child patience, this is the game for you. From login issues, to app bugs, funky firmware updates, and messed up tires, this app will try your belief in humanity. Even when it works, it doesn’t deliver on the promise of what it could be. And the fact you need topay$3 for every device you want the app just adds cost to cruelty..Version: 2.6.10

Doesn’t work wellMy big brother got me this for Christmas. Me and my brother were very exited. We got the fast and furious version, my brother picked it up from the store. It started to work but it kept saying that our cars were different names. Then they said that our cars were dead and wouldn’t let them race. And you’d think that after you bought this for about 50 dollars that the app would be free. Me and my brothers are very disappointed and sad. So now we wasted 3 dollars and we have to return the product to the store. Very very disappointed.Version: 2.6.10

Bad appI have an iPad Pro and it crashes contently when I click scan track I can’t play because of it please fix.Version: 2.6.10

I can’t startWon’t scan app crashes.Version: 2.6.10

This game is absolutely rubbishLieterally it tells you what to do then when u do it the cars won’t listen do not waste your money on this it’s absolute garbage.Version: 2.6.10

Trash - DON’T BUYDON’T BUY If I could give zero stars I would. Don’t bother and don’t buy. Absolute trash. Got the F&F set up and the old app isn’t working 100% so downloaded the new one and you can’t select the cars. DON’T BUY.Version: 2.6.10

DisappointedI found this game while emptying my garage so I decided to make sure it works so I can play or sell if needed. I bought and downloaded the app thinking I got the game working but apparently not. I can’t get the car to connect and the times I have the track doesn’t work. I would like a refund of my four dollars because of this..Version: 2.6.10

What a messI can confirm that this entire project is a mess. It use to be a pretty solid little set up and my son loved it. Now it's a dumpster fire. I'm not sure what DDL is doing but whoever is in charge of this may want to rethink their career. Basically they took an amazing product and made it useless. After paying close to $200 for the set I now need to pay $4 for the app to use it!?! Really?? Trying to reduce your development costs or not that is just extremely bad business practice and a terrible decision. The best part is the new app and updates broke the product. Well unless you like having your cars drive of the track and randomly do circles. It's so bad that it is unusable. So not only did you charge for an app that should be free as it's the only way to use the product, but it doesn't work. Apparently they are rebranding and bringing it back as infinidrive or something, but there already alienated 1/2 of their client base. So good luck winning people back..Version: 2.6.10

Currently unplayableI have been a long time buyer of anki overdrive products, but the app is currently unusable for me or anyone else in the household. When the “Begin Scan” button is pressed, the app crashes. Along with that, in the occasional time that the app does work, no campaign progress or weapons are saved. We were all very excited to be able to play with these cars again, but we are now equally if not more disappointed..Version: 2.6.8

Works good one problemI don’t k own if it’s because the weapons that I have (had) are too new or something But when I signed into my overdrive account it tried to transfer everything I had over but it left out nukes disintegrator and his antimatter smash thing which are two very valuable weapons to nuke I also lost support items for both skull and ground shock Other than those two big loses not much to complain about Also nuke phantom is not available yet but I’m sure that will change in later updates.Version: 2.6.8

DO NOT BUY!!!Absolute waste of money. App doesn’t work properly. Then there’s the cars, their batteries are worse than useless, they don’t hold charge. Just don’t bother..Version: 2.6.10

CrashesApp doesn’t work when you use ‘Nuke’. Just when you press “begin scan” of the track, the app crashes and closes. Please fix ASAP.Version: 2.6.8

Has potential, but bugs render it unplayable.Digital Dream Lab’s reboot of Overdrive was much needed. There are many improvements, like the track scanning and campaign. But, when I exit out of the tournament, to go to other parts of the app, I lose all progress. Also, when I win matches, the amount of coins I get are unsaved. This renders the shop useless..Version: 2.6.8

PLEASE FIX THE MULTIPLAYER MODE!!!I don’t know if it’s just me, but for some reason when I try to play multiplayer with someone, it says that my Bluetooth is enabled, but my Wi-Fi is not. I have tried to fix this issue, but never was able to. If you fix this issue, the game would be a 5 star for me ;) please fix soon!.Version: 2.6.10

Work in progress..DDL are on the right track here but please make an update to the app so you can use all cars and MOST IMPORTANTLY imo, please fix the issue where users cannot join or host a multiplayer game!! I can play multiplayer just fine on the old apps. Fix this, and I’ll update this review with 5 stars no problem!.Version: 2.6.8

