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Water Sort Puzzle App User Positive Comments 2022

Water Sort Puzzle app received 87 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about water sort puzzle?

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Water Sort Puzzle for Positive User Reviews

Relaxing but the ads..I really love this game and I think its fun and all..BUT..there is just one problem. Whenever i wanna restart my water puzzles, i gotta watch ads that are about 30 seconds and 20 seconds which I’m not a really a fan of. I’m not trying to complain or offend the developers of this game but maybe just try cutting down the ads a bit..? I’d be very happy if you did though, about a few ads would be okay! But again yet I really like this game and I think its fun, its very relaxing the way the liquids pour into the different containers and this game kind of helps me a bit whenever I get anxious, or sad. But yes yet again this game is amazing! And there’s no other problem in it!.Version: 3.0.26

Relaxing and time consuming! :)I downloaded this game yesterday and i am already on level 112! I love it so much and can’t stop playing! Virtually pouring liquids is very calming and relaxing. Whenever i get bored I play this game and before i know it half an hour has passed! The graphics are great and cartoony for a simple, free game which is always a good thing and the gameplay can be easy or very challenging! The only annoying thing is that there is an advert every time you restart a level, and complete a level, also, it shows a button which symbolises, if you watch an advert you get another bottle but it doesn’t work. However, an extra bottle is never needed since the levels are perfect in difficulty. The fact that you can also play this game without wifi is amazing because i often go on car journeys and get bored but now, i can play this (turning off the wifi also solves the advert problem). Great game developers! :).Version: 2.8.4

Easy way to pass the timeDon’t play this if you don’t like ads. Lots of ads. Not too hard..Version: 3.0.19

Warning Addictive GameThis game is very addictive. Each win gives a little dopamine hit that makes you want to play the next level. Best to set a time limit. If you purchase the ad free version the hits come even faster. Note that the ad free version still has ads to let you earn other game variants or extra tubes or undos..Version: 3.0.24

I frickin love this game but..I’m highly addicted to this game and I honestly don’t mind the ads at all but I’m on level 237 and I was hoping at some point there would be more than 12 vials or more colors or more than quarters of the vials to increase the difficulty. I haven’t seen an increase in difficulty since level 100. That’s really my ONLY struggle with this game because otherwise, it’s my favorite game I’ve ever played. I’ve tried other water sort games and the animations aren’t as smooth, or you have to wait for the entire pour before picking up another vial and pouring. I keep coming back to this one so please please please up the difficulty somehow! I’ll come back to review again if it does!.Version: 2.2.2

Could be better if…The game is really nice and makes my brain feel amazing, however, i would really like if there was an option to turn off the hidden colours as if realised they just annoy me instead and i usually just stop playing the game for a long time, whereas when they are not there, i can play this game for hours regularly. To those who enjoy it they can keep the option open but for some who dont, they can choose not to have them.Version: 3.0.28

Fun Relaxing GameFun game. Easy to play..Version: 3.0.24

ChallengeGame certainly uses some brain cells and creates a challenge at the higher levels. Understand the need for ads but they are far too long - 30 seconds is ridiculous between every game. Can’t even undo without another ad. Can only pay to stop banner ads..Version: 2.4.3

BEST GAME EVER read my review for more…This is such an addicting game like ADDICTING ! But the adverts can get annoying but that’s alright because just put your device on aeroplane mode! But other than that it’s amazing and even my Nan and mum play it too! My Nan is like level 520 and my mum is like 100 and I’m 109 but we started playing last week! defo download!! You can try and beat your family!!.Version: 3.0.23

It’s kinda good…The game is overall good. I saw the advertisement mutable times and thought it would be satisfying and which it is, but it has glitched out my phone and would only stop when I deleted the app. I only done around 3 to 4 levels and it wasn’t actually nice. As I stated before the game itself was very glitchy but I will try and explain how much it actually was, also my WiFi was on full bars. *How it was* Level 3 |_| 🎉 |_| |_| |_| *after completing one of the tubes* ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ *ad* Level 3 |_| |_| |_| |_| ________________ So basically once I completed one of the tubes the screen would go completely black and then a ad would come on before the game stopped lagging. *Disclamer: This is only my experience so please go and look at other peoples reviews, I’m sure they have had much more better experiences with this game..Version: 3.0.16

AWESOME!This game is absolutely awesome! It’s so therapeutic and really fun! All the themes are really cool as well. Definitely recommend this game! I love that it’s not too easy, but it’s not so hard that you just give up and delete the game. Keep up the fantastic work guys!.Version: 3.0.5

