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OverDrive 2.6 App User Positive Comments 2023

OverDrive 2.6 app received 48 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about overdrive 2.6?

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OverDrive 2.6 for Positive User Reviews

Love it!Absolutely love playing the old (well new) version of overdrive (now that the campaign resetting issue is fixed!) and I look forward to seeing what DDL can do with this game!.Version: 2.6.5

Great versus the last update anki did but a couple drawbacks1. Does not support the full screen of the iPhone XR or other similar phones. 2. Nuke Phantom is not suppurated and it makes the car kind of a paperweight until support is added. Great to see the dedication of work done to the app but with these two features I would feel that the app would be better..Version: 2.6.6

Well worth the investmentTo start I will point out that anyone thinking before purchasing this app that it is going to be a faultless fully finished and polished app really are going to be disappointed. The whole idea around the release of this app isn’t Digital Dream Labs (DDL) just being lazy and releasing a old version of Anki’s Overdrive app but more them showing that they are actually listening to the feedback and hundreds of posts on the Overdrive Owners Facebook page requesting the re-release of this version. At the time of writing this review ( May 2020 ) No the app doesn’t support all cars (Phantom Nuke or Fast & Furious Cars and X52 Ice truck are not CURRENTLY supported ). No the app still isn’t full screen on newer devices. BUT YES it shows that DDL are serious and listening to the whole Overdrive community. YES it will eventually work with ALL previous Cars & Trucks. YES future releases will eventually take the app full screen on newer devices. Simply put it’s a great improvement over the newer but messed up version of the Anki Overdrive app available. This is simply just DDL going back to the last version of the app Anki released before they started ruining it and DDL having a firm starting point to progress from with some of the thousands of requests people have asked for. There are we are told numerous improvements to come for this app but that they will be slowly rolled out so DDL can listen and hear what does and doesn’t work unlike Anki and add and remove new features to tweak the app going forward. It costs money to write/develop/program decent apps and DDL haven’t made a £/$/€ from the sale of the old Anki Overdrive hardware so its totally understandable & reasonable that they should ask us to help finance this apps development. After all it’s only a one-off cost of £/$/€2.99 and could have been a lot worse by making it a subscription service. Finally I really must say how impressive and refreshing it is to finally see a company (let alone a new startup) take a step back and listen to its customer base. TOGETHER WE CAN RESURRECT AND MAKE BOTH THIS APP AND THE WHOLE OVERDRIVE EXPERIENCE GREAT AGAIN..Version: 2.6.5

Multiplayer bugThe game is amazing but there is one problem there is a bug with the multiplayer mode i click on the button and it says Bluetooth is enabled which it is but the wifi says disconnected I’ve tried everything to fix it and nothing has worked.Version: 2.6.10

Fast and furious set worksOther reviews from previous versions say that the fast and furious starter set doesn’t work. Looks like they’ve updated it as it’s working great. No branded content from fast and furious, (I’m guessing due to licensing issues) but that’s fine..Version: 2.6.10

BugsI’m really excited to use this app and I’m so happy that overdrive is having updates again but there are a lot of bugs..Version: 2.6.5

Better Than Anki VersionThis app has no glitches and definitely improved the cars battery life and you can keep the same speed and the commanders do not say mean stuff:) Thank you DDL.Version: 2.6.5

A revival to a great productIf you are looking for the most up to date overdrive app with the most features. This is the one! Thank you DDL for continuing to provide support to this fantastic product..Version: 2.6.4

Great but coin shopShould have a refresh button for a certain amount of coins for different stuff in the shop.Version: 2.6.10

CarsEverything is good but I think it should include Nuke phantom and the Fast and Furious cars even though it is before that time. There should also be data transfer..Version: 2.6.5

100% betterMassive improvement,I had overdrive when it first came out and the first app was slow,this is now so good.Kids have started playing it again. Top marks.Version: 2.6.10

Great game!It's a really good game, but there's one thing that I don't like. When you're trying to join a game via WiFi, it tells you that you aren't connected when you really are. I'm not sure if there's something wrong with my device but I really don't like how this works..Version: 2.6.10