Not a great new beginning...This is disappointing – I can’t get multiplayer mode on any (many) Apple devices to work. 'iPhone clients claim networks are disconnected' issue is one of the known issues with Overdrive 2.6.6, but it is still not resolved. I would suggest that this is a major bug and should be treated as priority to fix (all previous Anki versions worked fine on IOS). I really want DDL to succeed, but the initial signs are not great..Version: 2.6.8

It’s okay but a bit glitchyThe app is okay it’s just that when I try to host a game the other device says it’s Bluetooth isn’t on but in settings it says it is.Also you have to pay for the app so maybe if it is glitchy it should be free.Version: 2.6.10

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth not recognisedCannot play multiplayer due to the fact that the app won’t recognise Bluetooth or Wi-Fi settings on iPhones.Version: 2.6.10

Nice but needs all carsThis currently does not support the Fast and Furious cars which for us that have both standard and F&F starter kits annoying as we can only use 2 of the 4 cars we own. So need cannot play multi-player against campaign. Not this is an issue as for some reason cannot play multi player as it states we need to turn WiFi on to connect. It is on but not picking it up as it works perfectly on the other Anki apps. Devices are Apple so maybe a stability fix. So overall ok but needs stability and all cars in it before it becomes a replacement for the other interfaces. The money purchase is ok to encourage dev to continue but this now needs to be stabiles before any more investment.Version: 2.6.5

Do not buyThe app is belong to someone else. The quality is degraded. 2 players not working. I was charged for the 2nd month. Game set for 100$ and paying for the app that was free. It looks scam now..Version: 2.6.10

Same Bad AppFirst of all this is the same exact app as the original, crashes, bad layout, and still doesn’t support newer iphones. Like why did i pay 3 dollars for this if it’s the same as the old trash app. Upset that this company, That i did the survey for, did not listen to a single piece of advise and now has my money that they obviously won’t be doing anything with. Waste of money use old app!!.Version: 2.6.5

Multiplayer FailSame feedback as others here. Wifi always thinks it is disconnected so multiplayer races are not possible. Looking forward to an upgrade that fixes this issue..Version: 2.6.8

Awesome but...It forgets the tournament part and starts back every time. It's annoying. I love the game but it starts back. Please fix!.Version: 2.6.5

Where are the Fast and Furious cars?Just spent £2.49 on this app as it says in the latest version update that it now includes all cars. This is a blatant lie as the F&F cars are NOT included! Can’t believe that I have been taken in by these shysters..Version: 2.6.10

DO NOT BUYThe game straight up crashes whenever I try to scan the track. People have complained about this for over a year, and Digital Dream Labs doesn’t care. This is a straight up scam, don’t pay for an app that doesn’t work. I hate to leave this review, because I loved this game when Anki ran it. But after Digital Dream Labs took over, the game has basically been turned into a $3 Scam. They haven’t updated the game in nearly a year. The just don’t care about their customers, as long as they get their $3. Thanks Digital Dream Labs, I’m refunding this purchase..Version: 2.6.10

Still no full screen. Letterbox onlyHow much longer are you going to make us wait for this app to be fixed ? Also this app should be free as they took away the anki free app..Version: 2.6.10

PleasePlease let us connect to the internet on this game, please this is so sad this game is my childhood.Version: 2.6.10

Waste of moneyThis app looks fantastic . You download it and it resets the firmware on your cars. (Then You loose weapons that you purchased in the previous app for your vehicles.) Not a big deal. Then you select a race and set the cars on the track. Then when you press the screen to start a track scan . THE APP CRASHES!!! I have deleted and reinstalled this about five times. I wasted money for this stupid app. And then when I deleted it and reinstalled the old overdrive application.I had lost a lot of the weapons in my vehicles . This app is junk . They developed it and never followed up with updates to fix it from crashing . DO NOT BUY THIS FOR YOUR CHILDREN . It does not work. This company went out of business and does not offer anymore support for the toys they produced . So once your kids have raced and beat all the characters in the original app. There is no more updates to give them any reason to want to play with the cars . And this app just disappoints them by crashing before they even get to play ..Version: 2.6.8

Paid for app, car doesn’t work, can’t playWe had to pay for the app only to discover the car battery is dead. Useless game without the app and 2 working cars. Do not like that you need to pay for this app after purchasing the track set..Version: 2.6.10

Poor!Having to pay for something that was free is bad enough. Making the app worse is a kick in the teeth. Very very poor and disappointing. Waste of 2.99. I would have rather boxed up my Anki stuff and threw it in the attic.Version: 2.6.10