Good gameI really love this game.Version: 3.0.24

Easy then hard -_- hard ones I can barely do.Same thing with the title says. Easy then hard hard ones I can barely do for real. So that’s kind of the problem about the hard ones but I am not going to gives the game 4/5 because how do I do not see a problem really because that’s not all games go isn’t it right? I’m only on level 12. 10 and 12 really hard. You’re probably wondering what happened with 10? Well people your question is going to be answered. I already did 10. Oh and another thing you’re wondering probably. Did you get the game today? It’s going to be answered. The question is yes I did get it today. Still the easy and hard thing I’m not going to give it 4/5 because it’s just easy and hard. It doesn’t mean you have to give it 4/5.Version: 2.4.3

Awesome.... oh waitI love this game so much!! It is awesome!! I got it yesterday and I am already in the hundreds on levels!! It is so fun and challenging, the only problem I have with it is the fact that there is an ad after every single level almost!! I understand that you want to make money, but seriously, these ads need to stop, I shouldn't need to be shown an ad after every level that I beat!! Other than that this game is the best!! I would definitely recommend this game for you if you like puzzle games!! Thank you for taking time to read this review! I hope this is helpful for you in the future in some way! I hope you have as much fun playing this game as I do!! Bye!!.Version: 2.8.5

Why I got itThisThis is the best it's coming it's fine you can shorted out rainbow and you can sleep inYou can do it inside or outside and you can have funQuietly do it with your friends and family and dad why I got it I could be Tom and every time I get angry I could just play it and you don't know how far it is for me or you just try to calm downAnd you could have the best thing ever please give it a five star rating it's the best in the worldYou should try because INever ever tried it even if I bought it but I tried it and I got it and I'm on level $30 but I am not the best you should try it try it out trying to hurry up do you buy it smart ship it has self hurry up buyingBoo-hoo go.Version: 3.0.22

Great except for the adsThis is a fun and simple game to pass some time. Tests your logic and spatial awareness, no fuss in its delivery. I always turn my wifi off though, because otherwise there’s an ad every time I restart a puzzle. My favourite is the puzzle with hidden colours as it takes several goes to figure out, but I can’t do that with the ads on..Version: 3.0.23

Really fun but also irritatingThis should only be 3 stars because one of the issues is big, but the game itself is so much fun (if you enjoy puzzles) and relaxing that it kept the fourth star. It’s a really great game, even with ads between nearly every round. The ads are only a few seconds so tolerable. The main issues with this app are that it glitches a lot, where it will freeze and/or the screen will go back. You have to close out and restart the app and it’s all good, but sometimes it’ll set you back a few levels. This game also makes my phone REALLY hot after only about 15 minutes. Like hot enough to burn yourself if you take it out of the case, so be careful. I tried it on another phone as well and it did the same thing, so it’s not just my phone. Overall it’s a great game, it just needs to updates to fix these issues..Version: 2.4.3

So funThere are so many adds in this game but they come up at the right times like after a few levels just to give me a break unlike some other games that have adds after every level This game is super fun and enjoyable, it’s not to hard but not to easy and it’s also just really calming and I love watching the colours pour. Great work guys. Could you please recommend me your other games so I can enjoy more of what you have to offer.Version: 3.0.26

Love this!I love how relaxing it is! I love a good relaxing puzzle game that isn’t too difficult but challenging enough without stress and this game does the job! The ads are what keep the app free so I’ll still give it 5 stars. The ads isn’t annoying like some others that keep popping up. It’s a good game to play to kill some time. I think it’s also great for kids too, and even those who are disabled. It’s a great game to keep the kids out of your hair. I guess my only critique is due to the repetitiveness, it is possible some people can get pretty bored. But that’s okay! This is supposed to be a puzzle game that is relaxing and this app does the job. I would recommend this to puzzle lovers as well as those who have ADHD..Version: 3.0.22

Really fun not too many adsNice game and not a crazy amount of ads.Version: 3.0.23

Relaxing brain teaserThis sort of puzzle game really suits my mind. Virtually pouring liquids is quite therapeutic! The graphics are pleasing and not overly complicated and the problem-solving is just taxing enough that it’s not boringly easy but still satisfyingly solvable. After a few dozen levels I decided to buy the ad-free version which is a lot less irritating. Currently at £2.99 which seems reasonable..Version: 2.4.3