I can’t even get my cars on the app and they won’t connectI don’t know what I should be rating this because I couldn’t get it to work because of bad Bluetooth but I don’t think it’s working.Version: 2.6.10

Fantastic startSo DDL have for a great job rescuing Anki from the Ashes and have listened and returned the better original gameplay of 2.6. This initial release has a few bugs but I am sure they can get there. Happy to pay to help get a better app..Version: 2.6.5

The lucky return, but history repeatsI will admit, sweet thinking bringing back the old Overdrive. Everything is how I’d hoped it would come to. Yet of course, the older Overdrive as well had a lot of glitches... like... a lot. When I opened the garage, the menu wouldn’t even come up. Instead, the little buttons on the bottom that say lines like, “Learn more about super cars” and such. Then when I opened up tournament mode, I hit the button that has the cars scan the track, then the game just immediately crashes. I tested with the other modes too and had the same results. But yet again, old Overdrive was basically like this for a little bit, but it picked itself back up... before they reworked the campaign that is complete sh- anyways, if you guys can return the old Overdrive with even a new tournament menu layout, then I bet you can late tournament-stage Overdrive. Where nothing crashed, everything was working well, and no menu glitches occurred. Good luck fellas..Version: 2.6.5

Works mostly like it used toIt’s great to bring this game back to life! Everything seems to be working as it should..Version: 2.6.10

BuggyGreat that they have done this to help users out but I’m finding it too buggy. One car continually scans the track the other just spins off track at the scanning stage. Also unable to connect another player to the game as it says the WiFi isn’t connected..Version: 2.6.8

Few bugs to fix, but glad it’s back!So far the gameplay has been pretty great! The few problems I have are cars still flying off the track after jumping off a ramp or a turn too fast. The email verification did not come through for me either and the fact that the tournaments progress isn’t saved is annoying. But I’m sure everything will be fixed soon enough. Keep on rolling out the updates DDL!.Version: 2.6.5

Works for me in 2023I was a bit apprehensive about buying the starter kit for my boy’s birthday in light of the failure of Anki/change in ownership and some of the negative reviews here. But the starter kit was selling for so little and some digging in Reddit indicated many happy continuing users, so I thought I would take a punt. I’m very glad I did. I had to change the batteries in the cars as they had died in storage - no big deal as I was expecting that and it is a relatively straightforward process. The app works fine with the Overdrive hardware on all our devices (iPads of various ages) and is well worth the money. Only paid once and was able to download to multiple devices via Family Sharing. I think it is a very reasonable price to pay for continued support of this excellent game. Much better than the hardware becoming obsolete. My kids love using it and I will now buy more track. Thanks to DDL for making this possible. Ps, in two player mode, when trying to join a game, the ‘guest’ device says “not connected , check WiFi” (or words to that effect) when WiFi is on and working. But, on the host device the guest is discoverable and CAN be added to the game for two player fun!.Version: 2.6.10

Good but lots of glitchesThe game is good but if you try to edit your cars it won’t pull up the menu. It pulls up three little buttons that don’t do anything. It also makes all the other buttons not do anything. If they fix that glitch the game would be good.Version: 2.6.5

Good old daysThe app is very fun. I Donut like how it you have to pay tho. Brings back mane memories. You guys should make more adds and cars so more people know about The game..Version: 2.6.10

Great, but one small issueThis is definitely my favorite version of the app, but for some reason the app no longer plays music. This can probably easily be fixed, and when that happens i will happily give this the 5 stars it deserves..Version: 2.6.10

Great appHappy to use the newer vehicles on this version great app some glitches here and there but it gets the job done..Version: 2.6.10

Some bugsAwesome app overall! This is exactly what makes this game so much more fun. The AI are much better and gameplay feels more advanced and more strategy is required. Awesome job Digital Dream Labs can’t wait to see more. However there are still some bugs but other than that, perfect app!.Version: 2.6.5

The game5.5 the best game ever.Version: 2.6.10

Thank you Overdrive!!Whilst we wait for the developers to upgrade and enhance the functionality of Anki Overdrive, it’s great to be able to step back to when this app was at its peak! Great fun and a positive taste of things to come..Version: 2.6.5