Great game but needs the bugs fixedIt’s a great game but it always says disconnected for wifi when you try to do multiplayer. And the tournament always resets when you leave..Version: 2.6.8

A new release but not properly tested!So this new release adds some of the ‘missing’ cars. Great! Problem is, when you come to scan the track with anything except the 2 base cars - ground shock and skull. The app crashes. I own all the later vehicles so this is an issue. There is a sort of a workaround. But this should have come out during testing as it is a fundamental element of the product! Might be best to wait until they iron out the bugs that should never have been in the release candidate product!.Version: 2.6.10

What's the difference?I don't see much difference between the original app and this one. It still has tons of not-playing-with-race-cars stuff I have to plow through before I can make the cars go. I do like the throttle control better on this app. The computer cars still drive like idiots, flying off the track every half lap or so. I still can't consider this fun. It's interesting, but not fun. My daughter said the app looked like it was trying to be the game instead of the cool robot cars. I agree..Version: 2.6.5

Ok, but need a lot of improvementsDear Digital Dream Labs I really like the new overdrive but it doesn’t save you progress in tournament mode. Plus, the weapons aren’t the same. I had so many levels on my weapons and I found out there isn’t levels. Anyways, the main issue is to make it so it saves your progress. I know you just brought Overdrive back and thank you for that, but a I am hoping to see improvements in the future. If you implement these changes, instant 5 star for me. Thank you!.Version: 2.6.8

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEYWe always play this game on Christmas, well, we used to. Now that app does not work and does not let us connect the devices. It has appeared many people are having the same problems and Overdrive should definetely review that app and fix problems. 😵😵‍💫.Version: 2.6.10

Still not full screenI get the £2.99 charge as you have taken over Anki and that I’m ok with. What still baffles me is that after all this time, the app is still NOT full screen. How come? Please make the experience look even better on the latest iPhones that have been out 3 years..Version: 2.6.5

I wish I could give it a 0/10 and waste of money!!!It used to be a good game but it became a bad game, because they started making you pay for the game and the old version was free, now the new game is hard to control and a horrible waste of money 💰 I know $3 for the game not bad but it was hard to control. Like I had my dad help but we both couldn’t make it work. And if you had the old version it just erased now. So just a heads up HORRIBLE GAME, AND WASTE OF MONEY!!!.Version: 2.6.10

BobThis app was free and I still have the old app but for some reason it doesn’t let me get my account on the anti overdrive 2.6 and my ground shock was all most level 100 so I am not happy about that at all. Over all the old app was better.Version: 2.6.10

Do not purchaseIf yoh have an iPhone newer than iPhone X. This app is not compatible as per their website and I can’t play or join games..Version: 2.6.10

I’m gonna sue you guysThermo not responding the car scan location and also the cars dont scan bug tracks that well PLEASE FIX YOUR GAME OR ELSE.Version: 2.6.10

App does not workApp does not work with ipad 6th gen or iphone 7plus if you want to play multiplayer. I have reached out to dream labs with troubleshooting steps, but with a horrific customer experience. No response what so ever..Version: 2.6.10

Need to wait a little bitIts great they are back and lot of cool stuff, but too many bugs to fix from this new one. I will delete and download again in a week or two. I have an Iphone 8 and it opens ones and never again, on my ipad it opens and you can play but as I said too many bugs and some cars like nuke are not yet available..Version: 2.6.5

App needs a lot of workCannot play multiplayer, other devices will never connect, scanning tracks are a nightmare, cars drives on the opposite direction, I can keep going on,.Version: 2.6.10

Poor RemakeI have the original Anki Overdrive app, and it’s better than this one. The company that created Anki Overdrive went out of business a while ago now, so don’t expect any new updates and improvements. This app was a waste of money, I mean, it hardly works! It’s very delayed, (I play on the latest iPad),and the Fast and Furios Edition vehicles don’t even have an icon. Digital Dream Labs “bought” Anki Overdrive and a few other of Anki’s products. They have added absolutely NOTHING! The only thing they did is make a dumb app for Overdrive. (They removed the original one, so now you don’t really have any other options to play Anki Overdrive on mobile.) It is actually very difficult to connnect any vehicles. It takes forever, and 9 times out of 10, it just boots you out of the app. In conclusion, do not purchase this app; it was a waste of money..Version: 2.6.10

HorribleDisgusting I am appalled when I bought Anki overdrive (fast and furious edition) it was £120 and know I can’t even use it cars won’t connect AT ALL I also bought another car for it and it won’t connect either that is appalling.Version: 2.6.10

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Is OverDrive 2.6 not working?

OverDrive 2.6 works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact OverDrive 2.6.

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