Love this gameI love this game! I never get tired of it. I only have one complaint and that’s that there’s nothing you can do if you’re stuck on a level. I like that it’s challenging sometimes it takes me a day or two to get through one level but I’m on level 159 and it’s been a week and I can’t figure out how to get through it so I had to delete the app and download it again to restart from level one so I can continue playing rather than being stuck forever. It would be great if you tried to play a level after a certain amount of times (say 20 or 30 times), that you get a third empty tube to make the level easier..Version: 3.0.17

Love it and I don’t understandSo I just got this app and I love it! The thing is though when I was looking through the reviews a few days ago when I got the app they all said something like “too much adds” or “I hate the adds I’m deleting this app” but honestly I don’t mind the adds. There is a few but do you really expect any app to have NO adds without paying for no adds? Like, seriously the adds aren’t that bad I don’t see what the big deal is! I’m rating this 5 stars because the adds don’t bother me! 🌠 I do have one request I wish we could re-mix the colors so that we could get to the colors on the bottom if we ONLY need that one!.Version: 2.2.0

Good gameOverall good game. Only down side is the amount of ads. There is an ad when you complete every level and if you restart a level. I tend to just close the game down and reopen it instead of using the restart button. Also I don’t think some of the levels are possible to complete without getting another container which you can get by watching yet another ad. So yea a lot of ads and it’s made so you have to watch ads to complete some levels..Version: 3.0.21

Water sortI personally love this game. It’s truly the best way to pass time 10/10 recommended.Version: 3.0.26

Best game of its type I’ve played in agesAs someone who usually plays long-term games (e.g. clash Royale), I am a bit hesitant about any puzzle games because they usually are built to be played for a week and forgotten. I don’t know how long this one goes, but I haven’t got bored of it yet! Perfect for when you’re not sure you have the time for a match!.Version: 3.0.19

FunBut addictive game. Loving it :-).Version: 3.0.23

Really great game!I downloaded this game a couple weeks ago and I’m almost to level 900! It’s very fun to play and I feel like each level is a new challenge and it doesn’t seem too repetitive, which I really love. I also like the option to add a new tube by watching an ad which has been really helpful! However I have noticed one thing that gets a little annoying and that would be the speed of which the liquid pours into the tube. It seems quite slow for me and I wish there was a way in the settings to speed up the pouring. I have also noticed that some of the green and light blue colors are very similar and can sometimes be confusing, and I think it would make this game unplayable for those who are colorblind. I think it would be really cool to add in some type of a coin system where you get like 5 coins for each level you pass and then you can unlock new colors or patterns to help differentiate which one is which. I overall really love this game but I just wish those previously stated items were included within this game to make it even more enjoyable. Overall it is a great game!.Version: 3.0.13

SatisfyingI really love this app so so much I can’t believe how entertaining it is when I downloaded it I couldn’t stop playing it it is very relaxing and fun it’s a lot colourful the I have ever imagined in my hole entire life it is just WOW it’s very very worth all your time and I just love this app so sos sos so much I can’t even play another game this is the only game I can find that entertains me so much 😆😂 it really makes my day better and I am so happy I found i game that is really really fun thx for the games.Version: 3.0.17

I am IN LOVE with this game.This is very addicting and relaxing. But instead of using money to remove ads, just turn off your wifi! It works, i don’t get any ads for free. :).Version: 3.0.26

Dear viewers,This is an amazing app for all ages and it really helps the brain think while the kids are in summer break and is also something really fun that the kids love!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💯5 star!!!.Version: 3.0.24

I’m happy but why do I feel like I’m being catfishedThe game doesn’t look the picture on the AppStore... or is it just me... oh well. That being said I’m really happy with it. Makes me use too much brain power 😂. I was on level level 103 for the longest time. So yeah... other than the fact that it’s a bit catfish, it’s a really good game.Version: 3.0.15

Relaxing, but a few problemsI downloaded this game yesterday and it is pretty relaxing and fun. However, there were lots of ads so I paid to get rid of them. I like the visual design of the flasks pouring but it gets a little bit repetitive after a while. Also, it seems like getting different flask designs and backgrounds is pretty hard. Some background music would make it better too. Overall this is a pretty good game if you have the adds removed.Version: 3.0.16

Easy enoughQuite like the game, it doesn’t get so difficult it’s impossible to play so it’s a good game to do to keep your mind busy but not get bored. There are however way too many adverts and they’ve recently introduced the requirement to watch even more in the game ( 4 times as many!) (if you’re not ad-free obvs). Also the only button that doesn’t work in the game is the feedback button so they clearly don’t care if anyone is having issues, maybe again that’s only for people paying not to have adverts, forget the rest of us!.Version: 3.0.29