This is the way!THIS is what Overdrive should be! It’s a far better App. I will update to 4 stars when one, only ONE, bug is fixed: Progress is not saving in the tournament mode as of this writing on my iPad. I can keep the items I earn, but if I get out of tournament mode at any point, I start agains crashbot at the beginning again. Once that is fixed- 5 stars!.Version: 2.6.5

Not Counting Medals and moreGreat app! It was a total upgrade and gives off a high tech vibe, but the car revs are kind of bad, and it doesn’t count medals. And the music is completely muted, even when I dragged it all the way to the max! Will give five stars 4 this app if fixed!.Version: 2.6.10

How to play two playerFirst on one device you host the game and select add operator then on the other device you select join game it may seem it’s broken but on the other device you should see the operator you want on nearby operators then select them then the other player is in the game ready for you to play..Version: 2.6.10

Thank you for listeningSo far DDL have listened to feedback and acted on it. They’re already working on updates for the app and I for one can’t wait to see how it develops. Thank you again DDL!.Version: 2.6.5

How to save tournament progressLike a lot of others, I enjoyed the open gameplay but was frustrated my tournament progress wouldn’t save. I found a fix and am now having so much fun playing and upgrading me cars! I went into settings and selected the guest account and now my tournament progress saves without any problems. Hope this helps those others having the same issue. Now all I need is support for Nuke Phantom and the F&F cars..Version: 2.6.8

Update?- Greetings, I’ll just summarize this briefly. The application is running well, however, in terms of better arrangement of the appropriate resources for technical operations of the vehicles, or otherwise technical matters along with the possibility of updating to also better fit, newer iPhone screens as well would be appropriate. Thank you for your efforts in continuing to push this technology forward. :-).Version: 2.6.10

It is very well designed after they updated itThe only thing keeping me from rating this 5 stars was that I am confused how you use fast and furious cars with the app. What is this “Mammoth and Dynamo” are they really just the fast and furious cars with a different name? You can see the outline but not how they look, and the outline looks like the fast and furious cars..Version: 2.6.10

Great appI’m very thankful that Digital Dream Labs brung back this version of Anki Overdrive, and it brings back the good memories and challenges of beating the Tournament (to me, at least). But there are a few things I would like to see added/changed. First, I would like to be able to refresh the coin shop in 2.6 just like you are able to in 3.4. Another thing I would like to have is a modifier in the Race mode that disables weapons or support items. I would also like to be able to have all your equipped weapons and support items on the screen instead of cycling through them all. This is definitely worth three bucks for this app, and I’m excited to see how Digital Dream Labs will use this to make even more improvements on Anki’s products..Version: 2.6.5

Glad is back!Loving the update!.Version: 2.6.10

Brilliant comeback!Thank you DDL! Anki went bust and you took over! People who are complaining about the very small fee don’t understand that it’s not the same company and can’t make any money through hardware atm just software!!!! A small for the return of a very enjoyable version before Anki ruined it.Version: 2.6.5

This is the version that Overdrive shinesThere are bugs- there are little new features, but the GAMEPLAY in this version is just lightyears more strategic and balanced than the newer versions from before. My advice- support the devs, shell an extra 3 dollars, so they add new features later..Version: 2.6.4

New owner that listens to customers.Brief explanation why this app exists. Anki went bust several years ago the rights have been brought by Digital Dream Labs who resurrected the Anki user forums. Many Anki owners myself included preferred version 2.6 to the current latest release by Anki they removed functionality just before they went the way of the dodo leaving customers unhappy with no recourse. Digital Dream Labs have listened to us as customers and brought back version 2.6 which they have updated assets etc to work on newer phones. It’s a work in progress but a massive step in the right direction. The reason it’s a paid for app is because they didn’t sell the hardware to us they aren’t Anki but a new owner and developers cost money, they are just covering the costs of modifying the app. They have listened to our feedback and responded well. Development takes time we have been patient only a couple of months and here we have what we asked for they will be continuing to develop and evolve the app and they have plans and most importantly they are listening to customers and what we want a rare thing with most company’s and one to be grateful for..Version: 2.6.5

Pretty goodSome bugs but good.Version: 2.6.10

Nice to see it backNice app do you plan to support the fast and furious edition car a and also the ice super truck ?.Version: 2.6.10