Lacks player statsI love this game! I just defeated level 933, which was deemed a sadist level by a previous reviewer. This game is great. The ads are super annoying, but that’s part of the price you pay for a free game. Please make an effort to force any ads to be muted if the users phone is on silent and game volume is off - waking sleeping babies due to ads is so annoying. Additionally, I’d love to have the ability to view my stats as a player for each level. How many “moves” did it take me to complete the level vs. the minimum possible, did I use the extra tube or the undo button, etc. In addition, the ability to go back and re-do previous levels now that I’ve been playing for a while and have gained more skill..Version: 3.0.24

Fun GameThis is a fun game that can really make you have to think but not overly challenging. Could do with a few less commercials.Version: 3.0.26

Very engagingIt’s a lovely game. The idea is so simple and yet I find I can’t put it down! I ended up purchasing the add free version. However, having said that, you still have to watch an add if you require another jar to solve the puzzle, which I find quite cheeky seeing as I paid for the full app. The adds are also set up in a way that it takes a really long time to get out of them. In addition to this, after level 100, the number of colours/shades increase and some of them are very similar. I’m partially sighted and can find it tricky to see the difference. It’s also not clear how to use the shop. I’ve reached over 100 levels but there aren’t any new items available in the store? There isn’t any indication as to how you can buy new items. If the above was fixed/updated, it would definitely be 5 stars 🙂.Version: 3.0.20

RateI love this game, it’s very relaxing. It’s the perfect game for brain activity. I give it a 4 just because there are way too much ads..Version: 3.0.14

Great game! Just… 1 questionWow! I absolutely love this game! It’s fun and a little challenging but not so hard that I have to give up. It’s true there are quite a few adds, but I don’t mind because adds make games free and, normally, show more games like this one. As a matter of fact I found this game by an add. Anyway I had one question, is there another way to earn coins besides watching adds? just curious. Oh and I have a suggestion maybe you could have a challenge level where on each container there is a label with a color and you won’t pass the level unless you get all of the color in the container with the matching label. Just a suggestion. So that’s about it if you have an answer to my question either comment on this review ( not sure if you can do that) or leave the answer on your own review. Thanks so much for listening!.Version: 3.0.14

Love this “plan ahead” game…but it needs work!I am addicted to this game. I play it ever day but not for a long period each time. Why you ask?? It crashes, it’s not always smooth sailing, it lags during the game and especially during ads. Often it with lags so much it starts the ad over and then stops and closes out of the game and I didn’t get my reward for watching a full ad. This is the only reason why I gave it a 4 star. I hope the developers have an update for this soon. I appreciate that I don't have to buy anything and the game is free but does free mean I have to deal with glitches AND watch ads!??? Please work on these problems so free with ads is really free with ads. Thank you.Version: 3.0.26

Coins?First of all, I love this game!! I find it to be very challenging but also very satisfying. I see people complaining about how many ads there are, which annoyed me too. However, it’s only $2.99 to get rid of them which saved me a lot of headaches considering I whip through some levels way faster than others. I did finally notice the coins feature though when I clicked the menu button and saw “shop”. There are different beaker options and different background themes available to be unlocked by coins. However, you can only get these coins in increments of 200 by watching ads. No biggie, I know free games have to make money somehow. But I wish there were coins awarded for completing levels. There are sooo many levels to this game (I’m currently on 357) and it would be nice to be able to receive coins for completing levels to be able to unlock the other vessels. Especially considering the new beakers are 500 coins and the themes are 1,000..Version: 3.0.24

My hobby nowOk, my new hobby is sorting because with this game I can sort every single day. I also LOVE the colours that the water comes in. The style of the cups are really nice. This game is not easy you do need to use some brain cells to figure out some of the questions. so they can be challenging at times but you eventually get them done..Version: 3.0.13

Best game I’ve ever playedMy only complaint is that it doesn’t sync seamlessly between devices, so I’m on different levels on my iPad and iPhone. Occasionally it will sync but only every few weeks. Despite this, this is my favourite game to avoid all of my life commitments. 12/10.Version: 3.0.9

Fun game, frustrated players read thisI’ve played the game for a long time and my opinion is, if you don’t like the ?s you haven’t tried very hard… or very many times at least. First of all this ? thing doesn’t happen every level after some point. I’m currently on level 631 and the ?s happen every few levels. Maybe every 5 levels. Second of all I still have the option to have the extra tubes by ads (although I don’t use it so if it’s broken I guess I wouldn’t know). Third and lastly the ?s levels where you only see the top row. I’ve played a ton of them and basically, I don’t think these levels are calculated before you get to them. I think the ?s change colors according to what your playing. Simply put, once you just let go of not knowing and play, the levels are fairly easy and almost always work out. Compared to the levels I can see the full colors, I use far less “undos” and restarting the levels. Basically I’m either a genius or the puzzles behind the ?s aren’t set. I still love this game and have for probably almost 2 years. It’s easy to play while watching a show. It is glitchy and there are a lot of ads, but it’s kind of what I expect from a game I found on an ad while playing another game. Lol..Version: 3.0.16

Love itSo easy make it hard!.Version: 3.0.24

GeorgiaThe ads are a bit annoying so I recommend putting your device on airplane mode which gets rid of the ads when playing. I think the game could be improved by having rewards for example every level gives you a coin and you can buy things with the coins like a cool background or make the liquid metallic, glittery or neon. Overall the game does what is advertised..Version: 2.4.2

Fun and addicting puzzle game but ads are annoyingThis game is super fun and addicting, I’m obsessed with it because it makes you think so many steps ahead kind of like chess. My only critique isn’t about the game itself but the ads. I don’t mind ads, but i do mind how difficult it is to exit out of them. The X in the corner of the screen is so tiny that any time i have the option to exit the ad, i have to try hitting the X over and over again because it thinks I’m tapping the ad to download the advertised app when really the X is just ridiculously tiny and precise. Sometimes I have to exit out of the game completely just so i can resume because it’s so difficult to exit the ad. Quite frustrating.Version: 3.0.17

ThanksWatersort is one of my favourite games! Well done.Version: 3.0.26

Brilliant - Hours of FREE funLove this game. I did pay to remove adverts (always do) and I’ve not spent another penny. I have played hours and hours over the past few weeks and it’s so much fun. No competitiveness that normally goes with this sort of game means you play for amusement. You can watch ads to get extra bottles or undo moves but all without money which is such a good move from the makers. Thank you!.Version: 3.0.27

Addicting!!!I really enjoy this game - it has really made me work my brain to find the best solution without having to start over. The only drawback is that once you finish the game, you don’t get to experience the deep satisfaction of seeing all of your filled tubes. Instead, it plasters a HUGE “AWESOME” banner across the front, as well as a HUGE “NEXT” banner, effectively covering up your finished board and covering up the delightful fireworks that trigger our self-satisfied feelings for finishing. My suggestion would be to move the banners to the top and bottom and not cover and shade the board so we can experience that dopamine rush for a few seconds before we hit the ‘next’ button to continue this mad addiction..Version: 2.8.5

Best gameBest game ever currently lvl 1759.Version: 3.0.27

Strangely addictiveThis is a good game when you can’t sleep as it stops your brain working overtime by distraction, and is also more calming than frustrating - except the ads. If you don’t pay to remove adds, they are after every level so every minute or so. It loses a point for that as they are far too frequent.Version: 3.0.24

Fun, but flawedThe game itself is really fun. Unfortunately, there are some major flaws. The amount of ads is over the top. You get an ad every level or anytime you start over. I understand having ads, but here you’re watching more ads then you’re playing the game. Second, it drains your battery more than any other game I’ve played… actually more than anything else I do on my tablet (movies, streaming, you name it). Finally, the ads have made the app freeze at least a couple times, and then I’d lose my progress. If they figured out the battery draining issue, I’d actually consider purchasing it for the $3 since I like the game and there are so many ads. However, in its current state, I would not recommend doing that..Version: 3.0.20

Addictive but very funOnce I started playing this I fell in love. I love how it gets you thinking and it’s a very good game for when you are bored. You can play this anywhere with no skills required. The challenge of getting each colour to match is addictive and is very good for working your mind. I would definitely recommend this for everyone!.Version: 3.0.28

AddictiveLove this game and am on level 3200+. Other than the ads which can be managed by turning data off, would recommend adding a log in feature to save progress as I would hate to lose my progress and would love to be able to continue where I left off on another device..Version: 3.0.24

Love this brain gameI spotted this game playing another game as an ‘ad’pop-up. It looked interested so I decided to check it out. Although I thought was a game for younger kids, it isn’t. You’ve got to think a few steps ahead and although it seems simple to fill one vial quickly with one color being at the top majority, that’s not always a wise choice. Anyway, I love this game and can’t stop playing it every day after playing Diggy’s Adventure. I am already up to level 664! Glad I checked it out! It keeps my brain thinking as well. And the extra empty vial is a big help though I try not to use it unless I’m really stuck. 👍🏻.Version: 2.8.4