Excited for the future of OverDrive!Simply put, this game is amazing! Originally, I was sad to find the lack of updates put out by Anki during the primary release. Although it is sad to see Anki fall, I can speak for everyone when I say that I am grateful that Digital Dream Labs has taken full control of their product line. If I could change 2 things about this app, it would be: support for the iPhone X and other phones with 18:9 aspect ratio, and a data transfer function to allow veteran players to port all of their old progress to the new and improved app. Edit: it is now possible to login and transfer all old game data to the new app!.Version: 2.6.5

Great Game, but has issuesDear Digital Dream Labs, I like the game, but . . . CONS: - it doesn’t include nuke phantom or the fast and furious cars It also does not include ice X52, the third truck - when I enter the garage and go to the equipment my game crashes SUGGESTIONS: - you should be able to refresh the shop for more money PROS: I can see the devs are trying and already have a new app, and a way to repair batteries and tires which was definitely needed. I hope these things will addressed. I did not expect the app to be perfect immediately, but it came close and far exceeded my expectations. I am glad the game is being improved. It was still incredibly fun despite these glitches, and I enjoy playing the game like 6-8 hours a day. Once I get my cars repaired it will be even better, and once the glitches are fixed it will be truly amazing. Thank you Sincerely Luke.Version: 2.6.5

Good start, lots to work onMy family and friends LOVE overdrive. We have all cars, track types, and super trucks and therefore are kind of disappointed that not everything is supported. I’m so thankful to DDL for taking up these great products and helping make this game even better before. Things that need to come back ASAP: - Support all cars and trucks (including drive and fast and furious cars) - Battle Race Mode, this is our FAVORITE MODE please bring it back!!! - try your best to get the app up and running quickly/correctly in terms of upgrading cars. My devices seem to be lagging and not letting me upgrade things (we have LOTS of stuff, long time user) Weird stuff: - weird “sentry sent back” gray bar at top of loading screen, also won’t load half the time and gets frozen on overdrive screen - PLEASE MAKE IT FIT THE IPHONE X RATIO, VERY SMALL AND ANNOYING Other than that, we are liking the new look and excited to play!.Version: 2.6.5

Return from the grave!As a first step towards reviving the awesome Overdrive platform from the brink of death, I applaud DDL in their initial efforts and their willingness to listen to what the community wants. This is a return to the glory days of Overdrive game play, with a few limitations that I hope will be worked out in short order. First priority would be enabling support for the three cars that came after this update: Nuke Phantom, Ice Charger and MXT. Not supporting all of the available hardware is a definite drag, but better than nothing. Just be aware that you will not be able to use those cars once you start using this app until they’re included. Second would be allowing progress to carry over from previous accounts, though understanding the limitations of major changes might make that impossible. While a bummer to have to start from scratch, at least it’s possible. I give 5 stars to the initial effort, hopeful that the few key features needed to maintain 5 stars will be coming in short order, and look forward to years of awesome!.Version: 2.6.5

Not badIt would be a 5 but the battery in the cars themselves are rubbish, however when they do work and charged, they are very good, i only have the nuke, skull and groundbreaker but everything on it runs fine, when the nuke scans the area it’s fine, when any car scans it it’s fine, the charger and the track works, the guns work and (most) of the cars in the game are here and a interesting 1, I don’t like how the app costs money if you’ve already bought the set for it, sure you can press the button 6 times and put them on the track and off it goes, but what’s the fun in that unless testing if the track works, also, make a single player 1 where you can’t play with your speeds.Version: 2.6.10

Sad :(I’m kinda sad no single player cuz only one of my cars work right now so please fix this also I’m not disconnected. WhAt Is HaPpEnNiNg To Me.Version: 2.6.10

Good app but why payThis app is cool, but why do you have to make it cost money? This is just kinda dumb just to make an app that is to make the toy work, Cost money. Can’t you just make the app for free? I would like to know why this app cost 3 bucks.Version: 2.6.10

Better than previous appThis app is so much better than the last one! It runs without crashing every few races! The look is more vibrant. Controls are flawless. The only thing I would recommend is, if possible, add a data transfer from the old app to the new one. Overall it’s a way better app than before!.Version: 2.6.4

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