Spend the $4For the best experience spend the $4 and it gets rid of all the ads. Makes it so worth playing. I don’t do games like candy crush etc but I love this. It’s like a puzzle having to sort how much liquid will fit in each tube. I’ve never bought anything of iTunes but I highly recommend buying this!.Version: 2.4.3

Great Game... For A WhileReally enjoyed this game. Played a few levels of it in the morning to get the brain working logically for the day ahead. However the back of my phone heats up massively while playing it to point in can feel it through the thick case I have and eventually it gets to a point where the screen just loads as a dark grey and I can't play it anymore. Really disappointed by that. But while I could play it, really enjoyed it, have now downloaded a similar game from app store that also comes highly rated and hope I don't have the same issues with it even though I would prefer to play this one..Version: 2.4.3

Fun but has some issuesThis game is really fun and relaxing. It’s weirdly addictive and I can’t ever seem to get enough. I wish I could give this game 5 stars but there are a few things to note. First off, every now and then, I either can’t click on a certain vial or it won’t pour into the right vial. This could just be a case of my fat fingering my phone, but I have pretty tiny hands so I don’t really think it is. The second being the candy crush adds. If an add for candy crush comes on I have to fully close the game. These adds never give me the option to close them. It doesn’t matter how long I sit and wait, it just never lets me close them. The only way I can get back to my game is by fully closing the app then reloading the game. Lastly, once I started getting to the levels in the hundreds, the game started to lag a bit. The vials take a few seconds to respond when I click on them. Not that big of a deal to me, but I know this may irritate others.Version: 2.4.3

The best game everOk I love this game and the ads are not so disturbing like many others games I could play this all day if I was aloud to. It ‘s really helpful to the mind. I’m 11 years old and I find this game relaxing after school. Just to let the game developers know that the work you put to this is super awesome and epic 😁😁😁😁.Version: 3.0.25

Used to love. Alas no moreI use to love this game until recently. It keeps freezing and quitting. Spoiling an otherwise excellent game. It seems that the higher in level you go, the worse it gets. I am now super annoyed as half way through a game, it freezes and quits. When you reload the game has reset to the start. You get half way and bang, it goes again. It has ruined the game and sadly I will be deleting it..Version: 2.4.3

Really addictive!This is wonderful, lots of strategy and thinking ahead. Although the pictured example looks nothing like the game I’m playing. My only complaint is the commercials to watch to get extra vials. One was a gambling game to make money from games, another was for Visa, and lastly an advert for a diet pill promising that you’d lose 10 stone in a week. Surely these aren’t suitable for a game, especially if children maybe playing..Version: 3.0.29

Too many addsI like the game but every time a add comes why can’t the people who made the game make it better with just 1 add max beacuse it is annoying when the adds keep on coming up and when I want to play this game quickly before I go to bed the adds are wasting time so I prefer 1 add max.Version: 3.0.17

✨✨✨Not too many adds and it’s amazing!!✨✨❤️.Version: 3.0.24

It’s okToo many ads !!! 😫 but the way that we do we think about the world is to make it happen to me again I just want him and he will never ever again I will let it be your best year to be with me again I know I wanna is that we have to do that we have a great day at the house so we will be there and I can get to the kids in a bit I will let yum sticks in my house so I’ll have a nice day with him thanks again and see if I wanna was a way I wanna is a way I can go get my car so you could come back to my car I don’t want you guys going on a trip or you can come back to me if I can I just want you and you want me and you want it and you have a great time with your kids I wanna was a great time I wanna is that you want me you.Version: 3.0.21

Addictive but..The game is super simple and satisfying. Can easily be played while you listen to lectures or podcasts without losing focus which is exactly what I was looking for. The forced ads are a bit obnoxious, although usually skippable after a few seconds. However then there’s a following forced title screen for the ad which lasts another few seconds before there’s an option to close. So all up about 10 seconds of forced ads for the majority of levels + optional ads for an additional tube. Also I’ve had freezing a few times, generally immediately after an ad. That all being said I’m 1000+ levels deep so far so safe to say, I got over it. Gg.Version: 3.0.22

It’s a bit jank but I like it!I really love this type of puzzle, and the levels vary from easy to difficult every 5 levels or so, and solving the really difficult ones feels super satisfying. I just got to level 195 yesterday, and I didn’t think they could make it more difficult without adding more vials, but they actually introduced a new mechanic where everything but the top color of each vial is unknown, which posed and interesting challenge. So I’m officially impressed with this game and how it continues to develop level after level. The only thing is that the app is sometimes slow and a bit janky, and when I click on a vial sometimes it will take 10 seconds to register before it’s back to normal again. And occasionally it just exits me out of the app altogether, but maybe my phone is just old..Version: 3.0.23

Amazing game!Time consumer, Fun to test your brain. This game I found by my friend she had it on her phone and I asked to play, playing it I really enjoyed it. I downloaded it on my device and it’s so much fun! I think it’s good for all ages. I’ve had it for about 2 weeks and I now just passed level 42! It’s really enjoyable if your thinking of getting it!.Version: 3.0.22

Fun but absolutely kills batteryI do agree this game is fun and relaxing and it is very easy to just play kind of passively/while not giving it your full attention. I do have a couple complaints though. The first is that there are a lot of ads and some of them are too long. I get the need for ads and I don’t really have a problem with them here or there, but these occur pretty often. What’s more annoying is that some of them are ridiculously long — I’m talking 45 seconds to a minute. These don’t occur often but it happens enough and is pretty annoying when they do. The bigger problem I have with the game though is that it absolutely destroys my battery. This might just be because I’m using an older iPhone (iPhone 8), but I was playing the game for about 5-10 minutes with no other apps open and my phone went from 94% to 76%. Even with a phone that is somewhat old that is ridiculous, and it has pretty much made me get to the point where I can only play the game when I have a charger nearby. Again, this is not to say I don’t like the game itself because it is really fun and easy to play for extended periods of time, but these setbacks do make it difficult to play when I want to..Version: 2.4.3

It makes you thinkAddicting game since if makes me think which there wasn’t adds between each level and sometimes the game won’t open so I have to like restart my phone and then it opens or it takes a while to get in but i do have an old phone so maybe it’s on my end 🤷🏻‍♀️ sometimes I wish it let you put wrong colors with each other but that you wouldn’t move past until you had the right colors with each other just a thought another thought is in the beginning levels having an extra space above for the water color anyways I’m at level 56 i wonder how many levels they have in total also maybe having a way to go back to old levels.Version: 3.0.20

Good GameOkay, so this game is good. It’s not the BEST game I’ve EVER played, but it’s decent. I do have, maybe like, 2 problems with it. The first problem with it is the ads. There are so many stinkin ads. Like, have to restart a level. Ad. Beat a level. Ad. Problem two is the easiness and hardness. So, do you know how some games are super easy, and others just aren’t? This game has no set difficulty. So for example, I just finished a really hard mystery level, and then it’ll become a super easy low key level. But that’s about it. I wouldn’t recommend this to all my friends, but I didn’t delete it, so that’s something. Also, I gave it four stars. I only rate something when’s it’s a good game, so yeah. Hope this review was helpful! :D :) ;).Version: 3.0.22

Fun time wasterEnjoyable game but doesn’t sync across devices..Version: 3.0.13

Super Addictive and AwesomeThis is my go to game for a while and I love the problem solving aspect to it. Highly addictive. I play this game with my wifi/data OFF so I don’t get any ads! Although if I’m really stuck there’s an option to receive an extra tube for an ad. It’s simple and has alternating levels. Recommend..Version: 3.0.17

Way way way too many adds at the very beginning!If my wife and daughter had not already purchased the game… I’d have discarded because the adds are very long and immediate. I went ahead and purchased because of my wife’s and daughters competition. As far as the game…… it’s fine. On a scale of 1-5 1= not worth the download 2= nice concept but poor execution 3= good concept good game play but needs refinement 4= really good concept, execution and look forward to playing again 5= wow, can’t wait to play again, need to tell everyone about this game and can’t wait to see if they can make it even better on the follow on version Can this be made better? Yes. I believe the looks could be improved and a strong reward system for achieving ever higher levels of achievement. Also, it would be beneficial for my competitive nature to see how many players play this game and where I fall in the average. For example I just started. Based on this level of experience, where do I fall against other humans just starting. Heck… maybe where do I fall in my age group?.Version: 3.0.21

Water sortThis game is really fun to play when you’re bored.Version: 3.0.24

AMAZINGSo fun and relaxing but a lot of ads.Version: 3.0.24

Needs to get harderI’m on level 440 I love this game. It’s one I paid for ad removal. The only thing is the levels haven’t got harder the max number of tubes is 14 and it’s getting a bit samey. Another small point is there’s no goal to achieve I’m not sure if this is good or a bad thing. One hand it’s a game to pick up watch a bit of tv no pressure on the other it’s just going nowhere..Version: 3.0.14

Good gameI like this game because it starts off really really easy then it goes to really easy then it goes to easy so on so on and then you might think it’s challenging and start struggling on one of the levels and then you might think oh I’ve found out how to do it and then you might start getting addicted again or for the first time and start playing a lot more and I also like the game because it’s a type of puzzle game and I like them types of puzzles where you have to sort out a certain thing like I said love the game thank you for making such a good game and I hope you get my review soon and thank you for taking your time to read it if you do.Version: 3.0.22

Whoever made level 933 is a sadist.As i said in the title, whoever made level 933 is a sadist. However, i still love this game. Are there ads? Sure. But i have patience so just dont make it more than one ad after resetting and moving on and it’s all good. If you still cant handle the ads, try to learn the patience this game offers by watching them until you skip. Bam, you learn another skill from this game. If you have trouble with the game, i have three main tips. #1 - sometimes sorting one color at a time can start showing how to solve the level (try not to always grab the colors at the top at the same time,even if they’re the same color) #2 - if you’re stuck come back later to the game. I often find after resting my brain, i can solve things easier partly because it’s starting to recognize patterns, remember past attempts, etc. #3 - try to imagine the next few attempts of moving certain colors before actually moving them ( this can help you avoid making wrong moves, help avoid the back button and of course everyone’s favorite… AVOIDING ADS) Happy Brainy Gaming✨ also thanks for creating a game simple yet genuinely helpful ✨.Version: 3.0.23

Very good reviewerThis is the best game I’ve played I can not stop playing it it’s very entertaining and addicting It’s this game is very simple to play surprisingly challenging but I would still recommend it because it seems like it would be a great game for 6-10 years old. But I would love to see more 5 star reviews because it definitely deserves 4 stars or more because I’ve been playing for hours and it’s very entertaining to play BEST GAME EVER.Version: 3.0.23

Variety is the spice of lifeGreat game, very addictive! I like the refresh level, go back 5 turns and the option to add a tube. Adverts are annoying! Would be good to see different challenges rather than just fill the tubes with the same colour, such as; fill with alternative colours or the tubes each have a number of how many different colours you need in it, be it 1, 2, 3 or 4, timed levels or limited amount of moves. There’s so much scope for a bit more variety..Version: 3.0.5

Great except for AdsGreat fun & addictive game. Love working through the puzzles. Hate the Ad’s. Even after purchasing for ‘No AD’s’, still forced to watch extremely long drawn out Ad’s to get an extra flask. Some Ads go for more than a min, switching to multiple different screens & taking you repeatedly to the App Store. Extremely frustrating, and frankly rude!.Version: 3.0.20

Is it always solvable?I love this game. Simple but endlessly variable. I am now on level 300+ after a months playing and still find it satisfying. It does not dumb itself down by giving the player endless undoes, but if a level truly stumps you, then there is always the option of a third tube to make it easier. What I would like to know is whether it is always possible to solve with two tubes, or whether sometimes you have to have three. It’s a bit like the four colour map problem. I do hope the Developers are saving solutions so that they have a catalog of best approaches..Version: 2.8.5

It’s funIt’s a really good game and I definitely recommend it! I had so much fun playing with this game is challenging and has a rather wide range of levels. Though they could take out a few ads as after every game there is one ad and it’s kind of annoying so maybe they could move ads to after every other game that make it slightly better or just take out quite a few ads overall and have like one add after every three games of four games so it’s not as annoying it’s not an annoying mobile game where you only get to get to a good challenging level after like a really long time it’s really fun challenging and I deafly recommend it it’s so much fun and I enjoy playing so much I hope my review was helpful..Version: 3.0.5

Ads ain’t that badIt’s a good enjoyable game that’s a good time killer.. easy to play and relaxing. There is quite a few ads but to be honest you can skip them after about 5-7 seconds and they don’t pop up after every level. Had no issues with glitches or crashes. On level 30 and been working well for me..Version: 2.8.5

Fun gameNice meditative slow game. Not possible to cheat or speed up the levels- you just keep trying until you get it all sorted. Like other reviewers I suggest paying to get rid of ads..Version: 3.0.24

😀Absolutely amazing!!!! I love this app it is so relaxing and fun. I totally recommend this! I would however like for a few things to be changed. Like the ? Bottles I think you should be able the get in game currency and you can pay for clues and things like that. Ask I would like less adds. Because I think the price of the no adds is too high. But overall a brilliant game it is the only game on my phone and I play it non stop it is soooo fun and I totally recommend this game!!!! If you want to wind down or just play a game, this game is perfect. 😀😀😀.Version: 3.0.24

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